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Finaricial World Takes Sim
ation Between Austria and
Servia Seriously.
Her Recenl Potitical E-Iistorj I
I oo i 'ark to CommanrJ Mu? h
Ri j" ? ? : i ? . "f Mutual
Confiden ? l blished Bt
twejai Gt lairj and
Gre.it Britian.
tiiKtila* t ..um
nn "f
the Aiutro
*?. iil expfre
?trla'a doorn
>r-e. whlch
rla'a forelgn
tei II long
bo notural,
i.??-. nmri- an
fee) hr-r-elf
Itary demon
? ll nelghbor.
ow, >*ih Ihe
sntlrely Rer
he morally
,, r|pfen^'- nf
for ?>rrvli>.
Austria'.- roi
ntancea, and
the r,
ur"n BPlf-lntPr^st In the gpnfr.il Ijn-n
pean Bltuatlon, They wnuid sacrlflce
fiervla wlthout compunctlpn rather
than Berlously risk a wnr ln whlch
they mis-ht ho Involved. Austria, of
courae, knows thla, and ?-ts ln lt her
cpportunltv tn bluff thrniigh lier am
bltloua poilcy,
f.'crmnnj '.? Posttton.
The poi-iiion of Germany is the un
known and most Important factor
Thls much can be said: On thla point
much less apprehenslon is felt ln di
plomatic cirelea as the result of the
conferences that took place In Berlir
durlng the King'a recent vislt. TIk
Balkan prpblern was exhaustlvely dia
cussed by the German and Englisr
etatesmen. and the Qermari declarations
left no doubt of her Intrntion to pre
aerve the ppaee, whlle iieknowledglns;
her full duty to suppnrt her ally
There ls reason also to belleye that tht
Emperor and hla advisers were fullj
convinced nf the stncorlty and paeifn
nattire of the. Britiah pollcy.
No dPtlniie agroement was reached
but a feellng of mutual cohndence wai
eatabllehed, The grent?st elemerit c
uncertalnty la, of cniir.se, the (nipulslvi
aetlon which Bervla. and Montenogn
may takp at, any moment, and wnlcl
will almo?t Inovltably result to Aus
trla'a advantage' and so the maUe'
etanda. lt Is an lntarerthig gnme, bu
not so crowded wlth pcrlla to the whoh
European world as a tew montha ngo
Bngland Pay? Sesut Allenltou lo tin
(ipeulng of rarllninent,
[E.peelal Cable to Tlio Tlmoa-DUpatoh.]
LONDON, Februuny 80,?.Tlie open
Ing of Piirlinment, the Klng's sp?ec]
and tho subsequent dehato have not oi
the whole exclted tho uaual amount o
puiilic Interest, TJip ^propoaed leglsia
tlon uttraet.s Uttlo attentlon, popula
oouoeni belng centrcd in Ihe tinnnclu
altuatlon, about which no miiiounce
nient ls expected for soine w'eeks yet,
It ts semt-omclnllv announced tha
the government Inteud.-, to rling to ol
flce for two yeara more, but thls mus
icot-tluued on Tagt> Fjve?Colunia I,
<iiiia Mn.iif, Ictreta, 1m Srpnrnlcil frorii
'lonrnh (oytlp, .\rlr?r.
i -i.lal io :ii.. Tlmsa-Dispateh.]
i'i HiiHK ki;i-.iii;, ,v, v.. February CO.
-Aaaemblyman Travlii, aa referee, ta
lay nv,:iid<d o 11 BbSOlUtfl dlwirm tu
Anna Boyd Coyne, i.ctresa, atfalnal
li i i.-.i d, .1".-.-,,,, ( oyne. Tha ref*
!-. e'a report, together with the teatl
1'in-, i-'K.ii .-ii iii, hearlng. waa fol
I'iv.'iiI in the offlce i'f th.' county clerk
liere Allce Frasser (? named a? co
i. ipondent, nnd thf. acllona on wiu.-h
the plMntlff bfcaed hn- .'lalm for dl
??!'?? looli place ni the Aldwych Man
? fi i."ii.|"n ln .MiKU'-t. 1908.
-nn- i ?',- tn were marrled at thn Van
ilome Hotel, N r? August no, isns
rin repbrl ?>' the referee doea not al
low plalntift allmony, Only thraa wtt
ea were called to teatify Bt the
hearlng. Mr". Co\'ne, Neal McCav, nn
actor, nnd an ofllcer nho aerved the
paper* on the defendant. Coyne mad-.
no d< fi nse.
Tl ? itrlcal cln les have been dlai us*.
Inaj thi reaull ol thla taaa fnr mim*
':,'<?. .-. n.) :i i <-(,'n l been rurrent
? it Co ne li to mafry Alexandra Car
llsle an Engllsh actres* who, when
nfii" canil ? ?? tO plav ln "Tho MoT
Isted tha! Coi i"- nlnv the
Hlght ?I'>tt Krom Golf MICU l.ater
Cnuaea Hnnkor'* llciilh.
I Bpeelal tn tb? Ttmea-Dlapatch.l
M i MPSTEl i. i- i . Fetoruarj :n ?
! wlng n llght blow on iho mouth
With a ?o)f Stick thnt caUsefl :i fniall'
wound, ? hirh hn dralnr-d wlth a nnedl". !
Hugh Butler, ? member o? the New f
f.o'rk banklng firm ot Pbal * Flagg, l
aied her< to-daj from blood polaonlng. j
???- rnmplnttng a round Of thn ,
?ir'v Cttlb links on l.tnroln's
thday, Mr. Butler tossed a golf *
-i,.:h nto I ? addli ?-' bag. The atlcK i
? i ?.i- the other*, an.i the eteel T
; ? .? back and struck hlm on the n
- ? Five mlnutea aftf,- u." act
Mr Butler had forgotten ,-iii abotil lt
? ? ? lartr the tlrrj - otind bei ame
-., ,.n,| the needle waa uaed, In
. f< ". : oura Mr Butlei i * i beg&n to
Soi '< C .....ll.t.id . Hiit If tu-iii." r;ii> lu
?i'i Bryan Will Run.
[8peclal t<> Th'- tiiik s-Dlspatch.]
DENVER COI*, February 2".?
J verybody wbo knowa anything or
" ho has any aenSe at all knows how
I 'tsnd lri the matter of heing a can?
didate for the prealdenoy a fourth
time.'- sald W. J. Bryan to-day, wh-n
asked If he would again be a candl
1 a:rl not an out-aod-OUt candidate.
but If th?> pnopip i.t thla country of
..-? i j arty ahould demand that I
alci ' i race agaln. r-landlng for my
well-known princlplea and ideap, why,
I don'l i-t; ?pil aee how I could ro
:i: Bryan addr?eaed th* members of
. ." lje?ii>iature In the Assem
t . i ? ber to-nlght
Henry ?'llmiiiin Pa??e? Arrar ?* HI*
Uom. ln Germnnj-.
(Hpe.clal >o- The Tlmeji-Dlspa'.^h J
NJ5TV VOP.K, February HO.- Henry
Sellgman. a member of th* famlly o*
banker? havini? banklng houces in New
York. !.<>ndriti rftid Parla, dled auddenU
at his hbrne In vrankfort. Germany. to
day. Mr. Sellgman was born ln Bayers
dorf, Germany, nlnety years ago.
He came to thiB country when a
young mani and after runnlng a dry
ga i. bueineaa tn California. In the
flftleB, he founded the han Fran
. ? . branch Of the chain of banking
tea atarted by hims?!f and hls aevon
br6thera, Latnr he went to Frankfort,
wliere hfl established anorher branch
house under the name of .Sellgman &
Stetthetmer, This firm nlaced a largfc)
amount of our bond Issues in Germany
in ihe Clvll War. '
( orroll n. V\*risht, Frextdenl nf llork
I. nlv?T?l?y, nlen nl Home.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatcb J
WORCESTER, MASS., February 20.?
Carroll D. Wrlght, presM?nt of Clark
University, dled nt hls home in thi?
? city to-nlght, att'or an illneps of H.bout
t?n weeka, he?.-i alxty-eight ' yeare.
Slnce the tniddl'" of December he had
been conflned to his home, but not
? until a week "s;0 waa hla condltinn
consldered serlous, and on Thursdav
phystciana said he was loslng
ground rapldly, snd could not llve
more than two days.
President Wrasht had been a. ?auffarer
! from diabetea for abont two years. and
1 eomplirationF. whiob aet In a. week
| ago sapped his strr-ngth. He was un
conscloua ..il this afternoon.
Frerman 11. Ilriwii, Norfnlk I.umber
llealer. nle? ln .Molne.
[Sprnlal to Tlie Tiines-Dlspatch 1
BOSTON, MASS,, February 20.?Wliile
alichtliiE; from a carriage ln front of
b!s hotel ln Portlatul. Me., last nlght,
Freeman H. Brown. of , the John T...
Roper Lumbor Company. of Norfolk,
A'a , dropped dead of heart trouble.
Hn was sixty-three years old. A
son, Captain W'alter S. Brown. who is
on duty as mllltary Inspector at the
University of Maine, at Orbnb, and a
i marrled "daughter. Mrs. W. W. Pea
j body. of "White Plains, N. T.. survlve
! Many Stotes Hepreaented at Meetlnc of
\hv...'lnfimi ln AVaslilnston.
WASMINCrTON, D. Q;, February 20.?
i Numerous States were represented at
a meeting of the Naval Militla Assocl
atlon ot' tho Unlted States held here
! to-day.
1 Assistant Secretary of tho Navy Sat
I torlce, past president of the associa
tlon, dlacns$ed "Naval Militla Needu."
j Other speakers were Commander Chas.
i C. Marsh, on "Plannlng Naval Militla
Crutse Work"; Tvieutenant-Commander
t'lelnnd Davis, on "Wlreless Telegra
' phy": Commander William L. Hodgers.
I "Naval Roserve of Foreign Nations."
i and Commander Henry S. Coldlng, of
I Georgla., on "Coast Slgnailing."
Unlon I'aolflo flullrood S.'uds nn Kxpert
on Tour.
OMAHA, NEB? February 20.?Dr
Frederick II. Mlllener, experimental
elootripian of the Unlon Pactfio Rail?
road will leave to-morrow for a tour
Of the East on a speoial aaslgnment
fo,- the company.
Dr. Mlllener will flrst vlslt the Mar
i-oni wireless station along the Atlantio
i.'.-.Ei as far South as Norfolk, Y;i,
'r-no Meu In iinr Iloom of Hotel tviiich
Caueht Ftr?.
TOWBH, MICH., February 20.-?Duf
fcy I,a Franco and Peter Eno ware
biirnod to death early to-day ln a flre
ivhieh destroyed the Hotol Flnan here,
a two-story framo building.
Tbo bodl'aa of tho two men were
found I? rlie rulns of the bar room.
where thev were spendlng the nlght,
after rcturulng to the hotel at a late
. n. nn
ennessee Lawyer and Dem*
ocrat to Succeed Secre?
tary Luke VVright.
harles N'agel, of Missduri, to Be
Secretary of Commerce and
Labor, Tliese Being South's
Portfolio, Still Open,
Gives Trouble.
fSperla! to The Tlmcs-Dlr-patrh.J
-?Sn^CrNNATl, 0H1O, Fehruary 2fj.?
Jacob M Dlcklnaon, t;,e chlcago
?*-**' lawyer. who haa bepn mentloned
nr f-ecrelary of War In the, Taft Cab
riet. had a long conference wlth the
'resldent-elect here thls morning.
'olther Mr. Taft nor Mr. Dlcklnaon
fould aay anythlng ln regard to tlie
onference. but It ls belleved the war
ortfolto whh formaliy offercd by Mr.
'aft and was aeceptrd.
Mr. Dlcklnaon. If he aecepts a post
n the Taft <"ahln?t. will be accredlted
o Tonnessee, nia natlve State. II"
ractlced law tnere untii wlthln a few
eara, whpn h? moved lo Chlcago He
? now general counaei for the. Illlnotc
'entral Rallway.
Dlcklnsnn and Char!eM N'agel. nf MIs
ourl. who has been s'.ated toi 8?i :r
ary nf Commerce and Labor. wiu un
iOUbtedly be th? South's repirsenta
Ives ln the Cablnet Dlcklnaon ls a
'emocrai nf the Luke Jj Wrlght type.
WHahl U flmlMed.
Th? probabilltv of Wrlght heins
imltted from the Xafl 'offlclal faniily
? aa been a surprlee m tlie President
irct'? frlanda, Wrlght, untii recent
y, waa regarded aa a flxture'in the
raft Cablnet, and Mr Taft'a rrlendr
ire heglnniiig tn ark what haa corn''
ip between hlm and the President
?ieol. Wrlght waa appointed to th?
tooaeveit Cabinet on SIr. Taft'a recom
It ls the lmpresslon here that th?
dlcklnaon visit to-dav compl?ted th<
raft Cablnet. with the exceptlon oi
:he Treaaury portfolln. Mr. Taft ii
laving a lot of trouble fllllng lt.
Bld* ?..,...1 ii.
Mr. Taft as a prlvate citlzen ?al<
?ood-bv to hls natlve town this str.-^
toon for at. leaat four year?. j-je lef
it 3:115 o'clock on the ppnnsylvam;
Rallroad for Fhlladetphia. A good
'i/.ed crowd was at the station t>
?heer hlm off. and ho was kp'pt. husi
*1I the morning ahaklng hands will
ii? frtenda and acknowledglng thei
?rood wlshes.
On Monday afternoon the President
dect will delFver the Waahlngtor
3irthday addrea." at the L'nlversltv o
3ennsylvanla. and in the evenlng h<
vlll attend a banquet. He will go tc
*i>w York on the 23d, where be wll
speak ar n mpetlng 1n he liold bj
Sooker T. Washlngton fnr the ralaliij
if funda for Tuskegee Inatitute. Mr
raft haa nor declded yet Juat how lotu
i? will remaln tn New York Clty. Hi
will go from New York to Washingtot
for the Inauguration.
Spetiku nt \rnln.
(Ppe'.lal tn Th? Tlmes-DlKpatch.]
COLFMBFS. O. February 20.?Mi
Taft passed through Columbus at i
o'clock this evenlng on his way t<
Phllade-Iphla. Several hundred mer
wero at the atatlop and cheered hlm.
At Xenla., O.. Mr. Taft'a c?r wa
aurrounded bv an oager crowd. an,
he came out on the back platform an,
asked for the support and prayprs o
the people that the dutles of th<> re
rponslblp posttldn he ls about to as
Bttme may be dlacharged for the bes
good of all.
Mr. Taft will reach Phlladelpbia i
the morning, and will be the gtiest 6
Dr. S. Welr Mltchell. Mra. Taft wll
1o1n her liusband there. comlng froi
New York, where ahe has beei
epondlng a few daya.
On Monday Mr. Taft. will make n
addresa hefore the Pennaylvanla Unl
veraity and leave, for New York Tues
La Savote Carried $1,150,0410. Sent b
Ihe Bank of Frnnc*.
[Epsclal to The Ttmes-Dlapateh.l
NEW YORK, February 20,?Th
French liner La Savole. from Havri
wlth $1,150,000 ln gold aboard, wa
hampered by wtnd and tlde ln dockin
thls mornlng, thus contrlbutlng to th
nervousness of F. O. Nelson, a cuaton*
house broker, waltlng to take $400.no
of the yellow metal, ahlpped by th
Natlonal Bank of France to the Na
tional Bank of Cuba, from tha Frencl
man to the Ward llner Saratog;
acheduled to sall at 1 o'clock fc
The rest of the Savole'a consignmer
of gold, also from the Bank of Frano
was conslgned to the Natlonal Cit
Ein.pre?? of Clilna 1? Damng-ed and Wl
Have to Be Doeked.
KOBE Feb. 20.?The Canadlan Paclfl
rallroad'stenmor Empress of Chlna, frot
Hong Kong for Vancouver, arrlved het
to-day after havlng been ashore on a
Island of tho inland sea. She ia makin
water ln two of her ballast tanks an
must bo docked for examlnatlon.
Mtramslitp I'rralilenlr Hn>? i r.k, , Klre
nnd In Bcncbeit,
Rt.'ENOS AYUKS .inry 20.?The
Argentlne ateamet i ? Identa Roca,
from aotithern ports, ai ordlng to re?
ports recelved here, haa been wrecked
bi m. -. n Puei to I"- -ti Antonlo nnd
Puerto Madrln, on the ea t coaat The
teamer eaught (Ire, and tl la betteved
thal the crew and 200 passengera have
perlahed. Ii is rtported alao that the
i' ir;mr pank.
Press dlspnfrh"<- recelved here thla
afternoon state that. thn flnnms ap'rnad
wlfih grnat rapldltv, nnd that the
ateamer waa headed Into shoro aa
rapldly ns poaaible .\ panle prevalled,
and many llves wen BOirie 6f the
eatlmatea reachlng a hlgh as 2no.
The Presldento Roca -.? a on her way
north from Puerto Madrln to San An
i,at.-r ofprini nteaaagea, however. re
t?!-'?, i thal th" veasel --:mk. but timt only
tWeflty llvea wero lost. Three hutl
dred and flfty paaaei ger and membera
of the crew wore aaved, accordlng to
Th" "Presldento R"M helonged to thn
Hamflurg-South Am?-rtnan Llne. Him
waa t'io lare-est ateamer tmdlng regu
larlv between Buerms Ayres and thn
Koiithern port" of the "piibllcs.
The ate'anier Prealdente Roca vnu a
mall boat 3on feet long, forty-one feel
beai i, nnd waa ''.*a~ tona gro?^ She
??-.- i.iii't in MffldleBborough In 1S06.
f finimtttpe \% Merelr InT?-..f Icuflng
Mefbod of Trnnnnrtlng- niiKlnrN*.
NEW l'ORK, February '-'n.?The
I roniinittne rippolntid by <;overnor
Hughea to Inveatlgate methods of
tranaactlng buainess In the New York
exchangea had before II former Co
- man Charlea E Llttlefield, re.
celvei ?? thi defuncl brokerage firm
Ittee a d< lalled - int of the
trahaactiona of ihe firm leading up
j to Ita fallure laal Aug ?
"The nature of thn Inforrnation glven
| to us to-day by Mr. Llttlefield, eape
clally of the flrms black Saturday,
waa, of eourae. atrlctly confldentlal.
i bjeel waa no't to learn of the,
| lndlvlduala concerned In thn transi
: o i at de time nf the Bro-wn fallure.
We are pursulng our inveatlgatlona for
jthe purpo.oe of SUggesting. if poaaible,
, anv Imnrovemetit-v tn thi l mnth
rep " sented by algebra
We did nol ? e to knt
.. prlncipile Involved would
equally well understoo'd ir
Ipants had be.p x v and
PetfifOU ?" Goierriot for TsTlor, Tlnley
and John Power*.
LOU1SVILLE, KV, Feb ;n -Kph
- - moat vexatlOUS r^'-*!itica 1 and penal
problen I i up lts head ncain
....-?? pr< ented to Governor A.
E -,' ?'. ?- - . sterday by Caleb Powers for
th? : ird ? b of former Governor W. S.
: .-: ? former Secretary ot tbe State
? - - Fmlev and John L. Powera, The
waa algned by flfteen thouaand cltl
,:? i - nf Kenlucky, regardleaa of pariy.
and ihe governor replied that. he would
conslder tho rnatter |n his turn. Powers,
who |s himself a former secretary of
state of Kehtucky and the most noted
polltlcal prlsoner of rocenl years, was
with .I-iii Howard freed by Wlllson's par
dnn prerogatH'e some months ago.
Tlie three meri for whom Powera senks
the pardona were eharg.-d as acoessorios.
all. lncludlny Oovernor Taylor, fleeing lo
Indiana. whence extraditlon has i Ince
Vieen refused govemora bf Kentucky.
Whllc, Negro nnd Indlnn Organlr.atlon*
Are to Be In ' '?>< .
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.?More than
C3.CW nir-n will march In tho inaugural
parade March 1. according to ofTiclal re?
ports made to the Inauguratlon commlttee
at a ineeting held yesterday. There will
be approximatety 'J2.000 soldiers. sallora
and marlnes of the regular serviee, na
tlonal guardamen and independent nilli
tary bodles, lncludtiig the cadels from
West. Point and Annapolls in the military
division- l'p to date forty-five organlza
tlons nf white ninii and nlne of colored
men have upplied for positions ln line. as
well as one body of Indlans. Theso with
thelr tnuslclana will number about nine
Former Secretary of Stnlr lloot Brnc
i.e- at II"i SnrlngH.
[Speolal lo The Tlmes-Dlspaicli. 1
I MEMPHlS, TKNN.. February 20.?
Wlth healtb showing In every Oaturn
as well bs the filled-out form, former
Secretary of State Ellhu Root tallted
to-day of the beneflts of his stay In
Hot Sprlngs, Ark., wlth enlbiisiasm.
"Mv visit hero has been exoeedlngly
benc^iclal," sald Mr. Root. "Not only has
my general health been very much lm
proved, but my knee that was lnjured,
la now thoroughly well. I am return
tng to my duties feellng spondid and
flt for any amount of hard work."
The former secretary will leava Hot
Sprlngs Monday, going dlrect to Al
bany. N. T.
Siveeny < ommauded the Waap on
PerllmiM Rescue Trlp,
BOSTON, MASS.. Fehruai^- 20.?Phlef
Boatswain Hugh Sweeny, U, S. N.. dled
thls mornlng at Naval Hospital, Chel
aea, where hn had been conftned for
several u-eeks. I Io commanded tbe
gunboat Wasp on her perllous trlp
during n. fterce gnle Deoetnber'10 and
11, 1905, when tho Wasp wfls ordered
from. Newport to Nantucket. Phoals lu
search of tho brlg Harry Smith.
It was a voyage of self-sacrlfloe, and
lt ls prohivhle that nll will never be.
told of tho herolc efforts of tlie men
on tha Waap.
$40.7ft to California.
lour1?t Hlseper without chanao vla Washing?
ton Hunsot Rnute. 030 li. Maln St., Norfolk.
mra cooper
lad an X-Ray Photograph
Taken During Reccss
of Court.
)etailsthe Events o? the Fatal
Day, How His Father Started
lo Confer With Governor^
Tbinking Trouble With
Carmack Had Been
W T ASHVTLLE. TF.NN , rebrunry 20.
^1 Thla was the defenae'a day in in
? ^ trial of Colonel Uuncan B. Coop
r, Robin J. Cooper and John D. Sharp
harged wlth the murder of forme
;nited StatcB Senator Edward W. Car
nack. Only one wltnesa waa exam
ned, the boylah defendant, Robin ?!
'ooper, and he made a aplendld wll
When court opi-ned H was expecte
ild offi
?>r lnor
t leai
?e ti
Ig c
tor h
!. Bot
d fr
ng l"r tlme at i ti
>. get-alon. The <Jr
rly ininutes' Indul
id took an liour and a half.
Took X-Rny Plcturr.
preaumed thal a conferenc
an nn, but In reallty the tlme wa
iiuirdd ln order thal an X-ray phc
graph mlpht he taken to learn If th
il.-h Robi
i i o.ip.-r
.tin then
Dr. Fc
nmis Hoi
bullet, tl
r tr
iear his knees at the I
pltal. ti waa a tt ti ti
Imllet The gun found n?ar Senatr
Carmack a body wlth two empty ahel
Is a thlrty-elght-callbre.
The defense ovidently wanted to 1
Bure that tlie X-ray ahowed no bulh
ln P.obln's shOulder before they pt(
?'.-. .-i the mlsalle found ln the.boy
bed in thla connecllon the state b?
an interes-tlng story that the revolvi
found r"?r Cnnnai-kS body ??vas not tl
one forced upon the dead edltor t
nnt- of hla Btaft a few houra before I
v.-H' shot The one picked up ls a bli
steel thirty-elght calibre fnlou
Cooper's revolver. secured a day or tw
later, ls a nlckeled thlrty-elght cal
bre, and sipparently had never oe?
1 IHIIH-, Cooper on Stand.
A.8 soon aa the X-ray plate had he?
d diacldaed no trace of
lefenae announced then
iy. and caiied yciung Coo]
nd. TheVboy is a alendr
erect, clean-cut, lilghVbred type of
young man.
Hls featurea are delicate, almo
femiiilne, but hc carriea himself
an erect and nianly faahlon. and the
is nothlng effeminate in hls mantre
Hla yoice ls- soft and well cultlvate
I e speaka alowly, almost wlth a. dra**.
He anawered every question wlth
deliberateneaa and cautlon that
tlines aeetned to e.vasperate hia coui
ael, Judge Anderson, and put hlm
the llglit of an unwilllng wltneaB. B
there ls no doubt that. hls evides
slncerity and dislnolinatlon to tal
odvantage of n altuatlon made a vei
sirong impreaalon on both jury at
Bpectatora. Hla crosa-examlnatlon tvi
poatponed untii Monday. wlien lt wl
conaume probably most. of the day,
He said that he practlced law
tho oftice of hls uncle, .lames Bradfor
und that on Npvember !?. the day
tlie Carmack shootlng, hla fath
raiied at Bradford'a offlce ln the for
nonn. Young Cooper. who gave li
af aa twenty-seven, ref,-rred to h
falher an "papa.'"
"Papa lold me." he teatlfied, "I
?was afrald he was solng to ha
trouble wlth Mr. Carmack."
After a long; argument of counsi
Cooper was allpwed to explain su
parts of this conversation as: had be,
prevloualy teatlfied lo by Miss Ls
who sald she overheard parts of tl
conversation. Tlie witness contlnuf
apeaktng of hls father:
1 .icil I'lii-nnnl Arrowa.
"He aaid he was afrald of troub
I asked hlm why. Ho said ln su
sta.nce that Mr. Carmack in hls pap
had been print.lng edltorials attac
ing hls character and, aa he put
shootlng polsoned arrows. He said
tyas becomlng unendurahle. He se
hb hnd seen Mr, Cralg the night b
fore and told hlm to lell Carmack th
he must cease uslng hla name ln 1
paper. He sald Mr. CralR return
and aaid he had seen Carmack, b
Carmack would agree to nothlng,
"As I remember tt, Mr. Cralg aa
to papa that Carmack was ln
vlcloua humor or mood." Robin aa
hls father also told Cral^r to tell Ca
ntack that unleaa he cea-sed uslng I
name the town waa not blg enOUl
to hold them both.
"I was greatly worrled.*' tlio wltne
contlnued, "and I sald I belleved r
uncle could brlng lnfluencea to he
to show Carmack tho Injustlce of l
courae. It w-as then that papa nal
"He had no right to use my nan
and I havo a right to protect myself.
Tho defense nttemptnd to get
testlmony by Robin tendlng to shr
Ihnt Oolonel Cooper's wultlug f
Carmack tho day of the kllllmr w
Contlnued on Fasn Foiu-?4'V.ti
Monday'sTimes-Dispatch willtell how to viewthe return of America's
great fleet to Hampton Roads. Every one should read The Times
Dispatch as a guide, Pictures and diagrams will show the position of
each warship, as anchors are dropped opposite Old Point.
In Anyliim "tVllltlu Twenty-fotir flonrj
of Hla Weddlng.
[Spe.dal to The Tlmea-Dispatch.'
WorK'F.KTi-K, MASS., February 20.?
Although hls brlde of twe.nty-fotir
houra brought every legal recourae at
h"r r.oriinia.iid to keop hlm from the
inaano aaylum. Wllllam F. Sargent, a
member nf J. W. tiargent & Son, one
of the largeat rarrlago maklng firma
ln ihe State. and one of thla ctty'a moat
protnlneft men, waa taken to tho vin
Lean Insane Asylum tn an nutomoblle
thla afternoon by Clarence McComber,
a commltment. offlcer.
Wlthln nn hour after hla examlnatton
by alleniats, nt liia famlly*s roqueat,
Sargent managed to loave hla father'a
house at "1 Lancaster Btreet. unob
served, met Miaa Augnata, Mary Hanff,
stolo away to the Clty Hall. where a
Itcenae waa aecured, and marrled Miaa
| llunff at tho home of her slstor, Mra
Wllllam W. Sanderaon, at 35 Irvlng
I Street
Iminediately after tho weddlng ho
I Wt the hotrio of hla brlde'a slstor. wlth
i the Intentlon of golng to hla father'a
home io pronuro hla effecta, prlor to
leaving ttie; city on a weddlng Jour
ney. Wlthln ten mintttcs of hls fle-1
- iiire the police aj-rive<i at the home1
ot :he htld.- wlth a warrant lanued |
, by .indge Utley, on suppoaitlon of the
-. inlty of sargent.
Tha brlde was proatrated, havlng no
' irira that her husband waa mantally
v. eak,
The offlcera lmmedlately left ln
aearch of Sargent, locattng hlm at the
j home of hls father, where ho waa de
? Idlned durlng the hlght.
Judge Utley declared to-day that
Sargent should be committed to the
naylura at onoe. Aceordlng to the
Dltenlata who have examined hlm. ther^
i no duuhtt aa to hla mental weak
ESarly to-day addltlonh.1 experts' were
called Into tho ciiso by Charloa J.
O'Hara, ati attorney rapresentlug tho
brlde. It ls underatood thal thelr wr~
dlct wus tho same aa that of tho
atlenjata, who declared yesterday thut
Mr. sargent la aiiffertng from dementia
paralytlca, a progresalvo mental dts
eaae, tironmpanled by organlc changes
ln the braln. whlch will leave hlm a
iptete wreck Inside of two years.
The n-ffalr has shocked the entlrei
Clty, Much aympathy ls exprosscd for
' ? brlde, who ia promineut ln aoclal
and plillanthroplc works. Mr. Sargent
i uiember of ono of the oldost
famlllea ln the clty and promlnent ln
buslneaa, soclal and club olrcles.
1 ] Slayer of Annln ISnJoya an Hour Out of
1 ll.inr, Hull..
[Speclal to Th? T1m?i<-Dlspatch.|
*? NEW YORK, February 20.?Becauae
r o? falling hoalth which threatened hlm
s wlth total physical and mental col
' lapse, Captaln Peter ,C. Halns, Jr., id
? now allowed an houra outdoor exer
. clse dally. Beyond hls short trlpa to
Mand from the courthnuse thla Ia the
"flrst real outlng glven hlm since hia
al arreat on August 15 last, the day he
?-. iled Anriia.
rTa)na ta brought down every day
? from hls cell on the top tler of the
inl .uul bundled up in a blg overcoat
??? th&t he Is not recognlzable by any
Ol ler of the, prlaonera. he ta taken to
?* tho back of the big jallyard and glven
il | his freedom. for an hour or more. The
o .iail yard is stiirounded by a nlgh brlclc
. ! wa.ll. and all other prlaonera and the
_ cleanera are ordered out of the1 yard
durlng the captain'a exerciso. He is
always aacompanled hy ono of hls two
l keepers. and It ls aaid that he Ib re
covering hla health and spirita. In
Btead of alrnply loltering round the
yard as he dld tho flrst few daya ho
was taken out, he now runs and Jumpa
and enjoys hls brlet freedom.
lt ia also stated that hla tnenta.I con?
dltlon has also Improved, and that he
la taklng a. great Inlercst ln the build?
lng of the big Sunnysldo Rallroad yard
bat-k of tho courtlioiise.
Idstrlct Attorney Frederlck O. De
Wltt sald to-day that early next mouth
lie would make application to Justice
Garretaon ln the Fluahlng Supreme
Courl to set a date fur the tr.al of
I olouel Tucker Will FlRht mu Wlfe'*
t?iilt for Ulvorce.
[?pei-lal ln The Tlmes-DlBpatch.]
CHliAdO, February 20.?Coionel w,
F. Tucker. payniaater of the Dopart
ment of tho Lakea, now faclng possible
retlrement from tho Unlted Staten
Army by the authorltlea at Waslilng?
ton, la ready to file ?. croaa MU to the
ault Inatltubed by hla wlfe, Mra. Mary
F.lizabeth Tucker. daughter of the late
General John A. Logan, who Is seok.
ing a dcoree of aeparatlon before the
Supenor Court.
Coionel Tucker will not. ho saUsflec
with almply flling an anawer to the
blll brought by hls -wit'o, but, lt U
declared, will filo a 005s blll a-sklng
that. he be glven a clerreo of abaolutu
dlvorce. Iu thla way the hidden Bkele
tons ln the Tucker faniily r.ioset will
be dragged from tlie darkneas anc
riangled heforo tho public.
Coionel Tucker, after a ehort atay
here at the l.'nion League, will returi'
to Hot Sprlhga, Ark., to the army hos?
pital there, nnd when hia croaa blll i.<
ready for fillng ln the S*upertor Court
he will return to Chlcago.
Gcolo&rtat Burrougha to Kiilfil tlie De.
Mlre ot Hl* Life.
[Speolal to The Tlmes-DlBpatch.]
NEW YORK', February 20.?Johr
Burrougha, tho naturttllst. and author
left for the West to-dny to fulfil at
seventy-two hls llfe-loug deslro to ae.
the Grand Canyon of the Colorado um:
then go to the petrlfied forest ln Ari
zona, where John Muir. the Weaterr
cxplorer. and dlscoverer of the Muli
glacler la awaltlng hlm.
These two men will travel througl
the Canyon geologizlng and observlnpr
Thenco they wll! go to California
whlch State Mr. Burrougha has nevei
vislted, and will tour tho States frotr
Oregou to Mexlco.
"It ts Just n pleasure trip," Mr. Rur
rougha said to-du.y, "and 1 am looklng
forward to It as eagerly, I thlnk, ai
I would have forty years ago, It i;
forty years slnee I flrst had a stroiiE
deslre tn viall the Qrand Canyon, anc
It seema odd that ln all that tlme :
havo not made the Journey."
Ocean Ijlnern Are Alrendy Forecd Oal
of ltegiilar l*?ilti.
[Speclal to Tho Tlniet:-Dlspatch. 1
NEW Y'H'K, February 20 --The Lab
rador lceburg trust is aendlng Iti
prodUOt untisually early thls year tc
bother the llnera, La Savole. whlcl:
atlcks to the lano proscribed for paa
aenger i-nirlers, keeping a trlfle soutl
ralher than north of It, found on the
trip shrt flnlshod here to-day fron:
Havre Itiat nha would havo to make
a stlll Iniikrer detour on her ne.xt trir
to the weutward.
She run into ii lot of soft field tct
on Wfdin't-iliiy inoimlng nff the banki
or 'NtHVfoundland, strlktng lt about !
O'olOOk In tha mornlng- nnd not clear
Ing it untii noon. There were nt
hergs In slglit to the uorttnvjfd. bu
the presenca pf tha ice rteid lndlca.tec
that they" were conilng down.
North Carolina and Montana
Yesterday Boomed Forth
Thirteen Guns.
Social Features of the Return
Are to Be as Notable as tlie
Departure ? Monday Will
P.c Great Holiday for
Hampton Roads
Approaches, but Says Nothing.
[3pecial to Thn Tlmes-DIs'
NOBFOI.K, VA? February 20.
Atlantlc bntllemhlp tleet 1* approach
Ing Cape Ilenry ?o-nlKht, but la mj.
Ing uotblng. .Vnt one irord ln tlie
way ?if uein Iihh esoaped lt. lt r?
celvea no uieaaages except those of
nn otii.-i.it nnture, an occaslonnl one
from mmiii- member of an ofllcer'a
famlly, and n fe-rr embodyfag men-.
*n?rr?i to men aud ofllocru of tbe tl- ???.
Buf tlicae kept t.be alr pretty well
lllled wlth wireleaa npnrks. The av>
erasre naval operjitor wnrkji none ?oo
faat. He ln mude h-y the goTern
mont, usuall > od short aotlce, and Is
not Hie rqual ut Iih hrother st the,
eomraerolal koys. TVor la wlreleoa
eriual to nn oocnslon of thla kindt
but one opernt.or run nork at once.
There ln iuo ?ny to gtet a atach of
prlvate mesanges here for transmin
alon to the sbl(i? by wireleaa.
FORT MONROE, VA., February 20.-.;
When tho salutlng guna on the,"
forward lirldge uf thn armored'
crulfinr North Carollna boomed thir-'
teen tlmoa to-day In honor of the hlue,
flag of Rear-Admlral Sperry, on tho
battleshlp Connectlcut, tho corablned
naval forces that are to enter tho Vir-'
glnla capes on Monday mornlng to bev
reviewed by President Roosevelt. tn
celebraLlon of the world r.ruise of six
teen Amerlnavi battle.F,hips were com
pleted. Whreleaa sisnais recelved,
from the North Carolina and her junlor
consort, the Montana. early to-day told
of the approach of the last two shipo
sent to welcomo thn home-comlng- ves?
sels to tho maln body of the fleet.
Tho wlreless station at the Norfollc
Navy-Yard could not plck up the fleet
dlrect etther last nlght or to-day ow
iiiR- to tho heavy mist in the atmos
phere; btit tho messages from the
North Carolina wero sufficlent to ln
dlcato that thn fleet Is near enouirh,
to tho VtrKlnia capes to-nlfjht to ln
aure Its arrival off tho entrance to
Hampton Roads some tlmn to-morrow.
Tho fleet will lay to or nianoouvre off.
tho capea to-morrow afternoon and
eveninB. and will get under way Mon?
day mornlng In time to pass into homs
waters and begln flllng by thn May.
flower exaotly at the hour lndlcatedv
Wlvcs. Avvalt Offlcera.
Scores of offlcers" wivea are already
at the hotels here. Among them. are
ahout nlneteen who made the journey j
all thn way around the world on mer- t
cbant ships, and who overtook or
awalted tho naval vessels at the va- |
rlous ports vislted.
Somo of theso lntropld women even
went nll tho way to Australla. but. i
most of them remalned ln Japan, Tvh.11*
thelr husbandn wero ln the antlpodea.
There are other wlves hero who went
with the fleet ns far aa California.
Htlll otiiers thero are who contentei |
thetiiHolven with wttnessing the de?
parture from here fourteen monthx
ago, and who then returned to thatt*
homea ln varlous parts of tha country; .
Theso are known as thn navy wido-wv
The social feature of the fleet's re?
turn and stay lu the roads ls to be aa '
notablo bs the departure. From Wash
injrton, Baltlmore, Phlladelphla. New
Xprk, Richmond and Norfolk large
parties have arrlved tor "fleot week," ;
and every room In the hotels ls taken, ;
and many persons were turned away
to-day at the Chamberlln. Thn prob- '
lem of provldlng for the countless (
hundreds who will bn hero on Mondar j
ls worrylng tha hotel managers and I
Norfolk wllt he the Me.ccaof most of ;
thn excuralonlsts, and elabnrate prep- j
aratlons aro belnf? made thera to ac-* I
commodato tho thronga wlth rooms and ,
Ehccltement Is. luteuae.
Aa the time of tlie fleet's arrival(
draws near tho excttement tn all tha ?
cltles bordering- on Hampton Roads is 1
becomlng In'tense. W"asriliigton's Birth- '
day Is to bo celebrated as a holiday
more generally than ever beforn ln this )
sect.lon, nnd all the restdents of Xor- ;
folk, Newport News, Hampton and j
other cltles who can posslbly do so
will etther be atloat or gathered along j
the Bhprea of thn roadStead to wltness
tbe Impresslve arrival of the shlpa and I
thn oeremonles attendlng tha visit of |
tho President.
Rear-Admlral William H. Ernory,.
who commanded one of the dlvislons of '
the tle.ot up to the tima of hls rettre
ment at Manila last November, arrlvi d
to-day to wltness the hcme-comlng ofi
the fleet and to provi.le for the transfer
nf his e.ffects, brought
flagehlp, tho Doulslan
Captaln HutoUli
According to advlc
tha Georgla la not thi
sixteen battleahips tha
ln oomman'd of the extcutlve offlcar..
Captaln Hamtlton Hutchlna who salleij
wlth the Kearsargo (rom here all tha
\vny to Olbraltur. becai I there and
askn.l for relief. The ECearaarge ii
probably therefore In command of Lleu
"Wnant-Commander Nathan C. Twlnlng.
Captaln Hutchlna returned from Olbral
tar on tho ICoenlglh i,:iise.
lliimv for ttie Mm,
WASHINOTON. " '' Februarj ln.??
Carrylng $800,000 tu e ld ptecea freth
from t. ?? govi rnmeni ... t?l to paj - a
oftloera aud men of tlie Atlantlc, fleet.
the gunboat Vanktln. which v ?*
day completed Us crulse around
i. oi-ui, le/t tt.-il. - Norfolk l
join tha t'l*iet? Tlie Y&nktoq "?--? ? **K

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