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TMP, --D181jA1fGtT:` R1071MOX13 VA.1 8UIVDAY, 1T BI_W A?.i.?V 7, .190y.
'77777 V. :Fga 1?
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?S 31, A
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lwgaii ii-eiii!)iing In rront of the mlilp- at xtake. The sliglitest lilt,.-II 1-niglit we will construct a great navy for tho Vqtre will be e(jual to fliose of ntiy great rnan Vlrginia lizLs ontributcj W.,':
vard gat,-m walling foi, tlif-tti to opell. caiise a t,,rrible accident, In wl.lell tiiitcd qtates.-I battleshil) In tlio world. Th ?re wlll oijr iiation.. Some of you wlio attend
N.. al --xvuriloi. be klllpd and Why ttic Batticalitto Sfiwk. be a waterline belt of nritiot, extend- ed the late lamented JanientoWn Ex.
i-rart %vith peoiae hundreds w6uld iiiore
N or r,;. It, j,;,,rtxniou?h, and Old than a million dollars lost. iloiner L. Verguson, nijpei-intendeiit Ing front -stc-tit to -iterii. This belt will Po elre In tiin
THOO59NIOS SHOOT 6ONS B H N O B sition (laugliter) saw th
the 1, II t d dire,. be n
ed Front tile tillie, file gates ,pened utitil of hull con.9tructiOD- wlO ha the engitie hibits, what 'Virginia. has bee lit
army Stittes n lned to -rooiji. fire-rooni and ....g,
,?rnnsports Meade- and KlIpat- III launciiing, people ellarge of tlle IRUI'clli 9, Oxilla I- R I"
e II atir met for the zitie. spaces, itti(I -wIII be titepped do
r! c k, bl'.4' ii-ere. anchor-NI ill till' crowd d into the yard. Tite sponsors, a Times-Dispatch reporter the causes tho past. Itowever, I liad rather spd,
w I
c 11 t the bo* aiid stern to iL Lliiekn
THIIH ENTHUS19SM barb-r. xtettined ijp the rivei, all't the Goveinor of Delaware iLnd the ln- wily tile alilp fFLiled to go do%vji the fotir ltiches. of ttie Virginla of the present and
orr the Hhlpyard?. I'he-ic Avays wbeii tlle mole Pieces ivi?re e,it in of Virginia of tlio ftiture,"
Above thim belt wIll bo a belt, Of
vt-t--Iv, nd -,II ,r tile ships II,A il. two. olvilig to the great wciKilt'nf tile
lower canement ariiinr of ti titiltorii I Lautin Newport News I'lettit.
"L llt,r hipyard wro wflly decurat,.A htill, tile vard (fncials docide(I that lti tliickticsq TIVs belt ivil
I. DrilliantAffainat Hotel Warwick V, Jon?s then went oil to say tliat,
Sc6rcs ()f Steol-Throated \\11istles i wtilt him-l'r,!ds or sintin iings. order to preventAhe vessel from stick- c.(
of tell ItIch"'
tend frotii t Ill, rorward to the aft
-,hl? ..rd ;zt- `0110WS Latinching of Alighty 42 per cent, of ttio presolit UnItedA
j lni; on tile wELyfi when her 3tern floated ttirret. There ivill I... ittiothe ,, or up-I
Slii-ick Wdcomc to tile t 1, ro -%v,, c t ?A?, o'ch,ek. thousands
tip and throw MO-lit of tlle wilglit -11 per, belt of cas,,nwrit arinoi, of ti, States navy has beolf blillt at Newport
%11;.rtI11!1l down, Into th,t ?hlpbulldlrig the centre Of tilO IvaYs, it would be thickness of i flv?, Inelies. TliiH Arill Xllarslihp. Newo. Also, lie said. that If tltc) Ullited
N c\v ('0111(11'. i 0
It ill, positions of vailtag". necessary r to put cL large qtiantity of prote,4t tlio 5-litcli gung along the giiii
State. nierchatit mtLrine ever was built,
I "". m1,11) ftii(I on the pi,?rs tiesir liarci tallow on tile wayff. Thip; tallOW deck. I
launching wayr. ilie recent col(i weatlier, tip aga-in. Neivport NelvP WO,Uj(l' figlil'O
M A G N I F I C E N T OVATION 1 t'le I froze dtiring 'I'lic arinor on the port platen of VIRGINIA GREETS DELAWARE prominently In thn condruction ?iork.
Conipleted. i,nd as the result tile vessel did iiot the turretti.W111 be Inchesthick,
start down tile WaYll With lier own ?v h I le Governor Penticivill ItcNoondw.
Nearly till uf tite scaffolding liad ttint on the Ides ati(i brtcks "Delawitre"' was proposeft next. anit
Regarded zis Mo?,t luil,lortant b.-en reinoved from around the slilp. inomenttiin. will br nitio incites tliick. The co niiing Goveriior Pennewill aild Otliers Governor Ilennewll responded in a very.,'.
I I lif! I-ell ' 111111, 9113tenhIg In the The Delaware IvIll be complered Ill tower ivill be six lncliei; In thickness.
Eveiit in Histor?, oi Ne-xi),ji-t IItilli Alrea(ly the fiv, big tur- rher-? will be a protective de6k-of Re-spond to Toasts in Happy graceftil Speech. All the time that lie:
.?tinxhln,, inad,! a most lini,"Ing ap- June, 1910.
rets, the two ismokeiqtiLeki, ttio boilers tiirce-inch arinor extending from was standing a color sergeant of tlto-:?
p'aran(.-. rike iolig iitill and trim lines a Veiii. Delawaro National Guai'd lield tlta Del-ot-'
News Yilrd. I and lixitinry engines have been corn- to mterti to protect flio engintis, fire
-c 1) tQk,, 1NI grent speed and tin- 0
at nv. ties. Wliat stir- pleted. "ThO. propelling ongines iLrf, ro m, electric rooms, amtiiunition aware tlag behind his nea(:.
r, of til0
wksally good sea (itiall beiiig cotistructed In the MtLChl"O 'hOPP, spaces, etc. Colonel W. T- T. Walle
7, prised tim spectators iiiare ttion any- material will I,c placed I.Special -From, a. Statf Corrospondent.] Tfnlted States blartno-Corps. respcind-d?
thi1q; W." tilf, n4vanced stage of and all of this Besides the armor protection, the
e I s e In the ship an rapidly Fks possible. NEIVPORT NEWS, VA., February 6. to the toast, "The Navy.'- reia"ng the
(Ile ,h1pilin-s attained. sbip 'will havo iiuincrotis water-tightl llowing the launcbfng of tho Dela- Past achloyenients of Amerloa!s shilis
.Miss FFLANCES IIAZELj, Ile. LouX and Lean Null. collipartments alnmg aild iltider
and %Iai)- Vie hnIl vlas entirely c,mipleted, the til, I)clttwar,, "O and brlefly tolling of the prowess. 09,:_
J.If E D. h ware th pbuilding company ten
tip,-i-strill'Llire was in place. and prne- an 'Ir the present iiiLvy.
I from I y battle
-,; Th,)Pi,- II-ILl' will dlffer gr?atly from sinking In tho event the -111.r "Tho BiLttleslilp Delawn was re
1. , , X I . dere,; ri deliglitful post-launebing re"
W. ,f t 'a "Y a I 'f the t,'ak backing for the vited guetitR arrived at 9 o'clock, and sfilp now in commission Ill tho United at tile 'water Una Is pierced by al breakfasta t the,11otel' Warwick. in mponded to by former United States
Ilitill armor had bc-en faitened on the -states Navy. The inost "triking dif- filiell.
rt (;c"rge V. A, ns .111-1 lllrv. I honor of the spoiinar, 'MISS Anno Penne- Senator Antlioiiy Iliggint," of Delaware.
. t&-s -,r th,, bull. The degree of coin- took their places In the launching plat Ong, lean
E'. T, forni. feretice will ' be noted In ttle Propelled by rivin-4crlewx. will C.1.11111. Gattiered around the
f )I'l pivilon at thIs time Is 61-1. cr, and rakiall hull, the absence of tilo I-Tho r-nir Sponsor."
During all tllis'tim-3 the mectiant I_lIgg
L,unb of Norfolk.; . i uro so predominant in The Delaware will Ito propelled by tableswere abotit 200 prominentguests, When Senator
- Is the lienviefit war- a tile high stiperstruct
The Dela w a r,? 11 d been bUsily tLt. work tinder o twin-screwA (Iriveii by two four- including the Governor of DelFL-ivare liis , Sent Ilres do -It Orcut arose atid
[Jniteti States. great ililp. preparing her for the triP tile -da attleshipe, and th I t
ronm g,,v;n of l,i,j, o,hl 'hil, launOied In the prenent y b cyll"der, irlpfe-expanslon. dir.,ct-act- and hi., staff oMcers: several United proposed 1,Tho Fair Spoiisor, who did
a,tual weigilt wa'. R.87.6.G tons, and linme turrets arranged along
Ivith Ilerion 1.1 -ltITI; licr tu the. water. Tlio vredging wELs fin liig cilgines of a combined indicated States fieriators and Congressmen. and her duty. no nobly aiid
i?tl- ts.-k nr su(--e!;nfiiny getting ttils -65 o'clock, and 300 inen -went t he centre line 'of the Ship.
fIda(h ?,,(.t ip Tlio forward deck Will be. very litgll ti for the
itito the, wat-r tvas a ?Iled at s. horse-power of 2i,oft Tlio workiiig otiler distingulehed Delaivareans )and Tliree cheer" were give
,::.,!t k an, I In between the launching cradle atid
tim- ,f m"i Millions wer(, and unusually broad at the I-Ow. This pressure of steam will he 250 pounds Virginlans. young lady. and then Joseph 1, Caliill,
b II., kv,-!,-(-t- Nff,? i91%z ,nder the hull t(i kitock away the keel lielght and breadth Insures tlle break- U, tho rquare inelt. These engines CalvIn 13. Orctitt, of 'New York. prest. formerly Secretary of State of Dela
,A In a 10-ttit 60!j :uIt.j block-` Force-5 of rrhm 'with imiiienEe ing of the heaviest Seas, and will PL-c- 'vill be- ttin largest of their type evet- dent. of the shipbuilding company. pre- ivare. responded to the toast.
n tlle
w, tri nltwd aml! rarnmers then bi?gan to knock dow lristalled In an Americati battleship. This concluded tlio list of toasts, btit
I - I the sides of the vent the daebing of any great arnotint sided a-4 toasti)aster, -tnd. after the
% I! a t t. big -hores supporting Steani will b pplied by fourteen
u1 ,I,: of water over the bowl; Knd on the c "u igars had been lighted, he niade FL Presidont Orcutt 6alled tipon General
M. VeL-Sel. lblo for bollers of th,; B beock Wilcox type.
d ,k. Tbts will mako it pOls brief of welcoine. 'Rn sald thRt Manager Walter A. Post, of the
T,,,, 1, I" SI." Sponsor Posv for Picture. the guns In tile forward turrets to bo Th(,rt, ivill he R complete electrical 'Virginla had piit on her briglitest garb buildiiig cotitpatiy; Daniel 0. I-lastings
Wt- 11 t 'I'l 1,lael( -Ih, Wlitic Llifs work wa-3 in progress fired 'wilell the ship Is runniiig at full plant for ligliting tlio ship, two lm- of Wilrnington, and Josiah blarvel, tL
11 memie dynaiiios generating to receive the dlatinguished men aiid
will: mitck mws- vi., ,t---)nsor ai,-, ponsor and ber maids posed for ttle clee
10, 4 the s Speed in iL lie-avy titorm. representativo of tite Wtlmlngtott
-r;(A bull(:Lt.-?? " r. - wom Turning then
in.ids ach n, a. picture, and theii Prenident Calvin In his now famous criticism of the trical enrrent. en from Delaivare. 13oard qf Trade. for brief speeclies.
Amvrt I, battleahiPs of the Atlantic fleet just to the sponsor. who sat on his right,
B. Orcutt, of the shipbutlding compan Tlio current also will be tised In the be liotel wa
I the art of searefilights alid in controlling atid
I-rep-tim- inst cted Miss Cahill in departure - on their lie decla-red that INTIsa Cahill was so arUstically decorated; witli tlio' O
ru prior to their (leeply lnipressed with Virginia thiLt
Scarek, lifid lh(! ?.im jwekea -v c r christening a slilp. The Instructions globe-circling crutse, Henry Reuter. operating tho turrets. "flags of Vlrginim and Delawaro
the liorizori in 1.11" co.st tills morning r full The '5111P will be equipped witli , when tho great battleship attick for .
finished. Mr. Orcu tt took the sponsor that with thei few inhintes. she reiiiarked: "No won- S
-0 picked me- dalil pointe(i out sliol) for making tiny- der thi [Tiilted States flags and the natt
W116 r.r(t, l, l,bont ;,( complete repair
and lier maids to the front end of the loadti aboar(i the ships' Icrward (leeks necessary repairs to parts of the pr. hields. Tlio tablo decorations
chanle tal'tel I 1%01'k I,, prepai'l, and explained s great alilp liesitates to leave Isted 'of pink carnatioiis.
s o launching . platforiii tg were so close fA(mill
for completely y a sliore."
j"LlI.-TICY d0WI- tlieni how. th-3 vessel was.prepsTed seas would break e engines, auxiliary engines or tio
for f-, heaxi polling
the nitys. Tli, "tworn, I,omn` of tbe lectrical inaciiiiiery.
Miss 11 coiiclustoii, ttin toastiiiaster pro.
the latinclilng. Then Cahill and over the forward turrets and prevent
gTeaL rainme,-s driving holne the 111111- th-3 nialds borrowed P., Pencil from the guns froni being trained witli anY Tlie. diniiig-rooms, galleys, offlears' posed as the first toast "Tho President
'13'ed-, ,f wedge. 111.1. W?I-e t" lift th,? d 'crew'..- (iiiarters will be of tfie United States," and ciLlIed upon RABLE?
P Id t o utt and wrote their names accuracy. This criticism could tiot be
....... k:i a res h all locate(I Ilelow flic inalit deck. There Tudge James Perincwtil, of Ilcl.w.rc, ECZEMA CU
N II t..IIIA ntect prqw, Which pro- ma de lit the ca-ge of the Delaware, her
Aud trtw-,fer it:; 1"'Ight l" th". Intill'.11- jected over. the platforin. Tlio Gover- forward turret rlfles being tbirty,-nine Y'lll be a coiiiplete liospital forward to respond. Attorney at
fill; crwile was widible fur bloclis for the sick and' fnjitred. Spealciiig of thn launching, Judge 31ollne. Ill..
lior of Dela%)rare and hii.staff officers feet above the watev. Oil of NVInterg-recit Coitipound.
arolilld tile -7hipyard looked the great slilP over, and one Equipped Wit). "Skeleton" 31antil. The Delawaro will b( equipped with Pennowill Said that tl-ils was a red
Fully ni, the Illne. r,t 31 [SS ELLEN C011,11131I.-N DUPO'.%T, of tile ptaff offier., -was heard to re- Another now feattire of the Dela- tPII small boats, eiglit bettig- ctitters letter day In Delaware's litatory. EverY Tliore Is nothing that ivill COAVII)c
ir, 31ald of Ilouor. e.
foi- the la cl, i 1, 'i ii, of I-eOP1,1 Mark: 1131y. bitt she certattily is iL rough ware will be the two "skeleton" mill- an d the otlier two mteani lauiielies. feature of tho Program had bean car- alawyer cxccjpt evidene
Tliero w I11 he' ten powerful iieareti- ried out 11, a most excellent miLni-ier. Now. liere is morne ratlier startilit
looking oltl craft." tary niasts. wilicit Rre to replace the lights, fotir of these being niounted on -Never ean.-wo forget the kitidnes and ?vldence of a simple homo cure fo
The whistle, which -arned the work- present sttllt tube masts now In use "skelewn" niasts -io cezeina wlileii convinced one laWYfl
nder the hull. on all of the battleships In tho United tllc liospltality of Virginla and her
men to get otit from u a." to give F. C. F,ritriken. attornoy at 'Atollue 11
:1 and toid the spectators who had at- States Navy. These nPw tYpe of M"s ts an excellent elevation in searching out
that the vessel torpedo-boats In People iipoi-i tlils occasion," declared I-le tells liow oil of Winter
tended ottier launchings are niado of small steel tiibes and St I tillic of war. potjiid inixed wlth thyniol
o ttence , e, She Is to bo fitted oiit as a flagslilp. tlio ipeakor:
was reFLdy to be sawed down, blow wlro coles, and, In a test cotialleted rine, as In 1). D. 1) Preacri
S and ivill carry 87 offlcers and 388 s a- Congressman Joneet ,n Virginin.
tbree slirill blasts. The men-liurried In Haffi-pton Roads last surnmer, it wli C him In tliirty days after
The instinct of moderity natural to every woman is often a from uiider the craft, and four men proven that It Is practically ii-npossible ... cn. L. W. "Virgiiila-The Old Dominion," -was years ofttiliffering.
Iiiridrance to the curc of wotnanly diseescs. Women lie next toast proposed by Mr. Orcutt, "For hIrf3t-tvvo, yeare," w-rite A(
the local phy5icinn began sawing on-the solo pieces-two to shoot the titacts away. Ollo five- 1"3t before caiiing iipon torticy Entriken. S
"rc k from the personal questions of Congrossmaii
hr?in 'I was troubled witt
which iscem -indelicate. The ttiought of examination is ab- immense oak planks. tliree feet wide Inch &hell would completely destroy eczema. scabs itli over iiiy face, boti
UNCONSTITUTIONAL Willitun A. Jones. of Virglnia, t-o re- and head. I cotild ruii hrAii, bi-us
atid n-ve inches tllick. . These alone the preselit type of mast. it
borrent to them, tind so they endure in silence a condition held tile sliip EL.,captive oit the :waYs. The fire control of tlio abil) will be spond. he said lie Avanted to call the o,Sr my bo(ly; iind tho floor witli
of disca' wliich surely Progresses from bad to worse. roll of tho 'Virginla-bullt battle3hips covered witli scales etiougli , to Ill] n.
Miss Caiiill liad ascended Into the located on the platform on top of tho NTGOINIERY, , AI,,,-., Feb. C. --Tho that are niakitig the great globe-eir. baskeL I Iried overything-salve.. i._.
launelting staiid a fe.w minutes before "skeleton'- inasts. There tlio look- Alabama : w wlilch prolitbits the carry- 11 withoi
.1t has been Dr. Pierce's prIvilege to cure if I& ling ertilso with tite Atlantic b tortial niedielite, X-Ray-a
the wilistle sotinded. Governor-Penne- outs and range-fiiiders will bo sts.- itig of a pistol I?Iss than twenty-f.in, attl('7 reatilt."
itren't many women who have found a refuge lilp fleet. "Jttst a inouth. ago T wag ltiduced to.
will, President Orcutt, and Ahe Awo tioned and, by nlealis of a telegrapti inches In leiigtl, wai,;?declarcd iiiieoijsti- "Tlicso slilps are the lZearsarge, try D. 1). D. Prescription. The ltch wa.,t
for modesty In his of[CP Of FREE COnsUlta,
lion by letter. 'ndence Is held maids were Oeside her. thor young lady systern, they wtll direct the flrlng of ttitio by tito StFLto Supreme cotirt yes- Kentucky, 7111nois, 'Ldlssotiri, Virginia, relieved Instantly; so I conflnued.. Tt Is
correspo rasped the bottle? of champagne In all of the guns. terday. the opinion revei-sirig a reectit Louisiana and Xlnncs6ta.`.?sald 'Mr. just a nioiitli now. and I arn completel.?r
as sacredly confidential. Address Dr. R. 11. hand and was ready to' name. ibe Keel Litid In xorember, 1907. decisloii declare-I by tite nupre no cotirt. Orcittt. "Soven of tile sixteell slllpg cured. I have not a particle of ltell.
Plei-ce, Buffalo, N. Y. iiew queeii, of the seas. the construction Tli- law aplillerl to ot'neers of the laNN rd the, scales h ve dropped o
The cotitract for WC, f that fleet wero built here, fLnd rney 0111.
'regulates swish," ,f the crossaut 9 a a e v 4 ag Ims
It it. to civilians atid the deeision de-0 "r ca i ay aill, C'Utti,
Dr. P Tile
icrce's Favorite Prescription restores tind of the Delaware wa. w rd d the are showhig tlio powers of tbe world 4r,0VEItEj). I a
saws, wiliell wei-e sovering the so laritig the law itull and vof?l %vas i'Ctl- now startiiig all.
0 and builds up.nnd Newport.Now3 Shipbuilding arici Dry c -what arcal navy is." Thiii remark zema stifferors on tlio riglit track" cc,
the %vorn;nly functioiis, ab lishes pain f l' CO"
puts the finishing toucli of licaltil on every weak woman pieces Coul(I be heara for ?many eet Dook Company on Aligust 6, 1907, table, v0io liatl beeti fotjtill' was greeted witli loud applause. Cure, after c it-o has been broliglit to
ctators.c .eased their On tilty of
ives it a fair trial. grotirid. Rnd the sPq Its bid of *3,987.000. Tho keel for th. After three clicers had bdon givoll our attentlon. tind alivuym that instaiit
who g 11. rrying nn tinlawful weapon.
laughing and' talkifig' -and' - iLlmost vessol was laid down On Nlovember I Ca rot. Mr. Jones, - tlio Virginla Congress- relief frum ttio awful itch. -tichmoiit]
?Owcns & IN11nor Drttg Co., T
it makes Rreak Woznen Stron.4. brekLtlilessly awaited the'flrsf'moverneni 1507, and unusually rapid progrest; has inan aroso to respond to the tortat. 'Ry Va.
of ttic, ship. slnce been m
SiCk Women Well. ado In lier constructiori. BIG GUN way of introduction he siald that
Vessel Fnils to,3tove. The dimensions and general char- Ire doopl), regretted thmt Govertior
You can't afford to accept a sccret nostrum as a substitute acteristjc Swenson, ttie Clilef Execitive of Vir
At 0:42 o'cloelt the pieces were corn. WASHINGTON, Feb. G.-For '6xiteri
for this non-alc6bolic, medicine oF KNOWN CONIPOSITION. Ull lows: giiiia. whosq diity and. pleaxiire It
pletely severed, . ?ut_ the great, h menial purposes Ill tll(l 11110 of liaviLl
e , liave ho6n to speak on this
failed to mOvO a friLetion of an. Inch. Length ever tiii. 5t& f et, extrenie developilielit aiid in anticipation of ttio would A Piano Ifor $3
ininiediately great "Jacks"' were . set breadtli, S5 feet; dePtli. 44.6 feet;. dis- possibilities ar.- the ftittire tlio ordnance toast., wits iiat prespnt. IN GOOD : CONDIT10,N ANTI)
"The whole people of VirgLnia are
th. ..in,litlece. to move the. pjfLcoment on trial. 20,000 tons; dis- but-cati of the navy probably Nvill :iinder-. BASY TERMS,

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