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Oil AT Al EN
: "Darinc** Yotirig Bttrglar Cnugl
Indictccl, Convictt'd ancl Scn
tcnccd in -l*'c\v Ilours.
. N'EW YOltK. July _.'?Swlft Jilstl
nnd storn, to-da'y o've'rtook Nothi
i.fvino, a diiilng. youthful burglar, wl
<arl>- to-dtijCcapped n brlcf career
crlmc by h boltl attempt to cblorofor
nnd rob Mrs, Mostyn Cookson in
room ln the Hotel Belmont. while h
husband, who Is a member of a prom
nt-nl English famlly ni.il a major in tl
Brltlsh army, Slept only a few fe
away. Major Cooksoir wns awakeuc
by hls wlfe's screams just as tho rol
?ber was abbul tn thrust n gug ln
her mouth, nfter having bound hi
hands. Tho major attacked tlio li
?truder, bN'brpowered hlm after n shar
gtruggle tand held him until thc polic
nrrlvcd aml took lilm Int.) cUst'Ody.
A few hours later a grand Jury rt
?turned t"o Indlctment-. agnlnst tli
lyvnnig i / i. orie for liurgjary nnrt tli
Other foi nssauli in the flrst degrej
nnd thls afternoon hc pleaded gulll
nml was scntenced t" servo not les
1 !:nii len rfor more "thnn forty years I
Uml tloliticd Them All.
3 I.cvlne. who sald he wns a studon
and tho son of a rotlred New Yor
: .l.anufaetiiror. told tho pollce afte
his arrest thnt hc had robbed nenl*l:
every flrsl-cinss hotel ln the clty <lur
Ing the piist few weeks.
? ITo Is about twenty years old. an>
Wns dreased ln the helght of fashloti
When he reglstftred nt the jBelmon
yesterday'Under an nssunied tiame li
wns r.ssifrned to a room adjolnlng tha
occunlt'd hy .Major and Mrs. Cooksoi
on thr fnu'rteenth flour of the hn..el
Cnd galned hecess to thelr room by wa;
pf the f.'ro-escape. Inve'stigiition bj
the iio'iico showed thnt Levlne wa:
romanclncr an lo hls antecedents. Hi:
fnther is janltor of nn apartment hozse
The unusual speed wltli whlch tln
rate npnlnsl I-evine was prosecut^t
wa? partly due to tho fact that Mnjoi
nnd Mrs. Cookson hnil engaged pas
sage on a stenmer which sniled foi
Europe thls afternoon. They nppearei
before Ihe gvanrf jury later ln court
1 . testifjj agnlnst the prisonor. It was
within thlrty minutes of tho sallinc
tlmo Of thelr steamer when thoy left
the courtroom. but they rushed up
town in an automoblle and got or
board the shio before lt sailed.
Hnd Complete Outflt.
"VVhen the prisonor was searched. soor
'.Iter his arrest to-day. The polici
'our.d one of the most complctr
.utflts for use in sneak ihievery that
?ver came into their possesslon. It
-?r.s:5*.ed of two revolver?. n box of red
. lagger :-xo electric lar.terr.s
ind a number" of vials e?ntainlng
-- c poiions. The police
- ? yonog man made no attempt
;o onceal hi* gxiilt. and told them
'-..--. .. ,.,, a <jozeR other robberles. In
had be*p involved. He inti
? at it wa.: to raise funds to
- ' *.?:?. - ?? Oj_ appearances be
r<-re a t^rtair. yonng woman that
- * * rn to a career of
"" * '--'??-> dirulge the glrl's
' -.??.- :. - ; tv.cr^e^ the police
-?"" '? B?stloa him abcut her.
"It wtn - -- -.:??. .?-. ? :rx i* she learr.s
c- * "--?'. -*- sald be.
>'-.nm.<5 When Brln: Ga.ige'd. ?
I_-:v;r:e went to the Belmont yester
?-?? stternocm. and after registerins
rr: ir: ?._*.; ?.*-..--. ::3rr,e. <-tsfce?i to be as
F-r- ; to a room near a flre-escape
I-- traa striktngly dressed in a cream
cx-Iored fi?r._>?] rfurt. wore much jew
x Special prices on all Re?
frigerators and Ice Boxes.
Nursery Refrigerators at
$3.50 and $4.
|Exce!sior Gas Range
will prove the most economi
cal, best cooker and baker
and least expensive of any
gae range made.
Perfection and Blue Flame I
Oil Cook Stoves and ovens.
Go-Carts, Mattings, Lino
leums and Oil Cloths.
All goods marked in plain
figures. v.
Fourth and Broad Sts.
fl.Don't .itip tho boy on his
vncation until you've fllled
hls kit wlth plenty of these
wRs*.. sults.
CSampIes will be sent If
you can't come to us.
fXTha fine Chambray, the
toucjh Gnlnteas, tl,.e practi?
cal Madras?93c up.
dL," Mother's Friend" Walsts
at35c, that were 50 ond 73c.
<_.$3 and $6 Summer Cassi
mere Sults at $2.76.
H$7 and $7.30 Knicker-'
bocker Suits at $4.73.
CAU Boys' Stra*ws at half
pricesl ' ?
| elry, and appeared to be well supplie
; wlth money. Early thls morning Mr;
Mostyn Cookson, who, wlth her hus
' j band, Mnjor Cookson, of tho Flrs
' i lioyai Suffolk Regiment, occupled th
' j room adjolnlng that of Lovlne on Ih
Ai fourtoenth floor of tho hotel, wa
awakenod by a sudden flash of Hgh
in her face. A revolver pressed agalns
her forchend kept her silent until he
hands had been bound, but as the un
welcome vlsltor wns about to press i
gag into her mouth she serenmed. He
husband. who had been sleeping in -.
bed at the othor side of tho room. am
who had not been seen by the robb-r
sprang on Levlr.e before ho could turi
around. and bore hlm to tlie floor. Th
mon were fighting desporatoly whei
| hotel employes. who had beon attractoi
by the commotion, came to Cookson'
I assistance. A moment later the polici
When Levino was arralgned in cour
the man age rs of severai hotels appear
ed and told of reeont robberies in thel
houses. Major Cookson also told o
hls experlence wlth Levine, and sall
the young man liad secured jewelr.
valued nt $2,000 ln hls room boforo li
was enptured.
Ohlo Kvei'iillvc IVnnlH Hlm tn Nprilk nt l'm
.Mi'Irk Mntiiiniritt t'nvclllng.
Ceromonles uicjdent to tha unvelllng nf
ninnumi.iit nt Fort Meliis, O.i will tnk
plncr nn t'optnnbcr lst, nml n I'ommtinlcntlo
wns recelved by tlrovcrnor Hw/inson yonlct
nay Invltltig hlm tn lie present nml milk
tnc of tti<_ nildrcHRt's. In ilie nbsenco of th
Governor, I'rlvMc Hooretnry IJcii p. rjwe
ArknuwICdged receipt ot tlie liivltiitlon nn
forwardoil It lo Denver.
? Thn commiiHmtlnn comes from Ooveinn
Andicw h. Ilnrris, nf Ohlo, nml Hon. Wil
lirfm corlctt, secretary of? tlie uliln eominls
s!on In charge ol* tlir- oieotlnn of thi! monil
inint. Thn short, whloh will stnml nliim
rlghty feet In helght. will hnve tho In.cnp
1,1011, "Ercotetl hy. tho Htnle of Ohlo ln liono
ot the bravo mon who served thelr countr.
on thls spot."
Vlrgittla his n monument ln Petersbiiu
wltli ths numes of p.-itrlntlc citlzens wh'
mniclicd tlir.Tn.rh whnt must hnve been i
Iriiekless wllilvtm:ss, and who look pnrt li
uie.'ori Melgs campalnn,
russTans arrested
ttr-'hl L'|? b.v IiniiilKiiitio ? Ijiwh nnd Thei
8?nt to llrtirlco Jall.
IVrhups the hnpplest in_n ln Rlchmom
yesterday wore two Itusvlan Jews, who won
Intely brouj.li' Into thls, country by nn tm
mlgrntlon biircnu, nml who had tlie tnls
lorlune to got into tli_ Henrlcn jall.- No
'many ila.v.i ngo they enmo Into Klehmoiul b;
frelght, This met wlth the subslnnlinl dls'
npprovnl of the Inw nnd wan tor them nc
eummoilntluns ln thn county jall. They weri
very much ehngrlned nt thelr hard luck
but oh tliey coulil not sp.ak a word of Bng
list. had no means of of.erlng nn cxnlaiintloi
er of maklng a plea for morcy. b'o class
Ing thelr cxpenonce amonir tho vlcissltuilei
oi. tourlsts. thoy cnlmly reslgnocl themsclvei
to the Inconvenient exactlon of.tho Inw.
But yesterday they wero relensed. Thcli
conllnen_fint be.ntno known nmong some oi
thelr eountrymen here, ono of whom np
peared before Mngl.trate Lowls yesterda.
eml BOC'Jred tlio release of the prlsoneis b>
telllng Uie mnsrlstrnto that the men had rela?
tlves lu tlio clty who would enro for them
nml be responslblo for thelr condiict until
they could Hnd omployment or get away.
Wllh hnopy Hearts they went on thelr way
i i Tpmperalure Only 77 Degreen nt 3 r. 31.,
' Usually the Hottest Hour.
?: I By proving thut he wns respohstblo for
the dellghtful change In thc temperature
' yesterday, Dlrector Evans, of thc Weather
t , Burenu, could havo been elected to nny of
_ fleo v.'lthln tho glft of tho people, wlth or
?' i without a doubto primary pledge. From tlie
' ? swoltnrlng-swoarlng type the mereury
sj | dropped to thnl polnt where the clty could
t j not understand the eight (legroo deflciency.
t' At 3 P. M., usually thu .corchlng hour, the
i cool wave from Denvor sent tho temporn
r j ture down to 77, wlth two drgrecn less nt
- ! noon. There waa n gentle-Annle northeast
i I hreezo of an olght-mlla an hour veloeity,
, nnd nobody gave a second thought to tlie
' ' fact thnt tho excesa ln temperature slnco
1 l March lst waa IS 1 degrccs.
I j There Is the promlsc that comfortable
, ' condltlons will prevall for a day or two,
, j after whlch nobody lcnows what Is llkely
i to happen.
! Kiehmond Mnn Hurt HU Rnee ln Atlantlc
Clty Accldent.
I Mi-. C. L. Klrk. of No. 811 Park Avenue.
who, with hia wife aml daughter, has beon
spendlng tho lnst two weeks at Atlantlc
Clty, met wlth a palnful accldent to hls
' knee wblle getting off ono of the street
j cars. As a result of hls Injurles he is stlll
: contlnctt to hls bed at thc summer reserl.
He hopes to be able to come home tho lirat
pnrl of next week. Mis. Klrk nnd her
itntlghtor, Mlsa Bimtrloe Klrk, wlli nt tlir
snmol.no lenvo for thn Atllrondncka, whcrt
they will spend tho rest of tho summer, ?
Pollcles Cover Prelly TVenrly All Ilie
l/Oss Ity IIom'oii Flre.
BOSTON, MASf... .Itily fl.? Practically
nll the loss of $1,000,000 cniised by tho
tlro Whlch destroyed nlinost ? riuarter
,, of h. mllo of tho wntrr front of Enst
i Boston yestnrdny wlU fall upon tho In?
surance compttiilcH, thoso tiiking- ma?
rine rlHks ns well ns the companles
whlch inauro iitfulnst llre bnlnrr respon
slble for part ot thn loss, undor a
clause In tho pollcles whlch protccts
morchandiso for-n tlmo whllo nt tho
Iwharvos awnltlnr. removal. Tlie Boston
jnnd Albany nallroad Company, whlch
Is lcased by thc New York Contral, had
rproporty valued nt $1,000,000 destroyod,
lnclud ng the two piors usod by tho
Cunard l.lno, and.a grnln olovntor.
The Leylnnd l.lno pler was also de?
stroyed, wlth sovcral .rol|_ht Cars and
a lam.0' qunntlty of mlscellancous mer?
chandlse, Tho loss Is mostly covered
by Insijrance.
Und tho trans-Atlantlc froI_,'ht trnlllc
ot thls port been of the normal valuo,
Instead of bolnj. lower than for years,
ns was the caso, severai Inrgro stoamers,
In addition to tho Leyland llner D.e
vonlan, would llkely hnve beon at the
docks, and a conslderably larg*o'r nuan
tlty of merchandlse beon at the wharf.
,It ls belleved but ono person per
Ished, Danlel Sulllvan, a watchmnn nt
the Cunard Llne pler.
Cnptnln flrnves Gets Anotlier Term ns Com*
niumlaiit nt Soldlers' lloiiie.
At tho annual meoilng last nlght of thc
bontd of visitors of It. B. Leo Camp, No. 1,
Confeiternte Soldlers' Home. tho followlng
ofi'lcurs were- olecteil: Presldent of the
Board of Visitors. Captaln 1**. J. Bosher;
F'lrst Vice-President, Mr. Jmncs T. Oray;
Second VIee-Presldent. Qcneial Charles J.
Anderson; Socrotnry. Colonel O. B. Morgan;
Treasurer, Mr. John S. Ellett,
Offlcers of the Soldlers' Homo elected
were: Cnptnln .lames E. Qravcs. com
innmlnnt; Mr. W. ,1. Oontry, adjutant; Dr.
Wllllam A. Deas, surgeon.
Cnpllol Squnre Offieer f.'hnrged With Urenlt.
, ing Ilog's __ej..
8. XI. Cfix, a pollcemnn In the Chpltol
Square, wns arrestod yesterday on a warrant
Issued by Agent Emmett Taylor. of tho So?
elety for the Provcntlon of Cruelly to Ani?
mals, on the chargo of having cruelly benton
nnd broken the lep of a dog In the square.
Ho gave ball for hls appearance In the' Po?
llce Court thls mornlng.
The pollccmun clalms that It Is hls duty
to keep dogs out of tho park, and thal ac?
cording to tho statute ho ls permlttod to
club or klll them. It Is probable that If the
decision of the Pollce Justlce Is adverse to
Cox tho case will be nppealed.
Dog-Cntcher In West End.
Undor tho dlrectlon of Commissioner
Henry Cohn, R midsummor war on strny
doRs Is belng conducted, and although hun?
dreds have been put to sleep at the pound,
prowllng bands are stlll eluding tho dog
catchers. However, n good w.igonloail
comes in every day. Tho East End has
been well covered, and yesterday .the wagon
was transferred to the far West. End. 0%vn
(rs of dogs who Tiope to recover -thelr pets
News Gathered From Southside..
About 1.000 pleasuro scekers left
| Manchester in a' chartertd train *yes
! terdcy mornlng on the joint Sunday
j school excursion for Buckroe ? Beach,
[operated under the ausplces of tlie Con
ftral Methodlst and Butubrldge Street
Baptlst Churches. When the crowd be?
gan to board the train in Manchester
j it was found that seven cars were inad
! equate to accommodatc the throng, and
ja stop was made ln Kiehmond, where
j four addltionai coaches were.coupled
I on. and tho englne, wlth eleven cars,
i pulled out.
j Owing to some mlsiinderstandlng, thc
j lnter-church baseball game was not
I pulled oif. There was no intcrdenomina
] tlonal wrestllng match, and tho Baptlst
j Methodlst sprlnting tournament was
' called off. lu spite 'of these minor de
! fects. the plcnlc was a pronounced and
i a dlstlnct success, and all who partic
ipated ln it returned happy. The only
dlsagreeable feature occurred whon it
was found tliat the chartered train,
would return to the Richmond. and not
| the Manchester, depot, as had been an
I nounced, but the crowd was too happy
| to be dlsturbcd by that. The train
j left Buckroe Beach at 7:30, and made
the -return trlp in two Hours.
Out of n Clear Sky.
Yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock,
| as Henry Hope, Arthur Bass and Edgar
I AVhite sat quletly together ln front of
| No. I12S1 Hull Street, readlng a paper,
a bucketful of water descended from
the roof above, and tlie literary coterle
! adjourned. Who threw the water has
j'not as yet been definttely ascertalned,
| but the effects of tlie deluge were dls
j tressing. At tho time of the acc-ident
! Hopo was holdlng tho puper At his
i rlght hand sat Arthur Basi.; "Whlte
was seated to hls left; all were readlng.
Suddenly and wlthout warning the
wator came down. Tho catastropho
was awful.
After sliaking tho water from hls
shouldcrs nnd hnir, Hope reached to
recover hls paper. Ho caught It at tho
corner and gathered a handful, hut
the wet sheet clung to tho pavement.
The sun was shlnlng brlghtly when
Forecnsl: Vlrjitiiln?Showcrs/ Frlday j
Siitnrduy nud wnrmcr; fresh cnut to
?KirllioitNt v.lnil.s.
Xorth Cnrnllnn?Showors Frltlny nnd
Sii(urdny) wurm.r Snturdny) fresli
north wIiiiIn, bcconiliig vitrlubl..
(8 A. M. temperature. 72
' Huroldlty . 57
jWlml, dlrectlon . NE.
jWind. voloclty . 8
Weathor .Cloudy
, Haiitfall .0.00
12 noon temporaturo .,.. 75
3 p. M. temperature. 77
Maxlmum temperature up to 5 P. Sl. 77
Minimum temporaturo up to G P. M. 65
Menn temperature .'. 7.
Normal temperature . 79
De_it.toi.cy ln temperature to-day.. g
Exceis ln temperature since March
: '"- .1.83
Accum. excess lu temporaturo slnco
j January lst .t 89
.Excess in ralnfall since March lst.3.9S
; Accum. excess in ralnfall sinco Jan?
uary lat . COO
co.Mjrrio.vs ix important oitibs.
(At h P. M., Eastern Tlmo.)
Place. Thor. 1I.T. Weather.
AnnoyUie . ._ 88 naln
Aj'susta . 70 so naln
&u?n'a . e? so Raln.
gJJ^alo . 72 7-1 Clear
Qhlcatjo . 70 78 t.|0iU.
Clnclimati ...... so Kfi oi?ar
Detroit .......... -,-i 70 Siear
Hatteras ..*. 711 hi
Jai-ksyiivlllo ,,,, .. yn
Kansas Clty_.. 82 M
Now Orleans. 7S hfi
Okhiboinu Clty.. _a _n n' ,
Ralelgh .Gii
Suviniuuli . 74
Norfolk . 7_
'a">pa . 8!! 8R p. ciouily
Washlngton.71 _u p clou v
Ye.lowetono. ,,,, cu ._ Rai? l ?
j the three friends parted sadly ln searcl:
of thelr hoines and dry garments.
"Xo man ever ltnows what will hap
pen to hlm In Manchester." observed
Henry Hope, bltterly, as lie Ht a clgar?
ette and started homewards.
ltostor of tbe AMIndt Grnys.
Owing to the large number still
llvlng in Chesterfleld county, and to
the relatlves and families of many who
are no more. Mr. W. B. Ashbrooke has
comptled a roster of the famous Al
stndt Grays, who were mustered In
and about Manchester. The Grays be
longed to Mahone's Brigade, of Ander
son's Dlvislon, of A. P. Hill's Corps, of
the Army of Xorthern Virginia. ?>
They were mustered into servlce on
May 24, 1*361. They surrendered at Ap
pomattox. Thoy took part ln tlie
charge of Mahone's Pivision . at the
battle of the Crater.
Tho membership of the company, as
compiled. read.T as folloms: Captain. E.
H. Flournoy; First Lieutenant, Charles
Friend; Second Lieutenant, .Samuel
Flovirnoy; Thlrd Lieutenant. David M.
Goode; First Sergeant. Charles Fossoy;
Second Sergeant, Samuel Wroodfin
Thlrd Sergeant. J. XV. Jones; Fourth
Sergeant. George Woodfin: Flrst Cor?
poral. Cornelius Wilklnson; Second
Corporal, Wesley Rudd: Thlrd Corporal,
Joseph Dorsett; Fourth Corporal, Cal
houn Hawklns; Prlvates, J. H. Ash?
brooke, W. B. Ashbrooke. Thomas Pal
ley, Joseph Balley, James H. Balley
John A. Balley, ^William E. Balley,
Robert H. Bass. Joseph Bass, John
Bass, Aaron H. Branch, Lucius Branch,
Merritt Boatwrlghts, R. M. Cheatham,
A. A. Cheatham, John F. Cheatham,
William E. Cheatham, Julius C. Con
dray, Lewis Dorsett. William Dorsett,
A. A. Ellett. C. C. Ellett. Rlchard Ellett,
Joseph Elam, Rlchard Elam, Abner E.
Fossoy, David Fossoy, Sarrfuel Fossey,
A. A. Ford, M. XV. Ford, Samuel Flour?
noy, T. C. Farley, William F. Fuqua,
David H. Franklln, James B. Goode,
E. C. Goode. Robert Godsey, John E
Goode. J. XV. Goode, XV. D. Goode,'
Lemuel J. Goodo, Charles Hancock
Newtoh Horner, Wllllam S. Hobson
Wllllam A. Harris, Rlchard Jones, John
D. Jones, Samuel J. Jones, Henry Lee,
John F. Martin, George O. Markham!
G. A. Morrls, James A. Morrissett, John
Moody, James Moore, Wilson Moore,
Edgar Nunnally, Edward T. Osborno.
Eddle Phaup. William Pinchback, Cole?
man Purdle, John E. Porter, Lewis
Porter, William Rudd, Sunmel Rudd*
Rlchard Stratton, R. O. Stratton, John
W. Slmes, J. B. Simos. T. M. Simes
Alexander Slmes, A. C. "Wilklnson, John
Wilklnson, Samuol Wilklnson, Rlchard
Wilklnson. William C. Woodfin, James
F. Woodfin. Churlcs Worsham and
Marcellus Wllllams.
CoiiBiic,i \j? ,| BuUct.
Out of the many wounded of tho
Alstadt Grays two notablo Instancos
yet survlve ln tho persons of Julius
Chesterfleld und Lowls Dorset, of RIch?
Mr. Condrey was so desperatelv
wounded ln tho neck by a mlnnlo batl
that hls surgeons advlsed agalnst an
operatlon. and ho cartiod tho ball in
his neok for twelvo* years.
One Sunday, after attendlng church,
he returned homo and lay on hls bed.
He It-uned far over and coughed. Tlie
huliet foll out on the floor.
'Squlre Cheatham, of Oak Grovo,
vouchea for thls Incldont, whlch he rol
lnted yesterday afternoon.
ln tho caso of Mr. Lowls Dorsot, who
was woundod in a fight below Potore
burg, tho soldior was left on tho fleld
to ilie, reniaining on tho ground for
many hours. ?
The ball which struck Mr. Dorsot en?
tered tho left breast just abov? tho
heart, pouetrated tho ltlng, nnd tore
away the ontc-rtor portlon of tho rlght
shoulder blade.
Mr. Dorsot lius been refused by prac?
tically every insurance company ln the
country; ho nevertheless onjoys good'
health at an advunced ago.
Coumdlmniilc Moetlni..
'j;ho regular monthly nieetlntf ot tho
City Assembly will be held to-night.
and severai ordinances will bo recom?
mended for adoption. Among others
will be the famous "dog ordinance,"
recommondlng that all dogs bo muz
PcrsonnU nud Brlefs.
Mrs. John W. Massie is spendlng
the month of July at Ocean Vlew.
Mrs. XV. H. Owens, of No. HIS Baln?
brldge Street, is slowly improving ut
her home. Mrs. Owens was on Monday
severely kicked by a horse, and hus
been conflncd to her bed ever since.
A moving-pioture exhlbltion will be
given to-night at 8 o*clock at Odd
Fellows* Hall, Highland Springs, for
tho benefit pf the Odd-Fellows.
The ladles of --the Clopton Street
Baptlst Church gave a dellghtful lawn
party at Hull and Clopton Streets
last night. Tho entertalnment will bo
repentcd to-nlght.
Clarence Allen, an incorrlglblo negro
youth, was arrested yesterday after?
noon by Pollceman Mike Moore, at tho
request of the boy's mother. He will
! be sent to tho reformatory. S.
Mr. John P. Sumpson, who is a del?
egate to the Elks' convention, in Dal?
las, Texas, left yesterday for that place.
Mr. Sampson goes as a representativo
of Manchester Lodgo.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. w'llklnson, of
Wilmlngton, N. C, are visiting friends
ln Manchester.
George Paul, who has boen 111 "-wlth
nalarlal fever, is reported as improv?
Mrs. Stanley has roturned to Forest
Hill for a short stay after a trlp to
.Newport News. ?
Mr. J. F. Shorter, of Newport Nows,
who has been vislting friends In Man?
chester has roturned home.
Misses May and Opheiia Snellings,
v/ho have boen visiting their sister,
Mrs. R. F. Bass, of Porter Stroet, loft
yesterday for tho mountains, where they
will vislt Mrs. XI. T. Daniel.
Mrs. Dora' Redfprd ls at Matoaca.
where she will spend the summer wlth
her sister, accompanlod by Mrs. Susan
Beneath Go
Bread is
Every housekeepcr has a
keen and commondable prldo
In her bread, blsoult, enko
nnd othor dalntles that t.mpt
tho appotlte and bulld braln
and inuseiii for tho members
of hor famlly,
The food satlafactlon?this
absoluto qartalnty of tasty
and healthful food Ib a very
slmple nnd easy matter It
you use "Good Luck" Jlakln*-.
The Southern
Company fi
3att.ra fRnnrxtr
riilb l-maWent of tlio Unltod BtoMi.
T was in the Hall of Oratory, William
and Mary College, 1776. Patrick
Henry stood on the platform; elo
quently, passionately, convincingly
hc spoke of human rights, constitutional
guarantees, Personal Liberty.
A young student, tall and blonde, with
eyes qf blue and heart of fire, listened in* *
tently. Tossing aside cap and gown. he
bucklcd on his sword, saying, "Words are
'good; deeds are better."
At Harlem, White Plains and Brandy*
wine, he fought bravely; and on a bitter
cold Christmas morning his blood splashed
the frozen paving stones of old Trenton
Step. by step he rose to power; and
today his name is inseparably associated
with the most significant internatlonal
'Doctrine of modern times.
At three score and fourteen he died?a
true Virginia gentleman ? the descendant
of an old family of Scottish Cavaliers?and
at his hospitable home at Oak Hill, good
ale was brqy/ed and ever on his board.
References: Biography by Dan'I C. Gilmore, Ap
pleton & Harper's ?nc.
WHEN old Mother Earth grows
better malting barley than
northern soil produces ?
WHEN l^e fert>'e valleys and ver
dant mountain slopes of
Old Bohemia grow better
WHEN nature produces better and
??? purer waters?
WHEN brew-science has~been de
??? veloped to a higher art?
THEN, and not till then, will it
be possible to produce a
better beer than
Bottled Only at thc
St. Louis, Mo.
Cork.d or wlth Crown C.po.
Idlcirood?Vnude vllle.
Flreworks ut Idlevtooil.
Many pleasure-seekers enjoyed thc
pyrotechnlc display ut ldlewood Parlt
lust evening, the management liavins
provlded a number of beautlful set
piecea and aerial devices for the oc?
casion. There wero bombs of all kind.
exploding high in the air and t-everal
In the open-air theatre a large crowd
enjoyed this week's offering, whlch in?
cludes some of the best acts over seen
at the rest. To-morrotv nlght wln
agaln be dance nlght at the popular re?
sort, and tho ldlewood concert band
will furnlsh tho muslc for tho dancers.
Tlie ItooKevclt Tnklng on Suppllen.
Commander Peary's ship, the Roose?
velt, arrlved in the lower hnrbor ear?
ly thla mornlng and dropped anchor off
Clark's Point. She came to take on
whaleboats, whaling supplies ancl a
tiuantlty of supplies for the medicine
Colnucl AlkliiNou Dolng Well.
[Speclal to The Ttmcs-Dlspatch.]
BALTIMORE MD., July 9.?Colonel
John AV. Atkinson, of Wilmlngton, N,
C, who was operated upon last week nt
thc llopklns Hospltal, thls city, by Dr.
Hugh H. Young, ls sald to bo recover
Ing. Ho is soventy-eight years old. |
Meeting ln Old Tlieulre.
The, llrst of n sorlcs ot rellglbus meetlng.
was conducted at the old Putnam Theatre;,
on East Franklln Street, last night by Mr.
J. H. Goddln. There was a large attend?
ance. ??
. Survlvors of Oltl rir?t to Meet.
Former membors of tlie old Flrst Virginia
Regiment have been ? Invited to attend a
meeting at tho "Mechanic." Instltuto to-nlght
for the purpose of reorgr* vsatlon. t
Sister of Mr*. G. W. I.atlmcr to be
Buried *rhU Afternoon.
The funeral ot Miss Molllo IS. Power,
sister of Mrs. G. W. Latimor, of No.
800 West Marshall Stroet, wlU be
held from the Second Baptlst Church
thls afternoon at 5 o'clock. Through
an unfortunato error, lt was Incorrcct
ly prlnted yesterday that Mrs. Latlmer
had dled. Mrs, Latlmer was wlth Mlas
Power when the latter dled at tho
Memorial Hospltal. Miss Power is sur?
vlved by flve slsters?Misses Fannlo
Xj., Cary A? Ida and Rosa Power, ancl
Mrs. G. Wi Latlmer. Tho followlng aro
tho pall-bearers for the funeral:
Messrs. J. D. Crump, Goorgo C. Jef?
ferson, A. H. Roblns, W. J. Whitohuc****!.
R. C. Harris. Bernard Hall, Addlson
Reynolds, Wllllam Trjgg and Harry
1 Fuiicrnl of Mrs. ArniUnge.
Tho funeral of M}*s- Cathetine Ho
fcan Armitago, wife of Mr. G. Law?
rence Armltage, will tako placo from
St Patrlck's Church thls mornlng at
10 o'clock. Tho pnUbearors wlU be:
M Powers. T. McLaughlln; J. Doran,
C Enps, R. McGlffln, James Smith,
J Ryan, J. Donalioe, T. Murphy, P.
Ryan and C. Donahoe.
Mr, .I?hc|i1i M. Ititflton.
j.lr. Joseph M. Molton dled'at his
home, 218 S, Harrlson Street, yester?
day afternoon. He was sevonty-thrao
years of uge. Funeral urrangementa
havo not been comploted,
George S. .?luckunl.
[Speolal to Tho Tlmes-DlspfUch.]
WHXTI2 PLA1NS, VA., July 0.?Mr.
George S. Plnckard, of. Forrum, Va.,
died at hls homo Tuesday of lung
trouble. He was about forty yours
old, and leaves o. wlfcv two chlldren.
threo brothers?'C. H. und J. V. Pln?H
_..., .,_.? ??m,..? tr.. nn.l 11 R. Wnclt.
ard. of Chieago, and seven slsters?
Mrs. M. W. Gray and -Mrs. Charles Ffes
ter, of Roanoke, Va.: Mrs. W. B. Fos?
ter. of Salem, A'a.: Mrs. J. W. Hcck
man. of White Plalns, Va.; Mrs. S. R.
Drewry, of Gum Springs, Va.; Mra. S.
W. Montgomery, of Ferrum, Va., and
Mrs. S. C. Ramsey, of Ashevllle. N. C.
Mr. Plnckard was an honorable and
hlghly respected citizen.
Colonel 13. II. Worthen.
[flpoefnl to The Tlmes-Dlnpatch.l
BALTIMORE. MD., July 9.?Colonel
B. II. Worthen. a natlve of RIchmond,
and an ex-Confederate soldler, dled nt
hls home In thls clty to-day of Brlght's
disease. He wns slxty-ono years old
nnd son of John A. Worthen, a tobac?
co merchant of Richmond. Hls flrst
wife waa Mrs. Margaret Justlco. of
Richmond. Hls second wife, who was
a Baltlmorean, slirvlves him. Ho nlso
leaves three sons, Messrs. Wllllam,
George ancl Harry Worthen, of RIch?
Clevey W. Clinney.
Tfipeclal to The Times-Dl.patch.-l
NORFOLK, VA.. July 9?Clevey XV.
Chnney. a well known and hlghly es
teomed young man, died this morning
at 3:05 at St. Vincent'a Hospltal, fol?
lowlng an IllnesB of about two weoks.
Thc funeral will occur to-morrow
mornlng from tho residence of hls
mother. Mrs. Mary E. Lawhorn, No.
403 Buto Street.
Hurry Trlmble.
ry Trlmble, a Confederate veteran, dled
at hls home, near Howertons, aged
nlnety-flvo. He hnd Just cut hl*> thlrd
set of tooth. He was a natlve of Ire
lnnd, and in partnership with David
Scott operated the flrst sawmlll in
Essex county.
Mr*. M. M. Mnnon.
[Speclal to Tho Times-DI-pntch.l
CI.OVER, VA., July 9.?Mrs. M. M.
Mason, a woman of noble character ancl
unlversally baloved, dled at hor home
horo Tuosday nlght at 10 o'clock. She
was flfty-two years old. The funeral
.servlce was conductod yesterday by
Rev. G. W. Ribble..
Joncph W, Spencer.
[Speclal to The Tltnes-DUpatch.]
EUREKA MILLS. VA., July 9.?Jo?
seph W. Spencer dled at hia nncestral
home yesterday at 11:30 o'clock, aged
sevonty ?>ars. The Interment was at
the famlly burlal grounds to-day at
4:30 o'clock P. M. Mr. Spencor had
been for a . long period a conslstent
member of Blreny Presbyterlai
Church. He was a veteran of the Civll
War and a brother of the late Colo?
nel Thomas J. Spencer, who for i
number of yfcars was a resldent ol
Richmond. Mr. Spencer was never hiar
rled, and only one slsler. Mlas Fiiniil(\
S Spencer, of thls county, surviv.. )
S.cplien J. Cnrpeuter.
[Speclal to Thc Tlmes-Dluoatcli.]
Stephen J. Carpenter, of thu Eastern
Shore of Virginia, dled on Tuesday lost
In Spotsylvania county whlle vislting
his relatlves. Mr. Carpentc-r was flfty
years old, nnd was unnmrriod. *
MELTON.?Died. at his home, A-il.*.
South Harrison Street. July 8, 1908.
Mr. JOSEPH M. MELTON, in tlie
seventy-third year of hls age.
Funeral notice later.
STUTZ.?Died, July 9th. at 5:40 P. M..
at Monrovia. Md., Mrs. ADA B.
STUTZ. wlfo of lf. Stutz. and daugh?
ter of R. A. and M. II. Woodward.
Funeral notlce later.
i / _,
IJOHNSTON.?The funeral of Mrs.
Mr. Joseph Johnston, who dled Tues
; day at l o'clock, took place at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon at tho
residence of Mrs. .Tohnston's daugh?
ter, Mrs. Louis Keppler, Bowllng
Green Road, Henrlco county. The
funoral servlces were conducted by
Dr. Kelley, who was asststed by
tho Rev. Mr. Jones, of Clay Street
Mothodlst Church. Interment was
made ln Hollywood,
ARMITAGE.?The funeral of - Mrs.
wife of G. Lawrence Armltage, and
daughter of Mrs. Julia Hogan and iho
late Mortlmer Hognn, will take placo
from St. Patrlck's Church THIS (Frl?
day) MORNING at 10 o'clock.
Roqulom hlgh mnss. Interment ln
Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
POWER.?The funeral of Miss MOL
LIE E. POWER will take place from
the Second Baptlst Church THIS
(Frlday) AFTERNOON at G o'clock.
We Solicit Your
Our facilltles for handllng all classos of
accounts aro unexcelled.
We havo tho largest surplus and profits
of any National Bank south of Washlngton,
D. C, An account wlth thls bnnk glves pres
_._.,! to all of your buslness tranBactlons.
Tlifp-n per cent, compound Interest from
dato of deposit paid on Savings Accounts.
Planters National Bank
j Capital, $300,000.00 Surplus and Profits, $ 1,100,000.00

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