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Women's New Suits, $01 -5010 $
$35 TO $59 VALUES, SIZE 36 ONLY ? *
A New York Suit salesman on his way home sold us his sample line of Suits yes?
terday morning.
They're in size 36 only, & consist of broadcloths in greens, blues, tans, browns &
stripes. Full length coats. Newest styles this season. Sample Suits are always made
& finished in the best possible manner, as manufacturers are anxious to make the most
favorable impression possible. These Suits represent values up to $59. Our prices, $21.50
to $35.
Promoters Hold Meetiing in
Mutual Building and Map Out
Campaign for Funds.
Hendtiunrtors woro opened yesterday
ln tlio Mutual Bullding f<>i ilu- catn
tialgn commlttee havlng In charge the
s.-.iiii.orio Orenter Rlchmond College
fund. The ofllce will be kepl open
for thlrtv days, Iti whlch time II la
planned to ralae $100,000 here, tlms
fiPPiirliiR tlio suceesa of iho undertnk
ing nnd" the locatlon in tbifl clty ot the
proposed lnstltution for hlgher educa?
tlon of men and women.
Tho genaral commlttee wns organ?
lzed yesterday afternoon nt a meetlng
hold *ln the ofllce of Lleutenant-Gov?
ernor Ellyson, by amalgamatlng Into
one rii-__r.ini7.rition the foiinwing bodles:
From Post A. Travelers' Protectlve
Association ?B. ll. Elllngton,chairman;
Rlchard Gwathmey, Hampton Flemlng,
jjnhn C. Freeman. J. W. Sharp, W. C.
feentley nnd H. B. ElllS, Jr.
From the Retall Merchants' Associ?
ation?Samuel CoHen, chairman; J. G.
Cbrley I* O. Miller, II. W. Rountreu,
Hoses Thalhlmer and Burnel Lewls.
From Uie Chamber of Gommer. i..
K, Morrls, chairman; II. L Cabell, T.
6. McAdams, w. IT. Unjuhart, A.
Bierno Blalr, N. W. Bowe and B. M.
From tfie Rlchmond College alumnl?
?r. B. McAdams, chairman; w. D Duke,
John R Welsch, John B. Swartwout,
l>r. H II- I.'vy. It N Pollard, Elmo
Hotchklss, John a. Cutchlns, Professor
J.iin.-s C. Harwood and Hill Montague.
To Begin Xi'tlvc Work.
A number of subcommltteea were
.1 be
I will
be conducted by im
mitiee, wit'; a ? ?
stniitial progress on i- nd .
nr. F. W. Boatwrlght, president of
Rlchmond College, In charge nr tho of?
fice, yesterday recelved the followlng
letter from Dr. W. W. Smlth. c
of Randolph-Macon Woman's
Lynchburg, telllng of tho org
and growth of that lnstltution:
"I am greatly lnterrsted li
see about your proposed ea
Rlchmond for $100,000 towar
woman's college. 1 cannot see
people of Rlchmond can allot
fall in this lmportnnt enterprli
history of our woman's <??
Lynchburg is Indlcatlve of thi
of Virginia people In a matle
character, vou ought m succeed very
easlly, provided you project the enter
prlse on a sufflclontly large basls.
How I.jiielilnirK Succecded.
" ln ninety-four days after the mat?
ter waa lirst presented to the people of
Lynchburg, and ln thirty-four days af?
ter the canvasa was started, they had
pnbscribed $102,000 for the endowment
of Randolph-Macon Woman's College.
The populatlon nf the clty then dld
not exeeed 20,0!in. "What should hig
Rlchmond do for a simllar enterprlse?
"Mv answer to your request for a
word ls this: Plan largely, expeel grea,t
Iv. do valinnUy. II ts easler to do a
big thing thffh A little thlng. and there
ls great nVcd'and openlng for woman's
colleges in the South. There are four
Dlvlslon A rolh-gcs for women in
Massaohusetts, enrolllng a total uf
B;500 students. We have but made a
bt'ginnlng in Virginia. That whlch
, ought to be done can be done, and ul
tlmately will he done. according to
four faith. In the Master'a service
ou can feed 5.00P wlth flve loavea nnd
wo flshes. and walk on water if your
faith falls not."
From those famlliar wlth the sltua?
tion at Randolph-Macon College, it ls
leurned that tho college has nn en?
dowment and equlpment amounting to
about S510.000, all except $10,000 of
which hay come from Lynchburg.
fionimerciiii Organlsnttona of Richmond
nml Manehester Worklng ou Plan.
For the dlscUBBTOn nf the subject of
#onsolidation the Chamber of Commerce
and the Manehester and Chesterfleld
Business Men's Association will hold
a joint meetlng ln a few days. The
question will be dlscussed wlth special
tages of both qltles I
the movement,
Tht- Indications ar,
Wlll be dealt wlth i
tor the good '
?n previous oci
passed by thi
mond carried wlth it
the Council of Mani
like commlttee to tal
of consolidal on ai
Wlth the Im entivi
Bommerclal bodles,
fleflnite steps i I
be made ln a Bhort
W. B. McChesney Slated for
Grand High Pricst at To
Night's Election.
With tho largest attendance In vonrs.
tim Orand Royal Axch Chapter of Ma
aon's in virginia met In grand annual
convocatlon In tho Orand Chapter
room ?r iho Masonic Temph- last night
Tho session was oponed hy Mosl E5x*
eli.-it John ll- Fisher, Ri-nn<l high
p,rlost. nnd the following grand offl
cers: William Baylor McChesney, grnnd
klng; B. i.. <tuv. grrand serlbe; George
XV, Poe, grnnd treasurer; James |;
Blanks, grand secrotary; w. (3, Mat?
thews. grand captaln of host; stanley
w. Martin, erami prlnelpal sojourner;
Bbl. Cutchlns, grand royal arch enp
t-.ln; .1. W. C. Rrvnnt, grand master
of tho thirii vall; James H. rnce, grand
master of the secdnd vall; J. Johnson
Oreen, grand master nf ihe first vall:
Oscar ?'. Adams, grand purisulvant;
James A Pamplln, grand tllor.
After the readlng of the aiblrr-ss of
the grnnd hlch prlest, the varlous
commlttees were appolnted. and the
Orand Chapters wns called to meet nt
730 o'Clock thls evening. Tho several
commlttees wlll meet ln tho Orand
Chapter rnnm thls morning nt io
o'clock. Tln- degree of pnst high priesi
?_\iii be eonferred upon n mimiipv of
candidates by Mosl Excellent Wllllam
i Hubard grand lecturer of the Grand
Chapter, at 3 o'clock ln tho afternoon.
r.lcot Oint'orn To-Mglit.
Some nf the promlnent members of
the chapter who were present last
night were Major Stanley W. "Mnrtln.
of Lynchburg; Edward F. Conrad. of
Harrlsonburg; .imige xv. S. Matthews,
of Blg Stone Gap; c. XV. Rodgers, ol
Charlottesville; Judge W. I* Jefferles,
iection of offlcers wlll ho held
? -.- ? Belng the next In onlor. Mr,
W B McChesney wlll probably be
the n sxt grand high priost. Thr
others wlll be advanced one polnt, ac
cording to their rank, nnd a grant1
master of the flrst vell wlll be ap
polnted from tho floor by tho grand
high prlest.
.Mr. .1. II. Prlre is attendlng the meet?
ings of the Orand Chapter. He hn?
been recently appolnted a member ot
the committee on work from tbe nrane
T.odge. taking the place of the lut*
Dr. H. M. Rogers. of Rocltlngham
count v.
Hold Labor Moeting.
A meetlns; has been arranped for at San
gei llnll next Monday nlftht nnder thc
niaploes of the t'entrnl Trndeu nnd Lalioi
Ceuncll of the clty. Monsrp. Robert W.
Withers, of Suffolk countv; J. J. Cr-amei
and Eugene C, Maaaie wlll he the prlnclpn
ipeakera. It ts probable that others wil
make short talks. The meeting wlll be helr
l.i the interest of the natlonal DemocratU
Mnll Cnrrler Savca Hlmself.
J. Wesley Jones, u negro mall-carrier,
ran Into a rapldly-moving horse whllo
gettlng out of the way of a street
car al Thlrd and Broad Streets yester?
day morning. Jones ?.Mzed the horse
by the brldle and saved hlmself from
serious Iniury.
Settle Relationship of Randolph
Macon Colleges to Virginia
Virginia Conference of the Methodls
Episcopal church, South, wlll assem
ble on Wednesday evening, Nc-vambei
llth, in Epworth Church, Norfoik, ii
a session whlch will last for sevora
days, and which wlll prove of tln
greatest interest both within am
without the hounds of thut denomlna
lt ls not deflnttely known as ye
which Richmond pulplts will bi
changed thls year. The appointmenti
niiuii- l.y Bishop Calloway at tlio con
ference last year ln Fatersbun
changed several of the leadinj
churches. There is a general feelln)
now thal the local changes wlll no
be? so sweeptng in character. As i
distinct loss lo the Virginia Confer
enco t-onies the request of the Re\
Goorgo li. Bpooner, formerly pasto
of Broad Street Church, ln thls clty
and for the past year at Park Plac>
Church, Portsmouth, tliut he be trans
ferred to tho Alabama conference o:
account of hls health.
The relatlon of the conference ti
the Randolph-Macon system of col
leges wlll come up for flnal aettlemen
ftei a . ? ;u of debate and consldera
tion, following the charges made b
i .- Rev. James Cannon and others i
: conference, ProposltlonB an
? rproposltlons have heen madi
. und some ncrlmony and porsont'
- has been shown. the charg
belng freely made on one hand tha
i lhe colleges were drawlng away froi
Meth dlsl Influence and conferenc
In order that certain profet
Ighl be placed on the Carnegl
: 'o i on, whlle the frlends of th
COllegi . . freely charged tha
the ible h as created by cer
ed ??!? thodlsts who falle
t eh board of trustees.
ouniel for Defense.ar
ii ih- Deferrod,
E3, BUUoti und Mr
1 u.v was jBvstjioned,
? i hli iu
i 'UiiU U
Citizens Vote $30,000 for the
Erection of Proper School
Building for Children.
By a vote of 102 to 2 Ihe citlzens of
Hlghland Park docldtfd yesterday to
Issue $30,000 in bonds for tho erectlon
"l ;i new school bullding, thls belng :i
clear majority of the iiuaiified voters,
Though Bruln'a Preolnot wns opened
for the vote or the four resldents of
tho distrlct who should vote there,
none of them went to tho poiis, though
tho people generally wero zenlous in
their work lor the school. The olee
ti"!i wns lhe s.-cond held fnr thls pur?
pose during tho present year. The nrst
resulted ln Ho- defeat of the measure
because a majority of the reglstered
voters did not turn out.
Every vOte east nt lhat tlme, how
ever, was for the bond Issue.
The plans for lhe new bullding have
already been drawn and approved by
Ihe Board of Supervlsors of Henrico
county and .ludge R. Carter Scott. Ac?
cording lo Mr. <;. XV. Bahlke. chairman
Ol tlie Board of Trustees of Hlghland
park Distrlct, work on the new bulld
Ing wlll hegin as soon as the order for
the bond lssues has passed through tho
proper legal channels.
The building wlll he of brlck. wlth
a concreto base. There will be twelve
Inrc clnss-rooms nnd nn assembly hall
? enough to accommodate all of
tlo- pnplls. As to heat, ventilatlon and
capaclty, lt wlll conform to all re
? iiiirements, and wlll be modern nnd
up-to-date ln every respect. Tho pres?
ent schoolhouse ls unsafe. unsnnltary
?-..I entlrely too small for the 300 chil
dren who are in attendance thls ses?
: Owner of Iliilldlii;; ll.-hl Renponolhle
for Mlstnke of Archltect.
! In the Law and Eoulty Court yes?
terday the jury returned a verdict in
j j the suit of tho Richmond Pattern ar.d
Structural Iron Woiks ngainst tiio
i Southern Bell Telephone Company of
[Virglnla for $588.63. A motion to set
ijBSide the verdict was made and con
I tlniied for argument. The suit hns at
; traoted much attentlon among build
i ers and nrchiteotR, as It Involves sev
I eral points of interest. The Rlchmond
! Iron concern hel-l a contract for the
| structural work on tho new bullding
rfcently erected b.v the Bell Telephone
? Company, and on onmplotlon of thi*
II wnrlt flied a claim for the above
"amount for extras ordered. Tho tele
? I phone compar.y contended that the ex
', trns had beon made necessary by ths
I mlatake of an archltect. for whlch it
was not responsihle. The court ruled
[ ln effect that if the archltect employed
1ns agent of the owner makes a mls
takt, and the contractor ls requlred
to do addltlonal work by renRon of it,
the obllgatlon ls on tlie owner. not tho
archltect, to pay the addltlonal cost.
Former Students lo Meei.
Former studenta of Randolph-Macon wlll
hold a meetlng to-morrow nif?ht at tiio
ofrioft of Dr. T. D. Merrlck, No. 400 Eaat
Franklln Street.
National Delegates Cordially
Welcomed to Richmond by
Mayor Richardson.
National ofllcers wero nomlnated t^t
the conventlon of the Order of Pa
triotio Amerlcans, whlch began a three
days' session at Smithdeal Hall at 10
o'clock yesterday mornlng. Cynthia
Hart, of New York, was named for
president: J. Blbbs Mills, of Maryland,
and Sarah O. Thurston. of Massachu
setts, vice-prestdents. Secretary Geo.
I W. Smlth, of New Vork, and Treasurer
I Emly S. Harklns, of Pennsylvanla, are
luikl-over oillcers, and their predoces
sors will not ba elected till next year.
Un.'' ur AVelcomeit DelcKUtes.
Mayor D. C. Rlchardson formally
welcomed the 100 delegates to the city
soon after tlie conventlon was called
to order. The Mayor said that love of
country was one of the cardinal prin
eiples thut mado good citlzens and in
surod the stabiilty of American Instl
tutlons, He understood that the Order
of Patrlotlc Amerlcans, as its name in
dicated, had mado the chief tenet in
its by-laws patriotlsm.
It was also a worthy order that
made provlsion to care for and succor
its members whon they were in dis
tress, He wislied the delegutoB a most
pleasant and prolltable stay ln the
capital of Virglnla.
Norah H. Burcher, of New york, re?
sponded to Mayor Richardson's ad?
dress. She said the order that the
Mayor hud complimented so eloqucnt
ly was young yet-, but that lt was a
healthy youngster, and that it was
fast growing. With more than 20,000
members now, lt expected to become
ono of the great fraternal orders of
tlie "Unlted States and of Canada.
President Dollvers Addrems.
President Anna V. Blacktmrn dollv
ercd her annual address to the conven?
tion ln the forenoon. She said, among
other things:
"Tho freedom aml hospltallty of thh
olty havo hoen extonded to us; th?
groetings of the members of tho ordei
in thls clty and StHte have beer
demonstraled ln the warm fratorna'
handshake of our slsters and brothers
and the presenca in thls room of tht
? iisign of liberty. so lavlshly dlsplayed
einphiislzes iho fact that we are in ar
American clty, and glves a patrlotlc
lmpulse that should redound to tht
best lnterests of tho conventlon."
There wns a net galn of iiuiny camp*
and more tluin 1,000 members durliifj
tlu- paul year, sho sulrl, notwlthsland
Ing the late panlo, The funeral benefit
fund recelved 186.841,85. and pald out
At to-day's session, offlcers wlll be
eu-cted und eonstltutioual amenUmeuti
JivUl.be gvAfil^fir,e^._, - ?? \
Prominent fiusiness Men to
Grcct Secretary of War at
Academy To-Night,
Distlnguished Speaker Will Bc
Introduced hy Mr. John
Slcclton Williams.
Oeneral Luke E. Wrlght, a former
nember of the commlsslon appolnted
'or tho government nf the Phlllpplne
Islands, and now Secretary of War in
President Roosevelt's Cablnet, will.
Mose the campalgn for the Rcpubll
:ans In thls clty at the Acadomy of
Muslc to-nlght.
That General Wrlght wlll be greeted
ty a larga audlence there is no rcason
ible doubt. The meetlng wlll he call
:-d to order at 8:.10 o'clock by Major
lames H. Dooley, and Mr. .lohn Skelton
Williams. prominent In financial nnd
rallroad clrcles, will lntroduce the dis?
tlnguished guest.
Tho doors of the Academy wlll be
-pened nt 7:30, and those holding tlrk
?ts will be admltted flrst. At 8:15 tho
loors wlll bo thrown open to the gen
sral publlc.
Kessnlch's hand has been employed
to mnke the music for the occasion,
md It is expected that the house will
rte filled wlth voters of nll classes.
Oeneral Wrlght wlll he the third and
last prominent spenker to vlslt the
-Hv ln the Interest of the Republlcan
ticliet ln tbe present campalgn.
Tnft Cniiic Flrst.
Mr. Taft came flrst, and hnd a mag?
nificent receptlon at the llorse Show
bullding. The soroml speaker to ap
prar ln the Interest of the RepUbli
?nn candidates was r'harles Francls
Adams, nf Mnssachusetts, who was ac
-ordod a splendld receptlon nt the
Academy last Saturday night Proml
iirnt business nnd professlonal men of
hoth parties will occupy seats on the
=tnge to-rlght <n show their nppre
natlon of the vlsll of lhe dtstlngulsh
-?d Cnhlnet minlster.
Oeneral Wright, who wns the Pqmo
sratlo member of the Phllippltje Com
ml.slon, selected to gucceed yjlllam K.
Vaft ns Qovernor-Oeneral of the phli
irrlnes, ls nn ex-Confeilrrate soldier.
sx-Attorney-General of Tennessee. and
has long been regarded as one Ot l
ablest ''awvers In lhe South. TJe en
ilsted at nfteen yeai" of age nnd fought
through the Clvll War, and showed the
same vlrlllty and herole eourage when
hr dlrected the efforts of the little
hand of brave men who remalned in
Memphls to oombnt the yellOW fever
scourge whlch in 1*7? ^^ ,oyr7,u\ -?
c. ith *In 1SPR be re-entered pdlltlcs
to fight Mr. Bryan. When the war
wlth Spaln broke out, threo of liis sons
were at the front, one ln the navy and
two others with the Tennessee volun
tecrs. ...
HeeepHon Cnnunltto^.
The followlng members of the re
ception committeo w 11 leave here al
noon to-day and will go to Aahiana,
where they wlll meet Oeneral Wrlght
nnd escort hlm to thls clty: Majot
.lames II. Pooloy. John S??"! ? ""
ltsmi A. W. Patterson. F. L. BemlsS,
ludge T. L I,ewis. T. P. Wheelwright.
T Kirk Parrlsh. 1. J. Marcuse, R. A.
Lancaster. Jr.. Henry XV. Anderson MV.
R. Meredith, Jonathan Bryan. Kgbeit
C, Leigh. Jr.. A. B. Gulgon.' Hugh
Campbell. Charles E. Worthnm. Jr., C
W Branch, E T. D. Myers. ,Ir., John
T Wllson. R. E. Cabell, B. Rand Well
frird, M. C. Patterson and fSeorge \\
Stevens. - ., , ,
At Elba thev wlll dlsembark anri
General WTigh't wlll be eseorted t<
the Jefferson. where ho wlll be cn
tertalned. , .
The commlttee whlch arranged foi
the comlng of General Wright and foi
the meeting at the Academy ls com?
posed of the followlng gentlemen
Henrv W. Anderson, L. Ta. Lewls, I. .1
Marcuse, Wyndham R. Meredith, R. A
Lancaster, Jr., Thomas S. Wheelwright
R. E. Cabell, T. Klrk Parrlsh anc
Charles E. Wortham, Jr.
Cluunlier of Commerce to Asslxt Loco
motlve Works ln Order for Ilnglnes.
Members of tho board ot dlrectors
of the Chamber of Commeroe will mee'
to-day for the purpose of assisting thi
Richmond Locomotlve Works in ob
taining the contract for a large num?
ber of engtnes whlch are needed bj
tho Virglnlan Railway.
It Is expected that lf thls contrac
ls received by the local company i'
will open the works in full blast. Al?
though the company has not slgnlfiei
its intentlon of givlng the business t<
any of the locomotlve works ln thi
East, It is probable that tlie effor
made by the chamber wlll land tln
contract, whlch, lt is said, will be om
of the largest single orders handlet
by the local company in a numbei
Cf years.
Thls ls regarded as another evidonci
of the watchfulneas and actlvlty o
the chamber. Thls partlcular con
tract, if lt comes here, wlll be th'
most Important slnce the plant wa
closod somo months ago.
RepresoDativcs of Hundolph-Macon Boar
.Leave for New York To-Day.
Repreaentlng the board of trustees of th
Randolph-Macon system ot colleges, Judg
Newman. of Wootlutock; Mr. E. S. Conrai
of winchester; the Rev. B. F. Ltpacoml
D. D., of Rlchmond. and Dr. W. XV. Smltt
of Lynchburg, president ot the system, wl
leave for New York thls mornlng to presen
to the board of trustee of the Carnegl
Fcundatlon to-morrow a resolution adopte
by the board of tho Randolph-Macon Colleg
in June, declnrlng that ho tlenomlnatlom
test la requlred for membershlp on tha
These resolutlons recite the hlBtory of th
college and quoto the charter to show tha
no such lest Is requlred either of tho trus
tees, faculty or students. The effort Is t
have the Handolph-Macon Woman's Colleg
al Lynchburg, whlch was founded In larg
measure ny tha gifts of Lynchburg peopi
of all denomlnatlona, placed on lhe Carneg.
Fcundatlon, whlcli provldes a penslon fun
for the retlrement ot teachers after a flxe
term of service,
IIISli Wnter ? rrevents Subcommittee Froi
Reachlng Oraoked Portion,
Partial inspection of the wrecked settlln
bttBln flume wna mado yesterday afternoo
by a subcommittee from tho Council Con
t'littee on Water, several other membera i
tho Council nnd clty offlclals belng presen
Hlgli water ln the river provenled the coir
mlttee from reachlng tho expoaed portion i
tho crackod flume, so that except In galnln
a general knowledge ot the altuatlon tt
Inapeciton dld not reault ln any llnal actloi
The Commlttoe on Water wlll meet tc
merrow night at tho City Hall, whon son
deierinlnaiion wlll be reached aa to li
further relations of the clty wlth the Croui
Crr.atructlon Company. and alao aa to an h
vestlgntlon of the work of the inspootrn
ongaged on the flume during Ita construi
Pine Street UnptlM to Reeogulzc I.nn
Service of llw Pnstor,
The thlrty-sixth anniversary of Re'
J. B. liutson as pastor of tlie Pin
Street Baptlst Church wlll bo celebratc
on Sundiiy. There wlll bn services hot
mornlng luul night approprlute to tl:
occasion. The cliurch wlll be decoratei
*a Statement of progress wlll be give
and nnw members wlll receive tlie him
of fellowshlp.
This ls tho longest actlve pastorat
by many yetive of uny Baptist church <
Secretary of War Speaks Here To-Night
v'.SfA7-' : --, ?? f' -.^ '.J'Mjffii"
Ull MOTIi 10
Bryan Club Sits on Suggestion:
That No Members Attend
Republican Rallies.
For the purposo of maklng flnal ar?
rangements for next Tuesday's elec?
tlon, the offlcers and executlve com
mltteemen of the Bryan-Korn-Lamb
Cluh met at Murphy. Hotel last night, I
aml reports received were of the most I
encouraging nature. president Har?
wood announced, amld applause, that |
the Club had won the prlze of $100 i
offered ihy The Tlmes-! Hsputoh for |
sendlng the largest amount contributed
by anv Vlrginla cluh to the natlonal i
committee. He said that Treasurer I
James B. Pace bad forwarded two j
checks of $250 each, maklng a total !
Ot S-"00- ?_. V. U ^
The treasurer reported that he nad
received ln all $1,232, and that after
dlscharglng all outstanding obllgations
there would be about $150 left.
It was decided that thc club would
eontrlbnte to the Clty Democratic
Committee all the money whlch could
be spared after paylng Its debts.
Encournglng reports were received
from all the preclncts of the clty, and
theqe reports were warmly commend
ed bv V <? president. letters were read
from Mr, Bryan and Chalrman Mack,
compllmentlng the club on its work
and requestlng that it be kept up with
all posslble vlgor until sundown on the
day of electlon. Tho meeting named
several commlttees to take up the work
of gettlng Democrats to the polls next
Tuesday, and adjourned to assemble
agaln itnd for the last time at Mur
phv's Hotel next Monday night at 7
o'clock. President Harwood announced
that the menibership of the club had
grown to 8,!U7. and this was the signal
for prolonged cheerlng. A motlon was
mado to discourage tlie attendance of
members of the club upon Republican
meetings, but thls wns quickly tabled,
and tho conference adjourned.
Stt-nllng Copper ^VIre.
In the Hustings Court yesterday
James Vaughan and W. D. Hopeck
came up on appeal from tho Poi'.ct
Court on a charge of steallng coppsr
wire from the Southern Kallway.
They were each sentenced to sixty
days ln Jail.
Mr. Berkeley lo I.eave.
Mr. F. B. Berkeley, chief of the di?
vislon of travellng librarles of the
Vlrginla State I.ibrary, has tc-ndered
his resignation, to take effect on No?
vember l.r>th. Ho reslgns to enter upon
the practice of law in West Virginia.
London Surrenders and Leave:
Furniture Store to Spend
Thirty Days in Jail.
Samuel j. I.nndon, tho East Mn!r
Stroet furniture dealer convlcted ol
selling cocalne. appeared hefor,- .ludg
Wlu yesterday in tho Hustings Court
nnd surrend?n d. He was turned ovet
to one of Jailer Fmlth's deputles, and
began at once to servo the 30-day tern:
ln the Clty Jail to whlch ho was sen?
tenced. in addltion to the Jail sen
t?-nce, the convlcted man wlll have t
pay n flne of $100.
The Vlrglt-.la Supreme Court lasi
week refus'-d to grant a wrlt of errot
rnd supersed?-as ln the case of *.on,|or
upholdlng the Judgment of tbe Hus?
tings Court of Richmond. "Whlle for
mai notlce of the court's declslon hn,:
not heen served on London, he con
eluded th\t, slnco the sentence hn-:
to be served, he had best begln nni
have It over with.
Hls appearance in court yesterdaj
was voluntarv, nnd releases his bonds
men from obllgatlon.
Wa* Cmiaht In the Aei.
London was arrested in the act o'
deliverlng a package of cocalne to t
negro boy. Hls defense was that tht
drug belongod to hls sale<mtar>. Kd. Mc
Dermott. Af'er belng reloisid fr.tn
custody in the Police Court on th?
plea that he wns not In the store a
the tlme of the aale, and. therefore
coulrl not be lmpllcat?rl. McDermof'
made every effort to clear his chief
maklng a statement in tb? Hustlngi
Court that London was innocent.
Tlie arrest of the '.wo men oecurrei'
shortly beforo the Stnte law went Int'
effect maklng the sale of cocaine f
felony punlshoble by n term ln thi
Stnte Penltentiary. Several convle
tions have already been obtained undei
the new law.
Gne.il of Chief "Weriicr on Hla Wa:
From North Cnrollnn.
Chief of Police E. P. Creeey. of St
Louls, vlsited Chief of Police Loul
Werner and the commissioners yester
day. Chief Creeey is on hls way hom
from Elizabeth Clty, N. C, whore h
attended the funeral of hls father. Col
onel R. B.^Creecy, the oldest newspape
edltor In the TJnlted States, and the old
est alumnus of the Uunlverslty o
North Carolina.
Chief Creeey sald the police sorvic
in the United States was more efficlcn
and effectlve now than lt ever was bc
The reason W. L. Douglas
$3.50 shoes are worn by
more men in all walks of
life than any other make is
because I give the wearer
the benefit of the most
complete organization of
skilled shoemakers in this
country, who receive the
highest wages paid in the
shoe industry and whose
workmanship cannot be ex
The selection of the
leathers and other materials
for each part of the shoe
and every detail of the
making is looked after by
specially trained experts in
every department.
If I could take you into
my large factories at Brock
ton, Mass., and show you
how carefully W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes are made, you
would then understand why they hold
their shape, fit better, wear longer, and
areof greater value than any other make.
Oannot Bo tEtjualioti at Any Prlco.
| hl,
. L. Donglu ii?iuu wiil prlc*. !? lUmptd on tht bottom, whlch ptotacta the wunr EstlmtTI
high prlco. nnd Initrtur alioea. IN8IST UfOH HAVINU THEM. TAKE N0 BTJB8TIT0TE. |
JPVw* Color Kyt-teto uaeuf ???(uaiveltf. Oatalog JF>?e. IF, _. VOUQLAS, Brotkton, KWSS,
Li Sum Ling,of Hong Kong Mail,
to Study Trade Conditions
in the SoutH,
Distinguished Visitor Urging
Stronpjcr Trade Alliance Wltli
Oriental Countrics.
Mr. Ll Sum Llng. editor of the Hon^
Kong Chlnese Mail, wlll arrlve here
from New Vork Clty on Friday.
He wlll bo met at the traln by a
delegation from the Chamber of
Conimeiro, and escortod to the ,Ief
fereon iiotoi, where he wlll i>o the
gueet of the business mon of the clty.
The object of tho Chlnese edttor's
vlslt to the Unlted .States and ttlg
South is to see the country, famlllarlzo
hlmself wlth business methods and to
put under way a project of hltt own
to form a strong trade alliance be?
tween hls 'country nnd the Unlted
States. During his trip he will con?
fer wlth (he leadlng newspaper edltors
and business mon ln the country. Other
prominent men, both of this country
und China. who are Intorested in Mr.
Llng's schemoe and are assisflng hlm
ln hls travels, whloh. lt Is said. will
eventutilly take him all over tho
Unlted States.
M r. I.lng a Lender of Thought.
According to dispatches from the
Northern cltles already vlsited by
hlm, Mr. Llng ls Intelllgent, hlghly
Oducated, nnd speaks Kngllah fluently.
Since hls arrlvai ln America ho has
intervlewed both of th? presidentlal
candidates. and has delivered addresses
before the most powerful commerclal
organizations of New York, Chlcago
and Boston. He has apoken hefore
the students of mnny of the large unl
verslties. Kverywhere ho has been
rectived wlth the utmost cordlaltty.
and his impresslon of the country is
the best.
Another phllanthroplo scheme of Mr.
Llng's is ihe revival of educatlon
among Chineito women. In New York
Monday he vlsited the Normal College
and went through every department
\ wlth the greatest care and Interest.
so as to be able on hls return to
China to start Instltutlons for the
womqpi of hls country on the plan ot
the Americnn schools for women, whieh
he constder?i the best In the world
He Intends to vlslt a numher of other
lnstitutlon? while ln lhe Unlted States
and expects ln the near future to he
accompanled hy Dr, Liang. a Chlnese.
odueator. who recently arrived ln New
York to make a study of the American
educational systoms.
Wnrtln Cloner Relnllon*.
"The more I see of your great eoun
trv" said Mr Llng. "and lhe mora
The U'.r-n. ls growlng hot;- her- an.l Hi
the Ktst. and I tfa i-k thil ln l
short timo wo shall m>(i it b
Srie.iking before the f nlvers.illst Club
at Its 179th meeting Tuesday evenlng
Professor Frledrich Htrth. professor <?!
the Chlnese language at Columbia I'nS
vi-rslty, mado frequent mentlon ?f Mr.
Ling, whom he euloglzed as a brilllnnt
and far-slghted voung man. "Thi;
young Chlnese editor." he snld. "now
has the whole country talking etl
hlm. Such a thlng would have been
Impossiblo and incredlble a few yeara
"Yet I assure you there are ln
awakencd China hundreds of Just such
brlght young men. and I confldently
ivpect to seo China wlthin the next
thirty years make. no less advance"!
than has Japan ln tho laat flilrty
Commlttee to Meet Hlm.
Through Business Mnnager Dabney,
of the Chamber of Commerce. the peo?
ple of this clty wlll not be behlnd those
of tlie Northern States in tho receptlon
of the distlnguished guest from the
Orient. Every courtesy wlll be shown
Mr. Llng by the most prominent cit?
lzens of the clty during his vlslt.
He wlll be met at the station by a
special commlttee from the Chamber
of Commerce, whlch wlll be appolnted
by President Williams thls mornlng.
State Demoorncy's Contrlbutlon to Nn?
tlonnl Ciuiipiilgi] Fund.
Although somo of the Virginia con?
tributions to the Democratlc national
campaign fund were sent direct to Her?
mann ttldder, national treasurer, 13,
965 was sent to Chicago Democratic
headquarters, as may be seen from the
followlng telegram sent to The Times
Dispatch yesterday by J. B. Doolln,
asslstant treasurer;
Chlcngo, October 27th.
Totnl from Vlrgtnin ot thla Iiiml
qunrtcra, 93,0(15.
Tha Tlmes-Dlspatch wired Treasurer
Ridder for a statement of the amount
sent to hlm from Virginia. No reply
was recelved last night.
Charped HusOand With Threatenlng tt
Klll Her.
Marshall D. Overby, well known in Hen?
rico county, tvas arrested yesterday after.
noor on a warrant sworn out by hla wlfa,
charglng hlm wlth beating her and threat-,
erlng her life at their home near Seven
I'lnes. He was balled for hls aupearanci
befcre Maglstrate Lewls thla mornlng.
Mrs. Ovorby clalmea thnt her husband
struck her wlth hls flst aud then aald li<
would klll her. Overby nnd ls wlfe are well
connccted ln thls clty and tho county.
Important Matters Relative to William and
Mary College to Be Dlscussed To-Night.
An Important meetlng of the Wllllam nnd
Mary alumnl wlll be held ln Murphy's Hotel
ai 8 o'clock thls evenlng. Matters looking
to tho Interest.of the college wlll be dls?
cussed, and there wlll bo suggestlons of Im
port mado hefore tho body. The meetlng
wlll also contaln some entertalnlng features,
Every alumnus of tho collogo ls expected ta
b3 presont.
Gcnernl Cnrter TTere.
Brlgadler-Gcneral Wllllam H. Carter,
Unlted States Army, commandor of tlie
Department of the Lakes, wlth head?
quarters at Chlcago, Is in the city,
and is stopplng at the Richmond.
General Carter called yesterday ou
Adjutant-Geneial Charlea J. Anderson,
who showed hlm ovor the Stato build?
ings. Tbe distlnguished visitor was
greatly ploased wlth the Houdon stat
ue of Washington in the Capitol.
Clty Clrcult Oourt.
Tho November term of tho Clty Clr?
cult Court wlll convene Monday, when
the dockot 'wlll be called nnd cases
set for trlal. A large attendance ot
tho bar of tho clty ls expected.
l Wants Vtrglnln Fnrm.
Mr. S. B. Slierer, of No. 1034 JftcklOR
Brulevard, Chlcago, was ln the city yester?
day and spent some tlmo wlth Commlsslouei
of Agrlculturo Oeorge XV, Kolner, Mr
Sherer wlslies tn purchase from 500 to 1.00(1
acres of runnlng land ln Virglnla at a point
near somo convenlent shlpplng statlon. Mr.
Kolner thlnks he ls strongly tncllned'to lo.
cate In thls State.
Dr, Prlddy Imiirnvlmr.
Dr. A, B. Prlflfly. suporlntendent of ths
Western Stato Itnspltnl ln Marlon, Is a
patlent In Memorial Hospital. Two nursn(
aro ln conBtant aitendince at his bedsld*.
lt was stated |{i?t night tliat his coiulitlwi
ln. liuurflvtint.

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