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MfCiinnitv's Eastem Lca
guers Play Colts To-Day,
I'riday and Sattirday.
Waiiager Lipe Will Scnd Old and
Xcw I'lingcr in Box This
"Iron Man" McGlhnffy's Newurk I.i
dlans, of llm Kaslern League, will bldw
Inin town from Itounoke thls mornlng
for h serlcs of three garnes wlth t'ie
Champlon Colts to-rjny, PrldntJ- nnd
Saturdny. Tho ganio thla afternoon
will hc called by L'mplre Harry Mu.e
at I O'clock.
'?iM.teir* llevellc nnd Mulr have been
aelccted to do the fllnglng for the
Champs ln the openlng engagetnent,
RcyeJIo probnbly gnlng the flrst Jlve
rounda and Mulr the rptnalnlng four.
Klefel nnd Burke will do the recolv?
The indlans are returnlng from their
Southern trnlnlng trlp, and they are
exhlbltlhg the scalpa of the New York
Vnnkees and several of the teams in
the Southern LonKiic. They dropped
ln at Lynchburg Tuesday and trlmmed
tho Shoemakers by ^ to 6, and yes?
terday tho Honnoke Illghlatiders fell
bcforo them, 7 to C. The Shoemakers
and Highlanders dld not show par
tlcularly good form agalnst the East?
crn Leagucrs, and, wlth P.evelle and
Mulr In the bqr, the Colts expect to
anncx tho openlng engagement.
How 1'iilla Mne l p.
Managcr Llpe last nlght nnnounce-1
tho followlng battlng order of the
Champs to-day: Black, left fleld; Llpe,
thlrd baae: Kanzler, flrat basc; Smlth.
rentre fleld; Bandherr. shortatop: Tlt
man, rlfht fleld; Wrlght, aecond base;
Klefel, catcher; Burke, catcher; Re
velle, pltchor; Mulr, pltcher.
The Champlons dlsplayed good form
In practlce yesterday, the Inflelders
Fcooplng ln the hot onca ln a fashlon
that made glad the hearts of the few
falthful oncs on hand. The youngsters
banged "cm out ln great shape, and
nll Indlcations now polnt to a hard
lilttfiig team for the cotnlng scason.
Manuger Lipe will have the men out
thls mornlng for the flnal work-out
before the g.irne.
?|?om Mcssitt, the Colts' veteran
catcher, waa on hand yesterday, and
worked hard wlth the pltchers. Bussey
alao was out. he having returnod from
WllmlngtonJ N. C. where he was called
by the illness of hls wlfe.
Cowari Iteturo* Nc*t Week.
Cowan, thc catcher who has been
holdlng out for more money. has
agreed to aceept the terms of the
Club ? nd Manager Lipe wlred hlm
tranapnrlaitlon yesterday mornlng. Ife
will arrlve hrre early next week and
will Immedlatoly get Into harness.
Mi n tger Lipe sald last nlght that
hi had !>ot had a oonfertnee with Jlm
,- 1...1S -ince Inst week, r.nd could
? .,t -:iy whether "r not the second
baseman will return. nov.cvor.
frlei i- ,if Ison say that he will slgn
..:, v.itliin the next few days. Kddle
Wrlght; the Detrolt youngster. is show
liit,- up well nt the second statlon, and
hr will give Ison a stretiuous run for
i',.; posltlon,
Mvmiari Wai Hrllllnnl.
March ;:l.?Wlth a splcndid spurt of
fast bllllards, maklng an unnniehed
run of 167 polnts, Georgo F. Slosson.
the New York veteran, won to-nlght's
Kame of 1 S.2 lnternatlonal world's
champlonshlp serles from Calvln Dem
nrcst, of Chicago. by a score of 600 to
The gamo to-morrow afternoon will
bring Mornlngstar and Cllne togethcr.
Slosson will meet Sutton to-morrow
George Sutton, of Chicago, won the
matineo game to-day, defeatlng Louls
Cure, of Parls, by a acore of i00 to
Only on Scven Other Occasions Since Basebail Was Or
ganized Have Pitchers Equaled His Record v
in NoHit Games.
[Special to The Times-Dljpatch.]
?Tralner Lannlgan had the followlng
to say to-day regardlng Walker'A feat
yesterday ln pitchlng a no-hlt, no-run
game, no man reachlng flrst base,
agalnst Colgate Unlverslty:
"Some Idea of the feat accompllshed
by <'arl walker, Vlrginla'a pltcher, ln
yesterday'a kramo agalnst Colgate may
hc gathered from tho fact that lt has
been accompllahed only aeven times
before durlng the entlre hlstory of or
ganized baseball, aa follows:
"Pltcher Riohmond. of the Worcester
Natlonul league team. vs. Cleveland,
June 12. 1880.
"Pltcher John M. Ward. Provldence,
is Uuffalo, National League, June 17,
"Pltcher "Cy" Young, Boston Amer?
lcans, vs. Athletlcs, Amerlcan League,
May '?. 1904.
Pltcher Thos. Flsher, Shreveport. vs.
Negro Pugilist Is "Getting
Bacon" Now in Peteits
(tjpeclal to Tho Tlmes-Dispatch.]
PETEKSBURG, VA.. March 31.?Joe
Gans. the colored ?x-chanrpion llght
welght pugllhit, Is glvlng boxlng exhl
bitloha In Petersburg every nlght. He
is upparently ln good health and blds
fair to remain years longer ln this
llfc. rumors to the contrary notwith
Kld Kulllvan, tho champlon white
boxer. of AVaslilngton, who has been
ln tho rlug beforo wlth Gans. tele
graphs that he ls comlng to Peters?
burg to try sklll with Gans.
Goea on Crulse.
NEW ORLEANS, LA? March 31.?
Jullus Kruttschnltt, of the Harrlman
llnee, accompanted by members of hls
famllv and others, left New Orleans
thls morning on E. II. Harrlman's yach:
Sultana for a crulse of several weeks
ln the Gulf.
Hair-Raising Ninth Inning, During Which Both Sides
Scored Two Runs?Meredith in the Box
Held Them Safe.
(Speclal to The Times-Dlspatch.]
4 GREENSBORO, N. C, March 31.?In
$. faat and. intcrestlng game Rlchmond
Collcgo defeated Gullford 3 to '2.. Rlch?
mond drew flrst blood ln the sTxth,
when, wlth two out, Lodge alngled to
ccntre and acored on Ezeklel'a three
bagger to left fleld. In the nlnth the
Rlchmond boys again got buay, and by
a auccesaion of hlta nnd orrora addea
two more runa to thelr credlt.
Tha Quakera made a dosperate effort
to win in the nlnth, landlng on Mere
dlth for a slngle and two three-baggers
for a total of two runa. The pitching
of Meredith and Qie work of Anderson
at flrst were features.
Score by Innings: R. II. E.
Guilford .0 0 0000002?3 7 2
Richmond.0O000100 2?3 7 2
Batterles: Ilobbs and Stowart; Mer
edith and Lodge. Umplre, Bentley.
Tlme, 1:35.
Illughum "Wins Agaln.
[Special to The Timea-Dlspatch.]
ASHEV1LLE, N. C., March 31.?Bing
ham School to-day won her ftfth con
secutlve vlctory of the season in de
feating Davldson's socond tcam by the
score of i to 2 ln a fast game. The
two toama play agaln thls afternoon.
This is tho new Model X 3 Kour Cylinder Oldsmohlle that sells for
$2,000. lt has a 35-horse power motor, three speed and roverse, sejec
tivo typo sllding gear transmission and full lainp equlpmonts.
It is the equal of any $2,500 gaa car on the market.
A Ueinonstratlbn will prove it.
Pioneer and Lead"
ing Automobile
Dealer in Virginia.
State Agent for Oldsmobile, White Steam Cars and Studebaker
E. M. F. 30. 1609-11 West Broad Street. Phone 8S8.
Montgomery, Southern Assoclatlon,
September 1, 1900.
"Pitcher Charles Evans, Hartford,
va. Bridgcport, Connecticut League,
July 21 130S.
"Pitcher Joas, Cleveland, vs. Chlcago,
Amerlcan League, ?ctober 2, 1908.
"Tho present season Pitcher Cova
leskl. of tho Phlladelphla Nationals,
accompllahed the name feat ngainst
Trlnlty Collego at Durham, N. C. two
wcoks ngo, and now comea Walker. of
"Conslderlng tho vcry cold, wlndy
day, wlth oceiusional snow flurries, and
Walker pltchlng the entiro game wlth
a heavy sweuter on, it was probably
not only one of the jfreatest feats ln
bascbal] hlstnry, but the .very greate.st.
"It ls cluimed that a former Vir?
ginia pitcher acconipllshed this feat in
tho early '9O'0, but Spaldlng has no
record of same. There are no au
thciitlc records of lt having been ac?
conipllshed other than by tho nbove.'
Five Out of Six Races Go to
Short Priced
Favorl<es had thelr innlngs at Mon
crbef Park to-day, five out of six races
golng to horses at short odds. In the
second race Urannon, on Oronooka, und
llatlicws, on Roso 1'., were thrown, but
nelther was hurt. Guy was suspended
for three days for rough rtding in
this race. Mlnehaha, in the third race,
ran into the fehce on the back stretch,
cutting a leg so bad that tlio duya of
her, usefulnesa are over.
First ruce?six furlongs?Hawk's
Flight (2 to 1) tlrst, Gay King (I to D)
second, Sister Ollle (3 to 2) thlrd.
Tlino. 1:20 2-5.
Second race?one mlle and an
eighth?Dr. Young (3 to 1) tirgt, Jupi
ter (4 to 5) second, Iland-Me-Down
(3 to 2) thlrd. Time, 2:06.
Thlrd race?seven Dirlongsi?Jlerry
Bell (3 to l) flrst, Judge Treen (4 to 1)
second, Dew of Dawn (6 to 5) third.
Time, 1:34 1-5.
Fourth race?tive and a half fur?
longs?Ray Thompson (5 to I) iirst,
bally Preston {2 to 1) second, Halifax
(cut) thlrd. Time, 1:13.
Flfth race?one mlle and a slxteenth
?Judgo Dundon (7 to 10) nrst, Coun
termand (4 to 1) second, Paul (1 to 3)
third. Time. 1:58 1-5.
Sixth race?five furlongs?JIlss K. O.
B. (15 to 1) flrst, St. Abe (2 to 1) sec?
ond Separator (4 to 5) third. Time,
1:05 1-2.
Dcfcnta Rlchmond Academy- ln Slovr
Exhibltlon Game.
Rlchmond High School defeated
Rlchmond Academy yeaterday after?
noon on Broad Street Park by tho
score of 8 to 4, ln an exhlbltion con
test marked by slow play and errora
on both sldes. Tlie High School play
ers showed some form at tho bat nnd
laced out several pretty hits ln the
first and flfth inning^.
Evans. the box artist, of tho High
School tcam.'had a shade the better of
Taylor and Davison, the Academy
twirlers, who recelved poor support
from thelr team-mates in tho early
part of the game. Tho playlng of
Maury Montgomery and Van Pelt, ln
the .High School lnfleld, waa good at
times, but frequent overthrows to tho
lnltlal sack lost the Blue and Whlte
men a chanco of maklng good wlth a
olean lleldlng average. Rose was thja
only member of the Academy nlno who,
seemed able to play a consistent game,
ho maklng out well both at bat and in
the fleld.
Tho real mettle of these teams wlll
be trled out Friday afternoon, when
they wlll llne up ln the oponlng gamo
of the Interpreparatory School League.
Played Snappy Ball, but Wake
Forest Won by Score of
a to i.
[Spoclal to Tho Tiuiea-DlBpatoh.]
WAKE FOREST, N. C, Mtvrch 31.?
itaudoiph-iMacon waa defeated by tho
locals to-day, 2 to 1. Tho' Vlrglnluna
played a good lleldlng game, tho faat
eat eeon on tho local dlamond thla
The featurea of the gamo were Pope's
pllehliig for Wake Foreat and the
lleldlng of Lancastor for Kandolph
Batterlos?Popo and Harrison; Drew
j-y and Bevlllo, tfummury: Struck out?
by Popo, 0; hy Drewry, 4. Hlta?off
Popo, 3; off Drowry, 4. Errora?Wako
Foroat, 2; Randolph-Magon, 3, Busea
on balls?Drawry, 3.
Then the Daisies Were Beaten to
Death by the Lilies, but Daisies
Still Lead.
In the BoJ-s' Basketball Leugue
finhies nt the Y. M. C. A. gymnasltim
la?t nlght, the I'anstes overwhelnied
tho Roses by the score of 13 to 3,
whllo tho Daisies ilowned the Lllles
In a close contest, f> to 4. These Iciiiiih
aro well palred off In the atandlng,
whlch la as follows:
Won. Lost. P. C.
Daisies .."> 3 Si27>
Lllles.r, 3 ,826
panslei..3 .-, .r*.7r>
Roses .3 5 ,-375
Tho final gamea of the season ln
the Senlor Basketball League will be
playcd to-nlght, when the asaoclation
rhninplonshlp will bo doflnltely set
tled. Tho tcams will llno up ln the
follewlng order: Opals vs. Pcarls,
Lmeralds vs. Rublea, Amethyats vs.
Dlamonda. Tho Innt game between tho
Amethyslstfi and Dlamonda Is expected
to bo the closost of the long Une of
games played ho far. The forrner ftve
is at the top ln the standing of the
league, Whlle the Dlamonda are in seo
ond placo and only one game bchlnd
tho leaders. If tho Dlamonda win this
game they will tle their npponents for
flrst honors, but ln losing tho Ame
thysts will hold an undlsputed lead.
A Iarge crowd of rooters ls expected
to be on hand to-nlRht, ns these con
tests nre free to the publlc, and the
Interest ln the closlng match ls wlde
spread through the membors of the
assoclatlon and their friends.
Virginia's Track Team Working
Under Direction of Coach
[Special to Ths Timea-Digpatch.]
?Coach Lannigan gave a number of
the members of the Vlrglnia track
team some fast trlals yesterday after?
noon. Wlltshlre ond lOager took the
trlals in the bjalf-mllo. Tho tlme,
whlle not glven out, was known t>>
have been very fast, consldering that.
tho wlnd was agalnst them for fully
200 yards at each turn. Quarter-mlle
tt lals were tnkcn by Thurlow and Stan
In the sprlnt events, the runncrs
were greatly helped by tho wlnd, but
even wlth thls some good tlme was
made, Ashby winnlng a heat in 10 2-a
seconds. He repeated nlcely ln the 22i>.
runnlng the distance ln 23 seconds.
Rector ran the 220 In 22 4-6.
Stanton. the Californlan, again ahow
ed his versatllity by doing hla hun
dred In easy fashion ln 10 3-5.
Burke and Enimert ran a close sec?
ond to Rector ln the 220. and-repeated
nlcely ln thc htjndred. runnlng a dcad
heat ln 10 3-0.
The mlie resulted in a very pretty
race, Charles Williams and Luclen Carr
runnlng a dead heat in 5:10. Honsch,
Kloan, Llndsay and Toulimin also took
trlals In tho mlie.
Martin and llolladay both took trlals
in tho low hurdles. In leaving the
nlnth luirdlc Martin trtpped and sus
tained a severe fall. Coach Lannigan
ls very much worrled about Martln's
eondltion. The star hurdler Is now in
tho hospital, and It will probably be
sevoral davs heforo ho gets out. Lan
nlgan is afraid that tho accident will
hurt Martln's chances in the Valo mcet,
as every mlnute is vaiuable at thia
stage of tralnlng.
School Defeats Cluster
Springs by Score of
i to o.
^Special to The Tlmes-Dispatch.]
?Cluster Springs Academy met its
flrst defeat of the season at the hands
of the South Boston High School by
a score of 1 to 0 on Wilson Athletlo
Fleld. The gamo was a plteher'a bat
tle in which the South Boston twlrler.
Guthrle, had the best of lt, supported
by a team wlth no error to Its credit.
Harris, shortstop for the Academy,
fielded hls usual conslstent game, be
sides gettlng the only two hlts made
by the Academy, whilo Thompson put
up a star game at shortstop for South
Boston. Batterles: C. S. A.?Kidd and
Wllkinson: S. B. H. S.?Guthrie and
Paylor. Struck out?by Ktdd, 6; by
VCuthrle, 7. Hlts?off Ktdd, 6; off Guth?
rie, 2. Umplre?Prof. Louthan.
_- >
Iluaebnll Scorca.
At Atlanta, Ga,: Phlladelphia (Amer?
lcan), 11: Atlanta (Southern), 5.
At Chuttanooga: Chattanooga (South
Atlantic), 10; Toledo (Amerlcan Assa
clatlon), 5.
At Memphls: New Tork (Natlonal)
9; Memphls (Southern). 0.
At Nashvllle: Chicago (Natlonal), 11
Nashville (Southern), 2. , ;
At Roanoke, Va.: Roanoke (Vlrglnia)
Leaguo). fi; Newark (Eastern), 7.
At Columbia, S. C: B_oston (Na?
tlonal), 2; Columbia (S. A.L.), 1.
At Montgomery, Ala.: Brooklyn (Na?
tlonal) 4; Montgomery (Southern). 0
At Norfolk: U. 8, Marlnes, 4; Nor?
folk (Vlrglnia League), 12.
At Augusta. Ga.-. Boston (Natlonal)
18; AUgUSta (S. A. I>). 2.
At Bristol, Tenn.: Washington Col
logo of Tennessee, 1; Klng's Collegc
of Bristol, 2.
? n # . ??
Ilevker and Stundlsh.
[Special to Tha Tlmes-Dispittcli.l
PTNEHURST, N. C? March 31.?C. L
Becker, of the Woodland Golf Club, Au
burndale, and J. D, Standlsh, Jr? of th<
Detrolt Golf Club, are the survlvon
of to-day's seml-finals ln the nlntl
annual united North and South ama
teur golf ehamplonahlp, and will mee
In to-morrow's battle for tho chartv
ptonshlp trophy.
? ' > .-??'
? The Sons of Daniol Boone won fron
the Hanover Street Petu yesterday af?
ternoon by tho score of 18 to 14. Thc
featuros of tho game wero tho bat
ting and fleldln.g of Bowlos for tlit
Sons and tho battlng of Williams foi
the Petu. Tho batterles wore: Sons?
Carcariati and Shelton; Pets?Bcunnei
and Dickinson.
? -. .. . ??? . i.
??- ltlley !? Holeaaed,
LYNCHBUUG, .VA.. Marph 31.?-.lamef
Ptlley, of Brooklyn, who came here as
a oandldato for one of tho two oatch
ers of the Shooninkars, haa been glver
hls releaso by Manager Orth. Rll?>
uppoars to he too light for baokstoi
work Jn thls leaguo. Thle leftves Rohs,
of Trenton, N. .!., and Cnuh- of Olovo
land.'O., both of.whorp, ha?k Jndlcatei)
much abllity. W
A fcw llai remarksl
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Ilat, ' ^
Wc'vc fjot every biock tliaf's
Stif? Hats, in several wtdths 6t
brim and rteights of crovvn?
made to fit faccs as well as hcads.
Too many hals are Sold that
lit the hcad only and not the face.
See our Special $3.00 1 lat. It's
a great and umisual llat value.
Your Hat is here!
Agehts Roge'rs-Pect Clothing
and Stetson Hats.
Kirk-Parrish Co.,
412 East Broad Street.
Entries Closed and Good Sport
Is Promised for Next
[Speclal to The Timca-Dlspatch.]
WARRENTON, VA? March 31.?
Everythlng la in readiness for tho hunt
club rncea to be run on Saturday, and
the entrlea, whlch closed to-day, prom
Ise a good blt o* aport. J. D. Hall's
Miss Mannlng aeeins the favorite at
this time, but tho huntstnen feel tho
racea wlll bo closc. After tho races
a banquet ls to be glven nt tho Warren
Oreen Hotel to the riders and gucsta.
The entrlea are as followa:
Wurrenton Hunt Club stceplechase?
Mlss Manning, owner .1. D. Hall; Up
to-Uatc, owner C. H. Smlth; Jliu Crack,
owner J. P. Stone; Dr. Jlellsworth.
owner Mr3. Julian Ketth; Annle Brucc.
owner J. K. Maddux.
Open hunter steeplechaac?Illnky
Dink, owner p. E. Thyson; Ardmore.
owner Hobert Nevlllej Punctual, owner
J. P. Browlth; Serlous, owner W. F.
Half-breed hunters' race?Nancy Lee,
owner W. P. "U'ilbur; OffTinqult. owner
C. II. Smlth; Valiant, owner W. F. Jen
ning; The Judge, owner C. P. AVilcy.
A. nnd M. Defeats New Vork t'ollcge
In ItngKed Gniitc.
[Speclal to The TlmM-Dlspatch.]
RALEIGH, X. C, March ai.?Colgate
Unlversity, New York, lost .to North
Carollna A. and 51. hero this after?
noon ln a prctty game with respeet
to the pitching. but rather ragged in
fleld work l'or both teams. The crowd
was large and entliuslaatlc.
Score by innlngs: R.H. E.
Colgate _:. 2 1 000 4 0 0 0? 7 6 5
A. and M. ..... 11001710 0?11 11 -1
Batterles: Colgate?Chapman and
Leonard; A. and M,?Ross and Thonip
Klnu Coliesre Won.
(Speclal to Tho Times-Dlsputch.]
BUISTOL, VA., March 31.?The flrst
of a serles of baseball gatnes betwoen
lhe Washington Collepe teum, of Ten
tiesaee, and tlie Klng Collego team, of
Bristol. was played hero thla after?
noon, resultlng in a score of 2 to 1 In
favor of tho home team. It was a tle
until tho last inning.
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UHIuirSt., fHiunuMiji, Hi.
McAlister Fires Opening Gun in
Campaign to Drivc Out
, Saloons.
| Bpet lal fo Tlie Tlnn>i?-t)lspatch.]
NORFOLK. VA.. March 31.?Dr. Mc
A/ilster, nold aecretftry or t.he Ajtti
f3alOOn I.engue, llred tlie nrst. gun of
ihe prohlbitlon campaign the league
1 as Instltuteil ln Norfolk for the pur
pose "f votfng flut the aAloona of the
i Ity in Klrn'a iinli. Brnmbleton, and
waa glven a biir ovatlon, TM Audl
torlum Wti'i will erowdtd.
riic apeaker declared that tim league
1 :.?1 InatttUted the light, ronfldent of
the aupport of the Ohrlatiari people of
the clty. He declared that the matter
wouhl be lald befinn tlie churches and
t' mperance orgnntaatlonM of the clty,
nnd that aucceaa depended on whethor
or not they wiahed tha saioon pnn
lahed, Ile expresaed conflden'ce that
the enuse would he vlctorlous if BCtiVfl
and aggresglvo work was ibuic. The
cntlre torce of the State league waa
oesured t() the local organlzatlon.
Aendemy?"I'olly of thc Clrcus."
Illjon?"A GdlMbler From tlie WmI."
I.iiIiIii?C'nntiniiuiin Vuiidevlltc.
Xih\o Dellghta Autllcni'e.
When Pred Nlblo. the Amerlcan
hdrriorlat-travelor, grn-e the flrst of hls
"travel taiks" in the Academy of MXisIc
three we.ejti ago, tho small audienco
that heard hlm w-as dellghted, and sald
Last nlght, when an audlence that
well filled tho playhouse, traveled.
wlth tho lec.turer through "Russl.a
from the Black S'en to Slbe'rla," hls
llsteners must have felt that they
wore lemporarlly transported to an
other land, Rcallstlc acenes of cvents
and pltices served to lllumlnato every
utterance. I
Aithough a comparatively young
man, Nlblo has acqulred tho art ot
appeallng to hls audlences, and this
was well manlfested by tho verdlct of
those who heard hlm last nlght. Ho
has n charmlng peraonallty, and hls
aim seems to bo to make hls audl
tors feel that he. with them, ls really
on a pleasuro trlp.
"Tales of Travel ln Distant Lands"
Is the general toplc of all the siibjects
chosen, and under thls head those who
dttend tho aet-les will securo an exat-t
knowledge of tho way in whlch people
Ilvo ln nearly every land under the
sun. ? A
Many school chlldren wero in tho
audlence last night, and the verdlct of
a well known educator ls, "I know of
no bottcr way ln whlch to Impress
Children than ln portraylng scenes as
Mr. Nlblo does." There ls no lapse
ln the Interest *T>om the rlsc to the
fall of the curtalri.
Next Wedneaday nlght JIrt Nlblo
will take hls audienco through South?
ern Italy, and thls will prove especlal
ly lnstructlve, as the pictureg wl'l
show scenes ln the sectlon of the coun?
try destroyed by thc recent earth
??t'oilr ?>f th? Ctraua" To-Ninht.
"Polly of the Clrcus," wlth Edlth
Tallaferro ln tho tltlo part. is pro
duced by Fredcriok Thompson, tlie man
who oivas Luna Park, and who design
e.l the Hippodrome, New York Clty,
and who produced such pronouiiced
successes as "Brewster's Mlllions" artd
"Vla Wiroles's" wlth Its wonderful
ship scenea. In "Polly of the Clrcus,"
a play. wrltton by Margaret Mayo, Mr.
hompson has aurpassed blmself ln hla
efforts to give novel tnvesturo to tho
.stage story of a chlldlsh clrcus rider.
who mce.ts wlth an accldent, ls brought
to tho home of a young mlnlster for
treatment. falls In love with hlm, mnr
rics hlm and llvcg happy after. This
play will bo seen at the Academy of
Muslo Thuraday, April 1, for three days
and Saturday matlnee.
lli'j.iisis Contlnue to Pedal llouud
Snuccr nt Atluutn,
, ATLANTA, GA., March 31.?Starting
at 2:30 this afternoon tho nve two
men tcams competlng ln tha slx-duy
blcycle race at thu Velodromo track
here cntered upon tho thlrd day's
grind. At tho closo of yesterday's
raclng tho four loadlng teams were
tied wlth 333 milea, 7 laps, Wyllo and
Bardgett being taOc lap bchlnd that
There was no change in the standing
of tho teams at 6:30; the end of the
twentleth hour lt was as followa:
Root and Fogler, Walthour and
Collins, Cameron and Mltten, Williams
and Mackay, 418 mlles, 9 laps; Wylle
and Bardgett, 418 mlles, 8 laps.
Near the end of to-nlght'a raclng
Walthour and Collins galued a lap,
but owlng to the fact that Mackay
lost a tlro durlng thls performance
the lap dld not count under the track
The standing of tho teams at thc
elose of the third day's raclng was as
Root and Fogler, Walthour and Col?
lins, Cameron and Mitten, Williams
and Mackay, 10H mlles 1 lap; Wylle and
Burdgctt, 100 miles,
Steamer la Klouted.
MOBlLli, ALA., March 31.?The
American^steamshlp Rlo Grande, of the
Mallory Llue, Moblle to New York, vin
Tampa, which went ashoro on tha
east bank of the channel . of Moblle
Rlver Monday mornlng, was floated
thls afternoon and will leave for New
York to-morrow mornlng.
Prealdent Tuf t Declluvs.
WASHINGTON, D. C? March 31
Presldeut Taft has regretfully decllned
the cordlal Invitatlou to vlslt Anderson,
S. C, ut the tlme of hls trlp to Char
lotte, N. C, where he goes May 20 to
atlend the Mecklenburg celobratlon.
Death of Mra. Kuox.
MONTGOMKRV. ALA.. March 31.?
Mrs, Wllllam Knox diud here to-day,
Sho was a Mlss Coxo, membor of the
famous Ahtbama famlly of that name,
Suctfon giaks, :Future ?a?*
i:-.- R, ii. I'liaiiiii % Co, (liieJi
lu-ai Bstato AuotlonserB,
Farm of 31 Acres
ul' nii'll.MOND.
Actlng under decree of tlie ctn n ?
Court of tlie rounty of Henrlco, en
tered on the 11th day of MarVtt, 1909,
In cause known by the Bhort atyle 11
Kose vs. t'utzo et als., the underSlg n> ??'
speclal commlsslonors, nppnlnt>-d for
the purpose, wlll sell by publlc au ???
tlon, on
at 12 M., at the front door of tha
ctnirthouae of Henrleo county, the land
above mentloned, altunted on the Har
Vle Itoad. ahiiut tw,. mllea frmti tti4
clty of Rlchmond, and bounded by
sald road on the north, the Innda Of.
CharTen Martln on the east, Putxe on
the south and HmiklnM on lhe west.
On the property i* a good dwelltng-,
wlth aeven rooma, barn, potato celler
and ample frult for famlly uae.
TBRMS: One-thlroScian; residue In
three equal InstalmentY nt one. tivo
ntiil three yenrs from date of sale,
notea bearlng c per cent. fnterest to
be glvon by purchaser. and tltle re
tained until whole of purchaso money
has been pald and conveyance dfrect
ed hy tho court, or all cash, at option
of purchaser.
?Speclal Commiasloner.
The hond rdqulred In tho above
cause haa been glven.
&eal ?state for ftalc.
Boulevard Lots
1112 Main Street.
___ 9m ittfement*.
The Wednesday Club
16th Annual
Music FestiVal
City Auditorium,
April 14th and 15th.
The offiee of the Club wlll be open
ot 213 East Broad .Stroet (with The
Cablc Piuno Co.), Thursday, Frlday
and Saturday, April lst. 2d and 3d,
from D A. M. to 6 P. M. for HUBSCRIB
Namea will be llsted and resfcrved seats
Isaued iu tho order ln which feea aro
Persons deslrlng to subscrlbe should
do so at once.
BIJOU?All Week
Matlnces Tucaday. Thursday and Baturday,
A. II. Wooda's Tlirllllng Drama,
The Garabler of the West
By Owen Davls.
An Indian Papoo?e,
ACAiJL'MV,"TliurMlaV.Fridujuml Saturday,'
Mntineo Saturday,
Fjadorio Thompson Preeenta
"1'OI.LV OF T1U2 CIKCl'S,"
l-ICliD N'lULO'S
Illuatrated "Travel Talks."
ruo.u VESpyiua itai.y to the ai.fs.
"l.UlJINTHE.VTKE~?Tlils~w~eic'B blll In
cludcs Gllasantlo. tho muslcal nionarch;
Barrow nnd Milo, perfeet athletes, and
other excluslvo vaudevillo and pletura num
bcrs. Continuous performanecs dally from
2 to 11 P. M. Admlaslon, 10 ccnta; ladlcs
and ehlldren, nt matlnecs. 5 cent*.
lhe Confederate Museum
OPEN 3 A. M. TO 5 P. M.
The Valentine Museum
Open dally from 10 A. M. to S P. U. AJ
tnUalon. : centa. Freo ud Saturday.
and was educated in Parls. Her only
daughter marrled Lleutenant Perkins,
of the navy. Mrs. Knox was slxty
nlno years old.
Iuspeelor Percy Dead.
WASHINGTON, D. G, Alaieh Gi.?
Medical Inspector ? Henry T. Percy,
Unlted States Navy, dled at tho Naval
Medical School Hbspltal to-day- from
uraernlc poisonlng. Ho was born iu
Roanoke, Va., and was sixty years of
Edltor Dlc*.
FHILADELPRlA, PA? March 31.'?.
Henry Clay Lukens, edltor and journ
nllst, died suddenly here to-day from
heart dtsenso. He fll'lcd editorial posi
tiona on the New York Dally News aml
the Charleston (S. C.) World. He wns
slxty-one years old.
Not' Xcgotlntlug.
ST. PETERSHURG, March 51.?Tli
Russian Foreign Otllcc to-day made ;-i
nbsolute denial of the slatement pub
llshed ln Berliu that tlie powers wen
negqtiatiug on tlio posslbility of forc
lng the abdlc'atlon of King Pet*- o
Servltt, /
Nrirro ls llanged.
TAULADBQA, AXiA.i March al.-r-U
IVatsori uolorod). convlctcd cf .hla
rObbary, was hiinged hero to-daj-,
ncsro coateasad tlib crltno i>n tlio jjallov
Marlon Ciunford in,
SORUENTO, ITALY. . March 31.-4-1
Marlon Crawford, the novelist, is sei-!
ously III. Ho is suffei'lng I'l'imi bron
chial and iileurltic eoinpllcatlons.
Both Sclmeider and Gantt Pitched Excelleut BalL the
Latter Striking Out Nine Men and Also Fig
uriiiQ- in thc Run Getlte
[Speulftl tn 't'Uo 'I'inicsrDispatcli.l
DURUAM, N. C, March 31.?Trinlty
Coiicgo dofoatod Lafayetta here thls
afternoon ln tho tlrst of a. serlca of
threo giitnes wlth that lnstttutlon by
tho score of 2 to 0. Tho game was an
excetlent oxhtbltlun of busobnll and
was wlttu'ssed by a largo crowd. Gantt
was ln the box for thu local team and
pitohed a star gume, funulng nine men.
Schnelder, for tho vlsltors, waa at hla
best also, and for a whllo it looked'llke
n pltchers' ba.ttlo. He struek out olght
men. Both teams piaycd fast buli and
only three errurs w :i c
them belng oharged up to the vlttitora^
Hutehisou and C. Weat made pretty
catches, botli har.t chuiu ea,
At tho ejul of the llfth Initlng. at
whlch tlmo nelther aldo had aeored,
Guntt lauded on Schneider for t^u
base.s and brought hou.o thq jl r?->. ni&?,
Score l?v iniilug ?: R. II. E.
l.a '-ivettu .00 0 0 00 0 Q 0.o a
T DJrtV .0 0 0,0 a 0 0 J) '?. jj :: 1
B-,,V plrles: Schneider illld tilUlaOQ;
/t MiinV1"1 Flwere, Umplre, Mr. W?U

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