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Mull Orders Fllied nt Advertised Prices
New Skirts:
Unusual Values
Even for this store
t? Worth $5 and $6.mJ
iore thnn we're asking you
Values like these are a boon to women needing llghtwelght,
servicenble Summer Skirts.
Two hundred of them mnde lo our order thls we?k. The cloth
was ln the riece four days ngo.
The materlals sold this season for mf
for the finished garment?.
Plaited nnd Flared Skirts, in plaids and checks of gray, tan,
blue. green nnd Mack: nll lengths, "' to 44. Regular <t?o qj
$5 vnlne .?p_?i.?/?J
Flared Skirt.*-. In medium dark gray plaid Panama. Stylish.
weil-made garments that a couple of weeks ago would (J?o QC
have cost you $f>; now.<pO.VO
New Waists, $2'95
Silk and Net. $4 Values.
"White and Ecru Net made ov.er Silk.
Yoke formed of large lace medallions; three rows of imltntion
cluny wjth lace edging on the bodice.
Quality. finish and style equal to that of thc garments selling
earller in the season froni $4 to ?5.
We were offered n hundred of them at n satisfactory price, and
we accepted the offer.
You can add an extra Waist to your wardrobe at very small cost.
(Second Floor, West.)
iRjver 'Accident Rcvcals Hiding
Place of A. J. Butler, Fugitive
from Justice.
[With Two Companions, Went
Fishing, and Had Hard Fight
With Current.
Aft?r having broken froni the Second
.Police Station. where lio had been
locked up on a trivial charge, and
elu&lng arrest for more than a week.
,.V J. Butler came near going to hls re
?ward on Thursday, when, in company
?wlth K. M. Hamlln and J. D. Isaacs, he
attempted to take a bont through "Big
Hell." one of the most dangerous polnts
in the upper reaches of the James
The trlo had heen fishing?for Butler
in these days is forced to depend maln?
ly for existence on his skill as nn
angler?and were returning when tho
boat, golng at full speed. struck a
submerged rock and was thrown bigli
Into the alr
Hamlln. who was occtipying a seat
In the rear, was hurled out. ancl landed
in the wnter after a double somersault.
Belng a good swlmmer, he made for a
tree, in the middle of tho rlver, and,
with the use of n powerful o^-erhand
stroke. galned his point of safety and
pulled hlmself out of tlic water.
Cheered by Oro'vd.
ln the meantlme Butler. after a des
perate effort wlth thc half-capsi7.ed
craft. manageel to reach a rock. But
?again- he was imperiled, for tlie boat
got away wlth him a second time in
the rapid current, and. fortunately for
llamlin. drifted under the tree to whicli
hc was hanging for dear llfe.
Here the two men righted tlie boat.
and turned about to go to the ald of
Isaacs, who lmd plunged into the river.
But the la.Her-was*"'braving tlie rapid
stream wltli the desperate endeavor of
a man who knows that ho must swlm
or dle, and, after a hard struggle, ln
which. it seemed. at times, to the
watchers on tho shore that he muit
I succumb, he clambered upon dry
| ground.
; The accident occurred in one of the
. worst places ?n lb6 river, that. only a
good swimmer may dare attempt to cross
wlth any hope of success. The three
' lost practlcally all their clothes, ancl
I Isaacs also lost some money. They
-?-<-r? glad, however, to' reach terra.
? firma. and were heartlly cheered by
,' thc llttle knot of people who watched
j them from the distance. The boat was
necurely ? anchored, and llamlin and
. Isaacs made their way home as rapidly
as posslble for a change of clothing.
Butler went back to hlg island hut.
It was near this point that Ed.
r Barnes met his dc-atb some time ago,
> after Robert Hauer made such a hero
, ic attempt to rescue him. U is a
, place feared by even the hest rlver
i men. for sunken rocks comblned with
n rapid curre.nl form a danger whlch
, the hardiest will but Infrcqiiently en
I.ivinir on I-lnnd, )
ln Butler's narrow escape 1? added
\ 1h? splco of romance-. for. since his
? <*rcape from thi- statlon-bouse, he has
; been living on an IMand In tlio rlver
free from all police molestatlon.
His Bweetheart, Miss- Montgomery, of
jUraharh Btreet, Fulton, oars herself
over to hlm daily aml carries hlm a
'portlon of his rnoagre food supply. By
'his skill as a (ishermnti hc cotitr'lbutes
ihe rest. and seems now tn he c-njny
lnp a comfortable living. The police
know his whereabouts, but as he is
wanted only for a misdemeanor none
Wlll try to cross the dungoious curronl
lo reach hiin. Unless iie makes hls es*
rapo b.v nlclit and leaves thc- clty he
must one day he caught.
Offlcers nre on tlie watch, und the\
wlll hardly fall to rearrest him shoulc
h? come to the fticniond shore again
Buller ls wary. however, and playi
bi.? game ,,{ hlde-and-seek with mucl
The fugltlve and Miss Montt-onioi
were to no married soon. ancl woul,
have been rn their weddlng trlp tiov
had ho not heen arrested on n cjhnrg
of flghtlng in Broad Street Park.
Miss Montgomery has consulted ,-,
offlcer of a charltable organlzatlon i
the city, and be advised ber to <-e
iBiiiler to surrender, Thls he lias de
lermined not to do. and the glrl hn
declared she wlll stand by hiin tbroug
.tblck and thln. With tears. she avow
ed lier Intentlon of marrylng hh
rome wbai may, and II lonks, as lf th
two may ack-teve thelr em], ln spite i
Bll attempted lntc-i feronce.
I'h.iIiik PropuMtlon,
Afe^rdlne le Ui- reporl ,,f rn>indmg-ii
Oiarlen llllsr. -'111111111 ed ln the Mavor ypt
ter day. thc- clly Pound for do?i and cu
for ihe >_-> year Iihe het-n n p.ivliiR pn
. piglilon. The e-xpendltureg amounted i
|7ilG, at agsln.t raoetpta ul tT,lS5.TS, Tl
.Hitort rcvtr? In delall ihe work done l
W*? JlnntiH fa*. ti.% jk'sj".
Blaze in John L. Branch & Com?
pany's Store Extinguished
After Hard Struggle.
Though hreaking forth in n place
fllled wlth all manner of combustlblc
material. flames ln John L. Branch _
Company's oll and paint store at No
142-1 East Maln Ptreet last nlght, wen
confined in such a small space by tho
effort of Chlef Shaw and his men that
lt did conslderably less damage thar
was at flrst expected. the entlre lo?.'
probably not amountlng to over Sl.ftOf
or $2,000.
DnuRerou* Plnco.
Originatlng. apparently, beneath
I stalrway about mldway of the bulldln;
on the flrst floor. the blaze was rapld
I ly spreading upward to the secom
floor. and ln several places had burs
I through when the department arrived
It was surrounded on all sldes bj
cans of oll and paint.
Attacked from front and side. tlu
fire was extinguished nfter abou
threr-quarters of an hour's work. How
it orlglimted no one could say. Tlu
smoke was flrst seen by several smal
hoys, who warned Poliremen Duke ani
Tucker. They turned in the alarm.
The front rloor had to be broken ir
before thc firemen could enter. Tlu
place wag fllled to suffocation wltl
dense volumes of smoke, and the fire?
men were forced to force open severa
windows ln order to get enough air.
Most of the. damage was to stock
both on tho ground floor und upstairs
Mr. Branch could not state his loss ii
exact flgures last nlght, but all I:
eoverei by insurance.
To Elect Deloitnte*.
The antl-llly whlte (actlon of tho Rrpub
llcan party In thls clty wlll hold a mass
meetlng at League Hall on Wednesda.!
nlght lo elect delegates Io the Stato con
veutlon," scheduled to meet hero on the foi
lOYV-lng day. lt looks now as lf the Siat
meeilng will be sllmly attended.
Midiilght MUsIbh.
Rescue gospel services wlll be held to
nlght in the Mldnlght Mlsslon, No. H3
East Franklln Street. from S:30 o'ck.ck untl
mldnlght. The subject to-nlght wlli bo ".
Real Converslon." All are welcome.
Came tn Enter Horses, but Passed
Worthless Checks, H Is
inaccuracics in Pcdigrecs Caused
Stispicions. and Man Prompl
ly Disappcarcd.
, Clnlmlng lo be cnntiPClod with Nnt
Ray. the fumoim horsemnn and sleople
chnse rlder of Kentucky, n well-rlressed
young man on Thursday vlslted Mr.
.Inmes \V. Graves, locnl manager of the
Germanla Llfe Insurance (''ompany, nnd,
on Iho Plea of enterlng the names of
several of R&y!s horses for the Deep Run
Horse Show. succeeded. lt Is charged,
In gettlng Mr. Grnves's slgnature to 'a
$10 check. which he later passed on
P. A. Brown, Ihe harness denler, of
East Mnln Stroet. The check was
made payable to "Ii. .1. ^Irant."
Left Hurrlcdly.
It seoms thnt ihe man asked Mr.
Brown to send the purchnses to Mr.
Gravos'a ofllce, in the Chamber of Com?
merce, whero he would call for them.
Ilc went a second tlme to the Insurance
offlcp, nnd there asked for an entry
Mr. Graves was called out for a
few monii-nts, and pul'ltely offered the
use of hls clcsk durlng his absortce to
the vlsltor. Tlie latter tore up sev?
eral blanks. but flnally fllled one ap?
parently fo his satlsfactlon. Another
gentleman c< nnccted wlth the horse
show glanced at Ihe entry nfter It
had beon made out, and notlced thar.
the pedlgrees of the horses given were
Iricorrect, and also thnt at least ono
owner w.is wrongly stated. He at?
tempted to show the young man Ihe
mistakes, but tlie vlsltor aroso and left
rather httrriedly.
The. purchases from Mr. Brown. hav?
lng been delayed, did not arrlyo un?
tll yesterday morning, when Mr. Graves
was Informed that a s,iddl<-. liad been
left for him. Me knew nothing of it.
but Mr. Brown had. in the meant ime.
dlscovered that the check passed on
hlm was worthless. nnd he came in
great haste to regain hls goods. Grant
hnd been frlghtened away, and the
harness dealer recovered hls property
without the loss of a cent.
I'ollcc After Hlm,
Ii 1* alleged that the young man. under
thc- varlous names of Greer, A. .1. Gray and
R. J. Grant, has opcrated en other mer?
chants. and has made conslderable Ralns
through hls transactlons. Two checks
slgned "A. J. Gray," each for UOn. believed
to have heen made out by the same man,
were presented at the .American Natlonal
Pank yesterday morning. but there was no
account in such a name, and nelther check
was enshed. lt Is sald that one of tho
dupes of Orant. or whoever he ls. was a
well-known Jeweler, who lost conslderably
In giving change for a lnrge check.
The pollco were notlfled of tho occurance,
hu though they admitted that such a re?
port had heen made, derllned to discuss the
matter. It Is believed that the young man
has hy thls tlme removed lo other pasttires,
where he may grnze on people's crediblllty
with less danger and moro proflt. He ap
? pcared to bo only about twenty-three or
tvterity-flve years old. ana was of good ad?
dress and neat appearance. He clalmed to
be from Lexington. Ky.
rspeclal io The Times-Dispatch.1
RADFORD. VA.. May S.? The St. Al
ban's baseball team, of whlch Mr. Fred
Einstein is captain, has made an ex?
cellent record this season. The team's
Dnal trip wll be made Tuesday. on
whlch day they wlll play Tusculum
College. whlch they recently defealed
here, at Greenvllle. Tenn.; playlng
Emorv and Henrv College at Emory.
the Llth. nntl the Y. M. C. A. team, of
Bristol. the 14th.
The team will be accompanied by
Rev. J. L. Einstein, who will make the
alumni address at Tusculum the 141 h.
and by Professor Alexander, who un?
tll recently held a chalr ln that In?
rnrly nf Newark. N. J., People OrganiilDg
for Trlp Hero ln May.
Mr. C, K. Armstrong. of Newark, travel?
lng passenger agent or Ihe Central Railroad
ot New Jersey, ls organlzlng a party of
ahmit U,0 people, who expect to spend sev?
eral days hore. arrlving on May l'jth aml
remalnlng-through the 23d, some of the
party being vlsltors who will 'wlsh to at?
tend the sesslons of tho. American Cotton
Manufacturers' rnnventlon, whllo others are
merely tnking advantage of the opportunlty
to vlslt th-. clty.
Mr. Armstrong has wrltten to Business
Manager Dabney. of the Chamber of Com?
merco. with regard to the entertainment of
thc. party whllo. hore.
l'ete lo Be Repeated.
The Kormess Pete, whlch scored such a
success when given ln Belvidere Hall on
Aprll 30th. wlll bo repeated by special re?
quest on Monday night, May lSth, at the
same place.
Bristol Authorities Again Write
to Governor, Who Incrcascs
Reward for Criminals.
Countics Asked to Aid Commis
sioner in Meeting Demand.
Bricf Capitol Notes.
Condltlons on tbp Southwest Vlrglnla
border iln0 'nre causlng much concern
to tho ntithorltlcs of Brlstol. who have
n.galri wrltten Governor Swanson, ap
peallng for asslstancc ln brlnglng crlm
Inals to justlcc. Raymond Stroop, who
recently shot Offlcer Campbell nnd made
his escape, ls still nt large. Some tlnie
ngo the Governor offered a reward of
$50. Rtipplomentlng the $S0 offered by
the clty authorities, Tho Brlstol Coun?
cil hns now Incrensed the sum to $150,
and n letter cnnie yesterday nsklng the
Govornor to offer an additional reward
of tbo same nmount. whlch be promptly
dld. Tho letter. whlch Is from a prom?
inent offlclal of Brlstol, concludcs as
"Thls makes thr fourth murder com?
mltted In our clty irllliln tln* pnst two
years by men -vhosp homes tvpro ln
.lohnson Clty, Tenn. One of these men,
John Orr. wa* fois.d qrullty ancl sen
tenceil to elghteen yenrs ln the Vlrglnla
penltentlary. but psenpod from thp Jnll
nt Ahlngclon before belng tnken tn the
penltentlary. Another, Muney Tnllpy,
escaped Immedlntcly nfler stabblng hls
vlcflm l-i thp henrt, nnd hns never heen
henrd from by the initliorltle- slnee thnt
time. Another, Aek Hnle. who eom
mlttpd hls i-rlnip nhnnt twenty feet over
thp llne In Tpnnosspe, ls In the Sulli?
van eounty Jnll, nwnltlnir trlal, In
nddltlon to these, t?p hnve -ipnt n nuin
'???r, of Johnson Clty cltlr.ens to thp pen
Jtoiitlnrj- for vnrlous nffpiasps, nnd we
-vnnld llkp extrpmely vrell to bp nhlp
to paplnrp Ihls man, In orclpr <o try to
mako an pxnmple for thp lnnless ele
meut n> hnve to contpnil nith from
thnt polnt."
Counly lliind Books.
Commlssloner of Agrlculture George
W. Koiner ls recelvlng rei-)tiests for
hand books descrlptive of thc advant?
ages of varlous eountles ln tbe State.
Some of thoso ho has been able to
furnlsh. but he has not been able to
secure copies of others. Mr. Koiner
announces that he wlll he glad to dls
trtbtito tho hand books of any eountles
that are sent to hlm at the Department
of Agriciilture. Many of the eountles
of the State had pnmphlets compiled
for dlstributlon at the Jamestown Ex?
posltlon, nnd It Is thought by the com?
mission that probably many of these
were not given out. It will be helpful
both to the Department of Immigra?
tion and to the counties if Mr. Koiner
can secure some of them.
IVevr Pollocmnti.
Capltol Pollceman W. W. Baker. of
Grayson county, has rcstgned hls posi?
tlon under Colonel Richardson. and has
beon appolnted a sergeant of the State
road force by the Superlntendent of
the Penltentlary. Sergeant Baker has
been assigned to duty and placed in
charge of the road force now at work
in Bedford county.
Colonel Richardson has appolnted
Ransom Cox, of Grayson county, to
succec,d Mr. Baker as Capltol pollce?
man, and he reported for duty yester?
Insurance Figures.
Colonel .Toseph Button, State Insur?
ance Commlssloner, has compiled the
followlng figures with reference to the
firo insurance business ln Vlr_lpla:
Total capltal of companies
carrylng rlsks In Vlr?
glnla last year.$ 45,656.765
Capltal of Virginia com?
panies (lncluded in
abovo i . 1,318.765
Totnl pnld for losses, 1907
(In Unlted States). S9.161.S69
Total premiums recelved,
1907 . 191.036.063
Assets of all companies... 316,316,213
Capital and surplus . 123.-44.6SO
losurancc ln force, 1907. .27.361,161,614
Brlef Capltol Notes.
Tbe State Board of School Examlners
ls ln sesslon here, golng over and as
sorting examlnatlon papers preparatory
to awardlng certlfleates to the teachers
who successfully passed. The work ls
entlrely of a routlne nature.
Labor Commlssloner James B. Do
herty is still conflned to hls home by
sickness. The condition of Mr. Doherty
Is not considered serlous. though hc
has been unable to be at his desk dur?
lng the entire week.
Secretary R. C. Stearnes, of tbe State
Board of Educatlon, has returned to
the city from Danvllle, whore ho made
an address on public educatlon.
Judge Martin Williams, member of
the House from Giles county, waa a
caller at tho Capltol yesterday.
Treasurer R. P. Gray, of Gloucester,
was at the Stato Library.
Colored Y. M. C. A.
Professor J. XV. Bar/o. o? the Vlrglnla
Unlon Unlverslty, wlll cxplain the Sunday
scl-.nol lesson thls afternoon at 6 o'clock ut
the colorcri Voung Men's Chrlstian Assoeln
tien. A speelal meet Ing for boys wlll be
held in the buildlng to-mornow afternoon at
* o'clock.
The Rev. T. II. I.ee, pastor of the Flrst
Presbyterlan Church, wlll address the hlg
meeting for men ln True Reformers' Hall
a-. 3:30 to-morrow afternoon. Dr. Q. XV.
Moon wlll slng specinl solos.
Hollness. Mcetlng.
An all-day hollness meetlng will ho held
ln the West _nd Mlsslon to-niormw. Ser?
vlces wlll be as follows: 11 A. M , Blble talk
nnd prnlsn meetlng: 3:30 T>. M., dlvlne heal
ing aud hollness; 7:30 P. M., .voung people's
hollness meetlng (a voung lady wlll speak);
S P. M.i subject, "The Baptlsm of tho Holy
Splrlt;" Mr. C. II. llootee, or Prestop, Md.,
formerly wilh D. L. Moody in Chrlstian
work, wlll have charge of the servlces. The
public are roi-dlully Invited.
IViislihoarcl as IVeupon.
Bessle Gray (colored) wns knocked out
wlth a wasliboard lu thc hands of May Sad
lei at No. i South Flfth Stroet yestordaj
mo'rhlngi and br. Wooduon, of the olty am?
bulance. corps, wns called In to repair tlie
clHiiiuge. May was bendlng over her tub
a, work when Bessle walkod ln and began
tl) argiie. The wasliboard clinehed matterii,
Three More for PolUnui.
Three more subjects?Tyler C.oddln, Joseph
Simmons (whlte) and Wllliam Smith (col?
ored) were turned over to the care of Pro
tmtion Offlcer i'oltlaux in the Police Coun
yesterday mornlng. fimlth ls the tlrst iiegii
to bo placed ln charge of the offlcer.
.Mnrrlngo l.lcense,
A marrlage lleenae wus lssued yesterda!
mornlng by lhn elerk of Ibe Ulistlngs Cour
t-i Mr. Ftederlck K, I.nngiUh und Mlss Mar
giiii't .V Thomas. both uf Riehmond,
Muy Torni Opriin rtliin<ltiy.
The docket In the I.aw und Kqulty Court
thc Mny term of whloh npens on Mondn:
at 11 o'clock. wlll be heavy. Clerk P, P
WliiHion I* asklng all lawyers to be on hnn,
piiinpily, so lhat no tlmo "inay bo losi ii
i.UiuiiUiiig ih. casea.
Dean of Law Faculty Will Retire
at End of Present
Former Governor, However.
Found Duties "Too Ex
Former Governor A. J. Montague han
lendered hls reslgnatlon aa riesn of
tho law fnctilty of Rlchmond College,
to take elToct wlth 'the end of tho pres?
ent sesslon. nfter whlch he wlll devote
hls tlme excluslvely to the practlee of
hls professlon. The declslori of Mr.
Montague became known yesterday and
wns much dlscussed In collego clrcles
and among the frlends of the former
e.\'ecutiv?. Although Mr. Montague dld
not care to make any statement con?
cernlng hls reslgnatlon when seen last
night; lt |s known hy those close to
ifi:Hl that hls dutles In connectlon wlth
the college nnd hls lnw practlee have
become too exactlng, and that, In sur
renderlng one or tho other, he felt It
due to hls famlly lo take the flnanclal
question Into conslderatlon. He has,
therefore, determlned to glvp'nll of hls
tlme to the law, and wlll follow thls
course when hls dutles In connectlon
with the present sesslon' shall have
Work Very Succeimfiil,
The former Govcrior has been at
Ihe head of the law department of
Rlchmond Cillogo for nearly three ses?
slons. and lils work there has been
highly suecessful.
In addltlon to hls dutles as dean of
the faculty he lias lectured regularly
during hls connectlon wlth the Instl
tutlon, and hns made a specialty of
constltutlonal and International law,
whlch hranches are particularly agrec
able to hlm.
Tnasmtich ns the reslgnatlon has Just
been offered. nothing has been done
concernlng Mr. Montague _ snecessor.
though the. matter wlll doubtless be
taken up and dlsposed of shortly.
There have been rumors from tlme
to tlme concerning the probable ap?
polntment of Mr. Montague to some
prominent position by Presldent Roose?
velt. but those who are close to thc
former Governor declare that his re
tlrement from college work nt thls
tlme means nothing more nor loss than
that he wishes to devote himself ex?
cluslvely to hls law practlee.
Flnal Schedule for Union Theologtral Semi?
nary- Issued Yesterday.
The flnal schedule for the closing exercises
of t.'nlon Theological Seminary was Issued
yesterday as follows:
Baccataureate sermon, May 10th. 11 A. M..
in Watti Chapel, by the Rev. Theron H.
Rlce. D. D., of Atlanta.
Annual address to the mlsslonary society.
Mav 10th. S P. M., In the Flrst Presbyterlan
Church, by the Rev. Trof. Charles R. Erd
inan. of Prlnceton.
Reception of the -under-graduates to th*
graduatlng cla*s. May 12th. S:2o to 11:31
P. M., In the Bpence llbrary.
Annual address to the graduatlng rlass.
May 13th. 11 A. M.. Watts Chapel, hy tho
Rev. Wllliam R. I.alrd. D. !">.. Danvllle, Va.
Would Set Aslde Verdlct.
Judge Ingram. in the Law and Equlty
Court, yesterday heard a motlon to set aslde
ihe verdlct ln the case of B. I.. Blalr
agalnst the. Southern Interstate Bank. The
motlon was based on a plea that the ver?
dlct Is eontrary to tbe law and evidence,
and also on tbe ground of after-dlscovered
The court set aslde the Judgment, and the
motlon to set aslde the verdlct. together
wlth the after-dlscovered evidence. wlll be
heard at the next term of court.
Cocaine Vendor Gets Two Years.
Charged wlth havlng cocaine In hls pos
ser.slon, Joseph Austin (colored) was sen?
tenced to two years ln the penltentlary from
the Hustlngs Court yesterday morning.
Acquitted of (utllng Charge.
Charged wlth havlng mallclously eut Scott
Deane some tlme ago. Joseph I.owery, a col?
ored man, was acquitted yesterday morning
after a heatlng before Judgo Wltt ln the
Hustlngs Court.
Arthur R. Morse, a Harvard Student Suffering from Tem?
porary Insanity .Escapes from Physician ?
and Is at Large.
Stepplng from the traln at Acca Sta?
tion just as it gathered headway, and
losing himself from sight ln a cloud of
hisslng steam, Arthur R. Morse, a
young student from Harvard Unlver?
slty, whose home is in Cambridge,
Mass., has been lost since Thursday
night, and the combined efforts of the
local constabulary of Henrlco county
and of the detective force of several
j cltles has been unable as yet to locate
| hlm. The young man, who is suffering
J from a nervous breakdown, was trav?
ellng South In company wlth Dr. Ed?
ward S. Cowles, professor of noural
I pathology and nervous dlseases In Har?
vard Unlverslty, and ncurologlst to the
Immanuel Churcii Movement, Boston,
who was comlng to Richmond ns a dele?
gate to the National Conference pf
Charltles and Correctlon.
Dr. Cowles. with a conslderable
party, spent all of yesterday and last
night in an unavailing seareh "of tho
country north of Rlohmond as far as
Ashland. Besldes thls the detective
deparlments of Washlngton and Rich?
mond havo been on the lookout for
the young man, searching every traln
going North or South.
Dr. Cnwlcs's Story.
When seen last ntght Dr. Cowlou
gavo the following account of. the dls
appearance of tho young mnn;
"Mr. Morse had been suffering for
some tlme <rpm the results of ovor
study, the overstralned condition hav?
lng brought on a nervous breakdown,
wlth symptoms of temporary rellgious
T had advised a few weeks of rest
ln the open alr of the South, and an
tlclpnte an entlre recovery under ciulot,
opon-alr condltlons. I antlclpated com?
ing South at thls tlme to tlie conven?
tion, and for a brief vacatlon mysolf,
and arranged wlth the young man's
parents, who -Ilve ln Cambridge, to ac
company hlm South. I went over into
New York State to vlslt a patient and
ho joined mc ln Albany. We came to
New York and spent n. day and nlght.
Mr. Morse went out and spent the day
Wlth a party of frlends. 1 do not know
whether he overllred himself at thls
tlmo or not. but after thut day he
seemed to havo some dislnclliiatlon to
como to Vlrginia. whereas ho had beon
keen nbout it hefore.
.luiupod from Trnln.'
We oatuo down, leavlng New York
Thursday morning. Mr. Morse was
_hUUujj b_ ma lu tlio. car. .untll .wc
Economy?The Benefit of the
Maker to Wearer Proposition
Thc elimination of thc agents or thc middlcman, and
thcrcby cscaping completely all intcrmediate profit
between thc maker and thc wearer, can have but
one result?better quaHty at the price, or correspondlng
quality at a lower price. You will find thc truth of thcse
pointcd facts aptly llluslratcd in thc splendid values of?
fered and worthy your closcst attention to-day.
High-Class Suits,
$12.50, $15, $18, $20
1003 East Main Street
Will Consider Site for Rifle
Range and Other Important
For the purpose of selectlng. If pos?
slble, a slte for the proposed new rlfle
range, and for the tranFactlon of otber
business of more or less Importance In
connectlon wlth the Vlrginia mllltla.
the State Mllltary Board wlll meet In
the offlce of Adjutant-Generai (.'harles
J. Anderson at 8 o'clock to-nlght. The
board U composed of Governor Swan
BOn, Adjutant-Generai Anderson, Brlga
dier-Oeneral C. C. Vaushan, Secretary
of thc- Commonwealth li. Q. Eggleston
and Asslstant Inspector-General Jo
?ano Stern. Colonel C. A. Dempsy. who
has heen to many points trylng to flnd
a sultable place for the new rlfle range.
wlll be present and wlll report what
ho has dlscovered lu hls rounds.
All the members of the board except
General, Vaughan are now ln the clty.
and he Is expected to-day. Th eAdju
tant-Genernl does not seem to feel cer?
taln that the rlght place for the rlde
range has yet been found, but all those
inspected will be considered to-nlght.
and a selectlon wlll be made. If pos?
slble. A number of other matters nre
scheduled for actlon. and the meeting
wlll very probably be a protracted one.
SUSI Harmon -Wlnn Tropb.r tllren by XV.
C. T. V.
A unlque medal contest was glven last
evenlng by the Woman's Chrlstian Temper?
ance Union at the Venable Street Baptist
Cliurch before a large audience. The wln?
ner of the medal was Miss Paullne Harmon.
thc accompllshed young daughter of Mr.
J. It. Harmon. All ihe particlpants In the
contest rendered tl.elr parts well. The con?
testants were tralned by Miss I.llllo Hechler
Blnns. and to her efforts l? due much of
tbe success. Following Is a list of the con
usanti wlth thelr subjects:
Miss Bessle Hewlett. "The Cenvertrd Sa
loon-Keeper":' Miss Cornella Crane, "The
Chlld's Message"; Miss Ruby Rraiier. "Thc
Saloon-Kecper's Story"; Miss l'aullne Har?
mon, "The Bridal Wlne Cup"; MIls Ruth
Brooklng. "Good-Nlght. I'apa"; Miss Allce
Hechler, "T.oolclng In Wum Bavols."
Caught Hand ln .Machinery.
Alberta Overton (colored i. of No. 1302
Ross Street, had her hand so badly Injured
Iti mnchlnory nt the stommery of the Pat?
terson Tobacco Factory yesterday morning
that four rtngers at least must be ampu?
tated. She was ntleiuled by Ur. Woodson.
of the clty ambulance corps. who took hei
to the Memorlal Hospltal for the operatlon.
reached Acca Station, about 9 o'clock
in tho evening, when iie got up and
walked to tbe door a.s tlie traln slowc-d
to a stop. He called out from tlie
doorway: "Whore am I," and I got up
and started for the car door to see
what he was about. Stationmaster
Ricks replied thut the place was Ac?
ca, two mlles from Richmond. Just
as the traln started Mr. Morse jumped
off, ran forward and was lost In n
eloud of steam from the engine. I
Jumped after him, and tbe others had
the traln stopped and 'many got off.
AVlth Stationmaster Ricks I attempt?
ed to follow the young man, but he
was lost in tbe darkness aud woods,
nntl we got no trace of him that night,
although 1 at onco tolegraphed to de?
tectlves in Waslllngton to whom tho
young man was known, to look out
for blm on incomlng tralns. I thlnk
be had four or flvo dollars nbout hlm.
If hc had more l do not know of It."
Tlie Ilenrico county authorities woro
notlfied and enrly yesterday morning
a party headed hv Dr. Cowles and Mr.
J. G. Hankins, of Itlchmond, searched
tbc neighborhoocl without avuil.
Tracks were found besldo n roadway,
doubllng back in the dlreetlon ot Ash?
land. whlch could bo followed for some
dlstance. but whlch were finally lost
TliniiK-ht Hlm Responslhle.
Dr. Cowles sald ho bad engaged a
place on a farm for tbo young man
al nincont. Va? where bo expeeted to
go hlmself for a tlmo. "I dld not
thlnk hlm nt all irresponslhle," ho
sald. "Ho wont about New York by
hlmself, and yesterday when we wero
in the "Washlngton Station, between
tralns, he went out for some time and
came back all rlght. - I belleved hls
nervous condition resulted from over
stralnlng, and that he wns *ln '..ced
of rest. His family are woll-to-do
people and I have no doubt wlll pay
llbcrally for any information concern?
lng hls whereabouts. ln fact. I havo
wrltten them a full account of the un
fortunato' affalr. nnd have asked their
authority to offer a reward for In?
Dr.' Cowles went to Ashland last
nlght in f'ne hope of obtaining some
olue there to the young man's whert
ahouts, but was unable to flnd anv
trace of him. Tho young man Is
twenty-seven years of ago and ls un
miirried. Ho Is about flvo feot flvo
inches in bolght. welghs about 120
pounds, has a light complexion, and
under one eyo n. sllght inflnnimatlon.
Ilo woro n hlue cont, striped troitaei's,
a black derby hat, aml n gray over*
cont. Dr. Cowlos is stopplng at 413
East Clay Stroet, whilo in tho city,
but wlll be out early thls mnrning
to eontlnue ti search nf tho woodlawn
botween Acca aud Ashland. Tho otfei
of a roward wlll no doubt bring out
a ltirfi?t searehlm* cai*?_. ,__,
Falls from Railing Into Areaway.
Head Cut in Two
Mr. Sandy Courtney, one of the foun?
ders of the Smlth-Courtney Company.
wholesale machinery sapplle.", fell last
nlght from the ratllng ln front of tho
Rlchmond Hotel Inlo the bnrber sho;i
areaway below, nnd was severely In?
jured. lle was badly cut In Ihe hen 1
In two places and was rendered al?
most Insensible.
A hurry call was sent ln for the am?
bulance, and one of the physlclans re?
nl,ondlng took Mr. Courtney |nto the
liouse at No. ?07 Kast Grace Street,
where hls Injuries were treated.
Mr. Courtney was slttlna: pn tho rall
Ingr, when he lost hls balanee. He li
slxty-Clght years old.
Noted I'hllanthropM to speak at St. James
Mr. Georg* Foster Peabody. one of tho
best Itnown phllanthroplsti tn tbe Unlted
Stato*. and parttcularly ln the South, on a. ?
cocnt of hl* prominent connectlon wlth thn
Scuthern educational movement, Is attenrt
int, the Natlonul Conference of Charltles ar.d
Correctlon. and ls stopplng at the Jeffcrs'm
Hotel. To-morrow he wlll speak at St.
James Eplscopal Church.
Mr. Peabody ls one of the rlch mcn of
New York. belng connected wlth many rali?
roads and holdlng dlrectorshlps and other
offlces In varlous flnanclal Instltutlons. H<
Is a vestryman In the Church of the Holy
Trinity, Brooklyn.
Among some of the best known Instltu?
tlons wlth whlch h? is connected are tbe
Genoral Electrlc Company and the lloi -
to-. Trust Company. Ho ls also a dlrector
In the Youns Men's Chrlstian Association.
and a trustee of the Hampton Normal and
Agrlcultural Instltute and of Columbia.
Unlverslty. Hc llves in Brooklyn. but owns,
a magnlflcent estaic at Lake George.
.Mr. XV. 0. Proctor I? Elected Presldent for
Comlng Year.
At a meetlng of the Rlchmond chapter
of the American Instltute of Banking. helrt
lasl nlght In Fraternlty Hall, offlcers for the
ccmlng year were elected and delegates
chosen for the natlonal convention. Thei
nieetlng was largely attended. Followlns
are those elected:
Presldent. W. G. Proctor, Natlonal Bank
of Vlrginia; Viee-Presldent. West Durrett,
American Natlonal Bank; Secretary, Cllnton
Wllllams, Capltol Savlngs Bank; Treasurer,
J. M. Ball. Jr.. Natlonal Bank of Vlrginia.
Board of Uovcrnors?.1. Jctcr Jones, Mer?
chants; Dorsey Mountcastle. Flrst Natlonal;
W. W. Chrlstian. State National; E. _.
Ward. Broad Street; Arthur Cherry. Plant?
ers. Delegate?\V. XV. Neai. Clly Bank;
Delegates-at-Earge, 0. XV. Bales. Natlonal
Bank of Vlrginia; XV. F. Talbott. Planters
Natlonal; W. Walter Dillard, American;
Cllnton Williams. Capltol; J. Jeter Jones.
Merchants; John S. Haw. Flrst Natlonal.
Onc to Be Provlded for Eiteli Statlon to Bo
l.'sed ln Annwerlng Emergency Culls.
Major Werner 1b much pleased over the
purchase of two motorcycles for the use ot
tht- Police Department. Each statlon wlll
h? provlded wlth a machine. They are to
be used as an auxlliary to the bicycle corps,
especlally for after-midnlght calls. A bicy?
cle mun will ba kept ln tho statlon-housc.
all tlie tlme to answer emergencles. The
machines wlll bo found particularly useful
in runnlng down motorlsts cxccedlng the
speed llmlt. for they can attaln a speed of
more thnn slxty mlles an hour, a speed that
no automoblle fanatlc would dare undertake.
Every man on th? bicycle corps has al?
ready learned to rlde a motorcycle. They
wlll be used for the tlrst tlme in the police
inspectlon and parade on May JSth.
Two Vears for Cuttlng Boy.
Floyd Trent was sentenced yosterday by
Judge Wltt ln the Hustlngs Court to two
years In tho penltentlary for unlawfully
cuttlng Robert Fields, a Western Union mes
Benger boy. wlth an Ice book. The affalr
occurred near Harrlson and Taylor Streets
scine tlme ln March, and tho attack ls sald
tn have been brutal and unprovoked.
The boy was stabbed through hls clothing.
tho hook plerclng one of hls lungs. He waa
In tlio hospltal for several weeks. and for
some time hls llfe was In danger.
Sny-K He Bought YVlu-oJ.
Rlchmond Carter (colored) was charged
ln the Police Court yesterdny morning wlth.
stcaling a bicycle, valued at $10, from W.
II. Hlll. Carter says that he bought the
wheel, and tbo caso was contlnued to tbe
12th to glve hlm tlmo to provo hls asser
General Phllllps Unlmproved.
Goneral A. _. Phllllps, who lies desper
ntely, 111 at. hls bome, No. 1C20 West Grace
Street, was reported last night to bo ln
about tho samo condition. The end may
como at nny tlme. He Is one of tho wldest.
known citizens of Rlchmond, and ono of tbo
last of the fast-dlsappearlne veterans of tho
Confederato War.
T-'Isher Case Contlnued.
Joseph l-'lsher (whlto) was In tlie Police
Court yosterday morning, Huapectod of hav?
lng- broken Into tho offlce of tho Hebrew
Cemetery and stolon therefrom a quantity
of clothing from C. R. Nu> kols. The ensa
waa contlnued to tho Hth. |
Charge Desertlon.
James F. Carr was in tho Pollco Court yos?
terday morning, charged wlth desertlon from,
Company E, Rnglneerlng Corps, Washlngton
b.-u-rncks; nnd tho case waa contlnued ta
the 1.1th.
The Wednesday Club
Music Festival To-Night at 8:15
Children's Chorus To-Day 2:30 P. M.
Aeademy of Music

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