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to nllow the buildlng of Ihe new bnt
tlrshlps, siihinnrlne boats, etc, ns
aitthorlzorl by thc blll nt nny shlp
j-nrd ln tho world nnd taking awny
tho restrlctlon In fnvor of domestlc
Alr. Qore had no support ln hls flrst
motlon to permlt the buildlng of the
?hips -broad, nnd slxty-two votes wero
Itglstered nKnln.'t hlm.
Hls second motlon wbf to strike oui
the provisions lhat nll the parts of
tlifse ships nnd the (Hocl mntorlnl used
ln them shall bc of domestlc niatiufac
On motlon of Mr. ltnle that nmend
tiicnt was lald on thc table b.v a voto of
it, to 0, Mr. Gore sccurlng the support
of Henators Bftcon, Cjilberaoni Davls,
Gary. MoCreary; Mllton. Money and
Blmmdns, nll Democrnta, Mr. Gore of.
fticd the nniondinonts. ho sald. to "rea?
cuo thls country froin the tolls of tlvi
?tt'el trust,'1 whlch ho regarded aa tho
t/ipeworm of the treasury."
Th** steol tnitFt, ho snld. not only held
Op the country, but It held up tho
Amerlcan inerchanl marlne.
Al Merry of Trusl.
Mr. Bacon*- also f-poke ln fiivnr of
tllmlnating thc provisions roqulring
ftietertala of domestlc mnnufaeture, ns
hc sald It would hy law force t,lr> gov?
ernment to buy of tho trupt at cxtor
tlonate prlcea;
He rememb-red, ho satd, hearlng
tho Senal ir froni Maine (Mr, Hale). on
a former occaslon. say the stmi Truel
"hnd tho opportunity to put tho knlfe
Into un. lle snld tho iuinor-phitc
could he made by only two or threo
concerns In the Unlted States, aml
viierf tbe tlmo camo to bufid them they
would have a combination nnd the
co*_htry by law, would he At tho mercy
of the trust. Saylng that somo near
hlm had sald, "ti. was unwllllng tt
trust thc ofiemy wlth mnking our
wtapons of defense.' Mr. Gore ilt-.
clared that tho experts of tho govern?
ment could he ilependod upon to see
to thc quality uf material purchased.
lf hls amend mont, he safd, had been
adopted, not a ton of steel would he
purchased abroad.
'I'lirce, fnatentl nf Tno.
"What I want," declare'd Mr. Gore,
"Is to leglslate so that wo can Kot
three. Instead of Iwo battleshlps for
the same money."
.Mr. Money 6fferod an amendment
providlng thal material for the new
smps shall be of domesfic nianufac
ture, but periiiitiing it to ho purchased
ahroad, explalning Chat ft was well
known that Anierican goods were sold
ciieaper abroad fhan ln thls country.
Mr. Hale sald that as worded the
blll would permlt Just what tho Mis
Bl8slpp| Senator contended for, and the
amendment was wlthdrawn.
Mr. Beveridge lnsisted that he had
reliahle figures showlig ihnt tho
Unlted States pays less for Its steel
plate for battleshlps than any other
natlon of the world except .lapan.
Mr. Bacon offered an amendment
providlng that the Presldent or Secre?
tary of thc Navy shall be authorlzed
lo purchaso any part of the material
ibroad In any caso where thc material
nf domestlc manufacturo cannot. ln hls
ludgme-it. bo purchased at a reasonable
prlco. havlng regard to the cost of riiari
\ifacture and a reasonable prollt. The
imendmerit was rejected by a vote of
Sl to 35.
Replying to a question, Mr. Hale said
;he Unlted States was paying $416 per
ton for its armor, and that Germany
paid $4;,'\ France $500 and England
5*525 por ton. ?
Mr. Hale lnsisted that tho. Investiga?
tion of the "steel trust" some years
ago had brought about a reduction of
the price for armor from $5.i0 and JG0O
to $416.
More Tor Suhmnrlnca.
A commltteo amendment propose J by
Mr. Hale reduclng the stlpulatod speed
of the two fleot colliers froin sixtecu
to fourtcen knots was adopted.
On motlon of Mr. Hale the appr i
prlation made by the House of $1,000,
000 toward thc constructlon of elght
mbmarine torpedo boats was lncrea?id
-.o $3,000,000, which may iie apn'iei
toward the completlon of -Ubmarluo
boats heretofore authorlzed.
An amendment appropriatln;; $ 100. -
ItOO for " a new trunk-ln battloship
holst." proposed by Mr. Ilalo. wus
An amendment was agreed to ap
propriating $7,000,000 toward the
constructlon, machinery, armor and ar
mament of vessels authorlzed ln thls
Thls action was taken wlthout com
ment, it havlng been stated yesterday
that such a provlslon would permit a
prompt beglnnlng of tha constructlon
of the now battleshlps}
The pay of the enllsted men in tho
hOE-pit.al corps'of the navy ls made tho
same as that of seamen of correspond?
lng ratlng hy a committee amendment
which was adopted.
No More "Irons."
On a polnt of order made by Mr.
I.odge, the committee amendment giv?
ing naval staff offlcers rank on tha
same basls as that provlded for the
stflff of the army, and providlng that
command of vessels shall he exercisod
only by llne offlcers. wa.s strlcken from
Iho bill a.s general leglslatlon.
On a motlon of Mr. Dlck, of Ohio,
the hlll was amended so as to allow
Ely months' pay to the helrs ot offlcers
and men of tho navy dylng in the ser?
"'Irons as a form of punishment" are
barred from the navy by a provision
inserted ln the hill by Mr. Nelson, of
When the blll hnd beon nearly com?
pleted. Senator Piles. of Waslllngton,
offered an amendment 1'icreasing tho
number nf hattlcshlps from two to four,
asklng at 1 lio samo time thnt the tlnai
consideratlon of the measure be post?
poned untll to-morrow.
Mr. Hale belleved the Senate had
mado up Its mlnd about tliat niatter1'
but as two or three Senntors deslred
to speak on the subject. ho preferred
postponlng consideratlon of tho amerid
meit until to-morrow.
Governor llngliea Wlll Cnll Lntrmnkera
Back for llneo Legl-latluii.
ALBANY, N. V.. Aprll 23?The Usr
Uiature of,New York closed its ,-egu.
lar term thls afternoon, Thc .-,-i,,?.<
of its closlng hoiirs had hardly dled
away boforo Governor Hughes causo 1
to he tiied a prdclamatldn sunimonlna
nn extraordlnary sesslon to begln ?ii
May llth. at 1:30 P, M.
The proclainatlon give* no lntlma?
tlon of the purpose for whlch th.-.
Governor calls the extra sesslon, The
fjeneral'expeetatioi, lg that he wlll ro,
onimeiid for further consideratlon tha
prbpoai tions of hla annual and spe?
cial messagos of thls year. whlch tho
Leglslature failed to enact, especially
Hood's Sarsaparilla
A Pure Medicine
Rullds up the strength, oxpelu all
blood humors, tones tho. atomach and
overioines that Hred feellng.
Always pure, safe and honoflclal, no
rhang.?s I ave been necessary ln Hood'i
Baraaparilla or its advertising to eon>
(form to Mie Ture Food and Drugs I.aiv
or to public sentiment.
In.unua.1.'liquid form or in ehOftOlatei:
tablets called -umolalui." 100 Dosei
Qat Do)'"- ." " u '---"iv.
H^xf^^?>^?io^t%^i^ *-^.iB?pirj?-f.to_^C_o_j}_<?a'!i-a,
Boys' Clothes
that are made for boys?
youthful ln style and fabrics, careful in
workmanshlp, and presentlng the newest
Such are the new spring stocks now
showing in our Boys' Department,
Our Boys' Department, ls a dlstinct sur?
prlse to mothers on their flrst visit, in
many ways. Almost our entire second
floor is covered with great assortments of
everything boys wear?for dress, play,
school; nlght or day; from hats and caps
to shoes and sandals.
Every pockot-book has a showing, every
customer satisfaction, and every boy a be?
comlng fit.
Cassimere Suits, $3.50 up.
Washable Suits, 05c up.
Play Suits, 50c up.
Every comfort is provlded for our pa
trons while shopping here.
0. H. Berry & Company.
e s
_. ,8
m w
I'lr.-t . .110 28
Second . 745 40
Thlrd _. 523 72
t'rncr Streot. ."ll*: 45
(oveiinnt . 384 32
llngc Alemorlnl. 2SII 5
AVe-tmin..ter . 83 7
MRnelieMer . 230 27
Mlispnh. 131 23
O.i'rbrook . U7 4
Alrinlrn.o. . 33 33
liilrinniint . HO 30
f'lnter Pnrk. 22 22
Tnbli Sl.. IVteriHbur*!;. .. 417 43
Second, Petpr.liiirs.. 457 82
Frederlck-i burtv . 278 27
Hon Alr. 82
A-diliiiid . 120 5
Oli'vel _. 20
n.vni . rin 4
l.nwrenoevllle ......... 23 2
.V-ittn-vny .'.'. 220 Hl
t 11 roll n,. . S
Chester. 32 5
Amelln. 220 14
llnnklnn . 35 23
IVnmojiiie . 7,-, 7
SHnmel Ilnvlp... 22(1 10
nriin?*vlek . 130 7
Emporln . 35 37
(irnnd totnl.6,030 05(1
(12,1110 S* 1,401
3.70S 1,500
542 514
1,10." 727
30."- (100
."11 (10
42 Hlll
18' 11(1
202 482
2(1 117
21 17
2.4 (!2
= '- a
-00 $10,887 .-.8,823 $2S,004 $00,85)7 $380,000
tlie ellminatlon of the sectlons of the
Perry-Gray raclng law and penal codo.
whlch for thirteen years has protcctod
publlc gamhling at race-tracks; the
establishment of a permlsslve system
of dlrect nomlnating jirlmary elec?
tlons. and the nmendment of tho Pub?
llc Servlce Comml.?sion'H law, so as
to extend the jurlsdlctlon of the com?
misslon over telegraph and telephone
companles. ferrios and stage llnes.
Not fo Be Trled Untll September?N'ot
In_nne A-Tlien He Killed Wife.
DEDHAM, MASS., April 23.?-As a
result ot* a plea ln abatenient entered
In the Superior Court hero to-day, the
caso of Dr. AAraIter ll. Amesbury, who
has been Indicted Por the alleged mur?
der of hls wife, formerly a teacher in
itoanoke College, Danvllle, Va., at Hyde
Park, on December 2t1t7i last. wlll go
ovor untll ihe September term of the
The plea **.^ts entered by counsel for
ur. Amesbury. The Indictments glve
the name of Mrs. Amesbury as "Anna
B.," whereas counsel declares lt
stiould be "Anna V."
Dlstrlet Attorney Grover consented
to aTi amendnleht of the Indlctment.
wlilch wlll nocessltate a postponement
of the trivil untll flie September term.
Dr. George F. Jolly. and Dr. Joseph
\V. Cortney, who have conducted an
examlnatlon of Amesbury's mental
condition, reported to tho court that
Amesbury was not insane at the time
lie is alleged to lfave shot his wife, and
tliat he is not insane now. *:
NEW YORIC, April 23.*?Directors of
the Norfolk and AVesterri Railway
Companv to-dav declared a seml-an
nual dlvldend of 2 per ceni. upon ihe
common stock. This is a reduction of
half of 1 per cont. of that of the
last previous seml-annual dlsbursemeni
and rcduces tho stock from a 5 per
cent. to a -1 per cent. dlvldend.
[Spnclal to Tha Tlma.-Qlspatoh.l
STAUNTON, VA.. Aprll 23.?-Ira Tay?
lor, tlie man arrested for threaten
ing the pollco, was lined to-day anJ
later In the day was released, the nne
havlng been put'' hy a companlon, wlt.
was engaged wllh hlm on a patntlitB
The two, tliey say, are going to
Cralgsville. The police here stlll Ihi.-lK
Taylor ls "Topeka Joe."
NORFOLK. VA., April .'.'?..?A very
r,uiet and home weddlng was cele?
brated Wednesday afternoon ai tlie
homo of the brlde's mother, Mrs. J.
P, Niemeyer. No. !110 Middle Street,
whon Miss Marle Antonia Niemeyer
became the brlde ot Mr. Alfred C. Lei
bler. Only Immediate relatlves were
present when Rev. Father Donnhu.,
pastor of St. Paul's Cathollc Church,
performed thr ceremony.
Mrs. Henry Bagley, cbusln of tht
brlde, was niHtron of honor, and Ray
mond Nlemeyor, brother uf the brlde,
atted aaSbest man.
After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs
Lelblor left for a Northern tour anil
Wlll irsl.le wlth the ,brlde's inotllOl
upon tlieir return to this clty.
UnUiiiK Fund for Unlverslty.
[Speclal to Tha Tlmi-a-Di.pat.h.)
LYNCHBURG. VA:, April _..?Tht
Court Street Methodlst Chtirchi of thi;
city. one of tlie largest congrcgatlon!
in the Vlrgliila Conference, is en
gagod tn ralsing a fund of J2n,ono foi
tlie SoochoAv Unlverslty in china, ani
ci ns.dcrably more than lialf th<
aiuount is already pledged.
AA'uni ti iinriiiine ISxchange,
I Sp#olal tr> Tlie Tlm->_-i:>l_pi.t.h.J
MUtl-'OLK, A'A.. April 2..?The BOBCl
nf Trado cominlttee ou mnrltimo mat
iirs is worklng for the QBtabllshmeh
of a nrirltlnin exchniiKe ln Norfolk. a
hu eftrly date. Tho rapld growth. of tli"1
porl aml tho large husiiiOMs belng do'iv
makes tho e.tttbll.hmoiU of su.-h ui
. veliiuiRe dc.ii-iihle.
ReorgllllUi' lleilleiil Depiirliiicut.
WAgiilNGTON. Aprll _?_.?-Tlio Prcsl
(l'.U to-day slgned thi, I.IU reeentl'
pasHi'd by both lioui-e.. of Congroga pro
viding lor ilu- n-orgtint?atloii of lli
medlcal department of the nrniy, m> j
tf) provido for a, medical curps and i
medlcal ruaeiyo corpa.
Richmond College Chapter of the Pi
Kappa Alpha Fraternlty gave Its an?
nual dance at the Hermitage Golf Club
last nlght. Mr. and Mrs. James Alston
Cabell chaperoned the party, whlch
conslsted of the members of the actlve
chapter, sevoral alumni and represen?
tatlves from the other fraternitles at
Among those present were the fol?
Paul Woodfln, with Miss Edlth Wat?
George B. Wright, with Miss Wlllle
B. E. Steele, wlth Miss Sadle Neale.
Sam I.acy. with Mlss Jean Knox.
Walter Nance, wlth Mlss Helen Stagg.
Denny Wright, wlth Miss Doulse
Spencer Ellls, wlth Miss Judith Kemp.
Pearje Wright, with Miss Maynie
P. T. Atkins, wlth Mlss Pena Glaze
Henry Taylor, wlth Emlly Blake.
Frank Anderson, wlth Mlss Wharton.
T. H. Nottingham, wlth Mlss Ruth
.lohn Duval, with Mlss Jennie Pearce.
F. P. Davis, with Mlss Bessle Ryland.
Stags?E. A. Dunlop, Jr., H. B. Handy,
W. R. 1_ Smith, Jr., M. A. Chambets.
A. W, Robertson, Spencer Glll, Charles
NEW YORK. Aprll 23.?With a smlle
on hls face and clasplng to hls breast
a sword whlch he had carrled ns one
of Morgan's raidors in the Clvil War.
Colonel W. S. S. Warwlck was found
dead in his squalld little apartment
ln the top floor of a roomlng-house
at 2711 Arthur Avenuo, the Bronx.
Warwlck was once affluent and en?
tertained vlsltors to New York in
splendid style, but dlsastrous losses
reduced him to penury. The discovery
was made by an old negro "ninmmy,"
whom Warwlck had brought from the
South years ngo whon he was pros
perous. The old negro dld not desert
hlm ln hls poverty, but carrled hiB
rolls and coffeo to him every mornlng.
and took care of hls npartment.
Colonel Warwlck was eonneeted wlth
many pronilnent Vlrglnla families.
Forocast: Vlrglnla?Unsettled weath?
er wlth occaslonal showers Frlday and
Saturday'; south wlnds, increaslng Frl?
day nlght.
North Carolina?Fair Frlday, warm?
er ln east portlon Saturday; .showers,
fresh to brlsk east to southea'st wlnds.
lllchmond's weather was clear and
warm. Range of the thernidmotor:
9 A. M.62 0 P. M.60
12 M.73 !i P. M.
3 P. M.74 12 midnight....64
Average.67 1-2
Highest temperaturo yesterday. 7?
Lowest temperature yosterUay. 5S
Mean tomperattire yesterday. 67
Normal temperiiiure yesterday. ho
Depavtura from normal tomperature 7
(Al 8 P. M.'i Kastern Time.)
Place. Ther. II.T. Weather.
Ashevllle . 70 go Clenr
Atlanta . 72 7S cimidy
Buffalo . SS ?i Clear
Charlotte . 72 no itain
Chicago . 60 70 ilaln
Cincinnatl . 76 su p, cloudy
Detrolt .64 70 Cloudy
Hattoriis .60 6S Haln
Jacksonvllle .... 74 7s Clear
Kansas Clty. HR 76 P. cloudy
Memphls . 80 Sl Cloudy
Mobile . 7ti SO Clenr
Now Orleana.'... 7S 86 Gloiir
t.iklahoma Clty.. 66 7S 1". cloudy
Pittsburg . 74 7s Kain
Halolgh . 61 70 ltnln
SiiVhtinah .72 70 Ilaln
iN'nrlolk . 64 Vu Clenr
Tuinpii .70 Sl Cloar
. Wushliigton ...s 70 S2 Clear
. YellowHtoiui .... 48 60 Uuln
Aprll 24. 100.,
"sun rlsen.6:3r> HltlHTlDK.
? I.Smi sets.6:51 Mornlng.11:1S
iMuuu ri-cu.. .1:41 Evculiitf.W,W
East Hanover Rcfttscs to Indorse
Changes Proposed by Assem?
bly and Committee.
Next Stated Meeting to bc Held
in Blackstone" in September.
Reports of Churches.
After a very busy rrfornlng sesslon,
the Enst Hnnovor Presbytery closed lta
spring meetHg at the Flrst Presby?
terlan Cliurcli yosterday, The flrst mat?
ter or importance 'taken up wns an
overturo sent down to ull thn presby
lerles by the General Assembly, asking
<or n chango In the law of the church
In regard to commissions. Tlie pres?
bytery voted unanlmously agalnst tho
overture, proferrlng that the lnw re?
maln as It Is. The presbytery then
elected tho followl-ig ns Its representa?
tlves to the General Assembly, lo meet
in Greensboro, N. C, noNt month: The
Rev. R. B. Eggleston. the Rev. F. F.
Jones. Mr. R. H. Gllliam nnd Mr. George
R. Cannon, wlth the Rev. D. K. AVnl
thall. the Rev. F. AV. Osborne. Mj. M?
M. Gllliam and Mr. D. K. Kcllog as
Deellnetl io Approve.
A communlcation was received from
the nssembly's commlttee on home mls?
sions asking the presbytery to indorse
a plan proposed for unlfylng tho homo
mlsslon work of the church. Thls
plan practlcally nboilshes the dlstlne
tlons now made between the assembly'*',
the synod's and the preshytery's work
by comblnlng them sll mder one gen?
eral management. Tho presbytery de
cllned to approve the plan.
The Rev. R. B. Eggleston was ex
cused from ncflng Ionger ns moderator
of the Fairfleld sesslon, snd the Rev.
D. I.. AValthall was appolnted to flll
the position. The Rev. Tllden Scherer
was appolnted moderator of Byrd ses?
slon. These churches have no pastors.
A large -lumber ot reports were pre?
sented showlng the work of the
churches In all thelr departments to be
ln a most excellent condition. In?
crease in membershlp and in contrlbii
tlons ls lndlcated tn almost every
church in the presbytery. A summary
of the reports of the churches for the
year endlng Aprll lst is prlnted wlth
thls article.
The next stated meetlng of tlie pres?
bytery wlll be held ln Blackstone on
September 22d. An adjourned meetlng
wlll hc held in the Publlcatlon House,
in thls clty. on June lst ut 10:30
o'clock A. M.
Tbe presbytery ndopted a vote of
thanks to the pastor and members of
the church for thelr klnd hospitality
and to the faculty and students of
AVestmlnster School for the enjoyable
reception tendered to the hody:- -
Standlnsr of Pupll*,,
The standins of the pupils of PeKiam'*'
School for the month ending Aprll 17th. is
a- follows: Scholar-hlp?Rena Mlldrcu
H-her, in. per cent.; D. Ftern. 99 per cent.;
Evelyn C. Richardson. 93 per cent.; Edna
Enrle Barker, 98 per cent.: Helen i_'o_-Bwell
9S per-cent.: Katherine Lee Gold. 97 per
cent.; Stella Anderson, 01 per cent.*. Jennle
Kogers. 95 per cent.; Jcanne Chernault. 91
rti- cent.
One hundred per cent. In conauct: D.
SUrn, Evelyn Richardson, Helen Cogswell,
Katherine Lee Gold, Stella Anderson, Jen
r.ie Rogere.
Not absent: Helen Cogswell, Edna Bar?
ker Jeanne Chernault, Jennle Rogers.
Not late: T>. Stern, Stella Anderson,
Jeanne Chernault, Helen Cogswell.
Absent on account of slckness: Ogle
Lay Cornerstone To-Morro*v.
Masons of Rlchmond and Highland
Park will assemble at the laylng of
the cornerstone of the Northside Bap?
tist Churcii to-morrow afternoon at
5:15 o'clock.
The ceremonies will be conducted by
Northside Lodge, No. 292, Anclent, Free
and Accepted Masons, of whlch Mr.
.lulien Gttnn is worshipful master. In
vitatlons have been Issued asking all
slster lodges to be present and take
part. Mayor Carlton McCarthy wlll be
the prlnclpal speaker. The lodge is
called to meet at 1 o'clock.
Small Flre In Fulton.
l'ho la.-t iii_* 11r uaninged the house of E.
M. Holmes at No. 3.08 Lester Street, Ful?
ton. An alarm waa turned In from Box
1'2; from Maln and Ash Streets, at 8 o'clock,
and the prompt response of the department
_:i\ed the house, but only after a sharp
fl_,ht, ln whlch some damage was done b>
water. Mr. Holmes was not able to tlx the
tctal amount of damage last nlght.
Flucd for Street How.
Henry Burch and James McCulloch
were ln the Police Court yesterday
morning charged wlth assaultlng and
beating Mollle James. McCulloch was
dlscharged. Burch being fined 110 and
requlred to glve security for hls good
Charged Wlth Stenllng.
A\ iUiam Prasker, colored, was ln the
Foi ice Court yesteruay morning on
the charge ot stealing ?23 belonglng
to, the colored cook of a Broad Stroet
restaurant. In order to get addljrlonal
evidence tlie caso was contlnued! untll
Tuesday. i
invlliifliniM Issued,
Invltatlons are belng issued to a
reception in lionor of tho delegates to
tht-. Nntionni Conventlorv of ihe St. Vin?
cent De Paul Society, to be held in
tho Masonlc Temple on tho evenlng of
May nth, from 9 to 12 o'clock. The
moetiiii. of this society Is lts sev
enty-iifth anniversary, and will be
largely attended.
"cnt HI . AVIfc.
Lewis Rllls, colored. was In the
? .oncei Court yesterday morning charg?
ed wlth assaultlng, striking and ahus
Ing lils wifo. Ho pald J10 and costs,
[?nd Kave security for hls good be
Sulllviiu AA'Ins.
LOS ANGELES, CAL., Aprll 23.?Miko
("Twln" iSullIvan got tho declslon to
nlght over Jlminy Gardner at the Jef?
fries Athletic Club.
No matter how long it has b_en gray
or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth
of healthy hair. Stopa its falling out.
and poaltlvcly removes Dan
arull. Keapa hair soft and glossy. Ro
fuse all substitutea. Z% tin__s aa
much in $1.00 as 60c sizt.
i Phtlo Hay Spec. Co? Newsrtt, N, J.
81 and 50e bottles, at drugalsta'*
Fliiod wlth light, toothiome
blicult stands tho famous
(lood luck Baking Powder,
whogo ununlial morlt li pre
served by the patcnted moliit
ure-proo? tln-foll news-board
Good Luck
Baking Powder
And It meots wlth tbe approval
of all cooks who grnnt lt a
thorough trlal. It leavens bet?
ter nnd requlres less.
6 ounces, 6 cents; 1 pound,
10 cents; at your dealers.
The Southern
Manufacturing Company
Younger Set to Appear on Roll
ers in German Figure?Many
Boxes Taken.
Young- peoplo of tho city are iiiani
festlng much Interest ln thc skatlng
carnlval to be given thls nftornoon at
4 o'clock, nnd tiiis evoning at 8:31
o'clock. in tho Horse Show Buildlng.
Many of tho hoxes have been sold to
prominent people, .nnd the board of
the Ilonio for Incurables |_ cxertlng
every effort to render tho occaslon
thoroughly enjoyable to those who at?
From 8:30 to 10 P. M. there wlll
be general skatlng. At 10 P. SL the
lloor wlll be cleared for tho mlle raco.
In whlch Alex Taylor, champlon juvu.
nlle skator of tho South, will appear.
Mr. Rlchard B. Mauzy wlll be seen In
fancy skatlng acts. After thls wlll hc
the feature of the evening. the young?
er society contlngent appearlng ln a
german figure on skates. led by Mlss
Doulse Boudar and Mr. Willlam Dewev
Cook. . Prizes will be glven at both
performances for the most graccful
skater, and the wlnners of the mlle
race. for whlch competent Judges have
been selected.
The afternoon entertalnment ls es
peclaily for the llttle people. who nre
requested to brlng their .skates wlth
them. Llttle Miss Bessle Herbert will
be seen at thls performance with her
dog. In the evenlng the Blues* Eand
wlll play.
The carnlval ls for the beneflt of the
Homo for Incurables. Among those
who will occupy boxes aro Governor
and Mrs. Claude Swanson. Mrs. Robert
G, Rennolds, Mr. W. T. Dabncy, Mr. tl.
D. Starke, Mr. Charles W. Harwood.
Mrs. 11. A. McCurdy, Mrs. H. T. Gatei,
Mrs. Willlam Ruffln Cox, Mlss Sarah
Allen, Mr. A. D. Jackson, Mr. Willlam
.1. Grigg, Mrs. Charles Johnson, Mr. J.
Jurgens, Mrs. Warner Moore, Mlss Lucy
Claire Atklnson, Mr. R. C. Jones, Hon.
M. J. Fulton, Mrs. Joseph E. Wlllurd,
Mrs. J. J. Hlckcy. Mlss Travers, Mrs,
John Murphy, Mrs. John D. Corley and
YoiitiK Ofllcer Wedn Prctly Wldow
Whom Iie SIhmm-iI TIirmiKli Plnee.
rSpecial to The Tlmfs-DlsDateh.i
ST LOUIS. MO., Aprll 23.? A Jeffer?
son barracks roinanco culmlnated to
day In the marrlage of Sergeant Edw.
M. Watson,\ son of Thomas J. Wat?
son, of Virginia, the latter a Confed?
erate veteran, to a wealthy widow,
Mrs. Marie K. Hollins, daughter of
Professor cntl MYs. John B. Kendlg,
of Llndell Boulovard.
The acquaintance of tfie couple dates
back to an afternoon last sprlng, whon
Watson gulded pretty Mrs. Rolllns and
a party of her friends about the bar?
racks, showing the camps and the
drllls, and tho routlne of dally llfe at
an a'rmy post. Sergeant Watson*s
bride is relaWd to General Powell
Clayton, formei1 Ambassador to Mexlco,
and to Captain Powell Clayton, of the
Eleventh CnvaTry
Dr. Clinpninn TelU of n Mnu Kept From
CuiuiulttlnK Sulclde.
[Special to The Tlmes-Olspateh.]
NORFOLK, VA., April 23.?Standing
room was at a premium to-nlght in
all four of the blg revlval servlces of
the . Alexander-Chapman evangellcal
campaign, and the meetlngs were char
acterlzcd by the greatest enthuslasm.
The a-inouncement of Dr. Chapman to
day lhat a despondent man, who at?
tended the opening meeting, had re
pented of his determlnatlon to commit
sulclde and given his plstol to the
speaker created a sensatlon. Dr. Chap?
man exhibited the plstol.
Tho -1,000 people at the central meet?
lng took a dare of the singer ?evtB.nge
llst to stand alone and slnge ono verse
of a song. Finally a man arose and
sang a verse. "Vou aro not from
Norfolk?'" asked Alexander. "No; I am
R. F. Green, of Hynttsvllle, Md.','.' was
the quick response.
NEWPORT. R. I., April 23.?The
cruiser Pralrie will sall from hero on
Sunday next, tn charge of Commander
A. A. Aokerman, for Harnpton Roads,
taking a draft of npprent-lces, soamon,
cooks, yeomen and petty ofllcors from
the naval tralnlng statlon,
At liampton Roads she wlll take on
board a draft of mon from the Nor?
folk Navy Yard, and wlll proeeed to
Colon. Thenoo the two drnfts wlll bf
sent ovorland to PBiiama, where they
wlll board the cruiser Buftalo, whlch
wlll oonvey them to the Atlantic fleet.
now ln Paclflc waters. Somo of tlu*
men wlll-ventually go on duty wlth
the Aslatlc (loet.
Rlclimond aud Danviiio play tholr socond
?,-jniQ al tho park to-day, and the vlsltors
mo (lotornilncd to niuke up for Iholr defeat
i-ostcrdiiy. An ftevolle wlll pltch the
chancea aro that llioy wlll havo a hurd
Ilme comlnar back nt tlio lncals.
Morgan. who played NhortRtup ln practlco
(jaineB hero, Avas released yesterday. . Mor?
gan Is n wllllns- wnrker and a good linll
I layer. but Im ls handU.-upp?d al present l>y
an Injured thiRor. Ho ' should liavo nu
IiouIjIo hltdjhib' up Buincwhcro cUe.
Members of Third Section Enjoy
Supper and Hear ,Witty
Tho thlrd sectlon of the Rlchmond
irowltisers highly cnjoyed a Huppor nnd
catnp-flre last nlght at tho rosldenoe
of Sergeant G. H. Myers. Major Myors,
of Norfolk, was toeBtmastcr, and was
ciiunl to all Jovlal rcsponses. Captaln
xv, M. Myers, wlth lils usual wlt and
humor, added 'to tho pleasure of tho
occaslon. Corpornl Bannlstcr respond
ed to the toast, "Tho Lndles," ln a
most npt nnd oxperlonced mannur.
Lleutenant Mlnson, In r'esponso to "A
Soldlor," set forth what a "horny and
daro-devll llfe" lay before those pres?
ent. Lleutenant D. Wnrrlck drew n
most harrowlng prospect for "tho tin
soldlers ln caso of war," and Sergeant
Itowsey apoke of tho usos of loathor ln
Private Huchemann, the latest mem?
ber of tlio soctlon, mnde himself pres?
ent before the end of tho evenlng by
proclalmlng "tho btitlnskys" as welcome
guests, an they saved thoso expocted
hy consumlng conslderable of the ar?
tlllery ptinch. Phllllps. tho bptlclan of
tlio battery, I though for certaln rea
soiih unablo to seo stralght, promlscd
nccurate vlslon on consultatlon to
I'er-Onnl nnd Mrntlnn.
Mrs. E. A. Hatch and littlo datigh
ter. Katherlno Lavlnla, of AVakeflold,
and Mr. J. D. AVobb, of Dlsputanta,
spent Easter wlth thelr slster, Mrs.
Horbert Tyler Adams.
The ftev. Rugeno H. Rawllngs wlll
glve the pupils of Pegram's School a
lecture on "Experlenceg ln tho Holy
Land noxt week.
? , . i
Arqulttal* ln Hustlngi Court.
Defendnnts had thelr Inning ln the Hust
Ingn Court .yesterday. Henry Brown, who
?-a chartred wlth mallclous wnundlng. and
who ln turn was shot ln tha heel, was ar.
quitted. Kranrls McAlevey, charged wlth
heuse-breaklng, was acquitted by a Jury.
JPr*cial to The Tlmes-Dlspatch]
GREENSBORO, N. C. Aprll 23.? Oak
Kl-ge Instltute won over Roanoke Coll-.ge
here to-dny by a srore of 20 to 0. May
bcrry struck out seventeen men nnd con?
trlbuted to the game by a three-bagg-r a
d-uble nnd a single. Oak rtldg* kno.-l.ed
tno men out of the box. Roblnson got 3
three-bagger, whlch he stretched Into a
home run on the throw ln. * Holt got two
iic'nr'*: R. II. E
Onk Rldge.-0 fi j
Rounokn ........ 0 8 6
Batterles?Oak Rldge. Maylicrry and
Holt: Roanoke Bray. Dougherty, VVIIIIa and
Mlller. Umpire. Donnell.
i ? a
Auguatn'a Record.
The Augusta Mllltary Aeademy base?
ball team won Its thlrd successfvo vlc?
tory on the home grounds on last Sat?
urday. The different score. are aa
Augusta Mllltary Aeademy, 15 runs,
U hlts. 2 errors. Harrlsonburg Busl
no.s College. 1 run. l hit, 10 errors.
Augusta Mllltary Aeademy, S runs.
6 hlts. 3 errors. Ffshburne Mllitarv
hchool. 6 runs. 7 hlts. G errors
Augusta Mllltary Aeademy. 6 run*. 5
hlts. 2 errors. Brldgewater College, 1
run. .. hlts. 5 errors.
Tlio Roller brother.. have been the
battery for the Augusta Mllitarv Aead?
emy In these three games. and onlv
eleven hlts have been gotten by the
l.lKlitrcn of iho l,rndiT? Exeeiited,
??realdent Cnbrern Declares.
GUATEMALA CITA*. Aprll 23.--P.es
|dont Cahrera. agalnst whose llfe. an
attempt was made hy students on Mon?
day last. to-day recelved the repre?
sentatlves of the varlous powers and
mado a iengthy statement to thet..
that he had unearthed an extenslve
consplracy agalnst hlm that led up to
hls attempted assasslnatlon. He de?
clared that elghteen of the leaders had
been executed by hls orders, and that
tho death penalty,would be meted out
to others at the hands of the mlll?
tary. Among those are the men who
were Iniprlsoned a year ago. havlng
beerr* impllcated ln a plot to assassl
nate the Presldent. They were a.nt
enced to death soon after thelr ar?
rest. but the sentence lx?l not been
carrled out. Presldent Cahrera sald
that he had proofs that a rnajorlty of
these prlsoners were Impllcated In the
new attempt agalnst hls llfe. and that
they wlll he oxecuted wlthout delay.
The revolutlonary feeling ls strong
In many quarters, and there are those
who wlll not hesltate to go to any
leijgth or face any danger ln their
efforts to make away wlth the Presl?
/ -o
The Estahllshment of One Henrtlly In?
dorsed by Business Men.
ISneci.il to The Tltnes-Dlipatch.l
PETERSBURG. VA., April 23.?The
establlshment of a trafflc bureau In
Petersburg for the Interests of ship?
pers nnd malntenanco of a hlgh stand?
ard of transportatlon facilities wns
heartlly approved by a large meetln*,
of business men at the hall of the
Chamber of Commorco to-nlght wlth
Augu.tus AVrlght as chalrman.
Speeches dlscussing the proposed
plans were made hy Bartlett Roper,
Sr., Augustus AVrlght, .1. B. Roberts.
Morrls Lievy and Jacob Savage and a
resolutlon offered by Alr. Roper was
passed authorizlng Chalrman Wrlght
to anpolnt a commlttee of slx to solicit
funds for the new organization.
NEAV VORK, April 23.?At a meet?
lng of the board of directors of tho
Associated Press to-day all the presont
officers were re-elected, as follows:
Presldent, Frank B. Noyes, Chlcago
First A'lce-Presldent, Charles Hop?
kins Clarke. Hartford Cotirant.
Second A'lce-Presldent, Rufus N.
Rhoades, Birmingham News.
Treasurer, Herman Rldder, New Vork
Staats cltung.
Secretary and General Manager, Mel
ville __'. Stone.
Tho modlcnl term for "kldney trou.
blo" is Nophrltls. Medical works ngret
that It Is curablo durlng tho acute of
flrst Btnge, nnd that It ia inourablo l*t
tho second or chronic stage.
Whon ls tho llno crossed? One oi
tho latost atithorltleu, James Tysotv
Mi D., Professor of Mndlclno in th?
Unlvorslly of Pennsylvanla., says ln hlt
lato work, pngo 121, that tho changot
havo boon observed ns oarly as th?
tonth woek. nnd are probably ostah.
llBliod In all cnsos by TIIE SIXTU
The naino Nophrltls moans Inflnni.
matlon of tho kidneys. nnd tho book*
havlng nothing for It, physlclans have
boon hclploss (tho deaths havo grown
toj 1 TD dally), nnd Profossoj* Tyson
plalnly Huys, pngo 166, ns to*curntlv?
meosures to rostoro thn kldney to Iti
normal condition, "I BELIEVE THERII
Tho Inovltnblo loglc ot thls sltuatlnr,
In that ns Fulton's Rennl Compound li
tho only thlng known that roducos ln.
flammatlon of the kidneys aftor it hai
becomo chronic, lt ls tlic only thlng
ln the world that people can look ta
for recovery who havo hnd kidney
trouble longer than slx months.
fNote.?ln fact, It ls tho only thln**.
thnt acts dlrectly on kldnoy Inflamma
tlon nt any stage, ilrst or last. But It
naturally reduccs it moro quickly be?
foro than after it becomes chronic.)
Llterature mnlled free.
Ookland. Cal.
Owens & Minor Drug Co.. Ricliinond,
Va., are' our sole local ngents. Asll
for BI-Monthly Bulletln of Into rocov
Acndemy?"Thc Prianoer of Zenda.*
Bljou?>'Dlon O'Dare."
The Glffen Stock Company's pre
sentatlon of "The Prlsoner of Zenda'
at the Acadomy nf Muslc, contlnuos tt
draw largo end npproclatl\'o atullenc**s
tho work of the stars be'ing partictn
Inrly clever. The patronffge thus fa!
has convlnced Mr. Glffen fliat the sea*
sun ihay be prolongod until July. witt
nw attractlons every week. Not satls<
fled wlth tho woodland sccne para<
phernnlla, tho manager drove Intt
Henrfco county the other day nni
brought in a number of trees whlch
add to thc effectlvenoss of tho scene.
The Messrs. Shubert have glven D?.
Wolf lloppcr thc same excellent sup?
port ln tho wny of assoclatc playeri
thls season that lias always char
acterlzed thc tall comedian's company,
and "Happyland" wlll bo sung and act
cd by ono of the best comlc opera or?
ganlzatlons on lour. Several of Mr.
Hoppor's favorlto playors who havi
shared honors wlth hlm ln past suc
cesses. notably Marguorite Clark. Adu
Doaves, Josoph Philllps and Wllliam
Wolff, are wlth him thls season In
tho new Do Koven and ftankln comlc
opora. Mr. Hopper wlll be seen at the
Academy Tuosday ar.d Wcdneeday and
Wednesday mat Ine**.
I'lckb4 l'p In tbo Lou-.r Chennpmke
uml nrougrht tn Old I'.ilnt.
I Special to The Tlrnc.-Dl.oaich.l
NORFOLK. VA.. Aprll 23.?Tno body
of Charles.Adrlau Grant, of Charlottes?
vllle. Va.. who committed sulclde sev?
eral days ago by jumplng from tho
dock of the Bay Llner Florida. wns
found to-day iu the lower Chesapeake
Ray, off Bug Light. The gruesomo flnd
was mado b.v the I'nltcd Slatos tu_
Reno, and towed to Old Polnt Comfort,
Wliero the Inqucst wlll probably be
held and the remalns forwarded lo
Although the body had been ln the
water since Aprll Uth, it had not been
nuitilat-d by crabs. and was ln a fair
state of preservatlon. Tho body was
easily Identlfled by those knowlng Mr.
Grant. and papers Jn hls pockets con
firmed this Identltlcatlon. Dr. Burnley
Li.nkfo.-d, whose wjfe is the nlece of
tho deceased, went to the scene this
morning, ln prder to have the remains
prepared for Interment.
Mnny Virginia Couplpfc Grt Llcrnse? ln
Capital Clty.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
WASHINGTON, I>. C, April 23.?Mar
riaKe llcenses have been issued to the fol?
Onls B. Bass and Mary P. Owens. both
of Manchester, Va.
Guy Markham and Mnbel V. Gallagher,
bcth of Manchester, Va.
Clarence C. Hltt and Carrie L. Parsons,
bc.tll of rtlchmond. Va.
George O. Llmerlck, of Fredericksburg,
\'_., and Mollle Blackwell, of Moasneck,
Ashton Jones. of Fredericksburg",. Va~,
aml Annle Allen. of Stafford, Va.
Willlam H. Hume, of Culpeper, Va., and
Clara A. Beard.
Waxene, Floor Wnx. Jiruslies, etc, eto.
Tanner Paint and Oil Co.
1410 E. Maln St., Richmond, Va.
Brunswick Billiard
and Popl Room
Now Open tor Business.
The finest plnee In the clty. Equipped
wlth tho best J.125.00 tableB, made by The
Brunswlck Balke-Collendor Co.
This will be a place for gentloraen to
meet their friends.
The Brunswlck, 918 E. Maln Stroet.
E..W. KELLEY, JR., Proprlotor.
dentifrice ^A-MiMtUJr ?50.
Planters National Bank
The Bank of?
Absolute Safety?
Invites ydur account and
offers every convenience and accommo
dation consistent with sound and conservative banking.
The largest surplus and undivided profits of any
bank in the State shows that our constant endeavors
have been suecessful,
Capital, .--.......-$ 300,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits - - - $1,100,000.00
3 Per Cent in Savings Department. $1,400,000.00
sSaa^satassB_t___aa_ss_^ ????.

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