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Riinior Is Tliai Harrinian Has
Ptit Up Stock to Sell
Forccast of tlio Wcckly Currency
Report Proniiscs Large Addi
ti? 'ii to Bank Balance,
NEW YORK. Mny 8.- Explanallon "f
the further rlse In prlces of stocks t'>
<iji>- u-i-.s tiirc i ted to the Plny ot genora]
causes, rnther thnn m any Iminedlate
new devclopments of anythlng speclally
affectins the Indlvldual stocks which
were strmtgest.
The Harrlman Paclflcs nnd Readlng
were brought forward once moro Into
the front rank for the momerit, and
thelr activlty nnd strtsngth had the
usiini power of tho effoct on specnln
tlvc sentlment r.., tlie whoic llst. The
ptinclp:<! fact regttrdlhg Unlon Patjlfle
is the well-known Im'mlnenco of n bond
lssue of $25,000,000 to $50,'000,000i Many
riimor^ circutnted to-day" of the amount
of tlie<e bonds to be offered nnd the
price to be realiscd. One wns that
j35,.,000 of tho bonds had already
been disposed "f t? forelgn buyers.
Another was that, tlio ter'ms of the
underwrltlng were In dlsputo between
tlie railroad ofnclals nnd the bankeos.
Meantlme Unlon Paclflc forged nggrcs
slvely upwafds, wlth scarqely n pause,
nt the round flguro of l to. Readlng's
inovorrienl was even wlder, the oxtreme
advanv runnlng to over three polnts.
,\ readjustment ?f tho prlce lovel to
conform to liic omergency of affairs
from tho profound depresslon and dls
trust of the pnnlc pcrlod is nvowodly
one of the main purposes nf tlio per
slstent marklfig up "f stocks in the
present movement. A slmilar process
made il.solf plalnly manlfest ln tho
bond dlvision to-day, wliore some low
trade nnd contlngent interest bonds
?were revlved suddenly from a donnant
condltlon Into ono of c'onsiderable ani
nintio,). Tlie forecast of. tho wcckly
currency mnvement gave pronilso of
another lnrge nddltlon to bank ensh.
ostimatos runnlng from $11,000,000 up
There wns a momentary hall in the
rlse upon the appearance of the govern?
ment ctop report, whlch was less f.-i
vorablo than oxpeetod; but tlie market
became strontr npnln nt'Wwards.
Bondr. were actlvc nnd flrm. Totnl
sales. pnr value. were S7.0lfi.ooo. United
States bonds were unchanged on cail.
Total sales of stocks to-day were
c;o.20i) shares.
NEW YORK, Mny S.?Money on cail
casler; 1 3-4{7/2 per cent.; rnllng ratc,
1 3-4; closlng bld. 1 1-2: offered at
] 3-4 per cent. Tlme loans flrm; sixty
days. 2 1-2f/2 3-4 per cent.. nnd ninety
days. 3 per cent.: six months. 3 3-4 pt
cent. Prime niercantlle paper. 3 [email protected]
.41-1 per .ont. Sterllng exchange tlrm.
with actual bttsiness in bankers' bill?
at $4.8715?$4.8720 for doinnnd. nnd at
[email protected]$4.8470 for slxty-day bllls.
Commerciai biils. J4.K4 3-S. Bar silver,
&2 3-S. Mexican rlollars. 47.
Rfchrnmid. Va.. Mny S, lf-oe.
' Vlrsinia. Centurles?1.000 at Pl'i; 300 a
North Carollna it, C, 19,0- 99
North Carollna 6s, C. 1919.... 117
A'a 3s Old. C. and K., 1932... 90 91
Centurles, 2-3. C. and R. 91T4 32
A. C. L. R. R. Con. Tr. 4 p. c. 99
A. C. I.. R. R Ctfs. of Ind. ts. 6,
Ga. Car. and North. lst 5s... 96 ...
Ocorcla Tac. lst 6s. C, 1922.. li?
Grorsla. Sou. and Fla.. 1915.. 102
1)3. and Ala. Con. 5s. 191".- 95
Nor. and West. Ry. it, 1996.. 94
Nor an,i West. Rv. roca. 4s.. S3
Rlch and Dan. Gold 6s, 191;... 106
Rlch; and Mec-k. lst Is. )94S. 75
Pouth-Bound lst ,'.s, 19 11. 91
Southern Rallway lst ;,s. lont. o?
Weitern N. C. lst 6s, c 1914. io,-,i^
K-.ahoard Air I.lne 4s, 1950.... 49
R A. ].. Col. Tr. :.s. 1911. S5
Atlanta and Charloti*. .. .100 160 ...
.Atlantlc Coasti'-lahte $>fd...l00 ?:, ...
Atlantlc Coastv?.tfle''com. ,'aOO St
Atlantlc ccvast L. cif i'onn..l00 195 ...
Cl.es. and Ohlo....Nov.100 38
Nc.rfolk and Western com..l00 67
1',. I". and P. Div. Obll'g..l00 190
Scnthern Rallway pfd.100 to _
Emlhc-rn Rallway com....l00 15 _
Air.erican National....
Bicnd Street Bank_
Clty .
Flrst National.
Mtichants National....
National Ifiank of Vlrsinia. . 100 142
Nttlonal stac* Bank.100 16S
l''i.nteris National.100 425
Savlngs Bank ol Fttonmond.. 25 R0
Unlon Bank o( Rlchmond.. 50 190
Virsinia Flre and Marlne.. . . 55
Amer. Too. pfd. o p. ct. ...100 91
jnent. Offi
ndvaijc-, a
tht Iat? ?e;
I'l l'.iSll ?pOt IlliWS
??rn sourccs. but
& Co.
(&lt&>JI*hed 1434 i
New York Stock Exchange,^
New York Cotton Excliange
By Thomas Branch & Co., Bankers and Brokers. ->
Open. Hlgh. I.ow. Clostng. open. Hlgh. iJvn. C1osln?.
SALES: Bld. Asked SALES: " Bld. Aaked.
Alli?-C!lflimtf?. 8% 8% 3,200 Int. Mc-tropolltan, pfd... 2.W, 29 2S% 28% ""'
?MAlll9.ChallnetS.pM. 20% 20'* 20% Bfj?* 21 }!UPrn'?r!,'!.na,!#|,aper .ii't'i 'i; '-I J"
, , ,,, .,?., ?,., ..?., -.??. MiO luf, Paper, pfd.. (Vl>4 68 64 w
27.4M Afnnlg;im,itrd i. opper .,. M% (B% UP* s-?l fi- a 7oO Loulsvllle nnd Nnahvllle 107% 10S 11*7% 107%
SOO Afherlcan Can . 6% 6% o's 5 5% 4,500 Mnnhattnn .13,1.1^ i&Uj l'B 135%
Amorlcn 1 t'nn pfd.'.. ... 55 66% Motro. Htreet Railway. ..,' ... 24
GflO A or. "ni n d Fotindry. 36 M 26 M SgVi IMAIexli-nn Central .,., lfi% 15% 15% 15%
:><v \ or Car nnd Foun.. pfd 98 98 9S 03 98 2.00U Mo? Kan, nnd Toxna...A 27% 2S% 27% 27%
I \ rirn'-i Cot 01. <- I .. . 2S% 28% 28% W4 28% Mo., Knn. nnd Tex., pfd. ... ... ' ... 694a
4*>? \ 1 or . ? Lo'.i oil-o 51 f.1% -W 51 61? 2.700 Missourl Paclflc . 4914 49% -l*> 4!)
?!0 - e int. 'n 11 ive pt.l in2*i 102% 102(5 102 103 600 Nnsh.. Clial. nnd St. L.. 110 112% 110 112,
-'00 A orici-i sm. Ing 72% 73% 7-J>4 72% 73 2.300 Nntlonnl Lend. .31% 62% 61% 61%
"":- A or s'-.iol 1 nit Pf< ? ?' W? 07 W 97% 3.600 NeW York Central.m" 102% 102 102%
1 ii' \,,p r "in S enr1"7 127?* 127 127 127% 8.450 N. Y? Ont. nnd Western 37% 38 37% 37%
A iior le&n Tol ncco ro.u'. ... ... 338 .145 I,C60 Norfolk and Western... 07? G7% 67 07%
110 Arnlr can Tobacco pfd. "M W M W<i 01 21,085 Northern Paclflc .133% 134% 133 131
"775 Anacohd ('npnor 3S 39 38 38% 38% 700 Pnolllc Mnll . 26% 26]* 26Vi 26W
r740Atohl80iiVe^.Pd?v;2Vi p.o.80%. si 80% 80% 80% 8,300 Pennsylvanla.lis% ii<u4 118% 119
1 \ 1..1u . nfil ? M !>0 00 90 92 l,tV.O People's Gns . 90 90% 90 90%
, ' a ' ?ti,. ,-<n?"i"l'.in'e. 83% 84% 83% 84 85 1,015 Pressed Steel Car. 29% lW, 29% 29%
. ilit ,.?? .Viml OHlo. 87% 88% 87% 88% *S% Pressed Steel Car. pfd. . 85
1 ? , ok 1 Uanil.1 Transit 471? W% 17 17% 470? 331,600 Readlng . 111% 114% 111% 11%
i.iii'nVil, I'.V-ll ? ir-I't 168% 150 158 158% 1,600 Republlc Iron nnd Steel 18 18% 18 18
n'?^ ??nS?1,? lOhl'o. 38 38% 37% 37% 38 885 Republlc I. nnd S? pfd.. 67% TvS 67% 67%
-"OC o?ro Groa \" orn: 4S 1% 4 ^ *% *-w 1{f?^ ????">? .............. 10'{ 16% MU 16%
v-i r I ?rl ,nl SI I'niil 1.W 132% I.Wi 132*. 132% 13.300 Rock Islnnd. pfd. 32% 33% 32% 33%
" ??" CI \I nn. 1 St Pni pV'ii -I 53 151 160 166 Tly. Steel Hprlng, pfd. 81; 1
.," ? i'c,L n i\n V ' 153 152 152% 1M 600 Sloss-Sheffleld . 4<H4 47 WA 46%
" mm -pv "."i,? ,'hl ii St D 57% 67% M 66 57 86,500 Southern Paclflc . 84% 86% 84% SSj
,?i. ',',?;?', i, k, o1 nnd iron ? ?% 28% 27% 27% 27% 800 Southern Railway . 15% 15% 15M 5%
Iffl'? i -M ln ""iitler^r " 31 31>? 80K 39% 31 700 Southern Rnllway, pfd.. 4fl% 40% 40% 40W
',';? ? ,,i 5I,.n ?tiVf.i -rv, :-9>. 69% ,'fl'i 59% 12 Standard Oll .596 wo 696 690 ?
un'-rni Sm so tl" "d nf fi"'?ai 5o?: f/?i 60?* 51 600.Tennesaee Copper . 37% 37% 37% 37%
,',,, ? nn.? LT,, .-?:;<,-" pI(l " .",;? vn 4 ,,!,' uw* 120% l.floOToxas Pncldc. . 20% 21% 20% 21
"?-?n viT ? o an,lVi.,l's..n'' Ifil 164% 160% 164 J64M 167,800 Unlon Pnolfle .139 1405A Wg4
i^n Ti i* See 'or 33% 31 33% 23% 34 1.700 United Platen Rubber... 22% 23% 22%
ofSSSii- " s-*-'-lor. "J 'n' 1S,- j^ 1DW 82.700 United Stfttoa Steel. 36% 26% ?6%
--;; V-\, ,':;",V/i. -ti* W% 33% 34 34% 1,300 United States Steel, pfd 100% 100% lOT-%
' ' V ' n? 'r ? . ?3% 24% 200 Vn.-Cnr. Chemlcal . 21% 21% 21%
n^. ,,r ' ", r-i?';;V.'. iri 135 135 134 135 300 Va -Car. Chemlcal, pfdi. 91% 91% 94% 04-i
^fiK^Sfffl^'-.ot?:;ia{ >^;: >^ .;^ il% 1^vvest^;un1on-v::::::::: 1% SS il% 5i4
2.1W InSetropollfan I":::::: 1?J m ^- 10Vi 10% Totar?aly,'911,200. ahares._
U. S. refimdlns 2*. re'glaterea. 103*tfi
V. S. refundlng 2s, coupon. 103*i
. 100%
. 100f;i
,1c, rcglstored,
V. ? S. 3s, co/.pon.
U. S. New 19, reglstered. 119*4
U. S. New lf. coupon. ?''*
Amerlcan Tobacco -ls. ,"'???
Amerlcan Tobacco 6s. 10*i*'>
Atchlson general 4s. 5'"?
Atchlson nd.lustnicnt 4s (bld. S,
Att'lilsnn conv. 4s. ?2?s
Atchlson conv. .">.?. lO-'i
Atlniitl,- Coast Line ls. 90
Ki.lllmnrr nnd C>lil<> 4s. ?7'?
Baltlmore nnd Ohlo .l^s. 0!Vi
Brooklyn Hnpld Trnnslt conv. ts. *72*M
Central nf Cleorgla os. 103%
Central of Georgla lst Inc. (bld).... 70
Central of Uoorgia 2nd Inr. r.O
Central of Georgla 3<i Inc. 40
CttoenpcaUe nnd olik. IV4?. 100>,S
Chlcago nnd Alton 3'is. 63Vi
Chlcago, B. nnd Qtiliiry new 4s. 90U
hlgh polnt to-dny thc market wns SOf? 37
points abovo tbc reeonl low record.
Recelpts at the ports to-day were S.005
bales ugnlnst 6.3SI last week nnd O.lUli last
year. Kor the woelt HO.tiOO Imles ngalnst
57,505 bales lnst week and 5S.S32 lasi year.
To-day's recelpts nt New Orleans 2,604 bales
Hgalnsl r.r.i*. lnst year. and at Houston 1,-00
bulcs ugnlnst 2.SS4 last yenr.
Opon. Hlgh. Low. Close.
Mnv . 9.05 9.15 S.S7 S.90
June . 8.S9
Julv . 9.06 9.17 S.S9 8.93
August . t'.OO 0.07 8.87 8.86
September . S.8S 8.88 s.71
October . 8.88 S.97 8.05 8.7.1
.SS S.7I
Dt-cember . 8.91 D.nn s.70 *..7i
January . 8.90 ICO0 S.7I S.77
February . S.80
Mcrch . 8.96 . 8.81
Spot cotton closed steady; mlddling up
lands. 19.55; mlddling gulf, lO.tsO; sales,
2,100 bales.
rotton, stendy; mlddling. 10.55; gross re
erlpts. 868 bales; sales, 2.100 bales; stock.
91.020 bales.
Total to-day at nll ports?Net recelpts.
S 005 ba,les; export tn Great Brilain, 10.324
bales; to France. 9.659 bales; to the Conti
ni-nt, son bales; stock, 124,855 bales.
Consolldated at all ports?Net recelpts.
59.298 bale?; expoit to Great nrllatn. 21.77S
bales; to France. 13,340 bales; to the Con
ilpent. 5fi.K24 bales.
Total slnce. September lst at all ports?
Ne' recelpts. 7.791,181 bales; export to Grent
Brllaln. 2.675.306 bales; tc., France. 787,521
br.les; t" the Conttnent, 3.031.577 bales: t,
Japan, 186,516 bales: to Mextco. 1,.*.I9 bales
Spots were flrm wllh prices unchanged;
mlddling, lO'ac.: sales were 950 bal.-s on the
spot nnd 850 to arrlve, Futurea opened
easy, 121} II polnts below the close yester
r!ay. belng nffected ndversely by diaappblnt
Ing cahlen and by the Inriic.itlon of gener?
ally fair nnd warm weather for the entire
belt. l.lverpool cablea showed that whlle
spot sales In the Engllsh market continued
heavy, futiires were 5 polnts lower. Coupled
wlth lhe bearisli feature was the weather
ril-ort, whlch staied that frost had t'niled
to materlallze, wlth th? exeeptlon of one
polnt In Oklahoma. The decllne started a;
thn very openlng, nnd a slight Improvement,
whlch was noted around tbe noon hour,
proved to be of n temporary nature. l.ack
oi support and the. nbsence of ihe nianipu
Intlve tactlcs whlch helped to keep lhe
maikct up duilng the last few days. aug
mented the decllne during the late sesslon,
nnd at tht- close, whlch was steady' the ac?
tlve months were 26W31 potnts below tho
cli.se yesterday. Closlng blds: May, 9.155;
June, 9..;.i; .luly, 9.5S; August, 9.10; October,
$.75; November. S.75; December, S.il; Jan?
uary, 8.76.
Spring' chlckens, lb. 2"! ft '30
Ttinlur chlckens. IC if 20
Ducks, large. 13 iv 14
Ducits, small. 13
Hcns . 12*2
Roosters, piece, live. :*.o tCr 35
G'l'enas, plcce. live. 25 5J> 30
Geeac, piece-, live. 40 ?j 60
Choice famlly packed- 17 @ IS
CNiico dalry packed. 17 0 18
("nolce store packed. 16
Medium siore packed. 15
Packing . 15
Ciatcs, nearby. tresh lald. 17
Ciates, othor sectlons. 17
Bcrrela and boxes. 15 ^ 16
Plpplns and wlne?aps,.. ".'-.<!
fancy, per bbl.
Poor to fair. bbl....
OKANGES?Fla.. fanc;
i.ltAPKFRUIT?? Box .
I.KMONS?-Maaino ...
CaXfornla .
, Fancy, per crate....
Fancy, per 32-qt. crr
Choice, per 3 2-qt. era
No. 1, per bus. 2.O0
No. 2 pei bua. 1.75
CLAY PEAS?Buahel. 2.10
M1XED PEAS. 2.oi)
Navy, No. 1 whlle. 2.00
Common to choice. 1.75
Mlxed. per bus. 1.C5
Colored, per bua. 1.65
Pi TATOES?Choice bus. . 8 5
Fla., whlte, fancy, bbl. . coo
Fla . whlte, choice, bbl., 2.50
.Sew, .Southern. bbl. 125
Ti MATOES?Fancy, car.. 2.25
Choice. per carriei .... 1.75
Poor to fair. carrier_ l.oo
,NI 'i S -Farmcra, lb. .. ::vu 4
BW YORK. May S.?I'LOUR?Sioadj
ngly held. Rye Flour. Cornmeal and Ry
irm. Wheat?Strong; No. '-' red, fl.08'
ona hlgher. May. Jl.lQ'j; July, }j.<i-'N
ember, 96Hc, Corn?Spot atrong. Oji
1 ni tlve wltl) May up 8c. Mnv, ssc
'. 7i.-.; September, 71V uata-? Fun
Oaayi' Boutheni, ;...<?.-.', ?)!....! ?,, crate.
Unsttd Ull?Uuki bm ?uad-.- un l.a:aj
Chicago, II. 1. and Pnclllc R. R. 4s.... G,
Chicago, R. 1. nnd Pac. R. R. col. 5a.. 73 ,
... Ci, ?--. nnd St. I,. gen. 4s (bld).. 95
Colorado Industrlal 5s, serles A. 60
Colorado Mldland ls. 81
Cclorndo aml Southern 4s. 89*4
Cubn 3s. 103*4
Denver nnd Rlo Grand. 4s (nsked).... 94
Dlellllefs' securltles 6a., 71%
Bric prlor llen 4s (bld). 85'
Erle Oencral 4b (bld). 70
Interborough Metro. 4H?. 66VI
Ifncklng Valley 44s (bldl.?... 103
Jnpan 4s. 77
Jnpnn 4Us. coitlflcates. 8S?4
Jnpan 4>is, rcrtlflrales. 2nd serles.... 85*.
l.culsvllln nnd Nash. Unlfled ls. 9S
Manhattau con. gold ts (bld). nr.
1 Mrxli-nn Ceiinnl 4s (bldl. 1".
Mexlcan Contral lst Inc. si*/.
Mlun. and St. Louls Is (bld). So
Mlssouri, Kansas nnd Texaa 4s. !>S
Mlssouri, Knnsas and Texas 2nds.... Sl*?
Nat'l R. R. of Mpj. con. ls. 79-H
support. Prime crude, 35c.: prlmo snmm
yellow, 43'4c: "ff summer yellow. 40-14-if42i*.;
good off summer yellow, 41'rj 13c: prime
white, 15047c; prime wlnter ycllnw, 4"...
4 7c
CHICAGOi May s.?Wheat pricea on Ihe
local exchange ndvanood more than 3c, tn
da: because of active demand. hased on the
g< vernmetit crop lepurt. whlch showed 11
deterloratton during Aprll of 2.3 per eeut.
lu the condltlon Of tlie fnll sown crop of
wheat In the United StaUfS. At the close tha
July dellvery wns up .'H.r. Corn was %o.
hlgher. Oats showed n Rain of ?... I'io
vislohs were unchanged to Bc hlgher.
leadlng futures range.! ns follows:
Open. High. I.ow. Close.
May . 1.02'i 1."?'?*_ l.?. 1.05".
.'uly . OOTi 9-?. 9''- 9S>/4
Sept. S6*_ 89 S6H XS"i
Jllly modi. 47*1 4SH 47'.j 41
,Tnl\ (new).... 45$, 16*, 4") 46i
S'-Pt. 37*, S7*i 37". 37?
MI-:SS I'Ol'.K? Per bbl.
May .13.3". 13.50 13.33 13.50
May .13.52 13.-5 13.5. 13.65
Sept.13.S2 13.90 13.77 13.90
I..M1D?Per 100 lbs.
May . 8.42 8.42 8.12 8.42
July . 8.50 S.32 R.45 S.'53
Sept.8.lio 8.70 S.ii2 S.70
SHORT RIBS?Per loo lbs.
May . 7.15 7.15 7.15 7.15
July . 7.27 7.37, 7.27 7.37
Sept. 7.55 7.60 7.52 7.60
Cash Quotatlons were as follows: Flour?
Steady. No. 3 spring wheat, 97ct'S1.0S;
No. 2 red ?1.02'i'g 1.05*4. No- - corn, 74c;
No. 2 yellow. 74c: N'o. 2 oats. 56c; N'o. 3
white. 53tr5">>.c Falr ln cholce malting
barley, fi7 fi T lc Flaxseed?N'o. 1 northwest
ern. $1.22*.. Short ?rlbs.'sldes (loose), $6.75
.17.12: mess pork, P?r barrel. "13.30*713.62;
lard, per 100 pounds. SS.I2: short rlear sldes
(boxod), "7.37(5:7.62. Whiskey, baals of high
wlr.es. $1.35. Receipts?Wheat. 134.400
bushels; cprn, 136,600 bushels; oats. 211..'.00
bushels. Butter?Market steady; creamerles,
19025c; dairlea. lS.ti.21c Eggs?Flrm; at.
mark, eases included. 14*..c.: tirsts, 15c;
piliiie flrsts, 15"'c. Cheesc?Easy at 10'jV
Qulet and unchanged. Wheat?Strong; spot,
southern on grade, DlHc.fJj $1,0014. Con
I'lrm; spot. mixed, N'o. 2 white, 72*-'fi"
Oats?N'o. 2 mixed. 5fiC"i*56V_c. Rye?Fit
No. 2 western. export, S7?SSc Butter?
I-'trni and unchanged; fancy, ?3*8>24c.; do.;
cr.atnery, 28c; do., lndle, 20?22c; store
jiarked. 1543116c Bgga?Stendy and un?
changed at 1611 16we. Cheese?Flrm and
unchanged; large. 13'jc; new. flats. ll'ic.;
n.w, small, ll'.c. Sugar?Unchanged;
cc-hrse granulated nnd fine, $5.60.
Rlchmond, Va., May 8. 190S.
N'o. 2 red, Wcrn (car lots). fl S1.0S
N'o. 2 red. Va. (car lols).. iff 1.07
N'o. 3 red (car lotsl. (Bi 1.06
Steamer (car lots). ??? 1.0.
Vlrglnla (bag lois). 95 ifj 1.03
No. 2 white (car lots).... <S SO
N'o. 3 white (car lots)...". iii 79
No. 2 mixed iinr lots).,.. <P< 7!)
No. 3 mixed (car lots)_ fli 7S
Vlrglnla (bag lots). 78 W 7 9
No. 2 mixed (cnr lots)_ 51
No. 3 mixed (car lotsi.... g> 63
N'o. 2 whlle icar lots).... 57
N'o. 3 white (car lols).... 53V'.
No. 2 (car lots). @ 90
No. 5 (car lots). -,r SS
Vlrglnla (bag lois). SO % 53
CHICAGO. II.I... May 8.?CATTtrE?Re
c.lpts r-stlmated aboui 2.000 head. Steers,
[email protected]; cows, .3.70-Jj 6.25; belfcrs, $3.50
''jO.75; bulls. $3.50*3>6.30l calves. J2.50i6-6.2p;
stockcra and fecders, $3.25(1155.75, fAogs?
Receipts cslimutcd about 26.000 head. Mur
kei 5c. lower. Cholce, henvy, shlpplng.
nnii butchcra, $3.80*15.65; llgln, mixed, $5.50
05.60; cholce, llght, [email protected]; pigs, 31.13
'i(3.23; liiilk of sales. $5.50tl 5.65. Sheep?
Recelpta .Ktfinated about S.000 head. Mar?
ket 10c. hlgher, Sheep. !3fi5.2,ei; lambs. $6
5/7.75; yearllngs, $5.60? 5.60.
NEW YORK. May 8.?BEBVES?Recelpta,
85" head. Steers stendy to 10c higher.
Bulls and cow*. I51f25c. hlgher. Steers.
JC.'i5'8>7,lS; prime to cholce bulls, J3.7r.-fi
4.00; few exira. lieavy, }5.35?0.25; co.ws.
S.'.SO 4f 5.40; tops, $5,60, Calves?Receipts.
84" head. Market ftrm to 23c. hlgher. Veala,
s 7.23-ji. 7.73. Sheep and Lamlu?Recelpis,
4 775 head. Sheep nomlnal; lambs $Q'3.'0
6.7:.; tcw cholce iin.horn. SS. Hogs?Re
c.lpt.l, 2.076 head. Market steady. Clood
b.. State ho_s. $6.25,
Rlchmond, Va.. Mny 8, 190s.
baeco?Dnik Flreil: Murkct contlnuis
1 nt pitc.-s nuoted, Rccfipts very llght.
'> * *-: ''oiulnne ilrm nt 'iiiolutluns; ro
s modei.ite. Sun-Cured: Receipts very
jg>toclt $.roUcr_
1111 i:. .M_lu St., Rlchmond. Vu.
lapciiui ntteutlon given _ut-ot-tiiwri ai-cuiuits
t.urrekiiuuil_iui_ H..lii.ii?*.
New Tork Central gen. Stis. 89',,.
New Jcrsoy Central gen. 6a (bld).... 123%
Northern Paclflc 4s. 101'j
Ncrthern I'nclflc 3s (bld). "Vi
Norfolk nnd Western con. 4s. 93*',
Oregon Short Llno refundlng ls. 90V4
Pennsylvanla conv. 3'js. 9t'i
Readlng Oeiternl 4s. 'J7Vi
Sl. Louis nnd Iron Mountaln con. 5s.. 1"7
S?. I.ouls nnd San Frnnclseo fg. 1s.... 73
St Louis Soulhwesterii con. Is. 08
Seaboard Alr Line 4a (bld). I9U
Scvthern Paclflc ls. 88
Bctlthern I'nclllc lst ls. certlflcntes. .. 91
Southern Railway 6s. OX
Tcxai and rnclflc lsts. 112';
Toledo, St. L. nnd Western 4s. 72
t'l lon I'nclflc 4s. 101
t'hlon Paclflc conv. ls. S9H
Unlted States Steel 2nd Bs. 96
Wnbnah lsts. 10514
Wabash beb. B. 52
Wabash new 4s. 521-j
Western Md. 4;-. 66
Wisconsln Central ls. 82
OT often nre woddeel lovors prlv
llegcd to cnjoy tho celepratlon
of thelr slxtb'th weddlng nnlil
vorsnry, ns Mr. and Mrs. John
II. Mnnlngttc, of No. 118 tenst
Frnnklln Street, dld yesterday, from
6 to 7 P, M.
They woro marrled Mny 8, 1848, In
tho home of tho brlde's fnther, Dr.
Mercditli Fox, a wldely known nnd
much btloved physlclnn, who resldcd
ln the flreen Sprlng section of Loulsa
county. Mr. Montngue sald the enrly
mornlng frcsliness nnd brlghtness of
yesterday scemcd an oxaet reprdduc
tlon of that day slxty years ago, when
he was marrled, tho Rev. Dr. Emple, of
Rlchmond, ofllclnling.
As tho bride .nnd gronm drovo
through Ihe woods after tho cerftmohy,
on the flrst stnge of thelr way i , Rlch?
mond, tlie frnRrnncc of tho wlld lionoy
silckle greeted them on every slde. nnd
n terider hit of romlnlscent sontlmont
jcsterday fllled vases and bowls wlth
tlie plnk nnd whlte blosHoms. nmld tho
Bride ropes, cnrnntlons and other flow
ers used in decoratlng the Montngue
j home'for the nnnivernnry.
I Us master nnd mlstress have been
jthorougllly identlflod wltli' tho soclnl
llfe of Rlchmond, thelr home clty for
sixty yenrs,
Durlng the storm nnd stress of the
VVnr hotweon the Stntes, durlnp; the
dnrk days followlng ."the evacuatlon,"
and th4 strennous sUbfleqiient perlod of
reconslructlon, they were In the midst
of all that trrinsplrod. They nre ce
tc.lnly among the truest represontatlves
of what has come to bc known ns the
life of the old South.
Four Ffoncrntlnns were ropresented
yesterday ln tlio fnmlly group that
Kiithered around Mr. nnd Mrs. MontaRUo
to recelve wlth them tlio cnnKratulit
tlons of a liost of frlends. The recep?
tlon wns puroly Informnl. no Irivltntlons
Havlng been sr-nt out, but tho hlgh oh
teom felt tiirnughout the clty for the
bride nnd proom of tho day brotifrlit
many together to shnke tholr iinncls nnd
wlsh them many moro bappy nnnlvcr
Mrs. Montngue was tho prentle cmbod
Imcnt of the. Old-tlme Vlrginla matron,'
in her black vclvet gown, with its point
who oelebrnfcil thcir nlxtletli TVeddlus n'nritvc.i'?a.iry yenterilny. TIicbc plcturc* nre rcproduceil from dngrtierrcotypcai
taken mniiy yonrn nRo noon after thelr mnrrlnsre.
li?ht; market contlnuea actlvo at unchang- j
ed prices.
Lugs .8 7.00 @J 8.50
Short leaf. 9.00 <Si 10.00
l.ong leal. 10.00 <3> 14.00
Wrappers . 12.00 @ 20.00
Lugs, common to good.i 5.50 &% 6.50
Legs, good tn prlme. 6.50 <W 9.50
Short leaf. S.50 # 10.01)
L(,ng leaf. 10.00 ? 15.00
Wrap'pera . 12.50 <ft 35.00
an.sc e I.I.AN eous aiark kts.
NEW YORK, May 8.?Tbe cotton goods
market Is showing more actlvlty In n small
way, cbnverters und bleachers showing ln-?
terc-sts in nearby contracts and ln spot goods
thal can bc hud at the lowest prices. There
han been a more general Inqulry for yarns
in the past few days und prices. whlle stlU
very Irregular. are generally nrmer. Tho
raw wool market ls quli't nnd easy on for
eicn and domestlc wools. Tono of market
lu generally Impiovlng.
Tl'RPENIINE?Flrm at UV4c.;v.recelpts; 37;
cnsk. Rosln?Steady at ?2.?0; recelpts, 105
barrels. Tar?Flrm at 81.00; recelpts, 41
barrols. Qrude Turpcntlne?Flrm nt -J2.25?gi
2.00 and 4.00; recelpts, 30 barrels.
Flrm at 17c; sales. 562 casks; recelpts,
1.1 S2 casks; shlpments, 5S9 casks. Rosln?
I-'irm; sales, 3.313 barrels; stock, 61,786 bar?
rels. Quote: A, H, C, ?2.S5.
Sleamar Rerkeley. Shelly, Norfolk, mer
chandls- and pnsseugers, Old Dominion Lln-s.
Steamer Berkeley, Shelly, Norfolk, mer
chamllse and pasiengere, Old Dominion Line.
Steamer Mobjuck, Graves. James Rlver
landlngs nnd Norfolk, merchamllsa und puh
songors, Virglnla Nuvlgatlon Company.
Schooner Emmu Langjiammer, '/'yler.
Jr.mea Rlver. llght.
Schooner Sadle F. Lewls, Parks, James
River, llght.
NEW YORK, Mny 8,?Brailslrnct's
to-morrow wlll say;
Weathor, t'raile and Industrial con
tllllons -iro llttlo ehunsed from |ast
i woelt, un?i fariVi work, rota.ll antl job
I blng buslness ancl tho movommit of
crppa io market hns boon rostrluted
: by heavy ralns, low tempor^tures or
bad roads. l'teports from Iho 'leading
1 liiflustri, k on, Hilll of grent <|uiet.
Ma-nufacturera feel tlie luck of eonfi
! flent buylng- by Johbers nnd wnoi..
Hnlcrs, uiii, ln Itirn, report dl.strlbu
| toi'H cautlons in buvliiK only whnt they
I need to ivplonlsh broken stocks. The
textllo trados aro dull und on rsliori
| tlme, but ciiiton KimiiH men me .iiuiro
; <*i. nlid.'iit -hal bolloiii prices lmve been
i reached. Tho Iron nml steel iiulu-i
Irlea show little chunge. Culleutlons
ol. Btlll luu kv.'iiwl. , '
Hunlnosa riillurea ln the Unitod
Hiatoa fnr the woek ouillnR Mny 7tl1
iniiiil.ei- lss. uiruiiiKt 2?i'i lunl week iind
I lli iu iho like wuok of laat year,
WWW ' was?i nur-i w??w?
"ttiinks that^Wine of^Cardui4is\wonaerftu\-anct that
she owesheflife^.toat^.Sheihas suffiered'for some
time with f emale' complaints'and .would be^trouDled
for ...weeks,'\but;afterl taking ;a fewibottles'of Cardul
she^wasireiieved/Tandicaninowf ao? her nousework
right alohgTwithout'suffering any pain.1 We think
Oardui is the greatest medicine on earth for women."
It Will Help You
With such letters arriving every day, who could
blame anybody for becomlng enthusiastic over the
merits of a medicine like Cardui,
which has, for over 50 years, been
engaged in the work of relieving wo?
men's sufferings. Its ingredients
are puroly vegetable, harmless, yet
specific in their action on the wo
' manly organs. If you suffier, give it
a fair trial. It should help you, as it
has helped a million others. Try it.
Mrs. d. w. bates
Caldwell, Ohlo.
Write for W-P?8o llluattatod Booltt "Jf?>m Tnaimtni ftr
Womtn," dracribinguymjptoma uf Fomnle DlaeaicsandqIv
ina valuable hlntu an health, hyglene, dlot, medicine, etc,,
for women. Sent free, pontpald. Address: Ladtts Advitorj ?
.Ojit.. Tha Ctuittaaooga Uedtclne Co., Chuttunooaa, Tenn.,
First National Bank,
Invites Accounts of All Classes.
CAPITAL, - - - - $1,000,000.00
SURPLUS, - - - - $ 700,000.00
JOHN B. PURCEr.L, President
s JOHN. M. Mlt-I.EI*. Jr., Vlce-Pres. nnd Cashier.
CHAS. R. BURNETT, Asslstant Cashler.
J. C. JOPI,rN( Asslstant Cashler.
W. P. SIIEI.TON, Asslstant Cashler.
ALEX. F. RYLAND, Assistant Caahlcr.
A Savings Department for the Thrifty.
lnco collar nnd cuff.o. l-ler flnwors were
lilles of the valli-y. Mrs. Arthur IvC
froy, her daughter, wore black nnd
whito lace, ovor allk. Mlsa Ilelon
Montague, a second daughter, was
gnwimd in fnwn-colorcd crepp de chlne
nnd lncc. Mrs. ClIITord Caporton,
grnnddntighter, wore palp blue voile,
wlth trltnmlng of baby Irlwh lace, and
Mlsa Nnnnlo Trlplett Montngue, nlso a
griindduugliter, hnd on lavender crepe
de chlne. nnd duchcss.
Tho oldest son nf Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Montagun.' Mr. Moredlth P. Montague,
now lly'ea in New Yoric. Ills children
nro Nannlp Jenlfer Trlplett Montngue,
Wllliam T. Montngue, Moredlth Mon
tiiKiio, Jr., and Emlly Trlplett Montn?
gue. Tho children of the second son,
thc lato Percy Montngue, of Hlchmond,
nre Noville, Percy, Mrs. Taylor Rob-s
Inson and Miss Marlon Montague. Mrs.
.1. Arthur I.efroy, Miss Helen MontagUo
nnd Mr. John H. Montague, Jr.. nre the
rcmalnlng children of Mr. and Mrs. J.
II. Montague.
Mrs. I/C.roy's; daughter Is Mrs. CHf
ford Randolph Ctiporton, several of
whoso children were present at thc
annlversnry of tholr gront-grnndpar
enta yestcrdny. Thoy nre, by namo, Ar?
thur I.efroy, Itosc Oastori. Molenn. ,Sa.
rah Montague, Mary Cllfford nnd Har
tiot Alexander Caporton.
Many beautlful flowers and glfts
Bank of Commerce
and Trusts
Capital, - $200,000.00
Di-lionltriry tor the State of YIr?lnlo anbt
t.'llr of Illi-liriiond.
Sollclts accounts of Indlvlduals/ flrmi and
3 pir cent. Internt allowed on lavlnci ac<
Authorlied by charter to act os Executor.
fti-clstiar. Oimrdlan. Jtecelver. etc
Life lnsurance Co. of Virginia
on denlrably locnted business or reslcler.ee
piopcrty. For tcrms oncl conditloni cail ?n
or addresj
Lancaster & Lucke
Bankers and Brokers,
Investment Securities.
Correspondence Solicited
were received by Mr. and Mrs. Monta
Kue. Thelr slxlleth weddlng begun au
splclously nnd ended most happlly, be
ine a'contlnuaricc of a life chapter
Whlch yrtirs ago opencd wlth the unlon
of two hlstorlc Vlrginla famlllcs.
Frlends ln Richmond will be surpris
ed to learil that Mi?s Nlta White and
?Inrk Willlams, of Wythevlllo-, cloped
to Urlstoi Monday and were marrled.
Mlss Whlte is the daugliler of W.-S.
V.'lilto, and Mr. Willlams the son of
Judge Lanicr Willlams.
Mlss Wliite waa very popular while
vlsitlng in this clty lnst summer. tlio
guest bt Mlsa Lottie Faulconer.
r..i-nli..ni:in Hemortnl,
Tlie Virginia Brnncb of the Poca
hontas Memorlnl ini>t yesterday wlth
Mrs. D. T. Willlams," of ZIQ F.a<*t
Franklln Street.
Among those present were Mrs. T.
8. Bocock. tlie regent: Mrs. D. T. Wil
liantH, vloe-r?.gent; Mrs. J. Willard
Craig, treasurer: Mrs. C. A. Blanton,
Mrs. C. W. P. Broi.-k. Mrs. M. A. Cham
bers. Mrs. Warner Moore and others.
Mrs. Hocock commented upon the Inss
of the chnpter sustained in tho deitii
of Mrs. <>?rt;c. A. I.yon. It was de
cided to wrlto resolutlons of sympathy
to be sent to Mr. I.yon and cmbodied
In the minutes. Mrs. .1, Enders Rob
Inson was elected correspondlng sec?
The chnpter ls oflering a Pocahontas
plate and a book contalnlng a "Llte of
Pocahontas" for sale to asslst in com
plotlng the memorlnl fund, and ask
the patronage of the Richmond publi:.
Mrs. .Sunitlton Enlcrtaln*.
Mrs. Swarisbn wlll glve a very hand?
some receptlon from r. to 7 thls after
1 noon. when the manslon wlll bo thrown
ppen ir, honor of tho dlstfnguislml
fftjests to the National Conference ot
Charillcs and C.'orreotion.
In the recelving llne with Mrs. Swan
I son wlll be Mrs. Mulry, her house
l ffuest; Mrs. Dunn. Mrs. Glcnn, Mrs.
jCurlis, and other visitors of note.
She will be asr.isted throughout the
jdrawing rooms hy leadlnR soclety wo-'
I men of Rlchmond who are her frlends..
| Music, beautlful flowers and a larg-o
j crowd of promlnent people wlll be the
featur^s of the receptlon.
Anxillnry to Meet,
The Chureh Hill Auxlllary of tha
Retreat for the Slck will hold an Ira
j portant mecting next Thursday after?
noon at 4 o'clock In the home of Mrs.
J. W. Anderson, No. M05 M Street.
Pcrsonnl Mcntlon.
Dr. W. E. Anderson, of FarmvIUe,
was ln the clty this week attendlng
the meetlng of the Ameriean Surglcal
Mr. W. B. Isaacs Is at Drlftwood Cot
tage, Vlrginla Beach.
Mrs. James Gordon hns returned from
a vlslt to frlends in Staitnton.
Mlss Ella Coclje will be In charge of
tlie Pansy Circle rofreshment room thls
afternoon from f> to t.
[Speclal to The Tiinos-Olspatch.]
BIG STONE GAP. VA.. May 8.?Miss
Eddio Florence Wltt was marrled to
Mr. W. S. Rose Wednesday evenlng
at the home of the brlde'S parents. Tho
ceroinony wns performed by Rev. J. M.
Cartor, of tho Southern Methodlst
Chureh. The bride Is the daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. F. Wltt, nnd tha
brlclegroom Is the popular postmaster
of tlils plnce. Immedlately after the
Coromony they left for a weddlng trlp
lo Easterh eitles.
Miss Potts, household economlst and
demonstrator ln electrlcal household
utensils and lmplements, wlll arrlve
here thls afternoon from New York,
and will Inspcct tho arrangoments ln
Jurgons's furnlture store, Adams and
Broad Streets, for tha electrlcal exhlbl
llon to begin thero Monday mornlng,
All these domonstratlons wlll bo open
to th6 publlc, nnd as every one ls ln
torestocl, whethor tholr home ls at
present wlred for eloctrlclty or not, all
aro cordlully invlted to vislt the dem
onstratlons thls week.
Brlght and early this^ mornlng elec
trlcinns startod work"~propiirlng the
exhiblt, plnclng tho electrlc stovo, broil
or, chaflng-dish, flntlrons, sowlng ma
cliino motors, and other usoful instru
menlH and utensils. By to-nlght ull
tliis wlll bo complete, and every Uting
ln reniflness for Mondny's beglnning.
All who uttend thoso domonstrutloiis
wlll ho ino.ro than ropaid, as, ln nddl
tlon to learnlng tho henotlts of" electrl?
cal household utensils, oconomy and
cotuXort wlll be laught by Mlas Potts.

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