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Ifetnifille" nn U'll] linve Working Ms
flow ptalitinrd oil compnny 'Worked jorlty-Some, Dixtrieta to flear irrom.
in T I C L 9T If I ED; 0 BLE TH? I CITICAGO, Novotnbpr 4.-Thres liuii
lticlovilond nnd Norfolk.
NEW YORX, November 4.-A scheme d red n n even dktricts have
Red by tho Htstn(fard Oil Company tt been board frotti, and ttie politic-ii
11 rxe one of its fnemborf; into btl#4inPsm enmplexion of the Sixty-first Congres;,
9T ue lty wam unfolded In the Invextlga- M I N BEgos u -DV[ im BR 9GE
tV neenrding to presont Information, an(I
flin now going on, when thp, taking witli fonrteen (listricts yet to hemr
0ttestima ny witsrestinted before Com- frn,", will be-RepublicnA 9, 206; Dom.
tnin-loner f-'ratikiiii Ferris. Le I a
Claims Made That Parsons Jllausteiii,BaittmorA agent of th coil me Russian Refugee, Fighting President-Elect Says Victory Young Wall Street Broker crats, 171. one liundrold' Ftnd ninety
'any, was asked how the Stan(lard Oil six (1,s will control the House. Tlim
lias Carried Fifth IgmPany had come to catablial, a Extradition, So. Alleges Should Mean Sticcess Kills His iNlother and llo"se of 71npresentatives In tiie Six
br tich at Richtnoml. Va., known ni; the tletit Congress conal ts of Ion Demo;
District. .322 Republtca"s. Ftn th re ar
11,111'roket Oil Company, where the litand- of the Charges. of Country. Then Ilimself. n d 0
a'ki wam alrendy doing a largf- busl- two vacanclep. Tile table follows:
illess. "We wished to wake ijp oiir Congrexxionol Table. Latest Returns lildicate T' h_?
n titingei there, and I wtttt ment to mnk- State. Dein. Rap.
DENIOCRATS DON'T an Inve'stigation," he iqald. "I filig- PRODUCES EVIDENCE MARYLAND CLOSE AND SECRETLY MARRIED Ala,,ama ................9 Taft's Electoral Vot6
gested that we start n rival company, ArkanFias ...............7
I - We o )rado
woke I m tip all rlght, The ninln Connecticut .............
renmon why we took tho name Eureks. Delaware
wam because of the mignifleance. of tile
tiaiii.. at Belonged to ati Organizatioii missotiri Is Also in the DoubtfLIJ Ceremony Occurred at "Little I'lorida ......
Carroll and Graysoii Go Over- Tlio name Eureka wtts 11 Georgia .................
ken to deceive any ody; they kn ho ........... MACK SAYS BRYAN Is
waato .9liFtke up obur manager, atid "Brothers of the Coltimn, but Favorable to Bryati.
wbelniingly for Republican I'll Known as Cliurch Arotind the Corner" in 1(illainoin ..........
wfl d dIt." Indiana it TO RUN NEVER
Senator, an(i Patrick (';ives I Woods"-Other Members of Iii(liana for Taft, Elects Detno- 1907, but Had Never Becti 1,,Wa . I 10
When nmked regarding the cutting Kails. . ..........
Iiiin Bi Lea(i ' Later of PrIcem in Richmond and Norfolk, the Baii(I Were Hunted Down cratic Governor, Legis- Annotinced-Mother, Re- Kentucky ........
g wltness admitted that he cut the price Loufsiana ...............7 Democratic ChairmaLn
Returns from of oil I cent In the Virginia Valley and Ruthlessly lature and Elcven turning from Abroad, Alaine ................... ..
Maryland a
tO mllt a I-cent cut by a rival com. a 13 braskan May Be Cand
State. pany. Executed. Congressmen. Discovered It. Massachu ;ii;-.:::::::::: 9 I
M ichigan ................ .. 12
Winnestits ........ 8 United States Senate in 1911?
AIlH:IMfl1Pp1 ....... ...... 8
ENJOYING SPORTS 1?'W YORIC, November 4.-Testi- EW TORIC, November 4-neve- Provided That His State's
TIE following telegram wan re- C INCINNATI. O., November 4 ?Mls ourl .................8 6
c lved here froni Danville last Tafit latton by a onn to his motherlMontana ................ .. 1
night, Indicating the probltble American Mallorx Winning ff-n-ei; with which Jan gave liearty expression to of aIsecret n1a,riago and Pa- Nebraska. Legislature Is Demo.
Trophies While on Shore In China. "ouren In charged were pol! renta Nevada
inoriy to show thrkt th 0 of Early to-day William H.
def at of Judge E. W. Saun- ti- N
Athletic Infi the gratification he felt refu al to be reconciled
ASIOY, November 4.-Sports to It, s believed to hfLve been Ncw Hampshire ......... cratic.
der' (Democrat) were cal, and not erfminal, was lifs election as Presideiit ! New Jersey ............. 7
for Congrems again ttie feattiz-, of tite entertainineiit given before United 'States Comniia- tiie trnpelling eFtuse of a double trag
In th. I'llt'h District by State Senator oil sliore to-day for the ot the United Staten. 13u,in labor I New York ................ 11 26
mallors American, mlonr lift,licock to-day at the hearing .4s. el here to-day. The I North CfLrolina ........... 8 2 EW YORK, November 4.
J. X Parxons (Ropublicati): An eleven from the?.battleahlplon the Russian government's applica and igricuiture, he declared, liad stip- "dy In a large hot
Virginia defeated tije Louisiana foot lctims of the tragedy 7ere lfrs. Re- North Dakot :1 tically complete retu
Reports received licro to-nlglit con In byJI to 0. and a baebali tion for the extradition of Pouren, who ported bim. His s Ite he said, v Ohio .....
tea ccq
- ball IC , . 9, ::::::-:::::: 7 ce I v e r up to a Into h
flZed Indicate the clection of Par. n no from the ent, ky defeated a fled to ttits countr when he was allould be algo the sulces, of the coun- beeca Velt. eL wealthY widow, and her Oklahoma .............2
t r y only son, J. Nelson %lelt, twentY-flve 'Ciregon .................. .. night Indicate that WI
tons, Republican, for Congress, by a rilne froni tie La, lslana. being a ught In connection witli dis- try, If his abllJty Rnd endeavor could Pennsylvania ............ 9 I.7N Taft, of Olito, as Pr
Tlif, orcluslon of the games wan fol- turbancem in Sissegaol Province, Rus- make It go. years old, a Wall Street broker, ttie Rtio(le Island ................ Ielect, will filtve a voto of 309
ajority of forty-four over liaunders. lowed ty ttio presentation t-f tl'P ia, In 1906. "Please say that I am perfectly circumstances of the FLffair lndleating ISO"tll Carollne . ......... 7
tr(Plit os. The Kentucky got the gold 1i electoral college. This to within el
The Deniocrate here liave been claini- c for Itm victory at baseball, the N'ir. llourcii's extradition was receiitly re- lienithy. but tired," Wft.,; the message th was onat by tiio son lI'ennemsee
7p " at the mother 'R 2teen votes of the forecast made b
Ing the election of Saunders by a mit- gitittL a gold cup to comInem- ruged by ttie State Department until Judge Taft wished uttered for him
or,l,? It.- triumph In the football con- liis case coiil(l be lieard by a United to-night. and the latter then took his own life Texas ................... 16 National Chairman Frank H. Hltch`?
Jority of several liundred, but tlicir I lJtaii .................... .. cock, and sixty-seven more than
elit, land the I oulplana got a silver Staten commissioner liere. H e in a Public Appearn.eex. by inhaling llluminatlng gas. %r,,rmont ................ ..
extimates have been bn,,,,] wittiout CuP n honor oi the victories of lier prisoner In the Toinbm. With Mrs. Taft lie has enjoyed the The bodies of both were discoverecl Vfrfflnla Jortty out of the total cletilorsta 'n
C. ................. 8 I voto
kiiowing the returns from Grayson and r In fl,-I(I sports. Each player In Andre W. 1-asilin, who claims to be pleaHitnt household of ttie C. 4.' Taft of 433.
C rroll counties whlcli are larKely R._ he flnrtlti of the football and baseball aTiiernber of the Hatiia organizatlon- family mansion to-day, going forth bed, while her son was found on the 'Went firgintiL .... 4 The most Important news of the 1W
inatchem wa given a replictL In milver Ifloor of the b NVtsconsln ... io returna Indicates that Maryland, alitill
f tli- go IdeRn troNtiy, artd each tidmiral "Brothers of the Woods"-with only once. and then to recj,,Ive the 'Wy o n, I n 9 ... ::::: ....... ..
Publican, The ;eturns frorri these two " ttie cLth room In hlfi mother',, 'i
counties have for some reapoii been ati(i captain wati emented witli hand-' Wfilch Pouren was asiqociated at ttie plaudlts of tlle thousands of Ills fol- apartment. An aunt of the suicide, Ivacillat tig during the day and appal..".
molit im - -- rently being ffafe for 11,17m Democra,*,i"
held back. and it ham been al fjoine mJlver tiop 'B. Miss Anna Veit, discovered the bodies
lif time of the offenses charged against low-town8men as they litied the street. Total .................. j69 211 has been swung into tile Tatt coldtam,
posalble to get reports. Three hundred Chinese students film were committed, ttatified that he and filled the windows for blocks in wlien she sought to awaken Mrs. Velt. IfIssing. II. 'Majority neceRsary for
"Reports recelve,l here, to-night are were entertained on board the INU-9- met Pourer. at a meeting of the the line of march of the parade of the In wliose apartment slic bad spent the legislative control, 196. The tinofficial fJgures give Mr. Tot,
motiri this aftiDrnoon. "Brothers of the Woods." and that that Woodward I-ligh School pliplis, factilt night.. the State by 136 votes.
that Parsons carried Carroil by a ma- The building erected on the recep- organization, a revolutionary band. and trustees. Mr. Taft made ecret 3farringe the Citume. Maryland was the last of the,
Jority of 780, Grayson- by 560, and tion groundm for the use of the Y. M. w am the prin- NO HOSTILE COURSE
Patrick bY 316. Tlilm offsets Saiiridern'fi C. A. was burned down early to-day. t broken up by the Russian au- cJpat address ai the, corner-stone lay- The police made the discovery to-day ful States to be heard from lndflkilii#,;??
t tan"?
fliajoritteri, which are: Danville. 837: horitlem, lie, witti several otlier mem- Ing of the new building Ills school that Veit, wlio was supposed to be nd West Virginia, as well a; bio" , -,,%
llittaylyfLnla, 500; Franklin, 284, and Admirnl Emory ConaTatulated. ber.,? of it being forced to take refuge from which he gradtiated when a boy: single, was married secretly In Octo. Holland Givan Axanranot. However, turned out to be safely Republiciltm-L"A
PENCIN, No,ember 4.-Th,- forOgu in the woods from June, 1905, to June, Tiie function gELve the city an oppor- ber of last year. 'rhat Curacao IVIll Ige Protected. Colorado went for Bryan, Mr. Br$4*04
lfenry, 28. The Democrats do not con- board .4ent It., thanks to Admiral Ent- 1 goo. His mottier had only recently re- WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO. Novern. has a total of I7 4 two less tfi`-?
-rede the election of Parsons, and there ory for lils congrattilations upon tunity to pay ltq first daylight tribute -
lm considerable doubt as to the accu- anniversary of ttic hirth of the Dow- 3lemb-rx Were Emeeuted. to the President-elect. turned from France, and the coroner's ber 4.-Tbe colonial government qn- he received in 1896. In 1904 Mr.
racy of tti" reports received here. ager J-,mpresq. Three members of the circle of Missionary Society of the Methodist tlieory to that her finding out about sued a communication to-day to th, er received only 140 votes, in 19
twelve comrades, Landin cleelam., were electlon or Polltlcs In his a dres tj 13ryan received 155 votea and
"Republicans of Floyd county, whicii The foreign press of Ciiina makes d s, but her son's tnarriage precipitated a quar- PeoPle of CtirfLcao, settinsr for i that .
favorable comment on tltc- vipit of ttie F-hot by order of a field court-marti 1, e I e he Nebraskan received lie vote
a onf n d himself to the history of th. rel between them. ciilminating In the the rtimors current recently that the
was, by an act of the Legislature, cut American battleships, but th,- central while another vvaii shot by order of a school, wlitch held for him many fond' tragedy. government of the Netheriands Would Taft's 309 electoral vote compare w
(lut of ths Fifth and placed in the Sixth government an,l tho Chine." ttople, s., take 'A
T)IHtr1 t. refused to vote for tite nominee ffis am ttie latter are Infrine-T., tire liti- military district court. Two others rnemorice. Late to-day the police found 1%frm. J. some hostile actioncagainst Ven- 336 received by Roosevelt-in 1904;
C e7ue a on the 1 tof N vembor were received by McKinley In 1900, and,
:?'ere shot without trial. Lastlin said. A sPeech to the 'Women's Foreig-n Neltion Veit, widow of the dead man , ZtlcK 1896,_
In the Sixth LInd ted for Parsonm. miliated over the fa,t that onlv lialf without foundatton. Tlils communlea- received by lnley in
vo fi et under Adiniral Sperr--? cania They were arrested, he said. because '511aslonary SocietY of the 'Methodl .st in another uptown apftrtment house, tion bas created conSiderable discui,
11 yd ounty s largely Republican on to Chla. No liange-I of material Interest hj?v',e
account of I ,- narro-v rnargin with There is no rejigori wliat- thel, were opposed to the local gov- Episcopal Church, In annuELI session wlierevglie said she liad been living star. It also haFj led to the belief til t been creported In the congressi
t ever to belleve thztt complications will erninent. lth elt for a inonth 13ast. liaving liolland does not Intend to embark
whlch Saunders won last time, It -as result froin China'. irlsinterpretin liere, to-morrow morning, and a ban- w on bostlllt. turns to-day. 'The Republic
g Trina Shipte. a Lettigh'wornan, mar- been away from New York all the any course of arme(I vbave about he
"barged that F Ioyd catinty wa. taken the significance and purl) t qtiet of the Cincinnati Commerel I gainst tho repiiblic of Venezue t slime worki
,,ut of the district for the VIMt of the4%merlcan warships. time since her marriage with Veit, In a la.
t) The article gives assurance that th Jority in the Sixty-first Con
of "'! 'led and now rest(ling with her lius- Cltib to-morrovv night constittite th&e er, 1907. 31ra. Veit said that she In R at present, and Joseph G. Ca
The prese ce of ttic American PlApi tere ts of ttio colony will not bc?
purpose of band at Roxbury, blass.. described ho public functions which occupy Jud Octor b n I
It Dcmocratle. Ttle Reptibllcans at Aino, has again directe(i attenti,T" d th
niakinp, .he had been forced to flee from piR w ge neve met he hus and's mother, a eglected. The government of .111"nol:. undoubtedf will suce
t-, the ?Ieclln C I C t- ce Taft bcfoie he leaves for I-lot Springs, 'h'e It Is explain (1, will plit. . J"i*
have been fighting the constitutionality " Of th An eri aii tra(i to Place In Sissegaol Province by fe r did not know wtiether or not t Netherlands, Speaker. ifepresentativ
,,f th-, IFLw and the action in Flyd in China. Ther,?- are to-day ,nly two Va., Friday. lie marriage. an en(I to the existing d c Uverstreet, of Indiana, and 1,18 b
Venezuela In en mat- I 0 n ?Ttl T02041 t'?
only the prelude to a contest. Th, Arwri,an traders tiorth of Shanglial. avinpat of the police. b0c(Luse of her hy Will Best In Virgtnla. fier liusband. she said. le a inanner 'fi"t1"r',,%. W
for tiie revolutionary party, wilich liad ft early last mmong those who 0 p
lsfactory to Itself as well RE, to th, of
-tImat,- nr the Republican majority, vcntured hold an electioti azid "I am going away for a complete night, and telephoned t her about people of Curacao. :Iection. have fal ed
however, Is excluslvc of Floyd county. ROUGH EXPERIENCE choose oftitcoer. by Po rest of at least.two weeks," said Judge l(:30 o'clock that he wootild be home The Senate retains its Republi
Pular vote. Her The cruiser Gelderland entered port
Ci.- From the Start. tegtlmony had not been coniud,-d Taft 0-ulght-:, .%'O. T, Am rat golIr 10 in half an liour. She did not hear N-esterday afternoon and Is atfil here. complexion, although,Ahere Will
Although, Democratic , leaders here S1110.13eir Gov. Anw. 35 Dnys fr-m New- wlien court adjourned to FrJda), next. hold poiltical conference, neither itm I from film again. she said. The crulser Friesland Will leave port material cliangs In the personnel
iad consid red the rac , a close oiie port Nevv. t. 110-tOn. going to con-ilder Cabinet construction, The dead woman was th(L widow of to-Ilay- the upper brnneh of this national
from the t r , they did not seem to (Sp-1.1 t. The Tim--Dl.pstch.] nor political, appointments. It's going Fellx Veit, a wealthy broker. inture.
DEPOSITORS SAFE b as a bs His Lost Race. Zp
rtitertain :na %erlous fears of the de- BOSTON. MASK. November 4.-Ten to e EL per od ne r a olute rest and senior member of the firm of Veit.
e Y TRIED THREE STATES Natlonal Chairman Norman
t of .111 iep of the crew of th-- Pioneer five- ke It." Lyon & Company, well known a few E. maoi
fea dge Saunders, who lx a man a and qulet as I ctLn ma of the Democratin party, Issued a StAtol."
of exceptional ability, and vrho is well ""'te(I mcliooner Governor Anies. witli But flank COnlitnImalonir Akx for lte- I After not Springs the 'Taft family years ago in Wall Street. The rnother ment to-night, In wliieh he declati?4'??'
hag "I'Ver for Ce.t=1 Truxt Company. I.. considering a ntimber of places for that lie did not believe Mr. Brk",.,
, gard faces and exhausted bodies, usually spent the summer inonths in l'oting ColiPle FinallY neach Nortb, Car.
knowri tlirotigliout the district. Aoffered a silent prairer of thanksgiving FROVIDENCE, R. I., November 4.- France, wliere she owned a cliateau. offun nnd Are Made 11 ppy. would agaln be a candidate for lhi?L"
prominent leader of the Democracy of when tile big anclior cliains of the William T. Goodwin, the I reRidence during the months that will Young, Veit was a member of the Na- a
the district, wlio wa. In the city last mcliooner rattled tlirotigii ttie hawser COnimisstoiier. to-day Stilte Bank ? tional Guards of Now York. PITTSBURG, PA., November 4 Ile said he belleved Ojq?,
. took control Intervene before inauguration. Among traveling liundreds of miles .-After prosideiicy.
niglit, was stoutly claiming the re- plpe to-day an she caTiie to anchor In the Central Trust CoinDany. of ti,01f, these Is Ashevllle. N. C., hIch lias some Wife Wan 'an Actreox. ma land tryIng the N'Pbraskan might be a candlilpti
tliough lie the harbor, after a voyage of thirty- city, and aPPited to the and Atlanta, Tt was learned to-niglit tllat the In three Staten tb get rr ed without for the United States Senate tn
election of Judge Saunders, Superior Court objects 'oecause of cold, rn. liaving to tell falsehood In order to provided the Legislature of his,Stata.?.
Ftdmitted he had heard nothlng of a live days from Newport News. Two for the appointment of IL receiver and Ga., tile consideration of whiell are tden naine of Mrs. J. Nelson Velt
powerful steam punips were going at for tlio isauance of an 'vas q
definite n the counties of e Ss Clara Jane Nionroo, and ttiat alie (lo so, Vernozi Pmlth, of Kittanning, is Democratic In that Year, when t IjO
ture f om lnjunct'on to now betng broilght forwara. . The de
n full sPeed to keep the schoo.2er free restrain th bank frOm dolng busine . and Veit were married b), the Rev. Dr. licir to niuch brewe%stack, and Miss first vacancy 'will occur.
Carroll and Grayson. -which were con- from water, and for ten days during clalmlng tiiat It was hazardous for the cision will be the one iiiiportant work 1-foughton in ttie Little Church Around Etliel Eackinan, f Ivale,succeeded Recoanition for South?.
ceded to Parsons, but not by majorl- ttie voyELge the crew subsisted on stale a 0 Mr. Mack was asked If he thought,.'
Public to deposit their funds with the f the ITot Springs sojourn. the Corner In Septeinber, 1907. In Cartliage N. C., In getting mome one
ties large enough to offset Saunders's bread. Time an(i again It Reemed to Institution. ie Taft family will Mrs. Veit said she was an actress to tie tho knot, and to-day tltey return- the Sotith would be recognized 1w thq-:?
Willie there ti I iitted
lead In the Democratic porition of the thf-, crew that the vessel and all on 'Mr. Goodwin states that the bank occupy a cottage, and it has been befort- her marriage. ed lionie. nat onal convention and pertr
nam, a candidate from that secttom,,,??
dl:trict. lt It sliall ttirn otit that the board were doomed, an(I they no sooner has failed to comply with certain stated that the festivities of the resort Sniitli atid Miss; Eackman each are of tehe country.
got out of otio gale than another came fitate banking laws. twenty years met at
C ime of Parsons's friends as Car- Ile expressed the will be eachewed. ANCE . old. They KittIn- "The inost ELvallable man will 1b;
p to hazard ttietr safety and keep opinion that liquidation will not result. UPSETS FIN ning In Sept mber, ancl, dcsplte the fact nominated," he replieti. "IrrespectlT??l
to III
roll, Grayson and Patrick are correct. thotn at ivork niglit and day. and that the 3,000 depositors will suf- Tliree thousand or more tolegramq that the young woman was engaged to of whetlier lie comeq fro the NorttL
and he Is elected, this nicans a net Tlic- usual passage of tlle five-rnanter fer no lass. of congratulation have been delivered aft's Election, Folloived bY Caxa marry (L Millvale youtli, she fell In love or the South, the East omr the West;?,,"
ain of one Congressman froin ttie froiii Newport News Is from tive to six The Central Trust COmpany to Jtidge Taft to-day- They Include -tvas in- Bianca Incident, Dixturbs r-rance. with S'mith. The latter, too, discovered Everything will depend pon his ;;aIl
State by the Republicans this year. days. The Governor Ames, in cOm- corporated in 1900 with $100,000 capltal. messages froni Cabinet oMeers, Sena- u -will-,
The Fifth was for many years a nian(l. of Capta Kin from Its last PARIS, November 4.-The generally that he licts been smitten, and, after a ability and other conditions. which
-.1 g' saile(I statement showed resonrees good Impression upon financt(il senti- few dttys, the couple decided to elope. develop In the next fOLir years."
Newp rt News September 30tll with tors, Representatives, ambassadors. pol
doubtful district until It was redeemed aggregatlng S240,757. The liabilities iticians, residents of tile Philippine First, Youngstown, Ohio, was visited. The latest returns indicato that' I"
a ment in tlils citY produced by the elec
by Governor Swanson. lie baving car- , cargo of 2.900 tons of coal. Included the capital stock of $100,ooo Islands and tlio far EasL and personal
lind dePOsits Of 4127.228. tlon of Williain I-T. Taft has been more There It was toitnd that Smitb was not the national Hotise 0f,RepresentatIvbs,,,,.1
ried it in 1904 by 4.101. and there are 13ank Commissioner Goodwin has riends and admirers of J dge Taft. t twenty-one, and wotil(I liave to swear the Republicans will have 208 ?mem'- I ,
lian offset, at least temporarily, by a bers and the L)emocrats 172, 'wlltltl?,
those who beNievetthat In tile event of SITUATION ALARMING been appointed temporiLry recelver. lf%fany telegrains eFtme fromu business r,,rudepcence of an'xiety over the atti- falsely in order to got the marriage districts nilssing.
Parson'R elect on his year, the Gover- license. He declined to do so aiid the "loven
organizations and labor societies tude ad'opted by Germany iti ttio mat- (upie returned horne. of New York. accord corrected,
iior's friends will urge lilm to enter llalkan. II,-fime t. Be (tulet-Runors tliroughout the country. 3.
the race In 1910. of Impending HQxtilitlem. CAPTURED BY CUPID ter of the Casa Bianca tneldent. Ttiis Ttie next place vimlted was Cumber- returns late to-niglit, I fugg 2too 495. inor-,?.
LONDON, Noveiiiber 4.-The Is the clitef dissertation of several Ger- land, Ald.. wliere the BiLme objection xcess Of Pr tdei t
Slempla Ifeavy Lead. Balkan Neigliborx Console Bryan. intLns wlio liad enlisted In the foreign was raised, and for the second MO Roosevelt's glLurallty of four yeaersi,
Practically complete returns from the situation lias taken on an alarmist St.t, Senntor Noel 1111arried to Blimm 490,
INinth District show ZL wonderful in_ aspect in the past day or two, oNving Alle LTN N, NEB., November 4 legion of ttie French army. Geriiiany Suilth and Atims Eackman caiiie back Governor C let; E. Hughe was re,?;,
of leiiizte-isee. Wlitle not cariiig to discuss at this a.ked for arbitratton for the interna- liere. elected In New York State "b' 71,15.).
crease in Slemp's niajority over ttiat to renewe(i rtitnors that hostilities aro IINOXVILLRr, TENN., Novomber 4- time the polltical effect of the Denio
indicated by those first?received. Slemp Imminent between Servia and Austria- Clipid caught a State Senator fr' tional law ltivolved tn tho riglit of Finally, It wai; learned tlirtt the laws The retxirtis as between Pre ffent awt_,
places his lead over Byars at more than Ifungary. TheAustrian troopsaresaid Virginia to-day and Hon. John O'Cn cratic victory In his home State or Germany to protect lier stibjects. of Nortit Caroliiia would offer no bar. Governor indiate a lieavy B'splitt ug, 0
4,400. "It will probably reitch 4,000 at to have been intrencliing on the Ser- Noel, of Pennington Gap, v a.. and Miss analyze the causes. Willinni J. Bryan, Fraiiec accepte(I this proposal. pro. rier to tlieiv unlotA, atid to Carthage the tickets.
vian frontier, wlitle Servia has been Kittle Allen, formerly of that plac,?, in an lnfornial talk to a number of vide(I that the arbitratton aliould over cotiple went, returiiing hoine to-day. Deitioerntle Successes.
least." Siiiitli lg the son of a deceased Arni. The liecLvy vote In Oliio made fig es"I"
Byars carried Bristol, his home city, making hasty preparations for war and but now of this city, were inarried at friends who called ozi hiin, expressed the qiiestion of fact wliether or not trong county brewer, and when of extraordinarily late, owing to the- Tn.
the removal of the seat of the gov- the residence of Mr. and Mrs J W pleasure at the result In Nebraska German Influences at Casa Blanco, In monse slze of the ballot. Mr. TeLft,
by 288, and Giles county by 160, all the eriiinent froni Belgrade to a less ex- Keen in the Augustine Flats &s'eve- him -ge Ill tntierit several liundred thou
otlier countips in the diistriet going for ning at 8 O'clock, Rev. Frederick A. and the satisfactioit It afforded him to spired the desertions in question. Ger a W ars.
Posed city. -and doll earried hi's lown State, however b'y
r,lemp by majorities ranging from 100 It is difflell it to ascertain the extent Ross, astor of Trinity Churcli, offici- learn of the election of so many of him s 1. 50.000 Plura tty. tL reduction of ;norW,
p many refused thls counter offer, And M S. Si-nitli, motti-r of the brldegroom, than 200,000 froni the Roosevelt vobv?d
to 650. Mr. Byars made a gELIlant of thc. trutli of these reports, which are "ting. politleal and peritonal frlends. France lias declined to modtfy tier tinaware of her son's attempts to marry fotir year, The Democratfc-?2,-,?
fight, and was assisted In every POSSI- believed to be. greatly exaggerated, a lmmediately after the ceremony Sen- A delegation ntimhering nearly 100 attitti(le. Miss Eaclitiian, was, on ttie very of
ble manner by the State, dittrict. and although doubtless botti countries are tor Noel and his bride left on a bridal fi-oin Lincoln visited. Mr. Dryan at day State ticket In 'Shoio, lie.d.d by Jud.
county organizations. Tllere are but tour East and North, and will return Fail-vlew to press to hliii their con- This situation created alarm on the of their fit-st try, being married to a Boii Ilarmon for Governor, ap I "I,
prepartng for possibilities. At the to Richmond during the present ses- fidence and odxevotion, and to ass,tre 13ourse this iiiorning, but gradually nephew of George Erb, the wealthyNew bo Safe y elected. The Stat.
f ted t hat the -hich Is to choose a S
ew interesting features to be found in Servian legation It is asner that Servia sion of the Legtalature, and then go him that suell was the sentir6ent oi a calmness prevailed, although the un- Yorlt brewer. titre, v6 onator
the returns of any of the other dis- ruiilors are unfounded, and to Pennington Gap. Nir. Noel Is about majority gf the poople of his city and usual measuro of calling the Geriiian be In dotibt as between the Rleppeu&brllx?cki-?
tricts, the main one being that Bryan is maintaining a correct attitude pend- succeed Senator
? ti'
ran behind nearly all the congressional lilg the proposed intlamational' con- forty years of age and his bilde State. federal council together to consider the BROTHER' CONFESSE and Democrats.
candidates. gress. I- __ _- 1- - twenty. 'Mr. Bryan, In re!pniadlng. said: nolitical sittiation continued to hiLnw

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