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W&OLE NUMBER 17,873.
senator mur
Strongly Derides the Idea of
Establishing a Tariff
In Reply to Senator Aldrich, Says
Judging by Automobiles and
Yachts, Ma.uy Corporation
Men Could Do Without
Protection?Will Con
cludc To-Day.
WASHI_-if_.TO.-r. D. C, Aprll 26.?
Senator Balley. of Texas, to?
day spoko ou the tarlrr blll
with especial reference to tho doslra
blllty of an amendment provldlng for
an lncome tax.
Mr. Balley first took up the propo
Bltlon to turn over to a tariff com?
misslon tho conslderatlon of schedules
of the tarlff blll. coronmntlng on whlch,
ho declared that hc dld not belleve in
"turnlng over to political eunuchs'' tho
conslderatlun of such a great ques?
tlon, even though they wore so lm
parila.l as to "ontertain tio avorslon for
?what Ih bad or preferenco for what ln
good." '
Tho questlon of taxatlon, hc sald,
had always. engaged the attentlon of
Btatesmen, and ho dld not belleve ln
wlthdrawtng lt from the people lo
place lt ln the hands ot a commisslon.
He would not, he aald, at thls tlmo
dlscuis free trade, wlilch, he declared,
was lmposslblc in this country.
The wholo purpose of tho protectlve
tariff, he sald, Is to enable the Amerl?
can manufacturer to get a hlgher prlce
for his products than he could other?
wlse got.
"Your purpose," he sald, ln address
Ing the Republlcan slde of the cham?
ber, *'ls to givo the Amerlcan manu?
facturer an advantage over the forelgn
manufacturer, but the effect of that
pollcy ls to put the Amerlcan con?
sumer at the mercy of the Amerlcan
Effect Is a Bounty.
The practical effect was to give a
bounty to the favored manufacturer.
"The only dlfference ls ln the dlrect
and the Indlrect way of taklng money
from one man nnd glvlng lt to an?
other v.-ho has uo honest claim upon
It.'* he sald.
--as.v-Hiii.t-y lnslsted that he had-.no
prejudlce agalnst any man because he
was rlch, bui he had a strong prejudlce
agalnst some men an account of the
i^jjray ln whlch they'had become rlch.
"I do not hesltate to say," he contlnued,
Vthat taklng other men's money
through favorltlsm of a law ls but llt?
tle loss* dishonest than to tako it by
fraud and force. It ls because of the
belief that la so wldespread among
thc Amerlcan people to-day that these
great fortunes were created by others
that there is bo much prejudlce
agalnst men of large means."
flngaglng ln a colloquy wlth Senator
Aldrich, Mr. Bailey repeated his state?
ment that the rates of the pendlng
hlll could bo reduced 33 1-3 per cent.
without greatly Increasing the bulk
of Importatlons, although In his opln?
lon the decrease would dimlnish to
the extent of the reductlon the prlce
of manufactured artlcles to the Amer?
lcan consumer.
"Does the Senator think that the
Amerlcan manufacturer makes a proflt
of 33 1-3 per cent.?" inqulred Mr.
V. S. Steel on Illuntrntlon.
Mr. Balley suggested that the United
' States Steel Corporatlon, with a capi?
tal of $350,000,.00, had Increased Its
capltalizatlon to $1,000,000,000, and
makes about 7 per cent. on the larger
"Obvlously," he sald, "the Steel Cor?
poration could reduce lta proflt 33 1-3
per cent. and still make more than a
legltlmate proflt upon a fnlr valua?
tlon of Its property."
Mr. Aldrich suggested that the
United States Steel Corporatlon pro
duces only from 15 to 50 per cent.,of
tho steel output. and asked whether
tho Senator froin Texas believed. tlie
other corporatlons could make a proflt
lf tho prlces were reduced 33 1-3 per
cent. ;
"If I am permitted to Judge by the
?Ize and equlpment of their automo?
blles and the size and equlpment of
thelr yachts, and by other, extrava
gances they flaunt ln. the faces of the
Amerlcan consumers, I say yes," re?
plled Mr. Balley. "They might not be
able to go to Europe every summer,
and might flnd lt necessary to'reduce
their expenditures. but tho Amerlcan
people would bo better oft for that."
"Does the Senator think the average
Industrles mako a. proflt of more than
33 1-3 per cent. annually and regu?
larly?" inqulred Mr. Aldrich.
Mr, Balley oxplalned that a 33 1-3
per cent. reductlon ln the rates of duty
would not, be equlvalent to a 33 1-3
per .cent. reductlon In prollt.
Advacutea Inc-omc Tax.
Mr. Bailey, said thal no "system of
taxatlon ever dovised hua been so Jusi,
so equal arid so proper as an lncome
"How did tlie Senator arrlve at Lhe
lncomo of $5,000 as the proper one to
ta.s," - askod Mr. Aldrich, ?"Instead of
$?1,000 or $3,000 or $2,000."
Mr. Bailey replled that lio had iixeel
tluvl tlgurc hecatiso ho hud us.sunied
that fncomes of $5,000 are spent upon
livlng expenses, so that the reclplent
wouldi bo compelled to puy another
than ttho Inoome tax' at the custom
house on everythlng Ur purchasod, and
es the one tax had already been paid,
exemption from tlie incotno tux seemed
justt.lod, But more than thal, ho said,
he wlshed to levy the Inx upon thoso
best able to pay it. Baing further
preased wlth questlons by Mr. Aldrloh,
tho Texas Senator'replled: '
"I know what you want me to say,
nnd I ani golng to say it. 1 llxed upon
, $5,000 a year as the lncome to be tai5ed
for tho further reason that I wa"nt,ed lt
to affnet as few people as pos.-lblo,
so that lt might not provoko hostlllty,
? Js tho Senator satlstled?" in.iuired Mr,
"Balley, sn.lllng upon Mr. Aldrich, who
libclded iind snillecl.
?" "lu other worils." ratorteel Mr. Ald?
rich, "the Seiuilor wants tii enuct leg?
islation wlth a class dlstlnotlon ln or?
dor to got lt through."
\ Uf, Balley wlll nonclude to-morrqw.
Adele Bofln'M ninnpueiirniK-r Was Mere
l.v WnndcrltiNt of n Child.
NEW YORK, April 28.?Adale Boas,
tlilrtoen-year-old daughler of Arlhur
E. Boas, a wealthy thread manufac
turer, iH at home to-nlght wlth her
parents. Tho mystory ot her disap
pnaranco last Friday has beon solved,
and the case resolves itself lnto noth?
lng more than an escapade of a chlld
wltli a Kiiddoii doslre to see the world,
Boston in partlcular, and a wlsh to be
Indopendcnt and work for a livlng.
She ls back wlth a cut flnger and dls
hcvolcd clothes and apparently suffer
ing from fatlgue.
The glrl was found on a New York,
New Haven nnd Hartford traln at
Htamford, Conn., hy detectives from
New York. An hour later sho was in
her home. she went away voluntarlly,
sho said, under tho tmpressloii thdt
she would like t0 earn her own livlng,
and, seolng the newspapers nnd learn?
lng that the pollce were looklng for
her, decided t0 come home from Bos?
ton alone, wlthout notlfylrig the po?
llco.* Adele told tho detectives (hat,
possesaed of $14 in cash. Bhe was
Helzed wlth a deslre to go away und
make her own livlng. .Friday nlght
sho boarded a train for Boston, where
sho found a furnished room and ob?
talned employment at a restaurant.
Mlto worked only a few hours, when
she cut her flnger and the manager
dlschargod her for ajvkwardness.
Sheriff !? Trylnss to AvoM Moh?Xrnrii
Kllled AKNlatant Postmnater.
SPARKS, GA., April 26".?While
searchlng for two negro men, who ha'!
In successlon robbed lhe pbst-offlce, s
lutnk, a dry goods storo and a drug
store at Lenox, this county. enrly thli
mornlng, Assistant Postniaster Cllf?
ford Rutlierford, of that place, was
shot twico through the head, and wai
ItiBtantly kllled by Marshal Lewls, one
of the negroes. who had taken refuge
ln thc rallway statlon.
Lewls's accompllcc waa caught. but
Lcwis escaped and ?was later trailed
down by dogs at Adel, and was taker,
lowards the Nashvllle, Ga.. jail. Tlu
negro confessed and begged not to be
taken back to Lenox. A hundred friend*
of Rutherford went to Adel late thit
afternoon wlth the Intcntlon of intc-r
cepting the sheriff. It Is admltted that
a lynchlng Is imminent. Indlgnatlor
over the murder is deep. and lf the
sheriff fails to reach a substantial Jal
the" probabllltles are that hls prlsonei
will be hanjrod.
Ituthcrford, whlle seeklng the rob?
bers, put hls head ln the door of the
depot waltlng room and struck a
match. At that lnstant two shots rang
out and he dropped to the floor.
Uolh Ex-Prenldent and Son Already
Feel EffectM of Hiiutiug.
NAIROBI, Aprll 2C?Both Theodore
Roosevelt and hls son, Kerinlt, are in
dlsposed to-day as u result of thelr re?
cent huntlng uctlvliles and thelr Jour
ney from Kapiti Plains lo the ranch
of Sir Alfred Pease on the Athl River.
-They are restlng from thelr-fatlgue *X
thc ranch.
Mr. Roosevelt left Kapiti Plains yes?
terday and wont to tlie ranch of alr
Alfred Pease. on the Athl Rlver. Major
Mearns, Edmund Holler and J. Aldtyi
Loring, members of the Roosevslt
party, went over to Slr Alfred's thls
mornlng. George McMillan and F. C.
Selous are golng to Machakos via ,thc
Pease ranch ott Wednesday.
Llons are reported numerous on Mr.
McMlllan's Ju Ja ranch, and there !s
a herd of 150 buffaloes on Mr. Heally s
ranch, where Mr. Roosevelt wlll'hunt.
The weather hero and at the Pease
ranch to-day is cloudy, and hard rains
fell last nlght. The prospects of sport
on the plains are exceptlonally good,
owing to the ralnfall. "
There have been no more cases of
smallpox ln the Roosevelt caravan.
hntli of Oillce AdmliiiHlercd to Senator
Fletcher, of l-'lorliln,
WASHINGTON, J>. C, Aprll 26.?
Senator Fletcher, of Florida, presented
credentlals to the Senate to-day. The
oath of offlce xvas admlnlsteretl to him.
Senator Burrows, chalrman of the Com?
mlttee on Prlvileges and Electlons,
commented on the actlon of tho Gov?
ernor of Florida," in appointlng Mr.
Fletcher a United States Senator at
the closo of a regular senatorlal term.
whlch, he sald, was not ordlnarlly
wlthln the rule lald down by'the Sen?
ate when a meeting of the Legislature
Immedlately precedes the explratlon
of a term.
In -thls case. however, the Legisla?
ture did not so meal, and as there
had been a, prlmary electlon which
j had seleeted Mr. Fletcher, the Com
mtttee-on Prlvlleges and Electlons had
| taken no actlon in this case. Florida
l.and Georgia, lie said, were tho only
i States whose Leglslatures .did not
[ meet before the explratlon of the sen?
atorlal term.
! Mr. Overmnu Offers nn Ainciidnient ta
the TarlK Blll.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Aprll 26.?In
I lhe Senai'o to-day Mt. Overman. ol
i North Carolina, offered an amendment
to the tarlft blll by whlch he proposos
i to placo on each immlgrant comtm;
ilnto the United States a head tax ol
! $12. Mr. Overman declared hls amend
j ment was ln tho intorest of revenue
! and protection to American labor. Tho
| tax he deslred to have provlded. foi
! aliens has been held constitutlona] by
the Unlted States EJuprehie Court, an.i
; tliat wns ono of the arguments Mr
' Overman offered in si)pport ot hls
; amendment.
"It means not onlv revenue for the
I Treaaury," ho sald, ''hut also a ?eleei
: class of Immlgrants, and therefore -.H
; protects labor."
Mr. Overman estlmated that the tax
j lie proposed would brlng to the gov
iernmont $6,000,000 to $10,000,000 ol
' revenue.
' Tvu .lurorx Have (liuilltleil io Tr;
/ Captnin Peter C, liitins.
I FLUSHING. L. 1., April 2fi.?Wlti
ten jurors/in tlio Jury box and the
i peremptory clialletiges allowed by luw
' lo each sldo nearly exhuusted, it ls
'llkely that another dny wlll seo tln
ijury completod and the roal battle be?
gun for tho llfo of Captain Petor 0
, Halns, Jr., now on trlal hero for thc
j murder ot Wllllain 10, Annis,
The presentatlon of the peoplo's case
ils not expected to oecupy niorp that
ja court day. Should a eornmlsslor
i ln lunney to dateumlna the defendunt's
] presout mental condition bo applled Toi
i lt wlH bo ordered elther by tha oourl
i or on application of Dlstrict Attornev
I De Wltt as noon'as any aVIdanoe ol
insanity ls presented to the jury bj
th0 dafnnso. John F, .Molntyro, chtnl
, counsol for tho ileCenso, rnntends thal
' hls qliont is insane at tho presaiit tlnio
but sald to-dav thut'ho xvas not In'.-n
p'oiiltiou io ask for tho appolntmenl
of a Uinacy commlsslon.
If tno case ls allowed *n ko *? '?!>*
Jury several alienlsts xvho have ob
8orvad tho prlsoner will bo ealled ut
wltnesses by both aldos,
Admiral Evans and Admiral
Ijichi Agree It Is Out
of Question.
Those at Port Arthur Were Lit?
tle Damaged, Japs' Artillery
Fire Having Little Effect,
Being Sunk by Opening
Sea Cocks?Reception
at San Francisco.
- \
LOS ANGELES. CAL., Aprll 26.?
Adrnlral H, K IJichi, commander
of the Japanese tralning squadron
lioxv at San Pc-dro, had a long talk to?
day wlth Rear-Admlral Robley D.
Evans. The two admlrals, who are old
friends and who are now staying at
the same hotel, discussed internatlonal
questlons, Includlng tho posstbllity of
war between tlie United .States and Ja?
pan. Thtty agreed that war between
lhe two ffntli.n., v.-as imposslble.
"I see they liave been trying to get
us in trouble," said Admiral Evans.
"Ves," replled Admiral IJichi, "but
such a thing ls imposslble. Tfie United
Stato s and Japan understan-i each
other too well for anything of that
kind. The people of.yoiir country and
mlne have too deep-seated a friendship
for each other to ever allow any irlv
lai matter to brlng aboul trouble."
"I agree wlth you," sald Admiral
Evans. "Such a thought ls ridtculous."
Admiral IJichi told Admiral Evans
thal he was dellghted wlth his recep?
tlon at Los Angeles. He commentcd
upon the apparent frlendllness of the
ofllclals, as well as press and publlc,
and prcdlcted that he and hia men
would be equally well recelved at
Amerlcan ports.
How Th-jr Uo It.
"1 should like to know," Inqulred
Admiral Evans, "how your people suc
ceeded in raising the Itusslan ships
wlilch you sank, and ln what condi?
tion you found them."
Admiral IJichi replied: "We raised
the sunken battleships and crulsers at
Port Arthur and Chemulpo without any
great difficulty. We found that those
at Port Arthur were not sunk by
the mortar flre dlrected upon them
from 203-metre hlll. N'one of the
shells penetrated the protectcd decks,
ii although, the superstructure und gun
[ mountings were badly shattered.
"The ships were sunk by the Rus
I sians by opening the sea cocks w.hen
? they found the port must fall into our
hands. After raising the ships we
I found that the projectiles had pene
1 trattfd the wooden decks, but had flat
' tened out against tho steel and were
I lying there. It evidently would not
have been posslble to sink the ships
by the flre from the helghts.V
..rr.inslug for Rcccptton.
Arrangements for ihe receptlon and
entertalnment of the offlcers and men
of the Japanese tralning squadron,
sbon to arrlve in thls port, are nearly
perfected. A commlttee of business
men appolnted by Mayor Taylor ls
irylng to raise $6,000 for an entertaln?
ment fund.
The Japanese resldents are preparing
to welcome their uountrymen. They
have arranged for an Orientai garden
party ln Golden Gate Park.
Great Attendance Marks Opcniug of
Thelr CougreKi. In l.ondon,
LONDON, Aprll 26.?The attendance
of delegates at the flfth Congress of
the Internatlonal Women's Suffrage
Atliance, whlch opened here to-day,
was the largest ln tho hlstory of tho
organi-aatlon. Mrs. Carrle Chapman
Catt, ot New York, president of the
Internatlonal League of Women Suf
fraglsts, occupied the chair.
Mrs. Ida Husted Harper. of New
York. brought greetlngs frorri the
American women. The afternoon" meet?
ing was addrosscd by Mrs. Helen
Four Prominent Soeloty Women Are
Injured at Pensacoln.
PENSACOLA, FLA., Aprll 26.?Fout
prominent soclety womei^ were Injured
I to-day, ono probably fatally, when the
automobile ln which they were rlding
was struck by an electric car. Mrs.
i Gonzales. of Pensacola, was probably
j fatally Injured. The others hurt
] were Mrs. J. M. Mulcoon, of Pensacoln,
and Mrs; Luco and Mrs. Clark, of Mo?
The automobile was struck bv a Bay
Shore car runnlng about forty mtlo
an hour. Mrs. Gonzales later dled of
her Injuries.
UlNuoyery of Clinrred Ilody l.cnili. to
T1>Ik Helli-f.
LUMBEP.TON, MISS., April 26>=The
commlssion of sensational crlme, It ls
believed. was revealed ,when ,the chur
red body of a woman was found m
tho ashes of &. frame bullding near
Pratonla, ln thls parlsh.
Tlie building had not been occupied
for months, and it is conjectured tliat
tlio woman, believed from tho charac?
ter of the remalns.to have been whlto,
was killed and her body placed ln il\o
liouse, to whlcll tho torch was applied.
He Is llchvlly UunrdiMl, wlth No Clinnec
for An?tli?.r F.x.-apo.
GREEN VILLE, S. C, Aprll 2(i.?Geo.
Karton, alleged yeggman. was brought
here from Ashe ville to-duy for "trlal
In the Federal court
lle Is h?avlly gi.arded, and no chance
for escape ls offered. Hla p-trtner,
"Tonnosseo Dutch," ls stin at largo.
Reported Re Hbh Mlllion. lu Oold,
ilurlt'd tn Onruenx,
Apru 21, vla port of Spaln. Aprll-3 fl.?*-*-?
It ls perslsteiUly reported horo that
Cipriano Castro left a fovtuno of g_?ld
burled ln Caraoas. ?? <
' _If thls Ib'so lt e.xplalns Castro's al?
leged If-ck of funds apd hts anxJetV
to Ret baclf'to Venoauela.
Me Wlll Declde When Io Pul Into
Effect Mnxlniiim Ilnte*-.
WASHINGTON, D. C? Aprll 28.?
Some of tho admlnlstrative features
of the tarlff blll wlll bc Bubmittcd to
the full mombershlp of the Senate Fl?
nance Commlttee to-morrow. Thev
wlll Include the substitutc for ihe
maxlmum and mlnlmum features of the
Payne blll, whlch has been worked out
by Chairman Aldrich and approved by
the Republlcan mombers, after having
becn perfectod, wlth the ald of Senators
Root and Curtis and others who ha/o
glven the subjeot careful study.
The substituto for tho Payno method
of applying rates llxcd by the blll '.a
much shorter than tho House provlslon,
and it Is believed by members of the
commlttee to ellmlnate many of the
features that have provoked objectlons,
chlelly the means of retallatloti agalnst
countrles that have falled to glve to
tho United States the benoflt of thelr
most favorable ratou. The Senate plan
makes the establlshed rate the mlnl?
mum, and provldes for a maxlmum??f
25 cents additlonal, as ls done by xhc
Payne blll, but the term maxlmum
and mlnlmum ls avoldod and the Presi?
dent glven dlscretlon ln advanclng the
establlshed rate.
Described brlofly. the amendment
wlll provlde for tho followlng:
Duties wlll be collected on all ar?
tlcles Imported from forelgn countrle*
at the' rates named ln the Senate blll
and 20 per cent. additlonal from coun?
trles whlch assess agalnst goods from
thls country rates whicli are "unequal
and unreclprocal.". '_: The establlshed
rates will contlnue, ln effect until
March 31. 1910, andJJthereafter, unlesa
the President, by fflroclamatlon, puts
lnto effect the additlonal rate" ot 25
per cent. of the establlshed rate. This
wlll be done only upon the President
recelvlng aatlsfactory evidence that a
forelgn country Is discrlmlnating
against the United States.
The drawback feature of tho Dlng?
ley law wlll be recommended for r?s
enactment Instead of the provlslon of
the Payne blll. whlch strikes oui the
identlflcatlon requlremcnt.
I In CharncterUUo Vclu Mark Twalu De
(?tlnen lnvitatlon to MIsMUslppi.
NATCHEZ, MISS.. Aprll 26.?Mrs. C.
IM. Wllllamson, of Jackson, State re
; gent of the Misslsslppl Soclety, D. A.
IR., who ls now In Washlngton, to
nlght accepted tho lnvitatlon from a lo?
cal commlttee to present tho Missls?
slppl D. A. R. gift, a magnlficent solld
silver candelabra, to the battleshlp
Misslsslppl at Natchez on May 12-13.
The clty of Natchez wlll present a
solld silver plece to tho battleshlp.
and sultably lnscrlbcd gold watch fobs
will be given to each offlcer, whllo sil?
ver fobs of the same pattern wlll bo
struck off for overy man on the vessei.
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twaln), from
his home In Redding, Conn., decltned
the lnvitatlon to attend the battleshlp
celebration ln the followlng charao
terlstlc letter addrossed to Mayor
"Redding, Conn., Aprll 22, 1909.
"I know qultf. well what I am los
Ing. Among other dellglfta I am los
lng the chance of seelng?for a blessed
once ln- my life?a Misslsslppl pllot ln
supreme and unchallengeable command
of an Amerlcan battleshlp. I am los
lng thc chance of hearlpg tho cxecu
tlve ofllcer say.
?"Stand by there. wlth the starboard
lead.' and of hearliiganafTronted volce
from the pllot house retort; *i l>pg youj-.
pardon, slr, but I'll call for the leads
when I want them.'
"But I am old and indolent, and
must humbly sacrlflce my desires to
my necessltles."
JiiiIko I-t-.ut.-i. Peremptory Order In Al?
leged Antl-Truxt l.u.v Tlolntlon.
SAVANNAH, GA.. Aprll 26.?Under
Judge William B. Sheppard's peremp?
tory order that the. case flnally go
to trial, the Amerlcan Naval Storea
Company, the National Transportatlon
and Termlnal Company, the latter of
New Jersey. and slx officers of the for?
mer, will face charges in the United
States court here to-morrow ln the ac?
tual tria! of the "turpentlne trust"
case, so-callcd. Vlolatlon of the Sher?
man anti-trust law ls alteged.
Offlcers of tho American Naval Stores
Company Iwo years ago pald $30,000
ln llnes to the Federal court, pteadlng
gullly to similar Indictments. Callln*
of the case for trial was delayed by
the defendant's demurrer, whlch was in
part sustalned," and request. for a bill
of partlculars, whlch was compll3d
Thuiight to Havo E-tplod-.nl the Bomb
in St. I.ouls Cathedral.
NEW ORLEANS, April 26.?That the
explosion of a bomb in the St. Louls
Cathedral here yesterday was the work
of a rellgious fanatlc was the oplnlon
expressed here to-night by District
Attorney Adams. who is cfmducttng a
mlnute examlnatlon of thetoccurrence.
After surveylng the Immedtate sceno
of the explosion experts announced
late to-day that there was no questlon
but that a dynamlte bomb was the
lnstrument whlch caused lt. The the?
ory that a Black Hand plot was re?
sponslble for the explosion ls not cred
Ited by the authorlties. \
Reward Ih Offered.
BATON ROUGE, Aprll 26.?Governor
Sanders to-night offered a reward of
$500 for .the arrest and convlctlon'of
the , party or parties who dynamited
the St. Louis Cathedral ln New Orleans
yesterday afternoon.
Ucnulti. la Slx-Hnnded Duel?One Dend
. nnd Three Wounded.
MEADVILLE. MISS'., April 26.?Cor
nellus Pritchard ls dead and three
other persons aro wounded a? a resuli
of a slx-handed shooting nffray Lo
day, the outgrowth of a political feud.
At the recent electlon Dr. M. New
mnn. formerly sherlff, defeated the
father of Pritchard for chancery clerk,
Feeling between the two fnctions be
".arne Intenso, and when Pritchard met
Newman to-duy weapons wero quicklv
drawn. lngraham Pritchard came *.o
the ald of lils brother anrl three son3
of Dr. Newman came to lils asslstance.
When the tlrlng or.tled Cornelt.is
Pritchard was dend, lils brothor Imtl
sustalned a bullet wound ln his leg.
and Herbert Applewhlte and SIdi\ey
Thbrntoii, bystahdors, woro serlously
Food Concern Hns cnpltnl ot an.ooo.OOO
uud lloudcd IniU'bti'diu'KK or 81,800,000,
BUFFALO, NJ Y., Aprll 26.?Judge
Hazel, ln the united States Court to
fluy' appolnted a. L: Oulver, Lyman
Ba'ss atul Frank A. Abbott recelvers
for the H.-O.'Company, ti oereal food
concern, wlth a capltai stock of $2,
000.000 and a bonded Ind.ebtcdness of
The application for a reeeivership
was mado by counsel. for tho company
and U was unopposed, Tho plant wlll
be koptMn operatlon by the recelvers.
Noted CoinpnHer Dend,
QREENV1LLE. ^R., Aprll 2fi,?Pro?
fessor Hiirold . N. Clare, dlrector of
muslc ln Grecnvllle Female College,
dled ;h'ere. tp-day, He was a ii'iitlve ?of
IdDBfland,' Formerly: ha was orgaplst
of tho Pro Cathedral ln Grapd Raplds,
He wus a r.omnosei* nf pota.
Investigation of Inspecto
Curtis by Health Board
Takes Broad Turn.
j -
Says Curtis Questioned His
Daughter's Statement and "Al?
most Called Her a Lie"?Bell?
wood Explains His Idea
of Score Card
E^ X'lDENCE take ln the lnvestlgatlon
belng conducted by the Board of
A Health lnto the ofllclal acts of
Dalry Inspector R. H. Curtls at last
night's sesslon was on the whole fa?
vorable to the inspector, hls attorney,
Charles V. Meredlth, spendlng the
greatar part of-the evenlng cross-ex
amlnlng James Bellwood, ot Chester?
field county, whose statementa led to
tho Inqulry. Other dairymen told that
they belleved they had been treated
unfairly. but In most lnstanccs lt
seemed from the evidence to bo rather
un impresslon than a matter that could
be proved by the Introduction of wlt?
Mr. Meredlth agaln and again asked
that the doors be thrown wlda open to
the fullest Inqulry, so that any mat?
ters unfavorable to Mr. Curtls mlght
be brought into tho record, saylng that
he was prepared to meet all charges.
The attendancc of dairymen. physi?
cians and Councllinen overcrowded tho
Councll chamber, many standlng
through the Inqulry. Tho board wlll
resume the hearing on Wednesday
night, when a number of wltnesses
havo been sttmmonpd.
At Thurntoii'n Dalry.
XV. T. Thurston, of Henrico county,
was the flrst wltness. Ho said lie wns
a dairyman selilng milk on tho Rich?
mond market, and that he had thought
Inspector Curtls treated him Wlth ln
justlce ever slnce the flrst inspectlon
of his place ln June. 1907. He made
several alluslons to the inspector's
use of tobacco, to whlch he sald his
wlfo had partlcularly objected, and al?
leged ungcntlemanly conduct towardv
hls wife and daughter on the part of
the Inspector. Ile sald he had been
marked deflcicnt on llght and ventlla
tion tn his cow stable, when he was
eatisfled he had sufficlent of both. The
score at thls tlme .was 54 points. Later,
wlth what he clalmed to be identlcal
conditions, ha was scored 41.
Mr. Meredlth asked whether' the
score card showed the items on whlch
it had been reduced, and on the papers
belng produced tl#>re was shown a re?
ductlon of flve polnts on cleanliness
of utensils. Tho wltness Inslsted that
they were clean on both occaslons, and
told of a conversatlon between thc
inspector and hls wife. In whlch she
told him to examine hls own premises.
The wltness then went on to tell how
the scores of his place gradually ad?
vanced to 72 1-2, then. on Aprll 27,
1908, suddenly, dropped to 51 1-2. Un?
der cross-examination he admltted thal
nt that tlmo he had no aerator, not
havlng accepted ono which he had or?
President Oppenhlmer asked If the
milk was not shut out becauso he had
refused to cool lt. The wltness ad?
mltted not havlng a cooler, but said he
belleved his milk had been shut out
because he had been "hard-headed."
"Did you have a cooler on the ground
and ref use to use lt?"
"Yes. I .wouldn't use the one sent
me. It wasn't what I ordered."
Cross-ejcamlned as tb ungentlemanly
treatment of hls wife and daughter
the witness sald the inspector hac
once flatly contradicted hls daughtei
"almosl up to tho polnt of calllng hat
a lie." He sald his wife had made
ii practice of sterlllzlng tho miH
utensils that the Inspector had han
dled. Tlie wltness Inslsted, however,
that he was ln sympathy wlth tlu
prlnelple of milk Inspectlon, but salt
he dellvered as clean milk two years
ago as he is doing now.
"Havo you evor abused Mr. .Curtls?'
"Yes. I have. I have told him xvhai
I thought of him."
Mr. Bellwood RcCallcd.
James Bellwood, of Chesterfield, was
recalled to the stand and cross-ex
amined at length by Mr. Meredlth
counsel; for Mr. Curtls.
Taking up llrst tha Brittlo dairy
where the commlttee bad reported at
a previous hearing flndlng a nithj
cowhouse and dead animals pollutine
lhe cows' drinking water, Mr. Bellwood
sald that he had been wlth tho com?
mittee bn that day, but that after see
Ing tho dead anlmals ho had been ac
dlsgusted that he had taken no fur?
ther part ln the scorlng, and did not
know how tho two committees ratod
the placo. He sald tho stablo vvae
badly ni'ranged, for fllth accumulatec
undernefl.th, and that no person could
keep lt clean. Mr. Meredlth then led
tho wltness into a comparlson of hlt
own place wltli the Brlttle place. The
stable, ho said, was ln a most fllthy
condition, und should never havo beor
allowed, Tho locatlon, he said, was
good, and the cows jooked all rlght,
"The health of your cows is put by
tho comtnlttob at 3, aud of Brlttle't
herd at 2. Ia ihut rlght?"
"I amiiot prepared to say. . 1 didn'l
examine the herd critlcaliy."
"Then in saylng that thero xvas fa?
voritism ln tho scoring. do you crltl
clzo tho sum total or tho Items?"
Charge* Uufnlnu'HH.
"I never Iooked Into II," Mr. Bell?
wood answerod. "i don't requiro t
scoi'o curd. I can go over a place am
ln .twenty inlnutos suy What-lt shoulc
be scored. """I-don't bother my' heat
about the polntH on the back, Wher
a man soored uie down to the raggec
edge, when l have one of the besi
places ln the Htate, aud passes othoi
pluces, I say there .ls unfalrness. '
don't bother xvlth Bcoro cards,, but -
knoxv whon a place U xvo\\ kept." >
"Would you murk 'the voutlliitlon o:
your barn perfoot wlthout' rqgurd -,t
tho rules on tho baclc'ot tha card?"
.'.'Ycs, l'd murk lt perfect, becauso m.x
cows aro healthy,"
??"Thqn- dldnt tho conimltteo of th.
dairymen do you un outrngoous in
v (L'ontluuod on Vagti Two?Coiuinu 'IA
One Hundred Taonaand Armsnlmu
Are Heleairiered hr Moslenw.
KBT, Aprll 26.?Refugees who hava
made thelr escape from Deurtyl, whlch
ln a small town not far from Alev&n
dretta, brlng most alarmlng accounts
of the sltuation there. They nfflrm
that 100,000'Armenlana are beleaguer
cd by 60,000 Moslems. The besleged
are halt-starvlng, and the condltlons
wlthln the Walls of tho clty are pitl
ful. It Is dlfflr.ult for forelgn rosldents
here to credit these numbers. Thc
forelgn consuls estlmate about 0,001
lownBpeople and refugees at Deurtyl,
wtth perhaps almost as many' morn
Turks threatening them from tho out
sido. It Is certaln there are no Ame?
rlcans at that place.
Commanders of thc Brltlsh and
othor warships at thls port have had
under consideration the landlng of a
force to rellevo the besleged town,
whlch Is wlthln one day's march of
Alexandretta, but thoy finally decided
that thls w?s wholly impractlcablc, as
they had no right to interfcre ln a
purely Internal affair, and the Gov?
ernor dcclined to glvo hls permlsslon
to tho landlng of an armed force.
If relievlng forces wore sent out, in
oppositlon to the C-overnor's wishes, It
was recogntzcd that such an expedltlon
would be equlvalent to a declaratlon ot
war, and ln additlon, the largest com
tuands that thc warships could send
would stand In great danger of being
overwhelined if they attempted to foroe
their way agalnst such lmmense odds.
Town In l-'liimex.
BEIRUT, Aprll 26.?Tlio town of
Hadjln, about 100 mlles to the north
of Alexandretta, whoro the residonts
have wlthstood lhe assaults of.tho fa
uatlcs for tho past week, was ln llames
yesterday. .Accordlng to reports re?
ceived here, sovcral of the quarters
escaped. and up to mldnlght Sunday
all the Amerlcans were safe. At thls
place thero aro flve American women
Appcnl to UI Isiiini.
gent eommands have been sent to tha
local governors of the dtsturbed Syrlan
dlstricts by the Mlnlster of tho Interior
to restore order. The mlnlster notltied
the governors that ho would hold them
personally responslblo for any further
The Shcik UI Islam was again ap
pealcd to to-day by inlluential depu?
ties to use his elTorts to prevent fur
?her dlsorders, whlch they declared
were dlsgraceful to Islam. Hc hua al?
ready Rcted. but wlll taltc addltlonal
steps Immedlately.
PrcHltlent Anpointn Httchvock'n l-'nrmcr
Seeretarj- Civil Servlce Coiiiiiilaaluticr.
WASHINGTON, D. C. Aprll 26.?The
President to-day nominatcd James
Thomas Williams, Jr., of South Caro?
lina, to be Clvll Servlce Comnilsslonor.
Mr. XVIlllanis llved In Greenvlllo and
Columbla. S. C, but U a natlve ot Lln
colnton. N. C. lie graduated .from Co?
lumbla College, New York, ln 1901. He
was connected for four years wlth the
Assoclated Press, and for two yeara
was XVashlngton correspondent of the
Boston Transcrlpt.
Mr. XVIlllanis, who succeeds Henry F.
Greene, who reslgned several week*
ngor acted as secretary to National
Chalrman Iiltchcock during the llrst
part of tlie recent prcsldcntlai cam?
paign and later aecompanled Mr. Taft
on hls long campaign trlp.
Colonel Lcc AniioiiiK-CM Hc XX III ,\ot
Run for Governor.
ISpeclal to Tho Tlmts-Llspntcli.J
WASHINGTON, D. C, Aprll 26.?Col?
onel Robe.rt K. Lee, of Falrfax coun?
ty, stated . positlvely thls afternoon
thnt he would not be a candldate for
Governor at the comlng elcction. Ile
aald that he' had received many let?
ters from hls frlends urglng lilm to
entor the race, but that hls reply had
been that he was not a candldate at
thls tlme and that he was glvlng Mr.
Tucker hla earnest support.
A telegram received here from Mr.
Echols in Staunton was equuliy a*
emphatlc ln denylng that he would be
a. candidate.
Tornndo Svrocns Ovor Oklnhomu Ue
stroylug Part of Town.
J ?Slxteen persons were Injured, one
I perhaps fatally, in a tornado whlch
destroyed a largo part of Centrapomu
I to-cay. Not h buildlng lu tho toxvn
| remained iulact.
Twelve buildlngs, Includlng the
Methodlst. the Baptlst and the Presby
terlan churches, were destroyed. The
j town contalns about 800 Inhabltants.
Mnny of these a.re homelecs. A terrific
rain and liailstorm followed the tor?
nado, greatly addlng to the damage.
I Twelve Tliuuxuiul Vlctliim ot Cnrtli.
qunlie ln Poritiglll Ciunp.
LISBON. Aprll ' 26 ?Official flgttre!
glve 12,003 homeless persons. as a re?
sult of the recent oarthquake. The.x
aro camped on tha countryslde, aiu
j desplte tho efforts of the authorlties,
I ure beglnnlug to feel lhe plnch oi
j fatnlne.
ln additlon to hunger, luindreds are
suffcring from serlous lnjurles, whlcli
j tho physicians have not as yet boeti
I able to attend.
Jury' Tryltig Memlicr of l-eKiMlnttire foi
I'oiiiium- l.s l)l.Hc-Iiiirj.v>'il.
GREENVILLE, & C, Aprll 2G.?
Through the Innblllty of the jury tc
agroe In the caso of Joshuu. W. Ash
ley on trlal ln the Federal lourt horc
for peonnge, a mistrlnl resulted to
Ashley is n member of tho StnU
Leglslutu.ro from Aiideraon county. The
case was! glvon to tlio jury Saturday
llenoh IliirgU C'lnlins Thtti Hl? Friend*
^\Tc Belng Held.
IRVINE. KY., Aprll 26_Warrants
wero isauad to-day for tho arrest of
several wltnessss for tha defense in
the trial of Beach Hargls on tha
charge of murderlng h|s father. Jamea
It ls Ullaged by the dafanse that thn
wltnesses aro held at Jackson hy
frlends 'of ,lhe 'prosecutlon to prevont
thelr. testlfyuig for Hargls,
Admlnii Xillicr Dead,
NEWARK. N. ,T., April 26.?Rear
Admlral .fosflph Nelson MUler, IT. S.
N.. retired, dled at hls homo Jn East
Dratnia tn-rinv.
Before Next Selamlik, on Fri?
day, Guns Will Salute ,
New Ruler.
Sheik UI Islam Wtll Bc Asked ia
Pronounce Abdul Hatnid ln
capable of Ruling?Saloni
kins Are Showing Great ?
Scvcrity in Dealing With
thc Prisoners.
CONbTANTINOl'Lli, Aprll 26.?Tha
deposltiuu of Sultan Abdul ltamid
appears now lo be certain, and
.i.'>_ 101 guns saluttng Mehmmed KechmJ
Kffendl as the new ruler of tlie cm
pire wlll probably be heard before tue
next Selamlik on Friday.
The dlgnatarles ot thc church cara
as llttlo for Abdul Uunild as does
the Conuhlttt-e of Unlon and Progress,
but tho hlgher clet'gy are seoktng lo*
curb the agitation of tho entliustu.sts
ot the Motianunedan League. Senators
and deputies who liave made Inqulry
amOng tlie Ulemas find them in dif- '
ferent degreea favoruble to the Sultan'3
A caucus of senators and deputies
I to-day dt-termined to mako an effort
to compcl hlm to abdlcato under
cccleslastlcal law, by the terms of
whlch a decree muy bo issued by thc
.Sheik "I Islam, the highest authority
of Moliainincdism next to the Sultan,
prououncing the Sultan Jncapable of
?' ruling.
I'rtiuiiilN for RcMcrlpI,
The grounds "upon which tlie lasu
ance of a canonlcal roscrlpl wlll oe
| demanded are that lhe Sultan's su
I premacy Is harmful to the church, con
? trary to tho sacred law and unJu'St
lo the Turklsh people. Tho progriui.
ns agreed upon at the caucus Is that a
deniand shall bo mude for iho abdica?
tion of Abdul Hamld ssimultaneously
froin the highest court ot the church,
froin the national assembly and from
lhe mllltary chiefs. The Sultun wlll
he offered a palacc and liberal allow
The parliamentary 'leader^ wlsh to
discuss this program at a public slt
j ting before ttiey approach the Sheik
UI Islam on tho subject. for in tho
popular belt.-f lt ls wlth thls nia.ii.
who llve* a ifecludotl life ?f a ii.ye'tti.ri-*
ous, -setul-holy chainet?_r. ibut Ihti <llt
ticuliy lles. lle is not llkely to act
without glving serious consideration lo
thls nnporiaiit matter, laking counsel
wlth the prlncipal Ulenm auu seeklns
tho oplnion. of the wisest and muit
powerrul mon In the church.
The Hluipli'M Coumc.
The constitutlonutists have no wlsh
to oppuoe cccleslastlcal authority nor
to undertako the tasks of progre?*.
without the support of a majorlty of
the wlse mon. and If tliey strongly op
i pose tho abtitcatiou of the Sultan. it
! would naruiy Uc waisted upon at pre'a
j cut, although thls la regarded as thu
simplest course. to avola luruier com
plicallons with Abdul llumld.
Mehmmed KeotiaU fiittsnui, the heli
appareni io the tlirone, wlio probably
would be selected tor tho accesslon,
has llved practically a prlsoner foi
twenty year.. in tue large pu.act.untl
gurdens not far from tlio Vtiaiz KlosK.
oiitce me July revolution, however, h.
has otiuu o.cn lu tlie streets of Con
slantliiuijlt;, tooking iroiu inc carrlage.'
winUows upon ihe scenes ln' tlie thor
ougiuarosT, whicn liiust na\e uoee
stiangtly intertsiing io him. lle >s
Kray-uuired. and 1101, very strong. to
judge trom lils appearance. lie is
sixiy-llve years oi nge, ann well edu
culed, although Inexperleiiced in the
atfalis ..ot tlie world.
.' Flnul Aota ot Slcgc.
Thls afternoon wltnessed the ftnal
act ln the slege ot Yildlz, General
Schefket, commander of ihe Constitu?
tlonalists, overawlng the Albamant
into surrender. This force, wlilch wus
composed of 200 men, was stalloned IB
the iniperial "palace. Thc Albaniah.
ivere not engaged in tlie llghtlng bt
Saturday, but they persistently refuseo
to lay down thelr arms. Genoial Schef?
ket sent up r strung body1 of Mace
donlana and six rteld pieces were placed
ln a prominent posltlon ubove tlie pal?
ace. Other guns were disposed bn the
tieighborlng heights. while troops
commanded ull tliu approaclies. Tho
red llag coiitmued, however, lo lly de
tlantly untll 2 o'clock. when the \va,tch
?ra saw* It dropplng oflleially down the
ilag pole, making placo tor tho whlte
token of surrender. A few mlnutes
?aler a crowd of fugltives were seon
pouriug down tho dusty road leadlng
to Beshlmtnsh, where they were fas?
tened together wilh ropes and' con?
ducted' under a mllltary escurt to the
hcadquarlers of tlio Commisslon of In?
qulry. The prisoners included domes
ties, eunuchs. pages. svcretarles and
practically the entlre staff of the pal?
ace, as well as the famous Fuslleers,
the spolled proteges of tlio Sultan.
Thelr commander was urrested ln dls
gulso at Oalata, severely lntndled and.
subjected to indlgnltle-..
Severlty Towurtln I'rlioucrn.
The Salonlklns show greal severity.
Many of tho arrested Softas, credltod
wlth belng rcactionarles, havo been
brutnlly trcated, aud others concern?
lng whose lpyatty there ls doubt. liave.
not entlrely escaped. The Vigorous
soureh contlnues even lnto the Euro?
pean quarters. It ls estimated now
that nt least 10,000 prisoners are in
the hands of tho Salonlklna.
Tliose Uablo to seyero punlshment,
such us the rebelllous .Saloniki chus
seu.rs, have been seourely roped.
Kresh battallons contlnue to arrlya
fitfrm tho country dlstrlcts. As they
jjfnie in to-day they uiurched to tl.o
Palacc of Justlco, where the l-'aitiu
nient was slttlnu, and Hiiluted tho rep
TeseuturrtTTw of thc new fsovemniont.
Many of tlie soldiers . went to the
inosquos to-day to pray.
Tho condition--of Kredei'lqk Moore.
the Amerlcan correspondent. who wus
shot whllo watchtng the flghling on
Saturdao*, is eauslng anxlety. IIls
wound may prove to be more serlous
than at' flrst supposed. Tlie tiurgenns
ln attendance wlll not bo ablo for
two or three days to glve a deflnltu
oplnlon as to whether his splne. la In?
jured. Ale.\aiulei' ,\. Gargiulb. flrst
clraguniAn of, (he A.inerletm etiibasyy,
who also was wounded hy >t slraj but- .
lot, ls Improvlng. Rootli, tlm l.ondon
Daily Graphtc artlst nnd uorrt.Hpomient,
'- ablt. t?. slt uo lu bed. and w_v* eo->

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