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Republicans Succeeded in
Raking Over Old
So-Ca!led "Investigation" May
Cotne to End To-N'ight or To
Jdorrow, and Then Gencral
Asscmbly Will Confirrh
Appointment of Bris
tol Man. ?
Concludlng possibly to-nlght, and
certamly by to-morrow, th0 investiga?
tion of the charges mado by Senator
.Tohn C. Noel agalnst Judge W. V.
rthea, nomtnated by Governor Swanaon
for mombershfp on the Statc Corpora
tlon Commla.ilon, the Jolnt commlttoe
will makc lts Onal report to the Gen
prai Asaembly wlthln the next few
riays, and unless all present Indicatlons
are deceptlve, the appointment wlll
bo conflrraed before the end of the
The lnqulry. whlch has been golng
op at Intervals for moro than a week.
haa slgnally falled up to thlE polnt to
connect the Brlstol man wlth anythlng
cliarged or suggeated by hls polltlcal
opponentB, and he and hls frlends are
confldent that the jolnt Assembly wlll
Klve hlm a clean blll of health. Judgo
Rhea hlmself has been ready to pro
?-f-ed dally wlth the examlnatlon. In
r.rder to completc lt speedlly. and tho
rraln delaya have been occasloncd by
the dlfflculty Senator Noel has expe
rienced In seeurlng the attendance of
f-orne of hls wltnesses. He now awaltn
The arrlval of Captaln J. C. Gent. of
Russell; J. H. Routh. Commonwcalth's
nttorney of that county: lonncr County
Cl*rk Stcphcnson, of Scott, and severcl
Fcaturrii of lnqulry.
In some reapects tho Investigation
has been a moat pecullar one. For the
most part lt has resulted only In thresh
lng over agaln olleged electlon frauda
ln tho Nlntli Dlstrlct, hcretofore alred
before the publlc ln varlous contest3.
The famous, or Infamous, Scott county
ballot has been mado a feature by
Senator Noel and the prosecutlon. btlt
cvery cffort to connect Juqge Rhea,
(llrcctly or Indlrcctly, wlth lts prcpara
llun or use hns been utterly futlle. No
wltness, whether hostlle or frlt-ndly
to the defenee, has been Induccd. whlle
on tho stnnd under Captaln Biillltt'3
Hivore questlonlng, to say that Judgo
Rhea was In any way concerned In the
rnatter. Indeed, the trend of thls llno
sr testlmony has been strongly the
I'ther way, to say nothlng of Judge
Rhea's own statement. ln whlch he
pcsltlvely dcnled any knowlcdge of
the ballot.
"I knew nothlng of the preparation
nf the Scott county ballot," he declareti
ivhl'e on tho stand last Frldav nlqht.
"If I had known of lt, I should have
neverely ;ondemned lt, not only bc
cau?e lt was vrong. but because- lt
ivorKed an Injury to me ln the elec?
tlon. I got less votcs In Sc">tt county
than ln others where the ballot was
Abont the Census.
>t. F. Powers, the man who took the
Dnlted Statea census In the clty of
Bflstol ln 1890, had told that Judge
Rhea made somo suggestlon to hlm as
to how to lncrease the flgures. Thls
Judgo Rhea flatly denled, declnrlng
that tho census could havo had no
bearlng upon the establlshruent of the
Corporatlon Court, as the court had
bL-en ln existence two rnonths prior to
tho taklng of the Federal census by
The prosecutlon weakened on the
brlbery charge, and made but little
attempt to sustaln lt. In fact thls
could hardly bear the dlgnlty of a
charge, aa Senator Noel went only so
far as to "charge thai lt hnd been
charged," etc.
Promlnent cltizens of Brlstol testl
fied as to the conduct of the Jordan
trlal by Judge Rhea, and swore that
they had never heard lt intlmated that
tho prisoner was released as the result
of any Improper lnfluence upon the
court. Judge-Rhea denled the Intima
tion that he had accepted a brlbe, and
declared that he had never heard ot
such a thing except once before, when
he had promptly resented lt, denounc
cd lt as a llo and lts author as a llear.
For I'ollticul Kffeet.
The Investigation was evldently
brought on for polltlcal purposes, and
so far lt has accompllshed no more
than to furnlsh to tho Republlcana an
opportunlty to parade beforo the Leg
Islature and the publlc old charges of
fraud and Irregularltles growing out
of bitter polltlcal campaigns ln the
Nlnth Dlstrlct. Wltness after wltness,
Including many of the most roputable
and Influentlal cltlzons of Southwest
Virglnla, wcro called to testlfy to
Judge Rhea's h'gh character, and after
one of them, Hon. Preston W. Camp
bell had been put on, Senator Noel
wald tlme could be saved by exouslng
tho rest, as ho was wllllhg to ooncede
that they would all so testlfy.
He was thon asked if ho wlshed to
put on tho wltnesses to assall Judge
Rhea's character, and he declared that
he dld not Thls was generally taken
to be another lndlcatlon that the In
auiry had been lnstltuted for polltlcal
purposes. Judge Rhea had been
sharged wlth betng an unfit man to slt
>n the Corporation Commlssion, and
iret, when he challenged hls accusers
\o brlng wltnesses to break down hls
tharacter, they declared they had none
lo offer. Senator Noel' was tho hero
?f the Republlcan meetlng at Murpby's
>n Saturday nlght, and hls party asso
sjates appeared happy over the stand
he had taken. When he declared that
he had been engaged for several days
ln "turnlng the X-rays on the darkened
character of W. F. Rhea" > tltere was
much cheerlng.
i Sny, He "huld Down."
Democrats are saylng, howavor, that
when challenged to make good hls
charges as to Judge Rhea's character
Bonator Noel "lald down," and doolared
that he had no character wltnesses to
iritroduce- Thls 1s w matter'of rocord,
as the statement was made before the
Jolnt commUtee on Fi'lday nlght. The
*~ .(Gontlnuaa on Sccona i'age,),
Highwaymen Ply Their
Trade Fearlessly in
National Capital.
Virginian Murdered and No
Trace of the Murderers Dis
covered?Police Force Can
not Cope with Evil, But
Spend Timc Guarding
White House.
rspectat to Thc Tlme?-DI?patch.]
"VVASHINGTON, D. C, February 2.?
!The unusually large number of'hoM
jupn, dcadly assaults and mysterlous
tnurdurs whlch havo occurred ln and
'near Washlngton ln the coursc of the
j past few months have aroused not
only the police, but cltizena generally
have becomo alarmed at tho lawloss
(nes8 whlch manlfests ltself In such
desperate form.
Wlthln a few months no less than
elghteen men and women have been
held up and robbed on the streets.
[The lateat crlmo of thls character oc?
curred thls mornlng after mldnlght.
when Frank Malley. a steamntter, iras
j halted at Flrst and North Capltol
(Streets, not far from the Unlon Statlon.
by two negroes wlth plstols. and
forced to glve up $8. The negroes
kept him covered untll they had backed
away somo dlstance, when they took
to thelr heels and dlsappeared. Tho
pollco wcre notlfled at once, and Mal?
ley Jolned wlth them In a Bearch for
the footpads, but no trace of the high?
waymen was found.
Reld .Murdered.
It was cloae to thla corncr that
Ilonry W. Reld. formerly of Prlne Wll
11am county, was murdored a week b'o
i fore. No trace of tho murderers has
I bcen found. though the police have sev
I ernl persons under susplclon r.nd one
j nrrcst has bcen made. The negroes
i who held up Malley thls mornlng tin
swer the descrlptior. of two negroes
loaflng ln Reld's bar Just before mld?
nlght on the nlght of the murder. The
police belleve they commltted the mur?
der, though there ls a susplclon that
robbery was not the motlve of ihe
murderers, as the body was fearfully
hacked up and mutllated. Stlll, a golrt
watch and all the money Mr. Reld had
ln hls pockets weru taken.
M.r. Reld's murder has excited much
j Interest In Prlnc Wllllam. Hls father
was promlnent ln the affalrs of tho
county for years. and at one timc rcp
resented Prlnce Wllllam In thc General
A 93 Holil-Up.
Thomas Terrett, who llves near tho
Eplscopal Thcologlcal Semlnary, near
Alcxandor, _ was golng home before
dawn thls mornlng. accompunled by
two other men. when the party w.i.<
stopped by three men, who made them
hold up tholr hunds whlle one of the
road agents went through thelr poek
They dld not got but $2, Mr. Terrett
havlng hastlly concealed undor thc
wagon seat a wallet contalnlng $72.
The robbers wero very angry when
they found such a small sum, and
flred thelr plstols severai tlmos for tho
purpose of frlghtenlng thelr vlctims.
But no more was glven up. The foot?
pads took to tho flelds, and tho au
thorltles havo no trace of them.
Assaults on women, whlch have been
of numerous occurence ln recent
months, have not occurred for severai
weeks, owlng to the fact that women
will not go on any of the streets alone.
after dark. Congress ls belng urged
to incrt-a.se the police force of tho
clty, but the prospects for such legis
latlon are not good.
Meanwhlle, thlrty-eight members of
the force are detalled every day to
guard the 'Whlte House and grounds.
Colonel Itobcrt Marye, Xollve of Vlr
Klnlu, Drops Deud ln Baltlmore.
TSpeclal to The Tlmos-Dlspatcn.]
BALTIMORE, MD? February 2.?Col?
onel Robert Marye, well-known graln
brokor and clubman, dropped dtad ln
the Universlty Club last mldnlght un?
der dramatlc elroumstances. Sltting at
the wlndow wlth a group of hls frlends,
all gazlng allontly out at the falllng
snowflakes, Mr. Marye sald slowly:
"I hate to go out in thls snow, but I
must go," and then half rose from hls
chalr and fell back dead. It ls sald he
had often expressod a w|sh that when
death came It would come llke the
snufflng of,a candle. He leaves a wld
ow and two sons. Colonel Marye was
born at Maryo Helghts, above Freder
Icksburg. made famous by Lee's bloody
defeat of Burnslde's charglng leglons.
Forced liy III Hcnltli lo t.lve Up Dnrlng
Second Term,
HELEN'A, MONT., February 2.?Gov
ernor Joseph K. Toolo to-day tendored
hls reslgnation to Secretary of Sta'te
Hoder, to take effect Aprtl 1st next.
Ho'wlll be KUceeeUed by Edwln Noriis,
of Diilon, Iileutennnl Governor. '
Toole has twlce been elected Gover?
nor of Montana on the Democratlc
tlcket For some time hls health has
been unsatlsfactory/"and for this reasoti
ho haa reslgned.
i -?
BAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 2.-4williain
Fredorlck Pelllgmann, an ordinary sea
mav on tho o'ruisor Callfornla, was
drowned yesterday in tiill vlew of the
wholo ship company. The Callfornla ls
lylng at anchor at the Vallejo stralta and
a stvong ebb t|de was runnlng when
Hellgmann fell overboard.
000 Bogim Princea.
ST. PETERSBURG. February 2.?A
revislon of tho College of Heraldry of
Georgla, Trans-Caucasla, has resulted
ln the uncovering of inonstor forgerles
of prlncely tltles. Among 2,000 veglB
tered heredltary coats of anns, 600
havo been found to be boguu,
..-!-?- ? (
.Itidtce Wllkea Dcutl.
NASHV1LLE, TENN? February 2,?
Juilge .JTohn &, Wllkes, assoctato Justlce
ot1 tho Siipremo Court of Tennessee,
iiled to-day at hls uomo in i'ulashJ,
?ged eixty-aovoa.
Ilcclurcn He will Sooti Ilc Frcc?Sne
vlnllntH 1'ny Hlm n Vlnlt.
MATTEAWAN, N. Y.( Fcbrtiary :.?
Harry K. Thaw began to-duy the rou
tlno of a aimple llfo. whlch, tho au
thorltlos at the Htato Hoapltal for tho
Crlmlnal Insane say, will mako hls
long stay ln tho Tombs Prlson, in Now
York City, seem Uke the helght of
galety In comparlaon. The new patlent
ln the observatlon ward slopt soundly
last nlght, the presenco of the flfty
oth&r men In the dormltory not glvlng
hlm the sllghtest conccrn. lt was after
the ueual retlrlng hour when Thaw
reached the hoapltal, and ho Imnvj
dlatoly went to bed. Ho arose thh?
mornlng at C o'clock and ato a hearty
brtakfust it tho "knlfe and fork table."
Only flfty-four men out of the moro
than 700 .n the lnstltutton are allowad
thls prlvih ge, the others belng re
strlcted to spoons. Thaw aecmed much
refreshed' from hls aound slecp. anJ
declared he needed the rest after the
trylng houra of Frlday nlgnt and Sat?
urday, while the Jury was out and
secmlngly unable to agree. About 100
mon were ln the main dlnlng-ronm
when Thaw reached the breakfast table
to-day, and ho was tho centre of at
tenllon. The novelty of the noted pa
tlent's presenco had not worn off by
dlnner tlmo. and he was compelled
agaln to cat under the scrutlny of
many cyes.
At 3 P. M. Thaw attended dlvlne
scrvlces ln the hoapltal audltorlum or
theatro. During the day Thaw de?
clared to one of the attendants that h<?
orobably would not be In the hospiu1
more than one week. He sald hls
lawyers would sue out a wrlt of
habeas corpus ln hls behalf, and ho
was sure he would beN allowed hls 11b
crty as the result of a hearlng In
court or an Inqulry before a commls
During the week provlslon will be
made by the famlly for speclal meat
and table delicacles for Thaw. Thla
afternoon Dr. Brltton D. Evans. of
Morrl.1 Plalns. N. J.. and Dr. Smlth
Ely Jelliffe. of New York. alienlsta.
arrlved at the hospltal. They were
employed by the defense ln both trlals
of Harry K. Thaw, and whlle both
evaded questlons regarding thelr pres
ence here. lt ts sald they came at the
instlgatlon of Mrs. Wllllam Thaw to
examlnc her son and be prepared wlth
evldence when habeas corpus proceed
lngs a.ra brought up to llbera'te hlm.
Federal Kxp*iikp<i Fnr Above the
Monthly Rccelpt*.
WASHINGTON. D. C. February 2.?
Government expensea are Increnslng
by huge Jumps, belng $11,000,000
greater for January than for Decem
bcr. At the satne tlme. the recelpta
were nearly $6,000,000 leas than for
January, 1907.
The monthly comparatlve statement
of the government reccipts and ex
pendltures shows that for tho month
of January. 190S, tho totai recelpia
i were $49,435,2S2. whlch Is nearly $6.
| 000.000 le.?s than for January, 1907.
It Is An lncrease, however, over De
cember, 1907, of $2,152,000. The ex
pendltures for the last month were
$r.8.817.S57, as agalnst $47,827,241 for
January, 1907, an lncrease of $11,
As compared wlth January, 1907,
tho expendltures last month show ln
rreases on account of the War De
partment of about $1,000,000; clvJl
and mlscellaneoua. $4,000,000; navy,
$313,000; penslons, nearly $2,000,000;
publlc works, $2,000,000, and lnterest,
Xetfro Who Crliulnull}- Aaanulteil Voung
Whlte Wiimnn In Shot to Deatli.
QUIT1IAN. GA., February 2.?Charley
Pittman, the negro barber, who was
arrested on susplclon of be.ng the mur
deror of Mlss Lortena Allen, at Green
vllle, Flu,, was shot to death last nlght.
The purllculars, as gathered from an
j eye-wltness, are that the crowd had
gathered around the calaboose whero
, Pittman was conflned. when the deputy
I sherlff ordered them away. Tho crowd
went off and the sherlff went Inslde to
get the negro out, when he was at
tacked by Pltman, who had a knlfe, and
cut the sherlff badly. The negro was
then shot by the deputy, and the mob,
hearlng the shots. rushed up and fln
lahed kllllng the negro. The evldence
aga.nst the negro was strong. A hor
rlble feature of the sad tragody Is that
the young lady was crlmlnally assault
ed before belng murdered.
Plttman's bloody shlrt and clothes
were found at a negro woman's house,
and the woman sald that Pittman had
brought them there to be cleaned.
25,000 BalCK Go Cp lu Smoke <n Com
presa IMnnt Flre.
AilERICUS, GA., February 2.?The
plant of the Atlantlc Compress Com
pany, wlth between 2,000 and 2,500
bales of cotton, was totally destroyod
he<:e to-nlght by flre. Three hundrcd
bales of cotton were saved In danv
nged condltlon. Slx frelght cars load
ed wlth cotton and merchandlse were
tlestroyed In the Central of Georgla
yards. The total loss Is estlmated at
between $140,000 and $100,000.
Evorythlng ls covered by lnsurance,
The compress plant was owned by prl
vate partles, und leased to the At?
lantlc Company The flre was dlscov
ered about?6 o'clock thls afternoon. A
hlgh wlnd was blowlng, and lt spread
rapldly. At one tlme tho electrlc and
gas plants were threatened. The flre
Is now under control. The orlgln ol
lt ls unknown.
General Allen Got Forty-one Itepllea 4c
Hls Proposnls. .
WASHINGTON, February 2.?Bhh
were openod by the Slgnal Corps of the
army yosterday for the constructtc.'
of a .heavler than atr t'lylng machlne
When tho competltlon closed, Generu.
Allen, Chlef of the Corps, found forty
one sets of replles tp the proposals ir
hls basket.
Instead of contalning valuable pro
positlons, the bldders had offered acl
verse crltlclsm of the strlngerit requlnv
ments of the War Dopartment. Befor.
any contvacts are let the Inventor mus
put hls machlne through an enduranc<
test of one,riour.
The Wrlght brothers, of Dayton. O.
and Professor Aiexander Oraham Bell
of Washlngton, are amopg the bont
Hdo bldders.
I --?-?
Killed by Tralu.
[Speclal to The Timea-Dlspatuh.l
CAPRON, VA? February 3.?Fran)
Myrlck, aged rifteen, Bon of tho ]at
Solomon Myrlck and Mrs. H. V. Cobt
was Instaiitly killed here yeaterday b;
tho log traln operated by G. w. Trult
& Company. Tho traln had slowert dowj
for tho street crosslng at tho atatlon
when tho boy attemptod to board th
traln, though warned not to, Mlaalni
hls footlng hefell under tho last ca
?ud wa? liorrlbiy ouwaied, /
His Message Has Set All
Politicians Wild With
Democrats Say It Mcans That
Prcsident VVill Have a Try
for a Third Term, and
That It Was Cut
and Dried
TItnci-Dlspatch Burenu.
Munsoy BulldlnR,
Washlngton, D. C, Feb. 2.
It ls impoHsible for those who do not
llvo in Washlngton, probahly, to rea
llzo the uttor chaos,' polltlcally speak
lng. whlch the message the Prealdent
sent to Congrcss Frlday has created.
It ls stlll tho one and all-absorblng
toplc wherever as many as two states
men are gathered, and promlsos to
malntaln Its lmportance for some tlmo
to come.
Speaklng generally, It has frmbar
rassed both Democrats and Republt
cans. The majorlty party ls embarrass
ed becaus? the message' hlts at many
who occuplsd, or dld occupy, foremost
places ln tho inner counclls of the
party, so far as supplylnsr slnews to
the campalgn commlttee was concern
cd. Tho attacks upon trusts and other
uorporatlons made under the present
adralnistratlon were embarrassing
enough, but thero have been many
qulet promlses of late that the Prcoi
dent "would be good" hencoforward.
Thcso wero made by Republlcan lead
ers, who never for a moment belleved
that Mr. Roose\elt would blow on tho
dylng cmbers of trust prosecution and
octopus chaslng Just as the country
was about to go lnto a, prcsldentlul
Repnbllcan Denunclutlon.
But such pledges were glven wlth
out consultatlon wlth Mr. Roosevelt.
Certaln lt ls that he ha3 thrown a
grc-at mass of fat lnto the fire, and the
flames are burnlng flercely. Thc most
extravagant denunclatlon of the Presl
dent, prlvately uttered, of course, ls
heard from the old stalwarts since tho
message was sent In. They are not
only mad. but distlnctly gloomy. Tho
future does not hold out much of
promlse. The party cleavage extends
from the top to the bottom. There ls
n far more radica] dlfferepee between
tho Roosevelt anj'' the"w2cv>servatlve
wlngs of the Republlcan party than
thero ls between the Bryan and the
antl-Bryan wlngs of tho Democratlc
There must be a very extensive and
comprehenslve adjustment of dlffer
ences In order to prevont a bolt ln tho
Republlcan ranks more serlous than
that whlch was preclpltated ln the
Democratlc party by the nomlnatlon
of Mr. Bryan In 1896.
Some Democratlc Dlvtalon.
Nor ls everythlng serene in Demo?
cratlc ranks. At flrst blush It would
seem as though the mlnorlty In Con
gress would be ln nlgh feather at hav
lng a Republlcan Presldent fndor.se
practically every plan In tho Demo?
cratlc platform, but such a vlew is
largely sentlmental. It is nice to havo
the ear tlckled by a prettlly turned
compllment. Buch such blandishments
do not put money ln tho purse nor
meal In the barrel.
Mr. Roosevelfs extraordlnary actlon
In cllmblng to a soat on the Democra?
tlc wagon does not promlse to yleld
more to Democrats than some sort of
empty compliment, and ground for
non-productlve taunts hurled from the
i stump to Republlcan shouterB during
thc campalgn about to open. As a
I matter of fact, the Presidenfs message
j has set the Democrats to guesslng.
They cannot denounco IL They are ln
(Continued on Thlrd Pasf.)
Clevcland Plaln Bcnler Plant Gocs Cp
tn i'lumes.
CLEVELAND, OHIO. February 2.?
The fourTStory brlck buildlng contaln
Ing the mechanical department of tho
Plaln Dealer Publishlng Company was
practically dostroyed by fire to-day.
The adjoinlng structure, ln whlch the
business and odltorial offlces are lo
cated, was not serlouslv damaged. Tho
buildlng destroyed contaltied the com
posing roora wl'h twenty-two Uno
types, job printlng plant, boilers and
dynamos and pro-s rooms ln the base
ment. It Is thought two of the threo
blg presses are not badly damaged.
The loss Is estlmated at $200,000, par
tlally covered by Insurance.
The Plaln Dealer wlli be issued from
tho Cleveland News office for the
Mcre Tot Piitn Out nia/e Tlint Tlircat.
viied Olilrr Glrl'a lAte.
PITTSBURG. PA., February 2.?FIvo
year-old Grace Duist, daughter of a
Verona merchant, saved the llfo (,(
her slster Muiion, seven years old, as
Ihe two ehlldrep were playlng near
tho grate ln thfir home thls evenlng
Mar|on ventured too near tho flre and
ln an Instant her clothlng was ablaze
The baby slster tore a heavy overcoat
from a chalr and wrapped lt about
the frlghtened ohlld.
Two months ago tho chlldren's aunt
had saved her llttle glrl from belng
badly burned by the name means.i
Grace had heard tho story and remem
beren what to do In to-nlght's enier
Tralu Rnn In?o Onon Svrlteh and In
Jurcil Si-vernl PnsnenKera.
?Paoeenger trn'n No. 35. on the Sonth
ern Rallway, lcnown as the New Tnrk
Llmlted. was wreckad on;> mlle east of
Sweetwater, T^nn., Iniurlng a number
of persnns. Thn traln, whlle runn'ng
at hlgh speed. ran lnto an open swltch
and crashed lnto a londed coal car. The
mo?t serlouslv hurt are:
Englneer Copolnnd. Knoxvlllo.
Mall Clerlt I. M. Thomas, Cleveland,
Roheft Ashmon. oxpressman. Brlstol,
Mall ClerU X C. Matthewa, Johnson
On board tho train waa. tha Marlo
Tiatour Stock Company, a thentrlcnl ag
BreMtlon r" routo to Momnhls. One
meniber of the company was sllghtly
nlured The oth?r pasaengers escaped
burned to death
Rnllronrt Mnn Honatetl In Ilcil?Set Ilctl
clbtfica on Flre Wlth IMjie.
[Sn^clnl loTheTImes-Dlfpntch.l
MEHERRIN, VA.. February 2.?Mr.
8ld. Clarko, a hlghly respectablo whlto
man, was burned to death In hls homo
near here laat nlght. Mr. Clarko wno
employed by the Southern Rallway on
lts force of carpentera. Arrlvlng nt
hls home somethlng after dusk he re
tired aomowhat early. About 10 o'clock
hls family, who were ln another por
tlon of the bulldlng, were arousod by
hlM crlea, and upon entering hls room
found hls clothlng very nearls burned
off and tho bod that he had occupled
burnlng at a rapld rate. He was im
mediately wrapped ln blankets and tho
flre extlr.gulahed. but not untll he had
burned so severcly that his sk!n would
fall from hla body. He was made as
comfortablo as possible, but hla sur
ferings were so great that he dled thls
morning about 4 o'clock.
It ls clalmcd* by hls people that after
he retlred he llt hla pipe to enjoy? a.
smokc. and foll asleep, when the flre
from the plpe set the bodelothM on
flre. . aoon apreading to hls clothea.
When he was awakened by the paln he
was a mass of llames. and lt was too
lato to extlnjjuiflh them.
away a long time
Wehtt Vlrglnln Ilrldegrroom for Twcnty
nlne Ycnm Sllcnt.
CHESTER. W. VA, February 2.?
Charles Spurlock, cmpioyed by the
Adams Exprcsa Company at St. Loula.
Mo kept hls whereabouts concealed
twenty-nine years. A letter has Just
been recelved from hlm by hls brother
Jesse Spurlock. A aon llvea ln thls
clty and a daughter at Huntlngton. W.
Va. Hls relatlves had belteved hlm
At the tlme of hls departuro Spur?
lock and his young brlde llved at Hunt?
lngton. Her objectlon to llving away
from her lmmedlate friends causad hls
strange dlsappearance. Subsequently
his wlfo. father and mother dltd. The
father's estate. whlch was large, was
dlvlded between two chlldren. Al
though at the tlme of hls father's death
advertlsements were lnserted In news
papers throughout the country seeking
newa of Spurlock, they were of no
Gcorgin Glrl'a Illneaa Coats tlie Rull
road Compnny fl,000.
ROME. GA., February 2.?Mlsa Ida
Benjamin, aged ntneteen years, of thls
clty, haa recelved from tho Central of
Georgla Rallroad a check for $1,000
because the young woman caught cold
uhile travellng ln one of tho coaches
of the rallroad- on Chrlstmaa Eve of
1006. Mlss Benjamin traveled from At
lanta to Macon by the Central, and
tho coach In whlch she was seatod was
not heated. The temperature was so
chllly that repeated protests were made
to the conductor, but the latter dld
nothlng to warm the passengers. As
a result of the cold coach Miss Benja?
min contracted a cold. whlch troubled
her for months. She brought sult, and
was glven a verdict. The rallroad
gavo notlce of appeal, but reconsld
ered, and yesterday settled by sendlng
the glrl a check for $1,000.
31 r. Ilnrnion Wouuded I>y Two Men on
Strcets of Hlgh Polnt.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
HIGH POINT, N. C February 2?.
Last night at 9:30 o'clock, whlle walk
Ing on South Main Street, on hls way
home, Mr. M. S. Harraon, a whlto man
about flfty-flve years of age, was ac
costed by two men and told to halt.
At tho samo lnstant two plstols were
shoved closo to hls face. Mr. Harmon
stopped Just an lnstant to say that he
guessed ho would do no such thlng,
and stnrted on hla way home, when he
was shot by one of the two men. tho
ball entering tho thlgh and lodglng
just outslde the Intestines. Had lt not
been for the thlck bone through whlch
the ball plowed its way, death no
doubt would have resulted ln a short
whlle. Imtnedlately after tho shoot
Ing the men made thelr escape without
searching thclr vlctlni, and at thls time
they have not been apprehended?ln
fact. very iittle lnformation belng at
hnnd to get ovon a clue. Mr. Harmon
Is not posltlve ns to whether the par
tles were black or whlte. the locatlon
of the hold-up belng a dark spot. The
officers were soon on the scene, but
made llttle, If any. headwav ln getting
a clue as to the gullty partles.
CUnrch nt Flrst Prohlhlted Followcra
From Aftendlng Pcrfojrmunce.
NAPLES. February 2.?The flrst pre
sentntion hore last nlght of Rlchard
Strauss's opera "Salomc" waa the occa
sion for much excltement. The elergy.
wh'ch denounced the libretto ns |m
moral, and lt* author. Osrnr Wllde. as
a heretlc, urged women of the Cithnllc
fa'th not to attend the perfnrmance,
and it was drctd^d by the managemont
not to produce the ooera. At the last
moment, however, the announcemrnt
was mado that the Vntlean htd doe'ded
to remoye Its prnhlbltlon, and the The
atre San Cnrlo therofore was crowded
to overflowlng.
JVcgro Wlio Survlven Hclng. Hnugcil
nnd Shot SucvuinbH Flimlly.
MONTOOMERY, AX.A., February 3.?
Clevelnnd Franklin, the vlctlni of tho
mob at Dothan, ls dead, even If the
lynehors dld not mnko a good Job of It.
When found by the slierlft' the negro
was very much. allve, and at flrst
glunce hls wounds seemed sllght. Later,
however, a bullet hole was found ln
one kldney, and from thls wound he
MIGFEI. r?**rT?A V.i FJCTFin
MOBILE, ALA.. Februarv 2.?Mail
advlces to-day from. Puerto Cnrtoz say:
In the electlon whlch termlnated to
dav (Januarv 29th) General M'ffuei A.
pnvlln waa eleoted Pr^sldont, and Oen
eral Dto'noslo Gutterrez Vir?-Pro8ident
of Honduras, practlcally without oppo.
Rtg Flre ln Wett Vlrglnlu.
BUCKHANNON, W. VA., February 2.
_A flre whlch started in the Morrlson
Hotel early to-day was only brought
under control to-nlght after ald had
been recelved from Weston, W. Va. The
poBt-oftlcc nnd seven other buUdlngn
and ono rosldenco were completoly de
stroyed. Tho loas ls esttmated at
KmpreaV Glft f?r Amerleim Cliuroli.
BEJRLIN, February 3.?The Gernmn
Empress luia prosented to the llbrary
of tho Ainorlcnn Church hore tho "Let
ters of Queon Vlctoria," . ln throo vol
umos. Her Majesty tmnamlttod wlth
tho books u letter expross.lng her deep
lutereat ln the Amerlcaa Church,
Queen Amelie Sits
Beside Murdered King
Troops Guard All Entrances to the
Palace, and Reserves Are
in Readiness.
Manuel II. Proclaimed King by Premier
Franco?His Majesty in Address, De
nounces "the Abbminable Crime"
That Robs Him of His Father
and Brother?Official
Statement of Trageciy.
MADRID, February 2.--E1 Mundo publishes a
statement that a republic has been proclaimed in Oporto,.
Portugal, but no confirmation of this can be obtained.
LISBON, February 2/? All Portugal is overwhelmed to-day at
the killing of the King and Crovvn Prince. Though torn by inMF>
nal dissensions the past few months, terrorized by acts of crime and
bloodshed, uprisings in the streets, outrages with knife and bomb,
and ahvays fearful lest these signs of rcvolution would culminate
in some dreadful outburst of passion, Portugal was not prepared for
the blow that fell yesterday, when King and Prince were shot to
death in a public place whcrc thousands had gathered to greet their
home-coming. All last night Queen Amelie, in the royal palace.
sat between the biers, where rested the bodies of her husband and
her son, prostrated with gricf. Troops guarded the palace; a squad
don of cavalry surroundcd the house in which Premier Franco passed
the night; spccial details were drawn up before public buildings, and
reserves were quartercd in barracks rcady for a call that might come
to spring to arms.
A Sleepless Night in Lisbon.
But Lisbon did not sleep. Scarcely a soul throughout the city
closed eyes. An unnatnral silence pervaded the place after the first
awakening to the tragedy that had bcen enacted, with its attendant
noises and confusion. Shops and cafes were closed; the doors of
thcatres were hastily locked; houses were barricaded, and the streets
were cleared. No one might say where the next blow would fall,
and revolution that swecps through a city like a fire in dry pl?*ces,
drove the pcople into their homes or other places where they might
be sectire. The attack on the royal family, however, had the oppo
site effect from that most feared, and peace and quiet rcigned, a3
though no murder had been done.
Prince Manuel Is King.
Early this morning Premier Franco proclaimed the accession
of Prince Manuel to the throne, the naval and military chiefs and
high dignitaries of statc swore allegiancc to the new King and
Portugal still lived under a monarch}'.
In stating the facts of the murders the premier's proclamation
declarcs that when the assassins attacked the royal carriage Queen
Amelie actcd with the greatest couragc, heroically attempting to
! shield her sons at the risk of her own life, and at the same time
slriking at the murderers with a largc bouquet which she carried.
Wounds Are Very Slight.
Prince Manuel's wounds, which at first were believed to be
serious, proved to be of comparatively slight consequence, and to
day he is well on the road to complete recovery. It is confidently
believed that this young man will find his great task considerably
lightened by the fact that he is known to be of a charming, sym
pathetic nature, which has ahvays been a delight to those about him.
Even with his wounds, and amid the dreadful scenes which ac
companied and followed the tragedy, the young prince has pre
served a demeanor of utmost dignity. His wounded arm is carried
in a sling, but he makes light of his own hurts, and protests that
he suffers no pain whatever.
Names of Murderers Not Known.
The greatest secrecy is being maintained as to the identity of
the regicides and the details of the investigation which is being
made into the assassination. The names of thc assailants, who
were shot down by the police guard and those who were captured
while they were fleeing from the scene of the fatal attack, are being
withheld, if, indeed, they have been learned by the police themselves.
The bodies of King Carlos and the Crowri Prince are lying to
day in the palace in the same room of the suite which was occu
pied by the King. No arrangements have yet been made for thc
King Manuel's Proclamation.
Latc in the day came a solemn proclamation by King Manuel
II. announcing that he would uphold the constitution and preserve
the integrity of the kingdom. In this proclamation, which is ad
dressed to the Portuguese pcople, he says;
"An abominable crime has stricken me in my heart, as a son
and brother I know the nation shares my sorrow and indignation,
and detests the horrible act which is unprecedented in history. I.
am called upon by the constitution to preside over the destinies of
the nation, and co'nformable thcrewith, I shall do my utmost to pro
mote the good of the Fatherland and merit the affection of the
Portuguese oeople.
"I sweaf to maintain the Catholic religion and the integrity of
the kingdom and to observe myself and enforce observance by all
of the nation's political constitution. I also declare that it is my
pleasure that the present ministers shall remain in office."
Official Report of Tragedy.
An official report of the tragedy of yesterday, which was giyeh
out by the government to-night to the newspapers, reads as follows;
The King. Queen and Crown Prince were riding in the first
carriage to their villa outside of Lisbon. Prince Manuel, with of
rlcers from the royal palace, was in the second carriage. In front.
of the Praca do Commercio a man armed with a carbinc suddenly
broke through thc ffont row of the crowd and shot at the King.
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