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Bryan Turned From New
York to Ohio and
Soon Saw, However, That J le
Had Little Prospect ot* Win
ning, and, Lcaving His
Friends Below, Hc
Retired at io
vember ::.?Wllllam .1. iiryan to-nlght
recelve. at hia homo, "I'alrvlew," the
returns whlch early told hlm thnt for
tho third tlmo he had been defeated
lu the greateat ombition of hia life
Confldeot of victory to the very laat,
ho was not propnred to belleve that
Ms caute win lo?t untll the piumii
tieB of hla Republican opponont piled
up ln Hiini, proportionB an to leave no
room for doubt.
When the early returna cam? ln ho
made pariicular lnqulries regardlng
the Stato ot New York, and founil
rnuch ehcouragarnent iu the ?_ina he
wun making up-stato over th?.- Demo?
cratlc voto of 1901: but an tho flguros
Contlnued to ho recelved. he ro]|?.,i ?n
Greater Now York to offset the heavy
Taft voto above thn Hnrlem Rivor.
Kvon ln that ho was bitterlv _|fap.
pointed. and ho soon reallred thftt the
Htate waa bopeleaaly gone, and wlth it
hia prospectfi of balng elected.
I ookr.l lo Hlddle IVral.
According to th,- jpredictione of hls
managera, ho wn? io,i to belleve that
ha a/ould ho elected without iho ald
Of tho Krnplro Htate, nnd ho turn^il
his Inqulriei toward ohlo nnd indlana
Iho ),<-,-vy i.omocratlo ?nln ln tho
rnirteenth Ohlo Diatrict waa a sourcc
Ot Intereat to hlm, inrlicatlrig that the
pf-pheci.g tlmt Oblo would go Demo
ctatic would be fuiniled.
Ho aiao got much comfort out of a
telegratn from John E, Lamb, member
of the advl.iory commlttee from in?
dlana, Btatlng that ihe Indlcatlonn
were that Indlana -waa probably Demo?
cratlc and dcrlved a good deal of natls
factlon In tho fac. that hls own pre?
cinct ha,l Given him a handsome rna
}orlty and in the reports that ha again
irould carry hls State.
After nearly three houra apent ln hls
llbrary, Mr. Bryan came upstairs and
'alked to tho newspaper men and
others who had assembled in tha
"workrooin." He read aome further
returna, but they told tho same story
of dofeat, and he announced that ho
would not have any statement to glve
out to-night.
Itettren tiulle Karly.
A large number of the voters of hls
t act came ln to congratulate hlm
on its being carrled for hlm. and. after
ih-tting wlth them for a while, he
want into the house, first atatlng that
he would retlre at 10 o'clock.
While a number of Democratlc lead?
ers from all over the country commu
nlcated wlth the candidate by telegraph
the absence of any word up to a late
hour from Chalrman Mack was the sub
|ect ot comment.
Durlng the evenlng tho friends of the
Bryan family from the eurroundlng
country and from Ldncoln dropped in
and, after being recelved by Mrs. Bryan,
Ihowed their Interest ln tho electlon hy
remalntng to hear the returna. The
lun parlor prcsented a gay appearance
' t? tho ladies, many of them in evenlng
flress, eagerly scanned tho bulletlns and
(ndcavored to figure a Democratlc vic?
tory while tlie men would assemble ln
little groups to talk over tho situation.
Mrs. Leavltt. Mr. Bryan's oldest
daughter. would not concedo thnt her
father had Iost hla fight and romalned
tip until a late hour, belleving that
tnore favorabfcs news would be forth
Appreelnt.s Hii Keighb-Ta.
At 11 P. M. Mr. Brynn aent down
Italrs the followlng statement:
"It ls very gratlfying to recelve so
lomplimentary a vote in nty home pre
jlnct of Normal and ln the city of I_n
toln. We appreciato very much this
txpression of good will on the part of
fcur neighbors in Republlcan atrong
Mr. C'lafln's Statenirnt.
CHICAGO, November I.?General E. W.
Chafin. preaidcatlal candidate for the I'ro
hlbltlon party, after scannlng the electlon
Feturns made a etatemont concluding ns
tollOWSI "Tho Democratlc Bryan party ll
load. The llght from now on wlll be bo
f.vcen tho Prohlbltlon party and the whis?
key (Repiibllcanl party, and we wlll elect
s, prohlbltlon Presldent ln 191_"
Arrested. for Tlieft.
Oeorge Wllklnson (colored) waa arresled
??Kterday ovenlng on a eharge of steallnj
J6.IS from M. B. Florelllmer. Offlcer Vesi
toiade the arrest.
Concedcs Nevada.
RENO. NEV., November 3.?Chalrmat
Humphreva concedes Novada to Bryan by
?5 oancea, Sc.
J pound, 10c
Bryan. Imperturbed. Entertains
Gueata Whilc Receiving
Election Returns.
vambor II,?The sun parlor of hls home
turned Into a temporary telegraph
and newspaper office, Wllliam J.
Bryan to-nlght watched the re?
turna wlth manifeat Intoreat. He
waa, howover, perhapa the moat un
conccrned among thoae who had aa
sembled to learn tha people'a verdlct.
Mr. Bryan dlvlded hla tlme between
tho fttin parlor and hla llbrary, where
ho got apeclal reporta from Stato
Chalrman and the natlonal commlttee,
and frequently came upatalra and read
aloud tho reporta recelved.
The returns from Now York, partlcu
lariy In the up-Buito preclncta, were of
unuaual Interest to tho candidate, who
declared tliat the Democratlc Inoreaae
over the voto of 1904 waa about what
had been expeeted. He rnndo many
in<iulr1es regnnllng the reault ln Great
er New York nnd Ohlo.
At Intcrvels during the eurly hours
of lhe day, Mr. Brynn would come
Into tho ann parlor and chat freeiy
with the oorreapondenta, and by way
of amuaement he brought out a num?
ber of telegrams of tha "freak" kind
Whlch he had recelved glvlng hlm ad
vlre na to what he. should do ln case
of I,Ik election. Whlle walting for the
detalled returns. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan
entertalned a large company at dlnner
In honor of the oorreapondenta who
had bltn ld*ntifted wlth hls campaign,
and who nccompanled hlm on hla va
rloua tours. The. election for tho tltno
vias fcrrgotten.
IIrj nii Glven f'oncert.
PrevIOUBly to the dlnner tho guaata
asaemhled In the drawlng-room and
Mr. Bryan treated them to a concert
on the planola, the Inatrument belng
manlpulated l>y b'tmaelf. After reatlng
for an hour lie rejolned tho party In
tho pun parlor and began readlng the
Hla daughter*, Mra. Ruth L*a\itt
nml Mlas Grace. and her son, Wllliam.
woro among tho group ln the aun par?
lor. and apent moat of the evening
keeplng ln close touch wlth the situa?
tion, whlle Mrc. Brynn waa content to
occmlonaliy come Into the room, al?
though kept thoroughly posted on tho
returna. At C:15 o'clock Democratlc
hoadquartera Inqulred of Mr. Bryan
what personal lnformatlon he had, nnd
lie replled thnt It waa to the effect that
the Demoerats were ?..;..;,g galna
where they were expeeted.
Tho precs and other bulletlns glvlng
the later returna were nent to Mr.
Bryan In hls llbrary. where he had
gono, after remalnlng upstalrs for a
ahort whlle. Ho read them carofully,
but made no oomrnent upon them.
Contlnued From Flrst Page.)
r.il/.abeth Clty. 570 249
.1-ssex . 36 4 12+
lairfnx ..
??l-'auquler.1,24s 3SS
*loyd . 70U*
Fluvanna. 3<t0* ...
Franklln. 200* ...
Frederlck.,,. 650* ...
Gllea. 100* ...
Oloucester . 359* ...
Goochland.,. ...
??Grayson . 37&?
Oreene. H4?
Hallfax .
Hanover.,. 522 205
lld-.-y .!. 30*
Henrlco. ... ...
Hlghland .'.'. i6?
Isle of Wlght. 492 197
James Clty. ...
Klng George.
Klng und Queen.
Klng Wllliam .
??Lancaster . 155 114
Lee . ...
Loudoun. ...
??Loulaa . 260*
Lunenburg . 840 80
Mudison .'.. 200* ...
Mathewa . 480*
Mecklenburg . ...
Midtlleaox. 249? ...
Montgomery . ...
Nansemond. 828 204
Nelaon .
Now Kent.
Norfolk . 782 G2?
Northampton . 600 225
N'orthumberland . 4Io 185
Nottoway. ...
Orange .'. 318*
Page. 0'
Pntiick . 30U'
??Pitteylvania . 3s?o?
Powhatan . 251 145
??Prince Kdward. S2S 76
Prince Qeorge. ...
Prlncess Anne . ...
IPrince Wllliam . 7oo*
i Pulaakl . 75'
I Rappahannook . 400 200
ltichmond ..'. 338 205
Roanoke . 320*
??Rockbrldge .1.084 812
Rockingham . 179*
Russel! . 280
Scott. ?00?
Shehandoah . 108*
Smyth. ... 450?
Soutluunpton . 789 151
Spotsylvania . ...
Stafford .
??Sujry . 320 B?
Sussex . 300*
Tazewell .
Warren . ...
Warwlck. 102 58
Washlngton . 175
?? Westmoreland . 327 12-1
Wise. 500
Wythe . 500*
Vork .
Note.??Majorlty. ??Incoiuplete re?
\<>l?. In Cltlos.
Tho vote in Virginia cities compared
with the vote four years ago wns as
1908. 1904.
Warsaw?Oftlciul returns from tho
four Northern Noek j-ounttes of thu
First Dlstrlct are aa follows:
Wcstmoreluutl County?Six preclncta
Wlth tbe returns from several Stntea ln doubt llio electornl voto nppenrs to be ns follovrsi
I'nllfornln . 10
Lolorado. ."
Connectlcut. 7
Deluvvurc. .'I
Idaho. 3
litlrtiM, . 87
Indlaun . 15
lowa. III
l\nii?n?.,.. 10
.llnlue. ???. 6
Ma%nachu?etts ,. IU
Mlehlunn. 14
Mlnnrnotn. II
Mnrylnnd . S
New Hampablre.. 1
New Jeracy.,. I_
New York. .';:?
North D.-ikota. -I
Ohlo. 2:t
Orrgon . I
I'eium; I vanla.?. 34
Ilhodc laland.. 4
.South Dakota. 1
I tiih. 3
Vermont. -1
Wushlnj; ton. 1
Went Vlrglnlii... 7
WUconnln . l.'t
Wyomlng .?. U
?M I
Alnbtmin. II
Arluutasa . n
Klorlila . r,
Georjfln . 13
Krntm-ky .,. 18
l.oulKlimu . II
Moiiiiiim. '.I
"*! " ? I ? Ii>_.S . II)
?..-.-..ii.l . IS
Ncbrnika. 8
Ncvaila . :t
North Carollna. I_
oklniionin .,. 7
South Carollna. I)
T enncNsec. 1_
Ti _as . 1S
Virislnln . 1_
Total . 17.!
.330 Parkcr ._:~..... 140
a majorlty of 203 for Bryan. For Con?
gress?Jonos, 301; Wise, y'3; a majorlty
of 265 for Jones. Baynesvlllo and "VY'ar
rensvllle, the iniBsing precincts, will
glve tho Democratlc ticket about forty
Itii'liiiuiiiil Couuty?Complete vote ia:
For Presldent?Bryan, 338; Taft, 205;
Brynn's majorlty, 133. For Congress?
Jones, 410; Wise, 132; majorlty for
Jones, 278.
Laocaater County?Seven out of elght
preclncta give Bryan 455, Taft 114;
Bryan';; majority, 341. For Congress?
Jones, 485; Wise, 100; majority for
Jones. 385. The mlssing; precincts wlll
Increase the majorlty of theJDemocrat
lc candidatos by about slxty votes.
Xortliiinibi'rland County?Tho full
voto is: Bryan, 410; Taft. 185; P.ryan's
majority, 225. For Congress?-Jones,
The Shop of Mann & Brown
Recently Much Im
With many and perfecl apocimens of
Chrysanthemums prlnclpally in tho lead
ln a dlsplay of floral luvellness that
seems to havo nsplred to outclass all
the beauty of the Virginia tlelds and
valleyu thia fall, tho Ilower shop ot
Messrs. Mann & Brown, on Broad
Street, certalnly presonts a most charm
Ing appearance, and offera to all vlsl
tors a treat that la well worth going
mllcs to see.
And In addition to all the wealth of
floral eharin, this progressivo concern
has recently compietod a ntunber of
improyomenta upon their storo that,
although quiotly pcrformed, havo
worked wonders in the building Itself.
Wlth tho steel celllng as spotlessly
whlto aa the Ullos beneath, the flxtures
of a rlch and reatful srrado of mahog?
any, and tho wall covering a dark
green, tho whole color scheme lends
ltaoif to the object ln' vlew?beauty.
In tastefully nrranged placos on the
walls heavy beveled nilrrors loolc out of
thelr frames of mahogany,
The writer prlclus httnself on havlng
seen some llno .speolmons of Chrysan?
themums ln hla day, but tho showlng
of Messrs. Mann & Brown, even thla
early In the season, aecms to ecllpso
them all. It is recallod that this pop?
ular (loral .establtshmeiU was awarded
a medal at the Jame3town /Kxposltlon
last year, but Mr. Bornard Ilobbs, the
olever. managor of tho storo, Informs
the writer that the Ohrysanthomums on
exhlhitloii thls season aro even more
perfect In their well-developed beauty.
InohleiUnlly, all are invlted to visit
tlie -.siore..
4C0; Wlae, 146; Jonea's majority, 316*.
Jonoa carrled every precinct ln the
four countles, and led Bryan at each
of them.
Newport News?Newport News gove
the expected majority to the Demo?
cratic nomlnees, Bryan gettlng a ma?
jority of 297 and Wllllam A. Jonea,
tho Democratlc nominee for re-olectlon
to Congress from the Flrst Dlstrlct,
gettlng a majority of 265*.
Jmproporly inarked ballots were
thrown out by the score. The totais
were: Bryan. 791; Taft, 494; Jones, S19;
Wise. 554.
Ilnninton ? -.llzabeth Clty county
_ave over whelmlng Democratic mnjori
tlea. The electlon papsed off quietly,
wlth a comparatlvely heavy vote. The
results ln tho county were: Bryan, 679;
Tnft, 243; Jones, 669; Wlse, 256.
f.loueestcr Court house?Glouces ter
gives Bryan 359 majority and WilJIam
A. Jones 42(! majority".
SlathewH OonrtUouec?Bryan carrlea
this county by -180 majority; Jones, -123
Mustville?The voto of Nor_hamp.ton
county as far as secured glves Bryan
361, Taft 122, Jones 369 and Wiso 128.
Tho total vote of the county will be
approximately Bryan, 600; Taft, 225, or
about tho party voto of 1901.
Tappahauuock?Total voto of Kssex:
Bryan, 364; Taft 121. For Qphgreas?
W. A. .lones, 393; G. N. Wise, 100.
About ono-hulf of the totul voto turned
I'rbuiina?Of 176 reglstered voters,
only '95 were cast to-day, aa follows:
Bryan, 64; Taft. 25; Chapln, l. For
Congress: A. Jones, G0; Wise, 28. The
electlon passed off quietly.
Church Vlcw?Bryan carrles AJlddle
sex by 219 majority; Jones, 366 nin
3",ri>_~r!i_*l?iirK?hor Pioaideiit, Bry?
an, 88.13; Tafl, 252. Bryan's majority,
133. For Congress, Jones (Demoorat),
434; Wlse (Kupublteun), 237. Jonns's
majority, 397. For i'ollco Juatlco of
tho clty, Htiriry Dannohl and Wlillam
K. Goolrlck oach recelved 348 votes,
making a tlo.
ApconiAO corxTY.
ouirv?Tho majority Iu AqeonVac for
the natlonal nnd eougreaatonal Demo.
cratio tlcket la 1,800.
AVUillMUNbUl'K-Brlitoii, iu York coiin
_KC Kj^ve.a..lir.v?U 81_.vo.v?8...Taf.*;. 3"ljv,e._5,
W. A. Jones 24 votes, George N. Wise
22 votes.
Newport Newa?The vote In Warwlck
county was as followa: Bryan, 102;
Taft, 5S; Jones, 101; Wise, 63.
Second District
Sulfnlk?Throughout Nansomond, -slo
of Wlght and Southnmpton' counties
the weather waa Ideal, but the voters
were apathettc and the balloting waa
llght. In ono precinct to-nlght the
returns had to bo mado out by tho
llght from the hurnlng of leftover bal?
lots. There were no lamps or cundlos
Niinsrmond County? Complete ro
turns glves Bryan a plurallty of 502,
Whlle Maynard's plurallty is sltghtly
larg-cr. Thn llgures are: Bryan, 828;
Taft. 2G4; Maynard, 855; Groner, 257.
late of Wlght Couuty?with ono
small precinct mlsslng, glves Bryan
492; Taft, 197; Maynard, 509; Gronor,
1 85.
Soiithninptoii County?Almost coni
t protc
famlly. it takes a self-paylng pollcy
of tho Floellty Mutual l.ife to do lt
Ank Winfree & Crone for rates, 1001)
East Main Street.
This $4.50 Large
Reed Rocker, $1.98
Another big ahlpment of Rookera,
so that you can be suppllod to-mor?
row. '
I.augo slze comfortably swimg
Reod Ihicker, llke out, with full roll
back. arma and seat. strongiy
bracedi worth J1.50, 6pe- (??$ jtQ
olai for. ^i.JO
Hopkins Furniture Co.,
Cuah or Credit. 7 and 9 W. Broad St.
Msaasjaqaa_u.?mn&g u__ej... l!'??-._ '?
pletn returns glve Bryan 789; Taft,
151; Maynard, 806; Groner, 149,
norfolk anii PonT.tMfrtnrn.
Norfolk?Norfolk gave Bryan a
plurallty of 1,280, and .Maynard 1,28!!
over D. I,nwrence Groner, hla Itepub
llcan opponent.
Portatnouth's vote for Bryan ww
1,205, for Taft 455, for Maynard 1,257,
for Groner, 416. Mnynard's majority
tn thn Bonond Dlstrlct will be upwani
of 4,000. In Norfolk county, wlth thren
preelncta mlsslnir, the vote Imi Bryan,
793| Taft, 688; Maynard, 819; Groner,
Third District
Ashlnnd?The vote of Hanover coun?
ty Is as follows: Bryan, 522; Taft, 305
For Congress: Lamb, 656; Duoe, 168.
Mencliestcr?Bryan, 363; Taft, 114;
Debs, 7. For Congress?Lamb, 866;
Duce, 124.
Chestcrfleld C. II?Bryan, 66; Taft
13; Watsoii, 1; Chafln. 1. For Con?
gress?umb, 55; Luce, 14; Holllns, 1.
Onk Grove?Bryan. 37; Taft, 9; Debs
1; Lamb, 39; I.uoe, 31.
Ettrlcks?Bryan, 92; Taft, 23. Fot
Congro.is?Umb, 98; Luce, 23.
Fourth District
I'o?liniiin Courtlionse?The total vott
ln the county wns: Bryan and Kern
251; Taft and Sherman. 146; Wataon
1; Francls It. Laosltor, 290.
Petersbur??Bryan, 906; Tnft, 205; F
R. Lassltcr, Democratlc candidate fo'
Congrcas (no opposltlon), 1,008.
AVIImoii?Whlto Oak Precinct, Dlnwld
dte county, gave Bryan 30, Taft 18, Laa
sltcr 44.
Knthrrlnnd?Bryan. 63; Taft, >0. Las
sltcr for Congresa, 88. The vote wa
Lacroase?Lacrosse Precinct: Bryan
97; Taft, 20. ThlR Ia about one-eightl
of'tho voto ln Mocklenburg county.
Waverly?A light vote waa caat lt
Buaaex, Bryan carrled tho county b;
about 300 majority.
WiiKrflelil?The vote cast here to-da:
gives Bryan 75, Taft 9, Chafln 2, Laa
alter 71. Tho electlon papsed off qulet
ly with a light vote.
Surry?Brvnn has carrled four pre
clncts ln Surry county, gettlng 22
votes nnd Taft 57. Three proclncts yc
to hear from wlll Increaso Bryan's ma
Jorlty. Lassiter for Congress is lcadlni
tho tlcket.
Nottowny?Nottoway Courthouse Pre
clnct: Bryan, 49; Tnft, 5. For Con
grosa?Lassiter, 66.
Crc?vc?-Crewo gave Bryan 145; Taf
Dlsputanta?Bryan. 27: Taft, 24; Laa
alter, for Congress, 44.
McherHn?Returna from Lunenbur
county. not complete, glve Bryan abot
340 votes and Taft 80.
F?rnivllte?Slx preclncts out of seve
in Prlnce Edward county gives Bryn
323 and Taft 76. Lassiter. without o;
posltlon, ran slightly behind the tlcke
Emporln?The electlon in Greenf svll!
county pasae.d off without Incldent. _I
Taft recelved about ono-thlrd of th
votes polled here. Congressman Las
siter's vote,waa a highly complimentar
ono. Out of the entire 400 votes polle
he recelved 397.
Fifth District
Danville?Bryan'a majority here
T57. Saunders (Democrat), agalm
Parsons ("Republlcan), for Congres
got 800 majority.
Indlcations polnt to a Democrat:
victory in the Flfth Dlstrlct by a ni.n
jorlty of several hundred. Thla ls le>
than waa expected hy the Democrat
The race in Henry county, whlch I
normally Democratlc, was close, an
the reaitlt waa long ln doubt. Th
presidential nomlnees and Congreai
man Saunders wero runnlng nhea
when tho last reports were recelved,
__r!_tln__b_rg?Floyd county wl
glve Taft 700 majority.
Mn.titosvtiic?Twelve out of flftet
preelncta ln Henry county glvo Bryn
30 ma'orlty. The same preclncts gl?
.Saunders (Democrat) for Congress ?
majority. The three preclncts to hei
from wlll reduce these figures slightl
Indlcations are that Bryan and Haui
ders wlll both carry the county by
narrow margaln.
Cliathnm?Elghteen preelncta out i
forty-eight ln Plttsylvanla glvo Bryi:
395 majority. Twenty-two preclnc
glvo Saunders (Democrat), for Co".
gress. 304 majority over Parsons (It'
Didepcndeuce?From tho beat infm
matlon obtalnable Parsons has cai
rli-il Gray8on county bv about 45
majority. Tiie Tuft majority wlll I
u Uttle leBs._
Rncky Mouut?'I'ho estlmated majoi
ity for'Siiundors ln tho dlstrlct is 80
Iiiformation la too mongro, howeve
tor a ileflnlto statement,
Stiinrt?Indlcations ahow thnt Patrh
county has gone Republican by 300, Tl
congreaaiohal tlcket ls slightly behin
Sixth District
Lynchburg?Brynu carried slx of tl
aovon preelncta ln Lynchburg, losln
tho thlrd of the Thlrd Ward, ono i
the recontly annoxed illstricts, by thn
votos. Tho clty gave Congreaamt
Carter Ghiss. who realdea here, a hlgl
ly oompiimontary vote over Merc
llurtmaii. Republlcan. Of lloiinoke. Tl
fii-inilid vote for Prealdent ls: Brya
862; Taft, 413; Chafln, 14; Debs.
lllsgpn, 3, Bryan'a majority over Tu
i.h 489. Thi- voto for Congreta wa
t'rla.ia, 1,1S- ; llnrtman, 267; I-Iarvc
Siiclntlst Labor, 22, Glasa'a plurali
pvor llnrtman Is 915. Etghty-fo
votos were thrown out In tho clty b
cause, of dofectlve marklng. Tho tot
vote was i."oii, At tho Flrat Preoin
ol* thQ *?OCOnd Wur.l to-,lay Iho Vfl
v,.i.-: heavy enough to keep two Un
?' ing from Butirlae to aunaot, ivntl wh
? thu iiuih-i eloMod three men were at
ln iltig artd,they were'provented fr?
votlng. Tho trouble wns duc tn r
j^arriAutfemeat of thu wajU llnes sLuc^ t
wmm':. - '???-;
laat election, whloh made the dlatrli
too large.
i..vrichMir?. Va? Eleven of tho elgh
teen preclncta in Campbell county ght
Bryan 437, Taft 135. Glaaa 441, Hart
man, 100. The county wlll glve abom
600 majority for Bryan and Glass.
Hnnnokc Clty?Completo returns gtv?
Bryan 1,41?, Taft 59S, Glnsa 1,102, Hart
man 5S8.
?"?nlem?Uoanoko county glvos Bryan
825 and GlaBa 350 majorlty.
ubitford couxty.
BedforA Clty?The clootlon ln Bed.
ford pnaaed off quletly, a amall vott
belng polled. Tho six precincts heoni
from glve Bryan 423 and Taft 114.
These precincts ln 1001 gavo Parkni
886 and Roosevelt 202.
South tlostou?fiouth Boston gav>.
Bryan 23D; Taft, 70; Glaas, 258; Hart
man, 54.
Seventh District
llarrinonbiirR?^Brynn carrled Har
riaonburg by 66 votes and the county
by 179, a reduced majorlty. Hay, fot
CongresB, lnnds Prltchard by about 400
Many ballots for Presldent were 10?1
because votera falled to acratch tha
tickot correctly. Three hundrcd morj
votes wero polled than four years ago,
The election was ejulet and orderly.
Wlnclieatcr?The clty ot Wlnchestel
glves Hryan. 419; Taft, 267?n Repub?
llcan galn of 122 votes over 1904. Hay
(Pem.), for Congress, recelved 4*2-!
votes: Prltchard (Rep.), 255?a Demo?
cratlc loss of 18 votos. Fredertclt
county wlll glve, a Democratlc mojorlt/
of G50 votos.
Ciiarlattesville?Charlottesvllle and
Alhemarle county glvo Bryan '900 ma?
jorlty, 158 less than the majorlty glven
to Parkcr four years ago. Congress
man Hay's majorlty over Prltchard in
the clty and county la 1,037.
Proflt?Bryan, 26; Tnft, 6- For Con?
gress: Hay, 19; Prltchard, 6.
Berryville?Clarke county givea
Bryan and Hay 300 majority.
WaahluKton?At thls proclnct 1S1
votes were east. Bryan and Kern re?
celved 132. About 600 votes wero eaat
In tho county. Bryan and Kern re?
celved about 400 of these.
Woodatock?Shennndoah gives Taft a
majorlty of 109 votes. Hay (Democrat)
for Congress carrled tho county. A
very llght voto was eaat.
I.urny?The election ln Pago couftty
to-day passed off wlthout lncldont, thg
usual voto belng polled. Returns fronl
every precinct ln the county show that
Taft has a majorlty of six votes. Tho
congresslonai figures are about the
Eighth District
Alexoudrla?T'his city gives Bryan
1.216 and Taft 2-17, a majority of 969
for Bryan. For Congress, Carlln
(Democrat) polled 1,392 votes; Gregg
(Republican), 73. Carlln's majority ia
Alexandria county glves Eryan 3i5|
Ta_t, 165, Bryan's majortt." ln the
county belng 1S0. Carlln polled 451,
Gregg 103, Carlln's majorlty in tha
county belng 348, Incompleto returns
(Contlnued on Elght Page.)
You! Dyspeptics
What An Emlucut Medlca! Mau Sars
Dyspepsllt Hoiilly Is. Tlicu
Gulu Hope.
"This affection called Dyspepsla, ia
the greatest tortnent of clvillzed llfe,
and Is to oe consldered rather as an
unnatural functlonal dllllculty than aa
a structural dlsease."
The same authority has classifled
dyspepsla thus,; The flrst form due to
relations wlth other orKans whlch aro
ln ;i morbld and unhealtny atate, whlch
ls charaoterlzed as a retlex actlon. Ol
such a type is tho nausea and vomlt
ing caused by lrritation of brain, lungs,
liver or uterus.
The second form ls caused by scanty
supply of gastrlc julce, made evidenl
by slowness of digestlon, long roten*
slon of foocl in the stotnach, diatresa
for a long time after meals, accompan
led by welghty and uneasy feelings at
pit of stomach, decomposltion of fooq
In allmentary canal causing fetid and
fotil gaaes and the appearance of un?
dlgested food In tlie evactuatlons fronl
Tlte third and last form of dyspep.
sla, according to thls renowned tnedlcal
llght, ls that which accompanios som<t
abnormal quallty of the gastrlc juloa
combtued wlth a partlal paralyats of
tho stomach's muscles ao that thls or???
gan cannot sufflulently mlx tho foo4
wlth the dlgestlve flulds.
Stuart's Dyspepsla Tablets wlll remev
dy each conditlon of a stomach affllct*
ed wlth dyspepsla as above descrlbed.
Theso tablets contaln digastiva,
agents, which act wlth or withotft th*
uid of tho stomach. Ono grain oi
an Ingredient used ln these tablets wil]
dlgest 3.00H grains of food. and it
necossary will do it in a glass viai so
that tho digestlon can bo aaen by th<
humau eye.
They help tho stomach. enrioh th*
blood. revltallzo the gastrlc juices, glv.v
strength to the allmentary nervea atuf
Klands. Thoy aro jecommended b"*
ry drugglst and 40,000 phyalclan.t
iillThe Confeterate Museum'
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. _N '.' A. _. TO 8 1*. M.
aATuaoAX freib,

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