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ONE of tho most interentlng so*
clai events of the sprlng son
nnn In Rlclimond wlll bo tho
annual lown fete to be held
on Hnturdny, Mny 16th, hy
members of tho Deep Run Hunt, ln
Imnor of thelr friends and guests,
Ah tno" crownlng event of the horse
M*.ow, to bo glven under clnh ausplres
flt llio Falr? Oroiinds, Mny 14th to 16th,
the fele wlll thls year have mnny iid
-ltlonnl nttrnctlons, among them the
hni*-e show hand, whlch wlll plny n
specinl program durlng fete hours.
The grounds wlll show to thelr best
ndvntitnge, shrubs nnd flowers stipply
ing needed touches of color. Llttle re
froflfiment tnhles placed here nnd thero
r,p the Inwn and on Ihe pln 7.7." a of the
clnh buildlng wlll furnlsh most ngree
nble opportunity for partles of friends
to dlap-nxe nnd recelve hospllnllty.
The benutlful summer gowns of tho
].'idlen. many of whom ,wlll show the
grny and rod of the Deep Runt Hunt.
oi the green nnd red of tbo Rlverslde
Club, of Pftersbtirg, wlll be inatched
by those whlch the hosfs of the occa?
slon nnd thelr vlsltors from other clubs
wlll display.
The pretty young tnatrons nnd belleH,
the btld- of next senson. and the debu
tr.ntos of the present year, wlll lend to
tho fete the dlstlnctlvoness and grace
ll-.nt wlll recall the glorles of old-tlme
nprlng meets In Richmond many yenrs
ngo, when the beauty and gallnntry of
the Old Domlnlon vled allke In sustnln
lng the reputation of Vlrglnla for hav?
ing the prettiest women, the most foar
lens riders, and the most chlvalrous ns
plrnnts for womnnly favor ln the Unltod
States. '
i The Rlverslde Club, of Petersburg.
?"harcn the enthuslasm of the Deep
Run Hunt In its endeavor to rcnder
the horse show and fete a complete
puccess. It follows, therefore. as a
matter of course that many members
of the Cockade clty's smart set wlll
add the pleasure of thelr presence to
tho annual fete.
The Plnygrnund Reneflt.
The heneflt performance for the play?
ground movement will be given at the
Colonial to-nlght. lf you. haven't
procured your tickets go at once and
get them. and show by your presence
there to-nlght that you lake a llveiy
Interest ln the nffalrs of the clty and
the weifare of the chlld. This* ls the
mandate of the mothers. and they ex?
pect to be oboyed. The patronesses
for the uevenlng wlll be:
Mrs. Claude A. Swanson. Mrs. L. R.
Panhlcll. Mrs. Beverly B. Munford, Mrs.
John Murphy. Jr.. Mrs. Sam Cohen.
Mrs. Kate Minor. Mrs. E. L. Blemlss.
Mr.*;. S. B. Atklns. Mrs. L. R. Curry.
Mrs. Rlchard Mead<7 Mrs. A. J. Monta?
gue. Mrs. XV. H. Brown. Mrs. Truman
rnrker. Mrs. Allce Klng. Mrs. James
Klrk. Mrs. George Parker. Mrs. B. B.
Vnlentlne. Mrs. Clarence Cadot. Mrs.
George Ben Johnston.
Tickets are on sale at .lara?s B.
MHiining".**. the Tuxedo, Cllff W-H*s
end McCoy's. Only tickets from these
places nnd from the ladies of the
Valentlne Mothers' Club yield any
beneflt to the playgrounds.
Offlcers of the club sre: Mrs. Ernest
L. Lindsay, Mrs. Sam Bendheim, Mrs.
J. P. Tonipklnp. Mrs. Thomas L Cox
ar.d Mrs. Morrls L. Asher.
In Murphy'i- Annex.
Tlie l.onrd of the Vlrglnla Home for
Incurables wlll meet thls mornlng at
11 o'clock. in Murphy's Annex.
Weildlnr: Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander Clark
nnnounccd the marrtage of their
daughter, Margaret Slme3, to Mr. Wil?
llam Harvey Rlskj of Quarryvllle. Lan?
caster county. Pa.
The weddlng was celebrated on April
ffith. at tho home of the bride, near
Malvern Hill, Charles City county.
Tea nt WoninnVi Club.
Tho Monday afternoon tea at the
"Woman's Club yesterday was a brll
Uant affalr, and was largely attended.
A number of out-of-town visitors
were present. The gowns of the
ladies were very handsome, and the
"talk over the teacups" was wltty and
Hostesses of the afternoon at tho
This ivisb or Joy of every sane mortal
Buildit well lhatit may serve
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Hunter. Mrs. XV. J. Johnson. Mrs. J.
A. Moncure, a'nd Misses Clair Tinsley
and Edlth Smith.
Monthly Meetlng.
The monthly meeting of the board of
the Bolle Bryan Day Nursery and Freo
ICindergarten will bo held to-morrow
at 4:30 P. M.
A quiet but pretty w'eddlng took
plaie yesterday afternoon at St. Peter's
Church. Elghth and Grace Streets.
Miss Mary C. Joyce becomlng the
hrlde of Mr. Willlam J. Burke, both
of this clty.
The ceremony was performed by thu
Rev. Dr. Joseph MagrI, now acting
pastor of St. Peter's.
Mv. and Mrs. Burke wlll make thelr
future home at No. 1129 North Seven
'teenth Street.
Excursion to ~>Yllllain?burs,
The Vlrglnla Home for Incurables
and Cpmmonwealth Chapter, Daughters
of the' American Revolutlon, wlll run
a joint excursion to Wllllamsburg on
May 9 th.
Mrs. D. T. Williams and Mrs. XV. .1.
i Johnson compose a commlttee of ar
rangements. Full detalls wlll be pub?
llshed later.
Mnrrla^e of Mlss Margaret D. Wnilanm.
A telegram received from Mr. Alfred
B. Williams. of thls city. announces the
marrlage at Uvalde, Texas, of his
daughter, Mlss Margaret Dandrldge
Williams. to Mr. W. Douglas Searson.
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. R. W. Anderson, of St. Phlllp's
Church. that clty.
Mr. Searson Ib a South Carollnlan.
but was engaged ln the cotton business
at Bunkle, La. He and Mlss Williams
met and became engaged ln Florida
last year. Recently his health became
seriously impalred, and he waa com
pelled to retlre from hls business for
the time and go to Uvalde, where the
climate is more favorable. Upon learn?
ing from him of his illness, alone and
ln a strange communlty, Mlss Williams
determlned to go to hlm and to devote
herself to nurslng hlm back to health.
In the face of the protests ot her entlro
family, she lnsisted that it was her
duty, as she had become engaged to
him ln the time of his health and
prosperity, to go to hls asslstance while
he was slck and In need of her help.
She was accompanied on her long jour
ney by her father, who returns to Rich?
mond thls week.
A very quiet but beautiful marrlage
took place at noon on W'ednesday, when
Miss Bessle Kelth Porter, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Porter, became the
bride of Mr. Bertram XV. Langford, of
Pine Bluff, Ark.
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. B. H. Melton ln the home of the
brlde's grandmother, Mrs. M. J. Lee,
and was attended only by the Imme?
diate friends and relatlves of the par
ties. Mr. Langford Is a young business
man of Plne Bluff, Ark., where the
couple wlll make thelr future home.
Ben Greet In Riehmond.
Ben Greet and Hls company of play?
ers wlll come to Richmond- from the
Unlverslty of Vlrglnla and glve beneflt
performances for the Retreat for the
Sick on May 11th.
Pemoiial Mentlon.
Lleutenant Samuel G. Talbott, Unlted
States Army, and Mrs. Talbott, of
Matanzas, Cuba, are guests of Mr, and
Mrs. Burnett Lewis at No. 506 Easl
Franklln Street. Lleutenant Talbotl
ls a graduate of the Virginia Military
Institute and a former Rlchmonder. Hc
brought Mrs. Talbott to Richmond as
a bride, and both wltl be cordlally wel
comed by many friends.
Mrs. J. H. Richardson, of Erle, Pa.,
who has been vlslting Old Polnt, is
now at No. 115 East Franklin Street.
Mlss Grace Richardson has returned
to Erle.
Miss Ellen Witt. Miss Rosalie Jones
nnd Miss Susle McGuire, who spent
Easter week at the Unlverslty of Vir?
ginia, and had a dellghtful tlmo at
the germanu, have returned to Rich?
Miss Rosalie Valentine returned yes?
terday to St. Mary's, Burlington, N. J.,
after spendlng the Easter holldays ln
Mlss Nina Johns, who came to Rich?
mond to attend the Houston-Prlce wed?
dlng, has returned to Norfolk.
MIbs Minnle Derby, who has been
studylng piano in Berlln under Marsten
Krause, will spend the sprlng months
traveling and sludying wlth Mlss
Katherine Heyman ln Baden-Baden anC
Southern Germany.
Mr. Gwlnn Nixon, of Augusta, Ga.
spent Saturday in Richmond. He left
oarly Sunday morning to visit th>
family of Mr. R. A. Trice. at Wood
lawn, near Buckner's Station, Louisa
From that polnt he wlll go to New
Mrs. George D. Lambeth and son, Mr.
E. L. Lambeth, left last nlght for Ellza?
beth Clty, N, Ci to attend the mar?
rlage of her son, Mr. Wllliam H. Lam?
beth, to Mlss Mary Spruill Weeks, on
thu 29th of thls month. Mr. E. L. Lam?
beth wlll be best man.
Mr. J. P. Scoggln passed through
Richmond y*?terday afternoon en rout
to lillzabeth Clty, N. C, to attend the
Lambeth-Weeks weddlng on the 29th.
[Special to Tlie. Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Mr. John Warren, of Baltimore, aniJ
Mlss Mary M. Luckham, of Lancastei
county, wera marrled Thursday, at. th.
Baptist parsopago at Kllmarnook,/Rev,
E, XV, Claybrook offlolatlng, The/coup
Couple Surprised Friends by Get*
ting Married at Once.
Henrico News.
Suddenly decldlnff lhat thn Int.rvnl
between now and June. wns entirely
too long to walt, jMIss Allce K. Lear,
of Henrlco, and Mr. C. Delaney Martin,
of Clnclnnatl, were marrled yesterday
at 12 o'clock at the homo. of the brlde's
parents, In Highland Park. The cere?
mony was performed by the Rev. Ed?
ward K. Odell, pastor of the Methodlst
*> Mr. Mnrtin, who Is presldent of the
Halmar Coal Company, wlth offlces In
Clnclnnatl'and coalflelda ln West Vlr?
ginia, wa* on a vlslt to hls flaheee,
and when he arrived there was no ln
tentlon on the part of elther to celft*
hrate tho nuptlals any sooner than
June, the dato set some tlme ago.
It waa determlned, Sunday nlght,
however, that lt woiild be useless to
walt Ionger. The llcense wns procured
early yesterday morning, and the
couple was made one qulte as effective.
ly lf not wlth the pomp and ceremony
that would have attended the affalr
had they waltod for the appolnted hour.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin left on th. 2:15
o'clock traln yesterday afternoon for
Clnclnnatl, whero thoy wlll make thelr
home. Mrs. Martin Is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lear, of Highland
Park. Mr. Lear Is the local manager
of tho Halmar Coal Company, wlth
offlce*. In the Mutual Buildlng here.
The parents of the young lady sald
yesterday that they had no ldea the
ceremony would be performed soonij^'
than June untll Informed of the fact _>y
thelr daughter on Sunday nlght.
Haa Them Oiie-mlnf*-.
Bettl? "Winston, the colored woman
who threw lighted lamps and other?
wlse acted "daffy" at her home on
the Broad Street Road a few days ago,
has so far completely baffled the lunacy
commisslon whlch Investlgated her
mental condition yesterday mornln_f.
The examlnatlon was made by Dra
W. A. Deas and J. Fulmer Bright.
Maglstrato J. T. Lewis held that the
acts committed by the woman were
noi those of a sane person, hut the
doctors could flnd nothing to show thnt
sho was posltlvely Insane. The ense
was contlnued, so that the doctors
mlght make further investigation.
Meanwhilo Bettie langulshes Iii Jail.
Ar-juinent for Mccn-r.
Argument for a liquor llcense for
the Deep Run Hunt Club was heard
before Judge R. Carter Scott ln tho
Clrcult Court yesterday morning.
The club was represented by Attor?
ney C. P. Cardwell, who argued that
more than -usVal safeguards would
be applled in the case of the club,
whlch made the granting of a licenso
to lt entirely different from the coun?
ty bars, to many of whlch llcenses
have been refused by Judge Scott.
Xo declslon was rendered ln the
case yesterday, Judge Scott preferrlng
to look farther Into the law before
actlng finally.
To Elect Delesales.
Six delegates to represent Henrlco
county in the Roanoke Democratlc
convention will be elected to-day ln
the four diatrlcts. Brookland Dlstrlet
is entiled to three delegates; each of
the others will get only one.
i "tlnrrln.ee Llcense.
A marflag? license was issued ln
the clerkfs offlce yesterday morning to
Mr. Wade H. Herrlck, formerly of
Fauquier county. and Mrs. Cora Leo
Pugh, formerly of Carollne county. The
brlde ls the daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
B. Davls, of Henrlco county.
Trip to Denver Will Cost About
$io0 Outside of Hotel
Unless the railroads operating be?
tween Eastern Points and Chicago flx
a speclal delegate rate to the Natlonnl
Democratlc Convention ln Denver, Vlr
ginia's twenty-four representatlves
wlll have to pay heavlly for the honor.
Western trunk llnes havo announced
that the Chlcago-Denvep round trlp
wlll cost $30. Tammany Hall, lr. New*
York, has been. trylng to force some
sort of a cut, but at present the round
trlp cost betwoen Manhattan and Den?
ver wlll be $S2, lncludlng Pullman ac?
commodations. Meals will be extra.
If thls tarlff stands the tlck-ts from
Rlchmond -wlll not cost very much
Xo Free 1'nnsea Now.
Four years ago railroad conditions
were different from what they are to?
day. Moreover, many of the politlclans
traveled on free passes, a graft whlch
lias been entirely ellmlnated under the
Hopburn law. ,/
Although there!/ls more or less
glory connected /ivith the offlco of
dologate to ay^v ation.il Democratic
Convention, thi Jf glory Is local, for
Southern repr'eventatlves will not
flgure ln the newspaper reports unloss
they do something radical j.r conserva?
tlve. ? ' *
Delegates pay tholr own expenses.
Generally speaklng lt wlll cost tho
Virglnlans almost $100 for rallroad
fare, Pullman reservatlons and meals.
Then they must meet hotel bllls.
Many of them **II1 go to Denver in?
structed, which means that thoy must
simply east a voto as ordered.
+,'o matter how long it has been gray
or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth
of,healthy hair. Stops its falling out,
and posltlvely removc* Dan
drufl. Keepa hair soft and glossy. Re
fuso all Bubstitutes. 2'A times as
much in $1.00 as SOc six*.
, Phllo Hay Speo. Co., Kiwsrt. N, J.
fl and SOc bottlea. at druoalaU?_
Democrats of Henry Als_ Indorse
Governor's Administration
and Appointments.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlipatch.]
MARTINSVILLE. VA., Aprll 27.?Tho
Democrats of Henry county met In
conventlon here to-day, fourteen dele?
gates, wlth half a vote each, w6re elect?
ed to the Roanoke conventlon. Tho
conventlon also elected eleven delo
gatesr at large. Resolutlons were adopt?
ed Indorsing Willlam J. Bryan for
Presldent, but not speclfically Instruct?
lng fOr hlm, Indorsing the administra?
tlon of Hon. Claude A. Swanson and
hls appointments; Indorsing natlonal
ald to good roads, and Instructlng tho
delegates from Henry td favor such a
resolutlon at Roanoke, and Indorsing
the course of Hon. E. W. Saunders in
Mr. T. G. Burch in calllng the con?
ventlon to order made an enthuslastlc
speech. predlctlng victory for the
Democracy thls fall. Ctfptaln Thomas
E. Cobbs was chairman of the conven?
tion, and J. R. Gregory secretary.
AVestmorelaud for Brynn.
WARSAW, VA.. April 27.?-Tho Dem?
ocrats of Westmoreland county to-day
elected George Mason, C. Conway
Baker. Willlam Mayo and George Van
Sant delegates to the State conventlon.
Resolutlons Indorsing Bryan for Pres?
ident and Thomas J. Downlng for dis
b_^t commltteeman were unanlmously
CltUent* of Morrlsvllle Denounce State?
ment aa to Use of Whiskey.
[Special to The Tlmes-DI-patch."
MORRISVILLE, VA., Aprll 27.?Some
of the people are very much wrought
up over an nffldavlt made hy Willlam
Powell, erstwhile teacher and preacher
In Morrlsvllle. and now a student at
the Unlverslty of Vlrglnla, In wjilch he
intlmates that money and whiskey were
freely used, lf no worse methods wero
adopted. to carry th0 voto of Morrlsvllle
for C C Carlin in the congresslonal
prlmary 'of June, 1907. The affldavlt
ls belng extenslvely used by Mr. Gor?
don ln hls present contest with Mr.
A reply ls belng rapidly Blgned by
the voters. ln whlch Mr. Powell's state?
ment ls vlgorously denounced as "false
and slandcrous," and he referred to as a
"pernletous partisan of Mr. Gdrdon,
with no legal rlght to the vote he east
ln Morrlsvllle.
?i . . ' *
Flrst One Tried in Amherst Declded
ln De-endnnt's Fnvor.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
AMHERST, VA.. April 27.?The Aprll
term of the Circult Court of Amherst
county adjourned Saturday. The caso
or Greenville Banking and Trust Com?
pany vs. W. B, Harris, whlch took
nearly all of the week, resulted tn tt
verdlct ln favor of the defendant. Thls
was an actlon on a negotlable note for
$50 glven the Farmers' Mutual Pro?
tectlve Associatlon for hallstorm In?
surance. Harris denied any knowledge
of having given the note. The Green?
ville Banking and Trust Company
claims to have notes from a number
of Amherst citizens. Seven were sued
on. The remalning six cases are still
pendlng on the court docket here.
The law docket was not nearly com?
pleted, and a number of chancery
cases were not reached. Heretoforq
Amherst has had only one week for
court, but beglnnlng wlth the last
court tliero wore two weeks.
. ???- ? ?
Several Vnlunlile Rlngs nnd Money
Giitten ut Mr. Barrett's Home.
rsiii*?|al to The TlmeB-l-Upatch.]
NEWPORT NEWS, VA? Aprll 27.-*
Burglars entered the resldences of L.
B Manvllle, superlntendent of the Ol 1
Domlnlon Land Company, and Hon.'W.
E Barrett, on West Avenue, early thla
mornlng. Nothing of value was taken
at the Manvllle hom?, but several val?
uable diamond rlngs and a small sum
of money were taken from Mr. Barrett.
An ax taken from the Manvllle yard
was used for breaking Into both
* ^ barefoot prlnt left by the Intruder
leads tho police to believe that he
was a negro.
. ?' "' ? ?. ''
Debt and Innblltty to Support Famlly
Prlve Mnn i<> Sulclde.
[Bpeolal to The Tlmei-Dlmmtoh.]
NEWPORT NEWS, VA.. Aprll 27.?
Max Ltevowltz, who conducted a small
frult stana and shoeshop on Huntlng
ton Avenue, commltted sulclde thls
mornlng by drinking oarbollc acld.
Debt and Inabillty lo support hls
famlly are supposed to havo causod
LlevowlU to klll hlmself. Ha is sur?
vived bv a wldow and four erm-U piul*
dren. A subscrlptlon ls belng takoi
uo for the famlly.
Ourelnrn nt Work.
ffip-clal to Th* Tlmes-Dlspatch. 1
NORFOLK, VA., Aprll 27.?Burglar
made an unsuccessful attempt some
time Saturday nlght to break Into th
store of W. C. Petree, at Wnter Oak
Princess Anne county, whlch Is alsi
the post-offlce. The staunch charactei
of th_ buildlng prevented an entranc
belng effected, and evldently the bur
giars were frlghtened away.
Common-venlth'-i Attorney Itcnlgns.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspfttch.]
TWYJIAN'S MILL, VA., Aprll 27.
Mr. G. 12. Lewis, attorney for the Com
monwealth of thls county, has reslgned
hls reslgnatlon to take effect the flrs
Of May. Mr. C. F. McMullen has beei
appolnted ln Mr. LeWls's place.
Ilelil for Grnnd Jury.
[Speclal to Tha Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
TWl'l-AN'S MILL. VA.. April 27.
Honry and Lewis Hill, charged wlt!
f.lonlous assault upon Roy Thompsoi
on the 14th of Aprll, have walved ox
amination and been held for tho gram
jury. They wero ballod in the sum o
$200 each. Thompson ls doing well.
Eloped to Pclbnm.
rspf.ln,! to Thn Tlmos-Dispatch.]
DANVILLE. VA., Aprll 27.?Cupi
was busy at Pelham. North Car
olina, the famous Oretna Greei
located Just over the Vlrglnla-Nort
Carolina line, several eloplng couples
despite parental objectlon, having beo
married. Yesterday afternoon, Mls
Suh, Bllnd*. Doors, Mouldlnge.
Large Stock. Low Prices.
WOODWARD ?_. SON, Rlchmond. Vs.
JUlUonJOf Hother-for thelr
hlaafor orer Flfty Yetu-t.
iblld, -ottena tha grums, allaja
_ jaln. oorei wlnd collo, and is Ui?iboat
remedy for dlarrhou.
Having purchased from
Nolde Brothers thelr entlre
!ce-crcam business and good
wlll, I will conduct the
Ice-Cream Company
At 2507
East Broad Street
Whlch company wlll mako
a specialty of supplylng the
purest and most dellclous
Ice-Cream to homes and tho
trade ln general.
Every klnd of puro whole
aome drlnk In tho Soda Wator
and kindrcd llnes wlll' be
Your trade is desired.
H. W. MOESTA, Jr., Mgr.,
Phone 7244
Wedding Gifts
~for Spring Brides
pOR more than one hundred
(100) years it has been suf
ficient guarantee of the quality
of an article to know that it
was bought at Galt's.
All correhiiondence glven careful atten?
tlon. tiimdh M*nt on iip.irovtil, rxpre.t
Established Over a Century
Jawellers, Sllver_inltli-, Slullonem,
U07 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, D. C.
Lottle S. Davldson, agdrl elghteen
years, and daughter of A. A. Davldson,
and Harry Sprouse, both of Tye Rlver,
and Miss Oi'sle L. Mann, aged elghteen,
daughter of S. V. Mann, and Russell
Gilllam, both of Lynchburg, were unlt?
Concert* by Olee Club.
[Special to The Tlmes-DI.-patch.]
LYNCHBURG. VA., Aprll 27.?-The
RandOlph-Macon College Glee Club
gave two concerts here to-day, tha
flrst this afternoon at the Womah't*
College, and the second thls evenlng
at the Y. M. C. A. The prdgram wa*
renddred ln flne atylo and dellghted
large audlences.
A torpid llver deranges the whole
system. and produccs
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheu?
matism, Sallovv Skin and Piles.
There Is no better remedy for these
common diseases than DR. TUTT'S
Ll VER PILLS, as a trlal will prove.
Take No Substltute.
Because Long. the Wood Man, not onl;
sells the orlglnal, perfectly dry, easy to
spllt Wood $?.*.'-*?*; to $3.00 half cord. but
hc. Is glvlng wlth each load one bundla
oi' fat spllnters to start the flre off quick.
They save time and trouble of getting out
the kerosene oll can.
Use Thono 1060 or 1320. Flnd out for
yourself lt Is free.
1201 W. Broad.
Tho Seed Merchants,
Richmond, Va.
Branch Store: 005 Enst Mnrshnll Street.
Catalogue malled free. Your correspond.
ence soliclted.
Canada Field Peas,
All Varieties Cow Peas,
Soja or Soy Beans,
Buckwheat, Millet,
Sorghum Seed, &c.
Write for prices,
Wallerstein Produce Company
Richmond, Virginia.
Large Stock
of Vehicles
Don't fall to soe my great stock b?<
foro buylng.
W. C. Smith,
an N. Fl.th Street.
nDflDCV Cured j quick rellefl remov*. al/
LmUli-I swelling in, & to ':'.i daya: 30 to
S0 days orfecta permunent cure. Trlal u?at>
ment Blven fr?? to stilterers; nothln. falrer.
DH. H. U. UREEN'S SOM8, Bo* K, Atlanta,

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