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Deep Run and Riversidc
Huntcrs Follow ihcllounds
at Petersburg.
Local SportsiTien Are Guests of
Their Brethren in Cockadq < iiy,
Makingi )ne of Largcsl i ieldsj
Ever r'.fott^iit. Togethcr
There- -Ends VVilh
Rlveraldo Munts tiiia t
?n event of gi? ?? i Inter
an occaalon of sportsmt
olsl enjoyment The
bi autlful, ti... t. mp< rati
br.i.-tn!.-. tho gri und '<>? i
It'in and
'j'jri WRS
Iti P
bo round in the Unlted State.;, and
every hor.so ln the inii Waa up to
hOntlng tlie wtlffuHt country that is
rtdden over.
The followlng la a llat of rldera
and horsea ln the run:
llrep Itun Club.
W, O. Young, M. p. II.. on Overlanti.
Miaa v.'.-utbhi Crdnahaw. on Doswell;
Jamei W. Qravea, on Klngaman; B.
ll. Elllngton, on Robin HoOd Robert
Whltepurat, on Tnnr 8pot; Dr. .1. W.
Whlte. on iron Prlnce; Mr. Gatltrlgbt,
on Bertha B&rkar; Palniei i.-igh. on
Brown tug: Mi. Campbell, on Banvoltot
John W. McComb, on Ht Gracc;
Everett Waddey, Jr., on All Black.
EUreratde Club,
M. C, JacUaon, M I'. li. on *-"afc
Conveyance W. '<: Ruffln, hunteman,
on Nt'.k Ruffln; l.mi Roy jbne?, wftlp,
on Lady Modoc; i- M. Green, Jr., ? lp,
on Hunter Rye Dr. H. G. Leigb, on
i.., : lougl I.- Roy Roper, on tie't
Back; irviiic llartley. on Moonllght;
*R. R. Percivall, on Bar Tru"; hUgh
l'erclvall. on Toral?-rit; Harvoy Baward
un Chrlatlne; "fC. W, Oahorne, on Black
Bd'cka; I'nuik Plumtner, on WtalU
r.i.ost; E. IV. P.ltchie. on Lady llope,
H. W. Spratley, on Vallant; grooms. on
The Buok, Cedar Mouiitiiin an.l Mary
Pnck of "Istrcn Ilound*.
Tho meet was in Haryell'a Reld.wllli
a pack ol hi.M"-u well tralhcd and well
groomed hoimds, *ml the ?tart, wlth tn?
t-pirited horses and uniformed riders,
Waa a pleaslng slght. The run wa?
through Harveiru neld to ivenllworth
Chock to Rltchle'a .-.ton-. run thruugti
Wilson'a aud Branch'e fartm- to Rlvei
Jioad and cbeck to Mcliwalne**; run
tlirough Mcllwalno's and Plcaruut'.
lields to Cox Road, und checlt to cius
fios; thence run to M>rlck*a, thenc'
through Gereoke's to t'iiherv, througt
Granitu Grove llold to Ordinary Koad
to lho Joivor gata to the club, nnd llien
to the keuncls. .
Ilurlng thu run there were aboui
thlrty fences and slx ditches to jump
Jtlders. hor.sfs and hounds came in ii
tlno trlm and received the plaudits ol
the large frath^ting of women nnd
nn n assembled to witness the linlsli.
Tho Rlveralde Club has twlce enjoyei
tlie hospltallty of the Deep Run Club
and the sportMnanllko teliowsllip exist
ing between the two eluba is of th<
closest character anil bppreclated bj
Among those present from Richmont
but not rlding wero Mrs. P.ohert Whlte
hurst, Mrs. B. II. Elllnger, Mrs. J. Alll
son Hodgesi Miss Allce Doyle aud Coi?
onel Barton II. Grundy.
Tlie Itcccption,
Tho reecption glven the Deop Rui
and Rtyeralde Cluba this evenlng wa:
thr, most brtlllant aud notoworth'
event of thu season a; the Rlversldi
Club. The spclety ol tlie city wa:
largoly represonted, and man'y guest;
from other polnts were present. Tin
return of tho liu'ntera was watched wltl
great dellglit by hundreds of enlliu
Hlastic onlookera as the horaes awep
into tho club grdunds, taklng th'
An elcgant luncheon wus served, thi
tablea belng 'decor'ated I'.ith red earna
tione, red tulips and ov'srgrocus. Inun
ing followed, and rostivltles \ycre kep
up foi* several houra. 'I lio wowui w\v
received nen- Meadamei :?: U. Patter
son, AV. A. Braggi \\'. Gordun McCabc
Jr., E. ).. McGUl. R. I>. Cronly. Wa
vorly Wilklus} UeRoy tloper, Willlai
Budd. Charles T. tasslter, Mlssea .foso
phinc and l.uiy Mollwalno, ^arah Ham
ilton, Mary and Ainn; Bell Patt'osoi
Xan Davls, Mary Ropoi", Annie an
Margaret GIII, Mary Booth, Grfzuell
Mullenj BcHsle Myers, Miss ISilwartli
of Georgia.
Avnong the visltihg suecl.s wer
Mesdumus B. II. ISllihgtoli, Alilsoi
Hodgcs, R. v. Whitehurst, J. Wllllar
Friend, Miss Nolaon, and Rlessrs
]/aughlon, Sllls, JleCai-ihy, Kmltli air
Word, all ol' RichmoniJ, Mr3. i'miup
ball, Mrs. S. JOnos and Mr. Walkev
of New York; Messrs. Darden atii
Pretlow, of Kranltlin: Miss Joneu, o
Charlottosivllle; MIbh Tiirnbiill. of I.rx
ington: Meade Bernard, nf l:.avreuce
ville; Mrs, Arrhlsteadi of. Baltluiore
Mlsa Johnson, of Chrlstlausburs
Mlssea Gray and Ttives, of Norlnlk
Miss Ooodrlch, of Smlthr'ielii,
IInkhut 11 td for t>p.
[Spei-liil Cuble lu Tin- Tlmeo-DIspatoli,]
IiONDUN, Pebruary '.'O.?Knglnntl -tn
teuda to inako a. stroiig bld Cor th
Diivis eup for lawn, tennls. A nliul
lengo luts biieu recoiveil iriini Au.sti'ali
and whon an ttcoentance in ctlulod th
Amerleair assorlnt lou will he olTlulull
Invlled to send a team Iu lOughnnl 1
the aummor to play a prellnilntti'
' vourid at WluihleiliMi. ICiiBlaiid'.-i eunti
ileuce if: ba.sed on tho fael. thut au aini
rablc .-vettleiiieiit of the nuai-iel bfl
iKTien tho Vhiglltill iiPKiieliitloii ;nnl II
Bll-lihigland club lias hruuplit th
poherty brothers, and II. 11. Smith. tmc
Into the fold. Ttlfi*-*; wlth l''- Uifle!'^
A. Tv*. Gore and Ritchio, *? III he arall
Au^usl Bclmont Sceks Sup
pbtt of the Various
ilunt Clubs.
Jockey Clubajid National Stccple
chase and Hunt Association
Will Work Togethcr?Xcw
Committce Appointcd to
Make Plans for L'on
tiiiuance of Kacing.
N1,\V YOUK, February 20.?Forty
Ihroe hunt club?; lu Ainerlca, rcpre
aenling the Intoreata of the ari.ito
cratlc an.i exctualvo uportKmen, who
?i licretoforo <onflned thelr sport
Ing In-'ltnatlons ?mtlroly to fox-hunts
and . iff.-. i-jijutry ridlng, havo s
swered nn appeal by August Bclmont,
chatrman of the Jockey Club and prcsi-.
defll "I thi NatlOnal Stoeplochaso and
iiuni Assoclatlon, and will do thelr
? I io put raclng Ih Ainerlca ba?-k
"ii t;. aathe hlgh plane lt occupled
el ? ? tbe Bpori ulnm.it d-generatcd
Into :| merc gambllng Ibatltiitlon.
Monthi ii-'" Mr Belrhont sent out a
' i- ' Ulir to the hunt clubs of this cotin
!'-. asklng for thelr ro-operation, and
Ittlng lhat the help of tha real
aportamen, and not of thi t.ports, wat
: . l- .1 lf rneing v.as lo be continued
11 lll ln i hls . ountry.
Tlie clrcular did not mcet wlth any
| amount of enthuslaani on the part of
tho huntsmen, ? who, for somo year?.
i have had no liklnsr for Mr. Belmont
ai i i ls brother-ln-law, ,s. H. Howlan'd,
ecretary of the National Steeple
? nnd Hunt As:<oelatk>n. That or
I ganlzatlon has practlrslly lgnorcd tbo
amateur aportamen, except to forco
ng rulea upon them knd<to requlre
i that ,*i every amateur meoting the
] hunt . (nb in charge pay a ptcward
? ? thero by tlie Jockey Club *100
a day. In muny lnstanees no gate fce
n.. charged nt the small meetlngs,
eldom - -n auch a fec waa ex
., -.1 ,i ld tl ? r< celpts of tho day come
up '" the $1rtr> whleh had to be paid
Commlttee .\pp?lntrd.
? ? -r tbe foriv-thrce hunt
.' cnl rcpreaentatlvea, most of
them belng maj>ters of foxhounds of
.... " N ivr York to confer with
| Mr. Belmont. and a stormy meeting
! followed. at which many of the clubs
lexpressed a wiHingnefs to br<-ak away
from the National Stecplechase and
Itlimt Association. Kln.tlly a comniit
i lee --'I five wns appointed to arrango
1 plana for betterlng the *port in this
country, and to work with tho Jockey
Club to the end tbat tbe liunt cflubs
ihe glvan better represcntatlon on tho
National Assorlatlon,
Those five men were WcRtniorcland
I'iivis r-?!>]??? .-nllng tiiirteen liunt clubs
In Virginia; Spencer ltatper. of New
York, repreaentlng the New York hunt
clubs; Charles Pflzer, of New Jersey;
i A. Devereaux, of Radnor, Pa,, and Red
j mond C. Stewart, of Maryland, master
[ of foxhounds of the Green Spring Val
j ley Hunt, and one of the Judges in the
I last New York Horse Show.
The coinnilttee could not agree on
| some of tbe thlngs which should be
| done, nnd lninorlty and majorlty re
; ports were issued, which caused some
, confuslon. Latqpv, the flvc got to
1 geth.-r in a pflvate meeting in Mr. Bcl
j mont's office, and it was finally de
ri.l- d to work togother with the Jockey
| Club and ihe National fe'teeplechase
and Hunt Association in the interests
of cleaner sport. Many of tlie great
e.it stJepiechase liorses in Amerlca
como from the ranks of the hunters.
Wlion llarry Smithr master of hounds
of the Worcester Hunt Club, and the
present master of the Loudoun Hunt,
at Leosburg, Va.. won the champion
steeplechaso at "Morrls Park, ln 1900,
he k'ode liis own horse.
Secretary Ilowland, of the National
?': Ste'i pl'echase nnd Ilunt Assoclatlon,
.land the commlttee of five represent
ijing tho hunt clubs, havo agrced that
iiall matters should now be placed ln
. j the hands Qf a new commlttee of nlne.
i'| ?)lx of these aro belng choscn from
.': Ihe hunt clubs and three from the
! national association. They will meet
. i in Mr. Boltnont's ofllee ln a few days
I to perfect plans for the contlnuln'g oi
i raclng.
JTranscontincntal , Contest At
j tracting Widespread Atten
tion from Motorists.
(.Speclal to Tho Times-pispatch.j
NEW i'ORK, Febfuary 20.?Thi
; traniicpntllic-ntai raee from New Yori
has aroueed great Interest in niotorinj
olrolea. The fact that lt. haa tho in
iiorsbmenl'ot tlie Alaska-Yukoii Paelfii
JSxpoaiUpil tiu+UoJTtlQS, and ?liut the hn
l.h lino will bc ln ihe oxposl.tloi
groiinda, loiida to lt un objectlvo poln
wiih'h niiiiiy oontests lack. Discussioi
ot' tlm time that tho wlntier will maki
haa conunoncod, several for.eoasleri
beiug ol tho qplnlo'n thut tho wliinlni
cnl' vvll.1 reiu'h Seal.tle in lessi than tei
duys. Tho dlsiHiieo by ' U\p sbortes
pnuiienl route ls 8,000 miles. M. Uob
ert Guggoiiheini Is the donor of tln
i rophy.
lt is expeotod that tne ocean t<
1'i'eaii contest will bo bauiporiHj iiy verj
fevv lules, the ubjuct of tlio race belnj
i.i sjhow lluit ni.idorn motor care. eitlio
in tha Iniiids of tho uaej' or the profes
siouai, i-Hii go Hiiywhero and carrj
pasaeugera lo hhj-' defjtliuition. no mat
tei lion- reniote
Discussion of Winner in Dris
coll-Attell Bout Reaches
Heated Stagc.
[Speclal to The Tltnes-Diepatch.]
NKW YORK, February 20.?All New
Y'ork talked to-day of tho sensational
ten-ro.und hattio between Jcrn Drlscoli
and Abo Attell. whlch took place at tho
Natlonal Academy Frlday night. Pi'od
nt-ly no glovo contest in years caused
such a wlde ? dlfference of oplnion
among' sporting men. To uu unprejti
diced observed, competent to judge tlie
respectlve merlts of th'o boxcrs, tuere
waa nothlng to lt but Drlscoli. In
: polnt of quiukness, head work, accu
raey und gencralshlp, the Welshman
I had Attell clearly beaten; yet along
. Broadway to-day mitny persons could
; bo found who wero lnslstunt in declar
! ing that Attell won "'by a. mlle." In
I almost every case, however, these per
j sons were either infiuenced by the bets
they made agalnst Drlscoli. which they
| were anxious to save, or wero in direet
; Bympathy wlth tho American eham
Tblukn Abc Won.
Torn O'Rourke, who was in Attell's
j corner, tor lnstance, deciared thnt Abo
! won ln a walk. O'Rourke'a oplnion as
a rule is worthy of passlng notlce, be
j cause of his long oxperience wlth pugl
r lists, but In this caso he was govcmed
solely by a personal grlevance. Before
Drlscoli camo to America O'Rourko
trled to obtaln the management of the
clever Brlton, but Charley Harvoy got
ahead of Slr Thomaa. Then, When
Drlscoli arrlved here, O'Rourke declared
that he wa3 not a hlgh-class "feather,"
and to prove thls assertion Sir Thomaa
became Attell's chlef advisor ln the big
bout. It was natural, therefore, for
O'Kourke to claim a victory, -but abso
lutely fulr-mlnded observcrs?and
thero were hundreds of them?were
positlvo that Drlscoli hau a formldublo
lead on points when the bout ended.
but the fact that there was no ref
eree's declslon and no kuockout leavos
the questlon ot' whlch ls tho world'a
feaUierweight chaniplon sllll in doubt.
Ilmit PoNtponed.
Because Ifugo Kelly and Joe Thomaa
wanted two more days to train, the
Falrmont A. C. has postponod Its ten
routvi bout to next Thur'sda*/ night.
|Thls ls only temporarj*. howevor, as
j ihe Fiiifinont A. C, will not ho too
i-lnse to the Xatlonnl A. C. contests "ii
; Fridaj'.
Kelly has nevcr been seen in the
IJast. and as he recently boxod a twen
ty-flvo round draw with Bill Papko,
thero is much interest ln hls appear
aneo with Thomasj who is a slugger
from away back. ,
CxceHcnt Motc.
j Preslde'iit Farrell; of thn N?w T.ork
| Americans, who got back from tho
I Chlcago- schodule meetlng on Frlday;
I says that Manager Stall|nga made an
ex.ee Ue.nl tnbv'o iu solllng Wid f'onroy's
releaso to the Waslilngton Club. Far?
rell says that Oouroy, whilo a finc
ptayer, could not stand tjiu Phiiadel
phtau strnln, and that. Stalllngs wanted
to uiako room for a youuger niati.
Arthiir frwin. the Hlghlanders' ohle|
sCKjilt, thinks Joe Ward will bo the
ri-giiiar thlrd baaeman beyatid a doubt.
Irwin says lliat Ward'r bjg htttlng will
olnch tho iioHltton.
UorHcniRU tlptlnilsHr.
Several weii-kviuwn turfmep, who
say they know tho Insldo of tho Jockuy
Club'a-affulrs, deelure that the raeing
ilatea will not, bc inadn publla untii
ponslbly April 1, when Ihe vnrlous as
soclallons will cipen thelr stako books,
Thoy say that. thn lurf guvoruors do
not ruru to hui'i'y' iii.'itleis. but prefOl
to walt Ulltll May, If lli!''e.-:<ary. befiirr
docldiiig un a ilefiltito JlOllcy, It fs
aaid that lho travk ownors are waillng
fur court decicions iu several lmpor
tant case-. whlch, If favorable, will
permit raeing to exisl thls yuur on a
niodorate basls. H Is a fabt that all
of the men dtrcetly intorestea ln the
IcontroJ of raeing ln tha Kast are do
'uldetjlv optlrnUtlc as to the ftttuie.
Crack Men of Virginia. George
town, George Washington, and
Other Colleges Are Entered.
Somo of the best sthletes ln the,
South aro entered for the first annual
ludoor meet of Richmond College,
which will bo held at the Horso Show
building next Saturday niglit, and pres?
ent lndteatlona aro that the meet will
bo ono of the bert that ha; been pulled
off In Virginia Iu many > "ar;.
V. A. Martin. of tbe University of
Virginia, who holda the wtorld's record
| for tho short hurdlcs, and who partt
! pated in the Fcderal meet at Washing?
ton last night, will bc seen in tho hur
Among the other track mon that
will be sent down by the varslty will
be Stanton, tho great football player,
nnd tho Paclflc coast champlon ln
tho 440-yard dash; Randolph, the
holder of tho South Atlantlo ititereol
legtate record for the hlgh jump; Hol
laday, Wlltohlro, Thurlow. Klng and
Slx of tho best track mon of Johna
Hopkins University, of Baltlmore, In
cludlng tho members of the last relay
team of that, lnstltution, will take
paxt in thb, vaj-lpus ovonta. They
j are: Breyer, Hunter. Balley, Fulton,
i StOllewerlk and Brtdgernan.
Among tho other big colleges of the
South that will be representcd are
Geprgetown University and George
Washington University, ? Washington
and Lee University, Wostern Mary land
| College, Randolph-Macon College, Wil?
liam and Mary Collego and Richmond
I College.
Nlne lU-Iny llucea.
Probabty the best events of tho
| niglit will be the relay races between
;.lohns Hopkins and George Washlhg
i ton and Western Maryland and George
| town. Richmond College, Randolph
i Mncon College and William and Mary
College will meet ln a three-cornercd
relay event. and this ls expeeted to
l prove especlally excltlng. There wll)
be slx other relay raccs, us follows:
Richmond Howltzera and the Vir?
ginia Boat Club; Richmond Voung
Men's Chrlstian Association and Chrisl
Church and Covenantcrs; Richmond
Academy and Cluster Springs Acad?
emy; Richmond Academy Midgets anc
the Co.venanter Midgets.
Richmond Academy, McGulrc's Sehoo
and tho Richmond High School will
meet ln a three-cornered ovent.
Jun'ior Graya against tho Junloi
Thero aro a number of Indlytdua
entrlosfrom athletlo clubs in VVa.shlng
ton; Baltlmore and Phlladelphla, in
bludlng auoh stars as Gallaghcr, tln
crack loiig dtst.aneo run'ner; itcrrlng
tho half-mil'e charnpion oi" tho Soiitl
Atlantlo States, mui Hageruiati, thu tor
mer Coluntbia University hurdlcr. Gal
laglier and Herrlng aro pitted iu .
lialf-inile run, and tbo ovent shouh
be uniisiiiilly fasl and olose. Jacl
i Stbrrett, the champlon pple-vaiilter o
l tbe South, will try to break hls nro.;
| cnt record. Temple Waddlll, who hold
tho record for the nillo run at Lehlgi
lUnlversily. will onter the inilo ovent
llnny Spldera Hutcrcd.
Richmond Collego has entered i
large smiad and expecta to make a fln
almwlng. Davia; Jnckson nml Unnk
l'oid will bc seen In 1 lio ahotput, an.
Meek, Strothor, Glll, Ancarrow an
Bydnor will run the half-mlle, Lodge
Ancarrow and Tuylor will du tho 410
yard dash, and Mock and l.ankford ar
entered for the hurdlcs. Phllllps, Har
ria and fcyduor will go Into -tho inil
run, and Liankford and Captaln Bl'lfi
tow will eh.ter the 50-yard dash,
The relay raco betwouti Rlohmoud
Rnndolpk-Macou aud William an
Mary will lio for tho chaitiplnnshlp ..
tho Eoatoru Iiiteroolloglate f.ouguo o
Virglnhi, and tlie Sphlern will put fort
their best for this ovent.
"Prep" sahoo) athleles from thls am
other States will hn seen iu munv ti
tlio saholaatlc ovonts, nnd iiiese prom
Iho (o he fast and cloably qoiitestotl
Chestor SprlngB Academy luio onlpnii
n large si|i<ad. The trn'ek ineii of tha
I scliool ni.- .-Hiii'lii'd by Mm- l.outhiir. Un
I Hpider star "f lasl year.
Many local a'thletes aro ontoreil fo
tho ni'-'ct, Ric.iimomi Academy, Mo
Gulic'n School, lUw Ulchinoml ilnns
Howitaers, Young Men's I'ltristlan A
sociatlon, t.'hrlst Church and Covonan
terti and tho Virginia Boat Club 11111
ting fuith big nqitads. Thu Kplsropn
Hlgh School, of Alexandiia, aliq nll
enter a Icirga-erjuad.
Hc Beats Old Field's Time Ove
Ten-Mile Course in Heavy
weight Car.
NEW ORLKANS, LA.. February 20.
The principal feature of the flrst day
Mardl Graa automobllo races was th
breaking of the ten-milo world's trac
record for heavywelght gasoleno cat
by Ralph De Palma. In hla Flat car 1
tnado tho dlstanco In 9:11 2-5, whlc
la l 1-5,'Seconds better than tho recoi
ma.de by Barncy Oldfleld in 19o
De Palma made his record In the tei
uiile handicap, defeating a flold of fl\
after belng handlcapped a full ininut
Mrs. Joan Cuneo broke her ow
record for five mlles in an exhlbltlo
race, her timo belng 0:05 --0. IU
former record, whlch was also th
world's wo'man's record, was 6:uJ. 3
Mrs. Cuneo negotiated the turns Wll
ease, and made them sharper tha
most of the men, and kept abreast <
Do Palma for the flrst eighteen mth
of the flfty-mile race.
No accidents of any klnd occurre
The races last two days more. Tl
features of Sunday's races will be tl
100-mlle event, in Whloh there will 1
ten entrlesp includlng Mrs. Cuneo ar
De Palma.
First race?frea-for-all, milo tris
for world':-; record?De Palma (Fli
C'yclone), :54 1-4, flrst; Rlall (Mutln
son), 1:01, second; Robertson (Sln
plex), 1:01 3-5, third; Mrs. Cuni
(Knox-Giant), 1:02 1-5, fourth. A
other entriea scratched.
Second event?ten-mile trial to low
world's circular trnck record of 0:1*1 3
?Ralph De Palma (i'iat-Cyclonc
!>:17 2-5.
Thlrd event?five-mlle exhlbltlon
Mrs, Joan Nowton Cuneo (Knox-GIanl
f>:05 '1-5. Woman'a record held 1
Mrs. Cuneo, C:04 3-5..
Fourth ovent?ftve mlles, gasolei
stock chassiz, tourlng car, tourabot
selllng at $75.0- to 5*3,000?tho cars i
Bttrnian (Thnraas) and Undrosc (Old
moblle) broke down in tha bcglnnin
Schwartz (Buiok) flnlshed ono ml
only. No tlme announced.
Fifth ovent?five mlles, liinited
New Orleans ontrles, waa ellmlnated,
Sixth eveiit? fifty mljfs, free-for-f
cars~Do Palma (Fiat-Cyclono
',1 :"T-l-.'i, first: Mrs. Cuneo (Kno:
Glant), 52:10 3-5, second; Rnhertsi
(Slmplex), thlrd. No timo announce
Seyenth ovent?ton mlles?De Paln
(I'iat-Oyel.iiit-1, 9:11 2-5, flrst; Ro
ertaon (Slmplex), second; , Strat
tlsotla), thlrd. Tlme ot wlnncr on
I.iiik.'-i iJiinKle Doj'm ittciiduure <
Aililcllc Event* Ycsterdaj.
Qno liuiulrcd and llfty-two men ai
boy'a oompetod ln the varloua athlot
levents at tho v. M. c. a. gymnaati*
I yesterday, whlch ii the record atten
| an'ce for tlie season.
ihxthe sculor tleld ovonts M, Tlior
| ton touU itrst phi.co In the ?t'lO -va
! potato race, Iu 28 socomls; second,
j B. Zlnk. 2S 3-5; thlrd, Unmusslg. 39 l
i seconds Tiionilon wus also tho wl
Iner ln the standing broad jump?9 fe
I t Inehea to hls creqTt; second, Thoim
S feet i .'M Inoliea; third. I, Uohte
I steln, 8 feet -i i-4 |nches.
The Sliawiiees won i,oth tlm rel:
'aud Ihe basketball gamo from t
ICher6keea ln the boys' olass.
Tho Tluatlers touk tlm IndQOl" has
I ball gamo from the Invincibics i>\- i
I score or !> to S ln n ejqse conte
Steady won, v\ii.ii the atk)k wuh r
sponslble for the result. lioiitfr In fav
I of th- Invilii'lblns, aa the lIiislliM'M oai
] up StrOlVg ln thu Inst illlllnft ;i
putllldod in four rttns.
WHnIi 11,-nli r.rue.
[Speclal tn TIih Tlim-s-Dispatuh. J
NKW iirmsans. i..\.. February 30,
iFiiihli.i iiValah, tho fcngllsh'llghtuvin
[ i.'iiiimpiou, - waa liwarded tlm tieolal,
I .ii the '-tnl of ii t wenty-round bii
j to-nlght wlth Young Kniu al thn Wri
! |de Athlot lo f-lub.
with tha exceptiou oi tho liftii a
'nlnth, every lound wa* V/eish'e.
First Stcp Taken Toward
Pushing This College Sport
in North Carolina.
State Meet Will Be Held in That
City April 19, With Program
of'Evcnts and llandsome
Prizes for Winners.
Tcams Now in
Training. '
L.SjieclrU tu The Tlmca-UlBpaLcU.J
CH-rtfiit 1HLL, 4N. 0.', Fcuruary ;iG.?
At a meeting ot mo tireensooro Chani
uer 01 Commorco Uaturaay mgiu lt
waa deciutd tu have an imorcunegiate
track meet ln tnat cny on Apru 11).
Tnia meeting was atuonoed oy thu
tiaca toaiu iiianagora from Klon Col?
lege, Guiirorn, .Agricuitural and .Me
ciiauicaj, vvako b'orest and the Univei
auy of Nortn Carolina. * All theso In
stilutlona. will bo rcprosonted at thu
meet, and lt la underatood tnat E'avtd
aon wiu also sena a team.
Tho meet will bo hotd lndoors In
tho ureensnoru Audltorium. Tho Vlr
glnla-CarolLna basobnll gam? will bo
piayed thero on tho sanio datc. Thls
tact alono will Insuro a largo attend
ance. Tho rutea governlng the meet
will be the tsamo aa tnoso adopted by
U.o Intercoiiegiatn ABsoclatlon of
Ainerlca. b'lrst plat-n will bo counted
nvo pointn, aeoond threo polnts, thlrd
two polnts and fourth ono point.
Those winning first place will bo glven
gotd medals, ancond place men will
got sllver medais and those capturing
tiitrd placo will pret brunze medals,
Tho college winning the moet will be
preaented wlth a handsomo sllver cud.
All tlie ustial track events will bo
hold except tho two-mlln race and the
liommer throw. Thero will bc a nillo
Piiy Expennca ot Twenty.
Tho Greonsooro Chamber of Com
raer'oe haa. oft'erod to pay tho exponses
ot twenty men from eaeh collego that
destrea-tO enter thn meet Thls is the
Inltial stcp towards tbe dcvelopment
of track athletlcs In North Carolina.
and will probably meet wlth encour
agement on all fldes.
Carolina will send a team to the
meet, and Captaln Shaw la especlally
deslrous that hla team carrv off thn
laurels. He has laaued a call for all
who wisb tO enter for this contest to
meet each afternoon at 4 o'clock at
tho gymnasluiu. \V. P. Jaeocks, the
former all-Southcrn quarter back, haa
consented to help coach the short dls
tance runners.
In addition to the meet In Grecns-'
boro Manager Eames has about com-1
pleted arrangementa for meeta wlth
three Southern collegea, two of which
will l.o hero. Bla achedulea will be
complete by the end of thi* month.
Sweater Men Meet.*
At a meeting of tbe "Wearera of tho
X. C," reaolutTona were adopted to tho
effect ,that nono but thoso cntltled to
an N, C. shall ho allowed to wear any
part or parts of tho unlforms charac
acterlstlc of the dlffcrent varalty
team a, It belng the oplnlon of the
club that the utilform should bo aa
dlstlncLive <>f tbe varalty man as the
X. C. sweater. The wearlng of paris
ol tho varalty unlforms has become
quite u common practlce ln olass ath
letlca. Henccf?r,th tho wearera of
the X. O. will consldor It an infrlnge
inent on tlieir rights if thls practlce
Is not 'dlscontlnued. The eluh wlshea
to dlacountonanco the wearlng by oth
,-rs than varalty men the followlng:
Flrst, blue atobklngs, wlth white band
around calf, which constituto a nart
of the varalty baaeball and football
uniforins; second. blue Jerseys, wlth
a serles of white strlpes around arm,
or wlUto .Tersoys, wlth a serles of blue
strlpes around arm, theso belng a part
of the varslty football and baaeball
Negroea Pii* Up Onanttafactory 51ouf in
, raprclnl Cahla to Thu Times-l)ispateh.l
PARIS. February 20.?Sam McVey,
the California libavyweight, and Joe
Joanette, both negro fightera, boxed
twenty roiinds at the Circe dc Paris
to-nig"ht. Nelther of the fightera was
serlously injtired, and both fintshed
without sbowing Sny signs of exhans
tlon. McVey got the declslon on poiuLs.
Thls seemed to satisfy the audlence,
which had been warned by the sport
ing newspapers for several days that
when two negroes fight IL is not llkoly
thnt one will knock the other out
.Ien.notte's hclence and nuiekuess seem?
ed lo be superlor to tbat of Mr-Voy. but
hls b|owa lacked fbrce, McVey had the
power, but laeked the ability to profit
by lt.
In the fourteenth round, Joe aaved
himself by continued hugglng, at whleh
tho spoctators hooted aud y'elled "tbat's
wrostllng, not boxing." Cllnchea wero
tho main feature of the Inst two
rounds, and tho matbh left many of the
spoctators convinced that Lhe fightera
were awaltlng u second contest to
show thelr real powers.
Another meeting between theso two
will ih-aw a hlg ei'owd because ot the
| renewed interest uroused by to-night's
I mill.
Long-Drawn-Out Speculation as
to Berth of Lynchburg Man
I-! . l-SpcMal to Th.-Tlni..-s-Iilspat,-h.)
j lYVNOi-iiH'lt';. VA., february 30.?
i-jVKld." lSlberfeld wm piuy nitii the
d I New York Hlghlanders fhls aeaaon; be
l.! lug brdered by Manager Stallings io
?h roport next work to thal toaiu ut
i-1 Miieon for the spring practlce This
jt I settles the long-drawp-out specula
a, Uon ns to Blberfold g"ing to Waah
i- ington, tln,- oi-ti-mue belng aomewnat
Of a aurprlse, as Stallingii la erudltol
j wlth promlslng the "Kbl," upon u?
'.',, suining management of the iiighiund
ei's, that he couhi soleot th.- team tbat
, wuiiUmI hlm. Il Is neediess to aay thai
' Klberft-bl ls disappuiiui'd, for he wsint
V . ed i.> gel away from New Voyk. He
'?Iwlli. ii.m-i'i'"!. givo S^alllnga the best
'" thal la ln hlm.
t'liiinii.-lpiilini.'. Wht.
| i', lol i" Tlio ThneK-IJUpillch, |
MXiJS'l'OX. .lAMAU'A, February L'O.
! Tho Plillailelphla orlOkeVot'a woll the
I gani" wlth tl\0 ,laiiiiil.-a encki-l.-rs by
?! elght ? i'ket;- I'l jl.i'-. Jn um ii-,i nui'b
st|no i-uus ln tho fir'ai In'nlng and l?6
io aeoond, Tho phlladelphlan.s
I 25S for niui' 'Ai.-H.t..- lu 'tln
" I tli'st Innlng, ktohdlsoii made io ruus.
)|in the aecond Phtladelplifa scored 39
foi two tvicketa,
? li
Drange and Blue Dcfeats
Pennsylvania Rtmners With
Ridiculous Ease.
li Galaxy of World's Star Me'rjij
Athlctcs of Old Dominion Make
GranH Showinj*?Sheppard
F'ails to Get Through
Crowd, and Loseb
LSper.tal lo Thn Ttraes-DIspateh, J
WASHINGTON, D. C, February 30.
?That the Universlty of Virglnla haa
'.he greatest quartet ot relay runner.4
ivas de'monatrated to-nlght at Ihe sUtn
renewal ot the federal Indoor gamon,
it Conventlon Hall, before a crowd
that Jammed tha largo auditorlum to
tho doors, whon the Orango and Blu-i
four complctoly outclasscd Pennsyl
iranla'n sturdy team In a 1,500-metro
At the outset of tho long raoe It
looked as If thn Quakors would wtn
with nase, ns Goodwln foll on tho Mra*
turn and lost ton yards. but Wlltshlrn
had a burst of spoed, pansert Beck on
thn second timo around, and from then
t>n untll tho end, Virglnla huld th'?
lead and galn^d on each r?lo.y, tvinnl!ig
with ridiculous ease.
It has been many yeara sincc an
athlotic raco ln thla clty brought fortli
uurdi a tr?mend0UH amount of cheor
lng. It waa Irhposslblo to seo the
rtmners clrcllng tho traek because of
tho crowd whlch llncd tho track oti
all sldes.
Tho other most Interestlng relay
races were between George WashlnK
ton and Johns Hopklns 'TJnl've'ratty;
which the latter won, and one betwe-u
Prlnceton Universlty and a "Wafilllng
lon all-colleginte team. Prlnceton
won easlly.
Many Stnr* Tliere.
.There was a galaxy of world's
record-holders and sIht men nf many
Important intitttutions, several hun
dred athlotea competlng, and a pro
Krum thal Included a ncore of relny
races and elghteon fudlvidual oveiita
at the meet. Prlnceton. Pennsylvania,
Virginia. Johns Hopklns aud Villa
Nova rollegc were amons the Instltu
tlons whoae plckeri men partlclpafcd
in tbe compctltlom.
Melvln W. Sheppard, present hohivr
of the rerord for the l,.*"lQ-melre race1
was present. but dkl nol cornpete ln
this event. whlch p'roved to he one of
tho fastesi of the features of tho
Kame. MeCJce, of Prlnceton, waa flrst,
whlle J. .f, Oallagher, of tho Brown
Preparatory School. of Phlladolphla.
waa but a fow foet behlml hlm. aud
?I. T. Wymest. of the Unlverulty m*
Pennsylvania. ftnlshed third.'
Johns Hopklns and George Washiug
ton ran an cxcltlng relay, the Bal
tlmoro qulnt wlnnlng by about flvo
Jack 8terrett, of George WasWng
tou Universlty, South- Atiantlc cham
plon pole vaulter, tted wlth C. Vealn,
of Prlnceton for first, hut lost ln tlm
jump off. Both men clcarud the hac
at 11 feat 5 Inchos.
Illgb School Wlim.
The Kpiscopal Hlgh .School. of Alek
andrla, eaally defuatev thu ' Wm.il
berry Forest school, wtnnlng by mar
ly half a lap. Its second team wai
not wo succeHsful, howevor, as u waa
defeated by tho four from Baltlmora
City Coltega in a 1,200-metre race
Harry F. Rorter, I. A. A. C. won
tho runnlng hlgh jump from scratch;
l.Io went 5 foet 11 1-2 Inches. \V.
Burdeck, Universlty of Pennsylvania,
was second, juinping 5 feet 1L Incheai
The Maryland Agriculture Collego
rnn a neck nnd ueck raco with tho
Brown Preparatory School, of Phlla
delphla, Us last man wlnntng ttiw
event by a burst of spsied, after start
Ing several yards ln the van.
J, *F. lfarti-anft. Universlty of Pcnn
aylvania, won" the 30-metres hurdlc,
with a handlcap of five feet, and L. J.
Martin. of the Universlty oi' Virginia,
waa second from scratch. Toin Smith,
of George Wushlngton Univorsitv,
and M. Dwlght, of Prlnceton, flnig'ied*
third and fourth In thls event. Tlme;
U "t-5 second s.
tlarris Hall man and Lewis; Robert
son won the three-lcggod race easily.
K.tng and Royce, of George ?.Vasblng
ton Universlty, weve second,
Thn 800
best of the evenlng. W. T. Gray, of tho
Universlty of Pennsylvania, was flrsti
and W. W. Douglus, of the Universlty
of Virginia, was second. Both run
nera raced around the track wlth
hardly a fobl separatlng them unill
the rinlsh, when the Pennsylvania muii
ffrged ahoadt
In the :.?-:n.-In. hurdle hi\ itatloh, l
.'. Martin, Universlty of Virglnla, won;
,i. S, Flartranft, Unlvursity of Pouu
sylvanla. second: -\- c. Kandolph. Uni?
verslty of Virginia, thlrd. Tlme, G ;:-,1
Slie|i|>nrd .FhIIs r?r place.
Melvln W. Sheppard ran th, 6H;i
metre run agalnst a t'iel.i of nearl'v
1 Q.0, but he dldn't Kat a place as lio
was^the only scratch man and couldn't
get Uirough tho crowd. John Martin.
Georgetown, was first; Walter Manr.
GeOrgetOWIl, M-ciiiid, and J. S. Fuitfi.
of Johns Kopklns. was thlrd. Time.
1 nitniite 2H ]-;> aeconds.
St, .lolin's College (Annapolis* de?
feated the Cathollc Unlverelty ln n
1,200-metre rcla.v.
The champloiishlp of the Wa^Utngtoit
Hlgh School was won bv Technlcai.

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