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His Act in Killing Mrs. Ada
Jones Was Crucl and
Does Not Want a Lawyer to De
fcnd Him, and ls Ready to
Take His Punishment.
ttutic cAwrnonx'.
[Spoclal to Tbe Tlmcs-Dliipatch.]
CHlclSTJA.VSBURG, VA., January 23.
?The prollmlnary trlnl of Frank Caw
thorn, for the muraer of Mrs. Ada
Jones, tho beautlful young wife of Sld
vty Jones, of Cambrln, was held ln the
* c('iirthouse here this afternoon beforo'
Justlce W. C. Flagg, who sent the ac?
cused on to the grand jury for lndict
ment, and committed hlm to Jal] wlth?
out ball, to awalt the February term
of the court,
Tho evldcnco showed one of tho most
dellberate and citrefully planned, us
well as the most cruei and atroclous
murdere. ever committed in thla sec?
tion, and nll who heard the evldence
wero puzzled to thlnk "that. one In
h 11 man form could commlt such a dee 1.
Oiwthorn went upon the .itand volun
tarily and told how he had been awuit
In'g his opportunlty to commlt the mur
der for nbout a year. and had declded to
kill her on the llth of the month
which was his twenty-tlrst birthday,
but tho opportunlty was not affordetl.
He said she was the only person he
ever loved. and he would rath'er klll
her than to see her the wife of an?
other. that he rtallzed now and bt
forehand that he was dolng wrong.
but he had no regruts, und would do
tht same thlng: agaln, Hc said he ex
ptctcd to pay tne penalty wlth his llfo.
and wanted his trlal as soon as possi
ble, so it would all bo over.
Dni'Nii-t Want Couuscl.
Tho Commonwealth's attorney asked
him lf he dld not want counsel to de
fend hlm, und ho replted that h ald
not, as attomoys could do hlm no
sood. and he had nothlng to hopo for
Several mlnlsters have called on hlm
nt the jall, ahd while. he expressoa
tipprcclatlon for thelr interest In hlm,
yet he seemed llttlo- concerned about
his condltlon. ?
Great indlgnation and thrc-ats nre
beinp expressed by Mrs. Jonos's rela?
tlves. she being-n dauprhter of Joseph
Llanken'hlp. a respectable farmer near
here. and tho sherltf ls taking pro
caution to protect th0 prlsoncr, who
has expressed but one fear. an(| that
la that ho woultl be lynchcd.
The funeral of tho dead woman wlll
luke place to-morrow. nnd she v HI be
liurled at the Blankert'hlo bjirial place.
about o:ie .mllo east of town.
I'hV Soutli Predmont Mertlcnl Soclety
PledKca Support to Stnlc Bottrtl.
r<nrc'il i.-, Tho TI-ru-s-D'simch.l
SOl'TII BOSTON. VA.. January 2'.'.
The fconth Plodmont Modlcni Soclety
convened In tho Odd-FcMows' liali at
o-.ii) o'clock yesterday afternoon, with
n number of promlnent physlclans
present. The reading and dlscusslc-h
or Daperg wero lu the following ordor-:
^ Treatment of Prostatle Hyportro
Phy. by Dr. J. Khelton Hbrsoley, In?
vlted guest. of R'ehmond. Va.: "Inclp
ieni Puhnonary Tuberoulosls?Its Dl
BgnosiK and Treatment." bv Dr. J Qar
nctt Nelson. invlted guest. of RIch?
mond (freely uiscussod); "Siiiine irri
gntlon in Dirtuse Suppurative - Perlto
nitis. Wlth Postural Ald Versiin Pos
ture Metlmds Alone," by Dr. XV. L. Uol>
ln-on, of Danvllle.
The necrologlcal commlttee reported
Cnrca Woman's Weaknesses*
W'e refer to that boon to weak, iiervoti-.;
luffcrlnR women known as Dr. Pldrco.
Fa"orlto Prescrlptlon.
Dr. .lolm Fy fo ono of tha I'-tlltoflnl Stafl
of Thb Eci.Kcricj _\1i.wcai_ IIbvikw says
of Unlcorn root tf__.on.ff-* Dtutcn) ivhlcti
Ih onn of tlio clilof ln?rcdle*-t--df the "Fa
vorlto Proscrlptlon"!
"A romcdywhlcli Invarlably acts ns auter*
lnc Inrlgorator ? ? *? makes for normal ac*
tlrlty of flio ontlro repruducilvu sy.-itom."
; llocontlnites'*lii Holonlas we hnvon metllca
* inont wlile-h moro fully nnswors tho aliovo
purpoiwa thantvn/ ulher elneo ii-...i whlch l am
: ntquntnted. In tlio trotitment of dlseases po
t r-tiliiii' to womnn lt Is aeldum ihat a enso Is
I soen whlch does not present somo Ineltcatlou
. for this remeillal aecnt." Dr. Pyfo furtlior
fiays: "Tho followluir nrc nmomr tlio loatlliitf
Iiidli-nMoiisforUelonins(Unlcornroot). Pain
or nchlinr In thc back, -nlth Icucorrhepn;
ttonlclwenklcondltloiht of the reproeluctlvo
or-rnns of ttomen, mcntjN dcprcteslon at.d Ir*
rltablllty. rJ.Micl.itcd tvltDchronlcdlse-asesof
tliorcprodiktlre o/gans of women; ctmstant
scnuaiiein 'Jt hentpn thc rcg'on of the kltl*
noyss meryr.rr.iari.-l (flooellne), due lo a wealt
ened c0115.itlun of/lhc rcproductlve system:
amcnoi/fimyjjut^ircsscd or nbscnt monthly
licrlixl!/).y<lv,<;ini:>Trom or accompanylng dn
nonof-tull condltlon Of Iho dkustive oreans
and /_j"t_mlc (ihln blood ) liablts drautrlne
sensMons lu thu c.Mieme lower part of tho
If moroor Ip**** of tne nhovn svmtitoms
be.ucr than ini.e Dr. PierctvsJ-avori'e"
? _ _ -Mflmfl
_^r""-'cri|)tiiiii. uii'."_)l"Tiio ii-aaing ingnxn
entsoi' wiiiciils Unlcorn root, or Ilolonlas,
and tho m.-dica( propcrtlcs of whlch It
most falthfully rcprcsents.
Of Goldon S""l root, another prominent
Inurodlent 0 * V'avorlte Pmscriptlim,"
Prof. Fii.icy ...iingwood. M. D? 01 Ben
nott Modleal Cbllegd, Chlcago, says:
"It Is an imporfni, remedy ln dlsi-ders of
tho womb. In nll". atarrlial conellllons '* ?
anel ircne-ral enfepblcmcnr, lt ls usoful."
Prof. John M. Kcudder, .Al. D? late of
Clnclnnati, says of Goldon Seal root:
"ln relatlon 10 Its ircnoral effects on tho
system. thrrc la no m_e.lcfii. ffl uiitlhiiilt whlclt
tnere lssuch ncncnil tifiaf.m.t'/ of opininn. It
ls univeritaUy reirardctl ?.. thn tonlu usetul lu
all debllltated states " a
Prof. R. Ilartholow, M". D.. of Jefferson
Mcdical College, snys of Goldcn Seal:
? "A'tluablo In uterlne licmorrlinore. menor
raacrla (tloodlnc) and comrestlvo dysuienor
rbera (painful .nenstruatlon)."
Dr. Pierce's Favorlie Prescrlptlon faith*
ftilly reprosents all the abovo namod lu
greatnnts und cures tho dlseasos for whlcb
thev wn rsrommended.
ho deaths of Drs. H. B. AVtlllame, of
Jladys, Va., and J. H. Abbitt,'of Appo
nattox, \ra., whose deaths occurred.
?espectively, February 19, 1007, and
vovember 1, lOOtt.
The legislatlve commlttee reported
ho followlng resoluHons, whlch wero
ictod upon:
AVhertas, the llcense tnx upon phy
lic.iuis is unjust and nn nnachronism,
Resolved, That lt Is the sense of th.s
ocicty that the la>v Imposlng sum.
hould bo ropealed.
Whcrcns, thr; Stato Board of Henlth
s thc most Important public Institu
lon, and upon Its el.Icie.ney deptnels
o a great measurc the h.alth and f
rosperity of our people,
Resolved, That we heartlly Indorso
he movement for nn Increased appro- |
rinhon for Its proper md.ntenance 1
nd support. j
Resolved, Thnt wo plodgo ouraelves, |
lellvldual.y and collectlvely, to uso all
onorable menns ln our power ln the.,
upport of theso meusures.
Resolved, 'lhat the sccrc-tury of thls1
ocltty be. and he Is hereby, Instructed I
?j send a copy of th.so resolutlons* to j
he m.mbers of the General A8-.en.bly I
rom our territory. '
The followlng new members wero ad
litted Into the socktv: Drs. V. E. I
tlff, Charlotte Courhouse; R. il. Tal.!
iferro, Lynchburp; J. A. Drako, Jr.. !
.arksville, Va.: R. U*. Marin, Jr., of
ynchburgj R. S. Talbott. of Lvnch-'
urg 1
At T:*J0 o'clock ln tlio evenlng the!
ociety reconvened. and thc program
as contlnued, as follows: ;
The selectcd subjoct for general dis- I
usslon. **Gall Stonos," by Dr. Samuel ?
.- Llle, of Lynchburg. One of the lead- |
rs in the discus lon of this paper v.-as
>r. A. T. Finch. Chase City, after whlch
ho soclety repalred to the new and
plendld Garliinil, where a most ele- '
ant banquot. served ln fourtetn !
ourse, waa tendered the members of I
lie South l'.edmont Medlcal Socletv.
The next place of meeting will" be
n Lynchburg, Tuesday, July 14th.
. ? .
nli-riititlorial Paper Coinpnuy lo Opi-r
nte AlntiK the .laine.-.
rsn-n .1 10 Thu rimes-Dispatch.]
NORFOLK. A'A.. January L'2.?The In
ernatlonal Paper Company, through a
Dtithorn tranaportatlon company,
^hlch It practlctilly owns, has bought!
fleet of four tugs. to be opcratcd '
11 the Junios and other rlvers, for the
tirpose of gatlicring wood for maklng 1
iulp. It ls dfcclnrcd that theguni'
Imber of this section and the Dlsmall
wamp is admirable for the maklng
f thu hlghest quality of wood pulp.l
'ho company hai purehased the fol
jwlng tugs: Hampton and Malvernl
II1I. from Furman Bros., of Reters-|
Urg; Anitn, from Captaln "-*. J. Llnel-j
ny, of Norfolk. and the Marlon
^ameron from Baltimore partles. Cap
tiln Isaac Toler has been put ln charge'
f tho fleot. and the operatlons of the
onipany will be cxtenslve, In movlng
arges nnd shlps.
It is expected that the companv wlll
liortly e.-st.iblisli a wood pulp inanu
acturlng plant In Norfolk or vlclnlty
or the reductlon of the gum and othen
Imbcrs to pulp and Ita slilpnient Ih
his sltupe.
A marrlage licmse was lssued ln
ho Henrlco clerk's offlce vesterdav
iiornlng to Mr. O: ear Hooker and Mlss
.athloen U. Brauer, both of the county;
Ilss Braueii" Is the daughter of Mr. antl
iv*. AValter E. Brauer. and both she
nd Jlr. liookcr are well known In
he county and ln Rlchmond.
fSp-eliil to The Tlmes-DI-Batch.]
SPOTSYLVANIA, A'A., Januarv 12.?
Ir. James DIcklnson und Miss" Sarah
:i'oaeldiis. both of Spotsylvnnia county,
,"oro mnri'led to-day nt hlgh noon.
'he marrlage was a vory qulet one.
(r. and Mis. D'oklnsOn wlll rcsldo in
polsylvnulu county.
Given Away FREE of Charge!
For a Short Time Only?One Quart of Any of the
Leading Brands Advertised Below.
To the pnrchaser of one bottle (full cmart) of
brand of Pure Rye Whiskey. called
our special
This whiskey is sold on its merits, and we want the cus
tomcrs as judges.
Price Per Bottle $1.65.
Gibson's, Canadian Club, Black Label, Royal Canadian
Club, Hermit *e, Upper Ten, Overholt, Trimble", 'Large,- Cas
cade, Guckenheiiner,. Sam Thompson, Marylandi Old Conv
Green River, Gibson's Record, Old Quaker, Butngardner
Hunter, Dillinger, Tom Moore, Paul Jones, Old Taylor Hieh
&?nv SclJenlc-v. Wilson, Pepper, Shcnvood, Monogram, Old
A. Keller's. Mellwood, Criterion, Nelson's.
Tlie Oldest and Most Reliable Mail Order House in Ihe Soulh.
1204 East
Main Street.
Who Ileeonu'., IJrlilr nf Mr.' l.uvlndcr,
Notable Wedding in Bristol At?
tended by Prominent Virginia
and Tennessee People.
rso^elal to The Tlines-Dlspntch.7
BRISTOL, VA., January 02.?In tho
presence of a throng of Invlted guests,
inclmtlng relatlves and frlends from
both Virginia and Tennessee, Mlss Katc
Haynes. tho pretty and talented dautrh
ter of Judge Ual. H. Maynes, of tho
East Tennessee chnncery dlvlslon, bo
camo the bride of Mr. Henry G. Lavln
der, Commonwealth's Attorney of Bris?
tol, at 0:30 o'clock thls ovenlng. Tho
weddlng was cc-lebrated in State Street
Methodlst Church, whlch had been
elaborately dodlcatc-d for tho occaslon.
Dr. M. P. Carico offlclated.
The nttendnnts wore Mr. D. D. Hull
best man, wlth Mlss Paullno Codv
tnald of honor; Mrs. W. R. Rogers, sls?
ter of tho bride, matron of honor; Mr I
Guy Darat, of Bristol, with Miss Mary'
Lavlnder. of Martlnsvitle. a Mster of1
ihe groom: Mr. Will Danlel. wlth Miss
Sara Kane Barker, both of Erlstol- Mr
Bruce Bushong. with Mlss Fanny
Phlpps. both of Bristol;.-.Mr. C. Robert
Willlams. of Roanoke. with Miss
Corlnne Brown. of Martlnsville: Mr. J
C. Ford. of Martlnsville, with Mlss
Eula Kendrlck. of Bristol: Mr. R. C.
Uorner, of Bristol. with Miss MnryJ
Sutton, of Ablngdon. The ushers woro'
Judge John W. Price, of tho Corpora-j
tlon Court; Mr. Joseph L. Kelly, Hon.',
H. G. Petors and Mr. Paul Dulnney. all i
of Bristol. Tho muslc was f -nlshed
by Mrs. Wllbur Sevier, sololst, wlth
MIfb Irene McDowell at the organ.
The Uridal party was given a din?
ner at the home of the brlde's parents,
on Locust Streot, on the evenlrg bo?
fore the marriage. Among tho nu
merods beautlful weddlng glfts wero a
chest of silver from tho groom's
mothor and slstors, and a cut-glass
punch-bowl, tho gift of Hon. and Mrs.
tt. G. Peters, unclo and aunt of tho
Tho couple left on tlio evening traln
for a Northern trlp of two weeks. Upon
thelr return they wlll mako Erlstol:
tholr home.
Ili-llUiint Weddlng; uf u Popular Couple.
Occurs ln Danvllle.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch ] i
DANVILLB, VA., January 22.?Mlss
Mary Jforser Gravely. daughter of Cap?
taln and Mrs. P. R. Gravely, of thls.
Mty, became the bride thls afternoon
it 3 o'clock at the Church of Eptphany
3f Mr. Erncst Clapp, clerk of the Su?
perior Court and a prominent res dent
3f Greensboro. N. C. The ceremony
was performe-d in the presenco of a
large and fashlonable gatherlng of the
friends of the popular young couple,
whlch fllled every avallablo seat. Rev.
J. Cleveland Hall. the rector, offlclated.
The church was tastefully decoraied
In palms, ferns. and evergroeus. prc
scntlng a scorie?.of verdant beauly.
Prlor to the entrance of the hrldal
oarty, Mlss Mamlo Brewor sung sweet
ly "The Message of,Hhe Rose." Tho
vestcd cholr of the church entere.l
through the m.-Mn vostl'ule, f .|| iv.-.-d
by tho ushors?Messrs. M. M. Just'ce.
Frank Peatroas, Thomas Beall und
Ulton Staplee, of Greensboro, nnd
Messrs. John T. Watson, Jr.. nnd J.
Pemlerton Penn, of this clty. Follow?
lng tho usliers came tbe damo of
honor. Mrs. George C. Cabell, of Nor?
folk, slster of the bride, attlred ln vel
low laco ovor tlaffodll yellow satln iin.J
a Purlstan hat of Rnuff brown. Sho
carrlod a bounuot of hothnusn duidos.
The bride, attlred ln an cninlrr- gown
nf.vhlte satlnj trlmmed in ohl luco and
pi'urls. enterctl on tho ann of her
hrother. Mr. James Green Gravely, nf
this clty, wlio gave hero away. Sho
earrled a ahower bouquet of llliea-of
tlro-valloy. ?
The groom, on thev arm of hia beat
man, Mr, Robert Buck, W GreotmbonJ,
nntered from the choirroom, jnining
tho bui.ifi>i party at the nltnr. Durlng
tho ceremony Mrs, N. W. Berkoley, 'ho
glltod orgarlst of the churHi, tlaved
softlv "Boiiove Mo, If All Those Kn
rtoarlng Charms." At the concluslon
if tho ceremony aha rendered tho march
frorn "Taiinhauser."
Shortlv aftor tho ceremony Mr. nnd
Mrs. Clupp wore drlven to tho South
l'm ?Ra'lwny atnt'on, where thoy d?-j ;
parted tor a honeymion to Fiorida und |
other Southorn polrtHv ,
Among tho out-of-town guests :it tbe
waddlrg wero Mlss Annle Muirins ofl
MarUnsvllle: Mlna Nnnnle G'nvely, if!i
Leatbc-rwood: Mr. Llrdsay Hopkliia of
Qrt'enabirri: Dr. und M<-s. L, M. lliim- |
nhrry, of (jreonsboro; Mr. nnd Mrs, o. ' ,
S, Forguson. Jr.,, of Greensboro! MIks;'
Lou'so Bvddibnw, of Oreennboro: Mra
Gi-orge C. Cfholl. of Norfolk- Mr. nnd
Mra. Rohort Burlt. of Gn'onshoro
M?Ksrs. M. II. Juut,Cf?. Frank IVntrosn'
Thonins Bonll arul Ulton Staples, ot
r Mi-hun?Tyreo.
f Sn?oiM to Tha Thnon-Dlsnntdi I
DANVILLR, VA., .Ii'nunrv 22.?MUa
N, A-ddlo Tvroe, eldest daughtor of Cnii.
tnln and M?, TJ. A. Tyr.e, nnd Mr .,
Clifrlos M, Mahiin, both nf ii?|K cltv i'
wero marriod to-day ut 3 n'clack nl
t'e ho,..,. of tho brloVs fn11.,-,- , "S
XV. T, Doggott, pa?tor of Shulidn iil'
morlal Church, oinel?t|n(f. m'sh Tvreo
ls a popular nnd uttnir-tlvo ynuna in.tv.
nf I'lunvlllo. wbllo Mr. Muhni. ls a wpiF
known buslno.Bs mun. Followlng um
ceremony they loft for a brldal tour
to Northern and Eastern polnts.
[Sp?clal io Tbe.Tlmea-Divpntch.]
KU.VAT1I. VA.. January 22.?A very
qu et. though pretty marrlago. was
solemnlzed nt the home of Mr. A. C.
IMlddlcton. in Mecklenburg county, Va.,
| v.hcre Mlss F. Bessle -Mlddleton and
; Mr. Ashley Rudd wero united in tho
j holy bonds of malrimony. Rev. Baacom
I Dey, of Cbaee Clty. ofllclated.
I Immeriiately after the ceremony Mr.
i and Mrs. Rudd left for the home of
j tlie groom's father (n Lunenburg'coun
I ty. where a famlly receptlon. was held
i in honor of tho newly wedded couple.
Von Stalnnker? Rennert.
fSnclal to The Tlmet-DKpatch.l
SPOTSYLVANIA. VA.. January 22.?
Mr. Carl O. Von Stalnaker, ot Prussla,
antl Miss Vtrgle May Rennert, of Wyo
ming. were married a few daj's slnce
In Kansas City. Mo.. Ihe Rev, Keellng
Omohundro, of the Lutheran Church,
ofnclatlng. Mr. Von Stalnaker is a,
nephew of Captaln H. Von Stalnaker.
of Prussla. who enllsted in tho militarv
servlce of the Confederate States lii
1861 and performed duty for nearlv
three years ln the Army of Northern
Virginia, and was taken prlsoner near
Winchester. Va., ln the summer of
.1863, and Uled In prlson'.
t ,
rspeclal to The Tli.ies-C'M^atch.]
RICE DEPOT, VA., January lt_.
M'ss Paullne Hubhnrd. daughter of Mr.
XV. IT. Hubbard, and Mr. Thomas Bruce,
a young merchant of thls place. wero
married ut the home of tho bride Mon-|
day afternoon at G o'clock. Thev left
on tho eastbound traln at 6 P. M. tor
Washlngton and other cltles.
fSnoCal to The Tlm'-B-D'anateh.l
WARSAW. VA., January 22.?Miss'
Tda Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Marshall Hall, of Stonewall Dlstrlct.
thla county, and Mr. T. D. Marks. ot
Naylor's. were married thls afternoon
by tho Rev. Mr. Klrby nt the home ot'!
the brlde's parents. i
rspeclal to The Tlmes-Dljpatcft 1
SPOTSYLVANIA. VA., January 22.?
Mr. Alexander Musselman, of Stafford
county, and Miss Ella Ballard. of
Spot'ylvanla countv. were married to
day ln Frederlcksburg. Tho Rev. Dr.
R, J. McBrydc, of tho Eniscopal Church,
colebrnted the marltal rites.
Few People Ivnnw How Uiiefiil It Ia tn
Preserviug Health and Beatity.
Coat Nothlng To Try.
Nearly overybody knows that char?
coal ls tho safest and most offlclent
OlPinfectant and purlfter ln nnture but
few reallsse Its valuo when taken into
tho human system for tho samo cleans
Ing purpose.
Charcoal is a remedv thnt the more
you tako of It the better: it Is not a
drug at all, but *lmply absorbs tho
wcci and lninurltlos niwavs present
in th? Btomn-'h nu>i lnto?<tines and car?
rler. tb"ni ont of tbe Rvstom.
Chnrcoal swoetons the breath after
smnklne:, tlrinklng or attor ontlng
on'"n? nnd Othor ndnrous vor<etnbloK.
Chnrcoal ef'ootim'ly cleava nnd !m
prnves the comoloxton, lt whltens tlu
toeth and furthor aots ni a natural and
ondnently safe cathartic.
lt nb?<nrbMv:tho Intni-ious snasos whlch
collect In tho stomach and bowels: it
(llslnforls th" mtutb and throat rrom
thn nnl'^n o* eata'-h.
All druarglfts poII chnrcoal in ono
form ov another, but probablv tho bost
oharennf nnd thr. moot for tbo monoy
Ib ln Stuarf? Charennl Loviongos: they
nre comnoted nf tho finest pnwdered'
WfUow. charcoal. otid othor bnr.,ite?R
antl-enttc* ln tnbiot form oi- rnther In
tho form of iflraro nlon?-ont tn?tlng los
r-ngpa. tho charcoal belng mlx'cd with
Tho dnlU' uso of thoso lnsson^o* wlll
soon tell tn a much Impmvori condl
tl"n of tho gonornl hoalth. better oom
ulexlon. ywocter brenth and nurer b'ood
nnd tho benutv or It la thnt no posnl
h'.e harm can rosult from thoir eon
tlnufd uso, but, on tha contrary, great
bonoflt ...
A Ruffnio physlclan. In sponking of
tho bonoflta of charcoal. says; -ir ad
vlso Stuart's Chnrcoal Lozengos to all
pntlonts suffrrlhg from gns ln stnmnch
nnd bowols, and to clear tho complox
lon and purlfly thobreath, month nnd
throat! I Q-lH? belleve tho llver ls
trreatly beneflted by the dally iise of
ihojir. they cost but twenty-flv? contK
a box at drug storos, and although )n
Rnmo aanso a patont preparatlon, yet I
heltevo I 8*\ moro and better char?
coal ln Stuart's Charcoal Lozonges than
ln nny of the ordlnary charcoal tab
?Sond y??r rtama and ndclross to-aay
ror n freo trlal luickage and seo, for
?oursolf. F- A- Sturirt Co,, 200 BUiart
Bldg., Mtii'BhaU.Mlch.
The Universal
Strengthening food for the
weakest digestion.
Nourishing food for the
strongest digestion.
Good for the babics?good
for all ages?the most nutri
tious of all the wheat foods.
Urieeda Biscuit
In moisture and
dust proof packages.
lt is the Topic of
the Town
That Preinventory Sale of Jur
gens'. Thc big Furniture Store
has hundreds of bargains in
firife Furniture and Carpets
scattered all through the seven
imrriense fioors.
Chas. G. Jurgens* Son
I-Isht ln "thc Ccntrt* of tlic Furnlture
Adams and Broad.
We cliecrfully rxtrti.l credlt to all
our customers.
Fatal Accident to Mr. Thomai
Aiken, a Wcll-Known Citi
zen of Petersburg.
[Special to Thc Tln-ies-Dispatch.]
PETERSBURG, VA., January 22.
AA'hlle loadlng hls cart wlth scrap wooi
at the Petersburg Rlm and A'eneei
Company's factory thls mornlng
Thomaa Alken, a well-known reslden
of the AVest End, was struck on tht
head by a. heavy block of wood, whlcl
fell down the wood chute, recelvlng
Injuries from whlch he dled sliortlj
after reachtiyj the Petorsburg Hospl?
tal. The skull had been badly frac
turod by the block. whlch wolghee
about clght pounds, and the wounde.
man was beyond surglcal ald. Mr
Alken waa marrled and leaves a famlly
Mayor Wllllam M. Jones has re?
celved a letter from Governor Swansoi
rei-ueetlng his ald and co-o*peratlor
in seelng that Virginia is propcrly
represontod at tho International Con?
gress on Tuberculosts, to bo held Ir
the city of Washlngton next fall, anc
that thls city bo wejl ropresented.
In general orders, No. 1. appolntlng
the staff of AV. G. Prltchard. of Nor?
folk, commander of tho A'lrglnla Divi?
sion of the Unlted Sons of Confcdcra.
Areterans, Petersburg is represented bj
the followlng appolntments: Samue] D
Rogers, division inspector; tha Rev. R
AV. Barntvell, division historlan; Dr.
Wllllam Pllcher and Georgo R. Town
send, asslstant division Inapectors: lh_
Rev. R. A\r. Barnwell. ex-ofllclo **v.?.r
man of hlstory commlttee; V ?_*-_ i
Henry Mann, membor of commltt. _ on
co-oporatlon wlth veteruns; James P.
Banks, member of commlttee on gooel
of division; Robert A. Martin, Jr.. com
mlttoo on resolutlons; T. J. Parsons,
committee on woman's.memorlal.
Royul A_-i-itnii.ii.
Sycamore Council, No. 70.., Royal Ar
canum, received an officlal vlslt last
nlght from Howard G. Avery, of Nor?
folk, grand regent of the Grand Coun?
cil. Royal Arcanum of Virglnia. The
council also had the ploasurc of a vlslt
from A. A. Llncoln, of Marlon, Va., past
grand regent and second supreme rep
rosentatlve from Virglnia. After the
sesslon a banquet was glven at tho
Chosterfleld Hotel.
The Rev. Charles B. Rlchards, pas?
tor of the Washlngton Street Chrlstlan
Church, In this city. has been elected
Boneral socretary of the recently or
Srantzed Associnted Charltles of Peters?
burg, apd will soon enter upon hls
Mrs. Florrlo Barr. of Washlngton,
xna Mrs. Jamos Warwlck, of Baltimore,
havo come to Petersburg wlth thelr
.Milldren to attend tlio goldon wedding
nf thelr parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Morrled rwl To Be Mnrrle'*-.
Mlss Llzzle Slmmon**, daughtor of Mr.
?ind Mrs. Joshua Slmmons. and Mr.
w. A. Young. a well-known young
.armer, resifllng noar this clt"', were
marrled nt 3 o'clock thls afternoon nt
tlio resldence offRev. F. AV, Moore, pas?
tor of the Second Bnptlst Church, Avho
l-erformed tho oeromony ln tho presi
once o! n large i.umbor of frlends of
tho brldnl couple.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Docker, of Carson,
Va., havo lssued Invltations to tha mar?
rlage of thelr daughter, Mlss Ina Deck
!>v. to Ml". Howard' Apger, of Mont
pell-u*. o. The weddlng wlll take place
-tr, Monday, January 27th, at the home
_f thn brldo's pjironts.
A. liackajT-. containlng a ffold .vu.t_h,
Take chances when our rxceptlona] facilities for|
tlerlng tho best poeslble servlce aro at your I
mand. Experlence. faelilty and lnflexlble ru
furnlsh tho best only has made oura the stai
establlshirent for everythlng that Is good foj
Eyes. Tho samo applles to our
Kodak Department
It ls comploto and our patrons aro dellghtcd
our artlstic Dnveloplng and Prlntlng. Prices al;
tho lov.-tji. Mall orders rccclve prompt attentlo
The S. Galeski Optical (
y.evn and
Cut Flowers,
Roses, Designs
Mann & Brown,
5 West Froad St, Ricbnoni Va.
rIfrPhcne30S2 ,'?
Orders filhii promptiy, shrppei anywbare
Blank Books
Of Every Kind,'
For All Occasions.
Wo carry a large llne ot Blank BooXb.
In iiuch variety that your every need can
bo aatlsflod?from tho tlnleit- vest pocket
memo, or dlary, to the great 1.000 pago
Our LOOSE L3AK BOOKS, lf used.
wlll rollevo you of one-thlrd of your
bookkeeping labora.
The Bell Book & Slationery Co
914 East Main Street.
and GRIPP {JJ3K2!
Relieves the aches and feveriBhnesa,
I Ccntslna No Acotanilldo
, Sash, llllnds, Doors, Mouldlngs.
Lurgo Stock. Low Prlce*.
IVOOmVABU .fc SON. Itlehmonil, Va.
was stolen from tho Southern Expres.*
Cornpany's offlce at the Norfolk aud
Western Rallroad depot yesterday, and
rocovered a fe>v hours later by Chlef
of Pollce Ragland ?nd Otfloer MudglnH,
who arrostetj a negro boy named Wll?
llam' Heriry "Dlow as he was In tho
act of pawnlng tha watch. Blow, who
was formerly^cpiployed by tho ox
press company, was sont on to tho
grand Jury frora tho . Mayor's Court
this morning.
Wlll Go to Westmoreland,
. [Spactal to Tha Tlmos-Dlspatcli.]
, AMHBKST, VA.. January 22.?Re\>. Arthllt
P Crky, roctor of the Eplacopal Churoli
here, hns condltlonally accopted a oall to u
porish Bltuaud ln Weatmoraland county, Va.
Mr. Gray has baon reotor'of tho church hora
fiir about twenty yeara, and haa made frlends
hero who regrflt. to. aea hlm leaye,.
Every house where gas ls consumed
wlll have a ohance to try Gas Expart
Oregory's brln-lTt llght governor gac
burner. The brlgbtost llght ever pro
duoed from gas. fi.CQ.per dozen, put'on
llxtures; $1 per dozen lf you put then)
on yourselves; io conts each, three'for
35 conts. Twonty good men aro to
nhow thetn lo you at your homo on
trlal. If you have a poor llght ov hlgh
bill send us word. Call und seo tlu
wlndow demon<?trntton all thls month.
803 Eaat Broad Street- ,
ri :
109 E. Broad St., Ridinwm
c >
j Plant Decorations, Choicc Rosf|
I Cut Flowers, Funeral Designs
Can Cancer Be Cul
AVo want overy man andfl j
man ln tho Unlted State ?::
know what tve are dolng-'';
are curlng Cancore. Tu:'
and Chronlc Sorei without
ubo of the knlfo or by X.
and ara endorscd by tho I
ato and Logiulature of VIr?
We Guarantee Our Ci
1618 H'eaf Maln Street
IUCHMOND. --.---. VI
Try an Advertisem<
Baltimore and Rtchnu
Christian Advo
$2.00 Per Year, in Adoar
JAMES CANNON. JB.. Eelitor. i
J. S1DNEA* PETERS. AS-toclato;
The arean of the Vlrelnla Motb]
The? leadlug rollglous woeltly Inj
Advcrtising rutos on appllcatlon.j.
1015 E. Maln Street, f
UICUMOXD - - - - vj
CIIAR1_OTT0,RU->6I_. .
117 East Main _!
l CURfS _QI U.V.. CiRI
IN t-U "-.Al-_l/\, Hl /V( i/U.
?"i'/".i . WM.r cuvuim.'j:

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