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-, Here are a few bold fact3,
plain . and ' unadorncd.
They're Clothes facts. Dres
slhg weil at a' modcrate cost
is not'beyond the pos&biii
tics of any man who' will
come to this slorc for his'
?/wcarables, By "drcssing
well" ,we mc'aii drcssing in
slyile, and in good taste?
dresscd in Clothes that fit
and set to the fig-urc in just
the rjght way. Clothes that
are perlcctly tailored and
have the appearance of ctts
toin made g-arments. Such
Clothes- are within reach of
you, Sir, if you come here
for them. Our correct fall
niodfiU in Suits and Over
cbats are . appreciated ', by
good.drcssers. ' v
$16 to $40
,V,Bedford City Sheriff Kemoved
Negro Murderer. Frustrat
? ing Purpose of Mob.
?*" BEDFORD CITY, VA_, November 4.
About halt-past 12 o'clock last nlght
a. mob numberlng- about forty rnasked
jxtcn kjnocked joudly at the door of tha
Jail, dematjdlng admlttance. bent -on
takjng;" summary vengeance on the
raegro, Thurcnan Splnner, who assault:
ed young Noell last Saturday, from the
cftocte of whlch he has alnco dled.
Hlierlff Had Wnrnln'ir.
Aa l ntlmatlon had been recelved heto
of the* lntentlon to lynch the negro
through a 'phone messago frcm a. wo?
man ln the neighborhood of Cifax.
-.Tvhere Noell llved. tliough aho did not
state the fact posltlvely. Sberlff Hud
dleslon, who epent the nlght at the
"Jall, respondod to the- knock and In
* vlted the mob to enter and mspect tho
Jail. Tho prlsoner had earller ln Ihe
nlght been ^uletly splrltcd out of town
to tho home of a pollcemon. and to-day
be wa.s taken away on the traln for
' safekeeplng clsewhere. The mob rc
- lurncd home much dlsappolnted.
Tnlteii 1<? l.yiaHilmrg.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
hYNCllBURG, VA? November I.?
Thurman Splnner, tlio negro who
toralned Charles Noell. white. wlth an
:nxelast Fridny nleht, whlle possum
fauntlng In Bedfortl county. was broucht
faere tlils arternoon to prr-vent a lynch
?ng. Last nlght a mob, -whlch waa
made tip at Noell's furteral late yester?
day, went to the county Jall and do
usaniled the- rlegro. Splnner, hotvevisr,
^vau hldlng in t^ie woods, in cbarge
ef 'a <5eputy sheriff, Informatlon of the
mob having been. recelved ahead of Hk
Bedford county ls thoroughly stlrrod
over. the brutal murder.
"Cu'illrzictiirH on Soiitbcrn Ttiunel la
Iij-nchliistrB Have More Trouble.
:?'- [Spoolal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
- " LYNCHBTJRG, VA., November 4.?An
?other sectlon of the' Southern tunnel
limler Water Street, In Rlvermont, wont
down "thls mornlns a-t 13:40 o'clock.
tllls new cave-ln belng--about slxty feet
.lo.ng and about rifty feet in wldth.. 1C
is about 150 feet from Ihe northern
end ot the constructl-on and S0O feet
iTrom tho northern end or tho burnetl
portltan, which went down ln the flre
last A-ugust,
",' ? The cave-ln happened about ten mln
,(''. *ites after an lmmense blast waa put
'"':-.'--" off some dlstance from tho sceno of the j
;V\' new, trouble. Whllo tho blast may have
: ? "been -dlrectly tho cause of the trou- l
,?i s'ble, lt Is sald the Intense heat ln the
?*.-,'/tunnel at tho llme or tho flre and that
'"V'.caused- by the steam. after the flre.
'?'--.'thls having been used to exllrtgulsh.
? fethe blaze. caused the blg tlmbers to be
\ ,"twisted out of shape.
'..;'', Had the cave-ln ha/ppened .ton min
(''< {-utos earller or ten minutes latcr about
V .?'"forty mon -would have been caught ln
''-'?r;Blde the exc'avatlon. -Thls would meara
r'.'-'ithat theao mon would bavo been lm
? "? -'pvlsoneti> tOT DOtii onds o? tne w?rk are
\ .vobstructed now,
. -V-T',^ ,v I1Y SUWFJRAGlSTTia C1UB
.'>'?*' ,' 'fSpoclal toTheTlmes-Dlspatoh.]
..""", ''"BOSTON'. ?'MASS,, November 1.?-bIIbs
K- ''Mnrgaret Cobb, of Falla Church, "Falr
'.'?tf? ? Cax' county, Va., was to-day elecled
>. Vtreasurer of the Radclifle Equal Suf
^."I'Lfcag'etto Club. Thls ls the rnost tallted
.,->,Vabout:;and llkowise the most aotlve or
,'? ^'KanlsEation' at RadcliKe College, same
pf'Voftbe members belng.,in -sympathy,
,>'??: wlth tha mllltantrnethods of worltlag
'-Vi-for votesi Cor womon,' The electlon it
"'']?/,'8eU' "was a spirlted ono, with lots of
vt>;!'polIU cb, two longr moetlnga tielng neo
a' ^eaiiaryoefore the ofllcoi'a were ohoson.
'-??)','-s-jilss. Katherlna" Tyng, defeated candl
A';fV?"flato -tor the presldonoy, won. spoolal
'^viytairie last summer by doliverlng a sur
VK';. fi'ttge: spooch In a btUMng buU from the
,jlj;^ tmrf/at a noarby beach.', - ,
ft&J ?,;'.'i''"'-??-'?*?j
'.iV'isi- ' ? '?> EleotlDii ot Olllpors..
'i-jf'fri f- tBpeolal to Tho Tirnoa.pispa'tch.]\.
tffiS- WjjeAVBRRN, N". 0? Novomber,,*.?T_he
ifbrnial Mcet?n_ tlilid i? Betcrs
'burg ;to'Biscusa'. Various
- Political Subje'ctt, **
afrncrs "of ClicstcVneld, Prirtcc
Geprg-e and Dinwiddie En- '
. -ter the Con'test, '--'
Timos-Dlspatch Buroau, ?
109 North Hrcamore Btreot,
? '- Petersburg, Va,, Novomber 4.
An Jnformal conference. of some of
10 State and dlstrlct \|)OlItical lcaders
ho had como to Poteraburg to attend
to funeral of tho late CongresBtnan
. R. Lasslter, wob held .yesterday af
irnoon In tho now Shlrley Hotol. It
i sald that Senator Martln, Gtovcrnor
wan.8on, dovernor-EIeot Mnnn, Lleu
munt-Uovernor Ellyson, CongresBmcn
lood and Hay and a.number of others
C local promlnence woro present.
While nothlngr has beon made publlc
s to the object of the conference,. lt
i thought tMat tho recont election, tho
cneral political sltuatlon and Lhe
acancy ln the Fourth Congresslonal
dstrlct wero xnatters that were Iri
srmallfl dlscussed. The names of
bout one dozen men Jtrofff dlfferent
sctlons of lhe dlstrlct have been
romlncntly mentloned ln connectlon
lth. the nomlnatlon for Congress.
T_e Fa.rmer_> Ei-lblt.
From the way the farrnerfl of Ches
jrfleld, Dlnwlddle and Prlnoe George
ountlcH aro entcrlng thelr 'products
f thelr farms to-day, the oompotltlon
xhit?lt, whlch is to be opened to
lorrow at the Vlrglnla Warohouse,
nd to contlnue two daya, wlll be a
plendld local succeas. A.11 the avall
ble wpace for thls exhlblt. bas been
iken, and tho products from tho sev
ral countles are bolng arranged ln or
or to-day and numbcred. Petersburg
as'"never before seon Btich dlsplays
f,flno corn and, vegetables of ' all
lnds. Tho three countles are- show
ig tvetl ln thls exbMirtlon, one good
ffect of whlch wlU be to stimulate
nproved farmlng ln thls sectlon ln
ho f uture. Mr. Bollwood, of .Chester
eld, ls exhlblting fifteen varletles of
ay, slx varletles of corn, flvo varletles
f sorghurn, wheat, beans,. etc, and
iany varletles of vegetables. Mr.
I'hurston, of the 'samo county, has
xhlblts of splendld corn and hay, wlth
ornstalks ln full hearing, thlrteen
eet tall, all produced wlthout fer
lllzers. There are many exhlbltors
rom Chesterfleld, who diBplay tho
arlcug products of the soll to per
ectlon. Prlnce George comes iorward
irlth Its display of flne peantits arid
lOtatoes and vegetables ond frults,
nd Dlnwlddle shows Its brlcrht and
ark tobaccoB ot splendld quallty, Its
creals and hays ond speclmens of Its
arled crops.
Interest ls added to the exhlblt by
he display of agrlcultural machinery
if all klnds by* the morchants c-t Pe
'PersonnJ an* Otherwise.
The wlll of the late Francis Rlves
>isslter was admltted to probate ln
be Hustlngs Court to-day. His plc
ures and library are bequeathed to
its brother, Charles T. __sslter, and
tls estateto" his two brothers, Charles
ind Willlam. and hla. brother-ln-law,
)r. E. _. Avllltams, of RJchmond.
The flne old brlck resldence on HIgh
Stroeti for a great many years owned
tnd occupled by the late-E.O.IMnton,
vas sold at .auctlon yesterday after
loon by T. Pannlll's .Sons, and' waa
jurchased for $5,400.
W. D. Porter. of the Weather Bureau
n Washington. is vlsitlng Captaln. J.
? Nichols ln thls clty. ln a hunt ln
?rlnce George yesterday, Mr. Porter
tllled a flne 200-pound buck.,
John Zeruba, a farmer of Prlnce
aeorgo county^ recelved a telcgram
,-csterday announclng the death of his
lon. Edward, in Wlsconsln.
The many frlends .of State Senator
2harles T. Lassitcr aro talklng of a
neetlng tor the purpose of formulating
i request that he announce himself a
:andldate at the proper tlmo to suc
:eed hla brother.
Miss Annle Bushmore and Jesse
Dowdlo, both of thls clty, wero inar
rled yesterday at Hallfax, N. C.'
Blshop Morrlson, who is to preslde
it the coming sesalon of tho Vlrglnla
mnual conference. wlll preach ln
Washington Street Church oa Sunday
Several Important damage and other
clvil sults .are act for trlal in the
Hustlngs Court next week. Among
these ls the sult ot Charles M. Ambold.
tor ?G0,0O0 damagea agalnst the At?
lantlc Coast Line Rallroad Company,
tor the loss ot his iegs by accldent.
Woninu Burned lo Dentb. ln CUIldreu's
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatoh.]
GAT- piTY. VA_ No'vember 4-?At
PattonRville, Scott county, yosterdaj
evenlng, tho young ^tvlfo of Isaao^Smlth
was burned to death ln the presence ol
her three llttle step-chlldren. He*
clothing caught flro and she was qulck
ly -wrapped ln flames. Her" body ^was
burned all over, causlng lmmedlato
doath. s
Quaker Oats
' ? , ? '. .- 'i ? ? ,,
ih ypur family? ( .
?'?', , November is a good month to try it?just
30* days. Eat Quaker Oats at least once
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tfte sgreatest of all biiilding foods. It's a
food for 365 days in the year.
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Regukr ?be paclutfa 10 aent? .? .- .
Ofjicial Election Returns
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
LYNCHBTJRG. VA., November 4.?
rho -Board of'Electlon Commlssloners
to-day canvassed the vote of Tuesday's
ulection. Tbe vol.e for the clty 'was':
For Governor?Mann, 7&3; Kent, 144;
Dennett, 7.
For Lleutenant-Governor?Ellyson,
557: Uncoln. 155; Goodc, 16.
For Attorney-Gcnoral?WllllamB, 767;
Revercomb, 133. ?
For Secretary of" tho, Commonwcalth
?James, 859; Locke, 119; Harrison, 8.
For State Treasurer?Harman, 74 a;
Crupper, 112; Harrls, '6.'
For Superlntendent of Publlc In
Btructlon?Eggleston, 743; Brent, 121;
Dutton, 7.
For Commlssloner of Agriculture?
Kolner, 737; Robsqn, 117; Ross, 5.
For House of Dolegates-^Jennlngs,
For Clty 'Tr'oasurer?Adams, 931.
For. Clty Sergeant?939. - ?
For Commonwealth'a Attorney?Yan
cey; 934. ? ? .
For Hlgh Constable?Ooode, 835.
Campbell County. . .
[Speclal to The TlmeB-DJspatch.]
LWCHBURG, VA.. November 4.?
The offlclal' canvass of 'the 'vote In
Campbell county to-day at Rust^burg
shows that Mann's majorlty over Kent
was 525 ln a total voto of 081. The
vote was:
For Governor?-Mann, 636; Kent, 78,
Dennett, 0. i ?*
For Lleutenant-Governor?Ellyson,
600; Llncoln. 69; Good, 1.
For Attorney-General?Willlams, 606;
Revercomb, 70..
For Secretary of the Commonwealth
?James, 580; Locke, 55; Harrison,.8.
For State Treasuirer?Harman, 606;
Crupper, 60; Harrls. 6.*
.For Superlntendent of Publlc Instruc
tion?Eggleston, 609; Brent, 63; Dut?
ton, 7.
For Commlssloner of Agriculture?
Kolner, 601; Robson. 69; Ross, 5.
For Housa of Delegates?Nelson, 658.
Loudoun County.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
LBESBURG, VA., November 4.?Tho
following ls the offlclal vote In Lou?
doun county: Judge Mann, 1,207; Kont,
290; Dennett, 4; Ellyson, 1.190; Llncoln,
283; Good. 7; Kolner, 1,179; Robson,
287; Ross, 5; Harman, 1,165; Crupper,
293; Harrls. 51; Samuol W. Willlams,
1,199; George A. Revercomb. 280;
James, 1S1; Locke,- 323; Harrison, 38;
Eggleston. 1,108; Brent. 314; Dutton,
12; John. O. Danlel.floater, 1,269; 11. V.
Noland, ilouse of Delegalen, 1,118; RoU
ertR- TValKor, Republican, for House
of Delegatea, 336.
v '? ' re_ter*burg. '
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
PETERSBURG. VA.. November 4.?
Tho offlclal vote of Petersburg, as can
vassed and reported by the Board' of
Commlssloners of Electlon to-day,
shows some silght changea from that
horetoforo reported,.and ls as follows:
For Governor:?-Mann, 720; Kent, 253;
Dennett, 2.
Lleutenant-Governor ? Ellyson, 736;
Llncoln, 161; Goode, 5.
Attorney-General ? Willlams, 75S
Revercomb. 171.
Secretary of Comminwealth?D. Q
Eggleston. 5; B. O. James, 680; J, B
Locke, 151; D. D. Harrison, 10.
State Treasurer?Harman, 720; Crup?
per, 161; B. "W. Harrls, 5.
? Superlntendent of Publlc Instructloi
?J. D. Eggleston, Jr., 724: Franlt P
Brent, 161; B. M. Dutton. 9.
Commlssloner of Agriculture?G. W,
Kolner, 735; James T. Robson, 151;-O
J. Ross, 7.
' . For House of- Delegates?Samuel 'W
jelmmer,. 918, ...
There was no opposltlon to the Deni
And many other painful and
distressing ailments from
which most mothers suffer,
can be avoided by-using
Mother's Friend. This rem
edy is a God-send to expect
arit mothers, carrying them
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Mother's Friend need.fear the suffering incident to birth; For it robs
the ordeal oFits dread and insures safety to. life of mother and child,
leaving her-in a condition
more Favorable to speedy re
covery. The child . is also
healthy, strong and ' good (
notitroH Our uook contalnlnev-luk
imiUICU. Wo infornnatloa Mlll be sent
Atlanti. Oa. '
via ,
1 Wlth oluinge of _<ihptlule," Novomber 7, the'- Senbonrcl WlU
lanuuurale . a, ueiv triiln to Florida polnts,' leuvlnic Klohinourt ui
7?35 P. ai,J, ivHh throuKUcoaclieirlo JJacksianvUle, ?leenlu?- ??r?i ',
Ilfelnnond to JrtcfcMonvillo nnd KultflU'si Key. Tritlu uuv leuvlnjr
aichmuiMl at 12i_<5 nnou, wlll hereiifter lcuve at liUfi P. M? carry-,
ing the* aleeitur lo JaoteNoavHlo, Atlantu and lilrmlu_'?<un.< /rrutn^.
lenvimr HlcUniond ut lOi-IO p, {II, vrlll rentiilu ^luchmiged,' '^ . " - (H \'l
ocratlo munlclpal, tlcket. It Is plaln
from the'above returns that the negro
vote ln the clty (upwards of 230) was
not controlleo. to any extont except ln
one ward ln the lnterests of the Re?
publican .candldates. The name of B.
O. James, cajidldate for Secretary of
the Commonwealtb. was writt'en by tho
voters, no stamps having been used
in thls clty.
The Republlcans express dlsappolnt
ment over the smallness of thelr vote ln
Petersburg. They were expcotlng. 400
or more.
Scott County.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
GATE CITY, VA., Novembei 4.?The
offlclal vote of Scott county follows:
Mann, 974; Kent, 1,429; Ellyson, 974;
Llncoln, 1.415; Willlams, 986*, Rever?
comb, 1,422; James, 947; Locke, 1.403;
Harman, 964; Crupper, 1,407; Egglo
Bton, 960; Brent, 1,396; Kolner, 97C;
Robson,, 1,400; Foglesman, 942;. iPen
dleton, 1,397; Lyon, 42. Democratlc
galn over last year, 185.
Rockbrldge County.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
L12XINGTON, VA, November 4.?The
offlclal vote of Rockbridge county and
Buona Vista clty, canvassed to-dayj
wras ..as follows! ,
For Governor, Mann, 1,063; Kent, 677.
For Lleutenant-Governor, Ellyson,
1,071; Llncoln, 664.
For Attorney-Gerteral, Willlams,
1.073: Revercomb, 698.
Secretary of Commonwealth, James,
984; Locke, 647.
, State Treasurer, Harmon, 1,036;
Crupper, 684. ,
Superlntendent Publlc Instructlon,
Eggleston, 1,057; Brent, 674.
Commlssloner of Agriculture, Kolner,
1.082; Robson. 671.
House -of Delegates, "White, 1,036;
Qulsenberry. 713.
House of Delegates, floater from
Rockbridge, Bath and Hlghland coun
tlea and Buena Vlsta city, Stephenson,
1.021; Taylor, 727
Plttaylvuula County!
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
, CHATHAM, VA., November 4.?Offl?
clal returns from . Plttsylvanla glve
Mann 971; Kent, 607; Dennett. 10; Elly?
son, 1,052; Llncoln, 631; Good, 8; Wil?
llams, 1,090; Revercomb, 537; James,
735; Locke, 451; Harrison, 145; Harman,
1.025; Crupper, 518; Harrls,,17; Eggles?
ton. 1.011; Brent, 522; Dutton^ 11;
Kolner, 1.039; Robson;^220; Ross, 113.
House of Delegates?Brown, '.1,247;
Clement, 1,263; Wllsbn, 1,237.
Dluwlddle County.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
DINWIDDIB,, VA.. November 4.?
Following are tho offlclal returns of
Dlnwlddle county:
Mann, 391; Kent, 86; Dennett, 1:
Ellyson, 409; Llncoln, 72; Good, 1;
Willlams, 114; Revercomb, 67; John B,
Locko, 63; Harrison, 1; James, 403;
Harman, 407; Crupper, 59; J. D. Eggles?
ton, 402; Brent, 6S; Dutton, 2; Kolner,
412; Robson, 63; Clark, 437.
Klng und Queen Ctninty.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.] ?
VA.,;November 4.*?The. offlclal vote ol
thls county Is as,follows: Mann. 241
Kent, 85; Dennett, 4; Ellyson, 272; Lln?
coln, 55; Good, 3; Willlams, 277; Rever?
comb, 68: Locke,-.48; Harrison, 0
James. 26S; Harman, 271; Crupper, 53
Harrls, 4; Eggleston. 274; Brent, 51
Dutton, 5; Kolner, 279; Robson, 65
Ross, 3; Lewls, for House of Delegates
Anilierst County.
[Speclal to The TImes-Dispatoh.]
AMHERST, VA., .November 4.?Ofll
clal returns from thls county show i
total vote polled of 72S. Mannrecelvet
655; Kent, 53; Dennett, 1. For Lleu?
tenant-Governor, Ellyson, 671; Llncoln
40; Good, 2. For Attorney-General, Wil?
llams, 674; Revercomb, 41. For Secre?
tary of the Commonwealth, James, 678
Locke, 41. For Treasurer, Harman, 070'
Crupper, 39; Harrls,' 4. For Superln?
tendent of Publlc Instructlon, Eggles?
ton', 673; Brent, 41. For Commlsslonoi
of Agriculture, Kolner, 673; Robson
36; Ross, l. For Kouso of Delegates
H. S. Myors, 700. ln ' the Democratlc
prlmury last' summer S74 votes wort
.east ln thla county.
I'ulUHkt -.-. County.
[Speclal toThe Tltrtes-Dlspntch.]
PULASKI, VA.. November -I.?The re?
turns for tho county of Pulaskl, oan
yassed by the commlssloners to-day
show a sllght vote polled. Out of t
ciunllfled vote of about 1,800, only 1,27:
votes wero polled.- The stralght Demo
oratio tlcket was elected, and the ofll
clal oou'nt shows the following: ?
For Governor. ,W. H. Mann,'671; W
P. Kent, 574, For Lteutenant-Govertmr
J. ? Taylor Ellyson,-66C; ,A. T. Llncoln
574, For Attorney-Genoral. S'. AV. Wil?
llams. . 680 G. A. Revercomb. 577. Foi
Secretary of the ,Commonwealth, B. O
Jti'mes., 027; Johri B, Locke, 503. :Foi
State ' Treasurer, A> W. Harman,: Jr.
053:, Josoph L. Crupper, 548, For;.Su?
perlntendent of1 Publlo InsU'uutlon, J
D. EggUisfcm. 659;'F.F> Brent, 560. Foi
Commlssloner, of- Aarlpulture, G.! ? W
Kolner, 674:.Jarttes .IS': Robson', 617. Foi
'House,- of.1, Delegate?,-. James'..'IV ,Trpl
tngar..71?;"j^. C*. Croqkett,' 56$,'
4.s-krhe, 6rMclai?cetiru'd'? 'Monlgomarjrj
county rosulted a? foItowB: ?". I
Mahn, 710) Kent, 637; L-lhcoIrt,. 625,
Wllllamfl, 718; ftovafcomb, C_6; James,
KuB; Locke, 002; Harman, 680;' Crupper,
803; Eggleatofi, 885; Bront, 018;' Kolner,
607; Robson,'012, llouse of Delegates,
Johnson (Democrat), 088; Flanogan,
(Republican), ,662. ,
, Tho totai voto was 1,895, ns eo'mpared
with 1,0-14 ln tho prcsldontlal' election
last year, when Taft's majorlty was 01.
This ls tho smallest voto pollea in
the coUnty Blnce the how Constltution
wont Into effoc?
Two years ago Charles A, Johnston
recelvod 805 votos for the House ot
Delegates, and J, 8. tlendorson, inde-,
pondont, 600,
Clicsferileld County, l
[Speclal lo TheTlmes-Dlspatch.1 '
^ CHESTERFIELD C. H.. VA., Novem-'
ber 4.?-The ofTlclal count of Tuesday'H'
voto by lhe commlssloners of.
election hero to-day showed the re-'
sultu ln the county to he as foltbws!,
For Governor, Judge W. H. Mann, 435:
W, P. KOnt. 128; A. H. Dennett, 8; for
Idoutonant-Qovernor, J, Taylor Elly-'
son, 467; A. T. Llncoln, 96; C. E. Good, !
13; for Attorney-Goneral, 3. W. Wll?
liams; 484; O. A. Revercomb. 101; tor
Secretary of tho Commonwealth, B. O.'
Jnmes. 414; John B. Locke, 91; D. D.'
Harrlson, 23; state Vreosurer. A. W.
Harman, Jr? 449; J. L. Crupper, 96; B.
W. Harrla, 15; Superlntondent of Pub?
llc Instructlon, J. D. Eggleston, Jr., 443:
Frank P. Brent, 90: B. M. Dutton, 19;
Commlssloner of Agrlculturo. C. W. i
Kolner, 460; Jamos T. Robson; 94; O. J. I
Eoss, 12; House of Delegatfts from
Chesterfleld County, W.'W. Baker, 625;
House of Delejratos from Manchester,,
Chesterflold. and Powhatan, D. L,Toney.
382; Mark R. Lloyd, 176. '
Surry County.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
STJRRY. VA., November 4.?The of
flclal vote at Surry county was: For
Governor, Mann, 302; Kent, 67; Don
nett, 1; Lloutenant-Governor, j. Taylor
Ellyson, 314; Llncoln, 66;, Good, 4; A.t
torney-General. Wllliams, 311: Rever?
comb. 60; Secretary of Commonwealth,
James, 282; Locko. 67; Harrlson, 3; Eg?
gleston, 2; Superlntendent Publlc In?
structlon, Eggleston'.' 807;- Brent, 59;
Dutton, 5; Stato Treasuror, Harman.
802; Crupper, ' 59; Harrls, 4; Com?
mlssloner of Agrlculturo, Kolner, 316;
Robson, 46; Ross. 6;. House of? Dele?
gates, Barham, 366: Burt. 2; Dlllard, 1'.
Second Dlstrlct. *
? rHpecial to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
NORFOLK. VA.. November 4.?The
ofllclal vote of the Second Con
gresslonal Dlstrlct Is as . follows:
Norfolk Clty, Mann. 2,397; Kent,
816; Norfolk county, Mann, 664: Kent.
691; Portsmouth, Mann. 1,272; Kenl.
?"'?! Kansemond, Mann. 775; Kent, 23U;
Prlncess Anne, Mann, 331; Kent, 33;
Isle of Wlfrht. Mann, 439: Kent, H0;
Southampton, Mann. 677; Kent, 04. To
tals. Mann. 6.B55: Kent, 2,148; Mann's
majorlty, 4,107.
Lonlxa County.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
L.OUISA, VA., November 4.?The ofTl?
clal vote of Loulsa county was as fol?
lows: Wm. H. Mann, 613: "Wm. P. Kent,
124; A. H.-Dennett, 4; J. Taylor Elly?
son, 518; A. T. Llncoln,. 110; C. E. Good.
4; Samuel Wllliams. 526; George A.
Revercomb, 12_; John B. Locke, 98- D.
D. Harrlson, 6:,B. O. Jarhes, 477; A.'AV.
r^rrnJJn'-,?rV, 507: Joseph L. Crupper,
V3; JLW;,Harrls' 8: ,T' D.'Epgloston
Jr.. 520; Frank' P. Brent. 94: D. M.
Su"0"- 3: G- W. Kolner, 520: James
T Robson. ,97; O. J. Ross. 5; Carl H.
jNoltlng, 609;
Hnnover County.
u-^^lS.U0 The Tlmes-Dlspatch.'}
HANOVER. VA.. November 4.?The
omclnl ^vote for Hanover countv Ib tts
follows: For Governor. Man? recelved
463 votes; Kent. 125. For the House.
Pape recelved 471 votes; James, 144
and for floater.i Edwards recelved 563
In Henry Dlstrlct the election for
S?aClll,m"aj.?|0t1sr.,SVy WftS farr,ed by'*
Norfolk Convticntlon.
fKpeclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. 1
ONANCOCK. VA.. November 4.--The
Norfolk convocatton convened In the
Church of the Holy Trlnlty here Tues
, day mornlng, and adjourned thls af
ternoon. , A number of clergymen were
present, and Interested congregatlons
.attended tho devotlonal exorclses morn?
lng and nlght. The buslness me'et
Ings also attractcd many. Encouraslng
roports of tho work belng done tvero
: presented. The meet Ing-" was ln every
I way an1 evldent success.
Slow Big'estioii
A Frequent Form of StonmcU 'froublc
ltcadily Cured by Suiurt'H
Uyapeiihlu. TublvtM.
Thls complaint constitute one of tho
most common' fornis of dyspeppla. li
ls the bane of those who ltjnore nutural
laws, and rorset'that tne heaithy ac?
tlon of tho stumauh ls depunuent on
the condltlon of both body and mind.
Those whodo pursuits oc-ngo them to
pass much of thelr tlme withln doora;
men of lettera, and of buslness, wnosc
, mlrids are seldoiu periuctiy relaxed;
l admlnlstrators, specuiators, (llnanclerti,
ond the various professlonal men fall
ready vlctima to it.
Slow dlgestion occurs ln persons of
all tomperaments and hablts, but oftcn
est in those of lrrltable, or nervous
dlsposltlon, and anxlous aspect ot
countenance, who are popularly char
aoterlzed aa "dyspeptlc louking-." Eat
; ing- too rupldly .is a common, excluug
. causo of tne disorder, as ls also iin
; perlect mastlflcatlon of food from loss
| of teeth.
[ There ls also a deflclency of tho g-ns
trlc juictis, and an insutiiciency of the
, motor and muscular, or churiiltig movc
nienta of the stomach walls, and tho
? food romains entlrely too lonjr ln thls
organ, instead of belng- passed down
Into the small intestine at tho propor
tlme. ,
Even a dlnner not exceedlntj the
? ?ordlnary Umlts ls followed at varylng
,! Inturvals, but usually withln an hour,
by a feoling of wei'ght and oppresslon
; In tho stomach. For several hours
? afterward the person experlonccs do
? cldeddlscomfort, and should ovon a
i llght Htipper bo taken, horrlblo nlght
'iniare and troublod drcams aro curtniu
,! to rcsult.
. "I should bo qulto'well, lf lt were
. J not necessary to eat," ls a common
statemont' made by aufferors from thls
, form of stomach complaint. Many ot
them actually druad the approach of
meal tlino, Icnowlng what disagreeable
? sytnptoms they are suro to experlonce
:, after catlng, and would doubtless dls
! contlnuo tho Ingestlon of food Into
thelr stomachs altosether if it were
possible to llvq wlthout catlng. ?
Thoro ls really no neccssity what
ever for doprlylng ono's self of tho
pleasures of the table, or to starvo tho
rtst o? tho systent becauso tlio stoniaoh
ls dorollct in its duty, and does not
' dlgcst the food as qulckly or as thor
; oughly as lt should. i
; Stuart's Despepsla Tablets compel
" the stomach to perform Its functlon.
', properly and assltjt lt very inateriallj
ln the dlacharg-o of Its dutles, a alugle
. igraln of tlie prlncipai dlgestlve In
gredlent ot' these tablets belng suf
' llclent todlgest 3,000 g-ralns of food.
| They .not only dlgest the food, how
. ever, but also.tgne up and strengthen
the peptlo glands, an'tl tho motor func
? tlons, so that tho f9od wll| not Temaln
' ln tho stomach/longor thitri neoessary,
, 'Evorycasa of/'slow-jllgestlon and, all
other forms- of dysjtopsia \tro roadlly
.j-ourablo by thb,UHe of thpse tablets,
.'whlch make'up. the gastvlc defloiency,
i'and''.suDply,'..tj\o . dUoraofed siomAch
! wlthoxactly the sarno dlgestivo.Jifloes
that are fauhd m 'a: hetvUhyV vtgoi'ous
slomaoh. ?: " .'"?.:?
- Puvohase'. a. ? package 'Pt these won
derfu),'dtgestors .friom' ,ypur| drugglst
t'o-clayi'foi:''6Q-,oent8 ltiia^.pure yqursoll
, la ?iii,iiii,i.?l'.i .'to.'.n i>>iii'lilii>M, ..'ii t'.i#iln |V ll.-d'ihVi/fi
;B|R DftlD 'A rsl C iflFTH ,S-T<
For Home
Ttems visit th6 busy bascmetit of the ThalhimetiSfore^^ff^
The market prices of .'Percales, Flannalettes, Dfess Gitigh'atTi^/|
Cretons, Cottons are all steadily advancing, but we are'stiltscU-^
ing these wanted itcrms at the same old low prices. '. - ,:. .r,''?,$\tf
Here's interesting news. Read it all?
- If you'ro looklng for pretty Glng
narrifl, of flne nuallty for small
prlces, let thls store be your desti
natlon. Thousnnds of yards on aale
at 10c, 12 l-2c.
Wo wlll closo out to-day sev?
eral hundred yards of pretty 12 l-2c
GInghams for 8 l-3e.
Also we wlll place onsalo 8,000
yarda of Llght and Dark 12 l-2c
Percales at 10c.
Drapery Sllkollnes ln ,th6 ncwest
and rlchest destgns. over 60 pat
terns to select from, per yard 12V&c.
Here you'U flnd the gr.eatest &\a^i
play of Fa'ncy Outlngs Atid'Fl&n-J
nelettes ever seetl ln.Rlohmond toti
ktmonos and wrappers; they are.Just'^,
the thlng, per yard 10c and t2^l-2t)f f
For Cretons and Denlma,- thlWls';'
the place to bUy them;. extra' larget
selectlon at cxtra low prlces; many,;
beautlful patterna shown at'15c?-,g
P'aced on sale to-day one lot of^Tol
faidebordered prlnta; aale,,prlce,:BcA?a
100 pieces of the very newast.pat-^
terns ln Otulngs on sale to-aay,'per/.
yard, gl-3c. ? -'' ;-.: --'. '&??*
PLftMS HEfllffl
j Architects at Fredericksburg
State Normal School Grounds;
, RevivalNof lnterest.
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.l
4.?A revlval of unusual lnterest !s In
progresa/at the Methodist Church here.
Rev. Joseph Dennls, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
an ovangellst of noto, ls conductlng
the servlces, whlch are Iargely at
tended. Much lnterest ls being manl
fested, and a large. accesslon to tho
church la' expected.
Noriunl Scbool Rullitlnga.
Architects have been here' thls week
going over the grounds of the Fred?
ericksburg State - Normal School for
Women, preparatpry. to drawlng plans
for the buildings, whlch wlll be sub
mltted to the meeting of the board of
vlsltors to be held ln-thts clty some
tlme next week;
Agalnst New Courthouse. -
At Klng George Courthouse thls
week a publlc meeting of cltizens was
held protestlng agalnBt bulldlng a new
courthouse. The meeting was' preslded!
over by Jamea E. Rogers. No steps'
have been taken for bulldlng tho new
courthouse, but the matter has been
dlsciissed generally throughotlt the
county. The cltizens thlnk that tho
structure cannot be bitllt wlthout In
creaslng taxes, to whlch they aro blt
terly opposed.
Will Meet Next in Washington.
' Alj Officers Are
[Speclal to The Ttmes-Dlapatch.]
STAUNTON, VA, Noyember 4.?Tho
annual meeting ot the Synodical Unlon
of tho Syno'd of Vlrglnla ot the Pres?
byterlan Church came to a close thls
afternoon after two days' sesslon, pre?
slded over by Mrs. J. Calvln Stowart.
of Rlchmond.
Tho unlon was addressed by Mrs..
Sallle H. McCormlck, Mrs. E. P. Bled
soe, Mrs. Stewart,, Mrs. V. C. Staples
and Miss M. L. Mattoon. The meetlngs
were held ln the Sccsnd Presbyterlan
Church. .To-night. the :unlon heardan
address by Rev. L. B. Tatoi mlsslonary
to Korea.
, Tiik unlon wlll meot next year at
Central Presbyterlan Churoh, Washlng?
ton, to bo entertalned by tho Chesa
peako Presbyterlan Unlon,
The otncars.elooted are Mrs. J. Calvln
Ste?vart, ot Riohmond, presldent;-Mrs.
T.. Cary Johnson, of Unlon. Theologlcai
Somlnary. seciotary; Miss J. M.'Ruther
ford, of Rlchmond, correspondlng
secretary; Mrs. S. H. McCormlck, of
Stcelo's Tavern, secretary 'of Young
l?ooplt s Work; Mrs. P. L. Beattle, ot
Chovy Cliu.se, Md., secretary of lltera
ttire; Mrs. A. M. Howlst n, of Statjntoh,
. Tho presldents of the twelve Pres?
byterlan unlons ln tho synod aro the
Post-Office and Two Adjoining
Buildings Destroyed?Loss
Estimated at $40,000.
[Speclal to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
HOUSTON, VA., November 4.?A rlra.
whlch started In a local moat markut
In tho post-omce, bulldlng at 6:M0
o'clock thls evenlng, destroylng, tho
bulldlng, Includlng tho post-ofllco, a
hotol condticted by W. M. Dlckens over
tho post-otllao, a drug store run by H.
Dorsey unda hardwaro store ruu" r>y
John M. Dlckens. ' ,
Tho ftarnes spread to two ad]olnlng
buildings occupied by Clay and Lacy
as a- meut" market, and tho E. S. Lacy
Harilware Company, both bulldlng do
Ing destroyed.
The estimated loss Is S 10,000, whlch
ls covered by $15,000 (naurance,
The origln of the flro Is not known,
Tn CouriiMiin J,nnd for llrldso. >
[Speclal to The Tlmes-Dlapnlch.]
- AS1IEV1LLE, N. C, Noyember 1.?
Following tho fallure of the counly
botrd of commlssloners to/reach un
ogreemont wlth property owners on
tlio, Ashevlllo sldo of the FrencU Rrbud
River, whera lt was rocently decldert
to c-reot a $70,000 concrolo brldge, the
shorlff has been'dlrected 10 procood un
dor the law "and aummon a Jttry .to
coademn tfoc, land, noeded. 'Thltt.'U, ls
thp'uglit, Irf'.the htst-.obstaclBiln tho way
of tho long1* talkod o.f ."hiaiYJ hrldgo. ,
"'?' '.?W'-**~.-"?'!
, >V . " . ', ?' ;,;.
Aujruitta County. Mcdlvnl Soclety lu
?\, ? -' .' i}Uiku'rotc? 3Iov?mei?t. , -,? ?-:
vl' "' [Spuolal to Th* Tlm??iOl(<pftl9h.] ' 7
* ^BT^U^'PNt/yA,, November i^fh*
Augusta County Medlcal ?S'ocletyV^h'ai'J^
ttiaugurated a rnovement to' establiih,^
ln Augusta county a sanatorlum'-'iot*^?
the treatmerit of tubcrculosls pattenta*
from the county and' Stauntori,'\_nof4
will ask the co-operatlon of the.Board
of Supervlsors of the county an"d-;the|
Councll of Staunton ln- the.way^pf.Yari^
npproprlatlon. "''?." "?"^'*"?siSS"
The soclety has commodlous quarters|
an(i a valuable Hbrary and readhi'g^
room ln the county as8ernbly"?;''!h_lf|jj
bulldlng< and wlll apply. for a cHarfaV.V
Includes passage Richmond to sNor^jf
folk and return vla Norfolk and We_tr?t
ern .Railway; also first-class possaffe;?!
mcals and berth on Old DomlnlorfSf
steamer salllng from Norfolk Saturrtayr^j
November 6. and returnlng any . tlmtffc.
withln ten days. The Ocean ? Shore^l
Llmlted leaves Byrd Street Statlon^Ss
P. M., arrlvlng Norfolk 6:20 P, M.rWlthiL.
through coaches and Pullman'parlorijigl
car, Old' Domlnton steamer salls fromi&'l
Nortolk at 7 P. M. For full lnforma'-$n
tlon apply to J. F. KNOWLES.'-CItySl
Passenger-Agent, or O: H. BOSLBXvS
Dlstrlct Passenger Agent, 838M:Ea?tJ
Main Street. "?". . ;- ?!>''4j3_
To My Fellow Citizens of the
4th Congressional Districh!
__- -/X^?^M
At the requ'est of'my personal frlend^l
and many other lnftuentlal- ? oltlzens^1
throughout the dlstrlct* I. announcelgi
to you that I am a candidate for 'thftw
Democratlc nomlnatlon for Congressaf
from this dlstrlct to 1111 the .unexptred ?,*
term caused by the- death of Major. <y
F. It. Lassiter. ? . "? '??.?? >7s$'y?
The voters of the dlstrlct wllltrecaUYj?'
that I wlthdrew from tHe race for Con-"'-**
gross In the sprlng of 1908, after, hav-\"?2l
Ingr canvassed the dlstrlct and nndfhg^>3E
that a large number of my frlends' had.VS
already pledged themselves to vote foc ;$h
Major Lassiter and could not support".'//
me at that tlme. ' ? X'i" '",'k
I feel that I have always dlscharged ,Hj
the dutles entrusted-. to me by..,thB'iAf
people of tho dlstrlct ln a- representa- 'SJ
tive capaclty, and I hope now to-haverriyj
your support, and.lf elected I'shall?en-i!S'S
deavor to falthfully perform' the<dd-j,'?:$
tles requlred 'of- me and wlll do:,^very-^jySj
thlngr ln my power to. aavam>e?the^?:
Interests of the people of the dlstrlct.-'sjg
? ? -Falthfully yours, . jvr--" % -'"'i,';.lv?
Long Wood, in/either oak'$
or pine, is original grp\yth?^
and large size; is samcqual^'
ity as Long's Block Wood.?*
Long's Split Wood is/sarriei*'
quality ? as Long's -, Block&j
Wood. It is alil very'near'x
the same price now, because^
he has facilities and -."ma:'
chinery to prepare it.' 'Well;;*
he is the real wood.- man'";
here, and has been for about*;*
ten years. ' !...t:i'Tiit
Yard and Office: -
i20i West Broad.
And You OvisrsleptM
Now this' would'not"have?vbe<iH:*f'
which is fully guaranieed/^TKig;^
is not one of the cheap ejf/cje^ejjfg
clocks that possibly you mayl,get^
one out of a hundredS toj;kgep^|||
time, but our clock is ? tlie--fines|^
Alarm Cdock that is made,? and'iitkll
.; "fffjjM
is made especially for'iis."
J. T.: Allen &:GS
s _iW
Johnson's Wood Dyes
Tannw Paint & Oiif#
t 1419 E*?t Main SfaiS%t. i :$jt
'!-,: '>" ''.'??. -- ,:~77/'/^\;rji^
UKVTOl iwBllinif tn-fitos'lv^dMsfiMf
89 day* ?Boeur. p?rraanK?f i^fcMtfJ}/"
ment,Blvin -troev: r? ?uBtrgti_WbjMj/?i
l DH. U. ?., q?KW.l JQNfc;^*,M]

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