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Name of Nebraskan Agaiii Sets the Great Convention Wild
Eloquent Dunn Stirs Immense Audience to Highest Pitch
of Enthusiasm?Gleen's Speeeh Too
Long for Them.
COL, July fl.?A small Ameri?
can tlag had been placed on
every delegate'n chalr prlor to
the beglnnlng of tho evenlng
xcssion. This wns unmlstakablo evl
dence of the nomlnatlng session of the
conventlon, nnd qulckened the Interest
of the spectators, who early made a
rush for the gallerles. nillng them to
ovcrflowing. At 7 o'clock. liowever,
there were few of the dclegates in
their placea.
A male quartet was an added feature
of the muslcal program of the night
session. They sang tholr llrst sclectlon
through megaphones, and got a royal
I'onvcntlon Callrd to Order.
At 7:15 o'clock the gallerles were
completely HUed and tln: majorlty of
tho delegates were in tholr aeata. The
band ln the gallery worked wlth great
industry, and when it struck up
"Dlxle" a demonstratlon followcd.
It was Just 7:50 o'clock when Chair?
man Clayton began to rap for order.
v/hich he securcd wlthln the mlnute.
Mr. Clayton recognlzed Mr. McQttlsten,
of PennBylviinla, who announced the
M-lecllon of James ICerr ns member of
the natlonal committco from that 8ta?.e
in place of James M- Guffey, who was
Choseri before tho Pennsylvanln con
tests were settlcd. The electlon was
Ollle James, of Kentucky, moved that
? commltteo of three be appointc-d
again to walt upon tlic platform com
mlltcc and ascertaln when lt would be
ready to report. The motlon prevalled.
and Mr. James, J. Thomas Hcflln, of
Alabama, and F. I*. Lynch, of Mlnnesota
were named.
Thomas P. Ball, of Texas, wns invlt
ed to address the conventlon. He called
out cheorlng when he said lt was a
lireat pleasure to address such a no
tablo "ratificatlon conventlon," and de
clarod that Mr. Bryan would be nom?
lnated because the people of the States
who sent their dclegates to the conven?
tlon wanted him nomlnated.
Womun Faintcd A-vvny.
Senator Grady, of New York, recelved
a most enthuslastlc welcome aa ho
appeared on the rostrum In- rosponse
to an invltatlon to speak. When he
Uedlared that the oonventlon could
couilnaie no candidalu and adopt no
platform that would not recelve the
united and enthuslastlc support of the
New York Democratic conventlon, he
got stlll greater applause.
Following Senator Grady. Chairman
Clayton introduced Judge N. J. Wade,
of Iowa, who also spoko. Judge Wade
ls the now natlonal committeeman
from Iowa,
Just as he flnlshed hls speeeh a
woman seated in the renr of the press
atand faintcd away. It wns. found
necessary to' Iltt her bodlly over the
riilllng of one of the boxes, and she
was carrled to the outside.
Champ Clark, of Mlssourl, next ad
dreesed the conventlon. He re.ferred
For Infanta antl CMldren,
Tbe Klnd You Have Always Bought
Bignature of C^ua^j^CU^S^C
,D P(
AND I) A. M,
Hoturnlng, trains arrlve Richmond 7 P.
M. and 10:30 P, M.
to Mr. Bryan a? one of the greatest
llvlng Amerlcane.
The chafr recognlzed Representatlve
.lain'-s, <>f Koiitucky, u member of the
commlttee sent to ascV-rtaln the proha
blllty of an enrly report from the
commlttee on rosolutlons. Mr. James
announced that the commlttee would
not be ready to report before mld
On motion of Mr. James. the rules
were declnred by the chalr to be sus
pencled. nnd nomlnatlonB for PrPBldent
were declnred to be ln order. wlth the
underatandlhg that no vote" should be
taken untll after the platform had
been recelved.
Duiin \miii,,?(,.? Ilrjnn.
The secretary began to call the roll,
shoutlng "Alabama."
"Knowthg that Nobraska wlll make
no niistake In nomlnatlng the rlght
man." sald the chalrtnan of that delc
gatlon. "Alabam ylelds to Nebraska."
"I. J. Diinn, of Omaha, wlll speak
for the Nebraska delegatlon." an
nouncecl the chalrmnn of that Stato,
amlti cheering,
Mr. Munn ls scarcely of mlddle nge.
He sppkc elearly and wlth plenslng
mnnner of dellvery.
Ar he proceeded. almost evory r?fer
cnce he made fo the charaeter of Ur.
Cr''nn was enthiis'lastlcally applauded.
When he declared that his candl?
date was the cholce. of thc mllllant
Dcmocracy of the country, the conven?
tlon broko in wlth wlld cheers. The
evcr-roady flags wero tosaed aloft and
a roar of applause swept through the
hall. Whlle the cheering was at its
hclght a white dove was let loose from
the gallery. and It flew across the con?
ventlon hall, whlle the dr-legntes hallecl
it wlth great enthuslasm. and cheered
au long as lt was In slght.
Second Orcnt Outliurxt.
Mr. Dunn brought out the name ol
'Wllllam Jennlngs Bryan" with Intense
dramatlo force. and the response wn?
electric. The delegates sprang up. the
gallerlcs followed sult. and the demon
stratlnn was under way.
A few moments after the cheering
hegan an immense oll palntlng of Mr.
Bryan was lowered from bchind a
monster American shleld. whlch had
reposea over the chalrman's desk. The
uppearance of the plcture raisod the
pllc-h of the outburst.
Mayor Dahlman. of Omaha, a Bryan
lender, juniped to the spoaker's desk
and urged tho throng forward. Tho
State standards wero grouped about
the platform. Gallcries and delegates
were on thelr feet waving the thou
sands of flags and cheering themselves
hoarsc. Many of the New York delo
gatOH stood and cheered wlth the oth
crs, but tho majorlty remulnod seated.
Only six banners were mlssing from
the States in the parade through the
alsles after tho grouplng at tho stage
hnd .broken Into a procession. They
were Maryland. Mlnnesota, New York,
Georgla, New Jersey and Delaware.
Many Bryan banners whlch had been
brought Into tho hall wero qulckly
cnught up by the marchlng delegates
and carrled through tho alsles.
Attiickeil llostlle llniinern.'
The hand In the hnlcony lent itself
lo the celehratlon of the Bryan follow
ors nnd tho hlnro of horns, the beat
of drunis, and crash of cymbals could
be heard above the dfn of the shoutlng
hundreds nn the floor.and the thou
sands In tho gnllerles.
The domonstratlon sot a do/en photo
graphers to work and the boom of
thelr flashllght exploslons nt tlmes
fnlrly shook the great building, auch
an amount of powder was used.
One of tho hannors that aroused
much enthuslasm was labelod "Mls?
sourl?Nomlnate Brynn ' and wo wlll
show you."
Tho members of the Mlssourl dele?
gatlon boro up to the platform a white
hanner bcarlng the words "Mlssourl
wlll glvo Bryan 50,000 majorlty." In
a few seconds tho red, white and blue
standard of Nobraska, hearlng tho por
tralt of Mr. Brynn, was bosldo It and
then came the varlous States* standards:
whlch were grouped on the rostrum.
The crowd of shouters, apparently j
frenzled, were carrled away by their
feellngs, and llterally stormed the press
stands along the alsle leadlng to tho
speakers' stand.
The standards of New York and Geor?
gla were quickly made the objects of
attack, and the crowd endeavored to
drag them up and carry them in the
pnrade that was golng arou'nd the
hall. Strong hands, however, held the
polcs, and determined men were gath
ered 'close about them. The men from
Georgla and New York held their
ground, and tho standards never moved.
Crowd Stlll Y-elllnK.
Other States that kept their marks
ln. place were Delaware, New Jersey
and Mlnnesota. Tho crowd in the pa
rado was not nearly as numerous as
that of yesterday. "
"Hall! Hall! The Gang's All Here!"
froni tho busy gnllery band set the
crowd to slnglng.
Many of the delegates In the mldst
of the struggling, crushlng turmoil on
the floor, lost their hats, their coats,
and finnlly strlpped theinselves of col
lars and tlea.
Many women who had been brought
to the floor by their husbands among
the delegates were In danger of being
crushed by the frantlc marchers, and
sought refug'e in tlie press sectlons.
When the nolse had contlnuod for
Just flfty-flve mlnutes the sergoants
at-arms bogan their flrst efforts to stlll
the uproar and to clear the alslcs. The
State standards were returned to their
plnces, nnd one hour nftor Its com
mencement ' the excltement ' and the
nolse were subsidlng. Chairman Clay?
ton mado vlgorous uso of hls gavel,
but overy thump brought out Increased
yells from the crowd.
One hour and flve mlnutes after Mr.
Dunn had spokon hls lnst word tho
hall was rapldly quletlng down, and
the mass of tho delegates .nnd speota
tors waa soated.
Glenn Howled Down.
At 10:20 P.--M., when the domonstra
tion's last cry had dled away, Chair
man Clayton dlrected tho secretary
to contlnue calllng the roll of States.
Arkansas passed and Callfornla yleld
ed to Oregon,- Ex-Senator Gearln, of that
State, then was Introduced to second
the nomlnatlon of Mr. Bryan. The
Senator spoke but a few mlnutes, and
left the stand wlth liberal applause.
Arkansas, whlch had passed already
in thc roll, gave way to North Caro?
llna, and Governor Glenn, of that State,
took the stand to second tho nomlna?
tlon on of Bryan. The crowd grew
very impatient as the speaker con?
tlnued his address. His peroratlon and
the name of Mr. Bryan were entlrely
lost In the chorua of crles hurled at
him. -?:
After Governor Glenn had concludod,
Fred J. Korn, of Illlnols, mado a mo
tlon that all sccondlng speeches bo
llmlted to flvo mlnutes. The motlon
was carrled.
The next speeker to second the nom?
lnatlon of. Mr. Bryan was Governor
SwaiiBon, of Virginia.
The opportunlty of tho Johnson sup
porters camo when tho roll call reach?
ed Connectlcut and that Stato gave way
to Mlnnesota. Wlnfield S. Hnmmond,
of the lattor State, took the stand arnitl
a conslderablo volumo of applause to
place ln nomlnatlon Governor John A.
JohiiBou, of Mlnnesota. He recltod the
strlklng hlstory of Johnson, descrlblng
his remarkablo rlso from humhle blrth
to lils hlgh place. Conoludlng ho said'
"To-dn.v thls ninn, In (lie prlme of
llfc, coiirteoiiH, kluil and unpreteutlouM,
strong, rt'NOlute aml vlrlle, an omtor
of iinuMiinl power, who hux nttnlued
h'onornble illHttuctlou by. his mvn In
dustry and effort, whoae hlgh cliuriioti-r
and "Innlng pcr?ouiillty eompcl the
love of lil* frlends nud thc rc?pect of
his polltlcal opouenfsj thla ninn, Iniici
cent nf thc nllurements of grent vrt-nltb,
who has not been swerved from thc
imth of duty nor fnxclniited hy the
power Klven Into hl? hnnds, nor dn?
Kled by grcntcr honors. placed before
hlm, never numlndfiil that as a public
offloer lie la tlie ncrrant of tlic people
nnd liuund by every obllgntlon ot duly
nnd honor to atrlye to advaucc their
Intcrcstn, Is tlie Idcnl cnndldiitc of thln
urcnt party for Prvnidcnt of the United
'?Foa the flrst tlme Mlnnesota offer*
to tlie Denioerntle pnrty n cnndldnte
for tlie. prenldeney, a ninn who lina
been trlert nnd found not ivniitlng. It
ottem you ItH licxt loved cltlzen; it
ffftfcrW you the Governor who him twlcc
led tlie wny to victory, n lender atnin
Iei?x und pure, ntrong und bruvc, nble
nnd Hlncere, a true Deinocriit, faltliful
fo tlic tcnclilngK of tlic fntlu-rx, uailcr
Ntundlus; tlie iivciIn of tlic Uny, devntcd
lo the good nnd tlie right.. For iioiiiiun
tlon for tlie prenldcncy of tlic United
Slntcii Mluneitotti preNentn tlie uiiiiic
of John A. .lolinNOu."
Demonntrution for JohnNon.
That all tho cheorlng was not ypt
kllled ln the conventlon was made
manlfest when Mr. Hammond conclud
ed. Tho sons of the North Star State
responded wlth a cheor, and a num?
ber of delegates in Massachusotts and
Oklahoma jolned. A llberal amount
of applause canie down from tho gal?
lerles, but the nolse wns but n whls
per compared wlth tho terrlfle roar of
tho Bryan demonstratlon. Some of
tho Ooorgla delegates mounted their
chalrs after a few mlnutes nnd added
their volces to those of tho Mlnnesota
Order 'flnally was retstorod after
twenty-flve mlnutes. The house elec
trlcinns who hnd dlinmed tho Ughts
to help stop. tho Bryan demonstratlon
.agaln tt'lod tho dovice on the Johnson
outburst amld somo hlsslng nnd ap?
Grny'* Name Prcaentod."1
After the Johnson cheors dled away,
L. Irvlng Handy, of Delawnre, pro
sented the name of George Gray, of
hls State. Ho apoko , In part ns fol
New Yorkers Rallied Around Standard,' However, and It
Remained Rooted to Its Place-;Johnson Demon
stration Suppressed by the Chairman.
"If you are to nomlnate a man bo
causc he Is eager to bo President, you
will not nnmo Judge Gray. Thore are
other candldatcs who want thls r.omi
natlon more than he does.
"If you are to nomlnate tho man
whom you personally lovo the best,
perhaps you may nomlnate aome other
candldate; for 1 am not unmlndful of
the personal devotlon whlch delegates
here present cherlsh for other candl
datea. But the questlon we are now
to dcclde is too Important to our party
and our country to ho declded because
of peraonnl prefercnoes.
"The Republican party has been ln
power too long. The government has
grown corrupt, extravagant and auto
cratic, and tho prosperlty of the people
has taken unto Itaelf wlngs and flown
nway. Free lnstltutlons exist In order
that at bucIi a tlme as thla the country
may peaceably change Its rulers and
change Its pollcles.
"Enterlng on a polltlcal campalgn ln
which vlctory or defeat means so
much, we aro now to clect the polltl?
cal chleftaln who shall carry our bttn
ner and marshal our forces. If tho
country were in a great war, In whlch
a declslve hattle was to be fought, and
the duty fell upon nie to chooso tho
generai who should commnnd our
country's arrriy lu the fleld, T would
not dare to put In command tho gen?
erai whom I loved the best nor tho one
who was the most eager. Nelther
would you. The rosponslhlllty- would
bo overwhelmlng to chooso tho sol
dler whosc gcnlus for war, sliown by
his record and oxperlence, gave tho
best prospect of wlnnlng vlctory.
"You would not hesltato to rofuse
promotion and opportunlty to yonr
own brothor If there . wero avallahle
another solclier. who gave greateri
promise of wlnnlng tho fight.
Lny Aslric IVrsonnI Preference.
"Tn llko spirit I ask you to put aslde
all personal proforenceo. and to chooso
calmly and prudontly the Democrat
who can most surely wln a Demo?
cratlc vlctory ln November. Posslbly
any one of tho candtdates suggested
may bo able to wln -at tho polls. I
hope so. But our plaln duty is to
nomlnate not a candldate who may
win, but the candidato who can most
surely wln. We contond for too great
a prlzo to tako any unnccessary
chances of defeat.
"Our candldate must be one who can
command tho support of our party, and
at the samo tlmo attract the support
of lndopendent cltlzens who aro not
strlct party men, We may as well
face tho fact that a majorlty voto ln
thls country Is always made up of
tho party voto, re-enforcod by the votes
of a large body of Independent clt
"Honce a successful candidato for
Prosldont must do more than hold tho
loyalty of his partlsans. Ho must, in
addltlon, command the confidence and
wln the support ot peoplo who caro
nothlng for party. Party oplnlon Is a
great thlng. nnd must be considered;
but public oplnlon Ib a greater thlng,
and must bo obeyed. Nomlnate George
Gray. and public oplnlon wlll say that
we have proposed a man whoso iritel
lectual and moral staturo towers to
the standard sot by the greatost nnd
wlsost PresIdeiUs ln our hUtory,
"As to the group of States on the
Atlantlc seahonrd?(Connec-tlcut, New
York. Now Jorsoy, Delnwaro, Mary
land and Wost Virginia?there Is no
doubt that George Gray ls far nway
the strongest candldate thnt can be
naiyiod. After nll, these are the States
ln whlch our grent polltlcal hnttlo
must ho fought nnd won or lost. When
dld the Democratlc pnrty ever come
withln halllner dlflanco of victor
wlthnilt carrylng thoso States? Tt
wohld he wnntnn rerlcles?ness to plnn
n cnmniilgn whlch nbantloned th'1
cMinneo of carrylng tho?? nld-Hnv
Democratlc States ln tho dnlustvo hope
ot maklng good the losa in othor por
tlons ot the field."
No Dcnionntratlonl
When Mr. Handy had spbken for a
few mlnutes he was Interrupted by tho
appearanco of the long-walted com
mlttee on resolutions.
T/ho Bryanltes called "tlms" on Mr,
Handy, and he shouted back at themi
"What has become of your pretended
falr play. I have not spoken a quarr
ter of the tlme of the gentleman from
Nebraska, Don't you want to hcar tho
falrest proposltlon for success to be
heard In this conventlon?"
Many in the conventlon cried: "Go
on. go on. don't let them stop you."
AVhen Mr. Handy dramatlcally de
manded "why regard the wlld cry of
passlon, when prudenco points the way
to success," the gallerles Interrupted
ngaln. They shouted at hlm: "Bryan,
Bryan, Bryan," and Mr. Handy turned
in the dlrection of the cries, shoutlng: ?
"Oh, rfhut up, I am,talking to the dole
Some cheerlns was heard when Mr.
Handy had concltuled, but there was
no attempt at any demonstratlon.
Governor Haskoll, of Oklahoma,.
chairman of the resolutions commlttee,
then presented tho platform. '
As the hands of thn blg clock op
posite tho speakor's platform reached;
the hour of mldnlght nn assistant sor
geant-at-arms climbed on top of tho
railing and atc-a'iped them. It waa evl
dent that there was no desire to trans
nct the Important business before the
conventlon on the "unlucky day" ??
Tho platform was adopted unanU
NORFOLK, VA., July 0.?Alleglng
that tho Stato corporation law's have
been vlolated, In an effort to defraud
credltors and avold just obligrtions. E.
AV. Face & Co.. of Norfolk. to-day flled
a petltion in tho Law and Chancery
Court. in whlch recolvers are asked for.
the Hanloy-Casey Company, contrac
tors. The speclflc charges aro a fall?
ure to have a resldent State represon
tntive or offlcer nnd an effort to sncrl
flco clalms to preforred credltors.
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How Johnson Boomers Were Gaggec
DENVER, COL., July 0.?"Mlnnc
sotn prrwentn Its hc-lovcd min, John
A. Johnson," crled Congressman W.
S. iliiimiionil, clostnK nn cloqtient
nddress plnclng the Mliinenotn Gov?
ernor In nnmlnation for the presl
deney. Tlic llr.mii deinouMtrntion
luid contlnued over' iiu binir, nnd
OltDEK. At thc incntion of tlic
niitnc of .lohnson thc Mlnnesota
delegntlon rnl.icd n ftirloiia sliout,
nnd other delcgiitc* on tlie floor
Jolned them. Thc Kiillerlcs took up
thc iippliiiisc nnd wnved flitu* to (he
chorus of ?'Johnson! Johnson! Jolin
son!" A iloxen Gcorgln delegates,
Jolned In tlie npplnuse.
TON BAXGED hls gnvel for order.
The cowlioy band tllil not make n
pcep, iuhI Senntor Grndy. of New
Vork, snhli "I hopc you wlll nollce
the sulillme LMPAUTIALITY of the
The frlendw of Mr. Johnson would
not hreil Cluyton'a huiiKlns;. They
cheered wlth rciloubled vl?r?r. Clay?
ton wnvrd IiIm linud at them to alt
ilown, iin hc cnntlnued to wlinck hlx
gnvcl for order. It waa a very
Hturdy deiiioiiHtrntlnn. Not even
John 1. Mnrtln, Nereeout-ut-nriiia,
DEIt, wnt obeyed. The Jnhunon
men would not ccHie llielr clicers.
^Annthcr flve uilniitcn went hy. Then
Ihe bnnd ntnrted wlth "Wc Won't
Go Home TIH Mornlng." It plnycd
Itnt tlie vbeern contlnued, ncconi
pnnletl by tln- wlmeks of CInyton'H
Kiivel. Tlie liiinil plnycd?Auld Lmig
Syne" for hnlf n inlnutc. Tlic
clicerlng contlnued, und Cluylon
waa bccomlng very nnprry, continu
Inpr to work IiIn uuvcl every ?ec
ond. He could not qucll the ilem
nnatrntion. The maln body of the
New Yorkcrx renuiined lu their
xenlM, ultliougli the liund for hnlf
n nilnute played "Taniniauy."
Tlic demonslrntlon lind Inntcd
flftcen mlnutes. Clayton renctrcil
his efforts for order. ? A dor.eti
tlmcs he hnd trled to brenk up thc
Johnson outburst. Whlle the John?
son rictnonstrntlon wim nt Its liclgbt
hc ordered the secretary to eontlutie
tlie call of States. "Delnwnre!"
shoutetl (he secretary, but he could
not be heard ten feet from (hc
plnlform. Clnyton now used bls
icnvel even more flerccly. The
.Inhnsonites ouly lauglird nt hlm.
'vtns met wlth Jccrs nnd hlsscs.
Clnyton next ordered (he ser
, Keimt-iit-iiriiiij (o (he Knllerles (o
res(ore qule(. The liuiiil plnycil
??I*iii Afriild (o Go Home In tlic
Ilurk" for n qunrter of n iiiiiiu(e,
"I nm sorry thnt some of the lu
i vKeil gues(N hnrc nbused Ihelr
prlvllegcs," shoutetl Clnyton. "Thc
secretary hns cnllcd thc Stiitc of
Qulet ciime only when ex-Rcpre
sen(ntlve Ilnndy, of Delnwnre, np
penred .upon (lie plntfortii (o place
.lutliic Gray ln iiomlnntlon.

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