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DResolution to Rcslrict "tcgisla
tion to Railr'oads and Prohibl?
tion Opposed.
Bill to Empower Governor to* F?m
ploy Counsel to Bring Norfolk
and Western to Terms.
[Ppftdnl tnTh* TlmsH-Dlppatch.]
RALBIOII. N. C. January 22.?The
' storrn-eentre In to-day's sesslon of tho
General Assembly wns In thn Senate,
tho Hoiihc havlng taeon In sosslon about
half au hour, wlth ho uuslnoss trans.
noted, suvo tho Introductlon of n few
local bill?. Tho content ln tho fionalo
was over a resolutlon Introduced by
Senator Pharr, and asked to he put on
Its Immcdlato passngci, declaring tliat
the Senate do not. at thls extra sesslon,
connldcr any bllls except thoso, bear
Ing on tho rallroad rate matter and on
State prohibltion.
Sonator Long advocntod tho Pharr
resolutlon. and asked that tt bo put on
Its Immedlatc passage. Mr. Pharr In*
dlcated his wllllngncss to amend so as
to admll the passage of local bllls,
Senator Aycock opposed the resolu?
tlon, saylng that there would bft at
lfcast threo days of the s<es-| i yet, and
a number of local bllls could bc passed
ln the Interlm and no one hurt by It.
Senator Webb took a posltlon slmllar
to that of Mr. Aycock. and held that
tb/ire was some leglslatlon of a general
naturc that should be consldered. For
one thlng* a drugg-lst In his town had
been Indlcted for selllng Jamnlca gln
prer wlthout a pretacrlptlon, and tho
drugglsts of tha State were here ask?
lng rellef from thls situatlon. The
drugglsts In his town?Aahevtlle?had.
h? said. b??en nottfled that they would
be indlcted for selllng wltch hazel.
H? thought a law should ho passed
prescrlblng the atnount of alcohol that
can be contalned ln theso medtclnes.
ln roply to a question from Senator
Danlel, Senator Wnbb stated that In
tho rccent electlon Asbevllle voted
"wet." In asklng the ipiestlon. Senator
Oanlel commenccd on the vlgorous en
forcement thls oftlefal was making of
the. pmhlbltlon law.
Senator Carter spoke In opposltlon of
the resolutlon, Inslstlng that there
would bc no shuttlng off of leglslatlon
that was rcally needed ln thp State at
thls time
Senator Taken III.
Senator Polk waa speaklng In ad
vbcacy of Umltlng tho seope of legls?
latlon, when Senator Brown was taken
kuddenly 111, and thorc was a cesaatlon
or buslness for ten mlnutes.
Senator McLean was next recognlzed,
end took the ground that thero waa
doubt of the rlght of the Leglslature
to conslder matters other than those
.for whlch the sestdon ?-a? called. He
uiged tbe reference of tho resolutlon
to the Judlclary Commlttee, wlth ln
ttructlon for an early report.
The commlttee thls afternoon dcclded
tliat lt wlll report to-morrow that thls
I.-gislaturc bas the rlght to conslder
nny measures that a regular sesslon
? would.
Sonator Graham called up his bill
^?tt.i ompower the Governor to employ
?'-Wuns'el to prosecute :"tho Norfolk und
January IS, 1908, $5.00
*?*ek'? Pi*._-? won liy Itnltfn Pnw-ll, cook, 20a 15. Mnln
January 25, 1908, $10.00
IVtrnt i?Mr,?_ $15.00, nr'e... IMves 1*1.00 each.)
February 1, 1908, $10.00
(rirnt Prl** ffi.OO, _*J>_r( Plve 91,00 eneh.l
We wlll glvo $10.00 ciihIi on January 2.r.th nnel February lst to tlio
cook who brlng"* tho best platc of blscultH to our'offlco mada from our
Boyd's Pure Phosphate Baking Powder
The Purest Baking Powder in the World.
Tho can of Baking Powder from whlch theso blf-otitt-t nre made
must bo brought wlth thes blscultB. If theso Daklng l'owelirs are not
at your groccm, -Phone 48?IO.
W. C. Boyd & Company,
17 South Fifteenth Street : Richmond, Virginia
Guaranteed under Pure, Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 1306. Serial
No. 10777.
T-'estern rate casa bofore tho Interstate I
Commerce Comml-slon. and approprlat- ;
Ing $5,000 for the purpose, and asked. ]
Its immedlato passogc.
Objectlon on tho part of Senator Bod- |
Wlne returned the blll to the calondar- j
Thls ls tho case In whlch It ls sought
to Rompel the Norfolk and ".Vc-stern to.
Blvei more equltable frelght ratos at
tlielr North Carolina termlnalh?Wln
ston-Salem and Durham?as compared!
wlth Virglnia citles.
A message was recelved In the Sen?
ate and House from the Governor, wlth
a blll attached, urg-ing thc Leglsla?
ture to consldcr a measure proposed to
prevent dlslntegratlon* of Indepenelent
rnllroads by prolilbltlng them from.
consolielatlng and mergflng wlth parallol
anrl competln-j roads. Tho whole mat?
ter was referred to thc Rallroad Com?
nrllllnnt RVc-ntlon Glven by Goveruor
and 31m. Glenn,
RAI/EIGH. N. C. January 22.?Five
hundred and more peopio called at the
Governor s Slansion t_o-n!ph.t. the oc
casion being- a receptfon glven by Gov?
ernor anel Mrs. Glenn. compllmentary
to the members of the Goneral Assem?
bly. Tbe manslon was beautlfully dec
orated wlth State nnd natlonal flags.
cut flowers and potted plants every
apartm*nt bei-ing ablaze wlth llght and
resonant wlth merr'ment. Governor
anel Mrs. Glenn were asslsted In re
ceiving by the State officers anel thelr
wlves?President Winston. of thc Sen
nte: Speaker Justlee. of the House- of
Representatlves: members of tiie Gov
ernor's staff and others. There were?
committees of !aelleS _n the punch
room. the Stato dlnlnpr-room, the coffee?
room and other apartments, accordlns
the most dellghtful .hospltallty to al
callers. The hours of tlie receptloi
wero 3 to 11 o'clock.
Mule Returns Wlthout Rlder nnd H
Is Pound Murilfnid,
[Special lo Tbe Tlmei-Dlspatch.]
CHARLOTTE3, N. C, .Tanuary 22.
The dead body of Thomas Furr, eigh
teen years old, -was found In a stuhbl
Held a mlle from Monroe, Unlon coun
ty, oarly thls morning. A gunsho
wound In tho heart told the story o
his deat'n.
Furr left home last nlght rldlng :
mule and carrylrg a gun. Tho mul
returned at dayl ght rlderless wlt!
blooM on tho saddle. Harvey Fllnh, ;
brother-In-law, wlth whom Furr. mad
hla home, Immediately started a searc:
wlth the result named. Further In
vestlgation brought to llght the gui
of Furr and a quantlty of bloody cloth
Ing ln the cabln of a negress, SusI
Watts. near the spot where the bod:
was found.
Wlth -the woman was Charles Strat
ford, a negro, who quarrelled wlt;
young Furr Sunday, and made therat
to get even wlth hlm.
Both were arrested and Jailed a
Monroe The polke thlnk the murde
was commltteed by tha woman an<
man In the cabln, and the bodydragge.
to tho apot where lt was found.
i .a
State Cannot Hoaorahly Aecept Moac;
Krom Ballroads.
[Eptctai to The Tlmos-Dinpatch.]
RALEIGH. N. C. January 22.?A Join
caucus of the Piepubhcan members o
the Leglslature to-nlght denounced th
feature of the propoaed compromlse o
the rate lltlgation provldlng that th
rallroads pay $17.500 towaru defraylni
the expenses of the extra sesslon an'
costs jn the Utigation. Tho resotutioi
declareB that ln, the opinlon of the R?
publtcan members lt ls unbecomlng th
dlgnlty of the Stato and a travesty o
the self-respcct of a sovorelgn Stat
to accept money from the rallroads un
der the exlstlng clrcumstances towan
defraylng the expenses oi^ tho Legisla
ture, and that the ? Republlcans us
every honorable means to protect th
honor of the State and reject that fen
ture of the proposltlon, as stnted b:
the Governor ln his exptanatory lette
to the people of the State, nnd sug-gest
ed in' his rnessage to the Leglslature,
Elect Stnte Orjfunlr.i-r, ludorsc Wan
Iiouhcm and Decry Ilucket Shops.
CHARLOTTE. X. d, January 22.
Tbe annual sosslon of tho North Caro
llna Cotton Ansoclatlon came to a
end this afternoon. President C. C
Moore was unanlmously ro-electct
The association put Itself on recor
against unrestrlc-ted Immlgratlon nn
bucket shops, and ln pursuanco of
plan for a stror.gcr organlzation elect
ed a State orgunlzer.
Besolutlons were adopted Indorsln
the warehouse system as a factor fo
holdlng N cotton for 15 cents. Th
conventlon was addrossed by a nura
ber of prominent Southern plantor
and buslness men.
Organlied Wlth f<M>,000 Pald ln?T
HaTe Two Others.
[Spcolnl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
HIGII P0INT. N. C, .lanuary 22.
Tbe Peoplc's Banking and Trust Con
pany was orgnnized here to-day. wit
paid ln capital stock of $50,000. M
T. F. Wrenn, of Marlon. is the prlu:
movor in tho ontorprtsc.
Thls makes the thlrd bank that wl
bo orgunlzed horo wlthln the next sl>
ty days. Tho others belng the Ol
North State Banking and Trust Con
pany, promoted by K D. Steelc, of th
clty, and Northern cnpltallsts, and tl
bank to be establlshod by Klngs Mom
taln partles.
Next MrrtlnK nt' tlie Press Associotlc
at Charlotte.
[Spoclal to Tho Timea-DIspatch.]
RALEIGH. N. C, January 22.?Tl
exocutlve commltteo of the North Ca
oltnu Press Association decldes to ho
the annual conventlon thls year
Charlotte Aprll 22d nnd 23d. Also
ask all members to urge upon tl
members of Congress tlio matter >
brlnglng about a change in tho pos
oiflcc rullng that only papers to pal
In-advance subscrlbors enn bo tnalh
as second clnss matter.
-? i
li'mieral of Knjrineor Lllly.
ISpeclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
SALISRURY,' X. C, January 22-Tl
remains of Henry A. Lllly, a locomoti'
eng'lneer of Norwoodi who dlod of t
phold f ever at Alexandria, Va., Mondu
wero Iritorred at tho former place t
day. He was a prominent Mason, B
and K. of P., antl his funoral was larg
ly attended by traternallsts as well
rallroad men.
Celeltrate Golden Weddlng.
[Special to The Tlmos-Dlspatch.]
SALISBURY. N. C, January 23.,~]V
and Mrs. J. Rufus Flsher, who n
among Rowan's best known and mc
substantlal cltlzens, on Monday col
brated thelr golden weddlng at the
homo at Croseent. More than 100 ri
atlvos and frlonds of ; the happy c
couple gathered to congratiilate tht
upon the anniversary. Elght chlldr
and thlrty-five grandchlldron attend
tho fcstlvitles,
Lunch Mfe Scoklnr Freedoiu.
ffjpoclnl to Tho Tlmea-r>|?patch.l
ASIIEV1LLH. N. C, January 23
John Stokes, a negro oonvlbt, aervlng
torm of two yoars on the county cha'
gang, mado a broak for llborty yosti
day. and was shot and Inatantly. kit:
by tho guardB. Tho coroner's ji.
whloh\Investlgated tUo shooUhg oxc
f oratod tho guards.
In the February -l-tsue of "Human Life," "A ?Iug?ilne About People,"
Alfrerl Henry Le.vls ntarls bls flrut nrtlclc on "I'renldentlnl Po-Mlbllltteft,*- und
be w-rlt-_ up Govecrnor Hagliea. He wlll follow wlth nrtlcle? on Tnft, Cnnnon,
Cortelyou nmi olhrr*. Head the rollnwliiff extractn from Mr. Lewlw'-i cniistic
srtlcle on Goveroor Ilughe-t In the Februiiry Isfuei
Thls should iUustrnte my meuning? When Mr. llugiies ?.._-, runnlng for tlio
Governorsliip, I e.hanceel to be talking polltles _-ne evening with Mr. Roosevelt.
"But you don't moan to tell mo," e-tclalmed that vlgorous chlef maglstrate.
archlng eyebrow of surprlse at my expressed coolness tow"ard Mr. Ilughes, "that
you regard Mr. Hughes as other than honest, able and Intelllgent."
"Let me tell you*a story," I sald; "lt should shed a vay. There wat> n care
ful farmer who owned a coop of priceless cochlns. 'Some one.* says the farmer.
'wlll steal these chlckons if I don't watch out. I'll buy a tlog?an honest, able
and Intelllgent dog.' Ho bought tho dog, Installed hlm, and sought hls downy
couch, confldent, satisfied and .ecure. That nlght every cochln was stoion.
The farmer waa amazed. There sat the dog?honest. ablo an intelllgent. And.
yet that great coop-emptiness never seemed to bother him a bit. The farmer
'couldn't fathom ii.', Hls wondor abatod, however, when, upon back-tracklng
the mlracle, he found that thc party who stolo the chlckens wa. tho party
'who sold hlm the dog."
*?* *.* ??
Bofore Mr. Hughes began to run for offlce ho had burst upon tho public
notice twice. The flrst time he conducted an Investlgatlon agalnst tho gas
thleves, that resulted In no good to tho public, no harm to the thleves. Mr.
Hughea's socond appearnnce was in connection wlth that lnsuranco invcstlga
'tion, -stlll warm in -tho memories "of men.
-It'foll about in thls wlse: Mr. Alexander and young Mr. Hyelo got to flght
Ing for posscsslon of tho Equltable. Thoy succeeded, so to speak, In klcklng
each other out of bed, anel Jlr, Ryan got the bed. Also, thoy klcked the covers
?off the bed, and tho Inncr vllencss of thu Equltable was dlsclosed to an onlook
lng world.
Thls latter situatlon dldn't sult tho card of Mr. Ryan, then In possession
of the bed. The Ryan ownershlp of tho Kqultablo was not to transplre for some
jnonths; but tho truth Is, he got possession before Messrs. Hyde and Alexander
had been fighting a week. Alr. Ityan couldn't cover up tho Equltable rotten
ness; affairs had gone too fur. Wheroupon he resolved to do tho next best
tbing, and uncover the rottenness of the Equltable's rlvals.
The New Yovk Lifo and tho Mutual were as vlle ln thelr injtornal managa
ment as was the-Equltable. Mr* Ryan pushed a legislatilro button or two, nnd
*n "Investlgatlon" was ordered. N'o; Mr. Ryan eloesn't own tho Albany legls?
lature; but ho occaslonally ? leases it for tho season, and this was one of the
Mr. Vanco Thompson, tho greatest Amerlcan wrlter abroad, ls sendlng us a
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Virginia Brevities
8POT8VLVANIA, VA.--Mr. Jullan I").
Mr.Whlrt.- tho deputy IreiiHiiri-r tor
Cnurlluml Dlstrlct. lu thls county, haa
roslgrteci IiIm ofllne, and Trensuror Wll?
llam G. Dltlnrd has appolnted Mr. Frod
erlck L. Frar.er lo tlll the vncancy,
NORKOLTC. VA.?Oeo. Ilusco. sevor.ai
tlmes recoh'.tly In Iho llme llt?bt of iho
t'olloe Court, wns to-dny ordcrcd ln-ld
for the Corporatlon Court nn tho
chargn of fetonlously ruiting '/,. p,
Martln. Iltigo suld he aclod ln self
duffiiKo. Martln dariled tni!-.
WVTIfEVILLB, VA.?Through tlie
Intlucnce of Sonator Imnici, John
Young Tnrrv, of thls plac#>. hns r?
celved nu appolntmf-nt ln lhe clvll cn
glnc-orlug depnrtmont On tlio Punntnn
Cnnn) eotiHtructlon, and li* wlll leavo
to-nlght for WaslihiKton und wlll nnll
from No\V York January 27th.
rsnglng a helt ln the putp mlll on
Col<-niuti'n farm, In thls county, Ilfucc
A, Ibiidwln. fourteen yenrs ohl, wa.*
cbtighl ln tho macHlriery und ground
to plecos, Me was n sun of W. A. Uitld
win, superltilcndent of tlie mlll,
WILLIAMSBi-ftG, VA.?Throo fnml
llef from Travnrse Clty, Mich., located
ut EWOll, JainoH Clty county, t.hln week.
They cimo to test tho ellmatfi befor'
pnrchnslng farms, nnd If thoy loeate
permnnently several other famfllos wlll
follow them to thls county.
cowe, Buventy-two years old, a drug
gl.st of tliln clty, wns run over nnd
kllled Monday nlght by a Chesapeak?:
and Ohlo traln at McKendr^e. W, Va.
He Ih survlvcd hy a wldow and twe
L.OUISA COUNTY-The barn of Mr
Frank Johnson, nc-ar thls place, was
burned a few days ,ago,'contalnlrig t
large supply of hay, corn, harness, etc
Fortunatcly thero were no stock In li
at the tlme. Mr. Johnson estlmute?
the loss nt about $300. Tho orlgln ol
the flre Is unknown..
T^TNCHBTjRG.?Charles Ple.rce, tht
eleven-year-old son of Mr. J. W. Don
ahoe, dled thls morning at 1:50 o'clock
after a long- lllness at tho home of his
father. No. 1121 Mlller Street. Th<
funeral wlll take place to-morrovt
morning nt 10 o'clock from tho hom<
of Mrs. Charles Gcntry, No. 2025 Grac(
LYNCHBURG.?Jones & Adams hav<
secured the contract for the erectloi
of a handsome parsonage for the Flrs
Baptlst Church, ln thls city. The par
sonage wlll be at Eleventh and Cour
Streets. The bullding will be o
Colonlal typo, red brick, wlth tet
rooms, and ls to cost S12.000. Dr. Car
ter Helm 'Jones, formcrly of Louis
vllle, Ky? ls pastor of thls church.
\ m.
The I'ps nnd Dowiim of n fiermnn Must
ffipeelal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.J
SUFFOLK. VA., January 22.?Accord
ln;? to Informatlon ln the hands of th'
officlalB horo and at Holland. Va., F!
Welmener. allas August Llnnert, Is un
der arrest ln at least two States.
Llnnert Is an alleged forger, wlu
operated ln several towns of Vlrglnii
and North Caroiina. socurlng cash fo
"phoney" checks.
Justlce E. Joyner, of Holland, ha
word that the man. who ls a Germai
muslc teacher, ls held at McCall, ?
C. and has wrltten to Governor Swan
son for requlsltlon papers.
Pollce Chlef Brlnkloy. of Suffolk, to
day had a letter from Chlef G. H. Mc
Callum, of Maxton. N. C. saylng Lln
uert Is In prlson there. Chlef Brlnkle:
wlred that the prlsoner be held.
It ls not Icnown whetber one Instanc
Is a case of mlstakon Identlty o
whether Llnnert escaped and was re
Chrlst Cburch Bxlcnds n ("nll to Rei
RU-hnrd W. Horuc.
rsoecla.1 to Tlie Tlmes-Ulfpatch.]
NORFOLK. VA.. January 22.?TU
vestry of Christ Eplscopal Church. o
Norfolk. has extended a call to Re-%
Rlchard W. Hogue. of SL. James Epls
copal Church, Wllmlngton. N. C. a
rector of thls (Norfolk) parlsh. Th
call was extended two weeks ago, bu
kept qulet. ln the hope of hearin.
somethlng detlnlte from Mr. Hogue be
fore making .an announcement. Th
vestry ls hopeful that the call wlll t.
glvon fnvorahle conslderat'on.
Mr. Hogue ls thtrty-flve years of ag>
Is married and has three chlldren. H
has been eminently successful ln th
minist.ry. II*. succeeded Rev. Di
Strarge at Wllmlngton, who ls noi
i Btshoo Strange of Xorth Caroiina. Mi
Hogue Is an Alabamlan, and is de
clared to be a proacher of great elo
quence and power, and It ls belleve
wlllsuccesHfully 1111 the vacancy mad
when Dr. Morrls accepted the call t
Monumental Church, RIchmond.
Bxaiuinntlons Taken nt ChnrlottcsvllI
by Several Cnndlilntes.
[Speclnl to Tlie Ttmes-Dlf.patch.]
22.?The ciual'fylng examlnatlons fo
Virginia Rhodes scholarshlp were take
hv tbe following: W. L. Chenery. c
Randolph-Macon College: S. A. Reo<
of Richmond ColleRO. and W. E. Bv
ford and L. II. Cocke. Jr.. of the Unl
versltv of Virginia. The last Virglnl
scholarshlp was won by a Randolpn
Macon representatlve. ?
Llme Company to Br?;ln Operntlon
Electrlc Llne for Chrlsllauaabarg.
mn?<-ial to "Thp Tlmes-Dlspatph.l
?Mr. John L. Vaughn. of Radford, an
his assoclates In buslness, who hav
recentlv organlzed the Alleghany Lirr
Company, wlll begln oporations o
Thursday, January 23d. Mr. Waltt
Kinsey, who has had charge of tti
Eureka Ltmo Company, at Llcars, an
ls thoroughlv famlllar wlth tho mar
ufacture of llme, wlll be superintent
ent, ln charge of tho ktln. As th
quallty of tho stone is consldered sup?
rlor to nnv other ln Virginia, only th
hlghcst grade of limo will be mnnufai
tured. About flfty men wlll bo en
Mr. Vaughn wlll assnma control <
the power-housa at Graysontown, whk
For More
Than 65
Wo have been making
the very best Pianos
humaii sklll can davlse,
and selllng them direct
to the people, Instead
of througli dealers.
Thls eimbles us to
save you at loast Ono
Hundred Dollars . on
your Instrument. ?
There ls no bottor
Piano, becauso a supe?
rior cannot be mado,
Our factory a.nd capital
enable us to put out tha
very bost. Let us show
you the proofs.
Ifaetory Wnruroow,
203 13, llllO.in.
furnlshefl tlio nowr-r for llghtlng Orny
sontown. f'lillrfrpflH nnd ChrlstlonHbiirg,
on tlio lst of levbrimry. lln n.lso pur
clutseel Hoviirnl houses, n store niul n
mlll from Mr. .1. Ornyson for tlio mitn
of $30,000. A mimher of buMlne.-m plncon
und prlvntn Iioiisoh wlll bo wlrcel soon.
Plan** hnvo olmnst beon perfeeteiil for
bullding n street rullwny bctwoon
ClirlHtlnnsliurg antl Combrla.
-? > ?
MItH. I.. SAVAdfS ItUllT.
"Vegro iViininn .Mrltletieeil ln Priiltnn
llnrj- Mnkrn Her fl-ecnpe.
fHlir?-iil to TlinTiines-IJI-pntcli.)
WJINCHEHTEn. VA., .Innunry 22??
Whllo thlnklng nho wns wnlktng nliout
hor favorll*. hvlng room nt her hontn
nt KeriiRtowii, nonf WlnrhoHter, ln?t
nlght Mrs. t-ycurgtts SnVngc, wldotv
nf tho foiinilot- of Ihe fnmotls Korna
leiwn rJlstlller-y, midd>>i.ly foll down n
long fllgltl of stnlr*. and sustalneel
pnlnftil fneilnl niiel binllly Injurlos. Sh.;
was found In nn uiicoiihcIoum contll
llon, and, although oy.tr seventy yi>nr*i
old, Hi><: wns reported to-nlght to be
I'nlir. nulhorltle's of Clnrko coun?
ty* are oiideavorlnj* to loente Mllle?
! Robinson, a negro womnn, who myste
j rlniisly osciiped from Jall at Berryvlllo
lnst nlght whllo prepiirntlo-ns f/ere
being mnelo to lako hor to thc Stnte
Penltentiary for two yenrs for forgtn-_:
n $2S check. She wns regarded ns
"trusty." Her dnughter, Badlo Jones,
hns also dlsoppe-areel, nnd both are
thought to havo gone to Pittsburg.
i -_>-,-.
Vnuiifj Mnn Confrnnteil wlfli Scrloun
nbnrge filven Hall.
rfinorim to The Time*-Dispatch. 1
LVNOHBURG, VA.. January 22.?R.
D. Grlmsloy. of oiueflclel, XV. Va.,
formerly of Lynchburg. wns arralgnud
In the- Pollce Court thls mornlng on
the charge of the betrayal of Mlss
Itma Wade under tho promlse of mnr
rlnge. The caso went over by agree?
ment of counsel untll February lst,
and Mayor Smlth ngreed to admlt tlii?
acciiBcd to ball for hls appcarance
then In 11,000.
Grlmsley was trled betoro Squlre
Fortune. of Campbell county. last sum
? mer on the chargo of aesaultlng Mlsa
? Wade witli a rock In Mlller Park.: but
I the charge was dlsmlssed, as the young
? woman, as well as the young man.
clalmed the rock whlch struck Mlss
Wade was thrown by a negro who was
pnsslng through the park."
Hi-v. Flolllng Tlohiion to lie Prenldent of
Presbyterlnn Tnstlttitlon.
riSn-flil to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
L__sCHBURG, VA., January 22.?Rev
?'Bolllng Hobson, of Pearsburg, Gllei
county, who was recently elected te
the position of superintendent of th.
Presbytorlan Orphanage, located neai
the city, has advlsed the orphanage
authorltles that he wlll accept thc
position. and that ,he wlll be ready tr.
begln hls work on February 15th.
There are forty-fh*e children ln the
orphanage now, but the Pnxton Cot
tage wlll soon be ready for use, and
thls -wlll make room for about thirty
more children. There are on hand
about 100 appllcatlons for admlsslon.
Slnce Rev. C. W. Maxwell's retlro
ment, Rev. J. A. McMurray. of thls
city. has been actlng as superinten?
dent. Mr. F. L. Slaymaker. of Alex
andrla, has been appolnted flnanclal
agent. and ls already at work for the
Probnble Tliat He Wlll Be Vnnied If
New IMitrh't In Crrntetl.
[Speiclal to Th8TI_nea-Dl.pa,tch."l
BR1STOL. VA., January 22.?The
measure of Congressman Walter P.
Brownlow, of tho Flrst Tennessee Dls?
trlct, looking to 1he establlshment of
another Federal court dlstrlct ln Ten?
nessee, ln the event lt should be buc
cessful, would most llkely mean that
Judge Hal H. Haynes. of Bristol, now
chancellor of the Flrst Division of Ten?
nessee, would become ludgc of the new
James B. Cox, of Johnson City. Tenn..
is being mentioned ln connection wlth
the prospecttve offlce of distrtct at?
He Return* from Snnatorinii- nnd Ii
Promptly Arrenteil.
fSpsclal to TIieTlmPs-Dlspatch.]
IRVrNGTON. VA.. January 22.?Dr
II. BenJ. Treakle, who shot Wale.
Ward, near hero a few weoks ago, am"
was i-ommltted to a sanatorlum Ir
Baltimore, returned home, and wa?
promptly arrested yesterday and ballec
to await grand Jury on February 3d.
A larg; barn of Commissioner oi
Revenue Plerce was yesterday destroy
ed by flre.
Mrs. T. 8. Curlett. mother of Dole?
gate Curlett. and Mrs. Dr. Frank W
Lewis, are quito slck at thelr home
at Whealton.
Slx TlioiiNiuiil for An Arm.
TSpeclttl to Tlie-Tlmes-Dlapatch.l
LYNCHBURG. VA.. January 22.?The
Jury ln the caso of John D. Cullls vs
the Lynchburg Traction and Llghi
Company ln the Circult Court of the
city thls afternoon returned a verdlct
In favor of the pliilntiff ln the sum ol
Jii.OOO. Tho amount suod for wns foi
$15,000 for tho los3 of an arm of the
plalntlff. The verdlct was renderet
subject to the opinlon of the court or
tho demurrer of the elefendant com?
pany to tha evldence.
Killetl By I'liw-engcr Tralu.
ASHEV1LLE. N. C. Januury 22.?
James Canada, aged twenty-two years
a switchnian in the local yards of thi
Southern Railway, wns atruck by .
passenger traln yesterday evenlng an<
inatantly kllled. The young man wai
at work ln the yards. Canada's homt
was ln Canton. und the body wlll bi
sent thero for Interment.
rsptiflal io The Tlraes-Ulspatcli.T
LYNCHBURG. VA.. Janunry 22.?A
the Court StreotjMothodlst Church thi:
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Jlr. Ethelbor
LoOraiul Tliornhlll nnd Miss Robert.
Ksten Rohr, daughter of Mr. John r.
Rolir. of thls city, were unlted in mar?
rlage, Rev. Dr. R. H. Bennott olll
clntlrg. I
Mr. Thornhlll ls a clerk in thn offlce
of tlio Audltor of Publlo Acounts, nne
he Is well known In tho city. Hlt
bride Is an attractlve young lady, whe
Ih possessed of a large clrcle of friend:
In the city,
Mr. and Mrs. Thornhlll took tho af
ternoon traln for Richmond, whor
tliey wlll reslde.
LYNCHBURG. VA., January 22.?A
S o'clock thi.. mornlng ot the homo o
Mr, anel Mrs. T. J. Booker, No. 91
Taylor Street, ln tho presenco of a foA
frlends and relatlves, Mlss Ira Min
tor Bookor was marrled to Mr. .loh
H. Urquhart.
The parlor of tho homo was hand
snmely dcoorateel tor tho occaslon, Mi
nnel Mrs. Urquhart left on the Norfol!
anel Western traln for a sojourn a
Cluisc City.
fSno^lnl to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
LYNCHBURG, VA., .Tnnuiiry 22.?I:
tlio study of tho Court Street Motho
dlst parsonuge last nlght at 8;3
o'clock, Mlss Grace May Dlbblei
dnughtor of Mr. M. I-T. DIbblor, wn
marrled to Mr. Walker D. Wood, botl
bolng rosldents of thls city. Dr. R
II. Bennott ofilolated.
Hlillroml Aftent Wlio Sliot Dor-eey Tjle
Not fjiienfeil?Tyler I? AHvc,
[Sneiclal to TlioTlmos-Dliipatch.]
STAUNTON. VA? January 22.?L. R
Sexton, the Chesapeake and Ohio agon
at' Augtista Spi-lngs. who yestorda:
sliot Dorsay Tylof, hns not yot beiei
Soxto'n wns orlglnally from Botetonr
county, and it ln conjoctured that ln
has sono lionio to avrange for ball ane
defoii.se. Tyler Is stlll llvlng.
. ?
t'ontr-rt. Wlth Salonu Men.
rsin>"i'il e-o The Tlmes-Dlmmtcli.]
LYNCHBURO, VA., January 32.
I^iuls Soholta, of Roanoke, author o
ii blll pontllng ln the Loglslaturo pro
vldlng for early closlng nf nalnoiu
removal of all scroons and ..other tt>
strlotlons. confarrcd ,w|th Lvnohbuvi
saloon mon thls aftornoon. Thc rasul
of tho conforenco was not mado pub
\\\\\ WWWWW \XN
for Infants and Chlldren.
Castorla in ft harmless substltute for Castor Oil, Pare
froric, I>rop? and Sootlilujr Syrups. It is Pleanant. It
contalns ncfthcr Oplum, Morphino nor other Uarcotfc
Hubstnncc. Ifc dcstroys worms and allays Fcverishness.
it curcs Diarrluna and Wind Collc. It rclicvcs Tceth
Inff Trouble* nnd cureS Coustipntion. It rcgulates the
Stomnch and Bowels, girlnj? hcalthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panucca?Tho Mother's Frlcnd.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars the Signature of
ln Use For Over 30 Years.
Davis Case Goes from Corpora?
tlon Court to Poiice Court.
AUeged Assault.
Manchester Bureau. Tlmes-Dlspatch,
No. 1102 Hull Street.
Tho case o? Davld Davls. -who has
been on hall here for somo months,
under an Indlctment for perjury, wlll
be heard thls morning by Mayor
I Maurice, the alltged offense havlng
been decided by thn Judgo of the Cor
i poratlon Court to bo a mlsdemeanor.
Davls was summoned oh a Juror lr
tho caso of Charles Myers, charter
wlth forgery. and before golng Intc
the box, lt Is alleged, expreasec
sympathy for tho prlsoner. Ho tool
his seat In the box nevertheless, am
tho trlal had not prog-ressed far whor
the Commonwealth'-i attorney movet
that tho Jury be dlsmlssed. A war
rant was thon lssued for Davls, chnrg
Ing hlm wlth perjury. The grand Jurv
later brought In a true bill agalnsi
hlm. Ills attorneys, Messrs. 11. M
Smith. E. H. Wells antl D. L. Pultlarr
yesterday morning contended that tht
offonse nlluged Is only a mlsdemeanor
and Judgo Clopton after hearlng tht
argument. sustalned tho polnt an<:
ruled that the caso should bo heard lr
the Pollce Court- lt wlll be callec
there thls morning. In the meantime
ball was granted to Davls agaln.
Serlooa Cbnrge Apraln.t Boscher,
Thomaa Boscher. a flsherman of near
Drewry's Bluff. ls locked up In tho
, i Manchester Jall, charged wlth havlng
attempted cr'mlpal assautt upon the
clght-year-old daughter of Mr. Lcnntc
Pond. about two years ago.
Several weeks ago Boscher testlfied
against Pond tn n dlvorce proceedlng,
and It was after thls that Pond swore
: j out the warrant. Boscher was arro-H
I ed by Offlcer Watts, of Oak Grove. He
'. i wlll be trled ln the Oak Grove Magls
i terlal Court on Tuesday coming.
Snrprlse Party.
? | Tha frlends of Misses Bessie and
?! Cleve Gary. of Nlnth and Perry Streets.
tondered thom a surprlse party Just
; nlght. The evonlng was a most en
I joyahle one. Muslc was furnished hy
j the Marlow Muslc Club, whlch consist?
? of Messrs. Herndon Comack, Emmett
I Comack, James Lavler, James MIrkol
boro. Landorkln Bllls and Eddle Bur
? ruas.
\\ Those present were Misses Ethel and
11 Musa ITawks, Carrlo and Eftle Banks,
M Marcella Llvesay. Carrio Ellls. Maele
} I McGee. Eva and Mamle Hev, Eleanor
1 Hawks, Bessie. Emlly and Clevo Oary,
, Agnea Snilth and Allce Lnyne: Messrs.
' F. Vokeman. Hubbard, Perry. Green,
"fWlllle Caudle Harry Gary. Mr. Baker,
Georgo Garnett. Eddle Burruss, Lan
drum Ellls, James Lavler. James Mlck
elboro, Hprpdon and Emmott Comack.
lVrNomilH and Ilrlefs.
Mr. Loren D. Fondley.-of Washlngton,
N. C, Is tho guest of his parents on
Porter Street.
The Buildlng and Lnnd Cnmmlttee
has boen oalled to meet to-nlght.
Mrs. S. A. Morrlssette. who has been
vlsltlng her brother. XV. B. Bradbp,
wlll leavo Saturday for Charlottesvtlle,
where she wlll vlslt her son. who ls
at the unlvors'ty. She wlll then visit
her daughter, Mrs. Paul Dlsmukes, Jr?
ln CoIumbUH, Ga.
An excellent program has been ar
ranged for the muslcalc to be given at
Lender Mall to-night for the henetlt oi
Flfth Street M. K. Church. Tho pro?
gram wlll Include solos, duets and quar
?tets. which wlll be rendcred by some
of Richmond'a bost talent?Mlss Vlola
Dlacont. soprano; Mlss Anna NoIbou
contralto; Mr J J Johnson. tenor: Mr,
S. J. Wlnglleld, bnrltono; Mlss Maggif
Bryant, reader. Mr. Rltchlo Bacon wll!
be tho accompanlst for tho avenlng.
Mnrrlngcc to OViborn Aiinulled, Ileler
Mnloney Wlll Marry Aeniu.
PIIILADEI.PH1A. PA., January 22.?
Arthur Herbert Osborn, a New YorK
broker, who secretly married Heler
Maloney. daughter of Martln Maloney.
- j in Mamaroneck, In 1005, wlll not stand
-1 in tho way ot a solution ot her inarltal
I ulYalru. Thls wns admltted to-day 1>>
? hor unclo, Andrew J. Maloney, whe
llconflrmed tho roport that papers ln the
i suit' for annulment of tho ~marrlag<
a had been served upon Mr. Osborn.
FrlendB of the Maloney familj salf
to-dav there was no doubt that tlu
scquel to tbe annulment proceedlng:
would be a second marrlago corgmqnj
.wlth Samuel Clarkson, tho young Eng
llshman, wlth whom Mlss Mnlonoj
eloped last summer. It is understooi
thnt Inasmuch ns the present pi'oeeert
Irgs nro for an nniiulnient of a mar
r'nge nnd not n dlvorce. no eccleslnsti
eal dlfTloultlPs wlll arlse over the mar
rlage with Clarkson.
Wnnhlugtnn "Wnnlw llcr Mnyor to llnv
.liirlMilli-doii ol' Pollce JmnIIi'C.
rsn.iiial to The Tlmes-Dliontch.l
WASHINGTON, N. C. Jnnunry 22.?.
bill has rccontly been druwn up b:
the Clty' Attorney, which will bo pro
sehtod at tbe Stato Leglslature, nov
ln sesslon, requestlng that body to glv
the Mayor of thls city more jurlsdlc
tlon ln court cases, provldod tho Leg
Islature wlll conslder othor buslnos
than thnt of tho rallroud rate ques
tlon. Tho bill would Invest ln th'
Muvor tho samo prlvlleges in niino
r.ourt cases as Uiut exerclsed by i
pollce justico ln larcer cltles.
A called moetlng of tho Alboinarh
Prusbytery was hold In tho First Prea
byurian Church for tho purposo o
considerlng the request of the preson
pastor. the Hev. J. M. Grier, ta dlssolv.
his. rolatlons with thls church. prepar
atory to his, uooeptance of n cull ti
tlio Flrst Prosbytorlan Church of Con
cord. N. C. Tho prosbytory, after con
sldorlng the - roqueat, doclded to gntn
lt, and Dr. Grlor wlll accept tho call.
Lyilt'hlmrg Oniincll 3Iemorl?lUe? Lett
tHliitiiro to An<lM?rl*e 'llie l.
rRnaolal ?o The Tlmes-Dlanatch. |
LYNClinURG. VA.. January 22.?Tb
Common Councll thla afternoon con
ln order to Introduco Osteopathy, D?
Slmmons glvea threo treatments fre<
Thla offer tornilnataa February lat
1 U!> East Gmco Sttv^L "Phone ?7S.
Frompt and personal attention to
all orders.
113 Eaat Maln Street.
' curred ' ln a resolutlon memorallzlng?
? tho Leglslature to adopt a general law
I providing for the cstabllshment of an
11 e.NCcutlvo commlsslon for such Vlr
i glnla. citles as may adopt. thls method
j|of city admlnlstratlon. ,
The draft of a gonoral law wlll be
Introduced by local representatlvea,
The commlsslon would be fashloned af?
ter the Dlstrlct of Columbia commis?
sioners, and In event of the passage of.
the act lt is belleved Lynchburg wlll
adopt thot farm of government.
Ltvlrig ln Ilm. Shunncel In Home Clly,
She Appcnls to -Old Friends.
S.U'.T LAKE. UTAII, January 22.?
Mrs. Annia Bradley. who shot and
kllleel former Unitad States Senator
Arthur Brown, of Utah, at the Raleigh
Hotel. in Washlngton, December S, 190C,
and who was freeel by a Jury in the
capltal city less than two months ago,
ls penniless here wlth her four chil?
She has appealed to her former
frlends to help her to keep body and
soul together.
She has been shunnod by all of her
former women frlends. In a llttlo hut
on the outsklrts of tho city Mrs. Brad?
ley ls llvlng wlth her four children?
two by her formor husband and two.
who. s'he says. are sons of Brown.
The MIsHtw-tppI ln Comnilssion.
WASHINGTON. January 22.?Tho
, battleship Misslssippi has been foY
I mally accepted by the government. and
? | wlll be taken over to-morrow at League
' I Island (Pa.*i Navy Yard. She ls to be
commanded by Captaln John C. Fre
Bank at Berkly Closed.
HUNT1XGTON. W. VA., January 21.?Tlni
Cltlzens' Bank at Beckly, near here, cloosl
lti doors to-day. and ls ln chan?o of Ban*
Inir Commissioner Sam V. Matthews. It M
anlc. a run mado by tho doposltors cau"i?>l
tlio Busponslon. The caplteU stock ls $100..
KII11 ns- Was Justlflnble.
EUFALA, ALA-, January -2.?At o pre
llmlnary hearing to-day Calllc McLauglill-i.
who shot und killed Wllllam Jones Monday
nlcht. was roleased from etistody, tha courc
holdlng that the uct was Justldable. The>
womnn shot Jones after he lmd forced a
door to hor lenldenco.
WORD that word I*
it rafers to Dr. Tutt's Liver Pills anc
Are you constlpated?
Troubled wlth Ihdlg ?itlon?
Slck hcadachc?
ANV of these aymptoms and maay others
Indlcate Inactfon of tha LIVER.
TToi*. _ST?e?ci
Take No Substitute.
Personal Cards.
R ecep tioh, Dinner and
Guest Cards, Menus, Wed
ding Invitatiohs and An
nouncements ?-- CORRECT
L Y ENGRA VED in the most
approved iorm,
Crests, Monograms,Address
Dies, eS^c, Color Stamping
and Illuminating.
%WEstimates and samples
sent on request Prompt at
tention given correspondence.
Established Over a Century
Jewellar-t. Slh frsiulths, Slatloners.
1107 Pennsylvanla Avenue,
Washington. D. C.
One of the Sights of
the City.
Picture*. Plctur* Frames, Jllr
rors, and oll Art Uoveltleu at sre.iti*
reduced prices tor January.
The Richmond Art Co.,
5 Ea?t Broad Street

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