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(Maryland Delegation Arrivcs,
and Two Conmiissions Go
to Work at Once.
DELEGATIONS from the Logls
latures of Maryland and Vlr?
ginla met last nlght, nnd will
slt -together for several days
conBlderlng oyster laws affefct
Ing tho two States.
That tho Maryland commlssion waa
to ]ose no timo lu gottlng down lo
biifilnesH wus evldent from' tho mo?
ment the traln pulled out of tho Union
Station at Baltimore. Sonator Linthl
cum, chalrman of tlio delegation, an
nouncod to hls colleagues tiiat. It was
necessary to avall themselves of every
liistant of timo If they wished to ac
compllsh anythlng, ond ho deemed It
wlse to call a meetlng at once.
Got Down lo Work.
Accordlngly, ns thn traln sped to
ward Washlngton at the rate of forty
flve mlles an hour, the conimltteo was
convened, and plunged at onco Into
tho Intrlcacles of the questions that
nro to be dlscusiind wlth tho Vlrglnians
ln tho next two or three days.
Tho Sonator produced tho Mnryland
Code and the acts of tho Leglslature,
und tho , f-otnmltteo procceded to
Htrengthen lts acqualntance wlth the
laws of tht State affectlng the laws
of tho Potomac Rlver ln regard to
The speclal subcommlttee, headed by
Mr. Ilaydun, whlch wus appolnted to go
over the Maryland law thoroughly and
to forniulat" a general program for
tho dlscusslon ln thls city, mado a
report outltning mcasurcs whlch lt
suggested should be submltted to the
Vlrginla committee for co'nslderation.
Aftor agreelng upon tho fundumcntal
points of the measure to hc suggested,
tho meetlng, which had uttracted the
attentlon of other Pullman passengers
was adjourned to avold the confuslon
consequent upon the Incoming and out
golng passengers at Waahlngton.
Senator Llnthlcum reconvened the
eommitteo whon the traln left Wash?
lngton, and the dlsousalon was re
Senator Brashears created some
?musoment by movlng that "the report
of the State Board of Flsherles be
made the speclal order for Fredericks?
burg." The motlon wns adopted, and
whon that city was reached tho report
was read by the secretary.
Speclal attentlon waa glven to that
portlon wbtch boro upon the mlssion
of the Marylanders.
At 6:30 o'clock the committee ad?
journed. and the members amused
themselves by peerlng out of the car
wlndows at the scencry until the lights
of Richmond were seen.
Sesslou In ltichmond.
Arrivlng at this city the Marylanders
were met by a delegation from the
Vlrginla commission, consistlng of
Colonel John A. Saunders and Dele?
gates Page and W. W. Old.
The party, consistlng of the mem?
bers of the Virginia Assembly, an-1
Messrs. Hayden. Jones. Brady, Llnthl?
cum, Qulnn and McGonlgal, of the
Maryland Leglslature; G. W. Munford
and W. Wrlght Burrouglm, of the Bal?
tlmoro Sun and Associated Press, re
epoctlvely, very shortly arrlved at the
Capltoi. where tho other members of
the Vlrginla commlssion, whe were
busy 'ln elther one or the other
branches of the Leglslature, both of
whlch were ln session last nlght, were
qulckly notifled, and the two delcga
tlons gathered round the Houdon
Stutue 'of Washlngton, In the rotunda,
wit. much lntroduclng and shaklng of
Little tlme was lost by the two com?
mlsslons, both proceeding to the Cor?
poratlon Commlssion rooms and get?
tlng down to buslness.
Senator Llnthlcum, of Maryland, was
chosen chalrman of tho jolnt commis?
sion, Delegate Rosewell Page, of Han?
over, secretary, and Mr. H. Green
Shackleford, asslstant secretary. Chalr?
man Llnthlcum Immediately called the
committee to order, and Dr. Hayden, of
the Maryland delegation, read the
Maryland blll pertalnlng to the ovster
question. and Senator Walker read
the Vlrginla law at present ln effeet.
The Maryland law was adopted last
session by tho Leglslature. but reach?
ed the State too late for any actlon.
The oyster question ln general was
then discussed pro and con, all the
members of both dolegationa jolning
in. It was flnally declded to appolnt
a subcommlttee to examlne the pres?
ent status of the law, and to suggest
the modfc of procedure to the commis?
sion. The chalrman named the follow?
lng as members of the subcommlttee:
Messrs. Walker, Hayden, Brashear, and,
at the request of the committee, the
Chalrman lee Spenk*.
Mr. W. McDonald Lee, chalrman of
tho Vlrginla State Board of Flsherles.
addressed tho committee, and answered
many questions, as to the present stato
of tho oyster Industry. Mr. Lee sald
lt was to tho Interest of both States
to establlsh a new cull line, and sug?
gested that it be run from Colonlal
Beach. on the Vlrginla side, strafght
across to the Maryland shore.
At the concluslon of Mr. Lee's talk
the eommitteo adjourned for tho even?
The Virginia committee appolnted to
look after the comfort of the Mary?
land commission at a lato hourfiast
rilght had not declded whether the
banquet to be glven in honor of the
visltors would be hold to-night or not,
but certainly in a very few days there
will be a handsome entertalnment ln
their honor ut the Jefferson.
Beskles tho members af the jolnt
commission, tlie Governor, Lleutenant
Governor, Speaker of the Houso and
newspaper. men will bo present.
(Continiiod from First Page.)
Ethclbert Talbot, Eplscopal Bishop of
the Dioceso of Centrnl Pennsylvania,
Threo sesslons woro held, tho flrst
belng, dovoted largely to the consldera
tlon of road bllls. The chlef discussion
was over tho blll offered by Messrs.
Bowman, of, Salem; Noltlng, of Loulsa,
and Throckmorton, of Henrico. ! It was
bombarded wlth amondments, but when
the flnal vote came lt wus passed by a
large majorlty. Tho measure provldes
for an annual approprlation of $250,000
for road improveinont, nono of whlch
sum shall bo nvallable ln countles
which havo in tho moantimo avalled
themselves of the Wlthors-Ltissitor
road laws.
Illlls PlIHNCd.
The * followlng Sonato bllls wero
pansod at the mornlng session:
To amend and re-enact an act en?
tltled "An act to amend and ro-enact
seotlons 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 and 14, of the
act approved March 42, 1901, relatlng
to tho establlshment, proper construc?
tion and pormanont Improvement of
tho publlc roads and lanellngs, for
bulldlng and keeplng jn good ordor and
repalr nll. roads, brldges, cuusoways
and wharvos and so forth," a.pprovod
March 17, 1006.
To authorlze Albomarlo county to
borrow and Issuo bonds for a sum not
exoeedlng $30,000, lo pay off the flont
Jng debt for biilldlng the now ?county
poorhouso, as well as to bulld a new
hrldge over tho Rlvanna Ulver nt Iih
Mllls, ntul finslst In necuilng undorgratie
crosBln-r titulnr tlie trnnks or the Chesa.
pealto nnd Ohlo Railway Company aiu
of tlie Southern Railway Compnny, re
apeetlvely, ln tho county of Alhnmafle
anel to re.lmburne thc ninonnt. for Iht
bulldlng of tho hrlelge -rfver JaffiCl
Rlver nt SnottHVllle,
To nmenil nnd re-ennct nn act np
provod December 18, 1899, entltled "Ar
act to rogulate Ihe salo of elder atu
othor Intoxlcants ln Fnlmyrn vlllage
Fluvtinna county, Vn., so iih to change
the llmlt from, one to three miles."
To amend nnd re-ennct chapter 18
of the Acts of Cleiiernl Assembly o;
Vlrglnln, 18110, entltled "An hot lo pro
vldc for the working 61 and kcopini
In ropalr the publlo roads and brldgei
In the county of Smyth, approved Feb
runry 6, 1800."
To appropriate monoy to pay certalt
expenses Incurred ln protectlng tlu
oyster lndustry, for whloh tho chalr
mnn and secrotary of the Board o;
Fisheries: havo glven thelr persona
obllgallonn, to provlde means for cxm
tlnueel protectlon tllf. March 1, 1908.
To appropriate the sum of $4,100 t<
meet certaln expenses for the Vlr-rlnlt
School for tho Deaf and Bllnd, Staun
To make an approprlatlon for a
repllca or moellfleel copy eif the Houdor
statuo of George Wnshlngton, to be
presented. along wlth tho statuo oi
ltobort Edward Lee, to the Natlona
Statuary Hall ln tho Capitol of the
United States at .Wnshlngton, Dlstrld
of Columbia. ->
To ratlfy and conflrm the appolnt;
ment of a certaln commlssloner for the
Clrcult Court of Falrfax county, Va.
and to ratlfy and valldnto all deposi?
tlons and other acts or transactions
tnken, elonc or performed by or beforc
such commlssloner.
To amend and re-enact section 10
if nn art entltled "An act to crea'e
the State convlct road force; to au
thbrlzo the working of certaln prison?
ers on the public roads of thls State:
provldlng for the guardlng, transpor?
tation. lodglng, fecellng, clothlng and
medlcal attention of the State convlct
road force; provldlng for an Increase
of the;' penltentlary gunrd, not to cx
'.-eed forty-flve men; provldlng how ti
county may have the benefit of the
labor of the State convlct road force;
and approprlatlng money from the
publlc treasury to carry thc provisions
of thls act lnto effect,." approved
March C. 1006.
The Massie chlld-labor blll was
passed by, and the substltute. offered
by the patron was ordered printed.
Aficrnonn Smslon.
When the sesslon was rosumed at 4
o'clock, the ponsion blll wan taken up.
and lt created a great deal of discus?
slon. Mr. Stubbs offered a substltute,
enlarglng the approprlatlon for the
wldows of soldlers. He made a strong
speech ln, favor of thls, and was sup?
ported ably by Mr. Bell, of Culpcper.
and others. Several members spoke
for the orlglnal blll.
Thc substltute was lost?ayes, 25;
nocs, 50?and the orlglnal blll was
adopted. It was advocated by Mr.
Charles A. Johnston. who, wlth Mr.
Spessard, was the patron. Many ef?
forts were made to amend, but It went
through practically as lt came from
the commlttee.
At 6 o'clock the chalr waa vacated
untll S P. M.
-\lKht Sesslon.
The session was resumed at 8 o'clock,
and Mr. Curlett offered a resolutlon.
whlch was adopted. provldlng that the
nlght meetings be abandoned untll fur?
ther orders. The followlng bills were
Senate blll to amend and re-enact
lectlons 92 and 98 of the Code of Vir?
ginia. as amended by an act approved
March 14, 1906, entltled "An act to
amend and re-enact sectlons 92 and 98
of the Code of Virginia. as amended bv
an act approved December 18. 1903, en?
tltled an act to amend and re-enact
chapter 9 of the Code of Virginia, as
amended "and re-enacted by an act of
the General Assembly of Virginia, ap?
proved May 20, 1903. entltled an act to
amend and re-enact chapter 9 of the
Code of Virginia of 1887. In relation to
electlon of State. county, district and
clty offlcers and the terms of their of
flces and tilllng vacanclos."
Senate blll to amend and re-enact
sectlon 4 00 of the Code of Virginia ln
relation to coupons heretoforo tendered
for taxes.
Senate blll to provlde for the lssulng
of countv bonds for permanent road
or brldge lmprovement ln the magls
terlal dlstrlcts of the countles of the
Senate bill making It a misdemeanor
for persons to unlawfully use or wear
any lnsiK-nla or button of any assocla?
tlon. soclety. or trado's union. or any
Southern cross of honor.
House blll to re-enact sectlon 2850
of the Code of Virginia and to declare
of what pmtest ls evldence.
House blll to establish a permanent
place in tbe State Penltentlary at
Richmond, Virginia, for the executlon
of felons unon whom the death nenaltv
ls to be Imposed, and to change the
mode of executlon so that the death
sentence shall be by electrftlty.
Though there was nothlng of com
mandihg interest on the Senate calen?
dar yesterday, the upper branch got
down to buslness In good fashlon and
passed more bllls than have been.final
ly acted upon on any slngle prevlous
dny thls sesslon.
The future meetings of the Senate
may not all bo especlally Interesting
to the publlc generally, but lt Is cer?
taln that they wlll be. busy. From
now on there will be two sesslons a
day, as the resolutlon offered by Sen?
ator Lasslter, providing for a nlght
session, beglnnlng at S o'clock, was
' "Would Extend Sesslon.
That an extra sesslon, or an exten?
slon of the present sesslon. Is not un
llkely was sho\yn by resolutions lntro?
duced yesterday. Senator Halsey of?
fered one provldlng that the sesslon
bo extended until mldnlght of March
2lst. i-jeuator Klng favors an exten?
slon untll the date set by Senator Hal?
sey, aftor whlch he 'deslres tho Gov?
ernor to call an extra sesslon of the
Assembly. Hls resolutlon with that
nf Senator Halsey wero lald over un?
tll to-day.
Two messages wero received from
tho House. One cpnyeyed notlce of
the fnct that Houso blll Xo. 262, pro?
viding State monoy ln nld of publlc
roads ln addition to tho work of tho
convlct road force hns passed; the
other announced thc passage of Houso
blll No.-' 296, relatlng to the rofunding
of indebtedneso by munlclpalities.
Fow bills wero reported from tho
commlttees, and niost of thoso lntro?
duced wero of a local character. Of
the large niimber of bllls passed oll
went through without amendment ex?
cept tho Boll blll, known as tho "un
wrltten law nieasiire." Thls was
aniendecl by Senator Walker so as to
extend its provisions to casos where
In the plaintlff Isstabbod, shot or othor
wise wounded.
The Houso resolutlon which seolcs
to amend the Constitution and to pro?
vldo that bills before tho Assembly
need not bo read upon thelr soparate
calendar days was rocommltted to tho
Commltteo for Courts of Justfco. ?
New Illlla Offorctl.
Among tho innny bllls offerod woro
two by Sonator Parsons, havlng to do
wlth the school-book uuoatlon. Tho
flrst calls for tho adoptlon of tho sln?
glo list text-books for the publlc free
schools, and provides tliat books
adopted shall not bo changod wlthln
tfii yo.irs. Tho second makes an ap
nroprlntlon to tlio prlmary nnd gram
iiinr schools of the Htnto,
Senator Hiilsoy wnnls to provide foi
the (llsposnl of cnplrs of tho dehatoi
of tho Ooniitllutleinnl Conventlon tn
publlc llbrarlps, cdueatlonal Institu?
tions, and StWte offlcers, and has of.
ferod a moasuro to tliis effeet. Sonntoi
ISdmondson presented a blll whlcl
regulates the statlntlos of lenf tobnece
sold upon the floor of tho leaf to
bntco warohotisrs, or stored hy any to
haccfi ussoclntlon for further salo Ir
ho Stato.
Senator Thornton Is seoklngto have
the town of Ilnymarket, ln Prlnco Wll?
llam county, Incorporated, and prc
fientod a blll to thls end.
Bllls PnmTcit. -
Following are tho bllls passed, all
ot whlch nre Houso bllls:
To amond aml re-enact certaln see
tlons of the Codo of Virginia as amend?
ed and re-enacted .by and act entltled
An act to amond and ro-enact see
tlons 1600 to 1712, incluslve. of the
Codo of Virglnlu, ln relatlon to State
hospitals for-tho Insane and the com
rnltment of Insane persons," approved
March 7. 1000, ns atnonded by an acl
entltled "An act to amend and ro-enact
certaln sectlons of tho Code of Vlr?
ginla 1887, as amended and re-enacted
by un act approved Aprll 7, 1903, and
as further amended by an act entltled
"An act to amend and ro-enact sectlon
1071 of tho Code of Virginia, in re?
latlon to dlsposltlon of proceedlngfl
beforo commlssion, fees, etc, and to
repeal an act to provide for tho pay
rnonts of Justlccs of the poace, wltnesses
and physicians ln certaln cases, ap?
proved March 5, 1888," approved March
14, 190S, and to repeal sectlon 1692 of
?hc Code.
To amond and re-onact an act en?
tltled "An act to amend an act entltled
'An act to provldo for the openlng and
worklng of roads, nnd keeplng the
same in repalr, and to provide for
orecUng and maintalnlng brldges in
the 'county of Culpeper,'" approved
January 25, 1898, and as amend and re
macted March 14, 1806.
To repeal, so far as the county ol
Amella is concerned, an act of the
General Assembly of Vlrginla. entitlec
"An act provldlng for the worklng
iponing and keeplng ln repalr the
ronds ln tho countles of Brunswlck
Nottoway and Amella, and for thf
bulldlng and keeplng ln repair the
brldges of said countles."
To arriend and re-enact an act 'ap?
proved February 23, 1898, as amended
and re-enacted by an act approved
May 20, 1903, and as further amended
and re-enacted by an act approved
March 15, 1906, provldlng for the work?
lng and keeplng In repair the road-,
and building and keeplng in repalr tho
brldges ln the county of Essex, and
provldlng what tax shall be used for
tho same.
To ropeal an act entltled "An act pro?
vldlng.for the worklng and keeplng in
order, building and maintalnlng the
publlc roads and brldges ln the county
of Scott," as approved March 7, 1900.
To repeal an act entltled "An act to
amend and re-enact an act entltled 'An
act to provldo for the worklng and
keeplng in order, bulldlng and main?
talnlng the publlc roads and brldges ln
the county of Scott, the openlng and
establlshment of new roads, and to
provide the funds therefor," " approved
February 14, 1S98, as approved March
6, 1900.
To amend and re-enact sectlons 3
and 22 of an act approved January
30, 1S88, entltled "An act to ajnend
and re-enact an act entltled an act to
lncorporato the town of South Bos?
ton. tn the county of Hallfax."
To amend and re-enact an act of tho
General Assembly of Vlrginla, entltled
"An act authorlzlng the Audltor of
Publlc Accounts to Issue dupllcate
warrants," approved January 24, 1S90,
as amended and re-enacted by an act
approved Aprll 2, 1902, and as further
amended and re-enacted by an act ap?
proved December 8, 1903.
To amend' and re-enact an act of
Assembly entltled "An act to authorlze
the several school boards^f the school
dlstrlcts ln thls State to Borrow money
belonglng to the llterary fund for cer?
taln purposes, and to authorlze the
loan of said funds for each dlstrlct."
approved March 15, 1906. extending the
same prlvlleges to cltles.
To amend and re-enact an act of
Assembly entltled "An act to authorlze
school boards of the several school dls?
trlcts ln the countles'of this State to
borrow money, and to issue bonds for
the purpose of erecting and furnlshlng
schoolhouses, and to provide for tho
payment of such bonds and tlie Interest
to accruo thereon," approved March 15.
Prcscribing the punishment for ab
ductlng. ltidnapping or unlawfully aid
lng ln the escape of the Inmates of
any of the public hospitals of thls
To legallze the introductlon of cer?
taln evldence ln prosecutlons for felon
lous homicidc and assaults wlth felon
lous Intent.
To incorporate the town of Broolt
neal ln the county of Campbell.
To amend and re-enact spctlon 1 of
article 2 of an act entltled "An -act
to Incorporate the town of Phoebus.
ln Eiizabeth City county," npproved
January 2?, 1900.
Promptly at 2 o'clock the chalr was
vacated until 8 o'clock.
Nlght Scm?lon.
At th<* nlght session, Senate bills on
their third reading were taken up and
a large number were passed. Con
tested bllls were passed by, but ln a
few cases unimportant, amendments
were adopted by unanimous.. consent.
These are the bllls passed at the nlght
session, all of whlch are Senato bills:
To amend and re-enact seetiort 74 of
an act entltled "An act to put ln et'V
fectlvo operation the provislons of the
Constitution relatlng to the creatlon,
appointment nnd organlzation of tho
'Stato Corporation Commission,1 its
jurlEdictlon, powers, functlons, and du?
tles; the quallllcatlons of members and
oilicers thereof, their appointment and
salarles; the locatlon of lts offlces, and
places and times of its public sessions;
its wrlts, processes, orders, tindlngs
and judgments; appeals from lts or?
ders, flndings and judgments. and its
expenses," etc, approved April 15, 1903.
To amond and re-enact sectlon 3358
of the Codo of Vlrginla.
To amend and re-enact sectlon 9 of
an act entltled "An act to ostublish a
Stato Highway Commlssion, to dellne
lts powers and dutles: the term of
offlce; salary and quallticatlons of the
commissioner; to authorlze tho com?
missioner to call Into consultation the
professors of onginoering in certulu
Stutoi InsUtutlons, and ' approprlatlng
money to 'fcarry tlio pruvlsionrf of thls
aot into effeet," approved March 6, lOOG.'
To amend and ro-enact an act of tho
Gonoral Assembly of Vlrginla ontltlod,
"An act, authorlzlng the Audltor- of
Publlc Accountd to Issue uupllcato war?
rants," approved January 24, 1890, as
amended and re-enacted by an act ap?
proved April 2, 1902, and as further
amended und ro-enacteel by un act ap?
proved December 8, 1903.
To amend and ro-enact an act of the
General Assembly, approved March 12,
1904, us further nmendod by an act
npproved March 11, 1900, entltled "An
act to amond nnd rei-enoot an act of
Assembly, approved March 12, 1904,
relatlng to official recelpts for flnes,"
so as to provldo for tho allowanco of
compensation, to justlcos for certaln
services requlred by law.
To amend and re-enact sectlon 3301
of tho Code of Vlrginla,
To authorlzo tho town of Borryvlllo,
Vrtt, to borrow $0,000 to pay off the
present floatlng Indobtedness of sald
For tha retlremont of bonds hold by
St. Paul's Endowment Fund, Incorpor
atod, and provldlng for tha lssuance
of roglsterod certlflcate therefor and
the payment of Interest thereon,
To amend and re-onact ap act en?
tltled "An act to prevent the shlp?
plng, transportation or salo of pitr
trldgos (or quall) or pheasanta killed,
couturod or obtalnod ln the countiou
of Carroll, Orayson nnd Patrlck," ap.
provod Mnrch 28, 1902,
Autliorh;ing tho submlsslon to tho
legal voie-rn of tho olty of Wlnehosier
of tlu- eiuestlon wholhor or not they
wlll favor tho Issuanco by fald clty
of not moro than $10,000 of public
school Improvcment bonds, anel to au?
thorlzo the Irmiuuico by salel clty nt
not more than $10,000 of sald bonds
lf a majority of thoso votlng vote ln
favor of such Issuanco.
To nuthorlze tho stibmlsHlori to the
legnl Voters of tho Hly of wlnches?
ter of the i|ue: i imi of whether or not
they wlll favor the Isstinrico vby snld
clty of not moro than $50,000 of sew
eragfl bobda, and to aiithorlze the Issu
,anco by sald clty of not more thnn
$50,000 of .sald bonds If a majority of
tluiHo votlng voto ln favor of such
Aiilhorlzlng the Htibmisslon to the
logai votors of tho clty of Wlnches?
ter of the eiuestlon whether or not
they wlll favor tho Issuanco by salel
clty of not moro than $26,000 of town
run lmprovement bonds and to au?
thorlzo tho Issuanco by sald clty of
not moro than $25,000 of sald bonds
lf a majority of ,thoso votlng voto ln
favor of such IsHiiance.
To authorlzo tho board of supervls?
ors of Warwlek county to appropriate
county funelH to erect a mflnument to
Ihe Confederate soldlers of sald coun?
To amend nnd re-enact sectlon IU
of tlie chartor of the clty of Rlch
moitd as herotoforo amended, ln rela?
tion to tho powers of tho Clty Coun?
cil; and to amend and ro-onact section
64 of tho said charter in relation to
tlie dutles of tho Clty Englneer.
To amcnd and re-enact sectlons 6, io
and 11 of an act entltled "An act to
amond and re-enact an act approved
March 30, 1871, entltled an act to In
corporatc thc town of Strashurg, ln
Shenandoah county," approved March
19. 1881.
To amend and re-enact sectlon ns of
chapter III.. and "An act to defino
the corporate llmlts and charter for
tlie- clty of Wllllamsburg." approved
March 17, 1884. sectlons 37 and .18 of
Shantor IV., of an act entltled as
amended l>y an act approved March 5.
To amend and re-ennct an act en?
tltled "An act for working and keep
lng ln repalr the publlc roads In Nor?
folk county," approved February 18,
To repeal an act entltled "An act to
provlde for tho working, keeplng ln
repalr and letting out the publlc roads,
brldgea and fcrries ln Nansomond
county," approved February 11, 1898.
To amend sectlon 103 of an act ap?
proved February 28. 1896, entltled "An
act to provlde a now charter for the
clty of Roanoke."
To prohiblt the further Isaue of bonds
by the clty of Portsmouth under the
act approved Fobruary 14, 1906, en?
tltled "An act to amend and re-enact
an act approved March 10. 1904, en?
tltled 'An act to authorlzo the city of
Portsmouth to Issue. bonds to bulld n
schoolhouse and for other purpores ' "
and to repeal the act approved Feb?
ruary in. 1906, entltled "An act to
authorlzo the clty of Portsmouth to
issue bonds to contlnue Its sewerage
and for street lmprovement."
To authorlzo tho board of supervls?
ors of Powhatan county to create a
slnklng fund for the purposo of con
structlng the Farmvllle and Powhatan
Rallroad, and to give said board of
supervlsors the power lo innke a spo?
clal levy for thal purpose, or ln thelr
ellsi retlon to IncrenHei the regular coun?
ty levy.
To amend anel re-ennct hocIIoii.i _,
H 3", 41, 45, 46 aml 17 or nn act of
tho Genernl Assembly of Vlrglnln, ap?
proved Mnre-h ll. 1006, ontltled "An
act to utiie-tid and re-ennct. nn act of
'lie Genernl Assembly of Vlriilnlu, ln
force January 21, 1881. entltled 'An
act provldlng a charter for the citv
Of Norfolk. nnd rcpe-allng iho exlstlng
chartera," approved April 21, 1XS2, as
amended by the .several nets ot tlio
ueneral Aaaombly of Vlrglnln, approv
'?'J, respectIvell', Aprll ?, 1887: Aprll
28, 1887; Mny 14, 1887; Fet.riuirv 14,
900; l-obrunry 21, 1900; February 26,
1000; February 2. 1901; February 15,
"'I. and March 15, 1902; nnd to elellno
the bOundarles of the sold clty of Nor
lollt, aa extendeel by tlie several acts
f>r Iho General Assembly nnd approved
April 6 1887; February 22. 1890. and
?Mnrch 14, 1902, nnd by an order of tho
Urcult Court of Norfolk county. whlch
}v'?, entered on the 9th day of January,
1.106, nnd to add nn Independent sec
lon thcroto, to bo known as sectlon
To authorlzo tho board of supervlsors
"f thc county of Clark to erect nnel
mnlntaln h toll gato at, or near, the
top of thn Blue Rldgo Monntal'ns ln
anicker'a Gap, and to collect toll for
ti'-nel nnd transportation over ho much
.,, ,0 C'ustleman's l-'erry anel Snlcker
yllle Turnplke as lles wlthln tho coun?
ty of Cltirke, between the Loudoun llno
and Castlerunn's Ferry,
To nuthorlze and empowcr tho board
of supervlsors of Klng anel Queen
county to appropriate and contributo
money to the- Confederate Monument
Assoclatlon of King and Queen county.
tor tlio purpose of aldlng tho erection
of a monument to tho Confuderato sol?
dlers of sald county.
To amend and re-enact sectlon 1 of
chapter 3, section 1 of chapter 5. and
secuona 1 nnd 5 of chapter 8 of an
nsact approved March 3, 18J18, ontltled
'An act to provlde a new charter for
the town of Berrvville."
To nuthorlze the School Board of
I leasant Grove Maelsterlal District,
number 3, of the countv of Norfolk.
to borrow money for tho puruoso of
.'chool lmprovement ln sald distrlct,
and to issue bonds therefor. not ex?
eeeding $5,000 in amount.
To prohiblt contracts and agree
monts for thc sale and futuro dellvery
of cotton. graln. provisions and other
commoditles. stocks, bonds and other
securltles upon margln. commonly
known as deallng In futures. to do
clare such transactions unlawful. and
to constltute a mlsdemeanor on tho
part of any person, assoclatlon of per?
sons, or corporation partlclpatlng
thereln. whether dlrcctly or lndlrect
ly, to prohiblt the establlshmen.t. maln
tenance or operatlon of any offlco or
other place whero such contracts aro
made or offered, to dcflne what shall
constltute prlma facle evldence of gullt,
to eompel all persons partlclpatlng ln
such transactions to testlfy concernlng
thelr connectlon therewlth. to pro?
vlde that no dlscovery made by any
Tltness whlch would tend to subject
hlm to convictlon or punlshment under
thls act shall be used asralnst such
wltness Iri any penal or crlminal pro
ceeding. and that he shall be alto
-rether pardoned therefor. to provlde
that regular commercial exchanges
and- other hona flde trade orsranlzatlons
may post auotatlons of market prlces,
anel for other purooses.
A Correct Explanation of the Pilot
Bill Which Benefits American Vessels
and Charges the Foreign Bunker
Steamer Only About Two-Thirds the
Regular Rate of Pilotage.
The following conclusions are drawn from the unsigned* ad.,
presumably of the foreign shippers and steam coal agents:
Increased earning of pilots during an unprecedcnted year of
prosperity in shipping?after abolishing coastwisc pilotage and in?
crease of foreign?less than 8 per cent.
We have gone back nine years, through' a fluctuating commerce,
and applied the proposed rates, with the following result (showing
approximately that the increase and decrease would have been an?
nual ly) :
Increase Decrease
1898. 6%
1899. 17%
1900. 2%
1901.2 1-2%
1902. 21%
1903. 24%
1904-. 22%
1905 ....... 21%
1906. 7%
Objections based upon a one-ycar calculation are, 'therefore,
equivalent to the argument that because a farmer profited by his
wheat, tobacco or potato crop one season, that the price of these
products should bc lowcred in subsequent years; or that if a lawyer
gained big fees during any one year, that such fact is to be taken
as evidence that his intelligence comes too high.
The Supreme Court of tho United
States has sald that:
"Pilot regulatlons are regulatlons
of commerce."
"A pilot ls as mucii a part of the
commercial marino as the hull of
tho shlp and the helm by whlch It
ls gutded."
Tlie uimljsiicil und rather unillgulfietl
uttnek innde upon <hc VlrRlnln Pilot
AsNoclatlou through tlie iiicdluiu of tlie
press, tiuppoNcdly by wenlthy forelgu
vi'Hscl ouuern nml conl iigents, Ih in
llue wlth the efforts whlch these for?
eign veHiic) owucrs uud iikciiIm have
made nt Northern ports ilurlug the pnst
few yenrsj are innklug at New Orlenunj
preparlnn for nt Now York; nud con
teinplutlng ut otlier ports of the At
lnntlc senbonrd.
The HliuuU'au.cousuesH ot these nt
tneks strongly InillrnfcN thut there ls
u eouccrteil und deteruilned purpose on
the pnrt of these wenlthy. rorclgn lu.
tercstM to brciils dowu thnt liberal leg
lHlniloii whlch ls recommended for State
pllots hy-the Supreme Court of the
United States nml ollier lilgh Judlelul
bodies of thls nnd ollier iiiunlrles.
As sald by tho "New York Marino
Journal" of Fobruary 15th, 1908, wlth
roferonce to the Pilot Hill pending be?
foro tho Vlrginla Leglslature; m
"Tho only objectlon It has on
countered ln fact is from the re?
presentatives of Torolgii llnes. . . -
A closo inspectlon of the names
of those opposlng thls blll will dls
aloso tho fuct that they aro prac?
tlcally the samo mon who liavo
tor mnny yoars past aldccl -In tho
dcfeat of leglslation lntroduced ln
Congress In favor of tho protectlon
of Amerlcan shlps in foreign trade."
And that the protcsts from thls
sourco were ~ut "Customary meth?
ods of foreign shlp owners to avold -
all port charges. wnerever possi?
It is flttlng to add that the edltor
of tho "New York Marino Joitrnal" Ta
a mariner of tno "old school," nn8 one
who Is exceplionally qunlltled to ux
press an oplnlon. whlch was not dom;
until he had-read aud thoroughly un -
dorstood Ihe provislons of Houso Bll.'.
No. 75.
Their nppoxltlon lo n uienMiirc whlch
nicuus nu addltlon of only oiic-qunrtcr
to tlircc-l'ourl lis of one e'eiil ou cueh
tou of cnrgo ileiuoiiHlriitfM upon what
Nllght grounds lliey uppoNc the legis?
latlon whlch In liilcuiU'iI to confer
benellts upon .Viiicrlciin vcsncIm.
Tho strongest argument used hy tho
opposltlon ln discredltlng tho udvlsa
hllity of thls legislatlon Is tne clalm
that the pllots will Ioko nothlng. Do
our frlends, tlie mki*uIn ot t'orelgu vc?
ncIh, coucelve thui ln order to nccoin
lillxli t'icillliilili' legbilllllon the welfure
of uiiollicr shnll ncccsNiirlly be mtcrl
lleedT Certainly ll>o wrlter has nover
mado the Htatoiuent tnut tho Vlrginla
Pllots had suddenly beon convcrted in?
to good Samarltiins; aud lf tho l'or
olgn Hhlppers and coal ugentu" woro,
through Inattenttou tu tho nuitter, u
dcr' that improsalon, that ls no real
rouson for saytug thoy woro mlslod hy
tho nowupapors. lt Is soldom that a
blll ls dlgosted through tho cnluuiUM
of a nowspapor; whllo ns u matlev of
fnel one or frro ot Ihem 014 nny, Iv
-ipri'lfle (ernia- Mint the r?-Itn**nl*ihn-en
e>f itlloiiige clinrgca uuninst home w?
hi-Im -i-eiis eeiiidltloili'il lipon n nioileTiiti
litcrrli.xe on fnrelgn toiinngi'?Hn
"llleliinond Evenlng Journnl" snylni*;
"Therp In n -iiiuill eompcnsallort li
Ihe Pllols' Vssoeliilloii hy n Mllght Iti
eretisc lii> (lie plltiluire tee* on vesscli
i-li-iiinrcil ln forelgn trade."
Tho Inference tliat this leglslntloi
waa so ught "because compulsor]
eiiast wlse pllotnge was doomeel" 1
llke many other parls of ihlu thnn
derltig (and blunderlng) artlcle?slm
ply wild conjectures whlch expose i
lack of lnformation concernlng legla
latlon on thls subject; ns the oppo
ncnts eif coastwlse pllolage wero over
whelmlngly defeated ln thc seconi
sesslon of tho Flfty-nlnth Congress
the voto lielng 165 to 109.
AVe can assttre our present opponent:
thnt on that scforo there was nn caus'
Whatever for norvousness; but we dh
thlnk that thu rclcaso of tho honv
vessel from pllotagc chargo would b>
neceptablcWto tho peoplo of this Com
monwealth, und we did not thlnk thn
all tho forelgn Interests at Newpor
News anel Norfolk would be allgned li
such bltter opposition to a measur
wlioso provisions ure not hurtful t
tho forelgn, whlle bcnelicial to th
Aiuerlcnn vessel.
HniiHC Illll Nn. 7S wna lntroduced 1
order to -place. thc purtn of Vlrglul
upon Hn- siiiin- bnsln ns thc ports norl
of us, ond not with a view to Incrcnsci
emoliiments. The IdCa matured througl
the bellef that It would receive th
comrnendatlon of Amorlcan frlends am
American Interests and' wo wero no
mlstaken. Theso homo Interests haV'
liiilorsod it, anel aro not ln tho leas
swayed by tho convenlently seductlvi
argunicnts of forelgn shlppers.
Iii (iu- rciiiijiiNimeiit of ratea, nm
centrul lelen wns ever kept In VlcW
nnel tlmt ivn* (o Irnvf the portm ol Vlr?
glnln ?vlth pllulngc rnlen ns low nn cx
Isted ?t nny of Ihe pnrtM of the Unltet,
State*, regardless of whether there wat
an Increase or decrease of emoluments
Thls has been done, antl thero aro bu'
two ports whose rates are near to thc
rates proposed ln Houso BlU No. 7^
viz.: Now York and Boston.
"Wo did not thlnk, if a merchant, ar
express company, a rallroad or ?
farmer, or even a pllot organlzatlon
could do we|l so long as thelr chargei
for servlce or wares wero upon a com
petltlvo basls wlth other llko bodle:
and condltlons, that tho. pririclplo In
volved anythlng contrary to Amerlcat
Ideas or broad and healthy economlcs
Spociflcally replylng to somo of th'
arguments of the clrcus-llke ad., pre
sumably from forelgn shlppers ane
steam coal barons. whose prlces (n<
matter how hlgh) are to bc conslderce
no hardshlp to any vessel, whethei
forelgn or Amerle-nu, wo shall quoti
thelr own flguros. as follows, and drav
dcductlons therofrom:
Amount of pllotago pald
by forelgn shlpplng in
1907 .;. $159,000
Amount of pilotage' to be
paid by forelgn shlpplng
ln 1908 . 214.000
Increase, accordlng to
thelr statement .. .. $55,000
In dlsplaying thls lncrease, they dle
not do the caso thc slmplo justlce ol
showing that tho flnal difference (tc
an association of "thirty-slx men" lt
not $55,000, but, after the deductlon
of $27,000 coastwlse pilotage, an ln?
crease (by thelr own figures) of only
They seem absoiutely ignorant of the
expense lncldent to malntalnlng tht
cnulpmcnt of a pllot organlzatlon, anc
? shall havo to lnform them that
whlle (accordlng to thelr llgures). thc
pilotage in 1907 by the proposed rates
would have been $214,000, there shoult
be deducted for that year'a expense
Shall we consldor this amount ?
prlncely income to the members of ar
assoclatlon who malntain a $95,00(
equlpment under hazardous condltlon*
to such investment?
Shall wo consider thls amount o
prlncely income to those who not onb
face the dangers lncldent to cruisliig
ln tho path of shlpplng and boardlny
vessels under all condltlons of weath?
er, but who also aro freciuently ln
charge of vessels reeklng wlth con
taglous or infectlous diseases?
Our opponents have taken an cx
ceptlonally prosperous year, of shlp?
plng upon whlch to base their argu?
ments. We have gone further than
this?back during the past nlne years
of a fluctuatlng commerce. and ilnel
that the basls of gain upon whlch out
opponents are working would give ap
proxlrnately the following result:
Decreased Increased
Compensa- Compensa
tlon. tlon.
1898 . 6 per cent.
1899 . 17percent.
1900 . 2 pcrcent
1901 . 2>,? pcrcent
1902 . 21 per cent.
1903 . 24 per cent.
1905 . 21 per cent.
1906 . 7 per cent.
' The objectlon, based upon one yearV
calculatlon, ls, thorefore, equlvalent to
the argument that becauso a farmei
profited by hls wheat. tobacco or po
tato crop ono season, the prlce of these
commodltles should be lower ln subso
i|iieiit years; whlle the statement as to
the number of forelgn carrylng vessels
that entered our ports in 1907 ls oxag
geratod by over 200. ?
They refer to the tlrflc - insumed by
each pllot for hls compensatlon as .be?
ing about six hours a day.
Whnt t'oolisliiu-sN: The Vlrglnln
pllot's dutles Involve, lu tlie matter of
eriilKing nud pllotiiig vcs-u-ls. nbout
il.llllii liuurs yeurly, or (en tlines us
iniielt servlce iih tlie opposltlon's stule
nieut eredlts tlieiu Wltll, iviille durlui;
thc otlier, tlme, when ihev nre not oe
eiiiiied, they ure uiliuitc men uud uiiist
liuld liic-iiiselves ready ut nny Iiour Int
Thai dangers of the pllot ure also dls
credlted by the j gentlemen, who, safely
esconced lu thelr otllces, rako lu tlie
Bh'okels. '
Wlthln the pasl flfteen years one oi
those pllot boats. whlch ure eompel led
under ull weather condltlons to lle ln
the path ol" shlppii.g, hns been sent
to the bottom off Iho Capes: two others
have been cut down. to tno wotor's
edge: anollief ic>eently?.had a part of
hor stern lorn off, whon four or five
seconds' dlfferenco In tlme and position
would have meant complete cuttlng in
two, wlth tho loss of all on board.
There aro other "close calls," and if
some of the opposition would bo en
llghtened moro fully as to why a pllot
mcrlis llberal compensatlon, wo Invlte
such to a week's crulse on tlio pllot
boat Relief,
Tho Supromo Court of Miiwsachusetts
sald ln eohslderlng tlils stibjeot ln
Snilth vs. Swlft (8 Melcalf 333);
"From tho vory naturo of the sub?
ject theso provisions nre entltled tn a
llberal constructlon, ln order to glvo
full oillolency to laws especlally elo
slgnod to' pronioto the Interest of cotu
mei'co and to protect tlu- llves and
property of tho cltizens engagod ln
And Lord Bjshor, referring to the
value of pllots tu ,-oninierce, said lu
Charltou 8, Asp., M, C; 39:
"It was not enncted t'or tho protec?
tlon only of shlps; lt was onacleil for
tho protectlon of ports. of eomiuoreh',1
ports, anel also of naval ports; of com
luorclal ports lu partloular, because, lt
ti vessel ls wrecked aiul lost aud sunk
near to the entrapce or wlthln tlio
outratKo to a coinmerclul port, aho la
not only lost horself but she Is a rreat
danger and obstructlon to tho port nnd
to otimr vosfiols, nnd would interfere
wlth tho commercial btwlncss of th*
Kent rnyn that the "sorvico whieh rt
pilot. ronders commerco ranks next lri
Importance to that of salvage."
Elucldatlng further from our own
standpolnt, wlli say that compensation
Is based upon two dlstlnct phasea of
servlce?vlss: dlrect nnd contrlbutlvo,
Thoso mny bo subdivlded as follows:
The responsllilllly Involved In pilot?
ing into nnd ,.,,i nf nort vessels nua
cnrKocs, rnnglng 1,1 vnlue from ono
huudrcd llioiisiiml to srvcrul mllllon
dnllnrs?wlth crctrs nnd freqiicntly
[liiNNi'ngcrs on bonrd.
<?o-operniion wlth licnlth nuthorlUes,
bolh nntlonnl nnd Stnte, Dr. V. M. Urqa
hnrt, rjiiltcd States qunrnntlne oflice*
nt C'npc Chnrlcs, snylngi
"I have rclled almost entirely upon
the pilot* to prevent rorolcrn nnd coast
wlse vessels from pnsslnc; our quaran?
And nr. Willlnm A. Tliom, State quar
uiilino otllccr for Xorfolk, sald:
"For nenrly four yenrs I hnvc been
fliifiriinllni- medlcal otllccr for Kll/.n
beth Rlver nnd lts hrnnches. Durlng
thnt tlme meh dny hns tnnght me the
nhsolute hclplcsMncs* of my oflice wlth?
out tlie nld of the Vlrginla Pilot Asso?
ciatlon. They nre requlred hy twn
stntutcfl of thls State to nld In the cn
forcement of the qunrnntlne regulatlons,
and ur the only avnllnble means by
whlch such regulatlons can he mnde
known to the ninstcrs of Incomlng ves*
Co-operntlon wlth United States Hy
drogrnphlc Ilrimcli hy reportlng drlft
Ing or stntlonnry wrecks lylng in the
pnMi of unsuspectlnK mnrlncs.
- Co-opernilon wlth t'nlted Stntes ens
tmns ofllclals, whlch i'ontrlbiitcM to the
sufcgiinrillng of the cnuntry's revenues.
Co-operntlon' wllh tlie United Stntes
Slgntil Servlce, whlch eo-opcrntlon fur
nlshos more thnn one-half of the news
In rcgnrd to vessels' movements, thls
informntlon belng viiIiinMo to the mer?
chants, wlthout any charge by the pl?
Cn-operatlon by innlntennuce ot ?
pnwerfitl steuin pilot boat (vnlue
880,000) off the i-npes of Vlrginla, whlch
l.i n standlng Insurance agalnst loss
nt llfe nnd property of nll commerce,
whether foreign or domcstlc, cntcrlng
or loavlng tlio Chcsnpcakc Bay.
And co-operntlon, more or less spc
clflo, wlth every orgnnlzntlon or body
doing buslness In nny way wlth nhlp
. And yet nnother condltlon justilles
liberal compensation for the pilot?that
is, tho matter of unlimlted llablilty. A
pilot in charge of a shlp Is responslbl0
to the extent of his carthly p'oases
slons for damages arlsing from hls neg
llgcnce. "Near the close of hls llfe
thoy can take from hlm all he may have
aceumulntel, leavlng hlm only his
hcavcnly crown."
Pilot Guy, within the past sixty
days, has drawn upon hls bulldlng
and loan associatlon savings and pald
Donnel! $1,000.
Mention is made of the fact that
captains who ply tho seas do not re?
ceive half as much pay as pilots. We
aro glad that they mentlon that and
welcome tho opportunlty of saylng that
lf there exlsts any evldence of foreign
parslmonlousness ln regard to compen?
sation, It ls fully domonstrated ln tht;
caso of captains of tramp steamcrs
(generally men of lntellig*fnce), whose
relntlon to the owners of vessels is
llttlo short of serfdom ln tho matter
of prlvllegos, and ln the matter of
compensation about oejulvnilent to that
of a hod-carrler. We uro only too glad
to say a word of sympathy for those
mariners whose services are so poor
ly appreciated.
We know these conditions well, and
know that many foreign mastors, In
charge of vessels and cargoes valtied
from $200,000 to S500.000. recelve
generally between $75 and $125 per
month: and thls ls the scale upon whlch
the pllots of thls country might ho
placed if the foreign owner or agent
could domtnate legislatlon ln thls grand
old Commonwealth._
Durlng all those yoars of conten
tlon over ooastwlso pilotage, the for?
eign shlppers and steam coal agents
have found no fault. They have ever
recognlzed in tho Vlrginla Pilot As?
sociatlon a system well nigh perfect.
No scrlous complalnts have ever ema
nated from them.
Durlng the pnst qunrter of n oen
liiry Ille coiiHtwIse pilotnge hns jtistl
Ih'il low rulen ou enrgo vessels, half
rntes ou bunkcr Niciiiucrs. and cut
niii's ou vessels seeklng; but now
thnt lt Im proposed to no longer suh
sidl/c tlie foreign vessels through the
collectlon of pilotnge from Amerlcnu
bottoms, the dlsgriiiitlcd plea Is set up
that the pilots could do wlthout tlie
coastwisc pilotnge wlthout uny lu
crease ou the foreign.
Do thoy wnui to see how little llic
pllots eun net nlong out
rom "Tlii! tlurkej Place," Wall
Street, New York City.)
'Seemliigly (he only opposldou thut
hns devcloped ngiilnst the niciisure uow
before llu- Lcglslulure nt Itlelimoud
cuiiicm from the ugi-nts of forelgu
Ktenuisliip eoiiipaiiles, nuil thls, while
nutiiritl, In blised ou the niirrow groiitul
of il illsliicllniitioii to p:iy u rensonuhle
pilopige chnrge even though lt ls so
earefully gruded ns to eiitnll uo hnril
shlp ou nuy clnss of Nhlpplug nml
whlcji pliiorw the hurden where lt enu
be leiist Irksoinely borue. lt ls senrce
ly likely, however, thnt ho narrow niul
I'Uli im nrgumcnl will Influence the
inliids of loglslntiirs (nklug a clctlr
vlew of (he subject. ? . .
The present situation, brlefly, I*
thls: Iloth foreign nml coastwisc ves?
sels puy piloluge. The peudlug hill pro
Iiiim's to nbollsli pilotage on the hqv*?
vessels, wllh u sllghl Inerense of rates
ou Ihe foreign bottom. The Incrcnseil
rnies on the forelgu bolloiii, however,
leuve tbe porls ?>r Vlrginla wlth ns low
n pilotnge rnle iin ean be found in nuy
port lu Ihe Ualled States." . . .
And further, lu regnrd to lucrensei
"11 ls so slight that the opposltlon
It hus uroiiNt'il hns uo teuuhlc ground
n whlch to bnse its urgtiiiicnls except
selfish illsluclliuitlon to help lo sum
tnlu u pilotnge syslcni, which ls the
bulwnrk ot' uiiirluc slulilllly) u dlslu
clluulioii bnseil on uo hlgher principle
than thnt euunclntcd by Pistol In hU
stiirtllug nphorlsm thut *Uase ls the
slnve thnt puyMl'"
Ily the provislons ol' the pending
hill, Imtiker MteuincrN wlU huve from
Si ln 91.50 less per foot Ihuu the regu
lnr rntes.
II would seem thnt Ihe iigonts en
gugod lu furiilslilng steitui coal to
forelgu vessels should he more thnu
sntlsflcil wlth tbe 91 nud 91.50 lesa
per foot ou Niieli.ve-H.%e1s, whlch re
dui'tioii ls nenrly one-thlril of the regu
liir rutes,
It Is uuderstooil (1iu( (he prlcc of
stviuu eoul durlng n pnrt of 1005 nm
$2.:i5. Durlng 1007, wo nre Informed
thut the price of slvniii eoul wus 93.35.
Slnce (hc t'irsl uf the yeur lt ls re
ported itiiu it hiiN been udvnuced to
.-<:'...ii> per tou (trliuiiilug lu luiuhcra,
10 cents exlru), or u very modest lu
erouso of 9l.ir> sluee 1005.
Does it cost 91-15 more (o nilnc that
eoul this year thnu lu lPOSt
Durlng the your 11107 .the totnl valun
llon ot vessell uu<t ou'rgo uuder the
enre of the Ylrghilii pllots ivrn, ftMB,
000,000, -stiitiiiiii oue dullnr's loss.
Presldent Ylrgluiu PIIoIn* As?oeln?
tlou. Adv.

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