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?if tatf <3SI> BWM
Btuitn??i offic*.?>o B. ,la|n Htrect,
Wothln/tton Bureau?U0-: Munney Dulldlng.
Manehenter Bureau . 1102 Hull Btroet.
P*>t?r?bunr Bureau.10 N. Sycamore Kt.
Lynchour ? Bureau .815 Eighth Bt.
BY MAtb, tm<i Six Threo Onn
POSTAOB I'ATJV Y??r. Mo.?. Mos. Mo.
Daby wlth Sund?y...t?.00 $3.00 11.60 t>?
rj/vlly wlthout Suaday 4.00 2.00 1.00 .15
Bumlay edltlon only.. 2.00 1.00 .10 ,2S
Weekly <Wedu?day). 1.00 .50 .21 ...
By Tlmrs-Dldpatcb Carrler Delivery Ser
vlcr. ln nichmond Cand mburbs), Manchc*
tcr and Potersburg-?
Ono Week. One Year.
Dally wlth Sunday.14 ctnta Pi.10
r>ally wlthout Bunday...10 ccntB 4.&0
Sulxlcy only . 1 conts 2.80
(.Yearly subierlptlons pRyabSe In advaneo.1
Bntorod January 27, ir>03, nt RIchmond,
Vh., ns si'cond-clam matter, undcr act <>(
Congress of March 3, 1STD.
Persons wlshlns to eommunlcate wlth The
Tlnies-Dlfpatch by telephono wlll nr.U cen?
tral for "40G," nnd on belng- nmwered from
tho offlce Bwllchboard, wlll Indlcatc Ihe d?
pnrlmcnt or peraon wlni whom they wlsh
t,>. speak. >
When calllnff betwwn C A. M. and 0
A. M., call to centrul offlco direct for 4011.
eojnposing-room: 404J, buslncsa offlce; 4043.,
f.*r mall Inc and preaa-rooms.
?RiMtlcc does not any, "I nm houiiil
to he Junts" It fccls Justly.?Geurgo
Talk to n Richmond man about Rich?
mond. and he wlll tell you that lt ts
ono of tho greatOBt towns In thecoun
try, and his faco wll] heam wlth prtde.
Bul question him about Rlehmond's
lorm of government, and ho wlll shrug
his ehouldors and frown. Bnt wlioso
fault la lt that our form ol govern?
ment is bad? It ls tho fault of tho
pt-opl* of RIchmond. Whosc elsc could
,it be? Wo Iibv<? gone on, ycar aftor
year, wlth our slipshod, cumbersomo.
out-ot-dato system; we hnvo crltlcized
It; we have abusod It; we have cried
aloud against It; but wo havo done
nothlng to reforni lt. And ssurely it
coiild not re-form itself.
. But a movemont haa now begtin lo
brlng about a change A meetlng
'wlll bo hcld at tho Chamber of Com?
merce this evening to conslder tho
subject, and the dlscusslon wlll bt
cntcrtalning, lf lt I.? not instructtvo.
All cltlzens who feel nn interest ln the
city's welfaro; all cltlzens who would
like to sea our form nf government In>
proved, Hhould attend; and every man
who has a prnctical suggestlon in mlnd
should glve tho meeting the boneflt
of It.
? A correspondent wishes to know how
Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch "makea st appear
that the- monoy lender collec'te tho tax]
from tlie borrower," in caseii whero'
mortgago notos aro taxed. "I have]
been a money borrower to somo ex
tent all my llfe," says ho. "and nowi
borrow and Iend monoy as necesstty
cclls for. and 1 have never paid a cent
of. tax on tho money 1 borrowed, or
exacted a cent of tax on the money
r loaned out, and havo nover known
such a thlng done,"
Quite so. Our correspondent has
never aeen i: cent of the tariff tax
itemlzed ln any bill of goods that he
may have purehased, but ho pays tho
';ix. neverthcless. Tho lmportc-r pays
lt to the custom hottso ofllcinls, but lt
is "added to tlie cost of the goods and
Tho conaumev pays it in tho end.
"I havo t^een a caroful est!mate,"-satd
Judgo Jud.sou llnrmon in a speech at
Nashville yesterday, "showing that
every famlly ln tho United States con
trfbutes an, a,verago of $100 per ycar
to the SQj,ri?>C th'o beneticlarles of the
Dlrjgley tariff, la lncreased cost of ne
ce?3lties alone."'
And so does the money lender mako
the borrower pay the tax on mortgage
loans. Hc adda jt to tho (nteroKt
charge. Tahe an example. in Rlch
mond the State and clty tax levy com
blned. fs 1 3-4 per cent. The rullng
lnp?rcst rate ln G per cent., so that a
real estate loan nets tlio lender 4 1-1
per cent. In ordinary tlmes thero are
large sums of money in P.iehmond
j=eekirg real estat,: loans'nt C per cent.
interest, and if there wero no tax on
mortgage loans, tho rato of Interest
would decline from ?3 per cent. to t 1-4
per cent. It is the tax that makes tht
difference. The cuso will bo made
clearet- if we reverso tho propositlon
Euppose tliere wero no mortgage ta?
ln Virginia, and tbe rtillng rato of in
?erest were 4 1-1 per cont., as mos
probably lt would be.
Then supposc that tho Stato and clt;
phould levy a tax of 1 3-1 per cent. ot
mortgage loans. The interest rat
would soon be lncreased to G per ceni
Who would pay the tax, the lender o
the borrower?
Thls is not meroly a theory. it ha
been put to tho test and proven. Th
censirt reports show that ln Pennsyl
vania morigtges were taxahle durin
tha decade from 1SS0 to IS90 at th
rate of 4 mllls per annurn during nliou
fivo years. and at tho rate of U mlll
per annum for tho remalnder of th
?tlme. ln Massachusetts mortgage
vere exempt from taxation for nln
year* of tl.e deeode. In Boston th
?.ver&gQ rt-tc of interest on mortgage
tor tho ten-yeui perlod was C.1S p<
eeijt., while ln Phi].-i?iphla lt was 5,|
per cent.
lt must be so ln ovt-ry iiluco nnd 1
?vory fiituatlon. Whenever an
wbcrever u tax on mortgaBed ls lu
posed, lt wlll be added to the rate c
Interest and tho borrower wlll pay i
T?IB"" bt't K~ViMWrIcs.
tt ever there waa a lueky polltic
party It ls tha Republlcan party; ai
lf ev*r there waa an unlucliy polit).;
. party lt is the Democratlc party. T
lood luck of tho one and tlu- \>
luck of. tbe othvr wcrc tslenlncam
"lolnted out by llon. .Turiaon Hnrinon,
In a siicooli ilollverml ln Nn->livIllo yos
tnrtlny. When tho Derriocrais ciinto
Into powoi" Irv 1S&3 they woro con*
fronted wlth nn einpty treusury nnd
a panlc. There wns a perlod ot hnrd
tlmea from 1S03 to lt*t>.. Tlicrtt Ivorft
many falluros and ihottsaiiih of nicn
out of work. Thero were also crop
fallures and other disnstorn, for all of
whlch tlio Dcnioor.'iiK got tho blamo.
Moroover, tho oreillt of (jovorniiicnt
was ln Joopnrdy, uml PrORltlent Cleve?
land M'as eompellcd to flqll bonds to
rc-plcnlsli tho gold reserves, and tho
Detnooriiilc party got tho credlt for
thnt nlso.
It was hnrd luck, deuccd hard luck.
But what was .Democratlc loss was
Republican galn. Hy 1897 tlio panlc
luiel spent Its force, and hoforo the
?.nd of thc yenr n natural rcactlon
j.?t in. Trado bogan to revivc und
capltal began to sll up and talt-s
notlco. liy l'JOO tho country wus on n
boom, und, otldly onough, the farnierfi
tiogan to nrnkc bettor crops. "Mc
Klnloy prospc'rlty" It was called, and
there) wns maglc ln tho term. Mc;
Klnloy was nomliiuteel for a second
term aml hls electlon wus .a forcgono
cancluslon. ? The country contlnued to
prospor, harvesta wero larger every
yenr, everybody found n Job, anel
many persons roally belleved that thc
Republican party had brought the
prpsperlty which God Almlghty had
glven. Tho whole story was Intorest
Jngly told by Judge Harmon, who was
a member of Mr. Clcvcland's Cabinct.
Luclty Ropubllcmis*
But good luck as well as bad luck
li'ns a hnblt of changlng. Much of the
good luck of thc Republican party
was duo to harmony in thc ranks.
But all ls changed now. ln the mldst
of "Republican prosperlty" a panlc
cume, und the adminlstration was
forced to uell bonds, not to replonlsh
tlio gold roserves, whlch were ample,
but to relievo the money famlne,
whlch tho panlc brought on. And tho
Ropubllcsin party ls now a verttable
bodlam of dlscord and enmltles. It
Ts ln hard luck, nnd good luck will
como correupondingly to tho Demo?
cratlc party lf It wlll only Itnprovo
its opportunlties. That is Judge Har
mon'B vlew.
, To the strength nnd popularity of the
postal savings banks our consttl-gen ?
eral at Faris. Mr. Mason, nttributes
much of tho stabtlity of the monetary
system of France. Tlio thrlfty pcas
ants of that country have taken klndly
to the postal banks. and use them
largely and systematically. The sys?
tem was inauguratcd in 18S1. Now
thc banks number about 8,000. Four
milllon persons citrry accounts ln thorn,
anel thelr deposits oggregate over $240,
It does not appear that thls total
has been rollod up at tho-expense of
the other banks. Mr. Mason contends
that the postal bank'- In France, do far
from lnjurlng thu private and munici?
pal banks, havo actcd .*"* feeders to
them. Tho postal banks, ac says, haye
largely created their own fleld. They
have drawn from a class of people who
havo not patro'ilzcd, and peilinps would
not patronlze, other banking inHtitu
tlons. Whon they have acqulred thu
savings hablt, they aro likely to pass
on to these other Instltutlons. For tho
government placos a llmlt of 5250 on
postal deposits, and when a eleposltor
Is ready to pass that llmlt. lie must
?tnko hls account elscwhcro. Thus thu
iion-govornmentii.1 savings banks of
France to-day earry $Ce*0.000.000 of de
poslts, ns agalnst tho $240,000,000 of tiie
postal bank!:.
| Frntu'O'G csporlonce is Interestlng to
! those avIio have consUIcred the system
tor thla country, thougli thoso flgures
are, of course, incouclii3lve, Postrnas.
tor-Gt-neral Meyer, whom- Mr. Roose?
velt calls "the one business man in
the?-Cabinct," la an enthusiastlc advo
cute of tho Unlted St.ates postal bank.
If Ija" reslgus hls portfollo to step Into
Jlr, Cortolyou's kIioob, hls chlef regret
wlll be to go without aceompllshlng
anythlng deflnlte In bchalf of lt. But
thc issuo Is not a llve one now, any
v.-ay. Joseph Cannon has declared that
there will bo no postal bank Ieglslatlon
a*. thls sesslon, and thero ls &u end of
! that.
Tbe Corporatlon Coiniulnslon is soc
onel only to tho Supreme Court of Vir?
ginia ln dignlty and Importanco. Its
j nicmbors should bear and doservo' tbe
hlghest reputatlon foi- personal probltj
innd for judiclal vlrtue.
j In vlew of the charges whlch have
? ; been mado agalnst Judgo Wllllam F
? j Rhea, tho Leglslature owes to Judgi
?jniieu. to ItBClt and t0 the State thi
' duty of fullest Investlgatlon, and Tli'
Times-Dispatch is conlldpnt that i
Jealous respoct of ihe good namo o
tlic State wlll provent tho conilrmatlo!
of Judgo Rhea's appolntrnent lf thor
shall be found nmong hls judiclal o
personal acts any behavlor unworth;
of one who desires to (.11 the hlgh offlc
of Corporatlon Comrnlssloner. Mean
tlme tlio people of Virglnia havo' i
rlght to demand,that thc Investlgatloi
be glven the wldest publlclty, and tha
tlio charges agalnst Judgo Hbca b
mado -specltlcally and oponly, and tha
tlio Invettlgatlon bo hold wlth' opc;
doors. Nothlng cun so readjly dlspe.
un unJuH -ic'-usntlon as full publloltj
Aud nothlng should bo ntore welcom
to one who Is accugod, wlu'thor dlrect
ly or by lunuendo and vaguc runioi
than an open lio&rlng, whero speclfl
cliargeocan bo dlroctly met and Indl
n rect reflecilons can olthor bo substan
.1 tluied or shown to be unworthy an
- unfoundod, For the sako of Judg
t Rhea, fur the Corporatlon Commls.itoi
:. utui for the State o-f Virglnia, no ste
Chamber procoedlnsa should ba poi
"3 A \VI5LCOMIfi.
al' Tho TlniBB-DiEpatcli liau roceslvod
V: copy or the Suffolk Evenlng Hera|
id T'ils newcomor ln tho llelil of Vlrgln
lylJournulism beura every 'naiaUlon i
vlttor nnd littclllgcnce. Tho Tlnie.i
Diflptiicli wtdiiou it atul tho good town
'of Suffolk long llfo nnd proimerliy.
Tho Httentlon of tho publlo ls agaln
callod to Uu- fact thnt, becauso of u
war nmung rlvat ninKOrfl, thu prlco ol
wondon legs ls now oxeoptlonally low.
Rcmlers who nro caught short litler
<>ii need not eay (hat nobotty told
Tlio Drazll rumors, ot course, AM
ubsurd. Tho real iicwb of tho day li)
tho ChurlfcKton News aiul Courler's
nnarchlHt plut to blow up the ptirn
gfapHer's1 Unlon, happlly f-lrcuinveiitc.il
by tha pi-oniptnoss and sklll of tha
unlon'a corps ot nlglit-rldara,
Jiowuvor, 'the udmlrors won by
Mndamo Tettruzinl Intt week wero a
i mern huudfut coinpurcd tn tho now
tlovotees attnehed by Old Vlrsliila
saupago, with tlio Honrlco county Sally
Lunn sdttliig demurely on thu Hlde.
Friends of Klng Alfonso, who cats
nlnn moulK a day In Madi ld. had beat kebp
;h!m away from theso parts. Wo aro
convipced that, tnsido of v/nklng hours,
no ono could pick hlm looso from au
Old Virginia dlnnor-tablo wlth a stoam
A lettor has Just been dellvcred In
Washlngton, Pa., whlch was uiallcd 43
years ngo. Any Fcderal ofilcc-hbldur
can tell you thut under a Dcmoc.rati'j
post-ofllce It wouldn't havo come in
under 143 years. ?
Now the rumor Is that Gladys Van
dcrbllt's mother Is golng to marry n
titlcd Europenn, too, Those grasplng
forclgnors soem detcrmlned to havo
everythlng tliat Isn't nalled down.
Twonty yourg women of Grecnvllle,
O., aro golng to glvo a skate for tholr
men -frlendr. Thero aro two sldes to
thla prohibltion movement, you ?ce>.
A Plttsburg lady fell downstalrs and
spllt hor tonguc, all tho way up and
down. Now we suppose thero wlll bc a
rttsh of marriod men to flnd out what
klnd of stairs thoy woro.
So far as wo can mako out Mrs.
Gertrudo Atherton, she ls Amerlca's
lady Chancellor Day.
The Influence.-, of environment aro
most curious. Wo understand that l(
you cut a Georgiun s Jugular vcln, ho
dlos of thlrst.
However, the snerm whale, whlch
can stay submerged for twenty mln?
utes at a tlme, cuuld teach u thlng or
two to John Wesley Gaines,
Hereaftor the New iorl: lady who
wants to smoke must take pains to
seo that the cop's back is turned.
John R. Walsh's fatai blunder was ln
not havlng stuporous melancholla and
killlng somebody.
Somo men drlve themselves to thelr
worlt, some men away from lt. It all
depends on whom a man is working.
Among tho most lnterestlng thlngs
in New York this week may be men?
tloned tho Wllllam Travers Jerome
"Mr. Bryan is a very unwlso politl
cla.ii," says Henry Wutterson, the
Every year it ls gettlng harder for
a plaln Amerlcan citizen to marry for
lt becomes more and more npparent
that the gentleinan who makes a spo
clalty of dlscovcrlng Japaneso spy
sketches falled to accompany tho fleet.
Lucklly wo have not beon waltlng
around for thom, but what has hap
pened to the Branch Publlc Baths?
M?antlme, January Is gumming the
rame for June.
Voice of the People.
Tlio Titiies-IHsjiateli wlll prlnt
algned IcIUM i uu i, II qucNtloua whicli
rebte to tlu- public vrelfure. Snoh
firtli-b-N s-Iiiiultl uot excecd In IcnKtli
150 vordx, except uuder excepttonul
clrcuniNtnueeN, nnd should be Mnui-d
wlth the fsll iinnic ot the "ritcr.
iuiiI uhould henr liis or Iier nddrens.
The itojue of thn vu-lter wlll be
tvltlilield lf dcslred,
j Editor of Tlie T.rnoj-Dispatch:
Slr,?Much has been wrltten recent
ly, tdltorlal und oUierwlse, regardlng
tho monopoly represeiiUd by the RIch?
mond, Frederlcksburg and Potomat
Rallroad. From some ?edltorlals (no!
of Thu Times-Dispatch, however) on'
not acqualn.ed with the facts would
be led to bellevo thl* monopoly- to be
one of the modt grindlng and extor
The experlence of tho wrlter. who
has been enuag^d ln actlve buefness ln
this clty for more than thirty years,
and who, as a tnanufacturer, haa had
occasion durlng that tlme.to shlp and
recolve frelght over all the lines enter
Ing RIchmond. Ih that the RIchmond
Frederlcksburg and Potomac, so fai
from exorolsmg tho prlvlkgo of a mo?
nopoly, haa pursuod a policy Just the
reverso. A comparlson of the frelglv
ratea on nrtlcles wlth wh ch I am fa.
mlllar. say, from Frederlcksburg tc
this clty?rates that have beon ln forc<
tor years, whlch wero not compellsi
by competltion, and wh'cli wore lr
force befire Vlrgin a had a Corpora?
tlon Cotnmlasion?wlth those of fou;
other llt,.;-? of rul.wuy to polnts or
those Unea tho snme distance from
Richmond that Frederlcksburg Is, wll
show tho raUs to these tour polnt? to
be for the lowe: t 8S per cent., i nothei
100 per cent., aud two oh rf 100 pei
cnt, h'gli r than on the same claHH
of goods between Fredorlcksburg am
RI li.nond,
My oxpe-rienco has furthcr showt
that In polnt of servlce the Itlchmond
Frederlcksburg and 1'ot.miue ls far bu
perlor, and ln the ad ujtment of claim'
more, and ycry, much more prompt thai
any other, If those condltlons constl
tuto a monopoly, would wo had mon
As to tho new tcrrltory to bo openec
by the parallej Uu ?. where that terrl
tory la has not bten mado ku wn, W
n'i rejolcet) whon it was announced thn
mo Tldowatc-r section of the lower Rap
pnliannoclc wa t o bo open. d up ti
Itlchmond?-a section rlch ln aer.cul
tural proJuetH and wh 'se trade w
have long deslred, but wh'ch I as In
uocFSslb e as the moBt rem de sesctto
of the State, and from pre.ent Indlca
tlotis wlll c at nue to ho bo,
Havlng no Irt'i-'-ni whatover ln th
Rlchninod, Frtdn |ck b irg und Potc
mae Rallroad thls urtlclo is ln tlgato
only bY a enlrlt of
Soiitliei'-i lililluuntlon,
Editor of Th Tlmc-Dis'-atcb:
Slr.?In reading The Tlmcs-Dlspatc
lu-<t Saturday I v.-as greatly eh'Cked b
seeliig that Mr. Pago wntttcd "whit
teachvris tor nogroeu." Mr, Pugo, on
of our great S-iuthorn odt'cati.y-i an
(I bellevo) n Soutlu-rnt't- by htrth, I
lu hard for me to bellevi- that ho woul
inalto isuch aii ann mneeniopt,
llov/ can we Southern iiaehers aul
mit to teachlng a negro school? N'
never! 'ihln aiinouucomont of M
Pagn's must bnve Kh oked the who!
Sotithland In tho aume way Elsho
Potter dld a few weoks ago whon li
entovulned ni&liop FergiiHSon at dli
ntv rlght horo on our Southorn eol
1 am u. Hcbool teachor and nm Hcpenc
ent upon teachlng for my dally brem
but I'll never teach a negro fchoo
And I waHii't b-.rn befo-o tho wur, bt
a grent muuy yoars aft'i'i but rn.v tru
lovo for the K'm h wan horn ln me, uu
IneretiseN caeli day.
Rhymes for ToDay
to'owx, ,'ii5ii?,i;itvi
THM llttlo rotl nlelffli ls a lllter of
Ah, nad aro theso hat'lU of
Tlio linnehjoine grccn hob'sled 1? covered
wlth rust,
A. uplder-web hnng*' o'er tlio filtates.
The dDj-8 thoy hirve wftlted havo not
beon a fuw,
Thelr patience hns beon without
But how can thoy Iiolp lt nnd what
'"?tt thoy do?
For, hang lt, the wlnter won't wlnt!
The, Ico-boat hag loi-t Its fli'nt youth ano
its _eut,
Tho snow-tliuo llcs crumbllng in
Tho storm-tilsliM* slcepu In tho cam
phorino chust,
The tlppot'n bcc-n ut by the moths. .,
Ah, mol Thov have walted slnco far
Tho rtason t r-carco'y n'od hlnt:
For how can men enow-sltoo and how
Ican mon sknic
When never a wjuter wlll wlntl
II. S. Ki
?t _-.-?_
Mlght Trj- Her.
A Kanoaa citv man recently wrolo to a
Inwyer ln another town of tho Stnlo nsklnn
f--i- Information touchlug tlic standlng of u
pe.ri.on thoro who owe.l tha Knnsas City In
ttlvldual u conslderable sum of money I'or a
l?nc tlme.
"'What proportv haa lio that I ooulel at
tcch?" was ono of the nuestlonx nake-d.
Thu Inwycr's reiply wuu to tha polnt.
"The person to whom vou refor." he 'Vrotej,
"(".ed a. year ago. Hc has left nothlng oub
Joc-t to uttachment c.ieept u wldow."?Tlio
Satied Heart Revlaw.
A Dlffcrent Tlilnff.
??Then Mr. Roxley didn't realiy _lv* ac
cordins to hls meansV" pald tho mlnlstor's
"No," roplled the mlnlr.tcr, "merely ac
coidlng to hlo mcanness."?-Cithollc Stand
aro and Timos.
A Matter of Custoni.
Two ladles who had not seon each othor
fo. years recently met In the street. They
recognhed each other aftor u tlmo and thelr
recognltloti was cordlul.
"So dellghtcd to see you ngaln. Why, you
aro scarcely ultorod."
"'So glud; and how llttle change-d you are.
Why, how lons Is tt slnco wo met?"
"About ten years."
"And why havo you never beon to aee
"My dear; junt look at the weather wo
havo had."-?Tit-BIt*.
I'tvlng tho Way.
?'George," oald the pretty (jlrl, "I know
yrn're nwful bashful."
Thls was portentous. wlth leap year bo
new. He blushed ussont.
"And you'd have proposed to ma except
for that?"
'fbls, too. hc wa* bound to ncknowledgi"
"Well, and I would havo nccepted," tho
went on. "and so that's settlcd."
Dlscus-lng tlio matter later she expresscd
a nutural prlde that sho had not taken any
.u'vautugo of tho season.?Phlladelphla
l edj-er.
Tlir Reason.
"Do you mean to tell me you have Ih-ed
ln thi* out-of-the-wriy placo for twenty
'That'a rlght, stranger; twenty years."
"But 1 don't sea what you flnd to keep you
"Nothlng, stranger. That's tho reason I
llke lt."?LoulBviilt- Herald.
New flu-,-.
Mr. Sottwood Cembarrassed): "Graclous*
l Jun heard somo ono sneese under the
Miss Rose: "Tes, It's Tommy. I sprinkled
icme snuff to catch hlm."?Chlcago News.
I'rearrangcd. r
Ho pulleet out tli". map and showed her
che, route of thtlr prospectlve elopement.
"And where Is tlie- place you have mark?
ed wlth a whlto star?" sho asked Inno
"That ls Cleveland. Thero wo wrltf; homu
for forgivt-ness:"
"And tho red etar. George?"
' NJagara Falls. Thero wo wrlte homo
for money to get back wlth."
Whlch shoiva that he was a far-seelng
yiung man.?-Chlcago News,
SOMEWHKRE ln Ohio a woman nlnety
sevtn years ol ago Is seeking a dlvorce
from a man 102. Yet tho newspapers
tu the vlclnago doubtless havo somethlng
io aay about tho glrlwlfe.?New York Mail
Thnt Hungnrlan nobleman who Is a hotel
Pfrteir ln, New York deservee much credlt
fov hls restralnt In the facs of hlo oppor
li'nltles.?Cleveland Ceader.
A Mltwaukeo man has eloped wlth hls
mother-ln-law. Isn't that tov.-n famous
enough ??ftochester Post-K-iprcsrf,
I-aclles, niako a bow ln tho d'.roctlon of
tuc Mllwaukea Sentlncl young man. A
Fte-nch edltor declarlng that "Amerlcan
v.rn.en ar? mostly gooso," tlio Mllwaukeean
re-plles, "A man v.-ho can't toll ducks from
gtejes haa no rlght to u Job on un enllghten-d
preu:.." A poultry fancler could a' done no
bttter.?N'ashvlllo Amerlcan.
In Norway thc longest day lnsts from May
2*4. to July 22 without Interruption. In that
country, almost any woman ought to be able
to get ready ror the theatre by commcncln^
onrly ln thc oftcrnoon.?Brlstol Herald-Cou
? ? ?
Mr. Stcdman's rcputatlon as tha bankir
poet wlll last all the longer, becauso so few
poets havo anythlng: to do wlth banks.?Bos?
ton Clobo
? * *
"Tlm" Woodrun* seemi to tblnk ho has a
' vestcd" rlght to the? vise-prenldential nom?
lnatlon.?Oni.ilia Bee. ">
- * ?
Now that wa havo rung all tha chango?
we can tl-.lnk of, wo heroby order tho Fara
giaphcrs' Unlon to deslBt from suylng Count
Ssfchenyl'a name.?New York Mall.
Rather cynlcnl ldea that women all want
to go to heaven because thoy don'r wear
tui-s ln ihe othor place.?NashvlUn Amerl?
? ? ?
Henry Wntterson refers to Senator J'eff
Duvls on "voclferoua and vacuous." The
bulk o! tiie testlmony Indlcated that ho waB
not very vartuoua durlng hls rooont utay ln
Chlcago.?(Jhlcugo Hecord-Herald.
In Ihe- Culitaet.
Mlnlstur of War: "The proposed pat.
tc-rn of bullot ls qulte without practl
cal valu.>. Tho tost proves that such
a mlssllo would glvo our soldlers no
advantago whalever,"
* Prt-mler: "Shall we t|Uletly drop lt,
Mlr.lster of State: "Why not make
forniii) ovortures to the Hague Confer?
ence, advncatlng the prohlbitlon, by
international agreement, of thls bullet,
as being unclviilzed and Inhuman?"
Prcmlor, Mitilstars of Labor, of Corn
merct;, of Agrlculturo, and others:
"Capltal! By all meana'.V
N. S.?Ho hlglily is mor*l prostlgo
now uHtfcmod by even tho greatest na.
Get a bottle ol Omei? OU ?* onc*?
and get rld of Ihit Cold in your
Head. Uneiilectcd.tW^o^^y
run Into Chronlc OtWth, ?nd ttea
J?ttreWtttbtnf?ll9i?'*M,w*?!b -
A13EAUTIFUL mhhvlnler weit
tlli'g tvns eolobratod yccterdny
iii'lii iioiiii nt o o'ctiieli, tn tiiu
home of Mr. and Mib,. Wdgar
D, 'Taylor, No. 1832 Moiiu
ment Avoiuio, when thelr tilcce, Mlss
Ida Cornellft Taylor, bocgfno thu brklo
i of Judge Jullan Mlnor Quai'los, of
I Staunton, the Rev. Hussell Ceuil, U. D.,
ot tho Second Prreby tetian Ohuroli,
bflielutlng, Halls, druwlng-rooms und
| dlniiiK-ruoiii woro in-i:ttiiy docarutoil
wlth pnlniH, Pinllnx, grov/lnrr forns,
I pink sweut pt-ns and carnn tlon*,
i u niasslng of holly on tho manU'.i
j foi'lillng nn cCfectlvc eontrnwt wlth tho
' dcllcaio Itue of the flowurs, A plHtjuv
of uweet pena was tho contropleue on
tho table, nnd bowls and vauoe of car
luitlons iilaced througlioui the vaoiw
devolopod tho pretty color sahcine.
Mlsa Mary Wtllle Smoot rtmdered a
number of beautlful seloctlona on |lie
piano and played Mendelacohn'B wed?
dlng march aa a procosslonul.
Tho brklo ontcred wlth her uncle,
Mr. 12. D. Taylor, and was met at the
ultar by tho groom and lt ls best man,
Judge S. II. Letehcr, of Lexington,
She was gowned in whlte crepo dc
chlne, trimmcd wlth duchess lace. The
folds of her vell wero caught wlth n
diamond crescont and sho carrled n
showor of llllos of the valley. She
was attended by Mlss Mamlo Taylor,
of Staunton, hor cousln nnd mald ol
honor, who was attlred In blscult.
colored gauze over whlte tafteta. wltli
a trimm.ng of gold tissue, and who
hold a great clustcr of pink swoot pens
Epfay*d wlth maidenhatr forns.
Tho rlbbon alsle through whlch the
brldal party passed was formed by
Masters Wlllic and Ncal Chnpin. Little
Misses Charlotte f-potts, of Staunton,
nnd Florence Warwlck, of tlaltlmoro,
wore flower glrls. The chlldren were
all In whlte, the boys wenrlng pink
boutonntereB, and tho glrls, whlte
llngerlc frocks and pink rlbbons, and
carrylng baskets of pink sweet peas,
A receptlon attendod by frlends and
relatlves of tho bride and Toom, and
including a large contlngjnt of RIch?
mond Boclety gavo an opportunlty for
tho offerlng or congratulatlons and tho
cutting of the brlde's cake.
Mra. Taylor was gowned tn whlte
net, ernbroldcred with pink roses und
wdrn over whito satln.
Tho- marrlage of Ms Julia "Wnlt
fleld Duvull. daughter ti Mrs. M-m B.
Duvali and tho lato Marlus Turner
Duvali, to Mr. Iviu u u,i
son of Mr. and Mrs. Wtltlani L. Bag
well, of AHhevillo, N. C took placo
at S:30 o'clock la?t evening ln the
home of ihe brldos mother. No. 410
Nortll Seventh street, tho Rev, Dr. G.
C Kolly, of Broad Street M. E, Church,
Tho parlor* were tlccorated wltl)
pal ns anl Amer . an Boa y roses.
Mendelfsohn's ?? Weddlng March" and
"O PromiKe Me" were played by Mr,
John Bascler.
Mlss Eva K. Duvali, slster of the
bride, was n ald of honor, und Mr. J.
Walton Grandy, of Newport News, wa*
the best man. Mlss Annle lleath an<l
Mlss vvoodllc Greenooou oihelated at
The bride etitered with her brother,
Mr. Rlchard Earle Duvali, who gave
her away. She wore whlte crepe de
chlne over whito taffeta, elaborately
garnltured wlth real lace. The con
vcntlonal vell was replaced by the
groom's gift, a diamond sunburst. won
ln her halr, and her flowers wero Brldi
roses and maldenhalr forns.
The mu'd of honor was ln white sllk
mull over taffeta, and -she carrled Kll
lnrney roses. The brldesmatds were
In whlte organdle, and carrled La
France roses. After a receptlon. suo
ccc-dlug the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs
Bngwell left for a. Southern tour. Thej
wlll be at home to thelr frlends aftei
February 22d. ln Ashevllle, N. C. Beau?
tlful weddlng gifts were received.
Guests from a distance were Mr. am
Mrs. Walter Wrlght, Alr. C, S. Bag
well, Spartanburg, S. C; Dr. T. C
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wllllam L. Bag
well, Ashevllle, N. C; Mlss Kate Du?
vali, Baltlmore; Mlss A. L. Duvali.
V.'ashington; Mlss Maud Colby, Dorset
Mr. and Mrs. Wulke, Phlladelphla, aiu
Mlss A. L, Burns, of Bonton.
May Get Them nt ISxcluinge.
Domlnos for the ball to bo glvon thls
evening ln Masonlc Templo, under th(
dlrectlon of MJss Rosalle Mtlnes anc1
Miss Elln Blnford, may be procuret
at the Woman's Exchange.
Patronesses and cliaperons of the
evening wlll be Mrs. \Y. L. Uoyall, Mrs
Thomas Bolllng, Mrs. Charles ShleJds
Mrs. R. G. Rennolds, Mrs. C. 0, Walker
Mrs. Thomas Stokes, Mrs. John A.
Coke, Jr., Mrs. Bruce Bowe, Mrs. Jamet
T. Rutherfoord, Mrs. Frank Hobson
Mrs. I. N. Vaughan, Mrs. E, B. Sadtlor
Mrs. Edmund Benson, Mrs. Gllbert Wel
don' and Mrs. Stuart Bowe.
Among tho young ladles Invlted an
Misses Page Royall, Elsle Llndsey
Caroline Gordon Rennolds, Cora Young
er, Bugenle Taylor, Carrle Neal, Hattli
Shlelds, Rebecca Walker, Dalsy Boy
kln, Marla Milnes, Charlotte Mlller
Rachel Urquhart, Warfield Crenshaw
Mnry Hart Crenshaw, Ellen and Bren
Witt, Ellzabeth Wheat. Julia Coggil
Joynes, Julia Grant Moore, May Moore
Ellzabeth Kent Klng, Louise Clarke
Sarah Chamberlayno, Meta Randolph
Anlta Cussen, Nell Button, Myra Chaip
bcrs, Ellzabeth Erander, Jullot Martln
Jnnie Wingo, Lucy Parke Taylur
Louise McAdams, CaroHno Armistead
Sherrard Wlllcox. Jullet Kelth,. .Kath
erlno Laneaster, Floyd Taylor, Nanoj
and Bessie Selden. Sue Spllman, B-ssh
Tompklns, Helen Lathrop, Bernari
Cocke. Allce Doylo, Avls Grant. Marj
Butlor, Roberta Trlgg and Laura Ruth
Tho german wlll be led by Mr
Thomas p. Bryan.
Aiinunl Ten.
Tha annual sllver tea of the Junloi
Hollywood Memorial A.ssoo|atJon wll
be held on Monday, from 5 to 7 P, M,
in Lee Camp Hall.
Decorations will ba In Confederati
colors, and the recelvlng party wll
Inelude Mlss Annle Gray, Mrs, N. V
Randolph, Mrs. George .A. Lyon, Mrs
Yy\ M. Wode, Mlss Annle Jacobs.. MIs:
Bessie ?1111, Mrs. C. A. Swanson. Mrs
A. J. MoiHaguo, Mrs. J. Taylor Hlly
son, Mrs. John T. Hughes, Mra. C', W
Massle, Mrs, J. XV, Whlte, Mrs. L, E
Rogera, Mlsg Jsolenc. Mosos ana Misi
Mrs. Cllfton M. Mlller and Mr. Seidei
Walko wlll take part ln tho muslca
program. Refreshrnonts wlll bs sorvoi
by a be\y of pretty glrls.
The electlon of offleers In tha, JunJo
Association was bold Tuosday at 1
A. M. (n Lee Camp Hall.
Otflcora ro-eloctod ror the onsulni
year were Mlas Annle Gray, president
Mlss Anna Boykln, flrst vlca-presldent
Mlss Carrle Kldd, second v|ce-presl
dent: Mrs. w, M, Wade, recordini
secretary; Mlas Annle Jacobs, corro
sponding ecerotary; Mlss Bessie IIII
Mrs. Norman V.Banclolph |p honorar
prc-Hldont of tho association,-und Mn
Gtoreo Lyon Is honorary vlce-presl
Mu.ileul Tea.
Mrs. Cllfton M. Mlller gfive an ln
formal muslcal nt her new homp, N(
216 East Grace Street, yesterday aftei
iiooh to u number of her frieuclB wli
Avniversary Suits and Coats at Extra Low Prices
Suits worth $19.00 for .;.$t_.g8
Suits woi-tli $i'5.ob for .$10.00
Suits worth $25^00 for ., .$16.98
:'.,., ?*i"00 values for.,.$2.50
$5.00 vaiucs for. .$3.50
, Faulkner & Warriner Co., S?|/fL_
?*fc******"aiM_!___*____*** ?? ?__aesgggssgfeggy?_ ? p?i an 11 ?!???? n I, ?,?
-________________ __ ? ____?_?_? ,____.. . I ,,--,-- , tm j__SES-S???????>?.s^s^^S.
(Copyrlght. 1907. by tSmmtnska Orcs-y. all rlghts roservcd.)
QHAPTBB XIX.?Coullnuctl.
Slmple-mln'ded and loyal to tho core.
ho had a horror of any treaehery
ngalnnt hia friend. No other coniild
crntlon would ever have prompted hlm
to Joln ln an untlerhand HChonia wlth
the Spanlsh Cardlnal, nayr* hls own
eurneat fnlth In tlio ultlmate good
Whlch would accure therefrom. both
to the countiy ut' large and to Wce
sox hlmself. Wlth hls whole heart
ari_ soul he belleved that, at thls
moment, tho Duke's marrlage wlth
Ladv Uruulu Glynde would be nothlt. g
short of a natlonal calamity.
Rcluctantly, he Bat down to the
board at lust. Hls Emlnence, opposlte
to hlm, waa shodlng hls face wlth hls
dollcato whlte hund. aml nt flrst scetn
cd nbsorbed In the Intrlcucles ot tllt;
game. Two sorvltora wtro atlll btisy
about the room. Ono Of them asked If
Hi' Emlnence.' would doslrc more llght
But the Cardlnal jroferred the flt
ful fllcker of a few wax-tapera, Ho
Ilked the fantastlc ehadows whlch left
the greater part of tho vast chamber
In Kloom. Lord Everlngham was a
noted and .very proflclent playor: Hls
Kmlnencei was enjoylng the .game
"Check to your king, my lord Cardl?
nal." sald tho young _r.*r]tnhman at
"Only a tomporary check, you nee.
my lord," rejolned Hls Emlnence, as
wlth slcnder, taperlng flngers he
moved one ot the Ivory ploees on the
board. "By the help of thla llttlo
pawn, tho nafoty or the wholo eornbl
nutlon ls assured. and 'tls your knlght
now whlch ls In serlous danger."
"Not serlous, I think, your Emlnence.
and onco moro chccit to your king."
Even ua he spoke, the two sorvllors
flnally left the room. closlng; tho hcavy
doors nolselessly behlnd them. .
"Oh!" i-ald the Cardlnal thoughtfully
"thls wlll nece.c.sltnte a bolder move er.i
my part. You mark, my son," he ad
tlod as soon as he had made a mo\-e,
"how beautlfully Naturo herself plays
Into our hunds: yoti and I deslred to
part Ills Grace of Wessex effectually
and forevcr from hls beautlful ufflanc
c-d bride. Two hours ago thls scetned
Imposslble, and Io:?aglrl comes ucross
our path, low-born. bralnlc*_. probably
a wanton. yet tho very physlcal count
erpart of vlrtuous Lady Ursula, and
"Check." sald Everlngham drlly. as
he moved hls cnstie.
"'Nay! nay! wt-'ll onco more move
thls llttle pawn,'" rejo'ned Hls Emin
once, wlth bls usual pleasant benevo
lence, "and see how slmplo the plan
""Tls of that plan I lorgt-d to hear.'
"Ho you shall, my son. so you shall."
said tiie'Cardlnal very klndly. "What
v.-ould you whib to . :iow?"
"Thls glrl Mlrrab.?where ls she?"
"In Don Mlpuel de Suarex's roon-f-.
dresslnir hernelf In qualpt flnery. cr>I
lected for the purpose by my falthful
sei-vant Pasauale, who hns *? valuable
remale friend I" the Oueen'n own en
tourage, A sllk klrtle. rlch whlt?
robes. some fantl'tlc ornaments for trus
hair, nnd the llkenens "twlx our Mlrrah
and thc h'gh-born Lady Ursula wlll be
more strangely apparent lhati ever.
Vour turn to move. my lord. I *ray
you el'i not lose- the thread of thls In
tere-otlng game."
"'Tls ewy enough to loso oneself In
the mazes of your Emlnence's dloto
rnacy" eiuotli llip young i?nn nnxlou*
ly. "Havlng dn-ssed the glrl up ln all
that finery, what do you nropote to
Hls Hmlnence was sllent for awh'le:
he seenied iibnorboel In an e 1?rj -
I orate stratosIc.il combinatlon. dlrect?I
agalnrt his ppnQtient'a king- Then he
moved hls oue?*n rlght ncrosn the board
anrl -ald eiuletly:
"What do I pronose to do, my lord*!
Onlv wlth tw- nlel of lhat diplomacy
whlch you Enp'Nli affe-ct to il*<wt*'o
contrlve that Ht?* Grue.-e of W0B8-"*-"*
should Hc-e a ladv?whom . hu w'll
r-aturnlly mlstnke for the- Ladv Ursuln
Glvnde?ln a hlghly coninromMng Bit.
u?tIon, and tlic love Idyll bPgun tlilr
afternoon wlll abruptly end to-nlght.'
"But how?";
"Ali, my lord! surely w? mu?t tru?t
Chance a llttle. Tbe flckle Jado hath
aer*""d ui Well already." ?
"I'll noi allow a nurp womo-i's renu
tatlons to b<> "ullled. by nnv dasta*-.!!v
trlck . . ." began EverltiKhnm lmtlv.
"Prav mv lord, -what I* your defl-M
t'on of a da?tnrdly t'lck?" rejolned TT|<
Emlnence ""I'avoly. "lu lt the use made
by. a nolltfcul onoonent of everv
means. fair or foul. to aecomnllsh lil<
own almB. whlch ho consldTK i*reat
and Ju*t. or ls It the wo*-k of a ft-le-ne!
?nn Inttmnto, conMdenMal friend?
loinlng 1psup fnr tbe Uke purpose
Nay. nny. understnnri me. my deni
lord." he ndd-d. \vltli an Inflnlty ol
ge-ritle k*ndl'ness expre?spd In th?
almost pnternal tone of hls voice.'
" 'twas not I. remembT. ivho evei
thontr'-t to blame you. Vour nlms nne!
ambltlons nrp as selfloss ?.s my own
for the monie-nf our purnose 1? the
pame. Wlll you honor nii? bv allnwlnc
me to show you the way of attalnlno
that purpo'e. nulckiy and surelv? I'l'
not as){ you to lend ma a hnnd. 1
would -rindlv have ke>nt from you the;
knowlei'g-- of my own lnt"[cnte> dln'o
mnpy. Why shnuld you f?nr for tli*
Lady Ursula? Is her reputatlon ln youi
I oyes of greuter momuni than the aur
Iceag of your schemea7?yours und al
your factlon, remembcr." alt
'Ahl there you have me, my lord'
i rejolned Everlngham wlth a slgh. ''All
I England la at ono wlth ujln? im?
ing deHro to sou Wesse* &dded "''
our Queen. But tips ls where youi
dlplomuoy eseapes me. One- Wessei
he wlll. we hope, naturally turn to th'
Queen, who Jpves hlm passlonattdv,
'of<his-pleCcesCk! ha ad^ movlng 0n*
'sh'i'^s n?*UkKa fflyftXhJt* *$&
dlnal Intontly studylng the board.
As for mo. you see 1 aecm to mo?
my pawns somewhot almleusly Vof
tho nioment. T wlsh to part lim arace
of We.?sux from tho Lady Ursula
after that?-we shall see.'' ' *
Everlngham was sllenu A trulv blt.
ter confllct was rn^lng ln hla Btmple
hearL Loyalty to his frlend, love for
his country. and an overwhoirnlm
anxlcty for Ito welfaro, cried out loud?
ly wlthln him. The vory thought of,
meeting- Wessex face to faco al thls
moment was tcrrlble to hlm. and y?t
he would not undo what he had
already done. and would not thwart
tho Spanlard's tortuous schemes by bs
traylng them to the Duke.
Tho purposo whlch ho had ln view
bllnded hlm to everythlng save tho
hopo of its ultlmate acliievement At
thls momept ho felt that, lf Wcsiet
shared Mary Tudor'a throne wlth her,
so much thal was great and good
would come to England thereby that
nll petty conslderatlons of tomporarv
dlsloyalty, or tho reputation of one
Innocent woman. would qulckly vanlsii
Into Inslgnlflcance.
Tlio very foellr gu of remoree and of
shanie whlch he was exporlenclng nt
thls moment strengthened hlm ln hi?
falth. for he was sufferirg keenly and
ucutely to the very depttis of his hon
est heart. and he ii..a"lned thnt be wan
oariilng a crown of martyrdotn there?
by; he bellevcd that by' trampling on
his own perjudicos aud JcopardlzlnK
his friendshlp wlth the man he loved
and honored best ln all the world. n'O
wns addliiK to the caune. whlch ho held
to be sae-red, tho uddltlonal lustro of
Ills Emlnence no doubt Unew al!
thls. Wlth his Intlmate knowlfidg" of
the folbles of manltlnd, he found tt an
easy task enough to prob* the Inncr
thoughts of the trnnsparent ioul be?
fore hlm. Ha dlvlned the young man'.'i
doubta and feara, the buttl- --m
wlthln hlm b'etwlxt an ab?truse polltl
i cal alm. and IiIm own upright naturc.
I The Eririie was contlnued ln sil.-nce
| Lverlnphnm's rtato of mlnd beltijr e'\
I pressecl ln the one bltter sfgh:
"AhJ I go away wlth h heavy heart,
fe'Hpg thnt I have holped to commlt ;i
The Cardlnal looked benevot^ ntl
cnrnpa^sl-ipate. At heart be was moro
than plad to thlnk that thls blunderlng
Englli-hman dou'd be well out r.f thu
wav. Could he have for^-en the mar
vollous turn by whlch F te meint to
nld hl:n tn his trtrlgue. he would never
hnve made ovrtures to so clum-?v atv
nlly as Lord Everlngham. But nt the
tlmo he had been drtven ln a corner.
through the furlous Jealousv eif tho
Ouecn. who had well-nlgh Vtagcrered
Ills Emlnence then dld not know
how. to act. For tho flr?t tlme ln hla
llfe h'? had been eompletelv outwltted
' by the event* whlch h?* Hm-elf had
ilhalppd to br'ng about. They h(>d shan
?-l themselves ln exact o->no.?lt!on to
I bu lteenost exooctntlons. How to nart
! Wes?ex from Lady Ursula. wlth whont
I-'hls volatlle Grace was probably bv
? jthen more than half In love, becam-j
;inn almost Inpolvnhle problem.
i Tho Ouee^'s ultlmatum was almost a
?', fint. His Eminepce saw blmielf ahd
? Ihis retlnue iRnominiourly quitUng tlie
I Engllsh Court, and returnlng?baffleil.
vanoui.v-hed, humbled?to the throne of
i, nn Infurlated monarch, who never for
, gave nnd nlwnvs knew how to ptinlsh.
. [ ln dc=nalr the Cardlnal had turned
i to an al'y. He knew that Ills Graco
?iwas qulte Inaccesslhle. Towards all
the forelgn ambassadors the Duko of
; We'spx was always onpeonced behind
,Ja baTler of unbendnble hauteur and
of frlgld resorve. It would have been
impossible to attack tbe lady of h|s
cholce openly. and ln offTlng blB own
heln to Everlt'Kham. His Emlnenco
vppuely boped to arrlve at aorne halt
bbidpn myterv. a s^crdB perbaps ln
His Grnce's llfe whlch ?would havo
helned him to strlke ln the dark.
Then Fate Interporedt exnctlv ton
m'nutfs too l?te. ar-d when the Cardl
na) had alrradv saddIBd bim?elf wlth
nn over-"crupulou?. vacUlntlng. ultra
i hnpest ally. He c?u'd not now throw
i hlm over wlthout ondangerIr.gr tbo"Ruc,
! cess of his own schemes. and tbereforo
j brought all his pow?Ps of dls'Imuln
tlon 'nto plnv. to effTtually hlde tho
Imnntlenee whlch he felt.
Thn entrance^ nf Don Mtguel, Marqula
de Suarez. cr>?ated n d'version.
"Ah. my dear >farqulF." said His
Emlnenco wlth a slgh of rell'f, "your
arrjval ls mn^t opportune. T pray you
h"lo me to persunde Lorti F,verlng?-am
that we nre not sch?mlng b'nek
tr^oehery against ,Hls Graco of. Wes
(To be Contlnued To-Morrow.)
dropped ln to partake of a cup of tea
wlth her and have the pleasure of
hearing somo of the Ilnest vocallsts
and Instrumentallsts ln Rlchmond.
Tho afternoon was mosi onjoyable.
For Se-holarslilp I'miil.
A Japanesa tea wlll be glven on Sat?
urday, from 5 to 7 P. M., at No. 14
"West Maln Street, for tho scholarshlp
fund of the Klndergarten Alumnao As?
soclatlon of Rlchmond.
The receptlon comirrlttoe wlll be "Mlsa
Allco N. Parker, MI?h ' Jane Ruther
foord. Mrs. Rlchnrd Meade, Mra. L. R.
Dashlell, Mrs. Archer and Mrs. B. B;
Repllei .Asked For.
Offlcera and members of tha dl
roctory board of the Assoclatlon for
tho Preservatlon of Virglnia An
tlqultles are rcquested to forward re
plles to tho correspondlng secretary
of the assoolatlon nnswerlng notlces
of thelr electlon sont out by her.
Stpy-at-Homc Club.
The Stay-at'Tiome Whlst Club met
thls week wlth Mrs. Wal'or K. Martin,
of No. 24 Shafer Street,
Tha hlghest score was made by Mrs,
S. W. Travcrs and Mr- W. R. Ran?
dolph. The club moets noxt weak
wlth Mlss ? Jana Rutherfpord, at No.
9 82 Woat Grnco Street,
I'eisoiiiil Mentlon.
Mlss Marla Watklns Is vlsitlng the
MIsses Conwuy, at No. 304 West Grace
Street. V
Miss Lanehorne, of Portsmouth, ls
the guest of Miss Sarah Chambarlayne
at No. 009 Park. Avenue.
Mr. Charles T. Norman, left Wednes?
day for New York to attend the Na?
tlonal Advertlsora' convention, held ui
tho Waldorf-Astovla.
Mlss Jean Barhett, wlio loavea Nov
Iqlk to-tlay tor Italy, ? was guwt u
honor at a card party glven Tuesday
aftornoon by Mlss Ellzaboth Clements,
of Olney Road, Norfolk.
Hon. Jullan Eryant. of Now Castlo,
ls spendlng a-J'ow days In Rlchmond.
Mrs. J. L. Stephens lu vlsitlng frlends
In ITarrlsonburg.
Mlss Elsle Lindsoy attended a dance
glven .Monday evenlng at Masonlc/
Temple, Norrolk, in honor of thelr
debutanto daughter.
Mlos Josephlne Woodson ls vlsit?
lng MIsses Gay nnd Ruby Keller,' of
South Sarntoga Street, Suffolk.
Mrs. Wllllam H. Whlte is spendlng
a few days In Norfolk.
Llttle Miss Keets Martin, tbe daugh?
ter Of Unlted States Senator and Mrs.
Thomaa S. Martin, who is apendln*
the wlnter with her grandparentB.
Colonel and Mrs. Fenton Pay. of
Smlthfiold, colebrated hor twelfth
btrtliday on Tuesday afternoon.
i ??" "-? . ? ...??_
f?$ ^**&V_of lettcn
?C. STOMACH tPw dirjng thc
of letter*
past 54 years
Iproving that the
Bitters can ciirt
Poor A.ipetite,
Chills, Colds,
. Costiveness
and Malaria.'
Try it to-day,

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