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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, February 21, 1909, Industrial Section, Image 26

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Tiy TlmM'Olipfelah Cdrrior Dallvery flor
Mt.; ln niehmeud (nnd ?iuliurbi>, ManehM
lor and reierr.biirg?
rlth Sunday. 11 cent?
Datiy Witheui Bunday. 10 eauti
ffunday only . G ccn's
i-;ut<>r<<ii Junuary 2?, 1101, nt nichmomi,
? . ? ,-.. :u-i': ?' ii:.'J'"r net of
vii;: iiari ?' o foo'i nmat prldo <>t
good name nnd In licr ro
d record tor roapect of
the )nn- r."\tr hfar of the perpetratlon
rlme 1 tne negro brutc without
momenta ot uu^ict ?? and auapenso a?
lo the aftormMh. It hns been yearS
? o there waa a lynching ln virginia.
Conaldaring tlio otivlronment ln which
? ef our pcopic llve, tha largo jiro
i | negroea and the number ?C
? . ?, ? it consequently arlnc,
wa thli ' thi peaka very hlghly
for the orderltneaa nnd aelf-reatralnt
ot the men of Virginia. Not long ago
thero w.-is h. bruta] assauit liore ln
nichmond. followed. not by an orgy
ol mob lawlearaeaa, but by a qulet and
geemly court trial nnd a prompt aen
i. nce. Now comea thla pecullarly
ocklng outraga ln Botttourt county,
followed by what la seld to be tho
n tteat court iuetico exer recorded
in Virginia, All tho clementu which
movo men to take the law Into thelr
own hands wero cortainiy to bo found
here, and lt is a thlng worthy of lm
nortant noto that thla negro outcact
la to die ln the electric chair.
Where the courta aro tntffectual or
even notorlously rlow, lynoh law may
flnd aome excuae for itaelf, For somo
rriraes tho Wood cries for rure and
swift puniahment, But when courta
meet omergcncles wlth auch speedy ef
fectlvenesa that a gutity wretch nnds
him!?elf under scntencc wlthin twenty
four houri after tho conimission of
hls crinic, the last veatlge of thls excuso '
breaks down. Wlth auch courta and
wlth its corrolated machinery of Jus
tice a? a rule tullyl adequatc to tho
demanda upon lt, Virginia may rcason
ably hopo that lts record as probably
the freeat of tho lynching ovll of all the
Southern Stat< ?? may long contlmie
'> ? .; ., '? lot.
? L ,-iro heroby
.Me, but wholly
vertent delaya In givtng publt
correspondent whoso
ttei di iling with certaln tarlff mat
:?:? appi ln another coluinii thls
:? tter, though now
weeks old, is fortunately as- tlmely aa
and Is well worth prlntlng, In
!t ably volcea vlew? which wc
? ? . . to be hearlng In Virginia wlth
icrea - -? frequency nowadaya. Inj
fact, our correBpondont is quito tn j
error In imaglnlng that tho DemocraMo
party'a "leadera and Its ne-jvapapera"
lh.li Btati stand agalrial hla opinion
liiat Dcmocrat3 should not bo slow
to selie th'-ir ahare ln t:-.c dlstrlbu
Uon of protectlve favora. Nearly oll
Virginia ncwapapers which have cun
nded thelr vlewa on tho subjcot to
ihe public atand, on tho contrary,
Bquarely witli hlm; nnd at lcaat two
tliroe lcaxters havo used their posl
ttan '.-.i Coni rei to advance exactly
l? argumsiira- on. belialf of toma ot
their cotfl' '?"'? i '
Our cprreepondont la ln t?o aense,
t-creioie, projectlng a solitaty or
ploneer lino of reasonlng beforo a
UoEtl'io company. Ho advauccs fa
titUitir argumeiu.] and Uoea it ably,
Hla tundumental error,
ii number of hla questl
i uma jup neatl) tor i
ng paraj raph, whi
tho theory lhat "tho t;
crlmlnatcly lei it d, la
great claaa of people?
; the expenae of anotl
t i.
I u].
tl at
s juiit
- ?...?!:
? I I
lucl 01
end ?
thua i.\
Df iheti
lu .
I'M- f "i.1 jnvi'i titiiont. liut ?.? Iielp aellera
ninlto money, qulte regardleaa ot
Tniiff dlscrlmlnatlrm, !?t u? asaln
pny, i.i not botweim rlral producer*,-'
hut bettvMB producer and conaumor,
Tr, "hmpfH" tho proflttcer moans
Jlrflply Io pttt hlm ln a rnor** favofftblfl
posltion for fl^lng tho prJcos of hla
ru'odtirt, antl thoro lt no way ln whlch
hlt can bo dono except at. tho con
jumar'a oxpense. Provaiilng piicea
*?ny nol, Indeed, be ralsed, but tho
?onsumar i? flenlod thd npportunlty ot
ot'.-fT pflcei whlch freo aeceas lo a
lompetltlvo market would glvo him.
rho rotigh rffci-.t of tho protectlvo
arlff la ti> cooapftl hlm by law to
?>iiy nt homo, no matter what ndvan
age* tho forelgn market mlght
Tiilr> Ii wli^ro tho "robbej;" chargo
trlglnatod. The Pemocratlc party haa
tpposed a tarlff levled prlmarily tor
irotectlon largely on tho ground that
t waa wrong,1 not wrong economlcally,
101 wron? lrgally or cdnstltutlonally,
>ttt. wrong olhlcalty, morally. In oqtllty.
riils may, or may not, mako cloarer
o out* borrospondjent why lt. haa
eemed fnappropriata to some ob
lervera for Demodratla leadera t>
tirn about face and plead for this
Tlnclple ot the flrst pressuro from Im
aedlately lnterested peroona at home.
'lio fccllng of these onlookora ta that
lto dclogated leadera of a great re
""" cannot becorningly peUtlon a
hance io rharo ln the very outragea
boy mo pledged to attacU. Imagluo,
or example, zealoua cltlz?>iia leadlng
crusado agalnat tho aalo of drlnk
n thla city, on Uio ground that drlnlc
ng waa a moral cvil, and gettlng dc
oated ln a local optlon election; ond
magino them then announclng that,
inco tho majority had declared for
he pollry or drink In the next two
cars. and alnoo other8 wero golng
o enjoy the wlckod plcasurcs of
onvlviallty, they tbemsolvea would
pend thln period In gottlng frequont
y and glorlously tntoxlcatcd. Tho ln
onslstehcy of these men would bo
. detall. Tho Important polnt would
>o that they would thoroughly
liscredlt thelr own alncerlty and
o great harm to the eauso they pro
essed to represent. Fo. every Demo
ratlo leader who nieads for hlgh
irotectlon by that much weakena tho
iubo of tariff rcform, and hclpa ti>
asten on tho produclng ciat-sca the
ternlcloua eysteni hls party has long
onsocrated Hself to combatlng. IC
Jemocrata want protcctlon, eu tho
tntl-reformers "would naturally reason,
lu n everybody docs.
Tho Tlmcs-DIspatch fs no frec
rader, In tho penso that It would lileo
-?*. aee all protcctlvo duties abollshed.
o-morrow. It bellcvcs, ln general,
md wlthout roferenco lo platforni
Eeclaratlona, that the theory of pro
octlon i? cconomically unsound, that
t has lnevlt&blo by.prod.ucta ln ln<
lustlce, oppreaalon and corruptlon, and
.hut our whe-to tr&do wlll bc on
icalthler and better basls when tho
iractico la at. length plucked out from
>ur comnicrcial systcm. It challengea
tobody's right to hold different opln-|
ons. But when Democrats turn hlgh j
irotoctlonlets, and Justlfy thelr posl-|
lon by argumenta not caally dlatln
juishablo from thoso long mado fa
nlllar by tho other party, tho mcan
njj of such a dovolopment cannot be
Ightly passed by. It Is not worth
?.?hno to .say that nepubllcan pro
iucers are dlshonest and Insincerc,
whlle licmocratic prodticera aro the
solo proprletors of aii virfuca, Tho
tcpubllcan machlno may be this, that
ji* the other thing, bul the uvcrago Re
-mbllcan through the country i.i as
peraonally honeat as tho averago
Oomocrat. It ls therefore plain, ns
;vc long ago pointcd out, that ir any
:onstderabla number of Deinocrats be
como converted through aelf-lntoreat
lo tho hlgh proteotlve thoory, it wlll
uut be poaalble for tho party as an
organlzatlon to contlnue to fulminato
aealnat that theory and tho tarlff as
o. party laaue wlll bo dead.
THB ASVt.V.11 uo.vnu'.s J.OSti
Not much u-elglit ls carried by tho
Staunton Dlspatcli'a argumont thut
logal uncertalntlea aurroundlng the
Murkland property, near I^ynchburg,
j'.ibtlfy tho asylum board In golng slow
i>lth t.ho erectlpp of tlio eplleptlo lioa
'??'???'? '>''?-? pi*pa.tcli poluta out that the
!'' ot tha Murkland devl'ae pro?
vlded tliat tho lncomo from tha prop?
erty was to bc used to purchaao "extra
forta" for tho Weatern Htalo Hos?
pital patienta "for all timo." But, as
the Lynchburg Ncwa obaen*ea ln re
uttal, tho Murkland beqiieat waa cn
cumberod by a trual deed, nnd waa aold
under thli det'd, at whlch tlme lho
asylum board, actlng for tho stute.
bought il ln and ue
TJio Qeneral A: Ben
prlated |15,000 to
thls property, and I
sumably, rellnqulaj
knew wiiat it waa
(ai ?! Irapt and pu
liorat alte for a <
i" '?' oi (ia l*gal i
Soi ii ll 9;ny pi
bbard ln ariv ?? i. ?
a clear tltle.
I "' -. appro
Q board for
<r thus, iirc
rigltt?) In it.
tlclty of thls warrant muat havo nn
onrt some tlm?.
lt wns In Febntfiry. IPOfl, that tlio
Tieglelature dlreeted tho bonrd tO pi'o
oood to the cstabllshtnent: ot nu epl
loptlo colony ln Anihorst county, and
?tho bonrd's flrat afltlVa itep ln 6om?
piianc.o was takan, wa bnitevo, otoly a
day or so ngo, nfter1 It hnd been moro
<>r lnaa protlrlnd, by nn opinion handnd
down by tho Al tornrv-<'!?Hwrnl. 3f
thero wore clouda on the tltlo uf the
proposed alte, or lf thero vrre any
other rnanons why tho canylng out of
the loglnlatlvo inandntn micmeJ lm
praotlcnblo, we concolvo u io liaVe
boen thn lionrd'n duty to RBcertalri
these tuinga promptly, anri it it veu
tured to nsatime tho reaponslhUlty Of
ao long n. WRit, to petition the next
Loglslature to revine ita Inatrticttons,
rt did nothlng of the Itlnd: and whllo
tbo Assembly of 1C0S did rooonsiflnr
and amehd Ita act of two yflara befor't.
It was only to rclterato thnt. the colony
iii'i.-l go upon Ihe Murklaiid tract or
Upon bo mo other Amherat county alte.
rt |g for thls that tho board haa been
conatired, and roaaonably, lt aecina to
us, for Ita fallure to havo any objoc
tlons it mlght havo to lts Instructlons
formulated and passed upon ln a roa
nonablo length of time. Wo are glnd
to note thnt tha reaolutlons arloptcd
at lts recent meeting point to action
at last; but it renmlns an absurdlty
to auggeat that any Intelllgent body of
men requlro throo years' tlmo to roaeh
conclualona on auch a mattor as tlils.
"SETBD TraiB."
(Seleoted for Tho TlmeB-Dlapatch.)
''The aeed ls tho Word of God."?
Luko vlli. II.
Wo hear much theso days on tha
Kiibject of Kocd and sov.'lng nnd aOils.
On every uldo "wo sea landa under cul
tlvatlon, where aedd ls now bolng sow.1,
nn it haa been for years and years).
Anel yet thero may havo boen tlmns
in which the aowern havo altogcther
neglected their work; thero nro places
in which no need hns evor yet been
aown; and solta nro very dtffororit and
climato very varlous. No one rula
worka for all.
In our day, at any rate. good B6ed
has been so abundantly and, lu tha
maln, ,';o dillgently scattered, that wc
might reaaohably cxpect heavy cropa
to mature Into abundant harvests.
Thero hns boen niucli eowlng of thla
good reed amougst us, cjose at home,
as well aa in tho broad nnd far dla
tance, ao wo may well aEk, What afo
the reaulta?
Tho need has been r.own, and we are
como to atudy the growth. Wc mlght .
with reaaori expect a fleld, if not alto
gether without weeds, yet with. somo
falr proapect of ,1 return for the labor
and tlmo apent ou it. But what do we
m"o Inatead? Tlio outlook ls, for the
most part. unprbmlslng and disappoiut
Ing. IIow is thla?
I.et ua drop tho parabie; let us lin
aglno some unh&ppy place, whero all
thlnga remaln aa lf no care had been
bestowed, no prayers oftered |n its bt
half. lio tl.at v.-at, tdliiy in nithy f-till:
- lal was unjuat la u?.. u t t tin
that was unforglvlng fa unforglvfnB
still; he that waa godlosa is godlcs$
Btill. If any change, it has beon from
bad lo worsc. Tiie profauc, the uu
chasto, tho drunkardi tho dishonost,
tho false, the ctivlbus, the spftetul, tt
unbharitable, tlie blisybody, ihe car<
Iess, are just as tliey wero years ago?
only i.,y the lapse ot tlmo sunk moro
dceply iu the deptlia of aln.
Let us suppoaa that all this timo
good aeed haa been sown In much tho
same way ;j;k1 to the same oxtent ns
olsewhere. What-is-the-matter? Has
the enomj been more buay ln sowlrig
tarcs? [a tho ground more suitcd to
their gfowth?
Whoso. fuult la it'.' Has the sower
been negligent? Has he to rcproacli
hlmsclf wlth sloth and covyardjeo, lack
of faith, unwlae words and patient
DxatnpleV Yot, after all dtifeots on his
part of feoble, uncven, unskllful aow?
lng, the aeed waa "good need"; it could
not bo otherwlse, for "tho aeed ls the
Word of God," and can Gods wore
What, then, has boen tho-rnatter wlth
the crop? What has been wantlng'
Rain from heaven to encourage
growth? No, Air and light, tlio
quickenlng breath pf God'S Splrit, wlth
the light of Hls grace to produco flrst
tlio blade, thon the car, then tho full
co/n ln the ear? No. Tho bleased suti
shirio of Hia prosence to rlpon into a
hundredfold of galn? N'o.
Then, whero has beon tho fault?
How about tho soll? how about the
ground in which tho aeed waa east?
We may liud tho trouble thero. Xo
depth of earth? No 1.? for roota?
No car. fui tendtng to keep off tho
EOwls of tho alr? No wecdlrig? Xo
upr'ootlng of those tenaclous brlars
and thorna? No rcai palna taken to
protect or encourage healthftil growth?
Could wi i spect aiiy crop under eonv
iditlons liko those?
Q vile. wot'Uiiei i Hnil!
lv, stony
<? ?o una tne source of
-'J- ;!;" nUcliI. . .. tim, : ivast; and,
Whai la to beconie otapiaoe "ln auoh'
a atato ai thli '! s? excollehco or eooa
will help il ; I Uo inoal skili ? ? ,,r ? .,???,-?
I I ?? ; !
Il ll.ll
j .1 1J1 . -
it know
yi evor
?;.- vvllli
Borrowed Jingles.
I rtlmply lonthn thnt feilow, .Tonet,
Ihi l.i a mnn I Imln,
Ilern,,*,, ),?, Bfly3 ?, ,,ll(,,rft,| ,???.
oiy ftirnnee work* nrnt rnte.
"1 Bliak* ll ?Ir>Trri ,iu*t oifo a day,
No eiiQkeri nos the atau
For mti wlth pnllig to pnko away,"
(Turtca ia n mnn T tt.tle,*
"Tha nrartu nro slmple ti* can ti?,"
'Jones is n rnnn I lin'?.)
Britlraly frorrt tho pnrlnr w*
'Jhrlr forco rnn resrtllBtt.
"I lll thnt ftn-nnro nn ftfcnttt
?vpvombar. tTn ?o data
T swoar It. hasn't onco itone ottt."
'?uuicfl ln a man I lmle.)
"Tho eoal I hnve le hnrrt to boJlt." \
(.hmes Ia a mnn t tiate )
"II rIvoj b flne n.nfl ateady heat
And haa no slaff nor slato,
"BI* fons last me tho winter fhrotigh
And r nntlelnato
Thnt thls mlld winter flvo ulll do."
f.tnncB Ir a mnn T hate,)
'tlio enmlty T benr to .Tones
T know wlll not nbnte,
n?>cau?o h? aaya ln enoerful tntt-s,
"MTy fiirnneo work.i flrst rate."
??Chlcnpo f.'ows,
?irERrr.T .TOinNC*.
Love'a t.nlwr T.ost.
l-'liTt Mother: "f flnn't know whether tn
enter my baby ln the baattty enntost nr not."
Sacond Mothers "lt taema rathef too br,d
fo tnl;.-> nll thut troubln for nothjng."?Now
Tork IlernId, t
*S'ot wirclcsa,
"Don't you suppo??, I'ennlcr, thnt ovent
taally nll kind* of machlnery win be run by
a wircte.is syHtomT"
"Ko, mv boy n-o nevor rould run a poll.
lleal niacltlno wlthout wlrea,""?f'hlcago Trt
Wlth I'rninj. or Solt.
Gerald: "My love for you Is like, tho
boundleia ocean."
Gernldlnc: "Kx.tctly tho way T talte lt."
GeraKl; "W"baf do you meao?"
?"ioralillTo: "Wlth n good many aralna of
fcalt,"?rhiladelphta Inqulre.r. ,
MioHinB Martced 'Inlrnt.
.Tlnka: "Have you aalecUd a tra.3* or
rrofei?ion (or jour boy?"
Wlnka* "I shall make n phimber of hlm."
.tlnl<?: "Has ho n benl that way?"
Winl-.s: "yte'* born for It. Teil hlrt to
do a tiunar Inrmedlately, nnd h?- won' thlnk
or lt attaln for a week."?Tlt-Blte,
Small qunnllly.
Cissto: "Tdamma, mayn't I tako the part
of n mllkrnnltl at tho fancy dress. ball?"
Mamma: "Toti are too ll'.tlo."
Clisle' "Woll, I can be, a condonsed
milkmaid."?Cosnlo Cuta.
Mrs. Suburbanllo: "I mndo at-ransoments
fiih two cooks yeaterday.'1
Hubby (aatonlahed): "Two eonksl"
Mrs. Suburbaiiito: "T?a| *v.* ls to come.
Ici.morrow, aud thu other Iti two wcoltB."?
M theee days It ls not tiearly so eonven
!>>nt for our crreat mon 10 b? born In ln:f
cablna ns lt was 100 years r>so.?<.'hlcai;o
? ot Mr. Do
?t Ttoosevelt
Phlladelphta la the Clly of brrtherly iove,
but Its eapaeltlr-^ of nffectlin do not lu
iludo BlatOT Bol tne,?JCew Vork Mail.
"Bewar^ of tlmulsnts ln Xfrlca," says a
rctnraod travnle>r. v.ut v,Uen T, rt. lands
1 ? ! eyo-openor to th?? natlvc;.?
Atlanta Conatltution.
?\v. VT. Corks. of L'JCir
blcr. eoft black hat like
t (llfo alaa) of ex-Governor
.( hns been bung up In tho
? of the Netv llammlilro
portralt of Governor Batns
Mlrluiir to the btalo llbrury.
i X. II. 1 funti on whle.h Ilor
born Is now owned by Jollll
.??.! sraale in Whloh Horace
been looked waa soiil BOt
o to Rev. i". M. eionduiaii,
coal blll of tho Pruislnn
i? f'JC.OOO.OOO. Of thlit
roprosonts tho cost of the
riw; ahe i.-rnsinder Ig tho
nt upon thu Lransportotion
ii-jii^-': ti.1 inotivo power of
allway .i-.ttom from ateaui
y cqalpinent tor con
id iu lho BUbBtltUtlon
ocioly, alejia w i re li
Ivcnl ot tho iittt w
a.. Ch< main I uoln
en Brule, one ot Cli
whu k-lslte 1 the Itrd
voted to is rlmental work wllh this fibre,
r;.;,,i ,'.?!. o d Kankow, lipwaver, ure Uie
priucipal p ints ui' cxport fgr Chineso rainlo
ill Its l.i'. M:<tl-'.
EuoriiKius Apiii'npi'ltillon.s iu "-'r.lit lf
Tuu-Oreaii Flccl I'ldn Mnturea,
Tho flnal i'orm In wlllch tlio naval
appropriation blll pasaed tho iJenatu
wus very little Uil'Ccrcnt front tlie
shape In v/lttcli tho Mouso left lt. Thoro
will be two 20,000-ton battloahlpg au
tli.oiiztii, tho "biggost ever," ln ac
ipordanco wlth tho decision of tlio
IbVer branch; und Utia number is just
lutlf thnt aaked for by tho Secretary
of tho Navy and lho Pi*esldoht. The
mar lnc i urps Avill ba placed. upon tlu;
^iiiiis. contrnry to the wlalies of tiiu
President. Tho questlon of tho rha
| rlnea i largely ono for Ojcpert Jt\dg
ment, bui it i-i woll known that naval
| ofltcer; ire about evonly divldod on
tlio q io i ..u. Tho Inlct'oat of ecqriomy
' ln expoiitilturo ia bost sevybd, doubt'
jess, bj havlng tho ninrlnc corpp aervo
; On lho ; hlps, as it hns dono for tho
I past ccnti i'v. alnco ita rcmoval ncsesal
tatea eniupgiris tho crew'B of bluejack
|'i i. in vlow of tho onortnous total ap?
propriation the prepenl 'blll earrioa,
|J3B,000,U00, tho aoLlon of CougroBH lll
?jv;errjdlns Uio Pi-esldoi.U'B aot may bo
j full' i'liii.'.i .in toouotnic" ground:'.
Thi. ; tho largest naval appv'opi'hi
tlon lin i the O.tvlj War niot oxceptlng
Uio appropriation in Ihe yo.ir Ininio
dlatol; ufler tho war wlth Spaln. Th?
, tucreasi ovoj: laat .-our la ?lB,0QO,0Uu
1\ vi '? ??? ! oari ago, :??<>' two or
: throi !' ndiug He'n'ators vV>ora sa^'liig
; that i;. appropriation ahoiUd nevor be
allowed to oxoeed ?iou,1100,000 a y6ar.
I 11 iiov look at'lt, lt" bIjsq roukes
lon. gaap. Whal 1-. tho liniii to hc?
i Nobody prctonds to suy; Wlth the talk
noM ? .' ? ms oom'onimg a "two
|... . a, 1 ti nd thal la to say, a floel
i 1 or Paclfic i qual to that for thu
Atlatiti an appropriation ot SJOO,
? 1 ,1 iMf i.i clearly ln alght.
niui( t ln ondi ini 1 I in jjovern'rietifc
1 flnam 1 on ai 1 ount o| tho papld, ln
or.<a ?. ln naval (.Nponillturu, 'and Uic
; 1 llod Stato .a tiiiH rulo v;lll soop
bo In tho na*n? o.xaspevatlug flx. V01
I ? i puriti lon aio iho 1 khoat in the
I i 'ni |d Tl.ath may ho 1 he "path tc
'?;' Lhu bliltflneSB la atrot'ioue
tu 1 tl.c ijuiuc. ? ftui'lusflclil Kcuabyjau
The Couris
By La Morquisp de Fonlenoy.
Kranrl Duke Cyrll Near thn Itunalan
GRAND 1'iiKi: CYIUU untll quite
iccutly an oxiiu from his oivn
luiHl, liocom.vi. through Ihn
"iiko Madlmir, on Wodnoadny fdat, t,M
'hlrd ln tho lino of sticoeBaioln to tho
tiiroi,,, of Ruseia. Botwcon th'! laltffr
und hltpsolf thoro aro tho llv.-u of llij?
now four-ycar-oid CaaroVltcri Aloxhi
1111,1 tho Empwofi only brothor, Mlch
riol Aloxandrovltch. JMlchaoI, belng de
^fibjfcpgiai, ?g rnr iol
v]i5-hlh,0,m",OrUj' OfX UtHO oawcv:
\itch. awkwaru questlpna would arlso
u connectlon wlth the ngttmyl PI
? ^ We% HWn* "l,7'u"? ? lhat
wo,u ? i. IHi DukeTSyfU, and many
" r. ' '" "? ?0r >ll'?- But tho mo.
', ., -i, ' ,' ,. ,'u'', bf"" ?'" "v"r-" lo liis
"i iu t.jiii. bonlahlng him rlot ohly
I !?c?r,i OUt OjSO from Kussfan tetl
i . '?.' ..,,''," m|firnt bo rolled udort
io o overything |? i,|3 power to )<v
hlr,1!,8?'"1 <Illlin >10 dlstaatoful ni
1 ?5?V '^o'tiing regcnt and guaru*
iu&ift' th.? J'0l'?s Csarovltoh, Por Im
would iinturaiiy f0ar that Cyrtl Wonl.i
do everything to arreat ai ..i dU 'i
Ihe policy which ho ha, liiangurat' ! 1
n,ifn.iontiho,y,JU"B ^mpreas'a health
i i v i n V ftrunK ?'"J would undouhW
M*?nta ','^"/'^l by hef huaUan'd ns
rtrront. Sho already onco before aoted
ae f.-uch during tlio Cfear'a ,.|..',- ? ,,
seroua lllnoea TrorS typlfold 'fever ?
d-iin,im of which robbed I. -for tt
Wmo 0f ?ls reason, and It may bo re
thi navV'nV ,Vrcad,n? Interreropco on
,iimip U ,of Ul? ,at0 Grand DuRo Vla-i
airair and a posslblo coup d't'tat \lia
oTcmirin ?e,,Cptor,y CorS?daeror hltn
,??.," abr?ad tintii fufther notlce,
SfiU?^ h0 ?colvod at
wVrorceli SrSj^Sf^lliJ*
sver, tho Empreas/bas been aurteHng
fiom a nervous breakdown, Iii laof.1
rpin.!.C,?'0UK 8>'atei* !? ae?crjbcd by?her|
relatlvos abroad to bo a pej&ct wreck.
\i'j? ?rJCopl? ,at ?t. Peterabur* JcbbI
fordlally incllned toward he" inais
he Isaitllctod wlth ine
?vca clalin th
-on is unhiiigcd. ralling her, the <
S2w JKrtPii^Sf'^"**0 ,,"? mother, the
Whll- I , r ,.ri',1'Pr0Vn' M r*?00t. BU,t
".ui! tha relatlona between thom aro'
c-l thfi most afteotlooate natu?e, it is
weirknown that she doea not opprove
of hls policy and. Imbued WlihrUlo re
f-etlonory prlndplea which she Inher
D?i ,f","i" .<''r r"otncr. Quoen EKJulae, of
lfiL,.i '''? atJongly opposed to tho
?Z'hi u ?"u c.onstitut!onai roforraa
?*nicii no has Introduced.
it ls Just hccanao of this uncertalntv
concernlng tho future, beeauee hb one
feehi Bure that the policy ? .
by the Czar la deatlned i.' ?
J-Mgn. tl.i.r. ho tr.uh, , (J ??;, ; ,, t.;,,,,,,
, sei;'lr'nS 'l*'-1 loyal co-ojiorati-n ?.f
the offlclal element nnd tiMJ eseoutlon
or his directlons. DlgnltartaT of tho
f?-ar that lf hla domlae w-r- followed
by . a reaotlonary reglme, the fact'of
thelr having Identiiled thomaolves wlth
? ref| rm mi aeurej of Enlperor Nlcho
iTTi i?, 11 , ., rVInonk',t';"i agalnsi them
!-'??',.;,.,. l? t"0lr,';' - ? ' I DU8
,,- '-,,-', ?I2rS ' ? v'> ;i known that
it v.iii surnce to rcc^ll ln tt,? wu-t-m
posalble fashion hor,.. that ho Inourretl
tho angor of tho Czjr by weddlnir In
ueflance of the 'lattor'a exnreaa eom
niands, the dlvorced wlfe of th
' ? only brothor, tho Grand i/i
tieet, of rlesse it !?< iin,i?r?n
id that
n hold
,1 bo
1 lathollo countrlei ai
Caar ls not only' th<
?-'ign, but l;ki-wi--e th.
pua of tho church, Nl<
was irapropor that a
high up in the lino Of
be called upon to ai
Bhould be th? lnish.'io,
icena ti ?? i.u<
1 of :: dlvorcoo.
ill the membors
? of Rus8la, tho
and l. ? one In
...i outi r world.
i-'eteraourg, ana gunne tho roign of
tho old Kalaer, Vladlmlr w?a poraonn
KratlsalmH at the cqui I ol Bi rtln, not
only aa the favorlte grandnephew of
tho late Emperor Wlllium, but aisd as
husband of one ot'- the maat Ge'rman
? i' Ruaalan grand duehessoe, uqmoly,
Maria I'.'iulowua, by hlrth u diu-iicvs
"' Mccklenburg-Scnwerin. Vladlmlr
ivum aiway.-i aoiectod (?> mprcaent the
natlons ami obsequles, tnd wa- on very
Lntlmate terme with the relgnlng house
of Spaln, i;o much ?o that matrlmonlal
ulliances wero at ono time rumored be
tween his sons and tho slstera of Klng
Vlfonso, In Ungland, too, the Viadl
mlrs wero frequont vlsltors, Ilkewise
at Vlenna; but their staya nt Heiilti
havo been lesi, frequcnt slnco tho oc
i 088lon of tho present Kalaer to tho
throne, Itc and tho grand cHichesa did
not get on well togethor, amT it is ou
that account, pqrhapa, that she beoamo
.*jo ultra-Slav, apd evon ahtl-Gefman,
ultlrnatoly Joiulng tho Russlan Ortlio
dox Church, after having rOfused for
the ui- t quarter of a centtiry of her
marrled life to abandon tu? Luthoran
fallh, ln which 8he had beon .reared.
Vladlmlr, who in h\a yoiihger da'ya
v/aa the moat good-looklrig, ti-c most
dasliing, and, l am Borry to say, alao
tho moat dlsslpated prlnco of hla Iiouho,
was singularly freo front preJUdlcos,
and although ln Eussln he showed him
; olf unfrlendly to tho Hebrew race, yet
when iu Pnrls both he and tho grand
duchosa wero frequonl visltol?s at tholr
town manslons and country llpuses, lt
waa not oniv French Jews wnosc hoa^
9/r^w*yfwmm...Mif.^*mMmau"ii i. nmmit^m.
The Wheelbarrow
has been Banished
as a mcasuro of raw materialf*, and the
most accuratc scales substitutcd, in the
manufacture of
Portland Cement
That inwircs the mixing of the raw matcrials in thesamc way
?always?and guarantcca cowitant uniforrnily tn color anrj
strcnglh, while Edison grinding by Eciison tnachincry makes it
Unifortnly 10JS Fineat Ground in tho World.
Wrils u? or tik youi dotlu lof boollel " How to MU tn J U? Eduon PotUtod" Cemenl"
Cdiaon Portland Cement Co., Nat'l Bank Bldg., Savannah, Ga.
BIds. Maleriala, Tcrra Cotta Brick, Pipc, ,&c, Richmond, Va.
Only $21.13;
Complete with high
cloact nnd porcelain
and most
West, and
.-nars. Wa
ty tcat, or
I'rlce at
*??."> ?-?:?
rricc nt
Spotless Company,
iihockoe Slip, Richmond, Va.
pltality they thnr, enjoyed, hnt ovon
rlch RUaalan Jcv.-r, nuch an tho Cnn;:
bergs; and rlch bankcrs tvho could
tlol even havo obtatnod acce-ns to Vladl
mlr iu tft. Pott.iJhni's- t?uiul no dlirt
eulty m aocuHng l.iio aa a (jenlal rjuoi
? ,l i," im o , 11.1 V >>\ n, u lu I'url ,
? ?:? i u'untry pl ice i n lili i to. ?? had
i iti thu vicinlty of the Fronch
? ; .: matrimonlal alltanci bee
one oi hta daufhtcru and the
iit;ht, :?""?'?"=. hy tho Brcnt'.vood
Munii Qalntng Graundl
fully ir.ut. by th
i pj| advoCBtlrm thnt *.*.?? <?:-.}? .?]iani:r Ihe
;?" - i.i.-.. known by to ?>iit o! .Souil:
?! ?. ? na this gentleman tdvanccj r>?*
?, . . woltrht nor loaic, lie olalms
? I:..- .,., j to the proxltrllty of the two
? . ? ?.urlng jndustrlaa located
? ? ? i? oflflcea ln R.loh'nnnd. We
: ?, :: to ace what differmce ll
- ,?j , .,'. io ti-ete roiiL'on.n bv a cbapec
.. . ,;.- Thoy will atlll ke<i> tholr heau
tuai ?rg acroea ? ..?? rlver. Th,. majorlty of
n . !..-. ? putsl lo Ihe Stato would
?.. ? t>e n fluenci d bv the name at nl],
. . . Tno publieher oi thla ;..ipcr has res
ed ln thls city tor over sUty years, and
like many otheri *.vho have mado this olty
thelr Homo all th.-ir llv<>?. ',s unoble to aeo
vvlinl haneflt :onIij be sainud.
Thoy havo (he IntereaU of tho clty at
hciiri. would HUp to ssp !t grow and iii
porulfttjon multiplv, but: fall to dlecover
How to Increase the Yield of Fruit
Increusctl fruit crops are more oftcn the result of good raanage
ment than of good luck. Fruit trees nnd fruit plants nced a Ubcral
supply ot
The trees absorb plajit foods?lhat is, nitrogen, phosphoric acid
nnd potash -from the soil just tlie same as any other crop, Expcri
once haa shown thls over and over again. This truth has become so
wejl lecognized thal'" return to the land what the tree removes if you
woulc! expeet the best results'' has become an axiom with the best
Apple, yiejr, pcaclt, orangc and other fruit lices soon rcopond to
cateful fertilization.' 'But be-.s'ure to use the best fertiiizers.
"1 made a test witli olher companics' fertilUei's," says Mr. U. 0.
l.owry, of Manatee County, Fla.," and youro proved to'bc the best.
The yielcl where I used Virginta-Carolina Fertllizer. wa%juBt twice as
much as where the other two companies' fertUizcr was used."
Hundfeds oi uscrs say Virginia-Carolina. Fertiiizers are chcapest
because of their good qualitics?giyc better satisfactiun and quicl'or
Many facts of great interest and value to fruit growera are pub?
lished in ihe new 1000 Farmers' Year Book, a copy of which will bc
geri't free on application to any of our sales offices,
Virginia-Carolina Chemicai Co.
Sales QS-"
Rlchmond, V.*.
Norfolk, Va.
Columbla, S, C.
Atlanta, Ga,
Savannah. Ga.
Metnphis, Tenn.
Stt/fs Officti
Durham, h*- C,
Charleston, S.C.
Raltimoto, Md.
MontRomory, Ala.
Shrcvcport, La.
ii-.it b- . han
ng its name to elther i'outli
I'-niMkiii, Mt. Arat.it 01 Sqoeo
Ihe value of ita property
luitrlei to locai? here. The ouly
'??! Italtata to bulld factoriuo hrro
Jho Leagna'a Pollcy.
Thera la tn queatlon ih,. i.. , .t|0? ot
the Aatl.Satoon Uapie ln declarfag ror
'ocaJ '? ' Inai .. ol Btat. -wldo tuohi
' iu" '" ' '" aveutl ? .'?'oi oik last wcolc
' '"' ??'? lo" ?'?? ol "ii ?r tho *al!i>. of
tlu?o polltlolam and p:i,-. r, ?, | , j.?,j ||op?d
tt miik-* that .1
polltlclana ar?] pa
i.'nKM1"^ 'Y'-"'1" "5,on "JJ *"?*?'?*?>'iipHs that i?
j ??' '?' ibrbltlon as roon al it
raa tho oppoitunity x-t do ao al its m?<:tlnc.
. ? 80..11 aa it . . iotrn thai the l??g-u
i not do. thlt the tur.o ot thiso felloira
??? ih at onco| cr.anj.cd to ii?nuitn? tho itngno
I.ucauv; lt dltl not to dtclare. A clcar cas.*
rf damnliig If |t dM and darnninjj If it
: dldn't.?Ulackatonu Courltr.
Voice o\ the People
Ilcttmornts ninl (hc l.-triSf.
order 1 1
after th
preaent <
; in tin
o".J ta
? . t . party ad*, ???
uticient hi amount foi
ratlc producera "of 7iK;t>o artlolea -aa
H"nn prodttcon,*'
' woll aa ihe ]
1 Ing revenue? tu other word* io ?rivo
lr?gwl rlShte to all and apecfai p*iYl
, legea to none." ahould ona aeetlon ot
the country , ,? ono claai ot Induatrlea
pay the onUro exponaa ot a eororoou
>t to declaro .t dh
4- thelr pe
; dend, ahould they be de
I tlon of tho dlvldend
j v-Qtq to declare It? Of coui^e, if" it fs
ia rorcea or Craudulent dlvidend, t*'?
j ?'!.*''.or,,7' in'ist aPPehl to the courts for
protectlon; but in th
e it ls fraud
0 Unitod S
voted in ti
'> far as it i.-; unjuttly or
>te t'.!?-?. tax-payera
d< ctdo to protect
1 ?'?'?. nt that thu
t pay ?n (ncroaaed
. thon havo thoso
lority no right to
ln nrlc v P-'oduct.. eauaily onhanced
Would not thoy be Justlfled, wlthout
01 party, ln havlns a right. aa tt ihat
"??? ot coinmon Juatlce, lo aajt and de
roand for themaeives und for tho good
ot the communlty in whlch thev llvo
ciiat thoy be put on tho same iin'anclai
.'.'. .8., ' tl"? l'c8t ?' the ta.\
u'ouid not the fact that the tarlff
prjoes pald for aawrmlla; wagone,
piows, harneao, machfnery. etc, neces?
sary to protfuoe peanuts, tobacco an.l
inmoer niike it more imperatlve for
tno proiiucers of artlolea such na last
harned that they be not forco'd on a
rnarKei ln eonipetltloh wlth tho sarae
artlolea tnat are produced wlth ma
Chlnory und au'ppllea bought at a non
protected prlce?
Im not tno bost way lo got rid of a
had law "to enfprco it wlthout foar or
favor?" As kooii as you tako tho ape
ciai prlvlleeros away frotn thu few untl
Blyo tuom to tha many, wlll you not
destroy the protectlon pollcy?
Tho party who votea for a protectivo
tarlff ojtpQc&t* an advantage ovoi* othor.s
tyho havo a right to ho on tho sahia
pootinff, but dm lt hoiu good that
they ahould havo any advanlngp ovor
tho otherji becauso tho lntter voted
asraliiHt thu eyato'in of protectlon".'
ishould thO clUtloB Inijiosud by Covi
kicms be pmtisanv lf not, then why
3 tt unclciuocraliu to ask otjunt ben?
llts in levylng the duties uny more
ih;m in aejMng oaual benofita in im
pi"ovonien6!j of rivera and barbora witu
cno money ralaed from those duUee?
I wotiia not memorlaliae a Republl
cftn congreaiji to ao ndniinlstor tho cov
oi'iuiiont aa to glvo tho Soutli eauai
bencflta wlth the Nocth, uot bacain.o
lt would ho liiconaisteut. with Dumu
nratlo nollcios, bht hocuuso 1 wouhl
Know thal it would he usolcas to afik
I ot* cxpoct that party to change itn
? pollcy ol forty yeara, whlch pollcy haa
. not only ref-ultod In maklng tho agrl
I ??iilturnl soctiona of tho country pa.v
. 'ho war debt by Intornal rcvenuo taxen
' placod on hor produots, but, wlth "
. tarlff wali around tho markot for
No*itp.orn producta, haa alao roaultotl
ln maklng that aectlon rlch at our ex
I want tu tin loyal to (ho vlQWS of
my party, Uh leadera ami ita nowa
liapciB, aud I. aln wllllng to sulfer un
justlv for iny party'H good, hut I ean
tiot tliiak, as thoy seoirt to thlnk, tlm;,
hocaiiao tho tarlff, wheu dlacrlmlnatoly
leviod, Iii a robbcr. that. ono who ash?
or aooapta tt on tho ground of equat
!>ilviloKo ln tho ailinlnlstration of th?
comniun Bovornnitnit U "paatloopa
(?rlmlnia." iNQUU'Elt
Ulaclu!toue, v . 4... .... ?

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