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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, October 04, 1908, Society at Home and Abroad, Image 17

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Farmvlle Social News
repcclnl to Tha Tlmes-Diupatch.J
FAKiViVibLU, VA., OctutJar ?? An
notincement haH been Rl8.de of the'on
EaBemcnt of MIbh Mattie A. Hullbard,
bf Frlnco Edward county, to Mr. J.
tl. Hard&way, of Crcwe. Tlio marrlaKc
wlll tako placo on tlio lttli Inntant at
Balem Methorilst Eplscopal Church. No
cardn havo been isaued. MIhh
Uubbarrt ls the daughter of Mr.
B. D. llutihard and ndopted daughtor
OX Mrg. P. 3. Hubbard.
Dr. Wllllam J. Oills wlll attend tho
(nternatlonal Tuberculosls Conventlon
at Washlngton next week.
Mr. J. a. i'endergrasa, of Waverly,
O., haa been appolnted agent of the
Bouthern ExproHs Company at Farm
Vlllo, to succeed Mr. Jl. T. Scott.
Mr. W. N. Wllson has been appolnted
ono of the members of the Farmvllle
Dialrlct Hchoot Board ln place of Dr.
Elmer E. Jonc?, who recently removed
to Indlaiia.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Morton, of
LouiHvllle, K.y., are vlsdtlng In tbe
horno oC Mrs. C. K. Morton, ot thls
Mrs. Eggleaton, of Charlotto Court
house, is vlsltlng Mrs. John lt. Martln.
Mr. and Mrs. EUgene K. Olll are
back from the mountalns, where they
Bpont tlie sumrripr.
Judge Qooch, "l Charlottesvlllo. Va.,
has been a guest HiIh week of Dr. J.
L. Jarman.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuol Nlcholson, of
Crewe, made a Hhort vlslt to Farm?
vllle thls week.
.Mrs. S. W. Paulett, Jr., Is vlsltlng
feiatives ln Blackstono.
Waverly Social News.
(?l,<>clal to Th? Tlmes-DlHpnt-.h.J
WAVKREY, VA., October 3.?The
Phllomathean Club met wlth Mrs. John
BV Muy on last Frlday night. TUfB meet?
ing was for organlzatton und ROV. Jl.
li. Rountroe was elected president and
Mrs. l. a. Chappell aecretary tor the
ensulng year. 't'ho program commlt?
tee was Instructf-d to prepare ? pro?
gram for nine months and report at
the next meeting. The charrning hos
tess served dulnty refreslimems and
u . present report a dellghtful evenlng.
Th Waverly high nnd graded sehoolj ,
opened a few days ago wlth the
largeat enrolment on openlng day ln'
its hlstoiy. The fuculty ln cnarge are i
Jtev. W F. Dunaway, Jr., prlnelpal,
and Uiaaea Jennla Oodwin, of Chuek
etuck, Va.; Adlalde Everett, of Drlvers,
Va.; .^alile Tucker, of Suffolk, Va., and
Mtnnle w'aite, of Waverly, aatlatanta,
and JIIm Llnda Barnes. of Klon Col-j
lege, N. <?'., prlnelpal ln music.
Mieaei Grace and Blale West havej
returned bome from a vlsit of several
weeki to frlenda in Ashboro, N. C,
?hd Kocky Mount, N. <".
Mlaa Nellle Turnbull, of Lawrence
\i:;,-. Va., and Mlse Mary Gray Harri
f-? >fi ?: ['< tersburg, Va., were gueata
thi Wl ,. In the iif.me of Dr. Jonn F.
..i... .. Main .~>ii"-t
Mtaa Emma Myae, "f Newport News,
Va., v.hu haa been vlsltlng Mi?s Ruth
Bpratley, returned home yesterday.
Mr. ES \\. Chappel vialted frlenda ln
x redericktburg this week,
Miss Eatelle Fltchett left thiB week
to resutne her studKs at the Rlch
Kpratley, thla week, has* returned i
Mr. Walter Turnbull. of Lawrencevlile,
v. : in Waverly on vyaterdev. I
Mr- R. T West has returned home
Xrom a vlati to frtenda in BufTOlk, Va.
Mr ;? K 3:..!:-;??? :.???;??; 1 :??::;;.?.
t..: -.? ?? ,: ': v \i vi-ll to fi .chd" in j
J. :. mvllJe, Fla
Mosara. J. E. and P. F. Brittle s>pent
no or two dnya In Peterahurg thls
Mr. .1. F. Woat, Jr., haa returned to
Hon College, N. C, and Mlasea Marie
Itchett and Mlnnlo Detdrlch have en
sred the, State Normal at Farmvllle,
Wytheville Social Newa.
[Hper.la] to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
WYTilEvlDEE, VA.. October 3.?
ictobcr 7th la the date set for tho
tarrlage of Miss Marla-Mason, daugh
er nf Mrs. Nlcholas Dawson, of Alex
ndrlB, to Rev. Wllllam Olbiton Pen
leton, formerly of tliia place, but now
f Accamac county. The marrlage wlll
e celebrated ln Emmanuel chapel.
'heologlcal Semlnary, Va., and wlll be
n event of much Interest ln Wythe
llle, where the groom elect has a
vlde clrcle of relatlvea aml frlends.
Mr. Jullan Gravely left WcdncBdny
or Boston, where ho wlll be a student
n tho Mnsaachusetts Instltute of Tech
lology the prcBont BCBslon.
Miss Ninette Chretlen, of New Or
eans, returned home thls week after
in extended vlslt to Miss Battle
feuser, at her home on Tazewoll
Mrs. Terry, wldow of Confederatf
leneral Terry, left Wednesday for
dunchester, where she wlll vlslt hei
laughter, Mrs. Benjamin Dennls. Mrs
I'erry was accompanled by Mlaa KatU
dlller. who wlll be the jrtiest of frlend.1
n RIchmond thls wlnter.
Dr. Robert Preston, of Johns Hop
clns Universlty, recently returned frorr
Surope, ls the guest of hla mother
Hrs. R. J. Preston.
Miss Jessle Lane. who has been th'<
summer guest of Mrs. Charlotte Rlch
irdson, returned to Phlladelphla Mon
Miss Rose Wllllams ls vlsltlnpf Mrs
Lawrence- Newberry. who ls qulte II
it her home in Bland.
Mrs. Frenman, the recent purchaset
)f the handsome resldence of Mrs
Julius A. Brown returned thls woel<
'rnm a trlp to Kurope, and Is expecter
:o arrlve ln Wytheville verv soon.
M.ss tilla Wlllis, of Charlestown, W
Va.. left Saturday for Pulaskl, when
lhe wlll vlslt Rev, and Mrs. Luk<
iVhlto for a few days before returnlni
Mrs. Charles Stuart. of Rermnda Is
landf, who has been a summ'i ku'
>t Mrs. Thomas R. Dew, returned t<
Lynchburg thls week.
Baskerville Social News.
| Special to Tha Tlmes-Dispatrh.)
BASKERVILLE, VA., October 3.?R?v
Dr. Wlley. of Klchrtond. Va.. asslstr-1 B
0i", Conrad In the revlval mectlnK held her
thls past week.
Mr. Arthur Johnson. of Palmer Rprlngi
made a vlslt lo a number of hls frlend
Mr. W. S. Rtewart. of Norfoik, pald
sturt vlsit to Mr. C. S. Gordon.
Mrs. 'J. J. Battleshlll and two children re
turned to their home at Vlrglllna, Va.. afte
* neok's vlslt wlth fri^nds.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Tuek returned t
tl-elr hortv- In K*rttu<-Uv after a two weeki
stay wlth Mr. and Mrs. K. B. N'-al.
Mr. C. B. Gordnn went to Vlrglllna Wed
r.'s'ay for a short vlslt.
Miss Lucy O. Crute is vIsiMtifr Miss B?tt
Ltre Farrar.
Mr. P. F. Wllllams mnde a vlslt to hl
home In Richmond. Va., Tuesday; also too
a short trljj to Norfoik, Va.
Slx of Baskerville promlnent ladies wer
nlcely entertalned h>- Mr. and Mrs. Edwar
Johnson Tuesjay evenlng.
Caroline Social News.
I Bpactal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
BOWUNG OREES, VA.. October 3.
Mn Catharlne J..-- Bert, and dauchte
Marjr. of Waverly. Va.. are visiting hc-r pai
et !s. Dr. and Mrs. W, L. BrooiMus.
Mrr. Mary Hudffln Falcnner. a{ HInton. V
Va, vlsllerl frlends here thls week.
Mrs. Dr. W. O. Sbnlth. of Loulsa. is vli
lt ng her moth?r, Mrs. Columb'a R. Ennls.
Mrs. Clarke. of rtlchmond, Is vlgitlng her
llKer, Mrs. Otho E'. Smoot.
Mr. nichard II. Baunders haa returnel to
hlti home In Boomer, \V. Vn., aftor spend
Inrr several weeks wlth hls nephew, Mr. T.
C Valentlne. |
Mrs. Eddie R. Coghlll and children ara
vli-ltlng her parents In Btaffnrd county.
Mr. and Mrs. T, .B. 0111 left thls week
to vlsit frlends In I.exlngton.
Mrs. Vvtllard Frank, of 1'ortsmouth, Is
vhltlng at Mr. J. W. Barlow's.
f'rofessor Engle. of the fiouthern Seml
nnry, Buena Vista, spent some tlme here
thlr week.
Miss Bessle Butler left thls week for near
SblCOts, whore she hns been engaged lo
teach sehool this eesslon.
A number of our citizens attended lhe
Predorlcksburg Falr thls week.
Miss Margaret Wobb. who 'Jas been slck
for several weeks Is now lmproved,
Gordonsville Social News.
[Rpeclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
GOBDUNSVIEEE, VA.. October 3.?
On Tuesday night the llrst german of
the season was glven In Memorlal Hall
by the .Gordonsville DancO Club, Mr.
W. C. Blbb, of Lousla, leadlng. About
100 were present. Rubln's otchestra,
of Chnrlottesvllle. furnlshert the muslc.
KerreshmentH were serve* at 11:30
Mr. Charles Klng. of the Vlrginla
Air Elne Rallway, ha? moved hlrs
lamlly here. occupylng Profcssor
Powell's property on Klng Street.
Captaln Wetsel, of the Vlrginla Air
Elne Rallway, has moved hls family
Into Mr. George T. Klrkpatrlck's res?
ldeneo on North Maln Street.
Mr. Coleman, an employe of the
Adams Express Company at thls place,
haa moved his family from Mlneral,
and now oceupies the Baker property.
on Maln Street.
Mr. Ashbv M-Clary and family have
moved from Roanoke to Gordonsville,
and are now occupylng Mr. F. W.
Ross's property on Main Street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McMurran. ot
Newport News, are guests of the
tormer'i* sister, Mrs. W. O. Blakey.
Mr. C. B. Stevens, of Cliarlottesville,
has opened a first-class gent's furnlsh
Ing store In the, storeroom next to
R. H. Stratton's Sons'.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hogshead have
returned from a vlrtit to relatlves at
Mount Solon.
Mr. Wllllam Dunn. of Richmond,
spent several days thls week wlth hls
ramlly in town.
' Mr. A. If. Beckham. of Oreensboro,
N. C. vlsited relatlves here on Frldav,
en route to Washlngton. on buslness
for the Southern Railway Company.
Mr. W. T. Belton. Chesapeake and
Ohio dispatcher In RIchmond, has re?
turned to hls work, after spending his
vacation with hls family ln Gordons?
Mr. Joseph A. Vass, of the Chesa?
peake and Ohlo Rallway, was a Gor?
donsville vlaitor several days thia
Prince Edward Social News.
[Rpeclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
BECK. VA., October 3.?Mra. F. B.
Fttzgerald spent last week at her
home, the guest of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Davle, at Nottoway. She was
accompanled on her return by her sis?
ter. Miss Minnle Davle.
Mrs. Cllfford Williamson and- chil?
dren. of Richmond, are here on a vlalt
to Mr. and Mra. F. C. tttoriug. liwj
wlll leave on 15th for Wllmlngton. N.
C. where Mr. Wllllamaon haa accepted
a posltlon with the A. C. I* Road.
Mrs. J. E. Thomas returned on Wed?
nesday last from a brlef rtajt-iuEyna*
burg, where she vlsited her sister,
: Mrs. Pryor Smlth.
Miss Annle Mae Moring, of Farm?
vllle. spent Sunday wlth her parents
...Famous Colonial Estates...
CNo, IU.) I
Among the Colonial Virginia country
eeaia whose preatlge was featahlUliedi
through pollhoal prorr.Uience, w'eallb l
and social distinetiun, "Oak Hlll," the j
wnc-timo home of President Monroe, I
pejknowlt-dgos few peers.
, Hlstory recofda'the'flrst Known owner i
of this eatate to have been aMr.Joncs.J
nn uncle of President Monroo, who,
dying unmarrted, left* tlie lands to hls
promisliifj nephew. Not conient wlth
tho small houses already on the plan
tation, Mr. Monroe ltvia the foimdation
of the present handsome dvvelllng in
1S17, the year ho" was inaugurated
fifth President of the United States.
In 1S20 tlie matision. whlch stood for
nll that was best In Us day; was coni
pleted, and tho lines in many respeels
were very dlfferent from tlio custo
mary Colonial arcliltecture, tho whole
deslgu belng much more ornate. Since
that date, now almost 100 years ago,
the exterlor haa changed only ln Its
coloring, tho palnt-washed bricka hav-j
Jng assumed dlfferent lones under the
.jtewardshlp of varloua ownevs.
The most noticoubla feature is the
hlgh-pltched portteo uplield by seven
huge columns connected wlth each
other, as weli?aa the housc walls, hy
inoanH of a m'ought Iron ratling, thla
iouch showing-plalnly the Influonce of
i later perlod than the Colonial. The
entrance fonms; stlll another cVpartura,
'tis the steps run up oi\u alde of tho
porch rather than Immediately from
tho centre. front.
Tha Interlor Is very intorestlng, and
the handsome doors aywl mantela are
ehown off to advantago by the many
Sleces of rare old furniture of Emplre
ud Bftltec deiifiu. y ,
During- his two terms as President
Mr. Monroe lavishly entertalned at hls
country scat, the most consplcuous
Amerlcan statesmen and "*otables from
foreign lands belng counted among hls
Wlth James Monroe the story w'as
the same as with only too many other
publlc men, for though he had llved ln
affluence, he was greatly haraHsed by
ilebt during hls later years. ln 1830
Mrs. Monroo dled, and that year was
the last of the Presidant'a reaidence
at "Onk Hlll." Though he dled in Now
York and was buried ln Richmond,
both hls wlfe and daughter, tlie latter
Mrs. Savmiol L. Gouveneur. were buried
ln the ol'u graveyard. whero thoy rosted
'untll 190.1, when tho bodles were moved
to Richmond tosleep eternally by the
slde of the ex-Presldent ln beautlfu!
Hnllywood Cemctery.
?n 1S&2 Mr. Gouveneur soHl "Oak
Hill," wlth its 800 acres, to Colonel
John W. Falrfnx, but war-tlme troubles
wreckeri the plnns or tlie new owner,
aml agaln, ln 1870, tho splcndld ostau
changed hands. Dr. George A. Quimby.
of New York, who thon bought the
pluce, Increased the lands hy -ISu acres,
at the.same tlme vastly improvlng the
entlra property. In. less than twenty
years Mr. Henry Falrfax, son of Col?
onel John W. Falrfax', brought the
estate agaln Into that family, and
shortly after the purelmse added 200
more acres, whlch had been orlglnally
in the Monroe tract.
Dylng In tho?veiy mldst "f the re
nowned hunting sectlon : of Eoudotin
county. tho llfe nf thls fine .old pjan
tatlon has ulwuys been more or less
assoclatedi wlth ttil that |o dear to tl\e
,l?eart of Bportsmun, and not only uro the
broad lands hunted over every au
tumn, but Mr. Falrfax has made of
his place a great stock farm, -whlch
is now rcgarded as the home .. of
America's flnest hackneys." due in part
to the blue grass and llmestone wlth
which the locallty abounds.
There are no scars of war vlslble
upon the famous estate; no' apparent
wreckage df yeara, for though tho
place once staggered under the wounds
of the trying sectssion tlmes, the old
estnte faced the changed conditions
with n hravery that made order out
of chans.
Thero are anclent trees shadlng the
terraccs and' rolllng lawn of Oak Hlll;
there are shrub3 and hedges of a
later growth planted wlsoly for later
generatlous. The old-l'ashloned gnrden
ls stlll a rlnt of lovollness during the
sunimer season,' and in every toneh,
whether of the early days or modarn
tlme, there ls an atmosphere of un
bounded hospitiillty nUvnys awaltlng
strnnger or frlend.
Standlng in tho autumn sunshlne before
the Oak Hlll of to-day, and shuttlng
one's eyes to the present, .wjth Its
ceaseless change, no genuine' lover of
hlstory can fall to obtain gilmrises of
tho panoramit o'f the past. Aeroas'tho
great poi'tlco whero Lilfayntte stood
to.recolve throijgs of visitors, ln 182-1,
| many figures pasa ln sllent proees
|Blon; statesmen, men of affalrs, soni
bre and gay garbed cavitllers, who for
evcr give place to benutifiil vlsions ln
brocade and callco, the women of a
century past, whose shndes flit In anJ
out of the' stately mansion where they.
played such an nnforgettable part.
eady-to-Wear Garments
Mudh emM Ib? saidl lbcr? at&ouitft ftlh? gireaft sk?, ftlfo? einidlkss vari?4yp ftlh? absolkte c?tr
ir?cta?8& ?IF wxt [email protected]& ?Mft?ir garaiieiniit stock flw ifalflj, smd sftiSl A? stay wouald 1b? p??&%
A visift as n??allly the only way flW you ft? ??inmirac? youairsellF ln?w krH|p?rftainii!: a
p!a?? w? Dn?y fafi ?Mte gainnmsuuft sellibg-??<F ttln? gir?aft
sftiridl?s w?V? mraadl? aed ?nwialblls p?sEfti?!m w? miow ?c
?unpy. Tflu? m?sft ??mpleft? slkownHug ?v?if mmadl? kn
Rnclhm?iffi<dl ?IF W?iM?ini8s TaSltoiradl SimnftSo Wommem'a
G?wnus9 Wanste, Coafts annd Sk5jr&s awanfts yo\uuf Iimsp??
twrn aft thh stoir?. WE WAMT YOU fo ??mra? smd s??
iF?ir youaifseEif?5ft will fe? ??ftfiii msftracftihr? surocU pr?fflftafel?.
[email protected] Tailored Suiti
CareM plamaaairag enaaMedl uns to* secaare ftMs greafc colledtnora
oiF ?iriigairaal inraodlel garaaem&s ifYoraa ftla? iFoiremosft M?w Yoirk raaamiui
ifacfairers coirasndleraMy eaffSiea" tihaia ever foelFore?Ihieire nsa ftSinra? fforr
early fall wear. W? air? goairag to ?(fifer fttaemrn aft albonaft ome-4lrrafd
less fthasa suicla Stnafts g?naerally sell {f?n? s? early 5m (tSae seasoraa.
Copiedl JFromra ftlh? mraosfc essclansiw? uWeagrra modlels, mmodli$ne<dl wDaem
ever naecessary to zuit Amiaericam fcasto. Here's Ibtyift a pairftaal liit
?if ftlhte naaaiiay gannraenatts;
Chlffon Broadcloth Suits. In the new
shades: 40-lnch coats. Dlrectolro fronts.
wlth InrKe revers and pockets, hand
aomelv llned; the modlfled
shcath sklrt; tho best
tallor finlsh. at .
Smart stvles In the new Emplre Iiin
less Coat Suits. all shades of chlffon
broadcloth. 40-lnch coats.
efteCtlvely trimmed wlth
large buttons; shcath sklrts.
Up-to-date Suits of Imported worst?il,
In all the new shades; 3G to 40-lnch coats.
new slashed back and larpre revers. with
Inlald satin collar and revers. flnlshed
wlth large buttons. flare ffla
sklrt. hutton trimmed, at ^g)
?J.- .00 and. ^
Elegant Suits ln all shades
cloth. Directolre coat. with
trimmed with buttons and (Sj
satin; Emplre back and qM
ilare sklr' special . ?
of broaf".
sash, and
Excluslvo models ln Chlffon Broadcloth
Suits. Directolre stvles. wlth hlnloss coats
and large revers. wlth touches af satin
and frintre; tho new Klrdle sklrt. The3e
come in the new shades. nnd ar*j perf**c
tlnn of art In workmanshlp "
and finlsh: no two stvles
allke; orlces, $50.00 ahd..
Fancy Hard Strine Worated Suits. In
srnoke, Catawba and green; 3f!-inch senil
ilttlntr coat. nicely llned
and tailored: flaro sklrt.
with button front. at.
AU-Wooi Chevron Suits. in ' all shades;
36-inch coats. seml-fltting
coats, nicelv llned nnd tail?
ored; Mare sklrt. with
folds. at .
Laclles' Cloth Suits, in all shades; 3t>
Inch coat, with sllk hrald trimmfng,
slashpd back. flnlshed wlth
buttons: full flare, sklrt.
trimmed; a $20.00 value;
our leuder .
kutiful Waisfc
New arrlval of Cream and Whlte Net
TVaists.. wlth handsome mc
dalllon voke. lone mousque
taire sleeves, made over sllk;
soeclal .
Fancy Cream Net Walsts. trimmed with
bands of Peralan net. long fSj/C; /] fC6
shlrred sleeve. with Perslan S)?0^Q)
triinming, at . t
Fancy MTessaline "Walsts. tn all shades.
medallton trimmed. with voke
braided in soutache. long
mousquetalre sleeves: special.
Blnck Sllk Net "Walsts. tticked
braided wlth soutache. long
mousquetalre I sleeve, sllk
llned, at .
tked and
A new arrlval of Fine Chlffon
Panama Sklrts and Chevron^
Worsted. full ?ored flare wlth
bands and buttons (Sj/g X] f?
to side; special oKLQ^^fO
at . ^?x'o "^
Handsome models in Altm.tn
Volle Skirts, satin trimmed, in
scroll effect. also faf* fl F*
new sheath ef- cy6) Jl o
fects. at gl2.r>0 and ^r "
New Voile Skirts. full flare
with two-sections of
taffeta trimmlng. ln
tunic effect: soeclal.
Fine Volle Sklrts, fSo (Q /] fO
satin trimmed. in qJM?,,'^?
new desiens. at . t^
? Alttnan Volle Sklrts. wlth deep
fold. taffeta trim
nied: these ara the
new sheath ef?
fect*. at .
GauntSet Gl<
Ladles' Gaunflets. stlff cuff,
one clasp. 'an and
black; per palr
at .
One and Two-Clasp Pique. ex
cellent quality; tan, brovv-i,
myrtle, navy, ox- ^ "Jl [Sff^
blood and b'ack; ner rJg) JJ, 0Q)^JJ
palr . X
Two-Clasn Kid Gloves. Paris
polnt stitchincr: tan.. (S$ fl (Sffft
brown and black; nM ^ 03)y
per palr . ?
Heavy Outseam Capo or Mnn
nish Glove. one' and
two clasps. assorted
taDs; ner pair.
Two-Clasps A'el
vet-Finish Mocha,
brown only: per palr
Two-Clasp Kld Gloves. Paris
polnt and one' row' emhroidery:
tan. brown. navy. green, 6x
bloorl, (jray. black - (^
and whlte; per qW
pair . "
16-hutton Glace Kid
black; formcr price. ^fj1
$3.50 and $4.00 per dW,
pair; now selllnar for tt
12-button Glace Kid
black: former price. (SoflT) EfR\
S3.00 per palr: now dD)^02)vU/
scllinK for . ^r
Loner Cape Gloves. heavv out
senm. tan and black; former
price. per palr. 12-button. $3.i,0;
Hi-button, $4.00; now selllns
f or?
12-button .32.SO
16-button .$3.00
Hetre's ftlke best c?llec(i5?ini of Dress Goodls ever placesl
osb sale sA. $1 yairdl. AM ftMs seasomi's imewesft pir?dlua?iii?iuis.
Posiftavely sioft a paec? nira ftke loft w?irii!h less ftSsairB $1.50.
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We Sell More Ready-to-\Vear Garments Than Any Other Store in Richmond
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nuag-to $5.00 anad?ver'
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SasnapSes maiSed free.

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