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i liap
n Prcinluui.
guiar veaacla M 'lio
? , to-nlKhi and b ?
aboard I ' Dd. salllna lo-nlght,
i>nd the Netvporl N< wa, walllng to-mor?
row wrenlng, I al a premiui i
rr th.. diatlna ad paaeei jera on tha
I . . ..: t .- v - Oei ? i.i J.|
}?. ?,-.., ...-.-: ? Porti i. Mr i
Legaa a, McCa.ru
A, Matchell. Mr. and Mra. John I-. Wll
l'- , ?.,:.-.?-??' ?? | Mi
and Mrs. Maurlt ? Mti
klaa. Mr* Bcaton, s.
Kay-i?r. K<>r-rt. V".1
Hlbba, Senator Elkit
Jvob>. v, ?<: R
i "mmanaor ttodgt
i ii . .
Hor ?-'
4ng to
ate, ln
'? : itQI
; ... ? i ve-r. lu di.;agrce
ment .. i tha Senati provl lon creatlng
' ? " ? ? ? .. .- I Btl ??? Oi State,
- . .'T;.'t!"r ?: : tanl Be rotary.
Tho House ? : ?'? ? !?, : .. tltle
of ?.;? ? ? ? ? ?? tbe ground thnt
!? : . , ? ? - I Bng II atyk
of designatioo. ?'. la probablo that tho
offlce will ho osl t that <
;'!??'? part o! tbo Utle wtll bc
ciiajigcj from "under" to "vl<ta."
,Muk/? Couccsalona.
WASHINGTON, D, C. Fobruary M.?
Bpeaker ilannqn itad ':.. I'.< puhllcan
?? ? ? \ '? io tho
::? - Insurgenta who bave been
A M III hango iii tlm rules. lu
tho now Gong eaa every Tuesday will
bi devoted to con&Idaratlon of biiis on
the Houae calendar. Tho iule will
?"?ork automatlcally, and only ln itn
i,- taJ cln in . Ufx ? . will other busi
i be pe7.mit.i-. I Ip r ipi '.,:?. bllls
lt is aufflclent to break the for'ce ot
i ?? movement that bad for Ita pur
When a man wcars a Dr?ss
Suit, hc's irt the presenco of
people wlio are in orltleal
mood ; that ls, t bcy are not ab
borbod with tho carcs of the
day, consecju'ently the Dress
Sult has to stand the llme light
Wilt yours?
Here are oncs that *will--$35.
A newsitem from The New
York Herald says:
"Ninety per cent. of men nowadays
go to the ready-made atore* for their
The why of this ls answered
by such clothlng as we &ell.
Como and see.
_ f$MMik
poae more MiUsiautiaJ rhatiE?3 ln tho|
Houao rulea
,Vmod*r Bastiott Eddr .Mnioat tteaclied
ihe CemtTxry Mark,
? i',' \i ;,. N. .1 . February :o.
Amody Bastion Eddy, a Confederate
war v?t?i*an, dled nt the German Hos?
pital to-day. aged ninety-nlne years |
aud nitsei moiithf. He had been a great.
favorite at thn Ins-tltutien, wh-re he
had been for nearly alx yeara, b<
causa t.'t hla soldlerlv bearitig and
dlgnlflcd manncr, Mothlng.la known
Ot the past hlMory of the old apldlerj
who always refuaid to talk of himself
oxeftpt to aay that h* fought with Lee.
I tnU Goea Wel.
r LAKE CITY, UTAfi, Februarj
? i tah i;tate Senate thla after*
defeated tho state-wid" pTohlbl
111. whlch pasaerl the House two
ago by practlcally unanlmoua
The i;enata stocd thlrteen to
defeat: of thla bill Ia .-"cepted aa
n; alao that there will ho 1
-tlve leglslation on tho llquor
*. as prohibitionista wiu accept
tg ahorl ot abaolute prohibltlon.
i onfldenee !*Icii Arrrated.
| Bpeelal to The Ttriies-D'spatch.]
>XW YORK. Vebruary 20.?Mra.
James Henry Smith, who ia maklng
her homo for tho present at tho '\Val
dorf, asked tho asalstance of - the
house detective to-night. and aa a
rosttlt two men are locked up ln head
S ime time ago Mrs. Smith received
a Ictter purportinc: to como from an
oftti er of tho Newaboy Home aaklng
',, r for a contrlbution. .Several auch
letiera followed, aud thla afternoon a
niau called up her apartment on the
telcphone and agalu made a recrueat
for a. contrlbution. To.night a mea
sangar boy appeared wlth a n"ta for
Mra, Smith, whlch waa sent to her
In a. Ilttle whlle a man appcared and
.i Ked f"r the repry. II" received the
cnvi lope and waa joined on the Blde
walk by a second man. Police Uead
quartera had been notilled. and -when
the men opened the onvelope ihey
wers ttt onco arreatcd and taken to
headquartcrs. Thev pavo their namea
as Charles Doyle and .Toaeph Mooney.
The police aaid to-nlght that
Mooney ls an old-tlmer wlth a polloe
record, ?who recently wrote *n Mra.
Taft. wite of ProsldentrBleet Taft. nnd
rccotyed $10 from Itcr on the pretenac
that IL waa for aotue charlty.
House Acts Favorably on Mca:s
tirc lo Put Electric Chair
in U;;c.
! Rpeetai t? tha 'i iini i Dlapitch.]
Ii.MjUKill, N. c. february 80.?A blll
for Ujo applleatlon ol iho Aua.tr/allan
ballot, to bo ,ii'piiod tu tbe North Car
niiiiH general elactldna, wnn liltroflucod
in the Senate lo.-day by Son'ator Elllott,
Of llukory. lt w.-nt to tl...- Cotlimlt
tee on Eloctlbns tor 'oonslderatlon. ^
Tho 8*nato pnaadd tho substltute
Manplng biu io r&ciulre thnt aecurltioa
di'posit.'.l by tiiBiiranoo cumpaiilCI wlth
ih.. State Department uf Inaurance
i'h.ili bo dellvored to tho state Troas
uiy tor pafekocplng. Thla la ou? >n
th.- resulta uf the aeriadtlbnal leglala
tlvd exainiitcr.V report mado carliur ln
the sesston.
The BOllcltors' salary bill. just rcport
Cd favurably from tbe .ludiciary Com
ii'.itico. io pay all Bolteltdra $2,-50, ln
li. u oi' feoa, was mado n speclal order
fc- the Sonate Thuraday of next weeje.
The Hionso to-duy passed th? i.:n
dorwood blll, or rather the conimittoo
aubstltute for that -t.ili, aboiishlng
lia/iglng ln North Carollna, and pro
\lriliiK that all feloiu; under death tcn
tenco lie removed from tho counticu
to Ihe penltentlary, thero to bo eioc
trocui.ed. There was a commlttco
amendiiioiit tlint newtpapcrs intist only
prlnt the fact that tho fcion was cicr
trocuted, but thla waa wlthdrawn on
iho grbund that tho provlalon could
not be enforcod. An amendment waa
offered by Berry. of Bladen, that llfo
imprlsonmcnt at hard labor be sub
atituted for tha death aentence. This
was rulod to bo not germane to tho
Among bllla Introduced wero blll.-.
by Qordon to lasue bonda to carry
acl of lHOV. to care for th?
provldlng a $500,000 bond Issue;
nce( i"> ompower commlsBlonera
of countles lo ald ln loratltiR tcst
farmn by thn Htato Board of Aarrlcul
ture; by McLeort, to Incraaaa tho pen
slon tiix to ti cents, and by Turlmgton.
to atlow tho Attoi ney-General a law
out th
by Koi
Hla Action on T, C. aud I. Abanrptioa
AYna Without Authurtty.
"WASHINGTON, D. c, Fobruary "n
?By a vote of threo to -two the sub
oommlttee of ihe Commlttee on Judl
clary, which has been investlsrating
tbe merger of the Xenneaaee Coal and
Iron Company and tlio Unlted Statea
Steel Corporatlon, to-day deelded to
report to tho full commlttee that tho
Preaident wn? nut authorljed to perr
mit the absorptlon. Tlie commlttee
found alao thatv President Rooaovelt
wai oqually unauthprlaod to dlrect the
Attornev-c;eneral not to Inlerfere with
tho merger and not t.o enforco the
Federal rtatutes against it. lt was
declded also that aa both companlea
were otigaped lu lnterstato comtnerce,
the absorption was ln vlolatlon of the
Sheritian antltrust law.
It waa found that the effert and
purpoaa of tha abaorptlon were to
mnnopolije tho iron ore aupply of the
company, aud generally to ellrtilnate
the Tennessee Company as a cbmp^tl
tor of the United States Steel Cor?
The fact that euch a report was to
be mado created ronstematlon in the
Senate. lt wns roalizod that If tho
full eommittee aubscrlbes to the n11? I
int;s of tbe Biibcommlttee tho effect
would bo to adminlater tbe aeverest
of rebukeo to President Roosevt-lt and
praotically to dlrect thn Attorney-Gen
eral to brlng proceedlngs against the
Sleol Corporatlon under tho Shorman
law. l^ader.i tn tho Senate make no
gecret of tho facl tii.u thoy aro un
willlnc to ro that far,
Under theaa clrcurftstanceH, Cic full
commlttee, when lt meets on Monday,
probubly wll] decide to consldcr very
carcfully tho poiiniblo effect of tho re?
port before dTldlng to adopt it. II
la likely that a<-tton cannot be bad at
thls sesslon. Tho report acted upon
was draftrd by Kenator Culberson, au
thor of tho resolutlon providing for
the Inqulry.
The inquin- waa conrtuctod by o sub
commlttee "f five, Meaara. ciark, of
Wyonilng: Pllllncham, Klttredfre, Cul
herpon and Ovcrman. Tho flrst threr
of theso are Republicana nnd the last
two Deniocrats. Senator Klttredgs
Jolned wlth tlie two Democrata in mak?
lng the majorlty report.
Io ph !.. Utlen
i Iiarlea \V. Bar]
I'KU.U *, IBfilXU,
. i noutenant...,
esota, T
iiua. li.\
Morton W. Baker_
Eidgfer I.. TVoods.
Edward V. Vaia.
.Iiilliin T. Mlller.
Viank P, \V. IlOUgh,
Ella'h H. VanPatUn. .
.. Pasiod Ab&i. .Surp-eon Ne
..Fasscd Asat. Surgeon Ke
alattutt Sursvoij....
slatant Surtje ui..,
slsiant Burgrton..',
slBtant I'ayniBMcr.
r.eirina.id F. Nichoit-on. Captaiu.Ncbraaka, Couid'
Pope Washington.I.leutenanl.Gaorele.
Krederlck I.. Ollvor... Lleutenant,.
Davld W, Busloy.Knulgn.
Ji im N. For/jui-.-Mi.Enalcn.
ijeorge t>. Brya.ii. lCntdgn.
Wllllam 11. Loe.Bnalarn.
Wllllam T, Matllson., Mldahlpmsn.Mistourl.
I'aul I.. Ilolland.?Midshipiuun.North Carolina.
upoert B, toun*, Jr...Midshlpiiiaii....North Carolina.
Emraett C, Gudgcr. ...I'aymaster.Idaho.
North Carolina,
New 11,'iuipshiro.
, Montana,
.T'hodo laland.
.Now Ilampshlre.
oUU bpnngiield Kines
Guarantecd Perfect Condition.
Cartridgea for Same at Special Pricca.
Watkins-Cottreil Company,
1311 Eaat Main Street.
Wout *to Clin*|ti?c Kdltor, but Ho.l'ut
Them to riiuht.
[Bpeclol Cftble to The Tlmca-Dlspatch.]
HA,VAN/\, February 20,--Threo Cuban
coloneli;?Aranda. Cavnejo and Luna
vlilted the oftlce of tho Politica Conileu,
a weekly lllustrated shcot, for the pur
poae ot chastlalng the odltor. The edl
tor drow a revolver and flrert eoveral
shota at the belllgcrent colonela, who
fled. No ono waa hlt by tlio bullots,
but Coionel Aranda got a allght wound
In tho heud from a atlck. Komothing
was prln'ted In tho papur that arouaoci
the iii of tho colonela, und they atart
cd out to g?t reveugo.
A blll haa beon lntroduced in the
Uouso amandlng tho piopoBod auineaty
:,i--?? ure so aa to Inoludo tnurderora
tmd auli Id9a, except would-bo nukides
who have mada two atiempia.
ol iv?lf? *prealdi*s n\ Wcekl.v
Dluuer of ?'auvus-os.''
ciaicabjeta hk THnM?Olspatehi1
DON, t-'i'biuun' 8Q,?-Tho trtlo
.. -if* waa nevei better liiun
iiniii ai the S.ivuRe Olub to
? hen tha prlnce ot w&iea oc<
1 i lia.il al tha uau.B.1 weekly
1 '?' P nce, .' i an ordinary
? hov ad hli laelf lo be nf U\<--.
nh mt, hia bl'Other H?>'ngeB, and
ivai nn avanlng o( unllmited funi
latnuj'ij t'ld club ranff wlth- Ua
"The Track Meet"
Rurining Shoes, $2.00.
F'ants and Sliirts, 50c each.
Supportc'rs, 25c lo 50c.
Cork Running Grips, 15c palr.
Mcndqunrtcrs for Atlilclic Sup
I cnnis Ruckcts reslrung.
U. S. Springf ield
Army Rif les,
I'inc condition,
$1.95 ah
Cartridges to (it.
Watkins-Cottrell Co.,
1311 Eaat Main Street.
weii known choruaea, Ita song*. Ita
reCltatloilB, lts unbouiided fun, und with
an absenco of all formality aud cant.
ihe chalrmah remaiucd tin aftor inid
iilgbt, nnd tho run went on until morn?
lng', The only apeech of tho evonins
was tho prlnce's n-gulur aniioiin.o
meiit to hla brolhcr tjuvagca; "You
uiiii.o amoko."
is weary"of7t
Mra, Vcrkcs Tell.i of llrr Trlnls 'Nltb
AilnilulKlrutor of Katritr.
CHICAGO, Pobruniy 20.?Mra. Mary
Adelalde Yerkes, much hnrcd by tbo
tiroceedlnga, u>ok tho stand before
Probate Judgo Cuttlng thla mornlng
in tho hearlng of her petition 10 hnvo
i.'-'iiin !>. Owaley ramoved aa executdr
"i i ?- cKtiito of Charlei T. VorkoC tbo
former Chlcago and London tracCtoti
man, and told iho court lhat there
had bean nothlng but "talk, talli, talk"
e\rr .'Iriie the donth of h<r husband.
"Thoy have h-i*-n talklng for three
yoars." sald Mr.-'. Yerkci "I've only
been abla to get my wldpw'ai award
by dribs," abe aald a llttle later, "and
?very time I'd ask Mr. Owalay for
money he'd asy, "there lan't any'"
Mrs. Ycrkea said she lost falth in Mr.
Owaley whon he wanted to sell the
Chlcago, Harvani and Garteva Rall?
way for $5,000.
"I told hlm that waa a imiall aniount
to pay for a railroad," tli" continued.
"H? t-aid he would seii lt any way, I've
mi&trusted hlm over alnce
Than agaln she was foroed to llsten
to fisrures and buslne;; fd.ct--<, "which
1 uaually never do," ah'e rabl, when
Owaley, ln order to ralao a tnilllou
and' a half of needed funds, is tnld
to have asked hor to soll her house
and iirt collectlon on FlftJi Avenue,
In N?w York, Hiu! pay hlm 6 per cent.
on tlio transactlnii n--i hla fee. "I told
hlm I aimply would not do" lt.'' idic
tesltfied. Then ho aald If I did not
-:???? hlm the K per cent. ho would
blow me hlgber than * kite."
Mra. -\orkes looked heavy-eyed and
tlred, and raihn- weary of it all. Sha
v ,'? "ii tho atand trvm io ovio-k untll
!1 10, v.hrt, (he waa Kiic'-.ceded by the
only other wltneaa ot the day, rru:'i
dent John M. Roach, of the Chlcago
Raltwayaj Company, who rektctantly
tostified to have aoted chiefly n:< a
restorer of peare between tha wldow
and her executdr when a settl'Mnent
was desired by tho other helrs in the
fall of 1906. Uo asalated In effecting
the compromlso Which led to the sale
of the Now York house and tho a'lot
ment Ot tlie amoutita duo Iho other
helra, The hearlng was adjourned and
will be reaumed on March 12, when it
ls expected that tlie lakllig of testi?
mony will be con< luded,
Youlhs Dnnncd to Steol Curlo? I.efl
by General Leiv Wnllnce.
[MpeciHl to The Times-Plspatch.1
20,?An atternpt to tob tlio resldenc*
of tlie late General Lrw Wallace ol
tlie curfos lhat lio had gathered lr
many lands was frustrated laat night
when the polico arreated Charle3 and
Ferneii Ellla. coualna who had rovoalee
thelr plans to Claude Cleniehts. Th<
youtha knew ln what rooms the curlos
wero kepl and they triPd 1o gel
Clemonls to asa|st them In tlio bnr
glary. Clemenls tnformed tho pollce
nnd wns lustructed to accompany the
Ellla boy:). Tho polico walted till tht
three had entered tho houae and sur
rouuded it aud captured the burglars
In tho p.ockota of ono of the Ellh
boys was a dlagram of the houso
with a doecrlptlon of tbe partluulai
The Man Who
Aud ISnJoya Food Livca I.ifo ns Ht
siiiuild and Get.i tbe Moat
irmii lt.
Tho man who eata ls tho inau wuc
worlte, and tho mon who wovka is tln
man who winn. Tlrelcss workers dc
pcud upon a, storehousa of vini atu
vlgoi-.' Indla Is notcd lor lts Xastcri
and its dreamera, Kurope and Amer
iva. for thelr eaters aud tholr workers
Iu Amerlca wu havo been dolng noth'
ing but work this past quarter of i
ccntury. That ls why our old ineu tay
"In my duys no ono had clyspupsla.'
Of course, all men in those daya utc
and worked. now they work and oat.
lf eatlng interforcs wlth buslness
men civo up eatlng. This is good logit
for tho dollar-set'.er, but poor wlsdoir
lor tho inan who really wonts to llve
Abusifi of anything God glven result:
in punlslimont, and man is a pigun
when it comcB lo cheating his eystom
lf you take from tho systom tha
wWoli ls liunrided phould ronialn, o:
put Into it that which ls intcudei
should be kept out, you arn cheattni,
youraeW, and sooner or later pay tln
Stuart's Dyjipepsla Tablets are c.on
oentrated vegotable and frult osaonce
which give tlie systcm every fluld
Btlmulant nml Ingrodlent lifcccesary ti
gatn tlio fullcat strength from every
thing which goeg Into thn stornacl'i, o
to keep from the systom cverythlni
which ahould not lay and deeay in it.
lf vou will eat fast und lmproperl>
lf you will drlnk und eat Irrogularl:
n.nd to uxcoss, th?n gl^'o tn Nature a
vou do bo enougli of thn cssenccs tih
demanda to ucuiraii-.'.o tho bad effect
of vour habits.
After a meal tako a Stufirt pyspapBl
Tahlet, and tha uical won't hurt yo
or vour tjtomach.
Af a inldnlght dlnner take a Stuar
tnhlet nnd you will sloop well and ge
up without a breutli whleh Ih illle
wlth the decay of tbo mldnlght meal.
Fortity >our atomaoli llke you d
vour bualnoaa. Fortunen when loit in
ho i-cgalr.od, but the .?Inmaeh outrage
ataya wlth vou tq tlie flnlsh, and yo
know It ts there,
lf a nn want to know what Hie.i
table?a will do. buy a parkago froi
any druggist, prirn S0 oentu, or sen
u^ vour naipe nnd address, und we wl
aend v-nn h trlal nackage free by msl
?\ddr?f" T- A ptuart cn? lf'i Ptuai
Duildliu, MarahalL Mlch.
rootriN in w'iloli many at Qerfot*a1 Wni-I
iii'-e'.-; prisotl tteepaftlten were atorftch'
Tha hoitan i? lemporarlly unoceiipleu,
1111,1 btil for Clomonla llis btirglary
tnlghl havo heen jJulUfl off wltlldtll
I irii-rii Nnlliir-, llrnmiril.
|!-'pr,-|a| to Tlio Tlmea-|i|,-r>:il''|i.I
vICTORTA, tt. c.i February 20, Tho
Bteamer Mohna, frotn Sotithorn (tofUo
brouglii dei,iii,i ,,r tin drdwnlng or
flfteon bluejftcliota In Port .Inckaon har?
bor, A navnl cut tor wlth ii large tiuni
i"-i- or mon on board luui ir-rt tha Brltlsh
war veaael Eneounter and was bcli
towed by a steam launch oehore lo t
rifio rfingo, whero the mpn wera
do flrlng exerclae. Tho atennior Run
morc liove ln Blght and collldsd wlth
tho boat.
i\1os| nf ||ir mon Wero rxpert. swliil
mera, but before nid could got to them
MttOOn hnd aunk from exhauatlon. -Mi
other titin or tho aea brought by the
M";ina waa that of the pllghl of tho
Bchoohor Bgonje, whlch arrlved at We'
c-.istlo ii wcck prevloua to tho departu
"?' the ateanior. Tho captaln or tho
ichooner dled of malarlal fever Juat
before hor arrival, nnd tho inato w
so *=iek that ho auccuinbed Just aa port
waa reachod.
Thoy wero tho only whlto fner), on
board, and thern waa no ono to lonlc
ftfter tho nuvlKation nf the vessel, 80
the crew holated hIriulIs of dlatreaa and
n government atennur wus m-nt n
to their asslstane'e nnd brought the
achooncr Into port.
51111 After Wnmnn.
[Spaelal toTha Tlmoi-tfipateh,]
ci.hA'KLANU, <-?., Fobruary 20.?On
tho atatemenl of former Governo
Mj ron T. Ilerrlrk that PlnKerton dn
loctlvea ? Ull aro huntlng for Mlnnlfl
Loe, n. Chlcago woman, wlth hope of
lirroattng >ier, Prosecutliig Attornt
Cllne to-day declded not to nolle ?ho
Indlctment aBuinst the woman, charge*}
wlth attemptlng to hlackinail Gover?
nor Herrlok.
Governor Horrlck oneountored the
woman m hla second campalgn for tho
governorshlp ln 100'.. whan ho waa d'
feated by .fohn M. Pattlaon. Sho a*
.?..iiiod Herrlck's < haraotei1 nnd atlrred
hlm to speedy ai tlon.
"Tha woman *i" f-uiMy, terrlbly
auii'v." sald Herrlek to-day. "I have
pinkerton detectlvaa tralllng her now,
and thtnk aho may bu captured, Phc
tihould be Bent to the penltentlary."
.lolus nnnkrm' f'olony.
rsp'clBl toTha TtmM-BUpal'*'*- l
WA8HINOTON, l'.v. February 30
?Banker W. L. Lenhart will Joln the
banker.V colony at Uio Weatern Penl?
tentlary, whlch already has thlrtoen
membera. Lenhnrt waa president of
tho Feople'o Bank, of California, Pa.
He was to-day found gyllty of de
tr&uding tho bank. and was aentei
to two years' linprisonnient
1,'-'nh*irt, acr.ordin**; to the te.fi
motfy "of Caahler Plper, of the bank,
wm ln the Jfablt of helplng himself
to tho bank'a funda wManaver he rteed
cd money. iie ia i uppoaad tp ha
been nhort lao.nnn, but ti:-- bank dln
tor'H ctalmed that tho shortagi *a
J100.000. Iii.i Bttorru : I i ald ll
would tajte an appeal and '
cz*t) to th.-i hlghr-t ronrt.
Klcll Gold 1'lndK."
fall this wintt-r has waabed out many
pockets. and ejepoaed nuggeta running
in vaflue aa hlgh as 1325. They have
been found on the top of the ground,
whero tlio attrface dlrt had been waah
ed awny. Hongtown Creek la agaln
tho eeeno of actlvo mlnlng, the rujsh
ing flood watera havlng depoaited the
flne yellow iiuat tn paylng tjaantltes
WIr Luiuber Coniblnntlon.
[Speeiol toThe Tliiies-Dlapalch.j
\ lOTOHIA, B, C, February aO.~
Every. branch of tho tlmber Industry
la repreaehted ln a new organiitatlou
i irmed heru to-day. n la the Brltlsh
Cdlumbla Lumbar Logglrig and Foreatry
aoclation. whlch aosorba tho Brltlsh
Columbla (Vhanibor of Commerce nnd
Foreatry. The organlzatlon'a chlef Ob
jecta are promotton of mutual Interoal ,
oHainlng leslsiation for aii branches
iucluding the rccont rftrjueat for a law
glving periiianoncy ot titlo to the
present twenty-one yoar tlmbbr llcensea
und tha eonservation Ot the forests 01
Briiish Columbla. wbieh havo tho
larjroot qun.ntlty of niarkctablo tlmber
ln the world.
Pitrmawent n?ntlnc l'lnre for |i-,i .- vt
John I'uul .fonr.1.
WAtsHtNGTON. d. c, February JO.-?
Tho llouso Committee on Naval AC
falr-a has renorteU fitvorably tho bill
pm-ised by Senate nppropriatlng *jrJD,
ouu for flnis-hing the ciypt of tho
chapol nt Annapolls Naval Academy as
the permanent resting place of the
body of John Paul Jopes.
Funeral of Mr. Todd.
Tho funeral of Charlcs 1j- Todd, who
dled auddenly Frlday night. will take
placo thls afternoon at 4 o'clock from
?Uo Aiian Avenue. The Interment will
bo mado In iioliywood Cemnto'ry. The
Bervices will ho conductod hy the r,ev.
J. Calylp Stewart, D. D. The follow?
lng honbrtfry and actlvo p.-ill-bearers
aro requested to aasemble at tho house
nt 3:4o o'clock.
Actlve?C. F. Taylor, S. T. Bcvcrldge.
Forccaal: Vlr?,lnla?-Fnlr hiindn.v;
'tiniila.v purtly cloudy; vnriiible wiiicli.
Nortli Carollnu?Fair .Suudny) aliKht
ly ?unrrnerj >londuj'_partly ctoud.vj UbIiI
to luoderiiti', inoaUy aouthweal, nluda.
S A. M- tomporature. "lfi
liumidlty . 63
Wlnd, dtrection. SW,
Wind, vuloclty. 15
Weather .P. C.
Kalnfail .,. 0.-10
12 nuon tomporature. 62
3 P, M. temperature . 6S
Maxlmum tomporature up_tp 5 P. ^r. cn
Mlnimiirn temperature up to 5 1'. IM. 30
Moan tomporature. 4,s
NOrmal tetnperaturo. ,40
JCXOOjls iu tomporature yeaterday.. t>
AoQUm, excees in tetnperaturo siuce '
January l . 2U3
Accum. doflolenoy in ralnfall alnce
January l . 0.31
(At H P. IU,, Kuatern Standard Tlme.)
Place. Tlier. II. T. Weather.
Ashevlllo . 63
Augusta.. 62
Atlanto . U0
Buffalo ......... r.j
Chloago . 38
Clncinnatt . 60
Pavtmpgit ...... 10
Detrolt . !!3
.lackMOiivtlln ... 64
Kansaa Clty .... r,()
New Orleans, ... US
tiklahoma City.. 6'8
Plttaburg . 38
Ilaloigb . 48
NorfpikS . RQ
Tatnpa . 83
Waanington .... 4?
Wllmlngton _ si
^eHowstono ..-? is
ail.MATL'HE A1.*?1A.VA(*.
February -i, I90P,
fiun iifie*.. 6*61) UIGHTIDK.
Sun i?tit. f'.')4 Mornlng.... 6rl
jMuon -.eu.,.. ti.oj lEvenlug.i.. '?>?'<
Bargain Prices on
Wood and Coal
The following pricca hold good until rcduccd again:
JLong Pine Wood.??. .$2.00 and $2.50 per half cord
Long Oak Wood.$2.25 and $2.50 per half cord
Long Pinc Slabs ..??.$2.00 and $2.25 per half cord
Long Oak Slabs.>.$2.25 and $2.50 per half cord
Long Hickory Wood .$2.75 and $3.00 per half cord
Sawcd Pinc Wood.??-$2.25 and $2.75 per half cord
Sawcd Oak Wood.$2.50 and $3.00 per half cord
Sav/ed Pine Slabs ??.$2.25 and $2,50 per half cord
Sawed Oak Slabs .$2.50 and $2.75 per half cord
Sawed Hickory Wood. ?-$3.00 and $3.50 per half cord
Split Pine Wood.- -_$3.00 per half cord
Split Oak Wood. .$3.25 per half cord
Split Slab Wood. .$2.75 per half cord
All Mixcd Wood at same rate, I make a spccialty of quar?
ter cords and $1.00 lots, if you just want that quantity. I can
supply your needs, whether they bc large or small. I havej
over r.ooo cords of Wood in my yard now, and about 2.000,
cords to come. It must bc sold. I am handling two to foun
carloads a day. Most all of this Wood is original first growth.
perfectly dry, thin bark, clcar of knots and easy to split. Tt<
makes a quick, hot, lasting firc. I have made a specialty of
the Wood business twelve years. I have been the leader in
the Wood business here about cight years. I savc you timo,
patiencc and money. I only ask a trial order, then you will
bc satisficd, like all my regular customers.
Coal that Burns
I only handle White and Red Ash Anthracite, all sizen, and
Fiec-Burniiig Splint and New Rivcr Lump, free of slatc and
hard stuff; New Rivcr and Pocahontas Steam Coal and tlio
Pure Cumbcrland Smith Coal. All I handle is the best quality
and is scrccncd nicc before it is sent oul. I furnish a perfectly
rcliablc man to put in all my Coal or Wood, if desired, takhig
that burden off your shouldcrs.
Otfice and Yard, 1201 W. Broarl St 3 Phones, 1069, 1320, 3982
\ t. .md cntered th" Coniederate
be '???rt.-. born. since the war he raade
hls home ln Rappahannock county, en
terlng tlie Soldlers' Homo on Derember
1H. 1'?0?. H'i waa unmarned. and had no
neiir relatlvea. Tho arrangementa for
th* funeral will not be condurted untll
i ;: frlendl cau bo r.ommunloaled with.
Mr*. Hrengle.
A tolo^rBm announciiig tho d'ath
in Bedford, Pa,, of Mra, Brengle, moth
pi- ol C, T. .inri C. V, Brengle, of thla
I i lt* . v a received Saturday mornlng
' Both sona had rcached her bOdatda
before death came. The interment ?lll
bo in tha home town.
Dle? ln Convcnt.
[Speclal to The Tlmee-Dlspatch.J
V". INCHESTE.R. VA., February ?0.?
! A telegratn to-day aunouncea tho death
at the Kplscopal convout al Graynioor,
N. V., of Slater Mary Annu. of tho ala
I terhood of the convent. y*i'ho waa *
daughter of the late Hajor-Genaral
John O. Waikor. of the Confederatc
army. Her niother. Mra. Mary Walker,
land several brothcra and siaters rccldo
j hero. ,
Funeral SenJrcs.
IEp"-tal m The Tlme?-Dispa.tch,J
?0,?Tho funeral of the late J- Btans
bury Wallace took placo from St.
GOOlrge's Eplaoopal Church to-day at
11 o'clock, ond was largely attended.
The aervicsa wero conducted by Rev.
R. J. Mi'Bryde, T>. R., and Rev. H. II.
Ba'rber. lutcrmoiit waa niado tn the
famlly lot iti tho Clty Ceinetery.
Mrs. Anmnila Allen.
[Bpccial to Ths Tlmcs-DiBpatch.l
DAM'ILLF., VA.. February 20.-?
Mrs. Amunda Allen, aged tlrirty-one
years, wlfe of James N. Allen, dled at
her home here to-day, after a long
illncas. Sho leavca a husband, one
chlld and four brothers and Bistora?
Har.ry Burka, of Alexandrla; Charles
Burks. "f Sallsbury, N. C and Mra,
John Durham. and Mra. Wllllam Mc
Milllan, of Dauville.
Mr*. J. A. V/Hklnson.
[Spcuial to The Tlnica-Diapateh,]
FARMVILI.F, VA., February 30.
Mrs J A. Wllklnson dled last night
after an illnoss of only a few houra,
ug-ed fortv-elght years. Sho was
formerly Miaa Bottle Jenkins, of Farm
vllle. Sho leavea her husband. four
sons and two daughtera. Her funeral
will lake place, to-inorrow afternoon
nt 3 o'clock from the resldenco on Mtd
dle Street. Tho Interment will be made.
In the FarmvlUe Cometory.
3Ir?. Alicc Ivuin-lil.
[Spacial to The Times-Dlspatch.]
20._Mrs. Allce Knlght, wldow of-John
T. Knlght. diod at her home here last
night, aged flfty years. She waa a
member of the Methodlst Church, aud
had a largo circle of friends. She Ib
survlved by threa sons and two step
?\Yil1lmn Moneley Stratton.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dispatch.]
SABOT, VA-. Fobruary 20.?Wllllam
Moscley Stratton dled February 20, at
lakiti to
I,10 f,'clf-k, I" the hom* of hla .-.iat^r,
?ur>. i.i./ii. Taylor, at f-abot, Vh, after
a lonjr/lllneaa. He was thn youugest
??n 0( I. |i and Jennie Htrattnn. and
waa twenty-tbroe yeara uf n(c?>. H?
ita\es hla mother, father. two elatera
and one brotii&r. Tl'r' burlal took nlac*
lo-day at :: 30 o'clock from Dover
f'hiirrh Oemetery, ot which church !-o
ti as a member.
OcorK" W. totlrcll.
- .1 to The Tlmes-Dlipatch 1
Cfi orce v.. Cottrell. wnu
U ? Home for r <
operi?? 'i "ii for i
that Inatltution to-i abl :*r. Cottreli
a wlfo and fivo chlldren
I.tiila .tl, l)...;.!.
l-Sjieclal lo THc Tlm?F-r>'?riilch 1
BPOTSYLVANIA. VA.. February 10_
Eewls M. Dodd, aged thlrty-two years,
died on Frlday ln .Spot*.ylva.nia count;,.
He ls survived by hla parenta, two
brothrra and onr tfaier. Mr. Dodd v.a.i
ii nativo of Hanover county,
3lr?. Solllc Elllote Dojlc.
Mrs. Ballle BIHott Doyle died at h*r
realdeoce, lll North Tu?mly-iuntii
btreet, yeaterday afternoon at l o'oloclc.
.?>ho waa M.o widnw of George R. Doyle.
Tl - Intormpiit v,-ill bo mado in Cul
pcpcr county.
BOHANNON.?TJled. ai tha realdenco
of jior paronm. Fobruarv 19, at *>.;;?>
daughter of Mr, and Mrt.. Jamea V>
Bonannon, .igr-J aeven months.
Another llttlo lamb haa gono
To <lw<-U n-lth Hlm whi frav# lt;
Another llttlo darilng babe
la sholtered ln the grave.
God ne?-dod ono moro angel child
'Mi.i liis olumberlns t.Bnd.
Aml ho Hc i.cut. with loving nmil*.
And cttthpc-d our Bernice's hand.
Funeral from the rerldenco SUN?
DAY, Januuxy 21. at :i o'clock P. M.
1-Tlnnda nnd ncquaintancos are In?
vltcd to ituerid.
DOYEE.?Died, at her rceldenee, IU
North Twenty -niiilii ,Stre?t, at l
o'clock P, M.. Saturday, Fobruarv I",
wjdow of George R. Doyle.
Ilor remuln.i will be taken to Cul
peper I'or burial.
TODD.?Dled, In this clty, February in!
1!>0I), CHARLES E. TODD. tn tho
8lxty-pinth year of hla ag?.
The funeral will take place THIS
from -HO Allen Avenue. Intorment
In llollywoad C'cmetery.
HOUSTON.?Died. at Meherrln, Va.,
February ;o, 1D0S, HERBERT HOUS?
TON. only son of Dr. H. O. and Mra.
Befcsio llouslon Forbcs.
MALEOT.?-The funeral of MISS SA
RAH MAEEOY will tako placn from
tho home of her parents, 4(>0 East.
NOON at .'! o'alock.
CHILES.?In sa<J but loving remem
brance of my husband, SAMEEE ti.
CHILES, who dled February 21, 1007,
two years ago to-day.
"Oone. but not forpotten."
Apply Sl5 East Broad Street.
Our Facilities
Every modern faclllty for tho most satlr,factory tranaactlon of busl
neaa ia presontod by thia bank. Absolute isafcty, perfect Convenlence,
prompt eervlco, thus Uomonatrating tho auperlor advantagoa wlthln
roach of every buslneaa man and woman.
Accounta recelvod ln auma of 11.00 and upwards, ort whlch wo allpw
a per cent. Interost compoundod aouil-itnnuaily from dato of depoalt.
Your accounta aoliclred, whether large or amall.
Planters National Bank.
12th and Main Streets, Richmond, Virginia.
Capital, $300,000. Surplus and Frofits, $1,150,000

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