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dor, In ord.r to bo ready ln case hl
?uggestlon bs lo tho manner of con
.ductlng the Amerlcan relief work fo
-r_h_ earthquaito sufferern ln aceoptei:
ifto-day seleclbd a committeo of Amorl
~_ans here, to which wlll be inlrustc
tho work of carrylng out hla plans
Mr. GrlBcom himself wlll bo ptesldon
?>f tho committeo, nnd Us other mcm
bor? wlll be Georgo Pnfio, treaKiircr
Nelson Uay. secretary; Samuel Far
rlsh, of New York; Wllllam Hoopoi
of Boston. and Lleutenant Reglnald R
Polknap, naval attaehe to the Amerlcui
1 mnbassy,
If Mr. Grlscom Is provlded wlth $160.
(100 tho committeo will bo ablc" t<
'charter a large stoamor, cqulp lt wltl
nurees, doctors ?nd suppllon of nl
Nlnds ana keop lt runnlng as a hos?
pltal and relief shlp for two w_ok:
between thc'strickon cltles In tho soutl
.and thoso points where rc-fugees oai
bo recelved aud ncoommodated.
Italiann whi havo heard of tho plar
pf the Amerlcan ambassador pronounce
it most pralsoworthy.
Coiuit Taverna, president of thc
Itallan Red Crosa Society, to whioh
Ambassador Grlscom prcsented $70,000
from tlie Amerlcan Red Cross, ox
prcssed the most grulotul seutlments
toward Amerlca for the nhl it Is sond
??_?. _
tiesvue Work Grenlly ..ugni-iitcd.
StrciM* I'atrollcil Dny nml Night.
CATANIA, January 3.?Tho system
or rescue work l? Messlna has bceii
greatly aiigmentcd by tho nrrlyal of
""troop.?, who nro to bc seen all over tho
rulncd clty in sqtiads of twenty nnd
thirty, patrolllng dny and nlght. Bodies
of tliem atso aro worklng ln thc rulns
by day und until well Into the nlght.
The movement of rcfugees from tho
fio.tr-hy vliinfios ls daily Inereaslng In
volume. Of tho vlctlms burled under
"tlio rulns few have been rescued allvc.
lt is now clear that tho ononnous
'-"number of castmltics In Messlna wero
ilu<- to tho sYidaennoss wlth which the
first shock came, glving but littlc tlme
to tho people to csciipe from thelr
homes. Tho tidal wavo wiih not ko
hlgh ns -u-as ?l first reported, and
would have donn llttlo alsinuge had It
not i)ceii prcceded by tho earthquake,
Thc damage. dono by flro ulso was
i bmparatlvoly iniJigrilflcant.
Tli" first earth shoclt last .-Monday
inornlng literally throw down the city
nnd nlni'dst overy street was eom
pl.ftoly buriod under thc walls that
h.-id fallen, furnlturo and other debris
practieaUy cuttlng off every avenue of
Tl.cn came tho tidal wove to Inun
date the tity. atid "ie Hvlng nnd dylng
?were caught llke rats and drowned br
Jiad tholr bralns dashed out by belng
' thrown by thc rushlng waters ngainst
plle_ of mnsqhry and rubblsh.
Corrt-Kjioiitlcnt Inwpccts Rulns.
Far grcater havoc was wrought ln
?Messlna than was belleved when the
Assoctatcd Press correspondent first
passed around the outsklrtswlth Frank
TVrl-et. of Brooklyn. N. Y.. assistant
dtreetor uf tho obs.rvatory on Mount
During thls totir a most careful ex
lunsnation wns mado of the American
eou.ulat.. It is a completo ruln?
nothlng But " hoap of crumMIng and
crushed stories, wlthout semblance of
its original shape. It is most doubtful
I. the rescuers wlll be ablo to re
<over tho ljoilie.'i buried beneath thc
ilebris for a few days, but overy ef?
fort to do so wlll be made. Tho French
nnd Turkish consulatcs also were razed
complc'ely, and it seems almost lm
possible that any of their inmate3
could have escaped.
Offielals ln Messlna say that the
origimil esthnat. of tho fatalities In
tho clty probably was not cxaggoratcd.
The lower part of tho clty is practi
cally totally destroyod.
Amerlcan Red Orosa Society Wlll Soon
Have Supply Slilp nt Scciic.
WASHINGTON, i>. C, January 3.?
Karon Mayor Des I'larichcs, ambassador
from Italy, has recelved lnstructlons
i lom hls government to express to
President Roosevelt the slncere thanKs
of the government of Italy for tho
generour. aid and" synipathy oxtendod
by thc President nnd tho people of the
-Unlted .States to thc Itallan natlon In
the great calnmfly thut has bofallen
it. Tho anibassador will call on tho
President and fully express theso sen
tinients of lils (jovernment.
Requicm maa? for tlif, victims of the
carthquake'jjwill be held to-morrow
mornlng .by '.tlie Rev. Father Lyons, or
.St. Aloyslus Catholic Church, ln this
city, and lt wlll be altended by- tho
Itallan ambassador and members or
.the Itallan embassy. Invltations to the
mass have been Issued to other embas
sles and legailons in this clty.
Re?pon*ic In Generuus.
ln response to the suggestion of the
Itallan Red Cross Socieiy that a vessoi
might be loaded at Genoa wlth pro
.vlsionsand sent to tho scene of th_
carthquake dlsaster, thu_ glving qulck
relief to the destltuto, the Amerlcan
Natlonal Red Cross to-nlght cabled
$100,000, wlth tho suggestton that it
could bo used by the Itallan Red^Cross
Society for thc purpose of fttting out
a shlp: wlth provlsions and medlcal
-supplies. This amount is ln addition
to the $100,000 and the $70,000 prevl
ou_ly sent by tho American Red Cross.
A cablegram receivod at the Stato
Department from Consul Blsnop, at
1'alermo, to-day, was the lirst lnfor
mutiou that has como directly from
Mr. Blshop. lt was sent from Paler
mo, Slcily, and bos.des conflrniing the
prevlous Information concernlug tho
? death of Mr. Cheney and hls wife, it
- reiterates thut Consul Impton wus un
harmed. and ndds that Lupton had
sailed from Messlna for n point un?
known. A cable from Consul Crown
lnshield, from Naples, dated to-day,
nlao etates that ho ls informecl that
Lupton is safo.
Ambassador Grlscom Cubles Hrit l'lua
for Aiucricaits to Adopt,
WASHINGTON, D. C. January 3.?
i) To asslst tho Amerlcan people ln their
efforts to extend relief to the strlcken
Itallan earthquake sufterers, Secre?
tary Root has made public a cable?
gram recelved to-day from Ambassa?
dor Grlscom prt-sentiug the lirst feas
lblo plan ef meetlng the pre.o'nt great
'.emergenoy... There ie no tlme to sparo
"ln awaitlng the arrlval on tho sccnu
of dUtress of battleshlps now ln the
"Bue_ Canal or of naval supply shlps
eroselng the Atlant.c.
;?; The aeed for help is lmmineut, and
' how that'help cau be tondered ls told
"ln the cableirram, dated at Ronio, which
"January -.?I' havo to-day drawn
on you' for $70,000 and pald c-quivalent
to Itallan Red Cross, in two eums?
$50,000 from Amerlcan Red CrosB and
$20,000 from Christlan Herald.
."I hava to-day seeh the president of
the Itallan Red Cross. who deslres m<
Only One "BROMO QUININE," that ls
Laxative Rromo 0uinine
?Curctt Coliin One Day, Crip in 2 Day*
on every
s | to lnform the Amorlcan Red Cross ni
- J follows:
" Troblcni of rellef very viisi. 111
cludcs feedlng, clothlng destltulo cu
sceno lnimodlntoly, and qnlokly romov
Ing nonrly ihe wlioln surylvlng pyptila
tlon from (he strleketi dlstrlct to othoi
pnrtn of Itnly. Trmisportril-lon Involvo:
?| spoclal dllllcultlts. Much nioilcy lf
needed, btil If AmdWcfl rteslt'cri to offni
prncttcal ald lir.inodlnlcly. a wliln cottli
bo cliartoroil by tolegrapli ,"t MarseJUoi
or Oenon, and loaded with hlahkfila
ctollilng, liiieh. prosorved metits, con
donsed mlllt, iriedtcnl nupplles and nlnil
lar useful matorlnls. Ono or more
( t such shlps Uhtler tlio dlrectlon of thf
I j Itailan Rctl Crosa would hc uuof ul nt
. trnnsports, nnd ct. tho same tlmo could
jldeppslt stnvos wliern nccdod along Ihc
"Tno Ttnllnn Red Cross hns not yet
cloarly worked out how nll tlio *?*fl
ciiltlr.-i of rellef nro lo be solved. Sup?
plles are now needed ln Slcfly and
Calnhrln, but In nliout two weeks, when
tho destlt.utn have been rcmoved, wlll
bc needed In Naples, Rome, Florence
and other cltlos whero tho mifferers
are belnir dlstrlbutcd.
"T will he peraonally glud to co
opornto wltlt our Rod Cross to carry
out any plans. There aro many Amerl
cans In Rome aiixlous to asslst in re?
llef mensures,
(SIgnfid) "ORISCOM."
Two Aiuorlcttiis Snfe.
MALTA, Janunry 3.?A wlrcless dls
patch recelved hero from Messlna says
that Walter Ketinedy und Chnrlcs WII
llams. Ame'rlcahs, who, It wns bellevod,
liad perlshcd ln tho catastioplio ut
Messina'nro safe at Taromlnn,
llciimrknhlc Dcmannfrntlon In Nr-tv
?Vork Whrn Suppllc* Aro Collcctcd.
NEW YORK, January a.?Ono of tho
most roniarkablo demonstratlons of Its
kind ever seen In tho Kaut Side oc
curred to-day when II Progresso, an
Itallun nowspaper, took up a collcc
tlon for the earthqunko suffcrcrs. As
11 dozen victorlas lind ono automobllo,
contalnlng pronilnent members of tlie
Italian colony, passed through tlio
strcots, men and: women wept, toro
thelr clothlng from thelr bodles and
throw what money thoy could spuro
to thoso waltlng to recelvc it.
Tho victorlas woro lieaded . by an
epeu wagon, in whlch a hand pluy-?d
patrlotlc alrs. Bohlnd tralled ton ox
prcs.i carts, on whlch clothlng, bottles
of wlno, bundles of all descrlptlons
and even inedlcines wero loaded.
Tho thoroashfares were chokod
wlth Slclllans and Calabrlana strug
gllng to bc the fIrsU to glve. From
wlndows und fire escupes and from tho
end of the curb they threw into the
tracks every sort of wcarlng apparel,
untll the trucks wero plled full.
Tho Roman Catholic Church of St.
Joachlm was crowded to-nlght wlth a
grlof-strieken throng of worshipers.
Tho parisliloners ure drawn largely
from the southern part of Italy.
Itnllnu at Mectlng Cinlmcil Tliat Money
Wns .MlMippropriiitcii.
LYNN, MASS., January 3.?A mass
meetlhg of Italian cltizens hold ln
Laster's Hall to-nlght to ralse . funds
for the earthquake sufferors ended ln
a rlot.
Tho tronble was preclpllated by a
Socluli.st speaker, who charged that
funds rnised for suffcrcrs by a prevlous
earthquake had. been misapproprtated
In Italy. Some of hls hearer3 applaud
ed, while others took nblsy excep
tion to these statements.
Some ono grabbed the speaker and
pulled hlm from the platform. Thls
action was a signal for a general mrs
up. Tho two factlons, yelllng loudly,
came together in an attempt to rush
each other from the building just as
tho polico arrlved. Tho latter cleared
the room, and tho matter of ralslng
contrlbutlons necessarlly went over.
Coiislderlug Hla Mcssngc.
WASHINGTON, D. C January 3.?
Tho toxt of the messago whlch Presi?
dent Ruosevclt wlll to-morrow submli
to the Congross in behalf of the eartli
quako suffcrcrs in Italy was the sub
ject of a conferonco to-night at the
Whlte House between tho president,
Secretary noot and Asslstant Socrotury
Bucon. The earthquake situatlon gon
oriilly was referred to at to-nlght's
conference, nnd it was decided that the
amount tliat the National Amerlcan
Red Crq.ss should cable to tho Itailan
Red Crciss for immedlate fittlng of
relier shlp should be ^IGO.OOO iusteiul
of $100,000, as had been consldered
earller in the day. Thls amount wan
cnbled to-nlght through Ambassador
Grlscom at Rome.
Lupton Escnpcd.
LEESBURG, VA., January 3.?Mr.
Stuart Livpton, son of Rev. J. W. Lup?
ton, formeiiy of Leosburg, who was
vlce-consul at Messlna, Italy, fortu
nately escaped wlth hls lifo ln the
destructlon of that city by earthquake
on Monday. A message from hlm re?
ports tho destructlon of the- Unlted
States consulato ln that city and the
death of Consul and Mrs. A. S. Cheney.
The news came by way of Malta, from
Consul W. H. Galo, who also lived ln
Leesburg for soveral years. Consul
Lupton, who ls about thlrty years old,
was vlce-consul at Valparalso, Chllo,
whilo that city was ln rulns from
earthquakos last year, and was re?
cently trunsferred.
Report Shows ^saa Were Admltted to
Itecord lu Now York.
NEW YORK, January ? 3.?A oummary
of tho work of the Surrogntes* Court.
?for tha year 190S, preparod by Edward'
^V. Bonynge, deputy chlot clerk, shows
tliat 11.633 wllls were filed during the
year; that 2,305 woro admltted to pro
bate. and tliut soven were rejected. The
summary also sets forth a compl'ito
recovd of tho mass of buslnc-ss truns
acted ln tho varlous branches o? the
Thero were 2,275 letters teslameutary
g'ianted. In the probato UeparUient
ulono 10,003 onths wero admlnlstoivvl,
135 wlll contests were flnishod durlng
tho year, and thero were hearlngs in
615 wlll contests, There wero . fifteen
v.ill contests noticed for hearlng after:
January 1, 1909
Forecnstt Vlrgtula nnd North Caro
lluu?I'tii-ily cloudy Muudny auU Tues?
day} moilerntc to fresli aoutU iviuiln,
Rlchinond's weather was clear and
warmer. Thermometer at mldnlght, -12.
(At 8 P. M., Eastern fitandard Time.)
Placo. Ther. H. T. Weather
Ashevtllo .18 5S Cloudy
Augusta . 61 58 Raln
Atlanta .50 54 Cloudy
Buffalo .-10 '10 Ualn
Chlcago ./.4 0 4 5. W. cloudy
Clncinnatl . 50 52 Raln
Uavmnport . 1G 52 Clear
Detrolt. 42 II Cloudy
Hattcras . 51 . r?s Clpudy
Juckeonvlllo .... 50 ?8 Ualn
Kuinsas City.52 58 Clear
New Orleana.00 ?2 Haln
Oklahoum City... 60 6S ?? _?. cloudy
Norfolk....60 tiO Cloudy
Tainpa .08 76 T*. cloudy
I'WiiBhington ....46 18 Clear
; Wilmington .56 00 Clear
!jYellowstono .... 32 36 Raln
January -4, 1909,.
S'ln rlsos.7:27 HIOHTIDE.
Sun sets.B;0G Morning.3:01
Wutui. twU.....i;Z0 Evwiilug.3:17
Mr. Iltirton Itnit bccu nnnicil by tbe Republlcan cniicus to aiiceeed Scnnlor Joncph II. Fornkcr from Ohlo.
Secretary Garfield Has Been
Forced to Disbat Many of
WASHINGTON, January 8.?Tho im
proved methods of administratlon in
stltuted by Secretary Garileld, havlng
for thelr purposo tho sinipllficntlon of
business wlthout any loss ln accuracy
or responslbllity, havo proven of great
valuo, says the head of the l^.iiart
nient of the Interlor ln hls annual re?
port made public to-duy.
Tho report covers a wldo fleld, de.nl
Ing ns it does with tho work of tbe
varlous bureaus embraced wlthln It3
management, tho Terrltorics, natlonal
parks and reservatlons, District ot'
Columbla, corporatlons, etc.
Attorneys Dlsbnrrcd.
Secretary Gartleld calls attention to
certain unscrupulous and unprofes
sional acts upon the part of a number
ot- attorneys practiclng beforo the de?
partment, which reaulted in their dis
barment. Somo of theso have brought
manddmus suits for a restoratlou ot
their names to tlie list of thoso entltlcd
to practlco. Theso cases are now pend
ing, but "in tbe meantlme," the secre?
tary says, "attorneys will be notified,
lieard and dlsbarred in all cases where
I "am satistlod beyond a reasonablo
doubt that thelr conduct as attorneys
has been dlsreputable, fraudulent,
lllegal, or undoubtedly unprofesslonal.
Tho recent patent office frauds, re
sultlng in tho confessjon of ono do
fendant, the convlctlon of another and
tho acqulttal of tho thlrd, aro touched
upon, and" tho statement Is mado that
it was the ilrst case of the kind that
had occurred ln the 113 years of pat?
ent oftlco history. Tho Commlssloncf
of Patents, lt is stated, has taken stops
to provido additional safeguards
around the illlng of patant papers. %
ConMervatlon <tf Rc_ource~.
Regarding tho movement for tho
conservation of the natural reeources
of tho country, Secretary Garneld says
that it shows tho poople of the coun?
try have fully awakened to the vltal
neccsslty of caring for what ls left of
tho public domain. .
The penslon roll, as usual, plled up
an enormous death ratu, 50,676 namec
havlng been removed on thls account
Of theso 34,333 were soldiers and sall?
ors of the Clvll War. During the en
tlro year the total number of ponslon
ers on tho roll was 1,006,053.
Mrs. TlU'nn.-'N New shude Excltes the
Envy of AU Pnrlslenxies.
PARIS, January 8.?Tho colffeura of
Paris are exolted and puzzled by a
new blue shado of hair displayed dur?
ing tho week by Mrs. Tlffany, whose
tasto ls recognlzed as all that ls ex
qulslto. . Domands aro being made
daily at .varlous salons do oolffeur by
French women of fashlon for re_iro
ductlons of tho oxqulslte shado now
onjoyed by Mrs. Tlffany, but she re
fuses to divulge her secret, even at
the uniteel soltcitatton of the, bowil
uered eolffeurs. \
Parls colffeurs aa a result have boy
ootted the Amerlcan woman, and ro
fuse to sell her necessary tollet artl
oles. Even noted chemlsts who havs
beon consultecl havo beon unable to
dlscovor the secret of Mrs. Tlffany'a
now bluo halr.
Dr. l.uilloiv lu Future Wlll Do Ouly Llt
o'rury Work.
EAST ORANG.E, N. J., January 3.?
A ptirse of $5,000 was glvoii yesterday
tei tho Rev. Dr. James M. Ludlow, for?
merly pastor of tho Munn Avenue
.I'resbyterlan Church, lOast Orango, on
the occaslon of hls Inst formal appear
ance beforo tho con'grogatlon of tho
church. Tho purse was prcsented by
Aarori Adams, who mado a brlof ad?
dress, exteuding the congregatlon's
wlghes for a prosperous and happv
Now Year. Wlth the glft wont an en
jii-ossed copy of resolutiori. adopted
several wocks ago when tho paetor's
reslgnatlon was acceptod.
Dr. budlow, who ls tho author of sev?
eral novols, wlll, on hls return from
a European trip, on which ho wlll
Ktart January 9th, dovote hlnisolf in
n'uture excluslvbly to literary work.
Somo years ago' he asltea to bo ro
lloved from actlvo work ln tho church,
Only good, "
results from
Contains no coffee or
other harmlul uub-iance.
"There's a Reason."
wlth a view to giving more attontion
to writlng than he had ln the past,
and at that tlmo the Rov. Dr. John
Douglus Adam waa iriado his asslstant.
Dr. Adam aucceeds him as paator of
the church.
Mlssotirl l.rglHi-iturc 3Iuat Declde ou
Senator nnd I<leutonnnt-Govcr_or.
Tho I-eglslature of Missourl, which con
vened on Wodnesday, faces the task
of settllng tho olection of a Unlted
States Senator and the Lleutenant-Gov
crrior of tlio State.
The lleutonant-governorshlp carrles
! Interest because of reports that Gover
nor-elect Hadley, who assumes offlce
on January 12th, coutemplutes retlrlng
from tho governorshlp beforo hls four
year term ls flnlshed, thls declslon be?
lng contlngent on the ultlmate selec
tlon of Jacob F. Gmellch ns Eleuten
ant-Governor. It ls sald to bo Mr. Had
ley's deslro to have a place on the Fed
eral bench.
The lleutenant-govcrnorshlp hangs
on fewer thnn forty votes, and Mic
Lcgislature must decldo whether a Rc?
publlcan or a Democrat was elected last
In the senatorlal sltuatlon there Is
an element of uncertalnty owing to the
?fact that nlne contests for State legls
latlve seats havo been fllled by Repub
Jle.in candidates for plucea ln tho
Houso. Tho Domocrats now have u
plurality of cight votes on the ballct,
but the Republicana control the House,
and lf flve Democrats are unseated Sen?
ator Stone's chances for re-electlon' wlll
go gllmmering. Thro'ngh their control
of tho Senate, howovor, the Democrats I
are enabied to hold a club over the Re-j
Oregon'a Rcpubllcan I-cglslnturc Fludu
Itnelf In Pecullar Prcdlcamcnt.
FORTLAND. ORE., January 3?The
Oregon Lcgislature, about to assem
ble, wlll afford an example that ls all
too rare of a body of practlcal polltl
clans who placo publlc duty above
party fealty. The Leglslature ls almost
unanlmously Republlcan. and notwlth
standlng this fact It wlll elect a Demo?
crat to the Unlted Statea Senate.
Of tho nlnety lcglslators, flfty-one
voluntarlly slgped a pledgo before
olection to elect as .Unlted States Sena?
tor tho popular cholce. At tho same
election Governor George Chamberlaln,
a Democrat, was nomlnated for United
States Senator by the people.
Nomlnatlon of a Democrat in a State
whlch la Republlcan by 15,000 major?
ity ls generally attrlbuted to factlonal
atrlfe among the Republicana.
Slnce the election strong lnfluence
has, been brought to bear upon the
mombers-elect of the Leglslature to
have them dlsregard thelr pre'-oicction
Thero la every tndtcatlon, however,
that these efforta have falled, and
that the leglslators wlll stand by thelr
promlse to elect the popular cholce for
Druggtst'n Cnsnal Discovery When
Bronglit to Store for"Treatment.
NEW YORK, January 3.?-Lesllo
Manhelmer, six years old, ran Into the
street in front of hls home at No. 27
Manhattari Avenue yesterday afternoon
and was run down by an automobile
speedlng southward. A wheel passcd
over hls head.
The drh'er stopped hls car and ran
wlth the boy to the nearest drug store.
The druggist set about attendlng tho
chlld, and found lt was hls own son.
Ho became hysterlcal. Tho chauffour
sllpped out of the store, Jumped into
hls car and drove away.
Tho fathor, Ma'urlce Manhelmer, car?
rled the boy to the offlce of Dr, G. A.
Blakeslee. nt No. 60 "West One Hun
dred and Flrst Stroet, but tho chlld was
dead whon they got there.
Apparently no one noted tho number
of tho automobile. It ls described aa
bolng n llght green, three-seated run
about. In lt was a woll-drossed woman,
who romalned ln her seat when the
chauffour Jumped out to plclt up tlio
Woman Ia Gniight by Vopt and llnnira
Sunpendud lu Alr,
WIUKESBARRE, PA., January 3.?
Hanging from her bedroom window
by ono foot, whlch was cquerht he
twe?n tho window a*id the alll, Mlss
IiVdln. Worthlngton, a young woniau
of Plymouth. near hero, had a most
unpleasant exparlence thla morning.
Durlng a nlghtmare she Jumped from
her bed, threw up tha window and
plunged out.
She mlght have broken hor neclthad
not tho window falllng before her
body waa entlrely out. caught one
foot and ao flrmly that. she was helil
hend-downward and soreamlng.
Othor members of the famlly, sound
aaleep tn another Beotlon of the houae,
dld not hear her, and she hung somo
minutes beforo Alfred Worinan nnd
John Ravert, who were, honioward
bound. huard tho soroama and ran lo
her ald. <
Thoy waeted no tlme ln trylng to
arouso the famlly, but broke down
the outdoor, ruahed upstalrs to hor
bedroom and pulled hor back by th#
logs. siio was unharmed, oxoept for a
few Hcratohes, but was ovorcome wltli
frlght and. cold.
Congregation of Second Baptist
Hears Reports from Various
Church Officers.
The annual meetlng of thc inember
shlj) of the Second Baptlst Church
was held ln tho lecturo room yesterday
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
The annual roports of the ofllcers,
conimlttoes and tho representatlves of
tho varlous boards and ofllcers of the
socleties of men and women wero read.
Those reports show a most gratlfylng
year's work, and tho membership ot
the church was moro than plcascd wlth
the results.
Tho church Is ln a flourlshing con?
dition,' and has contributed during the
past year to all of tho mfsslon and
othor enterprlses of tho denomlnatlon,
the total sum ralsed for all purposes,
as shown by the reports of tho flnanee
committee and the treasurer, belng
SI1.4C3.0S. Thls does not Include tne
speclal fund ralsed from tho momber
ahlp or pledged for tho Greator Rlch?
mond College ondowment fund.
The amount pledged for thls purpose,
as shown by the report of Governor _'.
Taylor Ellyson. chalrman of the com?
mittee, was $0,210. Thls amount wlll
probably be Increased to $10,000, and is
payable in five years In annual instai
'PreaNurer'a Report.
The report of the treasurer shows
that tho curront expenses of tho church
during the year were $G.S00. Tho sum
of $3,3.2 was pald to the slnklng fund
or church bulldlng account, which
leaves only $1,600 stlll due on the new
church. Thls amount has been pledged
to be pald thls year.
Tho balanco of the total sum ralsed
was psld to tha varlous misston boards
of the denomlnatlon, the orphanage and
othor enterprlses of the s'ta'e and
Southern B**r*Mpts. The largest amount
donated was to tha forelgn mlsslon
board, it being $1,407.20.
Tlio reports of tho church clerk
sliow that during the year thero have
been thlrty-scven addlttons to- tho
church, thc membership now being 245
men and 4 32 women.
Tho Sunday school bookht show on.
enrolment of 512, with a splendid aver
ago attendance. The roll has been
greatly enlarged wlthln the past few
month3, especlally *:i the last Ihree
Tho flnanee committee estlmatos the
current expenses for tho present year
at .$6,535. Thla does not include the
expected collections for mission pur?
poses and for other church enterprlses
or- for the slnklng fund. whlch wlll
doubtless aggregate $10,000 more.
Officers and commltteemen were
elected to. serve for tho present year,
but very few. changes were mado. The
Second Baptist Church ls one of the
best organlzed ln the South, and all
the officers and \vorker3 belng falth
ful, changos were unnocossary.
Hls Election by Peunsylvnnla's I.cgla
Intiirc, Jlowerer, Sccniu Certain.
HARRISBURG,' PA.. January 3.?Wlth
two Unlted States Senator, to clcct
and much important legtslatlon to con
sidor, thc comlng Bessloh of tho Penn
sylvania, Leglslaturo promlses to be
ono of unusual Interest. Tho Republl?
can party has a large" worklng major?
lty lh both bodles.
Thero ls apparently llttle doubt ot
the oloctlon of Boise Penrbso, of Phlla?
delphla, to succeed hlmself ln the
Unlted States .genate, or of Georgo T>
Ollver, of Allegheny, to flll tho unex
1>Ired term of Phllandor C. Knox, who
wlll reslgn tb become- Secretary of
Stato under Prosldent-lSlect Taft. Pen
rose is opposed by antlorganlzatlon Re-i
publlcans. whose candldate Is Stato
Treasurer Sheatz.
.Vnsnn R. Flower Devoted Hla Pcrsonnl
Tlme to Many Charlticn.
WATERTOWN, N.'.Y... January 3-?
Anson R. Flower, nged slxty-six,
-peclal partnor of the flrm of,Flower
& Company. bankers, of Now York,
died suddenly at his home in thls clty
at noon to-day.
Mr, Flower waa tor yeara promlnont
in New York ilnancial clrcles. Ho ro
tired from actlvo intereet in the flrm
of Flower & Company at the tlme of
tho death of hls brotlier, tho lato Gov?
ernor Roswell F, Flowov, ln 180D, and
bboame"' a opeolal partn-r thoreafter,
devotlng hls tlme to the propaj'ties
and oharitlos ln whlch he waa so large?
ly Interested. Mr.- Flower's ohavltabla
aotlvltlea, (ncluded personal attontlon
to tho affalrs. of tha New- York
Homeopathlc Medlcal Collogo and tho
Flower '--losplfal, Ho contributed large
PAZO OINTMHNT ia gnarantoea to
ouro anv caso ofltohlng. Bllnd, Bleed
ing or Protrudlng Piles in 6 to 14 d?y9
01* mon.v vefunded. 50c
ly lowurd l)Ultdlti_ Iho fltony Wftk
Hanntorlum , for ConntitnptlvflK, thi
Watcrtown Clly Hospital and towan
other charltlen.
Slnrla In Poalllon by Anuoiinelag 1IU
lloura ''At Home.*' \
T..ONDON, Vlanunry 3.?That aoclow
whlch ls Bohomlan onoilg'h to bo ln 61
how touch wlth tho Bohemla thnt tu 01
Fleet Sti-pel ls amusod to learn thai
Wuldorf Astor, Jr., bno boen apnolntc:
edlior of hls fnther'B Pnll Mail Gazette
to succood fi'lr Douglnci Htralght, one ol
l.ondoti'a veteriiti ndltora.
Young Aator knows nothlng aboul
Jouruallsni, even of tho London vario
ly, but London noclety thlhks ho ii
lonrnlng rupldly, becauso tho ftazolU
raino out wlth HiIh novcl ndtlce ut
tlw top of the edltorlnl^ coltunn thls
"Tho cdltor Is at home to calters be?
tween 11:30 nnd 12:30 dally.
t,ondOK} wondors what Would happen
t.o tlie new inlllloiialro cdllqr lf ?om<
low person wero rudo enough to Call al
the oftlco after 12:30 with a real llvc
ncwa Item.
Illinois l.r:'Wl!itur;. Wlll llo C'nllcil
? l/lion 1 o F.nnet Tt.
SPRINOFIKLD.. Iljli, .Tanuary. n.?
LeglRlative aotlon on quesl.lons of vltnl
liiiportnnco to tho State, not only now.
but for years to come. Is expocted to
result from dollberatlons of the Forty
slxth Oonornl Aoaembly, whlch wlll
conveni- on Wednendny.
Tho decp watfiwiiy projeel, whlch
hns clnlmed the nttentlon of tho peo?
plo of tho State for years, Is one of tho
lieniH whlch will bo dlscussod ln tlie
mesange of Govov^ior Deneen, and, al
though It concerns the oxpendlture of
$20,000,000, it la regarded ln some clr
clea as of llttle greater lmportance
than tbo plnrn for placlng tho Stule
charltablo and penal Institutlons un?
der a board of control, In place of the
preaent 8tato Board of Charitles.
Dnughter Drenm* Thal "Whlte Vell Ia
Chokinsr Dend Molhcr.
NEWARK, N. J.. January 3.?Led by
dreams to fcar that hls wlfo had beon
burled nllvo, Gorardo Tramutola, ot
thls city,'went to tho city clerk's offlce
yesterday and obtalned _a pcrmlt to
dlslntcr tho body.
Mrs. Tramutola dled on Novembei
27th last, leavlng dlrectlona that n
black vell should bo wrapped arounfl
her neck. Bcllevlng that a whlte voll
would bo more approprlato, the famlly
substltutcd It.
Slnce then, Tramutola told the offl
clala to-day, hls daughters and other
relatives dreamed they had met the
dcud woman, and she told them that
tho vell burled wlth her, belng whlte
Instead of black, waa choklng her.
The matter so worked on tho mlnds
of the Trnmutolns. who feared she
mlght havo been burled allve, thnt they
applied for the permlt. The body wlll
be dlslnterred on Monday.
Aged Man I)rnv?? uii Wlll, nnd Then
Eapouaes a Widow.
PITTSBURG. January 3.?Helnrlch
Gottllcb Mueller. soventy years old,
and Dorothca Glll were marrled laut
night by tho Rev. a. A. Oreene. The
tlpstnff was conflned to hls bed wlth
nn attack of pneumonla whilo the
ceremon-" was belng performed.
Mueller has been a tlpstaff In Quartcr
Scsslons Court for about thlrty years.
It Is sald that boforo the marrlage
Ilcenso was aought Mueller called At?
torney Jonn W. Thomus, of Sharpa
burg, and that hls wlll was drawn.
Mueller was strlcken wlth pneu?
monla and is at the polnt of death,
but as tho palr had lntcftded to marry
soon, they decided to have tho cerc
mony performed at once. Mra. Muel?
ler, who waa a widow.'had beon keep
ing house for Mueller and his sun
Sho 13 eeventy years old.
Says ln Six Montlta Could Get la Good
DENVER, COL. January 8.?Ap
parently James J. Corbett is olncero ln
hlB "announcement that ho wlll re
enter the prlze-rlng and endeavor to
bring back to a whlte man. the world's
heavywelght puglllstlc champlonshlp
won by Jack Johnson, of Galveston,
who recently defeated Tommy Burns ln
Australla for the tltlc.
Glven six montha ln whlch to traln
properly for the contest, Corbett to
day sald that ho felt suproniely con
fldent he could defeat Johnson.
Corbett ls now forty-two years old,
but ln- nppears to be ln porfe'et phy
slcal condition. Slnce tlio night of
August l, 1901, when Jeffrles knocked
hlm out In ten rounds, Corbett has had
on a boxlng glove only onco,
"But I'vo always lcopt up my exer
clse," 3ald Corbett to-day, "and phy
slcally I know I am tn better condi?
tion than Jeffrles or any of the others
outslde of these young fellows, who
would not have a chance. on earth
wlth Johnson."
Flftcen Thouaana Dollara Taken from
"101 Ilauch",?One Mun Arrested.
FORT WORTH, TEXAS. January 3.?
Undue haste to purchase a ticket to
Chlcago and the nervousnesa dlsplayed
-by H. J. Burk, who gavo St. Louls as
his home, led to the arrest of the man
early thls morning and to the discov?
ery that the safe aboard a traln con
vcying tho "101 Ranch" to Fort Worth
liad been blown open durlng laat night
and $15,000 of tho fund* of tho organ
Izatlon stolcn.
When asked, to cxplain as to the
possession of $750 ln silver coln, whlch
he carrled Iu a leather satchel, the
man, formerly an uttache of the clr
cus, told of the robbery, declarlng that
ho liad been made the tool of profea
slonal safe-blowera, who had decumped
with the balance of tho money.
Burk declared that 'the ineu havo
beon' travellng with the circus for sotna
days, awaltlng a favorable moment tu
accompllsh ; tha robbery. Thls came
laat night as the train was nearlng
Fort Worth, and so quletly was tho
work dono that .the olrous people knew
nothlng ot tho occurrenco untll noti
lled by tho poilco of . the nrrest anu
statements of Burk. - Investlgation
conflrmed hls story.
Other arrests wlll probably follow.
Iitdependent Unlted Statea of Afriea
C'umlugf Says Kruger _ TVephew.
BRUNSWICK, GA., January 3.-?Oon
eral K. Rolf Dewall, nephew of former
President Kruger, of'tho Boer Repub
llo, and who w.as extlod by England at
the end of the Boer War, doelared to
nlght that withln. ten years there would
exlst an indepo.nde.nt Unlted States ot
Afrlca. He haa askod for a pardon
from England,- but has not taken tho
oath of alleglanqe. Ha salls tram Fer
nandlna thls week.
UNCOLN. NEB? January 3_The Ne
lirusHa Logl&latuvo wlll meet on Tvtea
duy for Ita thlrty-flrat ueealon. Both
houses wlll bo controlled by tlie Demo?
Of chlef Jntereat ln the way of legis
latlon aro the Quostlona of a bank de
poslt guarantee and a county option
law. The -majority members nro dl
vlded op both queatlQiis. On th? bank
doposlt guarantee blll the ndvlco. of W.
J. Bryan wlll profcably be followed lii
Uraftlng IU' maln provlslpna. "
Committ-e's Rcqucst for $?5.o__b
foc New Fltunc Will Bc "
This Will Also Bc Frcs.ntcd for
Acccplancc?Invcstigation Js
Still Pending,
For to-ulghl und to-morrow nlght
thc setillng baslti flumo wlll u._upy
tho centro of dlscusalon ut tho Clty
Hall. To-nlght on thc lloor of tho
Common Councll, and to-moi'row nlght,
when tho Invosllgating committee wlll
tako furthei* testlmony bourlng on n
sltiiation whlch ?'?'_ already rovealed
Incpmpctenoy and lack of rurpniisl
bllity almost boyond bolief.
To-nlght tho Councll wlll wrestl.
wlth two resol'utlona from tho t.om
inltteo on Water, both looklng to thc
ftiture, tho extrlcatlon of tho clty' from
tha embarrtiHslng and somowhat
rldleulouM attllud. ln whlch lt ls now
placod, of havlng a half mllllon dbllar
aedlmentalion plant whlch H, . la un
able to uue.
Tho flrat of these resolutlons pro
vldes for tho immedlato upprcprlatlon
of $75,000 to bulld a flume, no refer
enco belng made to paat condltlons.
Thls wlll no doubt go to the" Flnanco
Committee, and may be reported baclc
ln duo courae, as that long-sufferlng
body, called on by overy department
to bury Ita mistakes, haa ulready ha?J
notlco that lt will be expected to pro
vldo tho funds for a now tubo.
Tho aocoinpanylng roaolulton wlll set
forth thn flndlngs of tho Water Com?
mittee, through Its cxpert advl.crn.
McHsrs, Shcrranl ana Roelker, who re?
ported what had already becomo ob
vious, that the flumo was a fallure
from end to end, and added that in
thelr opinlon It would cost moro to
repalr lt than to erect a new ono.
No Iteport aa to Plans.
, Beyond this the experts employed by
the Water Committee did not dcal
wlth the past, and havo nssigned no
reason for tho fallure of the tube. nor
does tha report stato whether ln tha
opinlon of theno experls the original
plans and speclflcatlons were corroet
Except for tho vlndlcatlon of Clty
Englnecr Bolling, author of the plann,
such a statement. even could tho ex?
perts stako thelr reputatlon on It.
would bo of but academlc Interest.
sinco the resldent englneer and city
inspectors on the flumo,havo admitted
that they allowed devlatlons from both
plans and apeclflcationH, wlthout pro
teat and wlthout report.
Aft,er hearlng thc evidence of the
clty's representatlves on the work,
law.-era for thc contractorf, tlio Crottso
Constructlofi Compitny, laugheu at
tho suggestlon that tho clty had ground
for a ault against that company.
?The resoiutlon that wlll come to th**
Councll from tho Water Committee i?
somewhat lndcfinlte. ln that lt sIiowm
four ways ln whlch the wator might
be brought from thc basln to th*
pump-housc?a cast-lron plpe. a steel
plpe, a concrete Jolnt plpe, and a
wooden stave lining to the present
wreck. Tho committeo asks authorlty
from the Councll to advertlse for bld ;
for the crectlon or a flumo on all
four plans. the mowt avallahle to be
selected when the blds are opened. It
Is not stated who will drow lh? plans
for tho four methods, nor who will
6uper\*ise the constructlon work. Th*
dlscus.lon of tho matter on thc floor
of tho Councll to-nlght inay brlng out
aomo new polnts ln conuccllon wlth
the sltuatlon, of whlch tho tax-paylny;
public has not been fully advl.ed.
U?>e roreiiwa Te-tt.y.
To-morrow nlght the speclal commit?
tee on investlgation will resuuie lts
Inquiry into the condltlons leadlng to
the fallure of tho llume, thls Inqulsi
tion looklng cntiroly to the past.
Messrs. Brown, Jenson and Hodgson,
Ihreo foremen oC constructlon for the
Crotise Constructlon Company, em?
ployed on the crcction of the llume at
varlous tlmes, wlll be present to tes
Besldes glving somo reason for the
delaya ln a work estlmated to be dotie
in four months, and which occupled
moro than two years, the foremen may
be called on to tell somethlng of the
hours and hablts of the city lnspcctprs.
A Jug of whlskey kept at the works
has already flgured in the testlmony,
and under cross-examlnatlon more evi?
dence of thla general character may b_
brought out.
The lnveatigating > committee is in
correapondencs with several expert en
glneers, one or moro of whom may be
brought here to testlfy as to the char?
acter of tho plans and specincatlons.
a polnt not yet mado clear in the .evi?
dence, although, as polnted out, these
"plan8 and speciflcatloiis wero freely de
parted from.
Drawlng' fixed aalaries as llberal as
thosa usually provlded by the munici
pality, and accordlng to Inspector Cllf
ton's notebook, offered ln evidence,
visitlng the flume but four tlmes In a
month, a member of the Councll ex
preased some surpriso yesterday thut
tho I'lumo was ever flnished.
End Not lu SIght.
Jt is hard. as yct, to forecast tho
form of report of the Investlgatlng
committee. The evidence ls not all in.,
and thc member3 refratn from exprcss
ing themselves. All roalize, however.
that the. sltuatlon ia sorious. and so
far the examinatlon of wltnesscs has
bean most thorough.
All of tho luspcetors Involved have
left tbe clty omployment. Wlth the
dlvlded responslbillty between Councll,
committee and suparlutendent, tbe ex
penso wlll ln all probublllty fail bn the
tax-payer, who must pay tho blll wlth?
out havlng tho aatlsfaction of knowlng.
who Is rosponalblc.
Unilerlnkera' Wm* ii. Rultlmotu llriuvr*
Them Down !?SO.
BALTIMORR, January y.?Burlal
doosn't cost much ln Baltlmore now.
?As the result of an undertakorn' war.
burial ls $$0 below tho aoh.dulcd rato,
and If tlio competltlou lasts much
lonser tracrtng atamps good for n,
tombstone may bo thrown ln. Ono
whrewd undertaker has made kucIi in
roads on the business of tho othors thnt
all havo comblned against tho orlpl
nal prlce cuttor, and it ls. war to thc
death.. To use tho bargulu 'cuttnter lan
guiigo adopted by tho rlval lnterostu,
prices aro golng down below oost.
Thoy have droppod from $100 or ?150
to ,$4P.-_ '
Evenin& Slippers

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