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Morso ngnln lippeared bofore Ihe grntv
Jury nt hls own request, nnd, lt I
r<ulel, explained thal he deslred to cor
roct hls tostlmony. Thi* ho la sald ti
have don*-, nmi the tcstlmony ls snh
tn hnve aqunred wlth whol had beoi
Irnrned from other wltnesseB, lt II
polnted out. however, that the lnv
is such thal corrected testimony be
fore n grmni Jury may be mado .?
bnsls for a charge of perjury.
l-lr.-st IJage.)
n, but ln whlch
< iiidlsi rlmlnate
ics Rlver bed ls
I ii ,.iv- exhaust
Ing large depofc
i younu oysters
un oonslderablo
;ave now beroiiu
!l nr sceel
,i oysters
nlti i
B, e-o
--ter planters,
i.u.--i ,i by iho
should plant
irotectod l&hd
rnrTng a t?< d
.n whlch now
aahod out to
of tho Bay
c ef tho pro
m small lots
Stab forblds
publlc lartds
? ? . -;.,? lk
ol the-i
3 much ,
n ntal
m the
r whoj
? plant
a own
in that se(
In the publlc lntcresl as
at a flxed flgure for the b
publlc treasury. Eai h i
leased an oyster bed mlgh
it down wlth Bhe lis, i al
Bfeed or young oysters from the float
tng spawn, rerhovo lt to hls fattentng
grounds, and contlnue a prosperous
buslness nov.- thr'eateried with cxtinc
tion, und at tho same tlme pay thel
Stato a handsomc n ntal,
-?\ lmt II >1
wages i
up hls
Whnt i
i- ecl Mr. Arm
-iruggle nny one
anel co
to pay out ni
lndustry, htr
tei pay her tli
down annual
of oysters du
"It loglcal
thing for th
State to iii-i
legltim..t.- ly
taxes re
i ..
Will the - ? ke 93 pi r cenl of her
populatlon thelr bi neflts m
n public holdlng, all tor the apparent
:? ison that sln- does not Bee nt tn
change thc- laws of two decades ago?
laws madbifor absoiutely differont con.
ditions of trade and business than exist
I.\ THE I.EAD Ati.Vl.V
BUFFALO. N. Y. February 17.?Thc
New Vork tc, parls automobile .-urii_n
.-liico t. st developed Into a race to-day.
when Sllorla, ln charge of the Itallan
car. stole a march e.r. tho American
.7. ? l'.y
Klll (ho l: ?? III11.
COLUMBIA, S. C, Februai
a majority vote the State .
nlght killed the railroad rato blll. Thli
meant thal there will b"e no rallroac
There's fine pieking in our
sale yet for those who like
chQice things.
Fine Stiits? s
Fine O'coats?
Fine Trousers?
Fine Shirts?
Fine Scarfs?
Fine Shoes?
Any of them at a quarter to a
third off their regular pricesI
For men or boys.
rnte legislatlon in South Carolina at
tho present sesslou of tho General As?
OITircrs I.ooklng for Mnn Who Swallowed
Anollicr's Flnger.
As tho Sftermalh ot a dlsastrous "mlll"
wlth one "Salnty" Honley on Saturda)
nlght, Wuverl.v Wost appeared nt tho Ben
Courthouso yesterday afternoon jnqulr
Ing for hls sparrlng partnor. lle Impressed
'.I"ii Sheriff Kemp tho iniportancp of soolng
the warrant lssued for Henley's arrest
?i'i iinmeiilutely, uinl t lin t tlie lnw
make due rcpnratlon to hlm (Westi for u
fli.ger whlch was bltten "ff ln the last round.
Mr. Kemp satltfled the roalnwd indlvidual
thal offlcers wero on tho trall oi hls assall ?
nnl West sald thut llenley niade a cleiin
Job of hls Bltrglcn! work. Ho Is sure the
man swallowed his flnger. At eil events no
trace of Ii w.is found on tho bnitlvground.
Large Amnunts It.-ii<e<l in Norfolk nnd ln
Other Places.
The P.cv. Dr. R. 11. Pttt recelved yesterday
?'??Ing from Dr. F. W Boatwrlght, presl
ol Itu-hmond College, who for several
hns been In Norfolk solleltlng money
bo proposed Baptist Wnman's College
a telegram ghing a very encouraglng
mt of hls work there.
i iii ssage stated that from the Purk
ti- Baptist Church. of whlch the Rev.
Frlstoe I? pastor. he had recelved thi.
Ise of 12,200, and that the SpurKcon Me
U Baptist Church", of which the Rov.
Bati man Is pastor. has pledged Itself
11,100. From the former church $300
asked, nnd frnm the latter $1,000.
orts for the Woman's College have bo
? ? ? vi ry successful in all parts of the
whlch have been ranvassed. A cani
i will eoon bo started In ltichmond.
| I'ulton Cut Off During Yesterday?Steamer
Innble to I.eave.
j Wiih the rlver-front people preparlns fot
' ei:,oi-gencleB and their cellars rlowly tilllng
v-.'!. nuiddy water, tbe hlgh tlda of the
lah i - i? stffl rushlng on, but from the latest
reports recelved from Columbia through the
Chesapeake and Ohlo officials. the ovirflow
IS gradually receding. and In another twelve
Ji irs, barrlng unexpected conditions, the
danger should hn\e passed and the rlver ba
gradually contlnlng itself to its banks.
Leater Street ?.is- stlll submerged 'n a
t( ? or mnre of water late last nlght. and
- ? ? ? uiiille through Fulton wns suspended
yeHerday. The Old Domlnlon dockn ni-e stlll
ivalor. and tht Berkeley was kept ut.
last night. Tho boat will not welgh
ainhor until ortiers are recelved from N'or
?'.ind a safe passage Is assured.
Shockoe and GUlie's crecks are tllled wlth
back water. nnd from tholr banks ihe flood
hns been creeplng into ncarbv cellars.
Puplls Itepenl I'lny,
? ! tho RIchmond public schools
:. i prosentatlon of "The
o| \ ? nlce" in the school an
:.:.-. Credll for the success
tortl Innii nt, which was evon
iun that given on Saturday
due largely to Mlss Hoso A.
teacher ln the ciiy schools,
Ined the young performers
outslde assistance.
Itcekless Orlvers Flned,
negroes woro ln tho Pollco Court
y mornlng on thu chnrne of recklest,
ii the sireat, un.i each was llned (\
under $100 securlty for thlrty doyi
i are James Barrett, Hnm Sadier und
Only ten cents a week
to keep yourself at your best. To
always feel as you feel on your good days.
Cascarets ward off all the little ills.
Primitive men did not need Cascarets.
They lived out-doors, ate plenty of fruit, and all of their food
was coarse. /
We modern people are different.
We exerciso too little, eat little fruit; and our food is too
fine, too rich. _
We can't have the bowels cloggeel up antl keep well.
lt means that thc food retained there decays. The decay creates
poisons. .'-. | ?_? poisons are sucked into the blood through thc very
ducts intenckd to t.uck in thc nutriment.
So we must make our choice,
We must live, to un cxtent, like the primitive man, else we must eat
Cascarets do what the right food would do.what plenty of cxerciscdoes.
The effect is as naturai from one as the other.
Thc que-stioa is c-ne uf convenlence,
If you choose Cnvareu, take them as you take food. Not in large*
doses rarc-ly, but a tablet at a time.
That is the way to keep well. "
Cascarets are candy tablets. They are sold by all druggisU;, lmt never
Jn bulk. Be sure to get the genuine, with C C C on every tublet. Thc price
ls SO cents, 25 cents and
10 Cents per Box, M
Speaker Makes Statement Abotii
R., F. & P. Bills?Rhea Sub
conuriittee Meets.
ln dlscusslng lnst nlght hls new
bills condernlng tbe Mehtnond, Fred
orleksburg and POtomat* Rallroad
Speaker Byrd gavo out tho followlng
"1 thi n It thnt nppreclublo progress
lias bcen made tbwards the entire so
liitinn ot' the vexed questlons presorit
? ei b ythe wholly abnormal charter of
Ihe lllchiiiiind, Kri-derli-ksburg aiul Po
lotiiac. The flrst blll, presented by
mo, to eompel tlin Rlchmond, Fro'der
loksburg and Potomac io perform its
chartor dutles, was frankly Intended
to eompel tlie Ulchmond, Kn-ilerlcks
biirg aiul Potoriiao to glvo up its pres?
ent charter wlth its requlromehts, re?
strlctlons nnel cxomptlons, and take
ii. charter Whlch tbe general law pro?
vides. Thc uttorncys for the Bien
mohdi Frederlcksburg aiul Potomac
hold tliat section 0, chapter ?>, of tlie
aet concernlng corporations, pago 547,
Pollard's Code, glves the road no power
to oscapo lis limitatlons and restrlc?
tlons by taklng out a new charter, but
that such limitations and rostrlulions
remaln and whnt ls glven up ls the
road's cxemptlon. Of course, if thia
ls a true constructlon of tho act, II.
would not be falr to eompel ihe road
to glvo up Its special exetuptlons un
less It could ut the same timo get rld
of Its speclnl restrlctlons and llmlta
llon. My flrst bill offered to-day
slmply glves any road deslrlng to give
up a speclal charter and of taklng
a charter provlded by general law the
power to elo so. This is onlv falr and
"My second bill givos tho Board
of Sinklng Fund Commlssloners tho
power to exchange stock and clividenel
eibligalions for new stock Issued by
the company under Its new charter.
Thls Is necessary to protect the Inter?
est of tjie State, because the law a.s it
now stands, does not pcrmit the Board
of Slnklng Fund Commlssloners to do
so, The State's Interests nro further
consorved by provldlng thnt no matter
what charge mny be made ln thc
nniount of stock, tho State of Virginia
will stlll have a onc-slxth part. There
Is already a statute whlch provldos
that the b'tate shall have a number of
airectors proportloned to the amount
jl thc State's stock.
"These two bllls, it seems to me,
ire falr to the road and falr to the
State. If the owners of the road ac
ept the advice of thelr nttornevs nnd
tako out a new charter and pay taxes,
.-iijoylng all the prlvlleges and nssum
ng all thc burdens of general law. It
wlll be a most happy conclusion for
ill concerneel."
Mr. Curlett. of Lancaster, has nre
sared the followlng resolutlon relat?
lng to the extenslon of the present
session of the General Assemblv and
wlll offer it ln the Mouse to-day:
lle It renolved by (hc Ileitise of Dele
cntcN, (be Senate concurring. Where?
nn thc sesslon of 100S la rnpliUy
ilrnvrlng to n close| nnd wherenn we
nre eomiiclleil to emiMiler nie-n.tiirci
Itastlly or nol nt nll;
Anel wherenn lt Ih InipoHHlhle te> net
iuiliclously nmi winely, thereb.v ennctlng
laws whlch mny result te? the serious
ileirliuent of Un- welfure of the Com
iniiiMveiiltli nnil to our own ri-piitntlon;
Anel wherenn, It Im conceded tlmt tlie
Genernl Assembly .should slt for nluctj
Aud whercas there nre Imiiortnnt |
measures new upon the ?-nleiuliirn ot\
both Iiouhch ii mi i.Inc before tlie
commlttees <>f hoth houses. whlch
slinuld be eonsldered nml tllscusseil,
I ImriMlglily, fully uuil eurrfuily;
Therefor. bc lt re&olved. Thnt thc]
Governor ln hereby rcquested (e> con
vcue the General Asaembly In extrn
scsainu on the liuli <Iu.v of Mnrch, 1U0S.
The subcommitteo of tho General
Assembly's Joint Committee on Con?
firmation. havlng in charge tlio Rhea
Investigation matter. held a meeting
last nlght. but failed to report. Another
meeting wlll be held to-night, when a
draft of a report Is expected. Thls
will cause debate. and it is possible
that it wlll be many days beforo there
Is a final report to the joint Assembly
Tlie membera of the general commlttee
wlll not say who compose the sub
commlttee. but it ls known that Judge
Mann ls chalrman, and that Major
George T. Rlson. of Plttsylvanla, is
also a member on the part of the
Senate. Who the House members are
Is a questlon. as no one who knows wlll
dlseuss the matter in any form what
It'looks now as If lt might be the
end of the week before the iinal report
ls made to the joint Assembly.
The almost contlnuous sesslons of
the two houses of the General Assem?
blv each day have serlously interfereel
wlth commlttee work, and no very
Important meetings have been or wlll
be scheduled untll the calc-ndars of thc
House and Senate aro elther mate
rially reduced or entirely clcared.
There seems to be a dispositlon on
the part of the members of both
branches to press forward the bills
now un the calendars before havlng
additional oncs reported.
Senator Parsons, of Grayson, has of?
fered the following bill concernlng the
single book list:
"lle lt enacted hy the Genernl Am
Bfinbly of Virginia. That He-etlem 1">0I
of the Code of Vlrglriln, u* amended
nud re-enitctcel by ucts approved Mnrch
It. imiS. nnd December 2S. 1003, relu
tlve to change of tcxtbooks whlch may
be udopled und used in publlc schools,
until iiM-el, nfter ndoptlon, for n perlod
?>r not Ickh tban four yenrs, nnel re
UiiirliiK thc Slate Ilonril of Educatlon
to udopf (hc Hlnsle list tcxtbooks for
free schoola, bc amended nnel re-enacted
mi iih to rend iih followsi
"No textbook"n whlch mny herenfter
be iidopteil for une Iti nny publlc free
KChool in the Stnte of Virginia ahnll
be chonged or Milbstltutcd until the
iniiie nIuiII have been used for u perlod
of not Ichs thnn seven years. The
Stnte Ilonril of Kiliu-n tlon JH hereby
uut Imrl/cil nnil dlrected to uelopt the
Hingle lUi textbooks for freo sobools."
grown to be a very Important and rp
muneratlve one. Many young men In
Virginia are wantlng to study this
professlon, nnd many practlcal results
wlll grow out of thls measuro.
Sllver Tea at liniiiiiimi-l To-Nlgllt.
There wlll bo a ellver toa nt Immanu-d
nuiitl.it Chureh to-nlsht. It Ih kIvoii under
tlie auiplcee ef the l,<nll<-s' Al'V Koclesty and
premlieu to bu a mont onjoyuQle oucuelon.
Tl'eri wlll be vocal anel Inntrumontal muslc,
rcfrevhmenti wlll be ?erved, nnd a ?eu-ini
l,i.ur wlll be onjoyeel lt ln Impeid there
will in- ;i larse attondance r,r members and
fllends ^,1 the chureh .r.<! conyregatton.
To Celehrnts Annlverhary,
Itoynl Vlzler, the Itev, 3, II, Dlcklnnoti.
Iiai i lueel an attraotlva pamplilet announc
ln? that ??? ? i be n cnrsmpnlal soesloh
Il nl-il ru Temple, Dramatlo Ordor.
? i .ri, in Craternlty Hall on
. ? li - r February ?8th. 'i'lil? wlll be
Un.- iir.-.t annlvereary of ilm tomplo,
i HrllUli Sieiiintr V\'rrcK?el| II Perlsll,
TRONDHJBM, nokway, Februury
i 17.?Tin HritiHti steamor Auluk, huumj
, to itilii pori from Mlilellcsbrougli, 1,u*-.
boen iviea.ked on thn fforwoglan eoa.-.t.
j Ucr titw of Xourtctirt pcrlahcU.
Excessive Drinking
Orrine Destroys the Craving for Drinl
Sold Under Positive Guarantee.
Kr.cesslvo or continued uso "t nlcoholl
hevorages nlwnys lesults ln n dlscasod con
dition of tho nervous sysiom.
Iho drlnklng man l? often heard to saj
"I can stop of my own free will nnd when
wlsh," but the poor fellow Ih now devoid o
timo nnd I
, ihe craving ha
cause of the dls
is nol tho ubllll
?nilt WO nll know
r consldered i
nnd physlctnu
lliiensc uinl niuii
tho powor to act nt tho p
tho right way?It's too lot
socuiod a flrm hold nnd h
cured nervous system ho 1
for Hiistnlned cffort. Tho i
Drunkeniicss is no long
ciinic; omlnont scIcntlsU
havo agreed thnt It ls a
bo treatcd as such,
Tho homo treatment thnt hns boen use;
for a number of yoars, and ls .hlghly mic
cOftful, ln Orrine. ll Is sold under a post
tivo guarnnteo thnt If lt does not eftoct :
curo your money will be refunded.
Oirlno ls In two forni.t. . Whon deslrlng ti
glve sooretly, purchase Orrine No. 1. und li
tho pntlcnt will voluntarlly take tho troal
nient, Orrlno No. 2 should ho glven. Tlu
guarantoo ls tho same In elther caso. Or?
rine costs but $1.00 per box Malled In plnli
siaJcd wrapper on receipt of price. Wrlti
for freo ireutlso bn "Drunkenriess," malloi!
In sealed cnvelopo by Tlie Orrlno Co., Wash?
lngton, D. C. Sold by leading drugglst;
everywhero and ln thls city by Polk Millei
Lrug Co., 834 E. Main. and Childrey Dru^
Co., 101 E. Broad.
Experts Address Large Audience
at Grace Street Baptist Church.
Program To-Day.
Wlth two lectures hy Mrs. J. XV.
Barnes and Professor E. P. St. John,
the .Sunday School Institute course of
instructlon openod very auspfclously nt
3 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the
Graco Street Baptist Church. Mra.
Barnes gave a talk on "I.esson Con?
struction," nnd her hearers followed
wlth close attentlon the practical sug
gestlons, based upon an unusually
varled experlence in prlmary aml Ju?
nlor work.
Professor St. John appeared for the
flrst tlme before o Klrhmonrt audience.
Hls lecture covered tho kindergarten
period of prlmary child llfe, or tho
ages from about three to sl.x years. A
thoroughly appn < intlve audience heard
the afternoon lectures. The large at?
tendance of teachers from th6 various
schools of the city was noteworthy.
Xlsrht McrtinR.
At nlght Professor St. John spoko to
a large audience ln the audltorlum of
tho church on the second prlmary
period of childhood. or about tho ages
of from six to eight yenrs.
The next session of tho institute will
bo held ut 10:30 thls mornlng, Tvhen
Dr. Wllbur AV. White will lecture on
"Some Plaln Points on tho Why and
How of Bible Study."
Dr. White cnn spend but one day
ln Richmond, nnd he will be heard at
.1 P. M. und at 8:16 o'clock to-nlght.
He Is one of tho ablest teachers ot
the English Bible in Amerlca. The ad?
dress at 8 o'clock on "Busv- Men and
Bible Study" -will be of tho highest
Progrnm Kor To-Day
The full program for to-day is as
10:30 A. III.?"Some Pluln Pnlnl* on
the Wiiv nud How of Bible Slmly," Dr,
11:30 A. al.?"The V.?r ?f PIcturca foi
Tencher nnd Piipll." Mrs. BnrnoN.
3:00 P. M,?"An Outllne Study of tho
Gospel of John." Ilr. White.
4:00 P. Jl.?"Boyliootl uud Glrluood,*'
Professor St. Jofiu.
SiOO I*. M.?Devotlonnl servlce.
S:l.". P. M.?"The llusy Mau nnd Bible
Study," Dr. Whltc.
Trlp Through I.abrador.
Mr. C. II- Easton. a well-known traveler
and lecturer. spoko at the Y. M. C. A. Hall
yesterday, hi* subject belnc "Threo Tbous
ana Miles Through Labrador." Mr. Easton
ddlvered an interesting and Inifructlve ad
diess, showlng a number of rather remark
abh- Htercoptlcoii vlews The traveler gavo
a graphlc deacrlptlon of a trlp by dog team
and on foot from one end of I.abrador to
the other. Durlng thls trlp he had a num
be; of narrow eseapes from denth. Among
tbe Interesting curlosltles he exhlbited was
a whip used by tho Esqulmau In drlvlnc his
fiog team, The whlp monsures thirty-flvo
T-ct in length. and Is of curlous handiwork
nv Tencher ut College.
t Ankers yesterday nssumed tho
id^'tant profesBOr of mathematics
d College. On account of the
of the introductory nnd Junlor
n E. Galnes. professof math?
dlvided each Into threo sectlons.
Miatnnt ls an M. A. of Richmond
i will take entlre charge of tho
Petltlons ln Bankruptcy.
Dugglns. elothlei
f Nn
reet, tiled a petitlon in bankruptcy
ln the Unltod States Dlstrlct Court.
Itles are $C3.040. Assets are placed
: 10 Otlbert K. Polloek and R. R.
quallfled as receivcrs. No declara
i een liled as yet.
l-'errel entered a petitlon In volun
iiruptcy ln tho same court yester
scliedule of liabilities haa beon
Two Sent to Grand Jury.
Arthur Johnson and John Brown were
senl on to tho grand Jury from the Police
Court yesterday mornlng on the chargo of
hreaklng into tlio dwelllng house of Andrew
Tallaferro and stealing $20 worth of cloth
Dlnkey Walkor (colored) was sentenced to
foui months 'n Jail on the chargo of stealing
S"0 from Mlss Vlrginla Bowen.
Charles .h.hiiBon (colored), proprietor of
an oatlng-house was charged wlth selllng
whiskey wlthout a license. l The caso was
ccntliiuMl to tho 80th.
Stole Turkey and Chlcken.
Rlchard Hall (colored) was sentenrcl yos
morning to spend four months in jnll
[or stealing n turkey and a clucken, lalued
ai J2.7G. 'He wus seen to tako tho fowls
from tho wagon ln whlch thev wore exhl?
bited for salo.
iv ((mirters for Shrlners.
uple, Mystlc Shrlne, has grown to
lent thut lt haa become uecoajnry
moro commodlous nuarters than
ilid by tho Masonlc Toinplo. The
securo n bulldlng sultnblo tn their
., bo usod by tho Shrlners nlono.
uo has been nppolntec" to look for
Senator Clay Better.
WASHINGTON, D. C February 17.?
The i.dition of Senator A. S. Clay,
of Georgla who has boen suffering
an aciito attack of indlgostlon, took
ii turn for tho better to-day, and no
longer glves occaslon for a feellng of
coiii'i rn,
Coffee drinking and "the
blues" often go together.
But there's health and good
checr in a steaming cup or
"There's a Reason"
Said That Pritnary Will Bc
Abandoned Hcrc, All Running
in General Election.
Mniiolio.slor Biirenu, Tlmes-Dispatch.
No. llOU IIull Stroet.
It is possible that tho municipal prl?
mary hero thla spring Will ho nhnn
dnncd. lf certaln arrangementH along
thls llii" nro completed tho cnndldiitos
for Mayor und tho City Council will
only appear beforo thn pcoplo lu tho
general nioctloti ln June
lt ls snld thut Ij. R. Brown, a can
dldnio for Mnvnr, yesterday stated
thnt ho wns favorablo to tho nu-prl
niary plan thls spring, nnd thnt It was
his Intentliui to consult Mayor Maurlco
concernlng the matter. Should tln- two
candldates ngree they wlli present the
matter to the City Central Committee,
whlch, ns yet, hns taken nr> stops In
iho dlrectlon of propurlng for tho prl?
The prlmary Is nlmost tisoloss here
ln municipal elections, sinco tho Ro
liiblican party tnkes no active part Jn
th* campaign.
Notwithstundlng thls, tho prlnrlpal
reason glven for the change ls that
tho prlmary expense plan ls too great.
Many persons hold that the candldato.4
should bo wllllng- to put np tho ro
(lulred feo to cntor thu race.
Although tho question was dlncusscd
yesterday thero ls llttlo llkellhood of
any such plan belng carried out, slnco
lt Is necessary for the Democratlc par?
ty to elect delegates from thls dlftrlet
to tho State conventlon, and If for no
other reason thls will necessltate a
Itrpiibllnni Banquet.
Postmaster T. 11. Smlth and Mr. P..
P. Howell, edltor of the Weekly Beo,
have lssued Invltatlons for tho bnnquni
to be glven ut tho Lafayette House on
Thursday. night in honor of tho Re?
publlcan membors of the Houso and
The aft'alr promlses to bo nn enjoy?
able one, und hnsldes the members of
tho Leglslature lnvlted. leaders of tho
party from Richmond, tho Presldent*
of the Board of Alderinen and City As?
sembly and a number of other clty offi?
clals and buslness men will be present.
PcrxonnlM aud Brlefa.
Mr. George Paul, who has been visit?
ing hls aunt. Mrs. Davldson, In Fnrni
vllle, has returned home.
Mr. Kceder Shlpp, who has boen
living ln Norfolk for tho nust few
months has returned to Manchester.
Assemblyman W. D. Ferijusaon. of
Fourth Ward is nuite slck at hls home.
The regular monthly meetlng of the
Board of Aldermen will bo held to
morrow nlght. An ndiourned meetlng
of tho Street Committco will tako
nlace Frldav niglit.
That the Metropolltan Grand Concert
Company deserves the enthtiHlnstle.
recognltion whlch lovcrs of good muslc
ln other cities have glven to it, und
that tho two remainlng concerts of
tho serlea. ln. RIchmond will probably
be attended by ali who. can galn ad?
misslon to the Jc'terson* Hotel audl
t'oriuin, was made elearly evldent by
the Interest dlsplayed by tho attend?
anco on tne tirst night.
The program last evenlng was made
up of selectlons from grand opera.
varylng from the "Splnniiig Song"
from the ever-popular "Martha," to thd
celebrated quurtet, "Un dl, sc ben
rammtoml" from "Rlgoletto."' Inter
spersed with soio, duet and trlo selec?
tlons from the works of Mcyerbecr,
Gounod. Brahrns and Puccini.
Miss Florence Hlnkle, soprano; Mlss
Adah Campbell Hussey, contralto; Mr.
Edward Strong, tenor, and Mr. Fred
cric Martin, basso, together with Mlss
Florenao McMIUan, the accompanlst,
compose a company of artlsts of the
hlghest class ln concert work, and
fully met all requlrements of an ex
ceedlngly Interesting program.
The concert last night wus not as
well attended as lt might havo been?
a fact probably due to the counter at
tractlons. The attendance to-day will
probably bo much larger. The splendid
work of each member of the company,
the excellent ensemble effects, not to
mentlon the encouragement to Man.
ager Radcllffe ln a contlnuatlon of his
polley of brlnging to Richmond musl?
cal attractlons of a hlgh order, will
serve to enllst the interest and co
operatlon of tho entlre muslcal com
mun Ity.
ProgrnniN To-Dny.
There will be a piatlnee concert thls
afternoon at ?, o'clock, and the flnal
concert will begln at 8 o'clock to-nlght.
The program will be as follows:
1. Quariet. "Bridal Song," Henry Leslio.
Miss Hlnkle. Mr. Strong, Miss Hus?
sey, Mr. Martin.
2. Songs?(a) "Happy Song," del Ricgo.
(b) "Der Nussbaum". . . .Schumann.
(c) "My Love, She's But a Lassle
Yet".Old Scotch.
(d) "An Open Socret". . .Woodman.
MIsh Hussey.
3. Songs?(a) "O Let Nlght Speak of
Mo".George Chadwlck.
(b) "Our Llfe Is Valn,"
Clayton Johns.
(c) "Recomponso,"
Wllllam II. Hammond.
Mr. Strong. :
Forecast: Vlrginla?Falr Tuesday,
warmer ln southwest portlon; Wednes?
day raln or snow, warmer; varlable
wliids, becomlng eaat and fresli.
North Carolina?Fulr Tuesday; Wed?
nesday raln. warmer In east portlon;
wlnds, bocomlng northeast to east, ln
creaslng slowly.
Rlchmond's weather wus cold and
cloudy. Rungo of the thermomctcr:
9 A. M.32 0 P. M.30
12 M.33 il P. M.30
3 P. M.3S 12 mldiiiglit. ...31
Average.3 2 1-3
Hlghest temperature yesterday..,.. 3!i
Lowest temperature yesterday. 21
Mean temperature yesterday. 30
Normal tomperature yesterday.40
Deuurture from normal teniperaturo 0
(At 8 P. M? Eastern Tlme.)
Place. Thor. H.T. Weathor.
Ashovlllo . 30 :i? Clear
, Augusta . 44 48 Clear ?.
i Atlanta ..*_... '12 44 Clear
| Buffalo ..-.14 22 Raln
Chlcago-..20 28 Cloar
Clnclnnati . 38 30 Cloar
Detroit . 20 22 Raln
Hatteras .40 46 Cloar
1 imknonvillo.52 . 68 Cloar
?Kahsaa city. 3ii 40 Cloudy
Meiiiphis . 'IS 60 Cloudy
Now Orleans.... Gli ti l Cloudy
Savannah .......... IR 51 Clear
Norfolk . . .,.34 3<i Rnln
Washlngton . ...-2S 34 Clear
Wllmlngton . 40 40, Clear
Yellowstono ..., Hi 2(i Kaiu
Fobruary 18, 1908.
Sun rlsos.6:57 HIGH TIDE.
Sun sets.5:51 Mornlng.5:35
JVIoon rlses..>.6'47 Evenmjs:.lW.. ,,,(i;&u
Tho Kind You Ilavo Aiways Bougnt, and whlch has beon
ln uso for over 30 years, has borno tho slgnaturo of
S~0 0. i?? ?"d has bcen mado under his pcr
Q&/^?i_^U s?nal suporvision slnco its Infoncy,
All Oountorfoits, Iraltatlons and :*-jrust-as-good" aro but
Experlments that trlflo wlth aiul ehdangcr tho health of
Iniiiuts aud Cnildrcn?Expcricnco ugalnst Expcrimciit.
Castorla is a harmlcss substituto for Castor Oll, Paro
gorlc, Drops and Sootiilng Syrups. It is PIcasant. It
contalns neither Opium, Morphlno nor otlier Narcotio
substauco. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Wornis
aud allays Fcvcrishncss. lt cures Diarrhoja and Wlnd
Colic. It relieves Tcething Troubles, cures Constipatlon
and Flatnlcucy. It asslmilates tho Food, reffiilates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving hcaithy and naturai sleep,
Tho Chlldren's Panacca?The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years,
4. Duet, "Nlght llyinn at Soa,"
Mlss Hussey and Mr Martin.
5. Songs?(u) "Her Lovo Song," Saltei
(Ij) "Wenn Ich in Deino Augcn
Sah" .Stopheni
f>'i "Tho Wav of June". . .Wlll'ilij
(d) "I Love and tho World Is
Mlno" .Spros:
Mlss Hlnkle.
6. Dtiot, "It Was a Lover and Hls
Lass" .Wnlthow
Mlss Hlnkle and Mr. Strong.
7. Songs?(a) "Slng Me u Song of a
Lad Thnt ls Gone,"
Charles Burnharr
(b) "Tho Red, Red Rose,"
Frank Hastlngf
(c) "Cato's Advlce". . .Bruno lluhr
Mr. Martin.
S. Trlo. "The Marlners".Randeggei
Mlss Hussey. Mr. Strong. Mr. Martin.
0. Qtiartet, "Come, Fill the Cup," from
"In a Ferslan Garden,"
Liza Lehmant:
Mlss Hlnkle. Mr. Strong, Miss HU8
sey, Mr. Martin.
L Rccit., "Comfort Ye." from "Mes
slah" .Hunde!
Arla, "Every Valley." from fMes
Mr. Strong.
2. Duet, Widow Scene, from "Eliiali,."
Mlss Hinklo and Mr. Martin,
3. Arla.' "O Love, Thy Help." from
"Samson and Delllah,"
Salnt Saent
Misg Huissey.
1. "With Verdue Clad," from "Cro
ation" .Haydn
Mlss Hlnkle.
.".. "Why Do the Natlons Rugc?"
from "Messlah".Handol
Mr. Martin.
Song Cycle. "Florlana." Arthur Whitlng
Mlss Hlnkle. Mr. Strong. Mlss Hus?
sey, Mr. Martin.
Funernl of Mrs. Boggs.
The funeral of Mrs. Octavla Cnmpbcl
Boggs took place yesterday afternooi
nt 3 o'clock from the Highland l'aii
Methodlst Church. The interment wai
made in Hollywood. Mrs. Boggs- wai
born ln Westmoreland county eight!
years ago. She waH the daughter o
Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell. She li
survlved by her husband nnd threi
chlldren?Mrs. T. J. Flippen, of Cunr
berland county; the Rev. W. G. Boggs
of the Virginia Methodlst Conference
and Mlss Eliza C. Boggs, of Hlghlani
Charles \V. Enton, Jr.
Mr. Charles W. Eaton, Jr., died ycs
terdav in the twenty-fourth year of hli
age, after a long Illness. The funera
will take place thls afternoon at i
o'clock from Lelgh Stroet Raptls'
Church. Tho Interment will bc madi
In Hollywood.
Rev. Dr. T. M. Nlveu,
Word was recelved here yesterday ol
the death of the Rev. T. M. N'iven, l>
D.. tn New York City. Dr. Niven wai
well known in Virginia, especlally Ir
the Southsldc. For a number of yean
he was pastor of Mercy Seat Church
ln Hallfax county.
.Niithiiiiiei Poindexter.
fSpeclal to The Tlmcs-DUpatch.l
SOUTH BOSTON, VA.. Fehruarv 17.
Mr. Nathanlel Poindexter, one of thi
oldest and best-known citlzens o
Houston, died ut hls home suddenly, di
the result of heart fallure, on Satur
day morning. Ho was flrst taken slcl
on the- streets Frlday afternoon, am
hls doath came as a great shock tc
hls many frlends. He wus 'slxty-nini
years of age, and had llved at Hous
ton all hls llfe. He was a conslsten
member of the Baptist Church,
He leaves a wldow, one daughter
Mrs. Mary Leslle, and three sons, Wll?
lle and Nathanlel, Jr., of Houston, anc
Walter Poindexter, tlie well-knowi
and popular salesman for a Nashvllh
Froe Trlnl Pnelcnge of IVitnilcrfiil
Pyruiiild Plle Cure Sent To All
Wlio Send Nnme nml AtldrcHU,
Thero are hundreds of cases of plle?
whlch havo lasted for 20 nnd 30 yean
and have been cured ln a fow days oi
weeks wlth tho marvelous Pyramld
Plle Cure.
Plles sufforors in tho past have
looked upon un operation as the onlj.
rellef. Blut operatlons rnrelv cure,
and often lend to fcurful results,
Tho Pyramld Plle Cures cures. It ro
llevos tlio swelllng, stops tho conges
tlon, heals tho ulcers nnd llssures and
the plles dlsnppear. Thore ls no forn
of plles whlch thls remedy ls not madi
to cure.
The Pyramld Pilo Curo can bo useO
at home. Thero Im no loss of timo oi
detentlon from buslness. Thero lf
no caso of plles so sovoro that tlu
Pji'iimld Tlio Cure will not brlng re?
Wo mnlto no chargo for n trial pack
pgo of Pyramld Plle Cure. Thls khiii
ple will rellevo tho Itch Ing. sootho the
inflamecl inombrano and start you oi
your way to a curo. Aftor you hnv(
used tho sample go to tho drugglst foi
a 60-cent box of tho romedy. Write
to-day. Tho samplo costs you nothlng
Pyrumld Drug Co., 143 Pyramld BUlg.
, Marshall Mlcli.
Will Move Our Main-Street
Branch After February 15th to
311 East Broad Street
(rr-rin.) harness and saddlerv houso
-Mr. I'olndextcr waa especlally fonel
of children, anel the llttle folk.s of the
coimnunity wlll mlsa his many klnd
attentloiii- to them.
The.Interment wus made in tho Bap.
tlst Cemetery, In tlie presence of a
largo concoursc of friend.-*. Sunday af?
Jereitilah I). SuIIIvnii.
[Speclal loThi patch.]
LYNCHBtma va.. February 17.?Mr.
rtiah D. Sulllvan, a well-known
merchant, who had been a resldcnt of
the e;ity for thlrty-flve yeara, dled thl.i
mornlng at his residence, So. 71.1 Clay
Street. after an iiine-ss of three weeks
of stomach trouble. Mr. Sulllvan was
a natlve of Boston. Mass.. and came to
resldo here In 18731 engaglng shortly
atterwards ln the raercantlle buslness.
A year aftertvarda he- marrled Mra.
Mary Ann Smith, a natlve of the citv,
w-im before h,-r flrat marrlage Waa a
Ml.--.-j Smith. The wldow. together witli
als children, survlve the deceased. Tne
children are- Mr. Danlel P. Sulllvan, of
New York; Mr. Wllllam .Suliivan and
Mlaaea Mae, Julla, Irene and Ruth, all
of this city.
Mr. Sulllvan represented hls ward ln
the Clty Council son-.e years ago, bo?
lng a member of that body for eight or
ten years. He was a member of Holv
Cross Cathollc Chureh, anel hael beeii
Its collector for the past thlrty yeara.
I'lint-rnl ln Norfolk of Wllllam
II. Davla aud Daughter.
[Special to The Tlm.-n-Dtsnatch.]
NORFOLK, VA., February 17.?Miss
Mary Kthc-1 Davfs. daughter of the lato
Wllllam li. Davis, who died Friday
evenlng, dled last night at the Prot
eatant Hospltal. following an opera?
tlon for perltonltls. TJie sad double
bereavement in the famlly came as a
.-ad shock to the famlly and frlends.
Witli the body of her father ln thc
house awalting the funeral, Miss t>a.
vls. wlio was but hlneteen years of age,
'??.is strlcken Saturday nlght and car?
ried to the hospltal for surgleal atten?
tion, and never rallled from the opera?
tlon. Tlie death of her father Is be?
lleved to have had a good deal to do
with her death.
The double funeral occurred thls af?
ternoon from the Flrst Baptlst Churoh,
father and daughter being buricd sido
by slde at Elmwood Cemetery.
Mrs. Mary .1. Strlckler.
[Spoclal to Thc- Tlmcs-Dlspatcn."!
LURAY, VA., Februury 17.?-Mrs.
Mary J. Strickicr, aged about eighly
three years, died to-day at her homo
ln tlils place. She hael ben III only
slnce last Thursday, all of which tlme
she had rt-mained unconsclous. She .
was a natlve of Mnellson county anel
wife of M. C. Strlckler. who dled ln
Litiray about eight years ago. She is
survlved by five children.
.Mrs. .leiinle IS. l'ollitril.
rSDocitil to The Tlmes-Dlnpatch]
SHEPPARDS. VA.. February 17.?
Mrs. Jennle E. Pollard died at her
home February 11th, after a long and
painful lllness, -wliich she bore witli
patient reslgnatlon. Mrs. Pollard '
was the widow of Mr. George M. Pol?
lard. She was a conslatent member of
the Methodlst Cliurch, and was a wo- ?
man of Une mental attalntpents and
personal attractlon. She leaves threo
children, one glrl and two boys.
Joseph Miuter.
[Speclnl to The TlmoH-Dlspatrh.]
17.?Joseph Minter, a well-known clt
Izen of Klng George county, died a
few days ago. aged fifty-llvo yenrs.
His wife and llve children survlve hlm.
Mrs. Mary lliirlioiir.
[Speclnl to Tha Tlmos-Dispiitch.]
17.?Mrs. Mary Burbour. wldow of Ed?
ward Barbour, dled Thursday at her
home ln lower Fauquler county, aged
geverity-four years. She was formerly
a rosldent of Stafford county.
Illljah Flues.
[Speclnl to Tho Tlmes-DIspntch.)
17.?Elijan Flnes, a Conrodorate vet?
eran of Stafford, dled last night at
Iiis home near Whlle Oak, of parnly
sls, aged slxty-nlnc. Two children
Mrs. Ciniiiu Priitoraim,
r?? eiii to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
SHEPPARDS, VA., February 17.?
Mrs. Camm Patterson dled at the Buok
Inghuiii Sprlngs Friday. February 1-ltli,
after a brlef lllness wlth pneumoiila.
Jllinea ICvuus Tyler.
llr. Jamoa Evans Tyler dled last
night at 0:30 o'clock ln St. Luke'a
hospltal. ? .'.-.:.-, ''???
Arrangements for the funeral have
not yet been iniiele,
TYl.Kil.?Died, last*-nlght, in St. Luket'ii
Hospltal, at i?::iO b'clook, Mr, JAMES
Funeral notlco later.
M'OONF.Y.?Dled, at 0 o'clock last night,
ln tlie resldonce of lier parents, Mr,
and Mru. James T, Moonoy, 810 Do
calur Street, Manchostor, MILDRED
tiHK MOONKY, aged threo years,
J-'uiicnU notlco later.

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