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Gums 4m;
Has Retained Lawyers to Look
After His Interests at To
Day's Meeting.
[46ecial to The Tim-es-131patch.]
BLACKSBUPRG, VtA., November 10,
Members are arriving thlo eventiltt for
tlil meeting of,the board or vlsitors; of
the Virginia Polytechnic Institute- here
to-morrow, The chief ttwtttor before
the board is the retignaLtion of Colotile
It. A. IAlarr I&M professor of civil engl
neerIng Inl the institute. Al tholighi no
statenient can be obtalned frorti Llie
bonrd, It Is wvell iinderqtood tllat 111"f
resignation was reQllef;tcd at tho inoect
IngR oft the boardj last Jutio, to take., of
fect tLt the and of the present sossion,
for rteasons deomed suffcient to Lho
heard. C:olonol Pdarr proteFtm ala1ntis
this artlon on tho board'sl part, an,l has
engaged lawyern to look after h1% Sn.
terestg at the meecUng to-morrow.
ElIon. R. E. B3yrd is alrowdy lhere, andi
CongreaR^m.n E. WV. Sa-inders 17als #iY
e xpected, to reprement Professor Ntarr.
A ineeting of thle exccutiv,, conimittee,,
iras h,?ld this aftertioon to wsidit the
-,as !er: port andt atte,i (f SIiO
purlley routItlef ImpIness.
Wom n" In A eqjlItt ed. !
rsper lAnIto The TIm.A-DlIsP&tebh
L,EXING}TON . VA., N'overnbei I3-|
rls. Laura Nowrell. whitte, on trial for'
liousebreaking andlIarceny Rt .r. P.
Lockey's store. ratncy Jill]. Rockbrldge|
cunty, wvns to-d nY AcqUttcUd In th, !
C'ire,ift Crnlrt ot Ytockbrldge, Jlivige S'
It. Lth,et(r* prenIdIng. TlIlY rwas hei |
'senond tylsal. the Juyfixiv l the for inerj
trial failinrg to agree.
% I
: - - |
In fay botfle-C and rplt2 i
%. I -- - r
- -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
r:w as W g-z-mq
ANnd it sornthitng "just as good" 38
offered,. llssn Rl{EIUNS.A.TEUR. BRheu
.natlwi. call be cured, and BEHEUIA,
TULltR .v1l curo. It.
A\t all dru agist.. or Phlone 523. (s)
L ._::
Olzlest WIlisltW Elotl90 n lrirgrillin.
I ,
Just Because
Weve broken sizes ini our
Children's Department we can NE I H SC
offer to-day
Blouse SI
'Safe Fxp uio
ert Only Witness Ex. Masons Conduct Ceremonies Inci. I
amined and Case Is Continued ages, 3 V $1.95 dent to Its Laying at Glou
to December ist. worth up to 0 cester &urthousc.
i.1 tl, The Thres-VIspatch,j Medium Length Speolat to The Thriox-Lihipatch.]
'F0 GL?UCESTZR C. If., V,,L,, November
liSl"' I Overcoats,
"?, LX,w1A., N.,I.b,, I9.-Oribe
11110h% ricii. as -day In t ages 3 o 7, $1095 11).-Thn corner-stone of ttin n-,w con- I
Z,-c ary Irayl.r 1?.UUtf,,'1' w"M vase, an oreto building of the Bttelourt High
h, examination was continued unti, worth up to $6, .9chool, at Glo co ter Courthoutse, was
(?,,,miber ]at, I
E. T. Jordan, the expert, who opencil Better ones, too, of course,
il'" mttr, of tlio d,,cea:ood, gftve evi
In behaIr of the contesteox. all the way up to $1 0.00.
Jordan wa 0, sent for and tLrrived at frorn Ala
th,? house of ttic d,-.nd rTian In Holland, thews, Middlesex, King aiid Qtiepn, as I
ka., and began diltilitiK ttin stife be. well an Gloucester, wpro In utten(Isince.
lw,t the corpso wtis i-eiijove(I from the Grand Senior Deacon 11. R. Boivnian,
Iillisf.. His work %van not cornpleted Jacobs& Levy , of Fredericksburg Lodge, No. 4. waFs
ibr, tlriqt niglit, and tlif, Haft, WaFi actu- present, and amsitited. Ttin ladle.9
11? opened on tho day of Lite ftinerat. fit 0
.1, ,, examination oj' Jordan wax pfl- se dinner for the bene f the
te no rv-prenentativo of ilie proxe school.
1'. At 2:30 o'eldck tion. J. N. Fitubby in.
II g present, btit cotinselfor ttic con- Bosom Shirts at $1.19 this week, troduced lfon. J. Boyd Sears, of bla
t'-9tec's. wtiomn witne-is b was, gave worth up to $2.00. thews, an the orator of thn day. Hu I
th PII It. was over. delivered a most Impressive address
.fordan told of eoafe opening, and on I
,"'i'l that nc, wil) wat, found in ttiat re- ml ZT:
'i"ptac, c. Ji, siii(i that a wondesi tlemk day was sold at public auction by Spe. plia zeA ttic progrist; Virginia la ri
rorced, but ho (11(i flot lielf, WI'Lll eltil Alaster W. I? Willianis, of Norfolk. ljig In that direction.
I opnning of that . The Mtn(-,,4 for- under a decron of foreclosure bY th,_- Mr. Stubbs next introduced Mr. Eg-11
asserted th,.t sam Hardy. now It, United States Circuit Court. gl,-ston. I-ft, Impresmed the itudieneWl
II. charged with the inurder of T. G. The pi-operty was bought by t as being a Virginian Indeed wtio loved
lie co and tio iored Virginia. He referred to
and wh(i wa,s tilleged to have Iiimble Trust Company, of New York,
"Id'sihe victini about tho fliiding of for $38,000, thore being no other bid
"t" lier mplendid past, emDhasized the lm
a will, wati not pr(.,acnt wtien the safaider, portance Of educating her etilldren and I
)IS opened. The company has been In the handx spoke confidently of 96 brillIant ture
- ordan testified that the safe had of receivers vince last January, and for her.
J,ot bp,2n oj)ened by ltm owner for some! thor. iire out tanding more than $100.
, , ' 11 ' IIELD.
Tills prior to his (leatb. Nitic hun-loo( of r?,celversl certificates. 31ANCITESTE11, '.VIA 1%
:IrIA dollars tii caelt wag found in the Tht. extension of the pipe linf-m and
!, ,%, and iiiany th,)w,;j i?ds In curr,_,nc,,, otlier improvemel.tH -,vill continu,?. Ile 1. Accuhed of litivInX flobbed Syd
;,4,,bonds were In t1u, safe. dor lte,ddenee.
"I Itness that Holland, L. Th.
hin montli o ,?; o1'efore tho mdi PITl,;[,. VA.. Novembei I O
1hat h, had no will tit that time, btitt Chief Ragland atid Sergeants Tittrius I
that It he were to wrta ono he Would Litelus Sealex Goes to Pri-on for Mur- and Steward to-niglit arremt-,d Richar(i
make Mine blary fiellitrid, a daughter der of WIIU&m Wilson. Elder, allati Ricbard Connor, a white
of A. A. Holland, one of the chief ben- ainter, who clairns Manchester as his
She was his great-niece. EspecinJ to The Timeii-Dispatcb.) L,_ r
T ha - -C-0- bHATHAM, VA., Novornber 1D.- tome, on tho charge of being the tnan
day ntesteen were represented to- cius Scales, colored. waii convicted of who entered theresidence of Thomas
by Judge Ft. H. Rawles, Colotial E. Y_ Sydnor, In Ch sterfield county, yes
Ill. Holland and Seth Edward Everett. sec,nd-degree murder for killing Wil
States Attorney 3. Burg,,s was of liam W115011,tand given eighteen yearx terday hiafternoon. tLnd ritole nearlv
in the peni entiELry. The killing Oc_j everyt. ng Of value that could be
iheir counsel also, but resigned after ourrp found.s All of the silverware, the gold
Ihe murder of Jones. deeming his con, In blay. 1906. in the hotne of 1 brooch a and breastpins were recov
ect lon with the cafie lncotislstent with Scales, ilear Danville. The evidence of t
lp dutIr-x as public prosecutor. the prisoner's son was that his. fatlier I cred by thess officers from parties that
Mrs. Gertrude Vaughan Smith th beeame (lisaatlstied with hirn about his I Elder bad eith-r given or tiold them
P,mposed heiress, who had custoAy ol wages, and told him he w ould thrash, tO and every other article save a patr
R T. liolland's vrill tintil It was vol- him that night. 'When his f-ather came, Of, rubber boots were recovered. 11.1der,
untartly returned at her mother's dyi home he went to the bureau. took out. who has only one eve, hax been work
Ing requemi., Is represented by Rober his pistol, and with that In 0he hand, ing for. several painters In this city.
W. Witliers. and switches In the other, ard6red him He doclined to say anything about tTit,
Nir. Witbers nald 0-fter adJourninent, to 'come and be whipped, which he re- charge against hlm.
ihat "'Mr. Jordan did not see tLny will' fused to do. Wilson gppeared on the
because ha'wns not there at the rJght Ocene Le peacemaker, and interceded for Cliarged With Ftobberr.
tlrno, tior at tlte rlght place." the boy, but wtts ordard' out, and In- Sp,-61.1 to The Tim..-DI-Patch.)
3ALEX,'UNDRIA, VA., November 19
stead of no doing, proceeded to thi a
room in which the tis was. Just SH \%?1111arn Jones, Rbout thirty year old,
G.tS PLANT SOLD. t .le. ilred, the who says tits home In near Fredertcks
he enter-d he room EL
Columbia Irrout Co, of New Vork, Getx bLIllet entering the back of his head,; burg, Vrt., Was arrested early t h 1,.3
Suffolk Property. killing hiM instantly. Scales fled the! inorning on a cliarge of liolding up awl
to The Tln,e.-r)I,p1t,h.j count.rv. and about a month ago Waal robbing JameLR Gow and Victor J. Ack
FOLII., VA.. November 19-Th captured In Pittsburg. of $1.21). two watebe,, gloves, and
p'-nt of the Suffolk Gas Company toe. Eniniett Alexander rtnd 0IIv.r Cr.ft. also taking from them tlietr jergeyq.
botli colored. pleaded gulltY to house- ivhfch they ware. Jones was Rrre.9ted
break'ng and were given two years immediat,1y afterward and flned $5(). to
each In the penitentiarY. "' hich there was added a jail sentence
'MR. WILLARD HA -qam Shelton. white, wa's given six of six month-i In the Police Court this
days in jail and flne $60 for tsf-111119 mornfng.
LLI wittakey without a iteense. Tho of
fpne was comm. itted In August, and Bnq,,et to G.".
`7" Slielton waff giVe ix months in Jail t. Tl?,? Ti...-DI.pateb.1
-?M- find flned $2AO each for the town and LYN171111L7110,, V.A.. N-,,nb- ll.-Th,
Flargra"e. L3,nchb.rg Ai,;rnni AP.oltl,,n to rrang
Commonwealth by MaYor
ton for a In& t. t-d- . bnq,,,,t here n the --iw
from wlileti lie appealed. Mot 1),-.b- 6th 1. h.nor of Se.rl.r r-re,
new trial will be argued later. this cit? and an,
or-, witli n.tf,o of
Henry Atiller. col d, charged !?-.nu. ,r W.,hingto. and Le, Pre.ldut
-burning WILS I,e, h.. b-. 1n,ftd t. b. prestnt. Th,?
car I
Hugh Day. coiored, charged -wlth -t ,,Ill b-:? t III,, R.I.. Crr.11 during
breaking into the store of J. P. I r h,,. t. ak. tn.
wms acquitted. n-.,1.1 address bef.re th,? I.,al
of L"ture. on Greek -I i
11. ?
We have before ue a letter announc
ing fallure In the eRO6 of a chll4 In
Vlrginfa. The dlAitracted fathmr reportn
that Ptilton'e Comnpound lielved th-i
chilld more than anything olFine but thst
It dId not atrrost tho progress of the
dinease, and In aLnnouncing the ftatl
termiiiatlon he thanke us for the 4
fort we nuado to eFave the lItttlo one's
life. Thle and several other fallurns
In Diabetes In children aCcent tho no
cessity for a statement that has al
ready been made public, btit tilat *.70
feel should be given further ptibliclty.
Before the formulae for Fulton ff
Compounds for Bright'st Dlsease aniI
Diabetes wero purchased of thel int,
John J. FUlton, tests vwore made to de
termine their efoleency. (Thirty-silx,
page pamphlet, givi ng many of these
tt will be mailed on application.)
The Investigat on showed ftanorable te
suits In 87 per cent. of the cases tr:,{-il
ted". atid we were enthiuiiaatic In the
belief that thils percentago of all cases
of Bright's Dlisease and Diabete.s COU!I
recover. But these tests dilc not In
eltide any cases of Llabetes Inl children,
andI a half dozen recent failures com- I
pel the writer to say that he, does nt It
belleve that It Js aL specific for Dlahcte4
tichildrenl. One phymlelIan annouin
tiie recovery *Jt a case of D)lahet(,m inl
a child thiirteen years old. bu t h. ~r
dleath a few tiionths later (altXlougl i
attributed to an inherited Initernmitte.it
heart by the same physician) cause-s
great doubt In our minds as to tli,3
character of tXhe recovery. And we
rnske this plain statement that we feel
is due to every father and mother who
has a child with Diabetes, for w.e d]o
not want to be put In the position of
giving hope to parents who have little
oneii stricken with this dlseLase. It thlt
writer had a child with Diabetes he
would put It on the Dlabetes Compour:d
simply because It belpil these casea for
a while, and he known of nothing elsz
that dooHi but he wvou)d call In the
beat doctor~ obtainable to attempt o
keep the acetones dovwn, In the hope
that It would be dne of the exceptions
that would recover, yet with small con
fldence as to the outcome.
'Diabetes In children in rare, and our
observation has been llmitedI to b,it
feiv cases. Nearly all mado dllstinc,e
progress the first few minths bult later
the Compound seemled unable to arr---,t
the dIsease. ,rhile wve have had wnr l
of twvo or three recoveries. they la c
conflrmatlon and are ziot satisfactor -.
Hence, It alwvays distres-es IIS to ee
celve a letter froni a parent, wio, upon
hicarlng of this discovery, writes r ill
nt hope, a.sking for details, for we ar.}
co)mpelled to wvrite as above In all cases
thlat Involve Dlabetet; In child(ren.
I n Diabetes In forty and over results,
.are almost certain, nearly nine-tenthn
:recoverlng, and at fifty and over, where
there are no complication-, the fallur^:s
are rRre.
; In Bright's Disease, all ages ylpld
c from infancy to old age In nearly nine
.tenths of all cases.
69110 San Pablo Ave..
Oakland, Cal.
Represented In Richmond by the
'Owens & Minor Drug Co.
Fttrs, andl wlhere is tlhere a better placc to find just wvhat's wanted
A Iarp'GS sts9rtment. of Fusr, now
ren,Jy rt,r yosaxr Inspec tion, Includl
,!InF ch',,,r'' r,NtlX. Natitr.tl Nllitkp.
Hka rox, Blendled Sqlpitrrel an.l
.Trnp Aflnk Ntuff, pIllovr sad rwr
styl-,s, froni $1-1.50 to $21M,0.
Choieou Ntitimal Ly,~nx Ties, oxtri a
length, ztit f12.00) ar,le 2;.o
Chol,.q N0ii1ral T,ynx Shawlis and
Pelerlnell, vRItI lcn,) triiiillimBg. D.t
$35.CO" ancl 40.001.
Sl(ka. Fox t?. Inrg,, rulg Iiffe
Anld hlandsom,1 P,,lorlne, w-itlh fanlry
lw?ad annd tnill. sit. M.-r.0wt.fX
'Int L'ral Lynxt Sets,t wVith tin anfl
pillowv 111111'rf: specisl. F";t.GO Y(.t.
'atiiral MiTnk Ties rund Fancy
TlirowvA. all tiow mtylem. from $"o.00
to *35.00.o
Nattlral Mink Polrrinles at $14Z.00,
N:atwalr Nlink Aluff, ?>l?.anfl rug
'ity le, froml $20elo t" 930.00J.
Fit-l Siahtle Sqtiirrel 86ts, fanta
thiroivrs anrl riig muff, $2J to $0.
rgabella r ox Ties. extra length,
att $8.5i0.
T.,abellJa Fox Throwvs and PeterlrJes
Ht $12.50 and $15.on.
IFox ANILMV, rancy rxjg style, at
LVargo Piltr)wV Fox 'Muff at $t.
0Opo.4sm TIe8 atid Shawl Throw,
frOm $5s.00 tO 1612.50.
Opossuim Al utfs, large ptlloWr
,Otylos. at S4.00 and $5.00.
WVater lilnk 'Mufts and Tlees at
$3.P8 an(l P53109
I insurance Of $400 on the buildinglt
-In|Jl the HTusUngn Court totdaY WU-,
I lfiLm Hill, colored, ple&4 8ulltY t14 it
I thilrd offense of petit larceny, andw1
l isentenced to twvo yeasr' labor ore the
pzublicw roadii.
A buslnessi meeting of the Healaioit
Street (colored) Baptist Churc rtil
be held next 351onday night, andl 1t Is
expected to be an Interesting ons. It
Is reported that the Tartto fact#on witt
endeavor to expel a number of lb*
iLntl-Tartto members, aguairu bwhom
,charge. have been prelerred,
The anniial meeting of the West lfa
Baptist Sunday school wast held, lastt
night, and oMcers wveres elected for the
Ietisttillg year. W. Mf Rucker wast
| hosen ttuperintendent, and P. W.
K lrulso and. J. D. MfcECenney, hls aselfflt
L nts; Secretary, R. ZIf Wharton; AA
sistant Secretary, F. C. Collier; Tress
iiier, J. W. HIolt; Musical Dlreotor,
W. H. Mazckasay; Assisttant Mlusical
Director, J. D. bfcKetiney; Llbrarisn.
James JolInsNon. Assistant Librarias,
J. C. Wrglght, W. T. hlarshpond &nd
F. MlcCualloch; Pianist, Misst Blanch
Plillow; City 3SlQetlonary. T. C Croyder;
Assistant Miessionary Comtulttee, T. C.
Crowder and C. I[. Kruse; Exsecutive
Committee. E. S, Walsh.
Ttines-Dispatch Bureau, tity of silverware, jewelry, etc. Mr.
109 North S'yeamore Stree Sydnor Is one of tite proprietors of the
Potereburir, Va.. NovembaN. Franklin PresFj Company's plant, on
The cotton shod in the yard of the
Atlantic CoELat Line RFLilroad. In this Bollingbrook Street, In this city, and
alty, was destroyed by flre this Tnorn- c(lfnes In every day to work at the
Ing, and forty-one bales of cotton O's tablialiment. Yesterday Ntro. Sydnor
Ntored therein, tLvralttng delivery, were canie In to the city also, rLnd the house
badly damaged. The bales were heavy vas left closed.
ones, and valued at $50 eacti. Tile flro Wli-ii they rtturned home In the
In said to liav. been caused by the ning tli-y were amELzed to finct that
crushing of a matcli on the floor itiider the h0l_lse hn(i becii broketi In and de
ttie wlieel of iL truck. The flaines spolled of all the famlly silverware.
4ittekly spread along the toos(t cotton Jewelry ELnd ottior tirtleles of vELlue. All
on the floor, and thence to the bales the rooms In the house h" been ran
and traniework of the shed, The build- sacked for valuabless, and the thiet
Ing stood near the NVashington Street or thleves evidently made a thorotigh
front of the yard, in close proximity search and took plenty of time In do
to the rear of the Lewis Brothers' ing so. Amotig the articles stolen were
large wheelwright establishment, btit t,,?enty-four silver spoons, large, and
this property was save(I fi-om clamago sinalt, two fine gold brociches, one set
by the fire department. Nearby also in turquois and pearls; gold chain and
the large wl'olesale grocery lioiise locket. gold watch fob, a Winchester
of Roper & CO., but for ttinately this rifle an(I numerous otlier articles of
was also uninjured. Of the ditmaged less vftlue. Even a prized family plioto
cotton. thirty-two bales belonged to graph was carried off. The Cheater
Martin & Sons. an(I the others to E. A. field, Petersburg and Richmond au
Hartley, commission firms on Sycd- thorities have been notified of the
more Street. Two freight cars staiid- robbery, and are on the lookout for the
ing on the track,, near the shed were thieves and their booty,
badly scorched. The cotton was fully Death of Mrs. P. E. Davis.
Insured, and there will be some sal- '
Urs. Emily Davis, wife of lilr. F. S.
'Vage. Davis. of this city. died last night, at
Henvv Robbery In Chenterfield. the home of ber son. Eugene Dayls, tn
The residence of 'Mr. Thomas Y. Roanoke. wilere she lind been visitilig
Sydnor, iti Cliemterfield enunty, 4i qliort Eor t-wo Or tlir,-(- months. She lin't
distance from Petersbtirg. was robbed 1,,?cn in bad heal0i for ?,ome tit-LIC, but.
yesterday afternoon of a large quan- her last illness -vvas comparatively brief.
Mrs. Davis was seventy-one years old.
.and greatly beloved for ber beaiitiful
wonianly virtties, hpr devoted Clirts
tian character and kindly disposition.
Besides her husband, she to survfved
by seven sons and daughters, ELs fol
Gift Novelh'es 'in tows: 11. C. Davis,of Norfolk; Mrs.
Emily Danby. of Norfolk. Eugene
Davl Jr of rtoanoke; Robert Davis,
tn t'?,
of A ift C. rrank Davi-, of Le
Gold aiid Silver irgton, Ky.; Tliomas M. Davto aiid lslrs.
David Dtlnl(P, of Petersburg. She lr,
This season brings a beautiftil also survived by one sistEr. Mrs. Mary
ftopei, Bond, an(i ihree brothers, Bart
number of iioveltles. We ire 1,,tt, Henry C., iLtid Preston Roper. all
continually searchitig the mar- or tilts city, The body will be brougbt
kets to secure "sometbing new," to Petersburg for burial in Blandford
and visitors always feel sui-e of cemMery.
flnding ne* things at the The rcmains of the late John L.
Schwarzsciiild Store. Buford. who die(I In Charlattesvllle.
were broLiglit liere tlits morning ELnd
wNo matter for what .,,aslon. laid to rest In Blandfprd cemetery.
e liave ttie appropriate gift, 111r,. Buford Was seenly-M, years or
itge Fie was formerly aiid for Y-ears
Artistic and uniqtie effec!s it resident of Petersburg, where lit,
that lnatantly win admiration itt ttttiglit bookkee'Ping and periliiallshtp.
Broachen Pendants, Bracelet.. Dtiring late years lie was a citizen ot
Necklaces. Rin.s. etc., at a wide nielimond. He Is survived by bis wife.
range of prices. totir daughters and titree soils, mOst
or whom reside In Ricilmond.
Verdl,,t for $800 D-Inges'.
After an iiii-day's trial of the suit
We are showlng an unu, a C T. 'Meach
of G,R.F vmer agaiii
large collection of I...'o an,1 an, and ttio Chestertield Manufactur
mounted diaiiionds of excep t, on - Ing CorripfLny. for $5,000 damages f(I'
ally fine quality. illegal arrest and irtiprisonnient, Llie
itiry In the Hustings Coill't last nigilt
DIAMOND RINGS, $20 to $800 reudered a verdict of $800 datuRges for
the plaintiff. The ease w s ably ar
gtioci by Messrs. ,VjlItara B. Alellwaine,
Cliarles E. Pluiiinier and W. Is. Oood
wyn, for the, lilailitift, and Davis
Schwarzschild lalilrothers, r)nviH, tot- tile dete-dalats
'r,arnier was arrested in this city a
yeal- or moro ago on a warrant sworil
JEWELERS, to byC.1,. rre?i-cilitni, uf th,- Chester
tiel(i Alanufacturing Company. -hat'g
Corner Broad and Secon ing- liLii-i witil violation of tilo law in
-P,-urhig labor withotit fL M-etisa, Ot'
illh, charge lie -,vaq acquItted.
All arraiigeniel,ts for the iiiotor-bout
race oit the Appomattox, to take placa
next Sftttlrday atteriiooii, have beell
Everything the Best. complete,.I, Lnd if, the weattiev is ball,
LL large crolvd will see ti e -tart ttn(i
fi Ili si i. Tho st. rt will bo inet'i. froni
Prices the Lowest tlpi liarbor. and the eoll,,ie will b-3
(...d salt 1,,,rk, lown as far as C.,ttmagls and return.
P .......... 9C 'r - -Lp adopted cls tO
,r Poll d ......... I jw method of handlei - -
speed will place Lill tIl,1 hOat4 On ('(Iudl
.................. 1 9c E'leven boats, all owned Ill tlli
Sn- Drift L.rd, P.r - entered foi- tho racc.
......... .......... 9Y2C P,-moual and Other,,,
6 F.t. "facti-el iticige F. m, Mullen, Of the HUSLI1195
-1 ....... .... .......... 25c at Saturdav's "essfol,
13,,t Gra-lated liligar 1),,r of the Circult Court of Sus-sex colilltv
........... ........... SC to liew, Eittd (11,4pose of l,' 01ancery
O.I., Per -.,aU90 Involving title to ?t
p.ckag . ........). ...... loc I tor hind in S"siex, ti, wIJ,,h la,190
P'ld" C.rfal?, NV,!.t Nvit., formetIly 2ounsol,
ret,nd'.,,l f.11 ........ 2 25c 1111,
: ....... kli evening ,f (teliglitfill I t(" "O"41
T W-g. 11-18 SWICL. Pride KIIII Instrumental, in whivIi Ill,, 11
Soap Ot ..................... 25C tike city participated, v,-,
itileilt in
Pound. f .................... 25c Xiveu to-iiight in St. .1ohn's Ei)iscoi,lal
Id.1, P.tat.ea, 150 To-niorrow eenhiq ztxi Organ
........... 85C c,q1til Nvill be givoii lit Mnrliet Strent I
Good S,,lt-1 1"" ?I. 1.1. chur,11. Sh"I'llord Webb. of
-nd. ;., 11 lb.' 25c j,,I,!Ijiilutld, ivill at tho organ,
Larg. e-n- T-11-t-,", alld will be assIsted by Llic choir cliorLi,
Per M I ................... I 8c ill tl"! Program. ,
Duffy Nlalt Whl-k.Y. re, 85c N ?15,000 lilgli scliool ll?fllding, witit
botti . ........... .......... ?Lll m odera I., bohig
Fr,,.h Eigi-I Tiutter. ver ?I,("-ted at ?Vaverly.
poutid ....... ... ......... 28C lit (he U rcult Court of Prince (leorge
Sugar-Cured 1-lains. per ""Illity yesterday Barney Nlabry. col
Pouti'l ........! ....... 12Y2c "I.cd. 'vas or Mealing
. coilvi,!te-d 11fty
Get our nmv c.inplet. I'd,,,, Lft. t wo ba g,, of poanuts froiii tlit) liat-ii
?,f All'. Horaco Siiiitli, .111(i. sentelleed to
l1w tor 11-irec, years. Dja
se bry'?? cmirodorate in the t1wit oscuped
orre6t. by flight fr"'Ill the county.
\"'s, Na'mflo S, ?I, Albvi.,tsop" 'of tills
U LLM A N 'S t, y, an a All'. Ii. IL VVIII18, ull ?iLturney
1'r Y00i c'011110,', VU.. Wel'O (JUieLly mar
rled Iterc) lut;t, ovening by ttie Rev. Dr.
SO N .1. S. Foster.
Four barns oli the farin o E ?,fr"' I" It
Ratneq, in 110tice George (30LItity, :wero
TWO ... STORES ... TWO burned, Tiiesday night. Tile fire is
182042 E43t Wm 506 East MarahAll. I?Uflj)Osed '10IIIELVOIbsell? ?tlle woric. oV
perseni 'rlior \vad 4ii
phounii at Both Stara., ovale till 0
HIpI.1pcs t- The !nsDzl:ac.
Ci.Il,OTTF,SVI LE, 'VA. N', ovemb sr
19-At 8 o'clock this ev enin- the etil -
rent Greek f ,holar and tea(, her, Di%
B,,sil L. Gildersleeve. of 3aitl mori.
formerly professor of Q.reek In the
Unl,prsity 'if NVrginla, delivered ir!
.Madlson Heall, O t h titu.jol" the
nlist of his ierles of lectures on "The
Ituil ty of (7reek Studies In Amo,Jcx. |
The lecture was given under thej
tttle, 'The Channels of Lfe." After
f, brief Introduction, In which the lec
turer referred to big former ronnec- I
tion wtlti the UnivernitY of Virginia f
and the renew-al of his service in toej
initiation of the Barbour-Page courses,
,%%hich mark the beginning of niore 1in-|
flariate relatioris between the university
and her sister instutiou'ns, Professor!
Gildersleeve said that his ob,,ect Was
not to make *; plea for theu~ stti of
(:reek. Llving Is the test o ialy
and all the ?leading in the world wll
be In vain It lfe to losit. Thprbe
to not whether Greek tswot vle
but, Greek being given. how to teach
Greek; how to glearn Greek so as to
make it a part or recognize It as aj
Part of the nioral and Intellectual lifeI
of the times.I
To-morrowv night tho title of thle I
lecture will be "The Pervasiveness of
the Greek La-rguage and Literature."
Saturday night the final lecture of the
present series w Ill be delivered under
the title, "Hellas and Hesperia: Analo
gies of Ancient Greek and 'Llodern
American Lfe."
Cures Cold. Grippe. Neuralglk. Head
a che. At all drug stores. 25ce
ORAT - -) You IDnMax
If you Insist on
having the best.
At all dealers. or 'Phone 8745.
Read whast Mr. WSilatr4 Hall, who lives
a,t 1524 Arch street, Philadelphia, says:
-r should feel that I had not dome my
,1,it to tha public if I did not tell them
".hat aSxnyon s Witch Hazel Soap and
L~ccm. Ointment have doao for me. AM y
hcad was a complete mitss of gsores from
E:czema. I coun.tlted the best physicians
nnd spent hundredst of dollars inx trying
to gee rld of tbia loaths.-n. and annoy
ing disease without any benofit. A friend
of mine who had been cured of Eczema by
'Muntyon's treatment advised me to get a,
J,,r of Eczema Ointment, a bottle of Paws
Psvt Pills and to use his lVitch Hazel Soap.
I procured these remedies, but niust s$a
I hd no faith whatsoever in being cured.
You -may Imagine xay surrlse when after
wvashing my head -,ithu, VleFtch lIazel
fio3p atnd atp lying the ointment, all
itching ceased ilnstantly, and before I bad
sed on a of the ointment my head was
healed and' Atho second jur made a complete
"aure. There Is not a sere on my lhead
todzayf I washed regularly, with the Witch
Iazo 8a In wantcr as hot as I could
bezr le n appli.d the ointmernt night and
S nornS:ng, and took a Paw Pawv Pill over
nlght. Pawr IPa Pills keop mysomc
and liver in a most heal hul condition.
cannot recommend these remedies too
ighly atnd you are at liberty to use, my
amme in any tmaznnr tb3at you choose.'
Prof. Ithiayon Slx hia letter to druggiBts
"y: You can conscientiously rocom
Itn myWlch.lzel Soap tind this oint
nen t. al ytrcustomers. Try andgper
uttd moters ouno the WVitch Hazel o0ap
)rt ontmntonbabv nnd Bee howv qWtcklr
twileleoit oi hives, chufing and
n,l sk"iriaSn In all cases of Ec
remsnnd herethe face or body is cov.
re vt ipes or sores, ho strongly ad.
ises th E t his Paw Pa,, Laxative
rills. Teepills not only cure bilious
tiess. janioconfltipati.. nnd most livor
Ind stomc aiments, biit drive all impuritiest
from th ld and mako the skin Slow with
) outhful freshness.
Trained Nurse Praises DIunyon's Witch
HIazel :305p.
-lira. Ida S. Parkc. Graditato Wom an's
Uiospital, 115 N. 16th 6troet, savs: "I
have used MIunyon &; 'Y.itch Hazel i3oap for
,o-e months and find It mnost satisfactory.
It is anti.,!ptSe and illst wlhat is needed for
6 llivato slkins. Ifotliers wSIl find thlo goap
idr?al for baby, as it speedily eures chaffin
an - ost skin urutlptons."
W xene, Floo r Wax. BrusheN eta.. eta.
Offeerx Suspect Tivo lNerroes of ilon
roe Mlurder.
rSp..tal to The Trirme-DI.,patch.]
LYNTCHBURlG VA., November 1.
WVhiloe no arrests have been made for
the niurder of Thomas B. Mlonroe, the
aged nwatchnian of tbeo bluff on thie
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway between
Coleman's Falls and Watighs, some
ttme M[oidaty iiight, Buspicion rests
on lIOl um groes who live In thiat
i slection' and"theY inay be arrested and
ltaken to ttle Bedford county jail be
lfore another twenty-four hours trans
MIr. Mlonroe was not robbed of his
month's pay, wvhich he3 received a few
hours before he wvas iiiurdered, because
lie sent thits to his wife. v,ho lvesl
here. Ito was robbed of wliat little
moiiey th~ere nwas on Iiis person, this
Lniotinttiig to betweeni S2 and $3. The f
Watch belonglng to the dead man was
left In his pocket, and It stopped abotit
1 o'clock, presuinably being stopped
after tile water came In contact wtlth
It, for It Is geriei-ally conceded that
the iiittrder occuri ed cai-lier in the
The atnmilN of MIr. I\Ionroe have of
fered a rex ard of S75 for the arrest
of the murderei, oi- iiitirderers,
The burial of 1.Alonroo took place
liere this mor ning, six cnrmrades Of the
decelased ill the Civill WVar aceting its
pztll-bearers at the fulncral.
PERHAPS PATALLY [email protected]
HIenry Hurst Dodge& F1reig:ht, OnlY to
Be Hist by Pnx"enger 'ltlra
rSpc"la to The Tirmes-Di.patch.]
CLITVTON FORtGE. VA., November 19.1
-Henry Hurait, emploYed by the Chesa
peake and Ohio Rallway at this place
as aL carpenter, wvas struck bY a pas
senger train on the yards of the com
pany, where he wvas working, this
aftern6on, and, It Is believed, was
fatally Injured. Hurst was in the act
of getting out of the way of a freight
train wvhen he stepped on the main
line and wvas struck by the pastsenger
train, wblich he did not see. He had
several ribs brokeul, besides being litirt
aboiit the head. He was promptly
taLken to the hospital. wvhere the out
'come of his Injuries cannot be told at
this time. Hurst is a stngle man, atid
his home Is at OriLnge, Ihs State.
Neirro in Ir dleted.
[Speclal to The TInies-Dispatoi, I
BUCKINGH.AM, VA., Novemnber 19
A special grand jury Inipanneled here
found an tndletment Rgalnst a negro
boy, Jake Harris, who is chiarged wilth
assaulting a wshite girl, Annie LXee
Thomas. This case conmes froiii Curds
ville District. The Vhomas child, wvho
is only eleven years old, wras on het
wtay from1 schiool Nvlien, It is alleged.
the youlsi negro assauilted her. Thiere
was some talk of lynching the negro,
b,lt he was brought off liere to jail.
I, M. Moss, of Dl:lwsyn, was tried for
selling wvhiskey witliout a license andi
tined $60 and costs, and also puit tinder
aW bond of $500 for twkelve iiiontlhs.
For a '1Iaonle Treiple.
[Special to The Tirnes-DIspatch. I
A~LEXANDRIA, VA-., Novelmber 19
Plaiis are being coniplate(i bY AVlex
andrla-Waslilngton L>odge of 5[lsolIs
toi, a btg bazaar, whlcel wlll ho givei
February next for theo purpose of rais
ing prellmlllary ftunds for thio oz cctloii
of a Nlasonle ternple to com-mernoi-te
the meinory of George AsWashingtoli,
w.Nho wvas master of the lodge. The
ladies vrho will have char ge of tlio
batzaar have organized, with the elec
tion of these oflcers: Mrs. G;eor-ge B.
CaLr 111 pliesdent, Mrs. Mi. WV. O Brleil,
vice-prealdent; Mll8E Nettle B. ;arnor1,
secretary, Mrs. J. W. Bales, treasurler .
Electricity at Ryan ltom.-,
r8p.c1n] to Tha Ttins-Dli patolt.]
ISTXCIIBURG. VA., Novernber 1 ,-;
tnodorn electrlc plant. llghtlng tho s ouM0,
residence, barn andF otlber buildlil nl til.Il
Nelsonl coutinty entis,te ot Thontas F'. Rtryaii,
wahs put tnito commisson lant nIl6ht. 0ak
Tnldge, tho itame of tho ent.te, to oiio of tho
five-t In Vlrglelfa. gnd it Is on. ot tilee fov
rurl z homnen In the State beinlg llghtetl by
,,e-tritilty, developed In a, prlvat. plant, 'rthl
arpanratust co.1t lMr. Ryan 1hi tle ntelghbor
h-ad of $25,000, ais It Whisntlelatr h
mrtup-towdata nmothods. l.J lrs
local elqotrlolar,, wras preseont wvhen thtq smr
relt,"wasv turthod an for the nirst *luie, otiper4
I".t tnll-rVt1i Work. Mr. .nd 3,,r.. II,,-l18s,
n-here compe!tent nrtisans attend to yo'ur
ING nnd LXx.cut. y-u SPECIJkL ORDER
C. 1,Um>sD1N a SON,
731 M ^ain Street.
AtaoLDfaeturllg Jewele
-A VWITOR Is as Importatt as
the turkey on Tlianksgiving, be
cauise after you have eaten the
tulrkey yott can enjoy just as mnany
different plecesi oil the VICTOR
as 3 oti niay wisht.
All1eged1 Tlhnt Alb1ert Sammlon irrled tW
.Steal 13,,.v and Girl.
[Sp- 1.1n to T he-'r1m.-Di.pat,l.h.
.ALEXBANDRIA, V'A.,........ Novembrl 19.
Albert A. Sainson, twmilty-thmre, yarls
, ol.l of Washintmiol. wais arrested thi.s
.evenilig, char6o(l witlt atteiiiptiiig to
kidnav, a totir -year-old soii of LUickett
Nl'. Aclanils Sfttiisoii huid the lacl tIi ai
wagorl and was proceedingF towards
.'Washinigton whieti apprlia.hnded. It is
alleged that he also attemyPted to1 kltd
vial) Catharine, tlie 'seven-yearl8old
dItLttllitei, of Jolhn Dlilgan. The girt es
,aped. Samsonl denied any Intention
r,f w*rong-doing. I-la lhad savera] Weltks
of randy' In hlSt possessolon.
Fi'ng,uzini In ltobbed and Then Pu.bed
I 'Under T1ralrl.
I-Sp-cial t. The Tlrmem-Dlspatch.]
R.All[CI".IG. N. (,%, Novemberr 19.Pl'ag-'
. narn Lasmiter. of tho5 Seaboard Air Ltht-.
.wsas set upoIn to-nighit bN a tLiaitip on a
soittliboiin.l freight at Apnx nilzd bit(lly
(<it, thiol, hoaa robbefl of all tho
- IlkQ;IoY h1 had" 011 his pers 0 n tilidt
pu.hedt of6,' the tralin, so that he fell
tilnder ihe. bwaIn attld had 11IHf foot
.- ilafihed off iitider fIL (ar .wheol: The
: trainsp iyus nqt. arrosted, LJasster was
, 461o};iwj to Itox .O,ppitul 40raw.
Speceal Tliatltlsgiving musice, if
."tl IlMe, or yoLI can bavot grand
opera iglt III your hiolne.
'We sell VICMTORS on the easy
pay menlt plan.
srlee, mo1 utp.
S13.0b Tables, ......,,.,$17
$15.00 Tasbleas *......*.U3
$1I.0t) Tables ......... WM. $a6
$21!,00 QuaQruerol Otilk Pedos
tIn Tame* ........... --U4Ts
S,' .00 Qutartered Otak Claow-,
fooxt Trab les ............ *..... $17.s8b
$3o,I00 Tables ..,......... ,,,:3.S
s:35.04 Trab Ies ............ ,..... J2tl.S
S 10.00} Tlb les $3.00.,,,.3,
$50.0'} T ableso ...... X9..6..$1Jq:
T*;vory DliuittKRooml Table tt aw
special pricze.
cohb or Creollt. 7 avid W.1 0,
S \ f S :; , l: , ,~~"'
WVholemnlc stud Retail D)lstribu1
03B t rstSte r eet
01le OMu5 flotisrin,roz Virginia
a: ' ltc
I'ln Tl=g :-.
rkOM V, FM#AY, '11VEME 20, ,1909.
c 9
Good Time to Think of Furs,
The sniappy weather of the past wveek niakes one think of
than at Thiallihmer's?
A large r,llsortmient of ,Jit lMSnlc
Trlp antl rancy Th row- f rom $7*60
to 1!26.00.4
FRor Infant and Children
The Kind You Hays Always Bought
Bears the J _f<
S3ignature of 4.9-~
iMovement Inaugurated to Erect
Such a Memorial on Field
at Spotsylvania.
i[Special to The T1M83-Dl3Pat0h.]
SPOTSYLVA^NIA, V A., Novenmber 19.
The public-spirited citizens of the
county are moving tO0 have the Legis
latture of VlrginlE a at Its next meeting
t.take ac,ion looking toward. securlng
'i ad of th the ohr Southern States,
ztnd also thlose States of the Niortli
wliose troops took part In the great
campaigns in Virginia from 1861 to
18I64, to liave a Joitit commission ap-l
pointed, wbhose duLies shall be to sLartl
a move looking to the building of al
,ioInt inonunient at the "Bloody Angle
battlefield of Spot,sylvania, commemlo
rattvc Of the bravery Of both General
Only Natural
Laxative Water
Try No. 4
on which you can rely
to relieve
Take X glass on aris
ing in the morning.
Drove Me Nearly Crazy
I Tanner Paint and Oil Co
1 1419 E. Main St. Richmond. Va.
After the
The Victor
Dining-Room Tables
W,what's a Baby?
214 216 North Fifth Street.

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