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(Continued from First Pago.)
enactinent of tho blll to reeiulro nll
executlohs to bo dono nt tho penlten?
tlary by electrlclty. TIiuh ls tlm gal
Iowh, with its ghastly aceessorlei] abol
li.'heei from Vlrginla soll. Its huiigllng
use by inoxperioneod und ngltutcii cilTl
ccrs hero unel thcto In the Stnte has
donei much to preclpltato thls already
bc'intcd rcform. ln thls matter, at
least, tho Leglslature hns enrned Ili'*
th.iuks, not only of tho cornniunltloH
whlch might hc alfllcted wlth theso
horreirs, but of tho wholo Stnte, whlch
would have been obllged lo shudder
at thom?at the liorror**, not nt thc
Lf- glsluture.
* Tho school BitporltUondents' bill, too,
is a measure of great merlt, lt looks
to the eyentiuil consolldatlon of thc
smaller srhooi dtstrlcts, to ihe better
compensntlon of superintendents und to
sccurlng better servlco from tHem.
Tho fnct that some of the present
?uperlntendlentfl art- Ihefflclcnt'; thut
others aro engrossed ln other buslness,
especlally the buslness of politlcs,"hns
beon a reproach nnd a Hcrlous damage
to the! school system. Tho time when
merlt, rather thnn pull, wlli secure and
ro.taln these posltlons will be, happy
time for the publlc welfare.
Drlvc* Oul llnekel-SIiops.
Tho House yesterday dld a good
thlne- ln passlng the bill tu prohibit
buckot-sjiops. Thnt Is a Held in which
the antl-gambllng crusador muy om?
ploy hls energles better than ln an ef?
fort to break up ihe playing of domi
ne.e? fnr olgars or the, throwlng of dlco
for sodawater. The bucke-t-shops may
not be any worse thnn the stock ox
changc,?but lt ls a spcclos of seductlvo
and dostructlvo gambling whlch mukes
legltlmate buslness seem'a bore and
he-nent labor a waste of tlme. Nlne
tenths of stock transactlcns through
theso medla aro In no sense buslness
transactlons, but mcro wa;;ers upon
tho fortnltous rlse and fall of
Prlcos. Tho bucket-shop has been
run out of thc District of Columbia,
anel other places, and I3 seeklng a
Tefugo on Vlrginla soll.
It should bo requlred to move on.
The day ln the Senato was devoted
chlelly to the consieleration ot tho ap?
proprlation blll. Naturally, discus
flons Involvlng mere money are likely
to bo monotonous. Now and then. how
rver, soiiiothlng of really human Inter?
est hecom.*H Involved, and there ls n
flash ot Intense interest. The effort of
tho Senator from Carollne to
securo nn approprlation for teri
ngrlcultural cxpcrlmc-ntal statlons
was urged wlth such cloquenco
and force that there was but one ma?
jorlty agalnst the propositlon. As nn
Independent measure it would have
won, anel may still wln. Ceres has
"never yet received her full share e,f the
publlc revenues. and though she works
liardest, bears tho greatest burdens nnd
feeds tho rest of tho people, she ls
poor and neglected.
Help Poor sihcIoiiin,
Another advanco was made when tho
B.-nator from Amherst secured thc es?
tabllshment of loan funds ut the sev?
eral educatlor.al Institutions of the
Ktate for poor and deservlng students.
The umount to be set asielo is 1 per
cut. of the several sunis approprint.'l
t.< the various Instituions, and ln ad
dltlon thereto. The plan hns worked
well in other Statea an.l is In lino
witli Jeflerson'S plan of free education
of tlie hlghest klnd to poor students of
?sp.elal genius.
There wns mtich warfare over the
various amendments to tbe blU, but
the sturdy chalrman of the Flnance
('..inmlttee continued to urge caution
and economy. In the maln hls vlews
prevalle.l. notably ln referenco to tho
new normal school nt llarrisonburg?
provlded It be establlshed there.
Frederlcksburg ban challenged the
Rockingham metropolls to a light to
thc death on the floor of the Iiouse
to*day at noon. It will bo a lively
battle, nnd the hurg that wins must
cxpert to wenr scars.
The Board of Health blll. whlch l.?
also designed to prevent and curo
tuherculosls, ls ;e speclal order in thc
Senato to-day. Should It be success
ful. tho great white plague wlli have
recelveel a blow. Thls dlsease, which
is both praventable and curable, is yet
the most eleadly of all. and rages over
the State with little check or hln
Hungry as a Bear
and Can't Eat.
If, Wlien Mciilllmo Coinea, You Suffrr
Krom n Vea-Not Klnd of Htlliger,
Vou're a Dyipeplle,
How lu Cure All Sloiiincli I renlil.-s.
A fcood many people get mad when
you tell them tfiey've not dyspepsia,
hut way down deep ln thelr stoinac-.hs
thoy know they've got It.
"I'd love to eat lt. hut I can't," ls
one kind of tlyspepsln.
"I hate to thlnk of it." is another
1 klnd. Thero nre thousands of people
I to-day who linte thelr meals. and love
them at tho same time. They haven't
[that llno empty-liungry cat-everythlng
In-slght klnd of feeling whlch goes
I wlth every good, strong, healthy stom
1 ach. That's because they have dyspep?
sia. And then thero are others whose
i moutliH don't water nt meal tlme or nt
| any other timo. They slt at the tahle
| and no through tho motlons. only ho
causo It's timo to eat. Theso people,
too. aro dyspeptlcs.
Evory possible klnd of stomach trou
? hle can he cured bv taklng somcthlnir
i whldi wlll just take right holcl of all
the food ln your stomach nnd dlgost
| lt alone without ihe help of tho stom
I ach, and let the stomach take a rest.
[ Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets do this
very thing. They ;,rn composed of the
|best digesflve knnwn lo Kclence, nnd
are absoiutely *afe. <>no In'gredlent
alono nf one of these tablets wlll digest
Z.oon gralns nf food! These tablets do
exuetly the work that a good, strong,
healthy stomach does.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tnhl^ts cure all
cases ..f dyspepsia, Indigestlon. burnlng
l or Irrltatlon, loss of nppotlte, bloat
i.riis!.. belchlng, averslon to food, fer
racntatlon and un? on the stomnch.
Stuart's Dysnepsla Tablets will make
you feel "good" before and after each
meal, nnd make your stomnch strong
and healthy agaln. They wlll mako
i yon liappy.
Send us your nnme and address to
j dav and we will at once send you by
I mall n sample packaue, free. Address
! 1\ A. Stuart Co., 160 Stuart Bldg., Mar
, shall. MlCh.
| Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are sold
1 at every drug store for 50c a box.
! _
Idrance. Statistlcs for this State. are
net nt hand. but in other States tho
percentage of deaths from thls cause
ls severe. More pe.,pie dle ot It every
tnontli tban perlsh of smallpox in a
decade, ?_?? t se,. what a fuss Is made
over smallpox! One of these days
'there wlll bo :i vacctne, quarantine and
? i . the dozen for tuberculb
ahd then it wlll subslde, as small?
pox has done.
Itevlainn of Code.
Tlu. House bill for a commisslon to
revise tbe Code rnay come up to-day
In the Senat'-. Its fnto ls douhtful.
Tlio uncertalnty as to tho personnel of
the commisslon Is to some cxtent mlll
tntlng against the bill. A number of
good men havo been mentloned, and
for some active work has been done.
The revlsera of the Code of 1SS7?
Messrs. RIely, Burks and Staples?were
all afterward chosen to the Court of
Appeals, and adorned that tribunai.
Men of simllar standing und ablllty
are deslred now, but they are not- easy
to tlnd.
The Sennte wlll finish tho npproprla
tlon bill to-day. unless stumbllng blocks
should bc struck. Up to thls tlme tho
way hns been fairly smooth.
Sessions of Two Houses
At tho openlng of the session of the
Houso of Delegates yesterday mornlng
Mr. Stubbs. of Gloucester, lntroduced
;. resolution cxpress'ng sympathy with
thc people of Cleveland in the burn
ing of a publlc school building, witli
large loss of llfe.
The resolution dlrects Ihe Gove**bor
of Virginia to convey thc sympathy of
the State of Virginia io the flovernor
"?f Ohlo by approprlate messnge.
Mr. Stubbs spoke brlefly. alludlng ln
feellng terms to the Capltoi dlsaster
In RIchmond. ln 1870, saylng that those
tvho rcmembered that day when sixty
right dead bodies were tnk*n from the
Tallen building could sympathlz*) with
the people of Ohlo In their present nf
fliction. The resolution was unanl?
mously adopted and later in thc day
was concurred In by tho Senate.
Mr. Tahaferro, of Orange. arose te
r riuestlon of personal privilege, to
correct a press <.rror. He state-d that
he was not chalrman of tho Finance
Committee, but wa* content to sit ot
thc feot of hls nelghbor, Colonel Bow?
man, and learn of llnancial operatior.s
from hlm. Thls declaratlon producec
a general laugh.
itap-* nt Cbniinlssloii.
Senato Bill No. J."i0, lest on Wed
re sday and reconsldered. was taken
up. It provldes lor certaln changes in
thc dutles of the State Bourd of Edu
r-ation and of dlvlslon superintendehts
pf schools, in tho compositlon of school
tllvlslons, and ln tho salarles of dl?
vlslon superintendents. Tho measure
was discussed by Mr. Throckmorton, e.f
Henrico; Mr. Crnlg, of Rockbrldge,
tnd Mr. Pulllam, of Manchester. 6n
itho llnal roll-call lt was passed?ayes,
[66; noes. IU.
A Senate resolution looklng to uni
; form taxation of corporatlons was re
[portcd by the Finance Committee wlth
j thc recommendation that It should not
. pass. Colonel , Bowman, chalrman oi
thc committee, stated that If the Leg
j t-Oaturd "continued to delegate au
thorlty to the Corporation Commission
j there would soon be no buslness left
I for the General Assembly.
| Mr. Cox, of Richmond city, defendeel
'the resolution, saylng that th6 Cor*
|poratIon Commlssion, always in ses
ision; was tho best body to study anc"
ladyiao the Legislature as to the vexec]
and dilflcult problem of taxation.
Mr. Churchman, of Augusta. and Mr
Page. of Hanover. engaged Mr. Cox lt
:i collbquy, lu whlch the Corporatlj.
Commlssion got soveral raps. Mr
Montague, of RIchmond, advocated the
resolution, declarlng lt to be ln line
with tho State's polley of taxation anc
asking whero the Leglslature coulc
better look for advlce than to the Cor
poralion Commission. the State Audltoi
and the Attorney-General. Jlr. Witli
ers, of Nansemond, opposed the reso
lutlon, holdlng that taxation was dls
tlneliy a matter for legislative actlon
Imposed by law, and not one whlci
could be delegated to any executivi
department of the government. The
resolution was dlsmlssed by a larg.
vote. The discusslon showed con
slderable jenlousy on the part of tln
Leglslature of the power and authorlt
of the Corporatlon Commlssion.
Teiichers Ilnn Over Them.
Judgo Martin Wllllams called ui
And many other painful and serioua
ailments from which most mothers
suffer, can be avoided by the nse of
"Mother's Friend." This great remedy
is a God-send to women, carrying
them through their most critical
ordeal with safety and no pain.
No woman who uses ''Mother's Friend" need fear the suffering
and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror
and insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her in
a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The child is
also healthy, strong and
good natured. Our book
"Motherhood," is worth
its weight iu gold to every
?woman, and will be sent free in plain
cnvelope by addressing application to
BradfieM Reaulator Co. Atlanta, Ga.
Sennlo Blll 214, known as the teneh
eri' rotlremont hlll, saylng that nn
' lrrutistlblc forco compelled hlm to
nslc tliat II. bo taken up out of Itn
oider," Amld tho npplause of many
young Indles In tho gallerlesi tho hlll
wns taken up ont of Its ordor. Each
"no" ch tho roll-cnll brought forth tho
sr.owls nf tho galtory. The constitu?
tional reading was dlspensed wlth.
Ayos, 7.1; noes, 0, after whlch sev?
eral amendments, Including ono ro
duclng the approprlnllou from $10,000
to $.".,000, wero adopted.
Mr. T.illaferro, of Ornngo, offered
certaln amendmenlM making tho blll
apply to whlto tenchnrs only, whlch
were lost. An amendment whlch ex
ORlptod from tho rotlremont fund nny
tcachtirs engaged lo be marrled was
read, amld laughter and applause.
During the roll-call on tho flnal voto
the suspenso of tho gullcrles was noted
by nll.
I.ong contlnued applause greeted tho
uniiouncement of the fliiHl vote, the
rosttlt pttindlng 70 to 11. Thoso havlng
tho courngr: to stand out agalnst the
most vigorous nnd pcrslstent lobhy
'his Leglslature hns seen. not except
Irg tho Antl-Saloon Lengue nnd the
Physlcians, sneklng to havo their ll?
censo tax removed, wero Messrs.
Adams, Cralg, Cfirlctt, J. O. Danlel, W.
Ii. I'linlcl, Eller, Featherston, Hull,
?lanney, Nolting, Rlehardson, Sterrott,
Sutherland, aml "Walker.
The blll provides for tho retlremcnt
on a speclal ponsion fund of teachers
who have served the Stato schools for
twenty yenrs, and who are now liiflrm,
on appllcatlon to the State Bonrd of
Educatlon, who shall keep a 11st of
teachers so retlred. The fund for the
penslons is to be derived by a tnx'
pf 1 per cent. on the pny of nll publlc
school teachers, to be deducted month?
ly. ICach person on tbe retlred ro:l Is
to receivo annually an amount equal
to one-half of the annual salary earn?
ed nt the timo of retlremcnt. In order
to start tht- fund and supplement the
1 per cent. tax, the Stnte upproprlatns
15,000 to tho penslon fund by tlio hlll
Just passed, whlch has already received
the upproval of tho Senate.
Tho Sennte later in tho day con?
curred In the House amendment cut
ting the appropriation to 15,000.
Many Other Mattera.
Senator Strodo notlfied tho House
that tho Senate had concurred In tho
resolutlon of Mr. Boll, of Culpeper,
provldlng for a slnglo 11st of school
llo'oks. Thls brought fuither applause
! from tho teachers ln tho gallery. Thc
i young ladles swarmed through tho cor
Iriilorn of the bulldlng to congrntulate
| ono another on tho successful passafre
]of tholr measucp. for whlch they have
made thn most vigorous light recorded
j this sesslon.
A number of House bllls returned
from thc Senato wlth amendments
were taken up, and tlio amendments
were sustained. On Houso bill 251, in
relation to fisheries, tho amendments
of the Senate wero rejected, and a con
freiice was ordered. The blll to allow
ihe itlchmond, Frederlcksburg and Po?
tomac Itallway to secure a new charter
i was returned from the Senate wltn
j considerable amendments. whlcli had
tho endorsement of the pntron, Mr.
, Byrd. Thc bill m amended was passed
I unanimously.
A blll from the Senate to allow the
! Supervlsors of Clarko county to
malntaln atoll-sato at the top of tho
Blue Kldge mountalns In Snlcker's Gap
waa defeated on objectlon of the dele?
gatlon from adjolnlng countles.
A blll to provlde when suits may be
brought against telegraph companles
for fallure to transmlt or deliver mes
snges promptly nnd as requlred by law
waa amended and passed.
A nill to allow buslness managers of
newspapers to sign certlflcates of pub?
llcation in placo of Ihe edltor was also
Kllllnc Bucket-Shopa.
A Senate bill to prohlbit bucket
thopa and deallng in futures precipi
tatcd >i vigorous discusslon, many
amendments being offered, and voted
On tho final roll-call tho blll as lt
came from the Senato was passed?
ayes, 02; noes, ::.
A Senate bill regulating tho carry?
lng of flrearms, and speclfylng who
may carry concealed weapons, was
passed?ayes, 66; noes. 1.
A bill to prohiblt the salo ol cocaine,
except on n prescrlptlon of a physl?
clan, and prescribing penalties there?
for. was passed almost unanimously.
The punlshment provided for tho salo
of the drug Is a term of from one
to llve years In tlie penltentlary.
Mr. Goolrick. of Frederlcksburg, ask?
ed that the bill to proyiue for the
establlshment of a State normal and
Industrial school bo called up to-day
at 12 o'clock to settle tha question
of slto between Harrlsonburg anel
Frederlcksburg. The blll was made
a speclal order for that hour.
A Senate blll io require nll elee
niosynary institutloiis, Including hos?
pltals, college, persons and reformato
ries to report monthly to the Auditor
of Publlc Accounts the mannor ln
whlch all Staie funds are dispersed,
was passed.
A blll to regulate the payment of
wltness fees was dlscusseed, an -mend?
ment offered by Mr. Pulliam of Man?
chester to provlde for S5 fees for phy?
slcians summoned as experts being
rejected, as were several other mlnor
amendments. The blll was passed?
ayes. 71; noes, 1.
Senato blll No. II. regulating the
fees of jailers, alinlng to give an in?
crease to jailers of countles havlng
but few prisoners. was discussed by
Mr. Charles A. Johnson, Mr. Siirratt
and others. Mr. Johnson sald the
amnedments proposed would cost tho
Commonwealth $25,000 a year. These
amendments wero voted down and the
blll was passed.
A blll to fix the powers and dutics
of members of the Board of Super?
vlsors ln relation to county and school
levles was passed by a larger vote,
after whlch the chalr was vacated un?
til -1 o'clock.
Afternoon Session.
After a weary tlme at the afternoon
session of the House in reading Senate
bllls whlch wero passed to thelr third
reading, qulte a shnrp spat was sud?
denly precipllatc'd when an act was
called up regulating the working and
keeping in repalr of the roads and
brldges of Russell county. Tho blll
takes the power from the Road Com?
misslon, appolnted by n Democratlc
judge of a clrcult court, and puts lt
in the hands of tho County Super
Vlsprs, pi'osumably Republlcan.
Mr. Stuart, of "Wnshlngton, asked
that the blll be recommltted to the
Committee on Roads and Internal
Navlgation. Mr. Grlfnth, of Rus?
sell county, a Republlcan member,
barnestly contended agalnst further
delay In tho passage of tho blll, He
wns supported by other Republicans
and by several members on tho Denio
cratle. slde, who argued that as tho
blll wus a purely local measure, thc;
Wislies of tlio county delegatlon .shouhl
bo heeded. Tho Houso by a lnrge vouo
nl'useil to recommit tho blll, and lt
was passed to Its third readlnsT
Dr. Powell cphsonted to have- dls
nilssod a Houso blll looking to OKeinp.
tii n of physlcians' Uconses,' a slmllar
bill lutroducod in tho Senato havlng
already boen defeated.
For Uctler Itotula.
Mr. Snead, of Princess Anne, made n
vtillnnt. light for hls blll to provlde
lollel-roonis on electrlc llnes. Chalr?
man Churchman sald tho commlttee
had found the blll to he Impractleable
aml hud unanimously reoommonded
that lt should not pass. Tho meiisiiic
was tlnuljy dlsmlsod from tho calen?
An extended discusslon camo up on
tho reading of a blll to ostablU-'i tlui
sutllcleney of i.ei'tuln evldoneo as to
tho proof of the exlstenco of a publlc
Neve/? Fails to
No matter how long it has been --ray
or faded. Promotos a. luxurlant -jrowUi
of healthy ha.it. Stops its falling out,
and posltlvely removes Dnn
drulf. Keeps hair soft and gloasy. He
fuse all substitutoa. 2}4 times as much
in $1.00 as 50c siza.
_, Phllo tlny SDec. Co.. Ncwtrk. N. J.
91.00 and SOc bottles nt
road: a measuro advocated by Mr.
Thrift, nf Madlson; Judge Martin Wll
llainH, Mr. Page, of Hanover, and
otherM. Several amendments were
voted down. Tho oftect of the blll Ir
to declaro a publlc road any road
whlch has beon worked by the county
road authoritleH nnd imed hy tho pub?
llc as an open highway,
An amendment was agreed upon to
except roads worked wlth the permis?
sion of the lnnd owner nnel the
knowb-dgo of tho county anthnrltlos
thnt the road was a private one-.
The blll was then ordered to its thlrej
The; wldo-tlre propositlon agnln came
up in House bill 207, whlch pe.-rmlts
the supervlsors of any county tn ofT.-r
a rebate or premium of $5 to thoso
who uso wlde-tlred wagons.
Mr. Tallaferro, of Orange. opposed
and Mr. Churchman, of A.ugusta, fa
vorecl the? rneasure. Mr. Laico, patron
of the bill. accopted an amendment of
Mr. Pago to mako lt apply to carts
as well as wagons. Tho good roads
polloy of the Stato was dlsmlssed by
Mr. Lucn
Amendments maklng It optlonal wlth
any county to adopt the bonus system
nnd rociuirlng that lts adoptlon by tho
board of supervlsors bo unanlmous,
wero adopted, anel tho blll was then
passed to lts third readlng.
Scnnlc Hlll-t Pnnapd.
To provide a retirement fund for
publlc; school teachers, and appre.prlat
Ing Ju.OOO therefor.
To amend nnel re-enact sectlons 1133,
1437 and 1438 of the Code of Vlrginla,
as ameneled by an act. approve,] Docem
ber 2*. 1IUJ3, as amended by an act ap
proved March 11. 1901. and bv an acl
approved March 15. 190B. ln relatlon to
the- clutl.-s of the State Board of Edu?
cation nnd eif dlvlslon superintendents
of schools, lo thn compositlon of school
dlvlslons and tho salarles of dlvlslon
To amend and ro-enact sectlon 149
of tho Code of Virginia In relatlon to
pay eif judges nnel clerks.
To provide when suits may be
brought agalnst telegraph companles
for failuro to transnilt or dellver mes
sages promptly and as requlred bv law.
To amend anel re-enact sectlon 335'S
of Ihe Code of Virginia, to allow busl?
ness manugers of newspapers to slgn
certlflcates In place of oditors.
To prohibit bucketing. bucket-.-"hop
ping and to abollsh bu.-ket-shops; to
declare the same un lawful and to pre?
scrlbe the penaltles therefor.
To amend and re-enact see-tion 3780
of tho Code of Vlrginla, ns heretofore
ameneled ln relatlon to carrying con
ccaled weapons.
To prohibit the sale or giving awav
or otherwlse dispenslng cocalne. alpha
or bota eucane. or any mixture of elth?
er, except on thc prescrlptlon of a
licensed physielan, and pre.-.erlblng a
penalty therefor.
To requlre nll eleeinosynarv Institu?
tions, hospitals, colleges, universitic-3,
prisons and reformatorles to report
monthly to tho Audltor of Public Ac?
counts in detail the manner in which
all funds received by sald Institution;
from tho Commonwealth are dlsbursed.
To nmend and re-enact Sectlon 353-1,
Codo of Vlrginla. ln relatlon to pay
nent for wltnesses summoned for thc
To amend and re-enact Section 3532
ct the Code of Vlrginla. as amend?<1
by acts npproved, February 24, 1S9S
ln relatlon to the fees of Jallors.
To amend and re-enact Section 833
of the Code of Vlrginla. as heretofore
amended. In relatlon to the powers anc;
dutles of tho Board of Supervlsors at
annual meetlng, by changing the body
of sald sectlon and by tho addltlon oi
a new section to be designated as See
ticn S33a, whlch shall prescrlbe thc
powers and eluties of boards of super?
vlsors in relation to countv and schoo
levles. >
To validate tho rccordallon of meut
cranda of sales or contracts for thc
sale of goods and chattels whereln the
title thereto, or a llen thereon, is re
served or tho transfer of tltles Is made
to depend on any condltlon, and pos?
sesslon is delivered to the vendee.
To amend and re-enact Sectlon 1035
of an act entltled, "Chapter 269. an ac:
to amend and re-enact Chapter 44 oi
thc Code of Virginia, in relatlon te.
cities and towns, and to repeal Sec?
tlons 1039 and 1040 of tho Cole oi
Virginia, and Section 1043 of the Code
of Virginia, as amended anel re-enactOk
by an act approved March 4, 1S9G, anc
as attempted to be repealed by an ac
npproved March 7, 1!)00. and to repea
an act approved JIarch 7. 1900, en
titled, 'An act to provide for local as.
sessments ln cites and towns,'" ap
proved May 20, 1903, as amended ane
re-enacted by an act approved Mare!
15. 190B.
To provldo for tho Incorporatlon bj
the courts of towns of moro than tw<
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per 11,.... 1*72C
.1 Ibs. Washlng r
Soela for . Dc
hundred and less than five thousand ln
I'.nhttants, nnd conforrlng upon sald.
towns, when Incorporated, certnln pow?
ers of tii.Mitlon.
To nllow tho Rlohmond, Frodorlckn
burg nnd Potomac Rallroad to acqulre
a now charter under certnln condltlons
ns ainondcd by tho Senate,
Tho ordor of the day In tho Senate
was tho approprlatlon hlll, but bofore
tho hour set for It arrlved, much lm
portant othor buslness wns consldered.
The Houso resolutlon provldlng for a
slnglo list of text-books In tho publlc
schools wns ralled up nnd passed, an
atnondmont offered by Senator Keezell
being voted down.
Tho blll provldlng for the executlon
of crlmlnals in tho Stnto penltentlary
was passed, and thoro wlll be no more
linnglng ln thls Stato, ns a clause ln
the bill calls for electrocutlon. Anoth?
er clause prohlblts any newspaper or
publlcation from printlng tho detalls
of tho executlon, and sets forth that
nothlng but the foet shnll be made
Opposed to Hlll.
Senntor Keezell was opposed to the
blll. Ho saw no reason for changing
the tlmo-honorcd custom, and Senator
?' Folkes took tho samo vlow. Tho latter
| f.und there was no uso addresslng the
Senate on tho subject, ns the blll would
suroly bc passed. It was llko slngtng
psalms to a dead horse, but neverthe?
less ho thought It ti bad move. No
other Southonr Stato hnd adopted thc
plan, nnd tho local hnnglngs served
to lmprens the negroes, and In thls
jway to prevent moro ot tho "uniuen
jtlonnblo crlmes."
I Senntor Early agreed wlth both Seu
iators Keezell nnd Folkes. Senator Gra
; vatt sald the mere faet thnt no South?
ern Stato had adopted this modo of
; executlon should not dctcr Virginia,
nnd it is a well-known fuct. ho de?
clared, tliat publlc executlon, whlch tho
system now employed vlrtually
amounts to, does not prevent crlme.
Senator "Walker did not know of any?
thlng moro domorallzlng than local
hanglngs. Ho thought tho ban of se
crecy would much moro Jtnpress the
Imaginatlon of tho negroes.
Sonator Parks offered an amendment
provldlng that tho body should bo sent
back to tho felon's relatlves after tha
executlon at thelr expense. Thls
amendment was adopted.
Approprlatlon Xcceaanrj-.
Senator Itarmun had no objectlon to
the blll, but called attention to tho
faet thut thc electrlcal plant at the pen
ientlary could not furnish sufflclent
current for thc chalr, and that an ap?
proprlatlon would hnve to be made to
carry out thc provisions of tho meas?
The blll relatlng to the timo of hold?
lng tho ternis of tho clrcult court.?,
whlch was a speclal order for thc
mornlng, was passed by temporarlly,
ns thero wns some dlsposltlon to dls?
cuss thc matter. Senator Lassiter of?
fered an amendment, tuklnir Powhatan
county out of tho l-'ourth Judlclal Clr?
cult and puttlng It ln the Fifth.
Senator Slms clalmed that the amend?
ment was not gormano to lho blll, nnd
it was passed by.
The Senate concurred ln the Huose
resolutlon cxtendlng sympathy to the
families of tho children burned In thc
sclioolhouse fire at Cleveland.
Many Sennte bllls wero reported
passed hy tlie House with sllght
amendments, to all ot whlch tlie Sen?
ate agreed.
Approprlatlon Hlll.
In presentlng tbe approprlatlon blll,
Senator Keezell said the Finance Com
mlttee had workeel falihfully over tha
measure and he hoped lt would pleas.>
everybbdy. lt was a source of graiul
atiun to hlm to seo the blll carry
nearly $11,000,000 now, against about
$5,000,000 when he flrst came to the
"An erroneous Idea provails," sald
Senator Keezell. "that the Treasury of
thls State Is overflowlng, and all that
has to be done Is to come here, dlp ln.
and get all you want. This. however,
is not 'the case. I am sorry thnl we
couldn't give everybody all he uuked
for, but we have done ot r best, and
I hopo that every one wlll be satls
Re.wtor Keezell went briefly over llio
b|i|, e7.]il?lr.ing all Important clinnges.
und irciecied approprlations. The. blll
was then presented, the constitutional
re.'idings were dlspensed wlth. tind tho
attack began. Senator Lns-si.'er trltd
to have the salary of the Superlnten?
dent of tho Penltentlary ralsed to $2.
5C0. but as tho committee hud already
made i> substantlal Incrjuano, mo
Oi.'icnilmcnt was voted down.
For Entertiilnme'iT.
Seiut-Ji* Folkes offered ni amend?
ment npproprlatlng $5,000 for thc ex?
penses of entertalnlng by tho Gover?
nor. This. he said. is a var.v expen
iivo ofllce, and he had learned that
the Governor had spent hs much as
$1,000 ln entcrtainlng recently.
"I don't know thnt thls ls so," );e
went on; "tho Governor never told me,
ond I am not doing lt for personal rea?
sons. I dldn't support the Governor
at the last electlon. In fnet, nobody
I support ever gets elected. I mlght
support Judge Mann next tlme. and,
therefore, I Invokc hls ald In this mat?
Probably, Mr. Folkes said, the next
Governor mlght not glvo qulte ns ex
penslvo entertalnrhents, but flzz water
and lemonade are rather expensive.
Nolhwlthstandlng thls, the amendment
was rejected.
At 2 o'clock the chalr was vacated
untll 2:30 o'clock.
Afternoon Sesslon.
When the Senate reconvened House
Bill No. 249, rogardlng tho tlme for
holdlng court in the several judlclal
clroults, was taken up and tho debate
upon Senator Lasslter's amendment
was renewed. Senator Slms read a
letter from Judgo Hundley, ln whlch
he stated that hls dutles nt present are
very heavy and that lf thls additional
county were added. he would have
more business than he could transact.
Senator Lassiter did not thlnk that
Judge Hundley had so very much work.
and he called for a vote. Tho Senato
was not ready to vote on tho subject
however. Tho chalr did not count a
suftlclent number up to sustaln the
call, and the niattoi was agaln passed
When tho approprlatlon bill was taken
up agaln thc flrst amondnient wns of?
fered by Senator Folkes, who asked
tho sum of $7,000 for mlloage for mem?
bers Of the Leglslature. Thls wns totn
porarlly passed by, as Sonator Keczell
sald it would bn better to put lt In
anothor sectlon. Whon tho sectlon In
questlon was reached tho umenilineiit
was adopted. An anienclme'nt offered
by Senator Walker, creatlng tho posi?
tion of asslstant Janltor of tho ll?
brury and uppi'oprlatlng $300 per year
for salary, wus adopted.
The soctton approiiruitlng $50,000 for
a normal school nnd namlng- Harrison
hurg us the locatlon caused a Inngthy
debato, Senators Saunders and Thorn?
ton vigorously opposlng tho namlng
of a slto beforo tho Assembly us ii
wholo hnd deelded whero suoh school
was to ba situated. Senator Keezell
said that llari'lsoiibiirg hnd beon
named, because it hud beon the choice
of the .Seuiite. He carefully explained
thnt by namlng Harrlsonburg, no tlnai
actlon was taken! and no harm couhl
bc\ dono. .
Senutur Sftundei'e. was afrald lliul U
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please you.
Sold at $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 in all styles
WM. A. SORG & CO.,
326 E. Broad St. Richmond, Va.
tnlght influence somo of tho Kouso
members In favor of the city named,
ind offered an aine_4mont strtlclng out
the nnme. Tho amendment was voted
Grnvntt'N Cliargr.
More chargos of "under holt" came
mt when _r. Oravatt offered an
itnendment provldlng for tho establlsh?
ment of nn agrlcultural expcrlmental
-tatlon. and calllng for an approprla?
tion of about $10,000. Dr. Oravatt
nlalmed that ho had not been allowed
to appear beforo tho Flnanco Commlt
teo ln behalf of tho bill; tho members
of thls eommitteo had got an "under
holt," glven tho blll a black eye, and
sent It up wlth tho rccommondatton
that It do not pass. Dr. Oravatt wont
on to explaln, at somo length, thc
bencllt such an Institution would hc
to tho farmers. Ho was tho farmers
friend, ho sald, and would do every?
thlng In hls power to holp them. Wher
tho pending question was called, there
was a very falnt chorus of ayes. Thoi
c'-.me. tlie .'??uiprlRo of tho day. "I cal
for the ayes and noos," sald Dr. Ora?
vatt. rlslng to hls feet. "1*11 show the
farmers of thls State, who thelr friend:
When thn clerk had flnlshed calllnr:
tho voto lt wns npparent thnt thc
"ayes" had lt. Scnntor Keezell, who
"p to thls tlme, had defeated all at
tempts to break Into tho blll, almost
rtished up to tho clerk's desk anc
breathlessly asked what tho voto wns
At thnt moment two Senators came out
of the clouk room. Both voted "no."
Tl-e clrrk nnnour.ced tho vote as 16 tc
16. "And tho amendment is defeated,'
saiel PreslrUnt Echols.
l**ollowih_ ls tho recorded vote:
Ayes?Carter, Gravatt, Gunter, Hart
Hejbbs, King. Lasslter, Lcsner. Rlson
Sale, Saunders, Sale, Strode, Thornton
Tucker, Ward?16.
Noes?Chase, Early, Echols, Edmon?
son. Fletclier. Kolkcs. Halsey. Harman
HOllo-.fi, Keezell. Mann. McAlCXand.r
Parks, l'arsons. White, Wlckham?1.;.
The only ainendment of Importance
*\l.ieh got through was ono offerocl by
Sei aloi Strode. approprla'.'ng toout
?.'? Tno to be> divided among the sevora
Stnte educntlonnl Institutions and tc
be- used Ccr tne establlshment nf i
State student loan fund at oien or thi
cKcges for thc beneflt of ldsor*;lnj
y.-ung rrcn who nttd ilnanclal '?<*._.
Alglit _rsnloo.
Wcrking under a resolution adoptee
i-.ilier In tho dny, the Senate, at Ui
nlght session, dld not take up tha ap
Ple.prlatlon blll, hut we_t back to vhc
calct.dur. Tho rulo was tho samo ai
that adopted on Wednesday nlght. earl
Senator when hls namo wns callcc
brlnglng up one blll for passngc.
To amond .ind lo-enacr. an act entltled ar
act lo empower tlie Board of Supervisor!
mid Judge of the County Couri of cjllra tc
authorlze thc Daughters of the Confrdcrnc*,
to erect a monument on tho cnurthoum
s.iuaro at Poarlsburg. Vu., to the memorj
of the Confederate soldlers of snld county
and In thelr dlecretion to npproprlate mone*,
to ald ln tho erectlon of sald monument
approved Mavch 2S, 1003.
To provide a road law for Appotnatto*
county, and to repeal atl former actr, pro
vldlng road laws for Appomattox county
and alt actB and parts of acts In confllci
To authorlze tho Board of Supervlsors o
the county of Tnge, Va.. to borrow tbo sun
<>* "125,000, or cuch part thereof as they ma.
dcternilnc. with whlch to construet one o':
twe. brle)B.->s as mny be agreed upon by sale
bdurd, over the Shenandouh Rlver ln saic
county, and to Issue tho bonds of the count.
To amend and rc-cnact sectlon 5 of chap
ter 8 of an act concernlng publlc servlr.
corporatlon*., approved Jununry IS, 1901, a
ameneled hy an uct approved March 17, 1908
and to amend and re-enact sectlon ? o
chapter S of i.n act concernlng publlc servlci
corporatlons. approved January 18,1901, ii
regard to tho dutles of telegraph and tele
phone companles.
To establlsh an agrlcultural oxperlmen
station at tho Stato Penltentluiy Karm.
To amend and re-enact Sectlon 2095 of the
Code of Vlrginla, to prevent non-resldcnti
from belng concerned er Interested ln ilshhu
In the -.raters of thc Common-venlth fur thc
purpose of manufacturlng the *nmo Into oil
iish bcrap or manure, or lu guch manufac
To authorlze the closlng of tho clark'..
office of nny court In any city havliifr ov.i
30.000 popul.itlon, upon publlc holldays.
To amend and rc-enact sectlon 2151 of thc
Codo of Vlrginla, as amended by an nei
approved March II, 190U, ln relatlon te
stealing of oysters.
To amend and re-e*?act an aet entitled ar
oct to amond and re-onact an act npprovee
Mftrcb 7, 1900, entltled an act te. provldo i'o
worklng and keeplng ln repalr thc publli
roads anel brldges In tho county of Wash
Ington; and to authorlzo tlm Board of Su
pervlsors to boirow money by the issuo o
To amend and re-enact sectlon 1 of an ae
entltled an act to prcvont cruelty to chlldrei
and to rcjulate and provldo for thelr contro
aud custody ln certaln eaiss, approve.
Mierch 3, IS96.
Penslonlng niatrons whd served ln Con
fedorato hospitals foi- a period of twolv.
months durln_ the War Between the States
and who have nnt roal est.ato to the valu
of $750. or an an*ual Income of $150, and 1
she bo a marrled woman whose husband ha
noi that quantlty of real cstnto or tha
amount of Income.
Tu provide for tho office of Secretary o
Vlrginla Mllltary Records, prescrlblng hl
dutles, nnd for collectlng materials for tli
"History of Vlrglnln ln the Clvil War": an.
to approprlato tho sum of $3,000 annual!:
for tho years 1908 nnd 1909. to defray th
necessary expenses of tho offlce.
To amend and ro-onact sectlon 3330 ot th.
Positively our**'! by
thoso Little Pills.
Thoy also rellevo Dls
tress from Dyspepsia, In?
digestion and Too XXoaxtj
Eatlu_. A perfect rem*
odj-forDtolness, Nauaca,
Drowslness, Dad Tasto
la tho Mouth, Coated
Tongue, Pain ln tho Slde,
_____ TORPID UVER. Tht.
regulate tho Bowels. Purely Yes*table.
Gunuino Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
Code of Vlrglnln, and to amend and re
enact nn act approvod February 2S, 1831,
tolatlve to the fo-*a "f juntlces.
Tc Incorpornto the town of Potomac, tt
the county of Alexandrla.
To amcnd nnd re-ennct sectlon 8, aactton
17. aa amended and ro-cnitcted by an act
npproved Doeember 13, 1903, nnd sectlon 11
ot nn act entltled nn nel to ralsc revemu
for the siippo.t of the government and publU
i schools nnd to pay tho Interest on ths
publlc debt, oncl to provlde n spoclal tan
ror penslons. nn authorlzcd by aectlon ISO ot
ii Constltutlon.
To amend and ro-ewict sectlon 110 ot tht
Codo ns ncretofore nmended, in relation to
the pay of judges, clerks and commlsslonara
oC clectlons.
To establish n. permanent place In thei
Stato Penltentlary at Rlchmond, Va.. for tha
exrcutlons of felons upon whom the death
penalty Is to bo Imposed.
To repeal an act entltled an act to provldn
for the repalr and mntntennnca of publlo
rends ln Princess Anno county, approved
Mnrch 5. 1900.
Provldlng for the funeral expenses of Con?
fedorato soldlors or wldows who are now. oi
hereafter may be, cnrnlled on tha penslon
toll ot thls Cnmmonwenlth.
To establish a school of mlnes as a de
pnrtment of tlio Vlrglnln. Agrlcultural and
Mechanlcal Collego and Polytechnic Insti?
tute, and to innko an approprlatlon for tho
(Contlnued from Flrst Page.)
tho strugglo of Monday night, but aa
the plan wns llkely to reduce tho reve?
nue of the clty. President Peters pro?
duced an oplnlon from Clty Attorney
Pollard, sustulnlng hls own view, that
the passage nf the 90-cent ordinance
would requlre :i two-tlilrds vote.
Twenty-tour wero necessary, and tha
vote was, ayes 18, nays 9.
Mr. Mllls sald that there wns such .1
confllct of oplnlon between city offi?
cials as to tho cost of ninniifacturitig
that It would hr> unwlso to change tlu
present rates. Chalrman Miner. of tha.
I.ight Commlttee, mado an extended
iiigiiiiient In favor b'f reduction. Ho
contended thal as the. works were pay?
ing .i handsomo dlvidend. the cltizeiis
wero entltled to somethln**-.
Deelarlng thal New York. Massachu
BCtts, New Jersey nnd other States were,
not selling the product at less than 51
per 1.000 cublc feet, Mr. Cary pointed
out the danger of a cut here, especlally
when an expert hnd shown ln 1901
that thc cost of the product, delivered
at tho burner, wns 9!) cents.
Mr. D. M. Whlte presented the novel
argument that it would be a great ad
vertisement for Richmond if it could
publlsh to tha world thnt lt was selllnsr
gas at 90 cents. "Would thero be any
sense In thst." Alr. Cary asked. "if tho
same gns wns costing you moro than
90 cents?" Mr. Whlto, however. denied
that thls would be the caso. Captaln
XV. L. White opposed the reductlon.
Tho polnt most emphaslzed by dlfX"
ferent members was that the clty.
though engaged in tho gns buslness.
had no way of ascertalnlng exactly
the cost of manufacturlng. Dr. Wil?
liams wanted to know if the Financo
Committee could reviso its system of
bookkeeplng so that thls questlon
could be mnde clear. Ho added thnt
ho would rnther give thc people :\
lower rate than to spend so much
money for smooth pavements ln the
Wost End.
Thero was a passlng hint of graft
somewhore and sometlme. when Mr.
Hobson asked lf lt wero not a faet
that certaln gas-stove dealers had
been trylng to sell thelr wnres, witli
the understandlng that tho clty would
supply tho fuel at 75 cents.
"You wlll probably hear of that later
In an investigation," said Mr. Cary.
Subscqitently, lt was explained that
whllo the Gas Department was not a
party to the smooth business scheme.
lt liad been worked by somebody, tho
Inferehco being that a certain edaler
had clalmed that hls stove had the oln
cial approval of the elepartment, and
would consequently get tbe benefit oi
tho 75-cent rate. No dcflnlto charges
wero made, however.
Mr. Lynch, tho orlglnal S5-cent gas
man, gavo the stand- pat ters sevoral
I'.ncomfortable moments. "This whole
thing," he sald. "gets down to tho
quest*on ot whether you aro golng toi
sustain the Flnance Commlttee or give
the peoplo a clieaper rate. Y'ou won't
do lt because you want moro money to
spend. You want $20,000 for a smooth
pavement on Monument Avenue, and
yet you won't ruise Lester Street."
A great deal of gas had been burned,
aiul there had been much of tho other
klnd, when everybody called for the
show-down. The Mllls mocion to defer
untll nfter the rehabllltation of tha
plant. whlch Mr. Lynch sald was mere?
ly a dodge, was voted down. Then tha
orlglnal 90-cent ordinance was sent
to the block, ihere to be defeated. Tho
vote was as follows:
Ayes ? Messrs. Atkinson, Barber,
Davis, Don Leavy, Fergusson, Gates,
G. B. Hobson, Lynch, Miner, Batkips,
Grlmes, Powers, E. D. Rlehardson, Um
huif, D. M, Whlto, Wllllams. Wlltahlra
and Peters?IS.
Noes?Messrs. Cutchlns. Cary, Lea,
Mllls, Pollard, Pollock, W. F. Rlehard?
son. Spence and W. L. Whlte?9.
When tho Joint Commlttee on Watei
nnd Electrlcity reported that the con?
traet for plans and speclflcatlons fo>
tho proposed olectric light plant a1
tho Old Piimp-Houso hud been award?
ed to E. XV. Trafford, without a com?
petltion, thoro was vlolent opposition
on tlio part of Mr. Hobson, Captaln
Whlto and others, who thought thero
should have been an open contest, Tho
roport, however, was conflrmed.
Tho salary of two pollco captainss
captalns was Increased. The vlsiting
stnff propositlon for the Clty Homm
waa adopted, and much work of mlnor -
lmportan.ee was "-cleared from tha
docket. Mr. Forgusson'a ordinance t.>
uboilsh the Committee on police, Elod
tlona und Schools, wus sent to tho Com?
mltteo on Ordinance, Charter and Re
Mr. John Cutchlns, tho new member
from Lee Ward, waa swor? la.

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