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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, February 21, 1909, Society at Home and Abroad, Image 14

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rofo Eient. atwitj
h socinl iiffnh-'. 1.:
ally gay, endlna
eaaon In Rldhrhori
debutahlea are lv
i think of tha r-.lr
vitli regfotful re
i.i. ir nithuion
? . ,i ro nlunnln
.. . i otl 11is itiun
,i fto&di |" atfema t
to-'iiortov .
i.'m-mc. are Wltt]
thi W eMmorelfiiii
? salth ciiii'.'^. ii ii'
n - m roacli hor
dancc or tho Mon
rrow nighti which
?ue, will cven out
eautlful affatra o
Moore, ui
wau n,
Arhotd " i
Cabell, M
>IU/ Marl
Mlaa Warileli
md Julla ninn
Tatbb, -laraei
and Rober
y ? ? ii tho Weel
did Mi - Herfrj
red Pleatantt
ni .Mr. and Mra
Mi--. Fllppi n
rral olheri
Mra, ScotI P
v. ith Mri Bi ar
irft Frl 1 ??
?ul irki county
i a party oi
i; T. Hunter
Ikes ,md :ev
Ish, and Mra, Winrh
?v nnd ht-r daughter
'i Point, where thej
are l lopping ,-it tlio Chumberlln, tc
meet Mi Bi ? ??' ley'i son-lri-laW, n-ln
la .-m afflci r on one ol iha Ameflear
<,iie!i?? a* Lun-beon,
When Mra. John Bfookanbrougn mi
tertalncd nt ,-i, dellghtrul buffet lun
chaon ri" Thuraday ln her home, oi
iVeal franklln IJtraet, ber guests ln
Mr.'. John Hunter, Mra. faaac Newtor
Vaugli.-iti, Jr., Mra, Randolph Mayo.'Mra
John B, Coke, r'r? Mlaa Zeiio Mlnor
Mr*. Wtlltarnson Talley, Mr.*. Luthei
Warren. Mra, John Slnelalr Mouroe
>lr?. John l alvln MetcaJY, Mr-. EdTflr
C. Laird. Mra Edgar Rlvcs Laffortv
Jlllss Taylor. Miss Ilelen Quurlr18, Mra
Hugh Bkipwith, Misa Maud Strlng
fellow, ."'L.. Charles Evelyn Smith
Mf?, Phlllp Henry Powera, Mra. Artljui
Mra. C. D. Wingfleld,
Mlaa Itclnuardt'a itrelmi.
On Monday evenlng last Mlaa Quijflio
Reinbardt ijfllghted ? large audlonea
5n the club, v?MnV*aasl8ted by her ^ir
ter. Miss Annie Loulse rselhhafdt, v'lo
Who loek parl in the Juphiivnf ilrll
ol tke Academy Krlday jiud Sutitrde'
AA hn gnvp iittraottve fnnoy dancefc dnr
Ing Ihe ^aiianetc ilrill nt tlie Aeaitemy
<?r Mu?h- Frlday hiuI Satuniny ove
liuisf, snil her father, Professor .Tacob
Beinhardt, aa acconipanlst, she gave a
I itioft artisMc song recltal.
Mtsu Beinhardt's program was r-x
Ibellently chosen. glving her an oppor
tunlty to fllsplay hor fplendld range
nnd ver:a:/illty. Haydn's "My Molher
Bids Me Bind My Hair,'* D'Hardelofs
? Green Bonnets" were followed by "Vio?
lets" and the "Fleep Song," by Mrs.
Katbarlne Mlller ilunn. of Richmond,
MasBenet'a "Elegle" nnd the f'Chantess
Rets Dormez." frVm Gounod. were tho
closlng numbers, accompanled with
Ivlolin ohllgntos. nnd wero rec'elv&d
wlth greatest enthtislasm and appro
Iclatlon from Miss Relnhardt's heerers,
, wiu, eongratulated har ajtd her slster,
thq tiientod vtpltnltt, on thelr succjreu
Tho Mlsaei Reinhardt were gMrtfrousiy
coulpllfnented In the way of florsi ro
[merubrances. HOStesSOS durlng the rc
oeptton after the tnusiral were Mrs,
John Armlatead, who poured 'ea. :??.
slsted by Mlstes Virginia M". Su'iy,
IjU'cj Chrliitian, Evelyn Stiles and
Wili!ariu*ota', ot Baltimore; Mr.--. Frank
IV. Duke, Mi.-. riiiiip TaHate'rrp and
Mrs Jolui Uandstrbet preSi'ded over tho
coffeo table.
Ano.thc-r musie.il trcat is prnmiscd t li->
clpb next Saturday evenlng at S:30,
when Mr, jTredprjek Blalr. ot Boaton.
the well-known colllat, wiu glvo u
rcrltal, assiaicd by Mrs. Ivan Maltb^y,
Mrs! Tho'nios AVliittct and Mrs. Duke.
Mr. uiul Mr?. Wllllam A. Sands a:i
HOUnCe lho Hppronehiitg niarriago of
thelr daughter. Qraco Olcott, to Rev,
James McC'long Siei?, of Staunton; tno
weddlng to take placo on Thuraday
evenlng, February 25.
To Leave nn WrtlncMtlay.
Miss Dudley Powcrs. -who has bcon
one of the most populap and admlreil
debutantos "ot the winter in Rlchmond,
slnco comlng here last November, will
leave with her mother, Mrs. Dudley
Powers, on 'Wedneaday for their home,
near Detrolt, Mich., much to the. re
Kiot of thelr many Richniond ftlendp.
Vtlrnctlvc l.enii-u Kcaturc.
A charmlng soelal resort dtifing af
tcrnoons ln l^cnt will bo the tea room
ln -the Jofferson Hotel, managed by
members of the Girls' Club, from I to
j 7 on every afternoon heginnlng Thurs
I day, when Miss Posle Mereditli, Mlsa
j Eleunor Llndscy and Miss Davcnport
| will serve.
Tlie eomiiilttee for each day will In
i vite thelr friends to assiut thom, mak
ing the tca room a most atlractlve
fenture iit socloty.
Tiio.se in obargO of arrangements on
other days will be: P*rida>N Miss Mil
hdredVBoyd, Miss Orotchen Noltlng,
Miss Kato Mereditli; Saturday. Miss
j llarrls, Miss Nellle Davenport, Miss
j Gertrude Camm; Monday, Mrs. st.
I George Bryan, Mrs. Edward Mayo,
Mlas Evolyn Gordon; Tuesday, Mi^s
Mary Hlokok. Miss Borta Trlggj
Wednesday, Mrs. David Leake. Mlsa
Maude Morgan and Mlsa Cat-ollno Uor
doii Rennolds.
.Mr*. Wliltehurst's Tcu oii Wednesday.
"Mrs. WiBJani ?'? Whitehurst was
hostess at one of tlie protttest affairs
of tlio wcok on Wednesday afternoon,
When she entertainod in honor of her
daughter, Mrs. Robert V. Whltehurst,
nnd her olster, Mrs. Mollle C. Lartis,
who recelyod wlth hor. Mrs. Wronn'.
ol Norfolk, and Mrs. AVIllIain Camp?
bell were also tn tlio recelvlng party
in tlie front drawlng-room, where tho
backgrouud was of masses of palms,
and tho illuinlnntlon was funiihliecl by
5 cliow-shadcd lights,
Goldeii baskets fllled wlth jonciuils,
Buspondod hy ropes of gauue deeor
ated the mantcls, stalrway and bal
luater rail, whlle festoons of smltax
draped tlie columns. nnd the llbrary,
Ilglited hy tct.ll yellow tapers, was
banked wuh palms, PinilaK and other
Mrs. Ch&rlei Campbell and Miss
Graoa Bld good pretlded at the punoli
bowl, which *?*.? decorated vmn a
if'.'ii of the smllax studded wlth the
? llpw blossoms and crystallised fruit
ln 'he sanio color.
Th? centreplece in the dlnlng-room
wai a hugo basket of tonaulls, the
i? thal ol Ihe new!,- roe.tcd home article, and u dua to Uf nacklni whik
hot in air-tight, damp proof cam.
-OI.D EVERYWHER E-2 8 ct?.
THE RE1LY.TAYL0R CO., New Orleam, U. S. A.
^.~)- - -^
Unutual Values in Women' I
Costumes and Dresses
Enlireh) New Models
at the Following Speclal 'Prices?
STniPED FANAMA SUITS, lu aolld A<i _, ~~
colorings nnd fancy atrlped Oftficta, in tho \ | S (III
new shades: actual value, $20.00. ip*V?WV
TWO-PfJSCE TAILOP.KD SUITS, ln the *-?*?. ~rt
Importod atrlped satin ,-loth, tre.ct SJ<n fin
and evenlng Khades; actual viilue. $40.00.. ?fM"*V"
atrlped uatin eloth, ln the new spring '11x7 Sfl
!'liade.?i; actual vnlue, $r.O.0o. yu?*?0\J
ln evenlng shades. dainty and styllah; Sk77 Hfl
actual value, $30.00 . ?pA?&?.a#U
EMPTRH GOWNS. of new colorings. ln An- __
meesali'nc, wlth dainty net, yoke nnd N'tal (|(!i
fclooves; actual value, $.15.00. yt/V.l/V
Special Purchase Net Waists.
WHITE NET WATST. ,Tap ailk lined, yoke of baby
Irish; value, $5.00, for H3.0S.
pointed yoke of emhroidered net; actual 'kS iBel
value, $6.75 . ?J>*J.UU
Your Attention is Directed to a Large and
Complete Assortment of
Fancy Stocks, Jabots, Yokes, Collars
and Coat Sets,
Comprising the newest things in neck fixings?prices range
25c, 50c $1.00
Veiling Department.
Novelties in Veils and Veilings for spring of 1909.
All the new shades and fancy meshes. A large variety
of styles.
handle belng covered in vioiela tlefl
wlth hunchcs of the golden gauze, nnd
llttleballa of the yellow bloaaorna, be?
lng suspended from the chandelier, and
tall sllver vaser-. of jonqulla Jwere
,,j,r,i COlonlal tapera ln yellow, -wlth
large bpwa.of yellow rhh?/, llghted
the room inort attractively.
Atslatlng in entertalnlng were Mrs.
Etuarl Bowe, Mra E M Hoadlay. Mra.
.1. Taj lor Ellyson, Mr*. 1 ranh Crump,
Mr;. r B Llpseombe, Mra. William
aon Talley, Mra Waiter Qrabt, Jr.,
Mlaa ,i;inio Wirigo', Mi.^s Llly Jonea, of
Charlotteavllle; Mlaa Virginia Cham
berlaln, Miss Corrlo Neal, Mlaa Eu
genlo Taylor, Mrs. Preaton Caraon arld
Mlaa Ella Blnford,
At ltl\rr?lilc Ve.ilrrdnj.
Among thoso who were Invited to
tho receptlon held in tne
Uubhouse on yesterday after
i the lierp Run liunt met
Klvoraldo, were:
D, Crowly, Mis. W. G. Mc
Mra. Leroy Ropor, Mrs. 11.
Mrs. Ilarvey SoWard, Mrs.
t?on. Mr*. E. L. McGlll, Mrs.
George CamerotT, .lr., Mrs. E. II. Pat
teraon, Mrs, W. A. Bragg, Mrs. C. T.
Lasslter, Mrs. W. Wilklns, Mlsses J.
A, C. Mcllwalne, Loulle Mcllwalnei,
Grlsselle Mulleh, Bessio Myers, Mary
T. Patterson. Mary P. Hpper, Nan
Davla, Mary F.ooth, Margarot Glll and
Sarah Hainilton.
To Meet Thuraday.
As tho last Wedn.ead.ay ln the month
ia Ash Wodnesday. tho regular meet?
ing of the Confederate Memorial Llt
erary SOclety will be held in the Con
faderate Museum on Thuraday at 11
A. M.
Ctiealcrflcld CUntilcr, U. D. C.
Tho Cheslc-rfieUl Chapter will meet
at the home of Mra ,T. M. Gregory
Tuesday evenlng. February 2",. at 3:30
o'clock, to read, dlHdiss and pasn rcso
lutlona ou Miss Boyson's essay.
Thla is done ln a.coordanco with a
request from Mrs. C. Ii. Tate, State
Ilicliiiiniid GirU at Daocc.
At the darice given recently at Sweet
Briar College, a number of Richmond
girls were present. among them buing
Mlaa Cary Valentlne, who wore plnk
tiowercd chiffou over green messallne,
trlmmed in gold cmbroidcry; Miss An
nle Laurie ITayncs, in pale blue chlf
fon; Miss Eltsabeth Cocke, iu Nile
green messallne; Miss Anne Royall,
In blue Matln, wlth gold trlmmlngis;
Miss Mary Johnson, ln a plnk costume;
Mlsses Addie and Mary Ervin, ln yol
low satin, and Misa Louise liichardson,
In plnk silk.
MIsh Annio Laurie 1-tayncs, Edward
Hayne'a anj Mr. Pegrnm returned from
Sweet Briar on Monday.
Wlth St. John'* Clrelc.
St. Jolm's Clrclo of King's Paugh/
torn will glvc a very dollghtful even?
lng Tuesday, February 23. at tho resl
dence of Dr. B. A. llord, 11300 Eaat
l.iroaj Street. An exccllont muaioal
program will be renderod by some of
Rlchmond'a best. talent. Mrs. Hord,
her mother, Mrs. Kelly, and the offl
cera of the clrcle "will recolvo tha
guests. Those assUting will be Mrs.
Joaeph Sorg. Mrs. Palrnatory, Mra.
Ilarvey Davla, Mra, Joaeph Allen, and
Missos Annle NOlde, Loulso Steplian,
Llllle Bltiley and Mrs. Samuel Frlsoh
korn. s
The candy tabla will be ln charge
of Mrs. AA'. a. ChoatWood nnd Mrs.
Charles, Billups, asslst.od by Mrs. W, O.
Moore, Mrs. Oscar Grover, Mrs. W. S,
Beazley and Mrs. ,'fohn Charlton.
Mrs. WlUlam Crump and Mra. C- W.
Masale, aaslated by Mrs. Frank Job
sbn, Mrc. Jullan Greon and Mrs. Elmore
Redwood, have charge of the decora
The art department will be in charge
ot Mrs. av. s. Murray, asslsted by Mise
Eltolle Mountcaatle. Mrs. Schmldt and
Mrs. W. A. Burrowa.
R4fresliment Commlttee?Mrs. Jo
eeph Carter, Mrs. Kelley. Mrs. Kratz,
Mra, Lucaa, Mrs. Ellyaon, Mra. Klng,
Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Addlo Hasker, Mrs.
Maggle Anderson and Mrs. Purko Gary.
Mrs. J. 8. Moore. Jr,, assisted by
Mrs. W. j. rarrlsh and a lady from
each of tho commlttees. are the enter
talnment commlttee.
The offlcersNsf St, Jolin'a Clrclo are
Mrs. Rarfton D. Garcln, leader; Mrd.
AV. B, Murray, vle*-lead?r; Mrs. Dudley
P. Ldwards, recordtng, eecretary j Mrs,
r I
Wllllam a. Burrpw , 'orrespomiltii;
secretary; Mr*. Wllllam Meyer, tro**.,
nrer. and Mrs. Wllllam Crump, aaalsU
ant treasurer. '
The program will tv> publtsbed Tues?
day. ^
Fnlerntlnn nf MotherV Onlis.
There rtill be a. rejrulsir esectitlve
!n?eting nf the Federation of Mothers'
Clubs Tuesday. February 23, at I
o'clock, ln Central Scbqpl.
Mra. Ilarvry st ii?i?w ln Waeblagton.
Mrs. Wllllam Oractne Rarvey and
Miss Bodeker were at. ij,*.?jir. recently at
Mrs. Haryey's homo ln WaBhlilglon.
Recelving wlth them were Mrs. i-\ *r.
Carpenter, Miss Roaaljo Daprajr, Miss'
Nova Dapray, Miss Adeie Olbsop,
daughter of (?aptaln u n. Gibson,
Unlted Staten Navy; Mrs. Roswbll P,
Blshop, wlfe of Consfrossman BIshop,
and Miss Iiarriotte .le B. Kelm,
Servlng in the dtning room were
Miss Mary Gibson, Mrs. O. IT. Dnshiell.
of Baltimore; Mi.-s Nanttle Tazewell
Stoger, of Richmond.
The eolor scheme in the dining rootn
was plnk. Drawn from the four cot
ners of tho room were wlde pink rib?
bon festoons, and in the cftntre of tlie
table wbs n large rustic basket filletl
wlth l.a Krance roses aud ferns. Other
deCoratlons wero pmk carifatlons and
palma. The drawuig room was doco
rated in Bhaded red lnmps and red
FosVa nnd pniiu*". There wero man,
ciilli-i .-. ri'-'iii I tn 8;
ll Imi lon?lliingerrorit.
a rn?*.*"rlagd or mtieii inUreat to thci
many frlenda look placo laitt Mnudri;
evenlng ai t) o'clock ln tho realderidi
?>r f. C iTonas, of 42n 1-3 south Lrture
Streei, when MtSs I'iiHi li?te||e llun
gerforrl liei-ntne tlie brlde ul' .1, t'rit'll
ard Fllnnloii. of riuhflrljttori, W, Va,
Tho paiiors woro prettlly flacOratOi
wlth pnlinii nnii POSO*, nml n myrlm
of wax eandles, with pald pinH. nlittdot
furnliherl tlghts tdr tlie oocaildrv,
The eeremorty tVaa oifformed bv th.
ROV, bV. MorM. nf r.aurcl I'trool. M. tf!
Church, and Mlsa Perklifgoti playijd thi
'VOddtrig innrrh from "Lohengrin."
The brlde wpp attlred Iu n travellnj
sult of grfiy hcoadcloth, wiih hnt ftat
glbVea to itiateh, nnd carried tt. sliowei
nf Brlde roser. while Miss Gra.e Dlllon
ai m.i 1,1 or honor. war ntlnu'tlve Iil l
j gown of whlt^< chlffon over messaline
nnii 1,'irrlofl ofchldS,
w. m. siiieids acted ns groomsmrtn
| Imrnodlately aftor the coremony Mr
and Mrs. Illanton left for Iluntiiiglun
Clnclrtnatl and Loulsvllle, anci upoi
thetr return wiu bn nt home to theii
many frlends at 4"0 South I'inc Htreei
after February Cij.
rrmoiml Menlloii.
Mrs. Archlhald Campbell, <,f 1 Ne*?
Vork. .? wrltor for hlgh-.-Iars WOrri.en'i
magajlnes In Kiiropu aud Amcrlca, i:
?v iPlt.Int? Mr-. W. Cordon McCabe, 0
iO:, Erfiit Cary Street.
MeeVra, Btanton, James Ceell, Kunte:
Bat'ksdale and several other Rtchmoni
boya wifl como to Rlchmond ft'Ort
Hampden-rtldtiov wlth tlm Mandnlli
and Banjo Qltt Cltib wbeu thev glvi
thelr parformance ln the iefferaoi
Hotel Audltbfturri the laat ot March
Mr. and Mrs. EdRnr Venable reach
ed Rlchmbnd Thursda.y from Covlng
ton. where they have been vIMtint
Mrs. Vcnable's tnother, and spent
ThurSday and Friday at the .Tcffcraoi
Hotel, leavlng ln the afternoon fbt
Mr.<-. T.homas GemmftU is vlsltlng
relativea tn Kenton, o.
Mis* Gladya Neale, who ls spend
Ing February in Atlanta. as the guest
of Mlsa Maupin. ls belng: much en
terlained durlng her vislt. nnd wai
Kuest of honor at n beautiful earfi
party nnii reecption glven feccntly
by her hostcstt, when rhe wore a gowr
Of paTo green satin, ernbroidered and
trlmmed ln frearn lace.
Mr. and Mrs, Wilson LovOrlnff, nf
Baltimore, will leave thla week fOI
Mrs. Stephen Putney, of "Ineleside,"
near WythevlUe, is the guest m Mra,
Langhorne Putney.
Miss Floyd Taylor is the gue^t of
Mrs. Dodson, ln Norfolk.
Mlsa Sophle Nash has returned tn
Portemouth, after a d?llshtfttl vtstt
In Petersburg.
Mrs. Flagg, Of f'arnllno county, has
h?en spondtng oeveral days with
frlends here.
Lewis Underwood, of Ihe Universlty
of Virginia, who came down wlth tha
Arcadians on Wednesday, wfca ti,"
unest of hls tihcle, Mi Patteraon on
''ar- Str'ot Road.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George Everett
SpregUO and llttle <daughter. from
Boston. Maesr, ar< vlsltlng their paV
ents, Captaln and Mra AJidrew Pltslnl.
?'!?.. nt No 1028 West F**anklln Street.
Amoug the out or-town guests ?" iio
tvenl to N'rrfalk tn attOnd fie \\e:-|.-. -
Pheldon weddlng on Wednesday laal
? ?? Mr. and Mra John Hobar.i Raed
"I- ll a Mi C. D. I>ru?, Jr.. Mr 1/ u I
!??? . Mrs. B. A. Roblnson and Mr and
Mrs. Jaroes C. Warr.en; Jr./ of Rlcl
mond; Miss Mary Sfevens, Newton '
J : Miss Heator Dammes, of New v.,rk
City; .M'es-rs. l.uth?r Sheldon. Jr., and
Thomaa B. Sheldon.
Miss NIna Whitmore. of Petoi*sburg
ls the guest ot Mra. Stpart W. Caldon
al her home on Henry street. ln Roan?
."> dellghlful week-end house party
of tast week. entertalned nt an at
tractlvo bungalow at Cape Henry. in
cludedj Mrs. Alma Qattla, Mlssea NIna
Gentry, of MlanFa; Mary Maupin aud
Emma Wllliams', and Mossra. iie.it Pago,
MiTiitosh Baylor and Wllliani Uick
Miss Helon Adarns is in New Vork.
Miss Royall. who has been vlsltlng
ln I'htladelphia and Baltitnore. nnd
Mrs. Dougias Gordbn, of Baltimore,
will he lho Biicsts of Mrs. William A> -
lett Boane, in Nowport News.
r. Dooley\on the
(Copyright, 1309, by II, II, McClure &
"It spi-ms to mo," said Mr. Dooley,
"it's time these here attacks on art
shnd be stoppcd."
"What's th' inatthcr?" asked Mr.
"Well," said Mr, DoDley, "a lot lv
narrow-tiilnUed people, who have no
ldeo lv art at all aro makln' an attack
in th' modhren stage. They say it is
immoral, an' has a bad effect on th'
youth lv th' land, an' ought to be rc
formed. An' why, I ask ye? Simply
becauso lv th' inthrest in art an* f'r
no otlier reason, th' theatrlcal ma:i
agora iv th". uodffthry aro ellmlnatlng
clothlhg aa Inartlstlc an' are attlmpt
lng to reprojooce llfo as tt exists ln
parts iv th' wurruld wcll-known to
th' polis f'r th' blniflt lv humanlty.
"It's u dlsgraco to our clvlltzatlon
to have what a leading mind in th'
theatrlcal syndloatc has called bonn
headed purists lnterferln" witlv th' pra
gress iv culturo. I don't know how
lt all started, But, falth. J don't know
how anything started in this glovyous
counthry iv uurs. As Hogan says, ya
dlslodgo a pebble, an' it rolls down
hlll and h'e.omes a hurricane at th'
bottom. An' so lt la wlth a mornl
wave. Somewan goeB to th' theaytre
an' sces an nctor lady on th' stage
dhressed f'r sleep lf she hadn't f'rgot
ten something. an' th* flrst thtng y?
know th' second latfy fr'ro th' left end
iv th" flrst row iv th' chorus ls arrest
ed f'r not woarln" enougU roochelng
around lier neek. Sthrange to say,
both sldes admlt that th' theaytre is
an ldjacatlonal Instttutlon.
"I nlver thought iv R that way. I
always aupposed that people wlnt to
th' theaytre because they had no <]on]
fortable' hornea to go to or- to f'rglt
that th' dlshos weren't washed. or to
latigh or cry or havo a good spelll Iv
roughlng where lt wud atthract aturi.
ttan. But lt seeins I was wrong. Th
thViytre is intlnded to be more Uko
a rtllght school thln a clrcus- ? a a
good thlng f'r th' theaytres that th
people that go to thlm don t Know
thls. lf they felt they were beln
Idjacated Avhin they thought they wora
neglectln' thelr mtnds thay'd niob th
box-orrtco to get thelr money back.
Anny recolleotlon they have" lv idjaca
tion ls clouded wlth eorrow,
But there it la, an' me frtnd Moe
Blnsteln, th' well-known tnanager lv
th' Forty Bapphos Exthravaganza Com?
pany, la ready to admlt that ho occy
ples th' same posttlon in th* wurruld
lv cuRiire as Dock Ellot lv Harvard.
T tiee hlm th' other day ln Halated
Bthreet dlscuaaln' Jbaen/ AVlth, hls
fl-nancial backer, u gintlcman tlut
Hogan calls th' Meseonas iv th' dhrama,
but/liis rlght name ls Schwartz, an' he
runs a. hand book ln th" summer time.
Mr. Elnstetn readlly consintcd to talk
f'r ptlbllcatlon, providod th' namo Iv
th' atthractlo'n an' th' locatlon iv th'
houso waa not mentloned too proml
nently. \i undherstari'd,' he says, 'that
a BaptisL clargyman uptown ha3 callel
on th' polls to closo thls Temple lv
Thespla,' says lie. 'At laste I havo so
advertised in th' cnllghtcnctl press.
Do people gln'rnlly rallze what thla
moansv Do they uudhorstand that
thlnly vollcd uncllioi- a protlnso Iv
morallty thi3 ls nawthln' but an at
tack on art? Ivrythlng T have done In
th" production Iv this show has been
ln th" Inthrests lv urt. I have even
gono so far as to givo th' dhrossmaker
a vaeation. An' t'm glad to say- that
ln splto Iv th' narrow-mludecl blgois
who w.ud'vc hanged th' sculptor lv th'
Ver.ua do Mlio (if 1 havo th' uamo
rlght)?ln conscfiulnce, 1 mlght almost
say iv thelr attacks?th' publlc has
iPbprecyated our efforts, Thousands
come Ivry nlght to neo th' wondhorful
classlcal scene in th' Turklsh. bath,
whero th' heeroyine kllls th' villnln
with a champagno bottlo an' thln
danccb on hla chest. Th" American
publlc will nlver see art 6acrlflced to
hypocrlsy. Why, ict me to\l ye, afthor
thls here dhrama f'r th' young was
suppresaod be th' ehlef lv polls in
htkestown on account lv hls lnsane
hathred lv our press agent, who is hls
only son. an' wo come back to th'
methro'poils, ye cudden't gefwithln a
block lv th' theaytre, th' stlireat was
so crowded with people thryln' to show
thelr apprecyatlon lv onr sthrugglo
f'r American art. I thrled to suppress
th' facts, but th' lver vlgllant press
was too alart f'r me, an' th" story
somehow or another crept into th' ad
"An' there ye are. It's a dlsgrace
to our clvillzatlon that o.nselrlsh men
llke thls shud be persecuted to auCh
an extlnt that they have to put in
extlira ueats whlle there 1b plenty lv
room in th' theaytres' that don't rnllze
thelr mlsslon as art schools. It's' a
blot ou us. lt ninltes us th' laughln'
stock lv th' wurruld. Why, Lhey're
eveu talkln' iv. anpprsssin' 'Salomy.'
Ye nlver heard Iv 'Salomy'? 'Well, 'ti*
a ojialnt llttlo thing?hardly \ip to th'
robust lntilllgenca lv a grown man?
more sulted to chlidher an' medlca!
experts. , Hogan wlnt to see lt th'
other nlght. '.What waa .it Rko?' says
I. 'It was a very artlstic perform
ance. says he. Te fypn't say'." eaya I.
<J Women cannot always suit their own de
sires in footwear?some feet must be hu-.
IJTender feet compel many women to sac
rifice some Stunning slyles?subslituting
lasls that are comfortably roomy?and lea
thers that are servicably gentle.
*JThe tannage of "Patrician" material is
healthily adapted for the moS sensitive foot
?the boot illustrated is sTriclly corretf: in
form for comfort and adapted for very fash?
ionable wear.
q "PATRICIAN" is wholly a woman 3
shoe?catering to the finer tasles?in its
wear there's a latent charm you feel?but
cannot describe.
Prices $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00
Seymour Sycle,
11 West Broad Street.
?Wai it r-i-Hv thal b.idv Walt a mlnylt
till 1 lo^k th* dur.- an' puii down th'
(Thades. Now tell m? all about it.'
?Welt,' saya Kogan, 'th' pjay waswrote
be a ni.in lh.il 1 WOO't inlntlon Ih'
name lv oi ye'd throw m? out 'Tw.in
set to miisii be a t',?ruian muFlryaii
be th' name iv Bthrauss.
""t nlver aeerd more thrlllin' mualc.
All th' tinl" I felt pq thQUgh 1 war In ?
dantlat'a chalr rtavltf me tooth filied
be a plumber : elper. Thla grand
poi. i ls i ? ? flrat rhan to Intl ra
jortc? h sclasora grinder, a man fllli ?
- ? . imn mower into an orchoa
thi lt Isn't th' kin.i lv mualc ye w urJ
llke. Va rudd'-n't whistte anttything
ln it. ve might coiigh it or ye mlght
i eprajooce it be shakln' t!i' stovo an'
steppln' on th' oor'h lal] nt th' same
titnc. but ye cudden't-whlstle it. ,11'a
what ye mlgiit rall a nuarrelsomo htnd
iv inusb* Wlth nll tb'inslhrumeuts hurl
ln' Insults at each other. But 'tla well
Hiiited to th' play. Th' play waa taken
fr'in tir Blbte, but t doubt If It wud fit
Into th' place if they trled to put it
i back. Th' author done lt over III n
[way that glves ye a dollghtful slnsa
tioft |v woiulhrin- what name yo will
I Itivint at th' Rtatlon whln th' place :?
pulled be th' poll?.
'" "I nlver was so horrified un' shock
ed in me life. It waa worth twinly
times th' prlce iv admls'lon. An' tliln
J tli" dancing! My, but. It was flne. Ve
I see th" lady in thla blbllcal dhrama has
a saint's head cut Oif because she ls
tn' love wlth hlm an' tliln docs a dance
I in front iv th' head. lt is a pretty
! concelt nn' charmlngly <? ptcted. I will
say nawthln' about what she woro nn'
l have now, described her costume. But
1 dldn't thlnk iv that?lt was all so (
graceful, so artisttc, th' poethry ly mo
tlon. I'm sorry j f'rffot me opry glasses.
Th" next tlme ^ go I'U got a front seat
an' take along a lillyscope. V'e bol 1
will. But thoro was nowthin' vulgar
about it. Not a thlng. Whln th' great
artlst como out an' began to hop th'
man settin' next to me, a man not als
ily moved be th' higher things iv life,
give'me a dlg ln th' rlbs wlth hls ei
bow an' whiapered, 'I'U rlsk wan eye
on lt annyhow.' But it's no use thryln'
to dcscrlbe to yeyre vulga/ mind, Mar?
tin. 'Ye don't uudhorstunVl art.' says
he. "I undherstand Hogan." says I.
'"Well, annyhow, lllnr.issy. morality
an' art aro cllnched, 1.11' 'tis always
amusln' to me to see thim two great
chumpeens fly at each other. I will
say wan thlng about art. It's a great
match-niaker. Ye won't get art to go
on untii he's counted up th' house. He
is no bush-ftghter. Th' threasurer
etills out fr'in th' box offlco window,
'Thore's a kiek agalnst thla show fr'in
morality. Come out an' stand up f'r it?'
'Oh, ye want me now, do ye?' says art.
'It's th' first time I'vo been east tiiis
year. How much money ir, there tn th'
house? Two thousand dollars? L,et me
at hiin.' -\n" in th' middle lv th' argy
iiiliit Art looka over his shouldhcr an'
obsarves that a line is formin' f'r th'
advanco sale. D'yo know I have me
.suaplclons whln I see tlinn two follows,
hooked up that they'ro both engaged be
th' prcss agcht. I'U bot yo ye cud get
people to go an' see Shakcspero aeted
if ye cud Injooce th' clergy to denounco
hlm aa Immoral. Poor old Bill! He
done well ontil th' church becamo his
frind. Now, as he wud say himsilf,
therc's none so poor as wud take a
froe pass to see him acted.
"Well, annyhow, it don't make much
ditt'renco to me. I am wlllln' to liave
th' stage made dticiut, or I'm wlllln' to
have lt gO on as it ls in th' sarvice Iv
art, because I nlver go to th" theaytro
if I can help it. I on'y go whin Hogan
takes m? an' thln "tis very pleasant.
Nawthln' cud be more agrable thln to
be dhragged away fr'm the middle iv
ye'er supper an' out Into th' braclng
weather iv our exhllaratln winter
an1 .hang to th' sthrap Iv a gthreet
car laden wlth pieasure lovers
llka yo'ersllf. 'We're goln' to th' most
modhren playhouse in exlatence," saya
Hogan'. 'Ye'U be surpritsed at th* sum
ehuse-ness iv it,' says he. In tlme we
arrivo at th' temple, an* afther beln'
acrootlnlzed ha th' man at th' dure to
make sur? we got our tiokets fr'm th'
spiculator, we aro conducted down u
runway be b. young man who pushes a
| program Into mo stomacb an' plnts to
two seats that seem to be as tar away
as San FranclSco wlth a large part lv
th' popylatlon iv Amertca between,
"These here devoteea lv th' dhrama
aro settln' wlth thelr coats on thelr
lays. an' thelr kneea clOBely presaed
again th' seats lf th' row ln front. They
greot ine with an expresslon iv great
agony. 'How aml goin' to get in'"'
?-j*iin" an' reudii
lack biit'nn* *lv
tajra I 'ln roe youth I cud hurdte thlm.
bul iti i ihrled || ,?.? I d on'y land lo
tir lap ii thal -toiH ia,iv. whoae vii?r.
eves ?t thla mony'il denounce n-e aa a
niiirdlii-e,-.- .,? . r -.;., ,.,, ,, ... .,
ii"c-aM. i f,, i th' hoi fluah -.. ime
mamllng me bro.fr, bul I t.tke nr
plunge. a groan lv mlsery gi ? up r tn
| th' r.,w as ih' ladiei colleet thelr hal*.
i coats, fan-. handkerchiefs, program*R
an' bottlea lv amellin' b&lt* |n a ?-. -
bundle an' alowly ri-." nn' stand in a.
, furyoua row, Th' j:fiiM<Mru>n h*."k iid
*pa< o ihua ir,; bi twcen Oilra an" ti>"
bacli iv th' ppojjie ln front i& nieant
f'r m<-> thrlumphal enthry.
"How I got tlir'-.iKii l 11 nlvei l<>ll ye.
Me fi5ure |a BUltablo to a man iv dig
nlfiod vea'-ii an' pnraoota i have .,.
tlon iv ahrleka lv pain, mtitter
lln' lv s?r
became locked in a buckle belt I tor?
meallf Ipoae with a auperhuraan effori,
? .i on 8 iiat an' found mesiir ?i
me seat. wlth a f<'n;i>f-:- boa n/ound
mo |ega an' me watch ;???.' oialn h?ng
ln' On Ih' ear if a man in front lf mr.
At last I was ?<afe but I darcd not
look behmd at th' dcsolation an' roon
I had wrought. I soon rocovered,/nc
filf. I placed me overcoat on th" flure.
an' tucked be new hat Into th* iHik
undhor th" seat. Onforcrnltcly I f'rgot
to lower th' scat befurc atteinptln' lo
aet in It. Thls lncldem Hee,med very
plcasin' to th' aujeence an' made me
avenin' more enjoyable thin it nilght'va
been otherwiae.
"N'awthin' is more com'ortable thln a.
modhran playhousc, exclpt, p'raps th'
upper berth of a sleepjn' cur. Thov
are too luxun'ous. Th' people lv this
generaUon aro pampered. Why shud
th' managers if th' theaytres be called
on to place th' rows iv seats so near
together that even a small man can
rest his kneoa on th,' back Iv a frind ir.
front lv hlm? Why shuti they be so
luxyourously arranged that all ye have
to do ls to leavo ye'er seat to start a
speakin' acqualntance with ivrybody
in th' aame row. I hadn't been in th'
house two rn'inyita befute there waan't
wan Iv me nelghbdra who hadn't spoken
to me, lf it was no more thln to say,
'Got off me feet: But nn what Hogan
calls a siburltc, I gticas, an* I revelled
in th' luxury. I cud hardly beljeve it
was thrue, mo sittin' there is a graoe
ful at^itude like a jack-knife. an'
dlirinkih' In th' alr that two thousand
other people had used. Countin' th'
numbers iv pleasure lovers that had a
cold in their head, watchln' th' gloomy
Dutchman in th' band convln' out iv th'
holo undhor th' stage, wondhrin' how
th' leadln' lady cud see hersllf ln a
lookin' glass made Iv tln. how pieces iv
pa-aper cud make th' orphan shlver,
an* why she had to warruni her hands
on a roarln' flre lv rod electhrle globes
in th' flreplace.
"T cud soo where th' lawn in front
if th' duke's palace was sowed up wlth
white throad, .-in' I wondhered why
they hadn't hung th' atormo at sea on a
clothes line an* bato th' dust out iv it
befur thoy put it on. Thln I read th'
program nnd found out that a green
Prin'ce Albert coat wlth, yellow facjng
an' pants Iv blue crepo du Chayne ii
tasty wear f'r th' ulthry Miiartt thla
wlnter. I didn't dare to go out be?
tween th' acta an' pass through th' af
flicted dlstrict, but th' monotony was
broke be sivral survivors makln' me
feet a part iv th' down ward' path to
rum. Th' play? I didn't pay muoh at
tintion' to that. I got th' plot fr'm what.
th' servant glrl sald whlle vdustln' off
th' furnlture in th" first ad an' I luiew
how it wud come out. Hogan was Jn
mortal terror lhat th'-villann wud mar
ry th' heoroyine, but mo an* th- hired
glrl knew he war marrled already, It'a
a great play,' aald Hogan . whln wa
come out. 'It ls,' says I '1 didn't sea
ye laugh at th' jockes,' says he. 't can?
not," says I. 'be hllaryoii3 in th' pre
sonco Iv sufferin',' cays 1. 'What d/je
mean?' eaya he. 'I was lookin' at th*
mlmbers if th* orchesthry,' says I.
"Are ye ln favor lv reformln' th.'
morallty iv tli' stage?" aaked Mr. Hen
"D'ye take mo f'r a blll-board?" sald
Mr. Dooley. "Besides, Hlnnlssy. 'tls a
mlsdemeapor In this Stote to lnterfere
wlth th' polls in th' puraoot lf their
4&1?L. m T? <3? RI jA..
Beara tha _tf 1il0 Kin(1 V?f Haia Always Boiljfl

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