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iFinance Committee Takcs Up a
Tcritativc Estimate for
Budget of 1908.
Olanchcator Burcau, Tlmes-Dfupatch,
No. 1102 Htill Stroet.
Tho Flnance Commlttoo last nlght
took up the quesllon of formulatlng tho
budget fof tho flscal year. City Treaa
tirer BronaugI> was present wlth a
fichedule of the probablo Income to
the olty durlng the year, whlch was
adopted, aithough further and final
iiciion will bc taken nt the mecting
of the committee 011 Frlday nlght.
tn thm umiaclve buog.-t $1i,j>iG -ls
net aslde for atreets, ?l,o00 of whlch
wa? approprlated last yoar for work
on Sovtnth Street, whlch has not been
complettu... Lant year. tho orlgin&l ap?
proprlation wiih about $10,000, nn"
*3,U00 was heid ovvr rrom ti.o yuur
Mght (lucMtion Iiiiporlnut.
It may seem that an or.p.anatlon is
ncjeesary concermng the amount of
money propoeed for the streets durlng
the your, ln conslderatlori of tho. fact
,that the city has rtcently recelved
420,000 due . from the Archer estate,
wh.ch Is ligured upon as one- of tho
puscts of me budget.f Out of thls
Amount 10,000 will go to school and city
Bower taxes. Furthermore, iu thls
estimate the blll for electric llghtlng
for the ttrtets of the city for the poat
year and thls year will amount to
37,600. Thls ls an Item that the Coun?
cil has not iiad to conslder for some
years, anil it can- be' seen that th*
proposed munic.pal electric llght plant
Is someihlng that is e^entlal to the.
clty's Intcrists.
To Itevlnc Rules.
y The regular meetlng of the Board of
Police Cornini?sionera was held last
nlght. when, In aefcordanco wlth the
rtaolutlona recentiy adopted, the May?
or reprlinanded Sergeant Wright and
Otllcer Jones for neglect of duty. ihe
Mayor also read to the entlro force tlie
rules and regulatlons of the depait
ment. He commended the departmeni
and tndivlduals for their conduct ln
the past. , . j . fn?
A committee was appolnted to ror
mulate new rules and regulatlons for
the police of the city.
Spectaeulnr Flre.
The eccond fire of the year ln Man
chestcr, Wn.le amall ln one respect,
created much excitement last n Bhv a
8:28 o'clock at tly> home of ibfmoa
Howell. at tbe corner of Th'rteenth
and Porter Streets, wh?re a kitchen, a
franie structure, waa ablaae.
It made a br.lliant llght and attract
?Dd many citlzens. The Uamago dld not
amount to more than $25.
For Flng nnlnlng.
Rocky Itldge. New South and Davls
Council*. Jr. O. V. A. M.. have complet
cd arrangtments for the ralslng ofc-tho
flag upon ti.e new Hlgh .school Huild
lng. which ls BChoduled to tuke place
on February ^2d, -, ,,, , ? ?,?
The United States flag will bo pre?
sented bv Charlea L Page. In behalf
of the order. whlle Mayor II. A. Mau
rke will re'celv-e lt for the city.
Superlnttndent V. L. Pulllam, ot tlio
Manclieatcr echools. will accept it ln
the name of the School Board. The ad?
dress of the occaslon will be dellvcrc-d
bv llen. John Lamb.
Thu Blues" Band has been secured.
and a - dttachment of the RIchmond
Howltz'.rs will fire a salute.
Pcrsonnln nnd Hrlcfs.
Tho Ccmetery Committee has been
CtH^d to rntet on Wednesday nlght.
The funeral of Mrs. Leonard P. Jer?
ry. who dled on Sunday nlght. will taku
elace thls afternoon.
Tho B?ord of Water Commissloncrs
hon bt?n called to meet to-nlght.
?\ small tlre was dlscovered at 12:2a
reRterday morrvlEg. In a colored dwo'tl
Ing. 115 West Twerity-flrst Street. 1 he
lamage was slight and the depart
- nent nnd Uttle difflculty wlth the
lemes. . -'?'??.
Mr. W. A. Xeal. who has been at his
home for several weeks, was able to
be out yesterday mornlng.
Professor S. C. Mltclieti, of RIchmond
College. preached Sunday nlght at Oak
I Grove Baptist Church. He also made
I a short address upon the endowment
! for the women's dopartment of the col?
Mr. James K. Hardlng, who has been
engaged in the barber buslness here
for many yiars. has opened a splen
d.d shop In the Lafayctte House.
The Ooldin Oleaners. of the Baln
bridge Stroet Baptist Church, will glye
a Colonlal tea at the church on 1-eb
i ruary 21st. - ? . .
I Bxamlnations In the publlc scnools
: of the city aro In progress thls week.
', and the results will be made known
! or, Monday next
'City Scrgeant Saunders has recelved
la communicatlon from the Western
1 State Hospital. at Staunton. asking hlm
[ to locate rc-latlvcs of Mr*. Mildred
Shackelford. who was cominltted to the
| the Instituion in March, 1S31. She ls ln
a critlcal condltlon.
Judge Clopton. in the Corporatlon
Court. yesterday mornlng reappolnted
tho penslon board for the year, as fol
lows: E. G. Hill. W. W. Pool and George
C. Anderson. He also appomttd Mr.
George C. Anderson to succeed him
self upot the electoral board. hls term
havlng explred. ? , . ,
The Womau's MIsslonary Soclety of
Bainbridge Street Baptist Chureh will
meet thls afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at
the home of Mrs. Durham, Eleventh
and Porter Streets.
Tns Blrfu lntroduced to Amcnd Lmv
An to Membera of Council.
Bllls were lntroduced in the House
of Delegates yesterday by Mr. Cooko,
of Norfolk, and Colonel Eugene C.
Massie, of Rlchmond, to amcnd sectlon
823 of tho Code, so that the law pro
vidlng trat members of Clty Councils
shall not be contractors wlth the clty
shali apply to suocontractors as well.
If the amendment ls adopted. contracts
and bona fide subcontracts will be
placcd on equal tcrms. It? effect will
be far-r'achlng ln Rlchmond, where
trading and deallng has been carrlcd
on extenslvely heretofore. Under the
decislon of the Law and Equity Court
the statute is construed broadly to
jmcan that where a Councliman cannot
jbe a contractor, he can be a subcon
Third Decision Within a Month
Adverse to Labor's
WASHINGTON, February 3.?To-day,
for tho third time within a month. the
Suprome Court of tho Unlted States
promulgated an oplnlon construlng
laws adversely to tho contcntions ol
organlzed labor.
Tho flrst of tho dedslon3 was ren
dered on January 6th, In the caso of
aomo railway employos, who eought
to secure damages unner what is
known. ns tho employors' llabillty
law," making rallroads responslble for
injurles' resultlng from tho ncgllgence
of fellow-servants, whlch law the court
held to bo unconstitutlonal. The sec
ond Important flnding In thls line was
announced on the 23d ultlmo, when
the Erdman arbltratlon net, forblddlng
the dlscharge of employos because
they aro mombcrs of labor unlons, wa*
also declared to be invnlM. Tho vor
dict rendcred to-day was ln tho case
of Lawlor vs. Loewe, th* former a
member of the HatterV Union and the
latter a hat manufatturcr of Danbury,
A BIow ?t Boycott. -*
The case Intplved the appllcablllty
of the seventh. sectlon of tho Shcnman
antltrust law to consplraclen by labor
unlons to boycott artlcles cnterlng lnto
lnterstate trnde. Under the terms of
that provlsion, the complalnlng party
n.'ay collect threo tlmes the'amount of
his loss lf the charge Is sustained. Tho
union fought the caso on the ground
that the law was not applicable to
such organlzatlon. but the court, whoso
oplnlon was announced by Chlef Justlce
Fuller, falled to accept thls view, and
In effect held that the unlons could not
be permitted to lnterfcro hy boycott
with tho free change of commerce be?
tween tho States. There was n-> dis
sentlng oplnlon.
The sult was Instlluted by Loewo &
Co., In the Unitcd States Clrcult Court
for the distrlct of Connectlcut. The
; company alleglng damago by boycott
agalnst the factory to the extent of
SSO.O00, asked for a Judgmont for
$240,000 ln accordance wlth thc terma
of the Sherman act. Not only the
members of the Hatters' Union, but the
American Federation of Labor, was in
cluded In the blll.
Boycott on Onrn Shop.
In the complalnt It was alleged thnt
the labor organlzatlon had uuciertaken
to compcl the manufacturers to union
ize thelr factory, and it was asserteC
that when they failed in thls effect thfc
union hatters withdrew and induceti
other employes to do so.
Thls act was followed by the do
claratlon of boycott agalnst LoewVt
hats, and as the firm controllcd an ex
tenelve trade throughout the country,
the boycott extended to many Statos
whlch.In the languagc of the blll con
stituted a combination to limlt and re
straln interstate commerce.
\ The Clrcult Court declared that as
nelther the-manufacturc nor distribu
i tlon of hats is interstate ln character,
[the court found lt necessary to decidt
' uhether a combination whlch seeks tc
Interfere wlth both the manutacturt
!and the dlstr.butlon simultaiieously ls
!one whlch dlrectly affects transporta
? tion from one State to another. The
effect of the deolsion was favorable
to the.-union, as it held that the Su?
prome Court had not broadened the
Sherman act so as to make lt flt such
a condltlon. Accordlngly tho complalnt
was dlsmlssed on'a demurrer, and the
dlsmlssal was afflrmed by the Court of
/ippeals. The declslon of the appellate
court was to-day overruled by the
Supreme Court
Police Committee Report on Snloou* 1,1
ccnneH Haudcd Iu?Bonrd Accepts It.
Appllcants for saioon llcenaes mu?
look now only to Judgo Wltt for the
Krantlng of their appllcatlons. tho
Police Comm ttee ot tlie Board of Police
Commlssloners havlng fully complcted
their work and handed ln their report I
to the board. The report was recelved i
last nlght. and was adopted. Secretary
Pollock will arrange it ln proper or?
der and by to-morrow It will be placed
ln the hands of the judge of the Hust
tiip-t Court.
No recommendat'ons are made: no
objectlons are ralsod. Elvery saioon
was examlned, both as to lts situation
nnd as to the character of lts'proprle
tor. The fltness of both will lar<?elj
determlne ns to whether annllcntlon for
renewal of llconses under the new
reglmo will *c favorably consldered.
To Vlslt Son In Cubn.
Mrs. Charles A. Glbson, wlfo of De
toctlvo Sorgeant Gib.ion, nnd her son,
James, will start thls mornlng for
Cubu, where they are to vlslt Sergeant
Glbson's son, Edward. who ls employ?
ed on an enginoerlng corps in tnat
country. They will remain a month.
Arrrnl.i Yesterday.
Daly Mimms. coiored, was arrestcd
yesterday ex-ening by Blcycle Pollcc
man Wlley on tho charge of runn.ng
a "polley" shop at No. 316 North Sev
enth Street.
Mercer Vaughan, colored, was walled
up for the night on the charge of
stealing a watch from Joseph Polndex
Sully Watklns was charged wlth al?
leged reckless drlving.
Howard Randolph was arrested or>
the charge of Hteallng part ot Roy
Henry's wearing apparel.
Want* Alleged Bmnczzler.
Sheriff Jonos, of Greensboro, N*. C;
arrived in tho city last nlght to get
W. J. Cllfton. who ls wantod In that
Stato on the chatge of embezzllng
$400 from the Southern Railroad. Cllf?
ton has been held here for the North
Carolina authorltles, and hls cas>e will
be heard in Police Court this mornlng.
Hot-Wnter Ptpea linrst.
Hot-water pipes bursting in the
ranse in tlio home of Peter Shdrts. of
732 1-2 North Flfth Street, one of the
l.aillffs in Judge Wa'ddll'a court. caused
a.sirmll ilre Saturday afternoon. Sta?
tion men of Englne Company No. 3
went to the place, and the blazo was
extlnguished by the use.of chemlcals.
Affalnst San day. E.vcursions.
? At tho regtilar meetlng of the Baptist
mlnlsters yesterday actlon was taken ex
pretslng opposltlon to Sunday exctirslons
nnd appointlng a committee to confer wlth
other pastors' conferences ln regaru to Ies
Islatlon by tho General ABScmbly agalnn
runnme sucli tralnt. The -commltteo np
pointed conslsts of tho Rev. Georpe W. Mo
Danlel. D. D.. the Itev. Alfred Bagby, D
D,. aud tho Rev. Ryland Kntght, D. D.
John W. Randolph.
Asslstant Superlntendent .of Flro
Alarm P. G. Randolph recelved a tele
gtam yesterday mornlng notif.ving hlm
of the death of hls father, John W.
Randolph, at hls home In Goochland
county, near Shannon Hill.
Mr. Randolph was a prosperous far
mer, and was well known throughout
hls sectlon of tlio State. He was a
Confederate veteran, and served dur?
lng the entlre war as a member of
Stuart's cavalry. He was seventy-four
years of age. He Is survlved by his
wlfo and six ehildren?P. G. Randolph,
of this city; J. C. and C. C. Randolph,
of Loulsa county: J. W. Randolph. Jr?
and Mrs. J. H. Woodson, of Goochland
county, and Mrs. W. E. Pryor, of Glen
Wllton, Va.
Mra. Elmina D. Sienker.
[Speuial to The Ttmes-Dlspatcn,.]
RADFORD. VA.. February 2.?-Mrs.
Elmina Drake Sienker dled at her
homo ln Snowvllle, Pulaski county.
early Saturday mornlng of grlp, at
tlie age of eighty-one years.' Mra.
Sienker was Mlss Elmina Drake Sienk?
er. of New York State, prlor-to her
marrlage to Mr; Isaac Sienker, also a
New Yorker. They afterwards Uved
in Pennsylvania, but came to Snow?
vllle thirty-flve years ago, Mr. Sienker
establlshlng and operutlng woolcu
mills there.
Mrs. Sienker waa tho daughter ot
a Qu.iker preacher, but was' herself
a free thlnker, and .wroto' for many
Northern papers and maga'zlnes. Sho
was1 tho author of a; novol entltled
'John'8 Way," whlcb ' reflects her In
dlvldual vlews. She made occaslonal
visits to Northern cltles, but passed
tho most of her-llfe wlth her flowers
nr.d books ln tho plcturesque mountatn
vlllage, carrylng on alarge corespond
once. and wrltlng constantly until the
last few years, when her pen had been
less actlve. She was known and
loved as "Aur.t Elmina" by a ? wlae
clrcle of t-eaders and frlends.
The hurlal was at Snowvllle. on Sun?
day. She leaves three grandclilldren?
Mrs. E. E. Price, Mr. Percy Sienker
and Miss Pearl Sienker, of East Rad
ford?tho ehildren of her only son, Mr.
Oscar Slenkor, who dled a fow years
Mlss Ida Early.
CROZET, VA.. Fobruary 3.?Mlss Ida
Early, oldest daughter of Captalu J. A,
Early, a promlnent buslness man of
DoyioBvllle,. Albomarle county. Va.,'and
a former menibor of the House of Del?
egates of Vlrginla from thls county,
after an Hlness extendlng over a year,
nassod away at" her father's resldence,
Januury 30. 190S. Mlss Ida had boen
a great sufferer. but bore hor uflllction
wlth heroic and Chrlstlan fortl.tude to
Tho funeral services were conducted
by tho Rev. Mr. Wingfield, of Albe
marle Clrcult, at'her lato resldence.
and tho body waa Interred ln - tho old
famlly burying ground beslde tho
.?rave of her mothor. She la survlved
by her father and four brothora and
two slstera, vlz? Thomas L. Early. of
DoyleaviUo. Va.; Eugeno E. Early and
V A Early, J?\. of Waco, Texaa. and
wuiiam C Early, of Mcmphls, Tonn.i
Mrs T E PowerB, of Charlottoavtlie.
Va.. und Mrs. Mlnnlo Meadowa. ot Roa
no Uo. Va.
Captaln J. S, Nortulngtou,
rspeclal to Tho Tlmea-DlBpatoh.]
wiPLDON N. C February a.-r-Cap
tam J S. NbrtUlngton dled at LlUleton
ssnturtiay. and hls renuilns were Jal.d
to reat lt HaUfax thia afternoon at
4 CaCnt?al?' Northlngton was for years a'
rnsldent of Petersburg. Va. Ho was a
'dafllng-Bttlosmaii ror y*.ara wlth. Da
vis Drake & Co., for a- long t rao Pe
torsburg'a leading Ury goods hotisa.
Ijiter ho waa a member of theVflrm
of GeorgQ J- Morrison & Co., of Pe-,
sold his interest in the buslness a fow
years ago, and slnce that timo he has
been llvlng a rotlred life at Llttleton.
Captaln Northlngton was scventy
three years old, and was a bravo Con
federate soldler. He went to war wlth
the flrst volunteor company from Hall
fax, and served falthftilly up to the
close, ln 1865.
Camm Ware.
r%peeial to The Tlmos-Dlspatch.1
AMHERST, VA.. February 3.?-Mr.
I Camm Ware dled at hls home near
I Roso MUls on Saturday nlght. Hls
I remalns wero lnterrcd at the Waro
! famlly burylng ground on Indlan Creok
to-day. He was about thlrty-four years,
of age and thc second son of Mr. E. S.
Ware, who dled some whlle ago. Hls
wlfo and several small children sur
vlvo hlm. He marrled a daughter of
Mr. Paul Ware, of thls place.
Wnverlcy D. Drlnkard.
rSoBflnl 'n The Tlmes-Dlspatch.J
WASHINGTON. D. C, February 3.?
Waverley D. Drlnkard, chlef of tho. Dl
vislon of Coast Defenses Engineers'.
I Otllce, War Department, who dled Sat
| urday. wns a son of tho'late Captaln
| W. F. Drlnkard. of Rlchmond. Mr.
; Drlnkard was born ln Rlchmond ln
1851, but spent nearly hls whole life
ln Washlngton. He practlced law ln
thls clty at ono timo. but.had been ln
the government servlce twenty-slx
years. The funeral will take place
tc-morrow afternoon.
Urnnville 11. Ilrooks.
(Speclal to ThqTImes-Dlspatch.]
SPOTSYLVANIA, VA.. February 3_
! Mr. GranvlUe R. Brooks. a natlve o?
; thls county. dled last week. at hls
i residence near Goodwln, in this coun?
ty. agcd nlnety-threo years. Mr. Brooks
has voted 'ftt every 'election heid for
President of Unlted Statos and Governor
of Virginia slnce 1836. and has al'
waya voted the Democratlc tlcket. He
was always adralred for . his groat
strength of character and general up
Mrs. Kntc Scott.
[Speclal to The Tlmos-Dlspatch.]
' TAPPAHANNOCK. VA., February 3.?
Mrs. Kate Scott, who waa the wldow of
Francis H, Scott. dled very suddeniy
at tiio homo of the'late Robert L. Ware.
her father, at Ware's Wharf, Va- at 4
o'clock P. M. yesterday. She leaves
four children. three sirla and one boy.
F. H. Scott, Jr.. her only son", is a min
Isterlal student ut Kiniherlln Helghts,
H. lllbnrgcr.
[Rpocial to'Tlio Tlmos-Dlspatch.]
ROANOKE,: VA., February 3.?Mr. E.
Hlbarger, one of Roanoke's bost-known
cltlzcns, dled to-dny from stomacH
trottble, aged slxty-two years. tle had
been for twenty years watch lnspoctor.
of the 'Norfolk and Western. Ho ls
survlved by hls wlfo and four children.
Hls remalns will be taken to Hagers
town for intornient.
T. P. Contes.
WAR.RENTON. VA.. February 3.?T.
P. Coatos, a well-known oltizen of this
county, died suddenly this afternoon at
hls home. near Calverton. at an ad
\anced ag-e. Tho deceased ls survlved
by four sons and two dauphters.
John W? Neirman.
STAUNTON. VA., February 3.?John
W. Nowman an aged cltizen, died to
day. He leaves a wife. Hewas from
Oransre county. ;
Isnnc R. Mvlltvee,
rfineria' ;n Tho Tlnies-DlBDatch.J
WINCHESTER. VA., February 8.?
Isaao R. Mcllwoo, a promlnent farmer
of Carniel, Shenandoah county, dled
to-day at hls old home place ln Fred
erlck county, from dropsy; aged flfty
throe years. He had1 been married
I three tlmes, and leaves his .third wlfo
I and three children.'
Mrs. B.A.'Colston.
I rSnnci"! to TheTim'es-Disontch.l'
WINCHESTER, VA.. < Februury 3.?
j Mrs. E. A Colston, wife of a woll
I known 'resident of Sumrr.lt Polnt, W.
Va., died -Sunday from cancer, agod
Wedding Gifts
of Known Qudlity.
QINCE the time of President
^ Jefferson's administration
the imprtnt of our firm name
has appeared not onltf upon,
thousands of articles now
prized as heirlooms,- but also
upon many pieces of' national
and historic interest.
Prompt attentlon elvin correspondence.
Goods sent on approval, express prepald.
EstabHshed Over a Century.'
Jewellcrs, Slh ;rsmlths, Statlonen.
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, D. C,
sevonty-fivo years. She leaves her hus
band and a largo famlly oonnectlon.
Sho was formerly Miss Shepherd, of
BAILEY_Died, att:05 A, M.,-Febru
ary 3, 1U0S, at .his residence, 2U
South Plne Street, HERBERT HAM
ILTON BAILEY. He leaves a wife
. and ono child.
Funeral notlce later.
Philadelphia papers please copy.
JERRY.?Died, Sunday. February 2d. at
tho residence of her huaband, Lepnard
P. Jerry, - 171" BaltibridgO' Street,
Manccester, Mrs. SADIE VAUGHAN.
JERRY. '.'
Funeral from Balnbridge Street
Chureh THIS (Tuesday) MORNING
at U o'clock. intcrment ln Maury
DEANE.?Died, suddenly. Monday at
3-30 P. AI.."'Captaln FRANCIS H.
DEANE. . ''.'??
Funeral at 3 P. M. WEDNESDAY,;
from St.. Paul's Churcb.
DIXON.?Dled, at 0 P.. M..' February
3. 190S. In tho seventi'-fifth year of
DIXON, mother of Mrs* Rosa D. Bow
ser and grandmothor of Dr. O. B. H.
Bowse'r.' .'
Funeral notlce-later.- -'??'
A torpld llverderanges the whole
> system, and produces
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheu?
matism, Sallovv Skin and PMes.
There Is no better remedy forthese
; common dlscases than DR. 'ftlTT'S |
LIVER PILLS, aa a trlal will prove.
Take, No Subststute.
IJAs good as butter,?yes, better than butter, be?
cause it's vegetable and more digestible. For cake,
pastry, and bread, and other things,Nyou use butter in
the making, just add a little salt to the batter when
using Snowdrift. flDon't forget that Snowdrift costs
a great deal less" than butter and less thanvhog lard;?
and there's no comparison between Snowdrift qual
ity and purity and that ofhog lard. IJSnowdrift's the
most economical frying and cookingfat, not only be?
cause it is better.than hog lard, but because it costs
less per pound and less of it needs to be used.
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Richmond in many scasons will be the
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lar and cuffs, skirts in plaited models
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semi-fitted coat styles?a dozen distinctive effects?braid, but
ton and strap trimmed, satin and taffeta lined, skirts in the latest
models, with wide folds at bottom; of elegant Chiffon Panama,
Serges and rich Shadow Stripes, blues, browns, (t*C\ A 1K
greens, Copenhagen and rcd; suits that are *?? " " *'"
just right, and they will cost you $30.00 this
spring; at the bargain price.'..
Uiitton rana
Of North Carolina, Says About
For Coughs, Co'ds, Croup, Throat and Chest
_ ' ' Troubles ==================
HI niake it a rule never to recommond
medlclnes untll I have tnyself trled
them, ns there are a great many ln
the land that are perfect shams. but
havlng trled your Curo for Colds.
Sore Throat and other Inflammatory
troubles, X\ have no hes'tatton ln
cordlnlly recommendlne lt to tho ?
publlc. for I thlnk it n blesslng tn the people?especlally the children. I have
lenown of lta being ustd for PNEUMONIA and Throat Troubles Wlth marvelloue
r-ffect. It is wlth pleasuro that I glvo you thls testlmonial. Any tlme in the worhlli
that I can aay a word for your company I will do so without hesitatlon or veserve.H
For Sale by All Druggists, $1.00, 50c and 25c
Theoyesight is too precl6usto.be trifled wlth.
Thls faet ls genorally recqgnized, and _accounta
for our' large and constatitly Iricreasing" patron
age. We furnlsh the'best'only, and" our guaren
tee is at the back of our -8UPBRIOR SPEC
TACLES and EYEGLASSES:. : ' j ? ?
ls our speclalty, with completo Optical Manufac
turing Plant on tho premlses.
Prlces always tho loweat.
The S. Galeski Optical Co.
Main and
Broad and
Ueadijanrtcra also for Kodnks, Thoto Snppllea, j|
Artlatlc Developlng nnd Prlntlne.
Special Inventory
...Reduction Sale;
jTT We have just completed our inventory and
ju find that we have a larger stock than is needed
for this season, and in order to reduce the "same
we shall for the next week offer a special dis
count of 10$> for cash on every article in this
Elegant Assortment of Fine Diamonds,
Watches, Jewelry, Sterling Silyerware,
Imported Clocks, Opera Glasses, &c.
MTl An inspection is cordially invited, as no better
Til opportunity has ever been offered to secure
the handsomest goods at the lowest prices.
The Nowlan Company
921 Eaat Main Street.

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