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The times dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, March 14, 1909, Society at Home and Abroad, Image 15

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Ashland Social News
IHpreiliil t.i Tlld Tliiic_-HI-ili.il.il. |
AHllfiANI., V.\., March i:t.--.\ii. and
Mis. J. I'li.vem |..x. nf ,\'. .. Ynrli, iin- Ih.
gt(eatN of Mra, Charles Btebblne, on llall
road Avenue,
Mr*. AUi-ii Mutirv Ih Vlsltlng rolfttlVCl
in itlchmotid,
..IlflU LoulBO m.< Iii.k rcliii-nril luimo,
nftor ii .l-.lt i.i Iil.inli ln Ali-xiitnlrla.
Mlti Catherlm I'olley, "f Bldhmond,
sp.-.it w'.-.iii.-i-.iii-- here wllh lYiende.
.Ml.n Aiini- Doswell, WhO iu.- been tlm
guesl nf frlenila In Hfthover, returned hdmi
thls v. '?? "...
Novlllo Montftfiui \inii hoic Inet Bunday
vifitintr frlonds.
Mrn. wiiiiniii Wi i-;o. nmi .11... Kitherlnc
,m. iKei have .eturnoil rrdnl .. vlill i?j
.. aal Ingtott.
Tho women of BI James Bplscopnl
<'liiir..-li hrtd ii il' il__hi.nl i.i. .1 Un- l lf in y
'?im- iim mi Tmiir-'.i,.?? nfternoon fur the
lirnpflt Of lhe ImlliHiic rutiil.
Mra, I'.iak ln vlsltlng rtlatlvea iu Upper
.Minn I_oulan n.-ri.i i_ spendlng p. tlma
tvith her sister, Mlai Barbara Itedd, iu
Mlaa Bluari Blanton Is tha guesl ..r Misa
Brownlng, ln Wnshlngt on.
Mrs. Barretl Hydnor entertalned ui bridge
Tuesday Hftrrnoon.
Mis* Blfloda IJ. I.hvt la the g-eil ot
:,ii?. conde Roy u,-i<tgr?.
nichard Can wlll leevt! nexl woek foi
Chlcago to engage in ini_ino__.
Miss i;p|p D. Btackweil win io-_vc ni"i
week for Greensboro, S ''. to vlalt
Mrn. J. <? Cllbbs, .,.' Phlladi Iphla, wlio
Iih* been rlilting relatlves hero, bna re.
tiirnor] homo
Ti. u. Illdyettt haa returned from ?
bualneaa trip to Washington
A. N. Leunaberry la vory ill al hla home(
on Hnllroiid Avenue.
Mrs. I. N. Vmiehmi ha- opened hf-r Slim
mer home near town, aft?r spendlng tlie
wlnter ut lha Henry <'ia>- Inn.
Morrisville Social Nev/s.
[Special to The Tlmea-Dlapatch, 1
KORRISVILLB, va . March i3.--_.lr.. 8
F. Crlttendi n i ntei talm .1 thia week al
"Edgewood," ui honor ot her *on. iv. S
Crlttenden, a . ,.-,jiik Idnryer of Stlgler
Oklu. The decoratlbbs v.t-r_ eleborate;
many new and novel reatuTea tn thi an
ot cntcrtiiiiiiiiK wer< Introduced, and tlu
li-t ..f Invltc-ii isu'-rtH i.ii-. Iiiik-v
Dr. il. Wi Ji.-i.i. of .Miii'i.u Clty, wai
ln town o,i a three-day viait.
_. Mayor returned home, aftei .-. iwi
weeka' buslnese aml pleae-jro fip to
Carllata, Bbamokln, Harrlaburg :n>,i oUiei
polnt* ln Eaatem I'ennaylvanln. brlnslns
wlth lilm on :t three-day .init. hi? ?on
Willlam Mayor, of Harrlsbuiir.
Amohg thoi": .-in, returned thia weel
from inauKur.il trlpa were Mlaa 1...1111 Allen
MI** Oh-iI-j .ire.en, W. Hurlio end Thomai
Iind son,
Joseph Strlbling return (id hpme t i.is weeV
from a bmlncss trip t,. Waahlngton
I'rofpnior I-'. il At.-i.iii.ltr. i.rm, -ipal .,'
' 1 ktorrlsvllle Hlgh School, epeni Batur.
day anrl Sunday vlsltlng ln WaslilnKloii
Newbern Social Nev/s.
I-Spocin! la Tho TlmeS-DUptUch;]
.\.. .vih.p.n. .v 1;.. March 13.-?Mrs _'.
11 B-m rfmi -iiii.i. at Oolflsboro, hat.
turned home, after spondliii; n ?o. ;. 1
MI :? Katie Street. on Johnaoi Btreet
Mm. J. I-'. Mur.liant ha? returned lo
Newbeni, after ape'iullng aeveral weeks
wlth relatlves in yirglnia.
.-Ii? Mllilrrd Uray Ie vi?ltlnK friends ln
liy.ic couuty.
M,'. Mail; Dlsoewsy'lS Wnitlnc her r.m
i.r A. .\v. Di.10-.-v3>-. m Plymoath, N C
Mrs. S. II. I,.ir.c- ls vlnitliiK !,'-r dauthtci
M.-s EL .1 Eleater, ln Goldaboro.
Mr. ar.d M r J Magulre have ;c
lurnod homo. after upciidlns a f<?w days Iti
' ??:?.:.
Mrn 11 it Bryan ls vlsltlng fri_.n(I? in
Kl net on, N C
Mr.. II II, Orovcs is vi.ltlng friends In
Durham, X. C
Mra T H Warren and son are spei II ig
n 1. -.. aeys at theli old home ln T
Norwood Social News.
Mra. Richard Cabell la Improving.
Ballsville Social News.
[Hpe. lal '?. TheTlroM-Dlspateh.]
n.\'.l.svii...!:. va . March 13?Dr. 11.
r i-ariioll. ?.'. Itnltlmori-. N hor.. tlils week
ninkln^ arrangementa t.. 1 k tte,
John ''oloman. ?f Fork t.'nion Academy,
vlalted iih. home on Sunday
Scott Good man ?-a? tho cuc-.t of hl?
for the
The radical changei in fashion hsve
occesiitaled ennrely new linej for lhe figure
The ilreighiback with the long, graceful. eloie
(ui lines over ihe hipi sre now correcl and
tsn be eaiily obtair.ed by the very moduh
No 592 Snug Hip (like illuitrtabon) a ?ery
? rr.-iii model (or ilender snd medium fifH/ei.
Medmm biut. extreme length Irom waut
line do^n in (roni. ?ide snd back Thii
girment hat the unboned cloth exieiuion ta
lhe front and over the hip.
Bslute, white. 18-26 $2.00
No 58. Ssme model at No. 582.
Batiite. white. 18-26 J2.50
There are liated only two ol ihe many
Spring tfyles
Other New Models, $1 to $5
Atk your merchant to fit you to iusi the
nghl model for your tndividusl figure
Ir,ui! upon .i,?-.l/nrrlcon Lady mslte.
lt exceli for ttyle. quslity snd fit.
Booklet ? No charge.
(Imlm7y/adiL GtAetQ
New Y-?k
on Saturdayj
Wakefield Social News.
[spedal >.. Tho XlmegrQlspatch.]
t'.-lla Uo-ji-ra lias. reiurned from a monlh's
; , Newport News.
Mr. aml Mra U B. Fftlraon and ch II
::i sponl several days visiting relatlves
at DIsputanta.
Miss Younjr. of Illi-limond. has heen
vl.witlnt? her Blster. Miss Florenee Young.
ot the -Vakczcld School faculty.
Mlaa Alyee Munford went to .VashlnEtmi
to the luaugiiratinn, and thence to New
Miaa Ol-Ce Harrls ha* beon Iho cucst
of Mra Emma Preason for several days,
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If you suffer from any man-weaken
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g% nervousdebility, or any kidney, bladder,
.^gj stomach or iiver complaint, or any form
of blood poison, constitutional or organic
disease, write us today, telling us in a
few words what ails you, and at once,
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Wlien you wrlte just liil ln the spaco
below, thut ls nll, and at tho samo
allments wiik-i
Write NOW?hut .send NO MONEY.
time. :ilso fri
we wlll ..enil
e. se&led and prepaid,
you a hook on nicn'.s
succossfully cured at
Dr. Joseph Lister Co., F-64-22 Fifth Ave., Chicago.
I am troubled wHh.?.,,.
t'.llT. JOUI -ulni-ul)
Please send me, absolutely free, your full dollar treatment for same, and also your book
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Afton Social News.
fSpeclal iu The Tlmea-Dlepatch.l
AI'TUN, VA . Jlm, h II Mrn I-)- lt,
[Mn-- of Avbh Cottnge, is vlaltlng r?la<
ih.--. in i.-inifui county.
John I,. McCtlO, of III. iim..n.l. ls vls
i Itlng iii:< ilater, Mra. Wlll Kodeii Sl
I Broeketvlllo.
; Mr. un.i Mra, Fred VV Scott, ..r tileh
moiitl, vlilted iin-ir aummer home, "Royal
| iu, ii.ir-i ? ihi- i,...!.. n.r?- ?,? plannltif.
axtenalve Improvemetiu on tho place, whlch
win give emptoymoni to lhe InUorlhg clnsi
ol Hil . v|. Inliv.
Mra. Martha Qootsby wlll return to her
l homi nt Afton ihla week, after .1 stay
I Of . l-M .'111 II1MI.I Hl III ' Illlt . Il',',
Mn. .1 [',/.. kfel llall uml lli Mi- dmighlrr
Were Waynesboro vlal.ora thia weeH.
.Mnn- plutn and peach treea are ifrflo?i
, in bleom here, nnd have escaped ininry
I ie far, Tha applea, whlch i-oristiiut.- tlio
I maln kourpe of revenue here, are unin
Mrc. D. 1). Magregor and Mr.? Maggle
Hiiciir-R ui-fi visiting riicnrifi ln Charlotte*
Frcdericks Hail Social News.
[Special to The Tlrtiea-Dlspatoh.]
FRBDRICKS iiai.i,, va., March 13.'?
J. II. frank Iiuh returned frriin ii trip to
thi Houthil-Io and lhe Old North stuiu cs
tlmnihiK llmoor.
Mias niniir Francleco nnd her mother.
Mra, Bettle Franclsco, who have iirnn
spendlng the wlnter in tfowark, N. .1, nre
at honir.
Mra. 8. ES. Kondy has returned froin
Richmond much Improved.
Frank B. Tio_if>, asslstant pgont (or
lhe Chesapeake nnd ohio Railroad, apent
8unday Wlth lils parents at Htirrls.
Mra. 0. P. Ronnolds Is vlsltlng frlondl
ln HI. limond.
Mra, Tlioiiiaa C <-arr,_tt ls the guest of
Samuel Garnett, ai Hewtett.
Mra, .lull.-i Ti. Kuper aml Mlaa N'annie
Ooodwln are spendlng tho wlnter"* end, ln
Ralelgh, N. C, as guests of Mr. antl Mrii.'
EBdward C, Hlllyer.
Mra. 15. L. Johnson has returned from
.?> brlef trip lo Charlotlesvllle.
Mis- Marguerlte Splcer haa returned to
her aehool al Apple Grove.
Miss Sadle Trl< _ ls the gu'St of rela?
tlves at Morirovla.
Benjamln Franklin Rlchardson. px
Triasurer of I.oulaa. Is 111 at the home of
Major Andrew Jackson Rlchardson.
_ Mlaa Lou Harrls is the guest of B. T.
.1. Oason ,%'cgar Is the guest of K. P.
Mrs O. P. Ronnolds lias gone to Rich?
mond for a letigthy stay.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilunter. of Richmond.
sr? stopplng at tho home nf Pr. L. ?.
Mrs. John ... Ciank and Mrs. Tllehard
T'erklns aro guests of Mrs. J. ft Crank.
John Moon has returned from a trip lo
J. 13. Rlchardson has returned to his post
of duty ln Iluntington.
C K. Trlco has returned from a brlef
frln to N'orfolk. Newport News and Hamp?
ton. 1
Upperville Social News.
[Special to Th'e Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
L'l'PERVILLE. VA.. Mart-h 13?Mi. and
Mrs Fred MiTlhone liave retunied tu
"Orafton Hail." after having vlsltcd many
polnts In the West lndles Hnd on the
Florida coast.
Dr. T. B. Lake. Is very much Indlsposed.
Mrs. Franrls Strihllng. of Staunton. who
has been tlie guest of Mrs. Margaret Ker
foot, at "Montmorency," has returned
Mr. and Mrs. Blllon I.awson returned
Tliursday from a vlslt to relatlves ln
Wytbevilte and Brlstol.
Miss Ray Bradflcld spent last week in
Mrs. Dolly nichards, who has been the
guest of her daughter. Mrs. C. M. Peach, j
has returned to Warrenton.
Mr. and Mrs. n. H. Dulany and thelr
.laughter. Miss Terry, are spendlng some
tlme at Atlantlc Clty.
Harrlson Tyler spent a portion of last
week in Leesburg.
Mrs. Gcorgp Chapln has returned to her
home In Newport News, after a vlslt to
relatlves here.
Willlam Dickson, of Frederlcksburg. was
the guest Saturday and Sur.day of Blllon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston havo re?
turned from a pleasant trip to Baltl
I'harles Swaln vlslted friends here last
Bowling Green Social News.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
BOWLING GREEN. VA.. March 13.?
Mra, J. S. Holland and .Mrs. a. S. MeS
Dougal have returned to thelr home In
llarrisvllle, \V. Va.. after a vlslt of sev?
eral weeks to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Martln.
.Miss Bdytbo c'handlcr is vlaltlng friends
in Richmond.
Mrs. Mary K. Pcatross. of Norfolk, is
vlaltlng Mrs. lt. A. Coghill.
Mr. and Mrs. Manning and sou,
Oklahoma, havo returned home, after
spending several weeks at tho Lawn ITolel.
George Scott nnd Mr. Flcklln, of Fr.-d
nrlrksburg. spent several davs hero thia
we.-k vlsltlng friends.
Misa Elslo Wrlght. of Rlchmend. Is
vlsltlng Mrs W. O. Coghill. at Mllford.
Thomas Woolfolk, who haa been
Panama for several years. is vlsltlng hts
father, Willlam A. Woolfolk. near Palge
George Diinawnay. of Lloyds. Kssex coun?
ty. vlalted friends here thls week.
Mrs. Charles T. Jcssee haa returned
home, after a visit of soveral montha ir
Mrs. Tiny Hamllton. of Washington.
spent several days thls week vlsltlng her
sister, Mrs. Robert T. GlasR'H.
Dr. F. H. Rqwo, of the Southern Seml
nary, riuena Vlota, was here several da\
th.s week.
Mrs. li W. Scott and children. of
T-rederlck.f.uiifj, are' vlsltlng her narents
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Colllns. '
Scottsville Social News.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.l
SCOTTSVILLE. VA., March 13.?P. ,
Powers, of Richmond, spent Sunday here
with his mother. Mrs. D. P. Powers.
Mrs. Vjrglnia Bowles left on Monday for
Davls, W. Va.
Jimos P. Holladay, who recelved tho
news thls week ot the death of his mother
at Glen Allen. is spendlng some dav. _t
that place.
C. B. Lewls has returned to his home
ln West Virginla, after belng at "Cllffaldo"
for several weeks.
A. G. Bell of Altavlsta, has been visit?
ing his family here.
Mr. and Mrs. V lf. Farrar arrived here
this week from Richmond.
Missi Sene _Wataon spent Saturday wlth
-Mrs. J. 11. Farrar.
Powhatan Social News.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch I
POWHATAN VA., March 18.?Mr. and
Mrs. Noblo Jordan and Uttlo daughter, of
Lynchburg. are vlsltlng Dr. R. D Tucker
Arthur Webb, son of J. M. Webb eon?
tlnues quite ill. ' ?"
Mrs. Indiana floodman. who has been
slck for some time, Is much improved.
Mrs. R.? K. Worsham Is ijuito slck at he
home near thls place.
Mlsses Susln nnd Luclle Lifron, who have
been spendlng the wlntnr ln Lynclibur
have returned to the. vlllage.
Wallace Taylor. of Lynchburg, is visit?
ing relatlves ln tho vlllage.
Mlaa Alma Thravos Is visiting relatlves
ln Ami-ii.i.
Miss Battio Boeart. of Lynchburg, ls
vlsltlng Miss Lucllo LIgon.
Cartcrsville Social News.
rspeclal to Tho Times-Dispatch.l
Duncan, of Pemberton, who has been III
of typhotd fe.ver for several weoks
SIlss JIattio Duncan, vw-ho Is attendlne
school ln Chailottesville, spent a few days
at home tho past week.
Miss Marie L. Rhodes has' returned from
a vlslt to Blchmoiul..
Kciit Dlckinson spent several days ln
Hlchmond tho past week.
Rov. U. V. Ltpacomb, D. D., of Rich?
mond, wus the. guest of Rev. J. W. Gee on
Sunday, Ho returned to Richmond Mon?
Floyd Moon, coaeh of the baseball team
at Fork Unlon, spent Sunday ln Cartcrs?
?- ? ? , ?
Heathsville Social News.
1 Special to Tho Times-Dispatch,]
IIL'ATH.SVILLE. VA., Murch l,'i.-_Mra
11. II. t'hlltou und llttle. sun.'of Kllmur
nock, are vlsltlng hor mother. Mrs| Lloyd
A. Hinith, at "Sunnyalde."
Miss Lona Downlng has returned from
un extended visit to frlenda in Essox
vounty and W'araaw,
Rov. C, II. Willlams, who -waa in Wash?
ington for tho inauguration, haa returned.
? , , ??
Beaver Dam Social News,
[Special to The Tlmes-DUpatch.l
BBAVER DAM. VA., Maroli 13,? Mrs.
Borkley Thompson. who has been 111 at
tho hospltiil ln Richmond. hus returned
homo very ituicli, Impruved.
Mra. Klcharil llell 1ms i-ecovored from
her lllness. ani gone lo vlslt her brother,
W. 1>. Tcriell. ot Rlohmond.
Mra. Jftmes Hatc. ls very slck,
Mr. Pettua, of Loulaa,- payed a viMh .10
Joo Johnson last week.
1'Ue echool board tuu mado na declslon.
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HEAT prevent* the flame's wnrping or biirrt
ins out the oven bottom?it gives cooklhg
tlme to brown on top before luirninR on
BECAUSE tht** New Method ':.?--? Range
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ahont. tho location of the new school
house to bo built hero. There is a rumor
that lt may bo taken to Montpellor.
White Plains Social News.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
.viilT.: PLAINS, va., March 13.?
James Mosley, of Ebony, who has been
aufferln's from post operatlvo maniu, Is
improvlng. ,
Henry Lynch, of "White Plkins, ls re
covorlnc from a sevcro atta-ck of the
Mrs. Charles II. Quarles. of Charlqttes
vllle, is spendlng tho week with her
father, Itov. John T. Payne.
James an.i Miss Nanoy Powcll. of Law
ren'covlllo, spent Saturday and Sunday !a.t
with thelr father, llon. Itobcrt S. Powi-ll.
M. D.
Louisa Social News.
[Special to The Tlmes-liispatel..!
LOUISA, VA., Marcli 12.?William
Anderson, of the Soldlers' Homo, Rlcll
niond, is visiting friends in tlie Green
Springs nelghborhood,
Thomas Sheppard, of Frederlcksburg,
spent several days In Louisa thls
Lindsay Gordon has -sokl his house
nnd l'arni, just outside of Louisa, to Ii.
X. Lide, for $9,500.
Mrs. Joseph Boxley, of Green
Springs. was a cruest this week of her
tlaughtcr, Mrs. G. C. Davis.
W. B. Goodwlu Is qulte slck at lils
home here.
Mrs. Charles Goodloe, of Verdon, is
visiting- hor mother and sister in
Loulsu thls week.
Mrs. Or. Woolfolk spent Saturday
and Sunday nt the Unlversity of Vir
srinia, the' ptiest of her brother, Dr.
Charles Kent.
Tlio Louisa Lodge, Odd-Fellows, met
Tuesday night. Four or flvo new
members wero installed.
lt has been decided by the Board of
Supervlsors of Louisa county to bulld
Immedlately a macadam road from
Trevellans Depot. to Polndextor's Store,
u dlstaiH-e'of about seven mlles,
George MeD. Blake, of Klcliinoud,
was in Louisa Monday.
Paces Social News.
[Special to Tho Tlmcs-Dlspati-li.]
I'AC'K'S VA., March 13.?John Owen,
of Lynchburg, returned to thls place
several days ago on account of sick?
Mrs. EUa Kontalne Smilh, who has
bceir' vlsltlnp her sister, Mrs. W. T.
Creath, returned to Bichimmd Wed?
Miss Allce Burgess spent last Sun
-Uuy wlth relatives at Kutherllu.
N, B. Coloiuan spent n few days
in Oahvlllo last week.
John '.V. Burgess, postmaster of thls
placo, vlsited friends In Uichinoud last
W. M. Owen spent last Sunday ln
South Boston.
Polly Crenshaw, of South Boston,
Va., was one of Wio visltors of our
town Sunday. ? ?
Wlstor Barksdale, of Clover, vleltod
friends and l'elatlvos last Kiui.liy.
Miss Pattle Ollver, of CUathaiu lligli
School, chatliaiu. Va? is vlsltlng her
l.ari>nts this week.
..'. 'Uainlllou Vnss, i.f llunvlll.", spent
Siil-iirduy ftl'ul SmuUiy |i..--.o.
Mi's, W.' II. Burgess vlsited relatlves
iu South Boston Moudny.
L, iS, Curltou, ? uf ' Iiigrtun, nusscd
through here Wednesday, en route to
R. li. Ollver, Jr., has accepted a
posltion with the American Tobaceo
Company, wlth headquarters in Wil
mlngton, N. C.
Mrs. J. O. Vaughan vlsited South
Boston last Vrlday.
Miller School Social News.
[Special Calilo to The Tlmcs-Disputch. |
MILLER SCHOOL, VA., March 13.?
Mrs. V. S. Vawter, Miss Leona Vawter
arvl Miss Sallio tlamner, are giiests of
Professor Stoni-wall Tompkin...
Warlleld B- Bnyley, of Morvori, was
tt guest of Thomas G. Mlchie this
Hon. Arthur Manship. cx-Lloutonant
Governor of Mlssissippi, loct.ured hero
Saturday evening to a large and ap
preciativa uudience.
Mrs. E. G. Taylor returned thls
week, after a visit to Farmvlllo aud
Miss Ktnily Brown, uf Plttsbutg, Pa.,
i:t here thls week wlth h?l sister, Miss
Ellse; who has heen extremoly ill of
J. I'. Gowan, of Philadolplila, is here
thls week.
Mrs. George II. Morrls recently re?
turned lo tho school. ?
E. Granville Taylor paid Staunton a
visit this week.
Bon Air Social News.
[SpQcial to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
! TtO.V Ain. VA., .Miii.-li 1...?..?>.. polk
! .vliiier and Misa Maud Miller were liostcases
I of tho Literary Social I'lub Wedneadriv af?
ternoon from -i to t! o'clodk. Tlie parlora
vvfjre iranatormcd Intn n vorltablo Jap
atieuo toa garden, and detlctous refraah
ir-onts wero sawed by Jliijses Miller, llar.oti
aml Dodda ln Japandso costumes, Ani.n.w
thoBO preaent wore MoiUameB Dodda, W'lth
ers. BullliiBton.- Mct'lure. Hasoii, irercuson,
p'llppen uml Vlctor, of Granlte, and Mlsses
I Burflold, uf Richmond; Mooro, Adfunrgn,.
lla_.ii, Moulton, Willlams, Wlthrra ar.d
I iii.u bor, of Granito.
a short vlslt to Mrs. J. E. Cox. They were
aceompanied by Miss Cordclta tluniiu-r.
Who lias been 1 lio gueat of Miss Klta
Wi. ii, at "Avurcl."
Miss L'airio MoofO Is the. gueat tii Mrs.
A. 1. Adunisou fur a few days
. Mrs. -Lcr^y Fllppon aud u.iughter, of
Pcwliuuin, u_ro guests ot .Mrs. Allun ITer
K. .\. Uloyd returned to his home in
Fluahlng; -N. v., last week,
mis. Belle i.uii.s.ui an.i Master iioiut
Buillngton left Wedneaday tor Keswlck,
!'.,..-Iiiituii, t,, bo tlu- giu-sis for somo tlme
of Mts. Rlohard H.-lamy.
Mra. 1 >. a. ._lu_.li.-, ol Rlchraond, woa
tlie g-.i.-st ot her mother, Jlis I". V. Withers,
last week.
frank Wlnston, or Montaim, wns tho
weuk-end gueat ol .Mr. Albo.-t Williams Inst
i'. I_. Wlngo, Jr., was tho guos. Sunday
of Luclen L. Btus, Jr.
Clalbornd Whitworth haa returned Irom
a bualneaa trip to WashliiKt.ni. I>. C. an.i
i Wyihe. Frayaor, who waa agent liora durlng
his abaence, haa returned to Richmond,
Mra. Clara iiridgei. rth and tho Miaaea
Powers havo i-eopenod Ihelr cottiigo he.-o,
utiei- u vl.-li iii Richmond arid .'.avst mn
for tho past two montha.
Rev. Slr. Daughtery, o? tho Church of
(thu Uood Shophord, at Foreat Hlll, wi!1
ci nduct aervicca Sunday afternoon a: .
o'clock in lhe Presbytorlun Church.
Centralia Social News.
[Spc.-i.il tu Tlio Tlnu-.s-|ilsiKili.-li. |
CENTRALZA, VA., March i;:. -I >t-. ,1.
B. Gllllant, tveasuror of Chesterlheld.
was in Rlehmond Monday,
Rev. S. L. Naff, of No.vpoi't News,
is visiting friends at UUestortleld
MlSS Mabel Coghill visited Rlchmoiiil
X. II. i'.'i.liill was tlio guest or her
daughter, Mrs. Clmrlos smiih, at Bell
w...ui, Sunday.
Fraiik N.-tr, bt Cuba, was in the
vlllagu Tuesday; Ho expects to buy ti
farm and locate here.
Miss Kuti- Andrewa und littlo Mias
Steplmnie Wells were iu Richmond re?
w w, iiliier, of Petersburg, was u
guest of li. A. Wells recently.
Mlsses Agnes aud MarglC Coghill
wero guests at . "The Wuvsiclo" tho
first of the week.
Miss Aileeii Anderson spent; tho
week-end wlth her parents in Rich?
Spotsylvania Social News.
| Special t.. The Tlmes-Diapatch.]
SPOTSVIA'A.MA. VA., Marcli 13.??
Ira P, Tui-nley, of Posl Oak, is visit?
ing :u Tiinipa. l-'la.
Mrs. Mary It. .Imies. of Massaponax,
is tlie guesl of her friends ln Si.
Augustine, Fla,
C. RIehctleu Cciletnatt,- uf M.u>,-,
is visiting- in Purkor, Spotsylvania
R. E l-'illuer. ..r Richmond, is the
guest ..f l;. II. Mnkemnn, of Bi-.i.-kro-M.
Miss Loulsc liarri... of Spotsyl vunla,
is visiting [or several tlavs wltl) Mrs.
Thomas stukeley Coleman, of tho
A dellghtful stlelable was givon bi?
Mrs. Willlam C. Ilumphrles, of Gate
wood, to her many friend:- on Wed?
nesday night last.
Miss g-uslo Nelson Mclntyre, of
Hhaea, X. V., Is enjoyirig a stay of lea
(Jays wlth her friends in Spotsylvania
.Mis.-, Anna Rose Morton, ..f Houth
Carolina, is visiting t'ur two weeks in
Berkeley, Spotsylvania county.
Th.- Mlsses .1.1110-, ..f ll-i-.,.-.-_.towii,
Md., are spendlng ten duys with
friends in Spotsylvania, nnd from
thero wlll visit otlicr friends ln tha
Bearn tho _^Ttl3 m^* Hat8 Alw3?S M^
Lombardy and
-ninth and Dock
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