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Tjlighf Gn-ornnr .lohtison's presldentlal
future, us tho nomlnatlon ot Hrymi wns
Rfn Ultzht lo Indnrse.
stnte Senator Blockwell, of Minnc
npolls, nsked by what nulhorlty thc
Btato commlttoe iiresumed to pnsn a
resolutlon Indorslng nny matl for the
"Your iluiy," h" snld. "is to orgnntzo
tlu- stnte party and to eloct the noml
nrcs of thc lnst Di'tnoorntlc Stato con?
ventlon. lf you have a right to Indorso
? man for President, you also hnve u
right. to Inelorse n man for Governor.
Tou can pass thls resolutlon If yotl
choosc, hut lt wlll not represent the
aentlment.s e.f the Democrats eif Mlnne
BOto. Whe nuthorlzed Mr. O'Brlen to
Introiltu'c thia resolutlon? Did Gover?
nor Johnson authorize lt? He Iiuh re
peatedly sald thnt ho la nol n candl?
date. If this resolutlon Is adopted, It
alaps In thc face thousands of Demo?
crat!! In Minnesota nnd iloes nnt repre
aent Ihe Bentlment of tho Governor."
Others Hnve T)onc !<?
Mr. O'Brlen then said: "A strange
condltlon prosenls itself. You havo
bcen reading In thc publlc press how
Btute commlttees ln other States have
Indorscd the candldacy of Mr. Bryan,
end thls ls thc llrst time thut 1 havo
heard such actlon crltlclzed. 1 have
yet to hear of nny place or tlme when
Mr. Bryan has crltlclzed nny commit?
tee that indorsed his candldacy. Gov
irnor Johnson can carry every Sttito
thut Bryan can carry,-nnd ln addition
can carry Minnesota, Wlsconsln, South
end North Dukotu nnel many other
States that Bryan cannot carry. Thls
dommlttoS hus thc right to express ltsj
Mr. Vasaly, of Morrlson county, ln !
opposlng Mr. O'Brlen, said the Democ- .
racy of Minnesota hnn nipre serious
buslness ^>n hand than tti be throwlng
bouqueta nt a favorlte son. Aftor sey-*
eral other speeches tho commlttee dd
fcated thc motlon to lay thc O'Brlen
resolutlon on thc table. Mr. VaSaly
then introeluced us a substltute a res- :
olutlon Indorslng Bryan for President
and avendng that "we- view wlth sus- |
piclon many of the Eastern sourceH ot'
acclulm (for Johnson); we' dlscern ln
this Kastern movement tho malled hand
of 'harniony.' that cost the party
1,000,000 votes In 1904."
lt declared. also, that "In thls hour of
polltlcal Intrtguo, whlle thc stihtlo one
mics of gooel government nro seeking
by every posslhle means to frustrato
the wlll ot the majority by controlling
or dlvlellng the niitlonnl conventlon. we
ce. ndemn all tomporlsslng ln tho matter
of i ompllmentary votes to 'favorlto
sons.' "
The resolutlon pralsed Johhson's ntl
mlnlstratlon. lt was defeated, unel the
orlglnnl O'Brlen resolutlon wns put on
Its passage and carried.
The Bryan Volunteerti.
After the state commlttee adjourned
20u supporters of Bryan assembled and
organized "Tho Bryan Voluntecrs of
The meeting wns called to order by
National Commltteeman Hudson, of Du
1 ii tli. Ofllcers were elected, an executive
commlttee, composed of one member
from each congresslonal district, wns
appolnted, nnd plans were made to
carry lnto overy preclnct ln tho State
a .-iinipulgn to elect delegates to tho
national conventlon favorable to tho
nomlnatlon of Bryan for President.
City Engincer Lipscomb Resigns,
Taking Umbrage at Remarks
by Mr. llooker.
^ranohOHter Bureau. Times-Dlspatch,
No. 1102 Hull Street.
A serious breach between an impor?
tant clty ofuclal nnd a member or mem?
bers of the Street Commlttee of the
Common Council occurred Thursdny
night at a meoting or.the commlttee,
when City Englneer Lipscomb took
umbrage at remarks made by A. R.
Hookt-r, Kubchnirmun of that body, anel
forthwlth tendcrcd hls reslgnatlon.
The netion of Clty Engincer Lipscomb,
willle purely verbal, is, nevertheless,
consideri'd by him to be sufftciently for?
mal and altogether justlllable under
the provocation, whlch, he says, was a
The New Union Statlon
at Washington affords
a meeting point flor all.
through trains from the
South with those of the
Baltimore &. Ohio ia the
North and West under
one root.
Royal Blue Trains leave
Washington I o r New
York "Every Odd Hour"
during the day. Ail are
splendidly equipped
tvlth parlor cars and
flining cars, and the
"Royal Limited," the
finest day train in Amer?
ica, is "All Pullman."
The Baltimore & Ohio
is the shortest route
to Pittshurg, with Pull?
man Drawing-room
Sleeping Car from Rich?
mond at 8.20 P. M., except
Saturday, arriving
Pittshurg 8.50 A. M.
It is the shortest route
to Chicago, with C7tcel
lent through trains
from Washington Cc
Pittshurg, Cleveland
and Chicago.
Ask your nearest Tlck?
et Agent lor througSi
tickets via Baltimore &
Ohio R. R.
'IStSinpa/o H,?p?$attfa<s>s">.
March is tho month when a
new palr of Berry's " Dryfoot."
Shoes may be the vory thing to
save you from the doctor.
A pound of prevention is
worth a ton of medicine.
The Berry Shoes, $3.50 and
The Berry Best, $3.
Look at our window display
! of new spring lasts.
palpable anel dlrect reflectlon upon tho
honest admlnlstratlon of hls ofllce by
Mr. Hooker, of tho qommlttee. The un
fortunato cllmax was reached toward
the close of the commlttee meeting.
All hael been iclear salllng. when sud
ile-nly Mr, Hooker arose, unel in tho
course of hls remarks soenllngly Intl
mated that City Knglneer Lipscomb
had been gullty of some Irregularlties
wlth reference to tho pay of hls men.
TIiIh was with regard to what ls known
ns tho "Hat rate pay," and whlch Mr.
Hooker did not believe should havo
been observed on all occasions. Cap?
tnin Lipscomb lmmedlutcly offered hls
Ho Informed thc commltteo that not
only hls report, whlch hud precipl
tat.-el tho debate, bul that hls books
and offlco records were.- open to Inspec?
tion. lle then repeated that he should
reslgn from hls offlce. The' commltteo
reserved all actlon ln the matter.
Captaln Lipscomb Intlinated yester?
day that hls actlon before the coni
mlttee, whlle to all appearance spon
tnneous, was tho oute-ome of mattire
dellberatlon, For somo months past
morr. or less frlcfion hns exlsded be?
tween himself nnd certain members of
the. Street Commltteo, and the last
sesslon of tlmt body hnd brought mat
ters to a hcnei.
Chlef Lipscomb salel thut he would
not contemplato addresslpg a formal
reslgnatlon to thu Council before hear?
lng from the commltteo ln eiuestlon.
The members of this committeo are
XX'. D. Ferguson, chairman; A. It. Hook?
er, subchalrman; R. L Patram, J. XV.
Moore. D. L. Toney. .1. I"). Reams, J. L.
Tlllery, .1. lt, Perdue, '.'. Ci .Iniies and
.1. II. Ltlidsoy,
Captnin Lipscomb la Chlef of Polloe
ln Miiiichi'stcr, ns well ns Clty Kngl
iiei'i'. l-'or moro ilinn tweiity-llve yours.
ho llllH heen jn the servlce nf tlio clty.'
Setil On lo Grnnd .lury,
Pat O'Ceinnell, 1'iiul lleatli nnd Pot
Icr Scott, whlle boys, who hnd beon
conflned ln tho Manchester Jall, wero
convtcted before 'Sr-uiro Choatharn at
oak Qrove yesterday mornlng of stcai.
lng brasseo from the Southern Itallway
nnd sent on for a hoarlng beforo tlu;
grand Jury. Togethcr wlth theso threo
prisoners, llvo other boys, all churged
wlth the samo offenso. were sent on to
the upper e-ourt. Sentence ln tho lat?
ter i-nse-H hnd been reserved by 'Seiulrc
Cheatlmm, who had heard tho cvldence
two weeks uge>:
Flre IS-icnpc for Hlgh School.
Warn.-d by Ihe drenutui lesnun iu
lho Collinwood holocaust, school ati
tliorltles all over tlie country aro pro?
vldlng safety devlcos on school bulld?
Three months ago tho grand Jury,
slttlng in the Corporation Court here,
recommended that tho Mayor, chlof of
Police nnd Chlef of the Flro Depart?
ment lie constituted a Board of Safety,
whose .luly lt should be to Inspect all
bulldings ln the elty, wltll reforence to
the hcc'esslty of flre escapes, In Its
report tho board mentloned the- several
structurcs in tlu- clty whlch should
be eqiilpped wiih lire liulilcrs. Tho
school bulldings, however, fell out of
thls e-lnss, there being none whlch was
three storloi- hlgh. The new Hlgh
School bulldlng, when Its auilliorium
has heen completed, wlll possoss tlu;
requlslte number of storles nnd bo
furnlshed wlth flre escapes. Other
safety dbvlces mny also bo tnstalled.
Mrs. Curlls Crlllcnlly Hl.
Mrs. C. C. Curtls. once of thls clty,
hul now llvlng ut Washlngton, Is ?-1-111
cally Ul ln a hospltal at the capital
clty. XV. H. Clenlon. n brother of Mrs.
Curtls. left for Washlngton Thursday
nlght. Mrs. Curtls ls the mother nf
llve children.
Adam Hnrvey nnd Oscnr Fortune,
both colored, were lined $2.60 and costs
each in the Police Court yesterday on
thc charge of bolng drunk and dlsor
Sergeant Martln yesterday disposed
of seven revolvers at public auction
brought $6.20.
Mrs. Mary N. Stuart Is 111 nt tho
home of lier daughter. Mrs. U. L. Pear
maii, No. -I West .Seventh Street.
XV. D. Franklln, who has recently
! been proinliiently mentloned ns a cun.
| didate for the Council from the Third
i Ward, announced yesterday thnt hc
j wouhl not enter thc prlmary.
Mr. Charlea O'B. Cowardln, who hns
! been urged to run for tho Council from
the Fourth Ward, has announced hls
eleterniinntlon to restraln thls ambltloil.
No less than sevcnty-tlve couples,
largely from Hlchmond, partlclpated ln
a german glven at Leader Hall last
nlght for the benellt fund of Robert
Bauer. Muslc wns stipplied from Rlch
! mond. the event being a deelded suc
I cess. The danco was glven by Messrs.
| J. W. Morris. .1. H. Brown, H. XV. West
anel J. M. Dolan, ' A large sum was
The Finance Commlttee made a spe?
clal approprlatlon of $100 lnst nlght to
the Manchester Kindevgarten.
>f seven revolvers at public auction
vhlch hnd heen taken from prisoners
lurlng the past year. Thls arsenal
Tells Story of Secret Wedding to First Wife, of the Anger
of His Father and His Remarriageat
Cathedral in New York City.
SIOUX CITY, IOWA, March 6.-?Back
of the marrlage hero on Sunday of
John Fox, Jr.. and Mlss Teresa Hol?
land. of San Franclsco, ls a romanco
not only of the newly wcdded couple,
but also of Fox and hls former wife.
After much persuaslon Fox told tho
story of hls Ilrst marrlage; how he
ran away wlth Maud Constance Levlen,
aetress, and daughter of Douglas A.
Levlen, at the tline edltor of a New
York newspaper.
"Mlss Levlen anel 1 were marrled."
ho sald, "ln Jersey City. lt was a
runaway match. My father was angry,
und lnsisted that a second ceremony
be performed in the New York
eathedral. Miss Levlen was playing
wlth Rose Coghlan at the time ln 'A
Lady of Quality.' Shortly after the
bii-tli of my daughter my wife eleserted
te. That was my contcntion ln the
outh Dakota dlvorce courts.
"I understand that my divorced wlfo
NEW YORK, March ri.?-While a flro
aged "ii the fourth floor of the llvo
, . toiy publlc school building, ln One
j Hundred nnd Nlnth Street, between
Amstcrdam Avenue anel Bi'oadwuy,
to-day, -.'.OOO puplls marched from tlie
bulldlng slngliif; "Amerlca," under tho
leadershlp or their teachers. The chll
dron were engaged in thelr mornlng
slnglng exerclses, when the flre gong
rang, and they eontlnuod to slng as
they marched out of tlie bulldlng.
Thero was no slgn of a panle, and
a few mlnutes ufter tho Ilrst alarm wns
sotlnded all the* chlldren were ns
uembled in tho school yard waltlng f-.r
the word of dismissal. Fortunately nll
tho smaller chlldren were ln rooms on
the lower floors of the bulldlng. au 1
many of them elld not know e.f the flre
I wncn they were called upon to mare!
| out by the regular flre drlll. The tlrc
\yas ciulckly extlngulshed, after caus
ing $200 damage.
Forecast: Vlrginla?Fatjr Saturda;
nnd Sunday. coldor ln southwest por
tlons; colder .Sunday; fresh to brisl
southwest wlnds.
Ne.rih Carolina?Falr Saturday an.
Sun.lay. colder ln westorn portlon
frosh southwest wlnds.
Richmond's weathor wus clear am
warm. Range of tho thermoihoter:
0 a. m_.;'.:i ic i'. M.r,
12 M.11 0 P. M.6
i ;; I1. m.50 1- midnlght... .;>
Avoragp. 47 1-6
HiKht'st iomn*V'aturo yoijterdny. .r.
Lowest tejnperature yeatorday. 2
Mean temperature yesterday. I
Kormal temperature yesterday. -i
Oeparture from nurinui tumperaturo
i preclpitatlon .i
CONDITIONS IV nil'llltTA.NT i itu;
(Ats P, M., Eastorii Timo.)
Place. Ther, ll.T. Weathor.
Ashevllle .t'.S 7X Clear
Augusta . 72 7X Clear
Atlanta .70 .1 Clear
BUffale.-4 U RO ltaln
Chlcago . :;s BO Uloudy
"Clnclnnati . 08 ??: Kaln
I lavenport . 36 52 ltaln
Dotroil . 2* 00 1'. e'loue:
Jacksonvlllo . ... 12 7-* Clear
Kansas City. 40 50 Clear
New Orleans. 71 80 Cleav
Plttuburg . 60 iis ' Hain
I Raleigh . 70 7s Clear
Norfolk . 5ti 00 Cloar
; Waahlngton ? ? ? ? 36 ',;s Raln
j WiliiiiiiHlon . B2 7n Cleav
Ye-ikiwstoiui _ lri 34 Raln
Myri-h ;. IIIOS.
Sun rlaos,,. . P'.SH tlllill TUIK.
sun sutH. tt;i)S MoinliiK.S;
iMuuu uiiUi,.,, i_:ui Lvoiilnu.s;
holds that the decree was Invalld be?
causo wc were marrled under tho Ro
man Cathollc ritual. Her parents were
not Cathollcs, and she merely con
sented to havo the ceremony performed
in the cathedrai because my father ln?
slsted on It. She has twlco brought
actlon ugalnst my father for allenatlon
of my affections. Sho let the divorco
caso go by default, nnd I am a voter
in South Dakota."
lt was at the Catallna Islands, nenr
Los Angeles, that Fox llrst met Mlss
Holland. Th0 nttractlon seemed mu?
tual from lho lirst, and when Fox saved
the life of the glrl lt did not take lons
for thelr love to" be fanned lnto a
flamc. Fox was in business nt San
Franclsco nnel Honolulu. It was de?
elded that he como to Dakota and ob
tuin a dlvorce, and hls charrnlng brlde
to-be promlsed to walt for him.
The couple left here Tuosdav after?
noon fnr Sloux Falls. From there the>
wil] lenve for a tour around the worhl
Why He Uses Press Clippings
"Did you evr stop to consider," suie
a Now Vork busines-j man recently tt
a friend, "how many persons subscribi
for press clippings?''
"I never did," replled tho friend.
"Well," explained tho buslness man
"It's true 1 am not promine'nt, and ye
I have been a subscrlbor to a pres;
cllpplng bureau for years.
"Vou don't know how much mone;
you aro losing hy not using press cllp
plngs. Let me explaln my own case
I figured out thut. 1 would know when
ever my name was printed ln clty pa
pers, but it occurred to me that pos
slbly papera throughout tho couiur;
might also carry my name. So 1 be
gun to uso press clippings."
?How elid you select thc right bu
"I found." explained tho other. "tha
i tberu wus ono cstabllshnient?Burrelle'
press cllpplng bureau?ln New Yor
which had been ln exlstenoe a gren
many years. 1 found many small bu
reieus, but lnstead uf reading 1,G0
| newspapers a day, as the Burrelle'
bureau does, they mlght'posslbly rea
half tliat number In a month. I foun
Burrelle's was tha largOBt In the worh
and that they elidn't chargo any moi
i thnn Incomplote bureaus; so l aeleeite
| Burrelle's.
"Now, here is tho strange resul
For two or threo months I receive
I a few clippings whero my name we
tmentloned. Bui ono day tho ferryboi
! on whlch I wns a passenger collltlc
wlth another hoat. I was not injure
but my suitcase, contalnlg some vn
uable material, was lost.
"Tho noxt dny acouutg appeared :
? Ihe papers of tho nceldont, and ns n
j name wns mientloned, tho Burrelle pci
pie sent mo nll the Items.
[ "Here's tho sequel. I put In a clal
, j agalnst the ferryboat company
j cover what 1 had lost ln my sultcnt
j Tho .|iieslliiii nroso whether l cou
| provo thnt 1 was on tlie bont at n
i I knew of no ono who hael uctuully hoi
I uio on tlu- hoat. My lawycr told i
jl had nn case.
'Then I had an Insplratlbn, T we
to my clippings. There 1 found ln t
' j printed storles a Ust of ten peop
: who had heen on tho boat. In ti
I ilays 1 Iiml slx people who hnd se
; in ? ou the hoat. 1 collec-ted my elm
I uges."
"Well, iiml certainly puts press cll
plnga ln ii new light to mo. I'll su
I scrlbo to-inoirow. What form do y.
. no through subscrlblng'.'".
"Well, you slmply sciul u note
Burrolla, -15 Lafayetto Street, Now Vol
nn.l sny: 'Sotiel mo nll rufcrcnii-s to n>
(i self found ln t|lO uewsiiaiioi-ii of Alut
lillcu.' Burrelle wtll do tho rest."
R. L. Umberger, While at Be
reaved Home of Isaac Um
berger, Called to Wife.
[fipecial i" The Thrtoa-Dlspatch,]
WYTHBVILMC. VA.. March 0.?-Mr.
Isaac M. Umberger dloil last nlght nl
hls hcmo, a few mlles north ot town,
aged slxly-four years. Ho wns a gn1
lant Confodorate soldlof, havlng sorvcd
throughout the wnr In Compuny C ot
tlie Flflv-llrsl Regiment, Vlrginla In
fnntry. Un |s survlved by hls wlfo.
two sons aiul three dniigliters. Funeral
to-morrovv mornlng nt 10 o'clock from
Mount Pleusani Churchi
Mrs. H. L. Omberger dled suddenly
last nlght at thn resldence of her hus?
band, north of town. Mr. Umborger
was over at h|s nelglihor's, Mr. Isaac
Umborger. wlio hnd Just dlod, whet.
he was sc*ni for ln haste to return
homo on account of his wifo's gudclen
Illness. The funeral will take placo
from i'olnt Pleasanl Church to-morrow
Mrs. Sarah Phelps. rellct of Willlnm
Phelps, a natlve und for mnny yenrs a
reslclont of Wythevlllo, but latoly of
Pulaski, died ln tho latter plnco lnst
nlght at an ndvanced age. She wns
a Mlss Haller, If Wythevllle, und Ih
extonslvolv connected In thls coitnly.
Hor remalns will be brought to Wythe?
vllle to-morrow, and the funeral will
take place from St. Johh'a Eplscopal
"III-.* i.lllir Moore*.
Mlss Lillle* Moore, of No. 102 1-2 Wost
Clay Street, died .suddenly yesterday
afternoon al her homo, after an at?
tack of vertlgo. Funeral arrarigements
wlli be announced later.
Ftinernl of Mrn. A, V. Hnncoek,'
[Spe-clnl to The Tlmes-Dls.-atch. |
| CHRISTlANSl.CRG, VA., March B.?
|Tho funeral of Mrs. A. V. Hancock
was conducted from the Presbyterlan
Church at half-past 2 on Wednesday
afternoon, by tho Rev. J. W. Mc
j Kaughan anel the Rev. Fdwarcl F. Lane.
i Mrs. Hancock had llved horo slnco her
i marrlage, ln 1898. Sho was born In
I Amherst county, but moved to Lynch?
burg when eiuite young. Sho was tho
oldost daughter nf the lato F. 8. Love,
and loaves a mother?Mrs. Della l.ovo,
ono slstor?Mrs. Perkins, of Clnclnnati,
and Mr. T. S. Lovo. of thls place. An
ionly chlld dled tlvo years ago.
| Those who camo hero to attend tlie
funeral were Messrs. Charles nnd Wltt
Hancock, of Roanoke; Mlss Margaret
.Love, of Blackstono; Mr. Stdney Love,
\o{ Bedford, nnel Mlss Ollio Muy Jen?
nlngs, of Blacksburg.
*tlr?. Nminli* Vnmler*.llrp.
[Speclal lo Tli.* Tlniea-Dlspnteh. |
I SUFFOLK. VA., March 6,?Mrs. Nan
! nie I. Vandersllce, widow of Rev. Dr.
! Geo. C. Vandorsllce. who was a lead?
ing member of the Vlrginla Methodlst
, Conference. dlod this afternoon nt hor
\ home in Suffolk, aged slxty-nlnc, ot
pneumonia and heart disoase. Sho wns
the mothor of Dr. Goorgo J. Vander
i Sllce, of Phoebus; Oranbery Vandp;
! slice, of .RIchmond; I. P. Vandersllce,
Mrs. W. E. Deaton. e.f Norfolk; Mrs.
M. F. Langhorn, Smithfield; Mrs. l.ee
Hrltt. Mrs XV. S. Beamon, and Mlss
Grace Vandersllce, Suffolk.
.. Suriiuel l'olloek.
f Speclal to Th.* Tlmes-Dispate-li.]
HARRLSONBURG. VA.. Mardh fi.-?
Samuel Pollork, a life-long resldent of
this place, died this mornlng of heart
dlsease and complicatlons, aftor a long
lllnoss. The deceased was a gallant
Confederate soldier ln tho Tenth Vir?
ginia Regiment. He was sixt*"'-eight
years of age. anil is survivod bv liis
widow. who was Miss Mary Lupton Rea
gan. Mr. Pollock was for years in thc
hotel business in thls place anel wa.s
well known throughout the State.
.lolin n. Wnre.
fp->"c!.-il to 'Ihe Tlmes-tHspatch.l
AMHERST. VA.. March 6.?Mr. Johr
R. Ware, of thls county, dled last nigh
at tho home of hls father, Mr. J. V
Ware, on Indlan Creek. Mr. Ware hoe
been affllcted wlth consumptlon foi
some time. Ho is survlved by a wlf.
and several small ehildren. For a lon*
whllo he was employed in the Norfoll
and Western shops ln tho city of Roa
noke. Whlle thore he ost an arm b;
an accident. and also contracted th"
disease of which he died.
JnillCH \V. I.lll.r.-il.
[Spoolnl to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
James W. Ulteral. a Confederate Vete
ran. momber of Company C, Thlrtletl
Vlrginla Regiment. dled at his horn
here last nlght. aftor a brief illnos.*
aged soventy-six years. He ls sur
vlved by hls widow, four daughter
und one son.
Willlnm II. Jenkins.
[ Speclal to The* Tlmes-Dln'pateh.l
TWVMAN'S MILL, VA.. March (..
Mr. Wllllam Henry Jenkins, of Oa
Park. died at tho hospital ln Char
lottesvllle tliis mornlng at 5 o'clocl
He had boen ln bad health fe>r itboti
eight years. About two weeks ago hi
physielan advised hlm to go to th
hospital for treatment. lle loaves
widow and six chlldren to lnourn thei
l/i-iiths nt Chntliam.
| Speclal te. The Tlmes-Dl5<-atch.]
CHATHAM. VA., March 6.?Mrs. Mn
llnda Ksgsdale followlng u short UI
ness, dled at her home at Itlcevill.
Plttsylvanla county, Wednesday. Sh
wus elghty-two years old, and is sur
vlved by one son, John P. Ragsdal.
and one daughter, both of whom mad
their home with her. Interment wa.s I
the famlly cemetery Thursday.
The Infant of Mr. G. C. Glles dle
Wednesday nlHfht and was Intorred t
, the famlly cemetery near this plac
-Thursday mornlng. The child wa
''nbout two weeks old.
- | Willlnm Hall.
ISi)e'fi.';?l to Tlie Tln-es-Dlnpatch."
-! Ro'vNOKE, VA.. March (',.?Mr. Wl
? llam Hall; one of the most promlher
t citlzens of Roanoko College, nge
' elghty-slx, dled at his home. near Ho
.'s 11ns "tliis'afternoon at 6 o'clock. H
'"* ' wns tho father of Mr. Harvey Hall,
II prominent lawyer, of this city.
\, "deaths""
rt UFITII ?Dled, March 6th, at 1 A. N
? at 1820 West Cary Street. GKORU
?l Funeral from tho residenco nt J:.
*M TII is (Saturday) AFTERNOOI
' March 7th. _
d ||g~MEM0RJAM
'- wmiii_in lovlng memory of my .lo:
1,1 n oiheM* Mrs ROBKRT B, WOOL.. wl
'-? ellcel Mi.r.'h' 7, 1900. Slte was tl
' ?A of wlves; the most unsolflsh .
... hors a truo comfortor of "
dvT'Vhe most patlent or sufferer
truest of friends nnd hor Clul
ilun charity wus bwonifl <oproac
"To know lior was to lovo her.
FARMKR.-In m^irno^ oif iny moth.
Mrs I UCV '**? FARMI'.R, who dl.
Ihroo yours ago .;to^. BA^OOT>
Attempt nurslar..
Harrlson Fdwnrds and Richa
Berkelev both OQlorcid, were arrest
h.si nlo'li'i bv Policcin'an Hulchor un
wair nV liarging them wlth attem*
irg to break into tho "tP? ?* L'
Lebir. No. 201 Fast Ca al Streft.
Th.- two boys v-^ro flrst seonby >
N'olte, WHO drove ?_m ofT; ? "><
nhelng thom. Th-rV?l*rant v*ns Hn0
out later. _______.-?-??
ivr..?"iil M?'nll'??.
,,,. ninnn l.ott, of l-eiinsylvun
spe t s'evoral days thla fWWk-wlth 0
Wllllani 0, Davloa aud fniiUl*,.
i Over 3,000 men aVea&V'PS track
|ilic Suulheni Nlffcrtft lUtilwiiy.
FIRST Jn Years-Established 1780
fFIRST in Honors-50 Highest Awards
FIRST on the Breakfast Tabies of the
Be suro that you get the genuine,
bearlng our trade-mark on every can.
Sunday Services in City Churches
ll-; men's meeting to-tnorrbw
afternoon wlll be held In tho
Central Young Men's Christlan
Assoclatlon Hall, beglnnlng at
3:30 o'clock1. Tlio speaker wlll
I be thc new pastor of thc Seventh Streot
| Christlan Chureh, tho Rev. II. D. C.
| Muclue-hlan, formerly of Shelbyvlll.-,
Ky Mr. Mnclnchlan will tnke for hls
theme "Thc sln ot Absalom.'' Thc Vir?
ginia Mak- Quarfet will slng and thero
Wlll be songs ln the elark, lllustrated by
storeoptlcon vlews. All meu aro cor
dlally Invlted.
Mr. Edmundo Belfort Saralva, of Bra
zll, wlll bo thc speaker at the meeting
of thc Boys' Sunday Afternoon Club.
Thero wlll be a vlolln duet by. tho Co
wardln brothers. All boys over ten
nnd not sixteen aro Invlted. The Con
versatlonal Blble Class will meet after
the men's meeting in the blue room to
study tho Intornational Sunday Bchool
lesson for tho 15th instant. The Gym
nasium Blble Study Club alid the
younger young mon wlll meet us usual.
Tho Sunday School Lesson Study Club
wlll meet at 5 o'clock thls afternoon.
in chargo of tho Rev. Dr. E. L. Pc|l.
All Sunday school workers are cor
dially Invlted.
Tho Salvatlon Army program for to
morrow is as follows:
10:30. Sunilny school;
3:30, Chrlstlans' pralse meeting. Sev?
oral young frlends nnel comrades will
speak and slng. Short tallts ou hearl
purity. All young people welcome.
8 o'clock, Memorlal servlce on tht
promotlon of a belovcd friend. Speclu'
songs nnd solos. Talks nnel memorlei
of a beloved friend by Captaln ane:
Mrs. Fowler. It ls hoped that all the
frlends of the Rlchmond corps wlll bc
At the Second Presbyterian Chureh
the pastor. the Rev. Dr. Russell Cecll
will preach at both the mornlng ani
nlght servlces. At nlght hls subject
wlll be "Tho Fourth Commandmcnt.'
? ? .
Tho Rev. Dr. XV. R. L>. Smith, the
pastor, will prca-.h ln Seconel Baptls
Cliurch morning and evening. Tiicmea
"Beautiful On tho Mountalns Aro thi
Feet of Him "Who Brlngeth Good T1J
lngs," and "Some Good Lessons Fron
tlie Book of Job."
? * ?
At Broad Street Methodlst Churcli
J the Rev. E. II. Rawllngs. presldinj
i elder, wlll preach at 11 A. M., ani
ji Rev. Dr. Gllby C. Kelly, the pastor, a
- S P. M.
Speclal servlces will hc held ln th
Sovonth-Day Adventlst Chureh, o1
North Thlrty-thlrd Street. Elder G. 1
Thompson, of Washlngton, D. C
wlll preach at i: A. al. Klder B. I
Houso will preach at 3 P. M. In th
evenlng at 7:15 > clock, Klder G. 1
Thompson wlll preach on "Satan's Mos
Deceptlve Theme."
The Rev. B. H. Meltou wlll preach a
11 A. M. anel 8 P. M. ln the MarslKi)
Streot Christlan Chureh.
The Rev. Henry Pcarco Atklns wl
preach mornlng nnd nlght ln thc Wos
End Christlan Cliurch.
The Rev. II. li. C. Maclachlan wl
preach at thc Seventh Slreet Chrlstli
Chureh ln the mornlng on "GIrded Wlt
a Towel," and In ovenlng on "Anotho
Man's Sermon." Special music by th
fiuartet wlll be rendered at both sei
* ?
The Rav. Dr. E. Pendleton .Tones wl!
preach at the Plne Street Baptls
Chureh at the regular hours?11 A. A
and S P. M. lle will also address th
Sunday schoo) nt 10 A. M. and spea
at a spoclal servlco for young peopl
at 3 P. M. The meetings wlll contlnu
every night during the wook.
At Betlilohoni Lutheran Cliurch, Rixt
and (May Streets, tho pastor, tho Re^
j F, Me-usc-hke, wlll preach ln tlio mon;
I ing on "The Temptatlon of Chrlst,'
I- at nlght on "Tho Sevenfold Mossag
it Froni the Cross." During kent th
'?; pastor is prcae-hiug a series of set
!" mons in connection wlth the Savlour'
''I Holy Passlon. Speclnl I.enten servlce
a aro held Wednesday nnd Sunday nlght
nt S o'clock.
I Tlie Rov. Dr. F. T. McFaden wi
preacti at both servlces at tho Flrst
Presbyterian Chureh,
? ? ?
Tho Rev. S. c. Mitchell, D. D., wlll
conduct thc servlces at lho Flrst Bap?
tlst Cliurch, mornlng anel evenlng.
? ? .
Sorvlces wlll bc held at Davlson'-s
Hall, Seventh nnd Broad Streets, In the
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mr. Clarcncn B.
Fowler, of Washlngton, wlll preach.
? ?? '?
In Asbtiry Place Methodlst Chureh,
j lho pastor, tho Rov. G. II. McFuden,
wlll preach at 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Ills
; subjects wlll bc, mornlng: "Karthly
i Treasures." Evenlng: "Tho Klng of
. ? ?
Thc nfternoon serviccs Sunday and
Wednesday at Monumontnl Chureh are
now held at 5 o'clock lnstead of I
I o'clock, as heretoforc. Servlco wlll
be held every Monelny nlght durlr.K
| Lenl at 8:15 o'clock. Tho subject nexi
Monday Is "Lent?Why?'"
? ? *
At the Flrst Unltarlun Cliurch, ser?
vlces wil! bo held in tho morning at
11 o'clock, the subject of tho sermor
being, "Character Teachcs Above Oui
Wllls." Sunday school bcglns at 1.1
o'clock. Tho Rev. John L. Robinsor
ls tho mlnlster.
Servlces at Chrlst Episcopal Chtire-1
wlll be as follows: Mornlng servlce
sermon, and baptlsm of udults at 11
o'clock. Evenlng sorvlce, anel sermor
at 8 o'clock. Conflrmation class meet:
Sunduy at 4 P. M., and "Wednesday a
8 P. M. Senior Blble classes meet a
0:30 Sunday mornlng, and wlll renev
tho membershlp contest.
The pastor, the Rev. W. E, Robertson
wlll preaoh at both services In Ran
I dolph Street Baptlst Chureh. The morn
l| Ing subject wlll be "Noah. tho Preach
er." ih?- second ln thc series on Oh
Testament Heroes. At nlght tho sub
ject wlll bc "The Lame Man Healed."
? ? ?
The Rev. Dr. Ryland Knlght. pas-to
of Calvary Raplist Chureh. wlll preac]
at both services. The subject for th
mornlng sermon wlll be "Secular an.
Tho unnual meeting of the Baptls
?| Sunday School Assoclatlon of Rlch
jjmond nnd Manchester wlll be helel 1
the afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at Leig
Streot Baptlst Chureh. The clcctlo
of ofllcers Wlll tako place.
At the Immunuel Baptlst Churcl
the pastor, the Rev. E. W. Stone, wl!
t-ondue-t botb servlces. Mornlng sub
Ject: "The Chrlstlan's Wealth." Even
lng subject: "Tho Well of LIvIn
The Rev. J. K. Jolllff wlll preach n
Park Placo Methodlst Cliurch at 1
A. M.. nnd thc pastor, the Rev. M. 1
Colonna, wlll preach at 8 P. M.
At tho Grace Street Baptlst Churc
the pulplt wlll be occupled by the pa*
tor. tho Rev. Davld M. Ramsay, D. D
nt both serviccs. The mornlng subjee
"What Is Jesus Dolng To-day?" nn
the evening subject: "Thc More Abunc
nnt To-morrow."
Sorvlces wlll be conducted nt Fall
mount Christlan Chureh mornlng an
evenlng by the Rev. Itugh W. Sublet
? ? * *
At, Centenary Methodlst Chureh, tl
pnstor, the Rev. J. N. Entham. wl
preach at 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. Mornin
subject: "Men Ought Always to Pray
Evenlng subject; "I.et No Man Dcspl.
Thy Youth." '
At Leigh Street Baptlst Chureh th
Rev. Dr. T. B. Ray wlll preach tho ar
niversury sermon before the Youn
Ladles' Misslonary Soclety In the mon
ing. A full attendance of the youn
ladles of the congregntlon ls desire.
At nlght the pastor the Rev. XV. S. Doi
sott wlll preach tho second of n serle
of sermons on "Chaptors From tl
Exporleneos of a Soul." Hls subjei
wlll bo "A Sinnlng Soul's Experiene
of Suffering."
*' ? ...?
Regular sorvlces at First Cliurch e
Chrlst, Scientist, will be held to-mo
row at 11 o'clock in the cliurch, Par
The Day
The South Atlantic
: : : Life Received
The Extra Day in 1908 (Leap Year) Was the Best in the Co.'s History.
. The Insurance Applied for in 1907, Increased 312% over 1906.
January, 1908, Beat January, 1907, 395%; February, 1908, Beat February,
1907, 440%.
The Whole South has Cordially Endorsed the SOUTH-ATLANTIC.
The Wonderful Record of Last Year, and of 1908, has Attracted Wide
(Talk with a
IVnlyJVnM [Before Insuring
Are N o w|
n ? ? m??mm
Avenuo and Meadow Street. Subjeci
ot sermon, "Mnn." j
At tlio Cliurch of thc Covonant thi
pastor, tlie Rev. Dr. .1. Calvln Stewart
wlll occupy the pulplt ut ll A. M. and
8 P. M. Tho pows in the new churcfc
are all froe, and ull uro welcome.
There wlll bo preaching at Laurel
Streot Methodlst Chureh at 11 A. M.
nnel 8 P. M. by tho pastor, the Rev.
Dr. J. II. Moss. Hls mornlng subject
wlll bo "VituI Radlatlon," und hls
evenlng subject, "Noah and Hls Times,"
tho seconel ln tho series of tulks upon
Old Testament characters.
Tho Rev. Dr. R. B. Eggleston wlll
preach mornlng and nlght nt the Third
Presbyterian Cliurch, Twcnty-slxth and
Broad Streets.
At Epworth Methodlst Chureh the
Rev. Otls Clnrk wlll preach at 11 A.
M? and at 8 P. M. tho Rev. C. II.
Smith wlll preach.
Regular servlc->K ut IVt-atherford
Memorlal Baptlst Chureh Bunday 11 A.
M., 8 P. M., conducted by tlio pastor,
J. B. Cook. Mornlng subject. "Duty
and Bolievers Maintained ?5ood Work";
evenlng nubJoe-t. "Tho General ane!
Flnul Judgment."
Virginia Brevities
HARRIBONBUJtO, VA., March o.?Dr. It.
1 ?; m. Ro-rtrs, member or tlie Lefialature from
> | tbla county, la <-iui<-ally tli ut hls home ?l
1 Mi. CrmWferd. aml tl is feured thut he Wlll
i| NORFOLK VA.?1> Lawfeno'a Oroner aml
ll" 1" Beinlln'g, e>f Norfolk county, are slatcl
an repreaentailvti ta ih- n&tlonsJ conventlon
of the Republlcan party from thln con
g.esslonal elhtrk-t. Alvah 11. Muriln wlll
ulso bo advoeated ;n the dele-pmte-at-IarM
iiem ibe Eastern >?? ctlon of Vlri
APPOMATTOX, VA ?Mr. T. H. Hanceekj
of tbla place. who |3 now wurk'n.: ir: lloun
oke. happened to a paintul ??'
Tuesduy. cauted by .i l,u<-k.-t falling on bu
head. Mrs. il.n.---.<-!< loft on lie sftemoe .
tiuln for lhat plnce 10 be wlth hlm until
he la able to Lo brought I.omc. At t!il? tlme
Mr. Jlancock la reported much better.
FRONT ROVAL VA.?In the Clrcuil
Ccurt of Warren county, Judge Thomaa VV,
Harrison. of Wlocbeeter, preaidlng, Je>liu
Duke and Gllbr-rt Manucl. dl?t?I|er?, w?n
Indlcted for runnliiK dlsiill-.rU:-> ln much tli*
??m? manner aa bar-roorae, nntl Gcorgu
Alexander was Indlciod for opcrutlr.g u bai
.wm without a license, i?-inn ilne.l $150 an.l
lij'j coats, und glven two months ln Jall.
ItrilSTOL, VA.?Mra. Susan fcarns. clglity
yeara old. and a membor of a promlnent
fi-mllv ri lldlng near hetc. *?? aeeldenlallv
?tiol to doali. by her aon-lii-law, Wllllani
Taylor, at wlioao home "lie reslded, late
last evening. Tli-- ahootlnc created mucii
cxcltorrrent. aml Taylor Is sald to bo almoai
lnsane over the- trageely. The aged womun
llved only a few hiihuiks.
ALEXANDRIA, VA.?The Flrst Baptlsl
.Chureh ol Alexandrla lias accepted the
-1 rulgnatlon bt tht Hev. W. K. Flahor aa pas?
tor f< take effect Ap.il soth. Dr. l-'ish.-i
Klll preach hls farewell sermon lho last
Sunday In Apill. and wlll go to Lynchbur*
\u., \vhere ha wlll make hls home.
BPOT8YLVANIA, VA.?John IT. Fcather.
stone. of .Southslde Virginia, died In Wash
h'Bton. D. C., on yesterday from the .-ffecte
of nn opnratlon on hlm for iippe-ndlcitls.
Ills remalns were laken homc for lnu-imont.
NEWPORT NEWS, VA.?Colonel Maryui
Jrnes has announced his candldacy for
Mayor. Tlils makes three candldates for
tne' Democratlc nomlnatlon.
'BEDFORD CITY. VA.?Tlie local optlori
elot-tlon hero was the Immedlate cause ol
tre death of .luinea Franklln, one of tlie
most worthy colored men of tho communlty
rriniklin had been slck several months. and
ln iiisenfe.-bl-j-lcnndltloiiwas brought through
tlie enow-uoim lo the polls In a carrlnge by
tl-.e saloon men. llrt eaat hlM voto and
reached home, but there cullapued. und dled
j shortly afterwatd.
Tho Unlted States Civll Servlce Commis?
slon has- announced thc followlng cxnmlna
t'ons to bu held on the dntea named to se
curo'a Ustof el.gib.es fron. whlch to make
ce-itlilcatlon to llll vacancle* us th-'j muy
urUe from tln.e to tlme ln the dlffcre.it
positions numbered below:
March 25?Boll chemlsl. Bureau of Solls,
IVpartmont of Agrlculture; roller operator.
Olflee of Public Houds, Department of Agrl?
March 2u-:!6?Parnpeotlvo draftsman, Ot
|:ca of the SnpervlHli.g Architect.
Aprll 1?Laboratory nld. Bureau of Plant
li.dustry, Department of Agrlculture; llbri.iy
naglgtant In furm managomant Cfemale), pe
pnrtmetif of Agrkulturo; printer. enialo),
Bblein School, Oregon. Indlan servlce.
Aprll S?Miu'Sne steam onginecr, slgnal
stivlce .it large, Hcattle, Wash.
April 15-16?Hclentlflo asslstant, Dopart
mnnt of Agrlculture.
Aprll -2?Asslstant In grain stanelardlza
t:on (male), Department of Aitrleulture.
May C?Apptentlce, Mlnt and Assuy Office.

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