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M_S__? Tf*
Richmond College Goes Down Before Superior Play of
Ashland Team?Lemon and Black Goal Never Seri
ously Menaced, While Three Touchdowns Were
Made on the Red and Blue.
Rand.lpli-Macon annwod Richmond
College undrr yesterday ovenlng on tiie
Broad Street Park grldlron. The gamo
whs_ hard fuiiRlit, ns ali gntnes between
the 1*11 ms rtpreaentlng these two rlv.-il
cilleges always nre, but the Yellow
Jiiekets' goal wus never aeridusly me.i
?C.d, aml most of the play throughout
the gamo woh ln tho SplderV terrltory.
lt waa a caso of titc- ligliter team
ivlnnlng on supcrinr te_tn work and
bottor Indlvidual play; that Is tho story
of tho i-'iiii.-.it In .i nutshelL The
Randolpli-Maron cleverl, whlle several
pounda llghter, waa much faster and
Lad a greater varlety of playa than
tho locnl team, and thelr men were i.i
bottor condition.
Xotwlthstanding the drlz.llng raln
? nd gray. lowerlng sklon, 2,000 people
occupled grundatand and Bldellneswh-ti
Referee Qammon'a whi.tl. blew for the
icsme to begln. RIchmond Colleg_*_
rooters were out ln force, nnd thoymad.;
the weikln rlng wlth college yells o.ul
?ongs. Randolph-Maron. too, had her
following, and lt was a nrdsy one, full
of surpius enthusiasm, which they had
emple opportunity of worklng off as
the Lemon and fllack tore off gre_t
galns around the enda nnd through the
line of the Ited and Plue.
Richmond College fought hard, and
th* Itcd nnd Pluo llne contested atub
bornly every play, but the hacks, ends
and llne of the "lllbllts"' were too
Btrong, and tlio speed with whlch "Kid"
C'haplaln, Randolph-Macon's star 1.6
pound quarter ran tlie team ruahed
Bichmond off its feet.
Prnnllle- I'lnit Hul.
Roth teams were a bit too eager, and
Beveral of the llnemen on each side
wero penallzed for lioidlng in tho llne.
The offlcials did thelr duty. and did lt
Well, and thelr rullngs were falr and
tmpartlal. all the peualtles they inlll?:t
_d belng merlted ones.
For Richmond College, her back
fleld, cspocially Atkins and Lankford,
played hard ball. but the line was weak
and the ends allowed Uierr.selves to be
cut ln frequcntly, both Sessler anrl
Rowe sklriing them for several long
galns. RIchmond College could not
work the forward* P?'?a to any advan
tage. whlle the Methodlsts made many
of thelr beet gaint, on this play. Story
and Qlllette both dolng BUperlor work
on receiving the ha!!. Sessler and
I'.owe, the Ashland boys' half back.*.
made levrad beautiful runs around j
Rlchmond's ends, and Chaplaln pulled
off aome ?iee galns on the quarter
back -un
For RIchmond, L.nkford did some
pretty llne plunging. and Wrlght made
cne pretty end run. hv.r they were the
only Richmond men who could make
any materlal galns. Randolph-Macon's
ends were Jnvlnclble, and thelr backs
liandlfcd punts wlth consummate skiil.
Captaln Harlan, a vcteran of last sea
aon'a crack team, got hls klckB off
?w .1. and hls llne plunglng was a
coneistent asset in the Lemon and
Black galns. The only thlng to mar
Randolph-Macon's nearly perfect work
was one or two fumbles with touch
downs ln sight. The Ashland llne,
though mostly made up of now men,
was exceptionally strong, quick and
aggresslvc. and four of Rlchmond's
punts were blocked. Jones, a freshman
on the Yellow Jacket t<-am, ond Jaek
son. the big last year's tackle. wore
towera of strength In the llno, block
Ing Rlchmond's klcks ahd frequently
maklng beautiful tackles on tho end
To mention the Randolph-Maeori
Btara woulcl bn to namo tho whole
team. Each man did hls part, and did
lt well and conslstently, and thls ls
tmcccesful football. There was star
-work on the part of indlvidual players,
but steady team work was what made
the Lemon j?nd Black wave proudly
over ihe Red and Blue in yesterday'a
Warren had his team well drllled
and in good condition, and tlie victory
Is a credit to hls men and to the way
thoy liave been coach ed. Few teams
iiem lhe snuUler colleges of this State
have ever made a better showing than
Randolph -Macon did yesterday.
To praise Randolph-Macon's work is
no disparagement of Rlchmond's men.
Tlie. Splders, whlle beaten. worke.i hard
ond contested stubbornly from the first
whistle to the cloae of the la'st lialf.
They were outpiayed, but not dis
, gtaeed, and never for a niiiinte did
they quit or lay down. They were
whlpped, but only by superlor team
work and faster play.
T _e Dctnllr-d Play.
Captaln Harlan won the toss, and
Richmond .secured the klck-off, ilefeiid
ing the east goal. _ lisht dri-.lo was
falling when the game started, but
before the half closed the sun was
trying to shlne, nnd tlie sliglit Inter
feronco of Juplter P, did not serlously
bothor either players or speetator.s.
Harlan klcked to Davls, and Rleii
monil, after two attempts to galn,
klcked to Chaplaln, who ran the ball
back slxteen yards. Sessler gained
fourteen yards around Uunsomc's end.
Randolph-Macon ir.l.ea qimTtor back
klok. tlie ball going otu at Rlchmond's
forty-flve-yard llne. Richmond fails
to gain, Ricklng on thlrd down to
Cliaplalp, who runs the bull back five
ynrds. Sesslor gets u pretty run of
thlrly-flvo yards on fake klck; Ollletto
galns twenty-five yards on a pretty
forward pass. Sessler gols flvo yards
more around left ond. Harlan ndds
six yards through centre. But'hero
RIchmond takes a bruce. and tlio ball
goes ever. _ right and Lankford make
eleven yards.
The Plrnt S<>oro.
Richmond Irlos quarter buck klok,
but iSesHler blocks it, falling on the
ball. Story, on a well oxnouted forward
pass, car'rioa tho ball to Rlchmond's
fnur-ynrd llne. llarlnn is slvovrid over
for a touchdown. Harlan punts out,
but tlio ball goes over Uilletto's head.
tSeore, Randolpli-Macon College, 5;
Richmond College, 0.
Randolph -Macon receives kiek-off,
flofondlng en.t gonl. Chaplaln runs the
ball back twclvfl yards before belng
:lowned. After two Liies for only throo
yards gain Harlan punts to.centre of
tlio fleld, Story, liy u beautli'ul tackle,
tlirowlng Alkln.'i ln hi.s traoks, Aftor
|.WQ tneffeotual attempts 'to advance
tlio ball, Rlclnnond puhtp; ("liaplaiti
receives klck, hrtnglng \ bull back
livelvo yards on a pretty / run.
Knnc'ij i.reiu lluu.
Rpwp r.fpa off 35 yavds around
Rlc(imoi1fl'_ rlght end. C.'l'iaplain addf
right ;.ordM on quarter baiVk run, ilur
laii Rjakes iii.t Uoivu. u_ tbe ?e?l
i, {
: X
play the Ashlander- fumhle, a Rlch
monil man falling on the ball. Han
doIpli-Macon Is penallzed five yards
for offslde play. RIchmond kicks,
Chaplaln gettlng tlin h,-tL_. Harlan
punts, and C-llletto downs Atkins for
a IpBB. Wrlght galns five yards, and
Lankford makes flrst down on line
pltlhge, OlllOtta nnd Harlan throw
Montgomery for loss. Richmond klcka
ball nver Raridolph-Macon'a line for a
touchdown. . Randolph-Macon punts
out from twenty-flvo-yard llne.
Itleluiioiiil Mnkes l-ln.i lloitn.
RIchmond fumhle* klck, but r.cov.rs
ball. Wrlght galns seven yards. RIch?
mond makes It flrst down on llne plunge,
Montgomery is thrown for a loss. Gil
lette, tn ono of the ne-atest tackles of
the game. downs Lankford way back
of the Une. Richmond klcka. '"Kid"
Chaplaln runs ball back fi'fteen yards.
.Montgomery la auhatltuted by Itue,
Sessler makes slx yards on ahort end
run. Tlme. called for end of half wlth
ball ln Randolph-Macon's poasesalon
vm Splder's forty-yard llne.
Tbe "-cceiui Half.
RIchmond klcked off tb Randolph
Macon, dBfending west goal. the ball
bouncing over Cox"s head. Story fell
on It on the Methodiats" flfteen-yard
llne. Harlan punts to flfty-flve-yard
llne, whero Sessler throws Atkins for
loss, Wrlght make?. a pretty run of
fifteen yards around left end, Lankford
nnd Rew belng thrown for loss. At?
kins tries goal froi.i field, but Ran
dolph-Macon broke through and blocked
the ball, Glllctte securlng lt on Rlrh
mond'a forty-elght-yard Itue. Ran
dolph-Macon trtes forward pass un
succesafully. and la penallzed fifteen
yards. Harlan kicks, Lankford brings
ball gack elght yards. Jones replaeea
Chapman ln Ranaoiph-Macon llne.
Richmond is penallzed fifteen yards
on forward pass. The delayed pass
belng atopped by Randolph-Macon,
Riclimond kicks, Harlan maklng fair
catch on hls- twenty-flve-yard llne, An
exchange of punts followed, Richmond
securlng ball at mlddle of the fleld.
Rlchmon'd fumbles, and Randolph-Ma?
con secures the ball. Sessler makes
pretty end run of thirty yards. Rowe
adds four yards, and Harlan ten, bul
a fumhle glves Richmond tho ball or
her eeven-yard llne
Tlie Sreond Touchdown.
Richmond kicks to centre of the
fleld. Story makes a flfty-flve-yard
run on the forward pass for a touch?
down. Harlan falls on goal. Score
10 to 0.
Richmond kicks off to Story, whe
advancea ball five yards. After twr
downs, Harlan kicks to Lankford, wh(
is downed by Rowe'a hard tackle
Wrlght tries end for no galn, belng
knocked out ln the tackle, Meredltl
aucceedingr him. Jones throwg Lank?
ford for loss. Cox gets ball on fumblc
Cha'plain goes fifteen yards on quar?
ter back run. Rowe goes thirty-flvt
yards, being downed on Rlchmond's
four-yard llne. Harlan goes over foi
touchdown and lands easy goal. Score
lf, to 0.
The rest of the game was malnlj
a puntlng one, In which Randolph
Macon blocked four of Atklns's punts
the Ashland linesmen going througl
jat wlll. The half ended wlth Ran
Wins Grea,t Race in Last Quarter From Master Robert by
Length?Other Winners: Royal Captive, Agent,
Trance, Delirium and Samuel H. Harris.
NEW YORK. October 10.?August
Belniont's thrc-e-year-old, i'nlr Play,
ran another wonderful race at Bolrnont
Park to-day, when he captured the
Munlclpal Handlcap, at a mile and
.hree-quarters. He plcked up 1-7
pounds. glving lunips of scale weight
to hls rivals, and was rldden by .1. Lee.
There were seven starters, with Fall
Play the favorite wtlh- tlie oval speou
iatpra, whlle Master Koberts and Frank
Gill were both consldered dangerons
When the barrier went up Beaucour.
rushed to the front. oiosely followed by
Brother Jonathan. Tourennc and Mis.
Crawford. Fair Play. slow to begln. ai
usual, was taken on the outside of tlu
fleld all tho way, so that ho trav-le.
farther than any other horse in tlu
race. Once in the back stretch Let
began to hustlo Falr Play, who grad
ually wore down tho pace-makers.
Ile turned iu to the home stretcl
wlth Master Robert on the outside ol
him and Frank Gill comiug with hli
usual rusK on tlio inside. Lee weni
to lhe whlp for a moment. and as Fali
Play responded qulckly wlth Increase,
speed and stamlna, ho was satlsfied W
ritle him odt to the end. where ht
passed tlio judges a length before Mas?
ter Robert, with Frank Gill two length:
back, beatlng Totirfnne a head foi
thlrd money. Tho time was 2:5S. two
ftfths of a second slower than tlu
track record held by G. C. Bennett't
Trnm-e \Ylim the \umer.v.
Georgo. Odom's splendid filly Trance
with top weight, 12 _ pounds, on he
back, wuh vlctorloue in tho rlch Xurse
ry Handlcap. (pr two-year-olds, sl?
furlongs, struiglitaway. She was rlcl
c|en by Jockey MUler, and for tha
reason the siiiai't sot made .lanie:
Rowc's Seleclman a favorite over hor
Bul when lt camo to racing, Trano
broke away from the barrier like i
flasli apd made all tbe running, ni.ie,
hy a heavy wlnd, whlch blow strnigli
down the course, Trance was tlrlng i
bll nt the end, so MUler rode her ou
to wln hy two lengtlis ln 1:10 1-6
Jelectman closed in the last furlong
and nailod the place hy u hoad frou
!Mr. Belniont's Field Mouse. who rai
COUpled with Practlcal, a length back
Joe Madden could not ralso a gallop.
lU-lirhiin Hius Mnulinltun,
II. P. Whltuey's Dolirlum won th
MaiihaUan llaiulkap, for all ages, a
I slx furlong, maln ooursb. Togelhe
'with Fnsliiou I'liito, riellrlum bt-ok
I frnin nn outside posltlon at tho ppg'i
Ibui Gilbert managed to got lu neitr tli
|rall, wliilo Upton kopt Fashion Plat
twido nll tho way home. Besom, th
I early paee-makfir, qult at the head o
|tlio stretch; also Domunil, Thon Mi
Bclu_ut'_ Half. -overylgu lookeel th
dolph-Mncon's hall on Rlchmond's
thlf.y--lvo-.afd ilrie.
The llno-up:
K. C. Po. ,..on. It. M. C.
Itan.omo .left end. Storv
Badlcr .left tackln. Cox
Strlngfellow, J.left guard."Drewry
Btringfellow, B,.centre. N.wman
Uarefoot ....right guard.... Chapman
Davla .right tackle.laclcson
Haunrlers .right end. Gllletto
Atklns .nwirterback..., Chaplaln
Wrlghi .left baif back... .Deaaler
(captaln) (Mcredlth*)
Lankford .fall back. Harlan
Montgomery right half back.Itowe
Touchdown!"?Harlan (2). StOry (1).
Goals from touchdowns?Harlan (1).
Tlme of halvea?twenty minutes.
Iteferoe?Gammon (Hanipden-Sldney).
Umpire?Knlght (Prlncoton). Head
llnenman?Simpson (North Carolina).
Llneamcn?Wlllla (Richmond College),
and Lawleal (Randolph-Macon Col?
At West Point, N. Y.: West Point. 33;
Trlnlty. o.
At Andover: Yalo Freshmen, 5; Phil?
llps Andover, 0.
At Amlierat, Mass.; Amherst, 0; Uni?
versity of Vermont, 0.
At Provldence. R. I.: Brown, 12;
Bowdoin, 0.
At Hamllton. N. Y.: Colgate, 12; Ho
, bart, 0.
i At Buffalo: Tndlana, 12; Syracu.e. 0.
1 At Ithaca: Cornell, 23; Oberlln, 10.
At Rochester, N. Y.: Elmlra. 0; West
High, 11.
At Hanover, N. IL: Dartmouth, 18;
Tufts, n.
' At Sprlngfleld. Mass.: Sprlnglleld
Training. 21; Connectlcut Agrlcultural,
At Pittaburg: University of Pltts
i burg. 27; Bethany, 0.
I At Lexlngton: V. M- I.. 40; Hampdnn
, Sldncy. 0.
At Chlcago: Chlcago, 23; Tndlana, 8.
At Prlnceton: Prlnceton, 0; LaFay
ctte, 0.
( At Mlnneapolis; Mlnnesota, 15; Ames,
At Lanalng: Mlchlgan, 0; Mlchlgan
Agrlcultural. 0.
At New Haven, Conn.: Yale, 18: Holy
Cross. 0.
At Cambridge, Mass.: llarvard. 10;
Williams. 0.
At Phlladelphia: Unlveralty of Penn?
sylvanla. ?; Stste College, 0.
At Groton. Mass.: llarvard Fresh?
men. .; Groton School, 0.
At Fxeter. N. Y.: Prlnceton Fresh?
men. 12; Philllps F.xeter, 10.
At Annapolis; Naval Academy. 22;
Dickinson, 0.
At Lewiaburg. Pa.: Gettysburg, 6;
BuckneH. 5.
At South Bethlehem, Pa.: Lehlgh,
12; Rutgera, d.
At Washington: George V1. ashlngton
Unlveralty, 21; Eastern College, Front
Royal. Va . 0.
At Lexlngton: Virginia Military In?
stltute. 40; Hampden-Sldney College, 0.
At Washington: Georgetown Unlver?
alty, 22' Baltimore Medlca. College, i.
At Newport News: Washington and
L-p 0- University of North Carolina. 0.
At Knoxvllle: Tennessee, 33; Mary
vllle, 5. ,.''_.._
At Orange: Woodberry, 5; FlEh
burne, 0. . _ , .
. At Blrmlngham, Ala.: Unlversty of
' Alabama. 17; Howard College, 0.
At Ashevllle: Aaheville School, ?;
Catawba. 0.
At Richmond: Randolph-Macon Col?
lege, 1G; Rlchmond College. 0.
Wakc Forrnt Wlni.
fSpecinl tn The Tlr._a-Diapatch.I
j TVAKB FORKST. N. C... October 10.?In
a 1 .osely-plnycd same here to-day Walce
IFereat Collego won from Warrenton IllRhj
I Sohool by (tcora of 21 to 0. Forehand. Gay
and Leggi tl did beat work for Wako Foreat,
wlllc Graham and Cherry worked well for
Warrenton High School.
Wako Foreat waa greatly crlppled. flve of
their men not belng ablo to play on ac
ccunt of mlnor Injuriea recelved ln the
laat ftame.
winner, but Delirium camo wlth a
gallant rush at lhe end, and won by a
half length In 1:11 3-5, e.ualling the
world's record, Half Soverelgn fln?
lshed second, tbe same margln before
Fashlon Plate, who, after swinglng
very wide at the head of the stretch,
closed wlth a remarkable turn of speed
and convinced the esperts that ho was
easlly the best liorse in the race. Wide
Mason came from nowiiere, and was
ahead of the money, wlth Besom prae
ticnlly on even terms wlth him. Sum
Flrst race?flllies. two-year-olds,
slx furlongs?Royal Captlve, llrst;
AfCllCtlon, second; Lady Rellna, thlrd.
Time, 1:10.
Second race?the Brook cap, steeple
c-liase, handlcap, four-year-olds and up,
about three mlles?Agent. first; Water
Speed, second; Mark Gumberts, third.
Tlme, 6:0. 2-5.
Third race?the Nursery Ilandicap,
tivo-ycar-olds, four furlongs?Trance
first, Selectman second, Field Mouse
thlrd. Time, 1:10 1-:,.
JFourth race?the Manliattan Ilandi?
cap, two-year-olds and up, six furlongs
? -ollrium first, Half Soverelgn sec?
ond. Fashlon Plato thlrd. Time,
1:11 3-5.
Flfth race-the Munlelpal Handlcap,
tliroe-year-olds and up, one and three
quarter mlles?Fair Play flrst, Master
Robert second, Frank Gill thlrd. Time,
Slxth race?mile and an liglith?Sam?
uel fi, Karris tirst, Beauclero second,
Kllliecrankie, third. Time, 1 ;53.
Ilnrvuril Dowuh Yl'lIUnr.iis.
CAMBRIDGE, MASS,, October 10.-?
Harvard defeated Willlumn to-dny, 10
to 0, iu a gamo -whlch wus largely
glven over to excliangcs on punts,
Save for it few mlnutes in tho second
half, when Harvard mado good g.iins
and secured her only touchdown,
noither slde was abie to make much
lioadway tlirougli tho llnes. Tho re-'
inalning four polnts .earn. t<> Harvard
through Biirr's goal from placomonr.
in CTk, tirst hall'. after Oorbott had
mudu a fall' catch of Brown'.-; punt.
Yale Bi-nts Holy Cross.
NI_W HAVEN, N. II.,. October !???
Valo beat Holy Cross thls afternoon
ln football, 18 to o. Whlle tbe visitors
were able.to hold Yale down to threo
acores, ut no tlmo did thoy lulvance
near eiioug-h to Yale.. goal llne to on
cluiigei- lt. Biides played right half
back tor Yale. aiul was rosponsible for
oit,i touchdown. In tho second hulf,
Murphy, of Valo, mado a .spoclacular
run through tho Holy Cross team, get
ting tlio biiii ou a punt nnd ruuulng
it buck Hilrty-flve yard..
Chlcngo'- tniiiiiMiny on tlie rlrlnc Hnc, whose twtrllrtf. hns Rone a long nnyii
lowiird k.-rplin_ the Cubs ln tlie front rank"
1, & LI HE
Neither Side Able to Score,
Though Tarheeis Keep all in
Collegians' Territory.
[Special toTheTlmea-Dijpatch.]
NEWPORT NKW.S. V.v. October 10.?
Washington and Lee aa:! tiio Univer?
sity of North Carolina played a no
score game hero this evenlng ln the
presence of nearly 2,000 spectators.
The game was listless, and enthusiasm
was consplcuous by its absence. The
Carolina boys had all the best of lt.
keeplng the ball in Washington and
Lee territory nearly all of the tlme
and narrowly mlsslng a touchdown
several tlmes.
Both teams were lacklng ln glnger,
tho Lexlngton boys especially played
like they were half asleep. Feuerstein,
the little Wasuington and Lee quarter
back, played a hard same, and fur?
nlshed what life there was to the work
Of his team. His splendid effort at a
goal from the Carolina forty-flve-yard
line, the ball sailirig squarely between
the posts and barely below the bar,
was ono ot the features of the gamo.
Thomas, half back, and Kiley, full
back, were the stars for Carolina. The
game ended wlth the ball on the
Washington and Leo twonty-yard line
after a fumble had prevented Carolina
from scoring.
Washington and Lee averaged 172
and Carolina 1U3. Linc-up of the
W. & L. Posltlon. Carolina.
iasard.left end.Wiggins
Osborn.loft tackle. ....... .?Rogers
Morales.left guard.Rogevs
Blaekbiirn. centre .D.ah
Pclter.right guard.Howell
McCor'd.right tackle.Norwood
Sniartt. .right ond.Manhirtg
? (Captaln. i
Feuerstein.. . .quarter back.Tillett
Barnard.left half Back..."*. .RUffln
Aldeisod.left tackle.Kiley
Envood.right back.Thomas
Referee, Armstrong (Virglnla). Um
plro, Pat Barry (Virginia). Head Llnes
nian, Copperberg.
To-nlght tlie teams atid.other visitors
attended a liop at tho Ghamberlln
South Carolinians Beaten by
Hodgson's Superior Punting.
Blacksburg Team Heavy.
| Special to Tha Times-Di.patcli.]
10.?V. p. I. defeated Cloinson ln a
Close game thla afternoon by a score
of ti to 0. Tho Virginia Techs excelled
in piin'tlhg, and to t.hat superlority
their .vlctory is undoubtedly duc
Hodgson is n star lu thla department
hls punis iivoraglng from flfty to elxty
yards, and being plaeed with rore good
jiidgment. Tne V. P, I. team is heavy,
aKgrro-stve! .ulek on changing and
ilei've m lacltlmg. The work bt Hlolta
and Hiift.ird WUS a feature of lhe
game. There nre no pluye.. on Clem
uon'a team of BU.hct.nt experlenco
to i>e classed as atars, hnt tlu-* team
work this afternoon .liowod thut tlie
eleven is VGlVndlng Into a CQinpao'.,
elllcieut niachine, whlch will glve a
?rood docount oi' itself h.'foiv tlu* sea
ao'n ls ovor. Tha lljie-up;
Y. v. i. Posltlona, qiomaon,
Hbd.s,..-._ rif.ht.iul .\Yhlt<
.1. 1'. .Ji.ies. . llght tucklo.Odun
Ef R, llodgaoil I'lgllt guiird . . . . Hydrlel
GlhbO*.. centre. .CqQhrfti
Campbell. lott guard .!? emlni
11 G, .Tones... left.tackle -.'.tlllniei
Capt. Iliiffunl.. left end .(.lortoi
.'niin.iii''... quarter baoh. ...Capt. Oolei
BlUttps. irlgh . hull' .l..ock.i
V. B.'Ilodgsoil full back .Robi
i_UUl'slll.left U-l" ., .__.M_Fuuii_
In Contest Characterized by Muc.
Fumbling?Archer Christian
Does Good Work.
[Special to Tlie Ttmen-Dlspatrh.]
OIU-NGB, VA.. October 10.?Woodberr:
Forest opened her football season to-day b
; d-ieating- Fishburno Milltary Academy a
l Wootlberry by a score of . to b. Mucl
i fumbling characterized the game on bot;
! slde-. Smlth, left end for Fishburne, show
| ei hlmself stalwort on defens.. and Archo
j Cl-rlstlan, a Woodberry tackle.' waa con
| si'lecrua for hls line plunglng. Hyslop, a ne\
man at Woodberry thls year. showed oxcel
lent senernlship ln running tho team. whll
Worth and Brown handled forward passe
well. The hne-up:
Woodberry. Posltlon. Flshbuin
Wcrth.left end.Smit!
Lewls.left tackle.Bilr.
Davls.left guard.Hog.i
Baxtor.rlght guard.Can nnt
Andrevv Chrlstlan.right tackle.Co:
Wrenn (Brown).. .rlght end.Talbol
IIvslop (BrowiO. .quarter back.Uellol
Jclinson.left hait back.Smlt
Archer Chrlstlan. .full back.Vlfor.
Benet .rlght half back.Dunca:
Tlme of halves, twenty mlnutes. Touch
down, Archer chrlstiaji. Referee, Mnjo
Hudglna. Umplre, Mr. Spencar. Klali
judge, Mr. McOrmond.
Peteraburg Loaca.
The Hlghland Park Athletic Assecla
ttrm defeated lhe Petersburtj Hlgl
Sehool In a very lnterestlng gamo q
footnall ln Petershdrg Sai irday even
Tng by the score of r> >? - Petersbun
scored a safety ln the first hait
Driving Great Isotta. Hc Goes Like Rimaway and Leads
All the Way~-Three Men Injured,
ThoVh None Serlonsly.
[Special to The "rlmos-Dispat.U.]
CIRCU1T. N. Y., October 10.?Three ao
cldenls, one of whlch lt is fcared will
prove mortal, attended tlio five racef
that lnaugurated the opening to-day
of the New Jlotor Parkway, over whlch
the Vanderbllt Cup race wlll bo run.
Two of the victlms were apectntbrs
Meyer AlblOll, of Oyster Bay, was stand.
Ing'at the edge of the course, on llu
road to Weatbury, when the _!ttl?:
Buick CNo. 3) raced by. .uupping a
cyllnder and stioottng n small dlso ol
metal from the rear. Albion was struck
on the head and hls sktlll fructurcd
He managod lo drag hlmself to West
! bury, when he was taken to the Nus
! aaii County Hospital ln an umbulunce
When tlio man ivas struck tlie Buloli
wns on Ita last lap. It contlnued wlth?
out pau.B'lng. and won tho NasBftl
Another winner. the eiiolmers-Do
trotl (No. 111 in the Jericho bvveep
atakes, commltted a similar freal
whlle orossing a brtdgi n mile eesl
ot' Westbury. i>. 13. -Matthews, ol
Ik-iiiiisii'iul, waa sittiim "ii a banK
abovo lhe brldge when a wedge ol
iron shot ou. of tho engine of th..;
Chalmers-Dbtroll and struck him >?i
the licad. He waa taken to the Nassai
County Hospital Hufferlug froui u se
,vvcro BCftlp wound,
Tlu- thlrd inlshap involvod one ...
i tlu. partlclpanta in the races, W. Ut
i iui.it.', tho iiuchaniciaii ?f tliq Stoddard
'. Dnyioit car iN... ll-.li, whlch iiii-iiei
I turtle at riainvicw. Uiroullo aml MII
her, the .drlver, wore pltehod ou.t bt l\V
j car. iu the ei'U-h, Lhe iii-.-cliauiciai
bre&klng hla left axin. MUler was un
hurt. Uunotte was lakou to his traln
j ing camp. whero ht? arm wa. set, tln
overtiurn'ed cur was rtghtod aml con
lliiucil tlie l-.icc Wlth a new iiuchuni llttl
Grenl -Show of Speed.
I i?ave for those unfortunato lncldent
J tho Berlea of five BwoepBtakea waa i
i givot..success. Th,. I-11V event nf th
jserles. lli,/ Mptoy l'lirkway sweeji
-i-Kca. wa. ivun by l.ytl . drlvlng .
First Game of Series Goes to Team From. Windy City by
Big Score?Rain Holds Attendance Down, but More
Than 10,000 Persons See Contest,
"DETROIT, MICII.. October 10.?
Rain rcndered tho flrst of the serles
of baseball gamea at Betinett Park this
afternoon between Detroit ano Chicago,
for tho worid's champlonship, whlch
went to tho Windy Clty players, 10 to
C, an aquatic exhibition of some merlt.
To the lmpartial observer, lt waa a
tank drama, with tta many scene. of
low comedy, but to tha local enthusl
obIh tho comedy was a tragedy. Jt was
not pleasant, locally, to obscrvo Catch
or Hchmldt, lylng prone In the mud,
four feet from the home plate, wlth
the ball ln hls hand, struggling to
arlse, whlle a Chlcago player trotted
ln wlth a run. Nor wero other serlo
comic incldents duo to the condltion of
tho grounds and the sllppery, wet ball,,
appreciated by tho serlous followers of
the fortunes of either team. Chicago
was compelled to use three pltchera to
win the gamo, whllo Detroit employed
two In .helr efforts to check the Cubs.
But lt was, for all that, a gamo full
of surprlses and heart-breaklng cll
niaxes. Detroit, in tholr half of the
llrst Innlng. put a run across the plato
in sharp fashlon. But in the third,
Chlcago rushed in four tallles, whllo the
locals woro unable to oonnect wltli
the ball.
In tho seventh, pnndemonlum broke
Iooso as Detroit added threo more to
their score. making the score 5 to -t
ln favor of Chlcago. Tho noiss* becamo
car-spllttlng ln tho n'ext lnning when
.ho "Tlgers" accumulatod two moro,
givlng them the lead of ono run. They
had the lead once, lost It and then re
galned it.
Tlie nlnth was different. It belonged
strlctly to Chlcago. Comlng from be
hlnd they annexed five more' tallles.
Even then, wlth memorles of the prc
vlous innlng. tho cheerful local en?
thusiasts did not glvo up hope of De?
troit tying thp scoro, or even wlnnlng
out. But Mordecal Brown was pltch
ing steady, hard ball, and Detroit was
set down without another run.
Good Itnlny Day Crowd.
The attendance, officially glven out
as 10,812 pald admlsalon., was cur?
talled by the weather. All forenoon
the sun shono brlghtly aiid the tt*m
i peraturo was mtld. Crowds' wended
I their way to Bennett Park and tho
j stands were comfortably fllled when a
change came over the sky. Then a
i sllght sprlnklo began at Bennett Park,
! more like a mlst than a rain. But lt
iwas enough to turn many persons away.
j Play began with a drlzzle coollng tiio
| enthusiasm of the spoctators, and by
j the time the second lnning was under
j way a heavy rain was falllng. At tho
I end of the flfth innlng <t showed slgns
I of abating. Another lnning and it had
| ceased, but the dlamond and outfleld
I were exceedingly slippery. and the baso
j lines were mere elongated puddles of
| mud.
| After the game Manager Jennings
declared that D6troit was by no means
discouraged. Wlth a dry fleld and an
j other chance he declared that It would
| be another story.
Manager Chance, of Chlcago, said
that the victory was no surprlse to hlm,
as hla team was in as good or better
condltion than lt was last year. when
it defeated Detroit ln four straight
Chlcago won by heavy and oppor
tune hlttlng and brllliant work ln tho
fleld. Tlnker, ln particular, played a
sensatlonal game at short, making two
beautiful stops and throws, retlrlng
runners who apparently had mado safo
drlyas. lteulbach pltched superb ball
for flve Innlngs, allowlng only two
hits, both of tl.ese in tlie flrst Innlng.
In tho slxth two hits but no runs wero
garnered from hls dellvery, but ln tlie
seventh "Big Ed" weakened. Three
singlejs and a double, resultlng ln throe
runs, spelled the rotirement of Reul
bach in favor of Overall, but the latter's
atay in tlie limelight was brief and
Hls first offlclal act was to hit Mc
, big Isotta. ile negotiate.i tne ten laps
| of tho .3.16 mile courae at an average
sped of slxty-four miloa an hour,
ilnisliing In three hours thirty-nlne
mlnutes und tan seconds. He made
many trcmendous bursta of speed when
hls car made cighty inlies an hour.
Lewis Btrang. drlvlng a Renault,
was second in tho Motor Parkway. His
time was three hours fifty mlnutes
and twenty-flve seconds, ahout tweive
mlnutea behlnd tho laotta.
Lytlo set out like a riinaway sand
spout, leadlng tha entiru puck of thirty
llve. cars at every lap.
Hhs fastest lap was the iit'th, whlch
he coverod in .1 mlnutea 11 seconds.
Ile wlll drlve the samo car lu the Yan
oerbilt Cup race two weeka from to
Next ln Interest to tho 23-l..-mllc
race, won by Bytle, wus the Garden,
Clty Sweepstakos, won by tho Sluirp
Arrow. Thls car was drlven by the
two young men .who created lt, Wil?
liam A. Shnrp uud J. Sharp. Wllllain
Shurp wns at tho wheol. hls klusmaii
actlng as mechiuiician. Thls hotuc
niudts productlon simply ran away from
all tlio_ cars In Its cln.-s after tlio lirst
lap, nnd during the Urst ten mlles Ol
the llrst lap was well up behlnd tho
flying Isotta. Summari'oa;
Nassiiu -weep.slaki-s, 93.81 mlles:
mllea?Allen Ktngston (Hughei
i;00:4(; Ualni.r tHI.brow >. 1,03:43!
l.nriclu (Hllliurdi, ._-!;.6,
Motor J'ui'kway Sweepstakes, 331.6
mllea -Isotle, <Lvtiei, BjSBiiO; iten.utit
t.stiaiii.). _:f_:_5. Iiala i l.echlelier).
?l;lJ:ui?; Slmplex <__3._,ul.,-t;ltl:.l.
Intyre, but thn lnning ended wlth a
fly fout from tho next batter. The
first man up In tha next lnning?Craw?
ford?was passed, and Overall'a fate
was eealcd.
Ilrown Goes In.
Brown entered the arena, and at flrst
lt looked as lf tho voteran had lost
hls cunnlng. Hls first ball went wild,
and Crawford took second. Thon Cobb
huntod, belng safe. on Chance'a muff,
and Rossman singled. Theroafter,
however, tho mlner was complete mas
ter of the sltuation. For Detroit Kil
llan lasted 2 t-.l Innlngs, during which
Chlcago garnored flve hlts. Summors,
the "knuckle ball" expert, flnlahed tho
game. and although he was pounded
hard, thero was apparontly no tnought
of rcllevlng hlm. Some grounders that
would havo been easy outa under or
dlnary circumatances rolled so slowly
that the runner had reached flrst be?
fore tho fteldet'3 could gat tho ball.
With the brlght weather of tha fore
noon- encouraging every ono into tho
boliof that the elements had entered
Into the splrlt of the day, little talk
was to be heard savo of tho afternoon'..
gamo. Venders of flags dld a thriv
lng business.
Whlle inooming trains from Chlcago
brought several parttes o? onthusiasta
from that clty, their number waa by
no means large. Tho net result was
a crowd 50 per cent. smallor than had
been expected- Both managers and
players wero dlsappointed, but plnned
their hopes to fair weather and record
breaklng crowds at Chlcago Sunday
and Monday.
Recelpts Smaller Than Rxpecled.
Tlie gross recelpts to-day were only
116,473, Of thla, $1,6-17 goes to the
National Commlsslon; $2,9155 to tho
team owners, and $8,895 to tho players.
Tho covered stands ln whlch tho seats
were reserved, and the regular bleach
ers were well filled, but the green
circus seata had few occupants. Thls
was partly due to the rain, however.
as many spectators found thomaolvea i
less uneomfortable standlng than slt
How It Wn . Dune.
Flrst lnning?Sheekarddoubledtoright
iield, Cobb falling ln the wet grasa
as ho reached fur tlie ball. Chance
walked. Evers struck out. Schulte out,
Schaefer to Rosstnan, Scheckard takinc;
third. Chance stole second. Sitelnfeldt
llied to Crawford. No runs.
As Detroit came to bat tho rain was
falllng heavily. Mclntyrc singled over
third base. O'Leary struck out. Craw
tord struck out. Mclntyre stole sec
I ond. Cobb singled over third base.
J scoring Mclntyre, but was thrown <>ut.
. Scheckard to Evera, when he tried tc
l stretch the hit Into a two-bagger. Or.e
i run.
I Second lnning?Hofman out. Downs
to Rossman. Tlnker flied to Crawford
who made a wonderful one-handed
i catch. Kllng walked. Reulbach forced
Kling, O'Leary to Downs. No runs
Rossman was out, Tinker to Chance:
Schaefer flied to Hofman. Schmidt
out, Reulbach to Chance. No runa
lults Score Four.
Third lnning?Scheckard doubled to
j right field, Evera bunted aafely, Schulte
; singled, scoring Scheckard. Chance
forced Evers at third base, Killlan to
Schaefer. Stelnfoldt singled to right
field, scoring Schulte. Chance took
third and Stelnfeldt second on Mcln
lyre's poor throw to Schaefer. Hof
iiian walked, fllllng the bases. Sum
mers went ln_to pltcii. Tinker forced
Hofman, Downs to O'Leary, und
Chance scored. Tlnker ..tolu second.
Schaefer'a fumblo gave Ivling a life,
and Stelnfeldt scored. Kllng was
caught trying to steal, Schmidt to
Downs to Rossman. ."our runs.
Tinker mado a wonderful stop ot
Downs'a grounder, throwlng hlm out to
Chance. Sunnners struck out. Mcln?
tyre fOUled to Kling. No runs.
Fourth lnning?Reulbach struck out,
Scheckard singled to centre, hla third
hit. Evera sacrifice.d. Sumtners to
Ro.ssmiin. Schuite filed to M.Intyr..
No runs.
O'Leary out, Tinker to Chance. Craw?
ford lined to Evers. Cobb out, Evers to
Chance. No runs,
lclfth inning?Chance fouled ta
Schmldt. Steinfeldi walked. Hofmaii
forced Steinfi ldt, O'Leary to Downs.
Tinker was out, Schaefer lo Rossman.
No runs.
Rossman struck out. Schaefer :?ent a
high fly to Scheckard. S.hmldL fliod
to Hofmaii. No runs.
Slxth inning?Kllng filed to Me
Intyre, who made a pretty running
catch. Reulbach out, Downs to Ross?
man. Sclieckard fllcd to Mclntyre. No
Downs bunted io Reulbach, who
threw him out at first. Suimuers hlt
lo the same place and wont out by tlio
.same route. Mclntyre hlt the ball into
tlie ran,! Ln front of tho plato and
lt rollecl out of Kllng'a reach, _lc
Intyre guttlng to first. O'Leary sin?
gled. Crawford hit a llttle grounder
to Reulbach, who retlred him easily at
first base. No runs.
Both Score- Iu Seventh.
S.venth inning?The raln had ceasdd
somewhat ut- tho beglnnlng at the,
seventh inning. Evers hit a grounder,
to Rosamnu and was safe when Rohs
miin wat-ted too long for Summera to
cover the base. Schuite sacrlflcefi
Summera to Rossman. Downs Cumbleit
Chanco's grounder and ln- was safe at
flrst, Evors taking third. Steinfeldi
flied to Crawford and Evers scored on
tho throw ln. O'Leary and Dowm;
tried unsuccessfully to catch Chance,
hut tho Chicago captain made second,
Hofmaii out, Summera to Rosmah;
Ona run.
Cobb's drlve was too hot for Reul?
bach to handlo nnd he was safe. Ross?
man singled over second. Cobb taking
third by a darlng run. Rossman stole
second on an attempt to catch Cobb at
thlrd. Schaefer struck out. Schmldt
hit to Tinker and was thrown out at
first, Cobb scoring on tho play, Ross;
man waa held nt second. Downs dou
bled down tho third-base llne. BC_rlng
Roasmau. Sumni-.a drove h pop fly
Just over Tlnker'B head and Downs
Reulbach was talicu out and Overall
put Into pitcli. Mclntyre was hlt by
a pitehed bull. . O'Leary filed to
Soliulto. Three runs.
Overall llettrea I'rom Mnt>.
Elghth inning?Ttnger singled to
right and went to second on .? -low
throw !n. Kling .ucrifi.ed, Sumiiiv-rs
to ilossman, Tinker taking ' thlrd.
Overall struck out, Schrrkard n-si
thrown out nt tirst by (i'!.'.-,ry. fto
Crawford walked. Overall w_J take.

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