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knd |t.8() aSdltlonal for atarters. One
tufie and n t\ i long.*
ClarenCo ITnll'a Toni Lnwaon.
J. V. Holloday'a proposer.
.1. k, Davl '. ai. 11. w.la,
John i tuffj ? Klllochan.
i lavid 1 >ui lop': Mcfrlmac.
M. ,i Wi tei a'i Slr Modet,
t ;,(,r, , i irlofa Ivanhoe.
E. Kngleklng's Rectortown.
\\ Itllani Oei t'a Bvelyn S.
Aiim st, ele'a Glldedt an.
mt,I)m:sd\V, ot TOBER T'I'II.
(Illt'liiiii.nit nny.i
E,.r iwo-j , ar-olda?Pun e ot $800,
of whlch 160 to tl.lond and 140 to
thi third, VVelg il ten pounda below
/fthi ? < nle \\ inm r of lhe race for two
r /ear-Olds on the flrat dny to enrry
Ive pounds a.ldltlotial. Maldei ft allow
/'',! tiv pounda i-lntrance fee, $7.50,
?.,,?! $7.r,ti adi.it i,,ii.il for m.ii 1,-1.-., Flve
j.'avi.j DtinkJp'a Takahii
\\ iiliam Gei at'a Ed. Shi
third. Welghtl
owed flve pounda.
nd $7.60 addlttonal
fut lon::s.
: fthelbyrtha.
Rock Creas.
le Stromo.
T. V
ealtu Steepleckeae.
i ... and upward ?
? , to the sec
o the third; four-year
1 !.", ponnds; tivo-year
53 pounds, and alx-year
1 upward 166 pounda, Wlnnera
y tivc pounds addlLioi,al.
rs allowcd flve pounds.
110, and $10 addlttonal
Lboul two mi^es.
:? \\ ,,ods Llghtnlng.
I-Ielen Shea.
?enton's Ben Lala.
ay'a Beashs Klaer.
e-ycar-o'.ds nnd upward?
1'iirs, ,f $300, of which $t(u to th,.- seo
Oljd and $10 to lhe third. Welght for
?s?-. : Wlnnera at thla meetlng to carry
live pounda extra. Maldena allowed
? ve pounds. Entrance fee, $7.50, and
? ?.50 additionnl foi atarters One tnllc.
David Dunlop's Merrlmac
Allen Steele'a QIIMdear,
B. D. Hutzler'e Collateral.
Wale & O'Connor'a Rlccodanna.
George Oriot'a Ivanhoc.
M. J. Watera's Slr Model.
K. TJtterback's Sudden Start.
?lohn Dnffy's Klllochan.
M. T, 'Mclntyre's Hnnnah t'.
J. E. Uavls's AI. II. Woods.
"WllM&ni Gcrst'8 Gownngo.
L. t llolladay'a Proposer.
, -yoar-olda and upward ?
rse of $300, of which $hi> io the aec
nd and $40 to the third. Woight-s
twenty-olght pounds above the scale.
Gentlemen ridera; ovorwclght nllowed
if declared, Entranco fee, $-.r,o, and
$7.$0 uddltlonal for atarters. One miio
and a furloug.
Clarence Hall'a Toni Lawson.
I-. Engleklng's Rectortown.
W. Keatlng*a Ballot Box.
.i. E. Davla'a AI. II. Wooda.
John Duffy'a Klllochan.
M. .1. Waters'a Slr Model.
I'aul V. Portner'a Joeale Hampton,
For four-year-olda and upward?
Purse of $300. of whlch $60 to the
ftecond nnd $10 to the third. Welghts
: Winncrs at this meettas of
U C. -; ? Rin After.
Wllllai i i ;?-: - '.' . Minot.
Mrs. a. li. Bradley'a Weatover.
George Grlot'a Ivanhoe.
Ge >rgo Grtot's Belle Strome.
!*. E. Earlng'a Glen Alaton.
B. F. Guthrte'a Uaury.
David Dunlop's Baby Willie.
'- ?* ifcffcrMon Hotel Stceplechase.
For hunters duly quallfled under th,>
isatlonal Steeplcchaae and Hunt Aeso
c.ation Rule8?Four-year-olda and up
?ward?PurBe of $400, of whlch $85 Io
tl e Becomj and $50 to tho third. Four
year-olda to carry 145 pounds; flye
,ls tl
Sfear-olda and upward to carry 156
pounds. Gentlemen rlders allowed llvc
pounda (wlnner of the Virglnla State
i'air Steeplechaae to carry flve pounda
addltlonal). Entrance fee, $10, and $io
addlttonal for atarters. AbOUt two and
a half miles.
vv. M. Parrlsh, Jr.'a, Bertha Barker.
C A. Wtthors'a Lady Norwood.
T. F. Galloway's Warrenton.
. Uobut Nevilli 'a Fauquler.
-i. L. and A. Garthwrlghfa Young
Peter Houch, Jr.'s, Modoat
Hunters' ilal '.^??t.- Fqi four-year
r>\(U and upwar.d?JJurse" of $300 of
which $60 iu tho Becond and jio to tho
U?ird. Four-year-olda to carry 135
pounds; ftve-year-olda and upward to
carry Mr, pounds. Gentlemen rldei
jWise Talks by
\jr the Office Boy|
Store Closed Monday on Ac
covnt ot Holioay.
Will Open Tuesday at7 A. M.
mond i?
.?itlcs o
ji all
,|*w*^ aw*i? a, iA.ia 0TREKT0
mtrahce fee, ?7.iio, and $7.60 addltionv
or etarters. ono mlla and n half.
w. m, r.irri'ii, .ii.'M, ii.i'ihii Barkor.
? '. .*. Wlthem'i Lad* Ndrwood,
t. F Galloway'B Warrlor.
11. T. Miintvre's llnlinah C.
W. c. Bnlindofa'a WaySldo.
ii. O. Lyne's cndv;.
?I. L. aml A. Ga'rthwflght'fl Young
Tii.. run. commlttee who formulatod
he .'M'.'ii'ut prbgram, whlch resulted
i 'u.'h a ...tinn:', entry llflt, ls oomposod
," Messi????. .i 'i'. Anderaon, L. R. p?go
iui m. C. Pattiin'.,n.
*>.im.-Uil.it: Mioiil the .Inekeya.
Klchmond racegoera nnd state Fni'
hla woek'a meeting tho best array of
...;-? rfdlng hore over seen off tho
iljg i , *. i .i tracka Tlie moB! of them
. rod ? ..n all the big tracka in the
I'asl nnd West, and ifot a few pf thcn
n top-notchi n .
John McClornand has Arlhur Delftby
Bck agaln aa hla lockoy. Arthur waa
..-; .-?< aeoh tlie loading wlhnlng jockey
n the Canftdlan Clfcult McClernarid
old his contraot on tho boy t.. Mr. it.
X. Watklns, the promlnent N'.w STofk
urfmnn, for $5,000 lust neason, and
o rodo for him ?t New Orleana and all
ha Eastera tracks, and Hold hla uwn
? ith the best.
wiiilam Gerst, the Nnshvllle brewer,
at engaged Jlmmio Sohaller, who wlll
:<".? the plCh Ot lli" BtablB tO rlde.
i'.u iieriry win rlde os & "free lance."
le ls under engagement to go to'
l.r.ice early next tprlng.
Mr. Dunlop .haa engaged C. ftfeleyl
o do the rlding for hls bip atable. >
Tommy Steel will have all the
lourits ta't hla father'a stable. He
oni of the loading Jbcka at the
ecent Norfoik meeting of the James-I
own Jockey Club,
Trumiin. known by everybody, will'
e b "free lanee," the same aa Call
UcUabo win also rlde here, H.- wlll'
rrivo from Lynchburg to-day.
AmOng the crack Bteopleohase rlders
'lli be found the famoUB Pollock. Who
lli-.-. .1 yesterday from New York, and
J eonsidered one of the bc.st In the
Bernhardt, better known by iils rilck
ame of "Sarah," win rlde Ben Lala
lie good Ben Hblladay gelding?the
linaoo nf over-the-junips at Norfoik
Sulllvan, Hannlgan and Jackson are'
11 well-known jumplng Jocka and
?111 have motlinta in the "hospital,
N. 5111!
'layers and Spectators Have Free
for-All Fight ? Policeman
Loses Gun in Shuffle.
tflpoeuti tn The Tlmes-Dlapalcb.]
RALE1GH, N. i'.. October S.?A free"
)r-all ii^'ni ot aooul five mlnutes' du
itlon characterlaed the football game
us afternoon Detween Wake Foreat
nd A. and .M. Colli ge tooms at Wake
oresi No one aouma to know how
tie row starl.-d. Wake Forest n-en
ccuscd an A and M. player ot trying to
ijure men on their team. There wi re
ountercharges by A. and M., and the
[ght began, flrst between the playora;
iien rooters and apectatora ruahed iii
ellmell and tlie hglit was general.
o one war, injur. Id aBlde from ra
? < g allgbt brulaes. The local po
cemana revblver was anatched awaj
I'.'iu him when he attempted to re
tore order, and was never recovered.
be game reaulted in n score of 'jr, to
t put up a
never havlng had a
before. a. and ;.i
but ktcked no
d AutC
te ciub, to tako
taci on Friaay ovenlng, october Bth
tho eve of the automobile races ofi
ho Vlrginla State Falr, to be held on
he laat day of the falr, Saturday, Oc
ober 10th), wero comploted laat night
y, tho commlttee on parade, of whloh
)r. L. T. Prjco is chalrman;
The commlttee met at i>r. Prlce's
fflce, Gracd Streot, near Eighth. u!
fas agreed thal the formatlon should |
'<'< lock at the L< <? Monument,
illei Av.'tnu- ahd Franklln street, and
iroct d - tal On Franklln Street to
Ifth, north on Flfth to Grace, thence
ii Ninth around Clty Hall tb Governor,
? I Maln, to Niniii. to Broad, t<> iier
nltagi Road tb the Falr Gro'unds. Upon
eaching the grounda the automoblles
\iii proceed around tho track, after
vhlch ti.ey wlll be permltted to res
iiain ..ii the grounda untll the cloae of
ho night ontertalnment.
In tln- first carrlage, whlch wlll b"
...r the
Under car.-, In
ed Governor
I. of the Falr
.f the Com
ayor Rlchard
? I llu:
Blues' Band
ito wlll !?'? a
:-rial, o
iril raci
and elec
tlbw con
mond Aur
It wlll
will have
for me n
d ti
i.. palr wlll be tho flrst ip thi
;:? the offlclal sanctton of th
? a Auto'.ii.iV.!!.- Association. I
ved that \?'?:">? fast tim.' will b
ta the track la conslderod on
st ln the country for automo
intries Wlll close next Fridn.5
9th. at nildnlWht. Elegan
,1. to I,
;;,:i. MOBt Of tll
iter for the six evonti
dnanta in the racea ar
V.. ihinston, Baltlmor<
i Now York. Dr". H. Y\
i Wi d G.a Stroi t, i
. ro'clng comniittee.
Oiiiri- ColU
i ? 1 :? i ? V i
r, i.
16 and 20 mii
Takes Closing-Day Feature of Aqueduct Meet, Winning
From Frank Gill and Royal Tourist in Slashing
Drivc?Bat Wins in Steeplechase Handi
cap After Clearing the Last Obstacle.
NEW YORK, October 3.?The Oncck
.stablc's Fnshlon Plate, a two-ycar-oid
colt by Woolthorpo-Fashlonable, won
the Edgemero handlcap for all ages,
ono mlle and a furlong, nt Aqtieduct,
Where the fall meetlng closed to-day.
li was the first day of a two-ycar-old
this season at tho dlstance, nnd the
pcrformance was all.tho moro remark
able that Faahlon Plnto gavo nlne
pounds by the scalo to Frank Glll, fottr
teen to Royal Tourlst and flve to j.roth
er Jonathan, Faahlon 1'iote had work
ed a fast mlle for this race and tnoso
who knew of tho fact dld not fall to
Btipport hlm. He was rldden by Upton,
who took hlm to the front immedlateiy.
ck stretoh tho two
ui of threp lengthw
who was a head be
111, with Brotuor Jonamim
As they nearcu the
Tourlst and Frank <.mi
both begnn to closc. Upton, howevcr.
did not lo:ie hls head, but kept Fash
lon Plate close to the ral, well tn hand.
When the head of tho strctch was
I'tnchcd Upton 1'et Faahlon Plate down
it hit, nnd he drcw further away, but
i'iank Glll and Royal Tourlst, slde by
Slde, came ugaln, wlth a determlncd
bld for victory. At tho last furlong
pola Faahlon Plate led by a head. with
Frank Glll and Royal Tourlst runnlng
like a team. Then Upton went to the
whlp, nnd Fashlon Plate, wlth plenty
of courage, drcw away, wlnnlng In a
drlve by a length in 1:53 2-5. Frank
tJill bcat Royal Tourlst a neck for the
place, wlth Brother Jonathan six
longths away.
Edward H. Carter's Bat won the
steeplechase handlcap at ahout 2 1-2
mlles, but lt was not untll he had
.cleared tho Innt jump thnt he tttent to
tlie front. Dolcanta made tho pace
I for a mlle and a half, when ho began
I to stop. Then Sandy Cruckcr went to
the front, and lookod like n suro wlu
ner as ho cleared the inBt obstabTo.
j But Bat came fast untler the whlp nfter
I that. and won by two lengthn from
I Sandy Creeker, who had twenty
lengths over Dolcanta. PJrate fcll on
tho back strotch, and Jockey McKlnney
was knocked senseless. Tho race was
run In 5:12.
Frank D. Welr's Crcsitna made all
the paco ln the openlng event for
platoro at seven furlongs, wlnning ln
a gnllop by four lengths In 1:27. Black
Mary, from a slow streak, cloB.-d fast
ln the stretch, and got the place from
BiBkra by a half lpngth. Saracfnesoa
had some early specd, but stopped.
Flrat race?three-ycar-olds and up?
ward. selllng. seven furlongs?Cres
slna, flrat; Black Marv, BOCOfld; Biskra,
third, Tlme, 1:27.
Second raro?stoeplerhase, hnndicap,
four-yonr-olds and upward. nbotit I wo
mlles nnd half?Bat, first; Sandy
Creeker, second; Delcanta, third. Time,
4:m ;t-5.
Third race?two-ycar-olds, selllng,
seven furlongs?Bonnle Kelso, flrat;
Rossfenton, second; Suntnier Night,
third. Tlme. 1:26 3-5.
Fourth raco?the Edgemer handlcap,
all nges, ono mlle und an ulghth?
Fashlon Plate. first; Frank Glll, sec?
ond; Royal Tourlst. third. Time,
1:68 2-5.
Plfth race?thrce-year-olds nnd up?
ward, seljlng, one^mile?Ida D., first,
Cnstlowood, second; Calrngorm, third.
Tlme, 1:40. ?
Slxth race?malden, two-ycar-olds.
six furlongs?Hlll Top. first: Scn'ten
tlous, second; John Shotter, third.
Tlme. 1:14 2-5.
Wlth the State Fair races right a.
hand. the foliowlng cdltorlal from
!-|iorts of the Tlmes sounds a note of
warnlng, which should be heard and
i.led by ofhclala and jockeys allko.
Rnclng la ono of the best of all sports
. n I freed from rough-houae methods,
and dollberatC foullng, it can be made
one of the eleonest of all our sports.
Is a race worth the ncedless matm
Ing or killlng of one or two jocklcs?
This la --. question thal comes home
to all of those Intorcsted ln tho com?
lng State Falr races.
Virglnla Is juaily riroud of her turf
record. - ach thorough sportsmeu In
every high. clean, honorablc senso of
that term aa Rfibert Bradley, Major
Toni DoBwell and a score of others,
have glven her a raclng record of
she may well he proudi
Su ih rldlng as Dugan and other
jockles have exhlblted of lato on
North-rn tracka should not be counte
nanced by ofticlals or horse-owners.
manahip is wlnnlng a race by
good riding. not by killlng off horses
':>?'?.. Itlilliiu.
After liammertng at tho rough rid
Ing oi our jookeys for aeveral years
it is rather trn>- to take edvantage
of the depiorajjie accldent occurring
through tho rough riding of that un
mltigated young brlgand E. Dugan.
Sports has predictted for years that,
One of theae days, there will come a
fearful "mtx," from which several
dead and badly maimed boys will be
dragge'd forth, and that then?perhaps,
it is by no meana certain?some aallent
stepa will be takeri to stop the fear?
ful and ublqultblia rough riding in al
most every race.
Tho offlclating stowards appcar to bc
powc'rloss, and In fact, admlt they are
poworlOBB ln a trcmolous wall, that
"nothlng ahort of an axe" will break
ii up, Then why not get the axe? As
a matter of fact it would bo the ensiesl
thlng in tho raclng world to break up
tlie practlco if it was really deslred
that ihe ediflce should fall.
Sports> haa several times outlincd a
poltcy of Btartlng tho raclng year wlth
a BOlid warnlng to bvery jockey that
patrol judges would supervlse hli
work, furlong by furlnnjr (noedlnjj
only two moro than at present), that
I any pnlling over, kneeling, or heeling
|'or any tricks, would bc perfectly and
I clearly apparent at any stage of tht
. and that any dcfinlte complaini
would mean belng set down for ?
wiek. that a repetltlon would -mear
! another set down for two months, ani
a third repetltlon tho suspension 01
; the Hcense for a year.
Have for patrols men who would un
I swervingly du their duty (they an
not hard to l'lnd, if deslred), men wh(
I would not fall Into step with tho ob
vlous "ayatem," and then let the stow
leglslatc against the jockeys re
1 gardlesa of whose stable they are rid
Ing for, or whose chanco of winnliif
i suffers by the elision of any partlcula
'Runs Up Score in First Half
n Runs in Substitutes in
rspeclal toThc Tlmea-Dlapatch.l
,| LEX1NGT0N, va . October ;:.--Wash
t lngtbn and L"e University played th
olopenlng game of football of the aeaeo
ijto-dny, dt leating Roauokc Coileee ',,
- I the store 6f $7 to U. Four luuchdown
'' were scored in the first half and on
[ ln the second. Varslty had things he
,'jown way In th. first half, but ln th
seebnd Bhe put in several substltutei
8 whlch was the cause or ti*e iow soort
Captaln Alderson, Barnard, Earwooc
Irard and Osborne pm up a splondi
???? imo. The varslty team as a whoi
II bpwed up w.-ll. some fumbllng wa
i ne and aeveral penaltlga wero hn
i. poBed because of fallure ln forwar
- pass. Ro noko waa corislderably ltgin
W I Id 1, POSltjOn, Roanoke.
l|] CU6< .lefl cnrl.Uiou
.i".left tackle.Adam
i M Bles.left guard-. .Mornr
? | tokbm a. centre .Sayei
i ? iter.right guard.M,-n,,
??? CO d -flght tackle. Blalikciibak.
? " ? ? ? ? ? rlBbt end.Vaugl
j ?... ,.. quarti r ba< k.wuil
;,'',?' 'd... .i'it half back..,;. i.wela
. , Ban ood,. .right half back, .Anderaci
rt Alderson(Capt.) full back (Capt.) prh
'j Oerr.
,. Touoirdowrti -Barnard, Uderaoh c>
i n <.i (81 Qoali iiom touchdownV
,; AlUeraon (2). Referea Mi Robertsoi
, of Richmond College, Umptri u
?Ujoomaw,ot \V. and i.. Urilveral
1 imeHeepere- Mr Lvkea, of \v. ano |
,, i niversiiy, and Captaln Prlce, of Roi
f- noke. rimc 0f halves?2g and la uili
Jockey. Make it equally the buslness
of tho tralner, and owner, to secure
boys who may be depended upon to
ke'ep out of trouble and retnaln useful,
as their buslness now is to Und boys
to obey ordors and "win," no matter
"how," so long as tho method ls "got
away" wlth.
One proVnincnt man once criticized
thls proposcd plnn by saylng that in
two weeks tliore wouid not be a jockey
left to rlde. The said protninent man
knows very llttle of the surroundings
of modern racing. If nne or two protn?
inent boys wero slid along tln
the others wotild bohavo like
We say the metamorphoala v
two days with Sltfis, in England
;i wei b with Winnioi O'Con
France. not to mentlon scores "
^inco tlien, and if there ?.??
the same "arniy behlnd the offlc
tons," as thero is in racini:
. and in
lor in
f. minor
The trouble Is tl... racing st. .
are all afi ald of '' ? tdln : ;,; I .
which are' not llnked to their own
feet. When once a man contracts thal
iiabit he sees noilung but earth and
reet, no sky, no la-ndscape, nbthlng
but earth and feet, an.l in a llttlo while
he come.-i to tliink there is notliing but
earth and feet ln the worhl?i:i a
rcmttneratlvo commercial sense. Re
member money is not the only com
pensatlon for servlce rendered.
E. Dugan ls not by himaelf in thls
matter of what may prove to be man
slaiighter. to whlch the stcwards, by
tljelr failure to adequately stop tbe
roughlng and to protect the other boys.
are renderlng thomsolves moi.itly. it
not legally, acceSSOries before the act.
Dugan is simply the leader. Tako
any race you like, say tho first race
at tho Coney Island fall meeting when
Half Sovereign was rnshed across to
the" rall at the very start, ;<uocklng
Roseben and Ben Ban to Iheir knees,
Just as Weddlng Bells was hindly
taken rlght across Slr Marlln at the
very start in an apparently laudable
I attempt to clnch the Flatbush for
Maskette, or as, two days after Du
g.in'M latest mix-up, Danoscara waa
j taken rlght across Brookdal? ..ymph
on the lower t.irn. cuttlng '.h
! ney mare back to third, and
' defeat; Or Angejua taken acr.
I Play at the flrst furlong, ri^-li
the BtewardS' noses. With no act
taken until a boy is nearly killod.
Thore is no excuse, no loophMe to
creep out of. Either the ofliciaH are
not in earnest in their protestations
of wishing to stop the rough riding
abuse, or they are powerless! In either
case they are simply cumberiuir the
racing earth. ?
The opponents of racing use all anoli
shanieless prostftUtiOn of spOrt aa am
niuuitlon ln tiio campaign advocating
that rucing fdiould he wlped off the
sporllng plane, as being too venlnl.
too utterly venlal, for sensible men
to bother wlth, and no one Is to blam'e
but thoso who, having- authority, ap
I parently decline to use it, because of
1 toes whlch aro not llnked to their own
No wonder racing has troubles and
a preoarlous footing. At pasebal] the
crowd yelis "Klll the umplre," but
baseball !s not yet a sporting trust.
Racing has long been on the 11st, and
tru.sts aro apparently unassailable?-at
Iso to
i< Falr
i nder
Dcvotees of Horse and Hound
Have Fast Ante-Season
Though tho rogular hunls of the
Deep Run are not schuduled to begin
untll tho mlddle of Octobor, tho wcatli
or was bii favorablo yesterday thnt
some of tho hard-ridlng eloment on?
run of about slx mlles.
ai the konnols, .Tud tho
Lakesldo; then through
t.. tho club hoii'-o, wlth
s. The m.'ister had out
of Ungllsh 'hounds that
work. The hounds are
ndltlon, und botter sport
iu them thla eedson tiiau
Tlio meet.
run was
aeveral I
1" - ' ie io hobnda were Mossrs,
Ht. I'lcorgu ilryati, on Knlcon; U. I!,
Bryan, on Overland;. B, H. Kllingion,
?" tMu itnut; E, 11. iiarris, on Zilla;
Itohort Wl neliiii'st, on Lady Marjurle;
'"'? ''? Voung, on Kod liu:'..-:i!', and
James \V. iji-uves, ou Itlngsmaii, mul
[Misa Wurfleia Creushaw. ou Doawell;
V. M. I. Captain
nn,i.Y poagii:
IjG 24-i
(Continu... i
the Harry S. Houpt ?'..inpany, and
drlvon by Montague RobertB, who lln
ished, at the Wheel, and Wlntera, wa3
thlrd, with 1,118 mlles.
Tlie wlnning car was equlpped wlth
Mtchelln tlres, the Lozler used Contl
nenlal tlreis, and tho Thomas was flt
ted wlth D.amond tires. Fttteen tlious
and spootatora wltneased the nnish of
la. race, tlie COld weather belng tho
unddubted CAUae for the drop in at
tondance, as compared wlth lhe recent
ll was reported after tho raco that
I'.i.org... Rnbcrii-on, one of the Slmplex
drlvera, wouid bo arreated on a tech
rrical charge of hbralclde for causing
the death of Thomas D. Fickctt, the
-?|i. clal ofllcer, wiiu waa injured whlle
crosslng the track on i-'rlday night.
Atter thi ii.-nauit car, drlven hy
Lowla Strang and Charles Baatlo, was
eilmlnated from tfia twenty-four-hotiir
automobile race at Brlghtpn Beach this
afternoon, during the nmetoenth hour,
tho Slmplex, drlven by George Kobert
Bon und Frank Leaoault had the con?
test uii to Itaelf. as n hniehed that
hour slxty-one mllea ahead of the slx
cyllnder Loeler, whli h went up Into
,.'i place after the misbap to lhe
Renault. At thi.- end ot eigbtoen houra
ti;. Slmplex had g ?ne BOI mllea, whlle
tln- Reuault's score was Sss mlles, so
li .1. lhe Simnlix was fifteen mii,.
stwecn ti.
y st.irt .
1 n h.ii l... bi gan thi I
:.i hour, however, the
Rei roa le i II j -;.;? e :...;? -. while
ex did but thlrty-slx. so that
Renault le-d at the in,i of three
. fifteen niiles aliead Of the Slm
, ? and five mlles ahead of the Lozler,
... had moved up Into second place.
The slx-cyltnder Thomaa was iu third,
place. wlth 151 mile*, tha Renault hav.
ing 158 miies to Its credlt.
Tho Renault kepi the lead for tho;
nexl Blx houra, bat the Slmplex was!
ahea : al the end ot tha tentfa hour.
ThO Slmplex was stlll In tho lead at the
nth hour, but tlie Renault had
made ihe most mllea wben the score
was taken for twolVe hours at tha end
of the flrst hait" of tlie. race, though
it had trayeled but one mile more than
the big. red Slmplex.
During tho flrst hour, after lhe race
waa started agaln after tho Intermis
alon of an hour and a quarter to flx
tho track, tho Slmplex made four mlles
more than tln. Renault, the thlrteenth
hour score shbwjng 658 niiles for tho
Slmplex and 565 mllea for the Renault.
l'riim this tlme bn the Slmplex never
roliiiqulshcd tlio lead. It was five
mllea ahead of the Renault at four?
teen houra and sixty mllea ahead of
tbe Lozler, which was thlrd. At llf
tei n hours the Slmplex had 761 tniles
to 758 hilles for ihe Renault, When
tlio eighteenth hour score waa posted
the Siiniilex l.ad :'?>'; nilka to 883 mlles
for tbe Renault*
Wh6n the score for nlneteon hours
was posted it was neen that tlio
Renault'a score was SSS mlles, whlch
Bhowod no change from its eighteenth
hour score, whloh developed the fact
that the Ronpult had met wllh mlsfor
I me in the eighteenlh liour Instead of
tho nlneteenth. as was flrst reported. It
v. as learried later that a connecting rod
had been broken ?n the Renault and a
iiole had bot-n punched through the
crank case.
A. ierlouB accldent oocurred at 9:26
o'clock to-nlght, when tho Zcust.
drlven bv Truman Post, smushqd
ihrough the fence on tho back strotoh.
The car turned turtle and throw both
drlver nnd mechanlo out. Tho me
elianlc, called Brown or Bowers by va
rious offlelals, was taken to tho Roose
velt Hospital. One report said he had
o. brokon leg. whllo anothor said an
OlbOW had been broken. Post sald he
had been crowded by anothor car and
ho had to drlve through tho fence to
av'oid a colllsion
\t 8:52 o'clock tho cars that had
been 'withdrawn from the race, with
their final scores, were us follows:
Renault, No. 5, 888 miles; Asme, 309
miles- Flat, 303 miles; Renault, No. 11,
255 miles; Thomas, No. 12, 206 miles;
Garford. 19 niile?; Lozler, No. 1, did
not. start.
There had boen an intermisslon of
half an hour from 5:45 to 6:15 to
sprlnkle the truck, whlch ha'd become
very dusty. this brlnglng tho close of
lhe race up to half-past 10 o'clock.
Final bcore--Slmplex, 1.177 miles;
No. 2 Lozler, 1.125 inilos; No. S, Thomas,
tilx cyllnder, 1,113 mlles; No. 11, Allen
Klngston. 907 miles; No. 9, Cieveland,
632" miles; Four Stearns, 515 miles. 'Old
rccord. 14n" mlles..
The former twdnty-four-hour record
of 1.107 mlles, made hy tho six cyllnder
Lozler at Brighton on Septomber 11th
und 12th, was pasaod by the Simplex
at 9:0."i o'clock, when Its tinie was
22 hours 32 mlnutes' 38 seconds, The
fastost stngle hour recorcls wero flfty.
BOyen mlles, made hy the Simplex dur?
ing tho Clt'th hour, oquallad hy tho
Stearns ln tho .tenth hour.
West Pofnl's First Game.
IlfGHLAND FAI.LS, N. Y., QetOber 3.
?Tho West Polnt football totlm played
!(??! Initial game here to-duy, defeating
TtiCta College l>y 5 to 0, West Point
scored lli the flrst half, Greblo caught
the ball <>n a lorwurd pass and ran
tv.-enty-tH'o ynl'ds for tt touchdown.
Doun failed to klck tho goal. Iu tho
aecond. half the Army suhatltutod Its
jooqnd li'iiiu. At one atuge Tufts hud
the ball within two yurds of tlio Army's
uoa.1 linu.
M. A. C. Outclassed in a Poor
Exhibitton?Fumbling Frequcnt
and Tearn Work Poor.
The Rlchmond Collogo "Spldera"
Walked nwiiy wlth tho Maryland Agrl
otiltural Collogo "Furmors" at Broad
Street Park yoatcrdtty ln a gamo that
wns fcaturolcss, savo for tho brllliant
work of JLankford and Atklns, of tlie
Rlchmond back fleld.
The Marylandera showed poor form,
and they were ln rnlserablo physlcal
condltion. All of tholr subsiltutos
uern Uaed up before the game waa
much over half dono, and novor was
the Rlchmond goal ln drngor through
out tho contcst.
Both teums showed up poorly on tho
forward pasflj. Maryland novor worked
lt sticcesstuiiy a slnglo tlme, thdugh
they trieil It agaln and agaln, falllng
uii,l belng penallzed flfteen yards for
each fallure, whllo Riclynond, too,
buuglod this play badly, and though
they worked it for several protty
galns, stlll they fallod ln most of
their attempts at uslng It.
Rlchmond was also penallzed sovere
ly for holillng In tho line, J. Strlng?
fellow belng the chlcf offonder ln thla
On tho whole, tho contost was a'
big dlsappolntment to tho apectators
who went out expectlng to aeo a close
contost. What thoy dld soo was a
walkover for tho heavler, stronger,
bctter condltioned team, characterlzed
i,y much fumbling and badly juggled
ptints and klck-off3.
Rlchmond has good matorlal, espc
clally tn her back liold, but they necd
practico on tho forward pass and on
catchlng punted balls, and the llno
men are n btt Inexperlencod. Atklns
trtcd several fleld goals, but was not
up to hls usual form, and every attempt
Lankford and Atklns showed good
judgmont In their runs, somo of their
broken fleld runnlng belng apectacu
laf. Lankford, too, showed up well
iu hls llno plunglng.
It was a clcar caso of Maryland be?
lng dutclassed, and that ls tho game
In u nutshcll. They played hard; but
they tleVflr had a sliOW.
Thr Way I? llnppetii'd.
Maryland won tho toss and recelved
the klck-off, defemllng the went goal.
Adams ran the klck-off back to hls
twtnty-two yard Un*. Maryland tried
tho forward pass, falllng, and boitig
penallzed flfteen yards. Maryland
kjeks and Smlth brlngs tho ball back
twenty yards. Tho Splders rlp off llve
varda on the delayed pass. The same
)>lay belng repeated, Is nippod in the
bud by the Farmers. Wrlght ls thrown
for a loss. nnd tho ball gooa over. Altcr
three unsucecssful attempts to ad
vance tho ball, M. A. C. klcka, Rlch?
mond loslng tho bull on a muff of tne
punt, and Home regalnlng lt for Mary?
land on their flfty-ynrd line. Mary?
land makea first down through lhe
llne. Forward pa?s is muffetl. and the
ball is brought flfteen yards nenror
the waal goal. Maryland klcks agatn.
and Rlchmond returni the ball to the
thlrty-five yard Un*.
Tho ball golng over. Maryland agaln
tri-s. tho rorward p*aa and la i.giiin.
penallzed flfteen yards. With tho ball
on their five-yard line. Maryland kirks.
Atklns returns the ball ten vards
Lankford gpos StX : ard-i tl.rour
line. Atklns nddx etghteen. Wrlght
carries the ball over [Ot ,. '
Atklns fails on goal. Score: Richn\on?l,
5; M. A. C. 0.
M. A. C defenda tho east goaL Rlch?
mond ktcks off over the llne, and
Saunders. csiig a poor plcce of heaA
work, attemptod to return lt. belng
thrown oh hla tvro-jrard llne after two
unsuccessful attempts at a fleld goal
by drop-klcks by Atklns. Rlchmond
iliinlly sent Lankford through tho
centre ior a pretty atralght luick ot
thirty yards for a touchdown, Atklns
ratllng to klck goal. Score. 10 to 0.
Maryland klcka olT, Rlchmond de?
femllng the ensterti goal. Atklns
brought the,plgskin back flfteen yards,
losing the ball, when tackled. Falllng
to jtaln. ihe Fartners aUeinpted a tleld
goal from placement, but the ball went
wide of the mark. Atklns brought the
ball back twelve yards and the whlstle
lilew with Rlchtnond's ball on her
twcnty-flvc-yitrd line.
The $eroiid Half.
Maryland kicks off to Richmond, dc
fmdlng tlie w^t goal. Smith hrlngs
the ball back twelve yards. ltli'hmond
worked the ball up t.? wlthin atrlklng
dlBtance of the Maryland goal, but
fallod on an attempt to lantl a drop
from tho ficld. Maryland kicks out,
and on runs by Atklns, Wrlght and ti
pretty llne buck by .Lankford, Rlch?
mond scored her third touchdown,
Lankford- carrylng tho ball over. At?
klns kicks goal. Score: 16 to 0. ,
Rlchmond scored her last touchdown
with caso, the Maryland boys belng
cntlrely uaed up. and puttlng up only
a feeble defense. Lankford carries
tho ball over agatn for a touchdown,
Atklns landlng an easy goal. Score;
Richmond, 22; M. A. C, 0.
Tho game closed with "the ball in
M. A. C.'n torrltory, on their thirty
yard llne.
The work of the Richmond back fleld
was good. Atklns, Lankford, Sthlth and
Wrlght doing some spoctacular run?
nlng. The llne-.up:
Rlchmond. Position. M. A. C.
Savllte.left ond.~.Mayer
Sadlerr.left tackle..R. Hoen
Strinsfollow,'J..left guard.Sylvester
Strlngfellow, E.. centro .Ward
Barefoot.right guard.Whlte
Davls. right tackle-Andrews
Saunders'.right end.Shipley
Smlth. quarter .Corey
(Rue.M.) (Adams)
Wrlght.left half back.Adams
(captaln) (Blrd)
Atklns.right half back.. .Saunders
Lankford. full back.S. Hoen
Touchdowns?Wrlght, Lankford (3).
.Goals from touchdowns?-.Atklns (2).
Roferee, Mr. RoblnB (V. P. I.) Um?
pire, Mr. Knight (Prlnceton). Head
linesman and tlmekeeper, Mr. Handy
(Richmond College). Lineamen?Crap?
ster (M. A. C), Coleman (R. C.) Ttmu
of halves, 25 and 20
Wc'ro not nusrllista and ar? not look.
Iner for trouble.
Competltlon gota many a blnck oy?
those days, when thev bumn up agalnr,t
our Ovorcoat stock,
Tako our *-?-no Keraey Chesterfield
Or our $18.50 Long RalncoaL
?&?? Smart r:oii<.KC-Cut Kults of
Vi oratedB nt ?15.?io or our Hwell CoVort
?in ooCh?Vl0t Topcn,lt8 nl ?io.io or
Just note the artlstic cut and olcgaut
Competltlon cnn't touoh them at tho
price, and tiiey cet hurt everv tlma
they run against them.
irk-Parrish Co.
The Clothiers,
412 East Broad Street.
At AnnapolUR Navy, 18; Rutgera, 0.
At Frinccton: Prlnceton, 18; Sprlng
held Tralning, 0.
At Phlladelphla: Penngylvnnla Fresh
men, 18; Conway Hall, 0.
At Ilhaca: Cornell. 11; Hamllton, 0.
At Catnbndge. Harvard, 16; UnlveV?
alty of Malne, q.
At Phlladelphla: Pennaylvanla, 18)
Bucknell, 0.
At Wilkeshnrro: Carllslo, 15; Peun
sylvnnla State, S.
At Provlderic*: Brown, 6; Colgate, 0.
At illghlatid Falls, N. Y.: West Polnt,
5; Tufts, i>.
At Chicago: Chicago, 39; Purdue, 0.
At Ann Arbor: Mlchlgan, l?; Case,
At Charlotteavllle: Virginia, 22t
Rnndolph-Macun, 0,
At Mlnneapolls: Mlnnesota, 6; Law.
ren.'f, 0.
At New Ilaven: Yalo, 5; Syracuso, 0.
At. South Bethlehem, Pa.: Lehigh, ?'?;
Btevi ns, 0.
At Eaatori, Pa.: Lafayette. 22; Htatt
Norm.il, 0.
At . Burllngton: Vcrmont, 5; Iloly
Crosa, 0.
At Hanriyer: Dartmouth, 33; Ma.-sa
chusctts Agrlculture, o.
At Cohtrabus: Wooater. s-. Ohlo
Btate, ".
At Bloomington; indlana. t<; De
.\: AmhTst:
At Carllslo. Pa.: Dlekii
Itn an.i Marshall, 0.
At Morgantown, W.
giniu. jjj Westmlnster,
| Fordham,
:;. IS; Fiank
; West Vir
CG, I>o..u.st Grovo
Ot Soutli
M Athletlc (iu1.,
, At. Lexington. Va,: V
tary Inatltute, 31. Willlam
nla M1H
.1 M.uy. 0,
[Special i-i The Jhnpa-Diapataa.]
I?Honaker, Vlrginia'a diminutlve o.uar
trr back^ who wtarred ou the varslty
team last BBaaon, dropped into Char?
lotteavllle shortly after noon to-day,
?and at 3 O'clock tiotted out on Lambeth
Fleld In his football t.-t-.s. along wlth
lhe ro3t of lhe pquad. Before the ga,ma
| wlth Randolph-'Macon and during tho
Intermlsslon betwcen halves he in
i diilgod ln light prellminary practiec, such
jas pasatng and catching the ball, HOn
uker's return has caused much glee ln
' the football cnmp and glveh the coaehea
j much satlbfactlon. Wlth two such
ground galners as Honaker and Ptan
| ton in the back fteld, Vlrginla should
i provo a match foc auch teaina aa S< ?
| wanee, Georgetown and North Caro
j llna. Both are exceeciiugly fast and
cluver dodgers, and once pusl tlie llno
wlll bo very hard to stop.
Honaker came direci fi'Otn his home
In Texas, whero for weeke he baa b(?< M
bealoged wlth tetegrnnw from his col?
lege mat.es, urglng him to come to thn
rescue of the team. whlch badly ncede.i
his eorvlcea. Ao herolc ttfurt wlll" now
be made by the coaches to strcngthen
the Lne, and if thls can be done tho
student body will rest e;,sy and await
tho outcoino of the apnroaching cham
plonshlp contests wlth little fear.
Ilattle Axe t'uptiircN Peunaul,
Before a large crowd the C. C. A. and
Batlle Axe te.uus, which were tied for
the lead lu tnts Amateur League, tho
latter won ln an intoresting contest.
Pnarman, who started In the box, last
od but two innings. a homer by Winters
cendlng him to ui; bench. Augustine'i
battln'g and a sensatlonal play by J.
Milior in tlie ninth, keeping the losera
from tying tho score, featured for tha
victors. hharp at short starred fov
C. C. A. Owing to the absence of the
regular pitcher. Strain. who went out
of town and was uncertain as to hls
return, Fltzpatrlck creditably twlrled
the game. Consistent and heavy bat
ting won for Battlo Axo, tho first four
runs belng earned.
Scoro by Innings: R,.
Batlle Axo.2 2 0 2 U 0 0 0 0?d
C. C. A.0 0 2 0 0 0 0 3 0?fj
Sumraary; Two-baso hit?J. MUler.
Three-base hit?Hay. Home run?
Winters. Ktolen bases?-Hulcher, R
Miller, Whltfield, Bowers. Double plays
?Balley to Slttording. Base on balls
?Off Crawford, 1; off Fltzpatrlck, 1.
Hlt by pitehed balls?Whltfield. Struck
out?By Crawford, 8; hy Fltzpatrlck,
6. Passed balls?Hay. Time of game,
1:45. Umplres, Mescp"! ancl Landrum.
Attendrmco, 1,879, _
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