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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, February 07, 1909, Sporting Section, Image 11

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7?The, ZUdli A/ D'
ING SE%;?,V%
Ja'cobs L`evy
IN6v'Y6ek G,'fl Plead" ?Vitli- jitry
c e ucin
'n. ?,fcpiiaii st-ood fo, r ni irt for Roy Ward' Who -Ts Ac_
Ies Trphig t lin -nil ltl Winter Is nearitix lt-t end. Otii, Irrornanso ntockin
Afii tit Extr q "Ol! quitted h'i Cotirt.
retltice(l. ntiytng now tnesini; money maile.
catc:.T.- tiliseif
lEvery ikemi? a bargain and guaranteed for the ptirpidd
:3 -specified.
Dramatic ;kppearatice of- Cliarae,
aw nia Anthradt
1?11 ?iei oiiia 'tl a? t'r Witnes'CrIcates Stir Near,
lVas XVoriiiii, t It'c 11
S ed Ne: Wood virO
?Vhcn Diiit Fleiv in 14is Close of Trial.
NV-is Ctiglit.
Lye.,,, aii(I C;lo% a
Just beforo the caso of itay war(l, 6.39
chargeel willi atfampted criiillnal ity.
Per Ton
f C d.
Blihdel Ily iiartlelos df dilet from-4 StLlllt On MlBl4r ,nakgle Daiier. stven- -Per Hal I or
corti thelli-ir, J. 'Al. INICPIIELIII flftY-18,11, fooli YPars old, wiis ready for th,j ,,Iry Fijrtince, L'xiw, N sot sixeiiri?:
V.Parf, 01,1, of Itenrtco comi(y, yestor-, In the Rustinge Court i-entArdVi
iVo are excluorl'Nti ttgelits frt
any P= d liis scloved ri R. Smith. counsol. for ti Full of resin, fuli mea-sure, ittid
glit lialld IntO on de Only properlv slzotl nlid pr ari
he IIII nriti herbre ia.,, intin labor- f, se, annouticed, lialf-dramaticrolly, 13e
'hnt Virginia AnLlii ito. Thla
orn enuld P.XtrIvAto litni It had bpen witne ally tlio beat
T -ake a..,,S h ot a innokitig, 6pon Frankilra, open gra?t?
grntjil(l IIII,) ti pilip. lie wan brought to the stand. 5ure to buy fron-, n1chrolotid deal
ro lilFo liancl "Who In It?" asked Judge Wikt.
t'lip tNniorlitt ttooijitill. W14 ers, whether you litiy bore ori not. and steant it
Wan nmputltted nt 4 ...I ack in ' ttic "Call Wirs Graco Adonis, of New
afternoon, 'I'lie prttlent stood-the oper- Prices Are be' in shat- (rk," nald Mr. Smitli, on(i a little
wotnall In browti., showing the fatigue No. 2
I an
utlon Woll_rt d lint.rilght, gas-o a de- ter?d rght t e
I accoull 'd wtilctil follows a long' orid litirried Cok n
ti; 114!4 t of the aceldent, i ght jouriloy, went to the mtan(l. -Mie liad
the farmer, Nv sid
!;eeina that ere
I ; lose get, - h, 'r entOred tlio courtrooin FL inoniont he- Nut Anthr-acite
pont-offlee Address' lit 'R. F. J). NO. 5, fore' lone. Nobody rectignized lier, cooklair"
rtleliniond, had menL his foreniRn on iin way if you don"t
a, want but tin ishot onf, eluick glance at the
errhild, aii(i ftt liln, obstrice, ait ? nnne $4.50
jwhio $3.00
'If the otlier in-pn kim-,W itow lo eperain to be,left behind.- wltnesi; liappetied tb be private socre- PER TO,
tripled in l'uil it ton. It to
mactitne. h- nit, per % S
tory to bilr Tfm Sullivan, lilgh ijp In If you look after the fircis YoUr
Iiinivelf. I'le-had beon at wor04scarcely tho Inner eircleti-of Tanimatiy litill. lighti and % ton self. this Is the only great mon
for $2.00 a'nd $2.50 lm
fivo in!nute- when Ills glovR callgllt getS She Would Mnrry 111m.' In as large as, a ey-saver for you, Smaller than
In III(. Inachine, anti, gra4unll? the itrfv $1.15 ported Dre'sa Shitte. "I'm so tired.', raid Allsi; Adums, ton of coal.
regular nut size.
I I g h to n . d. lin lnnl?p,l or, ivillic otlierit "I've been traveling all night an(I all
tried t,? o for $5 and $5.50 Hand- day, without one bit 6f rest.. Dtit oli.
thrf.-w my left.hand In froitt Of my' Judgo. and yati, blr. Xurymen, I love eetlo. 'Phontor 1-7.18.
$3.45 Tailored Trous'ers. TAII11019i,,Lowbardy aA
1`011-e.` be ritift last niglit. .,,and b,,fore noy so. and I'in going to niarry hini. nd Dock Stre,ets. Pho
I 1, nev., It, MY. rig'at band was -being and I Just ba(l to tell yoti no. because
for $5. and $6, 2 A-2 to Prfncipat 61111ce, 803 American, National Bank. 'Phouti 3
grotin(I up, T called for.help-but. tile he nover harmed anybody."
$2.95 8, Children's,Suits. That was about the extent of
itien illd not kiiow hon tn work the her evl- Ask for our attractive Calendar.
hint.-Iiin-, and tlv?re I otond for tlilrtv denco. Blie came liore nm a citaira"t"r
- an4d $1' Children 'r the
ininittot, trylux In 29C for 75i, s 'Witn"11. reaching the r-urt afte
I wilei finally IlberatA." Hats and Caps. sLfternoon recess, iL fortunate a(ijourn.
IV11en It do"tol. camo, he al. onre raw ment for dinner givlng her ari oppor
ill, eylmt f-t 'Mr. Atelltioli'm InJurle.. qq for 50c tind 75c -'Mother's tunity to appear.
on-I Im v. n); -it Ow-n flurried ? 19 tlitm 'I'hero wan not milcli delav In cloving
eltv. JJC Fr.iend Waists. the e"A stnd sendIng It to tho J,iry.
as ;-?Wlfc aild sevc-rat for $4 Cr'ossctt or F-ley- Cotivictloii, possIbIly, nwant the death
0111dren. ll? Itve,; nit nne ,f the rfret- hair for the prisoner, btit the hargq
fle?-t. of Ill I-II;LI1Ie#i ItIver rarnw. ;ind $2.95 wooLi Shoes. ould n-ot be substaritlat,?d by other w ,It
11;01'ed to Virglivin, fr-iii a? Ncirlherto nerses thaii ttic xlrl. vho fin] exlah- T
S ro? vorni i-tirs ago. Many frien-in lintied a casual ar,111allitIttico willi iVard
rtoi, wtim A.ND GnACE ADA319.
,Rlled al, tll" borpitill art,,r th(- op,-ra- at t;ho StfLto Fair laxt OctoWr., Tho jurv
tim" I.-r lec-lare(I to hov,-. been remained ejut abotit tpit nilimfi-m' Ati(i Ex lains
brought In a verdict or not t ilt Health Department p Problation Officer Sub "t A
WRrd and the New York girl left Need bf Enforcing Anti-Spit- nual Report'to Maior,Wdrn6r"__":?L
loxelher, They -,,-,nt lo 1ho lt3
wliere tiie latter lind b"n .nil-locoliri Hi IT ting Ordinance.
T [OH, Showing 0ood,Resu1ts.,.-`,'",
five montlis IT,, got Ills b-Mrigings,
shook handi( wi'tll th', offf"'.1"; alld C-iiiee the announcement til-it the Probation Officer B. E. Poiltiauxsub.`,
IT 10 prisoners. and went back to New Yotic city and Stato lawis relating to at"t- lilitted his rePDrt, embracinc the perlod,,-?,
lost nlglit witli ltis fiancee. 90. .1. G SIH19 V ANT 'S R tin on thestrects and In street carn
ko Id be rigidly enforced lit Rich. between the dato of his electl6i,
g M O-By Fruit and Produce Associaiion CauKht Runt DMIller. mou aiid after to-morrow, a num- ttio office, btay 5. 1008, to
'inqttlrle ming to the Of PoliCe
Coion,-F William If. C-bapman. United her of OfncOOt 1909, to Major Werner, Chief
y r D'a4is and Arthur, Dickson Ch6mbCr of Coizimerce Gathers 8 co yesterday. Ile states the naturo'o Ehi
Wants Ofiginal 'Site 'in' ,nt,s revenue axent. yextrrd. h-ed a Walter, the Heattli, Oepartnient liave opown
from Johnson county. N., C.. of' h 3iderable iincertainty
Chimborazo P'ark. i" _,Y. L Tt'. 1111.1- Incrim'in'at'e Eacli Otherin State.
x,? rure f.an illicit rum distill, Data.Showing How Two work, witich Is to place each offonder
ur. is attacting unatial Interest In ill. In h. minds of many.regardinj some
Work, liowcvcr, Is Suspendcd, I . I
Dc-,pite tho strenuous prutests of a axent's office. as in the past ten years'n. meats to the Policc. Cities Coinpare. of the prlncioleis involved. A otRte- under lits personal super oti In.''
Ilar ra d has been made. merit of so[iie ot these Issued yester
lm I Lt was thotight atteMpt to reforin-tilm. to Investfj;aie":`
Pending Injunction-Case, Which cc-iv Church Hill citizetts. and- the ree- "Ihot moonshiner. hs4 ce"ed the rainu- fore
oiniiiendatloii of tho ivaJorltv f tile Arrested yesterday on I r Comparlson oficertain dat .all cases th6rou y and 'to di SCharge
fal.ture of this bmnd of spirlts. -hIch N1 "on 'J a coticern- prove of ttiterest:
Is Now Before Court. ineinberm of the Ground,-, tind, Bu'l'ldings .. Id t. he very eitpenwlve. The o,,,ner of hai-Ing stab?ed' George Mazinaillri, . Ing the pliysical and financial cotidi- - ,When we recall the following facts, all topers If, at th. exp!rat
-N,,t%,I Itlistavding .Mr- fact that prop- Corrimittee that a site 1?e giveti for the the distillery "eap,!d. tonsr of lileliiiion(i and Atlanta. for ays, ttiey show that they liave coni-?,L"'
young Syrian, wlio lia., not been In t the liiiportance of anti-spitting IELws
eri4-o,,.n--r. wbose IIOIISCS aliUL tite Uniteld States' Weatlier 13ureati station 1903,hows iiitic i in favor of this cit), 8 a licalth meitsuro becomes appar- ducted themsel
n in Avlilcli to wlifeli Indicates that RI hmon, ' ner
"ILL '?(,A('. ted fo'r tile I time. For
L' lues' Armory, 40 the brow of Clitniburazo Park, it I. his coii try time enough e gy ent. An advanced crLsO Of consuinp
1, ket houze d certuin. according to m( lear tll(! Lriglisil language. Id progressive spirit have mord than tion may cougti up as many as 5,000.
inar bave aske for an I all"Ost ?mbers 1%'altet tli t a. oultable farra be procured,
to etol, tiie work. claiming Artliur Dick"n. conie niore favorable conditions 000,000 active tubercle bacilli. or con
of the Council an(I others Intc d Davix nni allas over t wilt be Impossible foi- tlieni to pro
nt 'I a,", I c. Ir, g tlaznaged, it per- "Slcltcliein," both colored, I"kt ai-t- claline(i to exist In the Georgia samption germs, every clay. Protectg(l
In bilnging tlio building tu the Oty. A may soon cure liquor. and ivhere they TIIRY
Mit &,i ls!tiiel to the Grom,ds ui,d I that the original site on ttic top of the be cliarged. witli inurder. ai; hope of city. The figures are compiled by tiie froln the action of sunlight. wlilett freed froin and cured of its off
Building Committee b' It spector 13e.k AIM wIll be given by ttic Counell. Coitii- saving ttie young foreigner's life has Chainber of Cornmerce' from statistics would rapidly kill them If- they were His figures ar
yesict-day for the erection of itle climan Jolin F. Don' Le,,vy is iiow pre- practically beengiven up. Ire relapsed gatliered froin the reports ofAlils CitY spread?out In a. thin layer, they may Number of paft
bulldl,,A. The pri,:, lianied Is 4123.000. parinc a ininority report of the Grounds m on probation l
Into tinconselousness Aast iilglit, and and Atiantri. Atlanta Is tiken as a live for a long tlme? SO, If iL con
w Iel) Is lie bitl of the contractors, I Buildings Committee, fii wtilch he the doctors expressed the belief that basis of cornparlson for the reason sumptive spits ori the sidewalk or I-les not rear
Jo T NX recommends that the bul. les arrested s
there is little cliance of saving him. tliFLi there Is no otlii-r city in the Sdiitti on floors where the SpUtUM Is ground t
!Nbe 'wor'k of tear'l'ng down ithe old Oll the spot selected by Chief Willis partle.-I arrested third tinie. 5;-nurnber
" Engineem Complete.Their Work, Botil negroe.- have niade statements in wlileii ednditions arii so nearly alike. to diist b'? pasming feet. millions of
bylldiuirs hns already begun. but wasi.Nloore. It fx said t)IiLtL the report of iieriiirifnating themxelves, 'cind tlio po- Then, too, tlieRe tivo cities are ever itiberele bacilli In an actly ' siate are of Oarties arr
All-pended Arlien notlee of Llie I'njutic- I the mttjority wJll be -rejected by the but Name of Con'tract6r, Is "Ice liave recovered the knife witli stri Ving L for the positt 'n of greatest liberated. Moreover. this "disgusting ber of parties
tion was served. The itiatter williCotincit and,that Mr. Don Leavy's rec- 0 list for Impro
Not Made Public. which tiie stab wouii(I 'was Inflicted. im?ortance in the .9oiith. and -dangerous rnaterlal Is tracked,di- v I., .. .1 ? L"
come up before Judge Grinnan In titeloiyitnendiLtion will be accepted. thougli most Irnportant facts that rectly into liomes on the shoesfor. 128-.., nuniber of, parties pttt-MV'.-??
Clv,n,ery? Court Tuesday inot-ning at I the flght by the opposition will be Davis was arrested two days ago' One of tho 10 probation I
btit '.Nrltzmanian fatied to L Identify lilin, tlio paper brings otit is that though dresses of the men and women WI
11:30 O'clock. 'The getieral Impres-1waxed as strongly as before. Botli After ,consideritig the matter for . are forced to walk In lt. Jail for- viol
tating afterwards titat- lie was afraid Atiantd covers aixteen squai-a miles to
-111 , not recorninetidattoiiii will be,-prejetfted to -nuniber of parties. put on probafton-;?,,,,,
sioll is tha t the liijunction r. more Van a week, the adviaory rd td do so. because he believed the negro RIchmond's nine, the population $E but Law Must APPIT-110 All
be gra 'ited Tli eargument by thL' the Boat-d of AitierniLn' 'itaesday niglit, list and after
Dut suspicion liftle, more,7 -111chillond's poptilation not returned, 31; number of boys."'ie
City Avill Ie ttint tiis locaLion' t I- and If Mr. Do. Leavy's r,.port go?ca :of en'gineers, who have been examining would kill liis brother. "Many seem to - think that- it Is all
a a "Irou h -strongly to him. and visterday being eatitnateil at.114.050, as against rlglit to iceep consumptives froin splt_
Ways been used Lts a nIRrket place. g a resolutioli Arill be -adopted bids for the flume contract, met yes- pointed cured homes, 3
t Sergeatit Kerse and -Polleemew Belton 118,500 in Atlanta. This einpbasizes ttng on the street, but tlitLt this does probtLtion list aiid afterNviirds sin
and that I the neiv building, whiclilatid rui(hed'to tlle meetitig pf tile Coin- terday morning and agreed upon a re- -iley rearrested lilm, talilng Iiin-i tile iniportance of the I acq IutSitilDn
Is t lie e,cted in accordlInce with mon Councli on tile fbilowing night. port to be. handed to the Subcommittee and W Of not apply to others, as well. Tlils Po reforniatory,
tile city o I.dinances. i-eally du!ijaget; llroduce 31en Tttke Stronl; Stan(l. off ills wagon at Btlook Avenue and more territory for the expansion of the sition Is absof?otely uhteiiable, for'the probation list
on 1V ater. Ttie- full 0 ' tttee lias been Leigli Streel. city, both In. the residential atid In- followlng reasoiis, among others: ber' o'f times persons or, probation
the 'property-ownerm,. as thoy- claia.. 31ore fullY alive to tlio importance of called to meet to-mo afternoon at ,(I) A law, applying only to con- have beel'i pe
their recourse Is to sue ttio city. the btireati than other, comniercial or- The arrest of Davis was followed by dustrial sections.
6:30 o'clock to recel o report. It
the appreliensioti of Dicksoti by Police- Oti the other, liand, In spite of tite suniptives CoUld not possibly , bo en- number of visIts to personSLon pr
gtlicr perivilts i-vere lsnued as fol'- gaiiizatfotis of the city.'wlth the exceP- Is probable that the avvard of the con - larger area and the aliglitly larger forced. . Polico oMeers and sanitary tlon IlEt, 512;-number of thilesAril
tion 'of'thei Chimber of Conimerce, the nien Palmer aitd Clarlc.
?Todd,' to tract will be recominended at that Dickson stated that Davis told Ilitn I poptilation. the taxable values of tills offleers eLre not supposed to know who
erect brick tonenient ftichn-Cond Fruit and Produce Assocla- viewed by persons seeking: dvle(?'Qthe
meetink. All the meetingli; of tile ad- that he (Davis) had. doite the cutting, city are noticeably greater ttian those lias and wilo has not cotisuniption. than tllat conifected wit"
fon two' -divollitigs Oli ttio south.side of tibn has worked irfces,,antly for the v
Frankil'i Street, betiveeri Ryland and bureau from tile time that the fight isory coinnilttee hav?e tieen held behind and he said further that--Davis, had' of Atlanta:. I-lere the ainount assessed (2) Certainly not over oiie-lia-If of thOSe list, 149; iiu
Bos-d Street,#'. pri?e withheld. closed doora, and none of Its delibera- The wo- is $105,811.707, wilile In AtiantEL it IS hqv a 'know it tlieni- of ordluance c
was being' mad6 for the location oli given'the kiiife to a womlan. who e con umpti
I-I.. VeQkstaffer, to' erect detached Gamble's Hill. Yesterday afternoon tlle tions will be made public until after man was found after some trouble. Sile $97,367,829, or a difterence df $8,443,$73- ,elea, ond we canontherefore, reacli
frimie;'shed to be us8d tor lumbOr bokrd ot directorg held' a called ineet :t?e report to the comrnittee. declared at first tha,,.he kri., rinthing Property owned 6y this city atlits as- every consurnpttve only by the L en
sto-vagr-l", ltig and adopted a. resolution urging The meeting, of tlie'Comnion COU, 11 of the case, but tlio' officoi-9 flnally sessed value amounts to 412.964.423.09, foredment of general laws prolilbtting
the Council to grant the government which 'lias been called for Wednisday w -heart
I'lKlith Sti-ect: $1100. ornied out of lier a sori 6f lialf vlillo that owiied by Atlanta is $6.- all spitting on the steeets and In Pub
G.- .1. aiid C. '.%I. 111alkowsky; Jr., ht will take rimarily. the report d Iter to- get 8 3 9,,4LO
the site on the'top, of the hill. This PI 9 UP p ed confesilon, and thew tol 0. lie places. (3) Consumptlom Is by no
tw , d?tnched fraiiie dwellf4s 1418 actloii on the pari of tlio produce men of the' special committee lwlllcll inves- the knife. She went otit, hesitattngly.
o The banllng operations: of thf.,-; elty ine the only disease that may be
al)(I ll:,10 North, Twenty-fIrst Street- voices the sentlment of the great ma- tigated the Old flume. There 1.4'much being alladowed by one of the mon, and FLiso sho,%v a large increase over tliose spread by, promiscuous, aplitting. All
y. v?lll -lied and of Atlanta. tlie"ciLpital employed being sputuln 19 dangeraus utitil proved
,$3,500. jority of the business merf of the cttv. speculation as tO wliat the bod"
The Chamber of Commerce 'do,. -ith the inatter
has renewed . but the general thatL slie. didn't know wbere the knife ainiost d-ouble aiid tlie"clearings sub- otilerwise. (4? Thos6 W'ho have hot
'opinion iEt that it will not acce?t the was hlildeif.- But slie was forced back
Its activity and Is joining forces witil .9 tantinllv larger. At ttio and of the tlle Ldisease, and -who demELnd protee
the Produce Associatlon to bring the majority report in full. Many Councll to, the seareli, and'from. 6en' "ath it pile 3-ear -Riellmond's banking capitrLI was tion for themselves and thair ciiildren, o
strongest preistire to bear on the men predict that a resolution embody- of aslieg.'ai-iii deep, under tL UrLrrel anA W ant t
liown to be';11 743,332; tLnd AtIanta's should ? sur'ely bew lillng themselves -
Cotiiiell. RepresenttLtivc-r of both or- Then
Ing some of the ffndlngs?of tbd tnves- FL tub,'she ptilled out the knife., $6,981,429. The 'average clearings for to set a good example.
'Ingent 8.9 the the -woman infoi-med the officers that
ganizations will be present Rt the meet- 'tigators, but not, so str year. bosedL on the clearings.of the --Rut, aitliough all an"78'
pitting 1ELws
iiig of tite Board of Aidermeti In qtip- 6riginal, will be adopted. Save
'v' ssle' -weelc 'ending Jantiary 23 of last year. were probably passed PriiiiELrily a
port of, Mr. Don Leavy's recqrnmenda- clare that the report will be rejected I've cut fi niaii. iii(le the ItTiffe for
,,were: Richmond, $2,16.466.092; Atlanta, healtli measure, still thi Is by n
tion hidden It.
and the matter closed for alt time. iiie," tLiid she, lia(l a 0
$276,169.04 S. Tlio clearings of Rieli- means all ttiat Is involvied. Eveti If
Icann'ot tinderstanct." said a bus- le were
or AV' k the iiiasculitio portion of our popula- 'M oney
iness iliall ypstardity. "ivliy the protest
and AL] a, $5.330,174. Tite saiiie week tioii 'Is tndifferejit to ' sucti inatters
dt a few pedple aliotti(I for a moment a easi
tlils year
3 fot (which
N'T -BREAK SOLID SOUTH . certainly iiot all of tile
shows n lner
stand In' the Nvay of getti-tig for flio 'Ities, Nottli iLbotit thc, sitiiie dif, s
I)Otll C It Is ?not right to force our wom to
city so in"L,portant an hiatitutlon as qL;
'T ?ftm- recelving about' four - foreneq 1? tli?ti.ftv?or of ntchmond. their way aloiig the strao :
tile Weatiler Bureau.L lit my opiiiioti, t nd
Wood 11. dtly, ItS rysecond
-a of cirts ev, Cy
Ithe ctuestion lina nurrmved do-, t' t'l"I L tip tlielr si
IN F CE OF CR. UM MA T T-ER on Fumiture. Tloo'r
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