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Chapman-Alexander' Workers
Make First Move in Battle
Against Liquor Traffic'
Father Marchcs to the Front
Singing, and Begs a Prayer for
i .Wayward Son?iVlany in Tcars i
at Mecting Wliich Will
Be Mcmorablc One.
Other Services.
BEFORE nn nudlence of 1,000 per-?
HoiiH, crowded ln the City Audito?
rium, the Itev. J.'Wilbur Chapinan,
t). D., last nlght vlrtually launcheil a
campaign for temperance. Throughout
tho half hour of hls dlsoourse mon,
wotnen and chlld paid rapt attentlon,
nono loavlng untll tho bcnedlctlon hud
beon pronounced. y
lt was after the Hcrmon. and when
tho ovangellst, whose efforts have
caused tho converslon of thousands of
Amerlcans, waa urglug thoso who f?;lt
the need Of prayer to stand up that
tth lncldent occurred whlch wlll rnukti
the meetlng llve ln tho hlstory of
Chrlstlan work In Hlchmond as the
greatest demonstratlon ever aeen here.
Prnyer tor Wuj-vrurd Son.
The chorua nnd congregatlon had
Just closed the alnging of the hymn
when an aged man, IiIh clothes untldy
and hls eyes fllled wlth tears, arose,
end, ednglng at the top of hla
voice, "Whero ? Is My Wanderlng
Jloy To-Nlghtr' walked the length of
the centre alsle, and took hls scat on
thf thlrd'row In front of tho platform.
The man sang alone, and aa he slow?
ly made hls way to the front every
ono ln the bulldlng turned to-gazo In
wondor. One man was hold enough
to come forward and heg a pruyer for
ii wayward son.
Just as the man took hia seat, Dr.
Chapman left the platform and. walk
ing toward hlm, sat by his side. The
two heads bt-nt ln prayer. whlle the
audience waa Rllent. It was an in
tense moment, and one whlch appealed
to the sympathles of even the strong
<? t heart. Kive minutes later tlie
CVangellst arose, wlped hla ey^s wlth
u handkerchluf, and aguit'i took hls
-land In front of the congregatlon.
At the concluslon of hls sermon Dr.
Chapman had said: "If you want mo
to pray for you stand up. 1 have never
hcarcely known the taste of whlskey,
bul iu theso arms I have held tho man
bUfferlng with dellrlum tremens, and
1 know all about the curse of strong
drlnk, Young men, you had better die
now thun drlnk. I thank God there
Ih one name that thrllls. It's Jcaua.
Thero is one story that moves. It's
rre.cn t-Dii.v Mlrnelen.
The evangelist made "present-day
iniiacles" the basis o,f a wonderfully
strong object lesson, In whlch ' he
showed thero is nothlng a man, wlth
a will, cannot do. He spoke of the
inlracles of Ellsha, and showed that
fcueh thlngs as are reclted ln Old Tes
tament hlstory ure no more to bo won.
dored at than present-day occurrences.
The ,text was from Second King.--, sixth
chapter, slxth verse: "And the man of
? iod sald where fell lt? An_l ht showed
.ilm the place, and he cut down a stlck
and east it into the water, and the
iron dld swlm."
Dr. Chapman recited numerous In
stancea ln whlch ministers,- church
workers and others had lost splrlt, and
in consequenco hud falled to reap the
benefits of Chrlstlan endeavor. Often
Jn emphaslzlng his examples. Dr. Chap?
man would lean on the ralllng of the
platform, and polnting to tho audlonce,
would reclte forclbly the last words of
JiIb text, "And tbe iron dld swlm."
' J-^requently as he would add force to
some expressfcm audible "amens" would
come from varlous parts of the bulld?
lng. /
Just after the servlce was over and
before the beiiedlctlon was pronounced
Dr. Chapman. stated that there would
be an after-meetlng, and Mr. Charles
M. Alexander led ln tho slnglng of
"\Vhere la My Wanderlng Boy?" whlle
those who doslred to leave wero glven
un opportunity to do so. There were
low vacant seats whon order was re
; etored.
Grcat After-Meetliig.
'When qulet prevalled Dr. Chapman
Bald; "I have never had such a crowd
to stay at an after-ineeting. I was &o
jnoved whilo I was preachlng to you
j a few minutes ago by the appearance
j of so many anxlous faces before me that
! 1 could hardly speak. In my evangolts
I tlc experlenco thls.is the greatest
: thlrd nlght's meetlng I ever presldea
ov?r. It bcspealcs tho suecess of our
, tmdeavora among you, and I freely
1 predlct from tlie enthusiasm shown
that our prayerful efforts wlll mean a
revojutlon ln tho Chrlstlan lifo of thls
great city."
The after-meotlng, as was stated by
Pr. Chapman, was held for .the purposQ
cf giving those who so destred an op?
portunity to seck prayer.
"I want ovory mlnister ln thls au?
dlenco who?feels that. he- needs our
prayers to stand up," oxclalmed the
mlnister, hls voice elevated, and ln
response to hls call men arose In many
parts of the houso. Contlnulng, the
church ofllcors, fathors, mothers, Sun?
day school teachers, and, lastly, those
who wantod "to step out of a former
lifo into a nobler oxlstencoi" wore
glvon the opportunity to oxpress thelr
floslro by standlng. Moro than.three
fourths of the audience stood. . Dr,
Chapman lod ln prayer.
Those who had arlsen had taken
thelr seats, whon the preacher asked
that thoso who had some loved ono
Who had partedifrom tho straight and
narrow path, ana who could be bono
(Ito'd by prayer, to arlso and state who
tho person was, and tliat he would
_galn lead In prayor. Many persons
asked prayors for frlonds, some re
ipbnded to the opportunity lh thoylone
word "'father," othors sald "mother."
Prayors woro askod for sons and
All IUn FitiiiUlr Gone,
Ono old man on a front seat stood.
"I want you to. pray.for my large
/. I havo flve sons," he sald, sob
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Tllfl Mnn llrclilril, flllt AnniHinciMiirii
Wlll Hc Dclityed Some Tlme.
AUGUSTA, GA., .Jantiary 8,?Tlu
Tnft-I.no.. Cablnet confcreriee ls over
ahd the Pennsylvanla Senator ls to
nlght on hls way back to Washlngton
Nclther tho Prosldont-elect nor hls ad
vlscr wlll iiisciiH.i the result, nnd It h
strongly hlntod by Mr. Taft lo-nlgh
thnt hls Cablnet wlll bo made knowt
for the flrst tlmo when ho sends thi
namen of the men who aro to composi
It to tho Sennte for confIrmatlpn aftei
the 4th of March. However, some
thlng moro dofinlto rogard thls de
tcrmlnatlon may ho expoctod withln t
few duys.
. From tho early ondlng of the coii'
(erence wlth Mr. Knox?ho salt
last night he expeeted to gei
away - hy Sunday, If possible?
lt seems a reasonablo conclu ilon rhal
the Taft Cablnet Is decided upon. II
thls ls the case, lt Is also undoubtedly
true that the men who are to compoat
that body havo yet to be invited tr.
becomo Cablnet mlnlsters, und theli
unswers aro yet to bo recelved.
Asked why Mr. Knox's /lslt ha.
been so abhroviated, Mr. Taft sald thal
th? consullntlon had heen finished, and
that. ho had talked over wl'.n tha Scn
ut.r n number of matters. Aftjr Mr.
Knox had gont. Mr. Hltc.i.ock hud an
cxlenCcd talk wlth tho Pr.sidiiit
Mr. Taft sald whlle ne was at Hot
Springs that lt was hls deslre to have
hls Cablnet announcement cover the
whole Cablnet. Thls 'ls understood to
be tho advlce ho recelved from Mr.
Knox on the subject.
The Presldent-elect to-day added Co?
lumbia, S. C. .to the llst of Southern
clties he wlll vlslt at the Ilrst oppor?
tunity ufter he becomes President. He
was Invited to attend the annual meet?
lng of tho State Bar Association there
hy a delegatlon headed by ex-Governor
Sheppard, prosldent of the Bar Abho
clatlou. Thls meetlng takes place on
ono of.the days Mr, Taft expects to be
ln Atlantu. %
Governor-elect Joseph M.- Brown, of
Geurgla, and a local delegatlon paid
thelr respects to Mr. Taft to-day. In
dlana pollttcs was dlscussed between
Mr. Taft und Addlson G. Harrls, of
Indlauapolis, who stopped here on his
return' from Florida. Mr. Taft was
eompelled to decllno a ba.tquet whlch
the Tajtt clubs of Georgla. wished to
glve hlm here for lack of tlme. He
wlll to-morrow partake of a barbecue
a few miles acrosa the Savannah Itlver
Iu South Carollnu, as tho guest of the
Beech Island Farrners' Club.
The vlslt here of Wllllam Loub, Jr.,
secretary to President Itoosevelt, has
been abandoned. Mr. Loeb was to
have made the arrangoments for Mr.
Taft's Panama trlp, and hls vlsit was
to hCjjnade durlng the Christmas hol?
iday ot Congress. Mr. Taft could not
glve the matter hls attentlon then, and
as Mr. Loeb ls buslly engaged now,
the detalls of the Panama trlp have
been arranged by correspondence.
Wllliarn Nelson Cromwell has wrltten
Mr. Taft on the subject on whlch he
was wanted, and It probably wlll not
be necessary for hlm to comply wlth
Mr. Taft's request for hls presence
Mr. Itooscvelt Could Nol Vttnn on Ctvi]
Servlce for < rrtiilu l.dltom.
WASHINGTON. D. C. January S.?
The condltlons under whlch the thlr
teenth census are to be taken are pro?
vided ln a House blll passed by the
Senate -to-day with amendments that
are yet to be agreod" upon'-by the two
As passed by the Senate. the meas
ure contains au amendment authorlz
Ing the prlntlng and binding of censua
reports by prlvate flrms whenever thu
work done by the government prlntlng
offlce proves not to be satlsfactory to
the Dlrector of the Census ln prompt
ness, quallty or prlce, and also an
amendment by Senator Burkett. pro
vldlng for a census of deformed and
xlppled chlldren.
Extonded debate was p.rovoked by
an amendment offored by Senatot
Lodge placlng _,500 clerks to be em?
ployed in thls city under the Civil
Scrvice Commisslon, and it was de
feated by u vote of 32 to 15'.
Mr. Lodge defended hls amendment,
as dld Senator Rayner and others. Mr.
Kayner, speaklng humorously, referred
to the President In the following lan
?Even the President of the Unlted
States, who was once upon a time the
most emlnent civil servlce reformer of
the generatlon, has never permltted
that great system to stand between
himself and hls frlends. I am frank
to say that to-day wlth all the subllme
and exalted vlrtues that the President
po.sesses, lf thls amendment wero to
pass and the edltor of the New'York
Sun or the New York World or the
Indlanapolls News was to apply <pr a
place in the Census Bureau, thoy would
not, lf laft to thelr choice, seleot the
President to pass upon thelr examina?
tion papers."
Tennesaee Legislature Wlll Invcstlgate
Actlon* of the l.obby.
The sensatlon of the hour ln leglslative
clrcles was the lntroductlon to-day Into
the House of a resolutlon seeking an
investlgation of "the whlsikey "lobby"
and alleged attempts to defeat tem?
perance measures.
Then camo two prohlbition bllls, one
slgned by flfty-sovon and the other
flfty-flve members, whlch Insures thelr
passage through the lower House and
a sufficlent number of votes to pass
elther measure over a veto should the
Governor dlsapprovo them. It only ro
qulres a majority of the members elect?
ed to pass a blll over the Governor's
veto?flfty ln tho House and sevonteen
ln the Senate.
Both the Senate and tho House .re?
celved special messages from tho Gov
otnor asking that no actlon be taken
on the liquor question untll ho can
prc-pare arid transmlt a speolal message
on the subject, not later than next
Thursday. Tho message was sproad on
tho minutes of each branch.
Many numerously slgnod petltlons
wore presented by Sonators from -thelr
respectlve countles. aBklng tho passage
of a Statewlde prohlbition blll.
Tho resolutlon for Investlgation of
tho whiskey lobby was offered by Ren
resentatlve Tatum, of Dyer county. It
provides for a commltteo of fivo from
the House and threo from the Senato
to conduot the investlgation. Ol-"U'LO
Oecuviea Att.ntton fn Suit to Dl.solve
tlio Mnndurd OU C'onipuny.
? N?J? y0RK. January 8.?Tho oll war
ln 1904 and 1005 ln Baltlmore ngain
ocounled attentlon to-day at the l-our
lng ln the government's suit to bring
about tllssolutlon of tho Standard Oll
&mHany ?f_,New Jersey for allegod
vlQ atlon of the antl-trust laws.
.,^Y>^: ^Ietzel> o' Grifton, Md? a Red
C' Oll Company salosman, donled the
evldence of Standard witnesses, who
sworo that the Red "C" sttlosmen
olalmed that tho rod koroseno whicii
they sold waa natural product, comlng
from the ground red, nnd that, moro
ovor, lt contalned certaln proporties
that made lt not only a bettor llluml
natlng oll, but less exploslvo,
Tho witness sald.they wero instruot
ed to say only that tho rod oll was
ldonttcal wlth tho other oll exoeptlng
ln color, He donled thnt he hud ever
out prloes, except to meet the Stand
nl'll reducllons, ln order to hold hla
Adjournmont was taken to noxt
on its iicim
By.Overwhelming Vote De
clines to Accept Language
of the President.
Democrats Lead in Laughter, bui
They Rclated Only to Routine
Matters?President's State
ments Left to Accepted In
terprctation of the Eng?
lish Language.
WASHINGTON, D, C, January 8.?
Havlng glven conslderatlon tc
the Presldent's further vlews
regurding tho Secret S.rvie6, contalned
in his messago to the Houso of Repre?
sentatlves last Monday, the special
committee appointed to deal wlth the
subject to-day brought ln lts flnal re?
Accompanylng lt was a resolutlon,
whlch declured lt to be the senso of
the House that lt shall decline to con
sider any communlcation from any
sourco whlch is not respectful, recom
mendlng that the objectlonable p.rtion
of the Presldent's annual messago be
lald on tho table, find that slmllar ac?
tlon be taken wlth respect to the meBs
age of last Monday becauae of lts be?
lng "unresponsU-e to tho lnqulry of tho
House" as to what the President mean!
when he sald referrlng to the Umlta
tlon placed upon fleld of operatlons
of the Secret Servlce, that the "chlef
argument ln favor of the provlslon
was that the Congrcssman dld not
themselves wlsh to be lnvestlgated."
Hebtike, for Prenltlcnt.
The House to-nlght by a voto of 212
to 35 rebuked the President by tabling
so much of hls message as reflectec
on members of Congress ln connectlor
wlth hls recommendatlon as to the
secret servlce detectlves. It also de?
clared lt to be the sense of the House
that lt decline to conslder any com?
munlcation from any source whlch lt
not, In lts own Judgment, respectful
Mr. Gardner, Massachusetts, trled
valnly to secure flrst the adoptlon ol
a substftute for the resolutlon ln the
way of an amendment expresslng con
fidence in the Committee on Appro?
prlatlon, and then the postponement
of the whole matter untll Monday, bui
hc was overwhelmlngly outvoted.
When Chairman Perklns, of Nert
York, of the special committee, aros<
to make hls report, he faced an almosl
full membership, while the gallerles
were pacited wlth interesting specta
Messrs. Tawney, Smlth. of Iowa;
Sherley and Fltzgerald were on the
floor prepared, by word of mouth, tc
present what they deemed to be tlu
Insinuatlons of the President upon
them as members of the Committee or
ApproprlatlonB. They were not alone
ln thelr Indignation, as they ln turn
spoke to the reaolutlon. Indeed, fot
some tlme past the feelings of the
members had been growlng more'and
more lntense, and some of them have
been giving way to their sentiments
in language whlch fully testlfled to
thelr wounded prlde.
Mr. Bennett, of New York, opposed
tho adoptlon of the' Perklns resolutlon
and declared that lf the Houso should
accept lt lts actlon would havo no
more lnfluence on the character whlch
hlstory would glve to .President Roose?
velt than had the actlon of the Senate
on President Tyler's record ln connec
tlon wlth his attltude towards Andrew
Mor_ Meaaagea Arrlve.
An lnterruptlon of the debate oc
curred when a doorkeeper announced:
"Mr. Speaker, a message from the
President of the,Unlted States."
The Houso, letl .by the Democratic
slde, burst into laughter as lt beheld
Asslstant Secretary of tho President
Latta standlng ln the centre alsle wlth
a document in his hand. Speaker Can
non could not restore order for a full
mlnute to recognlze Mr. Latta. For a
minute after the recelpt of the mess
ages, for there were three of them,
the House seemed stunned. The de?
bate was resumed when lt was learned
that all the communlcatlons rolated to
routine matters.
Mr. Townsend (Mlchlgan) declared
that If the members wore seeking to
preserve thelr reputatlons before the
country lt could not be accompllshed
by the resolutlon. The House, he ln
slsted, had asked for lnformatlon and
had gotten lt. He was opposed to the
resolutlon, .he sald, because all had boon
accompllshed that could have beerf ac?
compllshed. There was no rlght-thlnk
lng man In the Unlted tStates, he as
serted, who bellevad that\ Congress was
wllllng or who belleved that the In
dlvldual members .wero wrong.
Mr. WillinniH'n Jokc.
Tho Houso was ln laughter when
Mr. Wnilams (Mlss.) got the floor and
declared that should tho law authorlz
lng tlie secrot servlce bo allowed to
stand he would propose an amend?
ment to lt provldlng "that nothlng ln
thls law contalned shall be so con
strued as to provent tho President of
tho Unlted States from appolntlng a
corps of socret servlce agents not ex
ceedlng. 480-odd ln number, the sole
functlon bf whom and the sole duty
of whom shall be to shadow, espoolally
upon and roport to the President con
cernlng the conduct of each member
of the House of Representatlves and
of tho Senato."
The speeehes of Messrs. Tawney.
Shlriey and Smlth were lengthy, and
tho gontlomon belng subjected to many
Intorruptlons and ongaglng ln col
loqules, lt was not untll neariy 7:30
,o'clo""ck , that tho prooeedlngs ended
in tho adoptlon of tho resolutlon,
Slemp, of Virginia, and Langley, of
Kentucky, belng the. only, members of
the Southern delegatlon votlng against
Mr. I'crklna Repllea,
Mr. Perklns addrossed tho House as
. "To your commlttoo were referred
certaln passages contalnod ln the tu
nual messago of the President. Wo
were to decldo whethor,. In our opln?
lon, those portions of.the messago were
couohed ln suoh form ? that a propar
rcgnrd for tho dlgnity of a groat-leg?
lslatlvo hody should forbld thelr rocep
tlon. We are of tho oplnlon that tne
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Orfcnse lu llnlim Cnse Slrlkrs Snus
W.I.i Ils AlleulnlN.
FLUSH1NG, N. _., Janunry 8.?The
defense In the trlal of Thornton J,
1/alns, ns u prlnclpal wlth hls brother,
Captaln Peter C. Hrtlns, for the kllllnc
of Wllllam E.'Annls, camo to u close
thls afternoon, and before court ad?
journed, Justlco Crnne announced tn
tho Jury thnt they would undoubtedly
ho aole to conclttdo thelr lahors about
the middle of noxt weok.
Tho dofenso placed two allenlsts on
the witness atnnd 'to-day?Dr. L. S,
Manson nnd Dr. L. Plerce Clark?to tell
tho Jury that Captaln Peter llnlns suf
fered from Impulslve Insnnlty whon ho
.hot Annls. Thls < cross-examlnntlon
wns not calculated to ald tho defense,
both medical cxperts dlsagreelng ln
some maln esscntla... of thelr testl
Dr. Manson was recalled to the stand
to quallfy a statement mado earller In
the day that Captaln Halns, suffcrlng
from manlo deprcsslve Insanlty from
tho time of his wife's confesslon. could
not recognlzo his enomy, and would
not know his enemy's name. Ho rttinll
lled thls, and stated that when he
heard the name "Annls" he was selzed
wlth Impulsivo Insanlty, whlch reached
Its cllmax when the shootlng was end
ed. Durlng the period tho allenlst sald
Captaln Halns know hls vlctlm.
Dr. Clark, aftor tcstifylng at somo
length and when asked nhout certain
authorltles, stated thnt thero wero no
authoritles from hls polnt of view on
Insanlty, and that he dld not clalm to
ho an authorlty. The confuslon nnd
scemlng confllctlons of thn allenlsts
sorved to prolong thelr cross-examlna
tlon all day.
A few witnesses ,were called In re
buttal by the State lato to-day, when
adjournment was taken.
Dismembered Body Positively Idcntlflcd
aa Thnt of Annth&r Man.
PORT HURON, MICH., Jnnuary 8.?
By means of two false teeth It waa
deflnltely establlshed thls afternoon
thnt Gldeon Brownlng, of Adnlr vll
lagc, was the man who was hutchered
last Tuesday evening ln* tho llttlo
"Battle Run" Methodlst Church, ln Co?
lumbus townshlp. Wlth part nf the
mystery, whlch enshrouded tho hrutal
crlme, thus cleared, the supervlsors of
St. Clalr county Immedlately offered a
roward of $500 for the arrest of Rev.
John H. Carmlcnaol, of Adair, pastor
of tho churoh, and the man who was
at flrst supposed to have beon kllled,
dismembered and then burned In tho
church stove.
Strenuous efforts to dlscover somo
motive for the destructlon of the car
penter by the mlnister have proven
frultless. A statement to-day by Mrs.
Carmlchael that her husband's slster
ls an lnmate of au Insane asylum ln
West Virginia may explain some ot the
horrlble features of the crlme If tho
authorltles' susplclons about Rev. Car?
mlchael are borno out. Mrs. Car?
mlchael also sald that her husband
was moody and restless the nlght be?
fore he dlsappeared, and apparently
broodlng over somethlng.
W. II. Itobertson, Formerly of Peters?
burg, to Be rnuftiil-G. ncrnl.
[Special tn The Tlmen-Dl-patch.]
WASHINGTON. D. .C, January 8.?
Mr. Wllllam H. Robertson, whose home
ls ln Petersburg, Va., has been pro?
moted to be consul-general at Tangler,
Morocco. The annonnjement was. made
to the Senato -to-dayf^ Mr. Robertson,
who Is a University of Virginia man,
has been ln the consular servlce some
time, and ls a Democrat.
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson are wel'
known In Richmond social clrclos, and
spe-nt some tlme ln thls city lnst wln?
Court l.utcr.. Order in Cnae of Norfolk
und .Southern KalIway.
NEAV YORK, January 8.?A decision
handed down by Judge Lacombe in the
United States Clrcuit Court here to
day directs the turning over to the re?
celvers of tho Norfolk and Southern
Railway Company by the Trust Com?
pany of Amerlca of $123,450 of 6 per
cent collateral trust notes of the rail?
way company and of $20,477.84 ln cash,
held by the trust company as a spoclal
trust fund for the payment of coupons
and Interest due May 1, 1908, on the
flrst refundlng 5 per cent. bonds of
the Norfolk and Southern.
The order directs the recelvers to
pay over the money to holders of the
outstanding coupons.
Immlgratlou Anthoiitlcn Sny Chlnamen
Are Belng Brought In.
NEW ORLEANS, LA., January 8.?
That smuggling of Chlnamen Into thls
country along the Gulf Coast has been
going on ls the declaratlon of Immlgra
tlon authorltles, who last nlght caused
the arrest of ono of the suspected al!ons
ln New Orleans. Another was arrested
yesterday ln Franklin, La., and a dlll
gent search ls sald to be going on for
Besldes the Chlnamen themsolves, lt
Is belleved that a large amount of
oplum has also been smuggled Into thls
Senator Dnnlcl Introdu.ea One Provltl
lng for Purchase of Grounda.
ISDeclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch ]
WASHINGTON. D. C., January 8.?
Senator Daniel Introduced a blll ln the
Senato thls afternoon whlch provldos
for the purohaslng of tho Jamostown
Exposttlon Grounds by the government.
The blll complles wlth the deslro of
the Navy Department to hfave a largo r
area than ls Included ln the Exposltlon
Grounds propor. Some ground occu?
pled by bulldlngs that db not belong
to the exposltlon company ls Included.
In other respects the blll is very
much llko othors that were Introduced
ln the Senato and House. prevlous to
thls sesslon. Thero ls hope of gottlng
together on thls matter thls year.
Court Wlll Forblfl Further Trnnsfcra
hy Llfe Innurancc Company.
NEW YORK, January 6.?Extended
argument ln the lnjunotlon and recelv
ershlp proooedlngs against tho Wash?
lngton Llfe Insurance Company boforo
Justloe Erlanger ln tho Supreme Court
here to-day Iresulted ln the court re
servlng doelslon^on both" motlons.
Ho announced; howovor, that he
should lssuo an ordor rpstrnlnlng tho
removal from tho Stato of any further
assets of tho Washlngton Llfe Insur
anoo Company by the Pittsburg Lk'o
nnd Trust Company, whlch has absorb
ed th,o Washlngton Lifo, and recently
removed tho books of the. company io
Frlcat, Arrnlgned In Court for Ahdiic
tlou, mul Glrl So Deulnrc,
NEW YORK,' January 8.?Nleholus
Slana, tho young prlost of St, Rocco's
Rotnan Cathollo Churoh, of Nowark,
N. J., who dlsappoarod In company wlth
soventoon-yonr-old .Tullette T?sta on
New Yoar's Eve, was arralgned bofore
Maglstra.e Stolnert wlth hls oompnn
lon to-day.
Ho was hold wlthout ball on a ohargo
of abductlon to awalt tlio actlon of tho
New Jorsey authorltles, Tho glrl was
hold on tlio tochnlcal charge of vn
granoy, Both told Maglstrate Stalnort
thoy we-a wllUns; tQ. _ua_'r_.',
Ladies' Committees Come to
. Aid, and Will Give
'Them Homes.
Sunshine and Bcauties of Nature
Sprcad Over Surroundiiig Coun?
try, While Inside Is Nothing
but Debris and Desolation.
Children Save Themselves
After Seven Days.
R'EGGIO, January 8.?Tho sun shono
1 agaln to-day In all lts splendor,
emphaslzlng the beautles of na?
ture In the surroundlng country?along
tho mountalns covered wlth green, over
the vlneyards and lemon groves and
down to the snitling shore, whero It
reflected In the opalescent sea. Insldo
Regglo, however, lts warm rays fell
upon only hugo plles of dobrls.
Proportionately wlth other towns,
Regglo gave the hlghest percontago ot
orphans as a result of the earthquake.
The boys wero eagorly taken earo of
by relatives, but the glrls wero mostly
Taken by Ludles.,
Fortunutely, however, they havo been
Intrusted to the ladies' commlttees,
which arrlved hero from all parts of
Italy, and doubtlcss wlll securo good
All the wounded havo been romovod
from Regglo and 8,000 refugoes havo
departed from the town. One thousand
bodles have been dug from tho rulns
of fallen bulldlngs and burled ln im
provlsed cemeterles.
Burrowcd Llke Mlce.
Among others who escaped unlnjured
when the shock camo were. two chll?
dren, who after havlng been burled ln
the debris of thelr home for seven
days, got out unalded, hurrowlng llke
A niftn and hls wlfe also have been
found unlnjured beneath rulns. whero
they had laln for elght days, subslst
Ing on a plnt of ollve oll.
The safe of the Bank of Italy, con?
talnlng $3,000,000, has been found.
Three llonsea Stniid.
At Slnopoll all the houses were de
stroyed except three bullt after tho
carthtiuake ln 1905 of hollow brick
wlth wlro passlng through them and
unltlng them ln a vertlcal line, whlle
at the top another wlre unlted the
different lines horlzontally, thus mak?
ing the whole bulldlng compact.
Fresh earthquake shocks are belng
felt here, at Bracaloone' and Messlna
each nlght. They are preceded by ex
polslons. and bulldlng that wero not
totally destroyed ln tho blg shock a.-e
belng further dnmaged.
Amerlcan Blue .lackcta There.
MES'SINA. January 8.?A detall of
blue jackets from the Unlted States
gunboat Scorplon constructed an
Anglo-Amerlcan statlon thls afternoon
upon a space adjoinlng the rulned
building In whlch tho American con
sulate was located. Dr. George C.
Rhoades, surgeon of the Scorplon, has
assumed charge.
The statlon ls formed of several
large tents. It ls the Intentlon to oon
flne the work largely to redresslng
the wounds of a conslderable number
of Italians who have been In Amerlca
or who have relatives there.
The milltary cordon around the city
is complete to-night. Hereaftcr no
person wlll be allowed to enter wlth?
out a pass from the authorltles.
Flfly Othcra llnrely __?cnpcil lu Nev?
York Tenement Fire.
NEW YORK. January 8.-r-Three per?
sons are dead and anothor probably
fatally burned and half a hundred oth?
ers had narrow escapes to-nlght when
flro swept through a flvo-sfbry tene?
ment houso at No. G66 Nlnth Avenue.
The bodles, thoso of two men and
a boy, woro found ln an upper hall
way, burned boyond recognltlon. Nich?
olas Gentner, who was passing by,
aroused tho tenants, helped several
famllies on the lower floor to escape,
and then ran upstalrs to help tho peo?
plo there. On tho fourth floor ho found
Jnmos Fay, eighteen yoars old, uncon
sclous from smoke, and already sbrl
ously burned about the face and body.
Gontnor plcked up tho boy and strug
gled wlth hlm to tho roof. Fay wns
hurrled to a hospital, where lt was
said he would probably dle.
The flro was subdued wlth a finah
clal loss of about $5,000.
Senate Wnuta to Know Hla Authorlty
In Steel Merger Case.
WASHINGTON, D. C, January 8.?
By a' vlva voco voto the Senate to^
day passed Senator Culberson's resolu?
tlon Instructlng tho Commlttoo on tho
Judlclary to report to the Senato
whethor the Prosldent was authorl.od
to permlt tljo absorptlon of the Ten
n'ossoe Coal and Iron Company by tho
Unltod States Steol Corporatlon
Rrecedlng that actlon, Sonator Hop
klns, renewlng hls objaction to the
Tosolutlon on tho ground that the
Prosldent dld not approvo tho act of
tho steol corporatlon ln ubsorblng tho
Tcnnesseo Coul and Iron Company,
moved to lay Sonator Culberson's res?
olutlon on tho tablo as soon ao lt was
called up by the Texas Sonator. On
that motion the vote was 14 yoas and
?17 nays.
All of tho Sonntors votlng to lay
tho resolutlon on tho table woro Ro
publlcans, and of tho forty-swven votes
against thnt motion twenty-ono woro
east by Democrats and twonty-slx by
Ropubllcans. As soon as thls test
vote was announced Mr. Culberson
moved tho adoptlon of hls rosolutlon,
and by a vlva voco voto lt was adopt?
ed, no dlvision' being called tor.
Former Vlrglnliiu 'iSxplrea nt Iloinc of
Hla Sou-ln-Lltw In lllluoin.
ST. LOUIS, MO., January 8.?Dis
patohos from Bollovillo, IU., announoo
tho ''deatli yesterday. of Judgo Ira E.
Davls, sovonty-tivo years old, a natlv.
of Dlnwlddlo county, Va., at tho homo
uf hls son-ln-law, W. W. Culvor, Jr?
414 Ahond Street, Bollovillo, of pnou
Judgo pavls, who was a. inoinber of
the Mttgnolla Stovo und Rango Com?
pany, moved to Ballevllle last Soptetn
her. The body has boen etilppad. to
Bolton, J_i8aH.j_3i; buxlfl-y
Dcntnnslrntton of Prlson Punlalimcnt Ia
Glven the ComritlUec.
LEAVENWORTH, KAS.,' January 8.?
Allcgatlqns of graft and corruptlon
nnd affldavlt of an ox-prlsoner chnrg
Ing that convlcts had been scalded
and heaten to death were made to-dny
In the hearlng In progress here. Mlss
Unrnnrd, who Inslsted tho orlgltinl
charges, sald that she was rendy to
provo thnt thero was grrfft and cor?
ruptlon In tho contract shops and in
the management of tho prlsdn.
Among the affldavlts presented to
day by Mlss Parnard, wns one from
Ira N. Terrll), In whloh ho tcstlfled
that prlsoncrs hnd been scalded to
death, and benten to death whlle ho
was ln tho Kansas Stato prlson.
On tho subject of punlshmcnts Mlss
Barnnrd sald: "I hereby dare the war
den and deputy warden, who have tcs?
tlfled that tho ptinishments nre not
cruel or palnful, to lie down here on
the floor ln tho 'alakazan' posltion on1
thelr stomachs before thls committee
for an hour only."
Mlss Barnard brought ln Dr. G. S.
Ashby, an ex-convlct. He was cluilned
hand nnd foot and lald on hls ahdomen
by the chairman. Almost Immedlately.
at the sollcltatlon of Mlss Barnard,
who expressed foar for Ashby's health,
the doctor was reloascd. ,
Ashby swore that he had been sub
Jected to tho "alakazan" whilo ln
prlson for manslaughter, and sald ho
had suffered sovero Injury from lt.
Offlcers of tho prlson ordered that
Ashby bo taken off the prlson grounds
when ho left tho witness stand.
Joseph Runnels told of the Ilrst ad
minlstratlon of "tho water cure" at
whlch ho had olllclated. Two pitchers
of water were poured Into the mouth
of Martha McGee.
"What was the effect?" he was asked.
"None at all. She Just kept on tulk
Ing." >
Warden 1-xoncriitcd.
TOPEKA, KAN.. January 8.?A com?
mittee, appointed by Governor Hoch to
Investlgate charges of cruelty toward
tho penitentiary convlcts at Lanslng,
mado publlc its report to-day. Tho
report exoneratos Warden Haskoll.
Another rccommendatlon Is that at
least as much be spent for educaMonni
purposes as for tobacco.
Ia Coundent Hla North Cnrollnn Prop
ertlea Wlll Pny Hlm Out.
NEW YORK. January 8.?Declarlng
he would be ablo to pay hls personal
indebtedness of about $300,000 to tho
falled stock brokerage flrm of A. O.
Brown & Co., ln the event of his own
failcd lirm of Whltney, Stephenson As
Co.. of Pittsburg, llquldating advan
tageously Its assets. George R. Whlt?
ney; of that city. further testltled in the
hearlng In the A. O. Brown & Co. bank?
ruptcy case here to-day that his frlends
In tlie Pittsburg Club have promlsed to
set hlm up ln buslness agaln ub soon
as hls bankruptcy matters are out of
the way. ln addltlon to hls personal
indebtedness to tho Brown flrm, Mr.
Whltney sald hls own tirm owed them
about $1,040,000, and owed hlm. more
than $2,000,000. but he said lts asseta
included very valuublo mining proper
tles ln North Carollna.
Former Congressman Llttlelield,
trusteo of tho Brown lirm. produeed n
memorandum showing that tho collat
oral put up wlth A. O. Brown & Co.
by Whltney consists of bonds of Whlt?
ney enterprlses in North Carollna. Mr.
Llttlelield, ln trylng to get at the ac?
tual valuo of theso securltles, asked
Mr. Whltney regardlng the present
physical aspects ot the North Caro
lina propcrties. Mr. Whltney sald
that they wero 80 per cent. completed.
nnd that wlth entire cotnpletion they
would be able to pay off thelr mort
gages aiid the debt of $2,000,000 whleh
the comblned companles ln North Car?
ollna owed him.
"Also," added Mr. Whltney, "if tha
Whltney properties wero ln good
shnpe, George R. Whltney himself
would bo ln good shape, and such a
matter as the $300,000 I owe Brown
& Co. would be a trltle."
All Mr. Whltney's properties,, how?
ever, lt was brought out at the hear?
lng. are now in the hands of recelvers.
Flve Small Boya Arrested In School for
Kllllng Peddler.
ST. LOUIS, MO., January 8.?Flve
boys, ranglng ln age , from eight to
thlrteen years, wero arrested In their
classrooms ln the Shaw School to-day
and charged wlth the murder ot Wll?
llam Wachter, a peddler, who was
found wlth hls skull crushed .Wednes?
The man was found dylng by neigh
bors. He kopt so much to himself that
he was known ln hla nelghborhood as
a mlser and hermlt,
The arrests followed lnformatlon
glven to the polls by Mrs. Mary Goob
hardt, mother of two of tho prlsonors.
The boys aro Joseph Leo, thlrtoen
yenrs old; Georgo Roumel, twelyo
years old; Frank Mamic, nino yonvs
old, and Henry and Arthur Goobehardt,
eleven and eight years old, respectlve
ly. Thoy told the pollce that they had
stoned Wachter "Just for fun." ' .
Aeronnut'a Pnrnchute Full* to Work,
Fnll* In Telephone Wlres.
COLUMBUS, GA? January 8.?Jack
Paney, an aoronaut, giving oxhlbltlons
at tho Phoenlx City (Ala.) Fair, es
caped death this afternoon by belng
caught in a mail descent to earth by
a strlng of tolcphone wlres.
Flve thousand people experlenced a
thrlll as Paney'a parachuto, ln whlch
ho was proparlng to Jump, hecame out
of ordor whon tho man cut looso from
hls balloon.
Tho aeronaut struck tho wlros wlth
terrlflc force. Thoy sagged benoath
hls welght. Tho apoctntors held their
breath, expectlng to see hlm fall to
earth. Ho was rescuod wlth difflculty
by a companlon cllmblng a treo nenv
by. Ho was not seriously lnjured.
Schooner F. nnd T. I.upton Ilinl ltough
l.xpi'rl. iK'ii on' Cape lliilii-riis.
NEW YORK. ?January 8.?Tho Amor?
lcan schooner F. and T. Lupton, Cap?
taln Longstreet, wns towod into port
to-dav louklng, wlth deckload gorie nnd
malnsall, spanker and several jlbs
blown away.
Whilo botind up tho coast from Jack?
sonvllle, Fla., tho schooner lahored for
fivo days off Capo Hattoras ln heavy
gales. _
Convlcted of Ma'naHuiKhler.
SPARTANBURO. S. C. January 8,?
S S. Tlnor, preshlont of tho Law and
Order Leaguo of Pacolet, thls Stat.,
who was u candldate for tho lower
Houso of tho Legislature tn the last
election. wns to-day convlctod by tho
Crlmlnal Court of manslaughter, und
carrylng concealed weapons. Tlnor was
charged wlth kllllng Edward Klrby
sovoral weeks ago.
Pnreiila Frollui Chlldren llitrn.
SPARTANBURG, S, C, January $,?
Whlle thelr paronts woro at u frollc
at u, nolghhor's home, threo negro chll?
dren porlshod tn a fire that destroyod
thoir house lu Wllllamsburg oounty last
Attempted lo Profit Through
Land Investlgation, Abuse
' of Franking.
Corrcspontlence and fhotographic
Eyidcnce Sent to Senate to
Show Senator's Connection
With Oregon Land Com?
pany?Senator Himself
Started Investigation.
WASHINGTON, D. C. January 8.-?
Presldjent Roosovelt to-nlght
made publlc the dotalls of an
Investlgation hy post-offlco inspectors
und secret servieo agents of Senator
Tlllman's connection wlth an alleged
"land grab" ln Oregon. Aa he pre
sents tho evldence to Senator Hale, ln
response to the latter's request to tho
heads of tho varlous executlve depart?
ments for a statement of the opora
tlons of the secrot servlce, the Preal?
dent undertnkes to show:
That Mr. TlUman used hls influence
as a Senator In an effort to forco tho
gdvernment to compel a rallroad cor
poratlon to rellmiulsh Its control of'
land grants from the Unlted States In
order that he and hls famlly and hls
secretary, J. B. Knlght, mlght proflt
through the purchase of some of the
That the Senator used hls government
franking privilege ln numerous In
stances for the conduct of prlvate busl?
Comparatlvely few Senators were
favored wlth the opportunity of read?
lng the Presldent's report to Senator
Hale, but thoso who dld read the re?
port took a serlous view of lt, although
most of the Senators refused to belleve
that Mr. TlUman had ever done any?
thlng In violatlon of his oath as Sen?
Wlll Iteply ou Monday.
Senator TlUman did not permit the
fact that the President'was glvlhg out
the charges against hlm to alter hls
detorminatlon to make no statement
untll Monday. He sald that he could
not make hls reply so complete as ho
would deslre for to-morrow's papers,
and that he would therofore wlthhold
whatever remarks he mlght have to
mako untll Monday, whon he would
make a. statement to tho Senate.
No effort was made by hlm to con
ceai the fact that when ho had learned
tho facts concerning the rallroad graut
ho had mttde an effort to obtain por
tlons ot tho land in the names of him?
self nnd members pf his famlly, but
declared that as, at most, ho could
have gotten possession of only a few
hundred acres, his efforts were, after
all, ln bolialf of tho publlc and not
especlally in hls own interest.
Immedlately ufter the concluslon of -
tho ehaplaln's prayer Monday Mr. TlU?
man wlll ask the recognltlon of tho
chalr on a question of porsonal privi?
lege. Departlng froin hls custom of
extemporaneous speaklng, he will read
hls statement, thus lnsurlng more caro
ful adherenco to what lie deslres to
say than he would be able to glve In
an offhand speech.
Tlllmnu Stnrted Iuvestigutlon.
Tho communlcation to Senator Hale
Is neariy 3,000 words long,- and ln ad
dltlon there are appended numerous
oxhibits Includlng coples of lottors
wrltten by Senator Tillman and hls
agent, Willlam E. Lee, showing that
they dld mako an effort to secure sev?
eral quarter sections of the Oregon
land, and the reports of tho post-otrtce
Inspectors, who Investlgated the trans
actions of the land agents. It was
through this Investigation that the al?
leged interest of Senator Tillman was
brought to llght, and, fatefully, it ap
pears that it was at hls instlgatlon
that the lnqulry was begun.
Tho President's communicatlon to
Senator Hale opens wlth the state?
ment that; he had secured for tho
Senate information touching tho em
ploymont of special attorneys, special
agents, Inspectors, etc, and the re?
ports conveylng thls information he
was trnnsmlttlng.
Then lie says that it Is "not only
the right, but tho duty, of Congress to
investignto the worklngs of the secrot
servieo or detectlve agents, by whlch
alono tho governmont can effectually
safeguard Itself against wrongdoing.
punisli crlme and bring to justice crlm
inals," but "lt nevertheloss remains
true that thls system ls ahsolutoly ln
dlsponsablo lf the popular interest ls
to be adequately safeguarded and
wrongdoers taught to fear the law."
"Pollce of MornN."
The President says: "I would llke to
stato hero that very frequently accusa
tlons hnvo beon nindo to me prlvataly
hy mombors of tho two houses to the
effect that tho socrot servieo has beon
used as a 'pollce of morals,' or to
shadow Senators, Congressmen and
other publlc offletal... Hltherto the ef?
fort to dlscover the basts for snoh
allegntlons has always been frultless.
I should bo greatly obllgod lf any In?
formation could be furnlshed me tend
Ing to show any tnstanco whero thls
has boon dono In tlmes past,"
The Prosldent enters upon a dlsous
ston of the operatlons of tho spoolal
agents and Inspectors, saylng that tn
the Investlgation of speclflo frauda the ?
operators "sometlmcs come aorosa
wholly unoxpected phases of nilscon
duct." .
"Often," says the President, "tha
nbusf, of the franking privilege la un
knowu to the Congressmen thom
The TlUiiiiin Caae.
Thon, leadlug up to the Tillman mat?
ter. ho says:
"But a case, has Just art.en of * dif?
ferent kind, whlch, it seems to me, I
should pttt beforo you aa Ulustratlng
ln stiiklng faahlon the way In whloh
Inveatlgatlona begun by any of th___
vurlou. ag.atu la Ut. ittt.l U_4 ^

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