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""?DISPATCH troUNDBD 1860.
WH6LE NUMBER 17,731.
An Importar.t Strugglc Is
Now/' Taking Place
in Austria.
His Expected Announccuiciit of
Transfcr of Duties to the Hcir
Apparcnt on the Day of His
Jubilc.e Was Xot Made.
Painful Spcc
t Speclal Cable to Tho Tlm<*-Di*paieli.]
LONDON, Ucteinber S.?There is
no dtmlnutlon In tho crltlcal
Importanco of tht iSuropean po?
lltlcal altuatlvn, U'it it h.ia loat
all spectaculur Intereat. For
the tlme belng lts d*evelopm%ntJ are
not dlsclosed. and It appearg to ihe
outslde world that nothlng ls belng
done. 'fiuch ls far from belng the fact,
as wlll prescntly transplre. An 1m
liortant atrugglo Ir taking place In
Auatrla, and^much hangs on the Issue.
Tho wrlter doscrlbed ln theao dls
patches a week ago an annojuncenvnt
whlch, lt waa yeml-ofllci.illy declared.
Kmperor Frahcls .loaeph would make
at hla Jubllee, to thn effect that the
riotalla.of his duties had been trans
ferred to his holr,- Ferdlnand. That
announcement waa not made. On the
centrary, Austrla's velled ulllmatum,
ln the ehape of the thrcatened wlth
drawal of her ambaaaador, was allowed
to lapee, aod tho aggresalvo attltude
of the dual mouarchy waa conslder
ably more disturbed.
Kmperor Inflala on Pencc.
It la ijn open secrot that this change
Is due to th* aged Ktnperor'a Inalstence
t-n a more paclflc pollcy. it Is known
fclso that tho Empcror ls grrcatly dis?
turbed ,at the reccnt course of events.
He la quoted, aa snylng that he haa
kecn groatly -ecelved regardlng the
probabto achemea of hls holr, Ferdl?
nand. and Forelgn lllnlste/r Aeronthall,
?pd thelr true eignlflcancc. il? la
completely opposed to war under any
-ircumatancee. but hc 'ftnds hlmaoli
lindar aerlous cfls'abilltie- when It.
seeks to make hls Wlll eftective.'
He hais elready"rellr.qul3hed ?o ir.anj
t?f hla prcrogatlvea'that.be fiods lt al
rnost ImpossJbls to resume full control
Frlends of Barort Aerenthalt tell hiin
ba canno* remova or :epudiate tha
??gre*8lvo itidlvldcal without m&ktnj.
the country rldiculous before the world
and the usual dlpiomatlo prlnclple li
held up beforo^hlm.'.acoordjrg to wfolcl
to natfotrbrider ' any - circumetancat
rn.ust.ever acknowledgo Itsclf to havi
bien ln the wrong.
Pnlnfiil Sprclarlc..
It ,ls a pajnful epectacle, this atrug
glbjbetween* the rlghtuoua old monarci
mhd the group of adventurera.'who ar?
determlned tb have their own way bj
one m?ana or another. They hav<
ylelded to hlrii outwanily 611 the polnt
of .hls fnsiritence regardlng Turkey
but they, have- begun fresh. aggrcssiv*
bluater-towards tho'two-Servlan states
whlch -have behaved wlth entlre self
reatraint in tho past two or thre<
MifUster Aerenthall's ' bcllicoBO tall
about "teachlng them n lesson in th?
nprlhff" Is' 60 obvlously provoc'ative
and'hls'tbe.atrical increase-of trouhle;
on tho frontiers so evldenjly d'eslgnec
to -'cause frCsh lrrltatlon, that lt It
generally ftared that ho Is deliberate
ly'. aeeklng ^to commlt the aged' sov
erelgri to a dllemma of whlch no -peace
tMl aolutlon Is posslble.
Coafldence ln I'cacc Uruvrlng.
Oespllfc these siulater nianoeuvres
there U a growlng cohfideft'ee- In dlplo
matlc clrc'Iea'gciierally that peace wll
be malntalned.. Tho Turklsh Eul
garlap relations "are rio longer thrcat
dnlng, and Servla and Montenegro wll
remaln qulet eo lons as a. chancc ro
malna. .that a Uurypean conferenci
wlll- adjnsf thelr grtovances.
AustrlaTa also be'gtnnlh^ to ilml se
rious dlntructlon In lier Internal poll
cles. The riotsat Pragvisi this wool
were- nymptomatlc" and threatenlns
The proclamatlon of mavtlal law ha^
created- a <cur!oua sltuatlon... The,a:on
dltions of the "state of slege an
striingely medleval A court oflirs
inctanco acts as a court of sumniar:
p'rocedure; wlth 'mllltary protection
The executioner, wlth his auslstants
rnuat.be wlthln tlie prectiicts of tlu
court All persons arrcsted ln flagrant.
dollcto and all whoto srullt appear
tc be evtdent muet bo brought befor
tlie summary court, a.proceedlng whic:
n uat so far as posslble be carrlei
ttfrough'without Interruptlon. If th
covemmont judges composlrig th
court unanlmously rocognhie the gull
of tho a'ecueed, sentonce ot doath tniis
be pa8sad and ejiecuted ' wlthln thrc
liojirs. An appeal is not, admlsslblci'
Enelaud.Ia Demorallzed I'ulitieally. uu
l'oIMii'iniiK Know Nut AV'hnt lo Bo,
[Spoclal Cable to The Tlmcs-Ulapatuli.)
LQNPOfl, pecoinbei: ~>.?The .situutlo
in whlch the Br-tlsh governmoat ili.d
itselt at the presont moir.eiit ls. almoi;
pltlablo.-' Tlie llcunslnn bill; on whlc
If-was. annbuncod tlio governmei:
would stand or full. has haen Igno
mlnlously-rejocted by tho House r
Lords;.,tho - eilucatlonal. bill haa Jiee
?wlthdrawn as hopelosa lu lts tlrt
stages, and no other contentlous moiis
ure.stands any chaiiue of. ennniinon
Anothor by-electlon this week deiaov
strated that'tlio Ijlh.irnl party Iv.:< pop
IJlotely-lost the, .conflilDiioo "d' iliocotir
try.'AVhat. remains' i'or nny solf-.i'
ppectlng.-pulltlciaiiH' I" di> under ftuc
cirojtm'stanees hut roslKii', . 'IMu' I'lihllu
ilebated, Ihls aiieHtlon at i wo' ine(din;i
It la lin upon si.'Cret' tlmt l.urd Mor'o
und ikivd Ci-(:wc advocalcil llio ipip
?lluto.:diiir'idut:<m. of"; Pjirllupidnt; M
most of Iho yiniuijov nu'iitlj. vs oi'ipniiO
this courso. Prt'iiilor .\.Miii:tii'n utuuh'
liaR' npt b'ocn illscloscd, ' j
Ttiomo who advocate : an inuniWUvi
geiierul electlon urguo that U ls ? ^
onstrated hotii by tlie decenclca o,eru
Bituatlon..atiU by poIH.1co1ckuoi.11
T't U-t'roo tlmt the'l'nloplst^ vooi.
'.-mban'Uii'^d l-y a rwtijvii '.?:'. Pvav*m|^
tha ..pviSeent rnomeiu. I'h^re lnv?'{LB'
riiuoh' riegotiaticnr gojng on 'Wlthi?an,
JLTalftntB,t, party on tha dstatls of a\tor
VIII Kced Beleiififle Espnrtlllciti .to
Afrh-n iit I'nclr Hnm'n Hxpenke.
! U'ASHJNOTON, December 0.?it be
1 camo knov/n to-day that Mr. iloose
, velt's huntlng trip ln Afrlca Is not to
; bo a prlyale ono, but that tho ex-I'real
dcnl. wlll go aa tho leader of nn *x
nedUJoh "out.flttPd" by, the Hmlthaonlan
! Instltutlon. The followlng offlcltil an
! riouricetnont, wns rhftdo to-day:
? "Thc; Preslderit's Afflcnn trip.
, "In March, 1903, Mr. Theodorc llooaci
! veit wlll head a aclonttfic. uxpedltloit
! t<? Afrfca outfltlcd by tho Smltltaotiian
i Instltutlon nnd startlng from New-York.
| Clty. Thla expcdltlon will gather nat-i
! ural history nmterlals fur the .yovorn
j meht collectimiR, to b?? deponited by
j tho b'mlthsnnlan Instltutlon ln the now
I United States Natlonal Muaeutn at
j Washington, D. C,
"Beslde's tho Presklont and hls son.
Kermlt Hooseveli; tho presldentlal
; party w Iohv Nc-.v york wlll conalst
of three rc'presentatlves ofthe Hmith
aoplah instltutlon?Major Edgar A.
I Mearna, M"di..nl Oorps, XJ. 8. A., re
I tlred: IMinuml Holler atid Mr. J. Alden
I Lot'lng, On arrlvlng ln Afrlca the
i part; wlll bc cnlargod-by tlie addltlon
| of Mr. K. O. Citnningham. He will j
j have charge of a number of natlve
porters, who. wlth necesfcary anlmala,
Wlll be, formed Into a small caravan."
Hare Spoelc* Kroni HiiMHla In Ttm
nnrnrllj Held In Sew York,
fSpectal to The Tlm?>-DI?i>atch.J
WASlHNciTON, D, C- IJecember 5.?
The ROod oiTlces of President Booacvcl't,
Speaker Cannpn, Chalrman Tawney, of
the Hou?e Committeo on Approprla
tlons. nnd oUier men hlgh ln ofllclal
llfV have been Invoked ln behalf pf j d
flfteen Karakule gbats, lmported from i (,
FtiiHsis and now held ln captlvity ln I c
NeW York at the Instanco of the au-i
thorltlea of the Department of Agrl
culturo, Theso goats aro of-pcculiar t
apecles, Thgy are thc flrst of the kind j ^
that have ever been permttted to leavc
Rusala. They were lmported for
breedlng purposea by Dr. C. C. Y'oung.
of Wlchlta Kalla, Tex., a natlve born
Itusslan, who owns a largo ranch ln
thc Lone Ktar State.
Ono of the functlons of the Depart?
ment of Agrlculture la to encourage the
Introductlon Into. tho Unltod Statea
of new plant llfe and rare specles of
i.'ndue niacPlmlDatlou. .
Dr. Young eharges that tho Depart?
ment of Agrlculture Is gullty of undue
dlscrlminatlon agalnst hls Karakule
goats. For. some reason whlch Is not
made entlrely clear Secretary "Wllson
refuses to permlt the shlpment ofthece
rare goata from New York to Tcxaa.
Inquiry dlseloaes that Dr. Young
went to RuKsla soma months:ago wlth
tho avowed purpose of importing
Karakule goata and breedlng them on
American soll. He took -wlth hlm let
ters from "President Roosevelt and
other hlgh Federal bfflcials, wRh the
reault that he aecured trom the Rus
Han gov*rnment permlssaon to brlng
Ihe goats to the United States; but
Secretary "vTllaon, of the Department
of Agricdltnre,-standa ln the way of
what Dr. Young asserts may be the
development of-.a' great industry, as
the Karakule goat bears long whlte
halr, whloh- Jsaa-good as wool,- and
may bo used In the flnest kind of
President Rooseveit. . Speaker Can
non,.Chalrman Tawney, and other offl
cials, who are' Intorested in the de?
velopment ot Amerlcan Ihduslries, in
tend to usc all thelr powera of persua
slon to Induce Secretary Wllson to
permlt tho .shlpment of this small
herd.of Karakule goata to Dr. Young" a
ranch ln Texas.-, ! 1
PLAN ter;centennial
Wlll Cclebrnte 'Aanlreraary of the DU
covery ot I.nke Clmiiiplnln.
ALBANY, N. Y.. December 6.?Plana
for thc Lake. Ci.autplaln ter-centenary
celcbratlon, in cothmemoratlon, of tho
306th annrversary of the dlscbvery.of
Lake Champlaln, In July .next, ' wero
practically. pomploted at a meetlng here
to-day of reprcsentatlvea of New York,
Vermont and Canada, -and- were . sub
mltted to Governor'Hughea,
A celebration.'of flve days -ia pro
posed. beglnning.Monday, July 5th, at
Crown Polnt, and contlnuing at'Tlcon
derogn, July 6th: Plattsburg, July
i 7th; Burllnston, July '? Sth, and Tsle
j La Motte, July 0th. The two blg da^s
j wlll be at Plattsburg nnd Burlington.
j when President Taft and ? party, in
clucllng his Cablnot offlcers, ? and the
anibassadors from Franee, Oreat Br|t
ain and Canada aro.okpected to attond.
bn each,day at. tho (ivo places selectcd
for the celebration. there. wlll bo lils
tbrlcal addreesca. und it- is plnnned to
have. spcakers of internatlonal promi
j nence on July 7th and Sth.
j Mr, Armstrong, of Montreal, autlior
tof "fllav/atha,". whohad charge. of the
j Indlan pagcaut at thc Qiiebec fer-cen
I fenhlal celebration. ia to supervlse a
j slmllar pdgoant on each day bf the cel
i ebration.
i UiiMbund Kel^irns to fliul Hls Wlfe In
tj , n PJtlab'.c Condltlun..
)i [Special to Tho Times-DUpatch.] '
. I N1CW. YORK, December 5.?Seized
; suddenly by a man, who plnlone'd her
! j arms 'behlnd'-her, threw her into a
chalr and bouud and gagged hCr be?
fore ahe-'could .recover sufficlontl yto
make any ohtcvy, Mrs. Emma Welss,
i uvohty-clght years -of ? age, wlfo of
I George H. "Welss, of No.- -117 Scarboro
! Av.enue, East. New- York, was dls
j covercd when her ?' husband rottirncd
) j home this nfternooh.,
3 j The woman wns released as ciulck
t | iy us herVbonds could bo looseneel, and
x j a physiclan callod. lt waa learncd that
ti thb assullant had. taken her wedding
-ji'lng from hor-flngor" by forco. hruls
f j ing tho 'rienh: stolcn $12.10 :from her
i ! purse and t'uen. flc.d from the houae by
t j way ' of tho oellar.
- ; Wldely ' Kiiotva AolresH.: I'layed Muuy
. l'j?riM lu Jler Ttiuic.
':' | Sp.jcdut to"riii>Thiii^-UlHpatcli', 1 '
L , |!(i.<TON. ? .M'ASS,, pe.'onibor 5.~Mlss
;; '.'.ttiv . Ti'it Ur.cu-olc. Imtg ' a lriombur of
' j iiw? wlcivly linown theitjirlcal loaiu of
"? (hinshi'w priU'-T.u llrooclc,, dled at th<
\\ ilcVit'l ?iiari<>i..vin thb' clty; to-nigiit 61'
'| h.uirl1 lK.uliit?. :iK8d'lUiy-ono, ?'?h? ho
i uaiile husoclut'ocl wlth .lulm K. Hcnshi.%c'
! as hls- puvt.ijt.-v ln vaudovlllo uketc'ih^H
3 j"lu"-'lS,Sti. Sisu was assuchttad 'wlth Htu
" j nrl itobspn," p.laylhg the part af Mrs.
Ilardcnstlo in "?Sho. Stoops - to Coi\
" Mlw.s Tcti I'lroecK- neNV'nphearetl
ri'ic. Sirolicrs," miil tiiep t'or t'lVrp
ujioivs ln ;"IJIie ,' ?hl"'?.-:i,i .Jlopsynipon./'1
erwttVdB,ifhe pup'por't.e.d Mr.- Henaha'w,
?"'stayred ln,< "Captaln Careieis..','
last * appoaranca. - upon. - th*- st,?ie
?fW0 ??!<??>????; w "
iuffragettes in London Hovvl
Down theLord of the
)ifference Between the Suf
fragists and Suffragettes Was
Demonstrated and Further
Widened by the Outbreak
^.Yhen Lloyd-George At
tempted to Speak.
LONDON, Deeember 5.?The g-ult
between the suffraglsts and tho
, suffragetlea, tho latter belng
the term generally used to de
acrlbe tho mllltant sectlon of
'ie female agltators, who belleve in
treet rlots, and attacks on Cablnet
Wnlsters as the qulckest . meana of
ttalnlng the auffrage for thelr cex,
?as fuVther widened lato to-day' by
riason of a flerco dernonstratlon ln
ulged ln by the suffragette? at Al
crt Hall against David Lloyd-George,
hancollor of the) exchequer,
The chancellor waa addresslng a 3uf
rage meeting under the auBplces of the
v'oman's Llberal Associatlon. llardiy
ad he announced that he was pres
nt wlth the object of maklng known
lio government's Intentlons regardlng
ho problem of woman suffrage, when
great uproar broke out Strldent
olees from all parts ot the hall
lirleked: "Wo want deeds, not words."
Three hundred and flfty atowards 01
he hall, anticlpatlng disturbance,
loved down the alale on the women who
iad lntcrrupted the epeaker, wlth the
dea 'of ejectlng them. They found
hem chained to thelr seat3. A
onfused strpggle then began betweei;
he men and tho woman, but fina.lly
he chalns were cut and the auf
ragettes expelled.
But the numbera of the dlsorderly
cemed to Incrcase rather that
llmtnleh. Some of the women wert
irmed wlth whlps, and they repellec
?Igorously every atte'mpt to eject them
What Cuu the Matter Bet
Every tlme Mr. Lloyd-George at
empted to apeak hls volco wai
lrowned wlth mlngled* groans anc
iheera, and he was compelled to sl
iown. Finally the organlst tried ti
roothe the hyaterlcal slsterhood bi
jlaylng "Wliat Can tno ilattcr Be?"
But It was of no use, and pandemontun
The offleera who were engaged ii
:hrow!ng out tho dlaturbers were kep
may, Screams of etruggllng femlnlnlij
voro belng puahed toward the exlt b:
;he exaaperated stewards.
Actoal I'uudemonluni.
At thts rtago of affalrs the meetinj
vas In actual 'pariderrionlum. Lloyd
Jeorge found It Imposslble to proceei
vlth hla apeech, for even when then
vas not partlcularly dernonstrativ? ln
erruptlan, a sort of Babel contlnued
-very one present was . dtscusslng thi
When the organ ceased Lady Mc
jandon arose and aald: "I ask fo
illence for Mr. Lloyd-George. He ha;
in lmportant message from the gov
irnment to you, and this is your las
ihance to hear lt."
Tho chancellor rose again, but h
ipoke scarcely half a dozen word
ivhen the uproar agaln began. Ther
vere some more removals. Many o
.he paciflcally lncllned ipersona ln th
ludlence took exception to the meth
>da of the stewards.
Finally a woman oC some proml
lence, who was slttlng ln tho balconj
irose and suggeste'd that the Intorrup
:lons be met wlth sllence.
"Sot There for Fun.
Lloyd-George seconded her appea:
md added that he was not thero fo
:he fun of the thlng.
After that the occasional outbreak
ivero.-greeted wlth a'chilllng sJltutct
md It was evldent that the spirlt o
llsturbance had all but dled away.
The chancellor at last. froe to con
tlnuo hls speech., announced that a bll
to enfranchise women would soon b
introduced in Parllament.
Speaklng' of the danger of a reac
tion scttlng- ln against tho eause o
account of the tactics au/ipte<i bj
some sectlons of the movement, h
(Contlnued on Second Page.) v.
Citizens Vote to Abolish Traf
fic in Liquor From
the City.
Anti-Saloon League Workers Are
Jubilant Over the Victory.
School-Children Parade, and
Women* Pray on thc
, Streets?Carry Every
[Speclal to Tha Tlmes-Dlapatch.]
Y'NCHBURG, VA., December 5.?
J I By a majorlty of 106 out of
1 1,958 vote3, Lynchburg to-day ?
elected to do away wlth tho |
Ucensed liquor aaloon, andi
unless a contest should lntervene the
thlrty-four saloons, one wholesale
place and three beer agencles, wlll go j
out of business. .
Tho followera of tho Antl-S'aloon
League, by'and through whlch tho ftght'
was made agalnst llcense, aro jubilant!
to-nlght, and the headquarters at the. |
Methodist ProteBta'ht Church gave way I
to cnthuslastlc fecling, it hecamo ap-l
parent early, in tho forenoon that tho
"weta" could not win, and from that
tlmo thelr leadera worked as- though
they knew they were already defeatcd.
This, however, dld not cauao them to
cease, and the Trojan efforto wero
malntalnod until tho clty clock struck
Tho Anti-Saloon League carrled
every ward and tour of tho aeven
preclncts. The three prcclncts carrled
by tho llcense advocates aggregated
only twonty-three majorlty. The voto
wa3 not .as full as waa expected, aome
voters evldently remalnlng away from.
tho polls. and some aro reported to
have palrcd off. In uddltlon to this,
fully 500 recently reglstered voters
were cut out of votlng by a declalon
of the Judgds yesterday, whlch de?
clalon was to conduct the electlon un
| der the Ward law, which la ln the Su
i preme Court of Appeals. belng attacked
j as to Its constitutlonality.
1 Intense excitement provalled through
out the day, though the feellng was
not bad, and no persOnal encountera
have been reported. A squad of po
llcemen was statlonfed at each votlng
place, but they only worked to keep
Chlldrcn'a Parade.
Two hundred, an.d fifty chlldren pa
raded the busiiicss sectlons and eang
prohlbltion aongs, set to popular alrs,
around sectlon preclncts. The chlldron
waved tvhlte banners, Confederate
flags and "Old Glory" as they marohed
or sang.
Both sldes malntalned carrlage brl
gades in each of the wards, and the
women had coffeo rooms at each pre
clnct, to which workers on both.:|des
were Invlted. Theso rooms were also
used for prayer. and a contlnuous
prayer service was held at tho Metno
dlst Proteatant Church. ?' ?
Half an hour before the polls closed
nearly 2,000 men, women ,and chlldren
congregated around the Flremen's Me
morial Fountaln, at NInth and Church
Streets, and wntched tho fjaal demon
tratlon of the school chlldron.
At 4 o'clock President McWane. of
the Antl-Saloon League. made a state?
ment that the dry majorlty would be
220, this showing somethlng 0f tho
fine organizatlon malntalned by the
league In Its fight.
LEFTAXE at home
BdrIIhIi Publlc ls Kecnly DlMappolntcd
lu Cnrrie \neion'? Vlsit.
[Speclal Cahle to The Tlmes-Dlapatch.l
LONDON, Decombor 5.?-The Brltlsh
publlc has folt a keen senee of Injus
tlce that Carrie Nation dld not bring
hor axe wlth her. Amerlca. they say,
mlght Just as well send a TVlld West
show without Buffalo Blll as Carrie
without her axe. ?
Carrie commenced operatlons at
J?undee wlth a sllght mlntake. Enter
Ing her flrst rcstaurant, she asked tho
proprletor: "Young man, do you sell
drlnk here?" The proprletor. who dld
not recognlze Carrie, replled; "No'm:
this ls a temperanoe house, but you
can get what you want next door."
nna R5cIhMbffiid\p_Bniraftedl: ifts.sftaft?inni?__i_
Dnspafcclhi la?ih,[email protected]\
? E_Ainni?inidl. EaBuks
pir^mmacy rf [email protected] Tnmes-IDi&pat-dh.
if-__a__caall ad^@rfei_Wo
- .ifweirj m
in_ A? Tkrue,
irae.ilfe? ?__-?
i thi \ ib??_
Times-Dispatch Correspond
ents From Two States
to Rally Here.
5pecial Souvenir Edition to Be
Issued, Visitors Following
Every Movement from News
End to Press?Some of
the Banquet
Dlapatch to the numbor of 150
wlll meot ln Richmond on
Wednesday of this week for the
flrst cfnvontlon of tho kind
ever held ln thla country, tho news
gathering force of the paper through
out Vlrglnla and North Caroltna having
been called together by the correspond
ont located at Emporla, Va., wlth a
vlow to formlng a permanent associa?
tion for mutual bettermont and pro?
gress ln tho speclal. llno ln whlch all
are engaged.
Although press aasoclatlons and clubs
for soclal and other purposes have
been common ln large cities, where
there are many nowspaper workers,
so compr6henalvo a soheme as tho
gatherlng of tho local, county, town
and clty wrltera from all over two
States, for a general conference haa
not yet been attempted, and tho re?
sults wlll bo watched wlth Intcroat
by many large papers. Mr. Don Scltz,
managlng edltor of the New York
World, wlll be ono of the prlnclpal
speakers, whlle a number of ellsttn
gulshdd Vlrglnlana, lncludlng the Mayot
of Rlciimond, the Governor of Vlrglnla,
th6 president of the Unlverslty of Vlr?
glnla and of Washington ancl Lee Unl?
verslty, and tho president of the. Cham
ber ot Commerce of F.ichmond have
grasped the opportunlty to appear be?
fore those who produce the. grlst that
goes to make the leadlng paper of the
two Statea.
Slany Soclal Fcnturea.
Soclal featurea wlll bo- made, proml
nent, as one of the chlef advantages
to be dcrlved from the formation of
such an association la ln the acquatnt
anceships formed and the opportunlty
glven to the correspondents from lo
calltlea of the aame clze to compart
notes and confer as to the news valut
of the varioua ltems whlch can be se
cured ln their nelghborhoods. Comln*
just at the helght of the Chrlstmas
season, the conventlon wlll draw tc
Richmond many who wlsh an oppor?
tunlty to do some hollday shopplng
and to seo the clty in Its wlnter splen
dor. Promlnent among the soclal ftn
turea planned for tho two-day sosslor
of the news-wrlters wlll he a lunch
eon tenderod by tho Jefferson Hote
on the oponlng day, a matlnee theatrc
party on the. followlng afternoon, fol
lowed by a trolley rldo to polnts of in
terest about the clty, tUo meetlng
closing wlth a banquet at Murphy'i
Hotol on Thursday night
Iaapect .Meehanlcnl Department.
A feature whlch wlll prove of more
than a llttle lnterest to the wrlton
for the paper, many of whom have
never had an opportunlty to visit thc
offlceB of a large dally newspaper Ir
actlve1 operatlon. wlll be tho Issuo 01
a "correspondents* extra" on Wednes
day night. The Tlmes Bullding wil
be thrown open to the vlsitors frort
baaement to roof, and members of thc
aasoclatlon wlll be glven ovory facllltj
to Inspect tho mechanlcal processei
whlch produca a paper.
Startlng as soon as tho meetlng a
Murphy's Hotel closos on Wednesday
night, a story of the meetlng wlll bc
wrltten, edlted and prepared for pub
lication. Headllne3 will be , wrltten
and tho company wlll adjourn to thc
composlng room, where all may sec
the machlnes throw It Into type. Thc
"make-up"' process, tho proof readlng
and the stereotyplng wlll all bo made
plain, the vlsitors-remaining until thc
plates of the "Correspondents' Speclal'
aro shot througl* to the baacmom
shortly before mldnlght. Beforo thc
elevator can take tho party to thc
press-room the great rotary machlnei
will' be ln motlon,- and copies of the
souvenir edltlon wlll be ready for dls
Meetlng on Wednesday mornlng at II
(Conunued: on Flfth Fage.)
Funeral of llenr-Admlrnl Coghlan Take*
I'lnce In Wsahlnffton Wedneiiliij-,
NEW R0CHE5LLE, N. V? Deeember S.
?Jujit on the evo of hla removal to hl3
new home, whero he had hoped to
spend hla docllnlng yoara In qulot, after
a lltetlmo of arduous servlcj In the
navy, Rear-Admlral Joaeph B. Coghlan
(rctlred) dled auddonly here to-day of
apoploxy, aged alxty-four. Althougn
hia health had not beon of the bost
for many montha, Rear-Admiral Cogh
lan'a condltlon was not regrnrd.'il at any
tlmo as dangcrous. Early to-day, how?
ever, thero cama a auddon chango for
th* worso, and he sank rapldly, untll
death e,nni(i late to-day.
Whlle Rear-Admlral Coghlan was
awaltlng tho completlon nt hle now
homo, he, wlth Mrs. Coghlan, had been
llvlng at the homo of Charles Cham
berlalti, at Sutton Manor. It was there
that tho admiral was rtrtcken aad dled,
Rear-Admlral Coghlan was born at
Frankfort, Ky., and hls aervlce In tho
navy began ln 18C3, when ho was graa
uated from the Unlted States Navat
Acadomy nt the age of seventeen. From
that tlme untll hla rctlrnment ln De?
eember, 1908, he was alraoat conatantly
ln tho aervlce. BB_C
He partlclpated ln the battle of
Manlla Bay durlng the Spanlah War,
where he commanded the cruiser Ra
lelgh, and was advanced In numbers
In rank for eminent and consplcuous
conduct ln that flght.
Funeral arrangements for Admiral
Coghlan practlcally havo been com
pleted. It waa atated that a mllltary
funeral should be held ln Washlngton
on Wedncsday next, wlth lnte'rment
ln Arllngton Cemetery.
No servlcos wlll be held ln New
Rochelle, but the body of~the admiral,
attired ln full' unlform, will bo taken
from Now Rochelle on Tuesday nlght
for Washlngton. ' Mrs. Coghlan wlll
accompany tho body.
SIx members of the Loyal Leglon,
of whlch Admiral Coghlan was com
mander, wlll escort tho body as pall
bearers, and there wlll also be an es?
cort provlded by tho Navy Depart?
-The funeral servlcea wlll be held at
St John's Bplscopal Church, ln Wash?
lngton, on Wedneaday. Funeral sor?
vlces wlll be conducted by Rov. Georgo
\Vllllam80n Smlth. navy chaplalri.'
Grent Resnlts Expccted from Snuthrrn
Concress MeetlnR fn Wnnhlnirtoii.
WASHINGTON, D.'C, Deeember 5.?
Tho Southern Congress, whlch begtna a
two-day aes8lon here Monday next, and
whose objects and purposes aro to un
fold tho reamircea and lnduatrlal pos
aibilitles of the Southern States Is ox
pected to attract anunusual attendance,
among whom wlll bo many Industrlal
leaders and ropreaentatlves of eommer?
clal bodlcs.
The South will provlde a largo repre
sentatlon, whlle from Chlcago, Trenton,
N. J., and New York' Clty wlll come
many men who ln this way wlll propose
studylng the South as i fleld tor eom?
merclal development Those ln charge
of tho arrangements for the congres3
have hlt upon the plan" of consplcu
ously displaying numerous diagrams
and charts showlng tho poaslbilitloa of
tho South, which, it Is sald. wlll p'ro
vlde valuable lnfo_hiatlon, asldo from
the varlous papera whlch wlll be read.
By courtesy of tho Secretary of the
Navy, tho Unlted States Marlne Band,
beforo the opening of tho congress
Monday niornlng, wlll give a concert ln
tho auditorlum of' tho Wlilard Hotel,
where tho sesslon wlll bo held. The
llrst of theso wlll. ho preslded over by
Oscar S. .Straus, Secretary of Commerce
and Labor; tho second by Phillp Wor
lein, presldent of.tho New .Orleans Pro
gresslve Unlon; the thlrd by James E.
Smlth, presldent of the tft. Louis Bns
Inoss Men's League; tho fourth by
Charles Hall Davis, presldent of the
Petersburg, Va., Chamber of Commerce,
and tho flfth by W. A. Bourns, presldent
of tho Jacksonville, Fla., Board of
Bargo lu Tow Went Dowu Off Conat
of Novn Scotla. ?"
SHELBURN. N. S., Docember C?
Seven mot death off tho southom
coast of No.ya Scotia last Thuraday
mornlng, whon tho bargo No. 101, own
ed by the Barrett Manufacturlng Com
pany, of Boston, In tow ox tho tug
John Hughes, bound from Boston for
Halifax, went down with all her crew.
News of the acotdent was brought hero
to-day. Tho vlctlms of tho wreck wero:
Captaln Jamos Nolson, thlrty years,
resldenco -unknown; Mate Alvin Lund,
Now- York, thlrty-seven yeara; En
glneer Edward Nelson; Cook J. Olsen,
Flreman H. Landhianj and DeckhandM
Slgurad Szensen ' and Ole Olaen.
The bargo left Boston Wodncsday ln
tow of tho tug John Hughes, carry
Ing 200,000 gallons of coal tar. That
night a galo sprung up and the. soa
became boistorous. About 1:40 o'clock
on Thuraday mornlng an unusually
heavy straln wau folt on tho tow rope,
and tho harge suddenly dlsappcarod
from tho vlew of tho lookout on the
tug. Captain Evanu, of the tug, had
the tow llne cut Immedlately, so that
the slnktng bargo would not drag tho
tug down with it. Freed from the
hawsor the tug steamea back to whero
tho bargo was last seen. but was unable.
to find any traces of the crew or
Tho accldont ' occurrod at a point
thlrty mlles south of Soal Island. Capo
S'able. After remnining, in the vicinity
untll daybreak tho tug hended for Shot
burne and reported thu tragedy to
Tho barge was built twenty years
ago at Duluth, Minn.. and was con
struoted or Iron. Her halllng port
was Nlagnra FaUs.
?? ?' ?i?____
Much Myatcry ln Case of Gcorgla Man
nnd Wealthy Woiimu.
THOMASVILLE, GA? Decomber 5.?
W, H. Mltchell. Aldennnn and former
County Treasurer of Thomasvllle. was
to-day found guilty of the charge of
assault and battery on. hls formor
vinrd, Miss Lunlllo t.lnton, who was hls
wlfe's most intlmute frlnud. Tho var
dlct was rotttrnod by the jurv after
an all-nlght sesslon, and was recelved
by tho dofentlnnt' wlth Ittllo shtiw ot
ejtiotlon. Itl.-i wlfu, howevur,' who haa
been wlth hlm Ihroughout tho trlal, is
amuiBt prostrntefl.
MItcholl waa Kontenced - to twolve
moiiths' IniprlHoniiiottt.r
A romarkahlo feuturb of tho caso
wns that, allluiugli tho inaictnioiit wus
for nttoiuiiiiid crliiilnul assault', iiathinu;
lu tho tividonco Tidntcd to this nssault
charge, Thu entlro tiaae oontred about
a I'omautlc and unsui'.eessful altenipt
to Kiilunp ,Mi?s Ltntiin. ' Noitht r Hido
pri.'Hontod evldotice to flpjvu tho luys
lery of why Miss I.lnton, u iii'ciplnuHl
and woalthy woukui, ,'5111111111 i.e tb'
victltn of a would-bo Hidnuppci'
Bs|t S?-\1ee to C.Vifoml?
Vta Waahlnston-Synwii iCouta. Vourial
?Uesw bjrth, |M0, OfUcM, ?3<? X. Uthj 6t
Only Legislation of General
Character Is Expected
to Come Up.
Are Not Hostile to Its Purpose,
but Senators Are Jealous of
Prerogativcs, and Think
They Should Act?Gen?
eral Staff for
!Speclal to Tha Tlmes-Dtroateh.]
WASHINGTON. D. ,C, Decemoe*
5.?From present Indloatlonc
thc concludlng seaalon of
the Slxtleth c:ongre??, whlch
wlll meet next Monday, wlll
be devoted ln large part to tho conald.
eration ot routlno supply bllla. Leadera
in the Scnate and Houso say there wlll
bo llttlo legislatloA of a general char
There in at least a probabllity that
conslderatlon wlll bo glven to meaaurea
provlding statchood for New Mexlco
and Arlzona, but this ls a queatlon
upon whlch no concluslon haa been
reached. The Houso wlll.paas a blll
authorizlng thc taklng. of the thlri
teenth ccnsus ln 1910. It wlll also put
through a measure authorizlng a ro
vlslon of the laws of tho United Statea,
Whllo no concluslon has beon reached
ln this rcspect thore Ia good reaaon
to bellevo that a rlver and harbor btll
wlll bo passed. The Natlonal Monetary
Commlsslon. of whlch Senator Aldrlch, '
of Hhodo Island. Is chalrman, has un?
der consldoration a numbor of changea
ln tho admlnlstrativo featuree ot the
natlonal banking act.
Ilunfc Lcglslntlosu
Thoso relato to tho constltution ot old
banks and propose ln addltlon thal
greater dlacretlonary powor in the con*
trol of such institutlons ahould be Ini
vested ln the Comptroller of the Cur
rency. Such a measure may be pasaed.
On Decembor 14th, accordlng. tb an
order made last wlnter, tho Senate will
tako up for conslderatlon a blll to ea
tablish postal 3avlngs bankB for de
positing savings at tnterest, wlth the
security of the government for repay
ment. This measure was indoraed by
the Republican platform of 1908. On
December 16th, ln accordance wlth an
order made by the Senate. the Brown*.
vllle affair wlll come up for consldcra- ?
tion ln that body.
"rtiat Jnimncite -igreemeat.
There ls a prospect that Democratla
Senators may alr considerable griev?
ances that they have lately expreaaed
agalnst tho recent agreement wlth Ja?
pan, perfected by Secretary of Stato
Root. This agreement 1? nothing more
or lesa than a declnrattdn of amlty and
good will on tho part of the United
States and Japan for the malntenance
of the status quo In tho Far East Whlle
Its purpose ls gcnerally approved by
Democratic Senators, thoy clalm that
Inasmuch as It.wlll be perfected wlth-'
out action by the Senate, lt eatabliahea
a in'ecedejit thar. might pfove mischlov
ous ln the future.
Ocncrnl StalT for Navy.
President Roosevelt vary much de
siros beforo his term expires that there
shall bo a general reorganlzation of
the Navy Department, and to brlng
to that branch of tho service a general
statf pattornecl along tho llnes of that'
now provlded ln tho War Departmont.
Whellnw ho wlll urgo Congress to au
thorizo such a reorganlzation at thla
session is not now known for a cer?
Amotig tho othor subjects to ha con
sldcred in ono houso or the other are
bills provlding for tho rev'sion of th*
copyrlght laws. Panama Canal legisla
tion, the Ml^sissippl Rivor. the oom?
modity clause of the ii-terstate. corn*
morce law, tho appolntment of the In
la'nd Waterwaya Commlsslon, and othey
mcasuros of a mlscollaneous character,,
Klevatloii of 3lr. Cuiumhm llatt 3Tot
i hmu-.ed Ula TarlJt Vlewa.
[Special to Tho Xlmes-Dinpatch.]
WASUlisGTON, l>. c. December 5.-i
Al'ocrt Ii. Cummins, ex-Governor off
Iowa, and Sonator-elect from that State,
arrlv.cd. in Washington to-day.- Mr.
Cuttunina is happy over the fact that
ho wlll soon, bc enrolled ln the m?m
borahip of tho upper house of Congresa?
and ho frankly sald so.. Commentlng
on tho prospeetlve revlsion of the tar?
iff. Mr. Cummins said:
"I have talked cnough about thla aub
ject. Tho time has now come for me
tas act. My vlows on tho tariff are
well knowi.. 1 havo alwaya been a re
vislonist, and so far as I know, I havo
not changed my vlows."
Senator Cummins said that ho fa*
vored tho croatlon of a permanent tar?
iff commlsslon, but not an a meana of
dclaying action at this time, Senator
Cummins waa asked if hc intended to
observe the tradition of thc Senate that
rr.w recrul'ts should be seen and not.
"That dopends," sald Mr. Cummins. "I
don't thlnk a man should attempt to
ovenide tlio cusioms ot tha Sonato
just for tho sako or doing it. I cor
lalnly don't intend w mako a speech
rlght away just for the purpose of
euuslng* a sensatton. But when tho
tlmo comea, be lt early or late, when
l feel 1 should speak. I shall do my
duty. I am llko tho Quakers: I wall
until tho splrlt moves me,'you aeo."
Accordlng to Sonator Cummins, fac
tionullsm nmong tho l'tepublfcana cl
Iowa luiti como to nn end. Mr. Cum?
mins wlll tako tho uath of offlce a*
Uhltoel States Sonator probably a few
mlnutcs after tho .senate nieetti on
Monday. Hls cri'dontlals will bo pre
sentcd by hls colloaguo, Sonator Dol
ll'ver, for many years ono of hls blt?
torost oppououts.
Mvfiirlty 1.1 fe Insuraiuv lompaiiy oK
\iuvrlrn iHiHli-il from KfiitllUkr*
VltANKFOUT, KY? U"y?i|ibcr fv?On
tho icrointd of \laluilitg tho iiptl-relmt"'
hcu^, nnd all"K<'d tllegul oonuoctloi]
with t.'ip Mlandarcl Trust Oomparjy,' cl"
Nashvllle. Tc-nu.. ?tatt> Juiura-ne* Conij
ruissloiwr C.? XV. Beli to-day revoke4
tne llcense of the Security Lj*e ln-'
auranca Company of Amerlca ta ^
businaaa ln Kentucky. The oomi
wus admittad to tb? state ia JtUM>,

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