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IteaiillM Yealerdny.
Rlchmonili l; PprtHtnoiitlt, i (ten ln
Tllngii; dill'klie.oO.
Lynchburg, r>; Itoanoke, 5 (ten ln
iilngs; .larknoHS).
Danvlllo, 4; Norfolk, .1.
sfttiidliiK of Ihe Clubs.'
Clubs. Won. LohL P. 0
RlehllKilid. H 2 -.801
Lyiichhnrg . 7 0 .',?:
Portsniouti.? n . FiCii
Danvlllo .;. 7 7 -S0?
Norfolk . ?'. " .Li:
Roanoko . '?', 0 .25i
finniex Td-Dny,
Portsmouth at Itichmond.
Danvllle at Norfolk.
rtuanoke at Lynchburg
Ten nerve-ra<:klng IiiiiIiirs and thc
ccore 1 to I ls the story of yosterday'!
niehmond - Portsmouth melee, Tht
Truckers put up Ihe best exhibition ol
any' team seen here tliis season, nol
exceptlng Lynchburg, atul It Waa otil>
on account of the Lawmakers' ever
rellablllty to otltbat thelr opponenn
that made tlie scoro a tle.
From the flrst mnn up to thn last
man down, It ivan a gamble as to whe
Would win, and the loyal fans breathe.1
a slgh of rellef when the gnme wai
called on account of darknesy, aftet
they had been on pins and needlcs foi
two hours straight.
The game wus played almost In jig
tlnie, wlth a vast assortment of thrilft
ln fleldlng. Thc- contest was full ol
glnger and the players lacked uo
nmount of nmbltlon. Botli Jackson nm!
Carter worked effectively, and nltliougi
few wore fanned. the hlts wero few an,
eeatterod and tho walking llmlted
Hlchmond was gullty of several errors
but. wlth ono exceptlon, nlway-H inan
Hged ro puli out Of tbe hole hy bril?
liant plays. The Truckers flelded fast
and cbhalstently throughout. Carter
gave the Lawmakers more trouble con
nectln'g wlth tho ball than any othei
box nrtlst seen here. Jackson deservet
a lot of credit for hls work, and proiu
Ises lo yet show hls best ablllty. H?
hos worlds of speed and somo nlce
The Truckers threatened to tally B
wlnning ruli more oftcn than the locals
but each tlme thelr most promlslng
chnnces wero dashed to earth. Heffror
wns back in the gnme. and led in the
battlng. wlt|i a slngh- anil double oui
of thros times up. Boyd. who was re
hased by Portsmouth yesterday morn?
ing. played a very good flrst for Rlcli?
mond. I.lpe and Ison sfarrcd In thc
fleldlng, while CowanV wlng to accont
was never more accuratv. Larkln ane
llerrlng did good work, while thc en?
tlre Portsmouth team showed up tc
In the lirst round Lawrence went tc
second on Sandherr's bad throw to flrst
The runner passed lo third when tlie
llttle shortstop uiuffed Larkln'."
Wlth no outs and a man on first anr
thlrd, Grlffin slashcd to Boyd am'
Lawrence trled to score, but the ftr.tf
baseman threw hlm out a mlle. Gnad?
lnger foulcd out to Cowan nnd Isor
handied Russell's slz/.k-r.
In the thlrd frame Lawrence slnglei'
to centre. sicallng second. He llkewlsr
s-t.i!.- thlrd; comlng home on Cowan':
had throw to Llpe. I^awrenee went oui
fnr hunting a third strike. Grlfftl
fouled out and Gnadlng'er's fly wai
nlpped by Ison. In these flrst threi
Ini Ings Rlchmond went down, one, two
In the fourth Heffron wormed a pas
from Carter. and Llpo nently sacrlflcei
hln, to second. after whlch ?.li? speed}
flelder stole thlrd. It Iooked mlght)
good for a run, bnt Larkln coppei
Itlgga'fl hot groiinder, throwlng lilit
out al flrst. whllo Herring doublcd oi
Heffron at home. A pretty play.
Ison made a speetaculur catch o
Cartor's liner In the llflh Inning, whlci
would have been good for three bags
Cowan led off In tho slxth wlth :
drlve down the left foul line and Jack?
son Bacrlflced hlm to second. Ther
Heffron smashed a beaut to deet
centre. scorlng Cowan, The batter
however. was put out at second. LIjk
slngled to left, but Hlggs was put oui
at lirst.
In the next round Llpe made a blr<
(Speclal tn The Tlines-ninpatch.l
NOUFOLK, VA.. May X.?ln a fast and
pretty gamo. full of glnger and sen
s-atlonal playlng, Danvllle defeated Nor?
folk to-dny by the scoYo of 4 to 3. Su?
perior stlck work ai-countcd for the
vlctory of tho vlsltors. Fast doubles
nnd sensatlonal stops held the Bugs ln
check, and made thc game ln doubt
untll tho last man was out.
Barrlng tho slxth and nlnth, Loos
liad tho Tara gucsslng, while hls team
iiintes hnmmcrcd Leahy p'ersistently,
and wero only kept ln reach by fast
fleldlng. Loos's work made thing';
easv for the men behind hlm. Nor
folk's rnlly in the ninth was the one
doubtfiil momont of tho gamo, and Loos
deserves credit for Iho way ln whlch
he kept hls h*ud wlth 2,000 howling
fans trylng lo send him up in tho alr.
Ho saved'the day, preventlng the need?
ed run to tle tho game by plcklng up
a slow bunt nnd beating the batter out,
Tho score:
Players. AB. R. II. O. A. IS.
Powell. lf. I 0 12 0 1
Doyle, 2b. 4 0 2 1 " l
Flsher, ss. i 0 ti i 3 l
Henn, cf.3 1 I 1 0 C
Stafford. lb.:i 0 0 14 0 t
Rhlnehart. 3b..'. 3 0 114 1
Ryan. o. 4 1 2 3 2 (J
AValsh. rf. 112 1 0 (J
Loos, p. 4 1 2 0 li t
Totals.33 4 11 27 15 1
Plavers. ' AB. R. II. O. A.B.
Beltz, lf. 1 l 1 ;i 1 ll
Bonner, 2b.;... 4 0 1 2 2 1
Cuminlng, rf. 4 0 110 1
Jackson. cf. I 1 1 3 0 ll
Haas, 1b. 1 1 3 10 1 tl
Ruhland, 3b..2 0 1 0 0 0
Gettlg, ss. I o " -I '? "
Smith, e. 3 0 0 4 1 ?
Leahy, p. B _!! _!!_!! _7 J
Totals.32 3 S 27 13 B
fiooro by lnnings: ?.
PanvlUe .0 0 10 0 10 0 2?1
Korfolk .0 0 0001 0 0 2?3
Summary: Karuod runs?Danvllle, 2;
Morfolk, 2. Saerifiieo hlts?Powell,
Flsher, Stafford. Ruhland. Stolen
basos?Salta nnd Dovlc. Doublo plays
w-Gettlg tn Haas: Seitz to Oettlg. Loft
nn bases?Danville. S; Norfolk, 4.
Btruck out?by LOOS, 4; by Leahy. 3.
Sase on halls?liy Leahy, 3. Batlcrs
hlt?hv Loos, 1. Passed hall?Smlth.
Tlme?1:35. Attendance?2,000. Um?
pire? Westorvelt.
On IGxhlhKlou.
Tho handsorno trophy cup. repro
sentjng tha champlonshlp In tho Pre?
paratory School Athletic League
whloh was won by tho Rlchmond Higl
School, |s on oxhlbltlon In tho window
pf Smlth & Webstcr's jewelry storo or
East Maln Street,
Play To.-l>ny.
Tho .lunlor toams of St. James nnd
[Jnloii Statlon Sunday-schools wlll cross
hats to-day on the Thlrty-fouVth
Sti'a?' dlamond.
of ii stop of rttiBsoIr** bttrnlng wnllop,
throwlng hlm out nt flrst. In nich
moiid'u half f'nudhorr nent one througli
l.nwronco, reachlng nrsi. TlUnnn
bimtocl. noi wlsei-. |,ut (0? mr, whlch
forced out Rnndllorr,
ln iho elghth Hiims roaehod flrst
on Tltniun's bad niuff, golug to -e.ni l
whon Roj'd inlssod Llpo'fi (brow uf
Carter')-. hlt. When Lawrence wont
out nt. flrst Burns'passed td thlrd, Tlfdit
;. Larkffi ciune tn bnl nnd Ilie si-iioe:-..
j plny wns attempted, hut Iho mnn wilh
,] ihe stick dld not respond to Ihe slgn.il.
iniul iiltlioiigh he trlr-d lc, ovon up by
blocklng Oiwiin. tlio runner wtn cailed
out for the Intorferonce. Lntkln's hurd
grounder *vn:i stopped by Ison. Cmvnn
mado o nlco catch of Qnadlnger's foul
ln Ihe ninth. The score:
Totals ..13 1 I 30 17 1
Score by lnnlngs: 17
Itlchmond ,.nnnooi 000 0? t
Portsmouth .0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0? 1
Summary: Two-base hlt?Heffron.
Stolen bases?Heffron. Titman, Law?
rence. Hopkins, Carter. Double play?
Larkln to Herrlng to Burns, Base oh
balls?off jackson, 4: Cartor, 1. Struck
out?by Jackson, 5; bv Carter. 8. Time
of gamo-?2:00. Umpire?Byron. At?
"Larkln out for buntliiK thlrd strike.
Burns out on batter's Interference.
F **r>-".-l.ii to The Tlmc_-Dl-patch. J
LYNCHBURG; VA.; May 8.?In a
gamo brhnfull of star work, Lynch?
burg antl f\oanoko went ten innings
thls .-ifternoon td a tlo, the score be
ng 5 to 5. Darkness ended the con
: Morrlssoy had poor support In the
Ilrst Inning, and after that he kept
tne Shoemakcr- from scorinic. except
j ln tho second, when two doublen earn?
ed a tally. Hc had to work hard
for this result. nnd then only secured
lt by brllllant work. Oakley was bat
tcd hard in the tlfth and slxth and
stewart rollevcd hlm, succeeding In
|stopplng the battlng. Time after time
both teams had opportunities to win
with a im. but both pltchers were
erjual to Ihe occaslon. Tbo weather
was cold nnd disagreeable and the
:grounds muddy. Score:
Players. AB. P.. ll. O. A. E
Anthony, lf. . .s. ,? j n _ (, r,
, Schuman* . 1 n o 0 0 0
Bowen, .'ii.
Davls, if.
Raley. lb.
Kirkpatrick. 3b_
Westlake, c.
(Moss, ss.
| Hooker. cf.
! Oakley. p.
Stewart. p.
1 3
0 0
Totals .35 5 6 30 15 1
?Batted for Anthony In tonth.
??Batted lor Stewart ln tenth.
Players. AB. ll. H. O. A. E
Lohr. cf. C,
Shaffer, lt. fi
Kessler, rf. 4
Clayton. 2b. 5
Palnter. 3b. G
Clarke. lf.-. . 5
MeMahon, ss. 3
I rtajrsdale. c. 1
j Morrlssoy, p. 3
0 1
0 0
0 1! 13 0 _
1 I) 1 0 0
(? 0 1 I 0
113 10
0 2
. 11
11 30 16
Totals _
Score by lnnlngs: R
Lynchburg.1 1 0 0 0 o (i 0 0 0?."i
Roanoke.0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 1 0?3
Summary: Two-base hlts?Hooker,
Bowcn ancl Palnter. Sacrifice hlts?
i Bowen, Kirkpatrick and Ragsdale.
Stolen bases?Westlake and Kessler.
First base on orrors?Lynchburg. **;
Roanoke, 1. Earned runs?Lynchburg,
1: Roanoke, I. _,eft on bases?Lynch?
burg, 2: Roanoke. 11. Double plays?
Westlake to Moss: Clarke und Me?
Mahon: MeMahon. Ragsdale and Palnt?
er. Hlts?off Oakley, 7, in tlve and a
third Innings; olT Stewart. 4. in four
and two-thlrds Innings. Struck out?
bv Oakley. 2: by Stewart. 2: by Mor?
rissev, _, Baso on balls?off Oakley, 3
(MeMahon, Kessler and Morrlssoy); off
Stewart, 1 (Morrlssoy): off Morrlssoy,
1 1 (Anthony). Hlt by pltched ball?Me?
Mahon. Attendance-?1,000. Time?2:15.
JAMAICA, N. Y? May 8.?-On n heavy
track and can ylng the light weight of
SS pounds, Faust won the Klng's Coun?
ty Handicap. ono and one-sixteenth
liiilcs. defeating tho favorlte, Light
Wool. bv a head in a terrific drlve.
First race?maiden two-year-olds:
selling; flve furlongs?Rlght Sort (io
to 1) first, Father Stafford (even,
nlaco) socond. Peto (5 to 1, show)
thlrd. Time, 1:03.
Second race?handicap: three-year
olds and upward; flve and a half fur?
longs?Piintouflo C5 to 1 *? first, Martha
Jones (0 to 10) socond. Colloquy (l to
4, showi third Time. 1:01 2-5.
Thlrd inee?four-year-olds ond up?
ward: selling; milo and a slxteenth?
Moufort (9 to -) first, Znl i3 te 5,
place) socond, Keator (2 to 5, show)
th'rd. Time. 1:19.
Fourth raco?tho Klng's Handtca.Pi*
(1,,-oe-voiir-oHs nnd im; ono mlle nnd
a sixtOPiitli?Faust (S to 1) flrst. Light
Wool (4 to 5, p'uc) second, Spooner
(1 to 3, show) thlrd; Time. 1:48 2-5.
Fifth rnce?two-year-olds: solllng;
tlve furlongs?Madrlleno (9 to 1(1)
flrst. Pleaslng (-1 to l. place) second,
Apron (2 to 5, show) thlrd, Tlmo,
1;0_ 2-5.
Slxth raco?maiden, throo-yoa'r-Qlds'
slx furlongs?-Golden Heart (87 to Mi)
first.' Quostlon Mark (C to 5, place)
socond, Chaplot (S to 5, Bhow) thlrd.
Time, 1:14 3-5.
NORKObK, A'A.. Mny S.?Thn Wright
Biotliors. aoroiiBiits, wlio art* expin-lmantiiiK
wlth thelr neroplane at Klll Devll Hill, noar
Mnntoo,- mado thelr thlrd -uccoasful fllght
tt-day, covorlng thirty odd mlles and ns
eendlng to a conslderable height. Tho nb
so'.ute control of thc machlno shown by the
neioiiauts wns the foaturo of tlie experhnent.
The shtp gllded easily from the (round.
the aeronauts talctnt* a flftoen-mllo dnrt
Bd-ward, probably goingf 2,500 feet In tho
alr. clrcled aiul followed au elllpticnl couree
bock to tho stnrtlng polnt. A ton-nillo wlnd
wns hlowlng, _ut It dld not lnlorfeie wlth
tho -lilii.
Mineral Heat.
r.Sooclal to Tlie Tlmus-Dlsnatcli.]
MINERAL. VA? May 8.?Mineral and
Louisa tu-day cro-sod bats and tho
soore resulting 10 to 14 in favor of
LONDON, Mny s. -Richard I'roker's
j Rhodora, imir slster io urbv, wlnner
jof lasl year's Derby, captured tho
Thousfthd Ouliieii Stako at Now Market
i to-duy. Ivlth LuelOtl LyilO Up, To-day's
vlctory of Khddorrt, n.llowiiig the niu.
COSS Of the Atliei (call horse Rllblo III
tha tJaiii Natii/tiui and Nohns . Lli, in
the Two ThousandOulnoafcStakos, inakta
a notable seuucncd ol Amoi-ican tr>
urhphs Rhodora covered n inllo in
i:i;i l-r, seconds, beating Normnn III.'n
?timo of i;ii .",-r, mado Wednesday.
Mr. Cioker was presenl td seo hls
fllly win, ani Klng ICdwnrd and tho
1'liine or Wales Were mso ttiuong InH
.blg crowd thnt wltnossod tlio Amcrican
! Rhodorn Ih a half slster to Orby. Mr.
Croker'a horso that won the Derby
lnst your. Slfe fa |,v Ht. FrusqUlfl OUI
of the Aniorlcan mare Ithod i D., nnd
wns bred by Mr. Croker. iluodora wbti
Ithe Dt'Whurst plale for Iwo-yeai-olds
lnst Noveinbe,-. defeat lng Klng F.d
[ward's I'eriiere by two longths; tn .ui
gimt won the Londonherry plate at
? Leopards town. and ln May the l.'ado
gnn plate nt the franie place. Hlm is
i engaged for the Bpsom Oaks, but ll
iis nol entered for tlie Derby.
By cuplurlng thls event, Rhodora.
jMr. Croker's brilliant three-year-old
[fllly hns added another classic to the
Isportlng trophles already capturod bv
the American sportsman. She won to
Iday's event froni a blg flold ot elghteen
; horses wlth comparatlve case. The
event of to-day wns doubly au Anierl
can vlctory, tor Luclen Lyne, the Amer?
ican Jockey, rode the wlnner. He dls
.played such Judgment that Rhodora
| turned tbe tables on tlio favorite. Kes
bla. a horse that defeated the Amerl
Ican fllly ln the Middle Park plate last
year, and lhat up to tho present tlmo
never had been beaten. Lyne lay be?
hind Hlm Tv.ig untll the bushes wero
[reached. Here he drovo hls mouni to
ithe front and rorhped hotne two lengths
ahead of Bracelet, wlth Ardentriva
thlrd. Onlv a neck separated Arden
itiive and Courtesy. the fourth horse.
The betting was as follows: Rho
idora, 100 to R against; Bracelet. ."> to 1
i agalnst, and Ardenlrlve, 100 to 6
against. ,
LOULSVILLE. KY..~Mav 8.?More raln
nnd cold weather to-dav dld not In?
jure the attendance at Churchiil Down-i
materlally, Qugga was thc only fa?
vorite to win. Sumrnarles:
Flrst race?four furiongs; selllng?
Sorvlcence (straight. $21) tlrst, Funda?
mental (place, $9) second, Sllverlte
(show. $20.50) thlrd. Tlme, :51 1-5.
Second race?flvo and a half fur?
iongs: selllng?Beth Goodwln (straight,
$27.60) lirst, Stoner Hlll (place. $21.90)
second. Dr. Slmrall (show, $9.60) thlrd.
Time. 1:12.
'Thlrd race ? slx furiongs ? Shlp
($24.10. Btralght) flrst. Thomas Cal?
houn ($13.60. place) second, Kthel Carr
($14.50, show) third. Time, 1:18.
Fourth race?tho steeplechase handi?
cap: Hhort course?Charfleld ($61.50,
straight) first, Hertel ($26.80. place)
second. W.-itorways ($7.80. show) thlrd.
Tlme. 3:1S.
Flfth ra?e?seven furiongs?Mortlbov
($34.10, straight) first, Terah ($7.20.
place) second, Hasty Agnes ($5.90.
show) thlrd. Time, 1:32 3-5.
SlKtii race?mlle?Quagga ($6.6.1.
straight) flrst. Plantland ($6, place)
second, Dr. McClure ($8.80, show)
thlrd. Tlmo, 1:47 3-5.
fSpecl.il to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. 1
GREENSBORO, N. C. May S.?In the
prettiest game of the season Greens?
boro defeated Spartanburg. 5 to 2. The
locals pulled off tlre cleverest base run?
ning. seen here In years -->nd clearly
OUtclassod the vlsltors. Cook. Doak
and Slsson starred for the locals; Ben
bow and Watson for Spartanburg.
Score- by Innings: R. H. E.
Greensboro _100210 10*?5 6 0
Spartanburg ...20000000 0?2 12 0
Batterle<: Kllroy and Walsh; Thack
cr and Bu-sse. Umpire. McNamara.
fSpccial to The Timt's-Dlspau-h. |
Greenvllle turned the tables on Win?
ston thls afternoon by bandlng tha
locals a goose egg, the scoro belng
9 to 0. The Blues found Barre, Green
vllle's star pltcher. for only four hlts,
these belng widely scattered. ? Two of
the vlsltors lined, out bome runs.
Batteries: Greenvllle?Barre and
Kelley; Winston?Person and Hess,
Rovenv .ind Burden.
(Speclal lo The Times-Dispatch. 1
CHARLOTTE. N. C May 8.?The rnnst
cxclting aml wcll-playeil same hero thls
teuson was won to-day hy Anderson when
Catcher Wlnner hlt for three bases, scorlng
iwo men. Charlotte mado a game tifiht.
nn,- In thc seventh Newton drove oui a
horner, scorlns one man ahead ot hlm. IJoth
pitchers dld splendld work.
Score hv Innlnps: It. H. E.
Ardorson .0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0?3 3 2
Charlotte .00000020 0?J 4 2
Kaiicnes?Wlllis and Wlnger; Finn and
Thc Churcii Hlll Sunday-sehool Ath?
letic League wlll open lts season to
dav wlth games on tho Chrlst Church
Association Fleld and Lutheran Field.
All games on the former field.wlll bo
called at 2:30 P. M., and on the lat?
ter at 3 P. M. Morning games will bo
played at 10 A. M. on Decoratlon Dny.
Tho schodule:
May 9th?Loigh Street vs. Union
Station. C. C. A. Field.
May 9th?Chrlst vs. Thlrd Chrlstian,
Lutheran; Fleld.
May 16th?Lelgh Street vs. Chrlst,
Lutheran Field.
May 18th?Union Statlon vs. Broadus,
C. C. A. Field.
Mav 23d?Lolgh Street vs. Thlrd
Chrlstian. Lutheran Fleld.
Mav 23d?Chrlst vs. Broadus, C. C.
A. Fleld.
May 30th?Leigh Street vs. Broadus
Lutheran Field.
Mnv 30th?Union Statlon vs. Third
Chrlstian, C. C. Field.
Mav. 311th?Union Statlon vs. Chrlst,
C. C. A. Field.
Mav 30th?Thlrd Christian vs. Broad?
us. Lutheran Flold.
On tho Lake alleys Thursday' nlght
Mr, Briggs captu&ed tle prlze ln a
good bowllng contest. The score;
Briggs. 126; Thorpe. 114; Simpson,
106: Hall. 9fi: Howard, 94; Ryan, 94;
Brown. 92; Ramsav. 91; Merlll. 90;
Woolridge, S9: Tnt". 86; Vaden,-87;
Glenn. R?: Thomns. 85,
Somo of the highest scores made on
tho alleys thi"-woek aro us follows:
Cioosoplns?Simpson. 136: C, lt. Cos?
by, 122; Thorp?, lli; Briggs. 126;
Brown. 112.
Balllmoro ducks?Brown. 130; Simp?
son. HU: Thorpo, 116; C. H. Cosby,
1.14; Blain, 132.
TonpillS?Gregory, 201.
rsnonlnl to Th? Times- Disrnteh.l
? LEXINGTON. VA., May 8.?Vlrglnln.
Mllltary Tr.slltutn defeated Biidge
water College In a slow. unlnterestlng
game to-day, The vlsltors scored ear?
ly In tho gafne by hittlng Taliaferro
hard, hut when Devnult replaced hlm
the run gettlng stopped. Devault
pitched n good gamo and wan glven
good sunport. Scoro: V. M. L, 8; Brldge
wator, 5.
Emory nnd Henry Wlns.
I Kni'olsl to Tho Tlmes-niepateh.l
EMORY. VA.. Mny 8.?In 0110 of the
t'astest collogo games of the season Mll
lUran ngalu lost to Emory nnd Heury
by llie score of 3 to 2. Tlie gamo wn*
Intorostlng from start to finish, both
pitchers belng In flno trlm. Bruce had
an unusual number of henders up hls
sleeve, strlklug out thlrtssn men, to
Wise Talks by
the Offiee Boy
Thoro wns n fellow I
wook who had been h
know, and tbc yarns li
tho store last
oad, doncher
told were the
In or?
th Ink
!i. hut
real llmlt. He sald ho mel t
many Americans ln Europe win
nothing hut Kngllsh. Tliat w.S
der to make othor Anierlcann
they wero froni denr old Lunnon,
they always gave themselves awny by
the size of thelr tlps. I asked hlm
how the Eengllsh l'lngo dlfforod from
Amerlcan, aml he sald, "Well, tvjteii
cver any one tells them aomethlng,
they say. "Really. qulte exti-'ordluary,'
and when you ask thom anything, It's.
'Ves. rawtlier,* or 'No, I fawacy not.'
He says tlie Kngllsh are awfUIIy nice
people, Just the same. aud vory par?
tlcular as to what they wear. So
should you. We've the swollost line
llne of young men's suits tbls season.
and just rlght for particular follows.
doncherknow. Moderately priced, $7.50
to $30.00. You're welcome here to a
look if you want It. WILL1E.
hls opponent'8 scvon. and allowlng only
one scratch hlt. Llno-up:
Kmory and Henry?Spratt, shortstop;
Atklns. thlrd base; Dotson, eatcher;
Waliace, flrst base: Darwin, centre
field; Sliuler. left flelii; Bonham, right
field; McGuire. second base; F.rm-e,
Mlllgan?Burton. shortstop: Ander?
son. second base: Kelly, flrst baso;
Wilcox, right field; Africa. thlrd ba**e*
.Rliudy. centre fleld: Tai'.lor, eatcher;
5>. Burleson. left field; Cv Burlcson.
The Ashland baseball team wlll open
Its regular season thjs afternoon at
Ashland on tho college diamond with
a game against the Randolph-Macon
College team.
The game promlses to be a good
one. as the collegians are In flrst-class
condition, and wltli Warren. their
coach. in the box for them, they should
be able to glve the Ashlanders a hard
flght for victory. Trevllllan. the
southpaw, wlll pltch for Ashland, and
.lones wlll be behlnd the bat- The bat?
tlng order for Ashland will bo as fol?
lows: Randolph. shortstop: Trevllllan,
pitchor; Dr. Jordan, contre field: Swlft,
third baso; E. Jordan. second base;
Mills, flrst baso; Leadbetter, left fleld;
Brldges, rlght field; Jones, eatcher.
In the Grammar School Baseball League
thore are several postponed games to
be played. Bellevlew vs. Marshall and
Fafrmonnt vs. Springfield are the post?
poned games ln tho eastern section.
These schools will arrange dates wlth
-Mr. Barrows. of Chrlst Church Asso?
ciatlon, for tho playlng of the games.
In the wrstcrn sectlon there are
two posto^ned games, as follows:
AVest En.l vn. Leigh; Randolph vs.
Leigh. These schools will arrange
wlth ea*'n other for tho play?
lng of ihc-ir games as soon as possl?
ble. and notlfy Mr. Rolthard. of the
V, M. C- A., ln oi der that umpires may
be provlded. As soon as oach section
bus completed its schedule the win
mrs ln oach wlll play a series of threo
games for the champlonshlp of Rich?
Standing of the Clubs.
Followlng is the standlng of the
teams ln "ho western sectlon to date:
Western Sectlon?
Clubs. Won. Lost. P. C.
Elba . 4 0 1.000
Leigh. 2 0 1.000
Randolph . 2 2 .500
Madison . 2 3 .4 00
West End . 1 3 .250
Sidney . 1 1 .200
Eastern Section?
Clubs. Won. Lost. P. C.
Bellevlew . * 0 1.000
Central . 3 1 .75fl
Mnrshall .i. 2 2 .500
Falrmouut . 1 ?'! -250
Nicholson . 1 3 .25(1
Springfield . 1 3 .250
Field Dny Rcwuits.
[Special lo Tlie Tlmes-Dispatch.]
LEXIN .TON. VA., May 8.?Summary
ot annual ileld day meet hold at V. P.
1. Wednesday:
100-yard dash?Wostlaken, Huffard,
Noland. Time, :9 4-5.
50-yard dash?Noland, Luttrell, Huf?
fard. Time, :l 4-5.
220-yard dash?Westlaken, Huffard,
Noland. Time, :'-4.
4 40-ynrd dasli?Westlaken, Huffard,
Stone. Time, :53 3-5.
Half-mllo?Stone, ' Hughes, Yeaton,
Time, 63 3-5.
Mile run?Stone. Hughes. Time, 5:47.
120-yard hurdles?Noland, Glbbs, Holt.
Time. :13.
Shot-put?Diffendal, Smith, Luttrell.
Dlstance. 34 feet.
Hnmmer throw?Luttrell, Brown,
Mitchell. Dlstanco. 113 feot. 3 Inclics.
High itfiip?Huffard and Holt lle for
first; Campbell, thlrd. Height, 5 foet 3
Broad jump?Luttrell, Hargrove, Syl
vestor, Dlstanco, 19 feet 4 Inches.
Polo vault?Luttrell, Davls; Sylves
tor. Height. I) foet 3 Inches,
Bull throw?Luttrell, Hall, Jones.
Distance. 3;'.U feet 11,inclics.
What is known as tho ??Blues"
is seldom occasioned by actual exlst
Ing external conditions, but ln the
great majorlty of cases by a dis
ordered LIVER.?-?-_--.
whlch may be demonstra
ted by trylng a course of
They control and regulate the LIVER.
They bringhopeandbouyancy to the
mlnd. They bring health and elastic
ity totlte body.
Washington Americans Get Win
ning Run by Clever Play
at Capital.
Results Veslerdny,
Wiisiiiiii-ton. :i; Phlladotphla, 2.
Boston. 0! New Yurk. 3.
1. eveland-Deiroit, rain,
Chlcago-rH-Louls, wet grounds.
'?Inmlln-; of llu- Clubs.
(Jnnio- Tn.Dny.
il>ctr,ilt ,-u Cleveland.
St. L ,11 ? ut Chlcngo.
Nov YoiK ut Boston.
l*:illndolphla at Washlngton.
IJrfrnt Athletlc-.
I WASHINGTON. D. C, May S.?Wash?
lngton clefonted Phllad'-iphhi to-duy :i
lto -. A trlple steal by iHiuley, All.izer
iand I-'reeinan, the first named stealing
home. was the feature.
Score by lnnlngs: 17 II. E.
Washlngton .0 0 2 01 n'o 0 *?3 7 1
Philadelphla ....0 0 u 0 0 0 0 0 2?_ 7 2
! Batterles: Hughes and Street; Bon
der ancl Smith. Time, 1:15. Umpire,
111111.I1 Hlts,
I BOSTON, MASS., Mav 8.?-Now Yorlt
[bunched hlts off Wlnter iu tlio flrst,
and eighth innings to-duy and shut
out Boston _ to 0.
Score bv Inninics: R. H. E.
New York.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0?:'. 12 1
Boston .oooouOooo?0 s 1
Batteries: Minnlng aml Klelnow;
Wlnter. Burchell anii Carrigan. Time,
2:07 Umpires, Sheridan and Ilural.
ftr-tilts Vesterdny.
PIttsburg-Chlcugo. rain.
Plilladi i..iiia, ?*. _*rW..#/n. :;.
st. Louis. ;': Cincinnatl, ..
New York-Boston. rain.
Stnndlng of tbe riub?<.
Clubs. Won. Lost. P.C.
Pittsburg _,. !) I .6U3
Chicago .11 "> .888
New York.10 T .SSS
Boston .in 8 ..*ir>f5
Philadelphia .0 '? .""0
Cincinnatl . 5 8 -3X5
Brooklyn . fi 12 .29-1
St. Louis. 1 13 .235
nnme* To-Dny.
Chicago at Pittsliurg.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
? Boston at Now York.
Cincinnatl at St. Louls.
Down Drniiklyn.
Philadelphla Natlonals won from thc
Brooklyns thls afternoon by a. nlnth
winning rally, 4 to 3.
Score bv innings: K. H. E.
Brooklvn '.0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0?3 I 1
Philadelphia _01 0 10 00 0-2?l 11 1
Batterles: Mclntyre and Berfren: Mc
Quillln and Dooin. Time. 1:35. Um?
pire, Emslle.
St. 1.iiiil* Wlnn.
ST. LOUIS*, MO., May 8.?St. Louis
won the oponlng gamo of the series
with Cincinnatl to-day 3 to 2.
Score by lnnlngs: R.H.E.
St. Louis.20010000"?3 9 0
Clncinnati .0 0 0 10 0 0 10?2 51
Batterles: Raymond nnd Marshall;
Coakley. Toser and McLean. Time,
1:51. Umpire, Rudderham.
At Blrmingham? ?'_-_,
Score by lnnlngs: _ _ _ .' fi' .
Blrmingham ... .2 0 1 4 0 0 0 J 0?7 IS 6
Montgomery ....100001.01 8?9.1- -
Battorles?Rohertalll. Ragan and Rauli;
Van Anda, fitnekpole. Messet and Sanson.
Time, 1M0. Umpire. I'fcnningor.
At Little Kock? _
Score by Innings: R- H- >-?
i.ittie noon.2 o o o o i . o n?r. 7
Memphls .(10 0 0 0 0 2 0 5?7 10
Battorles?Rltcr and Hess; Shloldii nnd
Owen. Time. 1:50. Umpire, Carpenter.
At Nashvllle?
Score by InningB: R- H, E
Atlanta .? 0 0 n 0 2 0 2 0?t i 0
Nashvllle .1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0?1 6 1
Batterles?For,i aud McMurrny; Hess nnd
Hardy. Time, 1:45. Umpire. Brown.
CHARLESTON, May s.?Malarkey and
I.r.wis wero both easy to-day ancl Charleston
uon from Macon 8 to 4. _,,.-,
Score by innings: It. H. E.
riiarleston .2 0 10 10 2 0 ??6 10 i
Mncou .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3-1 11 2
Batterles?Clancv nnd Beislnger; Malar
Icey, Lewis and Shea. Time, 1:50. Uinpire,
JACKSONVILLE. FLA., May 8.?Columbla
won from the locals ln tlio tonth to-day,
ov. ing to tlie errors by McMlIian and Taf
Scnre by lnnlngs: R. H. K.
Jacksonvllle ...0 01001000 0?2 7 3
Columbla .0 00001001 2?1 8 0
R-ttertes?Hanseu and Rotli; Salve and
Ilamlsti. Time, 2:10. Umpire, Buokley.
SAVANNAH. _A., Mny 8.?The battlng of
Morgan, Savnn'nah's new flrst baseman, wns
ic-stuie In to-dny's game, when Savannah
won easily 4 io 2.
Score by lnnlngs: R. II. E.
fi-vnnnah .10030000 -?4 fi 3
Augusta .0 0 000000 2?2 7 I
Batterles Kleber aml Kahlkoff; Atklns.
Blorman and Carson. Time, 2:00. Umpire,
Rndford I.oses.
[Special to Tlie Tlmes-DI-patch.]
EAST RADFORD, VA., Muy S.?Through
errors at tlrst bnse the Radford loague team
lnst to Roanoke to-dny by n scoro ot 8 to G
afler n close nud Interestlng game.
tiruiiitiiur Lengue*.
I elgh walked away wlth Sldney School at
Byrd Park yesterday by tlie score of 12 to 0.
Ilulclicr's BOOd pltchlng nnd liis liome mn
wns llio feiiture. Tho llno-up1.
I.elgh School?Dyson, eatcher; Hulcher,
pilolior; Ftslier, shortstop.! Crow, ilrst base;
Wolfe, BOCOlld bnse; Beard, thlrd bnse;
ln the besi tonnls matoh soeu In R1ch
r.iiiiil thls seimon ihe llermltage tennls tenm
thfeated tlio Unlverslty of Vh-glnla toam ttt
the Hertnltage Club enuris yesterday ufior
noon wlnning throe out of four sets played.
Tho'sets resulted as follows: Hermliiige,
fi-4, 6-1. 7-5; Vlrginia, 6-4, the Initer tiiUIng
tho thlrd set.
A lurge gatherlng was present to witness
the openlng serles between tho teams, Hnd
was rewarileil by seelng a closo anel oxcltliig
niati'h. All tho games. wero Btuhhornly con
tcntlod for, nnii many ran Into deuce scores.
Both sldes got In BOmengOOd team work.
The rtrst set was flnally won by tho ller?
mltage ruimn't wleldera ti t? l. After keep-.
lng honors even for some tlme ln the second
sel. the lOCal team agaln won hy a simllar
jr. the thlrd set the Unlverslty duo tool:
a daoliled brftcc, runnlng up tlie score r> to
1 before the Hermltago tenm could cheiii
them. Then tlie Initer succeoiled ln laklug
the next three games, but were uniible tn
make Ihe set tleuce, the Unlverslty whuilng
6 to 4.
The last set was the mosl exoltins and
the best played ot the. serles. The col
loglnns started la wlth some hiilllmu play?
lng, iiiniiliiB up the scoro 5 to 2, But
nguln the club men bracocl up bol'nie It wns
too lato, anil by some llne uphlll and eon
slbtent work nmrte the score a dmicis set
afler some hunl-fousht gi\mes. Nor dld
they slow up nt thls polnt, wlnning Ihe noxt
Iwo games atul Ihe sel, 7 to 5, whlcli gavn
llie flermltuge tenm tho requlred tlueo out
uf nve.
Mr. John A, Coke, Jr., and Mr. James
Savizg CoupoTts Means Sa'ving Money
<L Each package of Piedmont Cigarettes now contains
two coupons. 100 of these coupons will be rerleemed for
50c in cash. Piedmont coupons are just as good as money.
C Famous for the quality of their fine old tobacco?the ver3
choicest grown in the celebrated Piedmont district. Highty
prized by smokers for their sweet taste and fragrant aroma
10 tor 5c
Piedmont Cigarettes are packed in TIN FOIL
Suctton &aU?l, future ?aps. Sucticm ?s>ale?>, Jfuture ?apg;
A. R. Mayo. Auctioneer; A. P. Montgomery, Salesman.
I will sell for Mr. ,Tos. Giannottl, at S24 East Broad Street, at 10:30 A. M.,
MONDAY. MAY 11. 190S,
?i larpre, fresh stock of Imported and Domestlc Can and Bottle Groceries, Cheese,
Coffee. Smoklng aml Chowlng Tobacco. Marble Ttop Luneh Counter, .elghteen
Iron-Base Stoois. Large Steol Range, Gas Range. full equipment of Crockery.
Glassware, Cutlcrv, Enamclware, CooklUR- I'tenslls. Extonslon' nnd Kitchen
Tables. Chairs. Cupboards. Ice Box, FUter. Iron Safe, Wall and Show Cases,
Desk, Oak and Glnss OfTlce Partition, Cluster Llghts, Large Mirrors, Cuspldors,
Oyster Boxes and numerous mlsccllnneous artlcles.
TERMS: Cash. A. R. MAYO, Auctioneer.
By N. W. Bowe & Son,
Real Estate Auctioneers.
1 219 W. Marshall St.
At thc request of tho owner, who i.s
leavlng tho clty, we wlll offer for sale,
on the premises, on
at 6 o'clock P. M.. that attractlve de?
tached frame dwelling, No. 1219 West
Marshall Street. The lot fronts 25
feet and runs hack 143',? feet to a
good nlley, nnd tho improvements con
slst of a good two-story frame house,
wlth slx rooms. Tho houso Is In good
order. nlcely papored and palnted and
heated by a latrobo stovo. Tho not
(llsiaiit futuro wlll make thls proporty
highly valuable for huslness IIBOS.
TERMS: Easy and announced nt sale.
gfactton efealea, ftftfg ?ap.
By The Valentlne Auction Co.,
Auctioneers, 618 East Broad Street.
at 3:30, Three Frame Buildings,
No.808, on North side Broad Street,
between Eighth and Ninth Streets.
?eal Cstate.
if you m
havo property along
of tho Vlr
Ilailway or
near terrltory, get Into communlcation
wlth us at once.
Real Estate. Loans, Insurance,
Maln Offlce, ... Tlnkllng, Va,
The Valentine Museum
Open dally from 10 A. M. to IS P. M.
Admlssion, 25 cents. Freo ou Saturday.
Sutterlanrt, left fleld; Johnson, centre fleld;
Velkan. rlght neld.
Sldney School?Cooper, catcher; Ford,
pltcher; Haneock, shortstop; .Inrvls, tlrst
base; PIttman, socond hnno; Perklns, thtid
base; Nelson, centro lleldl Tluirstuti, left
flold; Caitor rlght fleld; Mernuin, pltcher.
Thn scoro by Innlnga: R.
Lrlgh .1 2 7 0 0 1 0 1 ?-*-12
Sldney .o u o o o o o o o?? 0
Summary: Ttvo-tmso hlts?Ilancook.
Ilorne runs?Hulcher. Bnso on balls?OIY
Hulcher, ;i; oft' Ford, I; off Merninn, 2.
Struck out?By Hulcher, S; by Ford, 3; by
Mcrmmi. 2, Tlme of game. 1:50. Umpire,
ft- ]?'. Padgett, .ir.
Mullen made up tha winnlng ien.ni, wlllle
Virginia wns represented by Mr. \V. E. Ilu
fcrd, ?r ll*It; clty, and Mr. Eagor, of Louis
To-day tlio alngles wlll bo played, Mr.
Colie belng. matched wlth Mr. Buford, and
Mi. Mullen wlth Mr. Eager. Tho games be
gii Hl I P, M.
-ur Maln Street Branch Store to
311 1.11st Hroad.
R. L Barnes Safe & Lock Co.
Miinnf-etur,-!--, of lllgh.tirucle Standard
Sni't-H nud Vnults.
Factories N'as. I und 2 Trlgt- Shlp Yards.
Orticea and Show Rooms,
11-13-15 North Fourtaoiuh Strwi,
Hlchmond, Vo.
II5th Annual Music Festlval
Academy of Music.
li. 1008.
Sympliony Concert,
by Boston Festlval Orchestra.
Mme. Florence Mulford, Contralto.
Dr. Franklin Lawson.Tenor.
sat.hday night, may o, ioos.
Mme. lOleanore de Clsncros,
Mr. John Barnes Wells... .Tenor.
Sig. Emlllo do Gogorza. Barltone.
The Wednesday Club.
Box ofllce now open at the
Academy ot Muslc. Good 3eats
can still be secured.
The Heir to the Hoorah
Matlnees Wednesday and
Saturday. '
Seats now selling.
BIJOy-All Week
Mats. Tues., Thurs. and Sat.
"It's Never too Late to Mend"
A Beautlful Story ln Fourteen Scenes.
Keith All-Stai Vaudeville
"Jack the Giant Killer"
By Captain fieorge Auger and Compnny.
Tho World's Tallent Mon nnd Smallost
Z::*__lr_ _--L_!_1PP__t'n8 Featuies--7
Majestic Theatre
Freo every afternoon, a $10 Reinach
Madoline Sadol and
Boulden and Quinn
Richmond vs. Portsmouth
TIiiu-miIii.v, Mny 7tbt Frlcluy, .Mny StU|
Sniurdiiy, .May Uth.
AdmlssloUi 2-0, l.mnil .Ciml, 15c.
-Bibibcnti Matitzti.
Atlantlc Coast l.lno Ruilroad Co.,
Offke of tho Treasurer,
Wllmlnston, N. C. May ., 1908.
Innllc roast Line Rallroad Company
hns doolarod a divldeiul of two aiul
one-half por ccnt. ou the preferred
capltal stock of that company, pay
able at tlio offlce of tlio tronsurer,
Ilt WIlniiiiKtoii. North Carolina, ou
aud after MAV 11, 180$. Tho trans
fei- books are closed from tho lst
day of May, 10H8, to th<* llth day o.
Mny, l'JOS, both diiteii inclusive.
* * >?? ???;. Treasurer.

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