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New Ulacovery Cttrea Fe/enin nn4
Erildlonlo* Mlnor Skln Troublet
A few monthfi ago tho dlaponaera of
ppalam, tho now discovery for the cur? .
of nrzeraii, declded to iillov/ tho drug
Khita of tho country to htiiidlo lt. Pre.
vloun to that tlmo It could only b?
oljtnlned direct from tho laboratorlea.
Hlnco thla change ln tho method ol
dliitrlbutlon ponlam has mot wlth tho
most phi-iiomonnl auccesn of anythlnif
Introdiifiod to tho drug trado In tho Ittsl
thirty years. All loadlng drugglats,
includlng Traglo's, In Richmond, aro
now rarrylng tho spoclol 50-cont size
recently adopted; also fho $2 Jar.
Thla great success la not surprlaing
wlii'n lt in rememherod that, in eczomii
cnscs, poslam ntops tho itchlng wlth
lirst appllcatlqn, proceedi to heai im
medlatoly, und cures chronic osses ln
u few v.oeliM. In mlnor skln troubie*,
Such aa pimplos, blackhoads, ame,
herpes, blotcheu, rash etc, resulti
?BOW after,an overnight appllcatlon.
Expcrlmcntal anmplos of poalam nro
sent to any ono by mail freo of eharge
by the Emergency Laboratorlea, 33
Woat Twenty-Ilfth Street, New Xork
la pnssod tho wholo matter la forgot
ten. Enforcoment la left to aomo com
misBlon, or bureau, or-minlon. Tha
publlc ls too buay domandlng noiv
lawa to obaervo whether the old la be?
ing onforced Impartlally, or \isod as
a lever for exaetlug blackmail.
Thern la auch a multipllclty of ata
tUteg that skllful attorncya can find
ono somewhere for airpost ovcry pur
poso, whlio courts aro confuaed. Tach
nlcalltles that balk Juatlco are found
In the myrind of ill-constructed lawa.
Excuso for delay larltt In the very
number of confllcting aota. The reme
dy lles wlth tho pooplo. Wlion they
awaken to Indtvldual rosponslblllty for
enforcoment of the laws ws have thera
will be less demand for more. Wa
may loarn aomething from En_land In
thla matter. The Engllahman glves
moro Indlvldual attention to the rlghfj
he haa.?PIttaburg Dlapatch.
Bpellera' Cents.
If you thlnk you oan, aak somebody
to dlctata the followlng Jumble to you
and aea how many mlatakea you
Anttnous, a dlsappotntad daalceated
phyelclet, wa? peollng potatoes ln an
embarrasslng and harasalng way. Hli
Idloayncraay and privilege was to eat
mayonnalse and rnusHals while ntarlng
at tho Plolados and aelzlng people'a
trlcyclea and valoclpedes. He waa an
errlng teototalor, and had been on a
picayune Jamboree. Ho rode a palfrey
stalllon and carrlerl a aalable papler
mache bouquet of nsters, phlox, mul
l"ln. chrysanthemuma. rhododendrons,
fu'.lnlna and nn*turtlums.
Hfe w,re n slbyl's resplendent tur
quoisa paraphernnlla, an ormolu yash
niak and astrakhnn chaperejos. Ho
drank crystalllznlilo and dlangreeablo
curacoa Julepa through a sleve. Ha
stole moneys and hld them under a
ped-I-f- mahoKany bedstead and mat
Elko a flend ln an eactasy of gaiety,
I r_she_ aft?r hlm Into the maelstrom
.1- melee, and held hltri as in a viae. i
could not fcazo hlm, however, and h?
addreaaed mo, with autocracy, ln the
followlng Imbeclle words. whlch sound
ed Uko a sollloquy or a auperaedlng
paean on an oboc:
"Vou are a ratabie lunomoth, a aa
laamlng vlzier. an equlnoctial cory
phee and an Iso? ? |ip
?The Bookmnn.
T(M> (Joiul for I hl* World,
Albert on a eolcrnii-eyed, apirltual
looklng chlld.
VJlurse," n? said one day. lea.vlng
hls blocka and I*y3ng hts hand gontlv
km.-r. "Nurse, li this Ood'a
dav .""
?No rlear," iald tho nurse, "this ia
not Sunday, lt ls Thursday."
"I'm so aorry," he sald, sudly. and
went back to hls bloek-*.
The next day, nnd th? next, in hla
serloiis manner, he asked the same
queatlon, and tho nurse tearfully sald
to th>- cook, "That chlld- Is too good
for thla world."
On Sunday the questlon was repeated
and the nurse, wlth a aob In her volce,
sald: "Te,, Lamblo; this is God'a Day."
"Then where Is the funny paper?"
he di'inanded.?Success.
White Houae Creedn.
In tho put generation, or since the
tiiii-' of Orant, thi- Methodlata and tho
Presbyterlans have been far more rop
resented than all other denomlnatlom
put together ln the "White House, an 1
among presidential candidates. Grant,
HavcH nnd MolClnley were credlted
to the Methodlst-'. and Tilden, Blalne,
Cleveland, llarrlson and Bryan to tho
Presbyterian-' Oreeley waa a Unlver
sallst, although various kinds of ec
centrlc ettilcal and rellglous iduas wero
iiltributfd to hlin; Garflc-ld waa of tho
Campbellltes, and once had been :i
preacher among them! Arthur had
EpUaopallan aliillatlons, and Rooaevolt
fs of the Dtitch Rcformed Church.?Chi?
cago Journal.
Hntlflea nnd Nerves.
Keep to yourself durlng warm,
nerve-lrritatlug weathor. lt ia relate.l
that an Atchlson man and wife dearly
lovo each other. She ls a perfect lady.
and apologlzes when she says "Shucks.'
But one night, when they were sltting
on the porch, presumably enjoying the
tender twlllght, she suddenly plcked
up a stool and threw lt at hla head.
"I am not insana," she sald, calmly.
when hc turned a frightened gaze on
her; "I am almply worn out by tha
manner lu whlch you snliflo at the end
of every sentence""?AtclUson Globe.
I'nniiiiiii ii Triumph,
The grand total of expenso?except
lng the purchaso price pald to tho
French company and the royalty to
Panama?down to June 30th last was
only $76,017,0112.72, or loss than $19,
000,000 a year. ln vlew of auch a
showlng, tho predictions of extrava
gance, profllgacy and plunder whlch
were onco so frccly mado, aro happily
dlsa'ppolnted, and our admlnlstration
of tho enterprlse is seen to be marked
wlth as much financlal economy aa
technical energy.?New York Tribune.
DIdn't Strlke Here.
'Flashlng Meteor Mlsses Miss Roose
volt," aiinounces an exchange. Nearly
as can bo estlmated, lt also mlssed
78,08a,ll89 other lucky people In thla
country.?Philadelphia Dedger.
Beais t-a ___?1ha Klnd *_?"Ilava AIW31fS BoUEM
Vacation Dangers.
A largo mimbar of paopla
come baulc t'rum their vacation
wlth th? gernis of dlstnao fn
thmii. Muoh 'Malarla developi
an:I lt ls well to take Babolt.
tho old rollublo roinedy, lo
knep tho aystem ln good con?
dltion nnd free from ralasam
tlo dlaetiHes. llabolc contains
no qutnlne, but haa Ingredleiiia
pecultar to Itselt thnt tone A
perapn up.
Sold by 1'rnKreaalvo Orug
Clata .-in.i I'nunu-y Storei. 60a.
slntss Offlce.918 li. Mnin Btreet
?iiche?t?r Bureati-110* Hull .strr-rt.
)>*ter?bti:i: Bun nl.40 N. Fyrnmnro St
trBehbnm Burrau.311 ElijhUi BL
BV maii. One Bl? Three Ono
POSTAC3 I'AID 1 >.- M - M Mo,
Ds:i>- with BunJay...l? 00 1100 ?1 '
baiiy wlthout Sunday l.oo :.?o l.oo ..;3
Sunday adltlon only.. J.O0 1.00 .60 .'-'5
Weekly (Wedntida?). 1.60 .60 .86 ...
Tiy Tlmes-Dlapatch Carrler Dallvery Ser
?lco In richmond tnml suuurbi), Manchea?
l?r ar.d T'ntcrsljuiK?
Dailr wlth Bumlny. " rctu"
'Dally wlthout Sunday. )- eenti
Bucclay only . '? Cl ""'
Bnterfd Jnnuary 31. 190J, nt Richmond,
Va., as ??cond-cloii mattrr i;n>i?' act ol
Con^rcss of Slarch 3. WO
Four successlva . '-. thr.t
whlch occurred Under one leader, ? e
?ufftclently dlscouraging nna dlsheart*
ening to make ' rau deslre to
analyze tho cauaea that have It d to
these overthnuvs. To hold post-mor
tajrna i? never a grateful or timnk
worthy task, nnd wheh men are soro
and exhauated from the etraln ot ap
unprccedemcdi> actlve campaign the
probing process Is especlally palnful.
Uepeated knockd,nwns should, how
ever, lmpart some informatlon. for
only tho unwlso bumps hls head al?
waya In the same placo. In a spirit
of earnest sytnpathy, therefore, with
the Democratlc party, belleving ln its
prlnciplea ??nd dealrlng Its contlnuod
cxlstence as nn absolutely easentlal
factor ln our natlonal llfe, The TlmeB
Dlspatch venturos aoma observatloua
ln the llght of past experience.
On the flnal balance aheet whlch
the publlc eubconaciously keeps Wlth
the great partlei there aro many lm
portant Items to the credit of Demo?
The Democratlc party hns preserved
and vitallzed the prlnciple of State's
rlghts; the Democratlc party haa stood
for local aelf-governmont againat
pvorgrown bureaucracy.
The Democratlc party haa taught
fcnd practiced economy ln the natlonal
The Democratlc party has unfalllngly
aupported the princlple of tariff for
revenue, and fought tho practlce of
protection for favored lndustrlca.
The Domocratlc party, barrlng its
two melancholy lapses In 1SD8 and
1900, has been the hlstoric party and
aole guardlan of hard money and aound
The Democratlc party, scornlng all
trattorous alllances betweon the gov?
ernment an<3 favor-seoktng lndlvlduala,
has alone and at all tlmcs stood for
the enforcement ln letter and ln apirit
of the equallty of all mon befora the
The Democratlc party has demanded
publlcity for campaign contrlbutlons,
and thereby threw tho welght of a
great organlzatlon ln favor of honest
>lectioti8 and agalnst that corrupt bar
galning for leglslation whlch has con
eistently scandallzcd the Republlcan
The Democratlc party has offdred a
real solution to the problem of Juat
taxatlon by proposlng an tncotno tax,
tvhlch would fall heavlest where lt
could most easlly be borne.
For auch rt-asons, The Tlmes-Dla?
patch and many othera belleve that as
the reposltory of these prlnciplea and
the aole effectlve check on tho pornl
cloua tendencics of Republlcanism, tho
Democratlc party, under somo name,
will necessarjr'f ji'ersjst and contlnue
to serve the -country, that gave it blrth.
Why, then. has tho Democratlc party,
for four successive electlons, falled to
. command enough votes to put it ln
power? Burely not because u plural?
lty of the votera of the United States
Inherently prefer the Republican
party. Far from it.
It waa tha P.epubllcnn party that
flrst leviedj the tariff tax on all a;
reward to
It was
ty that
ict tliat
flrst drove horae the bltt
the government waa belng admlnie
tered for sOme ana not for all.
It waa the Republlcan party that
plled up enormoua
extortiona and mi
should bet a mark
ligence and good c
lacle ;?: ol crlm
I Above all, it i
party that, drunk.v tth -
had grown to fei
Ifeoure, nnd theref ir
tramoved ana yel
for the D< (apfocrntt
, publlcans, 11.. Demo
-T.O carry Ule
The reason for thia r_n
\b perhaps well Rlvi
,'Cial corresj onfli n i ?
patch from Denver
after th? adoptlon
fejien The Ti
the aselsi
'psndeii't v ! : Whe tliti
fratlc oommittue on rei
, hioked or ignored the fi
:Uie less Itw thal thls :
j Idvat.c!'.:.; :
bremlslng new
Tho pr iphl y of 1 ? "
? has been ebundantly i
[t>omocra.tic party l
. t&UBa the great body i
' rotera fearad new exj
dreaded ii revlval <?, ;, .
that erusading spirit wh
tofore charnrterlzpd Mr. Bryan's ex
preniad Intcntlons.
In hla ln*t publlo utternnca Mr. Clcvo
land dbolared thal what thfl country
naeded waa reat and recitparattan, nnd
thnt wn>< exactty what tl.'j nvcrngc man
belloved the Democratlo party undor
Sfr, Bryan'i idtnlnlatratlon would not
,- tho Democratlc pdrfy ima do?
i -,-,t-ii ot tha oountry, it hns
drlven the Republlcans to bl*omlae
revision Of tho tariff. It has ottormOUB"
ly popularlaed government by mnklng
,.r tlie election or .^cnntors by
tho people. It lui!< stood for tho plain
man and tho poor oltlten ngainst tho
polltlcal favorite and tarlff-tnttenod
mllllonalre. lt has offcrea tho only
safe and aure escape from the end to
whlch Mr. Rooaevelt'a thoory of con
stltutlon-maktng by judlclai construc
tlon Is hurrylng tlio country. No tem?
porary obsouratlon of Its prlnciplea, no
HVIalona ln Ita ranka, not even tho
llitrust wlth whlch lt la regarded by
Lhe Independonts evorywhero, can de
?troy tho value of the Democratic
The Demoerats aro the postulants,
tho oppositlon, the critics, the guard
lana of tho old Ideale of slmpler days;
anrl that ls the service that party has
rendored thls country, even ln ita
hours of defeat.
It is a well cstabllshod luw of po- ;
lltlcal blstory that moet great refortna j
?i(. carrled out, not by the party j
whlch demanda them ln the Urat ln-,
ilance, but by the ao-called conserva- j
live'party. whlch, undor the stress of t
xgitatlon is drlven to enact lawa with [
whloh lt is not at all ln sympathy.
for this reaaon lt is hlghly probable
'.hat somo temporary recesslon from
ita lntolerable attltudo wlll bo made
jy the Republican party. Suoh pallla
ilon, however, does not go to the root
3f the matter,
It Is a mero expedlent to allay the
publlo roaentment. Nelther ln lntontlon
nor ln effect wlll Republlcan remedloa
so lo the coru of tha real lssue, and
Uio flght muat go on. It aeems clear,
nowever, that if the men who mako
.he tight aro to be intrusted with thu
jerformanca of tho work they havo
irged, a profound cliange must take
^laco either ln the Democratlc party,
ts appeal or Ita leadorshlp.
For twelvo years tho radical elo
ncnt has beon ln control?nor aro we
inniinUful of Judga Parker's notnlna
lon, when tho radical dlsapproval
Vhlch was suppressed in tho conven
lon manlfeatod itself at the polls?and
or twelve years tho Democratic party
his been out of powor. buch a sojourn
n tho wllderneaa of wandorings ought
pufflciently to demonstrato tha futllity
>? hoying for the support of the inde
lendent votera, whose asslstance is
ibaolutely neceasary ln this country,
vhlla the Democratlc party reinatna
mder tha control of Western radlcals.
Thla much la abaolutely aure: tho
'undamental prlnciplea ot Democracy
inder some natno and leadership wlll
reasaert themselves as a force to be
reckoned wlth In our national life.
b'rom tlie Incomplete returns recelved
jo far it is evident that the South,
jrown restlve under contlnued de
teat, and disaatistied wlth Its own In
ilgnlflcant posltion in the oouncils of
;ho natlon, ls castlng about to flnd
vlgorous means for expreaaing the
polltlcal genlus of Ita people. During
Lhe paBt campaign there have been
many who urgud that the wlso and
sffectlvo course for accoinpllshing thla
and waa through allgnmont wlth tho
Republlcan party. Thia Tho Times
Dlapatch has conalatently denled, ana
ln tho faco of tho olectlon roturna ot
yesterday its conviotion as to tho
fttilacy of thls advice remalna un
Tho true and endurlng way for the
South to regain its influenoe ln the
polltlcal llfo of the natlon 'a for ita
leadera to reassert and lmposo upon
the party at all haza'rds tho prlnciplea
that made it domitiant from lSOO to
On November 1), 1001, tho mornlng
following iho natlonal election, Tho
Tlmea-Dlspatch, after expresslng its
grave doubt whether Mr. Roosevelt
would show seif-restralnt ln regard to
tho Constltution, sald that it rejolcad
ln Mr, Roosevelt'a deolaratlon that ho
would not stand for tho second elec
torlal tenn. but addod:
"Thla rellevea one of the ground
for apprehension, but does notas
suro us ol a reaaonable hope of es?
cape from the self-perpetuated dy
nasty which controla the Republl?
can party, <A'e may not have Roose?
velt, but we wiu, if the Ropubll
oan plans come to frultloh, havo
anol her raasterfui man In sec?
retary Taft or v.\-Governor Root.
lt ts a far cry to 1908. and the
? that will bo ln control then.
Bi ' ween lie four years, which aro
pregnant with possibllltles whose
Iniport can hardly be gueaaed at
Thia much, at least, they wlll <io?
they wlll develdp ihe idea of cen
trallsted government beyo'nd oven
Alexnhder HamUtoii li Mr. Roose
volfs best pollclt i go unchacked,
tl ereln lloa | tu danger ot the
l ttlou nnd : ???? nei d tor iho
rch-workera tiotlfy
i oid phrase "Now
battle haa cleared
>yed ln 11,374 nowa>
a month'a magaaines
ly undi r the itnpres
n poet haa "arrlved''
In b perfeotly calm
to i. graaahopper us
nows comea
II apei d tha
?pn sidentl ii
Rhynies for To-Day.
NOW nB I wrlto
My plaee to-nlght,
I lack duo Inforiiintlon
Aa to wiiloh man
Of Ihoie who ran
Ha-j iilumphoil through tho natlon.
Tho bIow returns
_voke somo dufna
From me, thoso llnes off-dnshlng;
i dasaen't tsay
Wlm'll win tho day,
And who'll recelve tho thrashlng.
lt may bo Taft,
Who'll draw a raft
Of votos, and prove the Hon.
Dr It may be
A dlfferent ho,
To wlt, old *W. J. Bryan.
Which of tho two?
Ali. wlint'e to do
To ftll my bard'B due tnisaton?
[ yearn for nows,
\nd my poor Muse
ls in a bum posltlon.
rhoy Bcream: "To prossl"??
Mi, what a mess!
I MUST closo, wllly-nllly . . .
"A'ell. hlt or miss,
l wlll rlsk this:
Hooray for Whlto House Blllyl
ii. a. ti.
loj-ltlvety No I)nnjjfer.
One night at a theatro iomn ecenery took
Iro und a, very perceptibla odor of burnlng
i.armed the spectatora. A panlo snomod to
JS Immlncnt, when nn actor appoared on
'Ladies and t-ntlemen," he sall, "cora
j< io yotiraelvat, "Thero la no danger."
The audlence dld not aeem roaasured.
"Ladlea ond gontlemen," contlmiod tha
ccmcdlan. rlMng to th? necessity of the
Dccaston, "confound It all; do you thlnk
lf there waa any danger I'd ba here?"
Tho panlo collapaad.?Phlladelphla In.
His Own 1'rovlder.
"Yaa," eald Olo Oleaon. "Ay tanlt Ay
tako that yob down to Tamcatown.''
"How do they pay you?" asked o frlend.
"Dollar a day and eata myaelf." explalnod
31c.?Bohemtan Mogailno,
Slmple rr<_crlptlon.
"You have- an enormoui arpotlte." aalil a
thlr. man, envloualy. "What do you take
for lt?"
"In all my experlence," replled hls plunip
frlend, "I havo found nothing more ?ult-|
iblo than foodl"?Tlt-Blta.
Meanness of Nature.
Teachcr: "Why do thn frozen rlv?rj
md lakes thaw out ln sprhig?"
Hmall Boy: "Ho as to keep us klda from;
skatin" all aummer."?Chicago Newi,
Kiu-Iy iil-iui; Problem.
Tommy waa a vory aound aleeper and'
wouldn't got out of bed oarllor than 10'
>'clock, no matter" what hla mother sald to
!ilm. So ono morning ?h? tried coaxlng, and.
sald to hlm: |
"You have heard of the little boy whoi
jot up at 6 o'clock ln tho morning and |
Ahen ho went out he found a purao of
"Oh, ye?," anld Tommy; "but what about
:he Ilttlo boy who got up beforo hlm and j
;vtnt out and Iost lt?"?Exchango.
Btudy of oeronautlca to Ita ourrlculum.
Tliore's hlghor educatlon for youl?
:it-veland Leader.
It muBt be admltted that Colonel Rooio
iol: doesn't look hla flfty years. But you
>ught to see Secretary Loeb.?New York
_\enlng Telagram.
Next to worklnjr In a aawmlll, the moat
largeroua bualness 1b actlng _a a Judge at
x baby show.?.Chicago Record-Herald.
Seats for motormen? Why not? And
nftcr they are provided tor a few seata for
the iiasEongors, too.?Hprlngflold Unlon.
Evldcntly, Juiglng from tho experlence
nf our floct ln Japaneaa wiiters and our
foi-klea on Japanese landa, lt ls a part ot
the murderous plot of tho little brown men
to kill tho Yankeea wlth klndness.?Hart
ford Post.
A comfort Ing thing about being marrled
Is you haven't any more mtstakos of that
klnd to make for the present.?Now York
. resa.
"The Lucky Rlch" la the tltlo of a new
story. Tho lucky rich aro tho rlch who
have not allowed any of their lottora to
lall into Mr. Hearst's handa.?Omaha Beu.
Ci nl mlne accldonta ln the Unlted Slates
In 19u7 cost 3,125 human lives, an Increaso
0," 1.033 over 1000.
Although tho houso fly lays eggs, the
fleah fly, better known ua tho "blue bot
tl,.'' produces llvlng larvae, about flfty at
ii timo.
1 he tlire-ycar-old son and helr of tho
C/av NIcholaa Is lnsured for ?;,o?0,000, and
ild to pay.tho hlghost premium In th-j
Tho electrical cqulpmont of the Cunar.l
hner Mauretania lncludea over 250 mllea
of eablea and more than 0,000 flftoen-can
dl< -power lamps.
A noted Belglan bacterlologist. Dr. Leon
Bertrand, clalms that ha haa dlacovcrcd a
much more poworful aerum as a cure tor
l ih lunonlii than that now In uso. It ls a
tacterlcldal, not an' antltoxlo agent.
Miss niara M. Howard has been nppolnt
i-i! to the intornatlonal fellowshlp founded
by the Soclcty of Amorlcan Womth ln
I.i.t don. riho la lnstructor In rhetorlc and
ccropoaltlon ai Wollesloy College.
1 ha paator of hlatorlc Plymouth Church.
Brcoklyn?Rev. Dr. Hlllla?haa told hls
people that ho wants them to glve hlm an
assoclate pastor?not an asststant. Rumof
llxes the aalary of the aaaoclate at 18,000
R-uasla In Europe haa D76.0O0.000 acrea
of forests, ond about 350,000,000 acrea ln
Aalo. Itaiy haa 10.000.000 acres of foreats.
Bho importn $14,000,000 worth of wood an
ni-ally and enoountara much trouble In en
forclng tha foreatry lawa.
It .should be humlllatlng for Engllahmen
to rofloct that lt waa left to an Amerlcan.
tho late Francls Jamea Chlld, to compllo
the tive thlok volumea of '?EriKllah nnd
Sc( lilsh Pppulttr Balluds" wlilch uro funii
llar and invaluablo to all sttiU?nts of thla
The department ot Washington engaged
iu cheoklng up Unolo Sarn'a reaourcea baa
ii.iii out lottora by tho mllllon nBklng for
Ir.formatlori. lt haa olready learnod
that tho natlon us""""- nnnuully for fuel,
fencc postB nnd rulls on farms aornetliln?
like 100.000,000 cords of wood.
1'iof. A. Lawrence Lowoll, who haa been
mvi'li tallu-d abnut as a posBlblo auccessor
to Preal2ent Bllot, of Harvard, ia very
miii'h in fuvor of nthletlcs nnd co'mpetitlon
of all klnila ln collagoa, Ha waa hlraaelf
a formldablo milo ruiinor ihirty-odd yeais
Captala Arthur M. Jophson, tha last aur
ilvor of Stanleya Bmln l'ualm Ralief Qxpa.
illtlon, iian jn-t aied at Ascot, Bnfland,
Ho was the lam uf tli.j s.veii lutrepld Eni;
men win.nio up the famous txpedl
Llon He was marrled to un Ainvrlcan wo?
man, Mlfn Anna Hasd, ot Callfornla,
. .. ikor lt. l'aniiy.i, of Uui-oda, India, has
aniw-i ln Amerlca nnd wlll enrol an ,i
bh lenl ut Columbia, l.'nlvcrslty. l?o la :i
luale of UaroUa i.-niiege, where ha
-. ighi for two years, nnd held offlce aa
toi Of publlc cilueatlon of Bai'odu.
He wlll mi.iy Amorlcan polltlca while here
Denilsts <?? Their Btguliy,
Into dentlsta, through their State
ition, have launohed a inovemeui
b in thi-ii- rocognltlon as medlenl
li8ts. Vigrorom reference to the
i state of. iiiiairn waa mado ln
ih mi addresa' ol the presldent,
oolared thai "tho most ,remark
act ri-i'iii'ii. d in tho lilatory ..r
iiik-Ii of tho heullng art ls thal
i.o have full eharge of the or'il
tor oply lu nanvi.
hrnncli of tnp profi
ito spoclally ol
Nm\ VmiK Tr|.
I'rluce ttdvrnrd of Wnlea ln III Ilcnllh.
health haa of late glven rl?0 to
a conslderablo aiiiount of anx
loty to tho roynl famlly, nnd
on tho reeotnmendatlon of the
cmlnout London speelalist by whom he
has. beon examlned, cotnlng up to town
from tho lalo of Wlght for tho purpoae,
ho Is to bo removod from tho Naval
College at Osborno, wlthln the next few
weeks; at any rate, between now und
tho mlddle of December, Inatead of
Lontlnutng hla atudlea thero until next
summer, as had orlglnally been con
templated. Tho prince, who Is the old
aat :ion of tho Prince and I'rlncesa of
Wnles, and destined to become one day
Klng of England, has alwaya been
known ln his famlly clrclo os "Davld,
ind appcara to be troubled wlth deli
sate throat and ohest. It had been
hoped that tho regular life nt Oabprno
College, wlth Its routlno of athletlc
ixorclses, calculated to dovelop tho
physlque of tho pupiis, wouhi strength
?n tho young prince, the more bo aa
tho isio of Wlght Ia renowned for tne
inlubrlty of ita cllmato, to whlch, in
leed, lung apcclallsiH aro aceustomod
to send thelr patients for thelr con
vnlescence. But lt would secm that
tho achool llfe has been too hard on
tho royal lad, and that the proeoss of
Toughlng," instead of toughonlug hln
Toalt.li. haa Impalred it. That ia why
ne is belng romoved from Oshorne, atid
wlll henceforth contlnuo hla educatktn
it home, under tho caro of ttltora, lt
iplng hoped that wlth care ho wlll havo
jutgrow'n hls present dellcacy when
:he time eomes for hlm to go to Oxford,
i few yenra hence.
Wlth regard to hls parenta, the
Prlnceas of Walea herselt ls wondorful
y strong, and 1m perfect health. But
ho Prlnco of Walea. who was, physlcal
y apeaklng, as tough aa nalla when
l boy, and an adept In boxlng. wrest
lng and analogoua forms 6f sport, has
Uwaya been delicatc ainco tho attack
>t typhold fever, from whlch ho ro
:overed, but which carrled off hla eldor
arother, the Duke of Claronce, elmllar
y strickon, to the gravo.
With regard to tho controversy now
n progreaa ln the ranks of the Jockey
:iub about the questlon of acquirlng a
lomo of Ita own ln London, whlch It
locs not now possess, betng dapendenti
ipon tho hospltaiity of the Turf Club,
uid usually holdlng Its meetings at tho
.own residence of one or anothor of
ts membera, lt may ho of Interest tn
:iill attentlon to the fact that Klng
_dward is neither the patron nor tho
iresldent of this club, but a mere ordl
uiry member. In othcr clubs 10 whlch
te belonga, lncluding tho Royal Yacht
?quadron, ho flgurcs as patron or as
Dresldent. But as far as the Jockey
21ub ls concerned, ho ls in the runks,
iuat llke the other royal membera
.hereof. Thero ls, In fact, no presldent
)f tlio club, tho powers and duties of
iresldent, aa well aa the exocutlvo au
horlty of the club, bolng vestod In tho
landa of tho three stewarda, who are
ilected every year, nnd who constitute
:he most powerful body on the Brit
sh turf. and the supremo trlbunal in
Snglish raclng matters, thero belng no
tppeal from their decisions.
Of all Klng Edward'a clubs, tho
lockey Club lb the only one ln which
10 has retalncd any intlmate connectlon
*lnce hls acdesslon to the throne. Ho
s never seen any more at the Marl
sorough, whlch he hlmaelf founded for
lis own uso and for that of his frlends.
ind during tho last Cowes week, he only
snee put ln an appearance at the club
houso of the Royal Yacht Squadron.
Dne of the prlnclples of club Hfe Ia
:hat all membera are thiioretlcally
3qual, enjoylng the Bame rlghts, and
is thla Is not altogether compatlble
wlth soverelgnty, the Klng wlthdrew
from most of hls London clubs on suc
:eedlng to the throne. Ho si.ll, how
sver, remalns tho patron of tho old
3arrlck Club in London, whlch he Joln
sd Just forty-one years ago.
Wllliam Carnpbell's promotion as
Lord Skerrington to the bonch of the
Court of Sesslon at Edlnburgh, consti
tuting the flrst caso of tho nomlnatlon
of a Roman Cathollc to the Supremo
Court of Scotland aince tho daya of tho
fieformatlon, serves to call attentlon to
Uio remalnlng legal dlaabllltles to whlch
membera of his church aro aubjected in
Qreat Brltaln. lt may bo of Interest to
enumerate them. Thus, thero are only
two offices whlch cannot bo held by
Cathollcs, namely, that of the lord high
chancellor of England and of the lord
lietltenant of Ireiand. Emlnent legal
authorltlea have, however, Insisted that
tl re waa no legal Impedlment. stin.
dstbne consldered tho obstacles suf
flclently serious to cause him to ro
fraln from promoting tho late Lord
Rusaell of Killoween, better known In
this country as Slr Charles Rusaell, to
the woolsack.
Then, Roman Cathoitcs cannot noml
nate tho rectora to the Angllcan
churches of whlch they liappen to be
patrons by right of Inheritance or
purchase. When a man bullds and eu
dows a church of the establlahed
Church of England, he retains for him
self and hla helra the riglit of nominat
iiig the rector of tho church. In many
lnstances thla rlght of patronage ls
sold wlth the estate on which the
church in questlon ls situated, or even
BOparately. Some peera and terrltorlal
magnatea aro patrons of no less than
a score ot churches, that la to say, they
have the right and duty of appolntlng
the roctors of all theao churches. No
legal objection exlsts to a patron who
Is a Jew, auch as Lord Rothschild, Lord
Wandsworth and Lord Mlchclham; a
professed Buddhlst, such as tho Earl
Mexborough; an equally devputMoalom,
Buoh as the late Lord Btanley of Alder
loy, or a det lared atheist, llke tho late
Marquis of Queensbdrry, assumlng the
responslbllity of selecting tho clergy
inau who ts to be rector of the church,
and charged os such wlth the spirltual
welfaro of Its numerous congregatlon,
ln a posslbly crowded parlsh. But 11
Cathollc ls barred from the rlght of
presentatlon, and if ho inhorits the
rlght Of patronage, ho is dobarrod from
exerclsing tho latter, whlch ia asaumed
until his death by tho lord high ohan
oellor in the name of the crown. The
Marquis ot Rlpon, too, whon ho became
o convert to < 'athollclsm, forfetted, ipsc
fncto, all his rlghts of eocleBlaatlcal
patronage, which havo been adminlstor
ed Blnce, no! by his only son r.nd helr,
bul by the crown.
Another legal dlsablllty is thls: thal
a Roman Cathollc ln holy orders can
not slt In lhe House Q$ Cotnmons, But.
of course, he <-annot be kept out of the
House of Lords, and the late Lord Pctrt
furnlshed an illustration of a man who
occupylug tho rank of prolato of the
Roman Cathollc Church, snt and voted
. -. a pecr of tlie realm in tho House
of Lords.
lt lt unnecesaary to dlscuss horo the
othor laws deallng With tho Ronuu
Cathollc Church ln an adYerae aenao
Buoli as for Inatance tho prohtbitlon tc
Roman Cathollc eccleslastlcs to weai
the habltB of thelr order. or their vest
ments, save. in tholr places of wor
shlp, or in prlvate housos, under a pen
alty of 1260, for these can only be re?
garded as moaBuroa of publlo order
hlch exlst In somo other countrtet
und cannot be rlassed under "Catholl.
? abtlltles," Hut tlio most tuipQi'tam
of all of Iho latter |a undnubtedly t!i(
ona whii li govi rn? the smeoesalon to tht
throne, and whluh bara ihcrefrom t\0!
only any member thereof who pelongf
10 the Koinun Cathollc Church, hut evei
those who have contractcd u niatri
[monlal ollianoe vrith Roman Cathollcs
iTIie Crown I'ritroefcH of Kounuiuia aiu
the young Quoen of Kpaln ar?i tho twe
grandchlldreu of Queou Vlctorln wiu
hav- forfolted thelr place* iu the lini
"1 Bucctsslon lo tho throne ot (i.eai
Brltaln, the ono by marrylng a Hnman
Cathollc; tlio othor hy not only marry?
lng a tnember of tlmt church, but hy
Jolnlng It heraolf.
Qitito a ntimhor of Inriulrlos hnvo
reflChed m. regnrr/lng PrlnOO and I'lin
cess Frasso, nt whose Ohatonti <>r Ki_v?
nkii, In Moravla, tho recent Intorvlow
took place betWeetl the AUHtrlnn for
eJgn mlnlster, itnron d'Aorehthal, and
Slgnor Tltlonl, whlch fteenfl- dentlnod to
cost tho latter hla portfoilo as mlnls?
ter nf fOReign affaira of Itaiy. Prlnco
[iOtiiB "FratiBO II nn ttallan, nnd hna
boen recantly oioctr-ii a memttef of tho
l-onate nt Rome. iiih father wns a
.Wipolltnn noble, nml from hlm lm hna
Inhorlted, m addltion to tho titio by
whli'h ho ls known, lllBO the dlgnltles
of Prlnco of Hnn Vlto and of Criicoll.
Illn mothor was a Countesa Chotek, a
illstnnt relntlvo of that Countosa Chotelc
who la niorganntlcally marrled to Arch
duko Frnhcls CerdiHftndi and, born ln
AUBtrla, he |ftherite_ from hor extoti
ilVO ostatea In Moravla. Hpendln'r half
(ho yenr In Itaiy aml tho roiiialnder on
hls Aiiatrlan property, ho marrled ln
AUBtrla Countosa Knilly Thurn, who,
though a daughter of ono of the old
houses of tho Austrlan noblllty, counts
among hor nncestors Torquato TftBBo,
the por-t of "Jprnnalem I.ost" nnd of
".fortif-ilom Pollvored." A younger
brother of Prlnco Frnsso, whoso tltlo as
8ueH wtis confciTod by Klng Charles of
Naples In 1720, Is Count. Charlos Pen
tlee, who marrled Mlsa Oeorglnn Wlldo,
nf New York. .
(Copyright, mOS, hy tho Brcntwood
IKiind to Bo ? Mlstohe, Accordlnff to Chalr?
man Lee, or Oyster Imtintry I? Fluurlali
It nounda atronge that the oyster planteia
of thoao wators nr? compelled to buy ?e?d
oysters from Mnryland, but such seerns now
tobo the case, and mouoy that should ro
mnln ln Vlrginla l? finding Ita way outaldo.
This ls tho boglnnlng of a condltion thnt
may mcun tho loss of mllllonB in the next
few'yoars, and for whlch the Leglslature
and Uttle pollltcs ara to blame. The Tlmoa.
Dlspatch aays:
"It la atated that some planters In and
aiound Norfolk, Hampton and Nawport
Kowa have alrsady beon compelled by reaaon
of the fatlure of the seed oystere of tho
./ames Rlvor to buy their aeed from Mary?
land. So for somo 12,600 bushels of seed
have been brought to Vlrginla, representlng
84,000 of money pald out b, the planters
or Vlrginla to the laborers and the boats of
Mnrylnnd, It Is estlmated that probably
100,000 buahels, repreaontlng from 180,000
t> I85.00Q, wlll have to be Imported, evory
dollar of whlch Is money that could have
been kept at home and made produotlvo m
Vitglnta lind the Vlrginla sesd bods bean
propsrly c"ared for.
"The Tlmcs-Diapatch ls not disposed -o
spend Its tlme or the tlme of the Stnte In
fullfo lameutatlona over spllt ml'k. Wo sub.
nilt. however, that ao far nothing but valn
dci.lols or crltlclsms of thla paper for atat
lr._ the facta hna heen offered aa a romedy
lor these conditions. Tlie Stato Board of
Fiaherlea has doubttcas gunrded tho oyater
beda of Vlrginla aa best lt could, but ln eplto
of tho large approprlatlons at Its dlsponal
the system of protectlng theae naturai re
scurces hon broken down. What the peo?
ple of Vlrginla ought to desire Is tho as
suranco that offect'.ve laws wlll be demnnded
by reaponalble authoritlea for the futuro
protectlon of the oyater Industry ot this
.State."?Norfolk Ledger-Dlspatch.
I.'elnt C'eat Mol.
The Presldent Is tho very pattern of an
autccrat. His real power ls greator than
that of Europeau aoverolgns. and thla power
lu- lovos. Llko all stron:; men. he hna In
flrlto fnith In the excellence of hla Inten
ticna nnd the cftlcacy ot hla plans. The
Piealdent ia ao convlnced of the rectitudo of
hls own purpoees and the wladom of hls
i: vernmental conceptlons that ho regania
iltlon as Imoudeot and dlshoneat, au 1
these who dare dicislvely to dlaagree wlth
hlm aa "undeslrable cltlzen".'' He has an
ok&ggerated sense of hla own personallty:
?rs from what the French call "de
llre des grnndeurs"?the dellrlum of great
r.esr? Wlnchestor Ftar.
In Juatlce to the Oevil, the "Cattle" 8eem
t? Have Been for Sale.
Standard Oll noeds only a spark to eon
vert it Into hollflre, and John D. Archboil
h Us bold arch-devll. He la the rankeat
nnd most dangerous corruptionlat ever un
coverod In this country. and a menace to
tho republlc. He has brought up men llko
ciittle and corrupted them, and then used
them us the toole of hl? own corruptlon.?
Newport Xewa Tlmes-Herald.
What Then Would Have Brcomo of tlie
"Night ltldlng" Industry?
When the Kentucky Democrats made up
theli niinda that thoy couli and would not
longer -tund a Ouvernor of the _e< khatn
stripe, they made one mlatake. Inatoad of
helplng to elect a HepuUllcan they ouglit
to huve gone over to Tonnessea for a Demo
crat of the Patterson callbre and put hlm
In the chlef executive's chalr. In that event
thoy would havo had both a Governor and a
Democrat.?-,'orfolk Vlrginian-rilot.
B> All Meana| nnd Teach Boys liiilHlng.
Embroidery nnd Other I ml> -l.il>.- Dlver
The editor of this paper had never seen
a football gnmo untll last Saturday. and we
art now conhrmui in our bellet that thla
ia one game that mlght well be aboilahed
from our country aml tho youth of tha land
wculd be nonu the worse off.? Southwcst
Poor OliI Batty John.
John I>. Hookefeller Is one of the rlchest
men in all the world. By that standard he
ought to bo one of the happiest. And yet
when ho declarca that be la for a cert.ii:i
niim or a corlain party, the friends of tbat
man und that party husten to chargo that
his Indoraement la nll a trick to brlng dis
reiutu Upon thoir cuusft. So woll hated ia
Jchn D. Rockefellor, and what Rocketaller
Btanda for, by hla countrymon.?Hariison
burg .News.
In Short, t? Make One FuU Ball Flll a Half
Dozen Little I'ulls.
The thing that Chlefly troubles tho work
Ingman who cun get work to do la to mako
hla 20 per cent. hlghor wagea pay for hh
?Id per cent. hlgher food. For the fellow
who haa no work lo do and who haa to paj
for hlgher food out of dlminishlng savlngt
the problem la etlll moro dlatresslng.?Alex?
andria -azetto.
The Luborer _) Worthy of Hla HU-e, but Th).
I lJues Come n M'tle iligher.
Subscriptlou rutea for weekly papcrs ar?
looktng up. The Manufacturer.i' Rocord ol
Baltlmoro recelve.1 frum John D. Archbold
of tho Standard Oil Company, $3,0011 rm
lifty-two coploa of that "Southern" and nu.
ti-Bryan Induaiiial publtoatlon.?Newport
Newa ir*ress.
3'oet, A'ot Parnier,
Tho Farlield Grange was holding itt
midwlnter meeting, the toplc for dia
cusslon being pouitry. Tho prealdent
of tha soclety had prldod hlmself on
havlng arranged for a largo variety, ol
papers, whlch, taken togcthcr, would
complctoly oxluiust tlie itiformation oi
A small bottle of Scott's
Emulsion costing fifty cents will
last a baby a month?a few drops
in its bottle each time it is fed.
That's a small outlay for so large
a return of health and comfort.
Babies that are given
quickly respond to its helpful
action, lt seems to contain just
the elements of nourishment a
baby needs most.
Ordinary food frequently lacks
this nourishment; Scott's
Emulsion always supplies it.
Send this advertisement, tostelher wlth nanic ol
paper ln which it appears, your address and four
cents to cover pojtage. and we will send you a
"Complete Handy Atlas of the World' a:: ::
SCOTT & HOWNB, 409 I'rail Sttcct, New York
tho cotnmunlty regarding hcna, Quoe
tlons of food, of portablo houaeK, of
paokihg oggn and of Incubators had all
beon adequatoly treated. At hlitt the
prosld'-tit announced, "Mr. Etttnn Nobla
wlll road a papor nntltlod, 'An Evotilng
ln tho Poultry Yard.*"
He was a sllght young man, and
there Waa a llttlo ?tlr of amunemont
ninong tho farmern aa ho roao, .'or
Bthan'a trials wlth ohlokena woro fast
bpcomlng vlllngo tradltlona.
"Thoro ls no placo ln tho world,"
bognn tho render, "moro pootlo, and I
may sny Insplrlng, to thotights, than
a poultry-ynrd Iu tho nvenlng. It l?
after tho ann has not and tho roostors
nnd hons aro nll slttlng on tholr nustn.
Tho ovetilng alr ls deeply scentod wlth
dew. From tho rlver wlndlng ln atl
very curvea adown tho lea oomos tho
SUggestlOn of ropoae, of qulot, of tho
Inflnlto roatlcssnesa of tho unlvorno,
Now nnd thon aro hoard tho oqueaklng
of tho chicks in thelr nesta or tho
scratchlng of aotno llttlo ono try ing
to*"breok forth from hor sholl. As I
lcnn on tho pnrnpot I roflect on tho
young, froah llfo about me.*'
When the readlng was over a aturdy
cltlzon loanod forward In hls aeat.
"Ethan," he sald, confldontlally, but
loud enough for all to hear, "I never
knew before why you bought oggs, but
I do nowl"?Youth'a Companlor.
The Plnys Lairt All Duy, nnd Sometttuca
Before leaving Yokohama, aaya Lady
Randolph Churchlll In tho Contury. 1
went to tho theatre, whlch cortalnly
was unllko anythlng I had ever seen
before. Wo sat on the floor of our ao
called box, and had toa like tho crowd.
And auch a crowd! It waa an endleas
aourco of IntoroHt and atnusomont to
watch them, whole familles?mothcrs
ln-law and daughtera-ln-law, chlldren
of all agea, atid parenta of dlifcrent
generatlona, falhers, aona and grand
aons. All had tholr dlnncrs wlth thoin.
Llttlo trays wero produced?tlny boxeB
full of rlce, bowls contalnlng wolrd
foodatuffa, ptnk, whlte and greon; sea
weed on rlce cakea; raw llah and name
loas yellow condlmenta; tea ln ralcio
sooplo cupa, of course with no mllk
or BUgar.
Tho Japaneae cannot undoratand
Europeana puttlng mllk In thelr tea,
a?, according to them, It haa a atrong
smell. The chliaren were drcased and
undreased durlng the entr'actes and
peoplo amoked. alept, ate, tulked and
fanned themselves. It waa oertalnly a
great oontraat to aae a little "muame'i
auch aa Picrre LotI descrlbea, dalntlly
dresaed ln tho gayest of kimonos and
amarteat of obla, altttng between a
coollo wearlng nothing but a looao cot?
ton Jacket and an old hag nurslng a
baby. Although lt was truo that most
of tho men had little on, and the ther
momotor waa 85 degreea, tho ntmos
phere waa not lmpossible, as I am auro
would have been the caao ln a Euro
pean theatre under almllar clrcum
Tho plays havo uauolly fourteen or
tifteon nets, and last nll day, and some
titnos two. Thls particular ono not
havlng an actress such aa SadI Yaeco i
to interpret It, was qulto Unlntellibla 10
me; but I admlred tho grace of lhe
nctreaaea, thelr easy movementa when
danclng. nnd tha way they mnnaged
thelr tlght clothes. Imaglne my sur
priso when I found out afterward thnt
I :. ;. wero all men. Up to a few years .
ago men nnd wonven dld not act tO-|
gether ln Japan, the theatrlcal compa?
nies belng composed of either one sex
or the other. But a change has come
over them, and there are now mlxed
Prof>*sor llsupt's C'ontrntlon Stlrn tlie
Gcrmuu Beholara.
An American delegate provtded the
prlncipat theme of contentlon at th<<
Internutional Historical Congresa.
Whlch has Ju?t concluded its scasiun
here. Prof. Paul Haupt. of Baltimore,
created a storm of dlseusslon among
German theologlatta by hls addr?.<?.
"Tho Hlatory of GaUlee." tho tltle
onlv velllng hls real subject. whlch
was baaed on the quostlon. "Was Jesi<:?
h Jow?"
Professor Haupt answered thla
negntlvelv, stating that Chrlst was nQ*
born in Bcthiehem, according to the
early Christian tradltion, but ln Naza
reth. He contended that the assess
ment whlch necessitated 'Joseph's Jour
ney to Bethlehem waa lcvied clevon
years after Chrlst'a blrth.
After a successlon of argumonts.
Professor Haupt put forward hla con
clualon that it was Improbable thal
Chrlst was a descendant of Davtd. It
was probable, on the other hand. tha!
tio was a descendant of the Aryan colo
nlats of Galilee. Posslbly, lf hia gene
nloglcal tree could be tracetl tur
enough it would be shown that he w?*
a descendant of Zoroaster.
It was at that point that a war of
worda arose between Professor Huupr
and the German profeaaors. Professor
Haupt'a urguments wero attacked ir
detall, and perhups because lt was ti
questlon of on?> agalnst numbers h*
dld not fare well. The leadlng Gcrmai.
bibllcal expert present expreaaed th*
pith of the German Idca when ho sale
It waa Impogalble to declde sclentlit
cally whethor Chrlst wns a Jew n>
race. The point of Importance was
that Chrlst was unquestlonably a Jew
by rellglon. Such vlolent dlssenslon
was produced that the chairtnan's ef
forts to calm the controvorsiallsts wero
for a long tlme lneffectual.? Berlin let?
ter in New York Sun.
A Delicate Touch.
Old Mlss Bugbee was very .deaf and
very scnsltive about her inllrmlty.
Such was her natural cleverness and
Ingenuity, however, that she usually
escaped from serious embnrrassment,
arul sho always so vehemeutly scorned
ear-trumpets and devlcea of mechan
Ical nature that her frlends no longer
dared to suggost them to hor. But on
ono occaalon thlnga went not accord?
ing to schedule.
"She camo ln to borrow some maga
zlnes yesterday," sald Mrs. Russell,
who lived next door, "just ufter the
plano-tuner had gone. He'tl been hero
all the mornlng, maklng such au out
rageoua racket that I l'elt sure avon
Mlsa Bugbee would be annoyed. But
she hadn't boen. not a niite.
"I said to her, 'Mlss Bugbee, I wlah
vou could hear my daughter Sarah play
'somo tlme. Wo all thlnk she's lmprov
"I Just meant I hoped she'd drop in
some tlme when thero were folks here,
und we wero havlng muslc. But she
took lt that I meant I was sorry she
couldn't hear. D(d you ever?
"Well, aho up'nnd remarkod, very
loftllv Indeed, T thlnk sho's lniprov
Ing, ioo, Mrs. Ruaaell. -I was going by
thia mornlng, and I heard her playing
way out on the aldawalk, and sho
seemed to have real touch?real
touch.' "?Youth's Companlon.
Good for Iudlgeatlon.
A smooth-looking stranger recently
placed a number of penny-ln-the-slot
maohinea in a certain town. The mn
chlnes boro tho following Insorlptiori:
"The greatest known ald to diges
tlon. Drop a penny in the slot. Push,
then pull."
At the top of tho machino was a
handle to be pushed, then pulled, and
many townspeople, .who could not ro
slst the temptatlon of trylng somo now
clcvlce, for tho same reason that Tlmo?
thy took the wlrie?"for his stoiuach's
sake"?dropped ln tholr ponutos and
took a push and pull out of the ma?
chino. But thnt was all. No resuit
lo'liowed, and there wa.s some talk of
blowlng open the hoarded tredaure,
At the end of the week the ngont
reftppoured, unloeked tho tnachlnos,
garnered tho wealtli and retired, after
oxplaining that "exerclse was tho
greatest thlng for dlgostlon ln the
world." Tlio crowd was so parnlyxed
that the agent escaped unharmed,?
London Tlt Blts.
Too Many 1.1HVH,
Wo suffer from too much law and
from too llttlo onforcement. Every
man wlth u griovance wantH a
law paased for ita rudresm. And
every man wlth an itchlng palm
trumps up a grlevanco to be cured
by loglalatlvo enactment unless lie
is bought off. Every evll has a bi)!
ainied atzainst lt. ana whon the hlll

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