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To Ask for Protcction Againsi
People Who Get Goods C. O. D.
and Rcfttse to Pny.
Work of Bureau That Inquires
as to Reliability of Customers
to Be Extcndcd.
netail merchants of Rlchmond nro
rlgoruusly nt work ln nn effort to se
fure favorablc actlon by the, General
Assembly on n serlfts of bllls deslgned
to Improve trada condltlons nnd ro
movc opportunltles for fraud that aro
costlng dealers thousands of dollara
each year. Ono of tho'mensures wtll
make lt n felony to pass worthles.-j
checks, another relates to. lllnornnt
merchants, nnd a thlrd touches the
vexod questlon of flre and nuctlon
sales. Froni the popular polnt of-vfew,
iMW.vor, probably tho most interost
Ing of all ie n blll whlch wlll soon
be offered provldlng that the tltlo to
goods dellvered on memoranda?C. O,
X). or the llke?shall remoln vested in
the merchants until payment ls made,
and that tho retentton of such goods
en tho part of customers, who at the
came time refuso to . moet ..tho bllls,
ehall constltutc a mlsdemennor.
lt happens many tlmes In the life
of the merchant that when a parcel
sent C. O.. D. ls dellvored tho customer
receives lt at the door, goes promptly
Jnslde tho house nnd does not return.
After waltlng somo timo the porter
rlngs again. and tho customer, porlmps
with somo dlsplay of hurt dlgnity. tnlls
the negro thnt he wlll see the proprfo
tor In porson nnd pny. The porter may
reply thnt he hns orders to brlnp:
elther the goods or thc money back,
and the customer may slnm tho door
in hls fac\ Fearlng arrest for tres
pass. the porter does not attempt to
invade the house, but leaves. Mer?
chants state that thousands of dollars
worth of goods Is lost annually ln
thls way. The proposed blll, whlch ls
belng drawn wlth great care by n
promlnent Rlchmond lawyer, will open
the way to effective proceedlngs In thu
crlmlnal courts agalnst thls customer,
which way does not exlst under the
present law.
Anuual Meeting.
The annual meeting of thc Netail
Merchants' Assoelntlon of Kirliniond
was held lnst week, and was fiill of
interest to the lnrgo attendance. The
offlcers who served the assoolatlor. so
faithfully durlng the pnsl year were
alt undnlmously re-clccte.l, ns follows:
Prexlilenl, T. A. Miller.
Flrst Vlre - rrp(?iil?nt. -iniinct
f oln-n.
*??-<-,.i>>! VIce-PreMdeiit, 1\ llliniu C.
Trrn*>urcr, I. II. Kaufmiin,
Secretary. V. A. C'lurke, Jr.
IJIrcotors?1,. O. MIlK-r, MoNe*
?| t*:il!ii-i,<-i-. Itapbr.el I.evy,' S. I*.
?Ioiii-h. E. A. lllctrlch, S. V. OwenW, '
II. II. Tiiin Ic.i, -.con Drtlelbnck, Fretl
.liirsjenH nml l?. A. lliicbnnun.
Presldont T. A. Miller read hls an?
nual report. rovlewiiig the work of the
Vvar nnd making valuable suggestlons
for the work of the future.
Reports from otlier nnToc-rs and com?
mittees were read, all showing that
prreat progress has been made during
the twt-lvi- months.
Wnnt Clvll Court.
Mr. Moses Thalhlmer presented a bill i
for tlie creation of a new clvll court,
and asked tho associatlon for Its ln- i
Jorsement and for the appolntment
of a speclal commltteo of llve to pro- j
aent the matter to the Legislaturo for j
Its conslderation.
Mr. Samuel Cohc-n warmly supported !
thls measure, pointing out tho advan?
tages to be derlved by rotall merchants
from the new court.
The associatlon unanlinously Indorsed
the blll, and wlll send a commlttee to
the General AsEembly.
Mr. .Thiilhinver also presented a reso?
lutlon Indorslng the blll now before tho
Leglslature provldlng for the repeal of
the act preventinK any railroad from
parallellng the Rlchmond. T-'rederlcks
burg and Potomac Railroad. Several
members spoko In bchalf of thls bill.
and the indorsement was unantmous!
A speclal commlttee of fifteen was ap?
pointed to appear beforo tho Legisla
ture in connectlon wlth thls matter.
The associatlon vigorouslv opposed
Postmaster-Genera! Meyer's parcels
post blll. now pendlng in Congress.
How Tbe*- ]'ny Bllls,.
TJl! .rJP?rt .from the "?oolatidri'B
eredit Informatlon bureau showed thls
departmont to be ln a flourlshlng con?
dltion. and to Vavo developed into ono
of the most valuab.o features of the
org-ni.utlon's work. Thn department
furnlshes the members wlth Informa
hm, ?,, ?, ll0W custome''s Pay their
bllls. and has proven so useful durinir
the past year that steps were taken
to put It on a hlgher plane of ta\
clency for thc coming twelve months
?.n. KPeu V* m,eeUnK ot thc associatlon
will bc held about the flrst nf Fobruary
to eonslder certain amendmonts to th.
constltutlon, after whlch the annual
banquet wlll be held. -al
Notfil Speaker to Atldrens V, M. C. \.\
Worki>rH Here.
To T-erpctuate an organlzation which'
l^b fPlondid work m ralslng the
rumi for thc new Young Men's Chrls?
tlan Assoclation building, thc leader.s
?v.. \mov<3me',t announced yesterday
X,1 a ba-n<iuet wlll bo glven here, pob
sibly ou tho evening of Januarv 31'st.
frnJ!?. tlme a **>*&*<* of nationul
Importance ?ill be the guesr of honor.
me i.jcai campalgn, twelve monthf
H?Vf?! "'" "r t!l? mosl renwrkablo of
J2.>u,< 00_wbK Mibs.rlbeo i? nitoen riavs
the } vr.nSl "' ll"J ovont adverUsing
t?> :J f mo"st "'b'-twtlai manner
!Jl "ITt^ ttVOUBed ?>* bu.si.,e-,S
people of Rlchmond, and reatinlng' tho
?rreat valuo derlved from unlty bfpur
PObt-. thought aud action. thu organl
.allon ha? brc-n mado permanenL *FO?
lowing are tho offlcers:
- Presldent, N. D. Bllls; pjrH't vir?
?Presldont, o. .1. Sands: Second v -,-"
Presldent, C. A. Brown; Secretary
Thomas .P. Bryan: Treasurer i ?-:'
Jamofc.; Captalns?D. 1:. Mldvette" M
"M. McGuire, R. S. Tuck, S. V \V|],V
H. V,'. Meck. S. AY. Bahlke, E. N New'
man. II. P. Powell, "W. D. l"jUkt.' and
, C. J. Blllupn.
Tho naino of tho prlncipal Kpt-nlur ut
the banquet. whlch wlll probitbly bc
held at the .I?fftrson Hotel. huss no
been announced. The ,program, how?
ever,. "wlll b? mado publlc wlthin tht
next fow duyh,
tf,<;25_on^*^''? 'FiTOiW'-ff'??!'.. * ; ':- ( fi- ?!? T1:fjff"'-,!ta_i" v-vis?,^.?,t!^Jr^??^A'ill__f'r*-v
ftf^lr- mn$F^' ? ?*?*. Tpf'J? 11 I ' ' U ' ' ' S ? :' -3- .. **_W_B'_" 7_m_ta_. ? ~ ''N-^.-.ygt" 'T-Wia-M _^W_i i
?T^'^*^\il(-! ' '?" ?*"*.'" Jr'F iLll' * - * "H**! '? ' ? M-XJl " 'I ? -j . !t^T ' VANr* ' ' ^f JMU*i .__
Itl.l* wlll lie Miilimli-tcil thls week for Ihe new llluli Seluiol btilliling, whle'.t wlll oceiipy prnctlunlly the entire hlnek lioiiniUil hy Mnr?.linll and Clny nnd Eiuliib atid fflntlr, Street*., The plnnx
tlrnwn by Archllccl t Intil.-s K. Ilrynnt, nml ncei*|iteil by Ihe School llnnnl. vrl'.l imike II poMMlhlc for tlic coiitrnetiir* to keep tvltliin 1he mmiNo be nnpronrl - tetl, whlch l? ?.'i.'O.Qiin. Work, however,
wlll not lieprln until tlic money ln mail.* iiriilliihli* by Clty Cotinill. Thnueli tlic IhiIIiIIiik wlll Im* liii.tonlii_r In nppenrnucc-i It ls' wllhiuu the frllls nntl fiiiiey trlramlngK ?o h?* found nn moat strtic
lures of tlmt clinrtictcr. Wlth tliree slorlcs nuil tt bnsement, there wlll hc ninple room. Eipeclnl nttciitlon lint been Klvcnto tlie mntler of llght nntl vcnlllittlon nnd to the- nrriinKeinriit of tlie Intrrlor.
Seyeii-Ycar Old Daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Hersman Meets
Tragic Death.
Child's Clothes Caught Before
She Was Aware of Ap
proaching Flames.
Cnlching tlre at about 5 o'clock Sat
urdny afternoon from hurnlng grass
ln n fleld near her home, littlo seven
ycar-old Julla Claibornc Mcrsinnn,
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Melvin B.
Hersman, of No. 2202 Park Avenue.
was so badly injured about tho back
and limhs that, although three physl?
clans worked over hor In a desperato
attempt to savc her llfo. sho dlod nearly
seven hours later,
Iu company wlth a crowd of llttle
boys and glrls, .lulia was playlng ln
the Held, whioh is at the end of the
block on whioh her parents' home
stand8. Often before tho chlldren had
atnused themsolyes hy settlng fire to
tho dry weeds and grass whioh covered
lhe vucant lot, und a ten-year-old boy
thought to cntcrtnln the others by re?
peal lng the trlck.
Clothes l.'uuxlil Fire.
ITnconsclous of tho approaclilng
flames, the little girl sat on'a rock un?
tll tho fire was qulto up to her. Thc
others, In the midst of thelr play, dl>l
not uotlce hor perll, nnd ln a moment
her fllmay dress was nbluzc*. tfho
jumped up and threw off her cap and
c-oat; but her other garments had also
caught. and the llames r-apidly sprcad
over her. Attracted by the chlld's
screams, a lady rushed to the window
of a nearby houso and threw a heavy
blanket to her husband, stundlng below.
Hc caught tho glrl and put tho blanket
about her. finally p-xtlngulshing the
liames. Little .lulia was horne into the
house and n physlclan was summotied.
Two othero came latf-r. but dosplto
thelr efforta sho dled at 1:50 o'clock
1 yesterday mornlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Hersman were pros
1 trated by the tragic death of thelr
I only daughter. The funeral servlces
I will be h#ld at 12 o'clock to-day from
j the resldence, and interment wlll bo
I made in Ilollywood.
Hl-itorU- PInee Where ."00 Keilerul
Sotdtcra Pnrlslied,
One of thc most hlstorlc estates ln
Henrlco. the old Garthwrlght home
stead. ln Varlana Distrlct, has been
sold for a division among the helrs.
and bought by Mr. "SVllliam B. Frayser.
former county treasurer. The farm,
whlch contalns 122 1-2 acres, has been
In the Garthwrlght famlly for more
than a century. Durlng the war It was
the scene of carnage and bloodshed.
On the b>vst of authorlty it is statec1
that. 000 men perished hore In Butler*!
dash lo capture New Market helghts
.On September 2t>, 1S64, two dlvls
ions of Butler's army comblned at Deoj
Bot tom, and moved dlrectly across tlv
Garthwrlght farm. As tho Federa
forcc-s passed out fron* Deep Bottom
they wero dlscovered by tho snin.ll
hand ot' Confedorates, who. for a short
tlme, poured a wltherlng fire upon
them. Tlio Cphfederat'es were finally
drlven out. and thc helghts were occu?
pled by Butler's army. General Butler
was pcrsonally in commaud at this
charge and stated that after the fight
tho dead bo-ftes of his troops were so
thlck on tho ground that ho had to
S-uidc hls horse wlth the utmost care
to keep from st>?pp)ng upon them.
Iluuer O'oe* Out Every ihiy to Tjooli
for llody uf Buraex.
llobert Bauer, tho young man wlioso
horplc, but frultless, effort to save
Edward Bar'nos from drownlng about
u week ago, mado hlm one of tho most
j talked of porsons in tho clty, finds
j that the honor it; ln somo respecta un
j empty ono. Ho was out of a job -tvhen
i he rlsked his life for hls friend; und
I'dosplt4) hls offorts slnce, he has boen
! iinablo to land one. Bauer ls a grano
j lithlu paver hy trade. but us thoro
I seems nothlng In ihnt' llno now, ho
Inughlrigly tidya that untll ha joinn the
plteh'lug staff of the Norfolk toam
I at a gopd round salary, ha is open foi
any klu<i ot4 eitgagetnent thut will brlnR
ln an honost dbllar.
| A good part of his tiiiM slnce tlu
i unfprtunalo death of young Bames hai
heon.occuplod wlth thc ? seivrch for hli
tlliody,.' Late last- nlgut^no had juht re!
? tun-iHd froni n day of "drugglng nm
? drcdglng uiong tho.'. rlver, but lo m
I purpose, -.. ?
Conversed With Friends in Lobby,
Retired to Room and Ex
pired Instantly.
Mr. E. Henry Gilbert dropped dead
last nlght shortly before 10 o'clock In
hls room at Gllbert's Hotel, Eighth
nnd Franklin Streets. of whlch he was
thc proprletor. Death was quite sud
don, and camo ? as a sevbre shock to
hls wlfc nnd family. as well as to n
number ol" guests In tho house with
whom Mr. Gilbert had been convers
ing a few moments previously. For
tho past three weeks he had been
somewhat Indisposed. an attack of
grip runnlng Into complicalions. lu
the last day or two, however, he had
( been considered much better and had
i beon ablo to move about in the hotel,
I although he had not boen out of doors.
1 Last nlght he joined tho membors of
I his famlly. at supper, eating lightly.
I but Heemlng to bo in good spirits. For
about two hours after supper he sat
; iu tlie hotel lobby tallting with some
i pcrsonnl friends. Shortly before 10
; o'clock he started for hls room wlth
j out asslstance. and hla wlfe followlnjr
a moment later round hlm fallen
across tho bed already dead. Hls
pbyslcan stated that death was from;
heart fallure, n.nd must haro been '?
almost instantancotis.
"Wns Well-Kuoirn.
.Mr. Gilbert was born ln IS65 in
Ilockbridge county, Virginia, whero hc
.spent most of hls life, belng assoclated
; wlth various enterprlses for uphuild
i ing that county. Including the found
I ing of Buena Vlsta. For four years he
j was postmaster of that town undor
i President Harrlson. Nine years -ago
i ho moved with his family to Rlchmond
j and bocamo tho manager of the Al
i hambra Hotel. whlch he operated for
i four years wlth considorable success.
j At the end of that perlod ho purchasod
, the present property. and Improved It
, by tho addition of two largo wlrg4*.
Early In I'lOt! Mr. GUbc-rt aci|Ulre<l n
lense on the Ford's Hotel property,
: whioh he operated in connc-ctlon with
:his otlier hostelry under the name of
j the Powhatnn Hotel. Later hc disposed
jof his hoidintffs to hls partner, Mr.
M. S. Dlcken, who has slnce con?
ducted thc Powhatah.
Cnndldrt-le for Councll.
Mr. Gilbert had. taken a dc-ep inter?
est in public affalrs, and at the tlmo
of his death was a candidate for thc
I City Council from Madlson "Ward.
I He marrled Miss Jennle B. Hbgan,
. of Rockbrldge county. twenty-two
j years slnce, and ls survived by hls
I widow and soven chlldren?Clarence.
| Henry, Hettte May. Eva Huntington,
i Eita Vlrglnia, Gcorpe Dewey, Bertle
and Florence. He t'ls promlnent ln
Masonlc circles, holdlng membership
In the Shrlners, Knlghts-Templars.
Elks and ln Bluo Lodge of Masons. Ho
was past-master of tho lodge of Ma?
sons at Buena Vlsta. and a member
of tho State Assoclation of Pust
The arrangements for the funeral
have not been completed.
Korclsn Mlnalon Day.
Forelgn Mlssloii Day was observed
yesterday by the Sunday school of the
CracQ Street Baptlst Church with ap?
proprlate oxerclses; under dlrpctlon of
Professor XV. A. Harr.s, superlntendent.
A solo by Mlss Pattle Isaacs, and other
speclal muslc, wlth a recltatlon by Mlss
Marle Lacy, wero features of the day.
A letter from tho Hov. Dr. R. J. Wlll
'nghcun was read to tho school and
brlef remarks wero made bv the pas?
tor. thc Rev. Dr. D. M, Iiatnsay.
tiKXKRAl, I.r.Ji
Offers Him Assistant Pastor,
Stenographer and Any Salary
Hc Will Name.
Held Meeting Yesterday and In?
creased Minister's Salary to
$5,400 Per Year.
Much concern has been aroused
among the denomlnation ln Richmond
over tho posslble departure for other
flelds of labor of the Rev. Georgo W.
McDanlel, D. E*? pastor of the Flrst
Baptlst Church. Dr. McDanlel has un?
der considcratlon a call from. the Flrst
Baptlst Church of Oklahoma Clty.
Okla., a large and flourlshlng congre
patlon ln a strong Baptlst eommunlty.
and has us yet glven no Ind'ratlon of
hls flnal dete-rnilnatlon, although he
admlts that much pressure Is boing
brought to bear by hls friends In the
Southwest to have hlm return to that
Itiilseil HlK Snlury.
Yesterday the congregatlon of tho
(Flrst Church held a meetlng, and as
a mark of Its appreclatlon of the
i servlces of Dr. McDanlel, voted to ralse
Ihls salary ?1.200 a year, making the
j total $5,100, the largest salary pald
I to a Protestant mlnlster in Rlchmond
or in Virginia. Members of tho church
hero express the hopo that sufllelent
lnfluenco can be brought to bear on
their mlnlster to lnduco hlm to atay
in Rlchmond, where his work has been
Bigrially successful. By hls energy and
abillty. Dr. McDaniol, who is but thirty
two years of age. and who has been
prcachlng but eight years, has ralsed
hlmself to thc front rank in his de
Throe years ago he came to tho First
Baptlst Church ln this city from tho
Second Baptlst Church. of Dallas, Tex.,
where he had a remarkahly successful
minlstiy. Since he has been hero the
congregatlon of the Flrst Church has
sleadlly increased, untll duriiig recent
months no preacher in the city has as
regularly addressed more crowded
| houses. Accompanylng tho lncrease In
? mc-mbership has been an lncrease In
financial abillty. Duriiig the last year
tho church gave "*p3it.000 to all causes.
|Dr. McDaniol has serVed liotlce that 011
jr.Cxt Sunday a collection wlll be taken
ifor the new Woman's College, and that
Itho congregatlon wlll ' be expected to
jgive $40,000. From Inquiiies made yes
I terday, lt seems probable that the sum
iwlll be rc-alized. ' '
Attractive Cnll.
Dr. McDanlel. ls a Toxan by birth.
and retalns hls love for tho open air
life of the plalns, spendlng his vaca
tions in horseback trips Into the pan
handle of Texas on open atr preachlng
expedltlons among the cowboys, aiiiong
whom he is recognized as a great hero.
The call comes from the First Bun
..tlst Church of" Oklahoma ? Clty. th<
caplial of Oklahoma. tho largest and
most vlgorous, congregatlon in that
rapidly growlng placo, wlth a new
church buildlng seatlng 2,300 people.
Thft Invitatlon practlcally allows Mr.
McDanlel to name his own salary. and
offers hlm tho services of an asslstant
pastor and a prlvate stenogvaplier anl
secretary. Dr. McDanlel himself was
out of tho clty yesterday,
Assemble on Lee-Jackson Day
and Hear Sermons by Rich?
mond Pastor.
Servlces In honor of Leo-Jnckson
Day wero hold In a number of clty
churchcs yesterday. At tho Second
Baptlst Church the pastor, lhe Rev. Dr.
JV*. R. L Smlth, pronched tho annual
sermon before R. E. "Lee Camp, Con?
federate Veterans, tho members in
tholr gray unlforms occupylng seats
In the centre of the building. Dr. Smlth
made touchlng reference to the anni?
versary occaslon, nnd very tenderly
referred to the rapldly thlnnlng ranks
of the camp which was before hlm.
j Another lnterestlng servlce in honor
I* of the anniversary occaslon waa held
in tho afternoon at Monumentnl Epis?
copal Church, when tho rector, tho
I Hev. J. YV. Morrls. mado a flttlhg culogy
of Genorul 1-cb beforo tho battallon of
thc Rlchmond L'.ght Infantry Blues,
wlio attended jn full dress unlforin,
under command of Major E. XV. Bowles.
I In St. Paul's Church the Leo window
\ was apprdprlately draped.
SeliooU Clcme To-Dny.
Januury lflth having fnllon thls year
on Sunday, tho hollday fcatures of the
I occaslon will be observed to-day. All
j schools wlll bo closcd, as wlll the banks
ond a number of the business houses
i of tho clty. Though no formal exer
j clses havo boen arranged except the
canipflre at Lee Camp Mall to-nlght,
It wlll generally bo observed as a
hollday event. ln several of tho
schools thero wlll bo memorial exor
clsc8 thls mornlng, ln which the
scholars wlll take part, nnd to whlch
thc patrons aro Ihylted;
An elegant program was rendered
at tho close of tho sesslon on Frlday
by Bellcvuo School in honor of Lee
Jackson Day. I The rooms of the
school were tastofully decorated with
Confederate colors and picturcs of Gen?
eral Leo and General Jackson wero
displayed. Muslc and recitatlorts mado
up thc program. Tho picture of Gen?
eral Lee was unvc-IJed by Alvln Me
Auley wlth suitablo musical accom
panlment from tho school
"The Boyhood of Lee" was tho tltle
of a naper read by Mlss Oharlotte Dad
raun, and appreciatlons of Lee were re
pcated froTfn various standard authors.
All lhe songs rendered were of an
appropriate nattirc. A number of par?
ents and friends were present at the
cxerclses, whlch wero groatly enjoyeil,
AsHOciatluii to Meet.
Tho Hollywood Memorlal Assoclation
wlll meet thls mornlng ot 12 o'clo<-k
in tho parlors of the Second Baptlst
Church. Tho meeting of the assoclation
on the anniversary of General Lee's
birth has become an annual event.
Tho custom of celcbrating the blrth?
day of Gei*ral Leo as a hollday, and
aa a tlmo for approprlato ceremonlco
ln the schools has grown rapldly in
recent. years, untll ln Vlrglnia it has
como/ to be almost uVilversallj* ob
sorved. The present anniversary is the
one hundred und flrst. i
Stream Poured Through Big Hole
and Flooded Thoroughfare
for Some Blocks.
Water Supply Cut Off for Some
Time in Portion of
Hy the hursting: of the sixteen-lcch
water maln opposlte the post-ofllco
early thls mornlng. Main nnd Cary
Street3 and all the intervcnlng blocks
betw.jon the bruak and the Muln
Street....Statlon were deluged by a
flood thnt looked not unllke .1 moun
taln current.
The break oocurred a few mlnutes
nftPr mldnlght. and lt wns 1:30 o'clock
before the water was cut off, and then
nearly half an hour before lt ceased to
flow. Before 12 o'clock passersby no
! ticed a bulge ln thc north sldo of the
jstreet, between the west entranco to
i tlic* post-offlce yard and Eleventh
I Street. Tho street continued to rlse
I until lt hnd come up at least half a
! foot ln places. and then of a sudden
the earth gave way, and a spout of
water shot Into the alr.
JMrecl Flooilvd.
Wlth tha rush of water the liolc rap
| Idly enlarged, until it was several feet
j square. und the stream, flnding egross
! grndually ensler and easler, gushed
< forth as lf from a geyser, and raeed
i down Maln and Cary Streets and tho In
'?? tervenlng slde streets, until most of lt
! wus lost In sewera and in Shockoo Creek.
i Fortunatcly, only ln a few places dld
: the torrent rlse over the paveinent, and
| then only for a few feet. It poured
! Into tlio cellar of the barber shop at
| Twelfth und Maln Streets, nnd prob?
ably Into the cellar of T. C. Sublett's
cignr store, on the samo corner.
Maln Street waa flooded between the
| break and Seventeenth Streets, ncrous
llts entire wldth. and Cary Street was
j In the same condltion between Twelfth
jand Fourteenth Streets. No other
iccllars probably were flooded, but the
jMaln Street ow] car had to dlscon
tmuo Its run and use the Broad Streot
pine to reach Church Hlll.
Slow Id Coming-.
Pollce Sergcant Kerso -and Offlcer
Xewman. tolephoned Into the nlght
oITic.3 of the Water Department, but lt
was nearly en. hour and a half later
before a man arrlved to cut' off tbe
current at the various points. Actlni?
Superintendent Davis came at last wlth
two men. They cut off the supply at
Tenth Street and at cross lntcrsectlons
at four other points below.
The broken maln ls connected with
one as large as on Broad Street and lf
the supply be cut off from thc West
Hnd on account of a break lt must
also be cut off from tlic* other slde.
slnco tho supply in tlio Broad Street
maln would be forced back, on the
princlple that water seeks its own
Mr. Davis could not explaln the
causo of the break, unless lt were be?
cause of faulty constructlon ln the
Plpe. The main Is a new one put down
last year, and is guaranteed for 300
pounds;. hydrostatlc pressure "'to the
square Inch. ' I-Ic sald tho break could
not havo been caused by electrolysls,
as tho main has not been long enough
ln the ground.
Daningc to the street will probably
-be found to bo qulte cxtenslve, as thc
cobblestones wero forced up to a
height of soveral .Inches for a distance
of flfty.or sixty feot from the brcak
Ing point. and then sank as the. pres?
sure waa relleved. These wlll probably
havo to be taken up for that dlstance
and relald.
'JVo .Vlel't Watcuumn.
Mr. Davis explained his apparont
tardinoss in arrlvlng /by stating 'that
lt wns some tlnio before he recelved
the message tliat "Tie was needed, and
thon had to dress and get two men to
como wlth hlm. He. sald that the ofllofi
of llio Water Pei'jartmcnt does-. hot.
mahituln a nlght wutchman,; or tho
damage might havo beon repalred
soonor, nreaks of thlR extent ln ,water
malnf. aro of very Infroquent -ocoiir
ronce, ho said, und therefore a watch
mau. is too rarcly ribedod to bo of niiich
servlce. '? ?
So groat was tho water pressure that
It gushed ' und btthbled anil spbuted
wlth tho force of a blg artostan spring,
nnd tlui oenaslini, was bonpficlal ut
loust lu thn opportunlty lt afforUevl
for olisorvntlnn us to tlio wat'pv. iivot
suva In. Hlchmond. fjaiul dunos wero
dlstrlbuted uboulM'aln Street. malnly an
far down as Sevontoenth, Tho grouteiit
volumo'of wnter^tut'iied down Eleventh,
Twelfth- -and ?Fourtaunth Streets, nnd
down Cnry to SUookoe . Creek,..whloh
diivrlodlts odded hUi'doli to" tho I'lvor, '
Sons of V. P. I. Dcclarc Rison
Measure Is "Umvarraiifced
Attack," on School.
Statement Issued Last Nlght by
Chairman, Setting Forth Po?
sition of Institute.
Rlchmond alumnl of the Vtnginla
Polytechnlc lnstltute met Saturday
nlght ln tho parlors of the Jofterson
Hotel for tho considcratlon of Impor?
tant mntters, '
Thc gathcring was enthusiastlc, and
lhe sesslon wns tho most largoly at
tended over held by tho local chapt,cr.
Mr. P. M. Fry. prenldent, occupled the
chnlr. Dr. Paul R. p.arrlnger, presl
dont of Iho lnstltute, dlscussed tho blll
lntroduced ln the-Leglubiture by Sena?
tor Rlson, looklng to tho removal of
Iho geologlcul department of tlio V.
V. I. to tho University ot Vlrglnia,
ninklng It a part of tho latter Instltu
llon. Tho blll was roundly denounccd
as on linwarrantod attack on tho .ln
nlltute, nnd a committee of five, com
poscd of Alr. H. M. Smlth, Mr. Isaac
Dlggs. Mr. P. M. Fry, Mr. Arthur Can
non end Mr. Tom Watson, wns ap?
polnted to walt on tho leglslatlv0 Com?
mltteo on Schools and Colleges and
make a strong effort to klll the meas?
ure at once.
A commlttee of publiclty, wlth Mr.
George Hutchlnson as chalrman. was
also appolnted to present the slde of
tho Vlrglnia Polytechnlc lnstltute in
the Stnto press. The move was alleged
by thoso present to be tho flrst In a
serles of attacks on lhe work belng
jdone hy thc lnstltute, and the hopo
wiiR generally exprcssed that lt would
!bo nlpped ln the btid.
| It wns declared that thc Uiilverslt*/
iof Virginia hus nnsumed most of tho
credtt for thc geologlcal dlsplay mado
j.-u the Jamestown "Exposition, and that
the- exhibitlon was, ln fact, nearly en
tirely prepared by olllclula of thc Vir
[ginla Tolytechnlc lnstltute.
?Stnleinent I-tRue-t.
Mr. Ilutchinson, who ls secretary of
| tho Richmond chapter, .Issued last nlght
tho followlng statement as to tho
stand tuken by tho V. P. L Alumnl In
regnrd to Senator Rlson's blll:
"Brlefly. we are of thc followlng
opinlon: We take esccptlon to Ihe uso
I of the word "creutlon,"' as tho Ktutu
(5<ioioKlcal Survey has exlstcd for ten
yearc at the V. V. 1.
"Wo can see no reason for tho re?
moval of thls department from the V.
V. 1? as It ls tho loglca] und best
equipped Instltutlon In the State f-w
the furtherancc or thls p^rtictilur r<*
sonrch work. The work done bv tln
survey at the V. P. I. has been of a
moBt siitlsfuctory nnture. All llteratU'o
publlshed by the survey has been corn
plled from work done at the V. P. I?
ii"' a IthHtandlng the fact tbnt Piofc-sor
Watsop. recently of the V. I'. I., In tho
piiblicatlon of hls "Mlneral Retiotirce* of
Virginia,' makes lt appeir to the casual
obscrvcr that the survey Is loeaied.
and tho work done at the University
of Vlrglnia.
"'We are of the opinlon that the Uni?
versity of Vlrjflnia nhoulct conilue Ita
work lo the arts and humanltlcs. in
! whlch It exccijs.
"That?the V. P. I. should be aa
|x!gned all tcchnlcal. Industrlal nnd cp
! glneering work. That the effo'rw of
leach Instltutlon should be conllmjd lo
? Iho work for whlch thoy aro espe
j dally mlapted. Wo heartily concnr
?with the opinlon orvprcsscd in Dr. Bar
jrlnger's lotter t(x_ Scnutor Rlson, nn
I"recently publlsdied ln the dally paper.-.
"The crylug neod of tho s-outh to
day ls for tcelmlcally trained men.
JTho V. P. I. has attalned a hlgher
jnt.-indard In technlcnl education than
!any other Instltutlon In the Souf.li,
land tho divlslon of technlcal education
[between tho two schools ln questlon
jwould be extremely uviwlso, ua oelther
(could maintaln the high standard
inecessary through thc division of ef
The Other Slde.
j Kvery effort" was made yesterday
jtr, secure a statement from Senator
. FSItson. but without success. Ile had
left Rlchmond. and a telegram sent
to hls home ln O-t'-.-i.., i-a? returned
undellvered. A telegram was also .
[to Dr. E. A. Aldtr.i.an. presldent of
the Unlvorslty of Vlrglnia'. NTo re
sponse was recelved.
Alleged Attack by Wotnnn, MTie
Churges Several Wlfli Pcrsecutlon.
Somc-lhlng of a eensation wats caus
ed ln an apartmeuf house ln the East
End of the rity yesterday afternoon
when the proprletor.lt was alleged,
ln a flt of temporary Insanlty attack
<*d several women llvlng on the second
floor, and. flourlshlng a carving knife,
ran them to their room-4-. They call?
ed for the police, and the woman. who
ls very prornlneutly connected iu Rich?
mond and.ln the Staii>. was arrested
spd carrlfd to tbe Cltv Jall. where,
after a somewhat lengthy -cyalt. a com
mlsBlon of luracy was held over her.
and sho wai acciuitted. All thri-uigh.
the trylng ordeal the, woman. bor<= her
solf wlth ralmness nnd qulet dignltv.
ond wns llberated wlthin a ft-vr^mln
utes after the nhysiclans 'and mag
h-trato had examfned her.
In a very rational f-ta.tcment last
nlght the woman alleged that slie
had been perseeuted by ,Qne of the
men and two or three ^i-omen llving
in tho house, and that the knlfe.lt;
her hand at the tlmo tho others fled
fvom her she had been uslng in tho
kltehen to turn over eggs she was
frylng for breakfast She alleges that
?lid went onlv to the door of her
kitchen. und did not flourish her knifo
or attempt to stab any r.tif, Tho man
ln ouestlon. when seen lm-'t nlght. de
ntfd that he had over oftorod o,n. in
sult to tbe woman or hnd ever been
In tho sllghtest way rude to her. IJo
oxoects soon fo move to other ciuni
! ters._^_
Iwitltcr H?lW; Arrvslod J'ov Drunltcii
i uom, llrlni*" AnscuUdi.to His Father.
' After a..denperate struggle. Walter
llaley, n young whlte boy. was arrest
ed Saturday afternoon by Captain Tom
'llnaon and Dotectlve Hergeapt Batley
on tlio? charge-ef.drunkenness .indfdl44.
orderly conduct. Haloy gave the offl?
cers a.hnrd soul'flo just bbhjnd. Ford's
Hotel, whore ho had urrlved nfter flght
Ing ut.numorous piissersby from lower
L'-runklli-i Street,
Iils fatherfeaiho up an hc was beinff
plucod under nrrest. With teara
Mtreamtng . down <hls. Cape, he sald: "T.
would ratiior see you -doiid than lltce
.thls. Vou'l'l break my heart," ?? ?
Miss Eess|o McGehoe,. daughter ^of
Jlr. B. A. McGuhoe, ol' tha Ohesaponka
niui Ohlo, luw returned. to. liev. hom<?
ii'oai the hOBp.ltai, mueh ?improved. -

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