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~a~Tthe richmond theatres THE COMING WEEK
At ? lir Acndriiiy.
Mondny nlglil?Soclely Tnlitehii*.
Tueaday nlgin?Mlaa Btliel Hnrry
nmrr, ln "Her SlAtcr."
Wcdnradny, iiilHInce nnd nlght?
IJoeknlnder'a Mlnxlrcln.
Thiirnilnj, innllnee iiiul nlRhl?"Wo
Are KIiik<"
I'rltlny nlght?"ClieekeM."
Milnrdny, niatluee aud iilahf?"Kaat
A< Ihe llljoti.
All llie week, wlth llie imiinl mntl
?,.,,,?S. Mlller Ueiil, ln "itnfrles*."
itv imticE dfiBSTBini v\.
Tho aiinotincomont lnst week, nt thn
meetlng in AUarita of the Sbuthcastern
Pasaengor Assoclatlon, that tho Sea?
board Alr jjine would restora the two
ceni a milc party rate, mny be con
Blderod us targely duo to tho efforts
of tlie newly organlxed assoclatlon ot
Southern theatre rnanagors. at the head
oi which, aa presldont, Is Mr. Jake
Tlie nbolltlon nf the party rate by
the rallroads of tho South has provod
most dlsastroua to theatrical lnter
i-Ms In thnt section. nnd 110 one felt
thls more k'eonly than Mr. Wells, who
ls general mnnager "f llie Wells
Amusemrnt Company nnd the I.eatli
Theatrical Company.' which control n
circult of thcatres, In whlch nro em
braccd the followlng citics: Richmond,
Norfolk, Roanoke, Lynchburg, Newport
New--, Petorsburg, Atlantn, Nashvllle,
Memphis, Clinttanooga, Knoxvillc, Blr
mingham. Montgomery, Mobllo > and
There has been a scarcity of theat-.
rlcal attractlons in Southern terrltory
thls season, owtiig to the innblllty ot
the producing manage'rs to sectire the
old party rate, under whlch n company.
riumberlrig ten or more people. could
travel at the rate of 2 -cents a
tnlle. Many companles that had booked
In Southern houses canceled thelr tlme,
an"cl awltched thelr routes to other
tciritory. Tho result was that the
r'theatros of the South were dark so
many nlghts thnt the people bocamo
show-hurtgry, nnd wanted to know lt
the playhouses lntended closlng thelr
doors for good.
It was beyond the power of tho
house manngcrs to relleve tho sltua
tlon. They wero loslng money right
along, or rather they were falllng to
recolvo the money whlch their patrons
were wllling and anxlous to pass over
to the bnx-ofTiee in exchange for seats
. to productlons whlch never came. lt
was a case of no show, no money, and
the theatrical manager had even
greater rcason for kicking than ihe pub
lic. sinco tlie latter only lost its ac
customed amuseraent, while he was
out just so many dollars and cents on
th~ season.
The slgnlflcance in connection wlth
the restoration of the party rate bv
the Seaboard ls that it will almost
certalnly result In farcing tho other
roads to come to terms wlth a simi
lar. rate. It is not likely that thd
other systems will allow the Seaboard
to have a monopoly of thls buslness.
for that line is In closn competttion
with tlie others. For instance. be?
tween Richmond, Atlanta and Birm
Ingham the compahles have the cholce
of maklng the movement over either
the Seaboard or the Southern. Wlth
the old party rate restored. the South
will again he placed on the map of
the nianasror routing hls productlons,
and old-time conditlons. as far as that
feature is concerned, will agaln exlst.
Of course, the present season ls on
tlie wane now, so little benefit will
accrue between now and tho time for
the closlng of the companles. but thero
is prospect of a brighter season to
Our Full Line
of Go-Carts
and Carriages
Now rcady for your inspection
Prices $1.50 to $40.00
New Process
Gas Ranges
Are gas and labor-savers. Wc a:
sole agents, and have them prict
Ip'w, Exerything in Furnitur
Mattings and Stoves. Coluinbi
Victnr aml Edison Graphophop
ind Reeords, Come. in and he
'.he new March Reeords.
lones Bros. & Co., ln
1418-20 E. Mafn Street.
Cash or Credit.
come.' notwlthstandlng that It wlll be
presldentlal election year, ?whlch has
ilways been a bugaboo ln the theotrl
cal buslness.
Miss Ethol nnrrytnoro.
The Academy, as though in antirl
pntloii of good tlmos ahctid, Juat mlsses
havlng a full weok, a8 tho hquso wlll
bo dark only -one night. Wlth the
oxceptlon of to-morrow ovenlng thero
wlll bo a dlfferent nttraction nt thc
Academy every night In tho weok.
Mlas Ethel Bnrrymoro comes to tho
Academy Tuesday evenlng ln the play.
"Hor SJstor," wrltten for hor by Clydo
Klti-h ln collaborntlon wlth Cosmo
Gordon Lennox. The play ls a comedy
in three acta. wlth its scenes lald in
England. In thls play it has been
the purposo of the dramatists to cre
nte a new field for thls charmlng nc
tress. It Ie safe to prodlct thal wh.it
ever the plav, tho personallty nf Mls*
Earrymore will bo tho domlnattng fuc
tor in Its success.
Mr. Frohman hns surroundcd Miss
Barrymoro with a moat capable com?
pany. Mr. Arthur Byron ls tho load
Ir.g'mnn. nnd among tho other mem?
bers of the company are Fanny Addl
son Pitt. Loulse Drew, Lucllo XVa.tr
son Anita Rothe. Charles MommonJ,
Lunsdon Hare. Desmond Kelley and
Bockllffe Follows. Mlas Drew ls tho
daughter of John Drew. and ^ereforc
helongs to Miss Barrymoro s faml >
iree Mr. Drew was not heartlls in
favor of his daughter beco.mlnga mem?
ber of tho profossion ln whlch he Is
so promlnent, evidently thlnklng that
tho Drews bad contrtbutea Qulte
sufficlently to tho stagc.ln ?*:*"?; ,
oraMons. but she was a true daughter ,
o' her father, and the dramatlo in
sUnct was strong wlthln hor.
Tho anxletles that beaot tho player
i? appearlng for the first tlmo ln a
leading role, especiaily U th.it._ first
performance ls In a New, York theatre.
where a reputation may bo made 01
ost ln a night. la Interoatingly told by
Miss Barrymoro in rclatlng her own
experlence. Says ahe:
"lt was after many sleepless nights,
much worry and many heart and head
aches that. I appearod before my first
starrlng audlence ln New York und
at tho Sdrrlck Theatre?thc audlence
that was to mako or mar my future
as -in actrcss. For months before tliat
'night I had almost starved myaelf, for
1 could not eat becauso of tho fcarful
anxlety over my appearance that con
stantly preyed on my nilnd. and tlio
play was that very 'Captain Jinks ln
whlch I was roccntly starrlng.
"To say that l waa cxtrcmely nervous
whon I stepped out on that Now York
stago for tho llrst tlme would bo put
tlng lt tnildly. I was simply paralyzcd
with fear. My volco refused to ro
spona to mv will. A great lump gath
ered ln my throat. 1 trombled. Instead
of glvlng mo courage, tho burst of
applauso that greeted my tirst entrance
only served to frighten mo stlll more,
for it meant, to mo. that a great doal
was expected of me by that,audlence.
There before me I saw tho eyos of some
l.-JOO people rlveted upon me, their
eiirs onger to catch my every word.
"Mlsglvlngs were flashlng through
my braln wlth the inexpllcable rapld
ity that characterlzes a dream. It may
be hard to believc, yet I truly wlahed
then that I was an obscuro typowriter
or shopglrl Instead of an actress!
"I was so nri.<Mous to learn the vcr
dict of tho critlcs that I dld not go to
bed at all that night, but juat waltcd
up for thc mornlng papera. Oh, my,
whnt a rellef it was to mo to got thoso
papera! I was so pleased at tho way
ll was recelvod and over'tho success of
?Captaln Jinks.' So was Mr. Frohman."
IDockMtuacx'a MlnntrelH.
The cver-welcome Lew Dockstader
and bls merry minstrcls como to tha
Academy Wclmsday. mutlnco and
night. Tho Dockstadcr Minstrels stand
at tho very top ot tlm Ust of such or
ganlzatlons, and tho ontertalnment that
thls gcnial mlnstrel annually furnlshes
haa won for Itself a unlquo place ln
tho estlmatlon ,of tho lovers of this
form of amusement. Anj those who
do patronlze tho mlnstrel performance
embrace every class, und ln tlio au
dlonc.08 muy bo found representatlves
from almost every calling. Tlme was
whon in, such audlences ther? would
not bo a score of ladles; but all that
ls a thing of tho past. To-day as
many ladlcs will bo found In attend
ance upon a mlnstrel performance as
may be soen at tho play or tho opera,
And thero ia no reuson why thls should
not t"\
Low Dockstader thls season has o
new act. whlch he guarantoos to drivc
away iho blues in its most mallgnant
type. Tho number ln questlon ls cnti?
tled, "A Dull Day nt the AVhlto House.'
re Nee'dlcss to say.'lt proves anythlng bu'
dull, und furnlshes Mr. Dockstadcr
tl tho opportunlty to say Innumorabli
funny '.lilngs in connoctlon wlth na
C, iloniil politlca. Mr. Dockstader's nev
song for tho first part should not h
a, forgotton. lt ia cntitled, "Whon th
llamnier on tho Anvll Ulngs," und th
eS comodlan is sald to mako lt rlng, al
ar Koll O'Brlon is still with the nggro
gtttlon, und thls season ho is slugin
a great sr.ng called "Bothor Nothln',
Ile ulvo hus a new act, "Qulck Lunch,
.that ia clulmod to bo cven moro luugl
ublo than hla "Rapid Trunsit,"
[ Atnong tha nuinbors ln wliloh th
i vocal strongth of tho company wlll 1:
i glven Its opportunlty "ro, "Tho Lau
i.f Nlcotltte" and "Tho l'lpe of Poueo
The Hiu'ctucular number thls spasc
is a drlll I'iUlcd "Th.i Revolllo al We
i Polnt."
"We Vie KlllK."
1 "Wo Aic King," the aucveaa ?
S. MIM.KIl KI3.\"T,
n? ItnflleN, ut tbe BIJou.
Valker Whltcsldo. will be presented
t tlie Academy Tliursday, matinee and
light. with Mr. William Cliffo'rd in
lie principal rolo.
Tho production' ls descrlbed in the
ollowing revlew published iu a West
?rn paper:
"One of the most delightful romantlc
ilays ever seen in tho city was artls
ically rendered yesterday at tlio Na
lonal to an enthuslastle audience. 'We
Vre King' depicts a novel serles of
ivents, som? strong actlng and re
Ireahtng love acenes.
"Gustavus Venner, born King of
Kaknburg, was abdiictod as an Infant
and wandors over the globe as a sol
dlcr of fortune, only to come back. ii
his full manhood- and be placed On hi
own throne, tlirough a conspiracy, be
cause lie looked llko the king, who, a
an infant, had been substituted fo
htmself, hut who now, owing to a bloi
on tho head had becomo a manlac
Whlle actlng as a sham king, Gustavu
nccidentally learns durlng a strong ac
between hlmself and the Baven, wh
had been a party to tho abductioi
that ho hlmself is in fact tho roa
king. Tho play, whlch is prettlly so
delightful in its naturalness and happ
ln its ending, should draw houses, a
lt dc-sorves."
"Chcekers" Here Friday.
"Chcckcrs" will bo tho bill nt tl
Academy F'riday night. Thls play lu
beon termed by som0 "Amorlca's grea
cst character play."
Most consplcuous of tho characti
parts is "Push" Mlller, tho raeo-tnu
tout. It ls played by Davo Braham, J:
son of tho lato Davo Braham, wl
wroto ? tho never-forgotten songs (
iiarrlgan und Hart. Young Braba
has played "Push" slnco tha inltl
porformanco of "Checkcrs." Braha
doubted hls ability to play tho pu
when caat for lt, nnd but for his ma
ager's i.ialstenco that ho could ai
must play it, would gladly havo n
cepted a mlnor rolo. How capltal
he was fltted to interpret this rare
exc.ellent drawing of the' up-to-da
Blangy race-track tout, ever rendy f
an emergency, those who havo sc
hlm ln the play well know.
| Evor Vopulur ''East Iiynnc."
"l-Iast Lynoe," tho drainu that h
been played tlmos without nunih
and by companles without number, u
] whlch ls stlll belng played, will
prosonted ut the Acadomy Saturd;
matinee and night, by Joseph Klu
company, Tho play ls too well kno
to need nnything ln tho way of oxp
nation, With a good company presei
ing lt, tho old play soems to brj f
lowed wlth ns muoh lntereat to-day
lt was years ago.
Tho moiition of "Enst T.-ynnc" alwi
remlmla ona of tho sto.-y of tho n
who. wlth a longlng heart, returned
id | the homo of his boyhood, aftor me
." I yours' absence. nnd who laoked
ni valti for 0110 l'amlllur landmark to
.., I call tho days of old, but who foi
; imthlng tn tho wholo town that \
| not now to hlm. Plsconaolnte,
Lin-ned hls stoiis toward Iho dopot.
"f i iii.-iiptioiuuuvui belng #0. grcul ihui
Wlth "Clioekorn."
Intended to loave on tho next traln
A,, ho turned a corner at last ono fa
mlliar slght met hls eyes. Starlng hln
In tho faco waa a blllboard, on whlch
in largo type, he read: "Opera llousi
to-nlght; Ada Gruy .111 'Eust Lynne.' '
"ItafflcB" nt IIIJou.
The Bljou thls week has a bargali
offerlng. lt offers S. Miller Kent it
tho dramatlc success, "Raflles." Th.
play ls well known and should prov.
decidedly interesting to tho patrong o
the Bljou.
Mr. Kent, ln speaklng of his charac
terlzation, has said: "1 havo never seoi
'Raflles' played. On my tour of th
Pacilic Coast several of tho dramatl
crltlcs comparod my methods wlth thoa
o'f another actor who obtalned proml
nence ln this part. Whon 'Kaffles' wa
tirst produced in the Unlted States
was appetirlng ln tho Clyde Fitch plaj
'The Cowboy and tho Lady.' As a rul
actors have but a scant opportunlty t
see other actors 'work.'
"When Mr. Galtes securcd for m
the Amerlcan rlghta to ?Raflles' I nutd
a very careful study of tho part. dc
cided in my own mind just about whn
sort of a chap thla mythical cracksma
was, and ln tho 800 and some odd timc
I havo essayed the character I hav
simply trled to glve to lt tho dignllic
and conscientlous treatment to whic
I thlnk such a unlquo stage characte:
ization is entitled. This will bo ni
last season in 'Raflles.' Although
person naturally grows moro or le;
tired of playlng the same part ov<
nnd over again, I thlnk that I sha
probably heave a sigh of regrct whe
?Raflles' Is 'put on tho sholf," for I hoi
estlv thlnk that it U ono nf tho mo:
dist'inctlvo stage crciltions of thc prei
cnt decadc."
Kubellk Conccrt.
Jan Kubellk, tho great Boheml.i
vlolinlst, who ls now on his thli
Amerlcan tour, comes here on Satu
day night. March 7th, for one coi
cort, at tho Jefferson Hotel Audlt.
rlum. '
Those who read of the enthuslas
over hlm on tho two prevlous tou
will be prepured to enjoy a groat im
sicat experlenco when he plays her
Unassumlng and slmple as a chli
Kubellk ls untouched b.v the work
fawnlng admlratlon, and as hls ma
velously supple flngers glldo witho
apparont effort through the mo
nmazlng lntrlcacies of tho composei
nrt, one's mind is not dlstracted 1
the affocted contortlons of goniusi
Wise Talks by
the Office B03
General Washington was llrst
peaco and first in war, llko Presld.
Lincoln and Gonoral Grant and (
now-ls President. Mr. Washlngton
certnlnly first-ln-the hearts of "ov.
one," bocauso whon they want to m
tlon a great man In any forcign coi
try?I mcan a man. who has done
groat servlce for hls ' country?tl
speak of hlm as "tho Washlngton"
that country. YeK1 slr, they may kn,
Cioorgo Washlngton all they want
but hls namo wlll always bo good
old wheat any old tlmo. And that g
to show you tho value of a roputat
Of courso, no ono, should llvo on
roputatlon; ho should work to mt
tuln hls reputation if it Is a good
aud llvo up to lt. My. b?a" alw
suys, "Mlx good valuo wlth a g
namo. and thon Uvo tip to both.'
guess that would Keep thlngs a
llnks nhend, but lfs bottor to bo al
than behlnd. Wo vaiit ovory om
look upon thls storo as, one tha
llrst in the esteem of ,lts frionds
follow-cltizons, and then a fow 1
ahoad of Us reputation. Tpubjjr
nerformancos. Ilo ls honeslly nnd sln
oerely hlmHoif?a solf nf lovnbio tw ?
Hotiiil'lty and tho most marvoiouu tmm
niclsin of tho nge. ,
It ls not tho women nlone who nt-e
liypnotlzed by tHe maglc nf thls youn*
iniin's playing.. Men, wlth and Wlth*
<mt muslcal knowlodgo, aro oarii u
nwny and revcl, In new scnsatlotm
whllo llstonlng to sntinila thnt ?<? Wil9
Ilddlo cvnr prodncod boforo. I o
yotith and gludness thnt dltnco
through tho ituihIc brltig a frcnhnoHtj
to tlio heart thnt liiakes tho wot lc
grow young ngaln, nnd whero i? tlie
tnnn who would rotuse to bo traia
pnrted bnc.h lo tlio "goldeii days. .
Hls pi-.Ki'iim for this clty will lu
cludo mmilicis whlch havo not boo.i
p aved here, and ls ns tollows: Tho
??Coiicorin ln T) mlnor," by Welnlawsky,
ono nf Iho best known nnd nt pres?
ent most potiular of niodern wrirks of
tho vlr.lln; n nohemliin Work, by Fn
Vleh: nlso ntimbors by Spnhr. Tscbnl
kowskv, Wleiilawsky and Pngnnlnl.
nnd uneor'j nninhr-rs by other fninnut
botnposers. Horr i.udwlg Schwah will
agaln ho the accompftnlst, and. Mllo.
Berthti Rf?y will glvo plunr. solos hy
Chnpln, Sii'lnt-Sncns, Moszkowskl and
Secretary II. W. Wllson lias Issttcd
tho condltlons for tho Kentucky Futur
Ity of 1908, whlch ls ' guaranteed nt
$21,not). lt will close on Mnrch lilth
wlth a fco of $5 for each mare. The
second payment ls on Deccmber 1st,
when $10 ls dun on the foal when tho
color and sox must bo given. No fur
thcr payment ls duo tlll June 1st of tlie
year they stnt't. lf there ls nn livlng
foal to a nominatcd rnaro the nomlnrftpr
mny substltute another niaro nnd foal
regardlC3s of ownerslilp. Thls ls tlio
premlor of all futurltles, and In fact
Is tho trottlng dcrby of tlio world. As
iisttal It ls dlvlded Into threo sectlons,
$14,000 for tho maln purse for three
yenr-olds. of whlch $10,000 goes to thu
flrst nnd $300 to tho nomlnator. lf tho
ownor of the wir.ner ls also the nom?
lnator hc lnnd* closo to $10,000 net.
There ls $2,000 to tho second. $1,000 to
the thlrd and $500 to the fourth. wlth
cash priiiiiums to each nomlnator.
Thero ls $5,000 for two-year-nld trot
tcrs to bo rnced ln 1010, for whlch the
flrst money Is $3,000, nnd $150 to nom?
lnator. As ono colt con wln both
events ho can wln a totat Of $13,150.
There ls tho usual $2,000 purso for
pacers at threo years old.
Thls is tho flfteerith renowal of the
stake," which from the flrst became a
prime fnvorlte with the breeders of the
contlnent. It has always been a most
pronounced success and the wlnner is
usually tho champlon thrco-year-old
of hls year. lf ever there was a tlmo
whon It is to tlio intcrcsts ot breeders
to support wlth their uttnost efforts
trottlng sport It is now, but In thls
case tt is to thelr manlfcst Interest to
do so, for whether they keep or sell
their producso thelr valuo ls increascd
lf cntered ln thls stake.
An effort is belng made to match
Young Loughcry. of Phlladelphla,
against Fred Welsh. tho bout to take
place at Mllwaukee. ?
Eddie Murrav wants to box any lie
poutuler ln Phlladelphla, and ho wants
to sturt ln on Tommy Stono.
Young Nitchie wants a bout wlth A\ II
lie Moody, Splke Robson or Tommy
O'Toole and he ^ays ho will mako ony
welght that either of tho threo can
Jack Bradlcy, who signs hlmself the
BJghtlng Messengcr Boy," writes that
he would llko to box young Clark, of
Phlladelphla, threo or six rounds.
Jack CTwIn) Sullivan has rcfused an
offer from the Paclflc Athletic Club, of
l,os Angeles, to box Sam Langford. Sul?
livan ls irj'I'iB to got a match wlth ICld
Ketchall. whom ho thlnks ls easler
game than Langford.
Miko Nc-uman, managor for several
years of tho Long Acro Club. of New
York. has reslgned from that positlon,
and ln tho future will devoto all his
time to tho management of the Sprlng
Garden Athletic Club, of Phlladelphla.
Mayor Beck-^r, of Mllwaukee, has
asked tho managers of the athletic
clttbs thero not to employ Malaehy
Hogan, the Chlcago flght referee, ow
ing to the complaints of hls nnfair
declslon ln tho match between Packy
McFarland and Fred Wclsh.
Captaln ltcailer Ahead.
Mr. IAebs rolls blggest score for
week at Lako Bowling Alteys, maklng
In ono of tho prcttlcst nnd closost
games over seen at the Lake Bowling
Allcys, Captaln Reader won last week
by a majorlty of twclvo pins. Another
luterestlng match gamo will bo held
to-morrow nlght nt 8:30 o'clock. Many
hlgh scores are expectod.
Mr. Glenn won tho prlzo Tueaday
night, nnd Mr. Montgomery got tho
prlze Thursday nlght. Mr. Lelbs rolled
the highest score. for the week. maklng
201. Mr. Thorp rolled tho hlghost score
for tho week in goose pins, maklng
129. Mrs. N. J. Smlth rolled tho high?
est ln ten pins. scoring 120.
Glenn . 109
Ryari . 1?5
XV. II. Lawery. 102
Brlggs . 95
Ranson. 97
. Martin . 93
AVilkinson .: 92
Redford. 89
Glenn. 107
Brlggs. 99
Ryan. 99
Pago. 92
Deasy. 89
XV. II. Lowery. 87
Sturdoant .? 76
I.elbs . 72
Thomas . HI
Cunnlngham. 78
12 3
Vadcn (capt.) . 101 97 110
Thorp . 106 129 3-14
Ranson . 78 93 V 00
Montgomery . l?'l 88 110
i a
> to
t is
389 407 421
1 2 3
Pago (capt.) . 05 104
Lowery . f0 91 04
Willlams. 78 88 87
Cosby, G. II.109 121 UO
308 407 443
Total 1,208 pins.
Flne Outlook for SenWon and Nluly
Vlirue AppllcnnU fur Tcaiu.
LF.XINO.TON, VA? February 29.?
If indleatlona count for anythlng,
Washington and Loe will have a.wln
iilng basobujl toam thls year, ln ro
sponso to Coach Krob's call, nmty
threo eandldatea for tho basoball toam
tespondod. They aro belng put through
prollmlnary work, such aa gymnasium
exerciso and cross country runnlng,
preparatory to taking roguiar flold
piac.tico.. Thls la tlio largoBt numbor
of apiiiicants for a baseball toam In tho
jhlstory. ot v\VaBhlnj?tou ??<* U^ #U4
Academy, Tuesday, ??
Ethel Barrymore
By Clydc Fitch and Cosmo Goidon Lcnnox.
PRICES, 50c to $2.00.
Academy, Wednesday, ggT ?"*
Prices: Matinee, 25c to $1.00; Night, 25c to $1.50
Academy, Friday, March 6th
Hann Itohrrt, Ilobcrl <riilg, JUcplinnlr I.nriKfrllniV,
Have llriiliiiin, .lr., (i?i. Mlllrr, Clnrp ArniMroug,
Jon.-IiIi \\ IIIi.-N, llimtiril .Smlth, l.y.llr llli-k-oo,
Oeorirc lli-rrltt, l/rn. Soyliolt, I'niillac Klu-rlinnl,
Thls Is thn only compunv proHonting thla fnaolnatlng character
comody. -wlth a record of nixtecn dlfferent engagtmenta ln New York
wlthln' throo yenrs.
Prices: 25c to $1.50. Curtain 8:20.
Jefferson Hotel Auditorium, Saturday Eve., March 7th
BSBlsted by Mlle. BETvTHB HOY, Solo Planlst, and Horr LUDWIG
SC,^.to^?toO?a?dn|2.6p. Seats now selllng at Tho Cablo Company 213
Kast 14ro'ad Streot. -,??_^?^^?????
rom oll appearunces an unusnally
trong team may bo cxpected. Among
ho lust year's players who have rc
nrncd to collego are Luhn, flrst baso
nd captaln of tlils year's team; Antho
y, catchor; Chatlmm, short ston; Vu.ro
os und Gwathmoy, pitchers; Hood,
lagloy and "vVarrcn, fielders. Amoiif
he new men of promlse nro Grnham
nd Blll, of Davldson Collogo; Arnun
rout, ot Davls and Elklns College
Jaro, of ilampden-SIdney Collego;
'ox' and McCord. of UnU-crslty ol
f'lorlda; Erown, of Sowaneo; Dunley
lenley nnd Bnrnctt, of Kentucky JII1I
ary instltuto; I>on. of Kentucky Stntt
;ollcge, and Wnddlll, o? Flshburn Mill
ary Academy;
From Irdlcutlons tho pltchlng staf:
vlll bo oxceptlonally strong, thero bo
ng slxteon candldates for tho posttton
.'ho tenm wlll bo coachcd by Krebs, o
Mckenson, and asslsted by Brown, o.
Tho scodulo conslsts pt twonty-flvi
tamos. includlng games wlth many o
ho strongest tonms ln tho South.
Electornl lloard Appnlnteil. ?
Judgo R. Curtor Scott yesterday ap
lointed tho Honrlco county elcutorn
lioard as follows: Messrs. Charlea U
Wllliams, ir. C. Boattlo and Wllllam I!
Frayser. Mr. C. F. Gross was appolnt
?d a member o? tho board of schoo
Academy---S?$r and
Thursday, March 5th.
Walker Whltcalde'ii Comody Success
Splondld Cast. Elaborato Froductlon.
PftlciSS: Matlnoc, UOc to 75c; Night, 25a
tn J1.00.
SIl^s May Kutton has added n solid
silver vase to her trophles won by
beatlng Mrs. B. O. Brlco in stralght sets
Iti Iho I'lnnl match, at tho Coronado
(Col.) tourney.
The Chlcago Tosottis lej ln tho five
man bowllng ovont of tho lnternatlonnl
bowllng tournamont at Toronto. Tho
scores: Brlll, P13; Bloem, 527, Mc
Kay, 51-1; Magulre, 471; J. Bloem, 601;
totai, 2056. Tho Old Boys, nf petrolt,
woro next wlth a total of 2620.
A special pool match hus been nr
ranged by Thomas Hueston, of St.
Louls, who holds tho world's cham
plonshlp tltle, wlth Charles Ferrls. of
Mlnncapolls. Tho palr wlll meet ln a
600-ball serles, 100 polnts to bo played
oach night, ln Kansas City, noxt weok.
To Injuro oyosight than Improper Glasses, whlle
nothing presorvcs vislon moro than tho use of
sultablo ones. Wo furnish tho lattor only, and
observo ovory detall to Insuro comfort and satis
f actlon.
PRESCniPTTON WORK ifl our speclalty, with
complcto optical manufacturlng plant on tho prem
lses. Tho N
Is comploto ln every respect; and our AR.TISTIC
DKVELOPING and PRINTING fllls our patrons
wlth dollght.
Mall orders recolvo prompt attention. Pricos
always tho lovvest.
The S.Galeski Optical Co.
When you buy Trunks, Bags, Suit Cases and
Leather Specialties at
Rountree's Retail Store, 703 E. Broad,
You are securing the very best
that money will buy. \
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