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Compromise Eifected and Sum
' -Agrccd Upon to Avoid Fur?
ther Litigation.
f-pnclnl to Tlio Tlrnrs-*Olsr.nt_h.]
NORFOLK, Janunry 29.?-H Is nn
nounced to-day that a cbniprnmiso hn
boeii offcctcd wlth tho .r-nnt_.**llng holn
">.nd the Unlversity of Vlraiiiln. "ln tlu
G. W. Jamos will cnt>o, whlch invulvo.
tui ostato of bctwoen ?2f>o.0OO nm
"?.;f'0.000, left almost entirely to th:
i7.?ver.!ly of Virglnia. witli onc-hnl:
of ' the liicom... devnteri to tho Con
federate t*)_-ldfor-' Home for a perloci n
? tftfteen years. Tlie hoirs lo*t ?ut li
thelr flght tn tho Inwor court. hut hn.
appeahd to the Supreme Court. Th<
cornpronii*?e wns for the purposo ol
avpidlng further litigation.
Under the provlslons of tlio compro
mlfe nnnounced tlie rollowlng. persomi
?wll* be beneflclnrics: Wll Ham ...
Thempron nnd Miss Virglnia Thompson,
pa.tern.al co*.]?in*. f*.*u-h, rerrive *;-.-..*a0
Mrs. Ellr.no. th Wood. Mv. Mary Dou.c
1ft*- and Mrs. Mnrion "West, matornnl
?"JOUSins. eacii rot-five Sl.OOu. Mrs Uer.
nard McClougherty. of Elueflelrt, \V,
Voij who wjis left .120.000 in Virglnia
f^ntury bonds, of wlilch thero were
none in tho cstntc. lias ngroed on &
compromi'-o of $l_..*i00. ond nll of thr.
other provlslons of the wlll of the di*
ceascd wlll be carried out to tho letter,
j.JET. P.oee:? Hunter ?;ompromls_d hH
*:*.aim nt f>.fi.
PickcK-Buclmnnn'a Offlcer*.
Colon.vi George A. Mj'.rtin. who wns!
last night ohcted eommander ofj
Plckftt-Buchanan Crtmn of Confederate
Vftera-n?. 3g ono of the bert known
old soldicrs of - tho clty, nnd ssrved
wlth distlnrtlon In tlie war wlth the
light artlllery. He is also the author
of several hlstorlrat slteirhcs of tho |
C'vil Wnr. The other oftlcers elected
Malor. R.
Richard A.
D. TuckTi
Kobrrt G.-.t.
T. n. Jaokson; Sercfennt
>. Rroucrbton: PnyTnastor.
Dobie: Chaplnln, Bishop B.
Assoch-.to Chaplnln Rev
woo_; Surg-eon, Dr. H. M.i
Xssh: Asscclato Sursreon, Dr. H. R.j
Irutiuy: Quittprmester, A. -W. Rrandyij
Asslstant Qnart?*rmaster, WlPi.i*n P j
Lintz: Color Serireant. John Waltcrs,
jPldette, XV. XV. Woodhouse.
The members of the executivo com?
mittee were chosen a?s fo'lows: II. p. |
P. Drummond. R. H. Gw.ithin.H-. A. J.
?"??o.-iclrlch, George XV. Todd and D. 9.1
Ki>ltH*?? Vl'l- Hi*?ii"*.* llii-r-tlois.
The Chesanrnks and Elir.ab"th Knit
tlng Millr- Berkle-y, began o'lr-ratl'.i";
to-day, after bclni closed down for1
Korrto timo. The TIdewater Mllls wlll
?begln operntlona Mondav. This mean'
employtnent for 1,000 people, many ofj
whom were in dls-tross, uwlnc to the:
-hut-down. Thrre was no change in
thi scalo of wuges.
WEtti- xot iioi.uim; hands.
Mni,| I.ee Snv? OTtofr XXnt Th?*rc
Reeelre Coniplntnt *. u--.;:.-< ntulinntl
_?oltco Cmirt to-day the case
-Lee vi. Patrolman Godfrey. th. I n . .
cha'ging the latter wlth holdlng hands
?with hlr wife !n n room. aml the lat?
ter grabblng his club und holmet and
rtttempttng- to carry lt to thc* pollco
statlon. was heard and all of the dc
fendants o-'smlssed
The jvldonce was conflltting. Mrv.
3-ce dci>y;ng that she was holdlng
hands witli thc ofT5c.*r. niut clnlming
that he wa^ in tho hous.- barely flvo
mlnutes. and had been called there to
recclve a cornplnlnt of lli treatment at
the hands of her husband.
Lee charged thnt the offlcer was,
vislting his homo and that lie had
*eparated from hls wife hecattso of
Improper conduct on hor part. Tlie
prc-ponderr.nce of testimonv was to tlu
r-ffoct lhat the offlcer was ln 11,"..- house.
T>ut four or five mlnutes, nt though a
s-tr&f-t car conductor tettlfied that ho
watched for IiIh extt for thlrtv mln?
utes before hc appeared. Me did not
.**ee him enter, but had l?o*.-ri asked tu
note the tirne he was in the home.
rtEH ItEADY TO <i(> IT.
Two .Milll.iu .niitlar .Striieture .Oii|ly
AwaltM Conipli-'ion of I-'oundntlon.
- is-n^^iTi toTho Tlm'es"-Dl.iiatcl?l
NORFOLK. VA.. January 20'?Ohlcf
Englneer Fernstrom. of the Vlrglulaii
Rallway. anrwuncea;,thut the steel sec?
tlon of tho* g;'?.'a-! $2.000 000 pier to be
erected at Sewell's Polnt. on which to
handle coal, ami which wlll glvo Nor?
folk another great eoalirf,' Etation, ls
now In tho shops of the road. ready tn
he erected tho moment tlu < mtractors
finish thc pile-drlving and complbte thc
fountlattonB for the structure. llc is
confident thnt the entiro structur*.
will be completed and ready for ac?
tlve, servlce by ne\t fail.
During the recunt galos on the coast
All goods guaranteed undcr
the Pure r ocd Law and
Drug Act.
Do not apend yo-sr cocty for compctindcd or
rectiiiod goods, wn?a txz tie same money you can
got tho stralsht tir-icie.
Look for tho Pure Pced Gcaranteo which yon
vrill fir.d oh all onr srood", it rteans much to you.
You buy direct when yoa order from us. Wo are
wholesalo diatributora to the custotner, and Ruar
anteo eatisfaction. or money refunded. Gooda
chiiiped in neat plain packagea, expreus charges
prcpiid at prices named. Writo for special whole.
sale pr:ce3 ln bulk lots. Booklet, complute Ilst aud
full Information mailcdou ruqucst. On lintnam-ad
below, wo rnalie good losses and breukage.
'3 qts.
Westover (best tho world over).S3.10
(Frre pint Bealc ot Old Apple J?ck, wilh fii?tort!cr V.'kIovcj)
El Maizo (old corn whlaKeyj. 2.60
Donald Konny Malt Whiskey (mcdicitialj 3.25
Elue Ridgo (Va. .Mountaln). 4.00
Huron River Rye, extra fluo (bottled in
bond) . 3.95
Dr. LeBarron's Buchu Gin (mediclnal).. 3.40
Kelly's Royal Corn (tho linost).3.85
Kelly' Copper Distilled (bottled in bond) 3.20
Kelly's Medicinal Malt (bottled ih bond) 3.90
Miss Tempiing (finest Mary land rye).... 4.50
1 gal. 5-year-old Ky. Rye
1 gal. 5-year-o!d N. C. Corn
1 gal. Holland Gin
I gal. Extra Fine Sherry
Porto Rico Rum
Extra Good Port Win?
1 gal. 4-year-oId Maryland Peach Brandy..$2.85
1 cal. 4-year-old Va. Applo or Peaoh Srandy 2.B5
3 Gallons Old N. C. Corn.6.00
3 Gallons Old Kentucky Rye.6.00
3 Gallons Fine Gin.6.00
3 Galions Apole or Peach Brandy.6.00
4f'B Gallonq of eithor above.9.50
a ^L??dertAeSi5 Mf M,MlMlppl. add 50 cents addlttonal for each
IS ,wi',e ' . ,eJly 8 c?PP?r Distilled (bottled ln bond) on which
TO.'*i?i?5??5ut8Ke ?c Vlrglnla, tho Carollnau, Maryland and
1'"?'"'" l ' ' - "del CO cents for i quarts, U.05 for 8 quart?
frclfiht orders 2/3 loss than abova extra
8 qts.
1 ga
1 gal.
and J1.30
Carrylne,- charg
Tfae Pbil. G. Kelly Co., Inc. tenK"! Vivx Liquors
K13 E. Miia L*cal u.d Lota Diiuoce PW.i 1353 Rldutioni, V?.
Mothers shoihd un- .
tlerstand that Omoga
Oil. al though power
ia perfectly safo to uso on
childron for sore throat, cold
in tho cheot,
"prains, bruises
or any paiti.
lt novcrbliatera
or burns
the most
r- lii
Englncur Fernstrom nnd lils asslstant
j spent llOUrs ut the pli-l* sllcs. Wfltohllll
1 j tlm offocts nf tho v.-liul arid wavpB; um
'Into sntisfled thnt the posltlon of tlu
pl.i* wlii innlte it nhsolutoly safo foi
Mnny Clinrprcn Ag-lust Ait'.*nion?Mr
Ti-filloril <"i>ti**iiltlii?" Euglncer.
f.?iv>Mil to Thc Tlmco-DI.'-iintrti.J
DANVILLB, VA.. .Tanusry 2D.~
.Charged with conimlttlnrr half a dozen
cbirkcn robbcrles uiul auspectefl ' ot
? nliout twrnty others In the cltv durlng
tho past two months, Will Anderson. a
iii-fi-o, wus held for thc grand Jury at
n hrarlng to-day. About flfteen fowls
found nt tri*. house of n negro woman
wore identlfied by tholr owners by
,mOi*'? pocullarity.
Wlll .larrett ond Wlll Adklns, two
votiiig white bovs. wero arrcsted hero
to-day on tlio charge of robblrg tho
Sotithern Rallwav dc-pot nt Rcidsville,
X. C. They nro belng hold pendlng the
arrlval of oltieers.
The Llght Commlttee of thc City
Councll at a meetlng last n'ght elected
!:. \V. Tiafl'ord. of Rlchmond. ns cpn
sultlng englneer in connectlon with the
proposed onlargjement aiul improve
in nt of the clty's electric llght plunt.
Ono Negro Wimnils Another Three
Thnes, Bnt IK* Mny lleeiivcr.
ro~.-'?t ?r> -i-"*iics-n-spr.t(-1'.. i
;?.,.__',, ;i U'-iiiiken roiv at the Uinncl
Of tho Vlrgininn Railway this after?
noon between two negroes, George
Davis fired three tlincs at Henry Benl.
c-ach shot Inklng etfect.
Whlle lieal ls dnngerously wounded.
he mnv recovor' Davis is belng held
pontlin's thc result of Beals wounds.
Vlrgtnln l.nil.v n Ilcncn.lnrj*.
HAllKKSTOWX. MD.. Janunry 20.?
Mrs. John Carm'ehnel, of Lexlngton.
Va . is a benetlclary under tlu- wlll
uf Robert Bridges, whlch hn? just lu-en
admltted to probute here. Mr. Brlag-es
was a millionalre. aud those who are
to share hts e?tate are Mrs. Bridges.
wif*> of I>r. James Bridges. Charlotte
N C; Robert Wlllls Bridges. Barnnrd.
Mo.; Hfden Mar Bridges. of.Huncock;
Mrs. John Carmlchad. Lexlngton, Va.:
.lames Tultaferro Bridges. Ilancoek.
M.i.; L'eweUyn Dupont. Bridges. H.'-n
cocU Md.: Mrs. Murray. wife of the
Rev.' Wllliam Murray. Llncolnton, N.
C ? Henry Perclval Brfdgres,; Baltlmore:
Francls Wllbur Bridges. HagerStown,
Large Snlr nf Tobacco.
eclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.!
KVILLE, VA., January -'?*??
. Gordon. of Baskorville, Va., yes
ld in Ctairk-Vllla 1,000 pounds of
01 S 1,-00.
Virginia Weddings
fSpeclil to rhe.Tlme_-Dl8patCh.]
LYNCHBURG. VA., January 2t>.?Tho
marrlage of Miss llattlo Bruco l-'llyson
to Mr. Henry Madison Clemcnt took
placo this mornlng at the home of tho
brlde, No. il 17 Knlghi Stroet, at 7:4:.
o'clock. Ii--\. 1. T, Jacobs. pastor of
th.-. Fraiiklin Street Baptist Church,
wus th..- ottU'lniing inlnlster. Only im
medlate frlends und relatlves of the
couple wltnessed the marrlage.
The brldo wore a stylish i; dng-awny
g iwn of dark bltie clotli, with hat an.l
glov'os to ruuich. und slu- carrled tyhltc
carnations. Both of thc contractlng
parlles are well known und they have
many frlends in tho city.
Mr. and Mrs. Clomrjnta left over the
Norfdlk and Western at S:-l.*> o'clock for
a visit In Piinrlott- county, after
wlilch they wlll bo at homo at No.
1603 Floyd Street, after February _d.
[Sneclu i.. rii^ llmc?-Dispatcn.i
LYNCHBURG, VA., Januarv 29.?A
pretty wedding took place last nlght
u t No. t:'.:i Monroo Street, the home
of Mrs. Martba V. Moore. when Mr.
JSlbert A. Clu-atliam and Miss Ltllle
May Moore wore marrled, the ceremony
being performed by the Rev. i. *_*.
.iiiiobs. the pastor of tho Frank'lin
Street'Baptist Church. The attendants
were Mr. S. II. Lewis and Mr. J. M.
Moore, a brother of the brlde, and Miss
Mary Glles und Miss Dolly Moore. a
Sister of the brlde.
The bridesrhalds wore white dresses
and carrled ferns and roscs, nnd tlie
hrldt* wns powned In blue and fhe enr
I rlcd Brldo rose3.
Thc moiillor Finrlftn 1m lo he miilc n tnrs;ct for thc hls' 12-Incli riflcs ut
n (inttlrshlo. Enooimiffed l>y lln- vuliinble hmiIim believed (o linve boen ?Ii
tulneil l>>- the llrllinli iidiiilrnlty ln tlu; wjM-cliiciilur Ntiikluc of Ihe i Id bnttlc
ttUin Hcro hj- JiKuiern kiih llre, Ihe Navy Depiirtiitcnt him dctermlucd upon n
Nlmltiir vxiicrhnettl) IIhiiikIi nnt one to lie cnrrleil out tn the snmo point.
T/ic e.xpcrlinciW mIII tulce place Iti thc wnten* of ChcMiipr.ikr Ilii.v ur the l'o
tnnifo River. It Ir ucl Ihe purpose lo drulroy Ih'. motiKiir, ivlileh tvn*
luillt only about ten yenrn ago, liut the ftun flre ivlll he dlreeti-d u^nlml
one ot her turrets.
Report of Committee Not Mado
Public, but to Provide for Fe'wer
Saloons ancl Higher Liccnse.
f Sp"c:al tn The Tlmes-DI?pntch.J
PETERSBURG, VA.. January 29.?
Thi committee of thlrtceii appolnted oy
the cltlzens" meetlng here Ia?t week io .
Uscu i tho questlon of the abolltlon
i r restrlctlon oi" the llquor busli e3s ln
Potersburg, met last nlght and dls
cussed thc report. It was decided io
appoint a subcorninltteo of six to for
mulatc the flnd] report The completed
report will be flrst submitted to tho
cltlzens' meetlng; and tlien to the Com?
mon Council. Whlle nothlng deflnlio
concerning the character ot tno report
ls known. yet it is generally believed
that no mildcr meusures than the re
Htrlction of tho llquor business by
mcanB of higher licenses, reduction ln
the mimber of saloons and their exclu
sloti from residential Ciistrlcts will
satlsfy tho cltlzens who support thc
to ^peranco cause hero.
'i ?'-'- Hustings Court at to-morrow's
session will uppoint the date for thu
trlnl of tli<- elght llquor dealers recent?
ly prCHentod by tho grand jury on the
charge of-selling to mlnors.
Xegro ltiirulnr Captured.
The negro burglnr who ontercd the
lioui(. 0f Mr. George Kruae, at the end
of West Washington Hlrt-et, on Mon?
day nlght, was captured to-day whlto
walking on Old Street by Dotcctlve
Davtd Eanes. Thc- information galm.d
hy thc police of the susplclous sale of
u watch and tho Ideiulfication hy tho
purcliater of tho vendor led to the
prisonor's capture. The facts that th-i
burglary of the house of llr. James II.
Wells, reported in yesterday's paper,
was attemptcd only a few hours pro
vlous to thu one successfully commltted
ut the houso of Mr. Krusc and that the
rosidenccs are ln tlio same sectlon cf
the clty, and tii.it ln both cases tho
entrancc wus effeoted in the s.ime man?
ner. make lt very probable thut the
prisoner Is gullty of both crlmes,
Chlef 13. V. Fnrley, of the Wre Da
partment, has recelved a letter from
the stewards of the Washington Streot j
Methodist Episcopal Church thanklng'
the department for its work In ex
tlngulshlhg the flre ln the church
buildlng on last Saturday nlght,
11 ii iu n Mcmorlnl Scliool.
A resolutlon declarlng that thc new
SIO.GOO scliool buildlng to be erected at
the cornor ot Wytho and .leffcrson
Strec-ts shall be named the "Brown Me
niorial Scliool," in honor of .Dr. Dunctn
M. Brown, for twenty-two years >>u
pei-intendent of tho Petersburg publlc
schools, was unanimously adopted at
a meetlng of the schooi board la-<t
evenlng. This trlbute is pecullarly fit
tlng. Inosrniicli as it was largely dua
to Dr. Brown's efforts that the now
buildlng was provided for.
Tlu: runoral of Dr. Brown took plar-e
to-day from St. John's Protestant Kpis
copai Church at noon.
lt ls reported thal 2G3 marrlago
licenses woro lssued ln Petersburg dur?
ing the year 1007?12J to whitos aml
1-10 to colored couplos,
Rather 1'luiii Oo Tliroueli ^Irllto Company
Ki'luin-i Speclul Sheets.
rgpeclal to TtteTlraes-DlsDatch.il
CHARLOTTB, N. C? January 29.?The
nlicrteit looa| strllte on rocord occurred hero
t"-day whqn the messenger boyB omjiloycd
by tho Western Unlon Telegraph Company
we<ked out. Thc grlovance wus tlio aboilsh
m*rit by tbfl local oltlco or tha "special
Sheet," uhlch slvcs to tlio mesaongcru oxtrr.
compensatlon for measascs ocllvei-ed bcyond
t;ic clty Ilrnlts.
As soon un tho prcVctea rnle was an
ncunced tlie boys ln eollil phalunx walked
out concrosatlinf iu froin of tha offlct in
tru*. strlker style, to dlacu&3 ln-utodly tholr
grit-varica. Within tho epaca. ot forty mln
utes tlie mantt-ament. rather than do the
troublo (if cnllstlne a now net of me.isengoi-B.
fltiiiounctil that lt had beon Jecldefl to re
t tln iha tiiocial slieut, und tha boys prompt?
ly returned io work.
Perhaps Fntally tnt.
l-ipfelal to The Tti-.iea-Dispatch.I
t/VNCHHUHG, V.V., January 29.?Jim
I'wte wno probably mortutly woumlod y<a.
itday by Burk Johnsun lt, a euttlne afl'iay
i lIk- lowor part of Campbell county. Wlth
Iui'bb knlfa wound l. ivIm chnspd Johnonn
smo dlstohco and slioi him m thn lag.
QhiiBon was urrcsted, Both of? tho men
Aicoiiipllce hi "ilurder.
[Spoplnl i'i Tlio ThAW-DltipOt'oil,]
GiiADKSBOI'tO, VA? January 2?.??
Heibert Wll He, who wus an aocomfillco
ln the murder of a negro some few
?ivetiu ago u,j;ciY. milca.^ottth. of. Jbere,
was arre*?ted a few days ago and de
llvcred- to the sherlff of Surry county,
X. C. and ls now In ln 11 ln that county.
His trial. togcthcr wlth tliat of Mont*
gomery. for the murder wlll conw up
next month.
Unkuown Mnn Strtick by Locomotlve
nnd Ilurlod in Ciinul.
[Sno-lal to Thc rtmes-Unpatch.]
LYXCU3URG, VA.. Janur.ry 29.?An
unknown negro was killed by a Ches
apeake ond Ohlo train tr- -? nlght
nnd the hodv liurlcd in tlie canni ne.ir
bv. The man'u feet. which bad been
cut off Just above the ankles. were
found on the track. The fect and the
raan'a hat are the. only evidence of
the klU'ng'. as the body had not been
recovered at nlghtfall.
i -o-??
T.tltlc Slsters Buried Tnc'thcr.
rs-icel-il to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. 1
I.TNCHBl'EG, VA.. .Janu.ry 29.?Mr. am>
Mrs Frank Woody. of Mndlson Hctchts. who
lost a Ovc-year-old dauahter ln?t Runday by
drs.th had un-Inftnt. IC.te. aged sevente-n
mentri*. to dlo y.sterday evenlns at 7:31
orlock. The dlstres*v.t famlly took, the re?
malns of tho two llttle ones thla afternoon
t*i Buffalo Statlon for burlal.
Virginia Brevities
GI.ADESBOP.O. VA.. January 29.?The
flii" dwelllns house and nornu outhounes of
the widow of Captaln G. S Martln was
burned yesterday. lt ta thought the tlre
or.glnated from u defectlvo flue ln tho
klirlien. T'tnl loss: no Insurance.
HEATHSVILLB, VA.?Miss Ivy Kotcbnm,
of Tioedvlllo, aged about tw.nty-four years.
illed yesterday of consumptlon. She Is sur?
vlved by her mother, futher, two ulsters and
one liroih.rir.
L.ltAY. VA.?The Page MI'.IIncc Company,
of I.uiay is maklng arrangemeiun to l?
cieaie its eap.clly froni 100 to ISO barrels
of flour p?r day, and to that end has just
[i.stilled 010,00'i worth of nuw machlnory.
BKISTOr,. VA.?Colutnbus Bilglit, twon
ty-Blx years old, dled from Inhaling poison
ouj gnses while asleop at the Cranbcrry fur
nace at an early hour this mornlng. A
comuanlon. who ivas also asti-ep. was un
ccnselous when dlscovered, and would soon
havi- mot the same fate.
ROAN'OKE, VA.?Endneer 0 B. Koonts.
of tlie Norfolk and Western, sllpped and
fell from .ns c-nglnc at Salern ihla mornlng,
bieaklnp hls arm and leg. nnd otheru-la?
injuring himself. He was brought to tlio
hospital here, and hopes aro entertalned for
hlc recovery.
SPOTSYLVANIA, VA.?A full oervlee
pentlon of $".0 per month has been grnnted
by the Commlssloner of I'enslons to Mr.
Devld V.'. Altenburg, of Snell. in Spotsylva
n'a county. Mr. Altenburg Is frevonty-seven
years old. nnd served ln the First Riglment,
Mlchlgan Volunteer Cavalry. durlne tho
LYNCHBURO. VA.?In the Pollce Court
th!s lnornlti**, uTtcr a hcnrlng which Insted
tw< hcurs. In whlch a disorderly case ln a
house at tlio corner of Fourth and .luckson
.Stieetfl late Saturday nlght was triod, Mayor
Smlth Isiued oenrh warrants agalnst Kalh
lcen Vassar (whlto). charged her wlth
malntalning a disorderly house und wlth
Ecllln;,- li,;-.;oi -.vltliout . a Ilcense. A thlrd
warrant u-is dlrected to be Issued from the
bi-reh agalnst Agnes.* Torry (colored). Th?
cases were !?-t for hearjng on Frlday.
Sti'iiuger Killed on Itnllrond.
[Kpccinl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
ROANOKK, VA.. January 29.?Ceo.
N. Hensley, r. stranger, was k'lled this
mornlng by tlie Washington and Chnt
tanooga limited east of Roanokc. He
was .tandintr nn the track and made
no viPible atiempt to get out of tho
Emirtent Physicians and Scientific
Iuen Agree That it Should be
Trcated As Such.
DrunkennesK b a progresslvo dlsenso; tlio
Kicderatp dilnker Is not Batlstlod wlth two or
three drinks n uay, tho oravlng for more and
moro becomes lrresl_tlble as th" disease ad
vanrcs; the result ls Chronlo Alcohollsm.
Tho treatment usod succcssfully by thous
auds rlght in thelr own botnos la Orrino. U
ls a Bclentltlo cure for Drunkonness and has
glven such unlvcrtml satisfactlon that lt ls
er'd under _ posltlve guarantea to effect u
curo or your monoy wlll bo refundod. Thla
guurant.e U slven In good faitb and is car
riert out to tha Inttor. Orrine i? not a new
rur.ody-. tt has been sold by tho leadlng
diugKl-ts tti,every city for yoars. lt hns
llfied tens of thousands from tho depths *,o
worthy manhood and has tho hearty en
dcrsem.nt of gi-ntoful mon and women in
In tho Union.
t ls tho seoret.reniodyt Orrino
thom) willlng to tako tbo treat
? form coats J1.00. T1"' a1""""
a. tu olther oase. Wrlte to
'-.'.. WaBhlngton, r> C, f** f*'*10
ivi'-tlHi* . ,. liruiiHonncnrs. mailed ln plaln
bcided t-n . lop... orrino will bo mt>llt*a ?oa'-,
ed tn; ..-tvipt ut prico. Sold by tho loadln_
.dnifBistn in tvii-y town nnd clty, *??"?<? ?? "|iB
clty by Poik Muic,. DrVle Co,,':834 B. Mativ.
jmoi ClUUltcy _?r;t!j. C.a? ^J^ JXV&i' a
JBracing food for steady
Nutritive food for heal
thy apjtetites?i
Strengthening food for
sturdy muscles?
The most nourishing
wheat food
Uneeda Biscuit
Jn moisture and
dust proof packages.
cVfl!'fhATihei0nIy mcans ot Identiflcatlon
oj the body^ was a patvn tlckc-t found
Mrs. M. Hrlitironer.
,fMrs. M. Heilbroher. wlfe of Mr. M.
Heilbroner. died Tuesday at hor homo
h..Ma,rM0r0' N' F' ThL> fUnCrQl WlMbf
held thls mornlng nt 11 o'clock.from
the residence of hor aunt. Mrs. Sarah
Morrls. No. 103 West Clay Street Tho
Interment will be In tlie Jcwish Cem?
'I'hoinnn M. Motirtiig.
Mr. Thomas M. .Mouring dled yester
uuy afternoon at 't:3u o'clock ln Ncw
."?V,rn '?ws* Uo fouB-<<- through tho
JJ.vii war anu was a niemoer of hee
Cump, Conftuerate Veterans. The tu
rieral, complete arrangtments for whlch
i.avu not Oeen made. will lake place
rr?.m tlie home of hls daugi.ter. Mrs;
J. A. Bullock, No. 231G Vonaolo Street
I' ulton.
Mr. rtobrrt T. L. Tolcr.
Mr. Robert T. L. Toler dled yester?
day at the residence of hls dnUKhter.
Mrs. W. s. Doughty. No. 2lus West
Cary Stroet. in the sevcntv-fourtli year
or hls age. Arrungements for the fu
i.erul havu not yet been made.
Mrn. li. II. Guudloc.
[Special to Tho Tlmes-D.spatch.]
AFTON, VA., Januarv 2.?.?Mrs. B. II.
Goodloe. wlfe of Mr. D. II. Goodloe. of
Onan, one of Nelson eounty's most
prominent merchants, died thls mornlng
at her home after a tedious and linger
ing illness. whlch 3he bore with the
patience and fortitude which hud al?
ways chuiacterlzed hor dully life. Mrs.
Goodloe wus in the sixty-second vear
of her age, and was before her rnur
rlage Mls3 .Tosephlne Will.ams. daugh
'.er of the late Dr. W. L. Willia.-ns, of
Avon, a prominent physlcian of his
day, and also a well-known politlclan,
i-eprescntlng Nelson county In tho Lcg.
lalaturc- for several ternvs.
Besides her husband she Is survlved
by her ch.ldren?Mr. John L. Goodloe.
of Staunton; Mr. W. G. Goodioe, of
Nelson; Mr. Bcnton Goodloe, Jr. of
Washington; Mrs. Annle Downer', of
Albemnne; Mrs. Myrtle Basil and Mrs.
K.orencc Dlshtburn, of West Vlrg.nla:
Mrs. Tonnie Reynolds, of Newport
News; Mrs. Etnel Martln, of Nelson,
nnd Misaes Besslo and Ciara Goodioo,
of Nelson. She leavod also a slster.
Mrs. Dr. Smlth, of -Mlller Scliool. und
two brothers. Messra. Charles Wll?
liams and Ed. Wllliams, of Nelson, and
a wlde connect.on of relatlves ln Nel
faon und Albomarlo countles.
The funeral services will bc held to
morrow at Hebron Baptlst Church, of
which she had long been a member. by
ihe Rev. D. W. Blnlngs, and the Inter?
ment will take placo ln the old family
burying ground ut llebron.
Rev. Wlllluiii M.cC. Juukln.
(.?speclai iu . nuTiuiud-Oispau-it. J
CHR1ST1ANSBURO, VA., January 29,
?News was recelved this mornlng of
the death of Rev. Willium .McC. juh
kln, whlch occurred after an illness
of three days nt Cringju, Korca, on
January 2d.
Mr. Jur.kln was a son ot the late
Judge G. G. Juukln atid was forty-two
years old. He graduated ut Hampden
Sidney College, and soon afterwards
marrled Miss Mary Leyburn, of Lex
Ington, who with four chlldren survlva
lilm. Ile was sent aa a misslonary to
Korca by the Southern Prosbyterlan
Church, and had worked for tnirteet,
years among the natlve Koreans. Ho
i-.ud expected to brlng 1,1s famlly to
Vlrglnla for a long vacatlon ln a few
months. At the tlme of his death tho
letter nnnounc'ng tlie death of his
mother, Mrs. Bettle M. Junkln, on thy
19th of December, Iiad not arrlved.
Mr. Junkln leaves flve slsters?Mr?.
Janet Stevcns, of Pasadona, Cal.; Mrs.
Willlam Edelln, of Knnsas Clty; Mrs.
J. R. Eoff. of HarUord, .Conn.; Miss
Mnrgaret. Junkln. Mrs. Arthur Arnold,
and an aunt, Miss Mattlo Montague.
ii thls placo. Other relatlves lncli'de
four brothors?Messrs. Frank, George.
Garnett and Captain D. M. Junk n.
Mr. Junkin wns a devout minlster and
had devoted his llfo to hls work.
Mrn. Jnnies 31, Berry.
(Snoolal to Th<> Tlmes-Dispatch.]
' BEDFORD CITY. VA., January 29.
The funeral services of Mrs. Em.
Campbel! Berry took place thls morn
lrg from the homo of her, liurband, Mr.
James M. Berry, on Bedford Avenue,
conducted hy Rev. Dallas Tucker, rec?
tor of St. John's Episcopal Church, of
whlch she was a dovoted and valued
member. being also n most elllclent
and uveftil member of tho TVomiin's
Auxlllnry Misslonary Society and
Gulld of the church. There was a
large assomblage of rolatlves and
frlends to testlfy to thelr love and
Mrs, Berry was a natlve of Gal
veston, Tex? whenco about flfteen
years ago she came ns tho brlde of Mr.
James M. Borry, and by her attraetive
person, rare Intolllgence, culture and
lovellness of character soon won her
way to the hearts of all thoso wlth
whom she came In oontact. Sho Is
survlved by her husband and six chll?
dren, who are Ellaoise, Mary, Clark,
Edmon'a, Nollle and Georgia, tho two
last twln infants, only ten weeks old,
Scarce loss devoted to her are the chil?
drcn of Mr. Berry's first marriage, who
are Mrs. Georgo Miles, Jr., James and
Tom Berry.
Joseph Rhea Crawford.
[Special to Tlio Tlmes-Diapatch.]
BKISTOL. TENNT.. January 29?
Captain Joseph Rhea Crawford diod at
ht* hoiru' here. to-day, agod sevpnly-ouQ
years. Captaln Crawford was descend
c-d from J.iseph R. and Mary Crawford.
vho sottled in Augusta county. Va..
eurly ln the eiglueenth century. He
was a private ln the Nineteenth Ten
nesseo Reglmont of Confederates. but
later naslsted In organlalng the Stx
lieth Tonnesseo, und was made tlrtu
llautemint und later captaln of Com?
pany 0, Kucecedliig Itov, J. XV. Buch
man.'.ul tlio head of this company. Ih'
was Iu all tho buttles of the clelta, In?
cluding tho s'ege uf Vlcksburg and
1 thc Battle of Shllih. He was wounded
| in thu shoulder at Shlloh, and of the
H9 men of hls eompenv who na?'tlcl
nated ln thls bnttle, only thlrty-6?ven
j^s'ttro lett to answer to *pu call. Ctt??
Tho eycslght l? too prcclous to bo trifled with.
This fact Is generally recognlzed, and accounta
for our large and constontly Increaatng patron
age. Wo furnl3h tho best only. and our guaran
toe Is at tho" back of our SL'PERIOR SPEC?
is our npeclalty, with completo Optlcal Manufac?
turlng Plant on tr>o premlses.
Prlccg alwaya tho loweat,
The S.Galeski OpticalCo.
Ma:n and
Brcad and
Hcndqnnrtcra nlao for Koilnks, 1'hoto -upplles,
Artlstic Dev.lvpliiK and Printlng.
! tain Crawford ls survlved by three
isons iind one dauj-'hter. Ono of thc
"son_. Rhea Crawford, ls a new#papor
] man at Knoxvllle.
tviiiic J. riippin.
rspeelal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
| GREEN BAT, VA.. January :''?.?Mr.
| Wtuie J. Fllppln, formerly of this place,
. but for ihe lust few years a resldent
of Lynchburg, Va., dlt-d there Sunday,
and hls body waa brought h"-c for
burlal at thc* Llberty Cemetery .-day.
Mr. FUppIn was here a few days ago
to see hla brother and mother, and
; whllo hero had typhoid fever. and
I thought he had recovered, leavlng last
I week for hls work In Lynchburg. lio
was a valued employo of the Norfolk
: and Western Railroad Company. and
[was thought well or and held ln high
1 esteem by his empioyers, and had many
' frlends heru who had known hlm from
rspeelal to The Tlm*-s-Dlspatch.]
FREDEEllCICSBURG. VA.. January 29.
i?i_. W. Mllls. a prominent member of
' the City Councll and bu_lnoss man. dled
htre to-day after an illnes of only thre.
i days of Inflammation of the Btomach.
Ho was chalrman of the Publlc Interest
Commlttee of tho Clty Councll. and
I had been instrumentai ln tacuring a
number of Iniprovements for the clty
from the United States government.
Hls wlfe, who was M.ss Loltle Collawn.
of Carollne county, died less than a
year ago. He left no children, but ls
survlved by one brother, W. D. Mllls,
of Washington; hls .^t-p-mother. Mrs.
Marla Mllis. of Washington; a lialf
brother, Joseph W. Miils. of this clty,
and a half-sister, Mrs. Elste Yerby.
M. A. Turner.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. J
DANVXLLE, VA., January 29? M. A.
Tt-rner. a widcly known resldent of
Caswell county, died last nlght at the
hcinc of hls daughter, Mrs. T. R. Blac!:
wcll, at Quiek, N, C. He was c-ightv
years of rge. and roslded ln Caswell
county hti cnt'ro II fc. He served
throush the Civil War, and was one
of the founders of the Methodlst
Church at Locust Hlll. He leaves teu
living chlldren, among them belnj*; XV.
C. and J. S. Turner and Mrs. C. A. How
nrd. of this clty.
Mr-i. SllNnn Cliew,
ftfpeclr*! to Th? T!m??*-DI?natoh.J
MONTEREY. VA., January 29.?Mrs.
Susan Chew dled yesterday after a
short lllness, ogod slxty-tlve years.
She was the widow of Stuart Chew, of
Crab Botiom, but had been maklng her
home wlth relatlves hero slnce last
fail. She was thc mother ef a large
famlly of children, two of whom live
ln the West und one ln tho Valley oi
Virginia. The body was taken to Crab
Bottom for Interment.
Mrs. Ncllle Vlr/flniu Murplij-.
[Speclal to Thc Tlrnes-DUpatch.]
ROANOKE, VA., January 29.?Mrs.
Nellle Virglnia Murphy, wlfe of T. J.
Murphy, dled to-day at tho home of
| her mother, Mrs. Dora R'ley. aged
I twenty years. Her father, J. S. Rlley,
I formerly of Bedford, was killed about
two years ago, near Radford. She ls
survlved by her husband and a buby
two days old.
j Bilwtml XV. Denrlng.
[Special to Tho Tlmos-OlspiUch.]
| ? ROANOKE, VA., January 29.?Ed
I ward W. Dearing. nno of tho mo.'t
prominent farmers of Bedford county
idird to-day ut hls home. near Cham
Ibl'sshurg. ng.-*d sevonty-elgbt years. He
, served through thc war with Stuart's
icavnlry. He ls'survlved by hla wlfe
land niiic chlldren.
1 .lohii Areher Mnrlccr.
! rSneclnl to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
I GREEN BAY. VA.. Januarv 29.?Mr.
John Archer Marker, son of the late
Su*.li. iillmU, Duors. Mimldlnsk, -
l.urgy Stptdt. I.ii-.v Prices,
VTOOIMYAIU) il SON. Rlr'nunad, Va.
Tooth Paste FREE
{.co FoS- 2i -
109 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va.
Plant Decorations, Choice Rosebuds,
Cut Flowers, Funeral Desips, Etc.
Baltimore and Richmond
Christian Advocate
? $2.00 Per Year, in Adoance.
J. 8ID*>'EY PETEHS. Aesociate Edltor.
Tho organ of the v/ir_Inla Methodtits.
Thti leadlng rellslous weekly In Vtrglnin..
AUvertl.ltie rates on appllcatlou. ,'.'_-i
1015 E. .Maln Street,
Davld Marker, dled yesterday at tho
home of lils brother, Mr. J. W Marker.
near here. Mr. Marker, whoso home
waa In Crewe, was vislting' hls bro?
ther, and was taken suddenly 111 wlth
dyphtherin, dylng ln a few hours. He
leaves a famlly at Crewe, Va.
HEILBRONER.?Died, at hcr home,
Tarboro, IS. C January 28th, Mrs.
M. HEILBRONER, wife Of M. Heii
Funeral will tako place at 11
o'clock THIS MORNING. January
30th, at the residence of her aunt.
Mrs. Surnh Morrls, 103 West Clay
Street. Interment Jewlsh Cemeter.v.
MEI.TON,? Died, at. tho residence of
hls paronts, Robert J. and Hattle
Morrls Melton, Fork Union. Va-,
Thursday eveiiirig. January 28th.
aged threo yenV..
Euntirol TO-DAY at 3 P. M., at the
Melton family b'irying ground,
MOURtNG.? Di.i'i, latHinry 69th; at 7:3)
P.M.. in Nowrort News. THOMAS M.
MOUIHNO. He wus a member of
Leo Cnmp, Confederate Veterans.
Funeral fron", homo of Mrs. J. A.
Bullook, 23** i Vonablo Street. ' No
tlee lnter.
TOLER.--I"(ed. at tho residence of hla
ilnugViel, Mrs. W.' S. D'<i"fbt*'. No.
2.10.*; ffc?t Cnrv Stroot, ROBERT T.
L. TOI ER, ne<=d Pfvority-three years.
" Fhtoral notlco later.
Atklnson. N. C*. dled In Rlchmond,
Va.. on the mornlng.of January 18.
1008, after a severe lllness, lastlng
several mopths. ,
Mrs. Butler was the wlfe of Charles
T. Butler. contractor, of Atklnson,
N. C. and besldes her husband, she
ls survlved by three daughters?Mrs.
C, V, Croom, of Atlant^ Ga.; Mrs,
Paul Best, of Goldsboro, N, C-. and
Miss Lilllan Butler. and two sons?
Charles T. Butler, Jr? arid WHUo.ni
Butler, both of Atklnson.
Sho waa lhe only slstor of Mr,
Thomas II. u\nl Wllliam P, Stovall,
of this clty.
Her rfmains wero taken to Clln
ton, N. C, her old home, wlu.ro th?
funeral ancl interment took plaoe,
and where a host of frlends mou**&l
K b?r 1qbj,\ - -. j

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