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Ttmmx rou"sn, isse, NUMBER'17,733. RICHMOND, - TUE
DISPATCH rOtTNDZD?1150- I I I - __t
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Some ? of the Flfguren Are Drawn F'r0m
Witnessem In inventiantiOn- ?
Ftfternoon in, the tr
I NEW ioRIC, December 7-Fiffures
showing nome O' t e "'Ofitn Of the
Standard, Oil Cornp.,!y &l:hmolpart of
the aourt record Ill the Federa I, it to 0 0
s ? dix,olve the Standard to-thily. when I
r Jolin D. Archbold reijumed tfi' stand
for it brief exatninatlon, and lienry Til
ford, pretildent of lh- St.ndard
Cornp tentliied 0" Political Situation in Ilayti liopes to C ntribu
OrdiDance, Cut to $7,300, Fi- 'o any of California. at 0
,MO length iLe a witness for the de- I
nally Passes After Opposi- -nse. The governtnent lnquimitor on Has Been Cleared Con- ing of Her '
figUrem nubmitted showed that the Con
Mental oil Com any,V& 'Standard sub
: -
t t,T
tion Had Collapsed. midiary in he Mi dle eat, made profit siderably!Recently Alliaiice. I
e. I
of 116 or cent. on its capitalization of I
- . $300,00 and that ttic Standard Oil Com
pany of Indiana, on IL ca,p,italIzation of
x t before, 3 o'clock A. M.
$1,000,000 earned' about 51000,100 be ?
Through Mr. Titford, the counsel for
the government, oought bring ,
tha , ti 0 .
In California and ot er State f 1
I th,p far Went. the Standard has inade
contracts with ltit conipbtitors wheroby
Flans for Blues' Armory -A P_ In X'ieNv of Fact 'rhat "God llad Addresses North Carolina Society Iiiadcqtiate R
oil supply and thereby had the refin
I proved, Sum of $x5,ooo Beitig "Ig field to Itself. Mr. Tilford said 13tesscd the Arms of General at the Annual Banq
? I
. lie h d little knowledge of these con
I tractia : Sirrion," He Withdrew Astor, in Ne
?? Set Aside for Fire Protec- B. Reff-rring to all trade rate cut
ting ware in Colorado and In the far
a - Legisl Causes ,
: lion in Public Schools. % Webt , Mr. Tilford tiaid that Stand rd and the Latter Pro Devotes His-Remarks
' ' " ?
nev r cut prices to undet-iiell Its colti
claims Hini- to Southem Sit- Railroads to Contemplate
Want New Tax Peti't'orx, and It 'eimply- lowered rates .
1. to meet reductions of Its rivals. self. itation. ,
Law. Mr. Tilford's exatiiination wjil likely
?f?',.J_ . be concraded to-morrow. and either I
William Rockefeller or Frank S. I of.
PPOSrTION to the municipal fatt, president of the btandard Oil n oR,r-AI-PRD4CZ, December 7- ENV YORK, December
Playgrounds achemeu collapsed CompiLny. of Indiana, will be called to The politleal situation Is clear- dent-elect Withain H. Taft,
In th Comnion Co ncit last es Ing. tify. Mr. Archbold's testimony hud r- N
to do with dqtailm of certain proper- i.)uring the Interview here b ween address the North Carolina Society
night, the body passing that measure et
ties conveyed to the Standard on Its . of t r." city, was gl%Ien
by a large voto after an oxtended de- organization.
General .91mon, the leadez h.
bate. Otlier inutters to etigage at- Archbold Explalum. olutionary niovement ttiat resulted In iception to-nig
. ttit, orgaiiizatiott and by prominent rnen sources of that section of the coun
tention were the , approval Mr. Arcliboldt said tie establishment the fliglit of 'Nord Alexis from the froni itil parts of tho"South at tile an;
Of th'B of tnarketing s atlons 'to conipete witli
Plans for? the Blues' Armory, app,o. the rivain of the Standard naturally capital and General Iloucliard, an as- I nual dinnei- of the Nortli Citrol
n forced small dealers atid 'obbers gi-ad- at tile i-lotal Astar. Five
Pl'iatlO of $15,000 for fim protection untly front the field. pirant to the pr,:sIdeney, who arrl%,,I.d bers and guests. of t
of public 14ciloolt and ,a discust,lon ,,f Regarding the Standard Oil Coin- )esterday at the head of a band of
differe -H bctw?eu tie Council and pan, -f IndianR, Mr. Arclibold aiLld it tlie, bi-illiantl
Ih. School Board as to ttio control of vvas originally rapitalized for $1,000,0 followers, the latter said that In view ,t,l,h was redolent o
tio n Of ttie new Ill gil licilool and had borrowed large sums from "God had blessed tlle Tarheel State, the cones and
constir of the fact that
nu c M other cornpantes, whicii arine of lie withdrew
9 The o'ta riking I new - re
buildi ' H t It had paid ofT (ieneral Slmon," Of tbe -ilnous trees f
rneas ure lntroduc out of earnings. Nfr. ICellogg aitked If his candidacy in orL,er
ki ..h ed was,011c offered by the Standard of Indiana nad not made ?
Mr. lr berg provid ng for hility of civil war be averted. Tli-3 lybich ivere acmt
a re- net earnijign of over $55,000,000 be.
vision -f the hybltem of collecting de. tween the years 1889 and proclamation of General Sitnon as snowy linens an
1906 un
linquent tsLxeii. $1.000,000 carAtalization. ,Mr. Archbold PreBident of the republic was then 'Intertwined e-ts
The ordinanct providing f(la the et- said there had been many iiiflllons .,f dtclded upon. nation were conspi
tablish dollars Invented In ,the company,.
ment, and maintiptiance of pilLy- The lo"l population has accepted tiorts of the banquet hall, and la
iFroun the city I
ds, a now departtire for whlch was oni-, tiominally capitallzed. the new order. -uf things, and General
government, came up ori rocommenda. Western flags were displayed In f
tion of the I .aidgituation Simon will shortly take possession
bfr. Tilford that 1; the far 01 botel throughbut the dtLy a-nd even
Coinrn ttee on Finance, in Western territory eighty-seven mar- the national palace
Dike Given Way at Fine Bluft and City
-hich body the plan of the speclai ket stationp; were established by thft General Turen
Standard Oil Coinpany of Callturrill, ble conflned,
comrnittee providizig for an expendituro as Mr. Taft, In the c
Of $10,000 was cut down to $7,300, and and In the Rocky Mountain regions th., at one time inentioned as a POBBI which was
bearing Etils amount the Ordinance was Continental Com a St ndard successor to Nord Alexis, had given South and its problem
subsidlary, honidi e, a d 138a Tnar- assurance that fie will see to the main- that the voters of that section slionld
(Inilly adopted. keltigg statiorim. tenance of ot-der In the Departnient of break iLway from outli
Locution .f Pinygrounds. .effect of the e,5tabltshment of th,-_ North. It Is felt here that If Gen- and traditions of their past p
The plati provides foi- playgrounds those marketing station.; Ifilliations and eafit' thei
was to re- eral Simon proceeds In accordance wlth accordance with their ecutionild andsreat pointed out, had been tPb alle
?A, as follows; i duce prices to the con8unter. the Constitution it sooii will be pos
1?ft on W1111antsburs; Avenue, three On cros,m-examination, Mr.
?_ KellOgg sible to bring together the .Nation I
U. that nothing would give Iiini greater the Southern States to the railroads. wlileiL crosses
14"wes to be United; rent, equipment and developed that the Continental Oil COm- Assenibly. All the senators and dep e
pariy In 1906 made prid during his 0OMIn&te
suitiltdInance, estimated $1,100. 115-10 per cent. on" ties at present In Port-au-Prince are Chief Executive Offlee
SchOOt 7ard of 31.r.b.11 Its capital stock. The purpose of the convinced that the election of Gen- , rect the p.,Icy ol the national 0o,ern'
bet,-Ileeu Nineteenth and 'Ilw Schooi, government Inquiisltor was to iihow oral Stmon by a large majority In as- ment with respect to the
"utieth that the prices charged for oil pro- to convfnee the intelligent
of alleged hostility ,with
bireets; quipment $100. sured. gtates a
ducts In the West were not warranted. General Simon wai-i recet,%Fed by Gen- I citizens of, the South of th desire of
Senbro.k. Wnrehou.e Property, be- Mr. Tilford said the profits on all, admin stration to aid
twella . cral Alphonz, commander of the guard, 111-9
Sevent-!nth nad Eighteenth merchandise In the lix-est were higher, Iworking out satIsfactorfly the
hilreelm, -a Grne,, to cily;iand that 1,11 iamid the acclamations of the pe,pl,lous
b0ouging ? s,Ad no liigher than flour' problenis before
Improvement .f property aud wgInt,_ ar-d sligar in proportion. and the soldi-i,rs when he took Posses- I bringing them allo their N?Iorthern fel
Cabinet Members Speak.
-ance and .quipoient, #L,tloo., AdJournment was takez, until to-mor I loil of ttie palace after proceeding low-eltizens el "ser and c
I "
row, -I "iround tite city. . patliy and point of vie'W. The
Fnfrowuut School Y-rd and Bellevue .1,1
1whool yard, at ItIrt-enty.second and Gerieral Siiiion Ila's tiot as yet ap- Frequently Applauded.
firoad btrcet.; equipment, each #100. pointed Iiis Cabinet, and he In awalt- At the . conclusion o
Lot on North Tent- Street, betwees I .ng the arrival of iieveral of the revo- ,,ery one of,his poin
lutionary leaders. Taft was interrupteA-by applause and retary of War, and Osc
1. ?, Clay and Leigh Street* to be known Dr. nortillon Sb,s,*s tho Dekth and The, United States 4cuiaer- Tacoma ebeering. , -He
1,0Stary- of "ttm?,bt'plrt?nent-'et.-Cofiii., Iftilowing-etoseW.-in--tite- ?*
as ShOkoe Playground, Including vur- Birth Rates I!k France. left to-day for St. 31arie and Gonal self regardll.n the s
,4,n.e of orround, equipment and main S. December -WhIle France PART vex' d declared that neither
genance, $3,100. - Word received to-d&y from these places
han paintijily but successfully regained was of a more favorable nature, the
her old Posttfon among the nations of idea of forcing upon the people of tilc
310ore Street and Bacon's Quarter
Europe, she Is to-day confronted ,Ith people at botli toivns apparently ob- South tlio dominance of an ignorant
ilim-ch. for colored children; rent -f iL danger the restilt of whkh. unless serving order. Nevertheless troops have cla-S.
Inod, "ulpinent un.d mulute.unce, $100. a rernedy be discovered. Is niathemati- b,el, 'ient to Gonalves under Generall --,Ir Taft ,,ieclared that t
Us, certain. I , with
o-ned by I ea Poidevin, and it is believed that lie will
.If.,- Oty; for "ulptnetit, *Igo. c) f time. Dr. Jacques Bertilloit gives have lio diiYiculty In checking any i the .,?outh. and
L;ndvr the ordinance the Comrnittee under ifie heading "The Man-Devol.r- r,jolutionary tendencies. Ishow that the in(lus
It itig Town" sorno very startling statin- lhad growli and prospered m
,11 Finance is instructed to provide tic, In Le Jotirnal. It Is uiiderstood that all the refuge,? Ing tile past decade
. -
htse aiiiounts In tl.,e ilext annual Not only. be tells liis readers, -J, at the foreign legations will be given sectio'n Of the cotintry- Ag to
?Udget. - the birth rate In French towns rapidly tlicir liberty. gro, ,%f,. Taft said h
All plaYgrounds located dwindling, but in niost ask nor,receive niore tliu'
in school- I
of thern niore n iself for erive to-morrow.
vards will ba undet, control of tile of the Pe.-)Ple depart this Iffe tha'n cn? cha ce - qualifY
iieliool -Board, wlille ter It." It 1-5 iiot that the deatli rate Ship Ordered to Hayti. franchl 'e. '
ttiobe on public Is )-ising. btit that the birtli i-ate .'s WASHINGTON, D. C., Die rnber 7- Otlier Sp,aker..
land will be matiaged
by ttie Coinntit. Incredibly low and steadily (liminishes. Because, of unsettled Itions at otlier ?
Buildings. Each Dr. Bertition's researches extend Gonaives, flayti. the dispatch boat President W. W. Fiiiley, of
Lee oii Gxounds and .peaker, at
fornier iiidietnieiits were ba,ed .
Of these bodies is auttiorized to ae -ovei, twent,- vearH. in Paris, between Dolpliin, iiew In Ceiltral AiTierican ern liailway coriiiiany'. J.
i "We are at the crest
cept a.sl tatice from tll, Civit Iiiiprove- 1887 and 18?0, ttio average annual I waters. lias been ordered to that place State Superintelidellt Of P
t a'
Igue In maintenance and .-3u- number of birtlis ivas 58.000. The total tioll of Nortii Carolitia;
pervisio I to protect Aiiieric
Ms falleii in 1907 to 50.811. although f Wilmington. _N- C., Di. JosePt,
it tlie censu ,,o -ie The criiiser 13es Moines, which for 0
=1'na.ee gk "Vote G,-tf,r.11 . ftile. twenty , ears . Dillard .'[ Ne'v
sho s iin increased Population. ni'ainly ,oine aays, lids been stationed at Poi-t- AN?. p[,?k,,-. of New
Ttic reading ot ttio ordiiiarice pre- . w
cipitated ari extended, tie to lntivix from .the countr), of half ,au-Prince, left that place for a criiise, More proiiiinelit gue
debate, 31r. a million. In 1887-IS90 the bli-th rate and %vill stop at Gonalves and ,
,it to table and tile- Prestdeiit-elect; Prest
Lyiich making a fig,
,as 25 per thousand lnliabitants
t0-Marie. brotliei, of
print, alluding to tiiat Lliree day It Is between 19 and 19. In ne; i- I ,, 'Murray
the fact a ly dent Nlchoh?
of the proPosed grounds were withii, all the large towiis more die thaii are - luiiibia uni,ersItY'. Co
three blocks of Eighteenth and Broad born. ztino, of Jaimn; Dr, 11. B
titrects. Mr. Blil,?y Joined the opp,,,91- ? - WEDS PEER'S SON flaniptoll Institute; Dr. Jol
that play space, ahoul,l ,f th,- .
be In the centre of tile city, FUNERAL TRUST 1
Fdward Owe" Of t old oties. Siloill(i
11(t In a Quiet Wedding at St.-Jani- Adds A ._ j or
i-egion surrouiided 1)) Vateratis' Society; Tlio .
OPell filld-, as InI Stuae. presideiit 0
other Romance to f tl,c Georgia Soclet,Y; JOIIII in A'Iclnity of 1,oulsville
the case of the :hictigo Embalmer Say. lltibile 1. H,-Id '
XVillianisburg Avenue I LONDON, December 7-Yet anoth r C?, Carlisle. presiden,
plot and the one In Fairinount. 'Mr. nt lin Mercy.
CI-IICAGO, Deconibc-r 7-That C-h Istage aiid peerage romance reached Its jaiis; Rev. J. Novitt StP t
Ferguason and Mr. -
Alills defended the ,ago Is at the nierey of a "ftineral happy ending a few days since in a ttie Maryland Society'. John S. Crosby,
rePort, I Pollock riiakilig an ex- trust" Is th ,allegatiot f P. J. Hurze" quiet little wedding at St. James' presidetit of tl
,. !,.n Mlyck. president of ttie
teiidcd d-bfense of ' o I 11 'N
tiie .4pecial conimit- an embalmer, wli., in "disp a?,,nHadver Church, , Piccadilly, bet,?veen a pretty gusttls
tee, nientloning ,specially the of yoting cot-nody actress and the son of South Cal'Olint, Society'
work tiseinents In daily papers beeii the Tonnesse Society. and
Mr. E. it Fuller, the 01-iginator o iiis brotlier undertakel peer. The contracting parties were president of
t the --i.a"stirring tip" 0
Plan, and the cliairmaii of tile Ele says In part: the -.klon. Maurice Henry Nelson Hood. Dr'George
"Thei-c are so niany undertakers in 0,nly siirviving son of Viscount of the Virginians.
tiub- Ch
"nitnlttee. who, lie stated, had br.ught tth, T spoke las
leago hat inany of tlieiii bury but Bridport, and Miss Ethel Kendall., Air. Taft
before tho Coui,cil
tile first feasli,le fifl.,?.eii or tw,?tity bodies a year. The arose to re-101111 fi
J)ropo?ltlori yet presented. 'IC!) k own to ttieatregoers as Miss Eilcen f tillig tti
result j. ttiat for a ftineral wi, oil .0 tile eve
Mr. Lynch eharg,?d that Councililiell should cost .but $200 these undert riiie. Slie is related to the heroliie of cheered for several minutes. Mt
wero voting ttie plaii v charge ak- -recent stage romance, lier reached the citY at I
for iiierely be- ers iny.flablN as higli as $50 r' anotliel' ' ifroiii liot
?atiso of popular clainor, Caskets wlti6fi should be so](I at abotit cousin being Aliss Denise Ornie, wlio prings, V
and as a $50, at good proflt, they sell for $.10-i iiiarriage to the Hon. John Yarde-Bislet fternoon at tl"' I'Ome
I - there wa4
vIAO-gette"," wilich W,Is warmly - . n'l Ya
re. and $250. el- took place last year. Slie Is o .14enrY W. ,1,,Ift, aiid wilile
sented. by tho advocates. Alr. Davis "WCiett deatli coiiies tlile relatives !n years old, wlitle the bride- in cons.Itation wit
bpuke In oppusition tu tile small - eighteeii itical callers, Mr
ap f 'preparation and grief. groozii is twenty-seven. friends and 1)01
propriation t _ , to-morrow
for Clark's Spring, sayiII91 f,,-.-v.-ln,:1?the-r titne iioi, inclinLttion. to The iiiarriage was kept a strict se- leaves early
... - ---- - - - . _ ,_- I-- ---- - -11 - .,--. .- . . .- ? I _ ---.1-1
that it was niereiy -11115 look iiito vallies. They eall'tlie neat- cret
IL %v it y. Mr. libst.11 st,011gly oplose it was 'mr
I I OY est tindertaker. They select as an c atIv6s knowing ttiat to take rt's speech.
pi-essloii of ti-toli, love ttie ti est caskc:t place' Aillolig those pi-esent at ttic
LL'ariiig down Seabrook NVai-eliotise, wittitti their iiieatis. At grc?
which. lias heretofore they pRi, $20 t persoiizil cliul,
sacrillee, Say, 0 for cli ivere 'Mr. and lvlrs. Yarde-Bi 1- IIIIR, wiliell I
ue a i,r, tile iattej- being oiie of =*Iiosc w 10 xx
being stiower
producer for the city. ettsket tilat sliould cost but $50t r $6-1'
Oll the iiiial I (11 Titirlow Al. Ooodale, pres den of tI;c signed the regi-ste".
,all, when It eanje I
t'J It shol6v-down. Chie.Lgo Undertakers' Association, says
Llie oppositiuii collapse,j, sL ?ress
who the charge.pnlade,by Mr. lltii-zeii .11110 t ship -,,hich tile
In not baseci u on fa ts. .U,I',
BONDS OVERSUBSCRIBED """""""g con'"' finds therL, t he
favor, tlia oilly
Alessrs. Greeti, liubsuii, J,),Ilcll bel'ilig
fox, be a Id
ex- ly.
Lleters. Pananin [*at[ of 102.4368. tile functl
at nu Average
tli(,, Caiittdtaii border to tlle of
Allivrove Arnivr3' Aivnird. Sliort lu Ifix Accou.t., But the .%,nlounc WASITINGTON, L). C., Deceniber 7.- teiided frol
p pie
re to ti
Cortelyou to-day announce,l C"Lllf of Me
Award of tilt, contract for tilo Blues' 1. Not Made Pull Secretary
B o
it that setv
e fi
Armory atid Market tiolise to ioill ST. LOMS. N10.,Deceritb r,?_Charle- ttiat the P'It
I T. foi- tlio reason tliitL as sooil as ttle niar
NN'ilsoil, Llic IUWLISL biddel., fol, EL IjoII_ Ekstromer, Swedhil vleO-cO III Jn SC sold at Lin average of 102-4368. The apart, and ta
at hIs 110111c I-Nvest a(,,cepted btd was at 102.2 7 7 S.
fli-oproof buildirig Louls cointilitte(I sulcide people tlle
aL $93,881-50, was to-day. Ile -wag sliort in III, accotliits There Nver 50 accelited bids, mitiountlng I,c,
approved. as iiittiingoi- Of tlle St. l'ollis oft'lee of t. $30,000,00o. .13ix hiiii(Ired ttnd 'i"V I
8 w Ls t respect to t.be onduct,
,NIL. AVilkiOll lVfl, alSO the lowest; bld. t II,! Ds"'fectant ae- enty-two bids were rejecte(l. at-nouiitiiig
specifleatiolls govertinlelit?" Ile '011drillod: "Wliy
for aii all-fire. "Or'lillg to a statement iiiade to-tilglit to $721.808,800. it that wliat Is dona at W119111119tOll
prmd buildIng, this hid being $116,5(0. I)y It, lll,)Ig t1le succossful bildei's were:
pany. The statenwnt by 'I'aiissig Ivas A
MI% L3"lcll 1-111110 I'll tillavaiiiiig figilt Illa(l, to a Fisk & nobiiisoti, New Yorls City, five (Continued ott S
LI, IIUVC, tlle contract fol, fit-c- Louis Republic, %vlio Interviewed 111111 bids. $2,000,000; Cliuse Natioiittl Banlc, correstiondent of the 8 I.
pruof cotisErLictiuil, %villf,11, %%,itll tlle fit iiin tioiiie In New York regarditig N,,%-,, York, three, bids, a inillioii dollurs
ai'cliltect's fe(os jjjj,I would c.N. tho,sillelde of the St. Louis i-epvesciit. eaell; tile National City 13ank, of NeN?
extra,, WE ?
uced tlio aplil-upriation (r ative of ttie firin. York, $10,212,760; Florida - Natlutiat by ,
'We are satisfied there.is a silortage," f3mik, jaeltsoliville, $100,060. at 102.55;
Aftet, aii (!.
xt,,I,dL,,d (le- SRiA Mr. Taussig, "but I do iiot care to Ileriliall 1,1yers, Sctvaiinati, Ga., $100,000, Fair and coldez'.
bute as LO 00.11leritS of fireproof iilid sal, liow large It is. Expert account- ixt 102.46.
Itoll-fireproof Colistructioll. t1k,1 Court- alits have booil going over tic books
ell voted to, liold tile coilinlittee NvILlifn In otir St. Loilis Ottice."
Meiiibers 0 ttlie Ekstroinel- foinily t.-,
tlio uriginul appropt-littlell, Ekstromer I
iiigiit donted that Ml'. lad
HiIsgh Sellool DW-axvlotI6 becit In RnN, tlnaiicial difficulty.
Discussion of 0- Switzerland. lias (Ite(I at Lugaito tit
iligli School Building k-muo ilp both ?Ijl
Vf,ports frotti tlio (_1ity ALLoi-tiey ajj?l MASKED ROBBERS
Times-Dispatch Cwrespondentz
iiiildirig Inspector.
llollard,,to wliolli w,,s referred u for.
itier communication fruill 111spector tiold Up Clashler aud Son And Tbee
3eelt In regard to III(, challge of tild t the Bank.
cliaracter of tlit) lit'Ick woi-ic on t1j, PORTLAND, ORE., December 7.-Th-, The iniflaR convention of? The Times-Dispatch -C
1',clast, 81(in Baiik. at East Wo4lillIgton
iijterior e0lirt; fillcige(I to be at a j,p.
;I a stroat and Grand Avenue! wito robbod
ing to the contractoi; of al)otit
t to-iligilt by tlirce iiiasked iiieji of AssocktionwilD be heRd in t'-i
liousand br le kt;, trel)OM)d tillit a4 't
(11jestloll f ItLw, he .901loot Boul-Li '111 ? 16.51 0.
iiot hLtva authority to iiiitlco jurge 1111 0 residetit of the baiik, Ifeiir
December (mth and n oth. The, Govermor
t-hanges affactIng tile streng,'h, dura- )Nowliaff. ttnd Ills tion, Roger, N' I I'
jilat otolit tc) leave the baiilc tor bowe
bility ot, apt)"ttiallec, ol! it litillding jj#11ell two iiieti arlYied witil pistols o1r.:
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Ille CUL11.01. A111101- I.-IlftlIKOH, llowovoi., tored, President Newhull at
plun. for NvIllell had 130(lit 1113prove(l I,y of
ici tilti 5ion
Nvlllvll vttitio (u liffilt I the collstrue.: were ordered to liold ull. tlioir liaticls.
wlitle tiiey Wore tilti-4 uticlei, tlio conw n 0
tioit, aiid wliteli liad itot baen foreseen,
cove I- oC olie ro
tile City Attorinny iliouglit. - iliulit be
left to the coiiiilifttee 41t. bei,kra )t1jer nittli crawled 1:11roUgli -the catili.
.'A Whitlow,
ettarge, As to - tht) su Ing ti
ttnti orgIvIed baok Into 010 rpyoll,
tractor, Ir. I !?? I ? I ?, - ??
A tlilid robbor-guardod'
rqa un.o,,dn1IRr

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