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rice Fivrc rrrcNTS
Senate Also Adopts Pilotage
Bill and Much Discussed
Railroad Measure.
Both Branches Put in a ] [arcl
Day's Work and Consider Many
Matters?Important Special
Orders Fixed, for 'L*liis
IN THB General Assembly the chloi
events of the day were the further
dlm.-imslon ot tho Blackstono mnt
1er ln tho Houso of Delegates and
the passage by hoth branches of a
great numhe.r of bllls, Includlng-, on
the Seunto slde, tho measure
removlng tlie llccnae tax on coastwise
pilotage, tho much-amended Byrd
lleiuor blll, nnd 1hn long-debntecl blll
nllowlng nny railroad company, wlth
the consent of Ihe Stato Corporatlon
i.'ominlsslon, to conatruct, purchase or
take a leaso of any ratlroad not ex?
ceeding twenty-fivo mlles ln longth
whlch will furnl.Hh a cut-off or con
tiectlng Mno for thn rsoro efllclent and
CConomlC-il transportation of trafllc.
Both houaes havo now. adopted the
resolution permittlng tho United States
governmerit to eiect ln Iho sotithenst
corner of the Capltoi Square a tstriic
ture. to bc used temporarlly by the
nichmond post-otTlce. pending the er-*. -
tlon of the new Kederal building here.
PHoVn-te Hill I'ari-ed.
The S?M<atn was called to ord-r
promptly at 10 A. M.. but owlng to the
f-niall ntimber of members present, the
chalr w.is racatcd for ten mlnutes.
When tho session was resumed tho
attendanco had not matcrlally In?
creased, and I.leutonnnt-Governor Elly?
son dlr*-ted tlie nergeant-at-arma to
notlfy any Senators who mfght be In
the committee loom.i that thelr pres
ohce was dealrod on tho floor.
The Commlttea on Insurance nnd
Pnnkin-r mported tho Williams antl
compact insuranco bill, wlth thc rec?
ommendation that It do not pass. Thls
m--a*-ure seeks the re-cnactment nf the
Wharton law, whlch waa In effeet a.
f. w years ago. ]t was passed ln thc
HOUSS hy a close voto lnst week.
Senator Salo talled up House blll
No. 75, and under a euspenKion of the
rules lt was passed, as slightly amend
ed by the committee. Thls Is the well
known pilot blll, which ha8 been hotly
fought ever slnco It was lntroduced.
Under lt? provislons tho license tax
upon coastwls.i pilotage Is removed.
nnd that on foreign pilotag-e ls in?
creased sufllclontly to suppiy tho rev?
enue lost on the roastwlsn vessels.
Other bllls of an unlmportaiit chnr
acter nffeoting local itiea were called
up out of order hy Ihej request of thelr
patrons and passed.
When the hour set for tho further
hearlng of the Byrd lle-uor blll wns
reached tho matter was taken up,
and after the adoptlon of n few amend.
nients very slightly affoctlng Its pro
viHions. the blll wns passed hy a vote
of .12 tn 4. Senators niaon, Folkes,
Wlckham nnd Parks votine* lu the
-lcgatlve. Senator Garrett was paired
wlth Senator Halsey, who was absent
on buslness. Had Kenator Halsey been
present ho would have voted aye, Sen?
ator Garrett no.
AnniiliiK Incldent.
After the passage of thc measure
Senator Mann offereel an amendment to
ihe title, which was accepted. Senator
Holt then moved that Senator Mann I
be appolnted to announce the passage |
of the hill to tho Rev. James Cannon,
chalrman of tho legislative eommitteo
of the Antl-Saloon League.
At thls point a rather humorous In?
cldent occurred. Senator Saunders
moved that Sonator Lcsner be appolnted
to convey to tho Houso lnformation of
the hlll's passage. Bot. the chair and
Senator Lcsner inlsunelerstood the mo?
tlon. and thlnking that Senator Saun?
ders had moved that ho bo added to
the eommitteo to Inform Mr. Cannon
of the passago of tho blll, Senator
Lesner Joined Judge Mann, and the
two, arm ln ann, proceeded. amld much
laughter. to thn rear ot tho Chamber,
where the mlnlatcr was seated.
U'hon Houso blll No. 37?tho rail?
road blll?wa.s rcachod on tho calendar
there was agaln much discusslon, but
lt was flnally passed by a vote of 22
to 11. Tho bill was reported from tlie
Committee on Roads and Intemal
- -vlgation. with the rocommendation
that it should not pass, and slnce the
matter came up on tho floor it has
been hotly contosted. Tho flght for
tho measure was led by Senators Slms
? nd Ilart, and it Is largely due to thelr
efforts that It w.-.s finally passed.
Senator Strodo wanted the blll
passed by until to-morrow, as Senator
,alsoy, who has beon leading tho op
poaltion. was absent and could. not
bo heard. ? Sonator Sims opposed thls
saylng that tho qtia-uon had not only
been thoroughly thrcshed out ln the
eommlttee room. but for tho past few
days had recelved the attontion of tlio
Senato maiy hours each day. Senator
Btroelo's motlon was voted down.
Long niHotiMHlon,
Henator Slms again spoke, urglng
tho Senate to pass the blll, which ho
sald should bo elotio in order to moet
a poctilinr situation affoctlng tho Nor?
folk und Wcstorn Railway.
Sonator Strodo lnterrupted Judgo
?Ims to say that ho bellovod that prac?
tical hiirm could result from tho pas?
sago of tho blll, He eontendeil thnt
under Us provislons tho rallway coui
prinles oould, If they chose, romovo
tholr tracks from uny town or city,
leaving It hlgh nnd dry, wlthout rail?
road connectlons. Senator Slms clalm?
ed that tho amnndntont offored by Son?
ator Rlson on Frlday covered thls polnt
and mado )t luiposslblo for n rallway
company to out ofr any town or city
by dlvertlng Its tracks.
Senator King was opposed to tho
passago of tho blll. Ho thought lt
was granting tlio Norfolk and "Wost
rrn Railway special prlvllngas, and al?
lowing this company to fhmt a debt
(CuiUInuod on Tlilrd Page.) j
Amnui-iIiik .liirlnilli-'lon ln I! K,,,.???,
C'nMc, I'rllclniril llriidcrN Declslon,
ASHEVILLE,' N. C, Fobruary 2!l..
Dnolding that hls court w'outd liili
Jiirl.sdlcllon nnd Inqulro Inlo tho merli
of thn i-liilm.'i of many liquor housi
agalnst tho South Carolina dlHpetiHiii
board. und contlnulng untll Hattirthi
next argumcht c'n tho riucstlon of ni
polntlng a recelver for the $800,0C
fund left by tho lato dlspensary, nn
now ln the hunds of a Stato comm\
slon or '.ho Klale, Judge Prltchnrd *t
day rendered tin oplnlon whlch lay
down a broad prlnclple,
Judgo Prltchard, in ronderlng hl
declslon, sald: .
"Whllo the State of South Caro?
lina his snnn flt. to ongiigo In the
purchase and salo of Bplrltuoua
llquors, i% cannot bo reanonably
contended thnt In dolng so it Is
iperforinlng tho functlott usually
exerclscd hy a Stato necessary to
preservo Its nutonomy und main
tain Its sovcrclgnty.
"Tho Puprcmo Court of tlie Stnte
has deelded that tho act authorlz
lng thc cslabllshmcnt of a dispen
sary was constltutlonal. Howovcr,
it can hardly bo assumfid that It
was contemplatcd at tho timo of
the aduptlon of the eleventh amend?
ment that a soverelgn State would
ever engsgo in tho purchase and
sale of Bplrltuous llquors for proflt.
Th? Stato havlng seen flt to on
gng-? ln thls buslness, and at the
samo timo to dcprlvo cltizens of
the right to cngage In such busl?
ness ln competltion wlth the State.
thercby placed itself in a position
whero It could not, wlth conslst
enoy nvnll Itself of the immtinlty
conferred by tho eleventh amend?
ment In a suit llke the one at har,
In which It Is sought to colloct a
debt eontracted by the Indlvlduals
placed ln,control of such buslness
wlth implled, if not dlrect, au?
thorltv to contraet ? uch debt.
"Havlng deprived Its cltizens of
Ihe right to engage In thls partieu
lar llno of btniness, reservlng tho
right to monopollzo the business
through Its agents appolnted for
that purpose, It would be manl
festly unjust to pcrmlt the State,
under any rlrcumstiinces whatso
ever. lo avold the payment bt debts
eontracted ny thn purchase of
goods from the sale of which lt
has derlved ennrmous proftts."
A declslon bo broadly statlng the
enunclatlon of principles wlll carry to
the Supreme Court an Issue whlch may
serve to decldo once for all t'je rlghts
of the States under the amendment.
Hrynn Miikr. Ihe Ctuirgc, and 1m Sntls
fled lt Ia Correct.
JACKSON. MISS.. Feb. ?.-Willlam J.
Bryan arrlved here to-day from Mem
phls to address a Joint session of tho
lepislature at the Century theatre. Hun
dreds of promlnent, Democrats aro here
from all parts of the State to pay thelr
respects to Mr. Bryan.
Mr. Bryan waa. asked concern'nc a
paragraph In the current Issue ot The
Commoner, reading as follows:
"Watch the personnel of the delega
tlons to Denver. Money Is being used in
somo of tho States of the Mlssissippi Val?
ley to secure delegatlons who wlll bo obe
dlent to the predatory Interests. The
Democratlc masses must not be betrayed
by representatlves of that system."
When asked concernlng the evldence ln
support ot thls charge, Mr. Bryan sald:
"I wrote that paragraph mystelf, and
know what I am talklng about. I have
my information from a man who over
hcard a conversntlon on the subject."
When asked what interests ho charged
wlth helng behlnd tho movement, Mr.
Bryan replled: "I am convinced that it Is
tho Interests representlng the trusts and
the rallroads. They do not hope to pre?
vent instructed delegatlons In the Mls?
sissippi Valley States, but they are try?
lng to get a personnel of the delegates
who wlll be unfrlendly to my nomlna?
Mr. Bryan's nddress throughout was a rc
petltlon of subject mattor dealt wlth In
former addrcssts. The only new phase was
hls cauKtlc refcionce to tha four Domocrats
ln the Kcntu.-ky Leglslature who by castlng
thelr votes wllh tho Republicans elected Mr.
Bradley Unlted Ktates Senator yesterday.
tlu referrod *o them as "embezzlers of
power." and declared that thn embezzler
if power ts a worse malofactor than tho man
nho cmbezzlcs meney.
At tlie concluslon of tho address a resolu?
tlon Indorslng Mr. Bryan as tha Democratlc
--nndldato was adopted by a rising voto,
5>cry man, woman and child ln the theatre
rising and npplauding tho Nebraskan.
Mr. Bryan left thia aftornoon for Vlcks
burs-, whence he goea to Shaw. Mlss., to
ipi-nd .Sunday wltll hls slster, He wltl ro
lUiii to Lincoln on M.inday.
tcpalra Made and Operuiiona Wlll Snon
Be Reaunicd.
rspeelal to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
GOSHKN, VA.. February 29.?The
'urnaco at this place, whlch has been
dle for tho past four months, has been
epaired, and wlll resume operatlon
vlthin tho next ten days, glving em
iloyment to about 100 men, wlth an
mtput of 200 tons of Iron dally.
The present owners of thls plant
invo beon prospecting oxtenslvely in
West Virginia, near Whlte Sulphur
iprlngs, and have dlscovered -valuable
>r0 deposits, whlch thoy clalm to be
?iclier than the I-.ak0 ores, running as
ligh as C0.2 per cent. metallio iron.
iotne of these velns are over eighty
'eet deep, and from present appcar
inces seem to he almost Inexhaustlble,
f this bo truo, theso mlnes can furnish
inough ore to supply all the furnaces
n this sectlon, and wlll reduce the
:ost of production of plg-iron at least
iO per coi.t.
Thero is a great deal of excltoment
it tlio present over the dlscovery of
hese mlnes, und their future ls bolng
vatchod wlth a great doal of lntorost.
llr, 'rucker Seen AasUtant Secretary,
Who Wants Property UouRht.
ri-'rom Our rtOKiilur Correspondent. I
WASHINGTON. X>. C, Fobruary 20.?
.'ho Navy Department is hoartily In
avor of tho purchase of the slto of
ho Jamestown Exposttoln to be used
s a coallng and naval training- statlon.
isslstant Socrotary Newbcrry had a
ulk to-day wlth FL St. Georgo Tuckor,
o.tinsel to the recelvora of tho com
iauy; T. J. Wool, and Colonol WII-.
luni Godelijs, one of tho recelvers, in
ho coiirso of which ho oxprossod a
;oon deslro to have tho property pur
hased for the purposes named. None
f thoso who saw tho asslstant socro
ury would Indlcate tho nntiire of tho
iitervlow, hut It ls leartied that Mr,
lewhorry oxpressed hearty approvul of
lio plan.
The blll provldlng for the acqulsi
lon of lho property .elther by pur
liaso nr coiub-mnatlon wlll bo eon
Ulereii ln t\_ Nnvnl * Commltteo on
McComas, Mining Engineer
Shoots Young Widow and
Notifics Officer at Dance.
Thought Probahlc That thc Cou?
ple (Jtiarrelcd Over Losscs of
Money Played on the Races
for Mrs. Noyes?-Sul
phuric Acid on
LOS AXGELES, Pebruary 23.?A
cuiarrel ovor flnancial matterH
is accepted by tho pollco as
tlm most likely orlgln of a
murder eommltted early to?
day, when Mrs. Charlotte L. Noyes, a
young wldow, was shot and lnstan'tly
killed ln her apartments in tho fash
lonablo Woirt Lake dlstrlct, by \V. P.
McComas, a mining engineer, who had
beon paylng hor attontlons. Tho slaycr,
ln hls flrst statements to tho pollco.
declared that Mrs. Noyes had attcmpt?
ed to fllngacupful of sulphurlc acid in
hls face; that he shot at the celling to
frlghtcn her, and that ho then tired
to protect hlmself, exhlbltlng In pronf
of hls statement acid burns on his
face. Tho detectives dlsagrco wlth the
Btatements of McComas, and express
a. bellef that he dellberately applled the
acid to hls face. Jlrs. Noyes, who ap?
pears to have been wealthy, came to
this city from Boston about llve months
The flrst known of tho tragedy was
when, at-the closo o^ a ball at the
Hotel Pappcr, closo to Mra. Noyes home,
McComas, hls faco stalned with acid.
appeared In tlie mldst of the guests
and lnquired for Deputy Sheriff V. C.
Carey of the hotel, to whom ho an?
nounced that he had killed Mrs. Noyes.
The pollco wore summoned, and the
body of Mrs. Noyes was found on the
floor of tho dlnlng room. where she
had evldently fallen. Two bullet wounds
showed !n her breast, nnd one of these.
the surgsona later found, had pierced
her heart.
"When asked for a statement, Mc?
Comas sald to the pollco phy3lclan:
"I have known the woman for fiv>
years. and she hns been bothering me.
I could not stand lt longer, anci put
an end lo lt."
Tho rpvolver- whlch McComas used
Is said by the police to contradlct Mr
Oomas's statement o( self-defense. It
shows that between the flrst and sec?
ond shot the hammer fell on two othor
cartrldgos. which failed to explode.
Although McComas claims to have flred
at the celllng. both bullets weru found
ln the body of the vlctim.
A llst was found of gambling trans?
actlons, whlch showed somo wlnnlngs.
but conslderable losses. The prlneipal'
losses were mado in tho past few
days, and amounted to about $3,000.
The Ust was kept In the handwrltlng
of Mrs. Noyes. A btindle of speclal
dellvery letterr* ahowed that Mrs.
Noyes had dlrected to her dally a
statement of "tlps" on the races.
Men on Gould "Roads Xot -*o Submit te>
Dlarc-gurd of Unlun.
DENVER, COL., Feb. 29.?The News
lo-day sayB: Aiter a short conference
yesterday wlth Ganeral-Manager Rodg
way. of the Denver and Rio Grande rail?
road, a committee of the machinists em?
ployed on the system was Informed that
the cempany will ubrogate its contracts
after March 4, and after that dato will
not recognlze the machinists, black
smiths, car repairers or boilermnkers'
unions. Tho committee will submit the
question lmcdiately to a referendum
vote of all the employes belonging to
tiiese unions who nre employed on the
Gould roads. Tho Denver and Rlo Orarlde
ond Rlo Grande Western alone employ
350 machlnista. It ls clalmed tha men
will not submit to the plan of the rail?
road company, and that a general strike
on all the Gould roads exceptlng tho In?
ternatlonal and Great Northern ls Imml
Hurry Call for Police Sent .la Yester?
day Afternoon.
An attack made by three white men
on Peter Balley, a negro drlver, nearly
preclpltated a rlot at Seventeenth and
Cary Streets yesterday afternoon short
ly before 3 o'clock, and a hurry call
was sent In for the police.
A squad of offlcers landed at the
place soon after the call, and the white
men, XV. R. Graper, Wlllle Keegan and
O. B. Crew, were arrested after a short
chase by Pollcem*n Danlel and Werner.
Balley appeared in the station houso
to swear out a warrant agalnst tho
men, anel appeared to be greatly ex
-?ited. He sald that Keegan knocked
hlm down wlthout cause, and that
tvhen he nrose to run tho others Joined
in the pursult. A largo crowd gathered,
ind conslderable oxcltement was
-aused by tho disturbance.
The white men wore balled soon nfter
ihelr arrest.
?eople's lhink of Hurrlaonbur-*; Orgiiu
iat-d?Mluiinuiii Cniiltnl, ?10<),00?.
"Spoclal to Tho Tlnios-Dlapatch,]
PIARRISONBURG, VA? l/ebruary 29.
?Tho Peoplo's Bank, of Harrlsonburg,
vas organlzed here to-day, and tho lu
t.ituttou wlU open its doors for busl
icss tho flist day of Aprll. Thero woro
21 stockholders present In person, and
tock to tlio sum of $112,000 was re.p
iSsenled. The bank ls a Sluto Instl
ution; nilnlmum capital ls ?i()0,Q00;
iiaxlmuni, J2DO.000. Tho following are
he offlcers: Jamos 13. Reliord,' prosi
lent; John N. Mohlor and Thomas P.
Jerry, vico-preeldents; Thonias P.
"oery, Cashler; D. I1, Yancey, tnllor,
*ho directors nre Jiuiioh 13, Rolioril".
". N. Molilor, Thomas P, Beory, K, x!
IIHer, T. J. Martin, .1. i,. Hopkliis!'
. N. Boery, Thompson Lonnlg, John
t. Fllhir, John W. Bollen, John w.
dkey, li", A, Shanlc. Klias I'iiink, J O.
itb-Uler. Josepii k, Meyiir.'.iiiifi'or.' .\il ?*-'
.ewi-J aiul'f*. I. ,li nhlnrj-H. Thn rutii u'
Jficomit will bo 5 vu*- wiU uet unii'iiStt!
Mr*. Tlmiv Also Driilen 'I'hul Any Off,.
Wns .Mnde l.iiuklng lo Dlvorce.
NKW rolIK. Febrnniy 2 9_Mrs
Kvelyn 'I'luiw denied to-day tliat sln
hnd deiiihnuoil $1,000,00", or Imd m
colvcd uny offor of money fo Induci
her lo consent to tho iiiinulni'iit or hoi
marrlage to Ilurry K. Thaw. Mrs
Thaw added:
"Thero hns beon no cotiforenca
of lawyers, nnd there wlll not i?;
uny. 1 have never bbnn nppronched
by any lawyers on the subject of
dlvorce or sepiuiitlon. nnd you cnn
say pmltlvely that thero Is not an
atoni of truth In nny of th.< ru?
mors. 1 havo received no offer of
money to consent to anythlng, nnd
hava mado no dennind for money.
"Yes, lt Is true that I have not
heen to Matteuwan to sen Harry
in Ihree woeks. That Is liccauso
I havo been 111 wlth the grlp. I
hnvo not been out of the liotiso
except lo take n drlvo."
"Is It truo that detectlvos aro
followlng you'.'" sho was asked.
"lt ls not true. Mr. Doughorty
wroto to me, assurlng- me that ho
hnd no detectlves engaged ln, fol?
lowlng n;e, and that tho story was
Iu Speech Brforc Ilnr Assoelnllon l?ls
fiisscs ItH&ilbnW of Stnte nnd .\atlon.
NEW Yultlv, Februury 29.?Elements
of thlngs polltlcal did not enter into
tlio speech delivered by Secretary of
War Taft to-night at tho annual din?
ner of tlio Brooklyn Bar Association,
at tho Union leaguo Club, Brooklyn.
? ultihg his talk to tho occaslon, lie
expounded his vlews on "Tho Constl?
tutlon of tho Unlted States" ln an ad?
dress often broken by appluusu from
hls blg nudience of lawyers.
Secretary Taft declared that hn did
not slmro ln tho vlews oxpressed by
? ?rltlcs on "the chungo whlcli has come
over our form of government by tho
lhcreaso of the national and the de?
crease of tho Stato powers under the
"I thing on the whole." he sald. "thnt
the dlvlslon of powor between tho
Fn/tcd Statos und Ihe- States has been
admlrably maintained, and tliat this
has heen possible because It has been
ultlraately left ln most instances to
tlie declslon of a tribunai less subient
to polillcal Influences thun any other
branch of our government, and wlth
oiiporHinltl'-H for malntainlng a con
Blste>rylew from tho foundatlon of.our
Kovernment to tho present dav. creater
than tliat enjoyed by any ollier au?
thorlty iu elther State or national gov?
ernment. lt ls qulte true that In cer?
taln ways tlie national power has been
increased hy amendment to the Constl?
tutlon, not aflirmatlvoly. but by plao
lng further restrlctlons on the exercise
by tho State of Its admltted uower over
certaln subjf-ct matters."
The Socretary expressed tho convic?
tlon that lt was plalidy in tho power
of Congress to provlde-by law for pro?
tection of alleus ln tholr treaty rlghts.
Jn this connectlon he sald:
"Certainly Congress ought to tako
some steps dlrectly authorlzlng tho
cxeeutivo to use tho forces at hls com?
mand to protect tho treaty rlghts of
such allens and bught to vest the courlB
of the Cniteii Btaier* %?i*!v .power tn
jtunish the peson wlu would violate
such allen rlghVs."
Bouslng Ncnd-Off Given Them ns Tliey
Steam Oui? Rcgrct IS.vprt-mtcd by I'reaa
CALLAO. February 2*>.?The Ameri?
can lleot sai'ed to-day for M'agdalena
Bay. In Lower Callfornla, a territory
of Mexico. Signals went up trom thc
Connectlcut. tho (higship, thls morn?
lng, and shortly, afterward tho battle?
shlps were .steamlng slowly out to
the ocean for the. long rua to thelr
next stopplng-piacn.
Tbo fleet deserlbed a seml-clrcle, the
great whlte shlps movlng to the south?
west. and when they passed tho Pe
ruvian crulser Almlranto Grau, from
whlch President I'ardo and tho ofll
cials of the state vlewed tho depart
ure; each of tho warshlpa firod a salute
of twenty-one guns.
Tho crulser roplied whon the Con?
nectlcut was passlng, and thero wus
a tlipplng of flags from the other ves?
sels in tho harbor and a rlnglng fare
well from the thousands who had
gathered to watch tlie ships of a frlend
ly natlon as thoy swung majestlcally
out to the open sea.
Tho steamer Caclmpoal, crowded Wlth
spectators. accompanied tho fleet somo
ili.stiince from shore, hut no tho bat?
tleshlps gathered speed sho was left
astern wlth tho enthuslastlo Peruvians
stlll watch Ing and wavlng flags and
handkerchiefs. Thousands of slf-rht
seers on polnts of vantage onland wlt?
nesses tho nufgniilcont and Imposing
Tho nswspapers both nt Llma ahd
Callao aro full of expresslons of regret
nt the departuro of the vlsltors. and
they polnt out tliat Presldont Pardo
volced the sentlments of all the peo?
ple when on hls vlslt to Rear-Admlral
Evans yesterday ho sald that the at
tentlnns shown the fleet wero "a snon
tancotis demonstration of tho slncere
two count.*l'eCsn"ShlP Wh'Ch ""'^ tho
Burglurx Ilrenk lain Xorfolk nnd AVcat
crn Stntlon nnil Hlfle I'oiiebea.
fSpocial to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
CREWE, VA., February 29_The Nor?
folk nnd Western railway statlon here
wns broken into early thls mornlng,
two pouohes of ninil from Rlchmond
wero cut open . and the oontents
strewn about the floor and two trunks
wero broken lnto. Two negroes have
boen arrested on susplclon nnd a spe?
cial detective has been sent here to
lnvstlgato tho robhery.
Tho traln brlnging tho mnll from
Rlchmond lato nt nlght passes here
nbout mldnlght nnd lt has heen tho
custom to leave tlio mall pouches In
the slntlon, consldered a snfo place,
untll mornlng. The thleves, I after
breaking Into tho slatlon, out the mail
hags opon aud scattorod the letters
over tho floor. It is supposed that
such letters as wero thought to con?
taln monoy wero tnken away. So far
as could bo dotected, the drafts and
checks were not taken. Tho, only
thing inlssed' from tho trunks broken '
into was a suit of clothes. -. '
Tho postal authorltios and Norfolk J
nnd Western people have inaugurated
a th'orougU Invesllgation.
PORTLAND, MAINH, February 20.?
The Unlted Statos scout oruiser Ches?
ter. which is havlng hor government
uccoptaiico trlals off tho Malno coast,
arrlvatl ln the harbor to-nlght at the
conuhisloii of her twenty-four-hour on
duranue and coal eonsumptlon. run.
Whlle no llgurcs wero ohtulnable, tho
naval officials stntod thut tho rosults
wero satisfactory. -
,-.--? , ?
Mil .Mother of Ii'lve.
29.?Tlio story sent from horo Friday
tu tho effoct thnt Mrs. George. Camp
hi. i gave birtu lo flvo ohlldron ls uu
irii... nnil the Asi-iioiateil I'ress |K re-|a
iiucckii lo dv:iy Uiu aliiry absululoly. \Y
Resolution Offered in Con?
gress Loojriiig to Acquisi
tion of Jefferson'sllonic
General Shcrwood, of Ohio,Takcs
Initial Slcp iu Paper Setting
Forth Some of tlie Achicvc
ments of thc Distin
gtiishcd Vir
[??'rom cjur Regular Corrcsponilenl.l
WASHINGTON. D. C, Pebruary
2'J.?Tho propositlon that the
United States government
purchase >tho homo of
Thomas Jefferson, at Mon
ticcllo, near Charlottesville, ls cmbraced
in a resolution lntroduced ln tho Houso
to-day by Representative Isaao R.
Shcrwood, of tho Toledo,, O., dlstrlct.
Tho resolution was referred to the
Committee on Publlo Bulldlngs aud
General Shcrwood, who ls a Demo?
crat and-n gallant veteran of tho Union
Army, sald to-day that he was flrmly
convlncod that tho government should
fictiulre tho home of Jefferson, and
whllo ho cannot predlct the fate of his
resolution looklng to its purchaso, he
believed Congress would cventunlly
galn pos3Csslon of tho property. The
ho"me of Jefferson Is owned by .T. M.
Levy. fornier member of Congress from
New York, who acquired It somo years
General Sherivood's resolution is as
Resolved by the Senate and Houso
of Representatives of tho United
States of Amerlca, ln Congress as
sentbled. That tt is tho sense of thls
body that tho Unlteel States gov
rrnmont' should own and control
Monticello, the homo of the man
who Ilrst ongrafted tho principle of
control of tho peoplo upon the fab
rlo of tho Amerlcan republic, who
wrote the Declaratlon of Independ
ence, who estahllshed our decitnal
monetary system, who abollshcd the
law of ontalled estates, who
brought about the legislatlon that
separated church and state, who
was tho founder of tlie State unl?
verslty, wlio was tho tlrst advoculo
of the free publlo school, who wns
tlie founder of the government
library at' Washlngton, whe> ln
ducerf Vlrginla to deed to the States,
as* common property, the great
North west Terrltory, who pur
rhased from France at the rate of
s fraction of a cent per acre, or
$15,000,000, Loulslana and all tho
terrltory extondlng from the Gulf of
Mcxico to Puget Sound, glvlng tho
ifhlted otatcs full control of tho
Mlssisslppl River; who was ^tho
mentor of Abraham Llncoltf and Is
tho hope of overy young citizen
who places character above money
Rnd the peoplo's will above concen
trated power; that a eommitteo of
llve citizens, ono of whom shall bo
a citizen of Vlrginla, be appolnted
by tho Presldent to conslder and
recommend to Congress such pro?
vislons as may bo necessary to
carry thls measure into effeet, and
to estimate tho cost.
Sald Tlint I'mliliiiiion Leglslatloa Car?
ried Democrats t<> Ilradlcy.
[Prom Our Ilegular CorresponUeni.!
WASHINGTON. D. C, Pobruary 29.?.
Llquor ia charged with tho dofeat of
Governor Beckham for tha United
States Sonato from Kentucky. A Domo
cratlo member of Congress from Ken
tuoky sald to-day that tho four Demo?
cratlc members of tho Leglslaturc who
refused to voto for Beckham and
flnally voted for Bradloy wero ln
ducod to take thls course through as
surancos 'irom R-epubllonns .that iu
return therefor a local optlon blll now
pending ln tho Kentucky Sonato should
be killed. Tlie blll has passed tho
Prohlbltion hns made ivonderfu!
strldes ln Kentucky In the courso o?
tlie past llve years. Tho salo of liquor
ls now prohibited ln 97 out of tho 119
countles of tho State, and the pending
local optlon blll was a atlll further
blow at tha whiskey Interests, who
have fought lt from tho start. The
Beckham p.eoplo were 6trongly for ths
Although regrottlng that a Republl?
can ls to sit in tho Senato from Ken?
tucky for six years from tho *tth of
March, 1909, Democrats say tho elimi?
natlon of Beckham makes it absolute?
ly suro that tho Democrats will carry
tho Stato by tho old-ttme majorlty this
tall. The desire of Democrats to re
buke Beckham and hls muchlne Is
ldmltted to have been responsible for
iloctlon of a Republlcan Governor last
fall. Sorenesa of tha partisans of
Senator McCreary, who felt that he
ivas defeated by the use of unfalr
nethods by tho Democratlc machine,
laused four Democrats ?f tho Leglsla
:ura to hold out agalnst hls election
or weeks. A promlse to klll tempor
tnco legislatlon obnoxlous to the Ilquor
ieoplo ls alleged to have taken theui
ilear over to tho Republloan candl
[Speclal to Tho TiniBs-Dlapiitch."|
LYNCHBURG, VA., Fobruary 29.?
'earlng it will be unable to uso tlie
weiity-two-milo cut-off around Lynch
urg becaiiso of the liglil agalnst lts
1)1 in tho Gonurul Assembly, tho Nor
olk and W'estorn Rallway Company
rde-red the work stoppod thls morning,
osplto the fact that tho now routo
?as oxpocted to be ci-Jmpleted ln Aprll.
"Nivinnsirvs nitnvi.VMi alumni
BAI/riMORM, MD.. l'"ebrmirv M9_The
Inryland alunuil of tho llnivorslty of
'Irglnlii held tholr annual banquet
ore to-nlght at the Hotel Rennert.
:ev. Dr. Arlliur R, Klnsolvlng, roctor
f old St. Paul's Phurch, presldod. ' Pr,
Ibert I.et'evi'u. profesHor <if nlillosopliy
1 tlie uliivorslty, ropri'sented tlio uiil
erslly fuciiltj' nml respuiided lo a
I oiiiiiuindniil nf llrlllsli Hlenmer Cnr
dirrv I'ounil Mortnlly Womiilcil.
N'Ult|.'OI,l\, VA.. Kebru-fry 29.?Ac
cldeiitiilly sending n blintftS Into hls
forohead whllo en roiiCe <lown tlie
Chdaapeakc Hay, Captaln nobert. Har?
ris, commander of thn lirltlsh steamer
i.'.-ii-iHiT. Im ln a dylng condltlon to-nlght
nt St. Vlncent's Hospital, nnd not ex?
pected to llve th rough tho nlght.
Lato thla iift.riioon Captaln llnrrls
rogalnod con'sclousness for n. few mln?
utes, when he explained thnt tho sluiot
Ing wna nn accldent. Ho snld ho was
cleanlng nnd olling hls pistol ln hls
cabln. and thnt tho pistol wns dls?
charged whllo ho was nttompting to
extract tlio shells, After being shot ho
placed tho pistol back ln the drawor
and fell In attcmptlng to reach the
"What wlli my poor wife say?" cricd
tho captaln, as ho lapsnd again Into
unconselcAisncsa. Ho I1113 not spoken
Tho CardllT camo down the bay thls
mornlng, signnllng for surgeous nnd
cxplalnlng that tho captaln had met
wlth an accldent. Sho was met at
I.ambert's Polnt by a tug bearing Dr.
VV. J. Adams, who immedlatoly ordered
tho patlent to tho hospital.
Tho Investigation o'f Britlsh Consul
Barton Myers showed tho shootlng to
have been an. accldent or sulclde. Cap?
tain Harris was dlscovered by the
steward, who had been sent to notlfy
tho commander of tho approach of tho
capes. Ho found tho door locked, and
recelvlng no responso, called the sec?
ond ofllcer. Tho door was forced and
tho captaln found on tho floor. The
vessel was bound from Baltlmoro to
Rottcrdam. Sho will remaln hero
pending ordors from her owners.
At 9:30 Captaln Harris ls stlll un
consclous and ravlng In dolirium. No
reason ls known to suspoct sulclde.
Dlstrlct Attorney .Snltafled 11- X'.nn
"Vot Seeklng to Influence Jnror.
HARRISBURG. PA.. February 29.?
As a result of an Investigation Into the
clrcumstances surroiinding tho arrest
of C. E. Humphreys on the charge of
attemptlng. to Influence A. A. Polsl.
one of the Jurors In tho capltoi con
splracy trlal, Dlstrlct Attorney Wclss
to-day ordered hls release. Tho Dls?
trlct Attorney had Inqulred Into the
relations of the men, taking tho state
ments of both partles and saylng thnt
he was satlsfled that tho relations
were proper. ? The detectlvo snld thnt
tho man was taken Into custody be?
cause ho was overheard to he mon
tlonlng suins of money to Polst, but
the explanatton Is glven that thn con
versatlon was about the transfer ol
an Interest ln a suspended patent. They
also clalmed that the man's statoments
about hlmself wera so Indeflnlto as to
cause susplclon.
There aro rumors to-nlght that the
occurrenco may bo made tho occasion
of a motlon for :\ retrlal. Thn law?
yers for the defendants who aro here
refused to speak on the sttbjoet. The
lawyers aro engaged ln preparing law
polnts to be submltted to Judge Ftinkc-I
on Monday, and ln preparing speeches,
which will begtn after the polnts hav
been recolvcd by the'court.
llr. Mnnn SuggPstN "nilnc Tnf liii-nri?
Army Approprlntlon Blll PonmciI.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Februnry 29.?
V velled charge was made by Mr. Mann,
if Illlnois, In tho Houso to-day durlng
he conslderutlon of tho army appro
iriatlon blll, that somo government
illlcial or omployo had ylelded to tho
nflucuuo ot a land syndicate with a
.'lnw to selllng to tho government a
ract near Washlngton, D. C, for a
arget range. An approprlation of
1250,000 for 6,000 acres was provlded
!or, whlch Mr. Mann denounced as far
jeyond lts valuo. Ho thought thero
iad been undue temptatlon to somo
>ody. Ho at onco arouscd the lro ot
dr. Young, of Mlchlgnn, who sprlnglng
o tho defense of tho Commlttco on
illlitary Affairs, indignantly denled
hat any member of it had been ap
?roached by any ono but tho Socrctary
if War or hls subordinates. Tho pro
?lslnti was stricken out on a polnt of
Tho blll was shortly afterward
lassed, the total amount carried by It
elng $84,757,566. At 4:13 P. M. tho
louso adjourned until Monday.
Tho Senato waa not In session to
nterstate Commerco ConuiiiHalon Au
lliorlr.es 01iiiiir?*i? Iiiiportnnt to l'orta.
WASHPNGTON, D. C, Fobruary 29.?
'hanges ln the rules and regulatlons
ovornlng ltghterage and dellvery ser
ico at various Atlantlc porta woro
uthorized to-day by tho Interstate
'ommerce Commlssion on petitlon of
he trunk llnes tormlnatlng at New
'ork City. Tho regulatlons will Insure
nlformlty between shlpments handled
t the Atlantlc ports and at various
Vestern polnts ln tho country.
The ordor mado by the commlssion
i very important to all of tho great
orts on tho Atlantlc coast, as it att
horh-es substantlally, a change ln the
egulatlons whlch aro ln force at pres
nt. In brlof, tlie ordor authorlzes tho
ubstltutlon of the exlstlng rates for
ghterage ln New York aftor March
st, and until March 14th, upon ten
ays* notlco to tho commission, andjl
?unk llnes of rallroads aro likcwlso|t
rauted permission to mako changes |'
1 tariffs on three days' notice under
roper conditions. *S
oteil Itnnger, Slnyer of ?lll||v, Ihe
Kid," nud I'realdeut'n Friend, Killed.
SANTA FE, N. M., February 29.?
itrlck F. Garrett, until two ymirs
fo collector of customa at El Paso,
>x., wns shot and killed to-day. neur
is Cruces, N. M., by Wayno Brasll.
n of un old settler. Garrett galned
mo as tho slayer of tho untnrliis
lllly. tho Kid." ln 1SS0. He served
captaln ot Texas Rangors nnd sheriff
Dona Ana county. Ho was a per
nal frlond of Presldent Roosovelt,
Garrett wns shot whllo srolng from
3 ranch to Las Cruces. Tho kllling.
ls sald. waa tho result of a quarrel
tween Garrett, nnd Urazll over the
o of tho publlc range. Garrett waa
cattlo breoder and Uravsll a rnlsur
CHICAGO, TLI*, Kobriuify 29.?Do
etlvo Joseph Kindor returned to-day
om Tainpa, Fla., brlnglng wlth hlm
aiuio Klninn, who is accused o? oper
Ing aonfldetica games. Bloom niadu
darlng eucapa from tho shorlff at
lrtsmoulh. Vn., lnst summor aftor
? arrest at tho .Inmostowti Expoal
'u. He wns arreated last week In
iinpn, Kla., aiul DcU'ctivy Kimler was
111 lu ?ul him.
Case, Set for To-Morrow, Will
Last Week or More, arid
Attract Wide Attention
Rather Anonialous That Remnant
of What Brcathitt County's
Boss Had Saved Should Bc
L.'scd to Acquit Son,
Who Shot
Him. *
[Speclnl lo Tho Times-DlinatcL.I
LICXINGTON, Ki'.. February 20.?
Beaucliamp Cooper Hargis,
named for a noted lawyer and
a noted prcachor, will bo
placed on trlal at .lackson,
Breathltt county, Monday for the mur?
der of hla father, Judgo Jamea Hargis,
for years tho undlspiitcd rulor of tha
?wholo mountaln country, ao far aa
feudallsm went The trinl wlll take
.placo ln the courthouse just across the
streot from tho Hargis store, where
two of tho men woro killed whose
deaths caused tho' Investigation into
the Breathltt county murders.
Thp .-plea of your Hargis wlll ba
self-defense. It was at first Intended
thnt tlio plea of Justlflcatlon for tha
patrlclde would bo insanity, a braln
storm, if you wlll, superlnduced by an
attack Judge Hargis ls alleged to
have mnde upon hls son a few nights
previously. But tho attorncys employ?
ed by tho strlcken wldow and mother
saw that tho "brulnstorm" plea would
havo no offect in Breathltt county, no
matter how deeply it might be re?
garded In Kew York, and deelded that
tho self-defenso plea would he more
llkely to save tho nock of tho young
And then thero were some growls
of dlscontent when the bratnstortn Idea
wns mentloned. whlch same growls
carno from Judge Hnrgls's frlends. wlio
had never grown reconclled to the
statement that for two years Beech
Hargis had openly nnd constantly con
sorted wlth hls father's enemies.- and
that only a half hour beforo the klll?
lng be was seen to take a drlnk of
liquor wlth a llfelong enemv of his
father. '
Says Father Struck Hlm.
Beech Hargis wlll bane his plea of
self-defense upon ihe statement that
when he entered hls father's store on
the fatal afternoon, Intoxieated, reek
ing with tho fumas of whiskey, and
with his brain bofuddled ftom the ef?
fects of 'moonshlne" liquor and mor
phine, Judge Hargis camo toward, him,
grasped hlm by thc urni. and, when he
reslsted, struck hlm In tho mouth.
knocklng out two of his teeth. Beech
says he belleved hls father was Intend
ing hlm severe personal violence, and
that he ftred to save hlmsolf. Thls la
rather reniarkablo from several polnts
of view. Beech Hargis had been heard
to throatc-n hls father's lif0 several
times. .'ust a few nights before the
kllllng ho had gono homo drunk and
attacked hls mother.
'Judgo Hargis entered tho room just
about that tlme, knocked hls .ostrep
erous son down nnd trounced hlm well.
Boech Hargis left home that nlght
and was heard to say, "By thls tlme
next week. elther me or the old man
will bo in the dcopest pits of hell."
Ten mlnutes. bfore tho kllllng.
Hargis walked lnto the storo of his
biothor-ln-law, Dr. XV. P. Hogg, and,
drawlng a revolver whlch belonged
to hls father. which he had taken
from hls father'3 store, whlch was the
personal weapon of Judgo Hargis, and
whlch caused hls death a few mlnutes
later, sald ho Intended kllllng some
one. He placed the plstol agalnst Dr.
Hoggs stomach, but the latter ipileted
hlm, and Beech left tho store.
"Wnrnrd Father In Viiln.
Dr. Hogg at onco went to tho storo
of Judgo Hargis uud told hlm ot tha
occurrenoe, Judgo Hargis roplylng,
"Beech has glven me more troublo than
anythlng elso ln tho world." A few
mlnutes later, tho boy walked into
his father'a storo, and whon as eye
wltnesses say, tho judge walked to
Iiis son nnd grasped hlm by the arm,
tho son drew off hls coat. throw the
garment over hla parent'a faco, and
ntot hlm twlce, whllo the plstol waa
Jtlll ln tho pocket of the coat. There
i-ro bullet holes ln tho coat pocket to
diow that thls was done, even aslde
.rom tho statements of oyo-wltnesses.
Boech tells as thls, but says he bo
loved he was actlng ln self-defense.
dut thon comes J. J. C. Bach, a lifc
ong friend of tho Hargis famlly, who
ias boen employed to help defend tho
jarrlclde, and statos to a nowspuper
r.an hfere: "Why, Beocli Hargis did
?ot knqw what ho had done untll the
lext day. lle did not know he had
.ttllod his father, he was so full of
whiskey aml morpliine. Hls mother
knows ho has beon addlcted to mor
;ihine for over a your." Beech and Alr.
Hach had evidently not talkod togcth
3f when tlils statement was made.
Beech Hargis wlll liavo $J>u,(,oo wlth
ivhieh to light for his life. Hls fathvr
eft nn estato valued at sf.',"...inii, ,'j'f
his, .Jlrs. Hargis gets $20,000. lt Is
'Stlmutod tliat uuoilier $2.i.00i) will l?e
lecded to pny oif the' qetits iigai'-i t
largls. Jlrs. Kvolyi'i Hogg, tho only
tlier cliild, wlll receivo about $35,uuO.
sotli Mrs. Hargis and Mrs. Hogg hav?
tated th'Ir lntontlon of Oin vlng thelr
/ealtii, all, lf needed, lnto tho effort
o save their son und br.nli r.
It ls rnthor tho Irony of fate that
ecrees that the money whlch Judge
largls worked forty vears to accu
n.lnto should go nt last to save the
? to of tho man who kllled hlm.
Spent Fortune iu llcfCllke.
.Tudgt) Hargis at ono timo wus worth
t least $250,000. Hut lt costs money
> secure an acqulttal In murder trlals,
von ln Kentucky, and money .iud,?
argis spent llka water. There were
>me who sald that Judgo Hargis was
eurlng the end of hla Ananclal tether,
ut thoro wero others. who knew bet
ii-. l-'or Instance:
"A llttle over a yoar ngo, The
Imos-DIspatch correspondent, then a
iporter on a mornlng paper here, was
>nt to Juckson to cover tho trlal of
udgo Hargis for tho assasslnntlon of
r. B. D. Cox.. During the trlal, Jtidge
argls went oui of the courtroom Into
llttle autoronm, whore thero wns
bottle of monnshlne tonsll varnlsh
laced. Tho correspondent took thia
liportunlty of seeurlng a few words
i prlvato wlth hlm.
During the conversatlon. Judgo Har.
Is led tho newspaper man tu a win
iw, and polnting across tho ffentuckv
Ivor to a dense forest of the very
nost oak, oeilnr nnd plne tlniber ul
.ost fn the iimuntnlns. wlth practlcal*
? overj foot of ll. undertaid wlth coal j
i..l otiu-i' mliiei'iils. suld: "Uoaa, the* i

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