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Women's Suits, $17
Regular $27.50 Values.
Spic & Span New Suits-just from the tailors'
They came in yesterday too late to announce in
laat evening's papers.
SHADOW STRIPE WORSTEDS, in black, navy & green.
45-inch Coat, semi-fitting, satin lapels & lined with satin.
Plain gore skirt, trimmed with narrow bias bands & satin
covered buttons.
There are only forty-three Suits in this lot?good things
like these are scarce, you know.
Similar qualities & finish are selling here regularly for
It*s hardly necessary to emphasize the' advisa
bility of early shopping this morning.
Lcc Chcatham Killed Before Hc
Could Comfort Old Woman
Wliom He Supported,
Boy, Employed Wednesday,"Mcets
Instatit Deatli as Gas Geuerator
Burst?Two Others Hurt.
"11 ls getting colder, grandma: there
is no fuel ln the house, hut I hopo
?when I return from work this evening
I can inakc things comfortable for
Wlth theso words Lee Cheatham.
BcVenteen years old, of 1721 Balnbrldge
Street, Manchester, the only support
i?l" a wldowed gratldmother, *>irs, 11. B.
Numially. Icfl home at 7:16 o'clock
yesterday morning lo walk to tho hot
tllng departmeirt of the BeauloiU
l.ltnla Water Company, corner Nlnth
nnd Byrd .Streets, An hour aftorwards
the boy was dead. a vlctlm of an ex
ploston, sald to have been caused by
the carelessness M a .ellow-employe.
Cheatham was kllled by a blow on
the back of thu head, which rendered
death almoat Instantanebus, and which
occuried when n gas generator, built
ot solld Iron, burst. Flcces of tho
generator flew ln all dlrcctions, and
?s a result Cheatham wns killed,
Vhornas Knight, another em.iioyc, *us
badly burned about the face and body.
wnd "revoral n.groes at work in the
tiotlllns depirtment sufferod moro or
less injurles. - ? e cxploslon was
Iler Only Support.
The death of the young Mauchestei
boy is dlstresslngly sad. IIo obtalned
the position wlth the Beaulont com
i>pny, whlch was the only one ho ever
held, AVcdnesday afternoon, and hls
pvomtse to hls grandmothcr, by whom
\m had boen rained, was that he would
work with mlght and maln to'.make
her declliiiiig years comtortable. Cheat?
ham was an orphan, and, besldes the
grandmother, leaves no relatlvoa ex?
cept a marrled slster and a hrother
who Uv_3 in a dlstant county.
It ls a strange cuincldence that, four
years ago, almost to thu very day,
Cheatham's father. Wllllam Cheatham,
ilropped dead. and the son, then thlr
tccn years old, was left an orphan and
the only comfort of his grandmother,
whose age is now far past the allotled
threescore and^ic-n.
About th? ( mjjnjies'' in which the
young boy met his dcath there are con
filctlng statements, hut from l>e?-t ac?
counts it appears that he was lalklng
lo a ivorkman several yards from Ihe
g.nerator when the exploslon took
place. The piecr of Iron whlch struck
Cheatham continued Us course. pene
tratlng a hrick wall and shattering a
M-ooden partltlon heyond. Other bits
nf flylng iron demollshed the roar etid
of the establishmonl. The room was
left in a state of confnslon.
JIls Body Tuken llonic.
Mr. George L. BIdgood, manager ot
the Beaufont cornpany, could not ex
plaln the accident except to say that
lt was due. to the collection ot gas in
the receptaele of the tnnk. lie seemco.
_rreatly depress.d over the nccldent.
and to a Time?-Dlspatch reporter he
sald: "I would not care half so much
about U lf nobody had been hurt.
Cheatham was standing in the pathway
of the 200 pounds of flylng Iron, and
lhat hls head was not ltnocked off i.^.
> mystory."
No sooner had the esplosion oceurred
than some one telephoned for the nni
hulance, hut before a doctor or any
; one else reached hls slde Cheatham was
dead. Knight wns removed to hia
home. No. 1217 Dance fiircet, ln the
ambulance, and was there treated by
Dr. MacLean. lt could not be said
positively last nlght whether or not
hls sight will he lost. Dr. Carr at?
tended the injufle. of others, whlch
conslsted of nothing moro serlous thnn
nurface burns.
The remalns ot ihc boy wore rc
, moved to Blilev's undertaklng estah
llshment, and were sent home yester?
day afternoon. The fune/al wlll takc
place from his grandnv>the.'s home al
S:30 o'clock thls afternoon.
Ttelfctivi-ft Tell of Con f es.'.on ot Aaron nm
Dabney to Durlng Huld-Cp.
ITtnry Aaron, charged dlrectly wlth th!
rfimmcnwenlth's-Atiorncy E. W. Hubard
rt fiu.kin.ham oounty, was mbbed on Le
rrawr IlBt. Flnce tho occurrenee th
Vf-i-ns mtn havo publlcly denled Kullt, bu
fh*lr fiatem?nt? wlthered yesterday wlic
Ji.trctlvra tV'lltahlra and K?ll_m swore tha
.Aaron had prlvately cpnffKsed the orlinc
(Mnii that Dabni-y'"lutd aeknowlfldgcd "hla pai
V. II Thi boya ncra r-piW nt-d by AHor
*i?v Harrj tttnith aiul Dliburl PollocU,
Tb<- Jhii'Hir
rii'-uit ''uurt
? n udjourned seaaion of tlie Novein
"V-ll! comenc next 'I'ueaday, Judec
(pti, Uttfl _u<i Xvs.'.t WU! a:t,
?. .
1,1.13 Clir.ATIIA.M.
Playgfound Ordinance Must
Stand or Fall Before Board
of Aldermen.
"I am not a party to any agreement
for tho ellmlnatton of the Seabrook
Warehouse slte from the llst of play
space.," sald Alderman Grahum Hob
son yesterday. "I am a member of
Iho special committee whlch preparod
the plan for playgrounds whleh has
been approved hy tlie Flnance Com?
mittee and tha Common Councll, and
ls now pcndlng beforo tho Board oC
Aldermen. There has boen nd meet?
lng of the Playgrounds ComniJtled tg
whlch I. have been suminonc.. Ln a.gree
to any substltute, and 1 pi*6pnii'_ lo
flght for the commltteo r.i ,,i. and
will mnkc no sacriflcc. for thu sake of
"Of courso I am open to convictloni
lf it can be shown that it is to tho
clty's interest lo dispo.se nf the Hea
hrook Warehouse; but no such propo?
sitlon ha_ been made. Untll it is mad.
1 ahull not concede anythlng, but wlll
make the llght in tho hoatd for tue
passage nf the ordinance a_ it stunds,
and if the playground nieasure loses
1 shall take care that the people know
why it loses and who caused it.
"I know the men who nre flghting
the fi.eabrook slte, and, if necessary,
wln say so on the floor of the Board
ot Aldermen.
"Flftoen inen in tho board have told
me they would vote for the project
If the riuestlon of liabillty for accldents
is removed, and Ihe City Attorney has
ruleu that meci.y \.ouui be no uioielia
ble for accldents in playgrounds than
In p'ublh- schools. where the courts
have uniforiiily held the city not re
spontslblc. Alderman Adams, of Jeffer?
son W(_rd, one of thoso Hpoken of as
opposlng it. was the author of the
original playground resolutlon grant?
lng to Ulie Civlc lmprovement League
the use of ihe f^eabrook Warehouse
property, the flrst propositlon for
tnunlclpal ald to playgrounds made to
the City Councll. I shall cortainly not
consent to sacrllico the central play?
ground, the only large one- to bo cre
ated on city property. ln any bargain
wlth those who opposo the measure.
lf the ordinance Is lost the peoplo wlll
rlnd.out why."
Hcnderjon Tnylor Convlcted of Burglary In
llu.stlngs (.'oiirt,
Henderson Taylor, alias Eddle Jones. wns
ror.vlcied of hurglary ln the Hustings Court
yeatorday. th" evldence showing that he hnfl
entered the houso of Funnie Wood for the
purpose ot robbery. tho jury brlngins in a
verdlct of nftei-n yeara in th* penitentiary.
Oihpr indiclmonta are pendlug agaln.t Tay?
Joscph Johnson. Indlcted tor ma.lcioiia
wc'undlnc, was found gullty of unlawful
Kboctlns. wlth lntent to klll, as charged,
and sentencod to ono year on the publlc
roaila, ln lleu ot tho same tlmo In the peni
j toutiary. On a second indlctment for n liko
! offenae he was glven the same aontonco,
Welson I.owla, Indlcted for havlng cocalne
In hls possession, waa convlcted and sen
?tencui to one year ln the penitentiary,
Martha Ann Taylor, Indlcted for grand
larceny, wua acqultted.
Concerning the acciulsltion by the
olty of the land at the end of Randolph
?Street for the purpose of extenslon anci
] Irhpi-ovlng the citrances to the ceme
terles, the subcommJUee appolnle.d to
'llook Into tlie advlsablllty of the pur?
chase reported to the Grounds nnd
: Building. Committee last night thnt
; | lts yjte on tho eubjeet was i.led
, i Messra. Tucker and Uuford were
tjugalnst the recommondatlon, nnd
-, i Messrs. J-mklns nnd Don Leavy ln
tl favor of it. The full commlttoe wlll
i. ? meet-- on tho grounds Tucsdnv after
11 noon al 1:30 o'clock and declde.
I'lncd for AhkhiiII.
; i.'. i_, Rurruud, who ln undor n sr.-uirt .lurj
JPCtcUneiit tor mallcloua woundliiK.1 ivm
a yeaterday llned f20 und xuulred to glve ae
y ?-Vny ,'"r sU,y <,,iy* ,,y -hiatlce Crutchfleld
I, Ihe charge agalnal Uarniud waa tliat oi
- hertlng Ijlllan Blalr i colored). No reatot
J/.i U.* tua-uU ??_? nuud.
Stibcommittec Will Iuspcct New
Higli School Stntcture to Find
Out About "Pointing."
Dcclarcs Tliat Hc Had Nbthiiig
to Do Whatever with Any
Change iu Platis. ^
Before the Subcominltte _ on Urounds
and Buildiiigs last nlght, Chairman
Charles Uutzier, of tho 'City School
Board, admltted tho ehargu made by
Bulldlng lnspdctor Bcck that the walfs
of the new Hlgh School btilldlng wero
belng pol.nted flat wlth u trowel In?
stead of wlth a tool flnlsh, as spocliied
in tho contract. llo ijuoted, how&Vfii.
from Mr. Beck's report that thls flnlsh
would not lessen the strength of the
structure, nnd sald that ho: had boen
rellably Inrurmed that tho flat flnlsh
was no ehcapor. In hls roport, Mr.
Beck clulmod that lt was, and that the
city, not the eontractor, should proflt
by the change.
Subchalrmun Burton asked Mr. Beck
if he thought ?thc bulldlng was belng
ereiited ueeordlng to speeli'icallons, aiul
if tho hrlcks used were "common
seleet,'' as rouuired In the contract, to
whlch lie replled "No."
Mr. llut/ler Mnkcn Dciiinl.
Mr. Uutzier protested, saylng that
only one charge was up for the con
slderatlon ot th. commltteo. llo also
objecled to tho wording of Mr. Beck's
report, whlch was to the effect that
the change In polnting was made bj
tho eontractor after "several days
purleylng wlth the archltecl aml
membera of tlie School Board.'1
"Nelther by lnsti-uctlons nor by sug
gestlons of the School Board," sald Mr.
Hutzler, "did ho vary in the smallest
way from the speclflcations. 1 object.
to any referenee to myself as havlng
hud anythlng lo do with the, sllghtest
devlatlon from ' the speclflcations."
Mr. Uutzier declared that the change
was made after a conference between
Archltect Bryant and the Bulldlng In
tpoctor, after whlch tho former stated
that it would he satlsfactory to Mr.'
Beck. Mr. Beck sald that lt was, ln
so fur as it affected tho strength of
the building, but that he dld not au
thorlze it because lt was a matter to
bc taken up by tl*. City Councll.
In addition to tlie other charge, It
was read from a prev!ou3 report of the
inspoctor that up to September 2d no
cement tests had been made, ln splte.
of repented requests from hls offlce.
Mr. Uutzier repllod that tho tests
wore made on the very day that tho
letter was recelved.
"Why were they not rnado before-'"
asked Mr. lleck.
"Because we dld not have the money
on hand for tliat .purpose," sald Mr.
Wlll Show Other Tlilnga.
Mr. Beck also called tho attentlon of
tho commltteo to the fact that tho
soains betwen the brlcks were irrog
ular, belng ln some places almo.st one
half an Inch broad, instead of fivo
slxtoenths. as specifled.
Feellng that the committee had heard
enough, Mr. Satterlleld asked that tho
report be formulated to tho regular
committee. The other two members
preferred to look further Into the mat-;
tor, and Mr. Powern moved that an In?
spection of the bulldlng be made. Thls
was agreed upon, and Iho committee,
together wlth Archltect Bryant. Mr.
Bcck, Mr. Ilutr.ler and several selectcd
contractors, who are to pass upon the
cost of the two klnds of polnting, wlll
meet at tho Iligh School Monday af?
ternoon at 3 o'clock. Mr. Beck lntl
mated that when on the grounds he
would show up other shortcomlng3 of
the much talked of structure.
llotels Have Good Crnwds, Notwlthatnndlng
Inclement .Veuther.
Ii condltlons around the varlous hotela
of the elty Is a fair crltorlon, thero haa
already been a percepUble Increase ln busl?
ness hero slnce the holidays. The hotel
men were Inclined to take an untavorable
view of Uie outlook Just prlor to Chrlatrnas,
for December was an exccptlonally dull
mcr.th. Now the aituatlon la different, for
although they nre not crowded. they aro all
busy. nnd the streara of out-of-town gucate
|j atcadlly lncreaslngr.
"Wo have had a fine week up to thla
time," sald ono of the nianagcrs last nlght,
"end tlie outlook is stlll hrlght. The travel?
lng men who como In are weurlng pleasant
sn'lles, and they tell us thnt prospecta are
giod for a piosperous year."
Clvli Justice' ...versed,
The suit of D. Wlley Anerson and Jsaae
T. Skinner against L. H. Jonkins was trled
ln iho Law and Equity Court yesterday on
apj-eal from tho CIvII Justice. In Jud.ee
Turpln's court a verdlct of damages in tho
sum of $187.50 was renelercd. In the hlgher
court tho case was reversed on:l verdlct and
Ju.gment entered for the defendant.
Coroner Taylor Advises Students,
I However, Not to Violate Byrd
{ Law by Giving It on Sundays.
Never having tasted a drop of the
| flery fluld ln his life, and desplto hls
statement, "I wlll not recommend beor,
wlne or whlskey as a bevorage for
j anybody," Dr. Wllliarn H. Taylor. City
I Coroner, in au address to students of
the Medical College of Virginia on
"Prusslc Acld As a Poison," sald:
"l recommend whlskey abovo all
other antldotes lt your patient ts suf
feiing from prusslc acld polsonlng,
but thls remedy must not be admln
lstered on Sunday or on Christmas Day,
because you wlll bo violatlng, the Byrd
law, which says you mustn't glve
whlskey to anybody. Your patient may
dln, that's true, but you'll, have the
Inexpresslble satlsfactlon of belng a
law-abldlng cltlzvn.'1
ln thls conncctlon, Dr. Taylor laat nlght
rccited an ln.idrnt whlch recently trann
plred ln one. or tho dry towna ot tho Stato,
A man In a railway statlon waa taken sud
donly 111. A doctor was summonod, and
attoi a dlagnoala annnuncod that nothlng
wculd aavo hla lifo but whlakey. Thoru
waa, apparently, no way tq socure tho
neoessary rpmefly.
Whilo tho patient was suf'forliiB Intonaeiy
a rian proriu.od a flaak. The patient took
a blg kwuIIqw, ialll?il and recovercd. "Aa
'a moilirlmtl agent whlakey Is tlio er.ute.t
Inveiitton ovor," sald the cornnor, "and
thuro la no aubatltute. You mlulit'no well
try to drlve out mnrphlno as an Indlapnn
Iscbln drug, aa to try to do wlthout whimtoy
J ln cortaln eui.rjrencle^"
Men Who Avvarrlcd Contracts for
I'lUrne VVorl. Will Bc'AsI.ed to
Explaiii Dctails of Plan. *
Investigating Committee Dctcf
mined to Gather All Facts
Before Making Report.
Notlccs are belng sprved by Ser
goant-at-Afma Buskell on members of
I the two former Councll Commluoes on
j Water, who wlll bo culled to testlfy at
tho meetlng of the Special Coimiiitlee
on investlgation of the Setlllng Basln
Flumo to-morrow afternoon at' U
Meiiiliers of the Wator Committee
from the Councll of l'.tO.-l.OG wero
Aldermen l.onry P. Beck. A, \V. lien
nett, I{. G. Rennulds, W. II. Zimmer
miitm und John Mann. Jr.; Counclliiion
WaUer W. Morton, J. F. Don Loavy,
Clllf Woll, John P. Boa, Itobort BeMa
SL'iicr ond .Morgan It. Mills, , Alder
11111,1 Mann was chairman aml Councll
inuri Mills subohairnmn.
Aldermen Beck and Zlmmcrman re
tlied during the term of this commit?
tee, and were succoeded by George. J
Seay nnd .Major Otway S. Allon. Coun
cllmen Bon Leavy and I.ea were trans
ferred to other coinmittoes and wore
succeeded by w\ F. Jilchardson and '1.1
1'rancls Greon. ,
Membors of thls commlttoo wlll he,
called on to-testlfy as to the varln ?
lract0ffordtSh_n.. lh? ","*' ? "?? I
iract for the flume In May. ifloti nnd'
tho actual beglnnlng of tlte work of I
constructlon in August, 190G Tiu
Au'g'iVs't11-.. ar0t' by "-^tlon^n
Go Bnck Two Yeurx.
Members of tho committee from lfln.; I
to 1U08 wero: Aldermen A. W __ 11
lane P? *_. r'on<l1"^ John Mann."J.?j
!?, ... mA' lNIO"cllro '""1 R. O. Ronnolds
'"uncllmen 11. A. B.irber, Jr., w V '
BIc ardson, T Fnuicls Green. fallltl
Kic ?* VKRS R-^f'"" and Charles E.
.,,..,' . Mr' Jolul ?Mann, Jr., was
agald chairman, aml Mr. \\\ F Rir-h
ardson stibchalrhmn. Lato Ir, theT llfe
of thls commlttoo, which expired on
"m^8.."1''19?8'.111" Ja-V of tho famous
junkotlng trlp," Councllman Well re
.;?-? ,anU ,cf,l">cllman RIchardson was
v?olSlfe,rred, l,? anoiher coininlUee, the
twPf,cs b<_,nS nl,Cfl by John A
Cutchins and George i_. svise
lhroughout the two years of thls
committee the flume was more or less
continuously under constructlon al?
though Foreman Hodgson has teatlfied I
that there was one period of six
months when no concrt-to wns laid '
It was thls latter commltteo wlilch
was entertained at a luncheon nt the
pumphouso by tho chairman on the
day of hls lttirlng from tho Councll,
thls being the occanlon t-oferred to ln
the testimony of tho Crouso foremon
u- a "junkotlng trlp." '?"
Must Account for Dclny.
?.It., ls .cxpocted tllnt fruI" members
of the two commlttees the' entire hia?
tory of tho' flume cau bo traced l-'s
s-ntlal points to be brought out are
why there was a delay of moro than
n year in the award of a contract, whv
many sets of blds wero rojected anil I
after the openlng of many sets tho
contract flnally awarded or rejected
bld. wlthout calling for n new com-'
petition; why a job estlmated to be'
complete In four montha occupied more '
than two years, the contract belng I
^igncd in May, 1300. and belng de?
clared forfeited In Octobor, ifiuS- how
much stipervlslon the commltteo ln
charge paid to tho work; whether it..
Vjsits were real inspections or niere
Junkets." wlth a iiinch at the pumti
house aiul an afternoon stroll up tho
canal bank; and, flnally, what verb-ti
reports wero mado to the Cbrhmltteo
from tlmo to tlmo by the superlnten
dent in charge. and whether tho com?
mittee was ever Informed? or anv nf
the luemllers. had reason to Kup'po_e
that tho ilume was not bolng hullt
accordlng to tho original plan; that
departuros from the spectfioatlon?
wero freoly allowed, and that the In?
spection was in many respscts the
merest farco.
Alderman Lo Ma.urler has dled slnce
hls term on the old Water Committee
expired. All of the other members
of the two commlttees are in tho cltv
and have beon .summoned.
Members of the presont Commltteo
on Water. which organlzed Just a few
day.. before the tests showeci the fall?
uro ot" the flume, aro: Aldermen "\ w
Bennott, P. II. JDonahoc, S. II. Cottrell'
Bnrton II. Grundy, Robert G. RenhbldB
Couhcllmen Morgan It. Mills, .Tohri A*
Cutchlns, E. R. Fullor, Oeorgo K. Wiso
F. lf. Garber and T. Francls Greon'
Councllman Mills ls. chairman an.l Al?
derman CotlralJ subchairman. ..hls Im
the committee whlch Is charged witii
securlng biils for a new flumo, and
whlch Is now asklng for an appronrla
tion of $75,000. ?
Harbor Improvenwints.
A Subcommlttee on the lmprovement of
James River will meet thls afternoon at I
o'clock at the city Doek to conault as lo
proposed harbor linprovemonts, to bo rec
omemled to the Flnance Commltte. for ln
cluslon in the hud .ot for thls year.
Writ of Brror Grantcd.
The Supreme Court yesterday grantcd a
writ of error In the caso of Kentress vs.
| Steele & Co. The case comes up from the
I Clrcuit Court of tho city of Norfolk, tho
amount Involved belng 53,200.
Whiskey Drummcr Tells How
His Trade Has Increased
{ in Dry States.
Accordlng to tho vlews expressed ut
ono of tlio hotcls here last night by
a salesman repr.senttng a large w.holu
sale llquoi- house in Baltirnoro, prohl?
bition does not seriously aft'ect tha
wholesalo whiskey trado.
After making some lnqulry }n the
lobby as to what would be, the prob?
ablo outcome of a locaj option flght
ln Richmond, should one be held here
shortly, he declared that lt made llttle
dlfference to hls people, as trado was
as good, lf not better, in dry than in
wet States. ? * .
, "1 have been representlng my housa
tor many years," he said, "and I travel
as far enst as Malno, and ln many of
tho Southern States. When Atlanta
was wet I had no buslnosa thero of.
coiisoqucnce. Indeod,' I hardly ovor
stopped in that city. I have recently
sold ?12,1)00 worth of llqnor ln Atlanta
wlthout any great effort. It la so ln
other Southern citles that have reoent
lv gono dry. I havo been travoljng ln
Malno for a long tlmo, and I havo
but llttle trouble ln holdlng a good
trado ln many of tho citles and townn
of that Stato. I do not bellevo, thoru
.ore, that the carrylng of a city or
Stato dry inukos nny matorlal dil'for
e'neo in iho tiuantlty of liquor oonsunnnl
ln ilmt; partlcular sectlon. Suroly my
oxpqrlonco has beon that. whon a cor
laln (jeclUin gues-dry, lt is u good
place for tho vvholesaler to send re
prcnontatlves: nnd lf tho latter havo
any gel-up about thom, thoy land tho
buii_-<?W':vvUn camoarattv* oasa^',?_,...
Cold Wave Comes Bouiuling Out
of ihc West, with a Lighl
Flurry of Snow.
Reached -That Poitit Before Mid
night, with Snowfall on
Card for To-Dav.
Brlngl'ng wlth hlm a flurry of fine,
drivlng snow, old King Wlnter de
scended upon Richmond 'and practlcal?
ly all of Virginia yesterday, and now
both.tho city and tho State aro experl
ettcing tho eoldest weather of the pres?
ont season. ? Tho weather man la not
saylng Just now how long 'ho cold
wavo ls to contlnue, but he predicts a
heavy fall of snow to-day,'and lt may
bc posslblo that thu ouilllng blnsts
wlll prevall for aevoral days or n week.
Tuesday night the weather prognoH
t'lcntor announced the arrlval of a cold
wavo on Wodnesduy morning. That
morning there woro no lndlcatlons Io
the easiinl observcr of tho threatened
wnve, nnd with mlld woathor provall
ing throughout the forenoon many per?
sons wero incllned to scoiT at the read
er In weather futures. '
Droppcd to U" Degree* n? 8 A. M.
However, Wednosday evening tho
mcre.ury began to move slowly down
ward, nnd at S o'clock yesterday morn?
ing the thcrmqmoter was reglsterlng
Ice wns very much in evldence In all
soctions of the city. nnd more espa
cially wiiera intid and water had been
the nlght boforo. 13y noon yesterdny
anothor polnt downwn.nl had been
nlpped off tho thermometcr, and at 10
o'clock lust night the mereury had
dtoppod flve polnts, to 21 degrees.
Snow began falllng just beforo noon,
nnd n bltlng north wind was sweepltig
the city. At flrst the flakcs wore few
aiul scuttered, and during the early
part of the afternoon there was an
oecaslonnl fluttei. Later ln the after?
noon, however, the downfall began ln
carnest. The flakes were very fine,
and tho wind scattered them holter
skelter, eauslng inlnlature drlfls ut va?
rlous points.
Last nlght the velocity of the wlnd
was Htoadlly Incrcaslng, nnd thls added
materlally to tho dlscomflture ot per?
sons who wero unfortunate enough to
have to ho out of doors.
From tho upper sectlon of tho State
come reports of heavy falls of snow
and blttor cold. Tho temperaturo Is
low along the sea coast, and a heavy
snow Is expeeted throughout the east?
ern sectlon of Virginia to-day.
May Not Dclny Trnlllc.
In the oplnlon of Mr. Evans, tho Ideal
diypenser of weather forecusts, tho
storm wlll ndt be severe enough to
cause any serlous hindrancc to trafllc
In thls sectlon. It ls possible that ln
tho upper portlons, where tho fall wus
much heavler yesterday than lt was
h< re. and whoro tho last snow has not
yet dlsappeared, trafflc may bo Inter
fcred wlth to somo extent.
Wlth the mereury eteadlly on the
downward course, It is more than 'ike
ly that the Reservolr will be covered
over witl: thin shoetliigs of Ice this
mcrning. In ali probablllty Ice wiN
be formed along tho sldea of the canal.
Should the q.ld weather contlnuo for
many days, no doubt the canal wlll
bo entlrely frozen up and the Ice thlck
er.ough to permit of skating in safety.
.The present storm came from out
acruss the Misslssippl, and, fortunatelr
for tho inhabltants of Virginia, it hud
moderated conslderably bofore strlk
ing the. Bluo Rldge. lt loft much snow
out in the West. and brought noNsmall
amount east of the Misslssippl. There
Is another storm, whlch tho w^eatln-r
man chnracterlzcs as a "disturbanee"
hoverjng off the coast or Florida, and
that ul.\o i.s movliig thls way. Strong
ncrtheast wlnd. are predleted for to
morrqw, and if the two "dlstiirhaiicen"
meat around here there will be more
falllng weather.
Stulptor Valenllne Prepnrpg (o Make Model
ot Jloudiin'h Washlngton.
.Carpenters' were nt work In the rotunda
o, the Capltol yenerday placlng a frumo
struclti.re around Houdon'a famous alatu
o; Washlngton, froin whlch Sculptor Edwarj
A. Aalentln. is preparlnj,- t? m.iko a ropro.
ductlon to be placed ln tho Hall of Karno
at tho national Capltol. Mr. Valentinc wlll
make a coat of ijie Mntue ln tho Capltol
nnd ihe final work wlll be done in hla aludlo
ln thla city.
Thla actlon ia in conformlty with a blll
of ihe I.ogtalature prpvldlng that Virginia
nvall itself of the acl of Congress allowlnir
each .State to dc.l.nate. two or lier favorlto
sons. whoae Imagcs shall he claced in the
national Capltol. Virginia decided upon
Washlngton nnd !_?_, nnd .-ippojnted a com
mlFslon to have the atatucs mado and ln?
st;! Ile'd.
Tho I.ee atatue has already been made,
and Mr. VaJenthie wlll shortly begin work
on that of Washlngton. The date of the
instnllatlon has not boen fixed. and wlll de
pend upon when both the statues are ready.
Oflicers Installed,
-The Dlxle Aorio. No. 338, of the Order of
Rugles. met at the horac last night and
formally lnatalled the offlceia elected In
December. After the buslness of tlio even?
ing was over a sociul aeasion was held, at
whlch refrahments wer_? served. Captaln F'
W. Cunnlngliam nnd others made brlcf
spc-eches, uud there were aongB by a local
Spinncrs Took One Ballot on
Convention City, Richmond
Winning by Vote of 6 to 5.
Klaterl by havlng aecured Ihe next
convention of tho Amorlcan Cotton
Munufacturers' Association, whlch will
bo held here ln May, Messrs. John M.
Mlller, Jr., W. T. Dabnoy and !_,, H.
Spenco arrlved hero early yesterday
morning from Charlotte, N, C, where
they appeared beforo the spoclal meot
Ing of tho board of governors called
for the purpose of reconsldering the
flrst deolslon to hold tho spring moet?
lng ln Now York City.
Although the efforts and convtnclng
argumenls ot the members of the Rich?
mond delegatlon galned the convention
for tho city by the voto ot 6 to 6 on the
first ballot, wlth New York, Atlanta
and Cliattanoogn ln tho raco, the oppo?
sitlon was more formldable than was
expeeted. In' view, howover, of the
arguments presented-by tho Richmond
dologatlon, tho majority of the board
could not fall to .soo that, all thlnge
oonsiderod, this elty was tho placo foi
the next nieollng, ln splto of the faot
that. the association met hero last.year
, Tlio voto was an follows: Richmond, tl
i Now York. 2; Alhuila, 2; Chattiiiiooga
I 1. Thero. wero olevon members of the
board prosent. Tho pommlttoo is holng
i>eartUy. congsatulatetl upon lts *tu<jcoss
Gans-Rady Company's
AlvJays demonstrate their leadership in naming the very
lowest prices as well as giving the very highest qualitie..
MEN'S SUITS ] R?du^io
Which sold up to $28 j $ 16.75
Which soldupto $28 J $16.75
Men's Cravenette Rain-) Redue?-_ to
coats / ^fclft TEt
. Which sold up to $25 ). 7
Boys'Knee Pants Suits)Which tM u* to $6
Boys'Overcoats ] ,educcdto
Boys' Reefers j $2.90
Boys' Knee Pants Suits) which ,0,d up to *10
Boys'Overcoats reducedto
Boys'Reefers ) $4.90
Gans-Rady Company
Says Grandparent Took Him to
Newport News and Then
Quietly Gave Him the Slip.
Trudglng about In the drivlng snow
Btorm last nlght, Harry brnlth, thlrteon
years old, who claims to havo beon de
Herted ln Newport News by a falthless
grnndparont, waa plelced un hy a char
Itable Indlvidual, and by hlm turned
over to the Juvenlle Proteetlve Asso?
ciation, of whlch the Rev. Jumes Bucli
anan, Ih secretary. The boy waa fur?
nlshed food and lodglng hy tho lusll
tutlon, and at mldnlght was sleeplng
The cnse ls wlthout parallel ln the
hletory of charity^work: lu thla city,
as never before has a youth of such
years been found astray ln tho streets.
Hia statement Is that hls grandfather,
Andrew Jackson Smlth, brought hlm
to Newport News, and that there, aeek
Ing an opportune moment, ho stole
away. The chlld crept Into a frelght
car and arrived ln Richmond yester?
day morning.
Once Lived In Malne.
"The boy slao tells that hla former home
v. .1 , jn Bangor, Mc, and that hla parenta
are both dead. II. waa scantlly clad, and
whcn brought to th. Ballard bulldlng de?
clared he had not taated food alnce hc left
Newport News Wednesday nlght. Ho la a
falr-liairod, bluo-eyed youth, and hls dls
pesitlon la such that Dr. Buuhanan, has
prc inlsed to look after hla ncudx untll he Is
old enough to take care of himself, unless
lie provi-s hlmerjf unworthy.
Allhou.h Interested ln the boy, Dr. Euch
ai-an saya ho bcltovea the wrong name has
been glven. I'ollco authorltlcs In Wasn
Inston have b*en searching: fur several daya
pant for alx youths who recently dlsapp.ared
froin the Boys' National Trainlng School lu
Bladenburg Road, aiid a descrlptlon of tho
hcmelcsa boy wlll be furnlshed Ihe a,uthorl
tles of tho capltal clly. .Smlth dcclares that
ho haa nevor been an Inmute ot any lnstltu
Uoiernor Sivonaon and Ruacivell Page to
Speulc at Oceana To-Uny.
Governor Swanson and Hon. Koscweil
Page, raember of tho House of Delegates
from Hanover county, left last nlght by
boat for Norfolk. They wlll speak to-doy
a'- Occiina,, ln Prlncess Anno county, nt tho
dnilicatlon of a new hlgh schocl bulldlng.
The Governor and Mr. Page .are expeeted
ti return to Richmond to-nlght. Thoy ln
ter.ded to have left by th . Chesapeake and
Oblc nt 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, but
the Governor waa detalned hore untll past
that hour by othor ongagements, so they
tool' the nlght boat for Norfolk. The people
oC Prlncesa Anno oounty are inaklng much
ptcgresa in tho mattor of school bulldlng,
and the excrclses to-day piomla. to be ?f
a most Interestlng nature.
Both tho Governor and Mr. Paga are
heartlly In favor of the hlghest measure of
efficlency from every standpolnt ln the pub?
llc schools, and thelr preaonce at tho dedl
cation to-dny wlll no doubt be halled wlth
dellght by the local school authorltles and
,?. T. Cldldrey. of Mavnchester, Sevcrely
CruahSU Under Wheela of Frelght Traln.
J. - T. Chlldrey, of No. Sll Balnbridge
Street, Manchester, refusea to dlscuss the
detalls of ea accldent whlch occurred near
Bello lelo Tuesday afternoon. and ns a re
sul' of whlch hls rlght arm was amputated
yesterday In the Retreat for the Sick.
Chlldrey la bolleved to have attompted to
board a movlng frelght traln when ho lost
hls balance and fell under tho wheele. The
ycung man, scarcely more than twenty
yeara old, suffered severe Injurles ln ?ll
parts of hla body. ln reply to inqulrles
mado laat night tho patient sald: "Thls
Is nothlng to go In tho papers, and 'I won't
dlscusa lt untll I am well. I can't tell how
tho accldent occurred."
Por Itailan Sufferers.
The Times-Dlspatch recelved the
following eo'ntrlbutlons yesterday for
tho Itailan sufferers:
V. R. AV..$25 01)
Cash .? . 1 00
Thlrd Street Afrlcan M. B.
Churoh ,. 2 50
528 60
-?Tno Health Report.
Governor Swanson yeaterday recelved tha
roport of Quarantlne Officer W. F. Cooper,
of tho dlatrlct of Newport Nawa, for the
qvarter endod December 81,' 1908, Tho rn
pori-ahowa thnt sevonty-three forelgn ahipa
c.xme Into the port durlng the quarter, and
thut Br. Cooper found no dlaanso upon any
of them.
Tor Italian Fund.
Govornoi- Swanson yoaterday recelved tho
following addltlonal contrlbutlons to the
Itnllan earthquake fund: Danvllle Register
Company, $164; ParkBley -Baptlat Chureh.
Acccmnc county, $11: Unlon Baptlst Church
(colorod),' Koysvllle, $5.13. Thq amounta
wlll ha forwarded by the Governor throush
tha proper channels.
Mlller School Report.
Tho annual report ut tho Mlller Manual
T.aboi- Holmnl for tbe year ended Septemlior
;iu, 1908. hns boen Irauamlttod to tho Gov
error. lt wlll bo mado pnhllc aa aoon ns it
i3 rocelve. from the prlntcr ln pamphlot
Lily Bayard, the Waif, Was
Searching Evcrywherc for
Long Lost Parent.
Detaincd Here Pending Inquiry,
but Shc Keeps Story of Past
Life Sccure from Public.
Lily Henrletta Bayard, "lady tramp,"
arrested ln Richmond as a vagrant,
and whoso past hlstory. despite the re
searches of pollce omclals. is stlll
clothed ln mystcry, Is now bclicved to
be Lily Darcourt, descendant of a dls
tlngulshed family of that name, whleh
formerly lived ln Newark, N. J. The
aeventeen-year-old glrl was yesterday
released from the delentlon chnmb.i
In the Assoclated Charitlcs bulldlng
nnd returned to her foster parent, a
Mlsa Houston, ?of Jarratt's, G.oehlano
county, Va.
Whatever there may bc of roniance
In the llfe of thls niy.l.rious inalden,
all that Is positively known la tliat
the glrl, who was recently arrested tii
Richmond us a begga; and vagrant.
and who kept the secret of her pa.st
carefully concealed, has a Imlf-brotber
named Archltect, member: of the lirm
of the Western Electri..- Company, of
New York, who gave her flnanclal* os
slstance while she wan belng held isi
ISIchmond, under order of tho c'lilcf ol
Ijookcil for Iler Fitthcr,
Accordlng to researches made bv Dr.
Buchanan, ?ecr,tary of the Aflsociate.
Charltles, the glrl was left an orphar.
when six inontns old, and nover yot
hus the Identity of her parcntuge been
reveulcd to her. At the earlv ago of
six years she was adopted hy'a famlly
named 1'heeny, of Jarratts. and flve
! years hiter both foster paronts dled.
I It was following thln that sho full
Into the hands of the Mlss Houston, to
whom she was returned yesterdav.
Tired of the llfe of a reeluse. and ln
the bellef that her father was stlll
living, the young woman started out
six months ugo in search of him. Her
flrst trlp was to Newport News;
There she met Wllllam Bayard. an
inmn.ro of tho Soldlers' Homo ln Phoe
bus, who slnce thelr first moetlng, and
untll she came to Richmond, has turned
over hls ponslon monoy to her, and be?
sldes hus glven her numerous presemts
of watches and diamonds.
So close was the intlmaey between
, the glrl and the ex-soldlor that sh?
; took hls name. and agreed to be. knowr.
Ins 1-ily Bayard. That thls Is not hct
I real name was revcaled when tho veter
lan confessed that ho had adopted th.
glrl when she camo to Newport Newa
?as a waif.
i Unwllling to bellevo that sho was
j an orphan, tho glrl stolo away from
home, and wlthout money or frlend?
ls sald to havo started out ln a search
for her father. That the mother wns
dead, the glrl belleved; but, despite thn
pleadings of those Interested ln nar
welfare, she over lnslsted that some
where n the .wlde world her father was
Toltl Mnny Storlcn.
To thoso who looked after her whiln
here she.. told many storles, one of
whlch was that she had a real brother
ln Clncinnatl. "Dr. Buchanan attemptod
to communlcate wlth the, famlly 'thero,
but recelved no reply to hls many
queries. Involved ls the confesslon ls
the fact that Ut- Clncinnatl brother is
a ruse, and that the statement ls be?
lleved'to have been made ln order that
she mlght get further West, where the
jsoarch for a father mlght be resumed.
Perhaps the most lnterestlng fact In con
necllon wlth the llfe of the malden la that
i oven though poorly oducated her musical
talcnts nro such as to have attracted the
attentlon of both Dr. and Mrs. Buchanan,
whose afflrinatlon Is that sho is moro than
apt to inako a mnrl: in the world. The glrl
ln appearance ls aged far belohd her years,
but thla eho aucrlbcB to hardahlps and to
the aufforlngs of an unhappy llfe.
Tho hlstory of the glrl, who durlng tho
tlint Bhe wns held ln.the Ballard bulldlns
refused to talk. was learned when Dr.
Buchanan. during a recent vlslt to New
York. visited, those Interested ln Ihe case.
Ilet bonefactors havo dlscarded the lden
lha? tho soelal outcast ia a vagrant, an.l
their bellef la that sho left home In ord.r
to eatabllah an identity whlch mlght onablo
hcr to llve a hlghor and rjohlor llfe.
-Tanagera Hal Reid and Charloa I. McKaa
have jolned hands In a apeclal matinee nt ?
tha Bijou thla afternoon, the entire proceedt
to be turned.ovar to tho local Italtan-Amor.
Icans to bo sent to Italy for the benoftt of
(he earthquake sufferera.
About noon to-day tho women of the com
psny wlll take a drlve up Broad Street In
thn atitomoblle tonderod by Manager Atkin
son. of tho Blchmond Hotel. and along tha ^
way wlll endenvor, to dlsnose of tickets tc
persons who may wlsh to help. the cauae.
The show wlll bo tho same at the Bl.lou
that. haa beon glven all the week, "Th?
Ker.tucklan," and the entlro receipts will ua
turned over to the committee. Moaarc. Fran
elone, Somnia, I_ebolo and Qonnelll.
Aftor the morning sorvlce on Sunday tha.
couBregatton of tlio Thlrd Stroet ^Vfrlcnn
Methoiilst Churoh ralaod $2,50, whlch wiu
sont yesterday lo The Tlmos-Dlspatch for
the henotit of the Itailan sufferers, Moui.
bur? of tjio church oxprossed somo regret
that the amount was not larger, ultlinuerh lt
ahewed thoir intoroat In the welfare of thosi !
gtriflka-v by a torrlble calamlty.

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