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The Facts of Many "Severed
Reiations" Incidents Are
Givcn to the Public.
.Slrong Answer Is Made tu Kccen
Ci.t_cisi._l, .Vliich Rcflcct.s on
.^poiL_.:iii_.;i.-hi]i of the Uni
versity Player..?Alleged
('a:-;cs cf "Quittir.j,'"
At*c Kxplained.
l-jjieclal to Tho Tir.ies-jDUpatch.]
?Tlio executlve commltteo of tlu
Qeneral AOilctic Anaociation of tti.
Unlvenlty of Vlrglnla to-day irsuec
I rn- following ?tat?ment:
In Vlew of tho i. hi- publlclty glvei
10 an edltorial erftlclem of athleth
pollcles at tho Unlveralty of virginia
whleh appeared ln a Danville riewepa
pjfjr .Mnr-h :. and the mlaiepreaenia
tiona contained Ihercln, thr* execiitfvi
commltteo or tho General Athletic A?
? i<*Iatlon ludges lt not lll-advi?od t<
Itfua tlu- foiiowlng oftt.-iai statement
in ord.r tjjat thn... v.-li,, df-xlre mii;
liave an opportunity to nucertaln th.
facti and t i21j*- be tsnkble'l lo form just
t oncluslons.
The pi.-iii. mtentlon >_.f thr- edltorial
ia to convey ihe Impresslon tliat when
ever Vlrglnla aultera ?<_ deleat, partic
nlnriy ln football, lhe unlvenlty > ?*ven
athlotlc relatlons wlth tho vlolorloui
institutldb. .in.l then la gullty of "un
*inruiTi-inllke" conduct, "aavorlng bus,
piclously of piaylng the haby act."
In t-upport of thls eontentlon, th?
t-dllorlal eit__' tlio following rases:
No. 1. Ther. ia lhe alleged never
ani-,* of _\thl_Mi.- relatlons between Vlr?
glnla and Johna Ilopkln.-- Unlveralty
"aia a r.ault of a recont dl*agreement
growing ??>! ?f a track meet In Eal
tiniore." Thls ls false. Tho athletic
jiuthorltt_.s of thr Unlveralty of Vlr?
glnla hav, never even .-onlemplated oi
considered bucIi a step.
Inferrurr l. Fnlite.
So. : It ls allcg'd that Vlrglnla
!-.-<>Ho off relation.. wlth tho Univer
?-:???? ot, North Carulina after Carolina
had defeatt-J us by the score of 6 to 2
in 1S38. There ls but one olt-ment
' truth in t hlt CMe, and that Is Ir
relevant to the purpos*- of the edl*
? .-!. The inffr#ence b.i_>*.l on It ls
ralse. Therv was a severanee ln '35
between North Carolina and Virginla
Thia "break" occurr?d before and not
afl^r the ;-,-.une that fall. and henc-e
roulil nut have been due to the de
feat, Tlu. irann vaa played under mu
tual prof station, as a result of whtel
Carolina officlally notlftod Virginla be?
fore the game that theroafter athletic
relatlons wene at an rnd. Hcitce, thi
Impl/callo'n !_. cvldently untrue that
Vlrglnla -quit" because defeatod.
No. 3. "A slmllar break followed th.:
defcr.t of the unhersity football loair
ln W'aidilngton troine years ago. when
George'town Unlveralty ivon by the
score of tomethlng llko 17 to 15. This
break did ocour aftor tho game, Bul
Georgctown "broke" wlth Virginia
Virginla did not break wlth George
lown. The cause of Georgetown's ac?
tion was an lncldcnlal remark ln an
account of the game whlch appeared
ln "Colk-ge TopIc_s." Tho wrlter ln
"Topics" lrr^sponslbly trled to be wlt
ty, but unfortunatcly proved only tc
bc offenslve.
The "apologles by Virginla," tc
whlch the edltorial refers, wero the
sultable ones offered hy the wrltet
of the artlcle for his unintended of
fense. Consequently, ln thls case also,
the assumpiion that Virginla broke
with Gcorgetown on account of de
feat ls obviously false.
No. 4. "Then came V. V. I? whlch
commltted the unpardonable offense ol
defeatlng Virginia at Charlottesvllle Ir
1905. Severance of reiations follow?
ed." It Is true that V. P. I. did de
fcat Vlrglnla ln 1905; lt ls also true
that ln this instanco Virginia did the
"breaking." In fact, Virginla wrote
V. P. I. canceling the game ln the
fall of 1905, before the Blacksburg
team left home. Fundamontal ques?
tions of amateur eligibllity were at
stako, and Virginla does not hesitate
to have the case stand upon Its merlta,
The facts of the case aroused much
intorest at the tlme, and were wldely
dlscusscd. Tt would be Improper now
to rcopen the controversy by any of?
flclal repetltlon of detalls.
DliI Not Drop W. nnd l?
No. 5. "Washington and Lee Univcr
slty defeated Virginla two years age
by 1 polnt. and stralghtway Washing?
ton and" Lee was dropped from the
schedu]c." Thls ls false. Virginla has
nover dropped Washington and Lee.
On the contrary, slnce tho vlctory ol
Washington and Lee, Virginla has re
veatedly wrltten tho Washington and
T.eo manngement In an effort to se?
cure a game wlth hor at Charlottes?
vllle. The latter has absolutoly re*
fiased to schedulo a gamo wlth Vlr?
glnla imless Virginla consentod tc
play hor away from Charlottesville.
Virginla has nover played Washington
and Leo anywhore but at Charlottes
yllle. We do not wlsh to bo misun
derstood as ln any way whatsoevei
erltlclslng Washington and Lee foT
thelr doclsion. Tt Is Imposslble, how?
ever, for Virginia to comply wlth the
requept. Tho faculty of the Unlver
slty of Vlrgrlnla grants the team a
very limited number of days' leave of
ubsonce durlng n ?-eason, and many
t ctora of athletlo pollcy and of stud
e alumni and unlverslty Interest
rrn jCnter into conslderatlon of the
proiiftem of athletlo contests away
from home. Indaed, the students of
the unh'orsity feel that the manajce
ment hore _jhould__lHjcri_ia-se the num?
ber of home games. It may be added
that Vlrglnla has Invlted Washing?
ton and Leo to play here ln the fall
of 1909, but Washington and Upe hat
agnln docllned. Therefore. the Insin
natlon that Virginla "dropped" Wash?
ington and l.ee for any oruso at all
i.? wlthoul tlio lOlghtest foundation.
No, (I. "Now Vlrglnla. whlch playec
Sowanoo last season a very close game
has lost a srame wlth that team bj
tardy negotiatlons." This statament h
mlsleadlng.. At the regular tlme thi
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Tbl* Jolnt m_-f-tlnc of the Pclernburg and Itlclitnnnd Hunt Clubs was lield at Poternburg, the pieture sbowlnr them nl tlie ntart, wlilch waa made at llarvlll'n Fleld.
Lipe Has Promising Bunch froir
Which to Pick Flinging
r.Ianagcmcnt Hears Nothing fron
Baltimore Player, but Is Not
Manager Perry Lipe has heard noth?
lng from Left Flelder Sleber, who ha:
been taking an examination in Balti?
more durlng lhe past week. Sicbei
promised to write Lipe yesterday, stat
ing whether or not he would play
wlth the Colts this season, and unles.
he breaks loose on tlie wire or tlirougi
tho mails beforo to-morrow, Lipe wil
send hlm a tolegram to find out whai
ho Intcnds to do ln the matter of af
lixing his list to a contract. It is pret?
ty certaln that Sieber will return hore
and his sllence Is causing no appre
Pitcher Walker, who was purchasec
from Danvlllo, has linally come across
and now the pltchlng staff ls com
plete. Elght tllngers in all have re?
turned contracts, and there should bf
no dliliculty lu selecting a good stafl
out of this number. Revelle aud Bus
sey, of last ycar's team. are flxtures
and there ls no question but that
Walker can dellver the goods. Among
tho other promising men are Ashton
of Chlcago; Powers, of Rockport, Ind
Watson, of Tallahassee, Fla., and Muir
of Hamllton, Ont. All of these mer
are experienced and como wlth gooc
recommcndatlons. Weymack. the Man?
chester youngster, also wlll be glver
a try-out durlng the exhibition games
Still, Holdlng Out.
Cowan ls still holdlng out for bi?
money. If he dOos not slgn up with?
ln the next few days, the local man
agement wlll send hlm an ultimatum
In .all probablllty he wlll come tc
terms before the exhibition games be
gin on March 27. Ison also ls holdlng
out. He has a good Job as traveling
salesman and hates to give up the
easy money.
Manager Lipe wlll" send out trans
portatlon to the players to-morrow
and they wlll begln arrivlng ln towr
pext Saturday or Sunday. Three ar.
comlng from Chlcago, one from De
trolt, one from Lehlghton, Pa., three
from Pennsylvania towns, one froir
Clnclnnatl, one from Ontarlo, and one
from Tallahassee. The transportatlot
wlll amount to qulte an item.
The regular practlce beglns one
week from to-morrow. The men wll
work out twice dally, at 10 o'clock lr
the morning and at 2 o'clock ln the
afternoon. 'Some of the men have beer
practlcing in thelr home towns, anc
they should be well llmbered up whev
the big exhibition games commence.
EHghtccu Men Slgned.
Includlng Manager LIpo. eighteet
men are slgned up, and all of these
wlll be on hand when the flrst prac?
tlce call sounds, "Dutfch" Revelle, whe
Is at his home ln Portsmouth, probab?
ly will come hore thls week. "Dutch'
says he ls glad to get back with the
Colts, slnce the Tankees would nol
give hlm a tryout, and lt ls more
than an even bet that the majority
of the Richmond fans are glad to see
hlm back. Revelle pltchod great bal
for Richmond last year, and the fans
are expecting even better work of hln
this season.
Auburndale Mnn Defeala Parmcleo
Three Vp and Two to Play.
PINBHURST, N, C March 13.?C. L.
Becker. of the Woodland Golf Club.
Auburndale, Mass,, was tho wlnper of
tho annual club ehamplonshlp golf
tournament to-day. defoatlng E. S;
Parmelee, of tlie New Huvan, Conn..
Country Club, three. up und two to
play in the thlrty-slx hole flnals.
D. L. Coffoy, of 'he Franklin Park
Club, Boston, won tho oonsolation ln
a close contest wlth I. S. Robeson, o
Roohester, two up and one to play, the
Massachusotts player belng four uj
at noon.
Whitman, of Richmond, and
Wagner, of Norfolk, Are the
Players Chosen.
E. G. Whitman, of Richmond, and
A. W. Wagner, of Norfolk, have beeh
selected to represent the Virginia State
Bowllng Assoclatlon ln the big tour?
nament whlch is to be held by the I
National Bowllng Assoclatlon ln May
at the Madlson Square Garden, NeW |
York Clty. Tlils will be tiie, first time
the Virginla association has beon rep
resented at the national lourne'y.
Whitman wlll leave for Norfolk thls
week to begin tralnlng wlth Wagner
on the Brunswlck alleys ln that clty,
and later Wagner wlll come here to
traln wlth Whitman on the Newport
alleys. They will enter the team
?vents at the national tournament as
a two-man team, and also wlll take
part in many of the lndlvidual events.
Wagner nnd Whitman aro regarded
as among the best, bowlers lh the
South, and the State association ls,ex
pectlng great thlngs of them in * the
national tourney. Whitman has played
in all of the largest cities throughout
the South, and has met some of the
best bowlers ln the country.
Wagner*was the leading man on the
strong Boston team for flve years,
and is the fastest man on the present
Norfolk team.
Largest Ever Held.
Present lndlcations are that the
tournament ln New York will be the
largest ever held in the world. It
wlll open on May 24, and contlnue un?
til June 5. Thero wlll be representa?
tlves from air of the Eastern and
Southern States, as well as teams
from the West and Canada. Twenty
four .ot the hlghest class alleys will
be held ln tho Madison Square Gar?
den, and it is estlmated that fully
200,000 bowlers will take part In the
Field Small, but Pink Coat Riders
Have to Leap Four and a Half
Foot Fence. .
Deep Run hounds were ln nne form
yesterday afternoon, when a small but
enthusiastlc fleld of sportsmen met at
Chestnut Hlll. The master, W, O.
Young, on Overland, and Draper, the
huntsman, on Grandee, wlth the pack
of seven and a half couples well in
hand. gal^ped up promptly at 3:S0
o'clock, when the following members
of the club saluted the M. F. II.:
Archer Anderson, on Chorus Glrl;
J. R. J. Anderson, on. Paladln; Louis
Gathright, on Bessle Barker; Fred
Campoell. on Computer; William Camp?
bell, on Glpsy Boy; Edward D. Harria,
on Zilla, and two hard rlding young
sters, the Burruss boys, on thorough
Mr. Graves, the genlal se&retary of
the hunt, who ls one of the falfhtul,
was ln New York, arrangtng" wlth the
Jockey Club for tha sprlnsr raco meet.
Hounds were east west of Chestnut
Hlll, and flndlng, went away ln flne
form, giving voice lustlly. The drag
was lald across Strawberry Hlll, Tins
ley's farm, Foxboro, Burruss's estate,
Kelly's, Cheatwood's, to a "run to oarth"
near Glnter Park. The going was good
and a falr lot of fences were jumped,
notably some now fllghts of posts and
rulls on tho Burruss farm, whlch de
manded foiir and a half feet ot leap
lng. ,
After the drag a reijeptlon was held
at Deep Run Clubhouse, where a nu
ber of society . people welcomed ?tha
plnlc-eoated 'aportsmon.
.Mis. Beall Wlim ..liii.le*.
PINEIWRST. N. C, March 13.?Ml-S
Priscllla Beall. of Unlontpwn, Pa., was
tho wlnner of the women's slngles ten*
nls tournamont for the Country Club
spring cup here to-day, defcatlng Mlma
Dlll, ot East Orange, N.'-J., 8-1, 8*3, l&
the flnal round... *?
tourney. New York Clty wlll be
represented by 600 teams.
An aggregate of $50,000 ln cash
Iiii ME
Cibol and Orphee, Winners, Long
Way Behind the Old
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
rORK. March 13.?With the band
ilaylng and tho crowd cheerlng, the
ilx-day go-as-you-please race came to
i close to-nlght at 10 o'clock.* Wlth
:he end not far away, a grlm smllo
itole over the features of ull and tho
nen freshened up wonderfully In tho
ast hour. Nearly all were shaved and
ileaned off, and only at close range
lld they exhibit the effects of tho
ong grlnd.and,tho six sloepless nights.
\s wus anticipated for the last oouplo
it days, the French team, Clbol 'and
.rphee, won.
A llttle before the end several cable
jrams arrlved from Franco, congratu
lating the Frenchmen on thelr pluoky
work. Davls and Metkus, the Indian
team,- was second, and Dineen and
Prouty, tho .Bostonlan's, thlrd. Loeslln
ind Klubertanz, tho German team, came
In fourth, and Shelton and Frazer tlfth
J3urpy and Hegelmau wero slxth; Fee
jan and Curtls, seventh; Guignurd and
Roveree, elghth; Navze and Keller,
ninth; Edelson and PallantI, tonth, and
old Hartley, alono.
The l-'luul Hclay.
-\n hour. or so before the ond the
inanagoment plcked out the fresheat
men of each team for tho flnal roluy,
riie mon who carrled their respectiise
. olors across the llne .were Clbot, Met?
kus, Dlnoon, Loeslelu, Frazer, Corey,
Feegan, Rovoreo, Ivollar, PallantI, and
Hartley. As each "Ped" orossecl tho
llne ho was glven a great ovatloit, A
:rowd of about ",000 persons suw tho
The wtnnera wero a long way behlnd
the old record, whlch ls 770 mlles and
Dne lap, made by llegolman and Cava
(Contlnued on~Secon_H^g-e7) ! j
Tournament Will Probably Be
Largest of Its Kind Ever
Held in World.
prlzes wlll be glven the wlnners ln
the varlous events. and other prizes
wll] be offered for hlgh scores by
teams and lndlviduals.
A bowllng supply company has pre?
sented two of the best mlneralltc
bowllng balls to the Virginla team
for use ln the national tourney. The
balls are on dlsplay in the windowf
of the Newport alleys.
The Weck's Wlnners.
Watkins and Beok wero the prlze
wlnners on the Lake alleys last week,
the former taking first honors Tues?
day nlght and the latter wlnnlng out
Thursday nlght. Tliursday night C.
L. Cosby rolled a hlgh averago score
ln ten games of tenplns, hla total
belng 1.S68 plns, and tho average 1S7
plns. Thls ls the hlghest total score
and averago rolled by an amateur
ln Richmond. Wllkes made the hlgh?
est average score in .duckplns for the
week wlth 136 plns.
Following are some of the hlgh
scores for the week;
Duckplns?Wllkes. 136; Watkins,
125; C. H. Cosby, 123; Thorpe. 120;
Payne. 124; L Cosby, 121; E. Vaden,
119; C. Vaden, 116;*Ellls, 115; Wagner,
Tenplna?C. L. Cosby, 235; H. P.
Brown, 224; E. D, Sturtz. 220; R.
Wadfore, 219; Crawford, 216; Good
man, 214.
Keenc and llt-lii_--.it Will Bc nepreseut
ed on A merlcnu and l-iiisli_h Turf.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.J
NEW YORK, March 13.?James R.
Keene and August Belmont have di
vided their big raclng stables thls
year for the purpose of belng repre
sented on both the Eng'ish and Amer?
ican turf.
Finds Tough Proposition in
Youngsters from Bingham
[Special to ".'he Ttmcs-DI..pateli.]
CHAPEL HILL, N. C, March 13.?
Carollna played her flrst game of the
season here to-day on a wet diamond
wlth the Bingham (Mebane) "Prep"
School. The "prep" boys showed up
sttrprlstngly strong *witli the wlllow,
getting a total of elght hfts. Carollna
had an off day, aild her hittlng and
fleldlng were a shade off. Duncan and
'Moore did tlie stlck work for the Tar
heels, each getting two hits. The wot
condition of tlie grounds made tho
fleldlng a.nd base runnlng slow.
Carollna's next game ls with Oakrldgo
here Saturday.
Score by lnnlngs: H,
Carollna . 00000012 ?_3
Bingham . lOOuoooo 1_2
Tho ltne-up: CarolIna--Duncan, sec?
ond base; Hamllton, flrst base; Moore,
catcher; Rose, centre fleld; Wlnn
shortstop; Fountaln. left Hold; Stevens,'
right Held; Tillett and Lyun. thlrd base;
I'JUls and Stewart. pltchers. Bingham_
l.uttorloh, second base, Horner, tlrst
base; Llpacomb, catcher; Kays, centro
Hold; Street, shortstop; Glover, loft
fleld; Corbett, right fleld; E. Luttorloh,
thlrd baae; Campbell, pitcher.
Umplres?"Farmer" Moore and
"Rummy" Wrenn, ot the Eastern Car?
ollna League,
Klberfeld UoMiruii.
I'.SiM'.-ial tu The TillU-S-Disiialch. 1
I/XNCHBURG. YA.. Maroh .1:1. ?"KUi"
Elberfald, who waa called homo a week obo
by a caae of Ulplitheila at hla home, iu
tiirned to Macon to-duy ta rejuin the New
York .itnericanB. Hla llttle daughter ia ?n
tiroly v.-eii. and Elberfcld waa anxioua tu ba
back at Macon,
Hardly Fifty Dollars Wagcred
Around Ring Before Men
Started to Fight.
Nelson May Know Own Bus'iness
Best in Dodging McFarlarid
and VVelsh.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
NEW YORK. March I.i.?"If the New
York Boxing Club managers are wlse
they wlll bar Joe Gans and Jabez
Whlte from further exhlbitlons of old
age," said a leading patron of glove
contests to-day, and In maklng this
declaration he volced the oplnlon of
practleally all tho sporting men ln
Tt was pointed out by corrospondents
ton days ago that the Gans-White bout
mlght cause dissatisfactlon for several
reasons?tliat tho inon were too old to
display anything' llke thelr former
s-kill; that Oans's reputation as a self
confessed faker would not help any
when It was a fact that several shady
indtvlduals were "mlxed up," and
that Whlte ln deelarlng hlmself llght
weight champion of England "was
merely four-flushlng, since he lost the
title to Jack Goldswin two years ago
ln a bout at the National Sporting Club
at London.
Not n Franic-Up.
Looking at tne bout as provlded by
the anclent boxers, Gans and White
wlthout prejudice, malice ov lack of
experlence, conservatlve judges were
convlnced of one tliing in partlcular:
The bout was not a "frame up" or a
"fake," for the excellent reason that,
all told, not $50 wus wagered around
the rlng before the men began to
box. There was absolutely no bettlng
at sporting resorts for a week prior
to the bout, as the talent regarded
both Gans and Whlte as back num
As the average age limit ln pugilism
ls about thirty-three years, lt ls not
unfalr to say that Gans and Whlto
should have retlred some time ago.
Gans wa.s a shadow of his former great
self. He was weak in the legs, had
little strength to' elther take or give
punlshment, and would have 'boen put
to sleep lf White had possessed just
ordlnary hittlng power. If anything,
Whlto was in better physical condi?
tion, barrlng a very weak jaw.
Cnless Gans has gono back wlth
unusual rapidlty since I.ls dofeat at
the hands of Nelson last Septembor.
It was the opinion among ring fol
lowers to-day that Nelson is just pos?
slbly a blt overrated, and that he
knows what he is about whon he
dodges the ehallcnges from Packy Mc
Farland und Frcddio Welsh.
Kl-iculc_ Offer.
Jeffries ls inellned to ridicule the
offer of a $50,000 purse for a battle
>\.th Johnson, mado by Hugh D. Mc
lutosh, the Australlaii fight promoter.
Jeffries sald to-day that Jie knew
that a number of Seattle men stood j
ready to offer $130,000, and declared
if ho decided to make a mutch with
the negro the battleground would be
Ih Amerlca, not ln Europe or Australia.
In other words, Jeffries wlll turn down
all of Mclntosh's proposltlons unless,
in tho event of his return to the ring,
he flnds tliat Mclntosh has Johnson un?
der his Wlngf. Mclntosh sald t'l.-d.iy
thnt he would do his best to match
Jlm und Jack, und that as soon aa
Johnson reaches thls clty thero wlll
be some definlto tesuRs.
Oweh Moran, tho Kngllsh boxer, wlll
be the favorlte whon ho entcrs the ring
at the Falrmont Athletic Club next
Tuesduy to box tan rounda wlth Har
lem Tommy Murphy. These boys did
somo vigorous" work to-day In prepa
ratlon for the mill, tn splte of tho un
pleasant weather. Moran had a dis
tuict udvantage when he met Murphy
at tha National Athletic Club several
weeks ago, and for thnt reason ho be
lloves that ho wlll ttlm tho Harlem
boxer agaln,
Wlth Mike Donlln and Cy Seymour
out cf* tt, Manager McGraw wlll have
to drill practleally a new outfleld for
the Glunts thls- year, Bul ln Murray,
llarziog, O'llara, McCormlck, Cogash
and Moyei'3 he has a fast lot of your
Cld Playcrs Let Out and
Youngsters Are Put in
Their Places.
Tossers from Danville and Lynch?
burg Now l'laying With the.
Southeflicrs?l'ractice Has
Begun and Outlook for.
l'remier Season Is
[Speclnl 10 The Tlme*-Dispatch. J
MiDi. ..oo___.l_.li. i, .vi_A.. ___u.rcti 13.?
This week wus iei.or_.nig time for all
ot ihe teama of tlie riouthern League.
hince tlie Iirst part of the week all
ui .,,..- cltiba havo been sweiled by the
viaita <_t ih>- playera, and practlce
i,us Ufc"_t_in ii.nif._i. ua aoon as appuur
atico '.. _-.?; piu in.
For the..most part tho league blds
ftur to he the best. one In the hlstory
of the South. by ._. remarkable pro
_.-._?.. ot weodlng, most of the old
players have b.-eii gbtten rlU ot to
give way tp the you.iger fejlows. and
as u cornequence most of the clubs are
Bhowlng tedder, youngur and moro
vigorous blood.
More attentlon has been paid by
the mogiil.H of the elght Southern
League c'.ties to tlie nctghborlng
leagues than at uny prevlous tlme.
Out of the Houth Atluntltv-League has
cotno a number of playcrs who have
hlgh records. More players, however,
have come out of tho Vlrglnla
League, as seen below. A full proa
poctus of the ante-season situatlon ls
nppended. Tho Bouthern League
season opons April 1.V,
..anbvlllr'a Llne-Up.
Manager Bernard, out of tho Na?
tional League one season, expresseu
hlms-clf as very well satlsilod wltli
his 1900 season llne-up. He has slgned
over twenty players. whose records
are hlgh in the flrst rank. Four of
his leadlng pltchers ot last year are
agaln ln the volunteer ranks, a fact
whlch at once assures one of the
strohgest aggregations ln the Soutli?
ern League.
The catchers are Seabaugh, Tonne
man, Bartlott and Pratt. Wiseman,
Seigle, Bay and Wilson?one of tlie
strongest tleldlng bunclies ln tlie
South?wlll work ln the outfleld. In
flelders wlll bo 3elected from Bobln?
son. Butler. East, Noye* and Craft.
The twlrlers aro Bernard. Duggan.
Kellum, Perdue, all of last year;.
Syfert, GUroy and Weaver. Thcro'a
a posslble chance of getting Sltton
back from the Cleveland team. of the
Amerlcan Leaguje. Also a probablllty
of McKlveen, the fast thlrd baseman.
reverting to Bernard from Brooklyn
Diii.'liman Sangulne.
Dutchman Charley Frank. manager'of
tho New Orleans bunch, is sanguine
over his prospects. A number of his
old players?they landed hlm wlthin
one point of the ponnant last year?ard
back. among them Theo. Brlttenstein,
the "Grand Old Man." prornier twlrler
ln the Southern League last season.
Tho Pellcan's completo tine-up is as
Catchers, Mllo Stratton and Mathews,
bpth of last year; pltchers, Otto Hess,
Willlam Bartlcy. Cefaule, Nester
Nevenpara, Charley Prultt and Charlle
Frltz; lntllelders, Charles Dexter. Gus
Oundon. Ed. Reagan, George Rodie and
I.eo Huber; outflelders. Jacob Welmer,
Steve Regan, Ed. Huelsmann and Jack
Manning. Hitchcock. out of the East
eru League, wlll also twlrl for tho
Gremlnger'a Hopes.
Eddle Greminger, who six and elght
years ago starred with tho Boston Na
tlonals, is agaln leadlng the Montgom
ery bunch tlils year. Tho manager 13
more hopeful of the season than ever
before. His Cllmber aggregatlon has a
number of last year's players, whlle
the entire pitchlng staff ls back. Tlie
team has baen materlally strengthoned
by the addltion or Manush and Ker
wln, both of whom are released from
tlie big leaguers. The Climbers" llne
up is as follows;
Catchers, Shannon, Hart and Krebs;
pltchers, Forrest Thomas, leadlng
Southern League pitcher, wlth tlie ex
ceptlon of Breltensteln; Herbert Juul,
of the Unlveralty ot Chlcago's law
school; Elmer Bllss. Llvely, Whftoy
Guese, Wlllia, brother to tho Pirato
twlrler of the National League; Greon
walt and Bebalt, the llrst two belng
Eastorn League flnds; Inllelders, Gre?
minger, Manush, Pepoe, Iko Ttocken
tlcld; outllelilers, Persons, of the Unl
vorslty of Wlsconsin, leadlng Southern
League tlelder last year; Kerwin, of the
Washington Natlonals; Daly and Whita
man; Geler. of St. Paul. utllity.
Moblle'a T-veuly.
Moblle ls centrlng hopes on a' sturdy
hunch of twenty that havo come from
evory where. The Sea Gulls have a few
of last year'sf players, a mnnbor of
S. A. L. playors, and one or two just
"plck-ups." Tlie llne-up la as follows;
Catchers. Braun and Jack Hoady;
pltchers, Hickman, Beelcor, Torrey, ot
last year; Hlxen. of the South-Atlantlc;
Lellvelt, Sehulz and Miller: Infleldora,'
Sabrie, Rhoton, Gregory. Sontell, Wat?
son; outflelders, Wheat, Thornton, Cots
and Taggart. Robb, or Capron, freak
player, has not yet slgned for the In
t'harley Hiibh'n Squad.
Charley Babb, for several years man?
ager of tho Memphis Egyptlans, I*
justly proud of his acqulsltlons. Ho
thlnks that he will get the pennant,
aiul has stated so. He ls banking on
his pltchers of !?*t year?a Vlrglnla
Leaguer and a Carolina Leaguer?to
holn matters out.
lils llne-up wlll come from the fol?
lowing; Catcliors?O'Leary, Lundlne. a
Chlcago semi-pr.i; Daley. from Mieht
gan, and Sohraidt. brother of the De
trolt Schmldt, Pltchers?-Shlelds. Iron
Man Schwanok, Keiber and Willls, of
the last year bunch; Em<?rson, Dlck
and Qulessnor, from the'Eastern and
Western leagues. InfieM-irs?Carey.
Cranston, Babb, of last year's bunch, .,
and Lindaay. a player t'com the Vl_*.
ginla League, who starred in a few of
the Memphis giim. * la*t season, Out*
flel.I?Stlnson, of the Vlrglnla t.eag'U*K
Baerwald, Wagner and Woodruff.
Sllke Fl?n Qulet.
Mlke Flnn, manager of the T_.lt _!?'
Rock Travolors, ls more or less qulot,
(Continued on Seuand P-tg?.i'

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