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(Contlnued From Flrst f.-igc'i
fletalled to senrcli nclglil 01 Inc fnrnifl
for Infornintlon regarding Mra. Guln
ncss's cstnbllslinient. Tho ulliers aro
worklng under flie dlrectlon of the
The woniBii frenttently changed her
nlgnature, pometlrnos slgnlng "Guji
ncs.'" iitui ofton wrltlng lt -'Gulnness."
The generally accepted speillng nf tho
name/ however, iii Laporte, Is "Gun
Mnn From Chlcago Dlsnpprnred,
lt became publlo to-dny that Roy
Lamphere mmi>. h statemont tu Mayor
Darrow, who is ihe partnor of Larhp
here's nttorney, a day or two nco, th.it
a man from Chlcago, whoso namo he
dld nnt know, CftlPD to tlio Gulnness
farm several months ngo and re
maln'ed thero fnr seve'ral dnys. llo
dlsappeared suddenly, leaving a trunk
?n,i ,1 frv. befohglngs liejilnd.
Upon Uriiiiphere'.'i questlonlng , Mrs.
Sulnness as to wii.it liad bdeome of
her vlsltor, she replled .thnt he liad
rmic South fnr lils health. ftn'd that
probably h" wnuld not cettirn. Sha
Srderod riamphere to carry. the trunk
Bnd iilhci- effects of tlio strnngor to
Bn upper story of tlm farmliouse,
Nothing was ever henrd bf'thfs per
Bnn nfter he left tho Gulnness plaoe,
flnd he Ip supposed to havo met the
s.-inie fate ns tlinse whose bodies are
now being dug up at the Gulnness
Tlie Senrcli nt Aliltln.'
The local police decided to-day thnt
they wlll not dig up the prernlsesoctupled
bv Mr?. Gulnness In tbe suburb of
Atistln until thev have recelved some
further proof lhat crlmes were com?
mitted while she llveii there. Thero is
fit present no evidence ln tliat dlrec?
Sny -Wn-v Sorenson Wn? Mnrilrrril.
PROVIDENCE. R! T.. Mnv R.?Ivau
Pnrenson lias asserted hla bollef that
T7ip brother. Max Sorenson, formerlv of
thls clty. was killed hv his wife. Mrs.
Bella GuInneSB, nf Laporte; Ind. Rcla
tlves of Ma\- Sorenson. who dled sud?
denly under suaplclous clrcumstances
at Austln, lli., sny that they spent1
n smnll fortune ln nttomptlng to ob
taln tho woman's arrest. on a clmrgi
or murder, but fnllod tbrntigh nppn'r
ont ItlcK nf inlorost by tho ntithoritlci
ln tlio Clllengo suburb.
lt is .ilso nssorloil horo Ihnt Mn;
Soronfion wns murdorod through tln
modliiiii nf a polsonod cup handed tr
hlm hy lils wlfo, nnd Ihnt wlth hh
lnst brenth ho ncottsed tho woman ol
the dood.
r . .-1- ? ?
! [Speelal lo Tho Tlmes-*f)l<ipntc]i.l
WINCHESTER. VA.. May 8.?A mon?
ument lo cost $26,000 wlll be dodlcated
I ln tln* NntlonAI-Cemetery ln thls olty
S'optnmbor 10th noxt to the memory
jof the' Pennsylvanla soldlors who foll
in batlle around Wlnchester. Announce.
mont wns mado to thls effect to-day.
Govornor Stuart, together wlth hls
stnff nml n largo mllitary escort, wlll
bo present, Tho work of orectlng tho
monument has already begun.
[Ppeelal to Tlie Tlinep-Plspateh.]
NORFOLK. VA., May 8.?A nogro hy
tbe name of Charles Howard was or?
dered held for tbe Corporation Court
tbls mornlng by Justice Slmnions on
tlio ehnrge of selling cocaine. When
arrested the drug wns found on hls
person in quantltlos. Tho cocaine traf?
fic ln Norfolk Is admltted to be large,
and tho result is declared to' he
WARRENTON, VA.. Mny 8.?Samuel
Bray was fined $50 and costs to-day by
i Magistrato Gasklns for vlolatlon of tho
Byrd law. BfViy was charged wlth
i buying whiskey, which he admltted,
j for a young' man here who ls sald to
? be nn habltual drunkard. In default
i of pnyment lio was commltted to Jail.
Child Burned to Oenlli.
RADFORD, VA.. May S.?Tbe llttle
I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. xv. c. Dun?
can. who live nenr Snowvllle. while
slttlng in front of an open flrepltfce
Frlday, caught llre and wns fatally
burned. dylng next day. sho was an
aunt of tno littlo Klrby chlld, who
[was drowned In Little Rlver rocontlv,
nt Snowville. and wns about the same
-''IBeiPir'ir'lslteiP (?D?({[[email protected]'?^
Sclentists now tell us that the
brain ls not everythlng?we
thlnk all ovor the body.
Thinking people liko our
clothing because it fits all over
the body.
No polnt is neglectpd, nc
point slighted?a complete all
over fit is what our suits will
do for you.
For $18 to $33.
Boys' wear. >
This important subject has
recelved earnest conslderatlon
at our hands.
We've model garments of the
handsomest patterns and fa?
brics for your boys?all-wool,
of course.
$3.BO to $13.
From last summer.
All boys' suits a season old
are offered this way:
TjB suits at $2.73.
56 and $7 suits at $3.75.
b8 and $10 suits at $4.73.
As a result of a discusslon over tbe
erdlnance Introduced some time ago.
combining ihe offlces of Pealer of
Welghts and Measures nnd AVeigh
master. Councilmcn W. 15. Bradley and
I.. R. Brown nearly came to blows at
the meeting of tlie City Assembly last
r.iglit. and only the intervetttion of
friends prevented trouble.
Mr. Brown brought the matter up
ahd asked that the body take some ac?
tion upon It. To thls Mr. Bradley ob
Jccted, wlshlng to glve the commlttee.
vhlch was then consldering the sub?
ject, more time. While Mr. Brown -was
on hls feet Mr. Bradley jumped up and
made a motlon that the matter be
passed over. "I have the Iloor, I
think." sniil Mr. Brown. "Well, say
Bomethlng." replled Mr. Bradley. "We
don't want a llgure head upon thc
fioor." "i nm sure."' answered Mr.
Brown, "that there is no greater flcrure
head In this Council than Mr. Bradley."
Quickly jumping to his feet, Mr. Brad?
ley inqulred of the chairman what re
lniirk Mr. Brown had made. Recelvlng
no answer, he rushed over towards Mr.
Brown'a seat. Mr. Brown stood In a
defenslve attltude anil awaited . his
comlng. Several members stood be
tween the two, nnd Presldent Reams
called upon the sergeant at nrms to
restore order. When the confuslon
had somewhat subslded, Mjr, Bradley
droppod into tlie seat next lo Mr.
Brown. where ho sat during the bal?
anee of the meeting, nml the Incldent
Wns soon forgotlcn. ,
Snd for llukey Pokcy,
Apart frnm this llttle diversion tho
meetinp; was practlcally without de?
bate. though u siinrt dlscussion was
brought on by nn ordlnanco ralsing thc
llcenses of peddlers of certain artlcles
tn $50. Sml tn say. under thls list
comes the hokey pokey man, Mr. C. C.
i ?
For Her Children?Little Girls Suf?
fered with Itching Eczema Which
Simply Covered Back of Heads?
Baby Had a Tender Skin, Too.
''Some years ago my threo little girls
bad a very bad form of eczema. Itch?
ing cruptions
formed on tlie
baoka of their
h e a ii s which
wero simply
covered. Before
I heard or Cuti?
cura, I used to
try almost
evorvthing. but
they failed.
Then mv mother
tho Cuticura
Remedies. I
washod my childron's heuds with Cuti?
cura Soap and then upplied the wonder?
ful ointment, Cuticura. 1 did thls four
or five times anel 1 cnn say that thev havo
been entirely cured. I hryve another
baby who is so plump that the folds of
ekiri on his neck were broken nnd even
blcd. I used Cuticura Soap and Cuti?
cura Ointment and the next morning
the trouble had dlsappeared. 1 am
uslng the Cuticura Keinedii-s yet wh'm
everunyof my family hnve any sores. I
can never rocommend Cuticura suffl
ck-ntly; it i.: indisbonsablo in every home.
1 cannot find its equal. Mme. Napoleon
Duoeppo,41 DuluihSt., Montreal, Uuo.,
May 21, 1U07."
Ou Foot for a Year. Healed by
Two Sets of Cuticura
"I hnd an ulcer op my root for a yenr
or more and it was very pitinful as it
was u runnins turo. 1 liad a doctor,
but lus treatrnentdid not hoa] it. About
elght months ago I oommeiiced to use
Cuticura Boap. Cuticura Ointment,
and Cuticuru Pills. 1 UBed two sets ujkI
it la now al! healed up. Mrs.E. F. Rydor.
?\Yeet BrewBter, Mass., Apnl 2'.i, litor..
Couiplctc l'.ximir.l uud Intfrnal Trcctrocnt ter
Evtry Jium'T ol lnUntfl Clillorfil, nr.il AiluHs
Mrtisisls ot Oitlciirc tiiu-;) cj/.r / l?> (::i:x.v tl,.- .-nn,
Cutlcuis Oiiiimi.nl i;,o,;.; to iu-ai uik SMo, ned
Cuticura Kirsolvmt (.'.IU' ).(or !;.;l,clormoii1nrf-olat?
Cwiied I'lllo iiic |>rr viril .,1 60, lu I'urily ;:.?? .-:...,.\,
Bcilrt tl.rouifti.ut llie ?..rl>i. I'olter iiniy, .v Cliem,
fcorp.. ia'.t- l'ni[rt., Hiiotou. Ma?3.
?jr-iUilcu i ice, Cuticura Book od. tlia Dlncescs.
Jones aid not see why tho license on
tbls man, who peddles Ice cream to tho
chlldren at 1 cent a block, should be
raised so much. He asked wliat Ilcense
was paid by tbe Ice cream dealers who
sold it at r. cents a saucer, and was told
fB. Mr. Jones could not soe why thero
should bo such a vast differenee, and
hotly fought the propositlon. A.s a
compromise. tho rogular Ice cream deal?
ers* license was raised to $10, while the
hokey-pokey man was put out of tlio
business at the problbltlve price of $50
per year. ,
SflOO fnr Cltjr Attorney.
An important ordlnance passed was
tbat ralsing the salary of the Citv At?
torney to $900 per year. Tbe Flnance
Commlttoo recommended $800. nnd on a
motlon of Mr. Bradley the extra hun?
dred wns put on and tlie measure
passed without opposltion. Thls ls an
increase of $-100.
On .->n ordinance laid over from the
lasi meetlng, whlch was taken up and
aijpp'ted, the Street Commlttee gets
$i.ooo for Improvements.
Tlie proposition presented bv tlio
Soiithsidf Water und Sewerag. Com?
pany was rejected ou an' unfavorablo
report from the Buildlng and Lands
Conimlttee, whlch has had tlio matter
under consideratlon for tho past few
weeks. Tlu- question needs no expla?
nation, ns it lms Heen constantly be?
fore the publlo for some time.
Mr. Toney Rcuinliis,
Mr. I.i. la. Toney presented an ordi?
nance requlrlhg peddlers of tisli. veg
etables, etc., to pny a -tax of $2 upon
oach wagon per quarter, but It was
shown thnt thls class of merchants nl
ready paid $100 for transactlng thelr
business, and tlie motlon was laid on
tlie desk. When Mr. Toney's resigna
tlon was again brought up, it was. by
un'anlmous vote, laid over untll the
next meeting.
After liearlng various commltteo re?
ports and a communicatlon from the
Hoard of Water Commissioners the
Council adjourned.
Wiiims lo In-titll a Cremnlory.
A representatlve of a flrm tliat in
stalis crematorles appeared before the
niembers of tho City Assembly last
night after tbo meeting had adjourned,
nini with blue prlnts, drawings, and
statlstlcs showed tho advantages of tbe
system which ho wishes to Install. It
was explalned by Mr. Nuttlng, who
represents tlie flrm. that no coal would
bo used foi- consumlng tlie garbago,
which would burn itself by forced
tlrattglit, and that from the steam thus
goneratod ,i municipal lightlng plant,
conslstlng of 100 are lnmps, could be
run for elght hours a day.
When tlie day's garbago supply had
been entlrely consumed tbc generator
of the lightlng plant could bo swjtched
tn nnpthor boller and tbo llghts fur?
nished by motlve power generated bj
coal for thc balance of the tlmo that
llghts wore deslred.
The original cost of Inslalllng the
plilnl wptlld bo about $S0,OOO, and the
runnlng oxpensos arter that would be
only a small amount.
The Board of Health is in favor of
tho plan anii it will probably be con?
sidered shortly,
l)i-!c<-iitt-? tn Reunion Appolnted. '
,iop Johnston Camp, Confederate Vet?
erans, met Thursday night, and aftor
n longthy dlscusslon as lo tho ways
nnd means of ralsing a sum sufflclent
to cnrry tha camp t.> Pr-i.uslnii-g on a
special trip. d'c.ldpd, owing m lack of
wori- and tightness of monoy nt pres?
ent, to drop Ihe mat tor f01- a whilo.
Many of tho old veterans nre tempor
,-iilly out of wmk nnd wore unable
to promlBo nny contrlbutloh towards
the trip at present. lt 11ah not been
entlrely abaqdoned, however; anrl wlll
be iike? up iHtor by tho camp. Be?
sldes thls dlscusslon other routlne mat*
1 toi-s wore enacted and delegates to the
1'iiitr-,] Confedoi-ate Veterans' Reunion
lat Blrmingham, Alu.. wore electod. R.
I M. Robertson and It. A, Baugh woro
chosen as delegates, and they appnlut
i-il ss alternates E. J, Howlett and C,
P. Walthall, ?
Horse Hnlkis ln Ernat of lur.
Wllllo crossing Hull Street at Tonth
yesterday evenlng. Mr, .luhn Martin, a
rural mall carrler, wlio wns drlvlpg a
vtinsr horse, narrowly escaped Injuyy.
Mr, Martin had almost cleared the
track - lt; front of a moi'Ing car when
thi lion , balked, and before Ihe motor
man, ? ho saw the danger, could brlng
tlie i ar to ;> stop the volilcle wau stnu-k
llowoyer. the car was harely movlng,
nnd n ? damage waa dono. Tlie surrey
"?'?'? ;;;: 'i ch ,i- of tho ground by ihe
'-" i doi The horse, i.e.-,mi,ing
frlfi ' ? ei| l ? gan to roar and kt-k. and
for ??> fi l>. moments lt looltnd **?? lf
diimasc mlgl i iesult. Aft.-r bei omlng
t'lear of th f, ,,,!,.,? m,-. Martin. who
' ? ?,- i bll dlsconi erted by
tho a-?? Idei ?
plunging fram ,., ,.v. .?? '.i, \,\, '
< h -Icr -.-Ih.iiIm Close.
Commencement exercises ln the pub
Ilc schools of Chester were held Thurs?
day nlsht. and heslrles the entertain?
ment by the pupils, there were several
prominent men present, who asslsted
at thc graduatlng exercises. Mr. E. H.
Russell. school oxaminer, delivered an
address, and Dr. Hurt. of Chester.
presented the dlplomas. The past year
in the Chester schools has been a most
suecessful ono, anil both the teachers
and superlntendent nrQ much gratifiod
at the work done.
Illrtlidny Tarty.
Mr. nnd Mrs. AV. B. Bradley gave a
pretty children's party at thelr home
at Thlrteenth and Bainbridge Street,
Thursday evenlng- in honor of thc nlnth
birthday of their llttle daughter. -Miss
Mae Bradley. Games woro played, af?
ter whlch refreshments were served.
Thoso present were Mlsses Mlldred
Snelllngs, Esther Shotwell. Helen An?
derson. Katherine Graves. Grayce Paul,
Katherine Noakley, Niora Du Val. May
Deltrick, Gertrude Jones. Ganelle Phil
ips, Katherine Gwathmey, Kllse Bow?
en, Janet .Iones and Miss Mae Brad?
ley; Mnsters Androw and Robert Daf
fion, Archer Owen, Milton Staples and
Gray Garnett.
Itaiilist A sioolnllon.
The Baptist Sunday School Associa?
tion of Rlchmond and Manchester wlll
meet at Weatherford Memorial Church
Sunday evenlng at 3:30 o'clock. There
wlll he speclul addresses and slnglng
by thc rnombers of the association.
Regular sorvlces will he conducted in
the morning by Rev. Davld Hepburn,
of Fulton. Mr. Hephurn wlll also hold
revlval services every nlght durlng
next week.
IVrxdimN aud Ilrlifs.
Mr. Deslie Anderson, a travellng
salesman for a water meter company,
is vislting hls mother ln this clty for
a few days. Mr. Anderson. will leave
Monday for WnHhington, where he will
attend tho convention of Water Meter
Mariufabturers, which will hc in ses?
slon in that clty all of next week.
The funeral of Mr. Mlchael Stein,
who died Thursday morning at his
home on Balnhridgo Street, took plnce
yesterday evenlng from tho Flrst Pros
Workings of a Press
Clipping Bureau.
ll has come to be a necesslty that
any one whoso namo ever appears ln
a newspaper must be a subscrlber to
press clippings, stlll thore ai'o lew who
uuderstand anything about the work
ings of such a bureau. People take
press clippings because ln no oitier way
uan they learn how many papers
throughoui the country prlnt stories
concernlng them. They must have a
bureau tn read every paper publlshed.
Then every llne concernlng them
reaches their hands.
There nre some forty press clipping
bureaus ln tho United States, but be?
fore becomlng n subscrlber ono should
understand jusi what bureau to deal
wlth. Thls ls necessary, because in or?
der to reitcl 5,000 different publlcatlons
a bureau niuat have a largo area of
working space and employ many peo?
ple Somo bureaus work in one room
wlth three and four workers. The
largest bureau ln the world, that ls tho
Burrellq Press Clipping Bureau ln New
Vnrk, road3 every publlcatlon issued,
has 2,000 squaro feet of space, and hus
luO workers.
There aro -dor.ens of depnrtments In
thi- Burrellf. Bureau, but the one spec
tacular feature is the work of those
who actually read tho papers. Theso
readers slt before an incllnod desk on
whlch the paper rests. The reader
Beans the column, her pencll following
the lines wllh llghtnlng-llko rapidlty.
The moment she sees tlio name of a
clicnt, down goes the pencll and a
mnrk is put under the name. The mar
veious part ls, that the reader must
bear in mlnd something llko 60,000
names. lt Is a feat of memory that al
inost passes human understnndlng, and
*t Is done day In and day out. The
fi-ader's mlnd ls kept actlvo on these
suhjects in n dally sel\ool of Instruc?
tlon. For an hour each day tho read?
ers sn siicntly before thelr desks whllo
a forewomun takes up a list of cus?
tomers, aml one by one calls off the
nai sos and explatns thelr wants. lt
takes ten iluvs, nn hour each day, to
unmplete thc list. On thp eleventh day
Ihe forewomnn b.-gins' over a#ialn. so
thu routlne goes mi, week in and week
\ny one who hasn't a press cllpplng
bureau nr afay one who hasn't the Inrg
f" ! ln tho'world, shOUld wrlte a note
addresB il Rlmply "Burrelle, New York
Clty," whlch w'lll put thom ln Imuie
Idlate tour.h wlth every paper publlshed
hytorlan Church. Servlces wero eon
ducted by f.ho Rev. .1. ,T, Flx, nnd ln*
termont mnde ln Oakwood.
No Information ran bo hnd concern?
lng tho wheroaboiits nf Domentrla Mnr?
tln, whom Deputy Sorgesnt Mlllnrrl
Martin has beon nsked to loeate. Hh<
Is wartted lo appear In Amella cnurl
hoiiHe Mny 18th to testlfy ln a law suit.
The grand Jury of Chesterfield wlll
meet Monday. Thoro nre a numbor ol
cases up, nnd probably sevoral lndlct*
menta wlll bo retitrnnd.
Tlie Clty Central Democratic Com?
mltteo wlll meet to-nlght ln tho clty
eorgennt'R ofTlco, Bosltien sottllng all
matters pertalnlng to the recent prl?
mary. probably tlie two vncancles In
tho commlttee wlll bo fllied.
Arrangnments for tlio tea. to be glven
by the Hlgh School pupils for the ben?
eflt of the library havo not so fnr boon
completed, but It ls probable that tbo
tea wlll tnke placo next Frlday night
ln the Hlgh Behool buildlng.
Mlss Mnudo Flttman loft to-day for
a week's vI.-flt to relatlves nnd friends
in Staunton.
Virginia Man Ties Cornell for
First Place in Central Ora?
torical League.
TSp'-elnl to The Tlm-?-PI-pntch.'l
The thlrd annual contest of the Cen?
tral Oratorical Loague, eoniposed*-"--'of
such lnstltutlons as Columbla Unl?
verslty, Cornell Unlverslty, Ohlo Wes
leyan Unlverslty, tho Unlverslty of Chl?
cago, and the Unlverslty of Virginia,
took place to-night in Cabell Hall, at
tlie Unlverslty of Vlrglnla, beforo a
large nnd culturod audicneo. Ropre
stntatives were present froni four of
the flvo members of thc loague. The
addresses of the young gentlemen werC
of a hlgh ordor, and wero dellvered
wltli forco and ploaslng mnnncr.
Followlng was tln* program of speak?
ers and subjects, together wlth the'ln?
stltutlons represented:
Goorge G. Bogert. Cornell Unlverslty,
"The Lost Frontler."
Alb6rt C. Sehat/.man, Ohlo Wosleyan
Unlverslty, "Tho Tiirn of tho Balance. '
Clarence A. Bales, Unlverslty of Chl?
cago, "Public Sentiment vs. Criminal
Law." !
, DeRoy Ranson Fonvllle. Unlverslty!
\of Vlrglnla, "Tho Practlcal Dreamer."
The commlttee of judges conslsted of
Congressman David A. Do Armond, of
Mlssourl; Dean Willlam A. Wilbur. of
Georgo Washington Unlverslty. Wash?
ington, D. Ci Professor Ed win W.
Bowen, of Randolph-Macon College,
Ashland. Va.; Professor Wllliam R.
Vance, of George Washlngton Unlver?
slty, Washlngton,"D. C, and Dr. Robert
B. Fulton, superlntendent of the Mlller
School, Crozet, Va.
The first prize of $100. offered by Mr.
Emerson McMillin, of New York''City,
was divlded between Mr. Fonvllle, of
Virginia, nnd Mr. Bogert, of Cornell.
and the second prize of $50, by the
same donor, was awarded to Mr. Bales,
of Chlcago.
Last May the annual contest was
held in Chlcago. and the Unlverslty of
Vlrglnla, represented by Mr. J, G. Fln
lay, got second place.
Caboll Hall was decorated to-nlght
wltli banners of the several iustitiitions
represented, and there was both organ
and vocal muslc.
The present officcrs of the leaguo are
Solomon H. Clark, of Chlcago. presi?
dent; Kobert Irvlng Fulton, of Dela?
ware. O., vlce-presldent; Charles XV.
Kent. of the Unlverslty of Vlrglnla.
secretary, and James Albert Winans,
of Cornell, treasurer.
Young Men Wlio Struck Hlm Flned
8_0 Each.
rspeelal to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
NORFOLK. VA.. May 8.? Wllson
Stockley und R. Hlll, who resisted ar
rest last nlght by; Chlef of Police
Boush, striklng tlie ofllcer ln the face
twice, were to-day flned $20 each ln
the Police Court. -
Tho young men explalned that tho
chicf was in plain clothes. and they
did not know he was an offlcer. They
were on a lark and devlling a Greek
fi-uit vender by making believe they
were golng to take hls frult. Chlef
Boush was standlng near and attempt?
ed to arrest tho two men. They fought
hlm and made thelr escape, but were
run down by patrolmen.
Robert Liskey, Who, as Farmer
and Inventor, Has Amassed
a Fortune, Expires.
[Special lo Thc Tlmos-Dlspatcli.]
Robert Liskey, aged sevonty-threo,
died suddenly to-day at his homo,
nii out two miles oast of thls place.
Foi'ccasl: Virginia?Partly cloudy
and slightly cooler Saturday; Sunday
falr; fresh west wlnds.
North Carolina?Falr Saturday and
Sunday; light to fresh west winds.
Richmoiid's weather was clear a
warmer. Range of tho tl'.ermometor:
ti A- M.61 0 P. M.
12 M.,.6*' 0 P.'M.
3.P.-M.01 12 midnight
Average.60 6-6
Hlghr-st temperature yesterday.
Lowesi tolnperature yesterday.
Jlean temperature yesterday.
Normal temperaturo yesterday.
Departure from normal temperature
(At S P. M. Eastern Time.)
Place. Ther. H.T
Pittsburg. 16
Chlcago . ,11
Davenport . 52
Oklahoma Clly.. 64
Mciiiphis . ii2
Kansas Clty.
Y el low stone
| Augusta ....
Tampa .
Savannah ...
ABhevlllo ...
Raleigli ....
!\'<-iv i irleans,... ,0
Atlanta . fiS
NortolJ, . BU
Uuttorus . oi
luliolt . 16
Buffalo . -ll
Sun risos.
Sun sets..
Moon sets
Cloar ?
P. cloudy
P, cloudy
1\ cloudy
p, cloudy
Mav 0. 1308.
Evenlns. .??? '?
He was ? found dead In an outhouse
about ten mlnut*s nfter eatlng hl's
breakfast. Hcart dlsease was thc
cause of fleath, and tho deceased hud
been In bad health for more than a
year, havlng been paralyzed. llo ls
survlved by his widow and three sons
und one daughter. Though Mr. Liskey
ccuhl nelther read nor wrlte, he had
amassed a fortune, estlmated to bc
$600,000, most of whlch is In valuable
farmlng lands. He made hls money
farmlng. cattle buylng and leading
money. Notwlthstandlng hls lack of
eilucntlon, Mr. Liskey could llgure the
price of a steer weighlng 1,315 pounds
at 6 3-1 cents qulcker than tho ordl
nury person could wlth pencll and
.lames Crnun. an aged and prosper
ous farmer, aged seventy-two, Is dead
at hls home near Burketown. He was
111 only four days. He is survlved by
hls widow and one son.
Alrs. Margaret Cline, formerly of thls
county, but recently llvlng near Staun?
ton. dled last nlght, aged seventy-three.
She ls survlved by three. sons, two
brothers and one slster, most of whom
live in thla county.
ChnrlcH I'rnnklln Suoiv.
After an Illness of about two weeks,
Mr. Charles Franklln Snow, seventy
one years of age. dled at hls home. No.
303 East Main Street, yesterday morn?
ing at about 1:30 o'clock. He was a
gallant Confederate soldier, having
been a member of the Fortleth Vir?
ginia Infantry, Ja/ckson's Corps. lle
was also a member of I.ee Camp, Con
federute Veterans. For a number of
years he had boen connected wlth tbe
Old Domlnion Iron and Nall Wuiks.
Tlie funeral services wlll be held at
4 o'clock thls afternoon from All Salnts"
Church. The poll-bearers wlll be:
Messrs. Harry YValte, Stanley Tyler,
Davld .1. Gregory, D. U Lacy, .1. IX. Bu
banks, Carter AVhlte, A. S. Briggs and
E. L. Perklns.
Chnrlen B. Ilrnvrit.
Mr. Charles K. Brown, of this city,
died early yesterday iiiorning at his
country horne ln Hanover county.
Mr. Brown was Ihe last son of the
late Chrlstopher C. Brown. of thls'clty,
and had been in bad health for some
tlme prlor to hls.doath. Several years
ago he retlred from business and pur?
chased the farm ln Hanover wlth the
liopo of regainlng hls health. He
leaves hls widow and one grandchUd.
Mr. Brown was known for his genlal
disposition and was very popular.
The body will arrlve at the Chesa?
peake and Ohlo depot this afternomi at
3:45 o'clock, and wlll be carrled to
Shockoe Cemetery. where the Inter?
ment wlll he made.
Mrv. Edward S. Cottrell.
Mrs. Ma-.ido Wlcks Cottrell. wifo nf
Mr. Edward S. Cottrell. died suddon
ly yosterday morning at S:r,o o'clock
at her, ro.si.lonce, No. 2608 Floyd Ave?
nue. Tho death of Mrs. Cottrell was
ti great ahock to her frlends nnd rclu
tlves. she was tlio daughter of Mr,
nnd Mrs. Wlngfleld S. Wlcks. She la
survlved by both parents, her hus?
band, ono llttle son und ono brother,
Mr. A. Harvey Wlcks. ?. ,
The funeral wlll take place 'from
the resldence to-morrow afternoon al
1 o'clock, und the Interment wlll be
ln Rlvervlaw Cemetery.
.llm. G. XV. New.
Mrs. G. XV. New, aged slxty-sevcn
years. dled yesterday at th(? Kellam
Hospltal. She leaves her husband, Mr.
G. W. New, one daughter nnd several
Tho funeral wlll he held thls after?
noon at 1 o'clock from Reddln's un
dertaklng parlors.
ll. K. Woodeock.
Mr. H. l\ Woodrock dled last night
at 8 o'clock, lu the tlftleth year of hls
Arrangements for the funeral wlll
be announced later.
!>r. George P. Dlllnrd.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-DlsiMtcM
George p. Llllard. an old and highly
respectcd physician of this county, dirTl
i nt hls home near Flgsboro on WedneS
day. Dr. Dillard was about seventy
', einht years old. Death was caused
| by a gen.-ral bre.iklng down >of hls
.'system. Jue to cld age. He was the
1 last surylvinsr brother of tlie late
j Hughes Dillard, of Chathani. Va., and
?nas :in uncle of Ilugh Dillard. E?q.,
I Commonw ? ilth'a attorney nf Plttsyi
i vanki coanty. und of i\ ii. Dillard.
Esq.. of Rocky Mount. Vn.
Dr. Dillard is survlved by one daugh?
ter, Miss Matllda Dillard. who reslded
I Wlth him. .ind by two sons?George and
Wllliam Dillard. Ho also leaves three
Slsters?Mrs. Mary Anne Watklns. of
Stockton, thls county; Mrs. .lane Wat
I klns aml "drs. Matllda Penn. of Farm
i vllle, Va.
The funeral took place nt Heed Creek
Church Fridav afternoon, und w.is
largely attended.
I'uucriil of ( iriiiil P. Stephens.
| Rpeclai <., The Tlme?-Di?patc'ri. J
FLOYD. VA? May h.?Mr. Claud P
Stephens. wlio dl(d ln Itoanoke on
Wednesday, was brought hero and
burled to-day. Hls remalns were ac?
companied by hls wife, hls slster, Mrs.
?lennie Walls. and hls children?Mrs.
i Fred. .1. Thompson, Joe and Harry
I Stephens. The services at the cliurcli
| and grave were conducted by Rev. .1.
K. Harris. of the Presbyterlan Church.
and Rev. A. Hognn, of the Methodist
I Church, ln ihe presence'of a large num
' her of frlends.
Mr. Stephens wns tlfty-two years old.
He was born and reared in tbe vll?
lage. and was at ono tlme a promi?
nent business man here. which place
fic left soveral years ugo and moved
to Itoanoke, thinking tho change would
be beneflclal to hls health. Mr. Steph?
ens was very prominent in Masonlc
clrcles In thc town und. countv.
Wllllnm .). Ilnllcy.
[Speclal to Thc Thm-x- Dispatch. 1
STAUNTON. VA., May 8.?-Wm. .1.
Bailey, for many years englneer on
tho Chesapeake and Ohlo, died thli
mornlng. agi-d forty-slx years, leav
Ing hls wlto and four chlldren. H<
wnn a member of the Brotherhood ol
Locomotlve Englneere.
ANDERSON.?Dled, nt Marlanno, Cuba.
May * th, at I o'clock In the after
Itoon, after an Illness of llire.; hours,
ANDER ANDERSON. lnfant son of
Lleutenant and Mrs. XX', D. A. An
dorson, Unlted states Army, Corps of
Englneers, aged seven weej-s and
threo days, onlv grandson ot Attor?
ney-General and Mrs. Willlam A. An?
BROWN.?Dled. Frlday mornlng. May
Klb. at hls country homo, "Long RoW
Farm." Hanover county, Mr. CHAS.
C. BROWN, of thls olty. .
The body wlll arrive at Chesapeake
and Ohlo depot THIS (Saturday) AF?
TERNOON at ,'i;4.-. and funoral ser?
vlces be hold nt the gravo In Shockoo
lllll Cemetery. Friend.- and acqualn
tnni-i-s are Invited to attend wlthout
further notlce.
COTTRELL.?Dled. Frlday, Mav 8th. at
8:50 A. M., Mrs. MAUDE WICK.S COT?
TRELL. wlfe of Edward S. Cottrell,
Funeral froin residence. 2608 Floyd
Av.nue, j-tnday afternoon at 4
NEW,- Dled. May 8, 1308, al thi K< I
l.iin Hospltal, Mi.-. maiiv A NEJV,
aged slxty-scion. <;-..- i .s-i-v:--,-,| |,y
ln-r husband, 17 W. New. ,.- ? ,1 , g.-i
ter, three granddaughten, on gi imi*
son. '
Asleep ln Jesus,
i-'un-ria! from Reddln's und.-i taking
parlor*, 2::n: East Broad, THL*" i.-.u
tirday) AFTERNOON al 1 o'clock.
Frlenda und acnuatntancea invited to
TATE.?Died, at his residence, ln Hah
? over Qounty, Va.. ;it 6:20 P. M., Mav
7, 1-0S. W. D. TATE. in Ihe tw-nty
flfth year of hi- age. Ho le.-V.s a
widow and one chlld.
Funeral was held ;>.t r?sl-l-*i'.*<* : nd
Interment was mado ln famlly bury?
ing ground May S, 190S.
TYLER.?Died. at Gwathrhev. Hanov'ei
county, Vn.. at 9::t0 A. M., Friday.
Mav 8. 1908, Mis. MARV A. TYLER.
wlfe of Henry M. Tyler, and daugh?
ter of tho lato Georg- Koltli Taylor.
Funoral servlces at Oakwood Ceme?
tery THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON
after arrlval of 2:30 o'clock train at
Elba Statlon.
WOODCOCK.?Died. Mav Sth. at 8 P.
M.. IT. T. WOODCOCK. aged forty
nlno years.
Funeral notlce later.
? 'i| iHlil
Frompt treatment of a slight attack
of dlarrhoea wlll often prevent a serl?
ous slckness. The best known remedy
Is Dr.SethArnold'sBalsam. Yimrnpotho
cary, JOHN F. BAUER, warrants It
to glve satisfactlon.
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