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Tlin pifil'ATCK FOJJNDED 1850.
President of Raiiway and
Former Governor Deny
what Each other Says..
Both Disclaimed Intention to Bc
Discourteouv However, and
Grew Caltner?Long Argu
ments Over Repeal
Bill Before Com
The flght ovor, tho repeal of the stat
ute pronlb^tlng the parallellng. ot tbe
RIchmond, Frederlcksburg and Poto?
mac Railroad w*r tho central fact In
yest?rday's leglslatlve history. There
were other events, of courae, at both
endo of the Capltol, but they were
overahadowed - by thls. Judtclal dress
reforra received a nutback when the
Senate refuscd to concur ln tho IfouEe
resolutlon requestlng the Judge* of the
Court of Appeals to wear gowns, and
?fiirther decllned to reconslder the vote
by whicb the resolutlon. had boen re
Jected. There was a-warm debate in
tlie Senate ovor the effort to paaa by
tepiporarlly the bill appropriating
$125,000 to tho slnklng fund. but no
action was taken. No bllls were passed
by the Senate.
tn the- Houaa a number of routine
matters were consldered, and a few
local ? and unlmportanl bllls were
The II.) V. * P. Flglt*.
The Commlttees on Tloads or the two
houses convened in Jolnt sesslon tn the
chamber of tho Corporatlon Cotnmls
Hlon at 10 A. M.. apd sat until nearly
noon. They reassembled In the Senate
chamber at ( P. M.. and sat until 6,
rcturntng at ? for a sosslon of over
three hours.
Large crowda were ln attendance at
eacb meetlng. and the deepest Interest
waa manlfested. Many epeechea were
made, and. at tlmes. the proceedlngt
wero anlmated. not to say excltlng.
At the morning sesslon consldcrable
tlme wae consumed ln determlntng
how.- much tlme should be given to tbi
hearlng. It was nnally determlned tc
allow three hours to those favorlng
th?: uncondltlonal repeal and a liltt
perlod to thase opposlnp all repeal
while an hour waa allotted to tbost
who are seeklng a conditlonai repeal
The representatives of the varloui
municlpa! bodies and buslness associa?
tions lu RIchmond and Frederlcksburj
were firat heard.' Thelr contentlon wai
that the thlng that was needed was
srreater .development, through Increas.
Ing lines of transportatlon. Complalnfc
were made that the monopoly enjoyec
by the present rallway between RIch?
mond and "Washlngton waa inlmlcal tt
the development of all the terrltorj
through whlch' lt passes. One speakei
epItomUea thls argument by saylng
"We are enmeshed ln tho tentacles o:
an octopus." There was much tall
of the deslrablllty of opening up tb<
portlon of the State now closed agalnB
new rallroad enterprlses by the prea
ent statute. Strong oppoBltlon waa ex
presaed to the sanctionlng by the Stat<
of a monopoly whlch cs.tabllsdied a dls
crttnlnatlon.' There were chargcs tha
the rates were not as favorable as the;
appeared from the schedulea, and tha
tho road was run in the interest o
through traffic and transportatlon
whlch dld not concern the people o
' Virginia. The doctrlne against specla
prlvllege was lpvoked wlth great earn
estness and w(th apparent effect
Value of State's Interest.
The afternoon sesalon was occuplei
? ehlefly by the argument of tho Stati
Treasurer, representlng the Slnklni
Fund Commlssloners. He showed th.
value of-the Interest of. the State Ii
the road, declaring that it. was sufll
clent to take care .of the publlc deht
He pleaded carnestly wlth the com
mltteo not to jeopardlze thls valuabl
aeset. As to the probable effect of th
proposed repeal upon tho value of th
stock of .dlvldond' obligatlons, he wa
? rejuetant to' prophegy, but said 'that h
was unwilllng ln a matter of such im
po'rtanco to the State to take ai};
chances. Ho. was freely plled wlt:
. qUestlons, whlch he answered . wlt
promptness and spirit, and whlch con
elcjerably extended his remarks.
The nlght sesslon attracted the large
crowd, both on the floor and ln th
gallerlcs, and somo teeling develope
among the ' opposing speakers, whlc
was- more pronounced than ' pleasan
Senator Lasslter further compllcate
the situatlon .by the introductlon c
another oondltional repeal measur
Klving tho road flve yoars in whlch t
bulld'branch lines natls'fnctory to th
Corporatlon Commlssion, the prlce t
faliure to be an uncondltlonal repei
and compllance to be the retentlon c
the, present plan. - .
? The general counsel and former prc:
ident of the roa'd gave a historieai r<
view. of tho road's htstorv and of tl
reasons whlch led tho State to saft
guard Its-fntercst.
- The president of tho road spokc ea
nestly and strongly against tho renet
anel, declared that the road was n
domlpated by arty fprrfgn corporatlo
Thls was in reply to nuinerous insinu;
tlonw and soipa direct charges that tl
Pennsylvanla. Rallroad controlled tl
policy of tlie Richmond, Frederick
burg and Potomac Rallroad Conipan
.\tuioNptierc' Tenae.
But by far the most stirring featu
of the ontlre .hoartng waa tbe brea]
ing away of three of ' the Sta
proxies-rMessrs.. Moore, Montague ai
Merodjth,?from their' flve coUeagu
by deolarlng that Iu thelr opinlon tl
Interepts of the State .would not '
darnaged by t|fe repeal. They wo
Bharply cross-examlnei} by preslde
White and othera, and some of tl
passages; b'd falr, to/preotpitate a crts
President Whlte especlally resented 1
sinuations by exTGovornor ? Montag
that the Pdnnsylva.hlawas.the dbn
n^fit influence in tfii> management
the Richmond, Frederlcksburg and V
tomao Rallway, and declared"the' stat
nient -or the ex-Cfovernor wltho
foun(Jat|on, Thereupon the latter pr
nounced a previauS-statement of Prc
Ident Whlte wlthput fouiuiatlon, a
the -atmosphere was ten?o for aevei
nnlntites, There were dlsclalrners
liitentlonal m|srepreaentation. ov d
ii i i' i- i ' i ' ' ii
'-. iCoutiuuca ou Thlrd, Pase.>.
Mndel Mcenae Lengtic Declare for
Temperance, but Condenm Prohltiltlnn.
LOUISVILLE, KY? January 32_The
Modcl Llcenae League, composed of
men Intercsted.In. the nianufacturo an<i
aalc of splrltqtis antl malt llquors, to
day ndoptedi rfesolutlons. declaring for
temperance nnd condemnlng lnws ln
tended to destroy thelr proportles and
favoring- strlct Obaervance of llcense
laws by Hqtior-dealers aa a mean* to
rrevont furthor prohibltion leglslation.
Tho resolutlon* polnt out that centurlee
of experlonco ' go \a show that lawt
for the prohibltion of the salo nnd
uianufiicture of alcohollc boverages,
whllo destructlve In thelr nature, ar'.
alsolulely lllegal, lmi>o??lble of en
forcement, and assert that the Antl
Saloon Lcaguo. far from belng a re
form movoment, ls a polltlcal organl
zatlon of a "dlctatorlal and danguroui
character." .
T. DeQulncy Tuller, secretary of th(
Enrorcement Soclety of New York, ad
dreaacd the conventlon to-day. He
said: "The passlng of -local option
laws ln Kentucky and the golng drj
of numerous -States mean nothlng. I
is by no ir.eans an Indlcatlon (hat tlu
people of the country want temper
ance, but that they want'the contro
and the manner of runnlng salooni
cliangedi There ls no doubt that I
New York Clty was glvon tho privilegi
or i*yaj option the. 10,000 saloons woulc
be v-ted out. Why? Because the ma
Jority of the people want the abusei
of the saloons corrected; At tho bot?
tom of all law-brcaklng, petty intrlgue
small and large graft, debauchery ani
vlce, Is the luwlcsa saloon. It ls th<
harbor for most of the country'i
Inlqiilty.' Wlth'Ita dlsappearanco, bj
the enforcement of the exclse law, th<
people wlll have better government
flner homes and large mdustrles. 1
wlll mean the taklng out of the handi
of machlnes and polltlcal cllques thi
government of many of our cittes. Thi
better class of cltlzens wlll control af
fa'lrs. for, robbed of his bottlo througl
the enforcement of tho laws, the clul
or power wlll be snatched from th'
thlcf and the thug."
nut the Negroes WIiu Were About t
Apply It Were Kllled.
?An attempt waa made last nlght t
set flre and dynamtte tho loosc to
bacco factory of the Hayes-Sorey To
bacco Company, local representatlve
or the Italian Regles. Two negroet
Tony Allen and Walter Watklns. alla
I'rog Eye. while trylng to escape wer
kllled by one of the nlght watchmer
One other negro escuped. but h
ls thought to have been wounded.
"When Guard Shanklln was makln:
his rounds Just before midnlght h
notlced three men standlng In front o
a door of the factory on the west sldi
One of them struck. a match and whe
he dld Shanklln asked who it was. Th
negroes broke and ran. Shanklln foi
lowed. and at a distanco of sixty yard
flred three tlmes at the fleeing mcr
One of the negroes dropped dead ln hl
txacks and the second ran about seven
ty yards. to a colored tenement housi
whera he dled. Tbe third negro I
thought to have been wounded.
An Investlgation *bowed that th
door of tht- factory had been saturate
with coal and four stlcks of dyna
mtte placed against lt. When th
bodies of the two negroes wero search
ed stlcks of dynamite were found o
thelr persons ln sufticlent quantltle
to wreck the buildlng.
Yellow Plne Offleer? Suromoned, Bu
Don't. Know What For.
NEW ORLEANS. LA.. January 22.
Summonses to appear before a Federe
grand Jurv were to-day served on thre
ofticers of the Amerlcan Yellow Pin
Manufacturers' Association. which I
holdlng Its annual meetlng ln thls* clt;
The offleers wero ordered to produc
the mlnutes and records of thls meet
Ing and the prestdent's annual addres:
The necesslty for curtallment of yel
low plne productlon has been the prin
ctpal toplc of dlscusslon before th
present annual meetlng. The offlcer
summoned before the grand Jury ar
John L. Kaull. of Blrmlngham. Ala
rttlrlng president; H. H. Foster. c
Malvcrn, Ark., the Incomlng preslden
and G. K. Smith, or St, Louls, secre
Federal offlclals gavo no Intlmatio
as to tho purpose of the grand Jur
Investlgation, and members of the as
sociation expressed surprlse over th
action. In additlon to President V os
ter. the newly elected offleers to-da
are A. J. Nelmyer. SL Louls, treasure
and G. K. -Smith. St. Louls, secretar:
Sectetarv Cortelyou Cnlln On New Yoi
Bnhka for $10,000,000.
WASIIINGTON. L>. C. January 22.
The Secretary of the Treasury to-da
announced that owlng to the. grei
Improvement In financial conditio|
throughotit the country he had b.egi
the gradual withdrawal of deposl
of publlc moneys ln moderate amoun
from the natlonal banks..
The firat call has been made up<
New York banks. and amounts to a'
proximately $10,000,000. This is i
additlon to about $10,000,000 returm
by the New York banks slnce Decer
ber 26th. The Secretary also announci
that a general qall for a modora
amount wlll bo made upon banks
other cltles at early date.
Copper Rlveted Clothlng Man Tioui
?Jacob XV. Davls, the Invontor ai
orlginator of copper rlveted clothln
is dead at his home.here, aged sevent;
oight years. He began tho mannfa
ture of the copper rlveted overal
while in Porto RIco, and oreated
demand for all hla . wares, whlch l
duced hlm to move to San Francls
ln IS73.
I -?-~
Coiuniutea Sentcncc of floy.
NASHVILLE, TENN.. January 22.
Governor Patterson has commuted t
death sentence. on Lee Holder. ag
nlrieteen years, to' llfe imprtsonmet
Holder about a year ago murderecjII;
father, B. G. Holder, of Unlon Clt
Tenn., a preaeher of the Cumber]a:
Presbyf.erian Church.
For Fouirtcen Tbouannd Uemocrata,
. DBNVER. ' COU. ? January 58,?Pla
accepted by the Democratlc natjor
commlttee on varrangementK for t
natlopal conventlon provlde {or sat
for 14,000 persons ln tho conventl
hall. . . ; . ?
? i.? a . -?
. French Women "Now Demand Vote
PARIS, Jo.nuary 22.?A pejtltlon
favor'of female suffraga in France h
boen aigned'by 50,00.0 Fronch women
TlmcM-DUpatcU riillilren'N l.lbrar
will he oiieu'ull lu-duy and Smur
dny, Mi'iiihem nt the T. I), C. I
and. thelr frlend* .wlll lu- iveleoiue
und uintle tn (eol ut bumo from 1
A. ai. to 5|', M.
Senator Noel Preparing
to Submit Specific Alle*
gfations to Committee,
Friends of Rhea Said to Be Con
templating Flank Movemcnt
by Attack on Judge Black?
stone?Bristol Bar Meets
and Indorses Action
of Governor.
For Open Sessions
"So far a? I am personnlly con
cerued. t fnvor open KeHalno-. of thc
Commlttee on Conflrniatlon. I Luv.
not conaultei. wlth nij- colleogucK on
the subJ-Ct, und thercfore apenk
only for injaelL but In my vle-iv i f
tbe caae, thla ln o innttcr In -iThlch
mII the people are Interenled. nnd
they ahoulil he tnfnrraed prcnnptly
b? to ivhat actlon I* tuken. lf Seo
atiir \ool ean ntlhatantlate lilx
charuea iiKalnat Judge lllicn lln
in-oplo nn*.entltled to thU Informu
tioit, nnd If he fnll? and Judge Rhea
ia vlndlcntrd tfli-re I* e<iual reuiioii
for publle-ltj. I ahall offer nnd ril
vocate ? resolutlon fur open se<
kIohx."?Statement of Hon. Thomaa
B. AVest of Berlford. oliairman of
tiie Jolnt Commlttee on Cantlrmatlon.
No other matter ln legislatlve clrcle
was dlscussed hair ao much yesterda;
and laat nlght as the attaok ot Senato
John C. Noel, of Lee. on Judge AA'. V
Rhea, of Erlatol, nomlnated by Gov
crnor Swanson as Corporatlon Com
mlssloner to succeed llon. Henry C
Stua'rt, charges lnvolved ln whlch wll
be flled ln wrltlng thls afternoon bo
foro the Jolnt Commlttee on Conflrraa
Judge Rhea is expected In the clt:
thla inoming. and wlll appear befer
thc jolnt commlttee. though It Is no
probablo that any testlmony will b
gone Into beforo to-morrow.
The meeting scheduled for 1 o'cloc"
thla afternoon wlll bo malnly for th
purpose of reoelvlng specific charge
agalnst Judge Rhea from Senator Noe
or any other citizen of Virginia wh
jmayhave any to present. The Senato
"ifrom Lee would not dlscuss the'matte
*J last,nlght further than to relterato hl
former statement that when tho com
mltteo convenea tho charges wlll b
there, and that they wlll be epacifi
and wlll be sus.alncd.
Rerr** Reaolutlon.
Mattere yesterday took an unexpect
ca turn. whlch may lead to further ln
vestlgatlons. Delegate John R.' Re*a
of Accomac. has prepared a resolutloi
?whlch he doelares he will offer, re
questlng the Governor to wlthdra-t
the nomlnatlon of Judge Rhea. Thi
paper recltes that tho patron has notl*
lug to say agalnst the appolntee. bu
that the Governor can lind a man fo
Corporatlon Commissioner agaln.1
whom no one can ratse a questlon.
Followlng thls suggestlon comes
proposition from somo members favo:
able to Judge Rhea to present a resi
lutlon to look into the fltness of Judg
J. AV. G. Blackstone. of Accomac, fe
membership on the circult bench, ar
if this contest comos there will be ai
other long and hlttei* flght before tl
Leglslature. The public wlll reca
the recent sharp. passa^es betwee
Judge Elacitstone and the Goverm
over tho rlot at Onancock, and the trl
which followed. It should be state
In falrncss to the- Governor, howeve
that he is taklng no part ln any rnov
t* ment to retallate on Mr. Rew throug
?ja proposed ineiulry concernlng Judj
? I Blackstone. and that. on the otht
hand, he has discouraged-'ln every we
possible all sug-gestlons looking to th
Members of both branches of tl
Leglslature discussed the Rhea matti
freely yesterday, and last nlght lt wi
the chlef toplc around the hotels.
Judge Rhea wlll be contirmed unlei
Senator Noel or somo one else is ab
to flle serious charges agalnst hlm ai
then bear them out by coropetent e\
The meeting this afternoon will ui
doubtedly bo an open one. nnd the ge:
eral opinlon ls that after the filing i
the formal charges by Senator No
there wlll be an adjournment for
day' oi" two days, In order to allo
Judge Rhea to prepare and submit li
The joint committee will meet.at
o'clock in the Senate chamber. T!
members of the commlttee aro Del
gates Thomaa S. AVest. of Beelfo:
(clialvman); S. II. AVilson. of Plttsj
varila; Alexander Stuart, of AA'ashin
ton; Merrltt T. Cooke. of Norfolk clt
Tyson Jannoy, of Prlnce Willlam, n
Senators AA'llllam I-Iodges Mann. of Ne
toway; Edward Kchols, of Staunto
T. Ashby AVlckham. of Honrlco; Jo
A. Lesner, of Norfolk county, a
George T. Rlson, of Plttsylvanla,
UrUtol Uar Acts.
Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch last nlght i
celved the followlng from Its. con
spondent at Brlstol:
"At h meeting of tho Brlstol 13
Assoclatlon In tho Corporatlon , Coi
room to-day to eonslder Senator No_
attnek on Hon. AA'llllam F. Rhoa,
connectiop wlth th,o questlon of t
conflrmation of hls nomlnatlon to be
member of tha State Corporatlon Co
mlsslon, there wero present the f
lowing attoru>_*s: Judge A. A. Phleg
Joseph L Kelly, H. G. Poters, A.
Blanchard, John B. Burson. J. Cla
Byars, Floyd Roberts, Paul Dulan
Hepry Roberts, H. -AV. Su_h--rla
James L. Davls, Judge. N. P. Oglet
and Judgo John W. price. .
"Tho n.ee>t|ng was called to order
A. H. Blanchard, and Judge A.
Phlegar was called to the chalr. i
D; D. Htill, Jr? was made secreta
Mr, Joseph L. Kelly stated the obj
of the meotlng, and upon motlon '-i
followlng committee on resolutions \
! named by the chalr: Messrs. John
Price. Joseph L. Kolly, Floyd Robei
IJohn l_. Burson and A. H. Blauohavii
I Hi'-ioliitloim ll.iporloel.
S "Tho commlttoo, after vathlng,
ported tlio followlng resolutions:
, "Wberean. us uenliilu Indeftulte un
[~~ .(.CoiiUnueQ on SooouaTftge?.).
Hnd lleSal* ln 1003 WtintTlc Iloea Vflw,
Rcault Would Hirre Been Dlfferent.
ALBANY, it. Y? January 22_lix
Chlef Judire Alton B. Parker, Demo?
cratlc candldate ln 1001 for President
of the United States, had-hla attention
called thls evening to an extraot from
tho speech of Wllllam J. Bryan before
the Democratlc rnembert of the Ken?
tucky Leglslature yeaterday. tn whlch
Mr. Bryan was quoted bs saylng that
In 130+ he "look hla medlelno ln Park?
er. Parker was the man above all
others J dld not want.'*
"What a plty," aaid Judgo Parker,
"that Mr. Bryan falled to be equally
frank In 1903. Had hc done eo the
situatlon of the party would ba vaatly
better than It ls. Thero were but few
Democrata In that year who thought
It wlso to have a thlrd-term candldate.
But the mnn of sense knew that ifhlest
a rnan could be found who would re
celvo Mr. Bryan's" support his warm
personal followlng wotild seck revenge
for the defeata of 1896 and 1900. So
slateamen, pollticlans and interested
cltlzens sought dlllgently to flnd some
one that he would support.
"To some, at least, he said he wouli
bolt ex-PresIdent Cleveland. Governoi
HIU, Senator Gorman and Judge Gray
but that It would be hard to opposi
Parker. aa Parker had supported him
j Thls attltude Induced the irnpresslot
? among many that my nomlnation woulc
I be as acceptabto to Mr. Bryan aa anj
e:.cept his own. That Impresslon let
: ?o pressuro upon me from many quar
[ t*rs to change my planc for llfo.
; And It contrlbuted ln no small meas
j ure to the movement which led to th<
. control of the conventlon. Subsequen
? r-vents showed that Mr. Bryan had no
. been entlrely open wlth those who ha<
| consulted hlm. For when. to his sur
; prlse, delegates began to be clectei
! favorable to my nomlnation?when, in
'. deed, the llde had grown too stroni
i to be brensted, ho started out on hl
famous tour of denunclatlon. Th'
dragons' teeth whlch he then sowei
ylcldeil an abundant harveat; aye, al
that he could wlsh.
"But It would have been very muci
i better for tho party ha dbe said I:
' 1903, before sentlment had crystallizec
, as l)e saya now: 'Parker ls the ma
! above all others that I do not want.'
Domorrals Enibiirrimard liy Havlng Ba
One Candldate.
[From Our Regulbr Corrcspondent.J
1 WASHINGTON. D. C. January 22.
Tho retlrenient of Leslle M. Shavi
former Secretary of tho Treaiairy. froi
the presldency of the Carnf-ecle Trus
Company. of New York, is belleved t
mean that he- Is an actlve candldat
n ! for the Republican pre6ldential nomi
t i natlon.
e I The announcement of his own candl
j dacy by Governor Hughes. of Ne-.
H York. at Albany yesterday. stlll furtlK
Q compllcates the situatlon for the TU
" publlcans. There ls no doubt that thl
s announcement gave the admlnlstratio
I. j reople. all backlng Taft. more concer
than the candldacy of all the' oth?
men mentloned as opposing Taft fo
tho nomlnat'on,
The Democrats are embarrassed h
the fact that they havo only one car
dldate. the Republlcans by tho fn<
that they hava so many.
Pfnral MIninlry Tirny Any Rcaponsibl'
Ity Tor nt-lehkoff Trlp.
ST. PETERSBURG. January 22.?Th
controversy arlslng out of the repoi
that Commander Alexls Dlatchkoft,
Russlan naval offlcer, ls in an off
clal capacity followlng the Amerlca
fleet on Its trlp around South Amerlc.
has taken a nsw turn from the put
t llcatlon of a communlcatlon by tr.
r r.ava! mlnlstry, in which it entlrel
., dlsavows the alleged naval attach
stating that Diatchtvff never repn
scnted Russla ln the United States an
never addressed ar.y requests to th
government of the United States o
behalf of the naval mtnistry.
The communlcatlon proceeds thi
nelther Commander Dlatchkoft nor an
other Russlan naval offlcer ls crulsin
wlth Rear-Admlral Evans's fleet
n I -?
>ri Vlce-I'resldeut Fnlrbankn and Othel
,,| Spenk nt CIokIuk Banquel.
. i WASHINGTON. D. C. January 32.
a The annual banquet of the' Natlon:
f. Board of Trade. in sesslon here, wi
2- held at the New Wlllard to-nlghL Tl
:h speakers Included Vico-Presldent Fal
fe banks, Secretary Straus. of the Depar
._ ment of Commerce and Labor; Speal
\i er Cannon. the Italian Ambassadc
,* ! Baron Mayor Dee Plancea; : Senato
16j Dupont and Rlchardson. of Delawat
and Newlands. of Nevada, and Rcpr
ie; sentatlvps Jackson' of Maryland; Bu
>r \ ton, of Delaware; Olcott. of New Yor
-jBurton, of Ohlo; McCreary, Wang<
I Lafean. Cook and Bingham, of Pen
sylvania, and Loudenslager and Woc
,s of New Jersey.
Ie I . .i ?
1d | .Inliiis Hopklnn va. Virginia.
?i- fSpoclal tn Tne Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
. I BALTIMORE, .MD.. January 22.?T!
? i ann'ual deba'te of the Johns Hopki
Unlverslty team wlll be held wlth t
Unlverslty of Vlrg'nla students
Charlottesvllle Aprll 3d. The subje
wlll be, "What national banks ahou
bo permltted to Issue, subject to ti
and government supervlslon. not
bnaed upon thelr general assets?" T
Hopktns wlll take tho negative slde.
A Reward
for a better city than "littlc old, solid old Richmond"
ivo.ild remain unclaimed. Who could challenge her po?
Her banks always pay cash and are groAving. Con?
fidence is never shaken. Business is expanding with
conservatipiTi and force.
8,303 lines (593 inches) more bank advcrtising \\*ere
printed in The Times-Dispatch the first twenty-tAvo days
of January, 1908, than for the same days in January, 11907.
Publicity is an cvidencc of self-confidence and a
strong conservator of public confidence.
The Times-Dispatch
Is Supreme in Virginia
Fires Five Bullets Into
Her Former Friend and
Three in Own Body.
Sensational Double Tragedy in
Restaurant of Macey's Big
Store, Where Mrs. Clark
Kills Frank Brady
and Then Shoots
NEAV YORK, January 32.?Sweeplng
through the crowded restaurant, whlch
takes up tho elghth floor of Macey's
department store, and into tho gentle
men's cafe, to-day, a tall, atyllshly
? t dressed woman bent for a -momont ovei
' | the ahduleier of a dlner, whtspereO
; somethlng In his ear, and then. draw
'.Ing a revolver from her muff, emptlet
, the contents of the five chambcrs Inte
!{hls body.
1 As her vlctim, Frank Brady, a news
"'paper advcrtising sollcitor, sllppcd lifo
f!le*3 to tho floor, the woman flung tln
^jweapon from hor, and taklng a secone
M revolver from her mufr, shot hersel:
*jln the head and then twlce ln thi
*'broast. She dled a half hour later.
A note found ln tho woman'- pursi
proved her to be Mrs. Mary Robert.1
Clark, a manlcurlst, the wldow of i
pollce olUcer, and stepmother of a slx
year-old son, Raymond.
Had 1.1 ved In Her Home.
Brady was thirty years old, and the
solo tiupport of a helpless, aged mothei
for whom he had mado a home. Thj
shoottr.g was the culmlnatlon of *
serles of vlolent quarrels. and, accord
Ing to the woman's Intlmates, In ful
fllment of a threat to murder Brady I
a public place.
The sulclde, who was about thlrt;
years of age,. was Mary McLean whei
she marrled John Roborts. When tli,
latter dled a year ago she assumed th
name Clark, and supported herself ani
chilel flrst as the wardrobo woman a
an uptown theatre and then as a manl
.- jcurlst- She was of a propossesaim
? appearance, and had markeej, buslnes
? .abillty. AVhlle she was ln prosperou
n circumstances, and before the death o
I her husband, Brady had lodglngs a
hr-r home, and she doclarcd that sh
y|helpe\] hlm to the success whlch h
-(aubsequontly attalned. A few month
-jago ho left her home and mado u hom
for hls mother. whom he brought her
j from ?\'ew Jersey.
Rocently Mrs. Clark thought tha
Brady waa avoid Ing her, and wlien h
called at her homo occaslonally tho:
e'uarreled. To-day Mrs. Clark wen
to her bank. made a cash doposlt, wrot
a note identlfying herself and refer
rlng tho reader to her attorney, ane
armed wlth three revolvers, went t
tho 6toro where sho knew that Brad.
usually lunched. She mado her wa:
hastlly to a small smoklng room to
gentlemen just off thQ maln dlnin
Tho big room was filled wlth womot
who wora lunchlng aftor tho mornlng'
fihopplng. and amld the buzz of con
versation hor agltatod manner attract
ed the attention only of the waltresse:
.shoots Hlm, Thca Heraeir.
In a moment she stood behin
Brady's chalr and spoke to hlm. Be
fore he had tlme to reply aho ha
shoved a revolver ln hls face and com
menced flrlng. The head, the neck, th
shoulder,. the breast and tho abdome
were successlvely pierced by bullel.
and Brady lay dead at her feet.
Glvlng ono glanco to the half doze
men nearby, who were momentarll
stunned by the pltlless murder,- Mr
Clark whlpped another weapon froi
her furs and put a bullet near he
rlght ear and two others in her bosor
The report of tho dlscharges oreate
the wlldest ccnsternatlon, -and tho:
wns a rush for the elevators. Employe
of the place quickly closed the door
shuttlng off n vlew of the smokln
room. and reassured , tho -wome
patrons, taw of whom reallzed Avhi
had occurred. The pollce broke tli
news to Brady's aged mother, and th
Gerry Soclety "took charge of the dea
woman's body.1
Tbe ''-.lvlngr Skcleton" Dead.
ANSONTA. CON"**"*.. January 22.?Ec
ld ward ? N'eldllng. known all over ti
ix country aa "the llvlng skeleton,"
es dead here. Ho was thtrty-five*yea'ra o'
ie|and had been exhlblted ln muscun
I throughout the country for years.
Tnkou tn Taak by Scnatora for Making
Tnrlfr Trrnty Wltli Oermnny.
WASHINGTON, January 22.?Preal
dont Roosevelt to-day transmllted to
the Senate and the Houae coples of the
tarlff regnlatlona negotlataj some tlme
ago between the United States and
Germany, together wlth a proposed
amendment to thecuatoms admlnlstra
tton act, putttng the same in force aa
a statute.
In the Senate the message arouaed
llvely dlscusslon In executlve sesslon
when lt was taken up. The President'a
courso, not only In negotlatlng the
agreement. but ln proclalmlng It to
the world, as he dld last July, waa
nhnrply crltlclzed. It waa declared
that the agreement makes changes
whlch are oqulvalont to leglslatlon,
and It was potnted out that all legls?
latlon affectlng tho tarlff must, under
the Constitution, orlglnate In the
House of Representatives. Attention
I was called to the thlrd section of the
McKlnley law as possibly permlttlng
tha President'a course, but his erltlca
contended that his action ln thls caso
harf gone far beyond tho llmlta per
mltted by that section.
Tt was pointed out that the Germar
Kalser had not only referred the agree?
ment to tho Relchstag for Its action
but that he had even consulted botr
the local and the natlonal boards ol
trnde. Hence the President wai
charged wlth belng even more auto
cratle than the head of tho Germar
Empire. It was also declarod thal
under the'aystems of valuationa pro.
vided for by thn treaty, great lnjuatlci
would be done to the United States
ft waa flnally declded to refer the mea
eage to the Commlttee on Flhance.
Interentlng Antique* nnd Art Rellc
Bequrntlicd to Loved Onea.
WASHINGTON, January 22.?Mr
I.etltla Tyler Semple, daughter c
President Tyler, and once mtstress c
the Whlte House, who dled thre
weeks ago at the Louise Home in th!
clty, left personal property conslsttn
of money in bank nnd a large collet
tlon of antlques and art work, whlc
are bequeathed to relatlves by a wl
which was flled for probate to-da;
The wlll Is one of the most Interest
Ing doouments ever flled In the court
house, and it Is a graphlc descrlptlo
of Mrs. Semple'a possesslons, many c
whlch havo hlstoric slgnlflcance.
The money left by Mrs. Semple ls bt
qucathed to Louls Armlstead Jones, so
of Robert Tyler- Jones, .a nephew, an
Thomas G. W. Settlc-. to be us?d fc
their education at Wllllam and Mar
College, Willlamsburg, Va. Of he
nephew. Robert Tyler Jones,' MrB. Sero
ple says ho "waa born ln the Whlt
House and carrled the flag of the Coti
federac-y up the helghts of Gettysburi
and was ono of the .flve who reache
the aummlt of Cemetery Ridge."
Governor Swa!?>n recelves, on hehal
or the State of Virginia, a large o
palnting of Mrs. Semple's mother. upo
condltlon that It be plac'ed ln th
Exocutlve Man.ilon at Richmond.
large portralt of Governor Tyler. c
i Virginia, ls hcqueat^d to' L. Gordo
' Schooley. of thls clty.
Thought Cortelyou Wlll Aceotif Prci
Idciicy if It r? HeiilUed.
[From Our Rosular CorreipondnntJ
?WASHINGTON. D:" G. January 22.
The probabllity Of the immedlate rei
Ignatlon of Secretary Cortelyou Ib bc
ing wldely discussed ln- washlngtot
The absence of any authorltatlye state
ment from the secretary himself doe
not tend to clear a Bltuatlon whlch I
The overwhelmlng opinlon amon
well-lnformed publlc men Is that th
secretary has made up his mind t
get out of the Cablnet at the flrst op
portunlty. The opportunlty will be th
reorganizatlon of the Knlckerbocke
Trust Company. That accompllahei
he will accept the prestdency of th
instltutlon. Tho mattor of reorganlza
tlon ls now in the courts. J. P. Mor
gan has seoured control of the stocl
It is underatood, antl Is bendlng over
energy to reorganlze the company. ?
that his cherlshcd deslre to own a true
company, the need'of whlch he has te
tor a long time, may be reallzed. 1
ls bclleved he has offerod the presi
dency to Mr. Cortelyou. Mr. Cortelj*
denled thls. but as the offer had al
taehed to lt tho strlng. "lf the court
will allow us to resume business." th
secretary' may have felt justlfled i
denylng that any offer had been mad
Well Known Sctcntlttt uud Pbllni
throplM Dlen In New.York.
NEW YORK. January 22.?Morris 1
Jessup, retlred banker nnd lorg pron
Inont ln clvlc affalrs. dled thh mon
Ing at his home. No. 197 Madtsc
Avenue. from heart dlsease. The II
ness whlch caused Mr. Jessup's deal
was of two years' standlng and ha
necessltated constant treatment.
Mr. Jessup was seventy-elght yea1
old. Roslgntng as president of tl
Chamber of Commerce a year ago, M
Jessup severed practlcally his . la
connectlon wtth actlve buslness Intei
ests. Mr. Jessup was promtnent- i
phllanthroplc and sclentiflc nssocls
tlons. He was president of and or
of the chlef contrlbutors to the Ame:
Ican Museum of Natlonal Utstory, ar
was president of the Peary Arct
Club -and tho Audubon Soclety. ?
contrlbuted Vargely and took an ii
terest in varlous lnduatrlal schools at
other phllanthroplc Instltutlons estal
liehed among the poorer classcs in Ne
Ilut: Sltnw Huh Conlrncted for Snle
IToIdliiK und Wlll Itvtlre.
NEW YORK. January 22.?Ex-Sccr
tary Shaw stated to-day that he lt.
not reslgned from the presldency
the Cnrnegie Trust Company, but hi
contrncted to sell his hokllng:i In '1
company, and. lf pald accordlng
terms, would reslgn on March lst. I
decllned to dlscuss the dlfferenoi
whlch have existed between hlm at
Mr. Dlcklnson, who controla the i
atitutlon. _? ? _
Those Wlio Wlll Conduct Affalrs i
Southern Steel Company.
BIRMINGHAM. ALA.. January 22.
It ls learned that credltors of tl
Southern Steal Company, which wi
declared bankrnpt yesterday, have vi
tually agreed on the 'three trustees <
be elected February. Sd to.conduct tl
eompany's affalrs. The men. tentatlve
agreed upon are J. E. Colllns ar
W, H. Hassongor, of Birratngham, ar
J, S. Kyle, of Gadsdeiv
It ls understood that the wlro mi
at Ensley, the steel plant at Gadsde
and somo ot tho furnaces wlll rosutr
operatlons tn a fow days.
i ?? i ?
VlrKliiImiM Wi-d ln llitlllimiro.
* ' BALTIMOltE. MD.. January 23.?W
J'OBepli P, Clark, of Travllle. Va., w;
married Itare to-day to Mlss Edlth 1
Fostur. of thls clty. After a reooptl
Mr. and Mrs, Clork left on a weddii
trlp, They wlll iho at Travllle.
Lleen*e was Issiiert hero to-day t
thn .weildinn' of Mr. Knoch XV. Carleto
forty-thri-e years old, wldower. to Mi
Lola V->. Curloton, th'rty-two years Ol
wKSow, bovli e? JJrasvlivlUo, Vo, ^
She Tells of His Nervqus
Sleepiessness and His?'?].
Strange Eyes.
Those from Rome, Paris and Lon*<
don to Testify as to Man's Con-;
dition When They Treated .."
Him?Dr. Comstock, %
_? Teacher and Alien- ."? ;.
ist, on Stand.
NEW YORK, January 22.?The en*
of tho aecond Thaw trlal Is fast ?_??
proachlng. Thls was indlcated l?t*
to-day. when Dr. Charles G. Wagh'et"',
the first ot' tho allenists to be called .
by tho defense, took tha stand tor hla
prellmlnary * examlnation. Anthdiij*
Comstock, vlce-presldent of th? Society
for the Suppresslon of Vlce, had been
heard aa a witnessr earller ln the day.
and Mrs. Wllllam Thaw. mother of the
defendant, had completed her testi
mony. The klndergarten teacher wKo
had chargo of Harry Thaw as a lad ot
slx, also testlfled.
Mr. Comstock's testlmony, whilo n'etV,
had beon dlscottnted hy thc' known
facts of Thaw's appeal to hlm to asslst
In closlng up the houses where Stan
,*_|ford Whlte was allegod to have maln
taln'od elaborately furnished apart
ments. and where young glrla wora
sald to havo been mlstreated. A doaen
letters Thaw wrote to Comstock r&r
gardlng the matter, glvlng a detaljed
descrlptlon of the Twenty-fourth Street
house, were admitted.in evldence, and
wero read to tho Jury. DIStrict At?
torney Jerome seemed as pleaaed as tha
defense with the letters. and later in
tho day read Into the record hlmself
most of Comstock's replles to Thaw.
The wltness Indlcated ln hls-testlmony,
that nothlng ever* came of the $orii-'
plalnts, legal evldence' being lackingr.
n.n-i Her Afllda-vlt.
Mrs. Wllllam' Thaw, stlll unable.ta
walk unasslsted. because of her recent
lllness, told of Thaw's early Ute, of'
lnfluonces before hls btrth, and of tho
mental unsoundness of two of her
brothers. She was not cross-examlned.
Mr. Jorome contcnted hlmself wlth
readlng to the Jurors the affldavlt
made hy tho elder Mrs. Thaw last
year when the questlon ot her son'a
sanlty was before a lunacy commlselon.
In that affldavlt sho declared that lr>
tho d'rect llna of descent th?T?; had
been no Insaptty Ir Harry Thaw.'n
famlly for four seneratioris. As to tho
collateral cases, Mrs. Thaw sald in the
affldavlt there were but two, and they
were eoally accounted for. _n hor
statement to tho commlsslon. Mrs. TJiaf**'
also resented the tnslnuatlons which,
she sald, she had been compelled to
suffer because of the newspaper re?
ports of Insanlty In the famlly, and
she asserted that there were no famlly
secrets to hlde and thero was no akole
ton to be bared.
Mr. Llttleton may contlnue wlth ex
pert testlmony to-morrow, or ho may
offer aa wltnosaes the doctora from
Rome. Parls and London, wlio are t?
testify brlefly of attendlng Tha**" In
thelr cities. Another doctor is expected
to testify about an outbreak on a traln,
and that wlll ond all save the expert
Codlcll of AA'IU "Read.
To-day the codlcll to Thaw's wlll
was placed ln evldence, but tho "wlll
Itself was tamporarily ruled out -bt;
cause of Insufllcloncy of evldence sl*ow?
Ing Its custody slnce 1905. Mr. Llttle*
ton sald that ho would. supply. thU ta
morrow or Frlday. Tho codlcll pro?
vlded a number of bequests to lawyers
and others to aid alleged vlctlms ot
Stanford Whlte to prosecute claims tor
damages agalnst him and tor the prose,-,
cutlon of all persons engaged "ln sijch
unlawful practlces as sald Stanfora
Whlte." Thaw named a numher of
young women now on the stage as
possible clalmants agalnst Whlte. .
Complalnt to Coms-oelc. ?
Followlng the readlng of the codtc.l
Mr. Llttleton called Anthony. Comatock
to the stand. Mr. Comstock sald that
Thaw called at hls ofllce ln Febru&ryi
1901, and complalned of a man-who
was wronglng young glrls. Thaw went
Into detalls, which the wltness re
peated as far as ho could romember.
Mr. Comstock also sald ho had recelved .
several letters from Thaw. On croes
examlnatlon Dlstrlct Attorney Je'rqnia
asked Mr. Comstock If he evor sot into
the Twenty-fourth Street house. .....
"No, slr." was the reply.
The prosecutlon devoted much of,its
tlmo wlth the wltness to calllng. ai
tentlon to the fact tliat tho statements
ln the letters wero coherent, under
standable and ratlonal ln thelr refer
ences to hlstorlc events. Mr. COhl*
stock produced, at Mr. Jerome's re
quest, a lotter copy-book contalning
the replleis aont by Comstock to Thaw'a
letters. '"?.,-??
There woro also several letters' wrli
ten by Mr. Comatocf. io the Children--1
Soclety concernlng the matters' com
plalned of by Thaw. Tho lattor.Jet
ters Indlcated that the alleged crtrnes
more properly belongea to the provlhce
of tho children's orcanlzatlon. .;
The cross-examinatlon qulckly ende'd,
(ind John B- Gloason, ot counsel .*for
Thaw at tho flrst trlal, was callee) jn
conneetlon wlth provlng T"*iawt*a iwill.
The Dlstrlct Attorney -. attem'pte^*'to
questlon Mr. Gleason as to any lcUex*
wrltian hy Stanfora AVhlte to Bvelyn
Nesblt whloh may havo come Into'.lftjs
poasession, but Avas blocked by the ?X
erelso of the attorney's protesslonaj
TcIIh ot IIU Infaucy.
Mrs. AYlUlam, Thaw, the mother. was
recalled to conclude her testlmony.
Mrs. Thaw told of waklng up opo
nlght shortly before Harry's blrth and
.Indtpg that her eldest ohlld, an Ip
fant, was doad In hor bed.
Tho nervous shock was so sevfre,
sho declayed. that for more than saveii
months she scarcely slept at all. Aa
an lnfaiit Harry Thaw suffeved the
most remarkable sloeplessnass she h*d
ever known ln a chlld. He waa nerv?
ous, and Instead of sleeplng at nlffli.t
would jnsUt upon being proppe-1 -up
tii* a sltting postm-e In bed, his ey??
liiivlns' ie wlde-awako nxprosslort. fha
iT 'iyonuuued ?a sttconi _PM*?.y >,u

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