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Effort May Bc Made to Pass
Measurc Over the Mayor's
Veto; Repaving of
Main Street.
At tlie Clty Hall thls woek interest
centres In the speclal meeting nf the
Common Council, called for to-nlght,
in rocelvc nnd act upon tlio message
of tlio Mayor votolng the cloctrie plnnt
bond ordinance.
Though tlie Mayor hns not made I
p'.ibllc the text of hls mossnge, he has
propnro.l nnd publlshed n substltute
brdlnnn'ce whlcli meets wlth his ylpws,
nnrl whl.h he will seek to have in'tro-,
(luce.l In lleu ..f the measure vetocd.
Comparlson of the two papers clearly
lridlcates tbe positlon of Captaln Mc?
Carthy, who strongly fayora speclal
bonds charged against the plant,
rather thnn nn addltlon to the gen-I
ernl bonded debt of tho clty, now dnn
', gerously n.nr the Itmlt. ln order to
carry out the Mayor's stiggestlon nnd
have tlieso speclal bonds outsldo the
bond limlt, it would be necessary to
have thr ir Issuance ordered ln n popu-1
lar clection, nn.l In the substltute or-1
dlnance It is suggested tlint the vote
lir taken on July l.'.th. Even if the
revlsed measurc passes tlio Council, it
cannot ho acted on by tlio Board
of Aldermen, except under suspenslon
of tho rules, before Tuesday night,
July 14th, which would not leavo tlme
lor arouslng Interest among the peo?
ple in a i.onil Issue eloction,
Strlklhg Olffrrenf-cs.
Strlking dlfferencos between the
Mayor's substltute and the orlglnal
ordinance nro found in tlie toxt, tlio
new measure alming to bo much moro
expllclt In Its detalls. Tlie orlglnal
ordinance provlded for tlio Issuance
of .350,000 of bonds. of which amotint
$250,000 was to bo expended under
dlrection of the Committeo on I.lcc
tricity, ln building dams, forebays,
?jnd the electrlc llght an.l power plnnt
on the site of tho Old Pump House, nnd
for a system of poles, wlres and streot
lamps throughout tho city. Tlio oth?
er JlOO.noo wns to constltute u scpa
rato fund to be expended under tho
dlrectlon of the. Commlttee on Water,
for puniping machlnery, wlth a house
to cpver pame: adjolning tho New
Pump House, for the necessary malns
to carry the pumped water from the
pump houso to the New Reservolr, and
for the electrlc cable to convey the
power from ono plant to -he othor.
In order to nvold thls sccming con
fuslon and. tho danger nf having the
account drkwn on by dlfferent com
mlttees, tlie Mayor proposes in his
substltute ordinance that tbe work
shall be done under the dlrectlon of a
speclal joint commlttee from the Coun?
cil, composed ..f three members of the
Committee on Electrlclty and three
members of the Commlttee on Water,
and one other member of tho Ccuncll.
Tho Mayor iii hls ordinance nominates
,the followlng special committeo: Rob?
ert G. Rennolds. E. Douglas Rlchard
son, G. A. Marks, James A. Moncure,
E. A. Barber, Jr., T. Francls Green
and AV. J. Gilmun.
Mny Vuk% K, Anyho.v.. -
Among- those members of Council not
ln the Mayor's confldence, there Is a
declded dlsposlllon to pass the orlglnal
measure as prepared by tlio Finance
Commlttee over the veto. Especially
ls this vlew taken by those who fear
that further delay will klll tho wholo
proposltlon, as it cannot be denie'd that
pressufe ls belng brought to bear to
delay Indeflnltely il.o erectlon of the
plant. The Mayor, however. has sug?
gested to friends ln ihe Council hls
wlllingness to take the floor to-night
if invited. io e.xplaln ilie ndvantages ,,f
his ordinance over the measure recoih
niended i>y tho Flnance Committee.
In the call for the Council meeting ls
also included the proposltlon to repave
Main street. from Seventh to Twelfth,
wlth tbe present stone blocks relaid
in concreto. ty ?? iho, si.nie tlme the
slreet car oi\|iipu.iy is'relay ing iis rails
on that portion' of the street.
Other Meeting*.
Followlng tho Council session the
Committee on Grounds nnd Buildlngs
will meet lo take up the report of a
subcommittee on Blues' Armory plans.
-The subcommittee, wlth the Englneer,
Building Inspector and commandant of
the B.ues, is unanlmous ln lts first
cholce?the plans submttted by Messrs,
Averill & Hall, of Washlngton?but
there !s said to be one dls'sentlug volee
ns to the wlnners of the .second aiid
thlrd prizos. lt 1ms been suggested
that tlio outslde elevatlons ..f the prin?
clpal plans bo opened and placed ...i
exhlbitlon in the Council chamber be?
fore the commllfec meets.
The Commlttee on Electrlclty will
meet on Tuesday night to take up tlie
electlon ol inspector of electrlclty.
There ^ conslderable opposltlon to the
re-eleet_lon of the present inspector,
Mr. William H. Mlnor. nn.l there are
u number of applicunts for the posl
('.?n.riilli.ii nl \niiii-nl Itrldgc, nml N'or
l'dlk IlcicKlllloil lu ln- I'.ll lerl ni lleil.
Beginnlng to-morrow, thu. Virginia
Hotel Men'a Assoclatlon will hold o
threo days' convention at Natural
Brlilg.-. As part of the program the
Norfolk delegatlon will bo erftertalnod
here by tbe local. branch. The visitors
Will urrlve al 11:16 o'clook this morn?
lng. X__ey will have liineh at tho Flich
rrtond at 2 o'clock, after which an nuto
inoblle rid? through the clty will be
taken. ,
The party, whlch wil! number twen?
ty men, will leave at 5:16 ..'dock over
tbe Chesapeake and (>!ii... In n special
sleeper, Tho Natural Brldge branch ls
prc-pai Ing tn ? ntei tuin the asso. lation
ln royal manuer, and severai trips Into
the surround i ?-? ? mnt will be made,
.Mnn HihIIj Injured bj Vccldcnt nt
Si.iji niul Cunul SircelA.
JoBse Cole. of Forest Hill, was
caught under a falling derrlck at
.Sixth aml Canal Streets on Saturday
nfternooii, and was si'rlous.y hurt,
lle was cut about tlu- head und faoe,
ann hls rlght ann wa. brultcd, Ho
was troai,.l by Dr. Hosklns, of the
Ciiy Ambulanee, and sent home.
Tlie fall of ihe derrlok ls attrlbuted
to son:o mistake op tl;. part of one
of the workmen,
I'okur J.ilut itnliUd.
Mounted Pollcemen Perklnson nn.
Bradley ral.le.i an allogcd pbki I lolnt
run'by Henry Cobbs, coloted, un Bat
ur.ihy nlght, and arrosled elghl oUn-.
iiegroes. Thoy r.'..n.l m.h. |y|ng ...
t..e labu, and got severai pacUagei- ...
? Sl.li-.
fJood for llred feef.
Worthy Citizen Who Had Lost
His Way Faced Gun and
Revolver Long Time.
Covered wlth a gun nnd nn old
fn-shtoncd nrmy revolver. n white man.
who hnd trled to enter the wrong house
nenr Thlrty-slxth nnd O Streets early
yesterday mornlng, bcgged, almost
wlth tears in hls eyes that he be al?
lowed to lower hls arms. But the oth?
ers were determlned, and they kept the
guns poiutod at hlm wlth trcmbllng
niin. Meanwhlle the wlfe of thc house
holder was telephonlng to thc Flrst
Police Statlon.
?'Please send some of your ofilccrs
up." she called. "There's a burglar
out here. and we're holdlng hlm for
you. Send 'eni quick."
She wns evldently greatly excited,
and the desk sergeant sent Mounted
Offlcers Matt and Jordan to lhe scene
ln dntible-quick tlme. .
But the inlruder was becomingj
"Please let me put my hands
he whjlmpered, "I'm just ns
nnd he begnn to lower them.
them hands up," cd'lfie the
response. "Blow your brains
nut if you put cm down."
"Bill I'm not a burglar. J just made
a mlstake ns to the house. Oh, Lord,
when nre those offlcers comins?"
A dntter of hoofs wns heard down
the street, nnd the brave mntt nnd
Jordan rode up on panting steeds.
"What's the matter?" they Inqulred
ln one voice.
"Lord. but I'm glad tn Fee you,"
said the' ivanderer. "Tried to get" Into
the wrong house hy mlstake, and here
they've been holdlng me up for the
past half-hour. Lemme take my
hands down?" he Inqulred pathetical
The offlcers looked at him, and there
was voluble explanatlon and profuse
npolop-y. He was allowed to stop
clawlng the air, nnd soon found hls
own door.
It.-port of Flrat Vcar'x Work i.n Urook
Avenue la "llailc.
'I'h- Brook Avenue Children's Llbrary
havlng jusi ebmpleted its flrst year of
exlstence, thc librari'ans havc sub
mltted the following report:
"The llbrary was flrst opened in the
old Goddln Tnvern ou .Ttnie 2S, 1907,
and remalned here untll the bullding
wns sold. Not havfng funds to rent a
room, thc books had to be paeked and
stored away. In September tlie kin.ler
garteii room wns offered for the use
of the llbrary and gladly acceptod. At
flrst thc llbrary was opened twico a
week. but later it was thougnt best to
open only on Friday afternoons.
"The llbrary oponed with only flfty
books, sent by the Traveling Llbrarios
Dlvision of the Stat-> Llbrary; now,
through the klndness of friends. thero
are nearly 000 books on the shelvcs.
Mrs. Rertlia Blnswanger has glven the
llbrary a nice bookense.
"Durlng the year there have beon
1.000 books clrculated and SS7 children
have been present. Tho chlldren tnko
books not only lor theiiiselves; but also
for thelr parents and frlonds.
"There* wlll bc a book reception nt
the llbrary, No. 715 Brook Avenue; on
Friday nftcrnoon, June 2G, 1908, fr.Sm
3 to 6. The llbrarlans wlll welcome
all J.'ho are Interested In the work."
\c*v Attrncllon Opens and Proves Very
"Nlghi an.l Mornlng," a specta'cular
produ.ctlon, throw open Its doors at
I.l lo wood ror ihe receptlon ot plonsure
seekers on Saturday night nt n o'clock
und from that timo "nul thc park clos?
ed wns crowded wlth those anxlous
to cxplore thc subtorranenn envorns
and underground plts. His satanlc
mnjosty ruled supreme, and many ex
pressed the opiulou thnt they wore
vlsltlng the coolosl "hcreafler" they
ovor cxpect to boo,
Th,- flrat stago ln Night and Morning
Is th.> famous transportatlon scene,
-whero in full view uf thc nudience, a
handsome young lady is turned from a
human belng to a grlnnlng akoleton
while standlng erect in n coffln, Leav?
lng this room tho spectators ontor nn
elevator to be carrled below, where the
'Infemal reglons" nre located, In thls
cuvo wlth ns varlous ftessuges ore
I simwn varlous Bcencs roprespritlng
what tho sinful oxpeci t.. undorgo
; when they shuffle off this mortal ??mi
, Tiie scenery throughout the place is
very pretty,
Tho blll at the Caslno this week wlll
bq one equaling In every rospocl thoso
of former weeks. Thc Slatera McCop
nell, slngers and ilapcerSi are woll
! remembered from -thelr former vlslt
to Uichmond, when thelr clevcr work
| made thom gonera) fnvoriies. Tho
Takazawn troupo of Japaneso nrtlsts
are said to be yvent. There nre scv.-n
iu the group.
Th.- dancing pavllllon i.i crowded
nightly, Mr.'-R. A. Gnlnes, the dancing
Instructor, glving thu floor his caro
fill litt.-tillnii ttt all times.
Ilii\tcr I'liiilui.i-il,
li. .1. liaxler. wlio was sorilenc.-d to
tlflt on days lu Jall for peiit larceity
on Saturday, was pafdoned hy Oovor?
nor SwaiiHOll, FriendK intereuded for
hlm lA-foro he weut to jalU
Above?Spenks for It.xelf. Above?Coml??oi*y nnp.n.
UcloM?At New Ma rket inoiitiiiient. Bclovr?Crosslng t be rlver.
?Photos by staff art Lst accompany Ing battery.
Secretary Brenaman Completes
Plans for Long Trip to Con?
vention City.
Virginia delegates to the Democratic
Natlonal Convention and those accora
panying them on the trip to Denver
will have n most enjoyable e.xcurslon
lf the plans of Secretary Jncob N.
Hrenaman are carrled out. BeEide the
twenty-four delegates from Virglnla,
there will probably be a number of
others from thls State In attendance
on the conventlon, and ns far as pos?
sible nrrangements wlll be made to
havo those who desire to do so travel
wlth the offlcial pnrty in speclnl cars
over the whole route.
Accordlng to present plnns, thc party
will leave Richmond on Thursday, July
2d. at 2 P. M., over the Chesapeake
and Ohio to Clnclnnatl, where tho Uig
Four will hahd them Into St. Louis
without delay. Across the plalns thc
speclal cars will lie in thc hands of
the Rock Island people, who promlse
to slt tlie Vlrglnln party down in
Colorado Springs oarly on Sunday
mornlng, July 5th.
Tho day at the Springs wlll be spent
in rest,_ willle the more ambitious will
have an opportunity to attempt Pike's
Peark, or to stoll iu the Garden of
the Gods. Durlng the night the car
will be moved over to Denver, whero
the Virginia delegation wlll arrlve at
7:30 K.\ M. oii Monday, July 6th. the
day before the convention opens, nnd
in ample time to get located and ro
freshod after the long journey. as well
as to tnlk a little politlcs with those
Knthering from other soctions of the
country. Rooms . hnvo been ? cngnged
by Mr. Brenaman at the "Brownloigh
Arnis," u hotol in Denver, where sat
Isfactory rates have been arranged.
The conventlon proper opens on
Tuesday, July 7th. at noon. Return
ing, the virglnla delegatlon will take
tho Northtrn route by Omaha and
Mr. Moore l.enves Hospital.
Mr. E. C. iMooro, who wns ilanger
ously shot by his son some weeks ngo,
loft tho Meniorial liospitnl yesterday,
and returncd homo. Mr. Moore wns
accldentally shot by tho little boy
while the two woro search'ing Yor
supposed lntruders ln tho yard- nt
thelr homo. near Lakesldo, in Hen?
rico county.
Forecast: Virglnla?Conilnued warm
nnd geiierally falr Mondny and Tues?
day ; varlable winds.
North Car.il'.na?Falr ln east, local
showors in wosi portlon on Monday;
Tuesday falr; vnrinblc winds.
conoitions vi:sTi:nn.\\.
Rlchmond's weathor wns liot, with
heavy showors. Thormomoter ut. mld.
nlght. 73.
(At S P. M.. Kaster nTlmc.)
I'l'.ce. Thor. II.T. Weather.
Ashevillo . 7i sx p. cioudy
Augu'sln . 70 92 Rain
Atlanta . 70 90 Rain
Buffaio . 68 7fi Cleur
Chica'go . so ss Clear
Clnclnnatl . 90 no Rain
Davenport . si ss i'. cioudy
Dotroit . 82 86 P. cioudy
Jllatteriis . 7S Kti Clear
ijacksonvllle .... sn si; Cleur
i Kunsns Clty. 84 SO I'lear
New Orloans. so 90 . Italn
lOklnhoma Clty.. 84 si; Cloar
Pittsburg . : 1 so italn
IUuIoIhIi . so |1L- (.. ,-loildv
Norfolk . sn 02 Cioudy
Tampn . 82 nn italn
iw 11shi1iKi1.11 .... ;s ss r. cioudy
IWilintngton . so 92 Clear
h'ellowston.* .... .|x r,2 Rain
.I11110 22, 1908,
Sun risev.... |;r,o HIGH TII.'E.
Sun sct.s. 7:32 .Mornlng,,,. .,U;1P
lUoon, nses?l2;Dfli HyenUlif ? Ja/ r-?
Exercises of Sacred Heart School Held Yesterday After?
noon and Long List of Promotions Announced.
Diplomas Awarded.
Honors and diplomas were conferred
upon the students of the Sacred Heart
School at tlielr final exercises held at
4 o'clock yesterday afternoon In the
Sacred Heart Cathedral. In the ab?
sence of Blshop Van de Vyver, the
Rev. Father J. B. O'Reilly delivered
the diplomas and conferred the aca
demlc honors. assisted by the Rev.
Fathers Magrl and Gllsenan. The au
dlence was large, almost fllling the
Diplomas were awarded to the fol
lowing young ladles who have com?
pleted the course: Misses Mary Dona
hoe. Mary Keveney, Marie Kienzle,
Madellne Mlller. Anna Shaughnessy
and Ullle Wingler.
\ii.1i-i-nh to School.
Iu addressirig the school, Fathei
O'Reilly sald In part:
"I have known you from infancy;
known you from ohfldhood. and in the
more dlgnlfled days of glrliiood. Dur?
lng these latter years you have learned
useful lessons of obedience und indus?
try, and have beon taught, ubove all, tc
be falthful to diity.
"You have passed the dlffcrent state;
and are about to enter into the niosi
lovely and lovable, that of woman
bood. Though you have practlced obe
dience und other vlrtues, my dear chll?
dren, let me remlnd you that you art
not perfect. You must persevere Ir
these vlrtues, and thus you will ao
riuire that spirit, which ls expected Ir
woman, the spirit of self-sacrllce. Bu.
the onc vlrtue you must ever strlve tc
ko.op ls that of holy purlty. Oui
ble'ssed Viother. rather than relinqulsl
thls, would have refused to be th<
mother of God.
"Your falthfulncss to tho sacramenti
nnd your devotlon to other dutles, givi
us a pledge that you will ever remali
us vou have been ln the past, an honoi
to "vour paronts, to the sisters wlli
have Instructed you and to the prlest:
ot this church.
liiinnrs nnd PromoUons.
Sr.eon.1 UlliK School Grndc Clnsi
A?Virginia Carroll, HeP n Kelleher
irone Lewis. ?
Thlrd lllgb School Grnde?Marj
kelleher, Margery Wateni.
Potirtli (irinniiinr Grnde?John i-nr
roll. James Lewlsi Rlchard Wllllams
MddVilihe Murphy, Catherino O'Donnoll
Nora Pattenion, Marlo Perkinson, An
nio Wingler.
Thlrd tiriunmnr Grnde ?? Josep
Hosey, Henry Slreal, Murgarot Carroll
Flsle' Colllns, Fleanom Fischer, Emm:
Goff. Alleo Hoscy, Lucllle l.ewls, Mnr;
McLaughlln, Helen Ooters, Alys Red
mond. nertha Wingler.
Secoiid Gfiini'iiiur Grnde?Willlat!
Blilev. .IiunoH Foster, Basil Fowlei
Francls Fiourlllo, Michaol Kelloy, Iioul
Kostcr. John Mul-ntiglilin. Loul
Shaughnessy, Jr.nies Taylor, Josop
Wade, Loulse Anthony Kdna Bmiif
Lllllo, Donahoo, Krnia Farmer, Catli
orlno Kelleher, Mary Kosler, Bosslo Mc
Sorley. Ma'ry Martin, Mary Moore, Lll
linn 'Rankln, Sadle Walker. Lorett
Wron. ?
Flrst flrnniniiir Grnde?Tlioma
Brown, John Egnn, Nlcholas Egm
Hi.rrv Jones, l.oe Kollolier, August My
ers, Goorgo Myers, Edward Mathew.
Francls Mvors, John Slieehy, Melvlll
Sulllvan. Charles Waters, Holen Mc
Nell, Mnrv Rankln, Christian Berrj
Emliy I-ydiii Mary UycUV. Cllt**0|',,!
Moore. Anna Santlleson, Augusta Mil
ler, I'-lln l.yons. Irenc Morian.
Fourth I'rtiiinry Griido "A"?Borth
Ant.lQ.ny, Doi'OtllJ* Church, Cathorln
Creamor, Anna (..rlflln. Kthel Hill, Ma.l
ellne Mcl.niKlillii, Mnry Selioot, lillll
Myrtle, l.llllan Mlller, hawreiice Fine
gnn, John Fmricls, Byron Raulsloi
George Plugiiiiiiin, Piiul Morano.
Fourth l'rliniiry CiriuU*?Josop
Adams, Kulpli Carroll, David Frauci:
John McSoiiey, Archlbald O'Koof.
Francls O'Kaofe. Gornld Poppor, Joli
Kcliiii.ldor, l.luwood Suhwurts*, Urook
Smith. Auhrcv Tliurston, CliarU
'A'Kn-uv*.:. '0<.rat.r*4'.WlHiam?? Murla C?i
roll, Omer Church, Florcncc Collins,
Cecilln Drake, Elizabeth Farmer,
Lenorn Felthaus, Marlc Hawks, Mil
dred Jacobs, Nannie O'Donnell, Lucllle
Oeters, Lucllle Rankin.
Thlrd- .Prlmnry Grnde "A."?Bernard
Carroll. John Carroll, Carroll Hawks.
John Moore. Bernard Ryan, Catherino
Btiick, Lilllan Chalkley, Gertrudo Goff,
Lllllan Grande. Grace Holzbach, Fay
Raulston, Catherino Smith, Catherino
Third PrlmnryGrnde.?ThomasCotiKh
lan. Alphonsus Don Leavy. Bryan Fox,
Anthony Flurillo, Francls Frick, Ferdl
nand Hafling, Jacob Hafllng, John Hlll,
Leonard Jones, John Kelleher, Bernar 1
Koster, Elmer Lyda, Clarence McNell,
Mlchael Moore, Francls Morano, Mlchael
Walsh. Edward Welch, Cathcrlne Avel
la, Mlldred Beebe. Nora Burko, Anna
Burke, Leona Cannon, Marjorle Cun
nlnK-hatn, Jerrlne Foster, Elizabeth FOx,
Catherine Grifflh, Mary Hennessey, Jo
haima Lyons, Mary McGarry, Annle
Morrisette, Lillle Schnoidor. Mary Tler
ney, Rose VVlrigler,
.Second Prlmnry Grndi* "A."?Ralph
Beebe, Cornelius Egan. Thomas Goff.
Robert Goode. Leo Hlll. John Hennes?
sey, Joseph Leohr. Edward McSorleyi
John Martln. Catherino Anthony, Ethel
Blackburn, Theresti Lavlerl, Gertrudo
Ryan, Catherine Schwartz, Rose Seta.
Second Prlmnry Grnde.?Salvi.ior
Avella, Joseph A. Berry, Thomas Burke,
Clarence Chalkley, William Cox, Daniel
Finegan, John Fowlcr, Eugono Kinsey,
Kdward McCready, James McGraw,
John McNell. Joseph Martln, Edward
Moore. Vinccnt O'Donnell. Leo Schooff,
Willlem Pla-reman. David Schopf, John
Staffati. Chasle Trafleri. Catherine
Trafierl, Catherino Brown. Marie Blagi,
Mary Cndore, Genevieve Carroll. Mary
Coughlin. Edna Dolnn. Mary Felthaus,
Madellie Gorman, Mary Grubbs, Loulse
llolzbach, Kathleen Haley, Nellle Haf?
llng, Ollvla Hawks, Ruth Malns, Lena
Marroi.I. Rosa Morano. Elsie Myers.
Anna Raffo. Hnllie Raulston, Clara
Road, Josephine Schopf, Anastnsin Tay?
lor. A.lce Williams, Mary Wilson.
Flrtt! Prlmary Grnde'-A."?Phlllp Avel
ln W Ulam Cnrrlor. Raymond Carrler,
WIIU-Ti Carroll, llurry Fox, William
Frnnc 3. Kdward Garrett. David Jnrvis,
Daniel Kelleher, Fr?ncis Loehr, James
McDonough. Lnwrenco Myers, Poter
Ra-ra'i, Ergo Rnenll. Georpre Rankin,
Edga> Read. Jamos Trienn. Francls
Tinsl. ?'. Anita Blagl, Sadle Bunnon,
Nora 1'arroP, Helen Finegan. Loulse
Halo, Mary Lawrence, Josephine
Mori'-u, Mary Mnlnes. Catherine Moore,
Anna Parsoas, Margaret Read.'Margarto
powell, Catherine Shoehy. Mnryjrriena,
'Elizabeth Wade,, Odor Williams.
Alleged That '?' Private Dctective" Who Entered House;
Looking for Robbers Always Garried Off Armful
of Stuff With Him.
After wr.tchlng -ind waitlng four
days, Detectlve-Sergeant Wiltshlre
early yesterday mornlng sueeeeded in
locatlng J. A. Tingen, cnarged wltli a
serles of robboiios, aml tho man was
arrested by Sergennt -.Imnier,
Tingen took tlie iltuntioii wlth ap
parenl. nonohalanco, saying thal ne
know nollilng about the alloged bup
glarles. He was idontlned, however,
by S. T. Gnroer, who declared hlm to
lie the man who a fow nlghts ago en
tered liis room with a dark lun torn.
_Ho strited thnt Tingon npojogized
hastlly and left the room, saying tlint
lie wus looklng for somo ono else. Tho
adjolnlng room was entered, and tlio
loss of two wutobes wns dlscovered
the next mornlng.
According tu statoinonts nuulo yos
terdny, Tingen passed lilmsolf off aa. a
prlvato detectlve. Whenover aur
prlsed, he would oxplaln that hc was
n i.u,.cjai, ofll'jf.rt.j.nft ...Uat li. ,waa i.oolj.
ing for some one. Caught in on
house, he asserted, lt. Is nllcgod, thn
ho had just run a thiof into tho placo
A series of burglarles had boon re?
ported to the (lotoctives, and Sorgoan
Wiltshlre spent four days looking foi
tho mnn. On Friday ho walkod sov
oial blocks on Maln Streot nll dny, ex
pectlug Tlngen to como hls wuy, bu
ho falled to turn up. Then seyora
traps woro Inld for him, and Suturdnj
night he walked unstispoctlngly Int.
ono of thom. Hls arresl- followed i
llttlo later.
Tlngen is also suspoctod of htivlii'
pnssod sevornl worthloss ehecks. Whei
senrched at the Flrst Statlon, he wn;
found to havo noarly $100 und sev
oial pleces of Jewelry, Ono warrnn
clinrges hlm with tlio thoft of tw.
wutches und Sll.fiO t'rom Roger Nolsou
Otlier warrunts wJlli bo sworn out lutci
Tlngen claims to be from Spopeet
N. C, und says hls -wlfo ls conneuioi
?iYlt.li p.fQiainout Rlclunond p.eoplg.
Passengers, Alarmed by Collision
Braved Torrents to Get Out
of Harm's Way.
While the storm yesterday aftcrnoor
was at its helght. a Broad and Malt
Street car had a reai-eml colllsioi
wlth a Ninth and Lombardy car, a
Strawberry and Maln Streets, and nearlj
a hundred passengers were for the tim.
badly frlghtened. All those on the roa,
car stampeded, notwlthstandlng th.
fact that the raln was comlng down ii
torrents. Thoy wero transforred to an
other car. but were wet and bedrag
It Is snid that the motorman of th(
rear car was btinded by the rain. wlilcl
streamed down the wlndow ln front o
hlm. Both cars were badly broken up
the fender of ono belng coinpletel.
torn off.
IIInIiop I'nret nml Wife ln He (?..(??-I
of "tlrx. Putney.
| Snoclal to The TIrne?-DIapatoli.l
BADTIMORE, MD., June 21.?Bisho
Wllllam P.rot. of the Eplscopal Dio
cese of Maryland, niul Mrs. Pnret wil
leave to-morrow for Wytheville, Vn
where they will spend the summer a
the home of Mrs. Stephen Putnej
mother-in-law of Rev. William Pag<
Dame, of thls city. Blshop Parct hn
been busy for the last few monthi
and is badly in need of rest, and Un
Paret has becn.conlined to. the churc
home and infirmary. Rev. William .\
Dame. father of Rev. Wllllam Pag
Dame, and known Jiere ns the Bislio
of Bolton Street, will spend part c
tho summer at Wlnchester, Va.
As a Confederate soldler. Rev. Mi
Dame marched and fought over th
ground for mlles around Wlnchester.
Flremnn lircnkH Ann.
I_, N. Taylor, a llreman on the Rich
mond, Frederlcksburg and Potoma
Railroad, who broko hls arm on Frl
day nlght, will soon be able to leav
the Rotreat for the Sick, where li
has been rocelvlng treatment, Hi
arm camo in contact wlth a box ca
as hc was leanlng out of the cab wln
Mrs. Ilar.llii III.
Mrs. K. J. Hnrdln, of No. 100S Bueh
anan Street, is very 111, und was takei
from her home to the Memorial Hos
pltal yesterday afternoon.
Thousands Beggcd for Rain,
but Were Unprepared When
Prayers Were Answered.
WildRush for Home
Rnln wns whni they wanted yes,
trr.i.iy?tln swelterlhg, dtist-choked
poonlo of Richmond. lt was what
Bomo of theni hnd prayed for. und
whni they got ln a huge packago In
tlie shdnk of tho afternoon. inclden
taily. tliry were for the inosl part un
jprepnrod. Awnltlng an nnswer to
suppiii.itlons, they hnd ropalred to the
nnVks in droVea thut laxod tho car
servlce, aml were not nware of tho
Imponding rollof untll li was almost
up.on thom. Then thero was a wii.1
rusli for home and nheltor, but many
thoro wero who moaned over bedrag
glpd summer .-.ults und new struw
From the early hours of the morn
lug, the heat was almost InlolerflblC,
gn.wlng worse ns th'o day wore on.
The streets w.-ro CDVered thlekly with
dust, whlcli was ?,,t |? rnotlon oni'y
by lhe pnsslng cars and vehlcles.
Thousands ..r peoplo crowded tho curs
an.l throngod thc parks with thc hope
of gralnlng some rollef from thc con?
ditions ln ti?. clty,. Thoro they found
grnsa and shade of trees, which helped
some, i,ut there was not enotigh breezo
tO Btlr the leavf |,
CntiKhl i ii Pitrkaj,
Durlng tho liottest part of the af?
ternoon, a little atter I o'clock, tho
sun was hldden an.l a stlff wlnd came
|tjp. brlngiiiK before it a clotid ofdust,
I which tnfght well be cotnpared to the
sand stonns .,f the desert The accu*
mulatlon on th.- streets was pl.-ked up
nnd carrled in a denso swlriing mass.
80 thick thut nt tlines it wns Impossl
blo to seo a person for the length of a
j block. Gatherlng Into a cloud for a
few monients before the rnln came, tho
dust could be seen hanging over the
j clty in a canopy and extendlng out
over thc rlver, where it rctetnbled a
heavy f<,g.
It waa at thls tlrr.e that the throng
of fresh air seekers rcnilzed lhat some*
thlng would probably be hupponlng In
a very Short tlme. The lew cars
which had brought out the latest con
signments to the parks, wero besieged
l,y an army that it had taken the cntiro
oqulpment tho best part of the after?
noon to get out. Wlth people hang?
ing to every available strap and handlo,
llic.v pulled for the clty.
Then thc rain began to lay tho dust,
un.l before half of tho retrcatlng crowd
could reach their corners. it had beeii
converted Into mud, and water was
Btandlng ln small ponds all over the
Btrects. .Many "ran for lt." some tool:
refugo tn th..- doorways. shleldtng them
lelvea ;?.- best they could bycrouehlng
S th.lr b
? who pre!
extra ni
?k f
d th
two. rodo
ii;. -, '.'??: I \
in the
ed from
\n i.lea of the slzc of the crowc
dlfferent parks may be
fact tliat the flrst sev
ing the sheds Just t
foro tlie storni broke. got thc tall ends
of tho soaklng lot on thelr next trip.
SlgiiH lllotvn Down.
After the. storm. besides thc fact that
tbe ground was wet nnd the nlr sev?
eral degrees cooler. there was amplo
evidence that tho wlnd which pfeeeded
the downpour had dono Its work.
Along thc streets signs which hnd
hung Inanely a short time bofore wero
lylng on the sldewalks, torn from thelr
places. Many trees were borcft of
large branches and some of the small
er ones were twlsted off In splte of the
protcction afforded by the boxes around
Tho soft drink men. who pull down
thelr bltn.ls and stlr thelr own llttlo
atmosphere wlth electrlc fans. hnd dono
a rushlng business all day, but when
ihe storm broko there wus tho nddl
Itlonal Inducemont of oscaplng the polt
llng rnln. and customers poured In.
-. Grafeful for thc shelter and ln most.
cascs thoroughly out of breath thoy
wore Inclincd to buy. The soft drlnk
j mon smilod and turned on extra fims.
1 llnt l-'nt Offlce*. Are.Vol Nunieroiid
. Knougll tc. Gci Around.
Though the electlon of certain city
* i offlcers is stlll more thnn a year off,
tho campnign seems already to havo
begun, jttdglng from the number of
candldates who are glving the glad
hand about tho Clty Ha.. and In cen
tres of political Influence. As usual,
tlio fattest oftlec is the most sought-?
the position of Clty Sergeant.
Worth enough even ln the old days
to cause n good, stlff. Interesting flght..
thc offico is stlll more eager.y deslred
now, as the dally number of prlson
ers to be bourded at tho city's- ex***
ponse has greatly increased since an
hexation. Tho last Legislature kind
ly nnd compasslonately relieved the
situation furthor by taking off the
shoulders of tho jallcr the expense of
providlng beddlng and fuel. Serg-eant
James C. .Smith, thc incumbent,
knows a good thlng when lie sees lt,
nnd is not llkely to glve up without
a struggle. .ue has hnd severai prac?
tlce bruslies wlth one of his oppo
nonts, Mr. Clalborno Epps, who was tho
former sergeant, and both men know
that tho job Is worth flghtlng for.
While outsidors havc no means of
knowlng just what tho position does
pay, three have signitied thelr wllllng
noss to hold tho position If the popu
laco should Insist on It: those being
Alderman John L. Sattertlold, James
Anthony nnd Samuel Stern.
For the oilice of sherlff, whlcli is
run on tlio fou plan also, four wlll
rlsk the chimcos of income, and suc
cccd Mr. Epps, lf they can?J. Horbort
Mercer, a deputy iri tho oflloo; Clty
Councilmun E, W. Mlncr,' Jumos II.
Rradleyaud .lohn VI. Hcdwood. lt ls
genera'lly undcrstood that former Hlgh
Constablo Edward Garrlson wishos to
try nnother with Mr. Wllllnm lt. Wy?
att, Jr., who dct'oated hlm four years
Up to this timo no oppositlon has
beon annoum-od to Mr. Minltren Folkos,
who wpn out for Commonwealth's At?
torney In a largo iiclcl four years ago,
when Judgo Richardson retlred. City
Treasurer Jamos B. Pp.ee and Clty Aud
Itor Warren, wlth Captain Frank Cipi
lilngham. the City Collector, havo no
oppositlon an yet. '
Pr. Edward N. Callsch, rabhl of Both
Ahabah Temple, with Mrs. Calisch, will
sail for Europe on Wodnosdny, taking
tho stc-amer "Mooncinn,", nf tho Hol
Innd-Auiorlcnn llno from Now_York.
Or. Callsch expects. to go diroctly to
London, whnro for thrc- or four wooks
ho wlll rngugo ln speclal study, aftor
whfch lio und Mrs. Oulisch wlll travel
fnr lhe rcinnlnilor of the sunmior. Thoy
oxpoct to return, to Richmoiid early lu

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