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Mall Orders Pllted at Advertlsed Prices.
Women's New Suits: ?Z?l%Z
"Wear Ever"
Aluminum Wear.
Nothlng Jast as Good for Cooking
"Wear Ever" utensils aro mado
of sheot aluminum, 99 per cent.
No burnlng or dlscalorlng of
food, a perfcctly sanitary cook?
ing titensll, always bright and
attractivo looking.
A demonstrator in our
Housefurnishing Depart?
ment will show you how
much superior they are to
Llie ordinary vessels for
MUFFINT PANS, otght rlnars.
o-quart TEA KETTLES, 92.08.
For $23.SO
ling Values
For $26.50
You sirnply cannot afford
to let this opportunity slip
by, even if a suit is not
needed at this particular
Theso garments are ln welghts
sultable for early spring we,ir,
and hnve Just beon mado up from
the piece goods.
Made to our order last
week at a big sacrifice in
Throe-button Cutaway Cont,
seini-flttlng back, llned with
good satln. Plaited sklrt, with
a wide fold around tho bot?
The $1-1.75 Suits are ln llght
gray Invlslble plnld homespuns;
the $17.75 Suits aro In herrlng
bone strlpes and gray and brown
May Man ton I'attcrnB, 10c | hy mall, ISc.
Discrimination Against Private
Stables Won't Help, Says
Council Refuses to Stop Build
? ing Because of Popular
Bs- a vote of 13 to 7 tho Common
Councll last night refused to concur
wlth the Board of Aldermen ln an
ordinancc to prevent tho orectlou ln
tha residentlal section of a stable
where accommodutlons are provided for
nore than four horses. The same
question has been coming up contin
nally. Councllman Cannon took the
ground that lt was unfalr to leglslate
igalnst cltlzens wlthout givlng the
members an opportunlty to look into
!he conditions. His motlon to commlt
.vas adopted.
When I. .J. Smith & Co.; general con
iractors, npplied for a permit for a
private stable- on Choffln Street, be?
tween Randolph and Harrlson, prop
?rty owners Interpose,! objcctlon. Tho
ordlnanco was passed by tho Board
Monday night, to prevall until the
auoption of the buildlng code.
Buslness Intcri'?l?.
Councllman Umlauf led the antl
stable flght. Ha made four spceches.
?"ouncllman Richards, ln 'reply. said
lhat it was unfalr to cliscrlmlnate slm
ply because Mr. Umlauf was afrald the
drlver3 would curse as they rodo along,
or else fall into peaceful slumbers.
'?This Idea of turning Richmond Into a
little heaven." he added. "has gone too
far. We must look out for tho busl?
ness Interests."
Mr. Cannon suggesteel that the 6r
3lnance Commlttee and the Board of
't-Tealth-should confer. "If they report
that stables are a menace." he said,
"T. for o^.-tyill, vote to wlpe out every
stable ,,ln .Richmond." He said that a
hearlng had .been denled to tho con?
Mr. FerKUsson declared that they
ivero spending Si.i.OOn a year for labor,
and that thoy deserved fa|r treatment
As a result of the pendlng of the or
iinance to a commlttee>. Inspector Beck
wlll be required to fssue a permit to
the Smiths not later than to-morrow.
There may be another flght slmllar to
that of J. F. Ragland, especlally as
*here is no law to prevent the bulidlng
of a stable used for private- purposes.
For Itcpral of Law.
? Wlthout dlscusslon or n dlssenting
vote. the Councll concurred ln ihe res
olutions aflrtrite'd hy the Rnard of Al
derrnen ii-s'r.g the Leglslature of Vir?
ginia to reneal the act whlch proh'btts
the parallellng of the Richmond. Fr?d
??rlcksbur^ ?>nd P"tomnc Rallroad. The
Richmond clty delecration ls especlally
reque?ted to work for tlie repeal; Thn
resolutlon was enprros'-ed lmm?-diately
hy Clerk of Councll Ben. T. August.
?and was Rfgne.d by the pre?irH-nts of
t.he two branches and the Mayor,
Councllman W. U Whlte'a resolutlon
.ralllne for an. nmer>iiment to the bill
hy which tho clvll rhacrhtrate for itlch?
mond shall be elected hy Councll. ln
the event thnt tho oftlec- ls created,
wns not introduced. He could not get
the unanimous const-nt of tho hodv to
present lt.
Soclety of Tfl''' l'lii?-- M?thodlat Cluirch
IlnhlH Meetlnct,
The Home >flsslon Soclety of Park
Place M. E. Church held a very en
th.uslatstlc meetlng 011 Tuesrtnv. wlth a
large attendance. Commlttees wero
nppo'nted and nlans were formulated
for greater worh for thfl ntsw yenr.
Under th* ausplcps of thls socl<*tv lartre
sums of monev have- h?en raiseri tor the
repalrs on the ch"i-eh. In .addlt'on to
the liheral eontrlhution" to varlous
henevolent entemripes. There is sllll
a small debt ?n the reoairs. whlch t*>r
inembc-rs n^e v<rv deslrous of removlng
at an early date.
ytorrls WaoUd 85.00n fnr Ilaving Been Call-.-d
a Crook.
After belne out thl>-ty mlnutes the Jury ln
tha Uw and Equliy Court yesi?'-<i<vv return?
ed a verdlct for one cent tn tho milt of
Tboraae H. Morrlt mralr.et TT. nifton TharK
*.- for all?(r*d liftMnnt'on of character. The
plalntlff aued for H.orto.
Ir his complalnt MnrrU alltice.d thnt on
hl? return from tlie .Tamantown tivrnnairuin
ln AumiBt he found Thacker In hla ponltlua.
while he. Morrle, wsb reilurnl ln rankb. ba.
ln? than ln the emplov of th<, Pollurri-Mor
rh Comnany dnc.'i Subn=qu<miiy l,e charire 1
the rttftndant e?lkd him u crnok. Hc ijult
the company, tbe tult helnu ihe reeult.
Mrs. Crl<(hlnn'? V..?lute UH5.000.
,J?bn C. and Moseg K. Crleh'.on qualMcJ
in the Chancery Court yostorriay ui ndmlnlp.
tratore of the ritate of Mra. Marjarei
Crlshton. tha value of the cstaie belnif 185,.
000, Mr?. Crlcbton conrtuctefl u wliolentil;
and reuil millinery establlthment on broac
Bank President Dead
Mr. Samuel G. Falrbank, president
of thc Capltol Savings Bank and
.senlor member of the feed and flour
flrm. S. G. Falrbank _ Co., dled shortly
before noon yesterday at hls home,
No., 707 West Grace Street.
Mr. FaJrbank was about seventy I
years of age and had long been one of]
the most successful business men ol'i
Rlchmond. For a number of years
he was one of tho proprletors of the
Gallego Mllls. Ho leaves hls -wldow
anel three sons?Messrs. John J., Gray
aon and Amlrcw Falrbank.
The funeral wlll take place at 3:30
thls aftornoon from All Salnts' Church.
Interment will be made ln Hollywood.
The followlng gentk-men wlll act as
pallbearers: Actlvt?Messrs. Robert M.
Kent, Jr., D. S. Harwood, N. L Massey.
George W. Rady, E. B. McGeorge, W.
K. Mathews, C. D. Hardenburg and
Dr. Whltfleld.
Honorary?Messre. T. H. Ellett, A.
Bargamln, C. D- Laxus. T. JiL Culling
worth, F. D. Beveridge, S. T. Bevesrldge,
H. Swineford, T. J. Todd, J. R. Cary.
a_. VF. Poe, J. L. Willlams and Dr. C.
A. Blanton
Proposition Will Probably Arouse
Much Discussion in Acca
Temple To-Night.
An Important meeting of Acca Tem?
ple, Notales of thu Mystlc Shrine, wlll
be held to-nlght at S o'clock at the
Masonlc Temple. The recently-elected
potcntate. Mr, Thos. W. McCaw. wlll
preslde, Many matters of great Inter?
est. wlll come before the shrlno. tnoin-l
ing a communlcatlon from the Arab
Patrol looking to perfectlng this val?
uable body. Norfolk Nobles wlll be
here in force to ask Acca Teniple's ln
ciorsatlon foi- a f-hrlno ln that city. Thls
proposition will piobably arouse a
great deal of discussion. Thc- tiuestlon
of better facilltles and a new placs
of meeclng for the shrine will bo
brought up at thls meeting. Noble Mc
Caw goes in at thla meeting as Acca
potentate tor the year 1S0S. He was
one of the founders at Acca.
ItuMneM to Be Conduoted as. at Prewrnt CntU
Kverett Wudetesy, Ji? I? <,' Ako.
ln the wlll of Mr. Evereu Waddey. nied
for probaie ln tho Chanceiy Court yesterday
pri'vtaloa ia made that tha buslnesa of th?
i.verett Waddey Company shall be contit;
-tsd If thut can bo done without. loss. urtil
hli. son Evereu Waddey, Jr.. la twumy-onv
ye-trB of age- If elther Evereit or Albcit
Waddey le unwilllni? to glve hla personal at.
ti-ntlon to the estuhllshment ut tliat tlme Mr
Wuddey dlrects tliat tht bunlnesa shull 1m
The estato of Mr. Waddey it valued ut
Anuuul S*rvlci).
Thc b<)dond annual servlce ot the Bi'otlur.
heiori ol _t. Paul wlll be held on Suturduy
afternoon nt 1 o'clock lu .Monumentui
| Church. The Rev. J. XV. Morrls wlll eomlud
tlv- servlce-;. und all boys and uareius of
l tuya wc corcliuiiy mvJted to ^o present.
Has No Idea of Court Procccd
ings ln Matter of Making
Up the Budget.
"Tbe puhlJsllcd ntiitcinent lluil I 111119
ciill ou (lie court* In ntop ivlmt ln
(ernied n vIotuHoii of llie luw ln mnk
Ing up tlie budget ls nliMiltiloly un
triic," said Mayor McCarthy yesterday.
"Thore ia not a word of truth ln It.
When ordlnances como to mo to bo
slgned It ls my duty tu do so, unless 1
flnd Home glarlng mlstnke. Nohody
haa asked me nbnut the budgot mattor.
and thls attempt to Involve 1110 lu talk
of littgatlon Is absolutely rlcllculous,"
Members of tho Ftnance Commlttee,
at loggerheads, so to speak, wlth the
Mayor. exprcssed slmllar oplnlons. "I
don't soe how these foolish newspaper
storles are hatched," said one of thom
last nlght "A little Investlgation. or
n word with the Mayor or tlie Flnanco
Commlttee, would satlsfy the wrlter
that he was talklnk llko a rag baby."
DlNcrlitiiiintlon Cbiirgcd.
The budget for 100S wlll not be mado
up by the Flnance Commlttee until the
lotter part of Februnry. Last year the
total was $2,337,680.0i;. and thls year lt
wlll run about tho same. In 1907 Coun?
cll made special approprlatlons aggro
gntlng- $300,000, not all of whlch sum
was expended, however.
It was announced yesterday that an
ordinance wlll be Introduced In Coun?
cll requiring that each and every ward
shall l.?ve representatlon on the
Flnance Commlttee, whlch slts on the
monoy lld. Marshall Ward Is wlthout
representatlon. and othors have more
than thelr share. There are threo
rr.ombers from Lee, two from Monroe,
two from Madison, nnd so on. This
condltlon has naturally led to the
charge that thero is dlscrlmlnaUori
against certaln wards in the matter of
approprlatlons. Ahlorman ' Bllett, who
, wantod the rules changed so thnt a
member of the commlttee would bo
ineligible for membershlp on others,
declared that thls arrangement would
save tho clty $100,000 annualiy.
Crutclilleld Pn*He* O-i Knotty Question
As to Ddardlns-IIoiiNcs.
Many thlngs rnn Justlce John
Crutchfield do, and the powers us
surhed by his court arouse tho envy
of all those portly judges who slt lii
moro ample chambers above hlm
"How elenn sliould a boardlng-house.
be kept?" This was tho knottv propo?
sltlon presented to the court yesterday
morning. and there were wltnes?es
both to the flltli and to the cloanllness
of the place ln i|iiestion. U'ith the wis
dom of a Soloman, the judge deefdod
that those who llve in the lordly apart
nlents afforded by a 50-cent lodglng
should not be consldered proper jtidgeK
as to tho extent of cleanllness to be
required at a 25-cent house. The good
landlndy was dismissed on the charge of
keeping a flltliy house. btit as she had
not proved It clean beyOnd a reason
able doubt, the justlce direct^d tliat
she begln her spring overhauling at
once. Last night the guests at this
hostelry ate supper in a fog of dust. '
and slopt In the swoet smell of soap
Comnilttces to DIscuk* Plnna tor His
Conventlon Here.
A meeting of members of the South?
ern Supply and Machlnorv Dealers' As?
sociation. thei Natlonal Supply and Ma
chinery Dealcrs' Association and the
Amerlcan Supply and Machinery Man
ut'acturers' Association wltl bc held at
the .lefforson Hotel. In thls cltv, to
morrow. to arrange a progrnm for the
jolnt conventlon of the associations to
bd held hero May 13th. 14th and 15th.
Thos.e renresentlng the associatlonsi
are as follows:
Soutliern?Mr. Levln Joynes, of the
Southern Raiiwav Suon.lv Compnnv,
clty; Mr. Hunter Frlschkorn, city: Mr.
J. C. Mlller, tlrst vice-president. Hutu
ington. XV, Va.; Mr. Alvln M. Smith.
secTf-tary-treneurer, RIchmond. Va.
Kntlon-1?Mr. Oeo. Puchtn. president.
Cinclnnntl. O.: Mr. A. T. Anderson. see
retary-treasurer, Cleveland, O.
Amcrlcnu?Mr. M. XV. Mlx, president,
Mlsbawaka, Tnd.; Mr. F. T>. Mltchell,
secretary-trcasurer. New York.
Must Settlc Vo*t Doi'acc anil Protcct j
Mnlns ln Future.
President Peters, of the Common |
Councll, yesterday appolnted a special j
commlttee. consistlng of Messrs. Mor?
gan R. Mllls, Davld Meade Whlte and
E. A. Barber. to confor wlth a slmllar 1
commlttee from the Board of Aldermen
in the matter of the settlement of the j
question of electrolytlc damage bc-1
tween the clty and the Passenger nnd
Power Company, and to see that the
ratl-bonding system ls perfected.
Messrs. Mllls, White and Barber took
the mlnorlty slde in the recent oontro
versy, and Insisted upon the passage
of the double overhead trolley law.
President Turpin's appolntments. have
not been announced.
Man Is
to his century" says Sir
James Crichton-Browne, the
British scientist.
The foundation of long life
begins in the child?-proper
feeding and the early culti
vation of a normal appetite
brain and nervous system?
controllers of all the organs?
" There's a Reason "
1 Uc-au "xh? ttona to, weUvllie" in pkes
Olinnilter of Connitr-roc ?o DIno-h-h Mnt
<cr nt Mr-i-HiiK To-"N'lglit.
Under tho tmspli-ea* of the Ctiambor
of Commerce thero wlll bo hold nt S:3ft
o'clock to-tilght a public meatlng, nt
whlch the pruposeil ennnges ln tho city
charter wlll be ellscUased by spc-ikers
who Imvo studloil tho aubject, antl who
wlll express dlffe-rtnt vlews on tho
fjucstlon of creutlng n muniolpal Board
cf Control. Tho Kcnsrul impresslou
fonms to'bo thnt tbe City Council wlll
vote ngaltist the plan, although tho
ttteiBt serlous oppositlon to lt comes
from those menibei's who havo glven It
I'i"actlcally no study.
.Iiidge XV, xv. Old. of Norfolk. whose
ranilllnrlty wlth the work of tho board
ln tliut city w.lll ninke hls ispeech espe
cally Intni-ostlng, wlll polnt out the
K"od featuror- of tho ??roposltlbh, Mnvor
McCarthy, City Attorney Pollard, Coun?
cilman Hunsiion Cnry, President Tur
I'ln. of the Board of Atdermen, nnd
olhors, wlll speak. lt Is tho deslre of
the chamber to havo both sldes pre?
sented befqro votlng to npprove the
pollcy of the amendment--. Mr Turpln,
l'crhaps the ablest roenibor of Council,
la not ln sympnthy wlth tho move
mont, anel hls address wlll be valuable
ln glvlng the chamber a few polnts on
the other slde.
With the usual delay and the fill
busterlng tactlcs in Council. lt Is pos?
sible -that lt wlll not vote upon the
charter ehanges ln time to have tho
blll offered in the Leglslature. Thls is
merely one of, tht efforts to defeat log
Istntlon, lt being the deslre of many
members to have the matter defcrrcd
for two years.
Small OiTcndcrs Appear ln Pollce
Al. ,c.0"rt ""d Are Punlabeil.
All kinds of ordlnance violatlons
made up the docket In the Pollce
_?i .?,yeste,,'<lav niornlng. Allen Clarke
out a llght and pald $1.
A. B. Crane allowed hls mule to In
juro a young tre<* on tho sldewnlk and
was flned $10. one-half of whlch was
later remltted.
. Cornellus Johnson, colored. trled to
soe how fast he could drive througli
the streets, anel It cost him $10.
Then there were drunks?plaln
eirunks nnd drunks wlth disorderly at
Also appeared the partlclpants ln one
negro street fight. Several cases wero
A number of real cstate agents dldn't
connect houses wlth the city sowers.
They promlsed to do so.
Georg- pfufc who Is wanted In Ohio,
was ordered held untll February lst.
Wllllam Barrett, allas George Kldd,
arretted as ti suspicloUs character, was
also held pendlng developments.
Sammy Crane, a dlmlnutlve colored
youth. went Into the backyard of Ro
salle Johnson and stoie r toy wagon.
the property ot WHIle Johnson. He
was sent to the negro reformatory
for threo years. !
Actlug Superintendent ExpInloH Work
ut lu tn on*, VIrglntu Sehnol.
Attorney-Gener.-il Wllllam A. Ander
son presided over an enthusiastli* meet.
Ing of the alumni of the Virginia Mll?
ltary Institute In the Chamber of Com?
merce yesterday afternoon. The act- \
Ing super.ntcndent of tho Institute,
Colonel E. W. Nlchols. mado the prlncl
pal address. reviewlng tho hletory of
the school elnce the war. By the end
of this year, sald Colonel Nlchols, the
institute, as a result of its pollcy of i
stringtnt economy, wlll bo entirely free
from the debt causeel by the erectlon
of new oulldings, made necessnry by
tiie burning of the old barracks by
General Hunter ln 1S6I. Colonel Nlch?
ols ls endeavoring to ralse a special
fund of $50,000 "and ?n annual endow
meni fund of $'0,000 for the school.
For the purpose of brganlzlng a
Richmond chapter of the alumni, tho
followlng commlttee was appolnted:
Messrs. George Afnslio (cha.rman),
Wllllam lf. Whlte, Preston Cocke. Dr.
J. N. Upshur and General Charles J.
Anderson. .
Case Is 1'ostponril.
Georfc-e 1'fo.tt*. who la in jall ln thla city.
ct-arged wlth deserting hls wlfe In Ohio.
wns before the Pollce Court yesterday and
hls cu.se was poetponed untll February lst
to await actlon by the Governor on c-xtradl
tloii nupers. It is understood lhat Pfaff ia
tlgl-.tlng e-etradltlon on technical grrounda,
une* it is yet a questlon whether or not the
Ohio authorltles wlll flnally get hlm.
Appt-al of CoKiiiopolltan Club to Oc
llinfil in U. S. Supreme Court.
[From Our Re-rular Ciii-resiiondent. J
WASHINGTON, D. C, Januarv 22.
The case of the Cosmopolitan Club vs.
the Commonwealth of Virginia, involv
ing the constltutlonallty of the Mann
lieiuor law in Virginia. wlll probabtv
be argueel ln the Supreme Court o'f
thc- t'nlled States to-morrow. Attor
ney-General Anderson, representlng
tho State, and Randolph Hlcks, Esq..
counsel for tho appellant. are here.
Tho caso orlglnated ln Norfolk. Tho
club ls asserted to be only a drlnklnc
club, "fake club" ls tho term used in
Virglnia. Membershlp costs only 10
cents a year, and lt is sald that at
least 500 persons belorig to the so
called organlzatlon. The State's con
tentlon Is that lt ls slrnply an evaslon
of the law agalnst the Sunday sale of
llquor, and the State courts sustalned
thls vlew. It was under such dccision i
that the llcense of the club was re-1
voked. and the c*ub closed. as provlded
by the Mann law.
Counael for the club contends that
the provlslon' of the Virginia llquor
low permlttlng tho cloaure of a club
under such a state of facts ls uncon
Measure Rcporte*<1 nnd Wlll Be Called
Un Iw Houiie To-Dny..
WASHINGTON. January 22.?Chalr
mari Tawnoy, . of the Commlttee nn
Approprlatlons, to-day , reported the
urgency defielency blll, and gave, no?
tlce |n the House that ,he would call
it up for conslderatlon to-morrow.
One naragraph of the blll prov'des that
all expensos that may bo incurred ln
tho approachlng trlal of the Hyde,
Olinonei. Benson and Schnelde.-r Paclflc
coast l.ind cases shall be pald wholly
by tho Unlted States. Thls will amount
to approximateVy $00,000. Thc blll car
rles u total appropratlon of ,121,171,450.
Iillcwooil?Skutlmr Rlnk nnd WUil
Auluml Sliovf".
Henry W. Savage's production of "A
Tankeo Tourlst" will be glven at the
Academy of Muslc to-morrow foi* one
performance. w.th Raymond Hltchcock
aa tho star. Mr. Savagehas selected
a east and a chorus wltli a vlew to
maklng "a Yankee, Tourlst "the most
entertalulng of all oojnedles. TUe
book ls the work of?Biohard Hardmg
Davla. the lyrics are by \VaUace Irwla.
and tho muslo la by Alfred Robya.
Tho piece haa been eipeatoUy written
for Mr. Hltchoock,* anfl-the, role of the
Slobe-trotUng - New Yorker flts h.m
Uke a glove. The Play haB been run?
nlng tor months .ln New York City and
dunne that tlmo -_"oIie^tll??.r->corda ot
the Astor Theatre for1 recelpts.
Chauncoy Olcott, who will appear at
the, Academy on Monday ^and Tuesday
wll) prcMont hia Ifttest play, 'ONelll
of Di'i-ry" whlch waa espocklly wrlt
tesn fii'himby Theodore Burt Sayro.
Durlng lt,'"actlon . he ?wlll slug ^our
new Sbnisl composed for thls produc
tion. Tho seat sale op??an, ^'j18;^??.?
Charlos E. Bluney'B.''Young Buffi o.
Kiig of tho Wlld Woft." comes to the
Bljoii next week. M?". Blaney has taken
i tho Bimpiest sort of a love stovy. as
.tllO bUcIS Of lll8 P^y* / J
New Commander of Virginia Di
vision, Sons of Veterans, Is
sues First General Order.
I W.. O. Prltcherd, commander. of /tho
I Virginia Dlvlslon, Un'ted Sons of Cori
|federnto Veterans, who was elected nt
I tho meeting of the Orand Camp ln
Norfolk In October, lssued his flrst
general order yesterday, nasumlng
command as' from January lst,- and
ostabllshlng hla headquartcrs ln Nor?
folk, Commanders are roquosted to
report at once tho names of the oflicors
of thelr respectlve enmps, and also tho
number of members ln good standlng.
I The hcarty co-operatlon of all Ihe dl?
vlsloti commanders ls requested In an
ondeavor to promoto the harmonlous
and effectlve organlzation of tho dlvl?
CommhtecN Annied.
The followlng commlttees nro nnrned:
HUdiry Commlttee?Rev. Tt. W. Barn
well, Petersburg, Vn,; R, Orny Wil?
llams, Wlnchester, Va.: Robert 0, Lee,
Fnlrfax, Va.; R. XV, Poatross, Norfolk,
Vn.; Judge N. H. Halrston, Roanoko,
Va.; E. Lee Trlnkle. Wytlieville. Va,
On Co-operntlon wlth tlu- Vcternn*?
E. Leslle Spence, Richmond, Vn.; T. W.
Mlller, Roanoke. Vn.: Wllllam Henry
Mann, Petersburg, Va.; R. C. Black
ford, Lynchburg, Va.; C. M. Randolph,
Norfolk, Va.
Good or the Dlvlslon? James P.
Banks, Peternburg, Va.; W. W, Old,
Jr., Norfolk. Va.; John B. Llghtfoot,
Jr.. RIchmond, Va.: "A. S. Crawford,
Roanoke. Va.; C. Aylett Ashby, New
jport News, Va.
; TtesoluilouK?Robert A. Martln, Jr..
! Petersburg, Va.: E. B. Thomason, RIch?
mond. Va.; George B. Gregory, Nor
? folk, Va.; J. Paul Woodhouse. Prlncesa
j Anne, Va.; Frank L. Crocker, Pdrts
I mouth. Va.
Womnu'a Mentorlalit?J. Stowar.t
Bryan. chalrman, RIchmond, Va.;
T. F, Parsons, Petersburg; .!.
Garnett Klng, Freder'cksburg: Eu
gene Glovor. Berryviile: .Garland P.
I Peed. Norfolk: W. C. L.' Tallaferro,
'Hampton; C. F. Dcane, Nottoway; Paul
j W. Garrett, Leesburg; Rudolph Bum
1 gardner, Staunton; H. T. Tallaferro,
Hot Springs; A. M. Orgain, Jr., Dln
widdlo; S. J. Farrar, Amella; W. XV.
Mlller, Newport News; S. Pedrlck,
Portsmouth: J. M. Kelly, Wythevllle;
Louls A. Hardy, Tlnkllng; W. XV. Har
gra've, Surry: J. P. Harvey, Blacks?
burg: L S. Walker, Woodatock; E. W.
Peters, Lynchburg: J. Brlscoe Mundy,
Ktony Polnt; Beverly R. Harrlson, Am
herst; John S. Draper, Pulaskl; AL P.
Farrler, Pearisburg; F. L. Birdsong.
Sussex: N. P. Tataum, Berkley: John II.
Puckett. Ivanhoe; J. P. Woodhouse,
Prlncess Annt: P. V. Cogblll, Chester?
fleld: F. T. AmlsB, Luray; & R. Brame,
Floyd; W. C. Hurt, Danvllle; S. W.
Tomklns, Hlllsvlllc: George V. Cani
cron. Loulsa: 3. S. Roblnson, Klng
Wllllam; Clarence Valden, Mancheste.r;
R. T. Mosby Montague, Chrlstinnsburs;
R. E. Woolwina, Stuart: R. E. Harrail,
Manassas; A. S Crawford, Roanoke:
Paul Pettlt. pa / yra; John S. Parsons,
Accomac Courthouse.
.tlemhera of Staff.
Commander Prltcliard announccs the
appolntment of the Tollowlng as mem?
bers of his otllcla] staff:
James F. Tatom, dlvlslon adjutant
and chlef of staff. Norfolk (Berkley).
Va.; W. H. Hurkamp, dlvlslon quarter
mastor,. Frederlcksburg, Va.: Samuel
D. Rogers, dlvlslon Inspeetor. Peters?
burg, Va.;'Rev. R. XV. Barnwell, dl
vlalon lilstorlap, Petersburg, Va.; Dr.
C. Merwln Branch, divlsion surgeon.
Roanoke, Va.; Charles T. Edwards, dl?
vlslon commlssary, Stony Polnt, Va.;
Allen D. Jones, dlvlslon judge advocate,
Newport Nows, Va.; Rev. C. E. Wood
son, dlvlslon chaplaln, Norfolk, Va.;
John H. Day, Jr., asslstant dlvlslon
adjutant, Norfolk, Va.; Dr. James A.
Grlce, asslstant dlvlslon surgeon, Ports?
mouth. Va.: B. B. Morgan, asslstant
dlvlslon commlssary, Richmond, Va.;
Don P. Halsey, asslstant dlvlslon Judge
advocate, Lynchburg, Va.; Rev. C. S.
LIngamfelter, asslstant dlvlslon chap?
laln, Norfolk (Berkley). Va,
Asslstant dlvlslon inspectors are ap?
polnted as follows:
O. ? G. Harrls, Frederlcksburg, Va :
Wllllam F. Spotswood, Norfolk, Va.;
Dr. Wllllam Pllcher, Petersburg, Va.;
R. S. Rlves, RIchmond, Va.; Clarenco
Valden, Manchester, Va.; W. C. 'Hurt,
Danvllle, Va.; E. W. Peters, Lynchburg,
Va.: Dr. E. V. Potter, Roanoke. Va.;
E, B. Glover, Berryviile, Va.; Clarenco
Trlnkle. Wythevllle, Va.; H. T. Talla?
ferro, Hot Springs, Va.; B. R, Harrlson.
Amherst, Va.: E. B. Whito, Leesburg,
Va.; George T. Munford, Stuart, Va.;
W. C. Hatcher, ChrisUansburg, Va.:
George B. Townsend, Petersburg. Va.;
W. W. Graves, Norfolk (Berkley), Va.
Trunk at. Tollce Statlon.
A large trunk, Ued wlth a rtpe, ts at thft
Second Pollco Statlon awaitlng a clalmant,
and somewhero ln town thoro la an angrj
woman awaltlng a trunk. Peter Sully (col?
ored) drives a wagon, and undertook to do
llvor the trunk. There waa no house at
tht numbor given to hlm. and after drlvlng
armnd for an hour or two Peter declded to
deliver the trunk to & policeman.
$3.50 SHOES S&
I make and sell more men's
$3.50 shoea than any other
manufacturer in the world.
lf I could take yoa into my large fnoto
ries at Brockton, Mass., and show you
how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes are
made, you would then underitand why
they hold their shape, fit better, and
wear longer than any other $3.50 shoes.
W.L.Ooualn, Boj/m Sha*m $1.75**2
CAHTinhl w-h.T"?'sl??n?me and prlc?Hil?iiiP?d
0?talo? ftet, \r. L. uouui,Ad. Urockton, Mass,
W. L. Douglas Shoe Store
623 E. Broad St.. RiGHMONQi
fSninll Flre on Knit .Mnln Street and Another
In Wc?t Kntl.
Flro, caused by the cxploalon: of an oll
slcve ln ? tho aecond Hoor of No, 1683 Casl
Maln Streot, dld domnge to the nxtent ot
*7,'< last nlght slinrtly bofore 8 o'clock. Tho
buildlng ls occupied by Arcber Partcll aa a
cot.fectlonory store, wltli rooms above rentod
out. No one wns In ? tho room nt tlio tlme
of. the cr.ploslon. A uot of hodroom furnl?
ture, n lnindsnme dnigfjet, nnd tlie wall
unper wero dnmiigi<> by nro and nmotie.
An aliirm of nru was rung In about 1
ocloek ln the nfternooii frnm Washlngtoil
arirt Cary Streets, where a chlmuoy was on
Ilro., No clnmrigi; resulted,
Chl'.f Shaw nicBlvod yesterday a check for
Jloo from Dr. l=t. a. Crouch. Dr, Croucb's
property hns not boen cndnnsareil by nny
rectnt tlre. but the check wns sent In ns nn
expiesslon of apprcolallon of tho work nf
tlu. depiirtfnent. nnd wlll bc a weicome ad?
ditlon to.tho funds Invested by thu Fro
mctt's Itcllor Assonlntlon.
Mnn mjnred by Kvplimlnti of Knllrnad Tor
pertu?Chlldren Hurt.
Tho city ambulanco ln chnrge of Pr
Hi'ichman wns kept on tho go yesterdnv,
innklng u half dozen or more trlps to all
parts of Lbri e.lty..
C. T. Culburson, a rnllrond workcr flt the
Bn wn Slr<:et crusslng uf tlio Seaboard Mr
Line, was Injured by tbe exploslon ot a rnll
icad torpedo, A portlon o( tbe torpede
lodgeO In his nnkle, making an ugly wound.
Hr. was treated and tukon hoinoj
Erncst E'eamon, a workc-r ln a hroom fac?
tory nt Nn. 14IG Bast Franklln Street,
caught a llnger lu n machlne and had to
bnvo it ainpiitatt-d. Hu wns takon later to
lila home, No. 1002 Balnbrldge Street, Man?
I.olla Quarle*. a colored isrvant at No.
800 West CJraCa Street, wns ruttlng wood
durlng tlio iifterno?n and almost chopped
her thumb off. It was ee-wod back In place.
Edward Onrden. an elght-year-old whlte
hoy, of No. 413 South Plne Street, waa play
Ing on n hlltsldr, ncur his home when his
v-rlst wns badiy cut on a piece of brolien
glass. Tbe wound Is serlous.
Another gUss-cuttlng case came from No.
250t B?jt Krond. where Orlnn* llenson, a
flve-year-old whlte chlld. ulmost cut <.(T his
Irdex flngcr on a brokftri bottl*
,H.N^v,s.tf.'0US ,re-,ul?" are looked for from
tho chapter of accldents.
Offlcera aud Dlrcctnr* Rlcctcil and He.
Iiorts Jlcceiveil.
At the nnnunl meetlng of the Joffer
aon Club, hold on Tuesday nlght nt
Alurplty s Annex. the foilowing oftl'ecrs
wero elected for tho cnsulng term:
President, Roscoe C. Nelson; Vleo
President, Leon WaUorntoln:-Secretary
(re-elccted), Isaac Held; Treasurer.
Moses May; Board of Govr-rnors?Jos
*plU \v"><er.*teln. Ud. Whltlock, Leroy
8. Cohen, Ralph J. Levy, Louls N'aoh
man, R. A. Blnsv/nnger. Barnev Bow
ma,"', '', "' Kullfraan, Myer Klrsh and
Ralph Levy. Trustees?Israel Stern.
Henry FlOHonhelmer and Phlllp Whlt?
lock. Library Commlttee?Henry S.
Hutzler, H. S. Blnswanger and Mllton
J. Straus. Manager, Goodman Davls.
The reports of the olllcers wero sub?
mltted and the condltlon of tho club
was shown to be most satlsfactory.
Resolutions of thnnks and appreclatlon
were offered to the retlring president.
Mr. Joseph L. Levy. and to Mr. Sol. L.
1 Bloomberc. tho retlring treasurer.
Said Thnt Posltlon Hu* lleen Olfercd
to Dr. Frank Glenti.
Dr. Frank Olenn. of Cllfton Forge, Is
spoken of as tho probahle successor to
Dr. XV. A, Strole,. on the Ambulance
Corps. It was ntuted laat nlirht that
n telegram had been fent to Dr. Glenn
offerlng hlm the pojition. In the evont
i that ho doea not aceept, Dr. Voung,
i now flntshlng his fourth j-ear ln the
i Unlverslty Colleero or Medlcine. wlll
most llkely be selected.
Other Clmrjre* Dlamlsatd.
In view of the action of the Hust
Ings Court a few dayg ago ln sentenc
Ing Wllllam KnelRch to work on the
roads for two years, three other charK?-s
against hlm wero dtsmlssed ln th-S
Poiice Court yesterday. Knelsch waa
accused of steallng J5 from XV. E. Ha
zelgrrove and of obtalnlng money under
false pretensea from other persons.
To DIm-11-.s Tiibercnlosl*.
The Church Hllt Medlca) Soclety wlll hold
Its regular meetlng to-nlght In the resldenc*.
of Dr. W. II. Parker, No. 2215 East BroaC
Stieet. Dr. Parker wlll read a paper jn
?T.eports of Some Apparent Cures of Tuber
Anotber Coculuc Vendor,
Rlchard Bookcr, colored, was arrest
ed yesterday afternoon by Blcycle 001
cer Bryant on the chargo of selllng
cocalne. The negro ls reported to
have had a conslde-rable quuntlty of
the drug ln hla pocket when searched
at the First Pollce Statlon.
T. P. A. Mcet? To-Nlgbt,
Post A. T. P. A., wlll hold a regular moet
ir.t: at lta rooms No. 301 Eaat Muln Street
Armistead Wins After Long
Fight Over Position. of Second
After a lively meeting, which con?
tlnued almost uptll mldnlght, Oom
papy C. Rlchmond Llght Infantry
Blues, succoeded flnaiiy-ln electlng of?
flcors to flll tho -vacancies causeej by
tho deaih pf Flrst Lleutenant Robert
Le Masurier, and tiie reslgnatlon of
Second Lleutenant Sldney A. Lough
Flrst Sergeant G---rgo n. Sklpwlth
was ohoseu on the flr_t ballot as flrst
lleutenant amld great applausei The
next offlce. howe ?^r, was by no meatis
so easlly fllled, and for some tlme lt
soemed as though the deadlock be.
tween Messrs. John Armistead, Jamos
McGraw, Jr., and John A. Cut'ehlhs, was
unbreakable. ? Ballot after ballot was'
east, and. friend ly "polltleating" held
hlgh sway. Thlrteen tlmes tho voto
was taken with no result. It was
flnally dectdewi to settlo tho niattor by
holdlng a caucus. and Armistead wi*.s
chosen. Tho succossful candldate holda
tho oftice of adjuta-t of the battal
lon wlth tho rnnk *>*? tlrat lletitenitiit.
but wlll probably accept the offlce'to
which he was elected last ? uteftt, W
tnougli - lt lowers ? hls ranU. <
Mayor. Signs Certified Check
Ordlnance and Judge Witt Fixes
Time for Filing Applicationsl
? Mayor McCarthy yoeterday slgned
tho ordlnance whloh rcqulrea all dp
pllcanls for llquor llcenao-s to fjio. a
cortlfled chock.for 1600 wlth the ap?
pllcation. The object of thls law.'lt
was explalned, Is to prevent speouln
tlon. Later ln thfi day Judge Wltt.'ot
tho Hustings Court. announced that a!1
per/ons who eleslro licenses must
hnre thelr nppllcatlons In by January
25Mi. Aftor thnt dato they will not
Ii* conslderod.
Thn sperlal commlttr-e from the*
Boord of pollce Commlnsloners ap?
polnted to go over the llsta wlth
Judge Wltt has not sent ln Its re?
port. It was snld yeaterday that th<*
recorels wlll show that moro than 300
pei-Hona wlll ask for a saloon prlvllego.
Only 150 can be accommodated.
Though the tax haa been Increased
troni $250 to $600, It wlll mako no
mnterlnl chango ln the rovenue, the
total Increase amountlng to less than
Some rather Intereatlng goeilp .la
aflont around the City Hall about tha
deslre of two lawyers to holp them
soIvcb flnanctally by offerlng to aa
ciise .licenses for a conslderatlo'n,
Should thls matter be brought offl
clally to the attention of Judge Wltt
tho results mlght be seneattonal. Otji*
saloon-kecper I* quoted as saylng that
hc would not stand for stjch a "br_c_
game." that lawyers could be of na
beneflt to him 'n the Hustlnga Court,
and that they could not glve the Po?
llce Commlttee n successful rawle
Bcliuol fltTle-tiiU I'rrparlDC Paperti for M_J"
The Stnte Board of School Dxamlnari "waa
In aewlon at the Capltol yaiterday, and wlll
be here for c,ov?rul duya preparln* the pap?r?
for tho May exiimlnatloti for thote wbo con*
UnM'latc tenclilnc ln tha public echoola ut
th- next i?rslon. A full attendance ll pr-ei.
cut aa follows: Messrs. Jenklne, of N>.w.
port New-B (chalrman); Ruseell. of Fartn
vlllai Maphla. of Chsrlotteivllla; Thomaa. of
l.:-r rlibuic. and 11-j.rt. of Roanoke.
The aesslons of the board aro belnc h?ld
at tbe rooms of th? Department of Kduca
tJon, and all the examlnori are atopplnr "???
Murphy's Hotel.
Con-mlnMon Iteara Ilarrtaonburg People _Bd
Reservea Meclilon.
The Fr-itr Corporatlon Comrnlaslon epent
j srme tlme yesterday taklng tesdmony con
? ri-ir.ini,- an appllcation for a. cew rallroa!
j sutlon at Ilarrleonbur*;. Four cltisenc, all
[ of whom empbuelzed the need of Improvyd
ftcllltlei., npp*arod?Meur*. O. B. Roller. J.
I- Avla. j. wilton and J. M. Snall. Tho
commlsslon took the caae under advljemont,
rrnc* will rendtr a deolsloa later on.
Barber Appeal Goea Over.
Tho appeal caae of H. R. Barber -**.-is
cAlied In the HuitUrjurs Court yest-jr
day. but was contlntitd untll January
i 25th. Barber was senteticed to Jall ft>r
! four months by Justlce- Crutchneld on
i a charge of ombc-Bzlement. Three otlier
'warrants are prndlng agalnst hlm ln
tho Pollce Court. when the caae wa:
yesterduy contlnued to February l*t
pendlng the decision. of the hlghor
court on thc flrst case.
Ro-beck Held.
Walter B. Roebeck. arrosted recently
by Detective Glbson on the charge ?-f
forgery. utterlng and employlng pa
trtto a paper purportlng to be an oreler
I drawn by R. T. Purvls on tho Adamn
. Graln and Provlslon Company for H5,
[ waa held until February lst ln thc Po?
llce Court yeaterday. Three other
j charges of obtalnlng money under false
j pretenses were alao contlnued.
,111 Duy Meetln-f.
An all day meeting wlll be held In
j the West End MIsalon. No. S06 West
?? Cary Street, to-day. Services wlll bo
i aa follows: IO-uO A. M.. prayer for
forolgn mlsalons nnd mlsslonary meet
Ing; 3:r.O P. M? meeting for dlvln* heal
Ing, subject, "'Heallng ln Answer to
thc- Praycr of Fatth"; & P. M-, hollness
revlval and Blble meeting. All aro
welcome at these mlsslon meetings.
In Fact Weather in January Last
Year Was Even Warrner
Than It Is Now. .
Ever slnce the ellent volce of tho
calendar. unassisted by its usual ally,
the th'ermoiaeter,- proc/u\ed the fact
last June that summor uau arr|ved, the
state of tho weather has boon more
than ever an Ipterestlng topic of con
versatlon. Summer sllpped Into au
tumn, und that ln . turn passed Into
winter,.w.'th no appreclabje chansa 1"
temperature marking "either tvenu
Oldest Inhabltants are wont to assert
with a great deal of pleasure that
such has not been the case slnce somo
years befpre the war?safely befora the
establlohment of tho Weathen Bureau.
Some. Incltned to make prophecles,
have stated that thls temperate condl?
tlon of affnirs preaages no good for the
world tn future. Optlmlstlc mortals,
however, thank thelr stars thnt they
duh't havo to make additlonl purchases
of overcouts, und let the Weather Bu?
reau take caro of tho condltlon of the
olements; its thelr buslnesK, and the
average man has to accept what comes.
Just now, however, to even the average
man lt looks ns though RIchmond wlll
get what ls coming to her ln tho way
of Ice nnd snow, and that winter wlll
probably llnger ln the lap of sprlnsr
for quitc a "spell." ? ?
Kiftiircn Tell.
However, notwithstandlng tho talk
ot the self-esteemed weather-wisa,
Uncle Sam'n ralnmakei"J smlla and pro
duce tho figures?tnoy dote ori figures??
and figures generally show that there
ls nothlng new under the sun. Tliey
are fran,k td admlt nnd eager to prove
tliat the summer just passed has beon
the coolest ln ten yeara, but only by a
few degrees/ For the flve months of
1007, Maj to September, lncluslve, tha
temperature wa's 71.7, and the nearest
to lt was the summor of 1003, when
the avoroge was 72.5. The rncan sutn
mer-temptratuve for the ten years ia
somethln?T llke 74,-so that tho dlffor
ence ls not remarkabje, from-the vjew*
polnt of figures, Aa to tho sprlngllka
twenty-odd days of thls month, many
will ho greatly surprlsed'to flnd that
they have been aevera.1 degrees oooler
than those of the same perlod of-last
year, Iri 1007 the tomporaturo for thls
perlod was as follows: Maxlmum, 50,9;
mlnlmum, -39.2, and moan, 40.0. Thls
year lt Isi-Maxlmum, 18; mlnlmum,
31.4, and mean, 39.0,
It i? true, thouKlh thnt there has
been only a trnce of snow durlng these
twenty days, a rntlier reinarkuUlo fuct.
ns precedent demanda nn iivorage of
somethlng llke lialf un Inch.
i l'reui-bes ln DsllliunrK,
,The Rev. Ueorge >I, Wlhiy, of Itlchmopfl,
U assisting'tho Rev.. j. Wynne Jones. the
psstor of Abbott Memorla-l Church, of Bs)tl?,
rocre, ln conduotina u sorles of rsvlval (ara
vlcca, wUlcb wm caatlausj-toritwo weelu. J

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