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High Prize in Day's Fcattire at
City Park Capturcd by thc
Ridcr. Three Winners and One
Second?Angelus Beats Sally
. Nelson in Close Finish.
NEW ORLBANS. January 22.?Tho
Tulnno selllng stakc, worth a llttle
ovor $1,000 to tho winner. wus cap?
turcd at City Park to-day by Temaceo,
tho favorite. At tho otretch, Angelus
und Sally Preston wero In the lead, out
Temncoo pacsed them'without effort.
Angelus got the place by a neok.
Jockoy Nottor rode tlirce wlnnora and
one see-ond Weather clear; track
rnuildy. Summarlca:
l'lrst race?tlirec furlongs?Cunn'nB
(3 to l) flnit, Nasturtla (6 to 1) second,
Mrs. Hewall (? lo 1) third. Tlme, :38.
Heconel race?seven furlongs?Lord
. Lovot (19 to I) Ilrst, No Quarter (10
to 1) sorond. Halbard (S to 1) third.
Tlme. 1:33 3-5,
Third race?slx furlongs, selllng?
K. T. Shlpp (I to 1) flrst, Apple Tod-ly
(12 to I) second. Socond Rustlc (7 to
1) third. Tlme*. 1:19 2-5.
Fourth race?mlle; the Tulane ?ell
Ing stulce?*?Tcmnceo (7 to 2) flrst, An
ge-luii (15 to l) second. Sally Preston
<12 to I) third. Tlme. 1M6 1-5.
Flfth race?slx furlongs. hand'eap?
Lens (I to 1) flrst, Al. Muller (6 to 2)
necond. Tllelng (7 to 5) third. Tim-J,
1:18 2-5.'
Slxth race?mlle and an elghth, sell
Ing-r-Ivanhoe (5 to 2) Ilrst, Terns Uod
(10 to l> second, Bcsterllng (2 to 1)
third. Time. 2:01 3-5.
Jeickcj* ritib Coit-n-ltter- Lookn Ovci
lMnnt Ucfore Dnlm Are Allotted.
BALTIMORE. MD.. Januarj. 22,?
Samuel Howland. Joseph E. Wld'nci
and Henry J. Morrls, the commlttee
.ippolnteil by tho Jockey Club to lool<
over the- course at Plmllco and make
recommendntlons as tu the conduct ol
racing by the Marvland Jockey Club
under thc- eharf*'- of President Wllllarr
M. Manley, were taken out to the
hllltop track to-day, where they made
a thorough ex.imlnatlon of the plant
' and wlll rtport to the Jockey Clul
?what, If any. cliangen are needed t<
put the course In condltlon to satls
fy tho rerjulrements of tho Jockey Clul
nnd the Nmional Hunt and Steeple
chnme A-?*;oclatlon.
No dfltes have as yet b-^en allotted ti
the Marvland Jockey Club for iti
sprlng m^etlna;. At thc last sciislnn o
the Jockey Club ln New York afTair
nt Plrtllco were undor dlscusrlon. wltl
the result that the dates were tempor
arlly held un, and a commlttee ap
poirited to investigate ard report a:
tn tbe situatlon In Baltimore. Thi
Mxrylnnel .Tickev Club has rcce-lyed ni
officlal Information as to tiie crlticlsm:
*Tiade and tho ehanges detnanded.
It Is understood. however, tha
charires have boen mnde that tho plnn
at Plmllco Is not un to date. und tha
generallv tbe conduct of raeint-- then
doe-s- not men'ure un to the slnndan
-evhlch thc Joclc>>y Club sets for lt
n< lf. It is clalnied that the pur?o
are too small, and tbnt the assocla
Tlon has not been llberal enough In it
dealjngs with the horsemen. Th
course ard lt" convenk-ne?\s have al?'
been crltfcl?s*d. It has been clalm*-.
that the* wtabllne: ls Inadenuate. Tb
*-teenIecba?e cour?e. too, ln Rald rtr,
to meet the reaiilrempnts of the ru.le?
aml rb.-inges wlll probably be recom
me-nded ln lt.
Munnfe-r. on IIN Wtif fo Cnllfornlr
Mrins Over rt Snllnbury.
[Spt-cial tu The Tlmes-DIspitch.l
SALISBURY. N. C, January 23.?I
u. walking contcst from New York t
Pan Franclsco. Benjaniln Oilanster,
professlonal walker of the former clts
reached Pallsbury yesterday, and spen
last nlght here.
He- ls walking from New.York to tli
Paclflc coast by way of New Orlean
in elghty days, and t-xpects to reac
hls dest'nation n llttle uhead of tlme
JrTe left liere this mornlnf? for Char
lotte, forty-four mlles souUi of Salli
bury, whicli he calls a short walk.
Sporting Letters.
Tlic Knorllng edltor of Tbe TIhicm
"Olxputcti wlll gladly uuswer ia the*e
coliiiiuiH nny iiuentlun reB'trdlns;
Hport'.ns mattrrs. C"onimunIcntlons
op kliortlnK nubjccU "IH olao br
prinleil. und coiiiin?-nt? will be mnde.
jtildrcu* SportlnK Edltor. Tlnies-Pla
January 23d in the AnnaIs,of Sport. -
1801?Joseph F, Donoghuo, world's champ)6n amateur skalar, arrlvad at
New Y/ark after sueeassful ta,n- <t Europe.
1803?At Buffalo?Brnntford (Ont.) Curlliig Club defeated CMedonlanB In
Intornatlonal curllng mntoh for Klrfcovor trophy.
1903?At eacramento?Davo Barry dofeutod Charlos Frcdorlcks ln ton
1004?At Phlladolphln-j-Tommy Murphy and Tommy Lovo fought bIx
rounds; no declslon,
1008?At Now Vork?Matty Baldwln knockod out Eddlo Daly In flrst
1007? /Ltv-nnd Jtinotlon,..Tenn.-Pr -m Wb'tpstone won natlonal cham?
plonship otake of the United States fleld trlals.
Probable That He May Be En?
gaged Unless Dexter Can
Bj Secured.
fSpcelnl to TheTlmea-Dlspatch.1
LYNCHBURG, VA? January 22.?Vlc?
tor Accorslnl, the well-known local
ballplayor, haa returned from Danvllle,
tvhcre ne had been In consultatlon wlth
. the ownors of the Danvllle team in
| tho Virginia League'ln an cffori tn
! seoure tho posltlon of mannger for
, that team for the coming season. The
i Danvllle management has been hope
Iful or securlng Doxtor, formorly of Au
gusta. ln the South Atlantlo League,
ns manager, but " h? <Ioes not B00r'
I close, lt ls eaid, Accorslnl has a flne
i prospecta of securlng thls berth, pro
, vldlng he can arrange to sccuro his
l rJksc from Norwlck, of the Nutmep
jBrate League, whero he ls under reser
vatlon for thls yenr.
Mr. Accorslnl. after his many ycar*
of professlonal baseball experlence, l(
confldent that wlth an oven break bt
should do well In the Virginia League
as a manager as well as player, It
han been the fteneral verdlct that Dan?
vllle was not'especlally strong at flrst
base last season, but wlth Accorslnl
covering ithat posltlon the team would
bc strengtheneded. as he has boen for
several seasons one of the leadlng
flret-basemen of the Connecttcut
League. and would, no doubt, add
strength to the Danvtlle team.
Autruntn Team Uonsrht by Clttsenn
f.'on-pnnr, and Dexter to Moiibkc.
AUGUSTA. GA., January 52.? Th<
Augusta baseball club. including fran
chlse, all players under contract anc
other holdlngs, was purchascd by r
cltlzens' stock company, c&pltallzed a
15,000, this evening from Carr & Steln
Chas. Dexter, wanted by Danvllli
and New Orleans, was notlfled that lu
ls undor contract nnd wlll tn- orderci
to report ln a few dayr. He wlll bi
made manager. Thls completes pre
poratlons by the six clubs ot the Soutl
Atlantlc League for 1008.
Good Flnyitig ln Lnst Half Taken tlu
finme from the Freoliincn.
j f^peclitl 10 Tho 'iln)e*-Di?pdicn.]
WAKE FOREST. N. C, January 22.
The flrst game of the luterclass basket
hall serles was played to-nlght In th'
presence of a large crowd between th<
sophomores and freshmen. In the tlrs
half the frc&hmeu led by the soore o
5 to 3. but by fast paaslng and han
ploylng the sophomores won ln th
"econd half by a score of 11 to IC
The features of the game were goa
ti'owlng by Allan and Corrlck. fn
tbe sophomores, and H. Whlte and P
Whlte, for the. freshmen. LIne-up:
Sophomores?Corrlck. centre; Danleh
?Ijfht forward; Allen. left forward
Wllllamson. rlght guard; Freeman, lef
Freshmen?Wlllls. centre; P.. Whltt
-ight forward; H. Whlte, left forward
Hlglismith, rlght guard r Sawj'er, lef
guard. _. . .
I.OOK List of Kntrlfft for Pehrunry Cou
ttntH?Tbln Wcek*? KventH.
More than iwenty men have alread
ontered for the utbletlc-contcst sched
uled for the night of Pebruary lst I
the Y. M. C. A. Gymnaslum.
Next Saturday's events will be
rclay race. dips on tbe parallel bar
and standlng broad Jump. To-nlgh
the varlous baskethall teams wlll plaj
The Deltas now lead tho league, hav
ing won four games and lost onl
Contt-H<H Ilcttvcen Sallluf; Ynohts nn
Autoniohlle UonlK to De I'riilure.
LIMA, January 22.?The Unlon Clul
of Callao, has arranged a serles of re
guttas. whlch wlll include contests be
tween salllng yachts and automobll
boats, beglnning February 23d, ln honc
of the Amorlcan fleet, whlch wlll b
hero about that tlme,
The chlef of pollco at. both Calla
and Lima are organlzlng. special squncl
of Engllsh-speaklng pollce, whlch wl
be on duty durlng the stay of. th
_jAiperlcans In thls clty.
AU good* guaranteed under
tho Pure Food Law and
Drug Act
Do not spend your money for compounded or
rcctified goods, when for thc same money you can
get the etraight artlcle.
Look for the Pure Food Guaranteo whlch yoa
wlll flnd on all our goods, it meana much to you.
You buy dlrect when you order from na. We are
wholesalo distributors to the customer, and guar
antee' eatlsfaction, or money refutwled. Gooda
shippedin neat plaln packagea, express chargea
prepaldat prices namod. Write for special whole.
na'.o prices in bulk lots. Booklot, complete 11st and
full information mailcel on reejue-st, Onllstnamed
below, we make good lossea and brcakoge.
4 qts.
Weatover (best the world over).$3.10
(Free pint Saslc of Oid Apple J?!c, wilh Cnt order Wenover)
El Maize (old corn whltwey).......2.60
Donald Kenny Malt Whiakey (medlctnal) 3.25
Blue Ridge (Va. Mountaln).4.00
Huron River Rye, extra, flne (bottled ln
Dr. LeBarron's Buchu Gin (medlclnal).. 3.40
Kelly's Royal Corn (the flnest),... ... 3.85
Kelly' Copper Dlstilled (bottled ln bond) 3.20
Kelly's Medicinal Malt (bottled in bond) 3.90
Mies Tempting (finest Maryland ryo).... 4,50
*l gal. 5-yoar-old Ky. Rye
1 gal. 5-year-old N. C.i Corn
,1 gal. Holland Gin
1 gal. Extra Fine 8herry
1 gal. Porto Rico Rum
1 gal. Extra Good Port Wine
1 gal. 4-year-old Maryland Peaoh Brandy. .$2.85
1 gal. 4-yoar-oId Va. Apple orPeach Brandy 2.85
3 Gallons Old N. C. Corn.i...,. 6.00
3 Gallons.Old Kentuoky Ryo............6.00
3 Gallons Fine Gin. 6,00
3 Gallons Apolo or Peaoh Brandy ...,,..,,. 6.00
4J_ Gallons of elther abovo,................. 9,co
AH orders west of Mlaslsslppl, add BO oents addltlonal for each
4 ciuarts, except Kelly's Copper Dlstilled (bottled in bond) on wnlch
for orders outslde of Virglnia, the Carollnas, Maryland and
Dlstrlct of Columbla, add 60 cents for 4 uuarts, $1.06 for 8 quartf
and $1.30 for 12 quartd.
Carrying charges on frelght orders 1/3 less than above extra
___1 fl.V-'fl R
The Phi!.G. Kelly Co., Inc SfffiSfflS FmeLiquors
MUB.Mt- Loc?l ad Long Diitw-g Phone* 1353 lkkBwl,Yt. .
Fast Ridlng by Holbrook, Root
and Moran Places Monroe and
Morgan at Di^advantage.
KANSAS CITY, MO., January 28,?A
torriflc sprint in the six-day blcyclo
race to-day, started by Holbrook and
takon up flrst by noot arid thcn by
Moran, resulted In tha losa of a lap
by Monroo, placlng Monroe and Mor?
gan four laps behind the other flve
teams. The score at 6:30 to-nlght, or
at tho end of the twontleth hour, was
411 mlles and six laps for all tho
teams , except Monroe and Morgan.
At 10:30 P, M? when the raccs cloaed
for the dny all Jhc tenms had coverod
?93 mllca and 10 laps except Monroe
and Morgan, who had made 492 m lee
ofid 8 laps. Monroe and Morgan were
outclassed ln the fast sprlntlng to
i. ?
Tbose at L'nUerntty Praetlclug- foi
George Wanhlngton Ganiea.
[Special to Tbe Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
22.?Virglnla's lintrles for the George
Washlngton Indoor games Baturday
took advantage of the Ideal weathei
and had a good work-out ln the oper
thi3 afternoon. The showJng made bj
ihe mlle relay team was espoclallj
Katlsfuctorj', the men making very cred
Itable tlmo.
The team wlll run ln the foltowlnf
order Saturday: Rector, DavJdson
Goodwin, Thurlow and Ford. Only oni
of these?Rector?was a member o
lost yoar's quartet, whlch defeatee
. Hopkins and George Washlngton. Thi
Utm\ Is regardod as exceedingly fast
but not as fast, perhaps, as it woult
have been had such runners as Butler
Hcnakor. Zlmmer. Maroury and Waplee
all of whom, are tn college. come ou1
Tor tho team. Rector and Ashby ar<
ontered ln the nprlnts, and Rector
Thurlow, Goodwin. Ford and Davldsot
ln the quarter and half-mlle. Graj
and possibly Harwood wlll competi
In the mlle. Martln. Charrngton am
Itandolph are down for the pole vault
hlgh Jump and flfty-yard hurdle.
, Western Track Monageni Dlncuan Pros
j i pcctM of SuTiiiner McetloKs.
i CHICAGO, January 22,?Men proml
, I nent ln the management of Wester:
11 racc-tracks met here to-day to discus
. the raclng outlook for 1908. Thos
present at the meetlng were Loui
Cella. John H. Madigan, Dan Stuar
and John Condon.
It was announced that no effort woul
*e made to bold a meetlng at Ho
Springs, Ark., this year. A forty-da
meetlng wlll. however. be held at For
Erle, and w'U open on July 27th.
Mr. Condon. who Is heavlly fnter
estcd In race-tracks around Chlcagc
said that raclng here was a dead Issu
i aud he had not even consldered the ad
visabilltv of attemptlng to hold an
race meetlnge.
John D. to Play Gulf.
AUGUSTA, GA.. January 22.?John l
Rocktfeller and famlly arrlved her
to-day, to remaln throughout the win
ter season. Mr. Rockefeller expect
to devote much of his tlme to golf.
Here and There
in the Legislature
AT a jolnt sesslon of the Senai
and House Commlttees on F
nance last nlght In the hall <
the House of Delegates. tl
heads of many educatlonal tnstuutior
In the State told of their needs for tl
next two years.
Senator George B. Keezell, of tl
Senate Financo Commlttee, preslde
and Dr. Edwln A. Alderman, presldei
of the Unlverslty of Virginia, was tl
flrst speaker. Ho presented the clal
of his Jnstitutlon eloquently, and a:
guod that the amount he asks ls, absi
lutely necessary.
Dr. J. L. Jarman. president of tl
State Female Normal School at Farn
vllio, followed and made a plea fi
the school.
Dr. Paul B. Barringer, president i
the Virginia Polytechnlo Instltute, a|
peared for his lnstltutlon, and othi
offlclals lnterested ln varlous schoo
made speeches. The comtnltteo toc
all the requests under advlsement, ai
wlll report upon them later on.
THER.E wlll be a jolnt meetlng
the Commlttee for Ccrurts of Ju
tlce of the- Senate and House
the State Corporatlon Comml
slon courtroorh. Saturday morning
10 o'clock to conslder the propositli
of creatlng a new ludlctal clrcuit
be known as the Thlrtleth, Includlt
Bedford and other countles.
Tho Commlttee on Insurance ai
Bankhg of the House ba* postpoiv
flnnl hcaring on tbe Willlams anl
compnet bill until Monday afternoi
at 4 P. M.,and has set the nrcmer
rellef bUl for conslderatlon at t
same tlmo.
Prominent vlsltors nt the Capit
yesterday Were Hon. Henry Fairfa
of Loudoun: Hon. S. Gordon Cummln
of Hampton; former C'ongressmi
Wllliam A. Young. of Norfolk: Jud
D. Gardlner Tyler. of Wllllamsbur
Judge Walter A. Watson. of Nott
way, and Mr. James V, Trohy, clerk
tho courts of Norfolk clty.
ON. JOHN J. OWEN, of Prln
Edward, presented ln tho Hon
yesterday, nn lnterestlng b
which ls fully explained ln. t
followlng intervlow given by hlm
the subject:
"The bll] I Introduced to-flny po
cernlng the nonointnierit of a dal
and food commlssloner, I conslder
grfnt Imnortarce to tho enttre Stato.
"The twn maln ob1ect? of the b
nre to ui"\vide snfogunrds against t
adulteration-'of all food stuffs and
fo-tP" tbe diary lnterests throughc
tho State.
"Virginia ' h?s been 'oon?Mfrefl 1
ynnnv vears the duiiinlng g-nnnrl 1
fidultpvate.l foods drlvrtii frnni otl
States. NotwItbHtafdlng th* fact tl
ahl? State. bas rntural aclvaptnsrps, t
enual of anv Stato ln the TTnion ?
tbe productlon of dalry producti, f
State ts mircha'intr from other Stn
bv far i*<* mn'orltv of such nrndu<
Of thetOO.flOO.OOn iinnndN 0f coum
butter mado ln thls Stute a very lm
nronortlon nf lt Is- sent to vonovatl
butter, factorles nt prtcos rapglnjr tr.
10 to 10 centi- por nound nud Khipi
bnc-k to us and sold for 25 ootits i
"ln othor Stntes wlth annroni'lnt'c
rangintr f'om S10.000 to *!t0 000, S2 i
cont. of tamnlc?s of fonq\w?rn found
bo adii'teroteo whon tho law wa* fl
epforced. , Tbri?o years later, 10 ?
qe?t waa iound," '
Men's and Young
Men's Tailor-Made
=Suits _===
Commoner Says Capttalists Ridi
culed His Silver Theory, but
Gra^-ed at Certlficates.
KASHVILLB, TBJ-fN., January 22
W. J. Bryan tounded out a. very bus
day ln Nashvllle wlth an address be
forc a monster audlence at the Kyma
i , Auditorlum. Ho wa.- accompanled b
, I llon. Judson Harmon, who aluo spok
brielly lo-nigl.t.
Uurlng tiie mornlng Mr. Bryan an
Judge Harmon made Infornial call
on urovcruor Patterson and otuer Stat
olllclais. Whllo at the Capltol ftl
Bryan brleily addressed a meeting c
the Public School OincerH' Assuclatloi
After leavlng the Capltol the vioitoi
were tendered an Informal roccptlo
ut thc Blks Club.
Silver und Certlflcates.
Mr. Bryan tn hls speech to-night too
occaolon to say that the ldea u.at proi
perity was an Inevitame rosuit ot IC<
pubiican ascendancy and admiuistratij
hucl buen ruoeiy expioded ln tho mi
lew months, ana comrasu-d the ndicu.
heaped upon nls aavocacy ot the siive
douar Wlth tne prayertui anxlety wit
wh.ch capltailuts had so recenti
grabbed tor cleanng house certihcatc
rle did not biame fresldcnt Hoosevu
for the panlc. but acored tho mivs ar
thelr extcutorfl, who would compel U
peopio '"to stand and sluver every tur
a wall Street gumbter got coid." *H
contended that the Democrats everj
where are unlted, wh.le tne ilepubi
cans are divided, and the raliroad r?.t
uiators, the tariff ret'ormers, the advt
cates of arbitratlun between cupit:
and labor and the -trust bustere" ar
he sald, ln an overwlieitning majorit
.Now Ou ISeiuul Terms.
Mr. Harmon ln hls speech said:
"We are now irce once more to g
before tno p-.ople on e-quat terms wit
our convctitort*. And wo si.a.l gal
tjor loie according aa the policles w
y' propose shali att.-act or repCi the coj
'tlndence of the people. 4
" **I believe the great standard lde*
,"|of Democracy wero never more attra>
ejtlve to the people than they are ti
lie then went into a dtscussion t
the tarllf, and on that questlon, .
part, sald:
"I believe thc peopio at large a:
sufferlng more from the exnclions i
tho tariff than from any other slng
cause. The favored lnteivs.ti were pe
s|mltted. as cverybody knows to wrl
the varlous clauaes In the Dlngky la
to sult themselves, and they were n
at all stlr.gy about It elther. Tht
contributions had won the electlon, ai
they were onjoylng thtir own.
Tlic Truntx.
"When Have.nc-ycr, the head of tl
sugar tium, i,au lo auutlt uml,r oa
that tho ta.-iit is tht- nicne.- o. trua
there was ioud jirotest a.i along t
une of benendarios. 'lhey Icll ba.
on thelr btocit urgument. Look at t
otandard Oii Cou.pany, tht greatest
all trusts, wlth oii on the freo llst.
"I confess ti.at pjlnt used to puzs
mo a llttle untll l uiscovcred tho fac
The only country whlch could expt
oll ln any quantlty U Kusolo, wnl
puts an tnortuous duty on lmports
oll. So there was sllppeu ,Into t
Dmgley b|U a clause which.' provld
tor the same duty on ol. l.i.ported ht
whlch the country t om whlch lt com
!mpo8cs on Amerlcan oll. Of couri
wc have had no oll irom Uue_ a, thou
petroteum and Us products aro non
nally on the free llst,
"It ls foily lo raii _t tho. trusts a
pursue thom with . ne an Injur
tlons, whlle.wo carefully cherlsh t
law which foreeds aud feeds them.
"But, llke a.I measuros whlch affi
trado and industiy, the i-evision ot t
tariff must bo made wlth*dollbor*
care. Thousands of lionoat Industr
aro involved, whlch must. have tlnio u
opportunlty to adjust thomselves
new conditlons. Theso need not
harmod. On tho contrary, as many
them hava already dtscovered, th
will galn by being freed from obstac
whlch haniper foreign trade.
'Tn concluston, I am llrm in tho l
Uef" that we shall deal thi ? year
wholesalp fashlon wlth all dlfferene
ln personal cholco and vlews and-brl
the- party ln full ylgor to the coml
I'rofi-KhioiiuiK iiuel tctorn to Glve Fl
Money to Hlclnuoiit! Orgnuiisutlou
If the weather liolds out as good
it lias been for tho last week or f
the flrst blood of tho approaeh
baseball season wll) be drawn at Bre
Eftreet Park to-morrow afternoon, \vl
the Richmond AU-Proi'csslonal tot
composed of old stars, wlll meet i
from th? Ray Theatrlcal Compa
whlch le playlng at tho Bijqu t
Manager John Ray, of the ncte
has offered to glve, wln or lose, $50
some char table organhotiou of
City, to be named 1?* a neteoted cc
mltteo, and ln caso his team wins
says tliat ho wlll make tho amo:
Represontatlvoii of the two tea
met last nlght ln tlio Park Hotol
arrangti tho detalls. No admlsslon \
ba charged.
Tha contcstanta will line up aa 1
lows: ?
All - ProfessloiuUs ? Cowan i
Walsh, catch; cass-dy, Pu
Hlchs, shortstop: A. Antho
ili-st-bnsa; "Buck" Itooker, secoiu'l-bu
8, Dgby, thlra-tiauo; .1. Anthony, h
iielii: Wallacc, contre-floid; Kuln, rlg
Rays-r-Ray, catch; Carl, nltch; Do
mos, shortstop; .loy, llrBt-baaej 8ci
lon, seoond-buso; l-'ltr.lieinry. thlrd-bn
Stii'llng,. left-flelel; , Mnxwoll, ,cent
liolel; lAwroiice. rlght.ileld, i
Charley. Mace, wlio lias heen algi
for thfl leaguo 8on.sou, wlll umplre
uaiue. '
Great Popular Dcmonstratton. as
Ships Dcpart from
He and Other Officials Received
on Minnesota?Patriotic
Spccches Made.
RIO DR JANEIRO, January 22.?
Amtd tho boomtng of guns and the
chedrs of thousands on tho nccompany
Ing pleamire craft, tho Amerlcan war
ships sailed from Rlo Janetro thls af?
ternoon, bound for Punta Arenas, on
tho Magellan Stralt. Three days wll
brlng the fleet almost mldway on Ilf
11,000-mile crulso to San Francisco
and tho ships and men carrled wltl:
them to-day the godspeed nnd goot
wlshos'of tho wholo Brazlllan natlon.
Not an untoward incident hat
marked the vlslt of the Amorlcans here
They wer0 feasted and feted, botl
offleers und men, durlng thelr sojourr
Ih Rlo, and half the populatton turnet
outi from early ln tho morning to glv<
them a flttlng farewell. Tho quays
the publlc buildings and the hills won
crowded wlth thousands, watchlng thi
war-shlps until they had dlsappearcc
through tho mouth of tbe bay Into thi
opon sea.
President Saya Farewell.
President Penna came to Rlo Janetr
from Petropolls about 11 o'clock, an<
proceoded on tho yacht Stlva down t
where the war-shlps were lylng.
Ho went nboard the crulser Benja
mln Constant, which was ln rcadlnes
to accompany tho Amerlcan fleet, an
c made a tour of all the Amerlcan shlpi
Accompanlod by Admlral Alencar, th
Minlster of Marlne, nnd Dr, L. Mulle
the Minlster of Public Works, and othe
hlgh oinclals, ho vislted the dlvislona
H flngshlp, Minnesota, remainlng ther
about nn hour. Admlral Thomas. com
mandpr of th0 flagshlp; Captaln Hub
bard and the Amerlcan ambassadoi
Irvlng B. Dudley received hlm with a1
honors, and the band played the Bra
zlllan natlonal anthem.
In the salon of tbe Minnesota thcr
was a mutual exchange of greetlngi
Admlral Thomas made a little speeel
in which ho expressed his best wlshe
for the prosperlty ?r Brazli and he
" President. concludlng wlth "Brnzil, Go
% bless you forevermore."
The President responded wlth a thou
sand wlshes for a good voyage for th
splendld fleet, prosperlty for the Unlte
States. and the health of Presldcn
I* Roosevell.
[l While the President was aboard th
Minnesota nnd during his trlp amon
tho vcsscls. satutos wero exchnngee
il and on his departure from tbe flag
shlp twenty-one guns were flred. Di
Penna returned to his yacht, whlc
proceeded to a polnt off Fort Vllle
gagnon, to watch the departure of th
Steani Out Amld Checra.
About 3 o'clock tho Amerlcan fle<
began to move, passlng out ln sitiel
and Inverse order, accordlng to div,
slons, the Alabama leading. Thre
divislons of the Brazilian navy fo
lotvc-d, composed of throo battleship
seven crulsers and six destroyers. I
tho vlclnlty of Fort Vlllegagnon man
. steam^rs clrcled about, havlng on boai
thousands of spectators from shor
Hundreda of launches antl small cra
from tho sporting clubs, all gally dcci
rated, were there also, formlng a stl:
?* rjng spectacle. As the war-shlps dli
?c.uppcared fronv view they wero stean
r' ing at a ten-knot pace. One by on
t0 as they passed tho Presldcnt's yach
they saluted wlth twenty-ono "gim
and the forts roplied ln klnd. Thei
ll' was much waving of small flags nr
1U hundkerchlefs, and the cheering seonv
Captaln R. R. Ingersoll, chlef of sta
to Rear-Admlral Evans, on belug ii
ih | tervlcwed beforo tho departure of tl
ts> fleet, said that ho had no special plw
[lc! for the passago of the ships throuj
,k Magellan Stralt. They wlll go throug
f,e however, 03 a solid fleet.
'o Hnvc Three Games lu Tllebiiim
rt uud Oiic nt Uulverttity.
ck PRINCETON, N. J? January S2.?T:
?* Prlnceton baseball schedulc, announc
ho to-day, Includes tbe following game
" Aprll X4th, Unlverslty of Virginia,
Churlottesville; Aprll 15th, Rlchmoi
profc-sstonnls, at RIchmond; Aprll ISt
*e, Pnlver.ilty of Vtrgtnia, nt Rlchmon
gh April 17th, Agrlcultural and Mechar
il- ral College, at RIchmond; Aprll 29t
Unlverslty of Virginia, at Prlnceton.
PerxonolM and HrU-r*.
he Miss Nelllc Ottinn, of Lynchburg,
vlsltlng Mlss Maysie Fleming.
?c, Chlef Shaw, of the Flre Departmei
', received a check for $200 yesterd.
" from the Planters' 'Natlonal Bank
'- appreclatlon of the good work of t
les department at the R'chmond Prcss fli
nd The check went to tho account of t
t0 j Flrcmen's Rellef Association._
bo '-!-~?
!VO, I
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to a New
F.A. Whitney
The best, most comforta
ble, handsomest; and lighteet
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shipment of
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Sydnor & Rundley, Inc,
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House Adopta Amendment Mak
ing lt Crimlnal Offense to Tam?
per With Crop Figures.
Fine oi $5,000 and Five Years
in Prison Are tlic
WAS'IINGTON, D, C-, January 22.
Raplrl progress was made In tho House
of Keprosenlatlvcs to-day In the con
sltleratlon ot tho blll to codlfy aiu
revlse ihe penal lawa of thc Unitee
States. Tho only amendment of anj
Importance whlch got through wai
ono by Mr. Olllc James, of Kcntucky
maklng It a crlmlnol offense, unde:
heavy penalty, to falslfy governnien
crop filfttlstlcs. the object of tln
amendment being to protcct the cot
ton and the tobacco growers fron
speculators. Over flfty pages of th'
blll were dlsposed of.
Jlr. James explalneel hls amondmen
by saying he speclally deslred t
reacli persons In the Agrlcultural De
partment havlng to do wlth tobnee
flgures. "ls It to be an Agrlcultura
"Department," lie in'e-ulrcd, "or a do
partment that ls to be manlpulated b;
a lot of g-imblf-r.s and thleves tha
prey upon the farmeri* of tho cotin
Mr. Mann, of "Iltlnois, waB unable t
'convlnce Jlr. James that thore alreael;
" j was a law to meet the caec, and th
- I latter urged the adoptlon of the amend
5 ment.
1 Amld Democratlc applause, th
3 amendment waa ndopted without dl
vlslon. The penaltv prescrlbed unde
1 It Is a flncof $5,000 and lmprlsonmeii
not more than llve y"pars. The readln
ot the blll Contlnued almost unlntet
ruptedly for over on hour, wlien a
amendment by Mr. Houston, of Ter
uessee, designed to enlarge the *t&i
utes wlth respect to tho sendln
through the malls of obscene llteri
ture, arou-?e<i some debate. The amcni
ment provlded for Includlng In tl
nonmullable elnss "vllc, fllthy or Ind
cent" publlcatlons. On division tl
amendment was adopted, 41 to 20.
The House passed a blll provldlr
for the holdlng at Sallsbury. N. C.,
frms of thc Unlted States Dlstrlct ai
Circult Courts.
Senator Il-iiiKbroiin.il "ilnken Cbnr
.l-flii"! Intcruntlonnl Hnrvpntt-r.
WASHINGTON.* January 22_Tl
Senate j?pent over nn hour to-day
rH<-cu-"--T-B- n rfoilufon offered hv Se>
ator Hausbrough, of North Dakota. il
rectlng the Dtpartment of Comnwr
nnd Labor to suspend Us lnvestlgatl'
into the affnlrs of ' the Internatlon
Hnrvestc-r Company. which was o
dercd by that resolutlon over a yei
ogo. Durlng thls dlscussion Sennt
Hansbrough declared that tho "Ha
vester trupt" Is nttompt'ng to contr
the selectlon of rlelegates to the ne'
Ttepubllran natlonal conve?ntlon, and
n?pf.f><Diiy piottlpc to defcat hlm fi
re-electlon. The resolutlon flnally wi
refcrrod to the Commlttee on Agrlcu
ture. The crimlnal code hlll was uga
conuldeMtd tor over two hours, anel i
4:40 tho Senate adjourned.
Tn offcr'ng lils resolutlon, Mr. Han
brougb explalned that there exlsts Ii
tween the? several departments a ce
toin courtesy or comlty -ivbich malt1
them deslre to uct ln narmony, and ft
-J that reason tiie Department of Justh
la holdlng back ita procoeeljngR whi
another department Is under dlrectl
to make un Investlgat'on of tho tru
It contemplatea to proseeute.
C'tiiirt So IiiKtrui-ts the Jnry, und riali
(Ifr <'e<M Vertlictl.
FOTTSVILLK, PA.. January 22.
That a horse deal was lllegal becau:
the bargain was made on Sunday, wi
the novel claini put up in court to-di
ln a case in whlch W. N. Sttne stn
Danlel Lsudenslagei* and Monroe Sn;
der for the price of tho horse tn que
Tho court overruled the polnt, ai
the jury in its verdlct awarded Sth
.thsnultrel IHn H'lfe.
"Willlnni Tnylor (colored) wns nrrtm
Itikt nl-jht on thc cliurKC or iisniiultlntc wl
Intpnt lo mnln. ills.tlguto iind lelll Jeur
Ta.vlor, hla wlfe.
Many Virginians Interested'
Omnibtis Claims Bill, Whose
Fate Is Uncertatn.
Tlmes-Dlmiatch Buretau.
Munsey Bulldlnjr,
l Washlngton. D. C. Jan. 22
The prosfoect of thc passage of
omnlbus claims blll providing for t
payment of claims agalnst tho go
eriiment whlch have been passed
by tho Court of Claims nnd approvi
,'y Is not partlcularly brlght; though t
ln' possiblltty of tho passage of a stn
ho. blll is recognlaod. Rcpresentatl
i*e. Hdskell, of Vermont, a member
1101 the Commlttee on War Claims, 1
Introduced a blll which tho commiu
may report.
The chlef TTear deterrlng tho m
who rulo thc House from allowlng
claims blll to pass that body is tl
tho Senate will so load It down w
new claims that the total of thc t
proprlatlons wlll bo so largo that
passage would bo unwise.
The Hlucs 11 UI.
The blll Introduced by Represen
tlvo Lamb, providing for an app
j prlatlon of ?0,300 to reimburso i
Silchniond Llght Infaiitry BUios i
' equlpment furnished hy tho orgaul;
, tlon at the outbreak'pf the war w
t Spaln, Is ln the Commlttee on \A
i Claims, wlth poor chances of its 1
I ing reported at thls sesslon.
Congress has onaetod tho legislatl
? necessary to allowlng the Secretti
of the Treasury to relnihurse the Sti
governments for supplles fuvnlst
| by them, but under tliat leglslati
! organUatlons cannot be pald for t
j equlpment supplled thelr members.
I ls belleved the b(U wlll pass eventual
\ bui hardly at thls sesslon.
j Vlrgiulli C'Iulmnnl?.
| Tho Haskell, blll contalns a numl
[ oi claims agalnst tho general govm
[ ment by cltlzens of Virglnia- All he
; necn pasaed on by tho Court of Clali
i und the amount In t-ach case ls t
sum found to bu due by that trlbun
Virglnia olalmants nanicd aro aa t<
To FrnnoU M. Brabhain, of Lot-do
county. $G00,
To Solomon P. Brocltwny, of Augu*
eounty, $92.0-1.
To Francls F. Curtls, ot Fauqu
county, ?t>i'3 73.
To Margaret M. Donnolly. wldow
Edward W. Poprelly, ileeeused, of F*
quln-v- oounty, $3(10.
To MQKolilah T. Fmbrey, admlnisti
tor of Kobert Emhreiy, doceasod,
EViuqulei' Outuity. $S2li.
To Noah Ff'U*". of Pago cotinly, $8
To John 0. LuthoitJi, yole Jieir
"Wise Talks by
the Office Boy"
Yesterday 1 dug up my roller skate*
and looked thom over. Tho boss wUJ
I could havo a couplo of hours off, M
I went out to tho skatlng rlnk. I hM
. hardly got them on tlll I saw a Btc4
1 looklng g rl and a young man who ?H
l.skatlntr around and makinganolao llke.
-1 :i meal ticket, so I skated up and broke
5 tho fuss between them, The Ice man ,
, has a st?udy Job thls month runnlnf
r i the water wagon and spending the
t| money he took ln laat summer. The."
;ionly frost we havo Inour buslness 1? ?
->a little on tho wlndow panes before
tho stenm gets busy. I tell you we'v*
got I'team up most of the tlme at our
blg men's store. We nevor let up on
buslness just because It's tho mlddle
of the dull season. Tbe boss Baye .
when there ls nothlng dolng It's tlme\ ??
to etnrt somethlng. That's Why the
old man Htartcd our 15 per cent dls
count sale. nnd there'a been somethln*
dolng over slnce. Peoplo seem to be
wlse these dnys, nnd know the d ff be?
tween a fnke sale and an honest one,.
and you can bet your hat they certain?
ly are buylng our Men's Suits, Over- ?
coats, Ralncoats, Odd Trousers and . *
Boys' and Chlldren's Clothlng. Why? i
Beouuse wo glvo an actual 15 per cent ?
off on all cash aales. Butt In somo
day, and look 'cm over. We're. tho .
candy klds thls season. Special Induoe
ments ln our Furnlshlngs, Hat. and' C:
1 Shoo Departmcnts. WILLIE.
<viain ? ue.ni mrncKrm
Ma'ry Lutholtz, decoased, of Shenandoah
county, $3uK.
To Margaret A. Proetor. ndmtnlstra
trlx of Samuel K. Proetor. deceased, Of
Fauquler county, 1520.
"" Wl'1
To Etennor MeWl'l ams. admlnistra?
trlx of Ilenry McWllltams, deceased,
To Elljah P. Myers, of Loudoun coun?
ty. $1,190.
To John B." Myers, administrator of
the estato of Alexander ' Myers. de-?
ceased, lato of Charles Clty county,
To John W. Kellar. administrator of
the estate of Ellza J. RIcketts. le
ceased, of Washlngton county, S645.
To Mary S. Bland, Anna Bland and
Suo P. Bland, legal helrs of Theodoric
Bland, d"ceased, lato of Prlnce Oeorgo
>1 county. $2,600.
<t! To Robort Waters, of Prlnco Wllllam
county. $538.
To W. C. Olll. admtnl?trator de bonls
non of tho ostato of Edward O. Wat?
klns. decoased. lato of Chesterfleld
county. 11,912.
it | To Add'e L. Balloy. sola helr of Wll?
llam G. Webber. deceased, late of Nor;
H folk etmnty. J150.
-" To P. L. Willlams. administrator of
l'- the estate of John S. Pendleton. t1c
:sjcesied. Into of Culpener county* $6,120.
3r! To Samuel A. Wlne, executor of
1? Mlchuel W ne, Jr., dpceased. late of
>?! Shenandoah countv. $750.
To truslees of Four-Mlle-Creek Bap^
tlst Cl-urcli. of Henrlf-i county. *S00.
To the trustees of Westover Church,
of Charles Clty rou"ty, $"50.
Xorth Cnrollna Cl-lins.
To W'lllam C->hen. administrator of
tho estato of IsPdorc Coben. deceased,
Iau? "f Edgecombo county. $53"'.
To Loiii?e C. Smltb. admlnistratrlx
of Enos Case, doceased, Into of Greene
county, S120,
2&tal <ggtat? for &alt.
"for salbT
Goocj-Stand & Business
1 have for salo as admlnistratrlx of
Mlchael Long, deceased, a nlce ftock
of liciuors. beera, wlnes and bar flx?
tures. Tho storo is well located on
Maln Street, Frederlcksburg, Vu. Good
stand. Wlll rent to the buyer tho
store buildlng contulnlng eleven nlco:
rooms. second and thlrd storles used
as llvlng apartrnonts. Good oppor?
tunlty and worth consldorlng. For,.
moro particulars, address
Attorney for tho Admlnistratrlx.
Froderickshurg, Va.
Church Hill Comer Frame
Store and Residence
$2,000; pay able $20 per month and In?
terest. Now rontlng to a good tenant
for $15 per month. ?,
&cal ?atate tor ?ent.
storles .-ind bascmeut. Cunal and
Tenth Streets, wlth traekagc front,
and rear. Poasesslon ut once.
. ' No 8 North Eleventh Street. ?
$To,ooo ||
to loan on city real estate, in. sums
to sult.
&enlca $ropo$alS.
RIchmond Publlo Schools,
Ottlce C. p. Walford,
Clerk and Supervlsor,
Room 2. Clty Hall.
January 18. 190S.
eelved nt thls oftico until fl 6'olock
SCHOOL." corner of Twenty-flrst and
T Streets, Rlchmovd, Va., and also
for the Installatlon of a steam heat
Ing system in the aaid huildlng, lu
acordanee wlth plans, specldcatians
and detulls. prepared by A. F. Huntt,'
Archltect. 1107. East Maln Streot. ?
Separato bld,* wlll be required for.
the buildlng and for the steum heat
Ing system.
Plnr.a and speciflcatlons can. be
seen at thls ntflce and; a.t the offlce
of. the Archltect. Coples of plans;
can bo had only from tho Archltect.
BUH to bo sealed and marked
"P"opoaal. Fairmount Schoo)," and'
addresaed "Chalrman of SohooL
Tho School Board Rascrves the
rlBlil lo roject anv and all blds. When
, contract li awarded. the coptractor
S will be roaulrod to furnlsh satlsfuc
tory boiul ln 35 per cent. of amount
of contruot. /.?;?'
of t By ordor of tho School Board of
tho cliy ot Richmond.
, v,u Wl;* ""? c. P. WALFORD.
ot Clerk and 3uperv.tsw.?...,

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